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OH 1UK HAtLUT fluX FOR iflt
H MI < vr nh rmnn DIIIp of OB or HI
1olllleBl Enemlei IB III Own Party
Aaottirr Error In the Tariff Hill A N v
zw al tli > Promotlom In the Army
WA8nrJllnTO Get 2ho adjournment ot
OongroM without a report on the Ohio ballot
box InOSIIllIIlon Is I a striklim vindication of
ttiS tact and partisan mann < omnL of Con
gressman Mason who In l tbs Chairman of tho
committee Wben Mnson found that bU lie
publican colleagues radioed to join him In ap
plying a coat of whitewash In a ol < wbero
tl ovldenoe of guIle wns M > plain be com
menced a plan of filibustering and managed
t cal the committee nicotines at times s bon
a quorum ot tho members ware out ot
the oily or c net cod at work that
would prevent their attendance and In
this manner oxQov Forakor was paved the
fonmltlntlon ot bolns met nt the threshold ot
Vis Ohio campaign with a censure from a Con
gressional committee the majority of which
ore members of bU own party OOD Orol
T nO who conducted the prosocn ton before
the committee acting for Senator Sherman
OooBrossmen Huttcrworth nol MoUlnley and
other puhllcBns who < names wero usd In
the forged do ument whlou WHS put forth In
to llort to aecui iornkern reelection Is i
Try much disappointed Before lenvlnc for
p onto todny leu Un svenorsnld
Tha whole thing hns hen a most disgrace i
fnl farce I do not ocllevo tbnt It was ever In
Mndi d that there tbould bn n report
Cbalrmnn Mnsoti le vor mucb pleated over
Wiicbluvomont roinkorlH I plaised also be
Onuse bo wdl bo rsll vodof n threatened otn
Itarraosniont and 111 Im alle to inter him tHy
yito thu Unio cumpaiun nnd bid defiance to
Sherman lluttorvvoith Grovonor ot al i On
jtaturdar evening the eidoveinor end Mr
Maxon will have uu pppnttunlty to exchange
wi Oxc1nle
o congratulations na thy art both advertised
tdadiliosta Hepubllonnm otlnirln rittshuiah
at that time They will warn tim piople of
msturn ronnnylviuiln nun list the Inhinltloj
of tRio Dom cricy and BHIK the pralOR or tnj
Brand old party of < Rili aud Mon
Senator Sherman seems very active In pay
ing oH old political fcores for a man who his
lvn up all hopes of the Pre ldoey Tho alt
Ibat tbn nomination of llllnm Monnhan ot
I Ti IW Lisbon Ohio who Is now eritiK AH Con
I flu 1 ttv Hamilton Canada wns liunR up by the
i hennts Indl ales that the Ohio > enator h I still
I tbo rloK 10l han bus lone been an aident
i Bliuno man aud political irlend of Mclvlnley
and In lHU an I IHHt was tho Blaln uinnurer
I la Major MoKlnlovs district lalua > eected
li Ih ala to t ho National Com ontlons who mip
i tOrteI the man Irom Maine In addition to
frted has ulwnts Irlhl IIllllon the
i omker wlutt ot the party He wns elected
d airman ot the Ohio KupuMli an Htnte Cum
Silttve In IHMB over the tual man cnndldnte
o After UnrrlBonrt luatiunrutM Monnhan
appeared htn tie n candtdaio for hlxth
r Auditor Ho wa wurmlv endorsad by lllalno
filohlnley nnd Fornker but Ihermnl made 1
Uffht naainnt him and hmloxhenntor Coulter
Cno of his faithful rlenon appointed to the
place Kecrelnri Blnlno then nppohvod Mon
ohnn to the Hamilton Consulntu and now Ion
nlor Sherman Ins hie nomination hum up in
Coinrattloo on Foreign AlTnlrs Monilmn
ban boon nt Hum lon for the pitft aiRht
Bombs all Secretary Blnlno us lire i Miuor
f cKlulnv before the latter left I for homo to
tr bitfht that ho would bo Immediately reap
Inluolllllr rlal
t point
II The Capitol thin 10 nine wai nlmoit do
r ortol A few MiKUiBeerd were In the corridors
and in tho rofmdu n small army o srubbrH
wasplVuelnc ft out tho wnlli nnd htoi s he Ill
I dun os of tlii Wont and tor of a ten months
10101 mill n iuw newspaper men vniniod
round hoping uuiliiHt hope that comas ran
01 flu ws WUIM t I reiuo Ihol i tor tiielr 111 I But
J ryihfiiK watt dend In the tX1Utt chain or
not a beiiD um > tred uud only the met ry
ol oa d i o aito lovs wcr benrd m t1 ey
tinparuu h Ilie of tu itnunliot Idndlun
Mr Ow nn 01 Jhl wn the oul > mouib r iu
te Hou lit sat 11 a cloud 01 iltiht I inUod I bv I
I the Ion anuuued lu I iwci rig the t bull I I HUcnd
4 nu to ul u nusi oid nee In the comniitio
roino t oo111 hul in
1UI1 0011 1 < hn1 employed ot
I leudltiKto thc bUHintfif th CUaumen rank
lag Uocnniouti uud msvv IHIK letters bin nu
ah oi lull In UB clennliiK tot ldo1 cciy
i nool and iamb of the hiiUJ bullol
Itt tim ton months of tim cession that closed
It Tontoidiy IlOhldcnt Harrison ont to the
I 1 Honne3SJ7 3 nomination I Oi wbUh nil but
1 twclvo KLIM eonllniocJ Aa many of tin 60
1 nomlnatlona 0 t ilno t the 0 0 moro than I
one J i er on they r nro onteil inoiahl l6tU
iippoInimiMith Beveral liMidied l 01 th d e ward
4 lostmistoi at till ld which lao becomo
f irjbiaential thiou h the KrovUhol buies
Tioy also Incudo tie np otiimonU m con
liu lion with tho cciiBit n urly nl of with h
are toup rary iu I ter natui In the HrHt
ieIon of lrth icrti ul II th l LonuruH vvhuli
late I t ilcit months IeKldetu llovelnud t Hunt
c to to iouato iijij nomination Tho follow
InK aro the i ouina ion > o the soiaiou ju t
ended which failed ot lonllrmutton
f 1 unilam llunahuii ut Oliio Cool at Hamilton
llufAce W Metcnlf of Xalne omul at nrrmnla t
AlaiOT eivtt 1 Merrill retIrid 10 tie LleuiciiaQt colonel
ol cavalrjr fmin Jai I Inenl
I 1dah Altinro L KichuriUon Marshal for lh Putrict ot
1dahL de Maria Coiner ol the ill at New Orleanl
Tlio Uir Jlin J dalTlu or ulilo Inn tiaplam
Juuica h lluruett ui 1 AS Lruuta InJlau Agent lu New
I J JInel I Young Collector ol Cintnma Wilmington
I roitmaateri Jame > a Ilalnea Jr at Jauunatte fa
I Wm II 101 at 1uttirllle ia i rrank JoonI at
lvl Fral I Inltou
t Cory 1aj < arlo tripiirn at kuitla Kla
An important omission wns made In the
Tariff bill UH enrolled iud signed hoctlon 10
of tho inuinm revenue Hcnedulo which wus
Originally atrli ken out by the ennto und cuO
t I eiiuently restored by tho onfeiouce wns
completely omitted lu the enrollment This
actionprovided tar thu nllou flea of draw
back on am k UK nnd mitiufactured tobacco
Snd snuff ba II I In unbr ken pacxanes in the
f nndnof the ninniifncturerfl nt the date when
1h reductions uo Into olett AN tblt Ito U
4 Ja 1 next however there will still be nniplo
J I opportunity for ConuroHB at Its next session to
correct the error supplemental loxihlataoa
Among the bUs that wore agreed to in con
feronoa und rei twIvttI the approval of the Presi
dent In tho clueing hours of tho fehslon was
one of Inteiost nnd importan e to nenrly every
officer lu tho nrmi 1 provide thnt promo
S tion to ovoiy grub I tbrouRliout the service
below the rank of BrlhudiorCifnenil nball bo
subject to examination uai ordmx to seniority
and that they shall be Im al In ea snlorly
arm or depart out of the ei vice Instead of
an now roKlmentol 1 I aluo pr lIt d that
tUI ofle rfl bal LaaBHlKued l to roiiinipui uud
tiansfurre I trill Onn rculment another iw
I tbo lUtoreatR of tho turtl Ul
tlo Ulerltl of e may reiulr by
orders IruU the War Department und her niter
1 appointments lu the die of the a mi slum
be liy coiiiinibiiiin 1 nn arm of the icrvco
and not by coinmlBHion In alit particular
rualmant The bill authonyeH tlio Iroaldenlto
ItIStViiJO aeyHtem of evmiiinatlon oi all oill
font below the lank of Unior 10 debt wino
their lltneus for promotion in nn nn oilker
lulls to BUBS I fijtlhfuotoiy exniniiiHtjoii the
oilicer next below him In tank hall be pro
