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rooxr xne count mix BB AflOUX
Plntt T nintrUO U ArcrikKti Mwel
Blw th F aer l Hli > n aird bnt The
r ke > Hamllcct Dig Appr > t UIs Sn I
tk tllsth nnd Zon ee In tfc Elcvoth
roll census book ram In br the armful
rpuUrdny and Sur rrlMir Kenny and bin
Corps of asslitauts nt tho City llall woro buay
counting and tabulating Altogether 28
bookn hftto come In nml thor account for
8CTBS7 Mow Yorkrrs or 128C to A book Th
clwctlon districts In eoverat nt the WArds iro
F r tar eoinp1ee that en intelliRent cOrnparson
can now be made with the flcurns ot the Pod
erolcentuft The tlmtvt which nro mad
ore based on the dcotlon dhtrlta alrcadr In
the majority uf wlilh were soonest countot
becauso thor wore amnlloat ao that the eitl
mates are notoverr timiton to my Iho lenst
The Federal COIISUB RBTO tho Sixth ward a
pODUlntlon ol 22991 Twoho out of the nine
teen election districts of which It U I composed
are already In nnd her foot up 10208 If the
BveraHO which thin ahow U dimply maintain
ed It will Rive tho ward according to the po
lice oensns a population ot 20000 Thin IB at
Increase of 3000 or 13 per cent on Suourlnten
> dent M arrays flcurfs
In the Ninth ward U ont ot the 43 election
dlfttrlots are In and how n population of
1 t 80700 The Federal flcuren for the whole
Ward are 64034 but If tho other districts keep
up only their nvornEO the Rollco census will
2 ihow an Increase of 1074 The most populoui
districts hnvo yet to la heard from though
The Soventoenth ward ono of the bluest in
the city was credited with a ouulatlon > ot 102
608 In the Federal census a decrease ot 20CK
In ten years Fortysix out of seventrclght
dbtrlcls already in havo n population of C3111
f Tnlslflnn n rnco of 1376 a distrIct which
would give 1U7124 for tho wnrl
Things dont look so promising In the
Fourth ward Ton out of fourttivn districts re
ported show a total of 12 432 which would le
an aggregate i ot 17401 This Is i a decrease of
862 irom the Federal flKUrss Half of tho dla
trlcUln the Kloxentli ward are In and show n
population of 2JUJ4 This ould make the
wards total population only 5JaGS whilo the
other census mukos It 75700
Kvldontly the populoue election districts
bttvo not rot been counted It IB the opinion
r at City Hall also that BOIIIO of the police Cap
taint are ruflblnK their men too much The
llKureH which are coming In from the elder
Capt McOnllaEha preclnot the Fourteenth
are not as hal 9O as they were oxpoited to to t >
buporvlser Kenny wants to remind tho Cap
tains that they dont need to hurry their men
Homo districts are much larger nud It utcoj
arily takes mote time to complete their can
The 278 election district fist In nnd pre
sumably smallest hoiv anavprauo population
ot 1280 us ncnluat lCJO for alt the 047 districts
tinder the Tr dornl census Tl > repoRts of tho
Cnptulns on tho GG9 books yet out make It clear
that the nvvraEo will lie brought up just as
1 i soon as some of the big districts begIn > to
oomo lu
lYeMilent Wilson ot the Board nf Health
spent nearly nil day ycRtorUav in the Mayors
1 olllee matlnc timntoa on the returns as they
f came In Today It Is expected more than
fault tho books will be In riuPorUsnr Konny
called uttntlon to what ho I elloved was n big
discrepancy In the returns olltho ilist election
r district ul the 1libt Assembly district The
j A returns gte 109J porons in the district nf
Wblh4ui are relumed as male ailultn Mr
henny thinks that many women and children
Were notoounted
Acting Bupurlntcrdent Byrnes said that tho
v Insinuation of Urn i > nsuA people nt Waslilnc
ton that the pqllou wuuld count the failure on
> the ohsels and trnr ient ikltors In thu city
j wan entirely uncalled for Ho bad taken os
poolal pains to Instruct the toiice enumerators
t not to take the names of any one who did not
i havo a reslilctico ut Rome particular strcot
K ana number Tho station house lodgers ore
5 barred Not a complaint of the conduct ot any
enumerator boa been recoivod at Police head
A policeman at his work yestorxlay In one cf
the tiptown districts hud a noo ozporlenco
which ho conlUled to a SUN reporter Ho was
i on his way through n big apartment hnto
and when tie Knocked nt a door on the third
i landing a young woman opoiuul It and held
9 up a warning llncor
i iFUppuse you are the census Inker she
t t Bald In a whisper and she ltd tho policeman
down to the end of the hall Now you ooemv
mlBtro Is very ill in the fiont room and I
4 didnt want to disturb her so Ill cUe you the
y names here After she had elvcn tho mom
hers of the household the olllcer wanted to
J know It that was all
Well thoro is another but lies only an
hour old said the young women with n blush
The policeman wanted to know his name He
4 toadnt any name
l > Well Ill get reprimanded by my Captain If
I I dont return tbt lull mime the ofllcer uraued
th Well hold the nurse as a bd bt Idea
i struck her call him Census aniTdowu bo
went aft Census Jones
i Supervisor Murray said yesterday In refer
f t erenco to Enumerator ThlemoH charge that
f i ohadnt bade chance toilnish tile distrletthat
TulemQs timohad been tondcd and that ho
1 bad beon told that hu could have more time if
F he wished and nn n sBtnnt too but that ho
returned his book at the expiration ot hU time
r > aa complete
The Lust of the Herle Given Last Nthat
at Far Hoekawuy
e1 Despite the storm last night the last of the
series ot Friday night daucos given at the
Tnokapoushn House at Far llockaway was
tho largest attended and tho most brilliant ot
r the three which made up the series For tho
I occasion special attention was bestowed on
i the rooms which wore tastefully dressed with
I autumn flowers and eoldenhued loaves Nor
were the costumes of the ladles less beautiful
because ot the unfavorable condition ol the
The Committee on Invitations consisted of
Mrs Farley Clarke Sirs Daniel D Lord Jr
and Miss Stevens It was quIte 9l r It when
Ur Farley Clarice with Miss Stevens as a part
ner and Mr Ancon D Moron with Miss
iieene led the cotillon which was a spirited
one Five faortd and three german neuron
were danced Ths favors wore simple though
beautiful and useful For the clrls there wore
alarettes pretty fans and ornaments for the
dreiMlnK table while the men received articles
y i which van be utilized at homo and abroad
Itmon I10 olujany present wore Mrs
f I Farley Clarke Mr and Mrs Lloyd Asplnwall
2 Jlr and Mrs B P Illnvlc er Mr and Mrs
paniel D Lord Jr Mr and Mrs Frank Lord
Ja hr anti Mr Ale < cnniler Htevens Mr ant Mrs
La Montague Mr and Airs Alton V Mason
7tr and Mr Alfred Kellspn Mr and Mis
John Lawrence Mr and Mri Ansnn W hard
t itr and Mr Frank Tilford Mr and Mrs John
JowdlnMr and Mr liiinvkarhof Mr and
dis Hone La Multnpno Mr and Mrs John II
Aho000r l xhail Keorus Mr and Mrs Y
rederlok fluhenok Mr and Mr John D
ifaeorer and Mrs Henry 0 JJohmiin
The series of dances wore unon under the
P Tjatronabe of the tottawiB at Cedurhumt
T Ware Crest and Mr and Lawrence
BIr Henry Tylir Harm Tbrnt Cam 4a > Caw
Mlunil It IT W 4uD
BOSTON Oct 38lr Harry Tyler M P of
London Trttbldentof the Grand Trunk Hall
way and Mr William Wainwrlcht general
manager of the road arc In Uoiton on a brief
builneu visit In an Interview BIr Harry In
regard to the tariff iuesticns bald that Canada
believes In protection for horelf und oren pro
r tocU herself aitulnsitha nnthor country This
rtsnltof the MoKlnl y bill lo the Canadian
p producer my bi serious for a tUft but her
