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111 to This a well applies a News to Advertisement If so no ths Advertising Columns of
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Aianrtea EilMtlnllr A p l to hF th
C r r c of N t1o > lliMi HnmnoKed by
Mr Paimell A Ilepntmlo Avrolated to I
visit v ad Mk he bllnallom Clear
DUDLIK Oot 8Tbe Conlercnco of the Irish
Nationalists called by Mr Parnell was held
f this OILY today lat of the business of the
Conference WM tho peloctlon of n i deputation
t yIRlt America for the purpose of placing be
I for the people of thru country a plain state
niiut of tho eltuiitlon of affairs In Ireland
The following wore nppolnteJ to form the
deputation John Ilion member of the
House of ComniODB for East Mayo William
OBrien member for the northeast division of
Cork county Thom OConnor mem
C ber for the BootlanJ division of Liverpool
Timothy D Sullivan member for the Collf go
Green division of Dublin Timothy Harring
ton member ior the Harbor division of Dub
lin and Thom 1 Oil member for South
Mr Farnoll Bent a telegram to tho Confer
ence saying that ho greatly regretted his Ina
bility to be present and expressing conQdenco I
that the deliberations of tha meeting would
b culdod by wisdom nnd patriotism and
Would result for the good of tho public He
also expressed tho hope thnt tno mission to
America would meat with a possible success
1 Mows Dillon and ODrlen And the other
Nationalists detained at Tlpperary Bent a tote
cram expressing their regret that a disgust
ine indicia farce prevented their attending
the Conference
The proceedings of tha Convention wore
conducted In private There was a very large
attendance and most of tho leading members
of the Nationalist party wore present
Justin McCarthy moved the adoption of four
resolutions all of which had been previously
submitted to Mr Farnoll The first of those
pledges the fullest support of the National
j League to the tenants who are threatened with
ruin In consequence of the course adopted by
the Government and tho landlord syndicate
The socond resolution demands that certain
distressed districts In tho southern und w st
ern parts of Ireland receive especial consider
ation by the Government and that measures
ba taken at once for the relief of tho Inhabitants
tents The Government Is called upon to Inaugurate
augurate a ncriea of public Improvements for
te purpose of giving employment to the peo
ple and enabling them to sunport themselves
Without charitable assistance
The third resolution condoms in emphatic
terms tho conduct of the Government in caus
log tha arrest of Messrs OBrien and Dillon
and Tlpporary the other Nationalist leaders arraigned at
The fourth resolution says that tbe Nation
alist party Is compelled by circumstances to
m ko an appeal to its friends everywhere In
behalf of the Irish tenants nnd it looks es
pecially to its friends in America to subscribe
generously for tho defence of a distressed
people This appeal the resolution says Is
made most unwillingly bu tio desperate
strait in which tho Irish tenant are now placed
makes absolutely necessary that assistance
ahould bo asked from friends und sympathiz
ers throughout tho world I
Sixtyfour members attended the Conven
tion In the Mansion House A crowd watched
the arrivals cheering all the conspicuous Na
tionalists The Convention sat In private for
nn hour and a half and thou adjourned
to the City Mull The latter was FO crammed
that several members of Iorliamont weio
obliged to stand duiing tho proceedings
After the reading ol telegrams from absen
Jeee Mr McCarthy made the opening spKch
I fo referred to the trial Ile o1nlnl as uo
fosaue Jfr arnell he said although absent
was lu active cooperation with erythlnir they
aid Ito hud
did studied and sanctioned all tun
resolutions Mr Buxtou had al
rsolutons Mrlextou hal come to Ireland
t attend tho convention but ibo death of his
mother had compelled him to bo abont In
spit of these absences the party was full of
eonlldcnce which fact would not give comfort
to somo of their opponents Cheers Thoro
was no difleronce of opinion among them
