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ran nxmnixa TOUCH airtat ro
Ir rnistr Jipe rromlhD nri 4t
tut I fl isKlnc nirWtox Nlst > ne >
elowTh Kmm WMH Whir Hum
rsttrls aud thIs leul of III Tlnti V e4
t Jnieip Jnet for rmsnnmrma Buy
rWTUc ET U I Oct 21ntrlck IIIn
threw rnwtuckot Into n shUrrof pfllemrnt
to day by diving from tlio ld iron brldca
which dpimn the turbulent KUckttotie Into the
ehurnlnawMern nlxtvnro feet llow Ha did
It tor the edification of the < tailors o thr > Cotton
Oenlonnlal and to < iihuId i > an ancient custom
M well ai < no that wits in TOKUO a quart T ol a
Mntarr agn For mxoral dv tat the
old resldfnti hnJ been siinklnn tlilr
grizzled lieadd andlr and nnlnc that
this wrui tlio only ttlnc Ucklne to make
p the eolcbrntlou a RUCCCA Thoy told of
1 tlii featB of lofty jumplni don b > the fnmoiis
Bam Patch flxtyono roars nno and led VIsIt
f on to the brldci to show them the exact pot
Where he uted to practice In thoie dnra
r loh worked for Samud Slater In whoso
honor the cronvlit celebration IH being hold
I and uied to tnalco the jump oorr duv In com
pany with scores of other moil and boys for
the fun of the thltiu Every Paw tucket bor
bad to prove that he wasnt a Bcarocrow by
performing this feat Amuuf thom who nuitll
Ced was Devlin tomo old Powtucketer told
him today that bo could not make the lump
because he WIIB too old DoUln wouldnt be
stumped HO ho tnude the jump
It was exactly 1230 P SI when a rmall man
approached tho wot entrancn to tlio brUge
Main street was truwili Tlio proeeshlon of
redsbtrtvd nronion had rafcpod but a hhort
time before und the rwonle woro wuudorlna
I olmloenly UD and down Paw tucketit prlticlpuj
street THE BUN reporter who happened to
b standlne on tho bride at the time hud hU
attention attracted to the man by his appear
ance lie was apparently 50 soars old about
five feet three Inches In height und woluhcd
Bomo 125 pounds He was banfooted und
I wore nothing but an undorbhlrt trousers and
a soft slouch hat The man moved yulekly
without being noticed in the crowd of poo
pie A hundred poisons wero huneinc oter
y tho bridge rallluc gazing down Into tho wa
tore that camo rushing over tho natural falls
The river bed Is Illlod with ragged rocks
which peep up through the foaming water
The river Is divided Into sotornl channels by
I walls of rook There Is a funnelshaped hole
about twenty feet In dlnmotor on the north
eldo of tuG bridge whore the wator is said to
i bo forty feet deep TIn > whirllni waters have
oaten this holo out of the ro > k AH uround It
4 tho wator Is nhallow and Hows oora bed of
Btono This hole Is the spot Into which Ham
Patch and his dIscIples used to div o
4 The man wulLod rapidly alone tho brldco
When ho was about twentylive foot from the
east end of It he monuted the slmni Iron rail
inc which was put up to proont tho boys
f from jumping extended his anus over his
1t bead palms touethcr gave a hurried dance
and then deliberately dlod
Jaly God the man is goIng to kill hlmfolf
i ehrlokcd two women who stood near where
the Intrepid mini Ulvcd from
Instantly there was a wild scene on tho
brldce Mon shouted and the nil was nilod
with exclamations ol alarm People came run
ning from all directions and fought Iranticnlly
for the brldci ran Hall a tloi > n iioliceinoii
dashed hither and thither and the greatest ex
I citement prevailed It this moan time tho
brldco jumper had shot through space struck
the water and disappeared In seemed an ago
before ho came to the sutfacc At length
however ho bobbed UD ihook tho water from
his buld head and struck out for tho looks fifty
yards below He scrnmliled up the clilT and out
of sight in an Instant TIlL SUN reporter found
hum lu tho old mill that has for its natural
foundation the pyramidal rock upon which ho
landed liuhblnc lilnibolf down and putting
on dry clothce ho lu mhcd heartily mar lila
escape und Bald that his name was Patrick
j Devlin and that ho was a carnonter by traiio
I bavoitt made the dive for twenty years
ho suld but they dared me to do It and I
neor tao a dare lifii I plunged over thn
railing I felt a little shaky but before I struck
the water I had got mr nerve again und when
I camo UD from under tho water I felt mi much
like 1 used to forty years ago that I wantud to
do It over again
Pawtucket Devlin made his first jump from
the bridge when3ho was 11 years old Kvorv
noon the mill hands and the schoolboys used
to gather upon thn bridge to enjoy Uio fun
The spot Is a treacherous one and only thoso
familiar with the river and possessed of lots of
nerve dated porf inn the hazardous feat Thorn
are few grayhaired merchants lit 1nwtinkot
c today however who havent done U A dozen
years ago an ordinance was passed preventing
the boys from making the jump and
from tnut time until today none has
tried It I Btovo Ilrodie came up hore
from New Voik last summer to do
What the famous Bam latch had done but the
authorities wouldnt let him Ho claims to
nave made the jump early in the morning but
Pawtucketers donut boliovo t Sam Patch 11 rat
came into prominence as u jumper at Pa salc
N J He bad been a mill owner in Pawlucknt
but failed and was compolled to go to work as
a spinner While In Passaio he climbed up
to the crpgdtreos of the mast of a schooner and
jumped Into the river Tho pai ors wrote him
np and he took to lofty jumping as a means of
making money Uojiimpcq at Itochestnr M
ogara and Oehofwo i Falls Ho lost hIs life at
the latter place No attempt was made to or
t rest Devlin nod it is probably lucky for him
that Pawlucket In celobrttlnc a contennlaL K
ho bad jumped at any other tIme U would mayo
cost him 25
This was Firemens Day at the cotton pen
t tennlal and Firemens Itay In Ithndo Island
t moans something All the veteran and volun
teer llromen or the State congregated hero to
4 day There wore a number of visiting com
panies present from Massachusetts also The
eun hadnt boon uii very long befon < tho streets
were teeming with men dressed In shirts of
brilliant red Rhode Island Is protected from
the fiery fiend almost entirely by volunteer de
partments and the people ate proud of their
firemen rio It wasnt very strange that the
majority of tho people who werent linemen
should turn out to ion > those who were There
I Were more pretty girls lu Puwtuoket today
than at any other thoU duj lug the week Tho
Irlfl of other Utatea may be paitlal to noldlar
Dofl but the girls of Khodn Isluna Rro the
Jehiea of the lire laddlos They discarded their
> quUetaof cotton today for ilreuieua badges
The parade wan billed to Matt at tiSU A M 1
but it did not get away until an hour later
but th people were woll paid for their dlous
wait It wax a parade Heldom soon In thin ago
Of paid departments All tine M < terinn of 40
years of age now living tugged their uld hand
inachlnej through tim sticotB cheered by
thouhonilo of PeOPle Sinnto haired old mon
donned the toil unhurt and waturproof hat for
the llrtt time In many yeain and thoso too
eiblo to walk rod proudly In earring B
Them wore veteran ahxooiatluiis from
Prptldenca llohton llrookton Homer
yllle lloxhiiry 1wohi l und Cliarli toun
Iawtuckets old timers dragged thor Jflirem
band machine through amilnuin und ch < era
All the old niachmoH vvere brilliantly I polished
and lb no like mu rnistu mud gold m i thn bright
eun Time pat mido a > und through the princi
