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l u4 T TJ 1 ji W 4 rj
L = I
nptCX MnroXHK TO TTItt CAtT fROtt
4y TIre io ea rr th TVark
d Fand
I r u Amerlean CH 1llr
Alrea r Blaalaa to 1 t a n r 1k
Belter f Ike Blrlk rleT Ae
II rU irish Cler Taa LttaI Reo
ere fr oi III Ataiete DletrUt
The rletnr elren the public y trday Or the
ituatlon In Ireland cauteJ bf the failure of
the Iltlallol tapl crop of the peasantry cam with he
cheek of wrpri Re t most peopl l There baa
oo appreciation In this country of thl
bun apprciaton
taeantna 10 of B short crp of potatoes to Ireland
ronrtr complete Ibat the incidental potato
of America Ucoracs bread and mel to a
whole nstlon over the e It an Impoverish
Bent which It hard for oen tho poorest Amer I
lelt to understand Tho withdrawal of that
IDII article of food II l the deap rat eltnatloa I
which the Irish people now faon The fact
and Americ Interest
ire veil authenticated AmrlcAIDtoret
I la thorn will no doubt be substantially demon
I tom The appeal for aId was evmvrboro
received with heartiest sympathy and the ro
prnIee which ba begun to como In already
Ion purelY I IIIeral
wi e lrll i ubnplon rocohed by TiE RUM
yesterday wa a check for 125 horn Arthur M
Lutreni THI Is the Urstdaya lat ot sums
revived by TUB HUM
I Arthur VI I Lawrence 22e Well 14th itreit 35 0
Jebn Ltane Irk place 10 0
VwMwark I r
I lor Ito
SMrnLjflriranrW I iiiVphi VVVV I D
Ii7inj > atliUln Jiw 1 L
Total 0
Ii ii lt f ths
Hero It a sample letter of svmpathy
To THE EntToii OF TUB UNIr I Beelne
yourfdltoiliil In thin morning RUN In refer
p ence to the appeal of the Amerlonn comiultten j
for the relief of tho fnmlu In Ireland and
knowlnir what oppression means nt I am I
a Jew born In liutjlaPolad therefore I I
eipru mr sympathy mid bee to eend you I
mr mite of tl I would like to tend you more I
r but i urn very hard up myself I am mOil I
able however to keep myself In thin country
r than the Irishman Is In ireland WlRhln you
i success In this noble undertaking I remain
r This telegram vai received at THE BUN of
1 fice last night
FORT WAtjjE Int Oct 1If the commit
tee will authorize a committed here I will eh a I
Item my theatre for a benefit for It eland
Already the movement receives bear on
dornemcnt Among tho letters received by tho
committee yesterday were these
NEW Yonx Oct 1
DRIB Sin I am heartily In Bvmpathr with
tar increment for the relit nf Ireland misery
The American committee could b engaged In
BO better work than the treat international
C charity which they nro now forwarding
1 shall be pleased to aid the committee In
every way that I properly can Yours very
NEW YORK Sept 29
i DuB Bin In reply to lourfavorof todoy
we beg to say that va shall bo pleased to re
ceive contributions for tho abovenamed lund
Sours respectfully
NEW YORK Hept 30
DIAR Sin TVo nro In receipt of your favor
of tbll dale and In reply thereto will say that
twill give us much peiMiro to receive contri
butions I In money for tiio fund for the relief of
famine > In Ireland Ye are denr sir vory truly
NKW YORK Bept 80
nun Bin I will give us great pleasure to
yesive money contribution In behalf of the
land which jour committee desires to raise for
to worthy an object Very truly youre
13y F F OLCOIT President
William 8 Walsh writes
Wiilm wrlesj NEW YORK Oct 1 i
DuB SIB No higher humanitarian Dlor
prlte couldbe suggested than tho one which
your rommltUO bus planned for the rollof of
t prospective euHercrs Horn ihu famine that
threatens Iieland 1 bl e the heartiest sym
pathy for Its alms and object ami shall be only
too eiad to aid you In any way that lies In my
lir Yours ery truly Wii t WALBU
The news from the nflllcteil ilihtrlita by the
latest malls giveS lulleet confirmation of tho
worst prellnunnry announcumente Already
the local clercr has honmled the alnrm The
following resolutions were avlopted by the
Catholic clergy of JUlhoo DOHOHO county on
Bept 16 at Letterkenny and on Sept 18 a
plRldln Ooneeat Dr ODouneH Bishop of Itaphoc
We feel henna to put on record the follow
Ins foots relative to the destruction by blitht
of the potato crop lu the mountainous parta of
Doneeal and alooc mot of the sea ooist
The yield In home pla < esUnext to nothing
tad amounts to onethird the usual ptoduoo In
no parish within these districts
The tubers that have so lar escaped decay
trequltrt Immature unsafe for human fond
and likely to beooma dlsoajocl in lareu num
bers Already the price of Indian meal has cone
up more than 11 Ier cwr
In less than tlireu months hence upward of
4 000 eoplu i of thsi poorer farming class will be
without their btaple article of mod cuss t there
fore helpless tinh5 s something be done In Ibo
meantime to bring tbeiit money to bUT mel
At a conference of tho Oatholli clergy of
Etndon deanery Cork county the following
vaiHSKd The clergy of the Baudon dcnu
sty moved by ihu i ertainty of crne and
lysedy distress In their n iieclhe imrllies
unanimously piBed the following rrsolutlon
Mthelr monthly conference Thut speaking
torourra > i > eotlve nurinlies with all ttie cer
Itmty of perhonil knowledge wo are able to
Ilnl thai to ImoWIOtIO illsastrous Is tho
failure of Ibo potato crop our jioople hov not I
only jutt n asou to aiipn liend bat are quite
lon to be fao < j to fate wlihcllstnss not merly
vldescread and bitter hut In a hUll number
classes worse than any one of Christian feel >
UK can Kintproplatu without a ahudder and
tiro to culminate In absolute famine
Jh most btartllne taemintof the situation
bmude by Ibo Jtov 1 llolloy parish priest on
Clare Island oil the coast of Mayo county and
Imlns population of about 1000 WritIng
t the Dublin frtnnan ho says
tor OYiirnl weeks past the cry of distress
Mnuone forth 10 > the world through the col
Umnt of your journal Lu > after tiny you halo
PUiilltLedr nolutlom od lorluulon and Hoards
el Guardians eiilng the attinilon of the Uo
rnniont to the Impending fam no und most
prctatly ilcinandinit that somettilnir be done I
to nuetbe liven of the InOI9 i Yit up to the
tteioor nothIng hal baD dou Thu number
cube Government arc either Inciudulous of
t htatumenu mild o or they aie guilty of
rse beKleot ot Ibo aupiemo duty of every
Oprernoient thaiaiet ol the i < aope
Tbi u Kiarllipt lctl tire ihI l boloro them In
1 AKUOK truthful Btronu hy thui who have
Ui IUOL aocurata knowledtM for bur live in
Ilk Stricken districts ant I who nwird It as 0
duty of tlielr poaitlouu M pattern the llo k
and eusrillauH of tho poorimsi ions ilitt
oueht to Insure to their testimony lliti conell
tiatlou even of tho OoviTiiment ti > watch over
thn popples safety Vut what uetlim bus hen < I
PIjI1 Is rumored that luiiulrenuro bo
Sinning to be mud whether by tho Oovorn
t InOlnt kiuV not nbuut the state of the crops
p 110 Yi cit nol yet thoy Imvo not reached
toes0 jBlanli Js It it limo 10 boulii Injiiliies
I 1
BOW whim grim 1010 knocking at our
tiiunl Now Is I not I tliua for Imjulrlob but
for prompt notion
oJ lleie in Clure uland whore I wiltoand In
o ed It I lu ihs I lill e and its liiitibltuntMl I
Bimrtliilnrlyliiteieald I < f I KiOlaml I I Ion the
lIra poiitiiutloni at leusi llo lmv to llvu its
Cipjivolr un Imiiiaturmi and halfrdttou tubeis
I ibis oi for workingmen I Is It food for
fQUII rowlnuup cuililron Joa thin I
MchQ1 loud f T cannot last beyond uitofcari
Tuo little umuim tie pour J I i eope had ore nut I
lioutj for titer lavI been buyltiu Indian
meRI most of lln < w 11u itrIslIltus ins tbato
JMR iHlluro In lull veSts 101110 ClOP nleo
MJ J their IUD Uluj cone they burn no
a ciedlt j t > ct
hat Jll bo dope I Already Iho flna con
iwutloniiot llienu prop Irl beoomloff un
wiled irom the vary Innuilleient fool I rlialf
I OUlh ol wet poruint us tuny say thee
jJtnek a 1117Y And In iinthr > month when tie
BUtrabUporveni hall mttonnumed 1 know
pot what prnl do unless luej turn to eat
l e grass o euwBid
bohit I ji lav iid of I Clint Ilnud appllo at
m aiualiy tu Juiiistnrk Tuo iconle nr