from the oldest to the > Rlong us to
general counsels and conduct and jf
they met under the pressnru of
dimcultles they mat also under conditions en
titled to give them confidence und Inspiration
They had faith in tho unconouerablo Irish
people whom ages of despotic power had not
subdued and they yroro not likely to bo
greatly intimidated by tho sham Cromwellfsm
of the present dar They bad rnlh Cromwollsm
men abroad and in the great Liberal democ
racy of England They had lalth In their
I great leaders 1arnell liladsione and Morley
nd Ibo prospect > ahead was lull of growing
Ikht tliud choorsj lul rowlnl
Mr OConnor In moving the flrst resolution
r conzratulaiod the party upon tho recovery of
Mr 1arnull iroui iiu llluosb which at one time
threatened to be mortal 1 und to paralyze
tli whole future of tho Irish cause
He rejoiced to bo able to tell Mr 1arnell that
M stood as high as over In tho affections and
confidence of ibm Irish people and that they
aoalrod to express their appreciation of his un
rrlDE genius und Indomitable courage They
plo uestre1 to convoy to the Jcaaern detained
1 BUpport Tiiiperary 1 proof of their sympathy and
Mr Connor lnoighed against the UnIon
bt tpjradkdte working against the Fousonby
and other tenants as a conspiracy ex
tending from the First Lord of the
Tmsury to thu inlieiublo loafers who
did tdu actual work Tho Nationalists
rotated to Irishman throughout atonalstl
appaled llshnll Ihroulout thn world
ceueroiiu asslMtanca to defeat tho hopes of
ua enemies of Iroluud and to show that if the
purtoof the nxilieijuer ant broad and deep te
ftioto broad ntici deep nit the purses of tho
frtotuU ot Ireland
I tabor Trouble In JForelc Jtundc
T7ELLIXOTOS N Z Oct GTho conference
between tho employers > and the reprebenta
tles of tho unionists hold lor tho purpose of
jndoavorlni to bottle tho labor troubles was
barren of result It Is sild that many of the
officers of thu Union Stoumshlp Company who
truck becau > u of tho mployniont of non
union labor by the conpnny aro ninklns appll
cttioij for jemstntemmt Ilklnl avpl
ilniiut IIK Oct Glbo negotiatIons be
< lotatloni
teen the einpltyerH und the trades unions for
the I
holdlni of u onforcnce to decide the tines
at ltii hictwoii J thom aru still being car
lied on lhio I Triitlib RUI lnl clr
on JrlullollcH InaUts Mint It a
Sn1eroonce i i Is i hold It muit not be hampered by
Conditions umed I liefuiohand
LnlWu I 0 l O J ho boiler makers at Now
R end Noutmioutli lo have IOn out ou strike
Th luotluii lu Uniito la whether lbs boiler
01 work 01 thu U1ln8srs hull do the ungle
Tbo liKhtermoii nt Hull have cone on strike
UYli1ut iet 1 1lttoeja
TV hundred curt
fln liars I L tltUtl Ilndrtd lrt
Ion rWruckfor highir wiigen and shorter
toucl totai Ihe td ttfill oiiutod an alinOKt
al IIIOt
eotin non9r budiiiBBoin the train and
tOI1 tnutds will bu
Irlllo wil oudeil tomorrow the
Itnlke lomorrw
Itrdth ttl tt lllllb nieetluis
Ctdtd to r IlbB 100111 todiiy having do
auiue work at the old wuiwa
tt A4y front the Vila Insurgent
ZtiiziiiAii Oct iLAll l the mission rfp1 at
ltSthctit Within reach ot the Vitro
hsU wll ronh Vltl jusurgentu
mUeii the coast In safety Ono of them I
laotr Ihol
a sir
lr llondeistiriii only hcu pod thiouuh the i
f ffiir5ul or r I UiUI l c ruvttn which
fu < I tuitiu lmultan ouitly with a
vfiula L Ulitlv8 h wre intent uu murder
flu i in DCtiiiit i 1111 ndeAou i of nOI y fliT
° llr t Int rJ I 11utol nit Ilu coast t hit An
fioiii iW 111j r AILrllon will B0oo start i
niii < o n1 11Ir Du ouiuuiuiiil of the CJor I
I wUUdr lo HuhJ Ollt theihluud
4 iu lJuroii urn TrUI tor Vorgry
v chi hr buJIUI Oft 6A trial which Ian
lut inbred be
Iltlfi re particularly In court
elrtle l is ilmt of I huron parlculalr
hib Jlirol Nalll who Is charged
Ib urgoyy and whut tl wboUraeiitol
Kh rutjios ltta J wf it I the
Iw Iii tUIIIK I 10 wl ilioHiinn iro
Iwbifc I 1111 I scour I justdup toy lir
hll thu C4r
I tod Ii 4 unexliiiu It IH oil
11 t u I 11
IS y < t J w i iiiHhe wili t i 1111uJ it urf tug
or f thu iriil I I Je I durl
HPuni I II rl hitbililS llannj
J I lit bII IL I ills lUl imitlimigil JI the
