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And a prompt raspontt oharactirln RETfARLE ADVERTISERS
Board or Boom Advertisement J rtLji OM th Oolnmna of
Dr t un L1rc
Berlin Antiquated Fire VrparldCel
braltnBthanirtbday or s Cr3 Klll
The Paaclon Piny T > n T ers From Now
Ie Blaterna Ilnebnud UjlitBA IU
porter Mak Love tn MR Arcbdn h
and Is Kicked Out ol Her Apartment
rmnLiN Dot 6It h I wild that an extra credit
cf 80000000 marks wtl 1 o nskid of tho llelchs
4L tag In the budgit or 189001 Half of this
fnmenioum II to be expended In the build
Inc of now barrn kn lu garrison towns and
the remainder Is to be divided n Increased
pay among sublieutenants and sergeants
Thor Is no doubt that thowj rronosols will b
opposed tooth all null In Parliament
A few m nth 1130 Count You Waldersee
Chief of thiG moral Staff who stands m tbo ro
latlonshltHif undo to tha Emi eroron his wifes I
had tbo mlffortuno to t a
tide hn rojoi memorandum
rIle <
dum on military strategy which had been Bent
t his oftlco anonymously but of which tho
Emperor himself was the author Tho Kaiser
thereupon referred the doctimcnttoField Mar
ibal Von Wolko nnd tho latter decided that tho
Emperors judgment j was right and Waldor
tees wrong Tho Emperors uncle narrowly
soaped being relieved of his post on account
of this Incident but the affair patched
Inoldont lut ntnlr was up
until one day during the Sle lan manocuvresa
fortnight ago the Emperor ordered Don von
Leszczlnski to loa au assault upon the posi
tion of tho supposed enemy directly in contra
diction to the plans laid down by Count von
ffalclersee Loszczlnskl who enjoys the im
perial favor succeeded In carrying out this
movement entirely to his Maieitya satisfac
tion and I is now expected that Count von
Waldersce will hare t hand in his longex
pected resignation Even his niece tho Em
press will not be able to save him this time
+ and Lcszozlnskl la already looked upon n his
The manreuYTOs have also proved t bo the
death blow t the ambitions of Boar Admirals
Bchering and Peschen who will in
BherDI Pelchen wi resign duo
time Four German Admirals hare now had
their lay on the value of Hvlgloland as a Gor
man possession Their opinions are evenly dl
I Ided Tie last Admiral to speak Is Herr
Batsch and his opinion is that the island is of
little Importance
Count Von Moltke who will complete his
90th birthday on the 20th Inst has been In
vited by tho Kaiser to spend I in Berlin but
te venerable Field Marshal with character
istic modesty has declined the invitation In
honor of the day Munich confers upon him the
freedom of the city Unfortunately an occa
sion which all Germany Is preparing to cole
brato has bocn scandalously abused b
bB abusL by some
unprincipled persons In Berlin who have boon
going round among prominent citizens with
a subscription list and Issuing B appeal to the
country towns on behalf of a fund for 0 suit
ble birthday present I has just been learned
that the scheme Is spurious
Now that tho banished Socialists are again
with us end it is admitted on all sides that
their expulsion wns 0 mistake the Catholics
are preparing monster petitions to the Bolcbs
tag praying that tho edicts against the Jesuits
and similar Cathollo orders may bo revoked
The Bavarian Catholics are specially loud In
clamoring for the return of the Iledemptorlats
while the paucity of Cathollo orders is sot
forth ass special agreement in favor of the
recall of the monastic orders In other Catholio
districts The moment appears to be well
selected for putting forward these demands
find as the cultnrkampf wa a Blsmaroklan
rather than a Monarchical measure it may be
hoped hat the young Emperor who baa the
principle liberty of opinion so much at heart
may look with favor on tbe petitions
The antediluvian regulations under which
tho Berlin Fire Brigade is run will probably
soon be abolished togelher with other beaux
reitti of the ancient regime as It Is now some
what UmMly beginning t be called This
small but important revolution will b due to
te direct Interference of the Emperor a tho
slow city authorities with their eternal party
squabbles are evidently unable or unwilling
t face the music An American would
laugh to see our laddies go to a fro They
have good horses albeit badly harnessed and
the driver tightens the reins so as to prevent
tem breaking out of a trot however clear the
I road may be But picture t yourself 0 direc
tor in official uniform seated by the side of the
driver and ordering him in stentorian tones
bow t manage his horses
When the journey has been accomplished at
a officially correct pace and the scene of tho
Irs I 1 reached this dignitary assumes com
mand of the blazing promises much as 0
pirate would tako command of a captured ship
He pays i no attention to any OLO accepts no
hlntau t the locality nature of tbo fro and
will illoir no one to suggest the best ways and
meA of subduing the conflagration In two
rcetnt cases this omnipotent lire director has
tid a man placed under arrest for intimating
tat t there Were explosives in the cellar of tbe
BOUIO the root of which was In flames and
that the cellars should b deluged with sad
Te actor and playwright Oustnv Kadol
burg well known In New York from his
connection with tbe old Germaula Theatre
I one of the victims of this fossIl
beaded functionary Kadelburg at tho
lat fire in which the Fuchs family was
burned t death told the Marshal that I the
Irs directors title that four persons wore In
Imminent danger nnd that two ot them might
uily b saved by placing ladder against tho
11 or ny and remulng tho children from the
room upon which the balcony abutted Tbe
Iarshai asserted his authority tbo explosives
In the CI liar blew the boute Into smithereens
and lb Fucbs children with their two maids
1N burned to death Then the good Dr
HOOM cami to the conclusion that theIr fire
flubtlng organization wu not all I should b
TB KnUer biu Interested himself In this mat
trr und hi luunut liU Intention of lnpecU
Sag the treno of the Jiiolgs flat liP Immediately
oa bin roturn i tow Vienna It U now pro I
posed that the tire brigade which like tbe i
Kllc U a UtaU department hal lu
fBttire U Jacad under the direct control
Of th city authorities no ibid thu military 010 1 I
Wet which loon down with contempt on all
Purely Chilian matters rnuy bo loiolted
Jklol at tbe juojktlon from an American
tLDi blntlilsllk lribatkooi tliliignior tUttu
ibis t will hUN to te done lo cmau a mally I am
clf tt force TM ularlf the hollies whIch
tUggt only f < tliruu mari I day guns b t
tEbi to thu MiiB rat a tlionut the pub
Ill rrlnll Tbu wan bur IAn iolltloilutf
t Owt rnii ni for this ltu > rorneut In ibtlr
j IOIer but slugs iwels l tlmul ivlv
aobilf Mr isy b remained U misled
bai though IM Httryit liii fit MtiHton
Jliiioliicu IIM Utu uusrlr doubled during
II Ilr
dCulll durlll
tjrw I
Jl Ii I rsport4 o a good a tliorilf Ititt Oar
S3tOf AUCIIIL and lisJv wDr4mplat Swrov
J their 1IIr 11 slsIIuo Iy I ttjJsbIp