JHIIIuitlo l I woik oo HU bonuNt day C work
lor en hunuet dIY wages Jutietsi i hey prufcr
rimuuaratlvo UO juunt 10 tjrntiiliuui re
11 ioud then work are so badly 111
Itt Ht tbl Onvrrnmsnt would rl
elTniiionslbllity at nut It I e i nitl rnf
iiiuor d utUto bundredn of those UlHiidcr 1
111 I now u ii I tb thins pow is I Ibu only Kate
11I p n William Jhllllpi an Kiittllib totem
I Iuilloiiient wlio fn I ninblim i u lour pf r
11111111 I
ilI his this 01 the situation J 11 hI > ub
J 11 1IIIIIn faIrly conrerilint wlh
J 1 o I ull WL ti JIII J 111 r9U
S I It l iou 10 olr a WuI Ir 110 upen IIIIJ
I I upi Ilr I 101 WIII while
I thus toosUnse soiltu iirwiticI mil
11111 110
0 I aaIIistIng l4IillMl IlrlJll1
wI Il1 tiiiyiwB
I IIou I Icjug I ti ulwlll Ifl IVIII I I
I 11tIf lr Uur
toal iICtitib7Jsdi5rlflhi4te I iburlfy but
J Iur d
J aunt I f li I Ie 0hVuu nei Atlits admits of nn
QUil I In 11 st I his f Cuiiiiiuiiira 10Ji t rfd
50 9 o is stint 1 ti rMoiitl tertlOIi 1t
jljQI lal i 1 tisii so it i i t n tot I lie 1lllu
t1 i 111 i ci r I psi 1 IJIII Ih I 01
rlI 0 I lie turf iai I IIJ 1Ih 1Iulrr 3
eel iui 1 bqy I icon eli Ilrlh ulnliol pail tile
I 1JI a QIllp JIIY I > lltl I will IIOt Ill
HIOb IDI 1 lb haY I IJ
tI U olk Um Ula paUoQ
ItIO hr tp bandy Dbms abut fear of
t1Smnrnuli2tlon golng l alon our kneto
naland 10 met doles sad 10 ortt lllt
less 1 take ar twln ii llhl kind or laP 1
ber the pupe will cutter 4 know quite woU I
Iii v iw 1 of litany Irth M ts rr Law
HuarlanlfUlblnlllb lnhrtItl and If Lw
loire landlord and cannot are entirely with
anl alnIIFr fllr wih
IDynf thom Th ndndofraUltudi of ome
Irish Tbt I trtloulary dltacro 1 with
As a hum lluV riloner I avtbat If there
2ri iublln rarll mnt itlna now that
Would ore no rfon why EnnVlfh pnp
shoulil hit 10n In helping tb IrIsh In a time
of famine a wII nlo helping BlloDlea 100
tll of mtln Caused by lire
AI sit nllllan IDd II member olhtU
ment of Inlon I cllm Its rigfit to Assist ID
any a 1 eta to alllat IbA SulTerin of nlr
feIow eleb citlrrna or colonials be luCy Ellh Irish Scotch
A sVoBicrroe Mlo rCUroa < UUMd Pr
Klaad Political Frtindiorth UtH Me
A splendid tribute win paid yesterday to the
memory of tho late County Clerk Edward F
llollly by pevernl thousand of hit political and
personal friends who attended the funeral
noDa trldwbo atoDdd Il er
Tire at BU Marys Cothollo Church on Grand
street From 0 until 10 oclock tho body lay In
state In the front parlor at 0 Attorney street
Mr Itelllys homo and during that time a Ions
line of people filed past the comn to take a
lost look at tho peaceful features of the dead
man On tho foot of the coffin had been placed
an Ivy wreath entwined with reset the gift ot
John S Hill ItacordinK Clolk of the Supreme
Court There wets several other rich floral
offerings from Joseph Fltzpatrtok Clarence I
Contrdon tho J J Daly Association and Court
Com an Order of Forester
When the coffin a carried to the church
around the corner In Grand street It wat
through a dense crowd which BerKeanCUurat
and his squad of policemen from the Delnncey
street station had hard work to control The
treat organ clayed solemnly as the eoml was
borne I tho aisle to the altar on the shoulders
of the undertakers men After the mourner
and friends had entpiod and the church wee
flllitd until It could hold no more Father Nlch
olasJ hughes the pastor began Ibo celebra
tion of solemn requiem mass ussltted by the
ton Frank M Pagan deacon and llllam J
Uulnon BubJeacon The tousle by the regu
lar choir of the church untlur the dIrectIon of
1 rof E Ulernermann was CherublnlB moss
At lOX oclooh the service e 01 er
The lomoval of the body to Calvary Ceme
tery wits mode the occasion of the Impressive
nod spontaneous > tribute on the part of many
of New York city olllclale and hundreds of
the County Clerks friends who escorted the
hearte through the streets 01 the MxUi As
eembly district on foot down to the Grand
hireet Ferry fhe pall bearers who walked on
either side of the henree were Ma < or Hugh J
Chant Comptroller Theodore W Uiero lieit
Ister Frank T FltzReralil Richard Croker
Under BboriCT John D Sexton Commissioner
of Iubllo Works Thomas F Qllrov Excise
Commissioner E T Fitzpatrick Thomas J
Carleton P J Scully 1ollce Commissioner
J J MartIn Coroner Fordmund Levy Chari
ties Commissioner Edward I Blieehy D J
Bulllvan and Owen MtQInnls Around the
hearse and pall bearers marched a special
Kunrd of honor principally cbnen tram or
rullrd JrlnepnU oD
RHnlruitlonK of which the County Clerk w a a
member Tie Colombian club bad sixteen
representatives Ibo 11 Marys Library Asso
ciation the emploees of the County Clerks
ofllie the ioriStoia the latter carriers
Orameny Lodge A O U W the John
Simpson Association the Leon Handera
AsoctiitlorT anti l the Oriental Club four
each Tho llonid of Aldnmen hcade 1
by their President John H V Arnod
followed wearing badge of mourning Tho
city cfllclals who attended Ibo funeral came
next Ant the rest of the line numbering
nearly JOOO as composed of the members ol
the IIOI organizations which were repre
sented In thn guard of honor The letter car
riers whose cal e County Clerk liellly had al
ways tsnoued turned out elxtytlve men In
the regulation way uniform
Daniel F Cronluy of the Tammany Hal
General Committee had charge of the arrange
ments for lbs I procesHon which were earned
out without Ibo slightest contusion The line
I van formed on Attorney street the route bolus
to Norfolk to
up that Mreot to HIvluKton Norlolk
Division tn Attorney to Grand to RIdge to
Jiroomo nndklown lirooruo btreet to the Grand
Street Ferry
A few or those who attended tho funeral ser
vices were UxCommlssioner Thomas I
Drrnnan United States Commissioner John A
I Sbl ds Coroner Mesemer District Attorney
1lin It Follows BheritT SIckle F B Thui ben
I Martin It Brown exAldermim William Den
pelt John D Crimmlns Bernard Btlln James
toll Assistant Diitriut Attorney John
I w Jolt Justice Teter Mitchell Concressuian
John II McCarthy exConeiessmnn nmotlivJ I
Canii boll Juduo rink JFlirnernld Iteeorder
tin tb William Geother In Hal I > Hosenthul
IVter Dtiftr James Carraunr W J Mchenna
Jlorr Klenkowsteln Justice lieir J Uolil
foulo John W bell ort Justice L A Oiecnrleh
jiernanl F Marlin Coroner Daniel Manly
MoiU LBnlcon M chad A Sweeny atiorifT
Keenan or Itinnselaer county Senator Clia e of
Try Commlsslonor of Jurors John Hellh
Charles btecUer exAsiiemblynian John P
Mlntyre Senator John F Ahorn Iollce Justice
liIctiahon CommIssioners of Account Maurice
I I Hnlolan and Edward P Barker Joseph J
ODonobue and Bupenlnor William Kenny
sumo VNUKR mis iinr mams LAW
Two Tonne Colored Men Complain of
Their Treatment In Carrier IteitBiirnnt
Gcorso W Lattlmore and Illchard B Ross
j ounc colored men are come to sue Currier V
hon the Fulton street restaurant keepers for
tSOOD damages for alleged violation of the
Civil flights law
Both young men are stenographers Lath I
more Is emplojed In Plnkartona Detecthe
Agency and ROBS works for a firm of lawyers I
In the Toner building In Broadway Accord
Inc to the story told by ROBS they went to Cur
riorsrautauraut lost Saturday afternoon about
I oclock Tho place was nearly full and they
occupied two scats near the door One of tho
colored waiters told them be could not sons
them They asked him why and be roblled
Unit be had got orders from headquarters
They Insisted on bemc served und the rounder
Mr Ourrler oume to the table and said they
would be served If they would tako the
coats be would give thorn They said they
were willing to take any seats in tbo rettaui ant
proided they were as comfortable as the ones I
they were sitting in Mi CUrl lor then led them
pack to the last unoccupied neat In the restau
rant floss says it WOK near tbs kitchen door
ami the all win bad that the coloied waiters
weie running about In their shirt sleeves pie
parIng dIhtts for lIIr aord guests and that
tho accommodations In no way as desirable