moted If the iiilcer full In bts plusl nl tx
aiuinatlon and be found Incapacitated lor pot
vlcfls by iciison t of dmnhdltv coiitioced In
llnoifilutv bo shall Il letlrnl OOlllnCd Ilt hlItl1
or an olh r rcuuon ue uluiil Iw I suet oldud
fur iroyiotliu for otto vear the b I < ro xnu
ned und if I ho acain fa I U honorably dU I
obarted with a I > enis puy An ox ontlon to
I 1II abo 0 ruin however a IR 111rI1 in I ibo t bill i
by couer ti a n lieu of the iinnie am nd I I
meut on thn sumo sulnoot I TIH I piovdf I I II
that thu uxumlua I n or oMlcern a pointed
I In the Irmv Irl S uivd 1 life I u f ni oi I olllcerx who
won oiljCr of volunteer only or V i oll
for of blue injllt u I ill DUV ru in u a nd
IfltoKirvl 11 I f tip I luted MateH or I < o i
I Jlmed moil HI I tlm riuuu I or v liuit 1 leer hurt I i <
f eltbm In the urmy nn i or mr nn coipn
durmtf thu war1 f Lie rubcllln I nil do cot
I ouetol by Hoard COMP w J eiitlrelvot ill
care who wage appolned fiom iivl lit I or of
olneare who vveie unicorn of
omera wlo wlleolrl t lonini rwdiirlnu
null war nnd vuili f amlnatloii ihill rr ati
r to linen for ire 11ul B i v 10 und nit to be h
nlial aol KOienlll k lowleduui 11 lit 011 oof
failure an u lj ill or n list re x ml I
l 11
tlon hoiltibo or ir I dud fo r iu I > Im
placed upon lie tr1 i t ol < I 4iir y and
Ito a1 non in iijiii ii I It b > 0 tonj o l nip
limit t or rt y ibu i tlrumuui 4 I iiliceu nn
herein pruvi nid 01 tfcUJIll iClI
hpeaker llcCd flair MaKmlty Kenittor
Aldrich und nrurly nil I of 1 tlm I oi u can ba rM of both
lou Whit hlI been to proinlnnii 11 IP <
yo ol Ihie publ u for Ill g IUI tew inontb loft
I t lue city to ur 1 iiUoi t f ih jll iiii
t I aiiloilOUl U I mun I o dpuri nnd tin
Cupllol u thug ci I 111 uni I c puut
JIetnclt mi dienrdt u IHHU In I y
3ll td In the Mlutii i liiuiiloi I 11 J
nut > r np > uuil j mi unl lli nmnr
YO OUI 01 t I 1 tj I weg r iaorl
IIU pri JItrJ 1110 Ill of IP
T IrJlrJ tl
HvmJ for biidg A n u lib r of tit I 11
griIipen I1 oini ilfl houin r to dttUy
fh lrdprtiir I a Jar oi two tiniju 11 n > LII 1 i i
luiteu KCOI iiiixJuli naeuldla I lni I Mum
br ar ciLr to uti nlhl 1i i rump e un
atiul 1 a ii i i 011 tn but a IK I i wr fium l tile
moinirt bIte y Ir WIII b dar limn I I ilmlr t
rimell i i o tat l rietti Mim 1 u HIIII > IIr
Llltll Iis I f f Ilile f vs > WI l I
I tw ui po < v in in ur Ib e r u lu i nn
I I trout U It 1 f l ti I wJ > II I o l
I for Ib Ir I rldl < T I Ii I 111 IOU
hat iue4o nrr 110 i j eitk In
I tile l ricu tlmiuyii IIIJ tiny pat nn
I thii way husnr luI11 tl tf Iof > thut i
I w btio muca t u i II b tl oeiuiuir
that the Democrats would hive I majority I
the next Conuro nnd mon Ilepubllcans
havo ken rorty to concede that the Unmo
crate would rfr l the nrxt Upenker Ttif Dm
pcratlo Cntnpalgn Committee Sri sending out
Inrro nuntittlesof document hut are bn tof
rnnncy and tIe local omnilttecs are expected
tnnpr 101 OIIIIUeS
to take cb faa ot affairs at homo
te cbla aa
Flghtlnii Tob Kennedy has hnd 60000
copies of itit epth on Onav and the Senate
printed nail will dutrtiute tfinm with a lavish
humi Thn hendllne ori t1 < dootiment ate In
I big boldfa idtrpMind reed a < follnwn ix I
l pungod Truth Crushed to Kn fi Will lIla o
lAla p The nebtln illilonn threatens to b
or lll rnl 1 with Ibo < ivnnsylvnnla voters In
I the distribution of this document
CITIL lllrl B nrFOIIJltllS
Tiler Argil that All Other Hcfbrraa Hhontd
b Hnhorrtlnntert to the Chlnrie Hjrttm
nosTox Oct 2Tho buslne meetlngot the
National Civil Bcrvlco llolorm League wee
called to order nt 1130 A M Thoto was n fair
attendance of members end a few spi ctators
Among thosn present wore Col Charlie 11 Ood
man and Moondleld Storey of Uodou William
D Foiilke and Luolus I SwIft of Indiana and
E I > Wheeler of New York Tho on George
William Curtis was unanimously chosen Pres
ident for the ensuing year
Tho Secretory read a paper by E M Shop
ard of Brooklyn on Examination InOhnrnoter
Ksiemlnl to a Complot Qompetltion It
stated that nn xnmlnntlon by a prlvata em
tdoyer ooiihlstcd of lour parts 1 irat a consid
eration of the < nnlmates record or experleni a
us given by himself second tbo general Pity
fdcnl conn een e of the candidate third the
examination i f tentlmi nlnis fourth an ex
amination of the candidates special requIre
nienis for the duties of tho oa e
rite typical olxll service extends to only the
fourth of hide but there Is now no ilqtilit
In all plalls where pIn II al competence Is ot
Importnnoi that testimony may Ie ad
I I vnntngtoiiHly npplled Th < llrst of the above
1 Is npplled bv lie Civil horde examiner in
Hrooklyn and MnSBnchusetts ant should be
I more wldeh uppllel The Importance of the
teat of reputation is greater This Is applied
only In lirokl > I
Charles J Donnparte of Dnltlmoro President
of the Maryland t hl Kenrlce Hfform Leaiino
riad a piper on The Delation of Civil tier Ito
fo form to Other Iteforms He uld 1 IB
the nncton f of Civil Bervl a reform to provide
fur nil other loforms It is the necessary plant
for their work To expect 10 I get solution
Xtol 10t
to elicit problems a the tariff currency nnd
pension system from elIcit men as make up the
I bulk of either House ot Congress or to deal
wisely with labor nnd liquor iiuesllons Ibrmii
Biich men ns make up our LigWatnres and
City Councils Is ns Irrational as to expect llgs
horn thistles Tlio standard of tlino politicians
ticians bas ben defined ly ore of tbdr own
number a Senator who has deulatel blue puri
fication of politics to be nn irideKOent dream
and that the golden lull has no J i laon In a
political viimi aUn The tame dictrlnu Ii I
ech < ed bi Ior unfnlihful tiustoe dUtionctt
I trader habitual nwlndler and thief To rid
I our COlnlr of these dagroe nnd notorious
counterfoils of Statesmen nnd make room for
I the genuine article which we produced lu good
niessuie 100 years ago wo have only to do
nuay with the In Idunta of public 111 which
I have arlton and wad It 10 ill career for boo
ornblo iron
I L W Kwlft road a paper on All Other Rb
I foimsHboiild bo Subordinated to CIUI Hcrvleo
I lief rm Housed much the finmo argumonts
j as Mr IJinnparto lie Mild the hugo IMA t > rs
1 tern iutowhicti our 3lnt and notional lovern
mull hn > o delopid must be oerthrowa
i bolo I In oIlier rslorms an bo noomphsbi
A lone lsciiBsloii 1 to I I on out 01 n pin z t Oh t on
I to print Ia papers some gentlemen taking ex
e pfon to n nor on of their contents nut I > b
joctingto I theIr goIng on tecurdappar ntly as
I being ancth nod by ho association Tuo fol
i lowing i u uis finally ado ted
That Hit Kxeontlre ComtnlttAe b dtrecud In rro
i I DarlQtr rater fnr pnblirat on hermftrr to treiU a
note o clattit e it to ttitm to the fenar l nol that
the lerueli t not r > iu > iBlbi < for the nein Uicrela
I xri > iril
Th first business nt thn afternoon session
I 11 i reentiilin f the report of the Com
mittee on llooliiilons which I m ido by C
J 11 llIlIt to who sll bit thocommltteo was
I i uinnlm us In its report Ibe Lnauuo con
i Lrntnlitos tilt country that the attempt to
I nilllty thorelorm law during the present ses
i son of COIKP BB was defeated In fie Hou > e
iticulln With BAttifactK > thn ftholesoino prO
ib t nts of the action the AttoinoyOoneral of
the Lnlli d Stitcs In su tnnlng nter onccon
i trovrsy the Chit Hnleo I onmiSet Rod In
CllululI the ia ouatioti of appointments nnlo
in lieleionco of tin reform law nnd tho Indict