fxpprti will soon foil a now cbauiiil It may
lu the unil bo n bounllt to the Canadian rarities
for It trill waku luui i UN I mid i oni el him to I do
his bet Hu lidllincd that tiin buHlnsh rout
hosts ut this IWO coiiuir wll houn mijutt
thejiii S P to I bti flew < on < ltionn inid lies ii I
will be flu trioi harm to suitor Jt ik i all
rubbish sutil he to talk ol uiir uih taiilT
js3eaiiirO im your belnK u douth blow tuiu
ti4i4i jpiuNtJsua aoad can piobubly
KinTlt II loll Iun
IB regard ui re IprivMiy be said i > that under
I DTCMIt cwjditlns sibolutu rsciproi iy is soi
t pgMibl Hut Ifiiilttiiflt to Mr Jiia nos I
5 of riwipioilty Llwin uullin HIHJ ui > < < n
F > sflicte l li 150 imiitii of vrliicli Wuiili IIM
I eqUJllre > aVtVlllttV OUi fl tljpuiill It l MOijI I 11 l
WriI for lOtUcounii Asjor uuiiujriilnu 5 lie
do MDot bsIisths stir coiuiiferublM number of
t Ouuodlin iiuoiilu uuiii It furs U no pro
r pwtcf rcoiuMiilDift it seriously l stiirukout
r UurUllr WltiX r 5 Vuumf Hart Sister
VviNRfoiiT InS Ort 3 Jsjsty UarNbtl
Ooru t lllid > kit > r < lttr arrtntid Arthur iul
ur mere buy on a cturvt of liomu isi
SUEs Ill ophur III I sill i rttftulivj Ilu I Sit1IHCI
tuifj MllMfiiili I ir s iitr wd j iiiiili bv4itii
at Isle > 4 iu ilr wnrxv lv > mi i iruiL hi l
IIIHIJJ I niiuii lu JlirJ i ii S sij illnj II rut iti
iliit i tlil luV ft his ran ttntty bil it siiisiud
5i4wr however sss MI ljiidly frighsltuI lb
tuvJ41aod the 111 1rc CUf I
i LJ ± 4
Tw Trk fltk Izchancenlea Oct a
ctoute flirt 01 turn itmi o v
tM Jilt mt ite4
t K M r U4 C 5fl
K Hac nx U Kfx inx 515
R4ar m Ul V Rt 5 107 115
U a 4ar IIla 510 U ualo 172
i 4I < > la 133 0 IWM ii
0510 iIsi4 Ito Ex tnternu
psItpun apr rrn fc tnii tlonoil
I Atthlton 4i M lOMIchCent lNt2htO
ID 5I 7 Mil litiuillii
54 = M I Mil 4 i5sx14iIK V
I Atcbion inc ftHV 1 Nor Pac Ida Iim
I tt 4 her Pac We 1104
1 f Oi I u Nor Par en ts I
SQ Ci 2 vcr 1 A Min lit leO
a aci 3 Xott A W M l l
25 Mkti I 12 N J Ont rnlfti IIM
13 All A Iac In 14 l lllVorruioMal ll > i
SO I3i 7NYIT1 Ahtu41 ItJ
a tsar CNAN i lit I7 4 N W cold 0 U4I
I i7 ION W < l < lr U4 i
4 w I N dli l1C
14 fhl All en A H1 l JW dt2Syr lot
S5 IUOS I 4Y ti A w en wi
evil A UK a A Oreton H L LIII
lit en 70 in Or > K In rn Il
a igs t lena 4ta o It
1 Cau8aiitnltMM BRA rilta Sit Ill
1 llUlS 7 Rock lelan6 > xMIlj
3 Can ro > il wiv 0 1UIS
21 II A III en ST 124 1 Heading KenL 4i Si
2 Our dA ml n IIHI ft M M i
al > eL A II HI UW 8 SI
S Pin A lttlcn It liR duirfln 57
17 Uul K K A All ts II 3
8 Ldjion B Ill lit lfl u Iliad 2dpt lao
i no 20 Jf
1 Erie en 2d IO23 1 2 47
a 102 lo Read sdiLlno 87
14 E Tenn r 507 I Itloo ut 74
2 tt Worth lit 103 B 74
U O llf A S A lit I Bo IotCai lPtir
wa MV IKtP AMacn4 > ellilti
10 Hock Val t > i Ki I Rt L A 8 K K7IIUIH
U 57 10 Rl I cots 15Hrf
ir M lstIlstCa P ii5
5HATCenlltMLI12 J ian A A A V lit
10 Iron Nt 01 HIM tst41 70W
3 Iowa Cent lit Bi I R I It It lit liMW
1 MUM Co hi tIUO IHTei 1ac lit M niJi
lOKanATgi SI 5 BIJ
1 U AW ll en ai llii 24 Tex Iacd Ins 4n
4L E AW lit io Si l4
i lui 25
1 IOIIK liaud al l IJ 2I M
1 L h A ACh 11Ill lTotA ll 5 C lit WI
1 L K A A Uh en ftlfl4 2Unloal > acSFIlii
B Bi t
LoEL lStL lit PVl 1 iJnliaccTTtli 80
18 Hi I Union hi lit HHS
10N llATexllt Ri1 1 u 1DOit aU
V 1SI L A letULH 21 5
2 La A Mo IUi lit ItO 7 Va Midland snl a SM
2 Mahonlnir foal tIlO BVa Midland > ul N7
OM A St f K Hi A7V 2 Wahaih lit 101
1 Met ra lit ll5i a Writ Shore u 104
S6 HoclleAU Knl HU 55 Wla Cent lit uo
Total lain ol railway tondi car TAlUS 70Z1J
44SLIWSD au cmii iisit
Ope7 lllg Low rCtellny
Wlf IOU at nt Bli Asia
lOAnier T nf us et on
13111 Atcru T I A S Fe 743 M SON WH 57
20 Atlantic A TaclUo Bf a 5 U
liollrun ict lo 27 27 27
300 Can houtnern o9 O3 tI 65 f7
lino Canadian faciflo 7x > 7fl1 77I 37 773
19ouchek A oat ink lt9t 14e I3 5ft
MM f A O lit Pt M J 5s a s
DOUIXAU id nt S717 77t DU 35l 341
35chL te 11L 42 > 2 42t 42 45
SSOO Ctilcixo Caa 44 4 44 445k 44
ma cuu A M L uiij 354 67 67 07
Its 0 C CA BtL ff M 5345 01
1tMoCbaiwl03 504 IO7t 507 I04
17541 IX LA 0 1 > 4 97 533 uris
172I tX M A Bt i oats o 33 3t4 64
UHHO M ABt I Ottl 110 lso lou 1i
loasoi II B I A fao 0 tfl o 7l4 7t13
lUOCSt 1 A lpf 41 45 41 40 43
WM Colorado foal 4HX 4334 45 4534 4
oo IOL it v A rot si SI JUhl liJ 5o
linoCoLA Hock CoaL iU 23l 54 34l 7S
12iAI Coniot UasCo OS ts is 073 541
613 uii A ItusliOll155 155 l54 loft I5At
12114 IJeL U A W 143ft 141 4l4 l4I l43t
no lien A it o wi 1534 ls3 184 ls
sf5 lien ARO nt 07 O74 07 i8 57
1735 IltitlitIng t F 473 48 473 47i 45
3SO HLCentral lO4 > 154 104 lO34 loIfr
ISO Lo SL L A Tex 30U 5 3 iu hi 31
DIM Lake K A Weit IS l5 l5I 1 L Iti
son L h A Welt of as 5 zej Asl
S810 Late Shore1v73 ltJ4 107 1077 lU7
umuLonia A NUtL t4 54 S3 Hi4 54
coo Manhattan > on103 lO5t 10 InS lu3
1300 klexican central 23 23 44 243 24
IUMILLA tt w so 110 150 133
8110 till U h A W Bf111 II 1r 53i lOs 12
708J Mluourt faclDc Di2 034
SOON anA T IB 134 15 17L IH2
83iMobile A Ohio 27L 77V 37 273
2suuH Centralll3 141 13 113 l3 I l
KX N 1 ssutral 10411 l04l lPl lO4 1041
I6D11 Nofth Auier < o 87 37 54 33
770OS i A New Em 43K 43t 42 424 42i
43NYAN 200 200 200 20
1815 N V L E A W 245 341 37 731 23j
110 K Y 8 i W 41 IJ eh ih ii 7
8NV BA W rt 27 27 27 273 24
5UNorthern Pacific SOW llQ 30 211 Z13
440 Northern Pec pr 7ii 7O 753 5 75
15 Ontario A Mining 4U > 4i 404 42 46
loll Ontario A Wen 18 > J IM 5314k iH
35 Oregon Imp 42 415 42 42 43Q
23UregantN138 tIM 15 51 iM
all 0145100 HL 3 32 834 2 Os 51
KD Pen A G tt 3 II B 12
SOUAPacincilall 40M 4OI 70s B 41
18320 ChIle A ueadlnE 4U > 40 3 27 373
725 Pull Pal Car Lo218 221 214 2O 2l
Ito Pitta A W pf ia 313 o 34 34
inOUalckillTerpt 41 41 41 40 41
23iulllch A iv I nii l13 134 II I94
aoflucbW P pt 7J 757 75 75 77
Ion btr A Omaha 13 29 2 34 2tO
KJ southern fan 211 2t 2At 4 t
iiTenn i oal A Iron 42V 42i4 42 42 43
310 Texaa racing li li1 1b 1343 l8
BlJTi oI A A A N II 34U 342 4 54
CIDIi inion Paciflo S4 5J 52 52L 2
141U Union Pao DA0 2U 21 263 214j 21i
200 W st L A f I IOS 10j iO 1134 IO
1W5 W f t L A P pt 224 23 223 2Si
p < 5 Wntern On Tel BJV H2i 32 > HJU tOt
70ii Wheeling t L E 83J 85K flf5 I4 > 2
2IO tt heel A L E bt 345 74V 74J 74
U7S Wla Central 2H 2tf 21 21 21
The total tain of stock were 228116 shirts
als ctrmfl 11KKL Lvaft Clot
87U Amer Cot OIL 17 7 l7 27
742 Aoicr Cot Oil pf 40 40 40 41
12O Amer fot Oil ctfa 20 20 I0t 2I3t
lbss Sn ar Bennerln 79 7ef 77i 771
4J60 National Lead Trust 2D 203 O 2tt
200 St L Ark AT A A P 1134 IIJL sa lIZ
10 Ken A T pr WI 21 S 2 2S 33
BlO Phcrnli of Arizona 91 05 131 53
15uOBiuniwlck 8 33 4 5
TOO Horn Sliver333 3 ai 333 3 ai
KKIUO Oeorgla Pac HI 1l1t no now no
j4000Kan ATex 4a W I 7343 7034 7s > J 7h > 3
I23onii Kan A Tex M W I 40 48 4U 4H
moooStL ArkATez2diWI 4u 40 41 40
SIO M PlD Line ctfa 74 78 77X 7d
Sit lUlt nil Asked
lea Albany20 2 1 WeitEniJ LaM 25 26M
lies A JIalne 207 Boa A Mont 63 DSiJ
Fitchburg 87 B7 > 4 HutleA Ito 17 > iHK
ti T AN EDfllS Calumet A lloc211 CRI
Hex Cut 4L 735i 75 Santa Fe M Co 52K UO
Old Colony 108 IrH3 AT A U F4 82 > J 83W
A BellTel22 < > 223 A T A M Yiu I Kt 50
fcrleTel 49
tilILiVzL35LL Cl itiG anotirton
Jfld4SLdl JHdjiiiu
ARrnm4i 44 iji m > Lehlgh Valley 3Y t2
lblt kI5litpt O13 CM ileuaiylvanta 52 2
LAl1 2051305 QrOT4TI55
AtcbtiOii D9 Lot A Nashville
Allinlic A ft V lit 354 t Y Centralice
AtlinlIc A it W 24 43 0rol A Wist pr r2
tsnadIfl recta So NortharuIctllopt 70
ErIsCemmOO24 Ontario A Vsi1 10
ErI24C0131015 Ina1 Iul 07
Iflinols tuba 1setfle
laks5tiur ili4 Wsbulipt