as they were lu any other part of the restau
rant The two young men refused to Mtdowu
and woo walUnu out when Mr Currier Slid
Well I suppose I Oil huv got a case agaInst
WSf dont know replied BOIs but Ill find
out about It
On Mnndar fitly todd tbr ton to the law
vets who nro Rosss ornidoyers a id dcolded
rei sue the hurlers The Lawyers said it was I
very lear that they bad been illicrlmlnjtAil
agAinst thut Mr CHI nor had violated the
law Ross said yesterday that thu papen were II I
pr < pired and would bos ncd on the urrlers
iocliii Nnltberof the restaurant keepers was
III town yottridny afternoon I
The HUerlB Ten
SherIff MoUlet will Issue a circular today
for tao benellt of his deputies and thoto doing
buslnoti with tho olflco bell UCIlDI them lu
repaid to the new law for the regulatIon of the
Bherlfls fees ated i > by the labt LceUIatura
lie announce the following rules
1 All nivueyt joqulroil to bo paid to the
I Hhoilff either imdor PIOCCSMS bin band ur
I for fee 01 any kind or nature wliauoo ur
must be pvld to Him or to LKolderand checks
mint be tunis < out to the orderot Daniel I b
2 As 11111 hlltrur III i hold responsible for Iii 1
fee roieltdby Mm attorneys are renuested
I Wit to lilY I lilY II 1Irl Ilr8lllell tIt titsiri for sen
vices rendred unless tue name U marted lip
I rrii8dbrtli Bii rlffor his ulornlljW
0 8 1 tiers blUR uo Bubmlttd by the herJrf
for exult oiiiDHimntloi In the xciitl m of
wilts of iituuhmtwt or rpl tln the attoruii
I invited
submittid e
to w om Uli nit i al
Il1 d1m hut iimouBt larger tritii lioiild IlJ l > t
iitld to iiulra lbs laiatj or such blll I o
Ihut MIAIJllnn bo i luced on It
lJat the Iourtt an < maj
fh herlir roue nde e It asking lbs Jlp
fritoB 01 Ill members of toe Lr In enabling
bUn to eoiifluct the allalr f tile office IlrloU
lu uwjiduni with the law
tiiNsellSii 1 HI Wnskl
1 s TIorill Ocr JflioblBU 1 SAl Petit killed
III Con aliMit Him seiletti WaS bagged by
I 3 e k iniebiiMt J of iua 1II1l101i In the
I fi < uin Phil of Unit lo vu a ilur 01 two 11111 H
Idatk contiflelor that W4 exactly 10
1 true u
i and 7 inoiw loiia II WM a ltOWltttJI i >
1 lutI hi ul l ttiid Ui niliHrut bad II touch Utlle
to I Oloncestr Iturouicb I
JullI Sure II StII l
ChIllS eliiinnii wno work lor jTif I
I l rsitIV IW
tlllJ olhlllIIKIII wee r
h l Jh i i it Im
h I o Kill
I i 111 nud to lur i ItS I tock iiit whets
I I S > I I I 111110 JxV ti It I < td I ti
ItOhUtit uud I iliU tUt uv II Ii I
II uuki tbitwK ft tell V InuI i k buy Mi
loisketuiki < JullbOJIV
1111Iallull III bYIJQo
ehlutd IJjIlh u if Joupbu
eJJI4ka >
rt1 into win
used it HII Cl bloC UCNUD ID rqtlti
I tr Ilutltr W U II rauiU trIY to UCUJ SO
I d9 10
ARorm roRKioKtatf IN ran CONVEY
E aUayOi nIt Addre a the Bla
u or Lattr i CitMLeka
lo m Goo TIe Whit ti > b r Mnr lUre
apICal rapttml Now Shire Labor
There was a larger attendance at Chlekerlnn
Hall yeiterday nt the ot < ntna of the teutons
of the Iron and Steel Institute than at any
other time during thl pant week Not only
war the majority ot the member present but
the engineers who bad previously Loon In
convention and the German visitor were well
represented These wore more ladles In the
hall too than there bad bean altogether up to
this time Th Englishmen wtro of court In
the majority and many possessors of dlstln
jruUhod names tat on the stage Blr James
EIleen President of the Iron and Steal
InstItute presided Mr Andrew Car
d bodied around the ball thakinir
hands with the delegates and holding
consultations Sir Lowthlnn Bell who Is of
about the same fltrure u Mr Carnegie came
down to the reporter table and risked that hit
address bo taken from hit manuscript rathr
than from what ho said so that there might bo
no chanpn for error In Interpreting him It had
been decided to adjourn the teuton before 1
oclock to that the delegates should have plenty
of time to Join tho excurdon that was to start
from the foot of West Twentysecond alroot up
the Hudson at that hour
Blr James KlllIoD opened the meeting with n
few words of welcome and congratulated the
members on tho opportunity afforded them for
aeoinn tho meat resource of this country He
Introduced Mr CarDIJlu 10 tho can enllon and
tho Utter also welcomed the guests In reply
Inc Sir James Kttson said In part
We como to examine the Industrial con
dition and to intpoct ai fully as our time will
permit the natural advantages and the manu
facturtne capabilities of the iron and steel
trade of the United States We come here
simply as the guests of the iron and stool
trades ot the United States but the welcome
wo have received and tho remarkable recon
lion which has been accorded to UH since we
landed on these nhoros gives us around for I
bolio IDa that wo are also welcomed by great
numbers of the people the United States
t Our works are well known to members of
the trade In tho United States and I think wo
have colloothely done something as British
Iron and steel manufacturers to justify to
somo extent the opportunities you are now to
generously opening up to us The rulers of
my native land have not all boon wise or gen
erous or unbolflfih Their treatment of tbo
American Iron trade In the last century was
stupid Illiberal and grasping I load In a
history of the United States of America that
In 1750 the manufacture of iron In New Eng
land which bad alteady been Blurted with
some prospect of success n as forbidden by an
act of the English 1nrllament uimer > ory
severe penalties We hove grown wnor since
that tlmo wecan see mat In thib wide world
there Is room for the Iron and steal manufac
tures of England tho United States arid Ger
many The world must tao Iron and stool
That nation in l the wisest and most chlllzoJ
wblcb consumes the most of them
jen Sherman came Into the hall and was
Introduced to the meeting which received him
with great applause An Invitation was re
ceived from Mr llloo the Assistant Minister of
A culture ol Canada to iMt that country
It WM accepted Sir James Klt on announced
that he would defer the prchentation of the
Besiemor gold medal to Mr Hewitt to whom
It nad been awarded for his great pervlcpx 10
the iron and steel Industries The ele tlon of
a new 1rcsldent occupied tho meetlni for
some time and Sir Frederick Abel U B F It
S was chosen
Mr Hewitt was to have delivered the formal
address of welcome but bin Lowthlan Bell
who Is his guest explained that he would be
unnblo to come being coallnod to his house by
illness Printed copies of Mr Hewitts ad
ditss wore distributed to the members how
cor wbo read them at their leienre Mr
Hen Itts paper bad Pcen prepared with great
cnro and contained some Interesting bits of
history ot the Iron world as relating to Ameri
can Industries as well as vouie original relict
tlons on th lelatlons of labor and capital lie
welcomed the delegate heartily and referred
to the coot leelluc existing among the Iron
and steel 1 mlln broil Knout tho world ThlBhnd
not always been SO the Jonlousios of nationality
having been In oxlsu nee up to the interna
tional exposltioiib of 1HS1 and 1BG2 In I on Ion
and 1807 In Paris Theie made tiadn fe rets
therotofoie jealously guarded common prop
erty anti brought about bonds of union and
friendship between former rivals The prog
ress of the world In the arts of eh ilbiitlon since
1851 had been phenomenal and had < 1 pructt < ally
reoonstrueted the lace of the Industrial world
Now agencies bud bcn at work for the
amelioration of humanity and the progress
of civilization and among these none was
more pos erf ill than the inlluenot exerted by
the Iron and Steel Intltuto It had dl olood
to Ibo world most liitricut and valuable pro
cesses and had invited cooperation of thn
whole world It dated from llOi nnd now had
lCtX members In ISiti the worldn proiltatof
pig Iron was llHOOOOO tons in 18UO it was
2186UH lUll Memwhllo the orccesscs of
manufacture had been revolntonbi and a
large part of tbeworldsconHuminlon had beD
changed from Iron to steel In consequence of
