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m WoIJIV d CZUu rLji nn HORSES To HARNESS 33wy o or AGES7
Its to This i rpUo to Advertisement
M well All News If no use UIA Adrertiidng Columns of
J Lviiiyoau
I A UAlnrKy of Them Indict the WatkIns
Ilrlch ThongU
i pIeat Inr Iloyeottlna Irl
Advised by Ib flnrdPr ead the DIS
Attorney Tht There WS no C
rUl lnre TI
Tue Mill DIflprduobert C MSr
tB of risk Mmrlln d Co I Juror
i 1 Tho Grand Jury recent Inquiry Into th
the Hoard of Walking
totcolt luatltuted by lond Walkll
J Del011103 ajsalnst four I tiCk manufacturers of
Verplsnck Ioint because they did not em
plo union men bore unexpected fruit jentor
day in the Gemmi Sessions In tho Inquiry
I the Grand Jurr hoird much testimony and
H II I b lne In doubt M to the legal I effect of I con
I I lulUd Boeorder Smyth and Dliitrlot Attorney
Fellow who are required by the Oodo to give
legal advice to tho Grand Jurr when It Is asked
f r Both Ileoorler Smyth and OoU l Fellows
idvlted tbe Grand Jury that the testimony did
Justify the Indlstment of any cue
When tbo Grand Tury tiled into the General
8 sslons yesterday Foreman Iliiynea hnndad
op among other Indictments an Indictment
for conspiracy mziiitist Walklne Doleentos
31mes Carol Thomas McGuIre James P
ArchiDald William MoSalr William Taylor
Frank McGulre Owen Carroll Charles P
Roeors John Gray Alfred Ashley Nelson F
JIcFudden and John Dolan
DUtrlct Attorney Iollows had heard that
thU was coming and was on hand The Grand
I Jurr bad jnet handod in the Indictment when
he roBe and said to the Recorder
j The Grand Jury from tlmo to time hare
been advised by those whom the law makes
their legal advisers that the facts presented to
them In these cases did not constitute In law a
crime and thnt no indictment based upon
toe fats could bo successfully prosecuted In
l a court The Grand Jury within their dis
cretion have found an Indictment notwlth
itandlnc that advice and I have of course
t not one word of remark to make which would
Jmoly of tem or of their body any impropriety
whatever They are tho judges of their action
arler the hao received such instruction as
sither the Court or the District Attorney can
give tbem But when the Grand Jury has
act then a duty clear Important and not to
n b avoided Is Imposed upon the District At
torney and tho Court I stato now in my
capacity as District Attorney that I cannot
try thin indictment that I shall not try this
Indictment that there Is evidence
idictment no sus
tain the cbarco mado in this indictment and
I mcne for its dlsmlssal
Gentlemen of the Grand Jury hare YOU
completed duly your business r naked tho Recorder
Yes sir said the foreman
Then tho Recorder laO them a talking to
M r Bo thanked them llrst for their labors and
t ten said
I regret gentlemen of the Grand Jury that
for the ilrnt time in my experience of ten oars
or close to It us the presiding Justice of this
court and tho ollldal local adviser of the
Grand Jury the Grand Jury has seen lit to
orerrule the opinion of tbu presiding Judge of
this court In reference to tho indl mont which I
lias just been presented Tbo Grand Jury did
what they had a right to do They had a right I
to call upon me for advlco for my advice rlbt
I direction and It bocamit my duty to advise tbo
Orand Jury as to what tholr duty was A large
mass of testimony was turnlshed to me at my
suggestion by the Grand Jury < That testi
mony I examined and guii it nil of test
atnnatlon and consideration that my other
duties In court would permit mo to give It
uuu result 01 mat examination ana eousdura
t ton waj I written oommtinlcatlon which I
made to the Grand Jury through their fore
man stating that boil made such an oxaminu
tlou and had then tie eUdouco all oxamll
sideration that I could give to it and all that It
I was necessary lor me to give to enable me to
arrive at a proper conclusion as to what Iho
duty of a OmnI1 ury was aud 1 did auvlio the
dread Jury then that uj > on that evUlonca
which 8 before thrm and whlcn ollonco
allied to me In my opinion no indictment
should bo found because the finding of an in
dlctinent would only amount to a mistrial of
the case There was no legal evidence before
tie Urand Jury upon which to sustain a con
vlctlon I communicated in substance to the
Grand Jury to that effect I also stated
tat the evtdonce that was presented tome
Was Insufficient und no bill ought to bo drawn
unless tho Urand Jury were In POBFOS iou of
loins eiiilonco I addition to what was pre
sented to me 1 would lllco to know whether
the Grand Jury had nny other oUdsnco than
that whlcn was presented to me
Ihf foreman Tho minutes wore considered
by the Grand Jury Nothing furhor consilorcd
V The Court Then gentlemen I lonoat that I
regret ae the ofllcml lecnl adviser 01 the Urand
Jury that tbe Grand Jut hno soon fit to over
rule my advh e on that subject and I repeat I
tat It is the first time In tho whole oout so of
my experience In this court that I have found
a Urand Jury that chose to depart from the ud
1c and judgment of tee Court bailer tlioso
circumstances that bill will be dismissed I
repeat gentlemen that for thn manner In
which you have discharged your duty you ore
ntltled to tho thanks of the Court and there
I no Question In my mind that 0 noting a
pay bate acted In this matter the Uraud Jury
Denoted that they wcroonly disuharmnic what
they elieved I und understood to bo their duty
i But it wns it mlHtaku to hind 1 bill right In tho
teeth ol the advice of the oillelul nduier of the
urand Jury You are discharged gentlemen
from further atllnd lcl dlschaled
Tnen the Urand Jurors Illod out MOlt half of
tbsmlooUnc rather sheepish and the other
hal jubilant Thinliflorenculn Oipreesliiii was
afterward found to be duo to the fuct that only
tweho of the urand Juror voted to Uud the
Indictment just tbo number required by law
Tbeothers were bitterly oopomid to the Und
a a The following Is a lint of tho Grand Jury
twelve of whom at least l thought that thuy
Mew more law than Iteoorder bmyth and Dis
trict t Attorney fellows
William s lon foreman meat Wit Washington
Xarkes Tbeo lore K Taca ierrelarr IM Broadwari I
rlrr Iroodw
Him > D > II liou Insurance 5 Vial atreM Fredcrlok
mittt Ir teas IM 1 1arI slrreti Jamee T KiiarkmaB
lPpl i IW Fast 12 id street Mnia Downing 1m
tfrttr win road way Iroll Martin maiiels an
< uistrreta ineinler nt th ann of Iok l Marlln t
C dralfrii lii building materials charlae Matn
mottSII <
I ur I > Lulvrslly qua oho f McCarthy cnL
41 Mnrlnu street IOUB b llrush HO Wet
Mveminb street David I hi Irub trner 11
F est IJdli ttreet Jolin W Camnbell auctluneer 40
Ilfbtli Liens ileorgo c iiurdun i colee IM Wall
unit 1 Uirard roster 010 Henry I I cone f h e WI
I iMar siren Heirnjuiid 1 I Merer real esiate 7 liroad I i
WiL JacnbH Isaao lurs It urreli strreli Aaioll
MtiUri tobacco hid Uairf street Icbard I I H iireen j I
Wood 10 hail Twenlr secon I street I Ialrlck II i
e oner is l West IHU > treet Aletaader u ume
Ulloriutt Kim avenue Tliouiaa llrabam liullller luj
eII Mr M rorly Stiti itrL > ud bauiuel Aufbauser Jewel 1
110 I > sof iranil Juror < ure tiken in In
violate tecreey nII l I rait cniKniir i tr a
umLd Juror to let jion ln I > or II i I HIIOWK i vitrd
On any ioiuilairit Uu nil ctiiiuni iniinljid I
sti mlnrchareB <
charges tho Indicted
cllrl 1lel in > n I w li iiu
iBrney trme iiicoeie I tln our hrl h < inimutaciurliiK