A Uriiuiy In tlullitnu
h7 i H I A rtiiithj oi f this giti
I 1tll A UIn te 1 suuu 1t Otlll Pile joulloo
rIUI1 evlt ut
h Oovomaent Co te that The
IVer the Vlatlw of More DelnliB M
mA IWO lv Tn Set frInUnt nt VlIUAMf
LONDON Oot 6I have good reason to be
Hove that the Government hare decided to n
lease undor certain conditions a number of
tho unfortunate men now serving life son
tences In British prisons for complicity In the
earlier dynamite outrages or attempted out
rages Iteceat Investigations have proved
practically beyond doubt tbat many of these
men probably the majority were the victims
of genii protocatrurt This discovery coupled
with the fact that no blood was shed by tho
prisoners and that they have already endured
the heavy punishment of years In convict
prisons has Induced the Government recom
mend to the Crown to give merciful reconsid
eration to their cases
MrOMnhoayn Abicnce JProvoke H rt
cd niceiiMlo and nil Xlonrnmenl
DUBLIN Got GThe Magistrates Court at
Tipporary before which the case of Messrs
Dillon and OUrlon and a number of other de
fendants who are churgoj with conspiracy Is
being heard reconvened this morning All the
accused with the exception of Mr OMahony
who Is Ill woro nre eut but their counsel Mr
Iledmond and Mr Timothy Uoaly wero ab
sent On behalf of Mr OMahony Mr Dillon
producod certificates from two Clonmel doe
torn stating that ho was seriously Ill and that
I was Impossible for him to attend the trial
Mr Itonan Prosecutor for the Crown ob
jected to the certificates a not being a valid
excuse for OMahonys absence and insisted
that the doctors bo summoned by tho Court to
testify as to their patients condition
test pntonts Iondlton
Mr Dillon said that tho doctors certificates
would have to be accepted an evidence that Mr
OMahony Wa In no condition to appear be
fore the Court as the doctors themselves dls
tinctly refused to como court to substantiate
certltlcntis the statements they had already made in their I
cOllt Ronan then asked the Court to adjonrn
for nn hour to enable tho Crown to decide
whether the charge against OMahony would
be withdrawn or an application made for 1
arrant stir nis arrest
Mr OBrien asked Mr Ronan Can YOU
not decide this matter in half o hour and not
kol us fooling around hero
The Court granted the request of Mr Honan
and an adjournment was taken for an hour
Upon the reassembling of the court Mr
Itonan stated that the prosecution had tele
graphed to two doctors CIon mol roauostlng
them to oxnralno OMahony and roquoslnl
third from Tlpnorary to Mt and examine the
defendant He expected that tho doctors
would appear In court later and testify as to
OMahonys condition and ho therefore asked
that tbo court take a further adjournment In
tl course of his remarks Mr I Itonau said that
onal ad
OMahony through his solicitor had placed
tho Court at defiance
Thin remark excited the Indignation of Mr
Dillon who declared that Mr Itonans state
ment was untrue He further said that ho hud
dona his best to procure the attendance of Mr
OMahonys doctors in court
Mr OBrien said that tho defendants had tho
right to complain against the courso of tho
prosecution Mr llonanH remark he declared
was addressed to an audience In England ana
was designed to injure the defendants
Mr OiirIons remarks were greeted with
cries of Jlonr hoar I by tho defendants wih
A scone of confusion now occurred Mr
Honan repeated his remarks again and agate
and Mr Dillon who waTvery angry loudly do
flied them The defendants in the mean time
protested against the charges mode by lmo
prosecutor hen order was again partially
restored Mr Dillon warmly protested against
tliu courts taking any further adjournment
Ua maintained that In justice no warrant could
bo isMiod for tho arreitof Mr OMahony until
the Court had heard the testimony of his unl doc
Another heated wrangle then took place be
twxon the Crown prosicutor and Mr Dillon
Tho Court llnnlly granted Mr llonnnt reQuest
quest and a further adjournment was taken
The action of the delandants who are on
ball it I likely to result in their committal to