ment by I tho drnnd Jury of tho Dlntilct of Co
I lumldit of tbo Picsld nt and Tra iturr of n 1
oIIIIal club lu Vnhintton lor dicltlng
p ltlcnl con rlbuMons from Government rm
ploie < It nlhO ivonlls tho success of the
filcvds of rut form in irtiBtrntlnir the attempt in
C iriresn to ondu the reform law by se urlng
tho app Int mi nt of pinslon examiners with
out an examination
Tbo I lettiio congratulates the country upon
tho ndmirnb choice of Civil Horvloe Commls
cioiiors I ron lo Ii > tlm present Administration
ant me tlon with plinsuie I tbe iimiunllied
ndvocney of the piindplei of nforin by ninny
of r the leading journals of both national par
It lorolnds the country of the pledge mnde
bi the siii cobslul arty at tho last 1resldin
I tin election and snya that theao plodueH have
beet i direuarded K t only have not the
Milrlt and pilI 11061 of ref rm bon oo ered III
I nd > l nx ontlvo dopitrtmentN bur they have been
iften vlolitcd Tho laws at vni lance with roo
loin buiBlallon have not been > rot ned nor
has HUT loll l ant pr poiltlin for leiwaU I
Aunlnst this ira i bitch onlpnipt ol pledges the
L Hktiie rocoi s Its iimiunlilled Protest
Q lie icniiival of lotmasieiR for no other
CIMIH6 than their polltionl opinions or party
aflll atloris r suiting a pnrilsun devastation
of Important I branch of the public hervlen u
denounced as a breach of taitli I with tho coun
try arid a gmvo oUnce against pure politics
mi I th Interest of an efficient public IIPrvlcn
The League holds that the impottant duty
of taking tho census should have bean com
mitted to otTlcors selected becnu of their lit
I flee and wit nn regard to pollfcal or pnrtl
lIon ouiloratlone and I it sees in f ha general
diHntlsfuctl n throughout bias country with
the results nf the cenmis n logical ci neqnonco
of this disregard of ilose ncljlos
Chiiiles Donnparto spokf of the comcleto
dcmoinllntlon that had como over the Ho
publican party In liultlmoro b cause of thn
dlstrll iiilon of patronage in that cltv and enld
it Deemed nrtaln that tIe delegation to the
net Itcpublloan National onventiou would
bo plalle1 ngnlnst Mr Harrison
The JUuauu then adjourned
The Wealth of AIn l > Territory
WASHINGTON Oct 2Tho report of N 0
Murphy acting Governor of Arizona Terri
toiy elves tie following I facts as to the taxable
propeity of the Territory
Number of acres of land In tho Territory
3193003 valuation of laud 393S504 valua
tion of improvement 12130043 value of city
nnd town loU tlNC Hi3 vuluo of Imiirove
lIIonlli Oil fnm 12I2MB Number of h Tad
I i In the Territory 401311 Miluatlni of Maine
1 1071iii Number of mules 1105 vnluaton
of same iit2t tf umbT of 0111116641011
i valuation of entile 1532180 Nun 1or ot
Sheep 211218 vnluHtion I13fl84p Miles of
i i all wny in tho Ttrnt ry 1098 vuluatl > Sub
i fllS4i7 alitatlon of l nil ither property
t4llilfi 870 Making the total propeity valua
tion of the Teintory SIS ow2Jl
1 Ir 1 m ibo I ni ovo It will Ie Hon thnt the valti
atloniei I I aero of land 11 1 > If Cttie III r bond
i S SW b r os per bund t2 > 17ibi > cp per bead
fl ro l rail onus per mile G047D8
The total houdal dI1 of thn Territory Is
RM II na rGlJ 00 I boarliiK an nnuunl liiarent
ottl57hl oi al 01 t 7 pi r cent total lOitliiR
debt tril IS boarl18 10 pnrcnl Other in
d bo ItioH makes tbo total debt of tin Tot il
tory I7B7I6S Tlii b n I d nnd MoatiiiK debt
> r the hevnralir lee atirontos fJ lnln
The city Indubtednot IB l2UUlii The ntlio
Iud btoilnusiof AriKoun iheralor IB npproit
nntoyll HI i HSU
The nilneinl produillrn Is I given as follow
CopiO 11 1 i o I lulljtJt < i poundH 1 b Id IBIllOld I p 11
von I i4IIi8h T mineral product nbout
H 10141 I e pnlllc H 11 ol HysUim of IMO
loru lIon the rei r W n II Is I onoot th t oct l In I
bit 1111 1 < n i It H vido oilncmlonal adantaifea
liberally t every < lild In even part III the
Ti rrltory One bun rod and forty thousand
ilcllam wn i Dtlaut yoarlntbasupportof
puhila II bool
T II nclliiR Oovi > rnor recommendx that un
nnbliriK net for tha ailnilculon of ArIang Itt
iba I Union bipaf I l byfliiiBi H thuMb cli pub
1101 Inn11 with u Iho Territory Ie I douaid I to It I
t1 ii 1 al1 M ho i Itt is III t doiiuKd o tlni Trl
10 y for H lino lUllloe i nnd lInt < tin L Rn
Cn lie Ape e < bo iiioveil l from flue T rrl
l i ry und thu rvsuryutlon ba opened tot tattlo
I luant
I Offlrlul u u
WauiiiNoioN Oil 2Tim Census Bureau
I I to day announcil be population of Site foi
IlMluv ciUen uid towum
Inr10 PllrMCL
lltnrlll I 111 l W I7Ie > dl
lmraiuf I I ll cii g
11uulI i I l f irjy nt II IV
Uallo lil l u 11 lil in 114
IM I Ill I rIJ4t mi u v
l a i i lir iIli ft I T J70H 10 I II
I rliiiiiil II I H nWij lii T 1 it
i iNinl 1 > H i HiU lllC CJ4 I Jln
I Iuii II U I I1J 1Jf ItUd
t IIIrl II II tl all I 10
I IIaIiluir h l II IBN3 IIMl a7w
II f I > II 7HJ m u
I ir CItj N II I Nil fl
IlirjiMlr I K II T fill 1 1 L P 14 p 1
hxliua II ii i Bl taacj 1
Mgi > Iaaa UII I 1Jj Hi 14
IlarItItliail iowa 0 e M H II 14I I f
CIdI lIt I iw 51 lilJ tVii dId I
I I a Ie I C lll 1 it t > ti
W l flI i CI HUIU e tiH
III t II s li I o Al iyn u t 11111
Ol > nor i i IVI nn lot u li city of Aduinr
Ill t tIll 110 tic n I w IM 0 4 p
T 1 u > piiat on of < 10 HlatiOf t Nrwllaiap
iblie ic i i5h7 in h0 I wiw tt4UVVt 1A >
I CtlltkC l tjjU or IU tI nut
nUlJNJlJlJ VAIST or THE zoirv
The tcaiUr Newport BrlB TnlUr Par
llenUroorttte ll > llrWbUh Framlftm
to Redne Ib One TkrtTlnit City ta a
Tbrtrtln and iMnlKnlfleitnt Vlllae
With the arrlTkl ot tho Pacific Mall steamer
Newport from Uolon or Asplnwnll ns It was
formerly written In tbo ccoKraphlas have
como full pnrtlculnrs of the fire which wiped
out threefourths of the city tin days ago at a
monetary loss of nearly 1000000
Colon Is the Atlantic terminus of the Panama
Railroad and wa thol oloro the great rooelrlnn
station for men and materials for th Panama
Canal In 18S5 the city was totally destroyed
I br revolutionists at a I 1 ss of 500000 Rut
the Panama Canal scheme was then alive and
a new city nroO from the ruins Colon lies
for tho most part on n narrow point of land
which proJcts Into the Day of Colon At the
extreme western end of this point Is tba
Beach wbero the fine dwelllnes are Tho city
Btretches Its lenuth fortbreoauartorsof a mlla
to tho cool
Ever since the explosion In Panama Canal
affairs Colon has been going steadily down
Its population has decreased from 20000 to
about 6000 many of It houses were deserted
and proporty had decreased in value
kfl hD D Q
Jj mQ Q II
Gj Esr
a 70 I
Q 8f U 511
61 =
9r3 Sr
lt 2 EE
Arnlldlnt wto raflr orlulnitfiJ
1 = Open gr und
2IIlce Station
4at irk et
At 1235 on Tuesday mnrnlna Sept 23 a
woman Urine In BollvnrRtro sin n column
ol Hiiioku with a thin lint thonib It rlplna
from tbe ro 4 lor f a shod In ih n ar of Ilnth
I turn A IritjOB store Bho car < the nlnrui and
thn polltaiv lire bleidn was peon at work
I But the llnme had alrcd mnoid tn ni oil
warehouse nnd then to a warehouse where
I scvetal thou and ialloim of liquor nero
Btorcd Tin the brea le was helpless ior i
five hours tho lire spread in every direction
nnehoiked I
Thu town Is almost altoeothor built of wood
I most ot the boutoi bolnu low square frame
store and dwolllK < AR soon ns the lire
roached Front s ni ot liar > was a curious fight I I
I This stteet wan paed will b nrds cover 1 I
with tar ti prov n their nklnc Into the soft
and swampy kround beneath As son ns thU