iriiiiiatoriilnijckiiloli r tin I i oiuiipo I IIUUHIMII I
Po und to iifeviiii I this lsuiil jag uf f lout I
Mlilii cal with liotlHiii IV k 1 ilnrliliA 1lr
fit If the niHinbei 101fhu Ilnn rtI llrnnd
1 urri In a Ivtler altuchsd I tile nilictinent
tut they ml > t not bundle the bo > totIiU brick I
Ile IO otj
Uler iiunitvtl a alriLa I
a n i nIY i other 11 I sueS I n flrmil I Jtimr I
f 110ord nut lliu adifol the Court wnd the
t let
Jllllcllorli ua elutvij nr nun wimrj n I
Ihl Wlilf
nu1 Jury iitfiintlli Lilly uf the line
Cbiu Iiiig5i t Ailiirir t rbl tie Imliflml I Ui 1 I Muiili
b lt ftljiim i ibnuiij uriiu u iiin I 1111 I
vIlalvl t of < iU iock ollll to thOiurid i g I
ty JIIIIOH with hifoiupliilit I I A s > ioii
h u I i b mile I theist Man lou liii honour
r leU 11 th i ii I cnnit muM I liwii did I I
it rly utul lallli I 4 > iiniiFiiJ
II V gI Aoliibsl i Iucrip ix of Die I mural
j brl tii91i wutliiK il legal ul tlel I Iupur I ril
JLiVlr I t 1 II I ii j I IlHi IAI r Iu JJsJuk iuf
rCI14111 U l uCIit W kiumuf l Ii I 1 A Wi
toVtli I of r lie Li 1 suite i 011111111 I tin I
Ii I 5 4 J at ci < Iiusq llU IIHII d I li I
feelS If41 I If tv S3 11 ii wi S lldlcl S ld p utli J
M S WjiI I In en fur 1r I M JiiitSii ij r Jak I
JuT n A1 4 iriKniH In Om U Jrl uilt un j
y u is II netl nl It lit 1 Ilt ii 1 I ii I 1 1 tie
11 J 110 list iju 1 AttnIliC jpiJ hut lie
r I 11iI Itt Li iSii4 gi 10 ii AtllllllI I 111 Ca tie I I I I
rlhtd NlI u 1 Iii IIIIMWI elr i
Ii 1 ii OKO IICt 3 All of lle I Vs ClUb I iijuj ji4 or
I iru ii u nilju in f i iiuliui ui I
I i ii 4J nlyu li l i I linn itgi 11 I Mtu
fc 1
I r a nk Iii
11 hUh I CII I tii > ltnura I
p II a iulif i f of t llisui linn I r
I f II I J I niu i 1 n AlI iijuciiiiu
ILe I lii Ii I 11 Si iii I hwH I tu111
I c I I I fll J
l v fl 11 al Ik 11 r
I 11111 Jd ut
LII IU c1111 I lUlU k ln L p
nA rING eon tUTU nunn EXUSHES
nrr 5tt and the Anarchist Jew nidi
SiLlS Mayor Chanla Coroner Levy
The Anarchist Jews whom Mayor Chnpln
wouldnt allnw to meet In Brooklyn on the
Jewish Day of Atonement assembled In the big
hail of Cooper Union last night and had a
great deal more fan In hearing Mr Chain and
Coroner Levy denounced by lurid orator than
they would eer have had If the affair In Brook
lyn had taken place Thor had Herr Most and
Hugh 0 Pentecost all to themselves for three
hours and a fro andeIY air characterized
the whole meeting
Thero were nearly 3000 people present
hardly ono of whom understood English
About twenty policemen with their helmets
pulled down over their ere and their clubs
stuck up their sleeves sat scattered through
tho ball making not the slightest sign or mo
ton that would Indicate that they were listen
Inn to the speakers
It Lewis of tho Jewish Arbtiter Zritung presided
sided Herr Most in a new frock coat with a
red flower In tho Inpel and a very engaging
smile was the first speaker He said
You remember how Mr Bchnrrmnnn the
proprietor of Clarendon 11 Ml out you out last
year dont you Well a few days ago Mr
Bcharrmaun told me knowing that I would re
peat It hero that Eurrunner Leerye prom
ised him SO to do it Now thnts all right
nlnt Iff r Well Mr Bchnrrmann thinks it would
bo nllrlchtor If Mr Leevye would pay up
Herr Most spoke In German niufi called tho
Coroner what would b tianslated cnlod mul
tlpllod fool Then ho gave a burlesque ac
count of how Mayor I hapln had stopped
tho Brooklyn meeting relating how tho stolDd I
men untorod the banooui all sampled tho I
Mock Ho called Mayor Hhoppln
1tk 10 cnlod Ihoppln a Turkish
Iasha and salt that bo had trampled under
foot the free Institutions of this country and
would have been lynched for It fifty years ago
Then bo drifted on to the war Ilty in general
and after while came back and pitched Into
the United States <
Man in America he said even a Jew
and an unKoshor at that proposes I JowJ
the police dispose liidlcule tholr Jod 7 Why
tholr Uod Is Mammon Tho rich Catholic the
rloh Protestant tho rich Jewallvon dont
suppose they worship anything but Mammon
do you Their creed Is even stamped on theIr
Idol In God we trust Strikes wont holp It
Boycotts dont amount to anything Tho social
revolutions the thing anythlDI soca
In conclusion Herr Most presented some
resolutions they Alter half a dozen wbereases
Jiesolrid That the officers of tho pence of
Brooklyn have rendered themselves guilty of
high treason and should bo treated acoord
Inuly and
Retolced That Coroner Levy and Butcher
May should bo borcotted politically socially
poltcalr soolaly
and otherwise and
liesolced That the present system of mur
der and robbery under which such outrages
uio possible should be fought by all means
until no stone remains standing and that on
1U ruins shall rise a community whoso founda
ton will be communism whoso soul will be
atheism and whose pervading spirit will be
lull and perfect liberty anarchy BPlrl wi
Down with all who oppose nil Lone live
Ln Ivo
tho holy revolution
A herr Most lead the last clause In the res
olution ho shouted himself into such I rs
excitement that a policeman In the front row
awoke from his deep reverie and looked at
him wonderingly revoro looke
Mr IentocoBt then spoke
83OOO DamAge for Drench of Promise
Awarded to M llnlaboe
BcrtANTOU Oct aOne of tho most sensa
tional cases ever board In the courts of this
county ended this morning when tho JUr In
the breach of promise suit of Anna Husaboo
agnlnRt the Hov Peter Hoborts of the Plymouth
Congregational Church came in with a verdict
of 3000 damages gorilla plalntlfl The deacons
nf TlnliArtnK church have clnnir to him and
bolloiod In him during the four years in which
this case baa boon pending in court but the
evidence given at the trial has stunned them
ant should tho young man not voluntarily
withdraw from the pastorate of the church hU
resignation will bo demanded
Itiberts is i a graduate of Vale and met Miss
Husaboo at Now Haven in 1880 He betrayed
her Bho inys and whon she demanded repara
tion by marriage he mieecPted a criminal
010 raton to which she finally consented
While she was recovering from this be fled to
Wales whlthor sho followed him There ho
renewed his promlso to marry her which had
loon clvon In America and both returned t
the United States After further
Btaloa Afer complications
Roberts absolutely refused to fulfil his
Holorla lull prom
ise and a criminal prosecution was begun
against him which was nover pressed
Roborts8 attorney mndo overtures for a settle
ment and once offered 1000 but 1IDu8aboe
Would not consider the offer although she bad
lit ono time declared that she would accept 20
a year These nreoilutions wuro In progress
when Roberts miirrlfd an estimable woman
When the case dually came to trial yesterday
It was learned that Hobo ta was In hiding ana
that Mis Husaboo could not appear owing to
a nervous attack brought on by her troubles
The evidence for tho plaintiff was very dam
aging Lawyer 0 It Iltcher and Dr Hand
both testified that Itoberls bad confessed to
them the betrayal and his violation of t
promise to main tho woman Letters from
lloberts to the woman were produced in ono of
Which he Buys
r I feel exceedingly glad that you are eafo
through but it requires great care for some
thing time to It do was hard undoubtedly but the best
lie emit the lAter containing this remark
wltb ou May the blessing of Heaven follow
In another letter he says I the world Is