tueLy of f liii 01 Ib
vtJikiious uilff mitgicipn i In
tlsj t C I Mr rsm chl custom Irn
1101 rul 54b s4ber ad
iljf5g W lbs dtsIjmp of iteu eoutrtss
SIikIj sllgjjg 14 POift1MIig of IuMI
111 II cU41II
I b S trllo I iutsw a 1141y Is in
m 4 1 gbUlIdj II tb tggatIgj I ljar
wl br
A 5 us iiv1 I ttJQ 1 I rI sid
I luII y mid bsjusflysyud > o br
flttl rM 0 onttIih D with luI By I
tlu4ILfDt in l ills upstbOnr
I Im1101 w A tOt uIlbOlj o J p f J
too lonlst views and peaceful Intentions but
win nt the lame time help to lighten Crlnpis
fiscal burdens nnd promote a prolongation of
the triple alliance This alliance will torral
nets In 189J and every effort will now be made
to Insure the success of tho negotiations which
must shortly be Initiated to secure Its renewal
On Tuesday tat the birthday of thc Insane
King Otto of Bav aria was celebrated In Munich
with ngi and hluh mass and military parade
The Government edifices wero boflaggod but
otherwise no effort was made to Ie day
iw a special festival Contrary to eustom the
Rcbools were not closed and all reference to
the anniversary was Molded It scorns par
t ticularly ilgnlfloant that the I Bavarians the
most monarchical of Germans should abstain I
from celebrating their Kings birthday simply
because ho Is a lunatic
Tho last performance for 1890 of tho Pas I
lion Piny r Oborammergau is over and the
theatre which ban won such worldwide fame
for the Bavarian mountain village closes until
119 There will be considerable changes In
I tho cast ton years honoo oven I all tho actors
I of this year b still alive Motor will be too
old for the
oh part of Ctaiitui and local rumor
I already marks him for that of Calapfiai Holt
I who played tho part of St ttn and Stein I
lasher the JVicodrmiM of this year are also
among the Tetra who will bu displaced by I
advancing age A portion of the money paid
for places f now divided among the actors
and tho payment will be made toward the end
The mother of the German Empress was
present recently and saw the whole play seated
on 0 chair which cost ton marks
A case which for tho number and enormity
of tie offences charged against the prisoner
may take rank a a cause ctltlre will come up
for hoarlne this week at Itandsberg In Branden
burg The accused Is a rich farmer named
Ebenwho before these charges wero preferred
against him was at the head of tho Landown
ers Association of the province Among the
eightyfour witnesses called for the prosecu
tion is his own son who procured his fathers
arrest for acts of grass Immorality Eben Is alleged
leged to have misused tug children of his
hundreds of peasant laborers corrupting
the whole village of Bohlogenthln near Arns
waifs Ho Is also charged with having poi
soned six or children who
seven ohldren Intended
bearing witness against hIm
Though Chancellor Caprlvl has now been
six months In olllce ho haslnot yet sued 0 sin
gle person for libel This 1 In marked con
trast with the career of his predecessor the
Iron Chancellor who was In the habit of Insti
tuting on an average 160 libel suits per annum
As additional evidence that a now era has I
dawned In the beloved Fatherland It may b
mentioned that trials for high treason in the
minor degree lleie majestet hove almost I
I delro e8 mat3te disap
peared from tho records in Prussia Onco in
a while however an over zealous States Attor
ney In some petty State of the German confed I
erations pulls a poor fellow up on such a
charge An Instance of the kind occurred this
week at Gotba where Herr Boshait editor of I
the Gotha Taiblatt has been indicted for crt
cising the conduct of the reigning Prince of
Bulgaria who forsooth Is cousin of h High
ness the Duke of BaxeCobnrB Gotha
The regiment of cavalry of the guard return
ed to tho capital today having mado the jour
ney from the Siieslan manoeuvres on horse
back in sixteen days
Prau Embden of Hamburg the only sister of
Helnrlch blab is to celebrate her ninetieth
birthday next wook She 1 In the enjoyment
of the best of health
Herr Earl Friederlch husband of the great
Matorno is dying in Vienna of Brights dis
ease His malady has been aggravated by his
uncontrollable passion for remaining on the
stage to watch his wIfe at every performance
Be wns noted In Now York for this idlosynora
cr when Materna was singing there under Dr
I Damrosch The habit was acquired at Bat
routh at the time when Richard Wagner took
It into his bead to fall in love with his prima
donna Herr Frlederleh Is now r perfect ck I
and hIs nervous susceptibility with regard to
his wife ha always made him r terror t the
theatrical manager who engaged Materna
Henry Villard arrived at tho Ealsershop on
Mrs Montgomery Phelps will return to NeW
York on Wednesday and will remain there
I during the season Upon her return to Berlin
the engagement of her eldest daughter to
Lieutenant Von Better and of her youngest
daughter to Dan Von Witzlehen both officers
in the Fusilier Guards will be announced
The radical Socialists have adopted r system
of inspecting dally the residence of the social
Democratic leader Bebel No 27 Goerechur
strasse They consider his establishment too
lordly im It costs 1200 yearly Police hue hiul
to b placed on guard opposite the house as I
the other residents are fearful of hostile dem
onstrations Herr Bebel roundly abused at I
the meetings of the radical Socialists for living
on a scale of splendor befitting a burgomaster
A groat exhibition of carrier pigeons will
loat exhlbllou pileons wi be
held here next week Germany possesses at
the pruent time a hal million of there trained I
messengers about COOOO of them being em
ployed by the War Department Their speed
averages one kilometre per minute
A curious Instance of misplaced affection
comes from Budapeitb where a reporter on a
Hungarian newspaper named Joseph Gyoersl i
has been In the habit of annoying the Arch
duchess Karlludwlc lie doled her footsteps I
almost day and night while she was spending
tho summer at the castle of Tapolcany On
ole occasion when she was driving be placed
his carriage across the road so as to com pel
her to halt then alighted and urgently
begged for an Interview Her Imperial High
netss coachman bad to drive him off with a
whip On a subsequent occasion Gyoorsl i I
forced his way into the Archduchesss bed
chamber He waG kicked out by the beI
He KaoeV Prople Rtglit and Left bat
No On I Madly Hurt
lltclOoL 5There won an exciting Ion
at the annual ffitu today There were 100000
pcron on the around and Irliico Regent
Lulipold was among the distliiMuUboil spvcta
1 JJiirlog the Inspection of prize bulls one
of the animal broke l 110 tf and daMod Into tho
owd trampling upon ixuplu right l Inl0 left
Haij persons tvn Injured Lut uono 1 rtou >
I ly JVlnoii Lultpold who stood In I lbs animal
IUth just littu time Ui jump BMUO and bad a
narrow escet i >
Jnck I KIppers Haul
JXJNIWV Oct 0 J bo new threat ot Jack tbo
I Hipper 8IIO < moro produced u marked fl l
Ingot diciuJ itiHiiigbout Ibl city
Last uljflit tliu whole IS f th Wblticljspej l mite