jnentioas by members of the Institute Tho
L u L 1 U
latter was rim parom ot mo Ainencnn 00551
tute of Mining Ennlneors numbering over
2000 members and the vereln JJeuuchor
lienl > uottetleute numbering 1000
Passing to the production of Iron ore Mr
Hewitt presented a table showing thut It bud
Increased in bill country from 1650 H tons In
1810 to 957J077 in 18UO While Great lirltatn
was still hit greatest per capita producer tn
the world It did not > rodu < e as much as the
United Btattft and the latter18 prodii tiou wax
pttadlly Increasing while Great Britains bud
remained stationary Henceforth It would tax
the ability ot Lurope supply Its own demand
for crude iron and the United States must
look to Us own resources Thai was reason
to believe that by I 1800 tbo production 01 iron
In the United Htates would be 1UOOO > IO tons
or 000000 more than would bo required here
With materials men shill and money in
abundance continued Mr llnvtltt mllnor re
mained to secure harmony between labor and
CapItal Th question of the iiroducllon nt
KUlltclent Iron to atiiiverthe need of the prog
ress of the country and the murhot civilisa I
lion throughout the world defended therefore
upon the establishment of friendly relations
t iKFn the employers and tbo oinploytd U
could not be denied that nt nieint them re
lation were far from satisfactory Tbo solu
tion must be bused upon jutlco Mr Hewitt
laid down these propositions us standards of
richt and wrong to which all contentions oould
be rrrell
ri individual liberty consists In the right
ofenrbpeison to control his own life rind t
usu the prodiiets of his labor In his own way
eolonir as h does not Interfere with thu eitial
riitbu of any other person
rII lulls IilUitlIIIiSttY Iinpliethe rJchtoftwo i I
or morn person to oombino tosnthir rind lo
use theIr property antI facultle as they may
me lit so Ions M they do not InUrfine with
tlieoinul rigor of other Individual or com
blnatiou ol Individuals
HI As population grows them will neces
sarily interferences I > uinonK Individuals and
roniblnutloDH ol Individuals wiilrh must ba
fidnihted nnd In < ncn the necessity for govern
minit and for tribunal wboa judgment must
be flnpl 1
I 1 in ennntrlas where law exprenei the I
will of the majority nnd In which it can be I
am nil d ai fleo as the majority may desire
there Is I no juntlllentlou for resort to inlvatoor
personal fore In order to rectily wrongs i or
reel abuses In iiialntaln the rIghts men
If f the couiuof jumloo have not aile < inati juili
illctlon 1I1 lit the duty of the LegIslature Vii > h
reJlrlIIIIIU the I public will tn upilrli i > and 1 i
aifitailon should bo illrauted to secure ub <
Wlklatlon I und Dii > man or Set of men tbould j
be allowed to take the law Into theIr own
uanils to usurp the functions of the court of
justlut or to forestall Oil action of the Logic
iJeRrlna thesa ailomiln mind oontinu < i
Sir fie wilt ltJe following I loncluslou may
t I subinltunl as lneontrovrtlbl
IIulllnltt 1 the equal rlitbt of employer and
i > mi > IoeutimakUiubliiutiuni < anionic Ihem
ulve reepectlvcly or WIll en h other tond
viniooi iiduro Wags or taliili or sOld i
I u iUiullon ubloh ltbr 01 both way retard a
Ck > 11I1on I I driirabl 01 oil ucllIIIlu
i uiiher patty lies l Ui right tq co rooti
other Into KubniUiloij xeit thrquau I tb
action of the court or tribunal duly con
tltiitl f u liar and01 It ui > oo causes of
alln i nubuilttud to theta by lthr or both
VlrI Ithr rluht Pf workmen to rnfralu from
labor ftnii hit rJllllt 0111111 Olnllolr > 10 Prs to
miinr at co lebith r l little 1 < nt nouim ban
I I Iii IIvllllO I OijJit 101 tii t ultHr cog kititttt Iu cease
I ffKin Iiibyr OUIIII lie InC HIIJO > UI JlIIY uighi hI
I IKI k IJIII tile woitinan Ill nrdi r tu ooui > i tub
tnjulou IQ oluojlous rules
II 4 ItIrukes uDal oouL art iberfore equal
Iy IlIdJublit all lbs rotund if r IUltlee lilieS
CD hilly I toluasate4 lit iii I anCl Jr pyo
I fIloPli for lb Ulllllililllfl 01 IIIIIIrucae to the
anjilOealliii lit wwcriMM r > vwinimt
it No 111111 SIMS ihuiIsM lu oomtMl snottier
I mall to I ceuiJ tine ulijil I tit ui t BIIV oritirthiat hoc
flhii wll Ii It lUll duo 1 l is t I 11I111I III 1 S
sJ I ut I ul rua I I OM I t ill hiltit
rOll luiliN hliii tile i littA in < HlHgu II 1 11
JI ia II 1I111t It DK ur oust Iii1tu F III IIloIckht
huH CO tutu cdbss vrlll I uot Ihlt l IDIIJI ui > or
I 0lAt lIocoLt cannot b d tactl4 f und r any
j I elrcumttanuM wbtT U u in aK e
dcchratlon ofrrjTat war which Isserime I ot
then atttaldilcOoy class to be ttamped out by
prompt and pvoni punishment
7 The claim of any bxty ol men that under
any clrenrnitanees they hare tle rlaht to stoP
the operatIons of bntlnM by the 1118 of an
order In the name of orcaulred JaboT or ado
olnled capital en n not be tolerated Vi bn tuch
an order U I elten In rtRard to anr railway or
an other meant of commiinlrattonlt loadl I
rcctMsault upon the commonweal nnd tb
lallurc to arrest and punish the otlenders time
usurping tie oxecutlvo fllflcllon of the tttats
IInlt the judicial rower of the outtI Is pioof
01 cowardIce on the pan ot tl i > pnt lie officials
end If degenera y In Hint public opinionw bleb I
excuses or l ermlt the violation of the princi
ple of the common law that t not even the King
can obstruct the highway
In the Iron business Mr Hewitt Raid labor
capital were troucht Into clot contact
Both employers and enir loy < d bad thetrorgan
Iratlont and ho Mlevcd the formation of
unions ty ho i workmen to be a right and a
duty The right of combination on lout tides
the mutual equality and Ibo right 01 both to
Informed j ns to the actual condition of the
buMnoas were ndmlttoil In England where
voluntary arbitration had moved success
ful Of this be aid
I am ttUtlled that we shall not bo long In
adopting n similar tyftem nf settling dispute
by oluntnry notion and that there will not tie
any disturbance prrlout enough to Interfere
with the rapid Increase of pro met which at
we have seen Is required by tho progress of
our country
It Is manifest that this method of fettle
mont ImoKes publicity n8 to the profits of
business There I undoubtedly great reluct
ance and some ground of objection to this dis
closure of cottHond profits but at a matter of
fact tho transfer of business to lat go corpora
tions bus ro illy mado this Information nubile t
property and In tb iron busIness there Is no
longer aIry pretence of concealment Ubir
from tlockholdeis or competitor Huroly
then them remains nut valid reason for dom
ing to the workmen the Information necchtary
tn cunbo them to formulate reuronatiledo
mantis and It Is to the interest of thu owners
to give thIs information inasmuch at the
miucn of profit on manufacturing
operations la now nairouod down to
the smalkst limits couslttont with n moderate
return on the capital employed There la to
muss mifiauprehenslon on thin point In tho
pub 10 mind that am Impelled to nay that In
tho great staples ot trails it Is I nxceedlngly
difficult to get an adequate lot urn fortbo rapt
tal employed and the busIness is I often con
duced for longcontinued periods on a basit
which Insures only wages for In bar without
any return whatever for e 11I1l1al Whore large
profits nre realized they are due either to the
pioductlon of ocialiles covered by intents
or to the possession of raw matoilal under ex
ceedingly favorable conditions of cott or lo
Excessive competition which had greatly
reduced profit he said bad brought about at
tempts to control the product and prices In
th publlo mind these had beon confounded
with trusts hut It was only the attempt to
oiaata a monopoly that mnde trusts Injurious
to Ibo publle and tills was imtiosiblo in the
iron business The coucuntrntlon of business
In special localities and the consolidation ot
inter f11 to BIcure better administration were
however n publlo boneflt continuing he
said The rolllllr the organization and tho