tho Clonmel jail for contempt of court
The TCUlon Xlne Boat Forced to Leave
the Albert Dock
LONDON Oot GTho managers of the Allan
and Wilson steamship lines wrote to Thomas
Mann tho labor agitator a month alO stating
that as a result of the recent dock strike
tbo mon at tho Albert Dock demanded
such extortionate pay amounting to from
15 to 20 shillings dallythat they constituted
a serious Impediment to the coal and grain
trades Oraln chitting the writers said was
performed In Liverpool and Now York at one
third of the cost at which it was done in Lon
don where the men did not tolerate the use of
elevators Furthermc the owners of vessels
were unable to mi pen Iso the grain shifting
and the union foremen only hindered the
work being afraid to report the faults of the
men The present system the managers
averred fosters Idleness and thieving and
caused general demoralization among tho
men 1
Later in a letter to Mr Mann Mr Hill says
be will be obliged t lay up some of the New
York steamers of bin line unless some system
ol niece work is introduced and that London
will become a prohibltho port After
suggesting a possible plan for secur
ing olllolent work with the maximum
degree of benotlt to the mono he
declares that unless something Is done
bo must quit the Albert Dok lie adds that
the Hudsoulay Company complained that be
cause of the refusal of tho company to antlNfy I
the demands of the dock cOIllny drink tho
men had assumed u threatening attitude and I
had actually stolen a number of sealskins
Mr Mann has not replied to thoso letters
rple1 Ilso
The London boats of the Wilson line have all
returned to the Miliwahi dock the management
Undine It Impossible to put UP nny longer with
tho condition ot atTaIns at tile Albert dock
The Allan line oflleliils wrote to the joint coin
mlttoo on docks on Oct 4 to the effect that the
furs Hudson Bay Company claimed 200 for stolen
Charce gatnt BB Irish Prlem
DUBIIX Oct 0 Father Flavin a priest re
siding In the parish of Clonmel has been
sldlnl pnrsh hI ben ar
rested on the deposition of a ring miD In
this the priest is charged with chasing the wit
ness and a party of his friend from an Inn und
pushing the witness rner a wall In lalllnir
Horn the wall the deposition says the witness
broke a leg and anstaliied other injuries from >
tliHHilectsol which ha believes he cannot re
The Wr be Hultun Htop Improper Vie
or tho IllU
CONSTXNTJKOPIE Oct 6 The authorities
having become convinced that a conspiracy is
on foot against the Government and that tho
conspirators mo using thii mall for the fur
therance of the plot orders best ben Issued
suspending the local ioatul Hurrlre with I view
to their rrfvent designs Clue consplrutoia from currying out
Kxplorer rvlr l Uolnc to Afrit
Donnciux Oct CC pt Trhler the French
traveller will start for Africa on Nov 10 for
the purpose of exploring the east und west
lur1O that country The chief aim of his
journey will LHI to ilinooyur ch nnlH of undo
by which the < ommordul Intercut of Iriuuo
way bo udtunoed
Tb Cr Vat lo I Mcilouiljr III
HT FjcTEimjiUBo Oet 6The Jrand Duke
Nicholas uncle of the Czar In In a critical con
dition The anoirriiift affection from which
ho tilts bn sulierlnti for I longtime has 110
tucked tho brain and his pb > Blclau pie
pounce thu elite very > neioui
Vrrm VsaItste tfoim a HlnUlry
LISBOV Oet OBpnbor Fornso to whom was
Intrusted the task t of forming a new Cabinet
hu failed In I Itte un < J rtaknB Gen IJAbr
KOU A l he now Ill to form A couoIJUUou
Ill Jew IruMltfu UIls1r or Wur
JlrnrlJf Oct 1 The ntfehtanirtofr an
oMiicu Ih Oct 01 l Hii lUlt l nl > orri htiHmu
1 l buoudOBi orJy uu ernullli JruI
hil I mUiur of War
AulMMiu lu I lh JSMaIIcu I
Il in puJsr pail ui Hi lfkI ilrf Illlli II I fi Ii < I
05w > rk I ulral niHluii > ii ill H ilallruaii t llartnl f
diyitiIii l faJlualui for I Ul nl IJ l > l < > Krili tilaiit ai I <
with 1 Ha n r I aUi drutui ini rlOlCIra I love Iaa
Cuirai Viaiiou aUy esciil l huh UUm AI UlIU AM 1 I
ie4SiW r NA
04511 l I MMfurl sed HjI
iPuis Crat jiulliIs y Iuuliy tail oat Iti haul hut
IJ rt t SiW thiS PtIiiIiluI5 huMlil
