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ti TT < r rrrW < 7
FATIKKSOlf AND rOITtttt SUt rzrar
HAM OF ran P ft rIll
Ill r d Oie II CoreiaeraSItaI
AIlIThCoflntIea to Aeljonra Their Com
I ttonOIbbS Foe heard From
The 1 I M t L hi f again undergone evolution
Municipal League
It II I 0 looler rockharna Lele
I Power Municipal
Lint the 1cckham Patterson rowe Muolclpa
j jiagUO Thoei who are building their hopes
on Mcnrliitr offices throuuh Its asencr de
Tt < ntlr Ib l that It would add another P and
tike In Sir Plait But Mr Hatt Is f fa away
and however much the oflloe seekers war
uJ his services lie will not bo back
In time to help thorn out The otbor Ps lat
tenon the republican county chieftain
Tower th County Nomocracy leader and
Pecltham the Leairue manipulator had their
Iuds 1 toiutuer yesterday although Mr Peck
hum has not yet eiorclfcd hli enlarged powers
ami appointed the nubcommittee on confer
ence agreed to on Thursday night Perhaps
bl may ooottltute himself a committee of one
s he has power to do In that wise the com
mittee appointed n Scottish flit Hall will be
apt to designate the committee to which they
p dttocated their powers confidence committee
The three PB who conferred yesterday bad a
llttlo outsldo assistance probably not contem
plated In the plans of the League mutineers or
thoM of Ibo conference committee ns a bole
Tho assistance was afforded by William M
Ides whose reputation for strength In politi
cal MrfttfBT In many quarters rests on tho firm
foundation of a belief that ho was the mean
of dtfeatlnir President Cleveland reelection
and thsthp meant It when he put up the job i
ihd result of yesterday conference of the
thr < ls and an I was I partly reached under
tandlnij that tho County Democrats will not
make > any nominations at their County Con
t V tention either on Monday night or on the
illht that It Is t then adjourned to and that tbo
Republican County Contention will nominate
candidates for only two or throe offices when It
again after thi Thirteenth district fight
mcelfl Inln Atr Tblte nl lht
IB I fixed up On the port of the P M L it Was
arranctd that 1U I nominations should bo put
oI M TODS aa possible and when made should
La elude the men prerlously named by the Re
This portentous conference Is S not tho full
ntuure of the political nativity of Manacer
Peokbam of tho P r L He found time to
other a committee supplication again before
eiratary Charles I l Falrchlld and to b
seech him for tho third time to let them hare
his 1 name to do their Juggling under tom jor the
third time be refused
tir also told of the peripatetic League
eonnilltea that It offered Its prize to Robert Ii
Itoosatelt and to Joseph J QD Ono 1 D
I tin tame result The name of the latter gen
tUman was particularly pleasing to some of
i tbe budding political strategIsts of the League
from their notion that he would draw romo
strength from the Wigwam Like most of tbo
Leafu plans thIs went amiss and Mr ODono
r hug riot only declined to be thus used but told
tbo Tiimmany people all about It
Tho County Democracy men at tho Now
Amtordam Club last night hud llttlo
lolam Int Illht h11 Tory to
say about their plans or pals last nlunt 1to > > y
were feeling pretty good overfhn result of their
fleht for equal representation In the election
Board1 Chairman Charles A Jacksonwho boro
the brunt of the legal contest was especially
soil pleased and even when ho ensured
questioners that tim Counties would surely
tame candidates n their County Convention
he was so morrr that no one could suppose
that lie meant It But ho did speak seriously
when be expressed the hope that Tuesday
morniui would sis tho lines defined on which
this muohmlxcdup campaign could bu
straightened on out and the engagement declared
onThis was a reference t tho meeting of tho
t p Stats Committees harmonlzers on Monday
eeiiing and not to the meeting of the County
Convention of Mr Jackson organization His
Executive Committee will meet this afternoon
nail arrange for tho postponement of the Con
Ire s conventions called for tonight In defer
ence to tho Stat Committees wish for Demo
clUe i unity on Congress and Assembly cnndl
The Republican surface activity yesterday
wnsconllned to a meeting In the Twentr ret
dlti let where as usual too talk was against
fusion nnd the beginning of Ibo work of tho
Committee of Five which Is to settle again for
the dozenth time the family light In the
Thirteenth district CommItteemen Murray
llHOktlold Van Allen Hubor and Nason tat
In tho chili room of the Olbbs faction and took
b the testimony of the CowleSnrasultos The
p witnesses were Lincoln W Meteod Charles T
Polliemus Knox McAfee and others They
thought there had been repeating on the part
of the partisans of the ever Wlcked Gflbs
nod all sorts of scheming to keep the Cowie
1 lies from voting Fifty or sixty ballots were
sold to have been In the box ten minutes be
I fore the time for opening the polls the tally
1118 were kept from the opposition watchers
to attention was paid to challenges and the
joilce did not pay any attention to violations
o < the law Tonight the Qlbbs men will bo
bead In r
An interesting ballot law oxnoiltlon bal
beon arranged for tonight at 776 Third ave
nnu by Tammany Leader John F Carroll
Yet more Intcrsntlng Is the announcement
that the JOhn J OBrien Association those
past masters voting under the oldfashlonod
system will give an exhibition of the practical
v orklnss of the new law at their annual chow
dir oiourslon next Monday tbel Rnua
Xrerybodr flee Looked at a Flcht bat
ilneob Worth IVatctieil tbe IIulloCc
It Is rather unusual to BOO a scoro or more
ten applaud by vigorous bandclapping twirl
Jag of bats and waving of handkerchiefs a
hal at the same time that a vigorous fist fight
I going on right in the mldalo of the hall
fudi au exhibition wa witnessed in Knicker
bocker Hall In Wllllamsburgb while the in
spectors of election were counting the ballots
cast by the
b Republicans of tbe Nineteenth
ward on Thursday evening Several hundred
persons woro present Capt Oorman Ser
geant Reardon and a section of policemen
Were on the platform KxSonator Jacob
orb who was opposing Andrew D Baird In
tbo contest for leadership In the ward sat
at the end of the broad table Ills silk hat
ttas well pulled down over his eros An un
liciitid cigar moved up and down al he alter
nately pro 8ed his teeth upon I and removed
I thu pressure A loud bum Of conversation
Was gilni on convorsaton
butlduuly there was abunchlncof men In tho
nldUlo or Ibo hal romo one got a smart
mack on Ibo cheek Half I dozen arm worn
1 raised and as many oleuchcd lists shot out
Ihero was a ruch of a policeman from out
platform and a general movIng of the crowd
toward th son oftlm affray Two tlu orowL
Wtjrs discontinued counting ballots nnd
ttocd cm their < hairs another swung well
oround and craned his nook With ono w1
p ri l vrr man In thu bal tried to BOK tho
light The exception win otHonntur Worth
i 10 hovel once took his eyea from tho ballots
II I did not raiu his hind lie wan there to
e that the count with right