An army beaten demoralized and retreat
log would fairly represent the plight which the
lulls on stocks now eel themselves to be in
They uavo hoped for reCnforcomnnts Btrug
gleil to gain some point of vantage and hnvo
fastened their hopes upon eontlncenalea that
ailed to materialize until tho avornco spoon
athe bolder of Blocks has lost heart and
hardly debates whether It IB worth while to
cart his accoutrements from the Held or
throw them aside In disgust Without any
fresh spoeiflo reasons new nolllni motemont
etm today which was heaviest in tbo usually
active Btockc and which encountered no
Teotlve relhtnnoo When the course of prices
Manias rhaiply anti uninterruptedly toward
lower flouroo M they did today there U hut
ono explanation over which thoro can te no
quibbling It U liquidation To bo mire the
marketing of lone btoclcs was precipitate and
accelerated br bearish attacks and the fact
that thrjBe attacks were euccctnful logically
encouraged those who raudu them tu press
tholr advantage
UoadlnK hail < l to bear thn brunt of the on
Bluiicli On transactions of about 25000 full
share It closed nearly 3 V cent lower tItan
yucterdny at the lowebt price of the day Tbera
was plenty of idle talk that the famous pool In
IteailliiK had boon forced or had decided lo
lliiuldata That npoHlllon does not take Into
account the purpose for which a majority of
heading tock has been jna eoij or the man
ner In which It Is held That stock Is owned
not carried on margin and hold not for a stock
market deal but for u combination with other
syutemti lie for o the ultimata purpose of the
owner of the Ilemiluu llHllioad Is accoiu
isiislii d I Ilitia limy ho any ill Is her al Mnrlllnif I I
luluuliii in id Hk Iho 4 e who tiyto
rilliiir u iiioi uin ill of it 1 haruiturreliiiruii to
will loubiliiiis have lo undiiKO the usuui id >
miudeH ul lie i iruifii > r In ova i y iiunr lirn
rite KUickn Ihiil pruMvid Hi s llukiiostiloMl
In the i tiv > riidii noiepieot Were Union Iacj
llo North Aiuttriouu hi Jaulcommon und 4
ll sal Oulnry flit < yi > iilTtiri > ilIoa > es uviiriiBl
I bolt I I 1 jii eii I iha Si I nr Ilium 15rs 01 1ti
Im iilq nut ulTor as seies i iiuij liiniiit ac thii
U 5 HI d t t e w 4iiglsirjs ai ourl iss cults
AICHIKOH I aim I I I UIJII m 43115 Ii SitS out
riidiDl iiAv lnlltrnd A row u the wr ilHu
ii iluppriit with oihers wiiiu i lcluj In
I hits miiju lbs ovopts it i the slay Iii in I lever
dm adiiMAtuii of Ieur inam All nt Ihuifroki
arulng fur PlUJIiiilt rgsoieJ tvluy show
juuaioiiiumriu > ovui lMi fnr Thu slat i
UHBt uf it Hi Iuul lOllpnlU I fOI AtlllUkl
kbuwi en tiiulJk 11141 hal liniimim IhQigi
r l l < luiJiiiffUi mouth core 4usr tJiiin line
viouel Drflmuiliiif arse lit < Jroiieai Tin In
WUK nile > > urli IfHoullinraiil flea cam fi I
mi nml ibu Iimiuu I iiimiiy iimrkut
w as fiitlir > iiil liii < lflht only of > lm
IHW oM l4r < liul iI0 i hi in tlit iiiu
arl li I iiiY nil k > hUll f riiun lJ414
fis sitU dul inn pgi I much of e lluurx Sf1 hip lii Iil
tiuiis t A loser tttiiWinit jiy the bank winorroir
WM ronllilfiitly ixt < llt d luouuhlioi silo
guIIt r 1sIQl4IJ Tii btottn h sve Ipit oiu
money fo lb lIubTIesautj Ills wejs Meat
togtp ncWta MTO vtta sJ1OWIil huG R4
dlstinrtemenU on ftroonnt ot bodpflrthMStt
and redeemed and Iaterestprepald have about
come to nn end It In not hollered that the
Interior movement has been Inure RN narrmparxv
with the la t law weeks Ptrrllna axchnnin
WM firmer attain Th re bits beets l n go
ds at covering In that market nt bllln thai
ueraonld when the money market 5 nina <
Runt For the moment the supply of tommrr
Clal bill Is lark
Todnxs maiknt nhnuld not In our jiitla
ment be attributed to any special prowrason
the part of the ts t arn nor lo decidedly adverse
roniilniatton ntTidlne values hut rather tc
the aiatiiv of the power on the lone ulilcol
the market nnd to the almost utter dlcourace I
moot nf use speculative hoMois ot Mocks
l arilciilarlr those who trmloon a small caIn
It may lieOe crllw > il as u nlnuchtnror the ten
Innocents who have ventured to remain In
t all street This stay was without nucltemont
and the tone of the mat kot thnneh weak wan
hardly fcueiUh The closing was heavy at the
lowost I1IICSS
hind pales compare with those ot yesterday
r aslollows
Oct 2 Oft S 1 f2 XI 3
A T AR r 3 > V 57 K T A N Kn 43 > i 411
cs3 ARtL IWX4 i7l N J i salts tli4 IHIj
ii R Ay M 1U54 Onlarl A West l lii
cbs A uhlo lutf IKU Purlnc Mall 43I > i 7ii 1
C A ll lit t > C SI t VM InlLPalfar 2IR 221
Chlcairnlla 4IU 41 j Rock Iiland M 7H1
lifl LAIN 144 143 > Hlch A WI lli I V Iii
list A lloillonlW I54S Rich A W Ppt TUB 7i
II A ft H pf WU 67 iKeadlnt I 4 i 37S
Erie 2431 34 Ci lens com K > 54 04
lloctln VII 31 3 < i2 Bt Paul pf inii l In1
Illinois mini HUM li > l itet ran IH ISI
gtii A Tel IX IN Tints f I A It 4 < U 4J
Luu A Nun Kli nai rnion laoinc 34U MU
laVe hore107 107H IM I Pac11 A ll 27X 20l
L E A W pf w < Mi Wan A P I com II 1S
MMotirl Fee rtl i Wit A P I jf 2J K 224
Met Ii cut 2l 243 W elt Cn TeL KJH > < JS
hnrihweitroniil l74i w A U f 3 V i4S
Nor Pan pf 78 73SiW A L K pt 74k 74 J
Oocrnmont bonds ftoaily at un hancod
quotations Hallway lionils noal The rf > iture4
wore hauaa and TcxaBKeniTalO Clionnpoako
nnil Ohio consol 5s Union I1 Illc Denver and
dull lids Itock Island SB Mobile stud Ohio
generals Atlantic and Pn < lltc incomes Atchl
son lloaillhj nod Texan rncllle IBBUOI Tlio
more Important net declInes wcrn In Atohlsi n
Incomes V cent to AS Atlantic nail rnctflo
Income IK J to 18S Mobile and Ohloconorals
4 to till Hock Island 5s K to loin llrodlnit
general V to HIS IleadlnK let prefniunce
inioinos to 074 nonillne Ail prnfonnco in
comes to37Toxa 1steihic2dh toSP3s and
Union Iaini Denver and Gulf Its I V cent
10 B5 The notoworthv ailvnnces were In Atrhl
son 4q i V cent to 81 Chcsap aLe and Ohio
consul 5s H tn lOUinnd Kansas nud Texas
general fid s cent to 81
In bank stocks 30 Pharos ot Tradesmen
nt 105 and 60 shares of Western National at
107 Silver bullion certificates for 110000 ounces
sold at lllialia1 liar silver In London
61 ld V ounce The oftors to sell Miser to tho
Treasury today aecroeatoil Jri7i < Ml ounces
The purchases wore blOUUO ounces iii follows
4000 ounce at Sl1145 Idnoon ounces nt
H1370 fiSOUO ounces at 111375 BOlO ounro
at 11380 20010 oumos nt 1138t isoooo
ounces at 11385 and 35000 ounces at SI1330
Money on call 35 cent Time money 0
cent for all periods There Is a fair f gen
oral demand for prime endorsed bill receiv
able at I V cent and flrstclaaa singlename
paper soils at 7 V cent
SterlIng exchange dull and strong The sup
ply or commercial blllri was light today and
there was a fair demand from remitters
Posted asking rate wore ailvnni ad 3 a i ont K
noiuul to 443 for lone bills and 14PM for de
mand Actual rates 482f4821 for sixty
day bills M876HH7 for sIght drafts and
t488atl881 for cable transfers
Interest 4s and Cs prepaid to date 10
Itallway cross earnings for September corn
pare with those of the same month of last year
is follows
Norfolk and Western f027303 Inc flll1M
Wheeling and Lake Erie lu493 Inc 235CO
Iowa Central 17227H Inc VH25H
3t Paul 2714000 Inc lOlsO
Mliioitrl Kaniu and Tiles 7raw Inc 7seT
Ionit Illand 403I7S Inr 2978S
LonlTlll at Louli and Tetai SHIHI Inc < 68J
SIlL Lake hhore and Weittrn 31OU91 Inc 30029
The Chicago Milwaukee and St Foul hall
road reports gross earnings For Auuust ot 2
i22G 3 an increase of tlOj910 as comparoil
with the same month of last roar and not
751883 a ilocreaio or 19839 For the two