curious pavement caught Ore tho llainen ran
I tbo length of the strict chancliiK It literally
Intontlxerof t i Pro Thohouce Oil either side
I vrelmm dlntely licked up i Toward 2 oclock
I in the morrJl1 II steady pourlm rain sat In
but Ille id no i ITeI upon the flro so great un Im
petusbad It trained
With th < first news of the dnnecrons flro
people forsook their homes and I ear a re
treat before Hi advance Bo rapidly did I
I spread In this tinder box that time nod
I again fnmllint hal but time to ruh Into the
street efoioUielr houses axcended In damn
ami smoke Thero wen mnny narrow escapes
but no fatal nocllcnts Some of the peopq
Want to ireni I town which Is tlioeustern end
of Colm Other r rented to the docks where
they worn i aro1 I for by the agents of the stoam
ship coninnnios IWyr blues > hoineles one
warn only baf clad nnd tho rain Inoreised tho
leery of t heir fOiidltlon They liu Idled to
I Riher in tIe remoto parts of th city and
I watched tho terl Ill jet magnificent spCtni lo
elIot Limn of f the Newport saw It from the
deck of bits vessel lie iIw th fret column of
I flame shoot upward noted the rapid tprend
and thti saw tho city sprend out ticforo him
wrap lIed I In n mm tie of flnmo that whirled
I nnd writhed with the wind At C ocl ick III the
I morn ni tho fin hu exhausted itself nnd nt U
oclock only 1olnted colunuii of imoK ro
mnlued Tho o Lu wn ontlrcly tone There
web a few icattered hues t i the tlIomall
llluuo to the went lint un from the dock to
tbe morals a iiuarler of a mile away and from
the new market lionso to 1lrst fctieet a half n
mlojaT n lovel plain with mounds of ashes
and half burned walls here und there Colon
bud vnnlahod In mnoKe I
The burned territory Included nil the hops
and stores UnTutBdav notnlnir not n partl
tl uf food not an article of tlolhlDu could la I
per hu0il In Coon 1 lie value ot the burned
Eur B Is rMlmated nt flViiiOU soil tbo
burned pro erty of all kinds ut tCOOOO AI
I this tlmnte is In Colon bnn mcnoy It toilet
ba cut down aout 20UOOU to got nt the Amer
ican equivalent
This los dots not fall upon the native popu
lation blab in shlftlosannd without proiiorty
but upon the foreign mrchnnts who had their
wares theie nnd who built the dw < Minus
Among these are titles iIW oik ilrins Isiiaci
A Audi in the Hteunrt building whopo loos
ubova the insuruuO in about J2nOOil iiuao
Brnndon It Brothers 85 Ilrondwav whose Ions
is tluOuou and A J ft men A Co 541 Broadway
who IOBt about iiiooo Theie was little In
urnnco In Colon ue tb iatea wow ory high
All the lnfuiin e was in reign companlaa
The lumber yard 01 the Boeton felt Company
with 20 < iooO feet of lumber wit do troytd
There ware six stcttmem ut lila docks on
Tuesday nnd nil nave food uridNhelturto those
I who applIed Capt Lima I the Nmi port wnu
Mil daily nctlvo In thn WOI II of rail t Col
lilvcB up in I en cOt of t lelanini llnllioad
was nlo paitloiilarly kind to tho suftererH
the nillroid 101 its Inljli iIiBdn und sixli
oils valued nt Ifi 00I Trufllo usdomyed u
the mad for tveniyfour i ours Ibi 1nnnmi
n U8piipt > r oXIl Rod rkrei thnt the Unite 1 I
ntntes war ship Kearuice hnd aind the day I
beforo the lire ai it was ti ouub tlio cpW
I uould hive been Invul able In rIlolnlllha
flume flue burned district Included more than I
Ito I liouhOB lliilof truliiB camo from Iuuuma
only on TUOH tay tnt bufor two dftvs Ibo I
hot Ions iiilnti I n had d Iftd i away
Al bough tot ii ron Irom the ns ei f April
1 issi I t II I will ppdnbly not le built 11111411 i A
I few m ntha nuo M I hiiitoiucx of 1 Ianspr i
1011 < o tho Columbian 0 vera luent n plnn for
110 remodelling 11 f Ih ity Bid j 11 111I i vasr
jeote I i e nib it WIIH thought IIHOII H to li I I j to
I roHCue It fr m the t inabirlonB u I uruve liit t > which b
It act H tiRIng Ho Colon will proi ably lo a nil
Ih iteratIon as u city and sink Into a small
viibat I
I Th people think the lire was the work of In
I Cpd arien Homo lprOfl I who II worj ju tb
neluhi I oiliood of thu t ti lId int who 0 t lie flio
started say ihn bnnidnii I not men m viuir
ni ut RaT u 0 HUll i nrr I t 1Idllht The
flremon who Ilit allan nd the laion hiiy ilia
WIl l tin 1110 i oCT i ecaunf lit 11 s nid
iicoiiol wh h Had ljnn poured I on the bu i n log
Ililldlnu Ibe 1 Iunima N du oiiii Herald close
lie St tilt on the Ilie tbuu
III iin4nftit torn iiiioipultht Mucb wa fear Ilial
I Ifiliauilniuit 1 oor tic iirltian i abova tliy porlaU The
vitality mat IIIUil Iha tmillhi Ilka a iilmiiU row
hip ailiM In at > no longer throb WI nliln thy iir > an
ait fr innnv a day in CIIC I will ili > Uoolttlnn that via
IIt1 1100 In inoriilof hrL t12 11f loor IIh
tl Io u4 our tty diiiiur
A Mlirnr Outrun u JmulJlvr
AIJKMIOWN Iu Oci jrol H I Jell
JUror of title city dutectod ausinblnrworkliitf
lIt thImble racist on lie fnlr rouudu lIar
todir and wan about urrunllmt thi uiun Not
mm hcnoJ the insii and lie III lid II a hue line
forth irut Mayor Iu > n t followed Ibi i allow
th b oiiuh lie I crowd In I I 1 gate Ifr I I II t be initii
liollcdtbroilUI hut dooi WM > to tllu Cr Pt l < I 1
111 I tie ml ill on bin trek I ii d f n Iliuly
Chide fiABlylw i I i dl II foiow d il lie lOrI
h I ii 1ountiilii llmia ib Mntor cup drupldly
ill fl salt uid qo1 bred him Jlotlj WutI
tnJiy wluvd I I 111 i I uu 1 I i rotI l tue bl
Ur i unmr Th 1 Pi eotii I woe itkd up
Iiiy f ll4 IH Turn Hffib tiMe
Boyow Oct f wo intin rvuloturltitf ut the 1
IIIIIIIIJO lloutu In liar Sini lot piani lust
nltfht u William lluekUt nd Jobu OaIJJII t
t iti foti nut iii I belt I room tli ii iiinnlnu I JIll
den I i i Pi liHOtb run IN m tRig to the r
In r I 6 n jii II Ht n > i ivu iunivil
ui II u j ii I ul e rn Imiil 1 i n iruml
cud on It filM I bi n IfuriMl Ihttt Ite 1141115
fi m M fll lfifU i C 0 II i It Jluk ktk boine la
iiiikn n lIar b uiiii lilt Just anwar loU in
his I 0 aol U i viJiuily vviatf lu tug city Ju
iucb iii Wf Ik
BB rrth to D lb T M C As D d
art r at tk stat Cmmw
Dunphys famous eantflfn which was sIt
naled so close to fits edge of the parade
ground of the State camp of Instruction at
re kfklll as to be virtually In the camp baa
ceated to exist as a canteen and noxt Tear
when the National Guntd poes Into camp the
I building will fly the banner of the Young
Mens Christian Aftsootntlon Itellklous ser
vices and harmless gaines will take tho ptaco
of beer wines liquor and cIgars and black
coated dominies Iod of whltoaprond bar
tenders will doal out spiritual comfort TheY
T It C A took posi > sslon of tbe canteen on
Wednesday last and paid 1250 for It Tho
bulldlcR originally cost 2000 and while the
Y M 0 A paid 1250 thor really act It for
1000 becnuso Immadlately after the sale was
completed Mr Dtinpby mndo tbo association
a present ol 1250 of the purchase money to
ward fitting up the building and mnlclnit the
DeC SRllr small repairs
Tho history of the canteen though short Is
exciting and It Is rate to say that no other
bntldlDsof slmllnr slzoor value or any other
mnn but Mr Dun phy ever created so much
talk In the National Unard from the drummers
I tip to Ibo Commnnderlnl hlof UIO to the orr
tlmo of the < p nine of the canteen titer bad
teen a welldollned lmpr ilon among the
moral ers of the National uuaid that the fnlo
of llinors within a mllo of the camp around
wni prohibited by tar It wna onl > when tliey
found the canteen In operation that n scene
throtiBh the Code dotelopetl Iho fat that that
