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I 1 6 THE emJ mmA oaromm 3 mJ
Ut be dlicz nu
Lcdcr fniMcf TIlE BC8
4p i 111 ftrane
tn rernmuileatfeiiii bald b e ad4re > a4 rJUIUt
M Wllltit 4aI fuaoo London W I
How lions Wi the McIUnler Tariff
Ten rear I tho latest estimate ot the lead
Ing organ the New York T bune
M Tn year tn tame perhape for a generation the
lUyoCthli aatlon baa txea Ciet by the ItO of
Concrtaa ID antlclpatei a tevenal ef pidfmen
for ten ron at leait fnlet I the new till rrovee far
moTe hfotn Ii I wotklnt than any ef llifrlende as
pect lb Republican party will 01 be able to paint te >
It 1141d retain aa a vindication of thawlidenot
thote who bav framed 11
About file weeks ago the 3Vi6uM was urg
lug the Immedlftlo passage of the LODGE
Elections bill 8 a measure of more radical
Importance than even the HcKiNLEi bill
Tbe Election Mil earrlM within Itielf the aaiaranee
1 tail Urtn kllla by tbe bundred
That looked 8 I tho Trttnmt meant t
threaten the mtrchanta and manufacturers
ot tho United BUUB with a now tariff bill
and an unsottlemant of business every time
p an election came around At least no otlmr
fttlafaotoiy explanation of our neighbors
I Orphlo utterance boa bon suggested
Nohuman creature can tell what the effect
1 at the McKiNLKT tariff vtlll b upon the
customs revenue of the Government
IiI ctms reVlnul
i1 predictions ore Ruesses and advance estimates
F mates a worthlcBS At the rat of expendi
I ture established by the Fiftyfirst Conurees
the probability Is that tho customs revenue
derived under the MOVINLEY tariff will b
2 insufficient t pay tho score of Republican
I recklessness ami extravagance Then If
k the Republicans remain In control thoy will
bo confronted with the necessity either of
revising the revised tariff or of BtuHlfylni
the party and advocating bra largo Increase
l of the Internal revenue to tho oppression of
i domestic Industry
A between the two horns of the dilemma
I wo are Inclined t believe that the Hepub
> lloans would lot tho HCKINLET schedule
stand and boldly ffo In for 0 bigger whiskey
r tax or heavier duties on domestic tobacco
or even for an Income tx odious and un
> popular as It I always Is
Tho possibility of this radical and inter
It esting change of policy Is not so remote
The balance sheet will tell tho story at thn
end of the first year of the MCKINLET acts
V I operation
A Boomerang from the Reform Club
Gen MARK D WILDER of Brooklyn is one
I of tho apostles sent out by the Reform Club
I t persuade the rural Inhabitants of Now
York State that protection Is a mistake
The results of his observations have been
communicated to the New York Times and
there h a single passage worth quoting
Darn mr abtence from Brooklyn I ran up Into
t Canada for a few daTa and while I wu there I took
paint to look bal with a rlew to determining what
r effect the UcKiKLrr III wai likely to produce that
country I found thlt to te true that the tropect f
r the rae of a Chlnete wall against CaIn pod
i nail waa haying for one effect the growth of a feeling
flat Canada aunt make herielf Independent of this
I i country In reipeet to a great many things for wblon
it abs now largely dependi upon tu For eiample In
Ventreal I aaw the foundation laying for a neal ma
slithery factory and the tplrlt nanlfettlng Ittelt tn
tbeee Canadian wttb whom I cotireried concerning
i shim faoury waa one ot detlre that the epterprlee might
p te tbe arerunner of a treat many more to the end
that Canadians might be eupplled with ever thlnic fop
Wblah tber bad need by Canadian manufacturera
1 this meant as an argument against the
of for domestic Indus
principle protection damesto Indul
I tries I s nothing more extraordinary In
that Ill was ever advanced by any apostle
1 i of free trade
L To appreciate its force It Is only necessary
t look at the matter from tbe Canadian
f point of view
p I It free trade or restrictions on free trade
f that will build up great factories In Montreal
and elsewhere and ultimately make that
country Independent selfsupplying and
N 1 ll uNo Thanks t the Speaker
The failure of the House on Wednesday t
j propose or pass any resolution thanking
Speaker nED for hIs uniform falrncis and
courtesy to the members regardless of party
Is noted by Bore of our contemporaries as
f on extraordinary and highly slgnlllcant
I The solemn fact remains says the Acto
I York herald for example that Congrerts
t bos adjourned without a vote of thanks to
l Speaker KnrD Tho Now York World
speaks of tho supposed omission as the
first of the kind In many years If not In the
1 hUtory of tho Government
4 As a matter of fact the omission has no
Blffnlllcanco wlmtoviT It has bon custom
ary for years to express tho gratitude nnd
1 admiration of the House for the Speakers
services at the end of his term of olllco that
I 1 Just before the final adjournment of a
Congress and not at the end of every session
of that Congrews In the Senate the practice
baa been different
Mr RAMIULTJ was tho Speaker of the
Fortysixth house and he certainly pos
MBScd the confidence and esteem of evi > rv
member of tho Republican minority na well
I as of tho Domociutlo majority When that
House adjourned at the end of Its first or
long session nobody moved a resolution of
thanks The thanks passed in the opposite
direction The HIM iker expressed his sense
t I of obligation to tho House for its kindness
and conlldence anil declared the adjourn
ment Nor was there any resolution of
I thanks at the end of the second Reunion At
the end of the third sesSIon when the life of
tho Fortysixth Congress wits about to ex
pire the formal rtHolutlon was presented
and unanimously lulnpUd and ItANUALii
delivered his valedictory it ply
The same thing Is true of the Forty
seventh Haute with Urn dUTnrenot thai the
Speaker then wan the ililliiilmm und unsat
isfactory person iminid Kuriii lliuru was
DO resolution nf tliunkb to KIUFKII at HID
end of tlio lint 1 lon of lbs 1ortytnv
ntb On the lent dy of the seiond wbulon
Jlr JUviMM UH titit lewlrr nf HIM minority
Jutrixliiccl a nwiluti ri vriillnu the
uWllty and couritity of the I hpeukiT and
cliuiltubly 1141441 l I I I tliiouuli I under HIM I
rulo of f iloiniily In JIM I fuiiiof cuiiitlder
t ublo OppOaItttHI A illvUion HU tlsiIlIULdSli
I lUll I ItI imp ipuUr Kricru hail the I hiiinllla
I hut of best III only 8 uyoa uud 8 uoerf UHIII I
I o formal irwjullou wlilcli la cu U > uiuilly I
odoppad by uiiunlinoun vote TliU In I the i
worrit tiling tliut liitn ImpiiAiiH to nny
1 Hlutter In I ruont iliri I It I imiiucli worwj
limn iytliuii ilkfiy to III1I4I8 in Mr Ilruu
I wliHii this luiii I s 1 iiiinw iiiii Murili i for > Iu
dtry OIJI I IU Ie I I
Mr < HUI wuk hjMtkki > r of this IlrtyI
sightS l hluue At tlm Mini of tlio flrklau I
IIm It tint CtmgirtJt lliein warn a lt of
thanks ly the HOUIMI but It was tu ill i
I fAiiiiUN who did Ifgi filling the rbnlr
I iciiifioriiilly Mr < AJIMMI wu > not thaiiknil
until tlmoid of tie arcond a Mlon wlien he
1teeive4 Ida uismpUumeit t of a rUliitf vote on
thus wtual resolution whlrli was unaulnjom
That lUteirU WM th cut In t Forty
otnth OonirreM Mr OARLTHLB iUil being I
te Speaker
The Dnt break at least In recent years In I
tbo custom of reserving the complimentary I
moon t Its appropriate Urn at the end of