irii t was ISiiolIsd by bundradt of countable
Ii plum < ti4I4us HIM at i tuo outDtr vt IOY
sirohtpl t wutuu Ibauulcu
rOlt Ci wu suilioril I behave tb tftklf
mttiJ j HI 1w l the Mlukltoruouit im < I is I f arUM >
out cmi that 111 W5n145 I ou UM 1101 M lUldjJI
ajiwse Peas With Ut KH0 af Ufcei y
I liu Oct fiAdtuiJ Cur rirlll las M
rhd to lb Oo ruuttul lust he be semi
tludd a testy t uf iw with lb Kloit ot
Jabqmei uimd i At f aied l time liuiliHl Au I
labllmlu4 riu Lit t jjim fst > tb K7un I
will me 4 t IV rlxui ol tm Vssssil MI tu IM
hues Ceitin l Ul HOIUVOII UOl Will I lwjlUVUttJ >
lh Jeutb WMiM u9i lvtu > vu
tttt Uurittlm MIIbHf RIeeW4
1I le CTb JtsuiburgAsiiricsrj
I Isuir foravia ept WIiekiar Irma t w
cr It 1 lot 1 allI Iii 1lrAd
II I Oti A M ioday l titm W a e mim > l > l ou
I rix W py be Uauinr Mbuiii I I fII < HiUi
in r afrpomi i rok u I L nmoatti loduy ID I
J IfQ t br dTft M lujlfl vatMltti j
l cUMnriM aw wMla Pllwa
Sin ALABAMANS mm rrrb ovirs I
Draw All Four Cue at Oat Grabbed the
6Gt Ooodimiin Inhibition W
ad Hlartod for Alabama O17OO Ahead I
Arrested at the Htntlon on Camplalat
of a Vlrtaon Uno Now UIlnl I
Two young men In large touched hats came
Into the Now York Central waiting room In the
Grand Central Depot at about 1 oclock on
Saturday night They wero rather brightlook
ing men but evidently New Yorkers
Inl oddent not One
of them carried n small valise They enaulrod
of the ticket agent about the lime that the next
train would leave for the West Detective Me
Ualion who happened to b In the waiting
room observed that they were a little nervous
They whispered together and looked around in
a furtive manner B though they eared Ibolng
overheard The older on6 of tho two seemed
t bo doing most of the talking and appeared
to be trlnl to convince his companion Mc
Mahon telng in plain clothes among a nutnter
of passengers did not attract their attention
and when ho moved a little eloper to them they I
did not notice that It was Intentional Just aa
he got alongside of them however they fin
ished their talk and the younger one said de
Well its all right Well take this train
By that he meant the midnight express
bound for the West which was even then
waiting In the depot many of tho passengers
having already retired to their berths The
two walked up t the ticket sellers window
and the older man pulled out a big wad of
greenbacks at the same time onlln for two
tickets and sleeping berths to Cleveland
The ticket man was letting them wait while
and had not cot to the window when a man
came into the doorway and looked at the men
Apparently ho had been watching them from
the shadow of the entrance for some time and
bad only come in when he had made sure of
their intentions lie recognized McMahon
walked up to him and said
I wish youd arrest those two mon over
there They are green goods men and havo
Just robbed a man of over tlOOU
McMahon stared at tno man for a moment
Jan moment
Which caused him to exclaim nervously
I tel you they are green goods men and
they are going to skip tho town Theyre
armed too
MoMahon turned sharply and walked over to
the men at the window
Gentlemen I arrest yonho said on a
charge of larceny preferred liy this man over
here The mon following the direction of hIs
linger saw the complainant and both their
hands travelled to their hip pockets The
complainant shrank nervously t away Tho de
tective drew the couple away from tho ticket
window tickets still unbought Tho elder of
tho prisoner had put down his valise for a
moment on the littmledgi outside of tho ticket
window and when tie detective grabbed him
ho Instantly seized it McMahon told the men
to follow him Into the station without any non
sense unless they wonted tbo witout Now York
to tip over and fall on them They cooled
down although Itt eyeing the romplalnnnt
threateningly nnd tbey followed thu detective I
down stairs Into the police fetation Time com
plainant who had showed an Inclination to
disappear stern bidding came nona too at McMahons
The three men were ranged In a line In
front of the Sergeants desk McMahon stand
lag between the complainant and the defend
ants The complainant said that be was
Thomas Eaton and that he lived at 225 West
12Gth street He was more nervous than over
and pulled the ends of hjs black moustacbb
savagely He was stylishly dressed afld
looked like I n New Yorker of the flashier type
lie said that ha had beta down In the flowery
and met the two men In a lodging house He
saw them rob a man to whom they pretended
to sell some counterfeit money
Theyve got the money and a lot of the
Iot te
green goods In that 1000 sold Eaton
vlfa sd
Rren couldnt tell just when the robbery had
occurred Neither did ho know the name of
the man who had been robbed nor where be baa
gone to He only knew that the rubbery had
been committed with the aid of a pistol His
own interest in the cape was not apparent
Whop the police opened the satchel which
the older of the prisoners carried they found
In It six small bundles which at tnt sight up
neared to be made up of greenbacks crisp and
new Three of them were solid money anL
through Ono bad a tow onedollar bills on top
with cut paper beneath another bad fives and
paper and the other bad tens and paper Al
together there was about tlO In good money in
the last three bundles The stuffing wa green
tinted paper cut exactly the slzu of the bill
The other three bundles were ones mos and
tens all the way through They came to 1700
Eaton looked onendlyas the bills were being
counted but tho prisoners scarcely changed I
a niusoleaml Deemed tu hate become suddenly I
entirely Indifferent The Sergeant took their
pedigrees They wore very short as follows I
James H HoDoy 29 years of ago farmer
Mooresvllln Ala
Robert D George aged 81 oars farmer I
Mooresilllo Ala
When tbey were searcned tne pollen opened
their eyes again Each hud two Pistol pockets
of unuual depth and from earh pocket was
drawn an enormous navy rovoher They were
selfacting guns of 83callbre and were load I
ed The police whistled softly and carried
them tenderly to a eafe place In the Captains I
private closet The prisoners seemed to be
more concerned about > the loss of their guns
than their money They bad some morn money
In their pockets and this too wan taken care
of for them I
Where did you get these things the Ser
geant at the desk asked them pointing to the
contents of the valise
There was no answer for a moment and then
George said quietly
I guess we aint got anything to say just
He put a decided emphasis on the last two
words George said that they I were on tnelr
way to a little town in Ohio where they both
had relatives They were looked up for the
night In cells on opposite sides of the Imo I
corridor on charges of larceny and violation of I
the corporation ordinances lu carrying con
cealed weapons Eaton was let go with the 1
ordei to come t tho Yorkville 1olice Court at
solemnly H oclock yesterday morning He promised I