IIulr aJ VJiIiigioia to Ih Jr lt 18
laid sliP r 1 i 11bll I Jdovy 1r l Ut tO i j J IY
uuh iilO a4 IIsapuluu sir iuIis5tUI t the Soul
us hulls Alt 15155 it naIIuJ4 taia4 ir Iuu
IUdIIjI4Id AIlra rllI ass IIIU Isel SI Lt ty Ie
WadnusILprUI l unit lb Pull 4 us I
JI e Capt alit COg Iyjgjj t wit hiss IWOM ut 1
will writ MIIUOII I liaupor Imrlo Iusoi uf I
Iigboti a > < I u um Iinii 1 mievi tir numi leo
UHf niaii IHI urinal nt Itoinel ImrkMi pur
itjuuili uu hninlity wljdit I a loIIII sinai 1 I
lug hiS liirlkelsw 1 huiaey nf iruoIutiuti
btugIit by Jssei i alalJIL l the JluII tviut I
lime t cgv uro still nuiuuit j
ne roiuta OFI FASSKTT AND rostra
TryI B CO Put Oat the Fr O the Hearth
r I > moerney With HI Vpeoniitry E
ataA boa br the ChI Hervlee Law
Senator Fassetts Inquisitorial committee
began IU fall campaign yesterday morning In
Part IL of the Superior Court The Senator
from Cbemung a every whit a fashionably
dressed al Senator Ltaponard Stewart and
there was a suspicion in the minds of many of
the audience that ho had been getting points
from the latter Chairman Hondrlcks the fig
urehead of the commluteo and Senator lily
kett of Kings didnt appear Senators Mo
Naughton and Ahaarn were there Oil Donna
wont turn up for a day or two rot
The committee had to await the pleasure of
Chief Inquisitor Ivlns who was fifteen min
utes late Those who hadnt seen him since
the spring campaign of the committee hardly
recognized him The beard which used to give
so sardonic an expression to his features was
horn entirely and ho didnt look half a fierce
Iunderstand he said that the Excise
Commissioners are willing to testify their
counsel only stipulating that no questions ba
asked concerning the particular matters for
wbloh they under Indictment Of
nrA Indlctmont course
this Is 1 perfectly proper
Kdcar 11 Johnson jumped up at this and
raid that on the behalf of Commlssloneis Koch
and Fitzpatrick he desired to say that his cli
ents wore ready to answer all questions touch
ing any transactions whatever of tho depart I
ment I
Ire ldont Meakim of the Exolio Board being
out ot town Mr Ivlns bf can on tho treasurer
Commissioner Edward T Fitzpatrick After
ho had found out what Assembly district and
what pollen precinct tho witness lived In ho
asked him to toll all about tho general ma
chinery of the Doard This was not very new
mutter Mr FItzpatrick said at one point
I want to say that the previous bad char
acter of a place does not militate aetlnst a
new applicant In my opinion I a disreputa
ble house turned into a church or I mon
astery tho previous character of the house
isnt token Into consideration
Do yon know of any Instances of this
transformation asked Senator Fas sett tis
Well I know of Instances whore churches
have been turned Into theatres but I cant
think iiist now of any cases where the oppo
site Is true
Commissioner FItznatrtck said that the fees
paid In wero deposited once a day In a Bowery
bunk Then at the end of tho month the money
that had accumulated was sent down to the
City Chamberlain The money drew no Interest
In bank ana Mr Ilns wanted to know why It
wasnt more frequently sent down to tho City Chamberlain
Because undor the law we are not obliged
to turn It in oftenor than once a month was
the t reply
Mr Ivlns said that I would bo advisable to
send tho fees down to the city treasury at least I
once a week and let them draw Interest He i
asked why the Board required the service f
an assistant cashier
Commissioner Fitzpatrick reeled that ono
man acted as a chock on the other in the re
ceipt of fees and that in the rush hours ono
man could not possibly do thu work atone
How many changes have them boon In tho
ofco slnco the present Board came inwas
the next question Tho witness said thor had
bMn rnaltt rnnv The Inlrd hail tnni
thincB vory i lt n and nttoworfat once
to clear out many of the old men
Whon you cleared out tbe department
asked senator Fassett what sort of a broom
did you use 1
A reform brom
Where did you KO for your new material
To Tammany liall came tho decisive an
swer Among the person who had recom
mended mel for apuolntmont the witness