the Speaker term of ofQco was at the nret
session of the Fiftieth Congress when roeo I
luttoni were adopted thanking not only
8pMkerCAiuiaiic but also the Clerk and tho
officers of tho House for their courtesy dur
ing the eceslon At the end of the second
sotslon n similar resolution respecting
Speaker CAJIUSLB was offered in time usual
way by Mr REED
80 much Importance Ii attached In some
quarters t an omission that Is Ignorantly
assumed t amount to a rebuke or an insult
that In fairness t Speaker REED we have
taken the trouble t show Just what tho
practice has been In the cases of his prede
cessors Instead of It being true that this Is
the first omission of the kind In many years
I not In the history of the Government the
fact l that but once In many years has the
House formally thanked Its 8i > eaker at the
end of the first session on the eve of nd
jaurment tor only Gte weeks Thatexoep
tlotial case was doubtless due t some con
fusion in the mind of the member offering
the resolution
Speaker REEDS personal popularity with
Hplr prona
Democrats was great at the beginning of
the session and however the minority may
have come to bat his Insolent politics and t
abhor his omolal methods wo do not believe
thoy think much lees of him now as a man and
a brother It l not likely that this burly
tyrant and baldhooded good fellow will be
singled out at the end of the next session
for a perrfonal affront which even tho Ignoble
KEIFER encapod by the charity of Democrat
Nevertheless It may b ncotissary to
modify somewhat the usual phraseology o
compliment In REEDS case
Candidates for Governor
I Is worth observing that our esteemed
Republican contemporary tho Trtlnmt
omits from a list of possible Democratic
candidates for Governor of Now York the
very necessary name of one of the most In
tellectually distinguished and politically
and valued states
important experienced Ind Bta1l
men to be found within tho Empire State
Democracy tho lon ALFIIEU 0 CUAriN
of Kings
The fact that under Governor HILIS man
agement tho New York Democrats have
reached I strength certain of electing their
next Governor will not affect tho stilus of
any candidate before their Convention of
1801 The preferable man will b chosen just
as though the struggle would bo desperate
and such tho JViduniTu
political finessing an 7ibund1
will exert influence toward it
wl no Intuence towar preventing
Mr Hewitt on the Labor Problem
Wo have seldom seen a more Important
contribution t politicoeconomical literature
than was made by Mr ABRAM S HEWITT In
his speech on Wednesday before tho Iron
and Steel Institute Whether viewed a the
outcome of prolonged personal study of the
present Interaction of capital and labor or
as the formulation of their respective rights
or as a forecast of their ultimate re
lations this speech well deserves t b
pondered Like all men who honestly
strhe to roach and state the truth Mr
HEWITT cannot expeot t satisfy either of
the parties that are arrayed against each
other Ho say some thing likely t dis
please the employers of labor and ether
things likely to offend tho more headlong
champions of workiugmen But It Is an in
teresting fact that the conclusions formed
by this American manufacturer are almost
Identical with those expressed by Mr
Groitni HowELL the historian of the Eng
lish trade unions and the representative of
the moderate opinions which have hitherto
been dominant In those associations
Iho significant correspondence between
the views of u wise and upright employer of
worklngmon and those of a wand upright
spokesman of labor will b patent 1 we
glance at the fundamental principles long
advocate In TUB SUN and now set
forth by Mr HEWITT It Is he says tho
eqjal right of employer nnd employees to
make combinations for tho purpose of ad
vancing or reducing wages or of establish
ing or resisting legislation regarded a de
elrable or objectionable The right of work
men to combine for such purposes Is now
recognized by law In almost all civilized
countries but the German Socialists the
New Trade Unionists In England and a sec
tion of tho American workingmen are In
clined to deny t employers I correlative
right of combination Not s Mr HOWELL
all Mr UHOAUHUIIBT who have BuccesuUe
ly I hold the pest of secretary to the 1nrlia
mentary committees appointed by the Trade
Union Congrpfrbcs Tlwy acknowledge that
labor can claim no right nhlch It withholds
from capital and another Influential repre
sentative of English workmen Mr Ton
MANN has recently declared In 0 London
periodical that ho should welcome the for
mation of trusts In every branch of manu
Why Because the more perfect is the or
ganization of labor on the one hand and of
capital on tho other the easier will It IKS to ad
Just controversies without recurring to tho I
rude and mutually harmful relnolyar strikes
Another of Mr HEWITTS propositions Is i
that no one has the right t compel any
other workmau to cease from labor In
other words the right t work Is not com
munal but individual Here ugiiln he must
expect dissent from the German Socialists
the New Trade Unlonltita In England of
whom Mr JOHN UDIINH Is the spokesman
and from a fraction as yet it minority
American workmen On the other hand
theio Is no principle morn ounieslly uilltmud
by Mr HUWJCLL in his hlHtory of English
trade unions than tho right of the Hocullod
scab or nonunionist to take work when
ever and wherever he can gel It Nor Is
there any doubt that In this proclamation of
fullh Mr HowrM1 oxprooMw time convictions
of the toiiBorvutlvn mujoilty of English l
unlonUts whodo defeat by I few votes In
tho r cmit Congi ebs ut Llvui pool wits plainly
duo to biirpil To pritvent by threat or
violence lionunionist from wnrkluu would
bu to Hubiilltuto for law a iCtglmo I of force a
tillbktltUUiill fillKI tO UlllollUtH tllHIIIMulvcfl
fclm o lu 1 trial of bruin strength fiuployui
fetlltpoitrd by I tlio piuxiil imuoimlHi iitliufnt
would In I tliMiiid t him 1111 t triumph t
Mr l llrvurrilonii not gn an Inih i further
tin n Jlr I HOWIII I whis iiliiiienoiiii I at trlkiM
and ckouU l 11 equally liiitjfeu lblu on the
ffionnd of abbtrui JiiHtlnt J uud VH i > xxi >
dienU Ui b LoloniUtd only In thi ubHUiiuo of
provisions fur ell bU bmmmlieiou of gii vii 1mc41s
to tlo udjudicntlonof f ijniu I > ti < iit trlDuiialit
jim I UN ill l I JlouKM I S point h t S out fclilki u Iii
OCfllatlONIll liy I U WllWof 1 llljlU1 I Itll 11 Hip I
pi 1 lied luJiiKtlcn mouth this P i unnol his l uvurtiil
until HKiit ninliinljiJiinii 1 u < acti ijiiiti I
My lu their dnaJliiKH whit onu unolliT How
ijin mnn bo I wad tii act tlniM ojulibly t
Air HoifKLIw answer IH by tlm tolunttry
rllllII ut dieiiit > M Ui Joint Ixiurdu ut
itt Ilrl thor In uliluii I hl 111 > irs und
1IIIII11 III I 1 mitlculur trwie mire iijitlly
III I f Ibwrvo til 1041 il tim iiit IKt
Ut pfK > lnUl liy thu tate Jut tihoann by time
parties In InUrtwt and all Uiu meiulxrx of
It miut b familiar with the particular work
whose mrulatlon I desired To exemplify
how much can b doe by the voluntary
submission of controversies t such prop
erly qualified tribunal atrHowELt tells
us that between 16C9 and 1BSO the North of
the Manufactured
England Hoard Arliltratlon for ltau
factured Iron Trade adjusted Borne 800 dla
put while In the Northumberland coal