iimo nm when It wouldnt have been wife
to w nl when ii count was being made Jaro
Wurth knew this Tho twenty men who ap
Ilaiidtd store not ineietd In tho light They
apilamli Worth lte didnt know It Worths
t fkot WUH beaten but the count wan fair >
V s > orth uiid so WI
And Find Tlimt Sir 1eeklium Hold Notb
luc or Tunimuujr Htriil Nov Uuy
The echoes of tbo Hcottlsh hue Hall meeting
of 1oeUumH Municipal League are not yet
tlllud There were toieral Burohard utter
once there that will bo hoard of between now
arid elccilon day Among
Amonl them II this extract
from H H DeuilDK1 spvecb
io Ibis city are hundreds of thousands of
foreigners who are ns IndllTeront to tbe spirit
ol our Institutions as though they Kill lived In
Jubllu oroik or Berlin Ibrenco or Vir
tail IDI i wlo Miiiply rcullje that i Mjlltics t
Ii 1 ev I s oiniJiOMili M and that lliur U I n iay
I I un out 1111 to 1 1101 I S of dolluri a it hail >
Mr I ckham wnii thought lo Imvcoiitrlb
t uJ to thi ttoi k of booinorantS but il clilni
I iitti > ninc uiil iiitilljnt I I lee II lo IJI r1 l ort
lou lolIJc un wd 1 j o seen by Ihv tolIoMriue loiro
N liiltr II Irrtham
lucas Hiiii Iii a rerort appfirloK In this
IOIII Jtr d or meeting of bo JVopli
League find i tiM foliowliiu panitfiuph
ft Iiellmiii 1 Hun went mm lb 4tl ili of the
Vheit pu id aII Ihl i 1 Ummtiir
151 Ie4 li t uiui < l freni 10 Ir tuu la
CWuaH l Iuw
JnwlnJ our rniiutlon anon linnorubla
110111 arid ul fnd Iwwxr I cannot
I dl hat 1 you mad mi < h H blat flIsni 01 lat I
1114 would mike I wlbiiut utietsatJsl l oil
ii Wr I HJ jj 1 luako tiji tatiini nt wllhou
ii I tll
kllclr J I g i r IUbllclir I tl I Ie iTd ucrt ui ioq
I4i3II I I II I luhd Ir UI R IiUIiii retrilua nt
Jors tiuly i TIL mi I P retIQl1 I
oinmlviiii r of IuMlu Work
1 Joli I 111 IIu
iyj I tlr tten With IIat in I
cfJ It Mr JII I
1 lr L a aLut
r SffrSSSu
ftllfl u
laIulr 1111 DOW Ir 9Ul c 1
nzrmsLfc4wa JBJB
Tb Cte lat wne d Us
diet Nt t be Carried to ih roll
Won the Hepubllcan rrlmarlei were brought
wer brulh
to a close In Brooklyn at an early hour yester
day morning there was a general feeling of
surpriio A well A relief among the members
of the oriranlrallon
and especially among
those included In the Third Congress district
The surprise was found In tho sweeping vic
tory of William Oopoland Wallace over Itobert vlc
1 Benedict and the relief In having the long
drawnout bitter factional fight at an cud
a cud
Very few politicians expected that Mr Bone
diet would recohe such a stunning detent or
that bis forces should have belo put to Ignomin
ious rout his
over own favorite battleground
In the Twentieth word I seems balteround accept
ed on all sides that the resul of the primarily
In Brooklrn was a direct Mow to tho Adminis
tration the predominating Influences from
Washington being unmistakably in favor
of Mr Benedict and another proof of tho
political adroitness of exBenntor Platt For tho
week or moro preceding the primaries there
wore rumor that Mr Platt was much moro
friendly to Mr Benedict than to Mr Wallace
but that there was no foundation for them was
clearly shown on Thursday night when Mr
Ilalts lieutenants wee seen working all over
the district for tho miccess of Mr Wallace
There IB nodoubt whatever thatlMr Wallace will
be unanimously renomlnated on Wednesday
night I when tho Cotnentlon meets nor Is
there muob doubt In view of the onesided
political divisions In the dIMrlct t thin hn will
bo elected 08torrtny Mr llonodtct and his
friends exhibited an Inclination to swallow Ibo
bitter pill defeat as gracefully at pohslblo
and to got together anti glxe tho young Con
grossman a rousing majority Tho man whom
the Democrats will select to load tim rorlorn
hope In the district has not yet been dlcov
arid but tho district will not be surrendered
without a struggle WiL
The Democrats havo completed arrange
Dents for their primaries on Monday night
and all the Indications point 01 to harmonious
Iolnt Inrmonlous
gatherings Thero will be very few contests
and such an there are will forth most part bo
confined to tho Atfwinbly delegations and
nominations for Supervisors Uho preliminary
contest for tho Shrievalty nomination Is still I
confined to Courtney ant IIn Thu former
Is making the most uhuwy nnd active canvass
and JI his ambition gets another setback this
year there Is goIng to bo a good deal of dis
appointment and kicking among his friends
More than 200 members of tho Brooklyn Fire
mens Association met last night BtSanger
bund Hall In ttmlth street and gave him an
enthusiastic endorsement and also appointed
1 committee of twenty to wait on the leaders
and urge his claims to he put at the bead of
the county tIcket Alderman Murphy said
that more than UOUfl volunteer and active fire
men In the county wanted 1 to Fee Justice
Courtney made the standard bearer this year
and that thoy would elect him with or to
spite of the new Ballot Ueforzn law I
The Printers League Is also working for
Courtney with the same ardor In spite of all
this preliminary demonstration In sllo Inter
ests of Courtney and Kenna some of tbe
party leaders aio Inclined to think that It
would be wise policy to take up some new
man who would be moro likely to consolidate
Ibo German Democratic vote and Excls Com
missioner Schllemanns name has been prom
inently mentioned for 1 few days past On the
Republican Fide tho nomination Is likely to go
to either Bchleuler or Kramer
The two certain Republican Assembly die
tricts In Kin cOlnlY are tho Ninth and tho
Eleventh and in the foirner Lawrence I Jla
Inwronco I ia
lone will be nominated and In Ibo latter cor
tainly Fighting Joe Aeplnall who repre
sented the district in the Assembly two years
ago The Twelfth district which w as repre
sented last year by Kurth a Republican will
probably be captured this year by the Demo
crhi Democrats will ronomlnato Clancy In
the Fourth and Magnor In the Fifth Congress
district and David A Boody will very llkolv
wi Or Iknh
succeed Felix Campbell 111 tbo Representative
from thit Second although the friends of
Brower William Brown of Flathn are work
ing hard to get him the nomination
A new German political organization hnt
sprung out of the recent controversy among
the Uorinan Dcmocints for recognition aroll
regular body I Is to bo known us tho Ger
manAmerican Bushwlck Democratic Club
and its members will act In l harmony with the
regular organization A mass meeting under
the direction of tho club will bo hold at Anon
Hall on Oct 28 on thecvo 11 the election
Interest among the politicians on each sldo
will be central for the iicxt three dain in an
effort to get the voters out to bo registered on
Tuesday the first day of registration Both the
Democratic and Republican leaders unite in
tho opinion that there Is going to be a Mgnlfl
cant falling off In the registered vote toll year
owing lot law to u wellduUnud dislike of the now ba
D Open the Repnbllcan CanvaflB In Con
nretlcnt wlthf a Thlrtyralautet Mpereb
NEW HAVEN Oct Thomas B Reed stooped
over In Now Haven tonight while on his way
home from Washington Ho had been asked