Yeterday mornlngwblle taking tbo prisoners
to cuuit time detective maunged to gum their
confidence to wuno extent and to work out
this version of theIr green goods game which
he afterward Irlon Justice MoMabuu
Home tlmo ago at least a year they bad
cowl to New I ork In answer to tIe regular
aieen good circular to buycounterft it money
They met the gixon goods mon r time depot ns
tbw CAme Into tbe city find had the uuual ox I i
perlunvj with them They went to H room
vrbeie omo nice iresb eii < c > nbacks which they I
re told Wro counterfeit were shown to
them nnd they bought ax tb y supposed I
mine 3t00 worth for about lloou They
welt back home oflur elmr l royally enur
turned only lo find that thr bad given their I
money for a lot of wuste apr i >
Tielrexperlanoe not only mode them wjter
but decided them upon an no to obtain te
juiige Throiiuu some source they learmd of
Hi llanil the Tuxa dopuiy berllf who killed
Turn IJavi Ilia irieun goods king In uu olllce
near tbe Astor llouee when the alter tried j to
l tl
clean him out and inon wan ucijullted They
iieruilul UIKJU a bald l gunie imps wlien ru
enl > another circular came along they at
oinJ opu d oorr poiidmc with the urarn
and wuu and urrangcil lo rom mi to New
J ork uuiiiook the rook They lild about
their Irol tie guns already ilricrlbed sod
aImd duiiif unorn it f Jmuzmbilime lunoceuca
Tu gruun goods men iBiim to natal upon
their uilvul ttiil i swirled Ibo Alubaiiiinnilottu
town urJlvlllwl nt lasuu 10 u room lu some
liulld on off whose Ideal on tummy rll luilouut
Bud a lot uf nliH Irb ape lITO aid til Uillur
bills WAi slioirii lip f iliein ihqrs wuf only uuu
luun ilium MIIHI thor ll re biiu4
TTau urs unusually tllJ salt 1 tu f lbm
and wu IJUVD I halt 0 iiuaullty t Ju > t Jouk
mv lit aJ 11 M aud < cQuiiitv lb ui wllu your itooa
Jb A a mll knir tjg t Imi that the
money liilsysuj TXil 1 mind lllllHl IO IIUI
VITI IJI UI all lust iby sew lint jb1
SiiJ gu4ie ever hJr plal 101olr piany 11
ipUIor iuluiiT uof iw inuk ant Ir is
hqforia be 1IrlI hUms I 015154 Mu lliy
rTtrll d ttmpisies mini iauiliiil l jus
aliige4 1Ultl 11 awl uoiJiiSeJ lUxn will I
I I 0th Ii I p4 1kl IIIIllor I tb r n
goods 1 scan lisi aW of mis 1 tiaras Kuw
414 Siiiler l sssjuJustou ws aKIII lu Jei
J rep let pol hu 87UMi > tcriB w flies far
r II t J 1 ur UI I 1 tow 11 I 1 Luu 1Q U1
1t end George Mrsii t th IiO000
U 11 ti srssi mo4y 111 gaiu
hI 1 im sic II CUIuuS aI P Ili4 gdea I siber
on 10 1 ot IS 05 5iuj 111 sip Iii jumP
All jiglit retied Irl blulIl1 tb
iqie JII Wim wimIj JI a Ia shags I cimot
besubttlbito I
ib ubL W r t diufous and Ilr
WH I I nober ttituSlLf lu a ornr rpom cf
width the gives goou uua tiwMta wiOi
+ a
great re reoy three bundles alleged ennn
Urt Ilel
torfolt money which he offered to the Alaba
smile mari at the same time saying with a plaold
smllnNow gentlemen tho job is done 1600
p I fRRO
Then the Alabamans put both hands Into
their bin pock ta and tIme next moment the
four big I gums were pointed at ns head and
Uenrgen vnlcq wo r nelna out In cruel tones
Hbell out oil that genuine boodle you
or well blow daylight through you
Tho groen goodn man thought I wIll not to
delay tn cumuli Ing with their demands and
the green pipniR and the 51711 mynah all went
I Into Ioorgeasatchol After warning the vie
tin tn pocket his loan without squealing
George and halley withdrew
J ho prisoners created 0 sensation In the
court room when they manic In with their big
slouch hats In their hands and thlr revolvers
weio exposed on the Judues bench They sat
down In time urNom rs pn and itnzed calmly
nrnund George seemed to be the mastermind
He is a rather goodlooking fellow With harp
featut os olenreyes brown hair and moustnrhe
and nn ln > plent goatee He was cirosoed In
err ordinary clothes u h h looked the worst
for his night s stay in the cell halley looked
younger oen fur his l age cet 10 has coalMack
hair and eyebrows and 0 small black moustache
Tho two men remained In the pen some
tlmo while the rtnteoiuoi wilted for Eaton to
appear He did nt come hdwovor and they
concluded that he was allocated with the
gren goods men and was at i aid to appear for
Ii or that he I would get hlmOlf Into trouble
Aftor hearing the detective story Justice Mo
Million remanded the prisoners until today
to give tho detectives a opportunity to hunt
When the prisoners were put back In their
coils they relapsed Into uncommunlc atlt eni > i < s
and lay down in their coin Hnfloy lett his
dinner untouched and was much cast down
by the fact that ho ha I to remain behind lock
and key for another day
Tbe police made teaieh for Eaton and trd > d
to mini the locality of the transactions They
hat no Information to communicate however
and I Is probable that the prisonersvtlll bo
remanded npain today Tbe charge larceny
Is not likely to ho > Eroscd and they will
probably get off with a line for carrying tho
pistols Tile police may make an olTort to ro
cover tho 17UO lor their pension fund but It
pears isnt likely to succeed 1 pn complainant AP
Ur Straight ArrIve and Bcoomee Peel
fled WIthout ExptBDBtlonm
The case of Ernest niall the Omaha broker
arrested hero on the eve of his departure for
Europe took a new turn at Jefferson Market
yesterday Mr Wall la one of the big land
brokers of tho West and has boon a agent of
the Union Pacific Railroad Company Dctectlvos
Alonolo and Cottrell arrested him on Friday
on 0 telegram signed by the Chief of Police of
Chicago and he has been looked up at Police
Headquarters two nights Yesterday morning
Richard J Btraght of Bradford Pa who had
Instigated the arrest came to the t ollce court
He arrived on Saturday night from Omaha
and had had aconsultationwlth Ral lawyers
at the Fifth Avenue hotel In the police court
he said to Justice Oltellly that ho had caused
the arrest of Mr flaIl under
Rnl a misapprehen
Ilon and that as the Omaha authorities de
clined to pay the expense of taking Rlall back
to Nbrnlia the charge of embezzlement
would be dropped
Mr btralubt nomed able to give no further
explanation of his conduct According to ono
torY he went to Omahi to see Mr lliiill about
rot which his had invested for blm
There he fuund tbut Mr Riall Was on his way
to Europe As he wa anxious to see him ho
made a charge of embezzlement and bad I
telegram ent ordering hIs arrest He was
afraid flaIl would go to hurope before he
ooulicot to so him and thought that by hay
ing him lock id up lie would be sure of him
a here Is another story In which flHUOD In
money and a lot of notes signed by Mrs Rlal
are mixed In a hopeless way Mr lUau will
postpone his trip and will return to Omaha
with Mr Straight lIe manifests no disposi
tion t get square for his arrest
Michael Wood Dead ore Slab Wound
and Cabman Tom mlth Djlnc orUls
Michael Wood who was Blabbed In tho abdo
men at 272 Tenth avenue on Saturday night
died In the Now York Hospital yesterday after
noon He had made this statement to Coroner
Messe mom
h We were having 0 game of cards August