trade some 8000 dispute have been settled
by joint committees any nrloU
disturbance of traffic In the districts af
fected I U I Just this voluntary submis
sion of cnntrovenilei t committees on
which employers and employees a equally
represented t which Mr HKWITT lob for
tho gradual extinction of the existing fric
tion between capital and labor and of the
interference with the productive powers of
the nation caused by strikes and lockouts
Nor does ho fall to recognize that If such
arbitration committee are t act Intelli
gently there must be no concealment ot tho
profits of business
There I no doubt that Mr HEWITTS position
sition with regard t the publication of
prollts will be distasteful t many employ
ers Neither will they like to b told that
blacklisting Is as wrongful as boycotting or
that an employer has no right t lock out
hlri workmen In order t compel submission
t obnoxious rules Hut Mr HEWITT Is
neither a demagogue nor a Little Brother
of the Rich In his speech before the Iron
and Steel Institute ho was not trying to
court to conciliate labor but
cur capital or t oncUnt laor blt
simply t expound the truth a he under
stands It Would that wo had more speak
ers ot tho kind 1
Dr Van Dykes Mistake
The Rev Dr VAN DTKU sid a the meet
ing of the Municipal League on Wednesday
night that ho expected criticism of his
speech from TnzSUN and that he was ready
t stand up against It
But we shall not criticise Dr VAN DTKBS
speech Wo did not enjoy the privilege of
listening t It nnd we have seen no suffi
cient report of it to suggest criticism We
assume that it was an eloquent political ser
mon and it was doubtless satisfactory t
the sort of people present who like that sort
of thing But of course his remarks wore of
no practical value Ho was talking about
matters of which he knew nothing and wan
put forth as the spokesman of politicians
who hide from him their real purposes
which are t carry out a political deal 8
that all hands to the contraot shall got what
they want In the way of offices and power
The talking of tho clerical annex t the
League was arranged buncombe purposes
merely and to give the dealers further time
t arrange their dlckerwlth tho Republicans
and the Democratic Mugwumps No ticket
was nominated because the deal was not
completed but the highly moral sentiment
expressed by the tallcora served t disguise
tho purposes of tho conspirators
Of course Dr VAN DIKE know nothing
about all this He was as Innocent as a child
and took childlike delight In playing with
his new political toy He was all right
There was no fault t b found with him
He really wants t better the condition of
the town and to make everybody good and
happy He was nottalklng In his own Inter
est but In a purely altnilstlu spirit
Wo pay that unhesitatingly though we
dont know what ho said I his political
associates were a singleminded as he they
would have none of the trouble about select
Ing 0 ticket which now exes themand balks
their progress They would not be dealing
and dickering but would b searching only
for the mOlt righteous men as candidates
trusting in the Lord and the worthiness of
their cause to bring t thorn victory next
month Instead of dealing they would ho
uncompromising and I they were thus
sincere of purpose and honest of conviction
their chances of success would b greater
As It Is they are nt theh wits ends to hail
candidates who seem t them available and
who are satisfactory to the ring with which
they are working Men who fullll Dr VAN
DYKES requirements are plentiful enough
In town men of admirable purposes and
praiseworthy sentiments but tho ring mas
ters do not primarily want that sort They
want I candidate for Mayor who will carry
out the terms of the deala politician who
has no nonsense about him when It comes
t the practical business of political bar
gaining Such a man Is hard for thorn to Und
because by running the League tlckot ho
will doom himself to political ruin Neither
Democrats nor Republicans of any political
prominence orambition will listen to
the persuasions of the dealers who are
forced t go down Into the Inks of petty
men Mattered by even the prospect of tbo
distinction of defeat The movement la thus
wIthout a leader and It will not get one who
really represents the sincerity of Dr VAN
DYKE Time candidate will b either n worn
out political hack or Borne colorless novice
or nonentity
Why then does not the clerical annex assume
sume the control the business Itaolf Why
does It continue as the puppet of the In
triguers I Let It seize the helm and steer
the ship t safer waters Dr VAN DYKE
himself would lie 0 truly representative can
didate for Mayor and really be Is as avail
able as any who could be selected by the
dialers Of course be knows nothing about
the city government but he could learn
more or lens und he Is a man of high prin
ciple and unquestionable respectability e
81dll ho ought to learn moro about munici I
pal affairs or t talk less about them Defeat
might chaKten but It would not overwhelm
him He still would have his sacred profes
sion nnd thus wider Ills knowledge of men
and affairs tlio better ror him an a minister
Ho lots ns much time to attend to the dim
ties of Mayor as any of tIme candidates sug
gested One of them Is a man of largo mer
cantile buslnnsn Another Is a financier In a
place of much responsibility Another Is an
onulnner advanced I In ago Another is a man
actively engaged In tho manngomunt of his
liuge ihtuH and another II it young lawyer
wIl loom hue profexulonal career to make
Ihnynro 1 all busy men and fully a busy an
Dr VAN UVKK who Is young alert and eu
terprlxlng He Is the man to hand the ticket
and boalde him are Dr HowAiti Cites jmy
or Dr Hiiien NEWTON both truly ropre
benlnthn candIdates
llm imiUirlHl from which to nllko up thin
ticket IM lit hand Why does time clerical l
UIHIIX etJiml ueldo and leave thin Intriguing
Militlcluim 1 to t I out the movement In
which they are so dwply liitorented that
tliey have coma down from time pulpit t
liter Into this arena of polities V
Oh no wo do not crlililw Dr VAN Prunii
upeioli Wu nomluttU him as the lit Mayor
nil y umidldutu of tim him > and clerical poll
II I I hums itt tlm I MinilulpuJ Lrmgijp und WI
fed ill gludly UHH Hi In acujniplbililiig hIs
ilifiut tlum wllhdiuwliur him from lilt
11t ilietructl and returning him t
entire datvolluii to hU holy profeon
lolfln lux built it Court HOUJM and now
erie for a 1200000 dome for lu The baud
6 < roe Mrclif without a dome imys fbe
limiin litre d fn alnioit i a fHUr without
Keaietcue I liul tIll fllUfd JJome nf tb Mate
I lou Is I dome ooutih and I would ha unjust
lo bal celebrated work to cii up a rival dome
I Hcildtt lime ulprr of Boston U iotallettual not
I ajr ll owra Wbs a null Butia eitl A
we learn from the TVonteripf b named the
doll at the bead of her dolls house Nom
IDBEH what need 1 there of domes or monu
ments to Illustrate tho greatness of the tow
lloston needs no moro domes t she has anr
Mrluma money to tpend shed better on tit Into tensile
It la a pltr that RAMUKL lUxnuLls not In
the nUn OUI la I ee4 tLe Ueniocraue mninoritg41l4s44
I the Democrat war following Xr Banriu e
RCifi wmorrai Jn4 rarnnicie
t the Democrats baLI I been following Mr
ItixpiLL they would not now b following the
Republican But lhor wm bo in front again