to know what was between me and you It will
be a full to three others with myself wi
I IK said that 1nstor lloberts deceived his
counsel as well a the woman and his church
for the lawyers presented no testImony In do
fence of tho charges While in New Haven
Jllm iibuboe was employed ns I domestic by I
Ole Hull the violinist At tho tiiul U wns In I
sinuated that she masqueraded under the
alone of Anderson In MiKllson M IR that she
brought 0 breach of promise hint there against
Lars Jar la and that sho JalJ8t
1ars Jarll Ihlt Ihe was at one time an
inmate uf an Inxnno nsylum During the tour
years of her roslitnio l < l hoie her conduct has
been Klneulnr him ban brnn n regular at
tendant lit Mr Iloliortsn church baa moaned
and Wept In her pow white be was preaching
nnd once seated huisnlf bosldo his wife and
disowned the ditnll of tho scandal In nlilch
hho presence won lutolvod until limo wile n fled from her I
New York C eepltsl lu Wllfctiibnrr
Wni s AiiH Ort 8A party of ew York
capitalists havo LIon horn for ioinu days past
Their Intention Is I to cot control of all the
Mront cur lines lu this city As far U can ho
Join neil J fr > m 0 triittw thy nourcn thoy have
pieCrUl optiii on li majorltr ot tli tiuk and
In iliKnuliurbiin tflectiiv rnllways Tim design
IK to cii blisi hoist t ii hut illS irporfttioii and
in sludge m it and iiiit i un alactrlo plant which
will supply tliH moCha IOWIT for tile Khiltit
y > t 1111y I U I fail < J Iho I pal tills riireimiit hull a
bargain nilllloii ruiiltal by tymorrow stud will probably close their I
IUOOO OO llulluf row Iliuwn la Irlal I
The CoiiOintion Counsel I uuve Sill opinion to
Ilia I Jolliti J lloaul iii i tel d a y that I ballot inuit
I I guulre4ei with the iiuinl r of bold the den
linn ilUtrldt 1 hull V bio li > ilMrlit fit whljii
tfiuy I lit 0 J Ii dIluilL 1 1 Hour HRuriJeid the
4 uniruct for i iiiintf I a XwJttl < L at tJM
II llioii liO 111 anior < to Wufllii I J JJiowu vtbtftfun a I
JIIMhl 111IWIIbllmf I
I iisU di
Ins hliasdety
ToiUy Is I the lut l thy of 1 ibe ive ci l sub 1 of
ImiOltvJ black hludiJerstIiIi JbllMl Cult ttt
IHI I Lisle timid wsII jot H2Cd Jfesiijjt I
liftIliMJi lit f 70 te Wu ttitle Illliudilltf DUf
rj I iiwll iiii la iiuis llivin Tim 594 i hub I
oIaivS jl I O I ibi fl I ii 10j I 111 CUjr
144k i 11 I SiigipaSL tel 10 h1 1 i15il I 1 J II o 111 ti I
rgjtsi4itlit i hid irlv III S iueeser I n
tIdstiiMl hlilil 1 siil I it m jigsl l 4lsi < i I igildti
liii i 1 tii J liit 111 I J itli it S 11 t1 i I
I ii II link i liull4 lill I hid > < Iijuir I I lll I
luieC IIMII iIiIii I rllj III liMtO JLtti1l l ti I I
I I ii 1 ssi P4 I IIi lucy sit IIII lillld
IA shiwur4 lud riiblrt and IJI r lii II
clt I worth f JIie t i 94c1i l 11 will II 1
tiy O wwhL all VGk 111At
r 1
Ilwoel Jvels 1 Iv HlilM
11 lie fliixi iriue vr 111 J eve lu laiif eerrn
L 5 1 i 1 miii itidi h
iKiiu 1 n Jersey i tl ia1tI IIWL1 I U cii
it Id5 dii silbve4 luiii4 Iii sei sos
kaali1 lUll u i 1 rvi4e4 tflt a CtSeib 4
l V W4 lllilE < It iiiti H IT < f 1
JI U 1 1 u
TiritNir r AlB
Anal Ooodwln1 Death an4 NeereC Hnrtal
Ilkrlr to Mean M Lire Neatrnca to the
Old MnnIIe Told IIIn Mtorr Glibly bat
West to ISce on lro e mln llon
At 1316 oclock this morning tho Jury be
fore whom Dr Henry McGnnegal has teen
tried on the charge manslaughter In the
first degree In killing Annie Goodwin tho
cigarette girl by malpractice brought
in a verdict ot guilty The jury
was out just an hour and a quarter
During that time old McGonegal sat chatting
i with his counsel As the tlmo lengthened and
It seemed probablo that there had boon 1 disa
greement he became more animated in his
conversation but watched the door furtively
When at last the jury returned he was
bidden to stand up and hoar the verdict He
heard It without betraying emotion Tho jury
was polled and the verdict of every man was
guilty of manslaughter in tho first decree
I cannot conceit said Judge Fitzgerald
how unou the evidence you could have
brought in any different verdict
Mr Oliver then asked that he might have
until next Friday to mako a motion for a now
trial This wan agreed to and A this motion
will be mndo before Judge Fitzgornld ho I not
likely to grant It McGonegals sentence may
be anywhere from live years to twenty years
In States prison As ho was 70 last February
it will probably moan n life ecntenco to him
Court opened early yesterday to llnlsh up the
trluL Thoro was n i usli to bear tho prisoner
testy More women were there than over
The old man had boon writing out questions
for hie counsel to ask him and ho sailed alone
beautifully on his direct examination On
orossoxamlnation as Col Fellows plied him
rapidly with questions on the weakest parts of
his story ho shifted around In his chair LId
died with his eyeglasses and a handkerchief
and seemed to lose his presence of mind a he
was drawn into a series of contradictions
Tho woman known n Mrs Shaw preceded I
MoGonegal In tho witness chair Tho rules
compelled her to raise her veil and display her
horribly disfigured face I was In hor house
that Annie OQodwl died while the boy Harris
guarded the door
MrnBrmw sold that Dr McGonegal had been
treating her for three yearn Ho had nuked her
to take car of this girl and as it I wa an op
portunity to make a little money she ngreoil to
take the girL tiho received 150 from Annlo
Goodwin and S10 from Dr MtGoneifal
Were you with Annie Goodwin whon she
i Yes oho died easily I did not know when
phe passed away When she died I sent 0 boy
to Inform Dr McGonocal
The woman described the removal of tho
corpse by the old doctor at midnight Hbo
said on orossexamlnatlon that she did not
know that an unlawful operation had been
performed Sho said that she had been known
o Fnnnlo Miller and annle Wood
She was escorted back to tho prisoners pen
and Mclioneual took tho witness stand Ills
manner was confident and his replies wero
ready Ho said that he was 70 years old and
lOty yUR
bad graduated Item Now York University In I
1AK9 nnil hniMin Mm nrnrttlitA nf ninrlltlnn In
1853 TIt rent years hU practice iib n
largo and ho freiuently made late nIght calls i
On July 2 1 ho found a ctrl walling cnla
him in hit ofllee She told him that
nhn was in troubln mind she wanted
him to help her Ho Inquired tier symptoms
and told her to co and take care of herself and
said that I sho wanted him to help her ho
would do so Hhe siiH she was poor but a
soon as she was well enough to work she
would pay him The girl wn not with him
moro than two minutes He did not know that
her name was Annie Goodwin until several
days alter her death
Whon wn the next limo that you saw this
girl 1 asked Mr tmo
It was In n liouto in 127th street one night
tho witness replied Drow tfannlna had sum
mon d him ho paid and bo found the girl
lying on tho bod with her clothes on Ho made
no examination nor did ho know what her
condition was Jlrfi Collins who It > tho room
wanted to know if there was anything wrong rlOI
and said that the girl could not stay wrol
McGouegal asked the air where she wanted to
go nnd she said that she bad some friends in
125th street and as nlm could not walk the
doctor went home for higgle When she got
Into the gig hu nbkeil her where hor friends
lived She Mild Take run onywheio you
will I bao no friends Dr MoOonognl then
chilled hr for putting him In snoh a position
as he was not responsible for her condition