mentis ondlnK AUK 31 the gross earnings
wore 4471 750 an incroa nf t2Sliliij nn
Compared with the conexpanding period of
last year and net 1418 COS an increase of
The estimated gross earnings of the entire
System of the Chloaco Hock Island and Facllld
Hallway Company Including linos both east
and wet ot the Missouri River tot the motth
if September are tl72224C decrease or 1S
099 as compared with the cross earnings for
the month of September 1889
The Ilroadwny and Seventh Avenue Railroad
Companys report for the Quarter ended Juno
iO shows
Tor Vie Tuaren soda
JUtKSO JfarcHtll JuneSO
I8wj iPiia iBsa
3ron eamtnrm 2nsM sn3KaT ituatn
j per tine sxpeflsei235iiUl 2SR40 228137
tilt antings51503117 1147727 I16I084
Other Income < 435 BOO
cross Income llHAlsa 147727 E8im4
FUed charcei PASO ej57 trR3
Net Income 102540 55170 KJJU41
Jperattnir colt per cent
earnings 7903 8001 7a < 3
Cain on hand fU293 100487 104 7SJ
Croat and Ion aurplni 1U6204 i55tl354 137322
Tho Wail Street Journal of today contained
the following Tho remittance ot the Illi
nois Central Uallroad Company to London on
Sept 30 inutend of Doing 11000000 as cur
rently reported amounted to t520 POO It coY
ared payinentn luatnrinB Oct 1 as follows
Coupons 180000 sinking fund bonds drawn
for redemption 50100 and redemption of the
sterllnc V cent bonds ot the New Orleans
Jackson and Great Northern division 290000
These N O J arid G N bonils amounting to
1480000 matured Oct 1 Tho company Is
redeeming those bonds anti funding them Into
Chicago bt Louis and New Orleans 5 V cent
The business failures of tho past seven days
as reported to II G Dun t Co number for the
United States 16C and for Canada 31 a total
of 197 as compared with n total ot 21J last
week and 1JO the wenk previous to the last
For the corresponding week of last your the
figures weroOli representing 172 failures In
the nlted States and 81 In tho Dominion of
Canada 0
Treasury balances compare with those ot
yesterday as follows
ot3 ocia
Gold eU704lT32 147lllli 83
Silver 0 > IM2I2 47134078
Legal tenderi a775tq 415522185
Totall 1100347234 tl5 uvMVi
Depoittt In national banks f254H42IR acalnit tsu
2971111 I I eitirday In addition to its roregolnjr Treat
try reports silver bullion pnrchand under thi act of
July 14 low ic MC25 and uotei outitandlni against
the tame fivJ3ty
Money in London 595X I V cent Discount In
the open market for both short and throe
months bills 4 15lin V cent Amount of
bullion cone into tile Hank of England on bal
nnco today 2GOOil 1arls advices quote tl
cents at Ut francs i 2 > cenllmes anti ex
cjiaueu on London at 25 francs 30 c < intlrm < x
The statument of the Imperial Dank of Ger
many shows a decree or 50427000 niarkB
This quarterly report of the Lenox HIM Hank
is primed In an adjululne column of this isSue
The sales of mining stocks nt the Now York
Consolidated Stock and ietroloum Exchange
today were an follows
Sala Nam ifffiilnn UUhtf Jtivxit aoitnt
IMHiAnoru 5 i 3 5 i
IU Allaullc 3J M 22 12 22 12 22 12
ttuorirumwlcfc H H H H
in llololl t U 54 H7 83 H7 656 U HT
ton Hre ce 41 52 40 li
2Mllflle lila lit U5 M 11
liiHrown rolni 2 mi 2 0 i 2 v 2 tie
I03gIsiunetIIt814 DO Vtl Ul Kl VI 504 M
4UC El OrUto W HI 7ft hO
luurreeiatid Do as 35 ss
luuiorn SlIver s so nan a ui s so
2ii heron on 0112 5 557 ft aj
40ilUulualji AH Co l 50 1 M lOt I 61
70IJUIU 40 411 m so
list Plymouth 3 JS 225 22 3 23
2 0ii riiomiK of ArU f < J 5 9 US K
uiuuincr i in 21 us M liSt I 23 31625
HOfcutierireek I IS 1 Hi I SI 1 53
3 yhtoriuont T T T T
UUuNmall ibis OS Uo H BB
Till iclkl iraniactioni war 81110 shares
Nwr rock Market
KBIPIVOetS KLOIR 51314141lhlS markt ta dull
and ur In are uiilfomilr wak and unititlid Tlieili
cliue In wue t Hour In the tiait inoutli liUuVic p > r
tt1 the chose dully lirsiudi vIldlsjg usual
CiiiuiVutUrii opm 4 it 3 tioluti dttlliii cloiliin
quiet but Situ at I ta J ioluu dtolim from vnurdiri
cloituv orient Tne inerku afaln listed al Creel i > ur <
EMM wltbllirertioof Tint uiirkel was dearer suit we
declined The liuuth jienirally reporiiMl clearer titer
luir wiatler kouie or ih Inurlor tuwuireiorltd In
irait4 re alpt and the rarrilla al the uoriawiie
iftiiiliu lir Hiiun iroiu 5 llruniwl k lu a lutal touch
lefonil cilllUKlei A 1 Hle Iniluinrei mil i n i
II of the huuae tsf Die nork Iioi ittiia i oitsd < Ilu
molly deciliM In ia hit hour Ihere u u a frsh Imo
cailon of ui > noHiri Jifk frul II wsa lunicTeiu ti
rauin inine cunrluf and Ike parlul recovery ul tin
nrlr dulls Kiol tUun was ijuletir Lot nry flruii
inlldllijj uplanji niyi iSo Uuiri iuuic Ttii
lulluwlor are the dilalli vf trauiactliiw In litiuiu
Manila 11g3t Ika lItieit jOitrC A4US
OctoLir IUiIiit4W 1010 Ii 5 1853
ovaIihr i15l4I I76 IU Si
I1ciniar Iu1331
Jsouiini ill
bfUOy 1037 IV
lsrthi IC 4tsl8S lia8 S
A1li hiJAill6S 50A1 5 I5u
y p5157 Il l57 4 sI
hulta 1104 11144 tO u luu 4
tj5i put316 1071
AUU51 hilt 1070 5535
113141 555 4055 belay Traitariribi OoliC Vet lit
dalitery of cu10us 504 3454 Se
ASiJSC 14f
Mill ItlUl
C9ul411 tauilC ibtidey IIMI 4U >
iiusiti fiuii 8531 I Tbfrt SSWI50e
a cI Iii I islied lits MrIe Ja en
lIuri utIca Ciii I Silt i44C 31404
It is sit lusnI s W5 t W0 fl4 dlit 14
It aspi iii ililri4 IssiS liI MesS 57ipi 841 SCSI
5 51155 ior4 fvi iuiu4 uisrliy
I ultsgle his IL bail
I fustssi sItesil ste
I 1 o1W C 55
Lr 1J1195514R 344 SIJi el
1 cat MO 5U j5i SII Mi4 WM
pali FO cs prim shy at 50 3517 seC O teL Wtm5
wtstn at diIsus I I15l5 tot the 1111555155
qlotsdetusil 4lk Nekdnil mew eiat ilZi
5531 SIlSI litoSibbla ega3nstWlbbli veilPrly LU
neatilrm actlrei silts l034U bbla tickled bellies li >
aar tare atVci bet In We t rn meatnaeonilder
able Miineiiwaa done he alee Including 5130 tel
ewec plrkied hana lu IM aTtrar at < vi 11 tc d
ds 130 5 I on p l 223 tea e cit pickled ihnnlden
Calircriila cut al ij5 s r and 3ftOii 55 green hatna
1AM ascent at lJse nraned hogs itea > ller enHoi
4Ne DivS34c4C l Beef ham SOoty acll ei silts IM
lbs si the writ ontvi Tallow null rOared atw
wiihoit biters Uiiter In but modernte eopply and
eteedy thoiich nnt active creimery ITMYIO Sill
dairy l52le u eaters fictory sMiSe Cheeeelntalr I
demend Ktate faetnri full rreain < 4di isO ekini
liac Ohinnat 7dic > tn CoOlIng forward leu I freely
and flimsy 3ii5e i
nans heat fntnrei were very < 1nit am rrlcei
were weak and uniMiled foreign adTieei were eailer
an < t neitern lushes wlthnnt feature lain fl7ii l
bliss al Ii OIltAf 1141 foe KecemUr an 1 f ltxHA
fl ins > for May hrtrtt wheat was nearly nimlnal there
wai lotne Inquiry trim lsiptcre buIlt did nntamnnnttn
much pale > 24ioi hunts Inclndlnc Nn ii red winter at
Ils3 dellTerrd Indian corn fniurei were deli hut
Cries folly recovered his ueehne nf reiterday sales
ratmobuih at riiiw > VC for irinber < vH4 M < tee
Mmrnber 554435tso for December and nW W e for
May Ppot corn wa firm but quiet a fair local trade
but nothing or moment dnne let export Sale wrr
rnalnl > No a tntted at 44533 ttt in Pine and afloat
Ills 5 S studier 551 rather quiet said 15l1335 ttlsl
Inelndlttr episses 750 2 mined it 4s515us14e for Ic
leer 441l44ha for Nosnter 44tI4C for 1seem
icr and q0jAITte for lay atsilon is Spot 12211132
at 4IW4 e end white at 419110 ai In quality also
No a whlto at 4tc in eletator and No 3 mIxed at
4311e In eleyator Hye quiet narler more ftnni
IelJ but nnnilnal After thani < Wheat stead I
No 2 red winter for ctoler elflI i U November
5 iP8 i Decemtier II l tIfhS Vay ill elO4 l for
etiidy So a mlied for October MHO Noyember