Quero nnd L He is the landlord of the house
where I arn boarding He took a longbladed
knife out of hU pocket and stabbed me with
out provocation Ho is 0 Oerman and a
wicked fellow
Quere committed without ball at Jeffer
son Market yesterday morning
Thomas Smith I cab driver Is dying at his
home HO East Broadway from 1 stab wound In
the groin Last Monday night no and John
McLann another cub driver got into a light In
the saloon at 21 East Broadway McCnnu was
Worsted in the tight and diew r knife and
stabbed Smith The latter wag taken to
Chambers Street hospital and removed t his
homo the following day Dr Hemingway who
bus been attending him pent for Coroner
MenKemur yesterday to take his ant mortem
statement Hmlth said that nn old grudge
over imsluess rivalry had existed between him
and McLann On Monday night when they 1
met both bad teen drinking aud they had 0 I
fight McCunn IH under arrest tey I
An odd Incident in connection with Smiths
stahblng Is that on Friday night ho was visited I
by John JleAullfTo a cab driver who called to
sue how uj was and wan sorry to find him so
low AIr leaving McAullffe drove down
Broadway and was killed and at Mall street fell from his cab
The Door or Two rhlladclphla Lecture
Boom Clod Aaalnit Him
PntLADELTrm Oct 5L N Baker private
secretary to Col Bobert G Ingersoll has en
counteied somo dlfllculties In his attempt to
secure a suitable hal in Philadelphia for the
Colonels lecture on Art and Morality
Tho lecture Is l designed to bo I testimonial
benefit t Walt Whitman and art and moral
ity are t be discussed with the aged poets
works as a text When application was made
to the authorities of the Academy of Muslo I
Secretary lionnaffon aftvr communicating
with Alfred G linker President of the com
pany refused to let time Academy for this use
ou the ground that Col Ingenull could not be
ollou e to llak tlmr I
Mr llaker then applied or the Union League
Club annex which 001 Weld r > hi Im doHined I 1 i
to place at his disposal ilnally llomouitural
Hall wait engaged and the lecture was ar
ranged for Oi t 31
Alfred O Baker said tonight tbat In the I
post few ours Cot IngersoTlit agents bad
male a number of applications similar to this
and tbut tbey bad all I f bii di lined He luldoJ
thai it bud been a principle of the Academy
Company throughout his iroildeney that no
lat 10
person bonld use their property for Ito pur
pose of adyocutlng lulldellty and atheism
On Inijiiliy at tbe Uulou League fluljjt was
learned that tle hal In tIT annex was not
luimmuulylet lo other limn climb rnmnbujrs oinl
ground that the relUbAl might Uuvo btsu oa that
A LVNAllClt 10Htlll 7fl4N
He Kftfptf tram tit Fuuflitt mp lt Ay
luw ad Walks HUM
Vjmjrg J4Udl Oct 6Aliout four month
ago is il > cu > lou but tmegi tie nluUlsr il HI
Jn Culuiillo CLurcli and the Iulorlal
Nelbodlkt Church upon ibm w liisl school
jiu lluii mu4 ft good deal of f talk Itwuiime
Jxouou u dtiruut Cilbollc trim was v rf out
spoken son aht ward UICBUJ lumtou an It I
U S suppoud ItHW thai xrt mnt ut jimmy dIe
ulln f lie wan ouaimilUti to be ttuult
keeleis Justine Asylum where ul Case uus
Jmrmp ugicd UUIIL Op Yrsdty Luijihit iii
iksI4J Id 1 Ie im I luau w41 III until
11 C l1 tim app Wil c hill Isuihiy I
lt 1111 iiajtarlvuu bUl I r stisice fotsuiu
nd ar tIltrtuu U dsspscbl1 SQ us sy
IUI u IUtUCf H will Ilh him 1 I tC
omourew II Isv 4iwU IIUI stjs7U
Ui ii Imamp j UUI I lieu 1 IW Iii sums
441r Jg5uj5tQ I Cl j1 rl5q Quilt 14 5114 ul
I Lila pl at iinn fouittta lu tiit Jou1tikiep
ads insane Asylum 4 a ihiil < it La i a ldif I
WetUsWi OU 0 Ijala JI
I sued fruit Im Ib Vurlt
Ib Kial II iia li Ueiia toUMtv b Tcrfc riUa I
4jgIi hmsiumMuim 14 scie 11 Ua im ew i 1
lr 4Lsi5im i sOd II lb > IM wiy lit lulnl
IW 111 WC 4 15 IL i4W5jM5 l ki Sima5
I lit till eel ewse a s I I ep U a a
a 5 11 I steesiif ft I sic th
I I 1 IlrO I MU 1 11 I
IIIIJ i HUH mi n iiint irii
fliilll Watiai < I 1i45555 wu deewus4 u faivray
jlll In Ifti Ckaupalii Uiit ul siq 1 mutui
UrLlvt t
Nt4im tt I tmj i aiue e If II uivvft
smid iso iIee1 sac helms e eel sltMa 85W
IPUHSI W Lii pulL i
H < L
W IIW 1 I U I II j
0 < III < frf mn vW l i > l f r 11
I ll 0 I II i I 5 5 i I eel fits
r l a o j uittiinit t III I um4 U it
15511 alJd I Ii I ulul J lai 10 t fh atyd
515 Ius 7u14 L l uitl Kxrria iliiiw > ii M Itl LAH
raiiMiliilb > iie > l aii I < i I In lallu i IM
Tliir < < areuw OiVlIi f 5414Ul1lI in fHMi
5 f r aiL tulivtli i eea lMIM I
II II Dele d to flay Deen Klll dby HU
Coapal5 Who Itciurccd Mom With
out Slim cad Five lard Men Slave
Sires HcarvblBB lor 111 Ilody
NAsHua N I Oct 5The mystery con
cerning the disappearance of Henry Marshall
on Tuesday night last Is I unsohed and Is a I
puzzle to all who bavo studied Its details
Today bOO men searched tho woo In the
belief that Marshall had been murdered and
his body but led Aa tbo case appears tonight
there Is ovory Indication of a Ilrstcloss sensa
tion before tho mj story is cleared away
Marshall Is about 18 years old and for sev
eral nvmths has worked on tho arm of Mr
Llndsey about four miles from this city Ho
has been Itnown about hero and is credited
with sobriety economy and general good con
I duct Harry Davis who is in custody boa also
boon known hero for some time He and Mar
shall wero schoolboys together In 1Iolli and
havo been friends oor since On Tuesday
at about 4 P M Davis applied for
work at Mr Llndsoys and wan engaged That
evening tho boys walked to the cltr together
and ouch bought a pistol of Mr Gray Davis
bought a short bulldog calibre 82 and Marshall
a largo barrel calibre s Mr Gray says they i
each got cartridges to fit the pistols and paid
I 2 and t260 for thorn Their adventures later
are the basis of the mystery
I Davis tells tho following story Ho agrees
I with Gray n to the purchase of the pistols
and says they only drank a glass of ale each I
I before starting home B 830 or845 oclock
On tho way they amused themselves by firing
the pistols using up more than oneof the
three boxes of cartridges When they were
on Oummlngs Hill they saw a max
coming behind them when Marshall mn WI
scared and said it was a policeman
Icae nnl polcemnn
coming to arrest them for shootlnn
He said lots run and they started Julto a
while after and they began t run
Davis saul he died his pistol twice at which
Marshall said There hes firing at ns now
At this time Marbhall was perhaps a dozen
I step In advance When perbnpsj I it did not
i seem strange that Marshall should not know
I where too shots came from Davis said It was
queer but ho didnt think of It at the
time Almost Immediately after this Davis
say Marshall jumped a pair of bars on the
right side of tbe road < nnd dliaprenred a < ronB
an open Held while he stopped running and
went directly borne to Mr Llndsoys He saw
that the houso was dark and being a stranger
he went Into the barn to sloop At 2 A M on
Wednesday ono of Mr Lindsays sons came to
the barn to start the milk team which Data
says awoko him and he asked When Is
Marshall 1 He wax told bo bad not come