two days previous to open tho campaign In this
Slate at a rally to ho Ion under the auspices
of the Young Men Republican Club The
man from Maine consented and tonight he
addressed an audience of 3000 persons at the
Hyperion Theatre tho largest house In tho
State Mr Reed did not enter the city simul
taneously with the shouts of an admiring Re
publican throng or an enthusiastic display
of red lire He came tbe same time a big rain
storm did but tho rain In no way affected his
reception Tho master mind of the Fifty
first Congress as ho was culled whon intro
duced to his audience was a uroat disappoint
ment Ho disappointed those who saw and
beard him and must have been disappointed
himself for ho spoke barely thirty minutes
The most enthusiastic applause he received
was when ho bowed to Ibo audience for tbo
first time and attcrwiird much of time enthusi
asm was due to and afforded by 1 bratB band
which played ono strain of Hal to tile Chief
Mr Reeds thirty minutes aieech consisted
of an egotistical tory of Ble Mr Reed did
durIng the Jrst session of the Flftvllrst Con
Ciees lie said that ho wan ably supported In
a fight against the cohorts 01 fraud and Ibo
legions of gerrymander Ho characterized
theFiltloth Congress aNteIng na barren of I re
stilts as tnoainithern Democrats went or wis
dom and the Northern Democrats of Indei on
denon On the contrary the llrit session of
tho Flftyllrst Congress was as full of results
as the land of Canaan was fruitful to th m > las
enl in by Joshua Ho repeated what he bn
Iovnd would Iu l < tun beneficent effects 01 tho
McKinley tariff and the Silver bill which hud
teen pasted II spite of all their foes both In
ternal and external Ho concluded by appeal
ing to his audience to BOO to It that Republican
Congressmen should be returned from Con
necticut and that tIme present Hepubllcan ma
jority in the House should bo kept and If pos
sible Increased Ho paid a tribute to thn hon
esty and purity of the lan the party hail
named or Governor of the Htale and niter ex
pressing hores In the rosulM of the election bo
sat down amid just 0 llttlo applause I
The Flr t Election fur Conrr raen Hloco
the Exlenftjon oCHuflTruce
PROVIDENCE Oct 4Tho First Congression
al campaign in Rhodo Island since tho exten
sion of suffrage took effect will bo hell this
fall and tilt Democrats havo excellent ground I
for hoping to tarry the State Tho Republican I
councils era divided and there is much bitter
hess or heart over tho lato election for Govern
or whon Ladd was but tamely supported by
many of bin party and he Democratic candi
date got In by I loglslativn ipto With a fair
chance and united front the DmnouratH proli
nblyliae I majority In both districts of the
Htiitn TIme present IlepreHunlatlvu from tho
Eastern district Henry J Hiiooncr Is a Repub
lican who Is popular with tho DonioirutH hay
Inu always been a iontliteiit I advocate of free
suYTruue und ho has probably fared hotter at
thu polls than any otliur ItcpiiblliBii would I
till Republican noinlnatn liini iiiraln It will be
I eeaiiBH thy are afraid lo I 11 I rut him for hi in
mt liked hy the party lenders ito wi tor
dlHlrlet WUH carried by the DiuvifiM In a by
1 1 11 lion I In 1HH7 I and tin riuht t kind I 01 liulimi tim 0
ullt Iu carry It this Novuwliur
A 1rabltilllan Cuuulv IlfrU
A cnllod Convention of the Prohibition county
luloiatim WIB held at tro Hal last night lo
nominate a Cunty < CImk In place of limit lato
IduanJ Y Hollly John Lloyd Tliomoi HOI
Uhalriuim Jeremiah T Brooks was noml
ntsd for County Clerk
J Jhe Onrenllon linn linmd a inanlfeitoto
I itu 1 IonrlIIon P oiilen Municipal tagu
iud all cltlen wbdfili reform In mull
hal l > 1overuineui iliclarlnc that ihe Hiuor I
tanlo II his wrealut uf ull ruuicji of pollllcal I
cur u tI toO uinl niliiuotvrRiiieiit I tu nil coin
titter iii iidlutf the irohlbllluo rwudldutu fur lull
41la Iullllo
A WllUri Illubcuck h t > u teen iiouilaiud i < Hi I
14WIe1ml tmiMM for utttull vt tmuiMy liuut War
nu fumr
4 Miulifiii n 4i ffI hit ti ut iil < iivir WI r l > r
dey jfiiimnnuJ lr lli I Htiiotim ut Ib Tllrd llf t
ibUHIF ll4ltt
< uefituuiut Hltttt fM44IIowm lies ti bJlh
Illo 41all li f se < be rmMnt I > I lies
fur e ySu cud b It l U liw said li M sos Jaige 1 C a
yee5lrItoL i ft l 110f 1flr 4 I 54
DuI 1
face ibuik UM 55e hIM I still 114
J4 J
jir l
lNl1Ecn1 au TO THRU
Appolatmrnl use Iat NItne p or
DlitrlelD When Thry Had Nobody Ness
Inntcd for Poll Clerk The Deelnloit
Tho County Democrats have come out ahead
In their demand for 047 election Inspectors or
halt Ibo Democratic share and they got them
last night When the contending parties met
again before Judge Lawrence testcrday Roger
Foster said that ft was evident from Mr Cock
rans remarks at time previous hearing that the
County Democrats wero to bo rucugnlrod as
allies of the Republican pirty that I Is tbo
intention of thu Board to exclude thorn Ho
nlso said that tIme return of the Board exprois
lag Its intention t appoint Democrats was
not sufilclrntly explicit
Ms Cock ran said that the Commissioners
had Invited time County Democracys repre
sentatives to meet them and bad promised
them full consideration The court had power
t direct the Commissioners to appoint these
Inspectors but by doing so would exclude the
Aoorhls Democracy which might repre ont
for uught that appeared nlnotenths of Ibo
Democrats In this city
I may say added Mr Cockran that the
Board does Intend to appoint County De
mocracy Inspcctois where they show a suf
ficient voting strength nnd also some of the
Voorhls Democracy where buy have a suf
ficient voting strength Mr Jackson said
that Mr Cockrmi very well knew that the
toorhls party has no organization und no
Protoncn to nrganizatiommthat 1 was a tall of
Tammanys kite
Mr Cuckran said that tho court wan asked
to violate tho law by c enduing its attention to
two organizations excluding all other
Judge Lawrence took tho papeix and later
In the day gave the Counties their mandamus
111 mlnLnrus
He sail
The object of the act of 1872 was to securo
to cacti of the political parties of the hate
differing on State issuen onehalf of Ibo num
ber of Inspectors to 1 be appointed In much
election district The only way In which el
ran he determined whether an organization
belongs to either of the political parties IH by t
ascertaining whether that organisation has
been recognlrcd as such by the Stat Commit
tee or btntuCouentloii of that party I ap
pears from tho moving palS mid has not
lieen denied that tIme organization called the
New York County Democracy has born no
oordod for several years past onehalf of the
entire representation In the Conventions and Is
oven now so represented in the State Commit
toe of the Democracy of the Matof New York
The third Democratic organization which has
been referred to upon the argument of this
matter has never cast any votes nor entered
as nn organization Into any canvas or
election nor shown that It represents any
Democratic voters I think therefore that
the principles enunciated b1 tho Uenoral
Term nr this department in People ex rel
Van Wyck vs Wheeler Ac 18 Hun at