ilo bad just bworn that ho did not know her
condition and that all during bar Illness ho
prescribed only for rheumatism of thehenrtl
bho told him ho continued that she tleheurt1
Itch and that her name was Jane Wilbur He
Wibur 10
finally took her to Mrs Shaw as that woman
hnd tieen a patient of hIs and for two Tenth
she had not paid him anything Even hero he
nmde examination of the Kill but her syrup
toms wero those of rheumatism of tho heart
Ho didnt remember about the medicine that
ho gate her He had paid the expenses of her
Bicknea and hind cnlved no coinpeuautlon
Ho had heard Sndlo Trnphagen say that Annie
Goodwin had bean treated by a midwife hut
even than be bad mid no examination She
oxamlnnton lho
died ho iimlntalntd of rheumatism of tho
heart To save expense ho carried her body
In his arms to bin Iii and then drove to Un
dertaker ilorrltts shop with It about IK
clock on a Sunday morning Ho couldnt
have treated her moro kindly had she boon his
i I told Mrs Shaw he sold to have the
body nicely dressed I got I quit and wrapped
her up eareluhlv I put my right arm around
her and carried her slowly down stairs In my
gig 1 bold hor beside me on the seat with my
rltrht arm and drote with my left wih At
Undertaker MerrltH I gave a twentydollar
gold piece toward the funeral IwentJdolar
Tha pbllnnthropc old Harlem doctor was
eldi > ntly well satisfied wIll this pieoo of work
and he told his story comidarontly He wrote
the datb certificate In Undertaker Merrittn
shop and It WAN some minutes before he could
remember that the girls nnm D 1110 cnuc WI
hur He hnd a very bad mnmory and for this
reason he bad saId In tho certificate that the
girl bud dlid on July 11 although ho knew
that she had diet I day Inter He also forgot
the house ubaro the girl had died and iwe 1
wrotit ndilrccs
Hu declined thnt he bail not asked Bidlo
Trnphncen to forgo n letter to Annie Good
wills Iriuiids Hello hail sent for him he wild
mil wanted him to do something to throw
Annleh relatives off thn track Ho wanted to
help her and ho simuoRtiMl that If elm hud
some uf ArmlfH handwriting she should lint
tntn It In I a I itt or ami I thus ituet I her friend
Thin did not tci < m to him nn unusual thing to
do although the flrl Ii nil iliid J ot rlieu rittt I iou
of tho hurt Thorn bad lien nothing Irregu
lar about hlH earn of the girl lie was willing
howixor I that hor relatives should not know
i lllwrdealh I
Uii PiiiMuxainlnatlin Dr HcGonecal raid
I that nlioitiot I H wore Ireimmtly I I pvrforniKil by
I Olin I tiile 11 del afl4 Tho list i it liiNtriiinnnts I
uroduuu I them wan taught In the medical
coll LIIH
How OrlII hate you performed them 1
I nulvd Col I IuilowH 1 orormul tlul
r > iiiitiniii I an rna on CD J In twi 1 riionil ie
and omi limuH not once a YLlr Smisnated Dr
il 1 lililli 1 lilll
Wbit ii illl you treat t Annlii Goodwill t for
win1 yuu mw her ut Mrs jollI I huiitiu
Tor lion iii uttleni if II t lii tiurt I iilwi pre
frlljid for lalI in thoobdoiinn I did not
eiiiiiniio IIIT
Thiii I hit dl1 IOU mean liy tollliiBlbcr In
the tflu lliiit nluht when > uu tuok bar to In
hliuw e tliut f > uu wuro not iesiiii Ible for tier
i liilili I mount be r rlrLoain wits Ihe I wit I
Dd 1 i IIIIIIIII Iititi f tll liI111 gt 1
raltlnl I I iitnl ti nt 110 I iila UH I j lla I Iml J wire l hut
vtjipij liii Ml Mr t r Illi 1 ii li uja i Vtlli A tithe <
I oilwlii ho did 1111 I anil I I to t lukii her tu Jim I
bbuwiliUH luMotlio b uddioiit Hiit llm J rl
liuil i1 vii lilm I i yjtilli I I Nil cvi l Ills I < 11 11 I
mail Jmd 1111 with linn t Mm Iolllue
1la lUtM < bu u wumiu loom I In Ilio I IIIK ilia t
PuSh WsJlt to 7dre hlnWB bionic by nlfoot I our
Is multi M IIII i li H h I ies hu c I ulr
If I roil I tkinw wluliiy I wr set
wlivii YOU left 1 1 s e < Villii C iiounlion coil j
541 SI II IIJr elclud pine I iiot ru t
UI 1111
iiri biswe I
J Tim ui ilKinr nrliril i und I mil r sit Hint I
Ii I liiid wt ut i Iin I lijuii Li iiinil I 111111
U JI I etllCl 139143 I iiii IUI Jilt late I
ni inni t fr duiiciini IddiCeco ulilenrnni I
buvrrs oyilmul uu JSa ali 1 lilbils iin0 ui IC i I
gsa buy I hi t I hiu IJUIS Ig I Ivh4 hi eD
IsJtcl 411 If iulJijoii
Ill atriagtdtte lu lit I I tylilaCCe chair vrrr I Mn
ful I
> Ir Illin IM uioil the dm ffiii 1ilock
I iinunr 7 In i llin I I I f tli sit I lsf Ji41 ul Dm lily a
lii I 10 1 fit I llUl fill IfCl I KllJfll I llllJl I I S I
jr 4 I cal I lif I lie 11 i d iillun o Mint H mins I
ui un iip Ii l lii < A i Iliir Jiilows IUM fur r
14 I liinjr < lu 1 luilittl llttl lilt UicS hOe C fr Ol I
i 4ti ifiiiin wit I iiiimir 1 in I Iii on JC iiiii I
ljl ll I al lj 1 111111111 IwlllHl I Illl I ill I
I ii ho I I O I be ii i hicul ii tail it whit cJ41 t
in lit f 5 JI l i Iy l III 1 an vtiu ha < l eg n
iuliii I < i 1 Jilita nititrutitii ejinruu tu Iii
g > uir Jut tiotll I 11 ilut Juif dice J
Two Rklp Load orHnmatrft Tobacco that
Oncht to be Her and Ar Not
Collector Erhardt presided yesterday at the
biggest kindergarten tho Custom House has
had since war time FKtrthroo customs
offlalals crowded Into tho Collectors office to
receive Instructions concerning tho operations
of tho new Tariff law which goes luto effect on
Monday In the gathering all the
atborlnl were al deputy
collectors the representative men of the Naval
Oftlco nnd of the Surveyors department end a
sprinkling of talent from tho Appraisers
I stores 01 Krhnnlt wan flanked by his special I
I deputy collector Mr Couch and by Collector
Morgan of lull 0 A number of roplos of tho 1 I
new bIll had been forwnt ded from S hnutoti
and the provisions wore explained anil cam i
t mented upon Time ncsslon lasted until after
daik and lor the not mr < nlh them will bo
I roiiotltlonn of there kindergartitn oxenilses
Aiiptusler Cooper has sent for 100 copies of
the now Tariff act The entry department of
I the Custom House will bo open until i oclock
unt ocock
this afternoon Imports too Into for entry bo
fore that hour will come under the new law
The NetherlullR American steamships I
Zaandnm and Workendam hnvoblg cargoes I
of Sumatra tola < ro that will be tnxed cnrtoes f I
uound If the dont In
ships got pretty early to
day Tho nnndnm usually makes tho trip
from Ilotterdum In thirteen days She was
sixteen days out last night It is eonioctured
nil I
I Weather that sho has run UP against bOm rough I
The nallfax Herald Say It is an Act or
TVar AicalBiit the nrlttcb Empire
HAUTAX Oct 8 Dlsouaslnc a Boston Herald
article on the effect of the McKInley bill I
Europe the Halifax Herald will say tomorrow
Whatever other countries may do we con
ceive it to be almost imperative on Great Britain
to take decided action In the matter The Mo
Klnley bill has boon passed with the avowed
purpose of coercing Canada into severing her
connection with the British empire and be
coming a part of the United States I is
therefore In Its nature an act of war on the
British empire to brine about its dls
membonneut Canada to use their own I
words Is to be punished for remaining
worlB to Great JUrltaln The question
arises Can Great Urltaln stand Idly by
while that game is being played Will
Great Britain go on affording her enemies the
same trado facilities In her ports that sho ac
cords her own children She may for a time
but we do not believe she will continue to Uml
long The case for discrimination against the
UnIted States In view of the policy that they