pal sirmels until noon win n It snis diBtrlBued
und the tire mini mar lied to the m big iinMnr I
troot tent tn bo fed In I tint afternoon Situ v
ell Into llu iraln and map hod t t ami
I Jurnildo HJioro the u m let an oigunlcatioiiii n t n
competed foi Irtzs lor beventl bouts the
Iiaiiulesof the old inuclniiui tvwo mrkiid tau annul
down by ngi d 1 arinn und wnlnr fell In a perfect
deluge All wino lounI uii hit I binds In ihu
inorol rig to K O Inc I vninruiiu march worn
preient In the alto noon to MHO thinn t sj iiilit I i
a l the t jiuoplu up I in tnt u term u it u TIKI ilikfancav I t
the water a n thi t u > vn uuni lenliliirad I on
brown impar thu giouiel 1 ton mnu II tug 4 d I > car
p ed with II
Kluht iitcrin rnugii ikun htrugglcd fur
I tUOIIlY prl of i t I ii I flon I input i u I and Iho I
tile uiutit in > < iniiunl mu fur H M
ring gold r tlun I IB 11111 i fto In ih vtusuj
0 IllS lUll Ills irl m u vtu uu by t u tin < it hutS
otD miii kocmiii Liv li lioM ii o nuj third
Iy tie I Itiiiijijy 3Ju i i rguml kit luii 114
itt tiSIl BU j llend a of J cit in Stoti eiiiruioil I I the
thrs puriu iii ouutno mitts Km Ho k No J
of lirodit I Ii tOk mtoiid iiiil I tie Utticlulil
Qujtmttt if East lovldmieu I thin
IL wile lb tl ck ttlirii tin ilriiintii niniliAil
buck to iliDOity i iin d li iiiotvnr I inuuk IIn
but jvni on i cry m ni ilil lie cull ijk IIHI i
ran UliiU H1 I ii I tic i lu I in v luiniu wunt
throuuiiu ciiv I in u li K oimHof vi t r > inl
bquIuleig blltlSt154 iroin liners wets
ullr i fM vulliiitf Urum 11 in iha I cllr uiO Ihuf i
nil won ral thu it
iltro wit t sit us H Ittiiitry Situ this
y514U fr I lie arIouiM tuiltntiuit 1 tIns c it
nhliul I wui mitts dcl I tIuushtthlous utiul
U5lji5 guest I Jtta totIuuI iitj WitS intl it
AoJ effeir linen will I Snuureuu
rmcill lit llili ni n n iuu I f uugultu I In lit litter
ODIIII unit nufntil nittat his itstttje m t tIne
tdlIililI hut Ib U sIp utuol lit lliMllor
Tdu Ju u iftuulii li > tin I urnii i i ui Ai ii
unpol is will l Ill Uwl IO lillnillllnii I J II In llrl till
tuittiii nf I titus tilu rrulior Muiiio uinl tInS
moplivr Tvrror iujd Iurjiuu TIJ sn n fmU
will itt l u uiyvlvU njtli tbu uicUlitvtil plul t >
lest lb irsatert aentaneela
IUMnt llqtiits fit up tr tbn
Cushinf rrncesi i o ana lar
tiS III lall
ft ii a po ltlT ruarantee of
abentate purity and it ttimistiM
a bettir article in llnoor than
wasr er before offered and at
a lower price Aliotfier Ihlnr
tl comranyi StatS at Hi
ftrold a > U CO neatlf and
taslernlM arranged that ledlei
no not nriitate loorJsrtbur
co4s la pirsob Etna for rlcs
gnith tCiOi
llhHOt ItLKB
Loam and dlicounta less due from Dlreo
ton S1al5R74 64
Duerom Hlrectori nil uvi ui
llterdrafti IB3J 19
Dui from trust companlil Stat
and national bouts AilUl IH
lint from prhale tanker and
I rotors 21IB44 153
Hanking house mid lot TDni in
Oilier realeilnle Il4i3 tlj U4C t5 0
llnndi and inorlguilM IMVi t u ust
lurkiand bundl 47ulit u
Hneole I2I4 UOJ
Uiilied Hulei liiral under molts and clrcu
111115 Petal Oh tnil1351 limits 1U3WW w
Cashilrnn VU lllll andrirckl
for tI liszt day leiohaiiLti i ht3I 07
otbT lieiui carried icaTi H2u47 HT 2J5tnS l 44
Luis and eiLiusn vU fuirenl
Jprlllel 044K Id
Illlrrnt KM 8 IH
Iticliuuiie ItMl 41 1JJ4601
Total JiJ1lt3871
fniiltal sUit paid In lu roll fUM > I IM
ruril a t iii I luwi it
l iijMlxl I < rutit vU
Moiunt rJ PHiis
tilisi cr > irn LS 17 25045 4J
Ju dsiusliiri ailulu itU
fleiiuilll lubjeul uu l fle > k IJ4411141 IW
Ienuud ririlntales of 4e
Feut t8tH I ill
I tinned tiUfti fcu7JOIC 77t OI
line milt uuiii > iple Hale
anti iiitiiuiiet iitil Row VI
ill privatsi bankers and tru
I i liflaon w
Alec iiil due hut lmuluaJ04 > < uudsf aur 9t Ibi
ibuve tietiils ru
bahueI > U Jmleiili s dv Mst Sal
111 of niw Yk OCtity hf Saw Yuiw a
a 3 iiihiSkti if tin tiftin miStS leek s
ltat iui a I I a nil uain tatasitniei a n l 7 irs uu s loin tI
it ti sltw 4 w trI I nn4 cuuttty tlta Jiy
cease 551 lIst In Jta Iiu4t whit tin shn4
tI srguiutipsui1lind ti asnia I itt tnt s true
etaimJnabI cut la iutndntnitm t ua paul ittC tetI ii
liUatiIiU f cut tueita mt tla ylJj < nay fftji iu
In msit ii tin sal 4 lie mow JS < aint hieIt tli < l
ls tItln r Ce ttnet II tuiIs as ui i3 Itnl I
I mac iJ < j lMl I l li 1 KM lit tie used sunS sit Uriflrr n u
AllJtl l < r S l > i 5 15ii I tumid l tt < UMillfM re Ktti
St ll > II < lli 41 iitlt I ft 9 Ct ib n I aylffilJ tf iIH J
I In lieu a lung hat Csnuttnn ii idtn i I14 II 4 a
1 ha lot 14 au r I as II lir < U l uii M IM d stein
fIi1 obahi it amuaJe Tin Instilr r U mrwaii Is I
I 145141 cud taucti jaimu Lit htA9flI
I V rtSnt
inU riUd ta4 owa U a > IU M < f VtUf t
uurtuk rl Hiiit jumijl
Union Pact Bailroad Company
Invltoa proposnla for tlio onlrt to It of Inlon
1nclllc rjjjlit ler Cent SInkltiR Fiintlltonilts
eocurcil liy said Inorigago to the extent of
such propi nl will liti received nt the
omlic of tine Trustee DAILY IIKIOIIB
NOON mid Iromla accepted lll txs pnltl for
tlio following day until above amount Is
Tlio Trustcoa reseno the right In Its dis
cretion to reject any or all proposals that
may bo submitted
45 47 Wnli Ht
Lie IA Ml I S
fluke llulldlim
SO Mat Ml lloton
ttitttliL1flhtL 1lttttCft t
tFVtCg Ins Till
SonIc Is teTchy t rlrrn tlmt In Accordance with a rca
olutton or the lloiril nf Ilrctori nilojiteu Ht a die tlnK
hi lil July 211 Mitt I tli tnlrrrst on the Kecoiiil Murt
Ban Honiliof Ill company due Pet 1 lhni will bo
laid at the above ulllce lu scrip at the rate of A per
ceut per annum
P ft lllKIU Treasurer
ADXANCns from tS tip on household chMteli In
1k tate pronijit tirlvale unit reannnablet tin removal
Initallments Lincoln Loan nunS u Assn aisllroijwny
SAXIK HAY Money advanced by EnglIsh lady
25 and tipward new oflice opened
11 ill ILLlt K U > st Hth St
For HrBtclaw Limited Tlck U fares reduced via
8t mers TURITAN ant IMLuKIM in commtcBlon
Leave hew York from tier Ut N It foot of Murray iL
ddlly Buhilan Included at 5 r M due Fall Inter about
a A M
River 8 vr inn 7 HU A M due lark Square Station lies
tout aCU re and it A M
Connection by Annex boat from Brootlyn 430 Jersey
CUJ4I I M lull nights rent An uliCllEbTHAon each
hETIaciNoPULLMAN VEiiTltulJTF TI4A1S leave
PArk Square Stalin Old Col < m ftallwav Hotton at
tt J M weaL dA > s T P 31 huoduys connectlntr at Fat
Hirer with rtcamem duo New link at 7 vt A M
Mearaori touch at Newport In sacS direction between
New orkand Pall lover
Hudson River by Daylight
Par LOne Steamer
Daily except Sundaj
Loam Brooklyn niton t thy annexrn < A St
un > ew York Iesbrone ct 84il do
do do tilJft no do
For AIUAN1 landlnK it Yonkiri tVept Point New
burffti PouRtikepile Klitnebeck Catsklll and lludion
8TOMNOTON LINE tine Inside Rout Boston f3
Providence R21 Worceiter J225 correipondlng
reduction to and from all Ensnare points
Steamer leave new Pier 3i X K ono block ADOTO
Canal it at 5 P 1 M dally except Sunday
floe i UN sat von < KM rin use
RTF AVtrilB wave tiER 40 NOIIT11 HH KR next PIER
ABOVh IlhsllKOSfiES ST FKltllV lAIL Sundays
exceptedi I ai r V p M TIcket amid ilateruomiitcured at
principal office I lu New York Urooklyu an < Utrio City
Bteauien DRBW and IIUAN uCllu NIl leave old
Pier 41 North Hirer FOOT CANAL ST at U p M
every week day Direct connections Sundaa exceut
di for pint North last mm U et
It Irate Pier 41 S It foot WFPT 10TII fT I dally
except > atnrday 0 P M blectric lltftitiandtielli iteuul