p 050 require me to grant tbe mandamus
applied for directing that onehalf of the
Inspectors be selected from the County Do
At 4 31 Judge Lawrence signed the order to
tho Commissioners to appoint 147 County
Democracy Inspectors of election and 1 pro
portionate shale of other election otllcori
The papers got to Police Headiifiarters at 7
P M and the Polo Board met The County
Democracy lists of Inspectors of election and
roll clerks came up Irom the Bureau of nnl
tons Commissioner Voorhls wanted some
one to vouch for IL Commissioner MaoLeoa
did It
Upon Ibo motion of Commissioner Martin the
Tam I ni list ot Inspectors was acted upon
first Tho list contained two names for each
of tho polling places Mr Martin moved that
tho llrst name In each ease be taken nod it
was done Tho Countys list of Inspectors was
then taken iii There were twontvtlvo vacan
cies on It When tho vote was called for Mr
Voorhls asked to bi excused frpprvotlrigbe
cause hn said the law required that the In
spectors should ho of opposite political faith
from those already appointed and tho County
Democracy voted at time last election with the
Republicans Ho finally voted however In
favor of the list and the men upon it were
from api olntod voting Commissioner Martin was excused
The Tammany poll clerks nominated for the
oddcumboiod districts were next appointed
The County Demoorncy list had great gaps In
it2110 or so of vacancies Tne Tnentyllrxt
Assembly district was not provided for at nil
Mr Voorhis objected hut half tho list as
a e and the mn < whose names weie down
for evennumbered districts wore appointed
Mr Voornls was excused from noting Tho
Commissioners did not seem to know what
they wore to do about the vacancies on tho two
lists of the Counties
A special meeting of the Tammany Hall Ex
ccutiv Committee dealt with the election ofil
cons decision late yesterday afternoon by re
ducing Its llst I of candidates lor appointment
onehalf Chairman Gtlroy said that the work
done bad no significance other than I prompt
effort to comply with tho law as construed 1
Judfo Lawiencot decision
A Day Sneak Thief Caught
Samuel Robinson alias Leonard known to
his pals as Robbie of 65 Forsyth street a nine
teenyearold professional sneak thief was ar
rested at 2 oclock yesterday morning on the
corner of Christie and Oracd streets by detec
tives Ha is charged with stealing 1 t650 repeater
John E Hydes Sons
peater from E Iides jewellers of
22 Maiden lane
On the afternoon ot May 15 Inst Mr Hydo
was taklnir the numbers of six repeaters He
hal them on a tray In a show case lie turned
hit back for a few momenta to attend to a call
and whon ho returned to the tray ono of them
WM gone
He reported the fact to Inspector Byrnes and
postal cards were sent to all the pawnbrokers
In tbe city < The watch was described as a red
gold polished hunter case watch No 14885
Ko sub watch was reported by the pawn
brokers and a search of the nnwn shops was
made On the vrnteh book of Taylor Brothers
pawnbrokers at Hester and Grand street this
entry was found G watch Pawned May 15
30 150 No of watch 14 The detectives
Sn ltvos
suspicion Ins aroused by the low number He
railed rthe watch and at neo discovered
that It was the watch he wan seeking From
tho description obtained of tho man who
vawned Ibo watch tho detectives recognized
Robinson as tho thief
Indian Not Allowed to Join Wild IVelt
WABitiNOTO Oct 3Acting Indian Com
missioner Belt has Issued a letter of Instruct
ions to Indian Agents in which ho says that
the department Is Informed that a company
Is preparing obtain Indians from some of
the reservations to join Wild West shows In
Europe TboagontB are Instructed to promptly
refuse any applications for this purpose as It
Is now nualnst the policy of the Interior De
partment to grant permits for such purposes
under any circumstances whatever limo
ugonts are fuilher Instructed to lay the matter
before their respective tribes and advise them
that if Any of the Indians should hereafter
attempt to leave tholr reservation exhibition
pun ones It will bo retarded as an open
defiance of the authority of tIme Government
und that prompt measures will be adopted to
detain Ibom
Millionaire Cremri Will to lie Contested
CHICAGO Oct 8The will of the lato John
Crerar which dispo > ed of an estate of nearly
13000000 much of It being beiiueathed to
charitable and religious Institutions In Oil
cage will bo contosod by heirs living In Chi
cago and Ontario Mr Crorar left over t2uoo
000 for the erection and maintenance of the I
Crernr Library A W Brown and Frank A
Btlrtan counsel for the contestants pr pout
to attack this booue on grounds similar to
t oo on which the bequest for A library In
Now York In the will of the late Samuel J Til
den wan Invalidated J IN ulso proposed to sit
tvek the bequest lf < 12500010 the hcoteb Pre
byterlan Church of New York city the topmost
of 11000110 for u statue or f Abraham Lincoln
and other beijuecth The contcstanta are
mostly counliih of Cierar
Irenlrr herein Hrttrrl tbe McICInlcy
Premier Honor Moirlcrof Ouebec In jn n
kit 1 10 Now York with M I larnenu Minister of
Pilbllu Work Jamei JloMiuim M 1 1 C A
lleaiitoluil M P and JnlohTosolor and K0cro
tnry A Olomvnt Premier Her Ir smut id be s
Iriav that be ruurtfuI the silng of the Me
Hlnjey Taffff bill Iy Ireiident Hurilinu
1 am ifruld It will work aualnit butts Cans
da ur lb United Htatoi be laid The
Iwaulnaiy line but wren the two aountrUs
uuulit not to prevent commercial relation be
tHeeii t limn JIowvor If Iho AiuerlCHii mar
hI i cloned i to liii W6 iniui llnd inntlicr mlr
CMunot wberu die and w 0 must find living J some
fllr turk Udliihuhd
A a iiKietfiitf of the Hoard of Aldermen of
Lunit Ixlaiiil City bit IlIfhsI Tliimm UM
was Iimsuisai Ih CItY flsrk ibis was done
it the aulUgsitious nt r MAyor leaI who liitil
11 l I 11 Inuuuieiital I in imv < iii 1 Ivndiu upiliii i 1 I
Ift Juiiuiirr Iut nlille 111 AIlerjin uern
lIiugmthslmmg islam 11 eltt sevu hail wit
1eIrd II lIp time polio I station al Jullr
lolPt ott a ejslrg of I g dfnl
Thomas Purr lil it crc rhat sects
Urr WU DId 10 nil tee 1 pius
Tel Are Fr Apnrtniedc und Abb tt
TrucE to flet Them Together
Asnonr PABK Oct 8The Democracy of
Ionmouth county has on Its hands Ihe most
bitter factional Dghtcvor known In this part
of the State 80 strong Is I the flu that the
regular party ticket may te defeated Tbe
regular nominations were made last Monday
The Convention WAS riotous Thn primaries
at which the delegates were elected wore a se
ries of small riots The primary In Freehold
was especially dlFcracnhil There
IIPrelnlr dllnctul were u num
ber of fights and several leidlne Demo
crats who succeeded In leaching the
polls had thnlr elothing torn partly off
In their struggles with th molt A
AtrtllIc wih mol messenger
was sent to ask Sli rift Shields to como to Ibo
polls and iiuoll the disturbance but ho wa
away from home Froch ld ministers de
nounced tIm Democrats from tho pulpits last
Sunday and other clergymen will take the
same COlt next Sunday The Convention
was carried by tho henchmen of Rufus Blod