have adopted is too strong t bo successfully
roasted The empire cannot afford to stand I
Inactive while commercial war Is I waged against
any of Its parts more especially whon the
avowed pnrs that war Is t accomplish the I
humiliation and dismemberment Of the em
ciro Itlel
Leda JLa Montague Contend tha BbeTVaa
Extradited Only to lie Tried for Arson
MONTBEAI Oct SAt the La Montague mur
der trial at bhorbrooke today Lcda La Mon
tague tho mister of tbo wife of tho murdered
man and tho only oyowltnoss of tho tragedy
was called to the witness stand The woman
whoso Might to tho United States and subse
quent extradition from Boston caused 0 sensa
tion flipped into the witness box In an ex
cited manner The Blblo was banded to her
but sho refused to tako the oath saying I
romeo to testify because I havo not boon ex
tradited to this country to testify but upon the
charge of arson
Judge Wurtelo rnled that tho witness was
extradited upon one explicit condition that of
protection against prosecution f r any crime
anterior to extradition other than that for
which she 8 extradited She was now un
der jurisdiction of the Court and must tes
tify Tho woman persistently refused to tes
tify and the Court gave hor until tomorrow
to reconsider her decision I AB sho was the
only witness of the crime her testimony is of
the utmost Importance
Oeorffo AT Fnllman Niece Suing for a
Reparation from Her husband
CHICAGO Oot 3Mrs Emma 0 Itatbborne
formerly Miss Pullman nleco of George M
Pullman began In the Superior Court today a
suit for divorce against hor husband Rlcbard
W Itatnborno Jr The parties to the suit are
of Chicagos 40 Thoy wore married the bU
says on April 4 1878 and lived happily to
gether until 1883 On Sept 1 of that year after
submitting to indignities too frightful to men
tion the wife says she left her husband
Hho secures him of Infidelity and says she boo
hitherto refrained from taking steps toward 1
separation because of the public scandal that
would follow She kept the matter secret hop
Ing o sbu declares tWit she might dlo bo
torn the exposure and consequent disgrace
MrA ilatliborno ends hot long < tory with tho
declaration that sho believes that her hus
lands excesses have partially deranged Ills
mnd She Is now living with her father at 37
Dank street Mrs Ituthborno in tiling her
bill forestalled her husband who will now file
across bill
George Uaneroft Ninetieth Itlrthdar
NEWPOBT Oct 3 Today the venerable historian
torian George Bancroft reached his ninetieth
year having boon born on Oct 3 1800 Early
this morning Mr Bancroft was about but not
so early as his grandchildren who wont to his
room with beautiful llttlo bouuutta and
wished their grandslro many happy re
turns From 10 oclock this morning until late
thIs afternoon ellknovn oummer reeldcnm
stopped at the Bancroft villa on the < Ifq to
tender tlinir congratulation Only one or two
saw Mr Ituifroft for be kt pt bin room nearly
all day Ho brightoued up considerably whoa
1 despatch from Chief Justice Fuller tender
I Inc cordlii fellcltutlona was placed In his I
huns Then all line from Mr J Bancroft
Davis of Washington and later n cry hearty
ono from Mr Georno William Curtis Scores
of other tolegnunH WIO rtCHiVuil Many very
lieantlful flora offering nero tent to the iilx
tlimulBhed citljon The heiltbof Mr Bancroft
IK very good but hid friends deem It prudent
for him to avoid oxcltimiit und for this
reason bit did not rocolvn till visitors today
> lr Iluncroft nnd life family will leave In a tow
days winter for WusliluKtou and there pass to
Custom Iloiik DshflhlS > to Get Uuek Their
Collector Erhardt on advices from Washing
I ton yesterday restored Deputy Naval Officer
Herbert I Taylor to his place under Mr
I Willis In all probability be will perform a
like service today for Deputy Burioyor
Ik orlco tota RUrIou Aery
li Csthin 1 1 nnd John W Corning These throe
auHonm ulllcluls Sari I rimnied oil an In
terpretation of tint tVuaiiry regulation I
by Attorney Ueneral Miller ubu mum
tniuei that then nan no authority for the
pimiiunt of shore him I one deputy naval
ot cur uud one donuty survnyor Huriuror
Lion uud rithui I I Irl dliyorod with Jlr
1tJr IThH
wltl Ifr
Miller At lull a ciautu woo iui > eiti > d in the I
IJolluluiicyblll which provided for tbe payment I
I of limo extra duputl um
I II Ilt ou lie UHM I
A > nuBT IaMiK Oct iiArthur tllller ul this
uliu ftl oi > injtnl HI nit early hour bin morn
ihig it tiec for 111110 tittuit I
111 110 mll IUU OIII111 forged
cluck upon the inun biiuU of mule town Koine
ol ties i iieiln were not tiriOUilei lit llm bunk
uutll r etsgaJoy ufUrioouwli nuy well ino
iiouncid by iunouililui t l li I I rKcrio MllUr
U I I y JI1 hilts old iiJ lju I orate it pod iijJij
lAtiuu Ui IHI 11101 iito Ihu lull of biltllilf
l Ills 1 ruiitf mid JII Ic f liiiyasd tlt M Jou
Ild him to fWati tile l ell In j j I
I BIO fur I Yhltiiiie No I
lulul Wkhiwd C oukllo of this Irlnc
tr llt Utlou wits dliiultwd Ifinn lUvluf Soy i
hej4pg uu hOSt ichlcWMu Mstitiw 1 1letl
hlll f the Vot Jcuryvcvuhti street eIsthm
wc tinil no far egeieety iKiidiun u rf >
tel s er liit liuoiiiii mmlhur thirr 11 tint
11051 Sin UOlrJ Tlr tiys iriiiufmrii ft iij
liiiuij urlil 1 tuuoii Iii Jint t Tyt 1 nr nnOUl
us ci I nulU inil ultiuinu Mlnitlou Ifviu
It nctli kiet I I J lesl t high ujflti stiit t
Th Clrdn Line float nuefcetrit IMC Her
Cotton nail Thea f Tnwe Over to the
Jersey Flat to nave the Fire Browned
Fire was discovered In tho cargo of the
steamship Iroquois of the Gydo line Jackson
ville to Now York when she was 01 Cape May
I yesterday mornIng The cargo consisted of
about 8000 tons of bale cotton and a few
hundred tons of Pon thorn merchandise The
hold Is divided Into four compartments Tin
man on patrol on the lower deck smelled smoke
coming from the first of the two forward
compartments and reported to Capt Penning
ton Tho comiiartmonts aro provided with
perforated walls and steam pipes so that In
ease of fire in tho cargo nteain cnn bo turned
on to quench It This was done Immediately
with the compartmont In which the fire wa
Doattt wore cot ready In ease they should be
needed There were twonty passengers on
l onlor
board and to prevent them from smelling
smoke the deck abovo tho hold wo closed
The steamship cnmo up to Quarantine at 2
P M ana stopr > e < l anti the Health Officer
made his Inspection Ho heard nothing of tho
fro At 3 oclock she reached her dock at
tho foot of Door street and the paxson
gore dltembarkoil They know nothln of
the lire A hundred lonushoremen were
put to work unloading her catso They did
not know of the lire for at least half an dil I
The stream had knot It nmolilerlnu but hud
not tmt It out and presently there wore evi
dences of tire in comportment number two
and the team was turned on there
The oilleers did not dare to open the com
tare oPln
partments The longshot amen discovered
that tomotblne wan wrong and wanted to
quit Tho ctevedoio suo coded In keojing
thom at work antI by 0 oclock the cargo lathe
two after combat tnuonts was discharged
Then word Wile sent to tho Chapman Wreck
lug Company and thorn waR a consultation
I wns doclilid to tow tho boot over to tho Jer
soy flats and to flood the two compartments
This could hove teen I done at the dock
but time extent of tho lire could not
bo ascertained and there was a
possibility thut It would bo nocefwary to beach
bar after all and she would noesHar the way