before long II
Our esteemed contemporary the All mfa
OmitiftiUon IB trying to lure our esteemed
BIIKPARU to march through Oeonrla Let
the valiant Colonel draw on his boots takedown
down his sword and lead his forces Into the
flclit cries tho defiant Cracker ron of wrath
Ibe Colonel always has his boots on and bis
best editorial are written with the point of his
ExfHllbur Dut be baa no many other wars on
band that he cant undertake to conquer the
South until later In the fall When he does
check his charger to Atlanta Uror liowaL and
Ilrer lliiiius can ulrd them for a flrttclass
Our esteemed Mugwump contemporary
the IroridrnctJmirnal probably having bought
a aohtlnR cap thus plunks its banjo to the
Dol Buoy
h No bairrr I boaita nor teuton boa
Thlt bell en the blllnwi lolnl
Bit the folk who dwell by the lonely shore
Hear ever Ita 1d iweet rluf Int
They do and tho overwhelming majority of
thorn erlnd their teeth at the lestrlctlonsof I
the Government and of humanity that forbid
them to practise at tho Instrument with
prnlbe lt wlb dyna
mite shells One can grow used to the thun
der of Niagara or to the occasional roar of tho
ocean but the fitful chime of the boll buoy
which floats not
reedy to mlte once and emit no more
but at any moment you dont know when has
been known to make a nolciborhood wish that
Its clancs like the foe horn could be ex
changed for the Last Trump There Is ureat
romance In the sea tho man who doesnt feel
it even in tbe fiereent wrestle with Its fury
taken lamentably commonplace vlnwof life
or death But the general experience of foils
alone shore IH I that tho ball buoys ring ni <
coasoH to hu heel after tho first hWtll or two
and becomes a doleful rasp until the ear becomes
anl unl
comes deadened t UH monotony and it passes
out of notice
The Providence Journal had better take off
its ollsklrjs even I it returns with sadness
to Mugwump politics
An InterState Hay Palace made of baled
bay with trimmings of baled straw hai hen
built at Momome III nnd tetms to be an
appropriate plae I for future conventions of
the Farmer Alliance Candidates wih ne to
attract the hucoilt vote m gut find It to their
advantage t stead a few hours In the Hay
Ialace Bud so accustom thtmtehrs to aIl
cultural surrouudlncs and secure the proper
local color But perhaps a visit to a feed store
would be Jut as effectual
A Minneapolis mesmerist hypnotizes or
thinks ho hypnotizes people by flashing hIs
eyes at them I ho really possesses this ac
complishment he should lose no time in teach
ins I to the lion TUOMAH BRACKET HEED
With a hypnotizing eye the Sneakers control
over duo minority In the next session would be
ram maun OF rue UlE
Been ID the Booth as Well aa la the North
Mew York Hpeakei to the Nation
From fAi Memphis vataneAi
Time Democratic Stat Committee of New
York has iKBued I an addiess to the peotiio not
only of that State but of all the Utatt H in
which It tersely and clearly presents the most
distinctive nnd vItal Issue that has Il or been
raided In this country Tha address say
When a political party admlnluere th eleralCior
eminent by pert itent encroachment beyond granted
power cud by dttoutlu perxentrns 1 of its mild authcr
Itr when It Intrenetiea Ittilf againSt defeat behind
the torn tip foundation of ourooTiitltuted to eminent
our parliamentary law I the right of confttltuenclee
and the prrrogatlTet of Statei such a party I 4 not only
pst reforna it liii succumbed to rerotutlon and II 1 already
ready a dancer 10 the republic
That IB the i ommandlnelnuo 1 today between
the Democratic aud time Itepublkau patties
To T at the Weekly Inrraent Mtm
ALIUNT Oct AttornorOonerol Tabor
and Corporation Counsel Woithln ton of Buf
falo hav deelded to submit an aruued case to
tbe OenoOt Term of the Supreme Court whit h
convenes in Hochootor on Oct 7 In ardor to
obtain a ruling of the Court us to whelbor Ibo
salarleil emplo > ees of the city of Duffa coin
under the piovlnlonH of tIe weekly jiayn ent
how Tb teat t will bo made In the cnco ff n
clerk In the Mayors onicn I llremnn n echool
toaoher th seiretitry of th riirkO I mmisslon
unit I tollcHinan Mr W rlhln lon Clllls
that tho provlilt nf I tIO weokr pnrraent
law only In Itnleadit laboior In tho employ
of a intinli Ina Ity and duos not apjily to sal
aried emiilovee John T Jlelon > u h who
IN acting tor the AttorneyCieueriil In the rise
on the contrary In Id tfmt tho Inw apll In s to
all penon Cal i mol Ils who reoelvi lomnen
satlon out of the OilY tieiiury Ihn J dni son
in this case will affect all the municipalities m
the mate as this will be thn first tual cal I
JBchoea frOH thai Caimcictleut Coavrentloi
Y0M lit Itartfttrd 7 tgram htcord
The editorial In Tee Sm of Saturday relating to the
action of the roiirentlun of last Tueiday I a very fur
and correct iiateuieni it the actual condition of affair
cc they eileted In the Uouvenllon and itlll coist
Art e Couneoileut Demcirrat 1 a Democrat all
the way through no half way nr Mugwump business
with him Hence the rowing feeling here favorable
the btmocrae ie > npllnd In Uorernor 1IIIU
TurnIp From Cannnne Mouth
frost tAt CMttjo itfrald
tanon lit Sept 3H Another Kepnbllcan paper
ha bolted Congretfcman Cannon the llooj fiton Ija14
jeilerU taking the Held agaimt him The Htrld las
always warmly I tupported Cannon but now merit lust
It I I to the I en liutrttl of the UrpuLlloin tiny lu lha
Htliiniu dlitrlct that lie be retired
0cc fmtmtrm Tuln cf Ilneula
Io the meat llmA
runoK III Sept 27 1 Wk mice called to WashIng
ton to see Sr 14noiit eli a mailer of tmtlneta 1 wi
lu Ifun I I wi thiwti Into an anleruom and wilted
foriotue time I taw Senator and Otters gufng in cOd
finally I wt calel i i Hr Lincoln wan being euere I
lie sold I I was iota folk cud lie I couM thave lilure
me I aatd ti lilnu
Ur iliirlii I If I had t tuppoteij at the Cliloigo Pun
nliII hat numloatfd you Ibat we would have I l u
terrible war I would lirver have tlioiight of going down
10 a Itie boDe luoo amid tttiag a oiiebore lawyer Ivr
I did not know bow ha woold take II but rather ex
l iel 1 atitwer that I rould laugh II Hut he
truilie I the ImrUer loone ildc aud wIth atoleruu fate
turned lo me cud alI
hettiCr would I falmer I don belleie an 1 great 1
nan eltlt a policy eould hr t cattd ilieoounlry I If I
bare cotilrlDol I to tha earinof Hie IOjmiy I wac
Ucuie I alleilId ID tie dullii uf tacit daywllhilie
bfjie that wbtu Ivuiurrow lame I wiild ba equl u >
lha doUse cf thai day cud lie turned lu I Ib larber
Dnt the Ohio Uses l uy U I Over
mm Uu rituun4 Uatir
fleueoUerie that Who WtUluier le I 1 Ohio tOll
you will liter lur Lout ttiuu IIJT and ly I
Drallaed fur 1VI 1 Iliemrln
nun lll Ikllio llir < iU
hurl Orubb ita Ce w Jitur natetuiaii tai Lion ap
liilnlad Mlnltler le olu Ivii ut iii Ml I scum ba
ebvuld ba less Mat Ic lbs tauary lilaadi
fo11 1 datkytie star
Inl II Uuh anuuuncat II al ii I dead
Nut TubUn < beaus
O ds lA tAtcae 7r4usM4
541bOC Cyli Merale be aerfaetly evad I deal
M ur b wiaf e tktee g tfHI
tltU jrM I UUII el W
rna rovn Heir WAR autra
relate occte by he > flhIdI Ua > r Their
Wunncoro Oat 2lt It a curious coinci I
de n o that prop nals to build the four prlncl
rah vessels Irovlde l for at the late sessIon of
OoblZreM were uixned on the very day that
pension closed Such spood In appoint appro