gelt United States Senator tho healers of the
faction lei bvOov Leon Abbett being routed
Ho widespread is I the dissatisfaction und no bit
tor Is the fooling that n call has been issued
for an Indignation mass meeting and conven
lon v which tomorrow will be afternoon beldinHhluna Hall at Free
1 Is expected that the kickers will nominate
n full ticket The call for the Convention Is
signed by Benjamin P Morris of Long Branch
the Judge Advocate of the Third Regiment
Cvrus Low a farmer In West Asbury Ink and
Major Alexander A Yard tho Deputy County
Cleik under C Kwlng Iatrrson who was
beaten last 1 Monday when hn sought a ronomf
nation Tbo papers ot Ibo county condemn
the use of lone at the regular Convention
lat Monday The Matawan IouurpaI which is
edited by 1 nephew of Thomas 11 Brown Who
got time nomination for Senator places the
amount of money used In tho primaries and
the ConvenUon at more than IMuou
The county Is I flooded with large post
ers asking Democrats who believe in
justice square dealing and fairness and
who are opposed to force and violence nt the
ballot boxes and the unfair onesided and
unjust ruttIng made In tho lain County Con
vention by which twentyone legally elected
delegates Iron tho great township of Ocean
were dcprhud of their seats und other dele
cation heated who were declared elected brthe
most glai ing force and frauds to attend tho
Convention tomorrow to take such action and
measures as may seem to meet th circum
stance Numbers of these posters have been
destroyed by the followers of Blodgctt Reu
ben G Strahn of Millstone township an Influ
ential Democrat has bolted the nominations
nnd declared himself un independent candi
date for SherllT
Thomas n Brown published a card In to
days local papers In which ho 855 ho volun
tarily acceps tbe obligation to vote on all po
litical measures with hln patty and If elected
pledges hIs efforts for Democratic o unity and
succors His refusal to make this tilrdce I
three years ago caused his defeat United
States Senator Blodgett who Is rooming
Brown in his political race sold todiu that
I necessary be would enter Into bonds for any
amount as a guarantee that Brown If elect d
would always 101 with his tinny The Ken
ntordeclaros thhluo will work hard for Mr
Browns election and that he and Joy Abbott
have hold I several cotvuilmtluns with a view of
restoring county harmony lu tbe party in Moumouth
Armed MeD In the Oklahoma Legislature
GUTHHIE O T Oct LThe excitement over
the location of the Capitol watch reached Its
continued After the
climax yesterday cOlllnued today Afer
demonstration against Messrs Daniels Perry
and Nosbit had subsided S B Mitchell City
Attorney ot Oklahoma City sent this telegram
to one of his friends at home
lour Representatives woro mobbed on Ibo
street today Send 100 armed men
The armed men or lived on thollrnt train this
morning and wore among the first to Secure
seats in the hal alonl Lower house before
time body met In its regular session Fully
twice ns many friends of thu Guthrio measure
equally xtiongly armed were also present
Speaker Daniels was too ill fmrn nervous ex
haustioncaused by tho exciting sccneof which
ot cenon
ho was the centre vesterday to preside over
the session Alter the house was called to or
der It was decided to postpone until toni > rrow
further action fn the capital Question and an
outbreak was thus averted
Cutting Emtbounil Rate
ST Louis Oct 3 Eastern passenger rates
havo gone to smash hero and all the linos will
bo busy for the next few days with knife and
hatchet For some unexplained reason tbe
Big Four anti Yundnlla announced 1 mtuof
ono fare for tho round trip from Columbus
Springfield and Dayton Ohio and all Inter
medium points to t Louis Tickets will be
mull for three days cuod returning for a week
W said B today Sbattuck of tho Ohio and Mississippi
This road will sell from St Louis on Oct 7
8 9 at one fare for round trip to Cincinnati
Dayton Pittsburgh Columbus Cleveland
Pnrkershurg Harpers Jorry Gallon Akron Buffalo und
This means a bad break In New York rates
Jealous Mr Scuuerleln
lr Lizzie Bchuorleln was arraigned before
Recoreor Relnhardtln West Hobokon
10Lokon yester
day charged with assault Her husband
Frederick was the complainant MrR Schuer
loin saw her husband on Thursday in the com
pany of Mis Maggie higgins of PalNado av
enue Jersey City Limo wife bocanio enraged
and attacked her husband and his compaulon
Mrs Bchuerloln9 mother joined In the as
sault Mother and daughter wero put under
1200 bal each Mrs Schtorleln told toe Re
corder that bar husband had failed to support
herself ami two children and that ho spout
much time with Miss Ulgglns
He Vrnn liliorderlr but He Had Friend
Detective Sergeant Heidelberg to Police
Headquarters last evening 0 tall wolldrossod
with bIg blond moustache whom
man wlb a ho
had arrested in the Eden Musto for acting In
a disorderly manner Later a lot of the pris
oners friends arrived atllcadiuarters in cabs
having Police Justice Hogan with them The
Justice liberated th prisoner on 1300 bal fur
nished by all of his friends Nother Justin
llogan nor Dote < tire ttorceant Iornzxo who
was thu prisoner in charge was at Headquarters would tell who
Officers or the N Y and N 1 Itrldco Co
The directors of the Now York and Now Jer
sey Bridge Company mot losterday and elected
the following officers President John B Kerr
VlcoPresidont George W Greene Secretary
and Treasurer Charles H Swan Chlol En
gineer Thomas C Clarke Auditor Josph I
Hwan Mr Kerr Is I the general counsel tho
New York Ontario and Western Hallway
Safe Mover 1alntern CVaiMexamlnatlon
In the trial yesterday tho General Sessions
of Phanlx 1 Palmer safe mover charged with
killing Lawyer John H Atkinson Assistant
District Attorney Jerome devoted nearly tho
whole day to ihe crossexamlnatlr n of Palmer
Palmer admitted that when he was 10 oars of
hue be was sent to a correctional Institution
for burglary and that he bad also been Ben
tenced to the penitentiary for throe mouths lor
stealing a ride on a irelght car monts
IMnekney Tired or Ueloc a Fugitive
ST LOUIH OOt 3 Nathan B Plneknoy
walked Into Pulloo Headquarters here last
night said he was tired of bring a fugitive
from justice and cuve himself up He said ha
had hen 110 the Michigan Southern
Railway at Grand Rapldx was I defaulter to a
large amount and had been hiding from the
nniiwrg for the past eighteen months City
Marshal K isbn ta 1lraIJb d Ih railway ofilcinle
at Grand Ilaplds and ucohcd Instructions to
hold 1lnckney
Bettortd Home or tbe Money Ha Mini
CoMiunUn Ind Oct 3Wllll4m I Bchrol
bor who was recently arrest d In Detroit for
robbing the Fliai National I Hank hoi e of tStHl
IKJ I < I In November IHSX sent for HID I bank oiiL I
cial > hiht iliht > and niriied i ner to them nil of
1111 < 11 I
Hi Iy lie liiq nit HA will cuter u plea of
1111 Y hull nsl I meici 1in moun > lie did ii > l
WiiHte Is lUvenK d 111 mil Dbtatii near Detroit
uhicll h 1 bald 11 be I I Itll IllmUt 15000 otjt
Slice Ford mu Wurld Fulr Ila nMit r
Minx Nallle Iord principal of the primary
depiirlmontiil Pulillo Hchool No 8J at tiuveu