This be lars Is I all he knows about tbo matter
I Tbe story told by Davis Is substantiated tiy
three witnesses who saw the two Lays heard
the shots and saw the flashes The man who
I was supposed to be a policeman was Deacon
I I George N Trowbrtdee a farmer His
story Is Interesting from the fact that
it substantiates in part the statement
made by Davis I fart wie a clear moon
I I light night and Deacon Trowbrldge bad no
I trouble In seeing the boys They kept ahead
of him for some distance ho says shooting at
Intervals and then suddenly they disappeared
In the swamp beside the rood He had not
puld special attention to tholr movements and
therefore cannot tell the exact spot where they
1 left the road Do declares that It would have
been imposllilo for basis to go to Mr Lied
soys as ho said bo did without bolng In
I sight nil slll way When Davis was
arrested ho hail both revolvers In his posses
i sion He admitted that one belonged to Mar
shall and said tbit he bad bought It of Mar
shall for fl That fact together with thc cnn
tinned nbsonce of young Marshall Is consid
ered circumstantial evidence of crime and
Davis Is looked up pending the finding of Mnl
shalls body or Home other evidence of his
Nobody undertakes to explain the cause of
the murder If Indocd one has been commit
ted Marshall IH i known to have had only 110
when baBtarted out while be bad much more
that at home and 115 in the bank so robbery
could hardly bavo hen tho motive Tie are
some who bcllovo that Marsh 1 was accident
ally shot nnd tbat Davis has burled
his body In the swamp Ho bud no grudge
against his friend ns far ns Is known Davis
has a very Dad name In tho Marshall house
bold where ho ta well known nnd sev
eral crave ennrges against him are
told there Tno family tako no stock
in Dovlss Mon but feel sure that
youne Marshall Is dead Davis was taken as
a child from the Little Wanderers Homo In
Boston by a Mr Burns of Bolls and brought
up there His reputation In Hollin is lather
unsavory He maya today that he was never
before arrested which contradicts Ida tory of
ten arrests to a friend ant also contradicts tho
local larceny police vho had him not long ago for
t nee these developments the story of I for
mer dlsamiearauia in I revived Two years or
more anoIJaviB and a lad named Marshall Hill
of BrooklIne N nnt ttaitod off saying they
wore going to Texas Davis returned In a few
days and said they were boating theIr
way on a train beyond Now York
when for sOle reason ho proposed
to jump off Hill sold he was afraid
to jump but Davis jumped and came home
while Hill stayed on the train He has never
been beard rom and under the present ex
clloment the story goes from mouth to mouth
that this Isnt the frat man Davis has made
I way wh mre
A Dlulpnted Man with Utah Belle
Kill nimiclf la HI Loots
ST Louis Oct 5A Wannmaker a cousin
of the PostmasterGeneral committed sui
oldo today In the Eldorado House on Mar
ket street Two papers of morphine wore found
beside his body One was still filled with the
poison while but a portion of the other was
left He had 4 cents in his pocket and a
small piece of crumpled paper on which was I
written in a bold hand
My life is nothing mo any more 1 I can
not put on my leu so goodby to all
This WOK tbo only writing found The pro
prietor of lie lodging house said tbe man
came to him on last Wednesday evening and
hm anl
asked for a room He was taken to atmaJl
room nn time second Moor ot the lodging house
and lie ugreed 10 take I pajli for I week In
aiHunoe At that time tin r > perfectly oler
lie i sine in nbouLftnldnlulit anti flllcll be as
Hinted to bU mom lie was about 47 years old
He lout Ida light leg about twelve years old
and nines that tlmoiia worn cork leg
He spent a fortune of IUOIMHJ It thrvo year
In Ialllmore It hUl hut lame here ho bud about
4001 ibis was oon dlsitoscd of 1 and be La I
gan to sell compound fur cleaning boilers I I
ran that he made < ounslderablu I money at
this builnevs but bin unties bubits soon i
brought him down again About twe lie
year ago no murrlid au estimable Indy
of llalliinore hba IH the daughter of Mr
llotenbuum a millionaire living In that diy
Jot a lime they lived Impply In Cincinnati I
Ohio where the Hiilcldo praoll ed Law lie be
gal to drink and ibuy then separated I This
I ohored him nnd bmolned imia wife in haitI >
inoo limit 1d toeetber untl be agaIn foil
lora grace when Mm Wauajuoker secured a
Wiiniimalter mailed three letter before dy
wIImakor Daled Ilrle lettr ho1e
ing Jim father Ii l u rellied merchant of iliad
leg I Ill lln Is I oearlr < U ream of age Itls
suld that lbs huiodu ri flti < d remittance rag
ulai ly Inn hOI uulll they Tiiurd of bU rel
stooped tinned debaucher when tu lr money was
Mpula anil lime UrlilHUy Mill I
Lipjimmu Out f A rumor Is I OUlolt bore
but lie Himnlili Uorirnuii Intends tl > mur I
Silo MKOlatiuns with the UulUd Hatti Got
ejuwemit for i > > iuri > ca eonennlonii luucUiog
j u aq api Anifrf Cu products Ii I is I al ICIO
porivd lust lIsa uorsiiiiiyut uw lostrucud lu I
uuHit I lin > a i to inuillr lie I Urns uuihoiitU
11111 lasuur iittt I mar bu taken tr fnrl 111
vIDWIPCI law alto sisl4c1 to ULJ10W UIIII
rims iMtptmtf Jump Out
Vixsw i Oct 6Wb the Austsjits sod < hr
maD Ew4rors wet i 1 Uaifu Iiuarriteii jy t
JIW1 lo day Iii boiMi of their carriage
ebied and diKlnd t iii UI icl O tjculuit a Silas l
Jjfiskhi I bs poll lb KuivtioM llM I
iubust sod wimied until lbsy14igvuveflimkiji I
1 tRe n lUl of hIU cr
Uad Tlimiumtspet eltb YuasreJ
unitas Oft Hfliit loS < J ol tiui 1 mum n
Jjjeltli I bol IIaaII j In tt Iuul a I situ 11
a1 laid bushy wi sitmsaaled at n111
o 11111
tin H iur4sr tlr Yoiil rttittuir ul tw
41 a fleshly win 1 cdudwitd lou fuo 1r
MH4QZ rM a iuiftiDu hIcu1uuyy1c cf uryiii ibinatojviu Lam I a
4 t
noir DOWN ur run HUNT
Rise Cani > bl Collar nonr and nib Broken
hr a FaaMoaablv Party ol llorcniii
Miss Isabella Campbell of Chestnut Hill
Philadelphia who has been visiting at tho
house of Michael Bouvler In Illv rdalo was
walking along West street near Itlverdalo ave
nue on Saturday when a party of ladles and
gentlemen on horseback camo racing down
I racnl
the road at full speed Before Miss Campbell
could get out of the way she was run down by
a horse and thrown violently to the ground
She was carried to the house of Dr illce who
found that her collar bono and ono rib wore
broken She was taken later to Mr Bouvlcrs
Roundsman Bcblottman of the Ktngsbrldgo
police station was detailed to Investigate the
ceo but the Injured woman relubed to make
any complaint
It appears that nn Invitation fox hunt or
rather a paper bunt was run on Saturday
afternoon and It was a part ot tho hunt that
rode Miss Campbell down
Sergeant McDermott of the Kingsbrldge
squad bad a narrow escape from the same
party a few minutes before Miss Campbell met
with her accident He was walking his horse
through Beltncr lane when the hunt came
down on him like an avalanche Ho barely
had time to jump from his horse anti hold him