a35st December 6 > Kci May NlUc Oats Heady
7o 3 mlied for nctolier 43lic November 4 < Uct lie
cembtr 43ai May 4B4C
Uftorntiicqi ottee on the spot was In moderately brln
demand and Meadr Hloquoled at m ulHc for No 71
Isles S Aim dag change ilellTerlea ranging from Noa
luto 7 on tail of Hly > fnrNn7 luiJilbanNn I Ha
l 4Hc I00baglNolat hOMe sIll ibatiRanto
No HatlHjlc 51112 grades were quiet and unchanged
filriti > bags Java at JJc 1117 ban tar nllla and IH
bin Cora on Ii i t Itlo option were decidedly more
active and during early Change ad > ati < ed IK lo 35
lolntinn inrerlni by local thorti buying for Euro
tell account a further adTnncn In the Hare market
and on the Increaied demand In the ipot market < nt
during She uUslnC hour neneral telling cauied a alight
reaction from top prices Hecelptl at Rio were light
7553 bail hit at Cantos tney were large being ni > M
ban lichaniteln I Ills was lower at Jlc atea < M2M
Sage oloiing barely steady with lelleri at the follow
Sag price i
October lM5eJannary 5S85s Aertl135
NoTemlwr sio Kebruary in no MSy53700
December I7l0csiarcli 15Mcljun 1S40C
JUw niiri were more acllre ant steady at afio tot
fr reIning muiiavaili mul MMio for itandard
cenlrlfukala I mdon advice were dull and Salter
Sues a cargo ot I ouo ton of liettieiari centrltugala
Itli alt at the Breakwater to no tn riillailelplila It
J liire and a cargo of IU44X ma of Hollo at 4 > tc
Slat L etliied losers In fair ilemaiid ana iteady
Quoted at 7 Il0a for cut and cruihed tiio for seine
l tedin < o for powdered 0 llioo for cubes i15e for
mould A 14151 II Isle for candy A I 5llie for
confectlonen1 A 8 llttc fornn Ai isieii 15IOc
for white eitrs c and sm < 5Xo for yellows Mo
laen unchanged niceuiilliug fairly well at ateady
UrAn8lralti tin wan dull anti Irregular spot de
clined bet tutors idvanredt site lu tnni at 22500
for December settling price for spot viw o for Ieccm
ber 2iVw Leid was Ortn and IS poInts higher but
the trallnr wan very Slow the clous in fact being but
lIttle more thin nominal lettllng price for spot 370e
Speller dull and lower settling price for October a 75o
SATAn Sioati Mpirlti turpentine adTanced 5o In
response to a like advance at favannah but the nie In
price charts trade closing Item but quiet at 405
for reCluSes and 40Ho for machine isle IHO bbla
Bonn wai quiet and unchanged at l3711i45 for
common an I good itralned
Fnnoiitiix National Transit certlflcatei opined
nrm and then steadily advanced throughout the day
and soled errs Ittickeye eerllncatei opened lllghlly
lower and then ilowly declined Until the middle of the
afternoon sessIon when the market became Headier
and later curt ot the decline was recovered closing
ileidy National Transit certificate opened at 7DMc
pold at 7iii4xot4o and cloned at MlWc lalei Mm
bbli HncLeye certlflcatei openel at J5UC told at4W
c25Ic and cloud at 24o sales 610OJ bbla
tire Mtock Market
Niw TORI Friday Oct anecelpti of beevei SOO3
head Including Ul cantor export a4 carl for market
and H2 cars direct to ilauihttreri The market ruled
trj dull al a decline or lo Vt luo Iha on ail grades
Porst to best nitive steerS told at J3233MtM 3 lui
Vt Texan at Mvo mo bUlls and cowl atflvja
FV Dreiiid beef steady at II57C ft for nattTo
ildea Latest cable from London quote American
15e15 firm at tYJIo Vtt dreued weight and Amer
Iran retrUerated belt Heady at leant 7lc V Ib
Shipments today ISrt beeves and lSlto quarters of beef
Tomorrow a5 beevei and 7SJ4 quarteri of beef
liecelpu of cahea raa head Market ruled very
Urm Viol told at 0A5775 100 Ibttgrauin at
52b4391t Westerns at S51 753J3
necelptl of sheep and lamba Including S carl di
rect were 4 093 head The market was extremely dull
and very little business was traniacted Sheep sold al
0G35S5 i tt5u Iambi at fii855s37L Dnaied mutton
ilow at ei iouc D IK trussed Iambi steady at OJtsil lo
Itecelpu of hors including o can for tale wire
4542 head Market flrtn at HOiJJ 75 ft 100 na
Beat Eatmtc Kxclmnee Hale
P M Blakejy hai sold for Ur J SeaTer Page home
and lot iw V est Klttyeltbth meet four story brown
stone ajiOTilin for WHUUU toMe VT a Lo w
lienS Etnt Trmanfer
Bprlogiti a7 e Hndion it 2a2i870i John
f uenin and wife to Daniel D Lawson 33000
42 < t it i a 320 e Ith nv 25nia n Daniel D Law
eon and wife to John ICueuln I 40000
HHtlllt na42A3 e Uorrle av ZaxlUOi Wm J
> Ulnrgatroy wife to Kaffaele Hnrella 8WO
lit av n S COt Jilt t75iui UmWIcke et al
to Wm Wlcke entatA 40rxono
144th it i a 84 H1111 av ifTexloo llarry C
Crowning sad wife to Loreuz Unai 32100
B2d it a 5 a 0 wAv A 2Sxluj2 Was Park to
WmSeibech SL500
I7Jd it i a i1 e Manhattan ar 10ilooll A A
Tech to tosepbine Zeutsa 10790
74thitui 3 MI e 3d a v j5xHK 3i John W Ilaar
tu and wife to Bertha Becker 20000
Lenox nv e a nl S UItt laiUM Chariei
Van Riper tojulle Pollak 21600
EIIOI it 13 CarrIe Riberit and coo to Jerome H
Eanbrowltz and altO I a 000
llutlist lie J05 e Sth aT I73oxVUll Wm It
Bell and wife to Klu aBell I
md it n i HOW Lenox ay KixKXMI Wm U
Darling et al to Carrie A Laucetter 3aoou
Same prop Wm Arrowimlth Ac to lame 2o000
IlFtn it 5 a11211 w lit ay 70xlouilO leo
Baron to Theodore Louis and wife i
Same proD Theodore Louis and wife to leo
Baron i
S7thit3 and 41 Weit Aumitln atonron to
Edwsrd S Rinwlck i
Fort Independence it w a i lot 73 man of land
at Klngibrtdge belonging to Vmi > Kllei 4th
ward Ueo V Wallace and ano to UenJimln r
llewci 1000
Cherry it 4OU Wm N Doty to Rachel L Ep
stein 21000
Fame prop Rachel L Lpiieln to Mary Kelly 2jauc
Sditii iiilwidnr 22151541 karjr Granger
to Manilla L Ward i
75th it n a 10S w 2d AT 2onirij Levi Krlf Ju
helm and wife to DaTld 1510 12300
Delancerit 1H2 Louis Uoodmatl and wife to
Simon Epitiln 42230
Slrlp of land in 24ih ward iixJ7rt ad land of
Harlem It K Com Maria L Enen lo the N Y
Cen and Hud It Jl foul
l2iils St na2 5 e sth aT 17 f > x9ui John e
Dell and wife lo William n Bell l
ISUtiit I a 20ii weit Ith aT Mix i John J
Friedman and wife lo Edward D Farrell 1
27111 it i ti and 41 W Augnitine llouroi to Wm
W Iienwlck i
Wlllellit 10 Anne llaar it al to Michael Fay
and aDo 1BL00
Jnmelpt weiu03n iuth it 75x100 William
tluily and wife to Aiifnitui hroenlj 00011
Seth 1115 Et CoOs leltulhof loMarie Schulhof 1
60th ii i 4 ino w 3 et Einl av ll < xli > 22s Jamil
H MacUoy and wife to Mary B Smith 83000
Lewu it t7 Solomon Abraham and wife lo
Ilenedlct A Klein 8000
ISiihitna i art lot 191 map property w m II
Morris Charles Lyon lojosepli t lie Yean 11 SO
KUrt it 47Weili William Thompson and wife
toWAIIoe i
lOd it 4U Welt Same to lemma llerrlan 8800
Stanton it 3JU lUohel Xloicovlta to Solomon
Jonei 26LOOO
Union av a a lot 120180 map BChainbrelenf
lmtle Pldoux to Henry Q Schaefer 9800
LewIs n K7 llinedlcl A Klem and wife to
IlernhardMafer 5900
I2UI it 242 lt Ellen lleamau to James W
Ketcham 133150
nliit ni no w ilh aT 21iixlOt5l Horenc
Thorpe and ano lo Mary K Arnold lo
fin at ni liii l i wih aT ixitio5 iliorje u
Krellimhuyien Mary II Arnold 33550
UtTlnitton et 1021 IuianuelHeriihardl and wife
tnCltu i un TliaJen 16LOOO
Dinrrit ii 3Dc union it 2liixel Samuel
Ievitssun and iHfeto IHrnlrJ Volltirit 21200
Milhit ni 4s w Uriioc av lOjiini Irrer
Charles Van lllper et al lo atharlne lleiclirr 470
bin it n a 217U d av luiuTan lluiuvliola
mann and wife lo Emanuel llrrnharui Btsoo
Suburban wi 17711 e lialnbrldie aT twin
wi 4 Lasts I Harli Charles K Hauien IUO
Il7ltiit l a lSi e 3d aT ililOHI Wm 0
Traphaean to Edward Ucknlflit 0000
SUtht na4 i S Hilt aT UIC7 Virginia W