aIL were several of Now Yorks Judges and
Bam Fish had recommended one man who
was appointed The witness thought that ho
was an Inspector named Delaney
Bo you did appoint Homo one who didnt
como from Tammany Hall sold Mr Ilu5
lal Id 1I
wIt a leer
Oh yes several was the reply
Senator Jass tt asked If the Corporation
Counsel couldnt supply oil the law needed by
the Board M Ivlns ehut mm oath the in
formation that they hadnt got to tat poInter
yetWho among Tammany Hall leaders has
recommended men to tho Boardho asked
Has Mr Croker
1 shouldnt be surprised said Mr Fitz
patrick although 1 cant recollect JuSt now
Other thlnei bolnl eQual you would nol
the employees In your department from Tam
many r u asked Honator 1 asset
1 es just as you would do up in Albany for
the men of your district retorted the Com
How do you account for It asked Mr
Ivlns that only Tnmmanyltos and Mr Flab
friends cot places V
You must ask the Civil Service Board
The Civil Service law really doesnt amount
to much then said Mr Fasbott while he
twirled his moustache Mr Tltzpatrlck thought
I didnt
A mere piece of rod tape murmured Soon
tor Tassett sadly
Mr Ivlna InquIred whether the Board had
made any Investltrntlons of the stories concern
Ine certain Insl > etOII < which came out ut the
previous hearlncs The Commissioners slid
Mr FitzpatrIck had investigated the case of
one man who was cnarcud with beIng an ei
convict I
1o found that his character was good and
retained him Ho had been pardoned by Gov
Tllden prison alter borvlnc a part of hIs term in
The form in which inspectors make their
reports after Investigating the character of ap
plicants was criticized by Mr Iviui and Mr
Fitzpatrick admitted that it was not the bent
but ho said it hud been accepted a It had
come down from preceding Boards Senator
Faspett asked I the Inquiry Into a mans
character want I matter of form and Mr
Fitzpatrick saId that In many CRSHH he didnt
see bow It could very well he anything else
1 dont Ol hn eald how it Is possible In
many cases to prove the bad character of a bad
manThere have been plenty of lnntaneeB whore
men supposed to ba upright nnd honest who
are IIOd churl inembois have very dissolute
characters How are > on going to PIOVO that
such a mans chnrnoter Is bad
Mr Ivins asked the wltmps why hr had voted I
to roltcenieTheiss conort hail In Fourteenth
street Mr Fltzpatrlok Maid Ihut the occupant
was a man whom he believed to be occu1lnt Ioolt
character and who had protnlced that none of
thuobitotliinnhle features of the old estab
lidhment would lie aliened
Mr Ivlns aked why In the past efforts had I
not boon made to enfoice the bond of ha
keepers when they violated the conditions uf
their license JixJnrtite Edward Browne Ibo I
counsel for tbo Joordoplnlncd this by say
hog that there was a local question whethnrthe
bondt were uolloctable under the presunt law
The question Is uuw being tested benator
Fssott was anxious to know why tue ecciso
luspBOlorH I did not see that the licensed saloons
obeyed the Sunday law Mr Pltzputrloic
thought that ths WIts the duty of JltzPIlrlcJ
Hiiiator FnsRutt As au expert olcl you
think It would ho tho best thing nil around If
Ibili II
Ibo entire Ilimor tram worn under the cutter
vl lon of tbe LxcUe Department In the matter
of policing I us well as granting and revoking
llci < nses t
The Wltnecs No I dont fur It would requite
a great forte oC mol to constantly patrol our
town The pole would lie enormous
The roimnltteo udiourned at 2 oclock It
will sit from IOH until i oclock dully I
UU for Hleel TUB for the Nnvr
WisniNOTON Oct 6Bids were opened al
the Navy Department today for tho construc
tion of the throe steel t tugs for the use of the
nay to cost not exceeding 133000 each The
blclb were gus follows
Globe Iron Works Company of Cleveland for
time tugs 103600 or at the rate of t O
The Iuiey Jones Cumimuy of Wilmington
Del for one lug I4COOO for two mugs 0
each situ toy three tug 148000 each
Jolin U lllaloeuo or Camden r Jt for three
tugs tiw uwi at Ibo ruts of I300 for each
Collies Mm hlne nd holier Works ol Haiti