larger the capital employed the more
certain It becomes that the I business will
be steadily prosecuted thus aodlntr the
greatest evil under which workmen Buffer
lack of constant of employment In the pros
once of poworlul later orgnnbatlous whose
right to demand Information and whoso power
to obtain justlco IK now com edidno oppression
is I irslble nnd noexactloncau be continued
under tho scrutiny of an omnipresent and om
nifclont journallm Hoc otv has therefore
nothing to fear fiom the growing tendency of
orkmen to form unions and of capital to cen
tralization In great Indunti la corporations
Publicity inspection anti discussion are
the great mifocuaids which the iiubllo can ap
ply In order to correct abuse and aod con
lllctt and disastrous losses Tlie discoiitaglng
feature of the time Is that the loKl lntivo do
pnitrnent has shown not merely Indlftorence
but ubiect < cowardice In dealing with the Ques
tions which from time to time require the In
teri r tatlon of the law All organizations
w hlch themselves of the provisions of the
law for the creation of rotporations should
be required to report the result of their busi
ness and be open to the Inspection and
scrutiny ot publlo officers appointed for
tie purpose This principle Is already recog
nled and enforced with reference to savinus
and other banks insurance and trust com
panies and railway corpe rations It has rot
yet boon applied to Industrial organizations
but these now exist on so large a salu and em
ploy so many mon disputes with whom alTiCt
the public convenience and IntoretB to so
rfouBly that oory safeguard should be ap
plied to prevent the disturbance and disloca
tion of industry Publicity as to prollt and
I ss a would at once remove thc mot serious
cause of strikes whli h often take place when
it Is lni osslble for tiio omploor to concede
the demands of his mi n liecaubo his profits will
not arrant the concession
It will not be necessary to gIve any corn
pulnory power of re tifl ation to the olllcors
charged with the duty of Inst i cctlon No real
abuses cm survive the crtlloRI1I of the press
when they hao been fully meBtlgatcd an
Imittti thai tribunal No strike can then sui
coed unless It Is biced upon an abuse recce
nlzed and re porte la I a positlvn grievance by
oompotoit iititbority All tu ado regulations
and I tho rate of wngocan then bo safely itt to
olunt iry agreement between the representa
tives of matters and men sitting tIe elllnl on
a board of com illation ant 1 presided over r
an arbitrator who bus the ronndcnnp of both
Violations of the fundamental principles nf
Oictyh uld he made crimes to be romiitly
punlstied and a stoinenforo moot of the law
is tlm best security for peat o and order
Ulowiy but stir ly u new Mea his beon tak
ing root in industrial mind Irollt Hhnrlng
jit I get > uti II a lanullar th mght both with
I emplorern and workmen nml titan > promNii g
ei > erlmcnts In this direction aro now In PII
reas In this and otter countries The prictlc <
is to pay I the oiinent rate of wages in the usual
manner tb > ii to all > w u rensonabln peri entago
I on the oipltal emplo > ed and If there 10 I any
excess after tin no paymrnls to divide It
I OlUilly or 01 herwl beta eon the capital and
the labor etlmnted by tlm amount of r wages
paid The time it anpnmehlnu when rapltal
lets arid labolere will more and more be joint
owners In the Instruments of product n
While the wageo syst ra will necessarily mr
vivo the workmen will to a largo extent be
oomn their own employers and finally may
biro capital as ojjiltal now hire titer Tho I
lallteti oileret fr the division of property
through the distribution of corporate shares
will lessen airfe develop skill redut cost
Incieaso production and promote Ibo equita
DIe dlKtrlbutiou 01 wealth which It must
nevci be f motion Is the chief end of the social
The invasion of government into the do
main of Industry must be met with uncom
promising opposition Thopiopor function of
go eminent Is I supervision regulation and
adjudication The work nt production and
distribution bnonits to the itlzen c Any de
parture from this iiiinolple must result In the
ruin or free government and In the substitu
tion of dep ism tho chut n < teristics of which
are communism anarchism and nihilism
but In condemning the Interference of the
Government trio actual work of production
or Distribution let ran guard against the infer
cnei that I am not in sympathy wIth the
modem tendet oyof loclslatlon l to ameliorate
th I condition ol I the laboring cuss by suita
ble regulations of the boors of labor by RO
cnrlnc elementary and lechn cal e mention by
luiprot Ing dwellings arid proidlng for the
Mitral recreation of the n asses Neither do
I object to the i oitrol by the Umerument ot
all fi netlnn which are ot a general nature
such as the tiaiisinlstlon of < letters nnd the
care of tliii publla health But CM n In then
cases the general uoeinment Bin ull eonPii
itself to tidminlHtiatlon nnd riKUlall em
cloying an fir us postblo the agencies proud I
ed b > private enterprise
The general tendency of the ava Is i how
cor In tlm right direction ntnl < 1 it cannot be
arrested by H few temporal violations of
nound statesmanship Ill remedy 111 npeed
lly bu found when the workmrn generally
shall aiiilro a direct Interest the giant In
dustrial organisations of our day and it It to
thin result that S all ijilalllgent and patrIotic
men should direct tholr ofTorts The cry slut
plicity the i Ian may HUggest doubt RI to
Its ellloacy but nil doubt will auUhl am
cure It in our trade the proprlctrrnand man
ager shall make an eainest effnit lo Interest
ills orUmon In the onneralup of the tuonerly
by niuUInu Sitat i > for Ilium tnuciimrethiire
upon the tamo taruiH as they unlepur I bitted
by capitalists Mo curtaIl am lot l the disan
earn > < of nil strife when ihU dinusioii of
ownership shall Iwcoiue gei eral that 1 hate
bemi Imipllud I to I ak for this tubjw thi
thoughtful consideration I of f the represent
tltet uf I ihu lion and abel l Industry pf itii
world now tr the Just time amembled m
the country whet tbo t final di loi > mint of
tilts biulnrti mut hake 1119 upon it nvulo nt
unpruceilcnteil rmid iir Vie lime n < mom
reason t < > heir iiHsnciuil m limn we lists to
dread > in nut b on for thav are tier nu m > ai y
eat ii > puribl fuctom I 01 treeless J lure
the toUSCi whlili base lran > loriiiil the face
of society during ihu pi sent century Th Iy
ala only in the nuttier 01 their loser Slut PO
man ran lIIaure ll I I sir pnioiicy In m rioralng
lh stile whl litunh or which hut teen In
eideattllyoocatloned In Ibe application < ir this
Datura torts In iiW direction If I we re
careful to tequre tbetoiulutenunea and the t
tppMeatloii of IndMqutl entrny we hive
poih PK lo fear from atioclailon and Smut <
libatIon Iurt oipttlou in I this wneibl > ol ihu
I net I II rttjiis uf p I oilnellon slid ill e IIJ
ol diitirllUlloti > rud es I io i tibla jJjuh
11m 1111111 vlJun 01 tilt iUiIi ul 1140 IIut coy
poridiqps wbhcLl cotitiol hut dlIIlllu 01 Itiduis
try Qr jiltS the workmuu who prmpIoys4
In theIr Ollldll fy11 coops for iiidhritIusJ CAts I
fI y Sill lbs OOlppIIIIII of petah akili ID
vry dotertutieut
Alter lb t rtadlBUof Ur QtrUr ptptr on
a Amor j n IJfttf futptf v the mltlll prff
murjaJ 10 19151 turt t w III ti I a esatn 6 the I
institute In tie nn rn > nf mil aTb nututter cii ell
nrIon hut this ItluCtSi Oil 5 loa slsiue to 41
P0th IIIr IlIlIHu I I I ol icy WIJ lit I lilt I elIcit ii iii
I tire 1 ii lii II biixti Ut II 1141111I011 ti lit I hi
Yyuipg Je liJI1IOP visItor will be 11l1ltr
11 4 IIr II Litorkrst r
p194 tnihnlr fjl t FbITI4sUiVt4 will tOil
1 our pf the United ltealta w oil IICJ
let and nlwxihitg IIA lb ii1i lit
dlan trip under the Invitation from tho Do
minion Government will begin about Oct 30
Tho northern section of British delegates will
return from the Western States by way of hud
bury Ontario and reah Niagara on Oct U