heat tn roonia Huliday steamer oucliei at Albany
Leaves Ieibronei Pier 3t5J 1 M baturdaya 1 41 P V
do Wad aid it tier a an PM I do aoupM
moutoN PHOVlnENCK WORCESTER and to and
from all Eastern points via PROVIDENCE LINK
Steamers MauachuiMt and Rhode Iiland In commit
lion leare New York from Pier 29 N R foot Warren
it ats sop M dally Sundayi excepted
RAMSnKIL LINKForNewbiiriih FTilikUI Corn
IL wall Cold Rprlnci slid Weit Iolnt from Franklin
IL Pier K U week days at 3 P t M i ttundayo o I A Si
LANHINU and T1VOLI Tuesdays Tburidayi and
Saturday at tn p M I
Bteamtri leave Peck slip Pier 3 E II i P M and
11 P I M daily sept uurtirn connrctlnir with trains
for MERIDFN llarlford fiprlnnneld llolyoke Ar
cant R MOIClMl
Will tall from corapuni pier VI N R on Friday Oct
It i at U M taklncfrelglit undpHii tin ri direct for
Havana Pronreio Caiuuilip Frontera and u ra
Cruz with iraiiiihipuientat tlavunna for
Eantauder foruna io iioii und lillbua
for further particular apply to
J M UKIULLun A LU Akrutl Ht Wall It
HAMllfltl AMERICAN PACKET Cit Kxpr 9l set
vice between New York Soultiampton and Ham
burg bj tie mayiilllreut new twin itrew Lit Sinners of
IUIHMJ tons and u I f it 4i tn I 40 < ki I i one POH rr hat I itcie
louis tlie t record for fastest trlin to and from South
amplon and the 1ontlnent Actual ocean > U3 age oniy
iii dab i Pot cntti hates JO apply to
Hamburg American I Uenaral Pai enffer Airenli
Packet Co 87 llrnadiray i II UU IIAIili t i n
H Y I ill llroalway New York
bteatueri lall from tier fot of d it Ilobokeu
Elder Sat on 4 IDA M I H rraTu ii > ctl4iil < AM
Ainr UeJ Oct H I P M I I Smile l V1 < Oct IS I 7AM
lulls Sal lOl II I I IIP 1 M fllun I > atUct IH DA M
T irit cabin f 71 and uiiwarl 4 bertiiraccoVdliiii tin hca
than lecond cabin t J H lirthi hers at low rati
OELKICIIh t ul 1 KowllUK Ureen
Alliteaiunroal fr ui liar lii
and 17 K II at JP 1 U
VLMLni t llavuu Ironir < Tuipam TIMPICO
i audVerairur hntunlay uct 4
ftrv nr AII ANDltlA Hutanii Matuntii v
J ctH
Fur parllcuUr fr ltfhl unr psaisce app r to
JAPIIEWAtiltAtntIiJisiIt I
KaMuv from Niw Tort Jiil SlitterS eitri week
n MI I n 1 lfiMi U 3 M u il C at I r I M
HJlnilup LAM tVt it ir I at HA I IL
rfrit fMtln f4 and upward Kkiiirilon iiS aunt U5
a sri iicoiil cabin rt a iiMrilun tliand 41
MTKrt U mull 4 HONh Urn Ajis il hIm llii iJr iii
Llsh haunt acumen Mietly fruiu 115W Iier J1
N U fool of turtle it
S N cm i5 l Il tl NilAM lril iei i i p it
S N Lilt III At I i TA H4liir lay nol 4 I M
H H AllAIIAHl I I Munl4t ii I n I > p I M
5 H liASiAB I m Ulli U n i M h I I M
I fiunftiilnrf uh i vniru tisilw4 uf i > 5 < rfi4 ini
avannali 1 Iii 1 < ii l inj J U < tIermn t I a > way fur oil lolui
lU libOniilA IL I < llTIA hll III tulllLIt A Alt
KAMA mid lIMAf < A I astt a > euiiiinoila
Hum lust class 151 4 dInuhi lor I turlbt amid tu > <
al I Uy lo
Lt1 J IIAMIUKl 1W it l Hill ir 1 tutu A5m IUI
K AI S I iiiil M II Suspitunali I a LIIII
si iio41 a is f I in way
It I W Allilll I I Aieul nrrall l > H4in > l < l > I in
inens lair < r > iiiii tInier
K TATHI I IICUIr S < MW > llli l A iWT
AM I i II lnuStul ISI Hilt el ll
llckU4rtl I rur ID I iti ri I < I n lin 4
fcTAII nil PbS I is nIt i n II l in A M
I llll ii U Ii un 10 t 111114 I iig4iui I f
plater it i I ii nriiu In ii I i c Pteii5jie
I Ii I etc i a i if tin 4 Is 51 V ins C at Iuiai fete a
fciuCir huN Pt ti S ullirri I Uruuixi V If
t iii > ll > 4r 4lll nast Ink 1 I u
At mlli MLIittl 4 Ill > iu At Mllulvir It V
rilE oiytr eft 8 ineltll I ill a S S r t trls
a icitu 5 i slit iet tie I Jo nrlI eli puiunu Inn
yfliil Iii Ccii fn I hunt tO I it
Wuuihs a 1 0 let e t I N
Satjnlp a iii a i 5 3 i
4 ii It p I S itt I t
I a A ii I ii n S 5 I
vu111 eu o A 41
ai14t4i t S it 4t piSui 554 I I ti
ffitAJt 14 itmnealet H
TNUTItNII 3t list It m
I ry sptui aiit4 tinC accouutgu4atpe tie
LIISI4 stiS yeosnl ii age u tiS title ii etd so ii
Hudson Rivor Rnllrond
All Train a rh oilit put flint
Ql ANn ClN in n vl HTATIOX
Fourth Are l4HSt tVew York f
TrMlM irs Inllou
OlAlt A MrlllCAIl M I lItIE LIMITRt Des
at I hloiio III lii I A M t let i M
1010 t 31 Sttt TIhO I Ii S > < Tinl M WM
llhli lute Cinrinnalt Ii I nan i < > lii In 3 A N
M lout n Ml t M
Iiu A l MKSTKIlN IAV KMllltH latl
Ca lit Suildet a
4 sill i P IuiRTIt MORI M t tlllfit MM1TKII
line nl lietrmt at HI5A n p ottir M neil
niilo f MJAHT WTSTKrfN rnii t R tm CM
cain ii ni Cincinnati P315 P l 1 i ula I r M
ttlin P 1lAIIIKlNIIAI K S Mill M l AND
M I iltll I Mli KxrlllB
Oil A I 11 UST hT UU lii l Ni i Illrinn BX
rilKn Hue Inaianapoln II I ax r I v nut day Ht
loll 7 to 1 t
UMiVVti NMMiiiuilu IoriHKi 11 vii ruiiSK
IL1U iMMMDM Ash lit II > 7i til nq
en n ti A V II n ti Mi BJM 1 M ir Imuh
beepsie lit f A M a > 4WI H W I II
r M I tot titiIcofl tWist Point t i MtHAJL I
42 1 8 s i 8 5 4 3 P 3 i i
AlVANVVsi IlilW lVl lll 04i n < M3rt t I1
43uttiiii ut37ylI fllSltlttsltt I l > t I
TKHY i an H Ml liiiii In v O tit sox V I u tii4aO t
Stat 7 ti nu iv r I v mini I night
fill A AvfisillAilKrs n nMXIoauii KIAH t
4 Vl Hill 7et > Ill I M II is intuit 1
ItOCHKnKII H I V Iii I JO till 4 I A St I4SU 0 i s n 7 30
n lk I M sIStuit night S
lllKfALi Ml I IM MOW A M flOO 7 0 ill
I St
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til t I M A M 17 8 11 I iIhS l I I M it2 O nUliL
tin VI A M tulM l M tUIln lltililiL
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Pop ticket anil nmr III Sleeping I are ajilt at Grand
OentrAl hiKilnn r > r nt 111 7H IH nnd l liroadwar K
Park place H Weil rlilt niul iiilm utatKn Ne < r
tort 334 Waitilnittfin it J i Inttnnfct alit His hued >
for lav r I > Mrooklyn lirl I liu I I lion > l uuriy Clip
iucotri Lxprei cftlli tot and i Ie LP datiKAife from
hoteli and reil lencei tliroiiifh 11 ileitlimtluli
tlinliv except MimUj Piily eicejit atunlay Other
tralin run itaily
Abuse italic ncent theme leivlnjr at li ox H no A M
2ait S i I i 1 MI 3iV > 4 CA oiS I1 M and 12 rullnliUt
stun at Ilxtli it ithtlin
Jolt M lofciv uKORili 11 DAVIFIS
lieneral Manager ietieral raneuicr Agent
New York and Boston All Rail
trav lljr wav nf Due
fiSt i A M tprlnsneld cut Wnnoter Bit ir K
10DOA M N ic lonluti and Inivltencu 4UP U
11 KlA M Mrlnitlleldand Worcester RHOP I M
12 110 M llartfordBti1 K V nnl S E 0 ir h M
1OOIM l New lonliiil stat Iruvlilenie 7HI t M
8 ii u r H Illlinnntlc eel V V nil N K II I Mt P M
4lor M nrllilllleld and rtnroetttr 10 ill P M
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llmir SI BiirliiKll 11 anl VVor ruler ulTiA > t
12001 M Ntw iin > loiiand rrnvlJcnce 7iiUAif
Huns dallr Inelullni Siniays
Return service same hnirs and bjr Suite rontri
Leave For line
f cm A V hits Monntaini Vatican H Hi I K
2iO I IM Newport Ma Wlcurnrl 744I M
40JT M Unnliury Norwalk It It Iltuneld H4t P H
Through parlor sail 1 slrepltitr earn by racli train
C T HCMIbTtAn ilenllass Agent
Trains learn stations foot of lJoubroes an4 a
05 handS Street ill follows Ii
OiOa A 51TilE AT LINHfor the West Pullman
3 erttlbule Sleeping and Tarlor tars Arrives Cliv
lund S A M Columbus SSnu A M Chicago 5uor
SI and St Louis 7 ui P M next day Connects alio
for WllHamRport Luck Haven and HenoTO except
Sunday and Toledo except Saturday
LIMITED rompoteu txoluslvtly of Pullman Tests 0
lute Urawlnff and State Room Pleeptnr Dialer
Mnokliitf and Obdrratlon Can preientlni Itnanclal
report HtenoicraribTi and type wrltera baihrooinfl
for both scum laalei ixiOl barber bop library ana