more for tips tug fJi6uuund for two tugs
3vW catch
Nanlle A Levy of Ililladolnliliu 1 forone tug
3310 cud for tbi eo tugs HWopO or 133383 I f I
CsL1 10 BamJ L Moot ic Bonn Company of
Wirobeth N Jfor 1 one tug I3 600for two
IIIKS f 31123 each arid for three tugs 131000
Ol Ilrrllon Lorlntf of Ilontont for three tus
IjaU or at the laU of f illfUB cacti lul
Tim hid If Senile A I ur t U Imvulirln not
lining 111111 according ii > the plan of the < Plrt
rZOllIDBNr Monrws5 nOTKL
Onset K ala Deeane orals Order Pr
hlbllUc the Bale or Liquor
WABHINOION Oct VIcePresldent Morton
Is a much busier man now than ho was at any
time during Ibo session of Congress Ills MR
hotel which baa been a source of great trouble
to him over since I wa opened last winter is
more than ever troublesome at present owing
t a row growing out of conflicting authority
When Mr Morton made the mistake of tak
ing out a barroom license last fall be
was censured so severely by public opin >
ion that he was compelled to deny re
sponsibility for his own action A tow
days ago yielding t pressure ho issued an
order that no winos or llauorn should be re
tailed In tho hotel This order raised a oR
commotion among the < est who could got
little satisfaction owing t the fact that there
are two managers of the establishment each
vrlth conflicting views as to what course should
le followed One manager Is In charge of the
oat the other has control of the matter of
leasing rooms and Is a member of
tho real estate firma In which Sovellon
A Drown Chief Clerk of tho State Department
is a partner This Is where the political
feature of the controversy comes In Mr Mor
ton is constantly being called upon to arbitrate
between tho warring factions and finds the task
wlrrD < flotons
landlord a more difficult ono to all than that
of presiding officer of the Senate He has not
yet decided whether to uphold the cafe man
ager or tho apartment agent Tho order cut
ting off the sale of liquor Is said to have been
brought about by tho political real estate firm
What caused Mr Morton the greatest annoy
ance Is the fact that all ovor tho houso there
are removals of people who signed leases of
a year among the number being Senator I
Stewart of jSevitda who declares that ho will
not be longer bothered by the Internecine war
fare which IK dally enacted undor his very
eyes Itopresentative Cannon of Illinois Is an
other of the disgruntled boarders and ho says
ho will not renew his lea under any circum
stances Meanwhile the Vicepresident
MOlnwbUo has
his rooms dally Invaded by irate guests who
wish to pour out their grievances to him
Nat far Iltmielr bat for the Widow of a
Scotobmmm Vho Foaaht ror the tTaloa
WASHINGTON Oct 6The Star tonight
prints the following
Mr Andrew Carnegie came to Washington
last Friday on a somewhat peculiar errand
In the address recently delivered by him at
Dundee Scotland in which be raked the aris
tocracy of England over the coals in such 1 ro
lentloss manner be made a striking compari
son between the policy of Great Britain and
the policy of tho United States on pension leg
islation and said
The greatest item of the American budget
is the sum that tho grateful republic showers
upon tho rank and file of those who fought for
that rftniilitlp fTjnllil rhnrfll You cannot re
lIst the impetus of tho people which forces
Congress year after year to Increase the pen
sions paid Last year the republic paid 125
000000 this year It will pay J140000000 You
paid 80000 to Admiral Seymour who stood
behind steel walls at Alexandria and battered
down a few mud fortsicheersinot a lifo lost
laughter and you pay UP to OonWoltialoy but
he hail the Highland host behind him Cheers j
This morning I rend in one of your papers of
Sergeant lllchard Brown one of the UPO who
led the charge at Balaklava ha Ing died in a
workhouse ILond cries of ihainell Your
Prince of Wales got 10000 extra making his
annual salary 115000 crouch to keep auOOO
uf your people tho avoraae earnings of your
people being t per head while the men who
t fight ° your battles aro aLoivud to die in a work
A day or two after tha lecture Mr Carnegie