priation for the Inirean of the new envy Is I
unprecedented anl I shows the advance made
at tho nary bureaus In the art ot de ° l ntna
modirn nretsels The extent of thlschanae
mar be Lest understo by noting that when
the Charleston time llaltlmora and tho Newark
were prox Mod for In the art of March il 1885
It wa t Ions a proc si to select and decide on
plans lor them resort being had for that pur
pose to Unclh naval architects that the bids
wero not opened until twenty months after the
udjournment of the Congress which passed the
act But the bureaus of construction and
stenm engIneering at Washington are now
more expert They preonred ther pans for
the present vessels Ions before tho appropria
tions became available In fact within twenty
four hours after thu act was slrn d tho adver
tisements n ere out with specifications calling
for the proposals now made Yet these vessel
far exceed In Impoitince any hitherto at
tempted In our navy having much more than
double the displacement of the Newark or the
Baltimore and costing more than double either
or theo
The Navy Department wai accordingly grat
ified to II lid four responsible bidders contest
lug for tho work all comlne well within the
limits of cost prescribed by Congress Tho
raclllo coast presents two of the four the
nixdon Iron Works uf tan Francisco entering
the lists ns well M the Union Iron Works
The latter elves tho lower bid of tho two
and the provision In time act of Consiess
Is that one of tho thn e battleships shall be
built on the 1pclllo toast provided this can be
done at a reasonable price The Itlsdon
Works stand seooud In Importance on that
coast and It Is made additionally clear that
when two firms can undertake contracts of
such macnituilo In bu Id nit ttteel ships the
1aillli shore tan take euro of itusif in naval
construction Bin uld u gun factory be estab
lished hern I as Is I praDOeil It will be abl < to
supply batteries for the war shim built on that
Coast as AOII ns font imaval deleno As to the
Lnionliou Work with the ieior1 it haainada
for itself In the tharlcHton nnd the San Fran
Cisco and with th armored coi > t di > fnncr > es
sel and tho 5500ton protected cruller and
mm one of the now battle chits It will do HH
full sliuro In bullilln up the new navy
ramp X BOMB have OH usual underbid all
competitors and Hill bo entitled to tw battle
phipi and the tile plOlo ted cruiser TLey
have rorontly betun limo H100 ton estel ao
that with four egxvlsof HlloallIlI thlr bands
will ba reanonably full l nl Goermnt work
Th nininLO of tho Butb Iron Works Into tao
cniiitiet tlon timid rblddli u g both tint Unln
Work and the It sdon S oikH fr ono 01 time
baits ships was worthy of success lIme Maine
OMtablUhment Is l bulldlni two 010tun run
boats for the Government but It nas it big
leap to try fur it vP8 o1 01 nor UQiAl tons Ills l
a laIr Ui sllon Lather the pro
Vision will h enabled the Iaclllc mast to carry
off ono of tho now LILIt fhlis from the Dath
contlllltorB has not 1lJe rlinullh Vi lib the
anautlty of work now ailEned to that ona t It
wo111 i Mem alilo to enter into cumpeutl on
oven terms with the Miimo establiHlinient es
pecially since until the new moo ctinbonts
w ri < undertaken at Bath only woodnii yes
sols hud ever teen built there mind tho entire
plant for steel th us had to ie provided
On mteworthy tirtumtan Is I thn the
Oulntard Iron S orksUBini tue Item n ship
yards at Cneeter tilt not ntAr into this bid
ding altbuucb It has now practli ally llnb > htd
the two gun outs DoimlnLton ant C HUM rl
uhlcli It Imx i een building and has the ama
ehlnry of the Mahe all ptovidedfi r IVrhaps
it Mill beleanlfr m at time next mpetltlnn
slrieo the work of a idition to the navy la not
yet completed and with the ramps and the
Union Irot WorkN well occupied It will bate
all time better chance i The name II true of the
Bath works
AM the result of the bidding there may be
some change In tWo of the battleships The
not of Congress proldeil for limit e vepseU
each hnvlntf about it 500 tons dlsplai ement
at un aLKrcain cost of J120iWOXi Hut tIe
iiollci of thi < Nay Departnieut nt inesent Isto i
build as bit hire as possible as was Indl ated
by lie Increase of the 5800ton cruiser to 8 5UO
tons and in that ol the 75iH1 ton < rulser to
ttlOO Ions Accoidlnuly it provided plans ch
inc to the three battlo ships upward of COO
tn Inch 01 about an mtii h IIB it nas thought
ti b sun to Incraasn tho dUpbu eciont and rot
in tmt 0 the limit of eot The Cramps hon
e > er mo In their own plans provided for
a good tIed mor dlirolncenient than even
the In r edtomjaei < of f the tlepnrtniunt Ills
ju Ie t certain that this chime will I looked
upon with aorm view ol the imernmenis
ceneraj tel cy vvhte ns tbo advert sement
called for bids both on Ibo dipartmemt plans
anil on the builders plunK these latter ma > be
a < epiel
Thn Cramps would build two battle chips on
their own plans for dtl4tt l < i QUO nnd thn rt ct
ed enilhcr for s72 > 000 rut Union Iron
Works trill build no battle shin for IO COil
The Rtrtlllt would jiiht 11K5000 whloli
would lei f J72n0KI 1 les than the approi rin
tlnn Fur thin sum th > re would beotitalued
four One v ii is three of bm Imvlnc 18
Inchs of armor nt time maximum and iarry
liii four rilncb tour Hlno and four 6 Inch
rlilSH each wbliothe reninlnliiK > esel l triple
screw protect dcrulHi wIt be famous lor hr
Bleed th Clnrii ion sing knots for which
nn lens than 20 500 boise power is expected to
be supplied
Fnreliin NOteS or Deal Interest
It 10 1 thought In Berlin that Field Martha Count Von
Mottle will be made Duke of Sedan on his Puth birthday
on Oct I
The Czar le I the largeat of all living landed propel
tore I cc fling an estate which II nearly eijnal In I area
to the hole of France
The Chlneie Cotton loth t Company of Shanghai Is 1 at
led but to rommenre oreratloni although much
Immpered liT financial illfflcultlet
The ngllfh onthorlllea are entlratlng the habit of
ether arming wlneb U I tald tole I epreailfngln that
counter manv persons using ether as ainbetttuta for
alcoholic liquor
The plant for waving Parl a teaport have been de
potlle 1 at the lintel de Vllle The pruimeed canal from
Knueu to Jltrlt 10 1 tu te 1111 1 mile long aud about twenty
feet deep to cost IH nonooo trance
linda Emilia Pardo llatkn according to an Rngllth
critlo In the greatest of ripantth writer perhepe the
greatest of living European wrlteret certainly In Hng I
land no woman can be named who comes filth her1
The ton of Aristotle alaorltla one of the greatest
poet of modern Hrecce is 1 preparing a new IIInn of
hie father wurk The mo t Important U I an epic
IrutUnoe Zor4 ou the retleianc of the Leuoadlan
10 the domination of Venire In the Middle Age
It dues tot do for Jepineie newrpnper le I ipeik III
even or dead ruler much less I of the living Several
Japaneti editor hare been lentenced to four years
Irnrrlontnent with hard labor for ipeakmg ill repet
folly of the Emperor J1mmu who If be ever exUtei
lived about Ui cure ago
frlnce Albert Victor recent vltlt to Wale recall the
fact thai there live at Tarillff to day another claimant
to the tit i > uf Irlnie of Male A humble gentleman
ther rllm direst deitvn from Owen yndwr
crowned Prince nf Walt klacbynlleth The pedlirree
lialioluiely unbroken and lit authenlloli baa beta