all tlie conTenleticei of lionS or onict lighted by
stationary and mm able electrto lIhis Arrlvel Cio
clnnatle 4o and Chleaco IM41 A M uezt day
SATI lXrillS ruliman 1eetibiI Sleeplnr Car
and Illntur Tar Nw York to fit loiili CblrAro sal <
Cincinnati Passenger Coach New York to Iolumbua
ArrlTl Cincinnati llO1 A M Chicago 500 P U and
St LouIs 7 4u f M next dar I
OiSO V M TUB I sEsriitrc EXrRESt for at potnti
In the Welt Northwent and Southwell rullmnn Vei
llbule Meeplnl Car New York to ritubllmti St Louts
Chlcaio Cincinnati and Umphli 1onnirlvanla
Hallriad PIning tir New York to 1hlladelpbla nfl
Pullman 1lnlnir Car Ilttiburnri to nicaraond and Chi
cab Arrive at fDclnnatl anal r M Chicago Hi33
PM next day and fit 10D17OOA M second morn
tnt Conuecti nor CleTeUud and Toledo dally except
5100 P MPACIFTI KXFHFSS Pullman Duffel
Flteplnz Cit New York to Chlinto Nw York ta
UernDlli via the Shenamloah Valley arrlTi week
days at Columbui 711 V H Cleveland i33 f U
nxt day cat dally at ChIcago 7 Mi A M iecon4
morning Connects for Toledo dally and for torry
Erie til Oil Regions Clereland and Columbui ex
cept Saturday
Walhlncton Llraltd Repress of Pullman Parlor
Carl dally except Sunday 1O10 A It arrive IVaih
Inirtun 3 hit r u and Cnnrreulonai Limited
dillr with Dlulnc Car at i2 < > I it attIve Waililni
son O5 F M riular ipreii a a HIOH and 8i5o
A M 2 IH4IM 51 U and 111 OF I M and li f > nIght
For Baltimore only 1 IOP II Sunday ItS sn4u3O
A M 4 < 0ai iC nin1Hfl F M emil 11 IS nlirhL For
jiolnti on beiapial l nl I Ohio Rallwar ami Cincin
nati Sleepers 1lulng Car and Coaouei through 805
P I M daily
For Long llranch Point Pleaiant and Intermediate ia
lion week daya aao nob 10 A u u u < noon s la
iH and i 2 I M Sunday 0 41 A M Sil5 P VI da
not etop at Aibnrr Park on Sundar I
Foil ATLANTIC CITY lion P VI Through Day Coach
wek days conneoti for Cut May
For old PoInt and Nortolk vIa New York Philadelphia
and Norfolk Railroad HuO A M dally esovpt Sunday
and It 00 p M dally via Baltimore aud Slay Una
210 P M week dabs
Bzpreis TraIn leaye ai follow
f an 7a ttw sio h uu Chicago Limited with
Dining Car and 1010 Waihtngton Lluiltedi ana
II hlAiA M l2uU 101 2110 1 OJ 3 30 4 OO 4 3030UI
Iiiioit8iHiAJ and 9ou FMand 13 15 night AO
commodallon II 10 A M 44U and 7O 1 U Sun
day hxurrll bIS 8 3O DUO 10 Llmlled anil
10 A M J ou 4 410 1 I B 311 f and 9 P M ant
tanliiht Acromiundatloii 7 oil M
Hi New York Traniier Lomran will call for aol
check lamtge from hotels and reildencei throunh t
Sot nuie table of local trains apply to any Ucksi
atfent nt the Company
CIIAS h I prnif I J n WOOD
Uenerat Manager General Paur Agent
onity bLue vaotap 0111 Lull 5UtX
10ev lasses v Onus
sew veic 110 A ysnoeea i
canohoo v
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erwsD iVouD TH4
size r um ALt V aiw
roo3PotLT voa
say cuii ar cju oat DAIlY AT i r a
ac laIresa ra
0 ttilhAligtptjlA 10
3 EH1
Ieave N ew You foot of liberty it n foUowii
tom l MM AIIII Miii p M u la A U
j iii 4 lNtNNTI ST liitl ml Oi A u am r w
lir WAhlllNlTON HAlTf > IOIte vUI A WII 4 J
A M 7111 i M tiimp M 12 I 5 A VI AH iralm dall
exrelt I iA A M I hilixlar
lor I VOHKllK Sia lisp lln 2 r 3 U wk d > ri
I Itoset utline 51 Cli l 114 Stood ay KeW
York aol a Kroailwar llrsoklm STATION StiTo
MHHllTt ST HVlilral It It cl N J
Arw Yarn Tranifrr IiUipatir will rail for and ohicd
tifltii If nj hutch or reiJini tu itniinaiiiiii
1 I tttljI I HAH li I I rl 111
Uiueral Vltuafir Jiueral Iossnnger ASset
Philadulphia and Readmoj
Bitiinore nod Oho >
lull TAIIIr ii M XJ IKJ
Kur 1lilluileljililii I Itillliuoic unit Uuilu
Kor rblla4lilta al C itt 7 I1 soot It no A MI I tn
ttt a in 4 in HiJ i ii i i 7 3 > p 1 M Il iS l phlliC
MiNlur u 110 A il itu Ji > icoi < lJif
U IJ l null
tor HkliiiiK tul UaiUmduu lUllr il Itll IliM I I
llIH iuul > AM J tl J 11 1 iii I tl M I ft
fill r i in uu 4 < t till C I MKinri umu ems tnt Irilai
if u I I r r r i i 411 l ie iai
< l Hi IK i 4 i llrul Ti tin cv 41 Mlil
II II 1 1 il I I lion I J Hi tl s V i t i KxJ
tuiuii 5 C rrji i ni k n hp I oil rtua
I in i i u i t tuii tint kin mtit feL
I l > r hut 1 i linliiiiuu
S s I I IHIIIII VAt IIY lull ituiSt II
j U t < t Itfiof I i flaill i if Ilia
rice at l ma i4 suit t i 4 N
f it 4 15 V I n ittil I C I M
1 I 4 tag e4ni Sale lot ccitt NV
3 I St I I iiiu lieu ml tti ei >
1 um t I el I4 i 3 hue
I I l i 5 5 4iarf
t4 ins I Jo f lSnliJS
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i UU Shun i f Slat i If and AM film lit ES
heidi awl 4aipi4 tar tirlll ru t I icund at ks
04C rl CuMtU OOlM M Ss4w1 ISO JUll KM
Hecrctitrr Ntir r H r lh llrail Delay I t
the Finance Departmmt
Mayor Ornnts rrl > R < > Secretary W MaM
P > ocr rustle a vigor uu iroUst restcrilnr
oealnnt the ntntemiiits ot certain employees In
the Coinntiollfjrn ofllce wliloh lie thinks are
calctilatail to tiling HIM Major Into bad odor
with tIne rank und file of Tarninnnv Fur noina
time back Secretary BpOiT mr he line had
complaints front contractors tint others to
whom money U duo from the city that thor
cant got their i > fty promptly The clerks In the
FInance Oeimrtiuout Informed thorn thai tho
xoiicheia had lioon pent over to tlio Mayors
ofllco whore tire retuonsnbility < l > > icy for wlmtovor
delay there was Thou tho contractors would
hurry ni > r lo the JlnvorH ofllco otnir to unit
that the Mny < > rhud novor rocclvivl the vouch
on nt nil rocrotnrv Hnoor said that ho found
on InvostlBiHlin that the ourhcrn were
really lixknl ui In tlio Comptrollers olllco
whore tho real riSponglblllty for the delay
rcsleil Mr Miter sail ho kniWof runny In
stances whoro bin bills pro ontod by County
Dimocra contractors had boon pagnod In I
tuoiityfour hour wlillo nther vouchers ut
only u Blnelo Item bad lean hold for tho full
limit of four days baloro being sent to tho
Mayors lilce
UommlKMlanor Ollroy called on Pecrstnry
Ppcer restenlay and soul that there unit boon
many comclalntB trom day Inborois In tine cm
ploy ot the department who uoro In need nt
the cages duu them from the city Ono ni the
clerku had boon sent ocr to the Finance lo
pnrtment to find where the troublo lay nfl
eamo luiik with void from Iavmator Tlm
mermann thou thd I warrants had been pent over
to the City Hall for the Mayors signature
Ueorotnry Spoor Bays that thin wns absolutely
untriu > The nrrantn did not roach him until
2 oclotlt jc tordav nttirnoon lie has ant
povornl totters of protest to Comptroller
Tried to Bribe the Aaalatnot Ulatrlct At
George Motz a professional thief from New
Jornoy was arrested nn Sept 8 for committing
a bold robbery In Oreenpolnt Ho visited the
saloon of Daniel Ilammoll and after ainly
attempting tu drug him knocked him down
and relieved him of a roll of notes amounting
to S1CO Ilo was captured boforo ho could got
off with his booty BInoo his arrrst ho and his
friends havn nlnly tried to InilUO tho Milonn
keeper withdraw the complaint Mot was
arriilKned for trial In the Couit of Sessions In
llrooklyn yesterday for grand larceny thu Dis
trict Attorney haying refused to Copt his
Ili a of guilty nf attempt at grand larceny
Mion tho jury was being Imininolled Metr
turned to Assistant District Attorney Clark
and whiHpnnd Its worth 1500 to you to 110
Opt 11 plea ot guilty of alterant Mr Clark
Indignantly brushed him asido with tho re
mark lou scoundrel hind iiuletly notified
Juduo Moore of tho proposition of the prisoner