proceeding thence to Washington and return
by war of Now York and Niagara te > Canada
accompanied by such members ol the South
ern section us may wish tn visit the Dominion
The lespectlve Uoornments will then receive
and enteriain tho delvgatuH in Canada from
l the let to the 5th of November boas to permit
their departuie from Now york by the Btrurla
1 on Nov B
The Record for 1890 is 100 Per
Cent Greater Than for 1889
Aro Wo Rushing On to a Niagara
of Lunacy
Did you vsr R C Into
a lsmtls aeyleS
I 4 monUe skrlek of the
eaxlce mladl
Or seed tb awful
tala or woe
madman r ntl B
Short ot Duitfa Inftrao
tli r li noihloi 10 pitiably
feirral 55 loett a pUc
inch A loand inch a ilftitl
And yet think ot Ut In the city ot New Torka city
vho > activities iid r > ponilt > llltl < i and aery con
lamptlon its irplral ot the tnllrt Inlttd Runt lo this
inst city tbe mortality from Inftatty icr tbeflrtt three
monllu ot 1EOO was about lUOpu ctnL treatetUka
In 1KH >
Wttt was the came do you uk t K isyrmindtbst
jolt now Let as look at the CacUl The case will loon
enough appear thin
Finest nest topninmoola the indiCt droad of the
day we are told by Itarnid tnidlcal sithovitiel It he
coming national universal that It priralla men aroonc
iitrmade modiratelr educated person that u 1 > wait
lag and decay ot the brain tlioe and that It U caused
obleor by the everyday wear and tear of the roarlnr
rushing rreniled anxious to be qulcklr rich ctiMleia
toll and struggle oharacterlillo of American life I
We live nn oar nerve I When that It cone we are
hurried Into a lunatic njlum or plunge Into the mad
sect method ot the suicide I The herve U the hut
Ar yon goIng cmxy f
In the mud Nlintrai roar la year eatS
31ev yore aroandteae rear b llaelBiu
Do yon look ahead with InercnelBK
fear I
Im your sleep reelleeel
Do you feel bailer is night come oof
Ar yon moody and melancholy I
Do yon weep cnallr end without can la I
It you do llttenl The awful eataraot li I ahtall
It ll for you now today to lay whether roar mind
will lake 1U place with demon of dfmintla In whets
ears the only welcome music li the shriek of deipalrl
Do yon ihudder at such a fate and would shun ll sit
anew nevarsnewd I vitality and power of nerve
That li the only course open to you I You must adopt U
promptly too or It will he fatally islet
Do you think you can follow ft better courae or ret
better reiulu than thlii
Head Tbli and Follow Ilia Example
I was broken down with nervous and phyilcal pro
tratloa before using Dr Oreene Mervura and life wm
a burilin Now life U I a joy and Deep U a luxury com
pared to it before taking Nervura I relish my food and
roy nroousnsa has left rat 10 bee the numbness I
trlab 1 could shout loud enough ao OhmS all
the world could bcur and tell them tba
Hood Dr Greene Nervura baa don me It
hat made me from a weak ImnbllnB nervous
Irritable man to one who reeLs he U on the hIgh
way to long sear > n health nod hnpplaeae
through Dr Oreeneehtrrnraand the bleiilng ot Ood
Gibson Slenben 00 Kew York
Dr Greens the famous ipeolallit In the curs of net
von and chronic disease of 35 West 14th it New
York can be coainlUJ tree ot chugs personally or by
iboold be displayed In buying medi
cine abort all things la aelMUng a
remedjr for say disease you should b
poMUve tta it contain nothing Inju
rioiu to the health Many remedies
ou tue m rkt le vr the Patient In a
much worse coDiiillou titan before
Uklng them
U psily vptsbf1 isid putactIy
bwuiie Hi mot dillMi child co
talc II with absolutasifty contains
no mercury or mInerals of any kind
and i l yet il ucrer falls f to Dura the the
Cues It Ii i reeonimcad for
Boek m a Shed td filtla dietuta Ufa
9w ta
Mr Hansons Good Investment
jutr2WZrLUi UAOIS MX am Lieu
Ot Had OtMrr In lilt Tttront and Noes md
tijtrn in H0KI irnv > MM CTMfcr Itr ITVnl
to Ir HtOff mnd mMman slid M tt lie
Itla Itrttrr hoer thea lie lift for Iran
rhiu tattun arstpntristttftPmPIeYCt 1111cr
bits whose short U > t IU Koerlatao pac restees l at
so Atlinruc at irooilyn lie bai lien a residsals J
Krnaklrn let the pest ve years lie leiathe rewtar
the cello Inff Inieni iBsrratlv fit hew lie tM
I had catarrh Inmy throat antS floss and ll bottiired
me for the set thru years I had also hard palni In lay
lireaiu In the inormur I fell woree ana would have ii
alnioitthrnw nu every tnornlnc My throat would flit
uti with phlegm r and I often th < > ucht I would choke ity
no wai Mopped up 10 badtv that 1 could not get any
ilr throiuh It I had hiailachM veil erten and my
ippiiltt was poor Mr bysast Slit ai though there was
J heavy w llurnihlnr ulnitlL I was 10 had with
aatttrh that It was h > rd for me I 5 talii aomettmei It
was 10 bad that I would te hoarse My boi told me
about Ir McCoy and WIMman I hail been to a
doeter ever a year ato and he tried arcachtneon i mv
bruit and mild 1 hid the catarrh of the throat an
oheit lit gave me a hoi or puts which be laid would
cnre me and thee dldot help me at alt and It wee only
money thrown aey
I went to lira McCoy A Wllilman some time aj o
and told them how 1 felt and the best Investment I ever
made lit our life wee the money I paid to them I feel
better today than I have tell for years I dont have to
hawk and iplt any ranro and dent choke or feet like
vomltlni aftir I net up in the mornlni My wife baa
been under their treatment for several weeks and the
tl Iraprevlni rapldlr I cannot praise theo tio 1i155
tot whit they have done fer me
hear Grand Central Depot i
DenelUe Sewing Machine Bulldlnci
Opposite Academy ot Unile
Where all curable diieaiie are treated with success
SpeclalilFe Caiarrn aU threat ana chaos 4Uaiaa all
nervous diseaaee oronlo dlieaion
If reii live at a dlitaace write for a lymptem blank 1
Adtfrui all mall lo 5 Salt 4 = d it
nfflce hearae tS II A M s to 4 P M T te e f It
dally tiendaystllsMaadItoCPL
bIlSiI2UF VA iTh Till 11 C421CD
Candidate JUeAnerner Bar He Was Net
Deserted br be Bole
Prior to the Democratic Convention which
nominated exStato Senator Edward F Mc
Donald as tho candidate for Congress In the
Seventh Ccmgrcss Hudson county district
CiA John MoAnorncy had beon mentioned as
a candidate for the nomination His name hat
since been mentioned in connection with a cit
izens movement to nominate an independent
candidate against McDonald The citizens
movement ban practically died for want of
strength Col McAnerney wrote an open letter
yesterday explaining how his name had been
used In connection with tho Democratic nomi
nation lie says that shortly after his return
from Europe last spring ColsStt ons and Lewis
of Hoboken and other citizens urged him to
become a candidate for Congress lie gave
115 5 reasOn that the ring would abandon
Its usual methods thin fall and call upon out
siders to assist In storing confidence He
told these gentlemen that hobart no confidence
in the submission of the rulers to outside dIe
tatlon or roiiuetts but be agreed that if hIs
name was used be would muke no objection
and would await the result of any popular
canvass upon the minds of tnoe In control ol
tho dostinlei1 of the Demociatiti parry
I never the letter Niys asked man
woman or child to assist my nomination and
to all congratulations retuned the stereotyped
answoi that I had no fath lu the result
About one i week before the Congress Conven
tion a report ivits prime 1 that Cot MoAnerney
had been elated for the nomination and that
Sheriff Davis was plodgud lo him With a
friend he visited Slierirf Davis The latter
Paul be believed On MeAnerneys nomination
would help tbe party aol that lie would lavor
and advocate the nomination
I told Mr Davis tho flatter says that I
appreciated all this but disliked th terms
i Mated and pledged that neither myself
nor any outsider could be of any value to the
arty If the nomination wa made by dictation
or by the baiaoter of < ouvntlonn usually hi Id
In such case toat Shirt Convention should be
computed > of representative Uemocratsof Hud
son count and the pe iple given tn undur