lath street and 1lrnt avenue bai ruielved
nfllolnl notice ol her api ointment an one of tint
hard nf LadyManairMof the WorldiColum
blan tnpimlsHion ut Chita tle luifes Ford tiis
MI1or la
I ecu coiineeiid with thu puLlio schools < till
city for many fUI
Iluki Walsh Ol ro Iu
The Puke of Orleans und Duke Jui and
Oil I 1 JVrc val Ir idi Cornte de Paris part
wntiIsiI l Otero dunce at titus Iden 1fusuui lut
ukbt TIme fluke of Orlaup seat H mcimif of
eouiplliiieut lo ilia Hpunlili benuty roealtor
uoeplod liivltttllbu Uxllue touluht
N eaDd Ir r
IO Jcliu L limiijg 1u II ruvrlb California
jtilin W UadsvDttli ut QmtHv Utvuliliciii Thlty
eii hw York auirltt Inuble IJr
ijliuuiilVi Pjlref lP miSltllir uirreaLa llliL
UstriM at 5J5WHtI ru31V I
VInOAn AT o mic coA r xcr xnrxc D
An FTP 4ro > plnc Pollemnne Tllmnnr
Coa a Weene Mr llarrlEt Ordered
tn quit Ihe CAn Abrupt dnnrnment
Dunttx Oct 3The heating In tho caio of
the Government against Messrs Dillon and
OBrien and tho other Nationalists who were
nrrostoil on the chnign of conspiracy was Cn
tinned In tho Magistrates Court ut Tlpperary I
todiiy In the cuiiro of Ito proceedings n
luNlton IrUR ulio thin tlmo thy trials would
inoujiy and Mr Ronan the prosecutor fur time
Ciown declared that hn entirely
dlflnllllllw was entrelr Ignorant
of the time It would take to present time ciuso
fur Ibo Oovernmesmtor fiirthoatoustd tn make
their defence Mr henley of counsel for the
defondanN said ho was In mortal fear test the
trials would last for nix months Mr Healnys
remarks excited the laughter uf thosu prcaent
at thn hearing
Much excltemunt was cccaslonedln the court
room by tho evidence of one of the witnesses
a policeman who trstllled that he followed
several id 1 tho defendants Into tho vestry of the
Catholic ohurli mind tiled to overhear what
was said there bv them This testimony
moused the Indignation of counsel totmonr
fondants and he demanded to know I thn
pennl days had returned when the sanctity ot
the confef nlonal could be Invaded snncU
The court room became a babel of cries and
thn confusion was so great that it was Impos
sible to go on with the proceedings The court
was thcroloio declared adjourned for half an
When tbe court reopened the policeman wit
ness wax erossnxumlned by Mr llanlngton
who tailed the witness a shadow Tho mug
Istrate called upon Mr Harrington to with
draw thu expression Mr Hairlngton refused
to do 10 and was ordered to leave the case An
uproar ensued Messrs OBrien and Dillon
commenting freely upon tie manner In which
the cage was conducted Finally imbiber half
hour adjournment was ordered During tho
adjournment Mr Harringtons clients decided
tu delend themselves S hen cl proceedings
r resumed Mr Dillon hail just begun to ad
dress the Bench when a cheer was raited for
Mr Harrington This so exasperated tho snag
istrate that ho ordeiod tho court cleared and
thn proceedings wero adjourned abruptly amid
the greatest oonfuslon A large body of pollen
was rioting massed outside tho court bur was no
Troop Under Arm for a Tine to Protect
the London Qaiwark
LONDON Oct 8The directors of tho Lon
don Gaslight and Coke Company today em
phatically declined to accede to the demand
made by the National Gas Workers Union I
that only union men be employed In the works
The stokers It Is said threaten to strike in
consequence of this refusal
A storm has been brewing between tho com
pany and Its men for mouths nndj the num
ber of mon Involved is six times larger than
tho number engaged in any of Ibo previous >
gas house strikes Tho company Is making
preparations to conduct Its business despite
any action the men may take Long sheds
have been erected within the works for living
Quarters for tho nonunloulsts and hundreds
of beds have been provided for their ute The
authorities to have taken onergetlu mon
uies to suppress any disorder Orders hnvo
nheady boon issued that 800 soldiers at Chat
ham bo In readiness to proceed at 1 moments
notice to protect the gasworks and the men
who refuse to join In a strike Each soldier
cartridge has been served with twenty rounds of ball
The I stokers declare today that the reports
that they intend to goon strike to force the
company to dispense with nonunion labor are
unfounded They say they have no such in
tention Moreover they declare that they
made no demands upon the directors but ouly
suggested that It would be to the advantage of
oath side If only union labor was employed lu
tho works
This evening a deputation of gasmen met
the directors of the gas company In confer
ence Tho directors deiIared that they bore
no enmity toward the union that they were
perfectly satlsiled with tho employees and
that they would always give preference to old
hands wIthout distinction between union and
nonunion men
At a mass meeting of the workmen held
later in the evening a resolution was adopted
expressing thanks to the directors and declar
lug that the men do not desire to strike
The order to keep the troops at Chatham
under arms bus been countermanded
nirmlnicbam Stock Ileueht Up to Get
Ahead of the McKinley Illll
BIJIMINOJUM Out 3 Agents acting on be
half of Rothschild Brothers and other Ameri
can firms purchased every bit of mother of
pearl they could lay hands on hero In time for
delivery in Now York before the Tarifrbill goes
into operation Ail the stocks uf that article in
the bands of local button makers are said to
have been practically cleaned out Most of
time stock sold has been lying In the ware
houses for so mo time past but was eagerly
bought upon terms verj favorable to sellers
Several firms of pearl button makers have
hired a number of Birmingham workmen fora
term of tines years Fifty or sixty balled to
day and others will follow
ni Tntky Win the Kempton Part Great
Ilreeder Produce Stakes
LONDON Oct iLThe principal event at the
Kompton Park mooting today was time rooo
for tho Kempton Park Great Breeders Produce
Stakes of 5000 sovereigns SOO sovereigns to
tho second and 100 sovereigns to the third for
twoyearolds ilvn furlongs
It was won by Mr R Svvnnwicks chestnut
filly Rlavntsky bv Isonomy out of Lotus by
Doncaster Mr Mantons chestnut colt Valau
rls was second and Lady Lovelaces chestnut
cult Guardian third There were twentyono
starters The lat betting wan 20 to 1 against
Bluvatsky 10 to 1 against Yalaurls and 20 to
1 against Guardian Mr M Dawsons chest
nut eolt Potnrd was Ito favorite tho odds
agalnbt him being 3 tu 1
The Cholera Epidemic
LONDON Oct 3It Is denied at Lloyds that
cholera has appeared nt Aden Notwithstand
ing the denial quarantine has been established
at the French nnd Algerian ports against ves
sels arriving from Aden
Forty cases of the disease were reported In
Aleppo on Wednesday tvvontyelght of which
PI o vcd fatal Time Inhabitants of the place mire
leaving to tempo tho disease
SUAKIN Oct JOroet discontent continues
hern owing to the stringent precautionary
measures taken by the Government against
cholera All trade Is completely paralysed
Ilundiods of natives In the Interior are dying
of starvation
Trying Hlavln and McAnllffe