ber Shortly before oclock two tugs towed
her off The fat that she was on lire had not
been reported
to the police and very
few people nutflldo tlO tho mon who Were
working on hor know anything about it
There was no Men of fire above dock Cnpt
rounlngton and nil the ofUcers deck went
down to the Hats with her and tlic Superin
tendont of the Company Pirn went down in a
tuuboat after midnight
The Iroquois Is H stool boat built In Decom
her 188b by Cramp t bons is 280 feet long
nnrt registers 2210 tOns Her compartments
wore nil open at Charleston where sho took on
nor cotton and thoro was no sign of lire thon
The Hoard of Omcrm and the IrIsh Uric
ado AxaclallOD Mpcak for Him
A meeting of the Hoard of Officers the
ElxtynlutU Regiment nt which throofourths
of tho members wore present adopted lust
evenIng these resolutions
Whereas Tho press and tho public has been
misled by allocations that tho Sixtyninth
Regiment bns leon deteriorating in numbers
and discipline and
Whereat Tho military character and ability
of our gallant Colonel and his Adjutant has
been assailed In thn same way and these
slanders may have a bud effect If not stamped
out n once therefore bolt
J olctd That we the officers assembled
at a regular meeting do denmin0 theso state
ments as false > they are malklou and In
tended to do ioiuiy to tho organization to
which wo have tho honor to belong and be It
Jtesolrrrl That wo havo the utmost confi
deuce In the ability and zeal 01 Cal Cavanagh
abiiy nol 01
who has guided the tortunea ot tho regiment
to Its present bleb state of efllcloncT and that
we emphatically endorse hid opinion that Ad
jutant Murphy Is oiiual if not supurlor to any
Who crecedi him t onJ
On Thursday enlnctho Irish Brigade As
sociation mit and pusxed roolntlons to the
effect that LiourCol JloranB charges of lu
compitoiicy ucalnst Col Cavanach and Adjt
Murphy wr false and that tlio bixtynlnths
present vflldency had ne er been excelled in
all its glorious career
AJb ama Folk Wondering Whose Capital
I In Thai Enterprh
MoiTooMcuv Oct 8General Manager
Galtborof the Alliance Exchange In this city
offers to advance monoy on cotton to tho
farmers of Alabama He has it is said
enough money at his disposal advance f3l
a bale on 500000 bales and he Bays that all ho
asks II that tho farmers shall hold their cotton
for his agents In this weeks lesno of tho
Alliance Herald a uotlo addressed to Alliance
anco warehousemen and to every Individual
Alllnnot man throughout Alabama and signed
by John D Harris mnnncer of the cotton de
partment of the ixohnuKo ilr horns states
that hu Is dally rollnl more letteis than he
can answer from farmers desirIng advances
on their cotton lie adilH
I wish tosiy tn toil Alliance men When you
havn cotton to sell get It 1 in lots or ilk to 1000
bales nail while you nr hulking it place It
whore there Is I railrcad ttutiuu agent and
toll this station ngent to unto to his gosiorai
II elelit asaut and ulM YOU time through rate on
the cotton from that particular station to
LIverpoOl ami wluui you hate this rate write
or vlnmo and than Iran toll you how much
I can pay you on uiy bURl 1 will pay for the
coon through the nearest bank Jay
Korybody hero uutslde thu Alliance is won
llanco 1
doting whore the money comes from
Exprei Freight riled Up In Jersey City
Tho reduced force of men at work on the
Adams Express Companys pier In Jersey City
found much dllllculty last night in handling
the freight and In consequence the freight
was piled up almost to the toot The mon
havo been compelled to work Horn sixteen to
eighteen houi s a day and even the groan
hands hmo begun to show signs of dli > Batld
Inst nluht Caller Marshall who has lean l <
with the company for tlve roars uud Southern
Freight 1ntry Clerk 1lioliw roslgiied bacausa
of the nuniluT of IHHIIK tlioy have brett coin
pulled to work This added to the dlltlculty
of handling the freight Asslfctiint hupurlnt
dent irauk Itichardmi tiled 10 dip the work
that hud tiidfl done Ij 1lnlim but tie wne corn
tolled > to give up tiupeilnteniloiit MnIlliiiins
mil charge ot the tniin and HUB unliii all his
shorts to net the freight cleared
Father rrun l < ilt at Umlttm Hour
The Io Inthur Joseph JrniiKloll the ton
erablo pnator ol hi letuts l Church in Iliook
lyn wan HO low ut u late hour lutt sight that
it was not tipuciod thai hn o > uii euru lie
much loiiKur Nemly ull this iliim lie IM 1111
cunoclou uiul ii vIsitor situ allowed iilnii
don iii his IM dulilu Hr lM < iiiliircft > t said iiit
night that tlie end coulil not bo lur oil
Hibuol COwwUtluioi lIUb r Uttlgm
Bcbool foiriiiUtiiinr Iucli n N Iltchvr of
JXJDU UlMini tllyr niviiud Inin Ida Hoard of
ldiuiitioij yatlordar lie wise a Jti publican
AIIi HUH ill I inI I niuim tall cii tlii i lluurd true
er tidCd araimiot Muier tuIuaen
Juif Juvru ha jtiilsi M MUujii dlrferc Io Lii
all 4bJTUkU lIMW U Ifbld UI1I IUP MlillUHU
Uiu Uafti 4 lr > fi has ladI i y4oiulJ l Jutl ul
ft sell 1 UIUIUUH tieI KM e lll III tmitlllf
itf tu4g Mftif ut tbf vgpftm Lvuri
H M ttUi a III t I e3 J u < iui ala III Cui > iiut
tfl > ltoct Miid iilaaldlilO I itiit ne ui i > d
fittcm4ol Ivi uiMlr dois iii tum niiac iiujMiU
41 this spend l u > > lllif ul flit UuOl ul lilltttvll ul
Itt wf4L ni lea ltd filn > d I ominui jttttr4 <
r 5OILiIi4iIa5 tulv uMt w Hi ttm fodoMk WHiit n
yiaiSuulg ttulttm Kniutbw l e101el4 slIck
Ifllwt tmi tin IIHIU lUuibir u4 > Kiiijiiitu
lash u S f sl l > ilu m ilvtitttu uu lufin Uit ituI I
i a tufti t K w4 Ill 0 tttr i5 i t lur Mia btLg t
ttft slid M i luiir IIi pas sic Wi tlLrts iii Ita
AIadifSf 54 0 Jiiiot iii a ushuui 4411 do
lywr iieo I > ae4 9 Lii 4ia I i i
ll St lid I iaSIC hacpuiaaa ll 1 e > 19 III a lllll I lf
11 fAif KblK ll > LI i 1 I i1 i IIIK w I
Hi 4ttii m Vlr frU i M II a Ic J ISaCI i i t > 41
lIliiiiUiI La cc ci S suad I i dI a ii d
4 intuHjf Himwt I n itti ii n f C I i i < iCe i
gsu > till 14 tela t b i 1 S Ii I I i I I IM 0a0 t u
iii ml p u ChiV ui 4s ui 4 9 a a 11 ii 4 bit I a nt
biahIy of lalb he em s imoutli CIa 0CIIaWC If
sUi5I IfUU i41 cli tilia i 311uSd ill In H I
wsti JeluU L 411w19 Lui d Ciciaq clad OT duty i
Susie Uh1t WUIbIL I
L4JVGrOJv3 oanr TO ntrn
p Arkaowlrdcf It Frankly und Tslii
What the Proldrnt Maid to Him
Pcyirginwto Oct 8John M Lancstnn ar
rived hero this afternoon frm Vn lilmton
and tonight re ehtd a public welcome at
LsncftonUnll where un Innnens ciowd of
colored men and women were assembled
Langston made a long spMoh In which ho de
clared that us lone ns ho was In Con rets ho
would not or mare any distinction n no omit
of color lie said that 1m hind shakou hands
with President Harrison nt the White House
on Thursday and tho lr > sldent had paid to
him Laneston it Is true that yon carried
I your district by 8000 majority and the Htato
of Virginia for Harrison and Morton by 3000
majority Qo back to your district and re
member that you have tho support of thin Ad
Langston also said that If be won Indebted to
anyone man for his neat In Coneroas it was to
Speaker Heed whoso name would be one of
the most Illustrious in tim history ot this or
any other country
Supported by Mouth CarolUa Krpnbllonni
It May Itefeut Tlllmnn
OotountA Oct a A call will be Issued next
Sunday by the Btrnlghtout Democracy of
Marion county for n Stato conference of
stralghtont Domocrhtn toasi > emulu In this
city on Wednesday next for the purpose of