stand that an iiincst eilort Inul been made to
restore ennllilen e Mi Davis ugned that
this would be a wt course but added that
McLaiighlln County I Clerk I and Feeney tlreii
dent itt lolioti Board hud Intimated that they
uauiid to tiring Out ticliorialcl at andlilate
It was ugueed however thai If he was unable
to make the stand Indicated by mo my
name should not bo mentioned What hap
I I peuid after this In known to the public
Now while I do not adttijti tlie alleged un
I democratic political methods of Mr Uausand
his assodalim 1 tlllhaie more confidence In
him then I linus In the otuer two ur three
stnteonau who n > nouuhly control the
I I mm Innery of the P n oiiatu laity in Hudson
c uuittlaud further believe that the very men
lie tits i aiitcd to power tlih yet desirny him I
maki line dot Uratlon bt cause 8hiifl Uatls It I
uuU4tlr cbaitfed with HI ekln to eitort money
from me 1 lie truth Ittlint I never eehiang
one word with Sheriff Davit on the tufa
Jo t of politics since my return from
JoKuiopn until hUt lntrvlw cited abort
hlierlff Davit never Intlmutad directly or
I i lndlreitlv hat lie eipectf cue cent from me
and I will liirtlur pat In Lit hittlaif l that while
eiiicioi ft huge In tlielait lreiilrljitah cant iiis
I file with anxiety for pecete 1 notified Mitrifl
JHivls that whit n be Dewo ratio Cummlitc
untt on the ito of election II ll WitS fouiid that
ore money wa needed for eipcnxri j wnuld
iiplyiu To lilt iredlt be It rtld that he
me to tue alt rwtra and said thai I bad
orkil bard and spent money enough tad
shut II woOlS be mlVkrtm jf
Fb trlttids of hJellT Usthiere pleased wit
Col 74cAnupsy a teller I hti eouilqar
osupliejuroot list lii shIPment that sheri
PaviI bid descried tol UeAulney Is untypi
Hued huh H Ooo 74diwitNtit
WuuwiiTli Get 1Mr 1 lIe Wolf ut Elm
wood U b3 years old sail totally blind but she
laslihl I truly vlcoroui sol no Idltr A few days
tzo she cuuiiplvti4 l a tftfr pulll of inniis
hiS piessi tl astly sUiebto tOultpt with her
own bin In oayuJy paltsrhij whihiJJ clii lila
vresnhld to her frlpd Itre iitf Ii I olii
bf Wtilhieritiihd Mthioughi Mr p Wolfe tap
putt ate a sat ol Ihitil iCly Jwn pjecc In the
uhht ire ewst I wrong intuitlun wes bet
only null In doing Dm work
I Isle USCIgI 0 Meo hiUetIaiL
I IliuriS JN h O L 1V tat 0or ol
I ale Irfi forKtntvJle todty on a UM
pidlUon Jj S ihly
I nilof it tuitt to t U
roCRTEKtt Disriticn uArexoir OKtat
COYAflZItJ ar Willi rIUC1
the RcJara fla Far nwr > r r Do Not
Cm t la Mar Ward Thy rut oee of
raparlenn with Ur Porltr Imo r >
feet Uanoirratlon
There may be l a ebanr toilnv tr compare
the correct count of Now Yorks inhabItants
with the Imptrtttt figures returacd br Mr
Porter enumerators The eloctlon dlitrlt U of
which a comi > el count had ben made at the
close ol business yesterday did not cover the
whole ot any war anti until that occur thero
can bo DO compnrlfon between the two counts
Th official announcement concerning tile
days work was that everything na progress
Inc Hnoly and that DO complaint had Men re
ceived fiom any qua Icr
Almost everybody lu New York BOemstohfive
been ImrxeftMtJ with tbn Importance ot the In
dependent count to that the coiliomcn hare
little dlnioulty In gettIng answers to tholr
questions Mayor Grant received oeral moro
letter yesterday from persons who complained
that the Government enumerator had skipped
them Cornelius Ollellly ot Ollcllly Brother
109 Eat Fottyfourth ttteot wrote to call at
tention to the carelessness of janitors tn apart
ment houses In Kh luc Information about ten
ants Ho croBvcxainlned this iiollceman who
called on him as to the iotnrn from nn apart
meat house near ly U proud that the janItor
had omitted two whole families and the pollro
man wont baok und counted them Mr
Oltetlly mid It watnt the policemans fault
but that the oxpcrlenoo liould came every
enumerator to bo oxceedlnftly oateful Fur
thtrmoro Mr Oltellly suggested n trlfloatlon
of the apartment huuBx oonnt In November
for so ninny iwoiile are still out ol town that It
may be ImriosMbo to gel them all on record
Dr O A White of Lull Madison avenue set
a patriotic examole to other abMnt oltlrons
by sending to the Mnjorcoiiipleto list of hits
Ijoiisolioldproperly made out hits note said
llelngout the city just at present l respect
fully encloso the lullowiujz list ol my house
The list contained sixteen names nil but one
being adult Two of the names n ere Mary and
Celia and the otiilSiOii of their heat names was
the only Imperfection In Ilr bites count
When all the books ate In his list wilt tie com
pared with the policemans returns from the
election district In which he In en and If it
proves that the policeman mlsed the family
the doctors lint will become part nf the record
Acting Superintendent Jhflds ot the Federal
census did not eorne to New 1ork yesterday
but ho tent Air V ii Olcott alongnlthuletter
nf introduction to Mayor Grant Tbo latter
announced that the object ot Mr Olootts visit
was to observo lbs methods employed by the
local enumerator s and the system of counting
the returns The Mas or received Mr Olcott
cordially and introduced him to President
Oharlei O Wilson of the Hoard of Health
who had dropped in to tee how thing
were getting on lie him detailed four police
mon from his department to help the
elerks that Supervisor Kennev has sot tn the
task ol counting cud tabulating the returns
Mayor Grant and President Wll on uplalned
thi New York method ot counting New iork
to Mr Olcott showed him the boot and tally
sheets and toUt him to ak questions and
make himself at homo When the bnxlnoSH of
the day was over and Mr Olcott had soon
everything could ho told a HUN reporter
that novas highly pleased with the business
like system of counting people that New Sort
oltllals had inented
It appears to be well adapted for the pur
pose is said It sImple and eomprehen
slvo at once The policemen too so tar as I
can judge are doing their work intelligently
and faithfully I have only one otltlolnni to
pass upon It The enumeratota began on Mon
day To be perfectly sure that no names will
be duplicated they should limit their Inquiries
to determining who lived In a shea haute on
Monday not who lives there today loathe
are constant moving especially those who
live in boarding or lodging houses or hotels
Many names may thetetore be taunted twice
that Is they will appear on tw o different books
and the magnitude of the work Is so great that
such duplication are not likely to be dis
We of the Government Census Bureau are
anxious to have the count made We court a
comparison with oar figures nnd I donotbe
lieve that the iDdnncndtnt count will damage
the Bureau I still liao faith In the accuracy of
thu official count I do not know how long I
shalt stay hero or just what I hall do I am
waitIng for Instructions from Washington
Huslnoss in the Mayors private room and
down stairs where the counting is being done
was not very brisk yesterday because tho
books hn > cole just begun to como In Act
Ing Byrnes sent down seven
sealed nooks before noon and five more In tbe
alternoon Thee with the two diets lots com
pitted on Tunday show that llJOl eopl
bad been accounted for und recorded uptol
oclock sterday There will be a good many
more hooks today and the counting clerk
will have to hustle
Oe la Accused or Ilavlaic Mvrlnaled lira
nerkley a Brooklyn Widow
Joseph J Day Jr a wellknown real estate
dealer in Brooklyn and a pillar in at Faula
Methodist Church has disappeared lie is
accused of swindling a widow and her chil
dren out ol tlO700 intrusted to bin for invest
ment and a warrant has been IttsueJ for his
arrest Ho has been oneaced in the real eatato
business for several years and was reported
to be worth from 75000 to 100000 Ho was
ono of the most influential members in Ht
Pauls Chuicli and had served as President of
the Board ot Trustees and superintendent of
the Sunday school That he should bo accused