law had been omitted nnd that consequently
Sir Dun hy had a perfect legal iltht to colt
llquort In bU cnutrtn and could not In nny
war I I moleMed Hut AdjtOen 1orler Issued 1
au order forbiddIng any of tbe members
of the National Uuaid to drink tbeie or
even to tntr the plnoii Ihe niembeta
of the Tweiitytilntti Separate Company io
Bonerally dlsnbeyod this Older that one dny Inst
summer a raid was made on the plnco R nato
borof milItiamen loro arrestednnd n Harrison
court martial n as held on the prisoners with
the result that tlio sercennts were dined to
the ranks three othots list thom pny and nil
wero pnblUly I reprimanded at dress parade
51 r Duniihvs liquor I I busluu > s naturally suiTor
od In conxe inencn of the order ant linteid of
makliiK I 50tO tinning the brief season of seven
weeks na he ep ted to 10 bo lost about
fliiuti or the difference between what ho uno
for hIs buIldIng and what ho sold It for When
the camp closed Dnnohy boasted that next
season be would 1 ba In the old place dolnll
business ns before but he has vldently
chansod his mind perhaps because It la I likely
that the LiBlalatnre will past a bill puttIng the
conrolof the anus of plrltunus lltinoin within
n mile of camp within the binds ot the Corn
mandrlnChlI of the Zattunal Guard
Contractor John Sna tth PIntS BefBre the
Court 01 Claim
AIBIKT Oct 2ln the Court ot Claims this
morning tbo hearIng of the Bnntth claim was
continued ExBnporlntcndunt Andrews on
crotsoamlnatlon testified that he thought
Mr Bnaith delivered his bid to him personally
Mr Snaltb said ha sent hIs bid to Mr Andrews
by n messenger boy Witness nsented to the
use of pnrior mach notwlthstnndlne the fart
thai ho was not faniillur with tho composition
and hal never lined it He had however
called upon air Hlnclalr in New York and en
deavoied to famllirlze himself with papier
macho1 before tho i ontraclor ordered it for tine
it the i eilimr Ho had never consulted with I
tho Axsombly Celllnc I onuul lon relatIve to
svKralchnuKS In the plnns wbl < b he ntithor
Ired after the work hall een i begun Mr Oo
bad threatend witness n the parlor of Clt vee
hntihA In June l3i a few iliiys before witness
and bin will Mopped hntrdina thro It was
I not dlHClowd what grounds ttiero wore to draw
sun1 ttirents fiom Clove
I The foreman for Mialth while the Asietnbly
ceiling ropntm were beinu mnde tostllled tbnt
the ouk UBOI In ibo celllnu was of the best
quality and hnd tile Lent of flnlib
I John Smith testified that he flnishad tha
jiilBterH In the Assembly phatnber iiecordinjt
to liistriictloiis hureccivcil rrom tho architect
I and I Mr Andrew He said all the und teams I
hd ben removed IXII lour or five The
lntchmnn appearing In the balnutradoot
tho AsSembly staircase leading up from Ibo
first floor was part of tie or ifinnl construction
of the stnirenae nnd not th work of Mr Hulll
Vim m ai the Btnti bad endeavored to > how
Neither side hivliii tiny mot wltneesna to
call tint testimony was devlured closed l and
th < i ace was continued OUT until the llrdt day
of the November term Of the court on Nov 11
when counsel on both Bides will be allowed to
I pro out their arguments
Rome BaSOO will be Needed lo Complete the
b true tare nnd HnliicrlptlonB are Imytted
The WndilnBton Memorial Arch Cotumltteo
had a meetIng yesterday at the olllce of Brig
Gen Louis ritcerald In the Kanttable build
InR Henry O Marriunnd presided and thero
wero present Itiifsell Bturels Wllllnm E
Dodge Lihpennid Stewart Eugene Kelly W
A Cofiln David II KIng Jr Stamford Vhlto
and William It Stewart
Stamford White the architect explained to
the Arch Committee yc teiday the results of
his tests with some thirty dliTcrent kinds of
marble with refeience to the choice of suita
ble variety for the memorial structure lie
mid Le had nnrrowed the choice down to two
and showed sumrles of these to the commit
tee One of them a MIL sthuselt marble ol
rare purity wns seb ctod
The contract with David H King Jr tile
I boIler IH for t06X > his agreement olnit I
to with all conml > lonB and build the arch
foriOBt Mr White also contributes Ills de
signs and will nnprvts the wrk without
cbitrK The arch IH to completed by Dot 1
IbUl In addItIon to tile efllltrllOl price It Is I
estimated that bout llSOOU will b needed
tr tho carviiiffs upon the ntiuottiru 111 carv
hit will bo done In ncoordapoe with the
preforenco of thn nrcbltect and the builder
after the aroti has betn erected
From fUOOiM to dliuo aloe the amount
already aulxcrlbiid will be neoded o complata
the croft Sabncrlptlotis solicited und mny
be enl to th Treasurer llllnin It atewart
SI llllam strwt
Comptroller Myers ann Clnrencn W Bowen
were aIded to the committee making thIrty
Blx lu all
Everything Bed mt the I Openlna and a
FIner Olaplnjr Tban Ever
The omeoro or the American Iiintltuta were
Cenniatnlatlni thumselNes yetorday on the j I 1
Hpioudld shupe In which their Ilftyulnth an
j I nuiil exhibition has been started this > oir
There aro very fewaxhlbltorx who have hot
I cot till their Roods In place already although
ibis fair has been open buttnodn > H The Sll
CIA wbleli tho management bee met with In
the lat two yonrs with the low pi ice udmU
BIOII baa been fully uppieoiuted by tb uxhlb
Itors iils j ear and the exluMtlon opened > n
VodneKday u unt w th every iuaro foot of I
floor piiei all The d I pinyH me u u much
lartf > > r > culo than Itl rrnr Theofll rl ay tlut
till In allot e iisal Iii y mdi at iou 1 lie eroa II
I oUOuupe suite ptoeitt lit the llrt nluht moved
about with very little in onvonlenie SIll till
whionlnii of tne crntiu 1111 le coil rliiutel lu
I long meiiMiie to the convert of thin prom
oIlQlIrM In one corner of the bulldlntcU n big
I displAy nf Kdlsun piionotraidiB here for
tht xpendltuie of a ni uel 0110 run
1I ton to one of Chnmioey IJeiiows
IIIIC08 b or lo Way down HI uih in
UIMC melodloualy rendered on hall a duzun
In it t rum nt J ha dBplvn if a number uf
pnoorup Ic atubibuiuuta at thu northnrn
side of In lulling are vmy IjitirmtlnK as
I hid f hbovv bow verb oh > < to iieriixtiou photo
grailuIc art him utiatned Thrifty houiMlvu
li I OUlll111 ant to Inlel1 i t them In ibu ilorens of
itt oriuvliiK dude WhIch ar olTer d for
i their cililcal a I I Inniicctlon antI the uiirnber cf I
potent eertml and food producU on iblultloa
IIJlltllOI I OJIIIkQI1 lam
Uamuftm for lom uf III Wlff I
I lUIHMoUE Oil aThe tahoe it f 1i1tlre1r
HKulntt Jntim l lu wlilb itt loinier hakel for
f71U < iO IUIIIUM for hll ullunution uf hue aifss
aitfctloui uudcl thin iiioriiluu wuuu lie jury
bruuubt III u inrdlct fir f hlulircbt for
SiliollIl < I ha iiirr lIru d upon Ibti VIT
I lid I lust nfubt Jlicr vift uiiunl
lii < ii > y III for ol u vlpff the pUluiiff
I chute < iiniiiK < on ill fl AI i i M lot I I ut wurunot
uuriv I ui uiliuuiu uiiihoii if haItI ruling
I r 1111 lyli a lit 41 > Ilv KI ci 1 upon th
uiiuuil I I i ill mi HID I fofln iou 11 hit
ULoli In nrlic I na u uvu end Ciii 1 Jlnr
Shill luud H lofiiul iintoii t r uuuu trill I
hkouM JIll J I Ii ie I ifi ll h It I I e Hi U glib plil I i 1 M T
Hint bite < tty Hrdl un i ihi > Cuiiri f Jvpp uU
UIII 0h i ptlon itkvulo iliu JlJrIlI ruling
The Verdict
Of ppll ba th naoai Sanararllla li pcnlUrt la
lu river Wb n east aocerJIif 10 dlrtctltm tbe rool
seeds ot till tieallanl nttlelna art aoon tilt In DIM
Itnnith rntorcd that tint ttallnr driven on a gnat