cecI1 I b > time lilgheit heraldic autl orllle
home Hpanlarill a ho tried awhile coo to let np In
tutlnet in I the Itland of ernando In i got the curt very
much before the lire They decldiM that the mann
faeltire of near can rum would be a trry profitable
Indottry 0 they Imported a eteain engine from Hpaln
at large COIL got all ready 10 cruiU cane ant lien
turned their utlenilnu to nturlliiK a plantation Or
Itauiuanu Ibe African lriviilir I wio lu > returned
from reriiaiidu fu I cay ilte ttea i engine 1 is 1 now ruety
and uieleat and there is i iniUng for II lo du for its
owner bare dltoorere 1 very much to I their chagrin
thai enter rane 010111 thrive on the I isatlu
Tli ClVn jut iisu d by II Auitrallan Commission
appiiluted lo cunil jer the ti binie eubullled In auiwer
10 lb otTer of fjui aia reward for tome mean vt
ending I Ih rabi it put in Australia show that sorties
hundred ebnie 1 ha > a Lila ronlderl and rejected
The term log power or heep tract ha been dlmln
lilied bjr Hie aiiunlaiir of ralblta from JO iSO I 10 Sinn
anl Hie value uf due i a 4 semi reduced from the
Cent coo < e Iji I m L 4il45t in lit IC Thu I Kininiiiiuneri
hull I male et ibelr mind that curb derltM as trip
plug and i iiituiuiijf a ye vain In I th ecu 1 tear from
iO I I IJ Ibe h < w South fts ii riimenl ieul
f7jjv i mi such f > i < rliunia wltbuul affect Th
oimiiUllciurt leol for aremely only lo the liirentlou
Ll a dliuaaa Tbe repi rl Iherafure Ii I unity taken
up with a inidrilon of tbe villas dlia < i
which I 1UIro auiloue to ropagile I amcug the
raubl J La e Inrlule tmall > oi yltudert ii idro
piiullv aun lutiercutiiU nut pertun Unnllll tote
wtriu tM a rlu d il l etnr lurejitluu fowl
clioler teieivt uoei aliauliiii but Ida l < iuaiiu
1 it rrftrd II a a failure Imutlily llu greeler last l
ul ilia Auiiralltualiniatii I at ckauged lite I eunditi0
under which utieufwl eipanii enla nere wade lu
Cranre Hnaily lime rewady wl Uli UK UuiiiuilMlenra
bash l erwgd to faUltig I vnrauleul dtsu U Ita
gr 4ul uc4 uie tt < IU land tlitr revwuiiid i < b
llgalorr eia I fencing MatnwbU ties bRer of rIOW
le I llnl 1 sites Ui ajy a too tau a IM Ik
gJnweclla 1 pe ttmt Puns
rm LAo Hvfilt Cuaiu
JIOIcIY t r 11 A
= 1 = i It
BrJaJU ntou ma rsonn
Te noleal1 hols
To fn ErrTTon or Tnm Box Sir In tour
editorial of Bpt 80 on Our TheolograJ
Holioo whit we are forced to acknowledge
the truth of ronr enncltislinii from the pro
mnteseae there stated It t > onis to me an han VtrT
Into thofO ptoiiilfci will show that they are
onll a portion of the facts which hao to t C
taken Into account that wlulo In the march
of religious aa well an rocuhtr developments
tbo philosophic mind desires tohavo th major
laU8IS alone epatatid an far AS IA bio from
the minor nnd whll for lone erlods i > tlio0 I
Krmd cnuies alone will iuflicr > yet whoa con I I
sidering a period of harllr more than twenty
rear ys hare to contJdor minor as well tva
major enU > I
To compare the attendance of the two
seminaries and from thin to n h once nnr theory
aa to relative denominational Influence on
candidates for the ministry is hardly fair The
Episcopal Homlnary ban the support of duo
whole communion In thn Uulted Hlnten and It
has only a fewami they feeblerivals Cam
bridge Philadelphia Middletown Oamblnr
Kashotah The Innuenoo of the Illhops with
but few exceptions Is exerted to make candi
dates come to New York for their education
No such Influence is at work In tIme 1resbr
brIan communion Thn Union mlnarr In
by far the llno t PrisbUerltn Homlnary but
hare only collt entrained man aro ro elvtd
Lie Kplocopal oinlnary reccing wall fB nigh all
Who arl sent
Time money questIon entern largely Into ac
count Thn Knl < iior > al Church BIVOH little en
couragement to the pior man to enter UH min
itry Nu su b zeal N fh wn In raining funds
for mlnlstei eilucHtlori 111 IB eon in llch its 1
nonilniilons ns the MetliodUtH or Ilapllsts
While Trinity Church New Y rk makes a
miiBnllkeui donation yearly rum Ito corporate
funiiB for tbls purpose I QIU toM tt e coil tluu
for It uuicwned to otvvotn I twenty and thirty
dollars n your aco Tblll bios lIlInnol time hids II
topftl cloicv largely to thono ollbJIlll who
CUB alTord to live In SVw York
iUHiiy the Candida es lire supported whllo
studying I It Is true they mat oarn a > ouple of I
humlra I rlollnrn tAnchlDLf or RUtintvIm hut
this will n it kfdn ft man Hnrdl unyaholar
ih p excvi d 1 250 a year whllo it costs 000 or
87410 to the III New York
Time P oibyterlan brethren have a floe cern
nary 1rlnroton which Is overflowing Their
Other schools aro well attended by thoBO whom I
previous nonprerwiailon or lack of means
previntscomlutf to Now York or Prln > oton
As a churchman I should be very sift I to sos
I I an Increased Episcopal clergy but with all my
hurclinmndhln 1 would not wish to see the
Prosb > terlauBio backward and I dont liellovo
they will They are the most masculine In
every way of our natl mil clergy and are
bo nd to play a irand part olerllY that relit
American church or the future Their Follu I
end has bean intent and beneficial and no
good dll7en ould pee It Icssemd without regret I
They ito know wbat they bolloie anI that IH
the OOBII 01 our IIItV f the Chur h Is not
advancing it used to I think thIs Is not to
I be attributed to the socalled CalranNti thc
tinge I tiir this In I also the doctrinal htnndnrd I
I of tho Kiilsi < pal Church the one y MI say they
I ere turning tn It In moro ilm > to the fai t that
tin tiiiloual character IH altering Tho ex
ternal saveiltr of ibn I worship of the Prrsby
termn chuiohuH IB more or 18i I < rill ollunt to
the n > w genuratlon The nouer chun lint are
wnrllnc up to meet this mil tur a rlchtr wor
shlii Thoyaro boclnnini to > eo that musIc
and paint ne are nut of omnolvefl ilctructio
of real IlutiHtantiain The LuthernuB Imao
wanned our blood und th > > nohuesn ol their
lltiuukal Miriio Itao bad an Inlluenie second
only to the pituaI
AH achurohmnn I ought to le erycrateful
to Tin Hi s for time exetitCo of Its widcflnn
Inlluoii In lavor of Church un on One urcat
e lltoi al In Its columns has more influence on
the icattercdhuiche < > than forty sermons by
UlsliOM or trabyemr i > Tnonn who kn < w beet
the oxi UF for existence of < ai h of our sects
nppreclato the zeal learnlnc anti honesty of
their reeD ctho deenileiB but do not think
I that any or all of thim have good cause lor
ohuroli 8niuratlon This baa > tints moro from
pot onal divIsion than anything else among
JrotestKntK The EnulNb Epl o pillnn Tou
tonic Lnthnrnn Scot < liIrlsh Ireflbvlerinn the
Dutch Iteformed tho Yankee ConereKatlonnl
let and thn Houthorn thoillst are near
enough alike If th > only knew It to live In
pence far more so than many of tlmtn division
of the Latin Church May time bright beamn
I of THE bus i ontinud to shine on the sectarian
heart and BO warm It and kneml It that as
In thi > Slate no In ralmlon they may llml that
Americana can lue together In unity in cao
Ualhew CioumtciamLN
hew YOBK Oct 11890
The Guilt oral Snrratt
To THR F PIT OR Of Tint Buyttr From your reply In
Tel lie of 2Jst Inst te J II D e Inquiry about the re
Jig Ion profett < e4 by Lincolns auaulnii I Infer your Im
preftilnn tob that Mra Sarratt was guiltily Implicated