Ualdwiu lo John Taylor 2aooO
yonrihii el Ilu nCanal ti Ittiiiiin lildor
lIbel and wife lo Israel Wrichaiulil 2fl00
louih it 240 laiti LeupoldUuiiuaJBto Hr
insIsts Kropri 17600
40ihitna to i K Mil av 1101005 Emma
Hobbs and wife to Uarr ft l Arnold 10
Mav S ami4 n Mh p5 t vnHigi Philip and
WmLbllug Drew Co to Urn lloim I
Aldhoni Kriderlck and < wlfeio Farmer Ixian
and Trill tu n s I2liiit w lnot l av 1 iri 110000
Arnold Mary B lo Oeore l KrillnjurIio
trulie ntimhit W Sits iv 1 rr 23915
Uamir Jolip and uhf lo Andrew J Vtruon w
lATO I II 111 It 2114 4ir IJOO
hacker Utrllia tuJohn Huriii n i 7 < lh it
24aV 25xl024Uyrs 3005
Verrlan tmsuiii and aCe Is Wm ThomMou u a
1104 it imhiv Ii ore moo
Colcurd Alice II stud aim la lUurUlli Hllnn B
iilteItaIb aT t in OLOOO
pelb Valeutlue anduirnu iiarft u lie Witt
Jr cud sue 947 taithcili it i rn liuoo
Dimariil Juhn lo llarlim SsVlliilS Jlauk a i
IJHttii it w Aluaudir av 4 mi > rti 1 ir 3405
Kl > uir Uorltr ami irno Muillfe Pits Ii Ul
sl4 it w liii eV I IC 1415531
V rr Utlt4wyraVMil sIte lu lulls J 5 Frn4
Him lllMlllt w Hill uv deuialld VllHI
Us vii han Itudauulutlui I isle I III Cu ui
7d II H M av I yr 7553
Jiriimnr InUurint to I niirmil luju link
uilloiliki I w itajjnl MV l yr 4ou
JJiM el Muion4 ami Hire 10 Julio Iiusslijj
Jr loll iJ u itf 0 74 7 IDi IM IM to
141 uivllbaiMadlir 7 > r lOOuo
llevil Jifulmulu f in UilWe K lIege w a
Ion IieleiItdeUce 1 lot 75 IsLeS A ii UtIca
IS fit I ov
Vropii Ilirinann tl al tu Irfou l4 IiUeIisii l l a
i li ii w ft ar 10 yn ju
KUIu Hui4i I A and mil tu AUiaolar f ll
kiuil il al tffowltH 3 til 544057
itieiiMiIW Indfrlik C A In IHit 15uli
i in jf eV Iim
jMwsitr Sub is hid 55 II iibIi I4eiiud
Ii I 0555 ci p iij if Ii ittorilt I
jjueulsr Cecil 4 IC 14 starS 111111 IIIe silo
305P 110 1d41l a Ialuirhsii sV I
juuslie Sarah I 594 45CC II 5is5 IJiusiiut
aVllJ5i Jitiii iU11t 3 Iuluuuetis Ar S
rfiM4rMr OU
Muful AUHUIIUI luHlllltiu llullr wi Julutl
bin uliilibti HIII tii
reees l Iatrtik I el al le II 0 fM e U 3
a4iia ci iuuUfUuar o rn 8 Miurii i 0541531
fyi leon audLuilauii I4i ilia i Oiurtbii
Iirti I Iiniiir el C in
lalifuii Jubu 4 lull Jollier 4 i urner u
nmttfut I ililljii I v l 13 MI I I linum 17osI
ltiiK > ri Uliu 4 > if itusiteOd Ill in ige Miii mi
lii 435S a S II5S Asuili isill 5 sl 41 11 Si
liii 10511
ci ii Jult F ssd all is lie liii
Is La I ilst p 41555541 Si S
t lsHJi
I islsii4ps Ii IMk
17A I S Al 5 554 44 i
I I2aubIlu1Msvt g VbIUueiis p Iw
PO10811m55sr Mary so the Dry 1k laYs
Imtn e winy lluth it aIlS 15551 av I yr
te kene > m Anna teChirlnT Wlldir anda
naiuthet Inav Soles 800
etirk Wm to Wra Parka 1 1 trM tW AT A
lien S00
Kava e Comillev and wife te Wm n liloom
naimthet w thav arn 1800
PehmI4 kit it 354 Ueo I to Ida OItyTne w I
Walton a a 150th 55 3 yrI MO
55511CC Ilenly C to Pfbaetr lots 5214
1711 mipnfTr000fKCamhteSlnte aS 11y15 WX >
Taytnv John an32 isis Ic Virginia W ilalsiwin
S a th it I ii iv Install 10200
Wick impany mto the Central 7107t I
of NT ne roe lit AT and alit it bonds
Coi I Tantla W and anu la Ternhard Mirer
C SlaTiKis 133415 it 10110113 21 yes too
Ollmorr John lo Dnnnelle s an Kchalck 804 w
dets yra 100
nelby Augustus loFredk A Kawilbobn 2321
MaT store Ac S7 12 yeS 1000
MISer John to John Wendelken a < MadlMa
it nor Ac 3 yre eoo
lIntel chariei n to Daniel Katr w a 12th av
M4 ll n mtit niiNl e4Tr5 loo
l7fllen Trust en true to Joreph lHne 2554
Uroadway 4 7la yn aiOio4W >
IJuou Feifle Eailroafl Company
Invites proposals for the solo to It of Union
Pnolllo Eight Per Cent Sinking Fund hionds
secured by said mortgage to the extent of
Bucb proposals will bo received fit the
ofllco of the Trustee DAILY BEFORE
NOON and bonds accepted will bo paid for
the following day until abovo amount la
The Trustees reserve the right In Its dis
cretion to reject any or all proposals that
may be submitted
NEW YORK Oct 1 1890
ron BALK nr
Union Bqnire New York
Notice U hereby given that the Board of Directors
has declared on the preferred Sleek or thin company a
dlTldend of one and onehalt dollar per lliarc ont or the
tirpiui income ot the company payable at the office ot
the Treainrer on and after Oct V3 ISlia to the itock
holder aa reglitered at S oclock r U on Oct 11
The transfer book will be cloud from 3 oclock P25
Oct II 181 until B oclock A M Oct 23 IHIU
A J UBMflllLL Secretary
Bankers and Brokers
Private wire connectloni with correipondentiat
45 at 47 Wall St
or TUB
Loam and dlicounti less due from Dlrco
ton liaiens 13
Due from Director 2000 uo
line from trOll cninpanlea state and Nation
al banks al tier icbedule 080089
Stock and bond ai per schedule 10000 ot
Specie 4120 138
Untied tatn legal tender note and circa
lallnit noteiot National banks 1151 00
Caiblt maTli
lulls and checks for the next
days exchancei 5asoa 83
Other hems carried as cash as
ai per icltedule 238 01
Cnrrentexpenfei II OBi 01
Aneti not included under any of the ahoy
heaaa Tlci
furniture and flxtnrei 54622 20
PremIums paid 20314
4MI 40
Total 124734751
Capital stock paid in In casts tlnoooo OC
Undivided pronu TILL
Discount S3177 31
Exchange 440 37
interest 270001
Due depositors aafollowaTli
Vepontti subject to check 111050432
Cerllued cbecit 3322 40
DOS private banters and broken aa per
cbediileX 2O9 81
Due IndIvIduals and corporatloni other than
bankl and depositors at per schedule 2Oono 00
rediicounted 010329
Total f24T347Bt
Slate of 5 enS YOrk county of New York is
cashier of tin Lenox Hill Bank a bank located and
dolnr bniliif at 72d it And ad aT in the city of New
York In laid county being duly iworn each for him
elf sari that the foregoing report with the schedule
accompanying the same la In all reipecla a true stat
mentot the condItion of the said bank before the traniao
Ion of an business on the 27th day of September 1800
to the best of hIs knowledge and Delicti and they fur
Iher my mat the iiuilneia of laid bank ha bem Irani
Arted at the location named and not elewhcr and
Ibattbe aboT report U mad In compliance wllh an
oniclal notice receIved from the luperlntendent of the
Banking Department deilunating Saturday the 27m
darof September ituo ai tIe day on which auoh re
portthallb made lEE HOLPP rreildent
RiTirally subscribed and Sworn to br both deDonenta
th 2Uth day of Bipiemher IWKL before nie
Notary Public N Y Co
iv1dgtt ttu iitrv t
2 leIlOYbe Directors of thIs hintS Sac this dy
deelard a dividd of EiVI IElt tINNY and an CIlia
dIvidend of tNl E12 0 1 out of the aarning of
the paiiilx month payable on and afi riJct et
The transfer book will remain cheat > l until thai data
riiiiAiimpniA Reps 24 iH a
Notice li hereby given that tbe Hoard of Ulricton
has declared mi th prr > rrid nock of this company a
dividend of one and one half dollar per sitar out of the
surplus income of the company payable at the omce of
the Treasurer on and ssItar net 2J IHUU to the nock
holders ai rgUtered al a oclock P u ou Oct II
The Iranifer books will be cloud from 3 oclock P I U
Oil II KfcO until uu clock A M Jet ilJ IfW
A J IIKtlllirm Etcrelary
lftllDiii unit 3U Ittftti
Molle is I lientr glviii list lisa annual iiirellnf of Hi
ItockhoUert of the lut Teuneiiie Virginia and
florgia flallwiy Comrauy for Ihe nurpoii of ilirliug
Dirtclon for III rniulng Mir and Iha Iriniactlon of
such oilier lulnau I u nosy I ripen route liefor laid
lurillng will li held al heonlcof HI roinpany In
Ib city of Knuivill TtouiiMi ou H4uiday Hut
The Iranifir took will L I cloud on halurdiy Ste ttti
dip of Kiobrr at IJ M aol riulie4 al lu A VI en