LONDON Oct 3The hearing In the case of
Blnvln and McAullffo who are charged with
assaulting each other anti committing a broach
of the peace took place today In the Lambeth
Police Court Counsel for the Crown said that
If the contest between the two men was do
dared unlawful by tho Court thoso persons
who arranged und abetted tho fight would be
After hearing time evidence for and against
the prisoners the Court announcd that It
would reserve Us decision bra week
PotuKOll New Cabinet
LisnoN Oct 3A Cabinet baa been formed
UN follows
Benlior Marten Forrao Premier and Foreign
Count do Casal Rlhelro Interior
Henhor Brandao JiiHtlco
KonliorCaivulhx Ilnnnca
Count du Han Januarlo Marine
General dAbreii e Housa ar
Dr Barbosa Bouiuto Public Works and Fdu
1Vhlcr and Hliiicer at Odd
LONDON Oct SThn whistler Mrs RhAW
and hut singer Jlr Itnvts have uud a glori
ous row at thn promenade concerts Mr Reeve
refusing to nlng on thn mme night that Mr
Hhuw whlniled Mrs Bhow in revenge rut
fiiMlto I I u wlniijeon I tho I fame night 1 Hint i Mr
Rcevs gang Mr Reeveirayi that Mrs Kbnwi
whlMle U only III for u music ball nnd Mm
Kiaw nays that Mr Beeves voice U a thing of
the past
UerMnuy Hut n ouselos from Zausibar
IlrniiH Oat 8 A tioaty huts been signed by
Germany nudg bar about the c ailing
Irmle pinna thWiiht aotst < f Africa The Gir
run n lourismstmst PHII tli Hultuii < if t uuitiur
40 < JOU > iuuik for thou < one esIu
Mulnif fur Hie l0ud He lnl III rwi > lar r
LnMMitf del 3 Thii 0fu of Ito lllitlit Hun
ernble rav ndUb Dtntluck Ihu well known
member of ParlUuieut j i bolntf cued by
alI l foimirlrin her mpoy to t co > irtlM 1
bald to t 4I two hInt 19 to
< i3TrA0
Case of Mr C stated by Dr John O ColOy
maim n retired Surgeon of the United
TRAzCNAK RIDStLN States Navy Scottslmrjr Va
I Mr C was for years a sufferer from DYSPEPSIA unable
to cat Meat or Vegetables living upon TEA and CRACKERS
wore frequently thrown off in nn undigested stnto Tho use
of BUFFALO LITHIA WATER for some eight weeks enabled
him to cat with impunity BACON CABBAGE and TURNIPS
and resulted in his restoration to robust health
Water in cases ot ono dozen Intlfgiillon bottles K F O B hero
ISiiiralo IHIiIn Springs Va
llnelueae TroabU
Mu4irUlt A WJUon truest Veer OrUfa have
df a flirieo t uelr Vfoilrty f r jbet IU
tUUH ttttU KSMHlTitSIHtkUUjIlk
Where IVntcrdaya Fire Were
A M IO2 lot 1 First avenue ratncfc Ohixtsns
con damage fro ir 0 l 74 fifth avenue Anderion
Manufaclullnic Company dainane flUUU iOta thlt4
miter of Jll Aveuue A damage slight
Labor and AVaKe
At Dayton Tenn the Itlchland and Notion miner
went out on strike on Thnrnday liliiatlsfaetlon wltb
the reduction In n ages recently ordered U IbecauM
Twelve hundred rain are Involved
A New Illpitnpntiirnu Horn
Tho hippopotamus In fontrnl Park had a
baby nt 1U5 oclok thin morninc
Swifts Specific is tho great
developer of delicate cbitdi
ron It regulates the secro
tions it stimulate tho skin to
healthy action and assists
nature in development
There is no tonic for child
ren equal to j S
tneisd I fur our UUUKO ou JJlood and
bkia DLcusee
tiwm tirnutria C9t Athata O
Bnllt hr the ConcreBatlnn of Nt Georges
Church and Dedicated on Tucldny
Nwiuuaait Oct 3Time now and pretty
chapel ot St Georges Episcopal Church on
the southeast corner of Broadway and Mill
street was dedicated and opened for publlo
worship Tuesday The Rev Oclavlus Apple
gate S T D rector and his assistant the
Rev Walter Marvlne together with a boys
choir and several visiting clergymen Includ
ing Archdeacon William Reed Thomas of
Orange took part In limo exercises
CflAPET or BT OEOROES cncBcn jgwirnnon
The chapel Is In the Gothic style It has two
entrances on Broadway Into the main audi
ence room and an entrance Into the Sunday
school rooms from Mill street The chapel IB
105 by 88 feet and Is built of washed brick laid
in rod mortar A tower adorns the northwest
corner The main audienco room is CO feet
long and 48 wide Its seating capacity M COO
The Interior is richly decorated The chancel
is at tutu south lighted bv a beautiful window
The room for the childrens class is 30 feet
square It adjoins tho auditorium on time cast
and Is so arranged that the two can be thrown
into on large room The architects were
Rosslter t Wright of Now York
The live leading officers amid members of fit
Georges Church who devoted much time to
supervising the erection of the building were
Messrs Homer Ramsdell thn late David A
Heott Nowburchs present Mayor Michael
Doyle James Chad wick and Rector Apple
gate Mr Ramsdell who is now 81 years old
and Mayor flue > have been almost dally visi
tors during the building the chapel The
oust of the odIQco was about 25000
The tao Pbnn Leo Divorce Case
NEW HAVEN Oct 5The Yon Phon Lee dl
vorco suit occupied tho attention ot Judge
Fenn in tho Superior Court today Tho China
mans counsel askod the Court to order Mrs
Lee to bn moro particular in her complaint
and describe the houses in San Francisco
where it was alleged Mr Leo was unfaithful
and also to give the names of the corespond
eats Tho motion was denied
Patercon Bulk Weaver Strike
Ono hundred and thirty silk weavers of
Johnson Cowdin A Cas Klvorsldo Mills struck
yesterday In consequence of n proposed reduc
tion of 10 percent on thoir wages In several
other mills notices of reduction have been
given and strikes are anticipated The gen
oral uiepresIun of the business Is the alleged
cause ot the reductions
Work on the Niagara Tunnel to Bealn
NIAOAJIA FALLS Oct 2The first sod on the
tunnel work will be turned at 1030 tomorrow
morning by C B Gnsklll President of the
Niagara Power Company A number of prom
inent New Yorkers will bo preoentamongthom
E D Adams President of the Cataract Con
struction Company
Shot III Mother
UTICA Oct 3This evening at Horkimer
John Welch aged 22 years who was recently
married and bad brought his wife home to live
had dispute with his mother and finally shot
her three times It IB feared fatally The young
man is under arrest
llurclar In ISIverbead
Thieves broke Into E L Griffins bouse In
Rlvorhoad on Thursday night and stole 500 In
money and ellworwaro C II Daviss house
was entered on tho same night and about 200
Btayor Grant Turn to Canon Ilyrne
Mayor Grant was nt Police Headquarters
about 7 oclock last nlsht Ho was closeted
for a short time with Acting Superintendent
Byrnes Mr Byroad said it was about a private
Strike ut ArmMrone Hlllpynrd
LONDON Oct 3One thousand men at Arm
strongs shipyard Inive struck as a pruteht
against the employment of strangers to re
place tho joiners on strike
Death of Knerne Field Hon
ITANOVKII Oct 3The tvTflveyoarold son
of Kuceno Field who had been nt 14thtl here
died today of peritonitis utter on Illness ot
twelve days
Fire Vessels Ioat tn a Hlorm
Lnvnrm Oct 3 lA forrlfli gale prevailed In
the North Ken yenierdamy t iivu vestals founder
ed during the Monn
Note of Foreign Happening
South African commercial exchnnges are
being formed In Hamburg and Berlin
Mr and Mrs Henry M Htunley arrived nt
Oslend ye mrdn > Limit > were received by
King Leopold
The ItUKBlan court ofllrlnU are preparing a