close up to the fence until tho party had
Among the participants in the paper ride
are said to hate been Miss Randolph Miss
Goodrich her groom hubert Miss Martin
Miss Julia Moroslnl Mr London and Mr
Mr Amanda I urdy Attacked by a Blan
who SprlnB tram Behind a Tree
WniTK PLAINS Oct 6Mrs Amanda Purdy
of Tuckahoo took a train to Bcarsdale depot
About 7 oclock last evening with tho Intention
of walking from there to Oroenvllle two mIles
distant to meet her little boy who was visiting
friends Upon leaving the depot she passed up
a hill and followed the road into some
woods a half mllo distant She bad pro
ceeded about twenty rods Into tho woods
when a man attired In a slouch hat
and a black suit stepped from bo
hind a tree caught her around the waist and
threw horto the ground She cried out but
he caught her by the throat and began choking
her As he held her upon the ground ho took
her gold watch and chain and a sum of money
Ho threatened to kill her it she cried out
again and then left her
Mrs Purdy went back to Scarsdale Depot In
a dazed condition whence she was accom
panied to her homo She says she would
recognize her assailant If she should see him
Time authorities wore notified this morning
but they have not found a clue to the robbers
identity The robbery took place In ono ot
the most Isolated pieces of woods In the neigh
borhood and a half mile from any dwelling
tin FAvncKit uvuoLAit
lie Drag mm Oat at III Hiding Plaee
and Blnrehc Him to the Station
Carroll B Faunco of 239 Adelpbl street
Brooklyn was awakened about 330 oclock
yesteiday morning by the crashing of glass in
one of the rear parlor windows just beneath
his bedroom Ho listened for a tow moments
and being satisfied that a burglar was at work
dressed himself and mado his way to the
street without attempting any search for the
marauder He walked all the way to the Myr
tlo avenue pollco station and explained the sit
nation to tile Sergeant wno nurrleu lour
policemen bock to the house with him A
thorough search was mane In and around tho
promises but the burglar remained undiscov
ered A broken pane of class however Jn the
rear parlor window clearly showed that Mr
FaunceB susph Ions were well founded The
policemen ret urn id to the station As nothing
bad been stolen they concluded that the
burglar became frightened and bad taken to
After their departure Mr Faunco continued
the search on hi own account and at 6 oclock
he was 10warded by discovering a man
crouched undor un extension in the yard Ho
dragged him from Lie hiding place and
marched him to the station limo prisoner
gave the name ot Patrick Carnoy but bo was
recognized an John Carman an exconvict
HU refused to give his residence A lino kit of
burglars tools was found In his possession
The Two lies Who Held Up a SlUionri
Pacific Train In Custody
LEXINGTON Mo Oct 3The Ottervillo train
robbers were captured at Elmira near bore
and are now In jail in this city Detective
Thomas Furlong baa been working on the caso
since Aug 16 when a Missouri Fault train
was bold up by masked men In Robbers Cut
near Ottervllle Two weeks ago he located the
bold bandits He finally completed a web of
evidence that warranted their arrest At C
oclock last evening In company with two
deputies be proceeded to the house of Horatio
8 Mines a farmer near Elmlra arid arrested
him and his pal Fiank Uotlman a country
sport and allround tough Hines attempted
to show fight and when he law who his v Init
ors wore grabbed a Winchester rifle from the
wall but was dutnrmod beforu he could use It
Jne men were securely handcuffed and
brought to this place It wa at first said that
five mm were engaged In the lobbery but It
now seems that Bins and Hoffman unaided
held UP the train While one covered time enal
flier with his revolver the other foned 1x
prtibs Agent Avery to surrender to him
two package supposed to contain money but
subsequent developments showed that thesu
amateur bandits bad made a water haul au
the PHI kuges contained less than 100 worth
of jewelry and railway vouchers
lie Hay They Knocked Him Down In
Thuiaa Htreet und Robbed Him
A boy about 1C years old called at THE SUM
office lust evening and said bo had been
knocked down IT three nun and robbed of a
gold watch and 127 In money in Thomas
street near Broadway about IX oclock lust
evening His clothing was torn and muddy
and his mouth and eyes gave evidence of
pretty rough treatment Ho bad teen to the
police and they were looking for the omall
until Meanwhile time boy bail come to THE
hUN olflco to advoitiiii that for time return of
the watch lu fiil drove street Jersey City
uhcie be liven with DruutHt Freeman Hlod
duru 116 toward would bit paid amino < iuoi
hosts askvd Ilosald
I came from Julio City early In the oven
Ing and went to limo Inst Glllcu and then I bat
down on a park bum It I took nut my wutuu
und looked ut tint II 0 Irolnblr boujo of the
louuu r > saw It oud followed uiu1
JO 1rluueo C Isle
Lohnox Oct 5Ibu Iirbon correspondent
of the Jtailv Viti says hu uudvrniuint that
rxubor 1 orriwi Is l purposely dmayfau time fur
nation lit u uw IortugUttue ttblimt until he
Lu eiclisngvd vluw with Ioml I Hulilury
ttuuut couxuut Im Jtnlren to he uibiifimon of
I ml WhiQil 1UIMI U IU dispute tlltMHOll
Lugiand nod Iurtuual
Tll I UIIHI Ul Pal Wkasse
Iliik Oi 6TliiiOinl di little has sent
a IM 11 < l f > Ml < Ii lu ul I suitS lsiu kurliitf t iliut
uu naiprouuudlx tuurlmU by ib WMUI wl
coiiieuuifCvitnU in Aiiiuiim
< helens In
M APIIIP Jet 5 Ciiiats Is i hmiilvaA to hit
br141aI1 uul u liarmi mimic wuire flu ui < ii
CeLls ifimt imimb I ltHirlll Iwo Ul which bete
rubcd lola
Jleuui irt in
Jiijetlet 5AShscuuee Ljaulelliu msouhiat
II taJuiUit III
ItIIhN Ttiur LAsniso VP XOIN
Thejrn Clot a Mhort Month to Do XThal
They nn fnr Republican Hula In
Ilcnoerallo Cllrnnil They Will Resume
Urrullnn at 1O3O Oclock ToDay
The lower end of Now York was tipped no
very p rcoptllily je torfliy three times The
flush tboks weio felt In Albany and Bank
streets and In tho sailor boarding housesalona
the lower end of Greenwich street Borgeant
Dunn from his eyrlo atop of the Equitable
building obscnod the first terrestrial disturb
nnco just aa the parishioners ot old Trinity
I wore beginning to respond to the chimes for
IhA halfpact 10 service I
The second tip up tn the lower wards was
partlculatly marked athlch noon and extended
from Chambers street to Canal The third
quake did not come until along In the opening
but spread from Canal street as far up ea
Twonttthlrd street Nobody but THE SON re
run ter found out what had tipped the town up
In lie first plaoo Senator Fans tt had landed
tii town lints enter director of the Uarseed
Trust of u Country Htutosnion and an
point d liinifen mini the other Republican di
rectors ol the trust by order of oxSenator
Thomas Coll or Platt resident ot the trust
Their mission was to brosso through the city
departments and raise nil tb racket possible
for > his laiiH election because Tammany had