nominating a Domocrntlo candidate for Gov
ernor in opposition to It 11 Tlllman who was
nominated by the regular Democratic Etato
Convention on Sept 10 It li afoiegone con
clusion that Judge A C Haskell President of
the Loan and Kohango Danl of this city and
a llfelone Democrat will be the unanimous
choice of this eonforonoo In addition to
15000 or 20000 stralahtont or antlTlllman
Democratic voters It Is certain that Judge
Ilankoll will receive the solid Republican vote
of tho State This may make him the next
Governor of South Carolina
Pittsburgh Ota Mannfaetarera Helping
Him In His right lor ltc leetlon
PnrsnnBon Cot 8The glass manufartur
ers of this city who will bo greatly benefited
by the operation of the McKinley bill arc rats
inc money to aid Major McKinley In his cam
paign in Ohio for reelection to Congress A
number of McKtnleys friends met and sub
fcrlbcd liberally to tho fund and then ap
pointed committees to visit thn manufacturers
who wore not present George A Macbeth
and the Attorburys who lean toward free
trade refused to contribute It was learned
that thu committee also mot with a very chilly
reception at several other places
DO inr GOES ouio on
Independent Comnnnle Cornred by the
Htandard and A Reduction Ordered
FINDLAT Oct 8The Standard Oil Company
this morning ordered a reduction In the price of
orudo petroleum from 37 cents to 35 a barrel
The Independent companies which aided In I
forcing prices from 15 cents to 37J have beeS
cornered by the Standardnud the price of Buck
eye petroleum 11 llkoly to fall as rapidly as it ad
vanced The producers who have been push
Iner drilling operations are alarmed The
Standards agents are buying all the lands
and lenses they can obtain but at Croat lots to
the original owner
Bold to Have Eloped with aa Anarehllt
ELIZABETH Oct 3Mrs Feaoo Abberlo ot
High street In this city U fald to have run
away with Charles Klopp one ot the Anarchists
who were encased in a riot some months ago
with tbo Elizabeth pollen Klopp was under
tMO bail to stand trial for that affair nt this
term of court Ufa bondsman IB Samuel hal
lenbirgor Mrs Aliliiile it is saul took J5UO
with hor leaving her husband who la a car
ppntor with only fuirtoen cents In his pockot
She also left their twoj earold boy
Drank from n Poisoned VelL
READING Oct Somebody put a quantity
of poison In a well nt Samuel Qrolnors on
Erhrata Mountain and members of the fam
ilies of Mr Grelnor Alfred Buzzard Henry
Hoover Milton Klchelberger Henry Fnsnacht
anal Georco Whitney who drank from the well
were made ill Samuel Greiner died today
from the effects ot the poison Several others
may not recover
Vermont Tribute to Frederick Bllllnit
MOVTPEIJZB Oct 8The following resolu
tion was adopted by the Legislature today
Hirlr That the General Assembly of Vermont
recognizing the great lois which Chic Rtate DAB PUB
tamed In the deatli of tier dlntlnculBheJ cola and citizen
Frederick Uflllnire of v odBtocfc and apPreciating his
bleu obaraoler and worth hie putillo Cervices Anal hiB
puhllc benefactlout deeply mourn Ills death and hereby
tender their Bincere avnipathr to hU family aud ideals
lu their great bereavement
The YVeitther
It wu steady and itmowry yesterday In all parta ot
the country accept the weBt Ualf Stales Colorado and
Wyomlnr The rain fell In hseyy shower In the Middle
Atlantic State ant l UlBOurL The horthwcet storm
created rain sail hUh winds tn that section and was
tbe only storm centre In th country The wind on
the coast were high In the morning becoming light
and blowing of abor except In ihle neighbor
hood In tbe Upper allaiUalppt valley and eaetwarit
the weather ii as warmer the teinptrature ronnlna
above SO lu South Dakota and Minnesota wblU tots
welt and southwest It WHS 40 to 60 colder In
Wyoming U was B below freezing The cold weather
was pressing to the south and east and It wilt be colds
today In all the Blairs west of the Ulnliilpl
Hearr rain fell In this city In the morning and light
ruin In the afternoon aud eenlng The highest Gov
ernment temj erature Was tal > 9 lowest ui a eriige hn >
mldltr 52 per cent winds brick northeast to southeait
Today promlies lu be snowery alit warmer and
loniorrow fair and cooler
The thermometer at Jerrys pbarmaor la Tn > sine
building recorded tide temperature yesterday as follows i
IHM t ISle I IkH 4 IUB I
SAU ° 6a 8 SOP M 8 72
0441 4i ° 81 eubl 42e 68
Uti M IH Ul M ci l B3
ISM 04 70 IJXIld 6U 04
Average s 1
Average ou Oct a iteu tn >
IHHII omen lomciii TILL H r sr saTgCDsy
For llatna New Ifamshlr and Vermont showers
followtd by fair vteatber k04itherly Kinds stationary
he aid mc raiu re
lor I lU chuitis Illiode I Jenat < sat I Connecticut
liRliily warmer eoutherly winds Bhowers followed
ruturds > uioriiing ly fair weutlirr
r 14101 iL I aid Ulaa fhlaaWfd Ly flit aaieitor
louthtrly ultuii usual itlylillv vjrmti
tat Srw Jr > ir nbui ers followed br fair weather
Saturday noruiug klightty raruer southwesterly
glar thefilstrli of rotuintla eatrn Pennsylvania
JieUware and Uarrtnud eligtlly farmer westerly
winds and fair weather
yi > r weitern teW tork and C esiern rennsrlvaiila
sllditlf waiuier iuiiiwi l > rir winds sliovers fol
used by fair weather lJluri
sl4uIs Ituni IlIi1iilvJf4Iu
JuDcii i lilies uluiirr late Ci t tli ioI ffi 1 ot it
lli > Mi Juuii I we iallae4 eistiiay iitrui < Ju
11 J ii4rijc fau u
f 1 li t aiuo r < i ill1 l J OIIC iJru ui ha dl I r n i 11 bIt
TlturitU 5e i C C 4 riiul i rawr J Cl Coal 4 > fj >
1HU f ci iiiiidttil ci lHt ale lae Ht iff t ii or
sail tiOUU < J II it 5e l > fiit wl f t r nty Mri irtfl
gil vcii iddl j Sc 41 t 5 Cal it a f r J
I Mi uri J f a UMII a M C in M at t I ftiij t all
ala ll < ri l i liSle I i Kl I rtlliMl C < f
Pa i i r it MI J ha i a i i if <
Iii I f I t > at rur a op i a Jl a w > < Pbb I kl > Hii >
toaaaluiiaeI n 1 > > uf i 4fiy lit
ft I vll llt a > a IH a llsit M I t MH All I f l4n Olliji < cS
sob I d ba jail a Ja Ca Ociuk I
l < u ply 11114 Hrir iiifiiotM i u dtiIad < ittt
f I fuIiaaelaac 1 fitUii JiiiHj I u m hay JI M ai5 < hi
iae5 tVtd b i > II ilaIalalCIa a tIiila i 14 J
I Cell r < Jt > laaaf Ii lag ala KHI laiaIa V 5 4 IIaatla 45 Ii tri t >
5aelaiaipst Old 411 51 oJ 513 aaf cia deaiu
ri rJ jrirutt I > jj4iMl a < i a M < uvulfifi c I i J 9
II fcU U UtfT ta ijflll M II r f I 4I4 J c a I
lascit al hut 5 dc5 idilau Ciii I ai It 49f
0S Ib aI cal I 4 0 C IS I I
HI p I < J I Ie < i I re tf ii I It Ml e <
esflIafla I > I 4 < aalI I < a J
ji i a r i r < bnlI i i lgv t
It lad b a a > f >
4id < W I I > jr it i i
Ia5 I 4 I ij a I a 0 I
I l al a a ii a lull J 1 > a it u 4 > M 1 I P
hI t adlttaio I fKI 6 ft < f 1 > 4 > Jwf leaad t k
juiprl 419 i ItiiMili liaL PC trk 4 > eai
lli 11 eliuwlli ILI te I I tii4tti Imntil tie Ca v Si
e 919 lefts I via dserel Mf t4Ui lUpvoset
OS ioiii i
Food Shoes Carpets Olothosf
Goal All Up 0i
Producers Propose to Got Somo Profits
Out of the tonsumcri
Can Independent of the Tariff alar Pi I
due d the Kle und Will OoOa rrodaelBfl
It Tbe Tariff Help As te > Cigar I
Clothe unit Carpetn Nhiie ore JUearei >
lleeanwe Hide and Tanneries sir BearetOe
Food In Hearer neeanie Crop are Hhort 4
Applejack flegnues them are No Apples
The Tendency I Still Upward
The poor tuna who Intends to live tnU
coining year will baro to pay dearer for tho
privilege than ho did last year unloss ha lives
on pork mid sugar and tonnonny nails and