Itll crtattd haduh and djiptpila reaned l
Ktaflola ou < d and all lha bad afteu ot lisper blood
mooma It yea au la Bd at a rood blood porllttr
or bate midletai dO nt tall tn try Htodi itanaptrllla
hl4 by all 4roflit Hi 1 eta 1 for H rreparid by a t
blooD A Ca Lowell NIL
1Iil IMflWUlttf Wwi I i4TQrk Infotp
Jfloww I tI r = J
WE Wilt STonc THKM rtiK OF cruftriK TA
072D7 < 37onilOOMKST
ma 074 1170 JIROOMB HT
Spring and Summer
OF Tim nis r IAIIR
VIctorIa sianetteu
obrintet 111 Acon
Two lVhprlrr t i tirluln Itn k vrnrtL
Mull Ilinrlon Jx i > CnbrloUi I
1OIelle I Iton n Ilu
Omtbuie Itoatl V it ICON
IIln ItncknTrnr Till Phiiet
niiie ItucknnruirH lalI thejo
NIltr hnloa 1 nlh
vViiifVii > Iltitre < nrt
Ind ciii UI0 I a
Funo S TrittiM litrhy PIaetoau
llorliir Wagon Htirr v
lIolor llrnniclinma t IitlIrcua TrnpM
Inner nkbrll ayirt lhton 11
Wairona Ihattona lluckbnarilt llnrkawaya Rurrfya
Fancy Iron VlcioriAa LnlilaiilMtt I nironatten Carla
Pot n l1e MIIHDK lUrm tniihia < ln > Mnnlinpa t
rhflton Pfpol Vaffoiin Dot lrn Pha toiiK 1x Tip
CaDrloleti Jiuni outs Canopy Victoria IhoIO
Lowdon 86 Rutherford
Broadway 51st si and 7th av i
IH 110 111 HO 102 I 11310111
IIICllf tA 1111111118 to
STANIIiiE lItlttA1t tflaA u tAtL AiiIilrTEB eilAETuyl x
hpliEit ttAtTONS tbmi
lOuToitt PUA105 ilLCKtiOtrtflS
nFPAIIttNflthorouuhty and nromrtly done
bTUIUGE In holding crftifS for the purpoie
In our reponltory yon can nnd anrttyltot bnilnua
Walton UOi Unot wAiront In lie Unltfl State toielaoi I
from Lrwp t > rlcrn uth tiaiitxooli our own mat LaO
warrantid liny Ire the hillIer
111IOa biiuth Mb ar t Y
n1 1 S E KV VFAUONNHW iiiir
it1hl1 rn1rllir
fIQUEST11IA tI OlTKITI Iltnitratedca7aniro fras r
rl 1
E WltlTMAX h kn1oe I WI
E Ul iJ
4 b Of Pure Cod
jii Liver Oil and
i n of Lime and
1lI7 1 J 8oda if
Id en1 rail ant rII1 l by I Iallnir
ii I ID i ii iU im iiih I u lull Ills oil
MI I llyimiilivffilnttt wi e i i tfU I
ll ii 15 I i H cui v lit Coti uiniiufl It U
ti t luui lull
SooHs Emulsion iv rr
I i I I 1
Ii it i ic j < I o f > lf TlOM
3eroTula Uiouehitii IVaui UK Du
ot4thl5 l Chronic oUgsI4 MUd CoIl
> > i fur Itcull a lmuitiuu and tkiIoO14UIU
An Ada Exprti a OBIalal May That Only
a Hurpln Slav > He H DIcharBrd
The employees of the Adams Kxpresi Com
panE who are dlpsntlslled nt the way they are
being treated pay that they havo to work M and
15 hours n day for low wages and It they
complain are told that they may BO elsewhere
Nearly fifty of them struck on Violiiefldav tn
Jersey City awl their plmes woro promptly
filled The eIght of those men looking In xalu
for employment bas deprived thu rest of nil
declioto follow their example The men nay
their wnizes have boon cut down from 183 to
I 75 and from ITO to 160 n month According to
their story tha night forco tin the Jersey City
dock has boon rdU ed to sate expenses and
the day men bnvo been compelled to work
longer hours without receIving any extra onto
ponsuitln Tl e work Is enough to kill an able
boiled nina thaI pay
Tho ofHeeri of the company are Inclined to
make lIght of the illlllaiilty and when asked
direct uufstlons refufe to ulvn iuformiitou
The uompiiny ha 140 wnconj in this liy and
employB about 4liu man It is said that the
drivers art aKo crumhllnc about long hours
and arc preparing for a strike The men art
not oiuanizod Col li 0 Weir of the Adams
Epre Company said to a reporter in Cincin
Tho trustee wore requested by the Hoard
of UuitiKoru sumn m lUtbB ago to look into the
personnel of the company nut brine the num
IAiof men Into onsomitics wIth the needs of
the service and the receipts of the compnny
UD have been hard nt work ut this Wo bnvti
found In several cnses moro men thnn wero
actually needed for bIte work required In
others wa found that there were not enonah
men Inllttsbttruh home four t or live men hnva
been renuetod to bo on the lookout for other
employment not fifty as Mated In tho
denpntches lu ErIe two Instead of twenty In
Clnclnnntl and elHowhore there may ba a few
rosleimtli ns requested No mrs oi CCIB now I
eer liMe been itlMharecd or questlonod
How nbout the withdrawal of messengers
and thIs sealing ol cnrs as stutcd In the report i
Bunt to the count vr
Hats said Manager Weir what do yon
take us ire As 1 told jou there IH to tie no
decrensr lu the mssfenKer service and they
wlllbo with nil cars n berotoforo
lou am SImply modcndrltiB tim company
In the Interns of dlvldands V
Wo are working fur the stockholders
Alltt lifT AOTfl FOflGICIzESP
Batherlnnd Hny lie Never Rnriorned Them
Or llnd the llonev On Them
John J Adams naked Judo Fltfcslmons
yesterday to vacate nn order of arrest against
Henry M Sutherland of the Ninth wnid The
order was Issued In May lit upon the appli
cation of Warren C Barry ho Is suing litithor
land for 317 on u note which it Is I alleged be
endorsed and got Harry to discount Mr
Sutherland henid of the order on Sept 20 and
Immediately went to the Sheriffs oillco to In
quire Ilolonrned there that titers was a proc
ess against him and he gays 500 ball
Ilarrywiys that Buthorland came to hIm with
a noto executed by William BeniBtoln It was
lor 317 and Sutherland who had entorsel 1 It
told him that Bernstein was n real estate
denier nail Rood for the money Barry SIJB be
discounted the note but has never boon paid
When It became duo Sutherland KBAO him
nnothpr not of Bernsteins endorsed by
Himself Ho has never bean able to llnd Born
Mr Sutherland denIes that ho over reolved
any money fromdlarry that Ie ever presonte
oi eudorsed any note or renewal noto rand by
Bernstein to Hairy or that ho ever know or
saw Bernstein He believes that the order of
arrest wn obtain id to terrorlro him end not
with any Intention nf putting in force and
that when it wni finally executed live months
after It was Issued It wn from fear of Jinrrys
beIng charged with abusIng the process nf tio
couit Ho hover endoraod that noto or any
note whatever
llnrlnR the argument the original note was
produced Hutherlund domed that It was his
slRiiaturo The renownl notii was also pro
diicol but the plaintiff attorney couo ided
that the mime Buthtrlnnd wit not In tho
iame hand wt on this orlcnal note Mr Adurns
alleged that both a annturos nio forucrle ant
that they ale In Barrys imndwilllriB He mid l
thnt he bite I his opinion on n lettoi written by
Barry to Sutborland Mr Barry had claimed I
that he gave Httthi land n check for tMO on
the linrll Id National Hunk w1 oh hind been
paid by the bank Mr Adams nuked plaintiffs
counsel If the check horn Suhorliinds on
dorsempnt aud bo teplled that there was such
nn endortoment on t Mr Adntnn denounced
the entire tran a ton as a swindle nail fi I anti
on the part of tho plaintiff Decision was re
She U No Known Father or Mother In
This ateUiay Ilomlltuni WIlt
The petition of Gilbert M Spier Jr for the
probotft of the will of Roboit Hay Hamilton
wa presented yesterday by J 0 OConor Jr
It seta forth that Mr Hamlton left a will
date on March 17 1890 and witnen cd by
Edward U Vollmer and 0 W Couh Jr The
heirs and next of kin are Schuyler HamIlton
the father and Bchuyler Jr the brother of
the deiodotit Thin petition re lies that 1t an
Itallne L Mann othorwle Steele otherwise
Hamilton claims to b the widow and that
Beatrice Hay Is said to be the adopted daugh
ter The letltlonar has no knowledge ito to
whether Beatrice was adopted under thn New
York statutes The child is 1 now In the can > of
its Mnr Vevlus at 24 Veot Tlftynlnth