Moudar llitnlida ur JIC toiler Ii l we
I M M IIWAN bcrrlrr
W fillU nn j 5 lui l Sit sitisual Ittuilti ufI
Nl iticfliuldiri of the Kalioiio I b < llaliv y rum
LIaISE Kill be held al ii l < e fluiia or the piii lily 14 I
Jaiiiiu it 1 roses HI luiliirlirof hew turi i > u luea
day lie Mlb lay ef Urloberf IMKI 1 I C fur 5ise
licllon ul iuiioi and ilia IriNiiuilun ut lulb vital
luilfieti at luml susie Uror ike iatin
1 14 JAjtiJh8 5ecflary
A PVAWCI I mm tit nt its iuehal4 i llinlili jn
Is ks wuiufi Klril M fuuntMiiiuriuioitl
IsstaliuloIa fiLcclg jd4ii stud u AMU 11110a45y
QAUE Re Vtlupey advaute4 by Yiigllaie lady
C 455 sled stwhidt 114W 411C5 ujiiad
Is PSI I IJ ls 103 Sai I Iii it
uIuc tliucc
g Ash leilili I bY 1flhIV ill ti ladle sf Fioltipit
S I dubS vu4 Ioui iii > > ii t > iiurrlia > 4 el a low 41
Si A I SIbiSi H llnJua fuibuili I i
ll iii P ci iS > 4ia5t SeeC J 3 II Hill
1 l < Ullll Ulltu I lIei 555511 111 Hilt Mill ullli
Skill tvi WsIaV retri itiCI L ej mnuuuUla ruin aitlu
11514 534 ISPISIfIl 553 4 p iu4l
ii N VAIUMIU 31 Ve cw w 1vk
uleil hr I fed bZ
aL1ron 2
Hudson Rlvor Rnllrond
All Train arrive at and drpirt from
Fourth Are and 42d St Heir York
TraInS leave UN FnllnwiM
at rhleaitn 111 III A M nut ilay
ITKIi ISo Uinclnnail 7 i InilUnapolU Iti HO A U
KI txiai ii S mr M
rxrapt HundatK
4ir u r MMIRTII HiionK viMtnrii IIMITKD
liue tll lroit at KISA M Chlcao 4 at 1 M 11051
atii c MKART WIRTKUS Kxmisfl DUO chi
rarotrV rinclniiatl 55 iS r l V ft lmiU 7 ls I M
710 P MAlilltllMMIk MUMttKAU AND
MADAI1A tAllS KXrltl8l
oiin i > MKAHT HT Liris AND cnttuno ex
flKS4 line IndUnapoln II 20 r M mil day at
ioei7341A M
4IIsA 1 1 M f J Ml tIra 18 11 I M alf n for Isueh I
fcernile 10 iu A M 2 3H 4 M tl rk 651 7iW l > It
P M for Oarruona West Point tau lli30 A M
82 54 5 is i 55 4505 0Js I SI
ALIIANYtVsii Pm lom io Mll < lA M 313
4 JM 0OU WtV 73H 515 P I SI flJnniglt I
TinIV w 30 Hvi IIIBU tlo A til SOAM 1430 41A
115531 7 31 B IV P I M I21 > night
UTICA AM VRACU8B1I i liA 10 2 < ttOtO A X
4 ML 11155 Tio4 hitS I M tin uo night
noiMilHiuitn 5 5 in so tiu so A IL 4isa eoa Tsa
IIIMM 1200 night
lirKKALOUWI laM 11030 A M 000 730 011
LAkE ciKnnniwin tnso A M
TIIIHSANU ISLAMIS tio w A M 10 is r M 12100
lln AM 73HIUIP I M tlt 01 nIght
til ftll A M tIllS P H t2i < l nililUUht
A M ttiVlP M
lor tIckets and ipace In Sleeping Part aliplr at Grand
Central iSlatlon < irat4iV THX 14 and I Broadway U
Park place 13 tit 121th II and 15515 it 1 nation New
York 331 Uaihlnrton it 7il lulionit and ltcs lIed
foil at K D lirootlyn lice llndmn it Jersey Clly
Wencoll Kxiirei gaO for and checks baggage from
hotels and rrMdence Ihrough to dcillnutlun
tlHlly excepi Sunday llJaily except Saturday Other
traltu run ilaily
Above train except those leaving at 9101 OtW JL U
230 320 i a 1013 oii 4 3 Uir p St and 12 midnight
stirs at iwth it mnllon
Janral5lanager Oenerul Passenger Agent
New York and Boston All Rail
Leave By way of Due
nno A M Firlnifltld orreiter 8191 H I
1000 A U New Ixjnclnn and Proildinoa 4145 1 N
11 IU A M Snrlnifneld andT > ofceifer 6110 P M
I2IK M llarirord and N V and N K 0130PM
100 P XI New London nod ProTldenc 78iip N
Sin r M Willimanilc and N Y and N E 01 P M
4IO P M sprlngtleld and orceiter lOrtO P M
OHU P M New fxindonand ProTiilinc II OO p M
31 rIO P M Sprlnglleld and Worceiur e15 AM
12 00 P tl Ncw Lnndon and ProTldence 7KO A M
Runt daIly Including Sunday
Return iirTlce tame hour and by tame route
LeaTe For Hue
800 A M White Monnlaini Fabvant Bilii p M
2IOP i M Newport via Wlckford 741PN
4O2 P M DanhuryA Norwalk K ItIittsfleltS40 PJL
Through parlor and sleeping can by each train
C T UBMPhTbAU Qenl Pan Agint
A Leave root of Cortlaudt or PesO
tironlH IL 7 8 D2U and II A M 1
a 40 400 BilO and7 PM
The plctureiqua route between New
York and Ea < ton Bethlehem Allen
town PotliTille Manoh Chunk Wllksr
harre ntUton Scranton Ithaca Genera Waterlj
ATatklni Glen Elmira Rochester Buffalo Niagara Falls
Toronto Detroit
Ticket and sleeping car berths can be secured at the
General Eaitern Office 23S Broadway or 180 Bait 133th
For Flritclaii Limited Tickets Faxes reduced via
Bteameri PURITAN and P1LQRIU In commltilon
Leave New York from Pier VH N U foot ot Murray it
dally Sundays Included at 5 P SI due Fall River about
River VA and 730 A M due Park buuare Station Boa
ton at 050 andO A M
Connection by Annex boat from Brooklyn 4i30 Jeney
Clty4P I M mil nighlB r it An ollCMEbTRA on each
Park Square Klatioti old Colony Hallway Koitou at
u P M week daIs 7 r M Sundays connecting at Fait
River with vtcameri due New York at 7530 A M
Steamers touch at Newport In each direction between
New lorkaad Fall River
Hudson River by Daylight
Day Line Steameri
Dally except Sundays
Leave Rrooklrn Fulton St by annex 8iOOAlt
do New lorli KeibroHei > t B4O da
do do Weit dit BX do
For ALBANY landing at ronken Uelt Point New
burgh Poughkeepite Khlnebeck CaUkUL and Uudion
BTONINGTON LINE the Inside Route Boston 2
Providence 339 Worceter 235 corresponding
reduction to and from all Eaitern point
Eteameri leave new Tier 51 K It one block above
Canal IL at S P M dally except Sunday
excepted At v P M Tickets and staterooms secured at
principal offices In New York Brooklyn and Jersey city
Bteameri DIIUW and UKAN KICUHOND leave old
Pier 41 North altar FOOT CANAL ST at a P I M
every weak day Direct connections Sunday except
ed 1 for polnU North ball and > elt
A leave Pier 4il N 1C foot WEST loTII ST oMiT
except Saturday U P U ElectrlclUhtlandbelli itiam
beatln rooma Sunday steamer touchei at Albany
Leaven Deibroilel Pier 3H5 Iil Saturdays 14SPM
do Went 2Jd it Pier 3 so PM do 2 00 PM
from all Eastern poInts via PROVIDENCE LINK
Steamers MaaiaouoMtti and Rhode Island In commit
lion leave New York from Pier 30 N R foot Warren
II at 5 3UP U dally Sundays excepted
RAMBDBIirLINKfnr Newburzh Mibklll Corn
IL wall Cold Bprlnia and heat Iolnt from Jrantlla
SI Pllr N II week days at 5 P U Vundaya 0 A U
LANlilMI and TIVOLI Tueidaya Thursday and
Haturdayi p H
rXrllHsfllN Klllll il DATA 5171
Steamers lento peck sill Pier 24 K RU P M and
II P I M POle etcept hnndayl connecting with traltu
for MlillHKN llurlford HprliiuridJ lloloke Ao
public 3 lottcctJ
IJOKT omiK hOTICKLetlen for loieixu coun
1 tries need notbe ipeclillr aiUreuiil for dupaiih
hr any particular ileamer except when lili I desired lu
sand ilupilcalci ft oaukllllf alul commercial docu
meals leiteri not > > QlaUy audrenud iseiltS sent by ihe
fallen Vessels available
Foreign mail for the week ending Oct 4 will close
promptly lu sill catii at ihli ortice ai follow
bAlUllllO il 6J AM for Franc Swllrland
lair bpaln Iliriogil aim Turkey tar iiramililu
Lu Uriugne Vlallaire alilA M for Irtlaml lr
t < iiliiiMri Ia ose ijunn t > mi lietters for ilfetil
Iritaluauit oilier Lurupeiu rouuirlei uiuii bu ill
rrctel I lIar SerbIa I at UIIUA M for hurop pr
lie 51551111 hider via Houihauipion and lircineti
ullii lor Irelitiit Friiu Nuulgerlatti i Italy
pain Portuial and Turkey niuil I e dirt ted per
I lilrrl I ii 7 IDA M sue the Itelhirlandi Jlrrrt
tei itramililp Kunariiilaiu vU Hoiivrlaiu ltctiera
lii ii le I dlreried par U ariiaui > > al it A U fur
C lolniij direct prilsiielli I I Stiles vie l ila < uw
ltiei > iau > ibidlriciid iirltliloui l < 1 I I A ii
tH lUyil l > i itriuiibip I ranje Sanaa Hi luri fir
I iriiiia iuxurla Trlnllid UrUlili aitI high
Uulaiia mint tedlreiitl i pr liraiije sawiu l at
l r v I Inr IriniJil and laUsgu per neaiuhiu