Wears ha nil clothes Ills broad will cost him
moore than It did last your because Hour Is SO
tier cent higher His potatoes and beans will
cost him mora because there has been a short
croo Ills canned goods such M tomatoes
corn and pens will cost htm more because tha
manufacturers of tin cans have had to par
moro for thoir tin Thoironof vegetables ex
elusive of tomatoes was short too Last year
some ot the dinners sold their goods at a
sacrifice in order to got rid of thoin Them
was an overtiroductloti Many of these
canners wont out of the business at the end ot
the Reason The supply this year will more
nearly equal thai demand It may not equal
the demand The result wIlt bo high prices
Tomatoes are plenty but with the canneries
running at their full capacity they cannot can
them fast enough to keep them from spoiling
They ought to bo cheaper than they were last
year but tho tin cans will keep thorn up
Fruits will bo a luxury that the poor man
wont bo ebb to indulge In Tho crop boa been
small everywhere except In California There
wont bo nearly BO much canned as there wan
last year
The poor mans tea will cost him more be
cause It has to bo paid for in silver and sliver
Is higher now than it was Then the tea crop
wasnt as big as It might have been He may
be able to buy coffee for loss than it costs him
now Coffee has boon high for some time be
cause the demand for ft was almost equal to
the production The high prices induced more
men to KOI Into tim coffee crowing business
and moro coffee is produced in consoqneno
lImo supply will bo moro than the demand
probably and lower prices will result
Ho will havo to Day more for his boots and
for his childrens shoes because the price ol I
leather has increased at least 20 per cent Bin
clothing will cost more because wool has od
vnnced In price 10 oer cent His wife can bur
her clothing about as cheaply as she did last
year however Ills house rent will bo higher
U he has a house by himself because the de
mand for small houses Is creator than the Li
supply and rents will be higher It will oosti
him more to keep warm because the price ot
coal has advanced 25 cents or more a ton It
be neods now carpets be will have to pay moro
for them because the price of carpet wool has
advanced and time jute that Is used In the man
ufacture or many oarceta will cost more If he
needs now crockery orulasiwaro that will cost a
him moro Ilia pots and kettles will cost bla
a cent or two more each a
Altogether living will be an expensive luxury
Dying will bo rather expensive too for the
price of cofllnn has none up
Tho increase lu the price of the necessaries a
of life baa been going on now steadily for
pearly a year and according to Information a
BUN reporter has obtained the past week It la
not going to stop for some time yet On an
average everything Is ten per cent higher
now than It was a year ago Just the reason
for this inoreueo it la bard to find It may bo a
an ono business man expressed it
The producers of this country have been
working for nothing too u bug They havo
made up their inlmtto make money now and
the consumers have got to pay for what they
got The producers control the market That
la they have got it well In hand now and they
are going to keep It woll In hand
A comparison of the prices of staples In gro
caries this year and last la Interesting Tha 1
following tatili shows tlu > oncss lair the two
rears on tho lowest and the best average grads
Sept isso Stpt IS X
Onnulalea Kif r p rB if Bi i
HourUlnltr wheat P UWS5A to < 30O a7a
Klour airliiK wheat pU Soua 0J3 075 O 61U
lustIer creamery per H J 4 a 24
ihetit fuil Cream Oi lag U
Rlc choIce aS 5 CI a
Coilee brit roxit Java Sc 25 W 31
TolTcB beet F < Atflil IUO a4 20 S 37
Tea Japan uitnor 2th < 4 23 22 t5 37U
Tho only article on this list that 10 1
cheaper than lust year la granulated sugar
Thi reason that costs less Is that the crop of
cnno tins year Ic fur in excess of what it was
lust Tbo Huiiir Tiuit nat blamed for high
prii OH luit year but TrollInformed men say
ihatth uno crop was short and therefore
tho sugar cot more In low nnil medium
erode IUUR wbi b are not down on tho list the
ai a Ig tarcn ii aaa flralOft At tn nt
nluo conts n pound inure now than they did a
jiiiruyo Low grade Amoyn which cost 1JH
cents a ound i now cost IB Young hy on 11X
cents n pound now Formosa oolongs have
Incroifoil troui 18 to 27 ants a pound The
bluh gruda teas do not oho w bu large an In
A comparlBon of tho prices of canned good
nhows In uonio COACH a larger Increase than
thorn but bdi iii stunUd Cannod pouches
that < out tilot l year tl 1 JO a ilouu cue will cost
IJ7S this tear Oilier griulos bate gone un
from 1325 to I3W and fr un MM to 1375 a
di7in Aliplen haxu duublnd In price Last
loam a gallon can cost 12 This year it costs
14 Ahthur Ii ale bun mhanred from 2BO to
H5U Other cauiioii goods mo shown in this a
Arpl iliaC Sf L 1HBGL 11
nUeklirrrle 7S w au w0atI ill
i lurrlr white 5 Kl M8J IV 2 nyc r SO i
illiaLerra5 > u 2 I 25 I4 I 13 i ua 140
Coruo J 1 ordinary Uj It 5 Wai l 1 IM
aa i ebtia I I a 1 40 i io3 i to
ifeauaMriiK orluary In i1 7ba HI
hirliu ekiri n as I si aRIa I 75 a
Jiiiiu unlit cry I ui I I III I ill I 4O
iiiaai bia i4 I 00 5 Il4 I 7
Tomatoe > u A uniUi 10 Id I laO 104 I ijo
Nt a J riru I li 9 a5 I il > I ha I I 11
Ieis Marriwluts I iu I I J I IB I I 40 t
I rv June I ir I il 1 2aaj I 00 a
MilllioU i II l0 tt 1 < M 403 I
Iataiia I ui If I S I i < t I ai
1oataley I Ki M t cal lcc as
Jl lceii I oik that com tlJ nriil till a laarrl las
yeui hii coiie un llfti leui i e lirrnl Lara J
diaL ruit lUDI u burr I luAt tier now uont a
IH7 I I mil CiK mo i u ctut inurr a il iaaguii
jriiil I n I rC i a on ljr iitH a i < hal agaInst a 4
Jii a CKIUN lui t HUI ironcti tiruuuj out > i a
mi uiii run b cnMK TO err
1 IS I linn IT th KI ir wee ask ii
Iin i disc I i II In iuuil i iii I i IM IIQ fcaidt
Tim i HI I cijiii n 4 41014 wii fniii hat duels ur
Ilifully h i hiir > > tlii cia I I ciop In I a uruuU
II I l mil i l Kul m In niil 11 5aJa i east u
taa > Jliirkx M ll > HI un C C ul in Hi H fitul huh
Ulu I in < ili lli Iir ii I IIUHI tier Illll n K < JOl a a
KII1M tlcll latiS If t lOCal Cil ItWIlllf till
lit I l III H a I III I UK Ullll Wlll tterss ISa
liu i ir i 1 lel l l tSi t n i > rn < uti liaaiaCa lund
I i tail hi a ii l un i Him a i lu < > ii r ha iho
Ul flU itO I It I I ll r C tji I lied u uit >
if ill un ii 1111 < o 4tii a < a
I IHI I mi l a lim Ulcc i 1 i S Cf f the wirier a
d II H I gal ll IIIHil MilUIU wfilih 9014
lisic i i tIre ui a t alit iLaW I Ii > u Ituty III ltwi > j a
i ui jp n i u lnl I n i Ill ti 4 ill C um rilUVl Uli > I
i unlit in I in I mliim hu l MI ui u iaalilada mij
ruin Ii l > 11 ltu i a u t I ais inunl +
li ill a I IJ41 IU UiIMI III tlM li a Ot b euJatr a
till Ill IU tii II lulii I ill lu I flu l i usihhiaigis II
Il lv 5 illl tiacailc u I li I K li t iii alIlaQ
11 a I llll i j lflll Vkjj ii 1111 lJdhlJ will
I a IllI > I > V t t V 1 II 9 i III I t enC
C Il C a I II I I u Illl I Mini Hint I g tat
a ci t hip I v will ii frll a iJ
a al I I a III ii II a ii tat I I I i i
S I a I Ia t I i C H I II ad
I a I U I t H I I I a a II 4
I 1 I it a itnu a t t IIMJ I lxl c
4 i at C 4 J tao in fn i rind
III Hit It bjt I I III l iobe I I gljSS5
hagf I ca 501 iiial l uinUi ind in J5a
deod itc iUt Is pos lar iMllii T

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