street hut has no Known fnther or mother re
sjdlnic In the State nor a unrdlan so for ns
Mr CVConor could find
Cltutlonn wIle Issued by the Surrogntc ro
turnnble Nov 10 and an nr lei nns sritcd
nllowlns in > oce utors to cite En bv pnbla
tlon Instead of personal notion The will was
not tiled
No Ui Went Fftvnlnth street the Fifth eve
Otis upattni nt ho1 n was un II a sun tars
ag o the ri > lduno of Mis u Ijcbuvlor Hamilton
Jr anl I Mary Nevliis was n Ionia Is In her
employ Ibeilnmlltnni I iemord recently to
the Ualhouula uud ate now ut tuG 1iaza Hotel
OtherwIse Immlvraiit May Have to b
J2jnnillipft Aliourd Hlitp
John II Nncent tba owner of the lunch
counter nt tio Jntu ChIle loccnlly presented
to a stnnishlp l comptiny n bill I for focdliu I de
birred lmmlirunti The rompniy didnt pay
tli Illl I and Col Wabor coudn t b I cnuso f a
do isbn of the Treasury L > pnrtmi < nt The
Colonel wrote to the department ab ut Mr
Nuuents lull and y tot tilt 10 r eiv u I thn > i
I nny st arnold ciiiiipmi oi oillco s f
ys K ei sll < nirnarud In br gag nlUim o tts port
ifNewYoik I are not ds o d o toytlo
Pinn 3 of fooling and ore of nuoli ii t ta Mm
as mat IID bn rod un I empatry i rn o > ol
ftoin their vegelH to n BUtahlepla i i h lo u i
d riiolBB I ur hii 0 Sin iflitt un at i p ndmMho I
ileiloo of f 1inro ecior lln > n It w II p i oli biy
bnd tfnleti baa ovuiiilnnt m s title pu a
on boar I and burred Immlvrnnu I I rmi n on
this veasel nntj ttis oils tor bali Uud that
they ate entllloJ to land
Weal flis I rmll or KV > BB Upon Tudd
Conobstil Iiaileit odd of the Ha ond ward
In lliMvn nio I It chiirc vvlMi et r to i
175 ft iu liult ti den Antfl heu tury b > alit
pii mi wui urrcrUd mi Wodt aidii night
und wax pluci under IIVX i oinln juntoiday
for trial ti Ot 8 Jerwry wat mulouH to tart
a fiult laud In handu strict t near tlm bride
utrnnc nil b nritf ib I iMonaiuMi I Todd bail
M Ii K poilt al pull agrI t l lo ult iiini ItII
to aiir Iii n o amry irnH Hu p t u > kud
it vvntlfi l iii hit nio h > and > greJ t iiiuk
Ijo d ilia cinaliiilo who thv pa mil ci I
TnM liu BIg ii o dl n o i Im to
Is I Illlt 11 l It 5 d 1 1O ul l tilt a ui lisi 1 I dl
Mir lilt IK oil md o t in ti I n ono I ui
jmiri WHjiiJ mi S im i tsnsu t u n J i li u T 5
iiaiinc I I bn nil irobu I I 4 J a t Mr 1 i < ii i
alit Ill I lilt o i mO n Im IM OTI I u nu Jlditt
Stir AllnriniiU ni llm C0hJ4gviuiii
IUK Ddvnti vnntL irifcn ta UPON
rnis 111111 ricuiLK
Already One Victim nf n IVcnllur 11110s
Cnmrd by Eating Unaonnd lolntoc Ito
Died Orritt 1opnlnr Interest Mitnl
tested In th MOTtratnt Ion MellnC
Tim relief movement li r the benefit of the
faminethreatened people of Ireland Is being
rapidly perfected In orBinlzatlon and within
a few days Its machinery will be In lull woik
Inic orion Meantime the public Is already ro
spending to the atui > i eal of the American com
mlttce und hearty endorsements and offers of
boll > are boitic recnivod Yesterday moro limn
twenty peisons sent donations to the fund to
TIIK SUN oniro alone Tho detailed list ot
subscriptions will bo printed on Sunday Homo
o the letters accompanying the sulniMlptlons
testily to tho HTIIII nthy nnd Interest which tho
deplorable sltuntion over tin sea baa moused
Hero IB a slsnlflonnt ono from IMsnr Wake
0 1 have tramped through every parish In
Iralnud been In more than ono thoufnnd
Irish cabins and know somotblnit of ttio
Wrctchoilnem of life In that sad coun
try under tho barbarous curse of Inndlotd
Ism and the moro lioi lem and murder
ous curse of a Chrlutlnn Government
AH nppllod under th exquitllo torture of linl
lourBtii I tin noltlor nn Irishman nor a
Catholic but If benw both would give thut
country huninno litvn seifcovornnient and
throe square meals a day Ior those millions
who never hail a siiuai 5 moat In all their Ih OK
I would be both atid more Tboie noer was
any Irish Question1 There ban always boon
u question of humanity and common equity
about Ireland I wish I were able to Bond ten
hundred Instead ot ton dollars
The matter la already bolnu taken up by va
rious local oiRiinlzntions At u meeting of the
Tnmmuny General Commtteo of the Twenty
third Assembly district Wednesday oremne
lOBolutloLB oro unanluiouslr adopted em
bodying the following
The members of the Ooneral as well ns
the members of the various other committees
of the Tammany Halt orcanlration or tha
Twentythird As emBly district with feellnKS
ol Profound regret huo huRt their attention
atti acted with n the list fev months to the ut
terly distressed and impovoilslod condition of
tbo woithy poor peasantry of Ireland wrought
by tliij total Inlluioot the potnto and other
crops upou which thor retied for subsistence
thereto be It
Jieinrnl That with blue ow of rendering
all ppjslblo uld to nn unfortunate people in
their present nffljctod condltl n and to moro
properly find generously respond to the lab
shod appeal if tne American Committee for
the Hollar of Famine in Ireland that a oonimlt
tee tf lle bo nppolnod by blue Chair lor ba
purpose nt receiving subs rlptions aol dona
tions of every nature money or otherwise
fiom the members of tho Tammany organisa
tion of the dlsti let as well as from all the other
citizens resident tlioiem the same to be cent
within thiMarllciHt pro tlcnbli period to Tun
J < FAV YOUK 81 N the otllclally appointed Treat
urerot Bald asdoelatlun Ion proper distribu
tIll The oommlttoo appointed consists of Charles
Welde lt tin BI we Ur IJemnreiit John 11
Hoai TtomiB K Hayes
lor mall from Ireland brines fresh con
firmation or the dreadful nature of the peril
wnlch threatens the nation Aitattllne pros
entntloii of the truth Is in ido In a letter writ
t p by MlB N root Uotthwlck a lady who
takes an active part In tho chanties of county
louoial She illon
Tho fearful dltea which carried off PO
many of Ito people after tlio Brent famine of
47 wasbionuht on b eating unsound lotn i
toes A woman died or that ery disease In
county Cork last wer rathur Bo > lo most
cmplmtleally warnud the people not to rat
potatoes irmt were In bite Hlfuhtest desno
touched Tlioin was an old man with us to
whom I Wad slaktiig and I ak d i him If hits >
pOtatoo4 ero UH bad UB this in 79 Nolio
wild thiy tire worno now than they woie in
79 Father licylo then asked him Do you
remerabor ifil I do rlKht well And
woro th > potatoes In 41 > an ind as they are
nowr1 A > o they were as bad And worse
No I dont tli nk this were uors 1 Biarted
Was tho old fellow exiKceratnt I tried a
quetii u the other way Are they worse now
than 4i I aked No said the old man
nulrtly th y aro not worse but they aie just
al out as bid
I As bad nsinMiil Tho very thought seem
ed to Mriko us dumb No on fpoto
when tho old man center and In chilled si
lenco I followed Fnth r lioile to the car Vie
ions of horror denied to rice boforo my ores
All the fearful tbmicB I had henrd lint rend ot
the torrililo fnmlnOf 1817 crowded Into my
mind Knglihli Incredulity anti Ennlmb apa
thy lu 18If had much to coDa er fnr In the hor
rors ot lilt and thouh Knuland did then
ron o herself and do bar bi st by chatity to
tetrleve her teirlMe blunders the awakenlns
came too Into Mill It t come too into agujn
viil KuKland sit down now antI told bur b ind
and say ib < rob no dancer Will aim vvnlt till
she s os Cuds people ilvlncot hunuer iy tbs
rrad lden lefore slio stirs herNlf to help and
save thorn
The lime in very short It will not bo many