When u jury had been Impnnolled Metz
Pleaded guilty and was remanded for flontem
lie will probably get the full term of live soars
lie IIIIH dona iorvlco m blnu Slug and m tho
JsoW Jersey State prleou
KeproTed for DrInking Younic Bloomer
Shoot Illmveir
W H Bloomer the 21yearold Bon of Clear
Pettier William Bloomer of 257 Smith street
Brookhn shot himself on Wodnosdiiv rihht
He returned homo Into and appeared to his
father to ba Intoxicated as ho pastil through
tIlt clear store His father chided him severe
ly 1 and warned him that ho would have to keep
sobor or seek other quarters Tho young man
donied that he was druuk nnd hurried to lIne
roar room remarkIng youll ivgret this
Ho wont directly to hU fathers hodroora on
tho saeocd floor tnok his fathers revolver
fiom ocloet ond iiliclni It to his foruheud
Sent a bullet Into hN biam us mothor rushed
to the ronm and found him unconscious on tho
lloorw Ith the rovohoretill grnapeil In hm hand
He was taken to the Junu island College His
pltal when tbo doctors ttiI that ho could not
reeoor He has been working steadily at his
trade of palnlor and his companions say that
he seldom drank to excels His father li I an
active HoDUlillcan worker nnd the Tenth Ward
Association held its primary In his Mure yes
Vlrclnla Truck Farmer Object
The Aldermens Committee on Markets care
a final hearing yesterday to the opponents and
advocate of tho ordinance requiring that fruit
nnd vegetables be sold by weight The oppo
nents of the schema were backed up by a dele
gation of Virginia truck fmmers bended by
Co William Lamb which had been cant up
to Ness lorkb the Cburchland grange of Nor
folk county to prove to the committee that It
was nn absolute ImposMbility to tMuli tho
thousands of packages of produce sent ovory
ilay to New York The meitHiiio would drive
the truck farmers to other markets horn1
letters ware preNonted from railroad freight
agents all agreeing that the weighing of prod
Uto by thn piolucer was impracticable Tho
grocers are going to obtain ax many signers as
possible to their petitions for the passage of
the ordinance
iTlnt Drop In on Byrne
William M lying of counsel for the Fassott
Committee call d on Inspector Byrnes yester
day morning and was with him lor moro than
nn hour Alter they carted tie Inspector said
that ho had nothing to say about the Intorvluw
New York Htook ExchangeHale Oct S
10LoniaCD4l 89 I 42Vats eaT It S
ILO IKU rvicitM 01 uitiricj riot noam
ilt 40LeL ML Asked
U F4MI r 104 U Sei 1M13114
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y b 4n r IV2K 123 U 1 6 6 > 1M7II
t B 4i r nuw > iau U I H tii tcistirs
V h 4ac laii la II I na IHWIUJ
L I B4C HUH 1AI Ex Intenik
iuttioLn Act Tlla OHM m loooix
88 Atclilion 41 81WMll 12 X W em WH
A WMll i 6 N W L f in rllb
40 Atchison inc Ci 5 NY O A W CO Vll
0 tP f I Oregon B L I ua Ill
a oui I Or K I Iii en ul
U llur C It AN III > 7U I Orriron Inns lit I 1U4
1 Cli A IndLoal lit ICi4 I oil UFA8LP lit 116 1
ID tln Ao cu 61 inui 1U Iei A h I Ill 3
a tOO 41
1 IU 4 a ritii iwiit i TBJJ
7 Chi A O set A 114 i t ft sin A H P T M I 7H5
4Lli A OIt A A 8 73
lit en 70 U 3k Y t CIL
3C II A 0 deb Ol I02U 10 Honk Island ez3shlit <
61 rl 4 O 7l U < I ho
I Call bo Ill HlVI 6hhVjJoVriiillrK
ii u4 Ulili A DMT LI Do
4 Cud MM 41 14t iiu Kead Ill rf m V7K
1 Itll A II li I ill 58I 6 IIloo U in 74
j fi lUMieu V IIL t TII U7
SO I d lull K III lit l7 K Mien V rilLi 4u1
4 Irl I I iii ut ia < I bi P I A ill tunIs enUnit I I
I 11 l IS trim U ii im dHiPAMaVli i M
7 IllIk 141 3 H4 4 fcl ljHh CIOIi
b H A leil tlilljul 7J 3 511541 5oct71 ID W
71 2 tt P 1 7iitt UBlJ
J ii 7D U M F term 104
r > InnWi c t T turts is Ul I ltl A r W diott4
SO Jacuk lug A ri UilOIH H ran A A A P III
III a n A T t H HI awli
I tint5 I ft p l A huh ia iw >
H KaliA T f 5 cu 0i I Ie Jac taO fe VIM
4 kliui A 0 I lit no I 0 SI
ft LailedOui III lIe Sat yes InC 4 tino
D Uu A it IM ItS I 4
Vl I l > A A I h IIIIll 8 so
II I K A A li en 151 I < J 13 di
p I H I t In lit IKI iii 40
I Mdtliilllll I 44l > a hli l < 4 I Inn A AAll 7 JeLly
I IUJ 61 il L I A t k I IU ii
I IJ Mm Ml 13 1 It I Cia I ins C T 4lv P4
till Nettle A 0 Slit IK 1 5
pa MIg 6 iii 6
I Mull i ceo 7i ii I t Si
i N lit Hl Itbil fo I F II i 0 HI
6 Sir fai tat i llh 6 WabnU III
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itll WaCastaJJ IC
U Jin II 71144
i I rW I ila IH I I I CLash t 1 it 45
yi hur Im Jit 1 u 10 Hiei i iiiuiori m
7 ur tci in i M 11 I I PS pet SIns de IU4
I N J 1 i in 5tul tie Hut 1 551 Sithr 4 IS I
lv I I 54 II WN V t Ia 4 Bl it >
4 kaili 1 ttL i en lni i t Bla
I ni t I L 4i I Sc IiJlI 5 ih t Ilit ill IA4
Itnlon loleasI iaiIWs kitn4e llarvant IIl4WtS
4lkMi < V ails < lulu ceases
IHH IItIa ii C3ollstg
44SS IIH ii oil llui 4tCc
114 l ainf C aitiS C414 5044 5114 W4
PtAuner I b i III S Itt IS
Ibl I jl < Al fflau r l I4
b W AII It 7 4 I
lii I EMUI A I fi I n 501 131
II Hrulliill I 1 i714 p144 4744 51
V41 ItnIa I atla i v hOt iJ i4 111 lOS
UJ I I A lull ik S ISI uwu 1144
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4 u I A I if l 4 it 4l till5 se
tItctwo al 4bt 4i 4 5 4
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pta MA m let Ii Aote4
tcgio a t ias 5114 mu 7TW lai
tuic lwade foal V e W wC 4e4 47
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btch LtI A lIonS Cent utf m a n a4
ID CvnMt llai Oo D7U II7K p74 tM
56 Uei < tlDlion I13 IM IM IM IM
7 < ni > LU W l < s > < 15314 141 III lltif
soil lien A R n IV I C IfV IS lP <
tt3oleui AKvllt 57 67iJ vC 14n
KMI distilling A U r 47H 4Ri iC 47 47U
iii l NT V A it h t J ij 514 ni
lUKdnonil I ItT ItT f in tO
tiIiIaWaIis S T II 13 139 I3J IrS IS
Ituoreeo Hariniu M is lV it iK
Ci Harlem 275 573 S7
Isa Central KHS 144 I KXS iet S lftl
lui Mnoum A rem 13 la In 12 K
tic La KL I a let SI M 11 OS M
4XIU K A SPieL lit lit IC Mlt 514 ieit <
ITU Lake Kbore l l4 M > 3n7S S lO7
ll iLnlt 1 MI 311 3 Nt > 5 S M
5114 loot A Kaah fl < us ti4i 0414 5et4
Slut Luiuli V A A IX 42s 41 42p 4J II
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MUt San IT 18 II IH 14 InH
UiiNew < cot < cal lu in 111 H II
II7J h J CemutlalItS ItS 1144 111 4 II4V
s ni V < sintralIC 103 uxs 1U4 lOt
7 > i North Ainer to 154 154 aj Stti it35
S31 IM r A Sew line 44 44 > j 34 1S 4 > > t
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SN VI AfUl I If CBV eiV H < t < 344 7ii
clot N V llaW I 4J Ilk 31 1 < 4 i 84
111 NV 1 Ks W of OU 45 > Wl M Iii
in orroik A w iv IK iv l4 1t04
ao SCribers Caches siij ini wij 15 VOL
S3 ct l Northern Iaiv nr 77 < i 75k 7l S Os 7MJ
MJnlarlo A Mining 47 47 47 4515 40 C
ioiuntarlo Artel 1514 IKS IKS lit lil
Svmureton B L 33 19 12 SIS Si
Ziti aCIflo Ntl 4154 4I 4t OL 4il4
73 Pec Do A KT iij in 181j liSt 2u
I2UO Ihlla A KeaJmi 4iiw 4014 s > t 40 4i1 H
Uolull Pal Car 0210 SIX 215 214 Sflf
151St St h A t I 2914 Ii 11114 1544 iIu4
tot filch A W Pi pf BlJ 78 TBJj 76 77
1SQJ St C Si A 54 lOit lt45 1t11 I0n lull
too ientb rn Eac T1 WH 2 > Q 31
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IiiToLI O I 5 OH < W W
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awITnAA A N U Bo 10 34 > 541 34S
I2 m0 Imion Paoino 1S a3t Ceh t B < H M >
DiK UnIon Iac 040 ieVi Vt 8 > 27H Sill 7I
hitUWiLtI 11 II II 1014 II
50IIW 81 LAP pf 29 3j i lJI 2Ji SJ
548 Western tu TeL f3 KI fj HJI fH
4ir7 Wheeling A U B 8M s54 W g4 Si4
Iuo Wheel A l r pf 78 > 7i 73p 74 75 >