In the conipiracy There it very strong evidence to the
contrary and that the bad no knowledge of what her
on Jobu suriatt and the other men who cam to ire
him at her boarding home ID U aslilnyton were plot Una1
A ery respectable Uonoraole and truthful man
principal of a scud boys academy In title city whom
shall degnate MM Mr n courair ousl > and alone be
friended tire burratl and her iifOnUed daughter until
the former died on the scaffold To hint Mre Hurratt
up to the very Iwt moment aaerted her entire In
tiocence which mlrhl bare been established at the
military triitl had there not been at the time snob a
tempest of wrath excitement and desire to pnrilih
raging In VSaihlutfton On the morning of the excca
tlnn Mr II obtained front the principal crimdiAli a
olemn declaration that mire Hurral was not at all I
ImpULiipJ In the hit and hal no knowledge what
ever of It The liberal in command who I
bollee wae llanc < k > ln charge of the execution wee
an ImireMed > y tle evidence freely riven br men
who knew they had oiilr a few hoare to live that he
Ytry tiuinauel easier Mr It all he I could to net a re
prleve for Mr Mirrntt He furnUbed an ambulance
wagon with two fait hornee InwhKh Mr Il and Mm
f > urrillK0t and were driven m fat ac the hrees could
gn to the 4 bit Home Me went en far In lit corn
JuIoIi at to station mosaIcS Tldetted at iRterrai on
he war a tth Inmructlon 10 I rlnr tack the retrieve
Cs faot as potsible Hut Irtldent buton wee lniora
Me and if my menu r cave me rUht refused In ice
Mr It Nnd Sties > urr tL who hal to return cliii tr t
Md news of tlirlr failure to vet a reprieve and Mrs
6urritt was huttc A personage at W lilnrion who
afterward It is acid committed vutclde in hew York
Kay prompted anti supported the rresldcnt la hit obduracy
it U a pity that Mr n ha not sn far published a full
narrative f these facts nf which he dan pronal
knowledk They wont t be a raltiHltlt contribution to
ntitory and mIght eerve to exonerate Mn Socratic
iiiftimr att 1 rta4 1 Kate It from a ohnrre whluh there
U rood reason in t > lleve unjuiu audio wlilcli joo doubt
incur In I rood fall bellere CATUOLIU LATMUI
Hmr Yosa gept J7 1MJ
The co H Qlcnt Dfuoenkt
To mi EDITOR or tout cusStY I want to thank you
for taking notice of the representation eaeiuluu in the
Democratic party In Connecticut la thla mornluira UN
It U right It moit prerall bat It Ii a bard uphill road
and 10 many want to eland itlll at the bottom Never
lushes nothing belpi ne en much as crltlctno from out
of the andnotMtiEootof the State eo much If yon
will permit me to ay so as from Tui flia For Ttts
Po U read br the Drmncratio potltlmlan of Connect
rut more lien anv other flew York i wper and 1 am
told by the Iemoorat In Uai Ingtnn
sow the country 1eniocrau era lentler to the
aceiiatlt sluice they know they are polity
hal tier Hand between the pony of the
tiHtton ainl two United Hiatee Senator and mi >
if tint two i roorrefini i ti or the < nntrre ilnna > die
trlct are not at all erua < And the P morralK i > f the
country at arjft have not 1 hint knout itw cur
party ner wIs or anlej and you en mucn more than >
W can open their eyes WILLUM B fiKDKt
New hays fce > L 2J
A Liberty Pole on the IIIgIiIad
Tft Tint PMTOR nr Icy SiNSte A commIttee com
po eij at repreentKttie of the loctetleiof the Orand
Army of tbe KeimMlr Union I eUran AMorlatlon Hon
cf Veterani Hum of the American Devolution Navai
eleruni Aiioolallon and the public annuls are fa
jrurel raising funds Ii erect liberty tole ljo1nlnr
his Twin Ljfhthnuhft at uteelnk IllvhUiili and plao
IDK OlIn it d n r In if the Ito > ru of dnylif the Stare and
Strips AH von ar tout lisle aware Itite U its Seat
pril uf lauit vulhle from Aiotr 1 lilp tn Cml roe hlnir
rou b rtiorof Nt w 5 orb WeHoul t pleuttltore
eel iv yi ur eon rlbuil In lu an amount nil to ut 1
one dolUr lu youcan cnntrib tie tlu winimut frT aa
iiuny intmtHr of > mir fainlly a you with
lltate ineke ibeck to orlrr nf iil l Ituut J Qrlnitb
Treasurer hid lOoms tb tame t < > mew
w 4 iiclmowguu Chairman
WIWIBJ W J 30 Strum street
The latarcoatUtutMl UullwAr
WARiaHOTON Ort 2Time J partmi > nt of
Flate lift rccoUeil a d wiiit U from th t > rnlti I < l
htntth JgtIon J nt JiiJiiuo A miss a nonrilnt
that die lt sell i 11 snuut of lie I Arifontli in J i bite
IIIIM U uud a iJcroo aniptiuu the pnn foi an
iNtprennttuoilrl I I i Ii ii its > oniiuUiiOi mil
hi saint H in IaIgO to i1 I lufr1 aotkinv for
uuhnrlrtoo omit MuulutfAiii in iteuiti lit
sonfrenee iii t Mlilntftou ihU month Hila i
daH > attj Is aly Am Tl ami I its f I ousted
thai t loim Iuvfrtr l tlilh I t tjiit a I mm awioritfi t bus
I VMU utioiii o J inifi 1 notably f n hit I tiny
Ja PgsIAvst < lvelsId l llu a is Vurlit
hictsici Jet 2 Ji 1 JicMiliii Or iirdutn
hand him iiii I nml t tu e h loner > liui it I i ui > un
filt M l A I H knoll of ill I drviit llcul
in hi Mill The lehel I is u fi n U fonur
hut oard mil na ouiml > ojiijipud i him
w > U Iu uitulixl up ut Jluruu Slice br lime
Irublbllloei < awraajlaaiee
ft tn II c AiJfli 0 att J ntrnti
Whiii I vra ut lies l < Mtjituse in l lie I son
vitlat nun 1 etojnI4J m Ono ef f
iinietsti o HOU 1 urn In
ltlou tiutt
no annum err op 047 ICD745
Hat Take Netlres IIeaea Tkett the Die
trine et easel Coniitra Are the MMllrlt
Thn census ronntera In the Marora Office
were not nearly so rushed yesterday an they
vxpecttd to be In fuel thoy were kept but
moderately busy for whlln Ito returns of
thirty election district aw alto J them on their L
arrival only ninetynix mote came In so they My
hsndhd but 126 lbs entire day It was a long
da > too for they remnlnod on duty until 7
ocloik The oturc l0 Population o the 110
ilivton districts heard from no far prove to ho l
ir174 Flue districts Containing title aficrv
gate are scattered alt over Ito city They are
naturally aim the smalle district The
KMiallesl dmtrlot other thlnci hplne equal la
cooniRl CMunlo 1 The dlMtrlcU storage 213W 1
Itihiil Itantn 11 Irce tiueb a rate f i the entire
M7rdNrt < ts would make a population of only
1ollceiiian Stark of the City Hall squad
when haiiilltiit In hla book whlel obtained
tin inumeratl m of the FourU > nih Klei tlon
dialrivt nf the Konith Asnmilv distrIct madf
am lax It that 1 urlnKei of 7n EIIHI llioadwar
hail rvfutid to give any Inforrmti M In
bin opinion It n > uid nit is respectful to the
Un ted Haii Governnnnt
Is ilicumun HUSI of the Thirtieth street
nltind hose Meld of labor was the Twenty
s vth ElectIon district the orniitb Aeunitly
itlitrkt reported Hupnnlsor Kenny that at
111 I i Fifth 11 en lie smnr woman hal re
fused to furnish him w th any ittatlstlc aa
tI t the On cupantanf ttehi > uno on time ground
that they had already biiti counted nt River
dalii The woman addid hat the family
nut return In four dove an ncKested thtt
th policeman might call nialn rite Ulasea
Anne Mnnjaret anl Mary oinbs JlTi < there
AB on eilnoviriy W 11 Olcott of the h > d
rrnl tnus Bureau oversaw the counting
apparently to sen that no ballot stufllne wa
The Major received yesterday eoeral more
lettoia Irom p rom < out of mann who Wi ro
afraId lImo would ho Inlt out of thn eeteie and
ncconllnely foruarded the Ithired stnllstloa an
to their uiilll s Amiiic them nan one from
Joeoph nlllhon of 10 West Lloxenth Street
who wrote from llayshnrn L I that htuli use