weeks beloro thee e poor hardworking people
Will bcKiu to feel tho IIKS of their winters
store of food The v oung rm n who went over i
tScotland nt m nliaHls thir ct toni I In
the hope of maitlnu n little money nt him est
work are shout returnltiK emiityhnndod <
This crfs thero are bad mad w UK In scar a I
anl the boyn unless they want tn starve
In SentIent are forced to come 10111
without the little board to which they
trusted to curry them tlirunch to the spring
Thin oat crop la nil Put doumed and altogether
the outlook is ns Father Ho II saId t me 11
day deaperate Tho only bone o saying the
corn was In the chance of a little line eitier
lint for the last le days It IHH rnlnod incise
unntly und now as I write though the ru n baa
ceased thie IM u heavy mint lyIng over th <
land the ntnio pherelHh t and Btuiimv nnu
there Is a deathly sort of Billlnais In the air
through will h rises the hideous odor of the
rotting Otuitoes like tho very bioatu ul fauiiija
and pestilence aid plague
A Park JCow Ilnrlrniler unit Itlm WIre
Arrested for Htvlndllne
Henry Walsh a ical estnto denier whose
ofllco is at Desbrosies and Giecnwlch streets
owns a farm at Whltn 1lnlni Homo tIme nuo
ho advertised for a alan to run It Amo Gooti
rich and wife Annie uumaertl the adortlBe
ment Thty leprosentod I tint they IUM lieen I
s iii ill ri y tin p1 yaii byMrs 11 liii rice I Ilah I I
way lor eliCit jearn and showed n lottor of i
ret mmondHtlon purporlluu I to t have I een
wrl on iy Mis Dumas Mr aoti eULakfd
them iiid paid them ail
a months uiKf In i
Thin was the last hi i saw of thorn and ho
crmtbIui < l to Ins I e tr i hi l > rIte Heteetho
hunter advili el a Mr Witlsh had d aie nn i
aw man called nn h in at hl dome iSSUo t
lubtrouth Htieeu A chink ol Mr U nlshH was
prison I t and Idulllln t t tier us Mrs Onodrllu I
Idie sun f How I to f > 0 iuk I rIta whmo her
hfcbiind wee amp yd us n biirtend r mid I
th r llanloy amulet the air Juts woro ro
munded yertr u ut Jolersou Market Court
OlrU from the Wyamlnic Hllrk to Their
IurpoBtt lICellile < i II lie Ml lnnitrlrM
Fortyfour young women of the 202 cnn
orts to Moimonism who arrvol I lioio
on time cliMinsli Yyonlnu wit e tern
pornrly duun d tit hit I Iliirne Ole
ic Ii II day I rlnrof Cd Weber while I so i truth
I iir ntiai niiih unur > 111 i n lu bo a luiut
n n uUed t liiii i 10 Mud < t f III hud
come hiieot I tinIt oun fieit ulli and tHiilly t b
I HI u n MoiininlNiu t1i l I i tli f rk in >
were iinma r oh nnd mm n w r > iiry young
Jl icy it i et t in tb Ir d initiation i ol ii i
ul iinlun it i e h ri of lot bin b hnpunn
i nd nt Ueljei 11 I them I u nt ho acid ho hud
no authority tj deiuln tiieiu
No IUUlr or Hull lor ilia I uthnllr Irvlon
iusl l out Hani tig of the htnie 1 UnIt of
tin Cat Oil llouie l < ttt r IIK n i f w iis y
bus reni i clruiilui i ttor to < ihu irit I h f ih <
hltttl Ii l W ll III Utt
Jliu Mltenllon ol the olllcam of tba Nor
Jniti rli e Co nill bau bimn eallod I > y this ci
dccl Mitt t I ul 4i i > bit iitii > of III I hlilu I to t HIM t lii t
tllll M Illlll Or ul Ouhi In In thl HlalllHIOIOM
tmuiillr tloluiliu no luw 01 Ii Ciiiiiii l tiy
linliInK pic 11 H v u if I im hit i i nn i is
mil hg i lliolli li ug ili lll p I ill Ottlni
r mi1 ilnii Hi Hi miiu uiiI oilim 11 n y
ink tliii as il In I uriii lid I i > ta CD
ill dlliiel o t I I II II I I ty iii > f llij I
HIM eh 411 Lit irs d ily r imuiinkw < J I to
Sli llur tug clii illuinlli to tliu liut hut
III null an i nic u > tlo I it li jc liinuv >
Ivlll 1 i1ill Illilil v lllol Id II leIJtI I lie i
UUIliui III ll t Illlf t Htill u ItO lo f HI it l
III IMlr llf tiii I iiIitchMuiliiItIesiI hit l ta I
I it u it > nuUrJiiiil dill I clii Jul cc In i
bill i > n n Ww li > nf ii j nbuii IQl ii it
Ib l iw t liu I piil > hu I u the Ui i t it i a
Luglu Hilt Utlutt
A III mil tn I Cl if
I 111 lu U i i r
Til ll 1 A 1 < u ad f u In MUKHI nt
ln iii li im < nn i ili in lirookliri i iikMiotitM
III tOlitflflNII ii I el Im tell II nut lies n t u I
111 t pUttOfNt of th I 1 Old I h < uU OviitflVaUt VUttl I
LiUrcb iLl Wocqt
nan Awnr From B Good Husband Jiecaups
Her Friend M n TinvlDK n had One u
Mrs Catherine Bolillcbtnr of Philadelphia
the wlfo ot a horse car driver left her homo on
Tuesday last taking her baby with her bo
causo the thought her husband treated bet
too fOorely Bho wont to the house of bet
fiiend Mrs Llston and told her that she was
going to leavo Philadelphia Mrs Union had
a good bubnnd nnd could not find any fault
with her home But sbosjm oihlfod with her
frIend AIrs Schhehlor and determined to
make a Bncrlllco
Im with you Mrs Listen said to Mrs
Mis Lston picked up Iber own baby and the
two women stan tot for the railway station
Besides the tw < babies thr took n basket con
taining a nii nocessury up arol and a small
PUIAO id money
l > teriuy blue two runawnv wlios walked
Into the olllco of 1oorma tor llnwott of Jersey
Cly Euub bad tin I aiv In er arm Mr
rchl obtor t Id tbo Ponrmn tor Inn st rv of
their leam 1 hlladepbi I i H o leo s ild I that
when tbey ninved In this city they dlscov od
that their purr hnd been lost or itolen They
had mioiiKli claruo In their too < tx to pat for
bilging Tuesday nluht They walked about
this cIty on tb Oineday and grew t rd nnd
hungry Ihovtoldu p Iicom n of tb Ir situ
ation and i o son them to hotel w1 ore bite
r i trod pome fad llnniy 1 Ib y or mod to
Jersey CI I y and sought To tmnser u Ilewotr
They 1 wero mixnuB o o b I k to Philndeiphln
Mr llowett nked Mrs L I on why she hud
lelt liar boo If slut bad n limit to llnd wait
it and > hs sn d It was I eenu Silo w anted to
bo with her fri uI I Mrs h hi liter Tb Ioor
innnternei urod tickets for I idelphla for the
women and tiny Btnili d for their homes
A Hmull FIre Ciumrii u Inntr
Aflrowhlih caused n blc pnnle but little dam
age oc1 uirody st rOes n the Ilvahtory double
brick Hut bullilii K at 12 nid lill bauds street
Urookljn It r tin tod In the ollnr of 129 about
noon and was probnlly in sod I y live ashes
cuiolesslt thtowi unin tli rutibluIt tilxtoea
Inmllli iccnp I tbo building I nnd I there waro
si res of omen nndebilclr n and aeouidoot
do n man s attend on ito nrtoiis floor
when the hnllwnvs riuulonlyb I cli ate choked
with Bnike nnd llamo shot up ihromh the
air nhnft Tboi > win a wl d siram o whoa
fnuni thntPS ap liy ib mairwjs bud been
cut if ly tbo Hinnl nn I w II iomo threw
their fur Iure n d ontbl oir of the win
dows i thotB tuit letieti wi iv to ii o trd dovn
Ib t tiro iccnpes ni It fitp hue I pollcenvu t
and tho Ur n with I t < mo lenity I Pub red
id In res uinir tbo mi rlbod t o p e All
rendied tint ti ot i with u m olmji Tlio fire
waiikly uO Udoi ioiiiu1 Ibo damaira
was tiut i t
cnial lIre n no o cTi d on WedreKday la
tho nlar ut f on > o1 the ml Iniiitt bulldlnss
nti i Ih ru s a iii plcln tin n uieondiary ha
I oi nt uoil Ii Fin Mar li I L 1 > K nowoer
huts not fuuid aiDtbiuc 0 tail Btnntlate It
lfi S M is iiicrri it 0 Itt > d 11 tort
Pomoof tlm stOOl ago paaeiiBorson Ibis Wyo
tniii I HOI r rob od w die i hue I situ ii wa at her
dock on V t ln sdit nlulil Joli 1 lily of
lieny lo1 I hip lo I t coat for xvhlcb lie pnl I Il4t I
J bn Wl i on win r I bbo n u uid rug
Inlin < > I ul H wate i tutu t I it lit d ana
Mir iw Mul nil ahr lu I u u i f In wait di
and Intuit III t 5 ti thltUll gut
itbuurd Ibo chill r iiiitho li u <

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