louflu Central llZ TH ml 22
The total sales of Btocki were IKOH7 shires
tSUsIsl lirsilta NC tkLiaLttiL
t4hFs Citnt JloVL ioVC Clorg
400 Amer Cot OIL 1s44 I 1 P34 It It
21 Ainer Cot HI pf nit in ill 8i >
Suit SInner COL Oil clfa SiiU 20t soy aon <
ssn5 Miiar Rnnerli 7uC ba 7s 7Hjj
UouNational L adTru t 2lfl DJ aOi ao > t
lu San A T pr WI 28 38 as 25
6400 lh nIl of ArIzona94 63 M 114
mo Horn surer aw KM an 3 55
f23txiu ham A Tea 4a W I 7rt 7M 7fi 7C1
IHIIII aan A Tex 2d W I 45 a 4ti 4W 4S
SUWi hite Line cit It 74 77JJ 77 >
23UUU Buckeye Pipe Line 27 27 27 37
ills JlLrd Tlld Asked
Doa A Maine300 ao7 Am BeiiTi21
Central Ones IHS lu HrleTel 411i U
hatter lOt W cit Rod Lan I a 4 2Mj
573 Hen A Mont M Mi
NtY1KilDfll7 118 llutleA Hoi 17
Hex Cent 4a 7214 73 CaluuietA llecK l
Old Colony lft > i lanta F M Co 32 M
VtU nut pt oo A TA 0 F4s b5 IU
ruiuniLrnti ruisixu ODOTATIOII
llt AiLed Phi AIled
PhAItirnm4ii Ml > 4 42 Lihljh Valley fli cl
htmL 1 A U Istrf > 7J Ui K I C A N Co AM bll
IhIL a Kid tl 1U feunijlTanla 02j 62J
PhIL JtlUUdpL 97 37l >
Atchison 311 lon A Nashvlllt R7 < <
Atlantic A Ot vr lit bSVV V feutral 108J
Atlantic A it V Ud 4S > or folk Jt West pf tut
Canadian Paclflo e4 northern 1acUlopt 7Hl
1rlaCtitnlnon 25 OntarIo A veit iti1
Rrle2l concol IiV5 L haut tw
IllinoIS Central lOS i Tnlon 1aclCc fi7
Lakebbore1ll Wabash if 3Ji
An foreshadowed In this column thlt morn
Ing the Bank of England did not ads anco Its
minimum rnto ot dlsrount It was n illsap
nomtmont to tho boars vlilchlod to the cover
Ing of n tow short contracts ilurlni tho first
half hour or so of buinos It did not take the
profvsslonal clement lone to illeooor that tho
making of prices within narrow limits nt
least Is still In tbolr hands consequently the
local trailers sold stocks In a desultory
way the remainder of this day Kvldonco
that the C B and Quincy statement for
August had boon discounted did not deter
them Neither did a published assurance fiom
tho principal boar operator that ho did not bo
llevo In FBlllnc stocks simply on throats of a
Btrlko of railway emploioes such as menaces
tine Erie Company Tlivo considerations and
an easier market for sluht sterling and cablo
transform wore moro than offset bin heay
market for Sucar Henneries htok whIch by
tine way ezcetdud all others In point of activ
ity and by unuilstakablo ovldoneo of tho cow
arillci of tine bulls The result was a HftIoss
market and fractionally lower urlces all round
Tho only stocks that were superior to tho pro
vaillnc tendency wore a few of the epceinltlos
n tubly 81hor Bullion ortlllntes nod the
Wheeling and Lako Krlo blocks
Only throo or four railway stocks wore
approximately active Thoy wore C B and
Qulncy Atchison anti Union Pacific Tho
selling of tho last named was Inspired by a di >
ellneof 4 f cent in the cnllatoral trum 4i V
cent hoiids of the Union 1ftcllle Company It
Is understood that a Mock of those bonds ho
longing to n Wnstorn holder were for od
upon thn market and tho immrur in vliich
thiV Nor sold was the subji ot of criti
cism liy bond brokers It anponrs that
tho demand for immodiato remittances
to London has loon supplied for cabin trans
furs wen dull and lower today whilnthomar
kot for slEht dratts was barely steady Tho
only brisk deimuid to day was for hixtydiy
bills which wore a little Manor Late prluito
cables from London are of an easier fooling
there cauiod liy receipts of allele from the
Continent The mock market eloped heavy
with prices slIghtly al ovo the kwe t IlKiires
Final sales compare wltn thoso ot yesterday
as follows
Oct I Oct 2 I ocr 1 Oct 2
ATASF 3s sit NJCentral1I IH
CllhtL tot ti4 Ontario A Ueit 18W Is
0 11 AIJ IkVI 03 > Ijcltlo Mall dill 40
Chei A Ohio Mi IHfPulLPalCar2 i 2i11
ail 1 tit pf M1 B4MItock Island mii 114
Chicago llan 4414 44Ml 11kb > 4 W p 10 IS
Del L 5 SW 144K 144 Rich A W Ppf 73 79
Del i Hudlonl54VJ 15S Keadln 4l i 4
0 A It O pt o4 tfiU it Iaol com Oo > 05
Erie 24 Z4M St Paul pf illl Iwi
llockln Val 3I4 3uSi 1 A Sian l74 I ox
IOIL ANinh h4 J BlTeilac Ilijj IS
I abs shtorehO1 l1i Teen C I A K 44U 44
L KA U pf 10 iHWLulou Icinc fir 5t
uiuonrl Faa 7u < uijlrn Par 1 5 Ii Ill 37
Northweitcom1 iti Wilt A I pt 5J
Nor I com d 1144 Wcot Cu TeL 114 5
Nor IM pf 77 7i3 cr a 1 IL 7
H Y A N Km 44i 43sl i A 1 N pt 7ul4 74
Government bonds steady at unchanged
auotatjons Hallway bonds woiilc Tue features
wore IteadlnK 1st l prefennco inclines hook
Island 3s V > Worn Now lirk and Ionnnha
nlaVds Union Jarlllc Denver nnd hull IMs
Union Pacific C T 4Hs Houston and
Texas Central conerals Atchison Texas
Piiclllo and Wiibasn ISHUOK The moro Impor
tant net declines ero In Canada Southern
Ihts 4 c lent to lUiii HoUHtMti and Texas
Central BoneralB 3 to 70 Texas Iaelllo Zds > 4
lo40 Union 1ao nn C T 4 > > B 4 to SD I Union
Pacllle Denver and Gulf lBt S toftV Va
bash 2dn Y V to 750 1 and Western Now York
and Pennsylvania tile li Coot to M Tlm
notoworthy advances wore In Atehlsin In
comes l r cent to 591s Hoik Islunil his l > to
luj and Itiadluu 1st preforcnco Incomes > i V
cent Lit 07s
In bank stocks nl pharofi of Ioathor and
Muuufaoturerii cold at MO and 40 shares of
Tradesmen at 104
Bllvor bullion eortlflcatos for 2U2000 nnnoes
sold at 11 HiillUi liar silver In London
BlSd V ounco
Honey on call flf < 4 V cant Time money 0
8 cant for all periods Thoio Is a full gun
oial demand for prlmo ondorbod bills rocolv
nbloatti f cent and llrstcluso muiiloimino
paper sells ut 7 V cent
hterlliic exchaiiRo oulot and easIer Ioeted
niltiiii rules 14rUi for lone bills ami H HT
for demand Actual rates 54hiSttal82 for
iTxtyduy lillln t4 bUtvHHi fur eight draft
und HBbMtlhKU for cable traiiBiois VIne
principal demand WIle for long bills
liiiuiouton In and Ge prupald to dale HO
theIt U t dinted at thn Treasury pepartmont llmt
the drcreumi In tlio bonded ilobt of Ibu I Inllml I I
hiuta ilurlnir thus pnyt moiilli vji 54JiIt24ln
wa > greater than In juiy iiioiith HIIICH Ills ne
ilod of rufundliiK opiriitloiiH under Hoeretury
bliorinati lilt tiltIll itt upproa h lo II ballot
S it ftJliiio In i line month < f iiit I b I r i ifcHH i iim
UOCILlim III tlitj I IJOIH I drill for Ill first l Illlle
Iviin month ol tint pi 5 ni I Ailinli Ilrition I luu
biin IJiii 714110 nn ill fIlCh nioillili ruduc
tl n of 6 IO > Wii74 Tliuim < r use for tin llrt
n ntan iiiuiithH uf Irfiiilyni iuvulandii Ad
1111111 ci fittlir WIIC I n hhtilit 1111 alt a
ouriily leijuotl I ii of IfiiiirJlh I I iholiiiiil 1 tie
11 linn diirluu lust four tuiim of rru int
I luveUnil n Ailminmlrull I 11 wee I i4l I ilMMn
0th uvuruua iiiuiithl I rot itt hilt of 7IIJ47 I i
lif rtiurilni lluuiusi rullio iieliifc viily lu tip
iliiid d J > lit uml not t tIne dub Jutes iUki in
lliuTluuuiirv I ut I Iis viirlom duionp I uillud
A ad tent lit piiinriil I it I hits Trnuiiiy I I in
wtuioll how lljui Iliuris Wi ii lint ini > r ii0
f Ilixiujii inn if Iii ciiiiiiiijii iiiiriiif the
inoii Hi I if f 8pt < mliur Mini n nurini i7lli
hMKJl lu iiivu r Stall liuilluu Ill thu Ji A s u urr
duiliiKilj I I utiii prlol > h < ru limn I liulf ilm i
louisa III ut 0 II attest vthh III K4l flllluiltfl I
hail die I < i oMiM In tin I i iiuiiiirr Ii mil HID
principally tu tol0 voiii uijl UiilltiJ Htutcn
flis New York urn Nuw nvland l llnllronl
fnniL > itorli iitlii iCriul J u 5 iiil I uiinuw divM h ml
oiHfrMin uiuu aLe lnfefiifqui smock < 4ujv
N < v I
A I i u itriiiii i Ii jill Ifeit r uud hi