Illanlf t 1 r M for ramleilie I hlapa Tabaico
and S uiauu pir iiiaiu nlii Vumurl Sillier SoC
I hI I iss IC slid 1 slats lire atti oliscr Naul
ran ue > > i U S are tfU Illuil bu dlrolel per
Juniuri l
530351147 At l I M fr l silo I llira via I pta ICC
iiuuialilij llii > ai IM iruiu 535 ii Cliii
Mail ll lor rilll4 a n I J j mi I CS leuliKh is I I bma Ifrulll
Ill rrnlliliiiil I1 se litre ii ri < ui I U
kill t Iir lisa has 4iIi I < uJ > i r sieotsiesp Am
Ill u iiuiii C5 tounL i u4 Icie iu i 4 1
t mr I M Wji i fir AuMrnll Si w l iUnd Ha
I alum Hit and raiiiunii l < uu 11 i yr H4in > liiu i
iailiwiairuiu > iu iisiseIIui I u lire i uu I < 1 i
s5 Js I ii if I Ii mt See I it 1 uaiii
54lJ Ateiiim iis usd1 fir AiIreiaI
Wails fr iii elty p4 eliC 5II if 4
phil 11501 51111 1 leliii Ii t S i 4 I eit 5
5 3 I si Mull I ° aluusdlil Isp isil 5
hislif a mlt3 1101 I 5151117 5 ICS St ilila
oil 1 S 181 I 54 Mush for I seiiii hi
gals i u a uI iinii u > niamir iio > eiiiM
> niii r s a ml M Mle url lula IS ieil I
Tsus1q i C ut ilium I y iiur IMIHU MM
day aisi I I rel IS ils SI lisa itllt daily at
S he A 55 Meip tsr hiie 55C1I1144 CitIes cpa
I d ctoI Si JeIIOli Isy ben ii
iii Si tile ot A 54
cscisi1 of 1ss hect3e hulls I er
fbuivI Js list IlSIiiuitlllCi if lieu UiliiIeifull4 05cr
titd Ifeusait io bIll PiI se ii Call truiu lIe Es a
iliiIs ii his 1 5 5 ralrlo ii OH lIss Jay f siiig V
aicuife Ste dpstctvl I the 555545 4ii
t5f54 jualI 54 lfIIiUia di
I 13 51 Si LS1Ilel 1 ii Ill s ltiuui I 5115 1515
a F 514 8 1514 leiis4s 14 5 scist st cur I 541 t
II 4 LM U55 With utaj457 5555
IIllelttSt III warrastaS II0S34U cc
tA AWl IS JiT CF S I I LIl walfi I
Tralnt leave ttetlnni font tit IlMihrf Mil
Cm tlnnrtl 54trc5 ss follow l
Olll > A M TIlE 441 II M > tor till West flllae
1 lltoll < lfepincanl Parlor i art ArriMi CIT
Unit 1 2 A M IoloinMu 1 1 A 45 Clucir Nido r
M ant St Lonle7Mir M nlliUr tnnneeUfctML
for williamport l ° ca H issen mil leara zceij
hutittir and Toledo xf > t Saturday
IIMIIKU rcmpofl cinitflT of rotiman Tettfc
tno llvswill end 5itie Corn NleiMer Dlilnri
fmnkmx and OMorrkilon t sl preiafiilef financial
rfiwii sletogTRTSt5 au n i > ew tern F4111400t55
for iioth Cetai lilies mill I a 5cr ohop library atiS
eli ile ron rnlence or Sons r nrtlfe Othled by
iMllonery and movable e e Wit llchta irrlTel Clf >
rlnn110 445 aid 5lcsCfl 114 5 M li il Jay
BlOil r Usr LnllH I Hi I OIK AlSO CINCIN
NATI IXrnlsR rnllmati tellihtI SleepIng C
an 1 ninlnir St New 5 555 to t nnle i uhlf at < x a
Cincinnati Iainnffr coach Vw ora lo rolntutna
Arrival lineltflaIi 1110 i A v IhicaroSMiir X ail
SI IetOs 7 Ii P ii COSi dIV
ofto l 4t2 lilt WEtlKitS PAPRI Ifor all poInts
IK 1114 Wet Northwest ansi Seniho m inilnian Tn
bnl Ileepiti Car New Ycrs to Ilitu griti HI Losla
Chiraio i mcinnatl aDd MeimtM r > nnylT ala >
ItaliC iai tii > in Car New York to Philadelphia anS
Pullman IMnlnr Car Pltubnrth lo Itlcbniontf and Cnl
AtriTeiat Cincinnati iMi I 4 Chicago 1453
taco r I M nm day and St loUTiroA sl itcntid mern I
Inr rnnnecti lor ne eland and Toledo dally except
5s00 Saturt I sy 56prlV1 EXPRESS Pullmse Riffat
CbtcsIn New Yoyk I
Steeling tar NeW TestS 1 °
lerntlIs via lb thenanlolh Valley5 art weeS
at cIlimbItI 7 IS P Ii Cleteand e Ti F 14
dsys A N seeon4 I
ueut lay sot daily at Chicago
tfllrCInI OnflCts for Toledo dalI inS tsr torry
IrS I th 511 3155100 CIetelAnd aa Coiuabus a
cept H atnidsy
WashIngtOn Limited Express of Pullman Puns
Cora dallf icipt Sunday PiilO A X anita Wash
Inrvm 1 i J P M and rrnirrfiilonal LimIted4 <
4117 wllh iinlnr CRt St 2211 1 Hi arrive WashIng
tM5 i IM l ti retnlarnptM nan Hsn and
A 412 l lii4infi O andnor I M and 13H5 nlihl
for Haltlmore only 1 O r I M sunday stti and H 3Q
AM 4 1 i < Uandtor I M cud IMS night for
iiolhiion htiaptal 01 I OHn nallwar and Cincin
nati Metiera bluing Car and Coachte throncn 5573
l 11 daIly
koi long CraneS 1olnt rimant and Intermedia it
i onu WCk data 11O lIU A u uui nooni 9Ii
51 and as1 i M Sunday 144s A IL 5115 P k Mir
al AIbnrV Iark Os PiinlaI
FOK hot ATIANTitJ 51011 ulTY Ito P 14 tshroagh Day Caob > V
COutleCli for Cs Slay
week days s
For itld loiutand l4ortnik 4w ozkTIiadaiphia
and Kortoii Railroad 81 i A M dally ewict Sunday
anjxito r M daily via Baltimore and UAy Ua
a101 M week da a
Ezyreu Train save ac follows
e M 724 emi Ba > 9 OO ObloaM Tlmltid wtrtl
DIning far and lull ITaiblnxtoa Umiud an4
lliw A 1U HIM l 00 2iIO 55355 59 > 4552433558
tl5tIi355 and Pixi PMani 1315 njiht Ae
commodailon Him A M 4i4u and 700 rV M iim
trprii kits 530 9 ou io Llmltedl ant
days sTsiSa Mil S p51 antI
10 A M t uo 4 400 5 Ut20 5
mibnlrbt Ac < omn > odatlon 7 OJ P M
The New York TrauiKr i omvany will call for u4
check tai iace from hotila aud residence throUgh
deutinaUln For time tablet of local traIns apply to any tick
aunt et tile Company
CUAS s ri thE f n WOOD
Uen ral Manager Oiniral Fuse Aient
OUT IOLIP Tun > v ° onr tin anranj 1
bUll 511W t zz ITIESIIS CAl
SSV Teal D via TI
S C c Lao SoLon vase
BJOr a AIL yuvlcn 555
TO CTICAQQ SAlLY resulT pea 1215
WITIOOT cxAirai or isavicL IJAyU Sly
esT etui or OAU vsJ2ioat CAUT AI I r a
Philadelphia and Reading
Baltimore and Ohi <
For Philadelphia Baltimore and Wcub
Tor Philadelphia at 430 745 nKJO 11W A W
2iOOi sii 4orji 503 eroq 7 So I M liiia
SUNDAYS US 1100 AIL 200820 Aioo e
St l2l Bight
for Baltimore and Waialngton dally at BiOO Ilt39
except Hunday A M 2M Bi2tx 6iOO P XL 12ili
Parlor can on day tralna Elper on night train
TIckets and parlor car Seats tan he scOured at 71 Ml
ltC 44114ft IS2ii l Hroadwar 787 Hh < avj 284 TTert
lUlhit lIe East IZMhtt Nw York 4 Court it tao
Pulton it 83 Uroadway Brooklyn hew York Trine
ret Company will call for and check baggage froa
hotel or riimence lo dutlnallon
8ATq OlO B1L
ash Iprsaj rams v
CkmILaDELPuf 0
MATe New York foot ot Liberty it u folio wi
JL 5L200 3205001 1 H 1215 A U hltralnsdal13j
except 1 1 iio AJl Suudayr
For ISOKFOIX via BaT Line 2 P M week days
Ticket o5Ine2s11 4IS and 1140 Broadway Ny
Tori aud IS Snoailway Brooklyn STATION lOOT 0 <
LIIIEItTV Sr Central 8 K if 14 7
New York Tranirer Company will call for and ebeett
baggegs firm hotel or riildiace to diittnatlon
General tlanacer Oniral ra > ient < r Ami
itTEAStilltll IiAl5AlnA
Will sail from company pier 21 N R on Friday Oct
nt at2M taking freight and piitengeri direct for
Havana Progreio Camuech rrontera and Veyd
Cruz with traniiblpinent at havana for
Bantander Ciiruna 4 nro tiljon and HUboa
For further particular apply to
J 7 N UfcUALIo A co AginiiBWaUft
> Hrrnch line lo Havre every Haturday
Company1 Pier mew 4J foot ci Morton it
LABllKTAUNfe De JousoalinitatUct4lA I
LA CtiASIlAt13E Boyer HatOct lisil
EAt1AhOIINK 5101111 Sat Set 154 73JA 14
LA BOURomiNE Tra euUV hat Ori 20 2ao t 51
A FOIUICT lleiiernl Agent 1 Howling Ireen
HASlltl PAlICIT c7i hipreil l r
11 vice between Nio Vort rotithntnpton and Ham
jurgbvtlm migntnrent new twin craw iteamiri of
1015 tOni aol 11 rmo to MIIII i one power IbIs line
ioldi the record for faiteit trlpi to and from South
atuptonaud the Iontlueiu Actual ocean royaga only
lxda > i For puiaue aililt dates Ac apply lo
IlaruburgAiniricaii > eLtcrs 1 Iaaietiger Agent
iacket Ca 17 Uroadway S 11 IlIrllAKIl A no
N Y 01 Uroadway New Tork
I Kim yrnis TuvN AMI I II UKPOOL
CITY OF lIIIUAlO Urdneiday let K I P K
IIVOK SI l H Y IKK rdnetla Ut 53 II A M
r mm Pier 43 S II adjoining Ihrliioplwr it Terry
First caliln frm nuU ugiwuril accorillng lo aieamaf
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