of dishonesty and that be has apparently taken
to night to avoid prosecMitlon has come with a
stuck of surprise to the 11ev Mr Bowdish the
pastor and all the members of the cantors
There Is no doubt that Hr Day has been
missing for ten or twoh days for during that
time detectives have souaht him In vain both
at nil olllce SJU Court stiaet and at his corn
form ble residence 19 Manbasset pla < e Mrs
Annie M Berkley of 111 bonth lllth street is
the woman who baa mad the complaint
against Day on which Justice Goettlnn Issued
the warrant for his arrest Her husband who
died two years ago transacted all his real
estate business with Mr Day and the widow
trusted the latter Implicitly Htr sworn stain
mont declaioa that after receiving S1U7HO
in the payment of three mortgages
which she held she give the monqy to Day for
investment lie subsequently told bar that bo
had given It out In thirte mortgages on South
Brooklyn property A couple of weeks ago eho
becarno suspicious and consulted a lawyer
who discovered that there was no recorder tIle
niortifuco transactIons which Day said he had
made She thou demanded the return of hr
money and was put off from day to day and
finally procured tim warrant
N hen the detectives went to execute It Day
could not re i found and his family professed to
be Ignorant of lila whereabouts It is said that
he was m hitting In thin eltr until o fw days
HBO when > ie set sail for Canada Titers
rumor afloat that he has also enlnvnhed In
other dIshonest trnn actlons and that the ex
tent of his embezzlements will amount to
flood Orlera Tula Meaeem
NKW HAVES Oct 1The Lone Island Bound
oyster dealer and fishermen were never
happier for the oyster set all alone shore ii I
wonderfully large fine and thrifty Every bed
Is thick with young oysters which are grow
lug iomn of tlo denier cay faster by n great
sght Ibsn we can catch them A remurLalil
Inlnir atioiu lh > er it > i > too is l that there are no
Murllih to I Htrnnitc It and be only aridity bat
con ronts Mif young or torn tlimtaiiMju IK the
ilrll Tiiesu lusts IrS nuiueruiis and arts
6ini fome have lint Shier d truitlvn
ability Is n t to be oomi > red with that of be
tnrlUh This fsll and winter will baa won
drfnl seaMer for i > ters snicnrie have
iiiatly noted that tb havens Liethir than It
bus been lor any year past The oysters
Ire very fut and tender tuo
fon atLUDiNO jaira xo 1ALESIINR JJ
New York Jew Combine to Aid their Op
proceed flees tn bed
News of oppression of Jew in Russia baa ft
Of Into burdened the cables and the Hebrews
of this town have beon bestirring themselves
to relieve the Kuslan Jews by sending tbm 0
back to Palestine It is one of the chase ot
the fulfilment of the ancient prophecy a many
Jewa believe that in the lost days there will i
bo a Bothering ot the tribes ot Israel la the
Holy Land Clrculata printed in Hebrew and
English signed by Chief Rabbi Jacob Joseph
Coroner Ferdinand Levy and the Bev Dr L
Zlnsler of the Henry street synagogue were
distributed among the Hebrews In town yes
terday settlnc forth the reasons why the Bus
aian Hebrews should be helped to migrate to
the ancient home of the race and in response
the Cbrysila street synagogue was jammed
1ae night by representatives of the leading
congregations and Hobrow benevolent socletlM t
to boor wellknown Jews discuss the subject
Addretsefl were marie bj Chief Jiabbi Joseph
Coroner Levy the Iov Di Insler the liar II
Dr Vhlllp Klein of tIlts Norfolk htrofit a Da
eoEue and Abram Hosenberp President ffl
the Hooietrl Choc be Zion of hw York under
whose auspices the meeting was ealltd
The speakers paid m substance that for th
lot ten years conspicuous Jews all over the
World had bctn convinced that the only true
solution of the Jewish Question won oml
crratlon to Palestine Since the last Jewish
troubles In Uoumanla about 1RW the move
mcnt toward 1alestlue IIIB played n most Im
portant part In the destinies of east European
Jews Nearly twenty colonies with a popula
tion of about 4uoo souls have sprung upon
rite soil of the Holy Land and It Is said that
the proxptcta of the JewIsh settlements are
most promising The enthusiasm in favor
of the movement is snreodlnir not
only among the moat lowly and humble
but also among the wealthiest Jews la lta slo
Germany England and hInts Every Jew
ish newspaper In Europe beside not a faw of
the must widely ratUnonJowlsh newspaper
comment favorably on tho movement and
many aro making it a national and poonlar
cause The history of the movement baa
shown that while there ha been and in about
to b expended in old ol llusalaa and Jvoumo
alan Jowloh emIgrants esteilally for
assisting them to a livelihood Tn this
country more than ten tlmna M
ranch labor and capital as ton col
onization ofraU < tlneby Hebrew bus hitherto t I
rinlred The effort to colonize Palestine ban
realized more than tenfold the benefit und
advantage of tbn outlay In America Imrnl
pratlon of Busalun Jews to this country has I
been opposed by Jews and others In the moat
strenuous way recently and If a more boo
pltabl and above all a more congenIal place
of rafuxe than thin country U not found for the I
newly tbrcateaod exodus of bundled ot thou
mnilfl of these unfortunate fuultves from
tyranny and pemecutln these hostile voice
may crow louder and the day tune not bo far
distant when this country will also have its
Jewish question k
Tbespeakoi made a stroncappeal for p
untary aid About 1000 was subscribed at
fact nlehts meeting to aid In sending Jews In
Jiuseis to Iulestlnn Jews all through the t
country are also to lo appealed to honey
may be sent to Chief Jtabhl Joseph Coroner
Levy Dr L Xlnsler or Treasurer 1L London
12 Bayard street
Tba hebrew ConTaleiecat Tlome Homed
Fire was discovered In the new Hebrew Con
Taleieent Home In Eastern avenue Bockaway
Park about 7 oclock on Tuesday night The I
flames spread rapidly and soon enveloped the
whole bulldlnt which was completely de 1
stroyed The flame spread to the Kt Oeorco
cottage of Bt decrees Church across the
avenue and It was badly damaged The Horn
wa a elft from an unknown Hebrew In New
York who llt the work In i the band of the Jj
truHteH ot Mount Mnal hospItal It wa a
three story tinroofed structure 100 toM r
suuuia 1C wo to cost 20000 when com t
pfited and furnIshed and was to he UFe4 as a
sanitarium for sick children The buildIng
wai not flplshsd the liimerer < having begun t
Werk InsIde inly a few days ago There were S
nodnoi or windows In toe building and lila
hiinnnaaif sortie Iramp itiajro In anf ace
dentally net Ore to it Jhe loss I labouthli i
Bt Oeorce eottatfo ws opened for lbs
tirnieJast beUOji It Ost U00u nd was
turd for 58000 About i00 will covu 14
damage loft
A Vieu Mortally Hurl by Kekberi
1oui WAYNK hid Oct 1The residence f
of Mrs Cbiirlott lISA a widow HM entered P
yesterday looming by two guvu who shouted
ilmt Pier attli had bsn dangerously Injured at
the railroad yard and tby wlnhed to entr
to plain fbi dtallu As sort as they were
idmiiud met looked IIJC door pod demanded 4
lien moiiuy flha replied that tOt r wa pop
lxi HIM boos I bn tier ruuubt br hit 15th f
IOK hr about > on Jill floor iiouudlutf her co
the b seal arid choking her Into Uuieninaelcus
tiCs rfiy hii runsettsi tin hitilila but
ftjutiuh a tItiV When lurvoij r trnuo fruin
t > < t li I luloniid bu uio her tlll iriuv I I utaxisibtC i
ou lie lluur llnrlujurUn pruuuuticitd ltAt
Ihgbaslm ttruba Her a talea
WllIJMaHTlC Oct I A thunderbolt played
a very Imi itlnent prank on Mrs ll A Daktr
it her brute In W rruvlll a dy or two ao
and nirlr icarid the lady out of her wile It
Ib ssnie tluin A rollliking thunder t ri
wee Hilluu ti ibef luau vita suililfnly n IOt
thn II l I li H rliiniii nf li u ii i limit
ieu > i 14th iiufcii tn wli is Mr betsy
w as bueir with liuuivboM sb > s iuiuii djk
pair of iii > Uclii oTlbl
ua imajned lh m la ber I I
601 iBjma U tSJlMAi

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