Ii i tt1uj Ji > 11131 l liml I lot H i tat mu I in w rl i 7ul fn
kU Me rrtto ol fbi 111 55 cumpuiiwl tslllt the
silo miUtb of liu1 > eer
Tli ilntsso Uurllngton nd Uulonx Hall
241 rttjtftt foi urnlpuii for AimiM o
IJvLOsd A ausiUAlp vl iQMu
with th Mm < < month of last year und net
llnil46l n < i mreiu of rn5f > l 8urr > lu
after rmvlns niftilrhftrce 12 7l ftetuttne4
tt titltlt04 For his eIght month cedIng AUB
31 the atav AnrnlntTH wet < IJJrt4 tub in
crease of ll4Htrni as ermparvd with th < < t Or
r K > oniiinit n Hod of lost sear ntnl tu t 57413
721 nn ttteree ot I2ii4 < < 1 After diductlna
tttr riii < orlli > n of flnvl barRoiv tho uriilt In
llnisM en inciauxe ol tivi 451
ThieniixiKnriilliaHOf rullmnn Tnlnco Car
Com pun r for the llrt twn nniiitlm of Its cur
rent fiScal year are reported nt follovrs
1511 iwo Psi a
An ost gesees 5753t34 stose2
Fepembsr PlkCiT 73tS3
Tltal JlTlflliiT riftT > oau 52317117
The Mlonlnir extInct In from n icttr of a
prominent otilrlril of tIe Amoilcnti rotton OH
roimmiy > Vo tire now onrne tly ondoav r
Ilig to put Iho ominiijoi tin Iceland In n
ositl i n to do n cm r ful ii well tee i r < Ill utluhe
utimneRH Vo have nt last xttoivedeil In nr >
innuliit UK llnnuclalnlTnlts which nero alimHt
lolsauly tnncMd iilul nhiill tin up t
innitlnl pnrt of this buiinM next nnd we
IinvK orerr roon in hopo the vhtrca will nap
tlio bi nllt of our cITortR
Treasury balnncpH compare with those of
yesterday as lollotrs
nn i Of 2
laId 5l4712l2t fU7IHI73J
Sliver HH2HXX1 tl lUSlI
Ltial tenders Ih21m1181X J ft TIVio
Totals tlim732IUl tlrtl 117334
Depeilti In national banks tLe7t7lIl against fJT
4A i estenUr In aililltlun lath fotgohtigths Trees
nrr reports sliver tulllon pnrctuseed elder the art nf
July Ii I IHWI vfltttn and nolfs uutstanilltil aialnll
tteiamt fl luu300
Money In Ixindon MT5H I1 cent Unto of dis
count In the open market for both chart and
three monthV bills Ailis V cent Ihollsnlc I
of EnulandH minimum rate ot illseoiint un
changed fit 5 X cent Amount of bullion with
maNn from tho lank on balance today iliJ
OOtu The proportion of its reen to liability
IB 11351 V nMit agaInst 41V cent lust wept
nnd ftlSO V I co ill last soar Itulllon In the
Dunk deoroaned last sri ek t02ililt > and re
forvideereHSed 12011000 Paris advices auoto
3V cents at III francs 77 centimes and ox
hanito on London nt 25 frnni 2l eentlmes
Tln > vveekl statemi of the Dank of Franco
shows a decrease of 12n75000f cold and u de
enlIst > of 5loot00f silver
Henry W 1nrrof the banking house of Poor
A Ore touch and I I Al I led L Norrir of 1 tlilsclty t
tveio today eh cted mem orb ol the New Vorfc
btck Lxehiangi
The sales of mining stocks nt the Now York
Consolidated block and 1otroluum Kxchanca
today uro an follows
Saht uicu Utcuiin I1lPitzt Leanest 1oiln
auJtAJta I IS I IS I IS I it
his itreece 47 47 47 47
1lOlliurcelona I 13 II 15
leltiect A htaleher It si S 14 2 tel S 11
3S00lrutiwhc5 Cf 7 5 T H
1311 hell isle I C I tsI I uI 1 no
ILCtCiaoiInr B 35 it 33 3 35 8 sa
hull istihll 4 41 41 41
f00 Preeland 1131 uS ss 44D
1tlujuill 411 4 40 4D
2iou ieadtjlle 17 17 10 Iii
nt Shotual S A N Co I 30 1 Si I 51 1 50
1151 lleoicnn S 4 it 40 II 41 840
571 lhwnix of Aria Itt Li us 114
ltuu Plytnouti 2 23 2 1S 2 23 3 2S
thu 50 3 IV
IC Silver glee 41 4 40 40
50 Silver Cord 31 33 u7 Ins
lot Clam en I 0 1 20 1 20 1 20
Tine total lsasaeUono Wire 15410 siiares
New Yerk 1sirkat
TitcMDAT Oct 2PLots iHDMKiL The market was
dull and new tmckwbeat Hour decline to 3tOIIzol
i 115151
ConoN Kuturfi opened partially at I point advance
Closing stealy at 4 to n polnti adraac from ycitcrJays
cluiliijr prices Uur market to dy wan not tho New York
market It was some other mar > V ti it wa In fact
merely a reflex of the Liverpool market The w
ork Cotton Excbanfe whattliere wanof it wan week
S e rrlce in reiponii to lie contlnueililmprorrment at
Irrrpool made a imall advance fiituc the heavy
Taint at the Buuth there Ii a dopocttlnn to look hoc rein
ttttijr better pricei for the tiljfti grades and orders
were to avoid damp cotton Thus bu > lng lefirati to
tie Soul avoIded the MiiRliitppl vatley while ofTcri
of cotton from Texas were quickly taken up The
weatiivr at the tiouth wan uniettlt generally cloudy
but only from a few point were llftht rain retwrtej
allot cotton wa quite active for home run mnitlon
and hlfrli grades more tirinlr tnt mtddtlnjr upland
hu7ac lit lulf IUIMIC The following are the do
tails of transactIons In futures
Eilhs Clotttig frcft IllQtiett Lowest Salt
October lixsiQlutts JU2J 1010 litre
Norember Iusic4l024 103 lairt 7wO
Uecemier laifMlOJT mar Ui33 13ftJi
Unuary lOailAttoaj iurj IOJH it4uO
hrlruarj1O3SeiO3i 1040 juas 040
SIurciilO4Iiik46 IQ4Q 1U41 H kO
Atrll 1UJ10A3 105J 1048 324
Mn > 10ft 4Uit > loot KtM tire
June htntdriocu7 1U07 JUuj aoo
July 1070 1073
Total sale 042A bales Transferable notice for the
delivery of cotton can be Issued to morrow at lUJ5o
SeUOeU tf
11150ill lsniJes
lidS tidies
Receipt at the roDs this day aas7t 8tkeO
rrevluutl from Sept l 751183 r4kil44
Stock in United HUtet ports tTUll S371M1
Exports aince ScOt 1 iJfSUG 83722 0
IltuTisioM Ianl futaren opened at a further nd
Tftiire on small stocks in Chicago but declined sharply
under sales tu realize tales 1U0 tea at tXor for Oc
tober and u4JrctX7rMX for January After thanee the
close na weak at < XMc for November tltihc for Da
cumber ti 77c for January and UB c for March Spot
lard was dull rate Ire ucs prime city at iJUV and JAO
tee prime Western stILtit > 3 rcflued for the Continent
uumcM at lUMv ttic tork more active at til 2Vi
fur mean ulet 51511 bile lot mpnts much more ac
tive pale HSiKOItfl pickled bellies l3hU tta aver
lee atb iiliC W o pickled hams at He and 1 280
ptckled shoulders In bulk nttc Dressed hcga lower
cluMiic tead > at Mhfiiic pltfSbUc Tallow dull and
unclianKed at > c fleet Tiams In better demand tales
tuiiols at the West on p L Butter and cheenf quiet
itstl35 beat future were dull bottle clone HA at
a fractional advance without any very decided Influ
ences at work 1diiitkli bush At fu iifi ujf
fur Norembertl 0 n < 2flU4H for December und f 1181
iflOfi for Mar spit < sleet wai more active for
home consumption iSIOS 4fi i ItS butt li > o 3 red winter
utfltia dellverid Indian corn future were falrl no
the bat uuder alcn to resiDe the close was Slightly
loner sales 14441115 u tuiti at A2r > Hc for Ooiobtr
oUv c for Noreinber WW Wic for IeceniDer
and SiaSlO for May spot corn was fairly active
tiut at ilttfhtly esaier prices slilppers took HIUO bimh
Bales were mainly No u mixed at Si45tijc ailoat
Oat again favored buyer thoutth the leonine wu
fractional sales 4iuu > u busn including options No3
mixed Ht 43 4 4auc for October 44H < 2i44Hjo for No
vember 449c for December and 4rt c for May and
on the spot mixed at 40 44 o end nliita a4jt35 c
01 In qualIty Also > < x 3 white at 4fltc In tf > atur ana
No J mixed at 4au i3Vo lu elcvntor Hye uiul bar
Icy dull ant tmretjr steady After Cliaotia Ulieat
teadrNo i red winter for October 11101 1 iSovflmt < > r
tl 1814 December M ls May 1111 0H Corn iteady
No vt mixed fur October Ml4c NoTemUr 54jc Da
ceinbcr 54ct Slay f > t > 4r oat OAth u 3 iiiUrd tot
u ctob r H3Hc a > oS ember 44tc December 44ic
May 4075c
iiHOfLKit Coflee on the spot continues In fair de <
rnund at tady prices Into tiuoteil at IHUc for ho 7