hod nnmtsrid fourteen poisons Patrick
Tlmnnt uf 32 Ioxlnlon avenuo sent from
somewhere In New Jersey hU own name and
that of his wits Huraitret
Thin year acaln the price of a ticket to the
Fair of the American Institute has been fixed
at 25 rents Time experiment of cheap entry
was tried last year and It prayed BO much more
Ruccessful than the higher pi Ice of previous
tlmos that Its continuance baa bean deter
mined upon Bnme of the Institutes director
an desirous of reducing the sate money still
further luittlnc It as low as 10 oflnU and they
give strong teiisonsln i favor of tho proposition
I ihl boliif > that nt the dime rato the exhi
bition would br > Uklel by tons of thousands of
people who llnd It bard to give n nuarler of a
doilar for aclu ticket besides aylnir i > car fare
and the other small rums needtd for sundry
Items Of exienxc Thin Is a view of the case
that may bin worthy of ponxlderatlon by the
din etorx Mho are nalurallv anxious that the
exhibition of this year shall bo an unprece
dented Buccesi
Tbnre Is hope said an need Hebrew at
time Palestine conference bold In the Christie
street BynnRocue on Wednesday night there
is hope that Palostlne will yet regain her an
cient Independence and enjoy even more glo
rious times than tuoso of Solomon Th
speakers face sloamed as he spoke There
is hope be added that Jerusalem will ba
redeemed before the close of the nineteenth
cenlnry and that the tvattered tribes now in
exile all over the world will return to the land
thnt WIIH promised unto Abraham The Turk
leh Government which has wrought ruin la
Palestine is tottering from Armenia to Con
stantinople It continues to exist only by tnt
sufferance of the Kraut newer uniler the pn
tectlon uf linkland but them are Rlffns that U
cannot be held up much longer J ben It alls
thoii will comotnoipportunltr of the Hoi vLand
The movement that bas been bennn In New
York for send Ini the poraeoutod Jew B of Husula
back to Palestine IB full of eiitnlllcnnce ItU
u cur ng movement and has the support of
wcnlthy members i > f the Jewish rooo not only
hero b it also In England Franoe Oermany
amid otiir count lies of Eqropo Thousanda of
the JAWS of G < ntlle landphae within the put
few years none to Palestine to abide thertsand
tens of thousand are anxious to follow In theIr
footsteps We would have millions of them
thcio within A B > nfratiou if time country
frood from the TiirkUh yoke as It 7111 yet btir
The aged Hebrew who spoke thus hoped bo
would Ihet n 50 the fulfilment of his prophecy
and said be merely expressed a sentiment that
In 11011 In the heart of the Jewish race oil over
the world
Andrew Carnegie who Rave the welcome to
the Ironmasters now In session here la nv
ported to be the richest Scotchman In the
world with nn income bigger even than that
of any of his aristocratic countrymen who
while enjoylne tho domains and palaces that
come to them by Inheritance are apt to ba
hnrd up for cash at times Mr Carnegie talks
dealt of time clavs of Ids poverty In I4ootlind i
ant in this country and tells how happy ne
was when able to earn as hIgh wanes as 18 a
wiek In Pittsburgh no recounts his etrpg
des from that time till he become wealthy
He Is not afraid to scarify those of his fellow
mllllf natron who are meiin with their money
mini a short time ego went fo far as to farm
print that the ninn who dice rlh die dis
graced If he himself dies Door he will havo
to Bet rid ot a good many of his millions befor
lotinc his renown as the richest Uoolohman in
the world
The German Socialists of this city expreea
great satisfaction that all was quiet in Ber
lin and thtouuhont Germany on Wednesday
when the Kaiser opened the rates to the ban
lobed prophets of racialism who hastened to
take nilvantaiEo of his clemency There wan
wMo pnud apprehension here as well aa then
that the Hoc allst manifestations on this ooca
rlon would liiid to dananroUB disturbances
nrml < l that time troops and the police would act
wah severity In the malntuminca of time peace
lint It now nppiars that theee apprehensions
irr > croundlmw Tho BoHallsts of Germany
Wilaiiiuvd thilr returned leaders held meet
logs and brouffut out papurn without Inter
ference by time authoritiux and they were air
lowed to InlrjlKo In i rejoicing to their laoartfr
content rime illsnlplua of Karl Marx In this
city are now sure and certain that his now
KiiIol will fiiou be ndoptad by the worklne
mlllona of Oennsny under the attsploes of the
roforniinK young Emperor
A swarthy Hawaiian who has taken HP his
abode In this city says his advices from Hono
lulu do not agree with the recent report ot
dimmer of a revolution there He says There
N rivalry between the natives who form the
main body ttf them population and the whit
residents who form about onefifth of It bat
who art strivimmg for political power and have
obtained control of the Government This
rlvaliy which ban lasted tor many ears has
been and still Is PM ifl but the natives ore
now atriunK for aKevndanoy with uncommon
einTuy by constitulli nal methods Thero was
aihiinuuol thu Mlnintry tins year end there
HUD tin other similar changes without any
flUtuibane Kmif Kalakana who has hold
tlm tln < ie rver clnio lite loctlon set enteeli
yeumrs ago Uu shrewd niHnapiiQill atnr and as
mill n rulei as ever raluned In any realm
umliir u Wi i tOn Constitution He knows hoir
to nvercome dlllli ultl H how tn tlt alnnjr with
rnl ant line iml bow to refaln liU oillce
nunliift the Wilts oh agItation We have both
imtlven and winO Wino would like to raIse u
11 I I n will an ranublli I aol hey I may raison It In
llmo Itit I tbe man wb lire now rhoutlnit for it
In Honolulu do not d > serif t1ut n tl e iec < ntly
takenof them iii tlm American hour Admiral
who rtnhit rtulkud the l deck of hU flagship
lu PolinrMu
A vofstailaii of this city ban become ft flesh
rrtor door b dltcovore 1 a seltmtlllo law that
liv hud not prevIously been aware of H
clmngiil hits mind uiou lIme dlt question and
got lOhMniod i that m ate wiru umnnif the
prop ii r otililss for n ankind slier ho had beeu
iihuirnl In a pi of Near of ch mihtry hat I eel
mutt n and purl wi r nioioly trimtmerortmlnl <
hr tee rug ublix mil Kin n Afiur ixindirt
lag upon ills mtii lot ng law of elienii
tiiiiihloiinstinn I i IM aim in I the ion lu I on thM
veguiarlttnlam in i u inimim of narrow scope
mid IM udnpid it new ilUteUa I I polloi 5 unoir
uhlcli tin i iw niijoya tiilidnrliilll em ti ttks Unib
fbois nnd frlud union in t t I upeuk uf ituwod
llJll y p ga lui t Mliii trie ui oidtt
Tin e U i KnJklfed iniiiipkfn bangluif on 4
Sit u l h r i a mi this K no it lirlut imtrie
In V t > J u my f ur h Mitt I It calm tue eeiu
linlli tl 0 I ivn Hull 4 f Ihii Mnlh 1111 nl 111
ti t < I it hut utipiuu Ii Tftiimituir1 atmct
lu tinu Wee WurJ
Tech UIPI dtIediss
Cill > i tor Irlmrdt dou not think time work
Ings uf the new ToiItT bill will psrisittttiy dl >
iuriii I I mliuu of lhs ruatunu lUimftiiienU
In V w n k AH the iivmhs cf dh till C d
I timer hive i MI f5jtt ltI ti aiiem C o 5
II U iuetor Muutl HIMVim liu l < > it i < I 5
IsIs lie l SUe fll US lu 5 Imuia Ii till
tuil i und ttjvei klndvr ai uu ezsr it miIi
iubanl > mil on for BiiniLtLor tutu hut Itso
deisrtiieiji are ready fur time lhJlaal so

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