refUHod peremptorily to submit to political
bliiakmali honator rassett is from Obomung
i which nn correctly states should be pro
i nounoiod Utiomung 1olltleal aspiration
have often Dllod his waking dreams
as ho Blood on the banks of the farfamed
Caytitn or Kowtown or ynkoop the throe
groat creeks on enrtu Tho a throe groat 1
aitorlesof the State have listened patiently
and babbled back oncouragoment an tlioHena
tar In solitude told the air of the thingS
ho would do when bn was United States
Honutor Governor and President hen
aor Fassott arrived in town just about
tho hour when the denizens of Al
batty and Bank streets and the inmateS
of time sailor boarding houses on Greenwich
street fell the first tip up The elevation was
at Its extreme as Senator Fassott shot npx
town to the homo of William M Ivies Vice
trsilent of time Hayseed Trust Thoy wished l
to confer an to the exact amount of browsing
to bo dono toda when the Hayseed Truss
will resumn operations at 1080 In the 8n
parlor Court room The Excise Department
It Is supposed will be Its subject
Will any person of reasonable tntolllgenoo
presume to question the assertion that the tip
up at the noon hour from Chambers to Canal
vtreets was simultaneous with the advent ot
Senator Uendrlcks at the Grand Control Sta
tion It Is true that from the hour Senator
Faeeett appointed himself and his Republican
associates on the Browsing Committee tho
Senator from the salt mines of Syracuse hash
nothing to do but obey ordoraTno Senator
has had no more Influence upon the delibera
tions of the trust than a wooden Indian oa
Avenue A When the Browsers have got to
gether the tnlt Senator has been brushed i
aside like a pint ot peanuts So be has baa
lots of ttme to busy himself with thoughts oa
home affair hhould ho stick to Senator Uls
cock or hhould ho ruccuiub to the onslaught ot
Congressman James J Beldon Ho has just
one year left In which to solve the problem
and It must have boon the weight of his medi
tations that is accountable for the upheaval R
between Chambers and Canal streets
The tlpup of that vast area from Canal street
to Twentythird Street occurred just as Sena
tor Gil Uenno of Topnke Flats and Kindorhoofe
slid Into town at candle light Even tin cobble
stones were stirred They knew who had
como tar taowo Gil Deane bgosb as one of
the Senators neighbors who accompanied
him buoyantly remarked in the Fifth Avenue
Hotel wlilo he Inokod out on the auake The
Senators neighbor had come down with htm
to see him luuBtorgnte But as the cobble
stones and the paxomenta became accustomed
to tim mighty presence ot the man from Copake
Flat > inlet was restored and the streets worn 1w
as tranquil and aa placid as an Orange county tt
With the startling terrestrial episodes now
fully explained should bo added that the
thioe Browsers from up country will jola iJ
Maehlavel Iv Inn Senator Blrkett of Wood
ruffBaldwin notdpeddllng fame and Senate
Llspennrd Stewart in another Browning cam
pHlgn this morning all In the Interest of the
P khnm League the Republicans and the
County Democracy and with a squint of each
mans ej eon his own chances for preferment
Night Robberies on This Corner
Complaints have been received at the Thlrt
tleth street station house about a gang ot
toughs who have loitered around Beventl
avenuo and Twentyseventh street and at
tacked and robbed men and children at night
It was said by citizens In the neighborhood
that these toughs wore the Bama who used to
frequent a saloon at tho southwest corner
which wan known aa The Tub ol
Blood The Hi enso of the saloon 4i
wan revoked recently On Saturday
night ono of the gang showed fight when Su
perintendent Thus ordered him away and ho
was clubbed Saloonkeeper Lavery who nod
been much annoyed by l the loafers complained
at the station last night of their behaviour ana
Polleoman McConnell who was In plain
clothes arrested iJnnlel OHare James Con
ner and John Barry Ho charged them with
loitering on Snvcnth o cnuo with the design ot
robbing pedestrians hoy denied the charge
Conner was the young man who was clubbed
by Tims
End ol the rendition MeaadaL
FOET Wonin TexOetfl Yesterday the lass
chapter In the famous PendletonCullen scan
dal was enacted In the County Clerks offlco
at Forth Worth wore lllod two deeds both
signed by oxMayor W 8 Pondleton convey
ing to his wlfo all his proporty in and
Kurt Worth eluding the homes sac and
acres of land near Lamp sas Judge look ani
irrnnted Mrs 1ondleton a divorce from hey
liusband and gave the custody of the children
to hIre Fend don Whether Pen d leth will
rcBume his moist ons with Annie Cullen is not
kniwn TIe Fot Worth people are leaRn
to let the whole matter drop now
The Preildent Gamine Visit to St Louti
ST Louis Oct 5A despatch was received
from Secretary Noble fast night saying that
President Harrison had consented to remain
hero until 10 oclock Saturday night The plan e
for the entertainment of tho President will not 5i
lep rfeotid until uosday I but It has Men t
decided that Mayor Noonan will deliver tno JR
address of welcome to the Piexldent and party
rIme Weather
Rain fell ytiterday In the Nertbwtitem Statca UK
bun InJIana HlchUan northern Fenniylvanla and
In New York In liii radon ot Ib lake extending I
Into ultra Canada Tbtre wu a general barometiu i
depreielon over the northern bait ot tb country
with a harm centra paulnm elY Ib Nora Beetle eoua
and a eecouil orer Vlanlioba fair and slightly warmef
wtatbtr prevailed In Ilia Southern Slam and air and t
CboUr wtather lu the mldille Allautio and New KnjiaaA
ht Ue It wu colder wetet time kllceluipDl except la 1
Montana Hlnneiota and time Hakolai where Iber wa4
a 111 of Ir > ti VI Urtik In lilib off ehore wind were u
blowing alnni lh com teaching a velnrliy of twenty
eubt wiles en hour lu Ibli city a llfbtlov humag era
the north Atlantic I
In tblt city time day was falri blibetl lorernmeat
leinptrature 71 loweitM arerafenaioidJiyat 1
cant t1i j
Tu day premliti lo be enerally fair with peailblya Jm
light aliuwer elldilly warwtr Tomorrow fal4 t
couar I S
The iberwomeKr al Perrre pharmacy la Ye i Seq
huildiuim rui rJiJlliuHi ralun rtileiday ufollowil iF
I Jh4i lesi 1511 z
uiAM 44 4 aiiir M uu < Hi
U A 81 lii lii Ii I l Otu t C 4i a
u I A u li > ial ui I a Z 5 e 14
IJU 14 < uHMKli Ut i i
Avraie > 4tf
4115Cc Ctl lilt 6 150 tt
tioxi I lIutB mmni nit urn mini I
rue Main sml 5 iisiasjuiiitr illaIiy usisr tell
weather ti rlv etal > I
tvr MauletiI Kiuiif liluit aId Cspiie 4
fair wsiIIV uiiuimr iuf > lure > weiurly vludi
fir nmni C S Imivtt 1 liruuni fetr w4ti4 tl >
KMH lit 4tM rt M titutit iiiHlitii imurly wiaal lle
II nir u I qfUt4e
r > i weru Itmieirlfanla Ww Ittnf al PI >
warr rarvalliir f4155a4 l ly > lewis Uyuttf Blfbll I
5uI7 clod sietuusry tWplVltte f
yule jIiUM l > ew Vwt and weaieru reLlyiasets
ralu rariabK sleds eiaitfcuarr Uwi raiura sCiil
iii aimIllW1 CIa > eiiui > liauie iiIilIj lim44lf

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