sales HUXJ bags exchange deuverle ranging from N a
ID to No ti op bail of usDa for > a T MlM gradei
wet anltt but about steady at yesterday derlinf t
Mlfi 503 bam lava at 22e 131St > Lnirs Maracaibo and
43i bars Saranttla on p t Rio opllonn were A ride more
active at an advance of Ift to M points on a demand
from shorts to ourercontracts stimulated by report
ut firm market at Klo and bantoa a slightly higher
market at Havre some bnylnv for Knrot > eau account
and on manipulation br lao bull leaders llecrlots
Were fair being 7000 bags at Alo and 17 orO big at
hanioi Kxchaiiire In into was hlcher ftt 2245 sales
Ut7 > 6 bag closing hirin shUt ocher at the fotiowing
Octoberlaioo January 104o Acrlt l7oe
November 174oc february Iii 080 Mar ir coo
December 17180 March 15K5o June 1385c
Haw sugars were quiet but steady at S4c for fair
refining muicoTadu and ft ivifi tto tOt stand
ant centrUuttala London advIce were firm aol
higher Refined sugar were nipdmately active at
steady prices Quoted at 7 Itllo for cut and crnnned
uc for granulated Hto forpowdered 0 Uloo for
cubei t3bc for mould A tHtXM o lc for candy
A o Itc for confectioners A 0 lIfo for on A1
a it ICrs Sit for white extra 0 antI 3h41451ie
for yeUows Molaises dull ftlcn rae fairly actlv and
strad to nrm
MkTALtitralls tin was doll and futures were de
el Icily lower but spot held sleadr tales 10 ton at
J4 > o for November Mttlluir Silo for spot 2 < o for
Jiereinber 3J Iii Lead Otnttnuis to ailvanci bat
without awakenlnie any steoulatiTA Interest nettling
limes for opt S Sr > h > eler was Arm but quiet lit
fllntr ITC for October 5 lea i <
idetal M4mi Spirits turpentine was In moderate
demand and tinner nwins to tronier advices from the
South closing tlrin at i HJ 44c fr remiMri and 4no
fur iiiavliuici DII > I H4 Lbla Kotln wa In better
rtuuctt and steals tale LOJI bbta inmoii < and cool
atralnel at Si 4iiatl i 41 And viimll iota of ul at IHII
ntiS 1fl H HUJ r At 9 2
Inuitt KIM National Transit certincAtei opened
alltrtitlr higher and then tndtir adrancAl unit url ci
Mucliel c whrti the markt turne 1 uixl Ito luiproTv
iiient slowly tllittpptaraJ Muilnir easy lluckvyt errtt
Htiititopii I at uo decline but iiilokly turned ant
ajMncoJ JWc his 30 but II was nut sustained M a
weaker feBUntf fullowrd arid IcIcle lroItl l HHo cbs
Intr weak Niuloua Tranill icrtldrntti upenvd al lIne
old Mt TtrTiKir and dotud at 7JU1 cane itShCS > > tbti
hueke nerIitItuitee l open 1 at JJkc void at3S4l 2uc
and cly ed At MHo Cal Piuul tlU
LIst Selects Market
Nrw You TIiuriay tot 3Iuechpts at mdcci 32w
haal IltrIudhunir I ii cars fir lotion auti 3 sr uhlr1 in
aiasutufrrs 19 iraiiuilr Feelimnut frOl liaad
iety at ii3n474c 4 I 107 mcliv idaa iatest esbi
from lotid uun hiiot C AtiiI0an steire ltrul a lIe IC pd
lii 4reaael weigtnl Saul 4tiiertentn rlthgreted beat
alendy St ant 7h4e lb tntpimi nita to morrow
SIte tneetsa and 18i quirtefe of beef
lbecaihla sit alt 7iiJ lp14 SttkeI ruled flrm
ie 14 at 18ls17rnu I tat iii grsaar at 53
13 75 WasIsrul at ft 71 ct8 n
lIeipta if shnsehi a5 InctunIlttg I nra nih
rct wore 525 teal Sheet wre Ikeni iatiiha weal
St I rdunctioiu st tsr 4 It hnep sinlh 1 45 ii Itoh
5 155 ii at 4l145al li 3 raal lii ttiln staidy at 14
liCe p II had 1 latuutaa wIk at ultdilc
I tuna tic Iii 05 I I re for i were
7sJd Iaenii Neiket flit at 14 2niI 5 e tii Se
Jirut Iahel EaIuusjn Nnle
Hr Ulcljetril V Uanieit i To Slut etry aparluteul
home wllii hut l < t ISa Iii < ll I I 144 I 34 aol 1 r14 C1181 lentil
Sits Jrf t fail r wosi f bliillj iilta tint t il ttni
lip J itt V I ii I ni r I e In eIr bun I wellIn a Ill
Jut 5UOMI I V44l tast fJ4lMr CiaSiti llie Seal a
bfculd AVtMiie fur 4n 7 ii
IIy ilatnrd Plunitii Vior liI brlik hnuami vIhIt It
ls tilt it lIl 34 set lnrlesnhln 15 nltli lila cj Ie
Wkl if I litl > cv < tine I lur I i tt Id HIM Jieltni 1 1 1 iff
ti u l Km ft Jftfiy rur city i irix S CIII muse story i
trauma witlil lot rl t H sIt < 4fl hltal finny lansial
alt lnuoft cml Iii4 I feet woat i of tiiutia etu It
Oltesfe t4i
ISIeI lewi Icesssfos
114 a w i 75 a lath at lUuaia tadtnb Clits
Wiiii14 lunctnmt Cl h hirspmj It Aunuot w M4 soIl fun iispi PlL6iti
Atraliiiu 4It0
Kulfuli > t ie > > lll > Id KUn ltfrl
Mllltlt Cl L U I lItlns4 elitnieIil > U4 Wlf
< I Ntilt itDtkiillts tjOH
MMIni I i KUIIH v trite Mirrnnl
fuller ai > 4 au i lu M rnii ri > ilir 4 i
Hun ci I 4 hamlet I iuiuu 1 1 au4 e te
I least l I ibel > tni Sit llifti
I4 > 01 in C 14 C S 4 a l I 1 I I S stilt 54 lie
t i ol 10 II tndstl A I i 14111
ttiiswltti 5 t ka ItlaJainhtl WeuJaItssad
sIts a LdIhN 1 NUIsttrk 51411
II C 5 mw Al 0f sltIi EItctt
is CairJIn Hamlet ut ace 80000
rirl it STt Itobtrt orat ant vtn ik K
t3nlcat oooo
llitri ii fa haiti wiia i Horrit limit 515510
rritk t Krrriihort 25503
aoth it in list tn ar I twM Margaret
C Illllentn A It frira 11000
CMvi 5 Its tar 2MIU11 ITtdk tOrch
bee and wIfe I n Kalmnnd
iiwiiH n a I44flwi i inav IHMUV5 Vital
Wiley and wit to Cord K Sebeer 27OOO
lowh it I C N7 e tolnrton ar IPxlioil
Fanny Slyer is line Cr oi > and auto llVX
4lh it a w mr HillaM av tihuiM i drlil rher
Is I Hnbrrt an l sir in Henry o r > rnfer in
1311 at I um ted w 715 a tnbi ss 111mm liar
tin to Ann tta Circle HV ° oo
824 et 5 5 4l S IetuuiTeiti a 2042 Ckorg W
Ttibh and wife to JofttnnnM Isy and ann 90
Runton n 3 55 Monti Rerkowlu et Al to hem
hard Kiiber > teln IASSO
VTaihlncti ii It r a n7 a Perry it 1X14 IJolin
Montromerr lotohn I MrGovern 10 xn
Moltn HI latjlena Moll and anolo Her
mann Itothichlld S < TV >
Attorney IL w i IM n UranJ it 2 xll > Me
miind Valk ei al tn Mnrrli laarni 77000
nuchantn liar n t IV p Gracd av 2MKO
John IMotherto Edward H tram TO
Itlb it n o 4n 0 nn ar 2u7 n Si i hunloa
lUsan to Mr V W tails ln rooo
IHeikeriL Ill I henry CUaitaln and wife lo
Mary liecker ISUO
litnrtnnav n cot tniitit 3xM MtlMaA
IflBcber et al lo Kale Donodiuc lrloOO
loin it n 5 nr IiSL ar 2Mn Kite Ilrnnhne
to Arthur Rltxrli lASnn
Manhattan ar n S COt I2lit it 01x111111 i Wtn
HicanlKitharn and wife to llenrr rrhneidir 31411
IXMV M laiti ieorte Munro and wIt to
Margaret Murray 1105
mill ii JKI Halt lirnard uncle to Margint
Mclirlde 23230
Mar win4 It ii51it it Stu 7x94 i Franklin A
vuicox and If to Hirer r I Hue 425
103d it Mi I Westi Marie bchUMler to Henry
llaltrman SR3S
Madlion av n Cot > tQ it adfrxlfOHi L It rile
Inw anil wife iol 1 M 1 racy 130O
tolli it n a cSi e > th ar IKKP LouIs K f tar
ring to Itaclil T Whltbead 45000
S9in it m us f ttith ar 21IHU Margaret
Kelly and ann to Mary Ketley I
llenrv it mi harlti wolfniteln and wife to
Harry Hihel 1
llenrr it nn lame to Simon FIne and inn 84006
107th it na M w4lh ar SxKO N V Itf
IhlCoteSSmnttCoper 83290
Umii it S n a75 5 ioibarsox9iiil i John K
lutkto Hark A III RftOO
24 ar e a mil i 47th it laJxim Martin
scliinecLDiiecker and wife to Illicit Cotne
and ann 44600
Klnirbrldve road n w cor Madtinn ar 112x103
alrreif lruit sasi to Charles lurnei 2503
Ilroadwar w a iiii Church it lane 10 called I
MUIIII Allerti 1atuain to M o LarkIn V4ih
wanl troo
Honrneit 173 Nathan Cohen rd wife to Moiet
ttbt I n1y 17000
Terry av w i Ift n Kcll > ie it MxioO Ji hn II
Kdell and wife to Alice lloblnlon 1000
Greene it w t lot 2iUJii3 map Ilarardn farm
Jainei o lark and sap to haudtri flutman 43 05
Fame prop lauie toianie 1
haniA prop Builly Abiauion et at Sanders
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