irrocrrainmo tor n nailnnni uoi luntlU of thu
f liver W dilnj of thu tur willed occurs on
Nov a JHJI
Thn CVirs mitt KrlcllU IM ohhore nt Nleh
oalolT All onllnnry I inuusurui to I tout h 1 r
liivlnt Pri oil iilibiiiCi > sfiil n hm baum ih >
< tiled to drudge u ehannul fur her ihruutih the
All the personal property Including the fur
niture of Trine Wnldeok In claUued dy his rr
latloriH und liln rrediior hnve u kid tint Court
to ilelaru both titus 1rliua and 1rluconn pau
Thlovrs have broken Into the palaie of the
MlnUtrr uf Juif In the Willielmstrssiia
Jlcrllu and ttolsn tIme mitiru sllrsr dinner tar
nice for waive l cuunu which belonged to the
Kl inll Iaslia the Grant Vflir line invll < l
5I Hful liilkii iif A nut Jin a ut < three t A rimiuiu ISIS
Lars lo a couiorniM ii In I Mi iuutlnuil lo iry
1 Duct n MctiUinonl of ih Arniuulaii tionblaj
Thispluu Uupiiovd hy ltu siit
Iime hurl In IlilMiait IJM rcnn of tin HM
rlalfuU iLiiii t > luiii I thut I lie Iflturuiih it lIt litil i
HIM I i r fu ii lo lifwni1uliil I i hieuu lioin J mms
iIm i Ho iitlUtit I > h Ir liuuninnrlhrun u n
irituiitaiinig ii upon thtf UilliutluUof this
imIstihutasmlisl law
ills BVIClliK DKfJSllRKl
lIii mnDn Found Ilfn Eyes In the Atbtntl
Garden llnttnr than Heath
Detective Chrysbnl anti Farrlnetnn of the
Fllaboth ntroit station last night nrrosted
Loidon O Ilussmnan In tho Atlantic Qardin
In the Bovrory Husnmann lives in Donnata 4
place In limo Twentyfourth ward and has
been missing from homo for four days Bass
mann who urns bookkeeper for George F Loos
A On nt First nvonun anti Eightieth street
dlinpnonred on Ttiesilny and wrote to his wlfo
anti to a fallow clerk lint ho Intended lo corn
rnit suIcide
When searched At the station house a loaded
revolver was found In his iiockot Hunsmana
hail niipnrontlr puvrnoil hit watch for C anil
had bought the revolver tor 350 and the cart
rlilKes for 00 iints
His wife was notified and HuEsmannwai
locked up
Burke Annuitant Arrested
Policeman Maninn arrested Steven Johami
and Thomas J llurko of Slxtrafth street acd
Twelfth avenue last night They were broUt
men nn the Con I nil ItullroadlTChoIora impllcat
cd In the HhootlnK of John Doyle ot 207 West
RlxtynrfltBtrPi > t In Wost Fiftyninth street oa
pilnoBilay nlcht Doyle is now In the Kooso
VQ1t HiiHpitnl
lurke admits that bo shot Doyle who ha t
says VTasn striker hut says it was in BoltCo A
fence Burke Johann und a William ttant
BIBS were vvalkliic In Kiltyninth street when
Doyle and n number of others attained uiem
breaking HuntretBajavr and nose Uurkorurea
tonroteit himself
Tho two men wore locked np In the West
Fortybeventu street station house
Nothing In thc Suspicion Against OCal j
laichun 1
The Grand Jury has investigated the onao of
Timothy OCnllachan of 071 Eighth avenue
who was arrested Auc 30 charged wtth the
abduction of his own daughter and has foiled
to Indict him he having satisfactorily ao
pountjd to thorn for his movements that day
Iho Metropolitan Manufacturing Company ot
82 Cortlnndt street in whose employ fie was
waIte to Tin SUN oxpressliie their confidence
in him OOullnchan was lookiiiir for a type
writer who had iiromlsod a mace for Ms
daughter when bo was arrested on Eloockes
No Mope Egg > from Canada After Oct Q
WINDSOR OnL Got 13ft Is likely that the
HeKlnley will stop entirely the exportation
ot horses and ems both of which have been
exported largely from this country A tre
mendous rush has been made lately to cot all
the eggs possible over time line before Oct fl
PORT IIoiK Oct Schooners steamer
and oars are employed in rushlnc everything
to tho frontier lnluro the higher Aiuerlcaix
duties coma Into forco on Oct U
A Xloy Buy a ihenomenal Trotter
CIETZLIHP Oct aLike the history of all phenom
nl horses there are coitus peculiar looldenta In connio
tlou with Tom Aries the horse racently porcbued by
th Alltn Stock Karm of rutifleia Mass Tom Aidta
wa originally purchased In Keiuncky by aftntlemux
named J C Ilrnwne who resides at New FblUdtlpbla
Ohio ne admired the free action ot the colt nail
thought him worth 170 which the owner accepted The
horse was brought to Ohio anti while be showed some
Indication of ipred W5i not thought to be a trotter of
any account and hit owner gave all attention to break
log the hone perfectly without developing bU spied
to any extent hn lies beln to make him a perfect
famllr horte that ladles mIght drIve lie Duallr aold
the colt for S175 to u a boy who wai a mat admirer OC
noriei and a sort of under trainer to a well known
amber The boy iwre ihe hor o to tbli driver to train
and the latter ipeedliy law that be had great ipied
n hlle under lhl > drlrrri care Mr Kmerr of Clerelaud
saw and purchaied its horie at Wellington tor flWX
At the fall meetliiKorthe Cleveland Ilrlvlnir 1ark h
showed aJtlH gait with enne and wan told bv air
Emery to Mr Allen for 5 ton The horse la ilred br
Enoch Ardeii and is 1 out of a diim br Denmark H
won over lXiu irorMr Umerv la two races and hU
summer career ii l ene of those eiceptlonal bite oC
home htitory mat occatlonaily happen in ttie tort
JarijreVan IVyrk has granted lUrhara A Walker an
aUnlute divorce from James T Walker
IommaitiT Colitne lint nppnlnlel twenty new litter
carrlvri and eventeeii more will te added ou Xor 1
Henry Hot > b im Mrmerlr of Meeker avenue nllllam
nurvl was ar Aljcneil before Juitiie UoeulDgyeiterdar
accuiedofUi n r wnrililii cleat Iobbmcis was mar
rlediureewe ksai n nnd lie lined the mousy ottalned
on ih checks It u 1 laid lolefmr tiC eiueuiei of ills
bridal trip Un wife resIdes Iii Ituierllle KJ white be
VS arreimel
Clerics Tlollcn nf 03 r > oirand Avenue Brooklyn wag
found deal yesterday innrnlnK In the cellar of his
tutu e lour data mo he left the house la limit of
york > ot returninir aficrtwo da > s his wife reported
nil illiapvearunre to the iwllcc lie failed to sicorei
work and si returneil to hu house and hanged bliuislr 4
Two i ears ace he was the rnijirletor of a grocery In
Slyrmi aol rtumner avenuei
A committee of tie VVrokon llelghti Tmprovement
ompanir of the Ilghlernlli ward culled at UieCltr
Hall yetlerilay with a lutllloti In Mayor Charm ilrned
by ititi children and their parruta residing In the Wiek >
off llelihts dl < trot sit ing for Hi urnnlulloo UT a
new imool In the illlrlcu The neareit school U a mil
and uhair Irom ihe rllitrlrt and ihe committee say <
that before a new ctitl l Iserened lUAl obildien will
bo without school accommodailOni
While the luiboit o v 1imn with tbe echoonir
Geniral Tlrbat In low Wa Cu tie tot of Mala itreel IC
yesterday meriting tbe iiansir broke and the loboon
er swlndng croons collided with the nreboat fceih
Low which was muured lo the whart The big bow
ijirlt of the schooner crashed into the tittle frame home
on the dock which Ii I iuI < br the crew of lbs firiboat
aba almost topplid It orerimard Five memberi of the
crew sire lo the bouie al tie time but all iscapet In
iury script Henry Ilatt who ws hemmed In by lbs
falling tlinben and merely bruited Tlie nrebcai wa <

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