wits attacked by a Tory paper which called at
tention to the fact that the widow of a BioUh
man who had fought through tho war ot tie
rebellion In the Union army in the United
Mates was permitted to sutler in destitution
a that i luce without 1 pension At the request
of Mr Carnegie the United State Consul Mr
Bruce investigated the case and found that
the woman referred to was the widow of John
McEwnn who was a prlvato lu Company H
I Sixtyfifth Illinois Infantry She was imme
diately nsked to sign an application for
slln Ivilcnton a pen
sion which Mr Carnegie brought with 1 Ion
together with thu necessary affidavits to
support tho claim He left tho meeting
of thn Iron masters at New moctnJ
Friday and came oer to Washington to
lay the caso before tho President U he latter
nt once forwarded tho paper to Commissioner
Baum with the request that thoy reecho im
mediate attention Mr Carnegie said that if
any legal technicality was found In the way I
granting tho pension ho would deposit the
necessary funds In Ibo Treasury and time
them paid out in tbo usual way lor ho could
not go back to Scotland and make another
speech In eulogy of the United States until
euolr untl
I that woman WW made an example of the
beneficence of this Government I
Report of tho Governor New Mexico
WASIUNOTOS Oct GOov Prince of New
Mexico in hIs annual report makes an earnest
appeal for a settlement of tho Question of land I
titles In that Territory and until this Is done
o SIS the subject must continue to be of I
paramount Importance t Its people Tho I
population the Territory Is 103070 During
the year entries of thn public lands aggregated
1773 of which 423 were homesteads and 639
were preemptions The total assessed valua
tion of the property of the Territory Is tKiOil
010 and the Territorial indebtedness H709GO
the financial condition of tho M70960
Governor stays is excellent errlory 11 klmltj
are fully up to the average and larger ado
ago his been planted this year than ever be
fore The cattle Industry has greatly Improved
of IMe Hheop owners have also hail a good
year The number of sheep shipped during
the year will aggregate 750000 at prices rang
ing from 1150 to tA rho years production of
wool will probably reach 1000000 pounds
The mining Industry is in I flourishing condi
tion the total output of gold Hlhor leuil and
copper aggregating mar lU0onO The Gov
ernor In conclusion make a strong plait tot
Statehood and narn none of tho Territories re
cently admitted comparn with New Mexico In
population wealth Intolllginre or In etery
quality that Is necessary to build up a pros
perous Statehood
The Voyage or the baltimore to tjtreden
WABntNOTON Oct Commodore Babley
has made his official roport to thu Navy De
partment regarding the voyage of thu Balti
more to Sweden with the remains of the In
ventor Kriosxon on board After describing In
detail tho burial ceremonies and the coutte
sloe extended to the American oillcers during
their tar Commodore Bchley miikns tho fol
lowing statement us tu the conduct of the Bal
timore on the Irlp
The passage across the Atlantic wan mndo
at speed of about 10 Knots an hour on an
average consumption of about 30 tons of coal I
per day As 1 marled out lacking about 170
ton of being full nti lining to some extent
unceitaln what the economy of her engine
M n Id be under < the ilnUinBiaiic of elllne1
bottom and having to antlclpata some dolur
how IUIII weather at this thus of the rlallt
appeared morn prudent to adopt A speed tlmt
would put Uottcnliurir sure y within her com
radius I am vatlbfled however that ton
dunt woio milled t the li nvth of our Trau
owing t the foulness of time bhlpn bottom
rl Ja Soc I Torpedo ttulaar
WANUINOIOM Oct 6Tue Navy Department
la preparing plaint for I torpedo cruiser bids
for which will next uek be Invited Thin
cruiser or chaser U to have n displace
mentof 760 tons and engines of U600hur
mower The ipind r < iulred will je about 23
Jupaits The plain have not vet teen turn
lilatnal Time tarpeo boat Ji tu La eel ilghmtiy
JI1 trp 10lt Js Ie
flltlll tbal the uutsitipg ano1 f pOssItda hlr Ut
111rovelDt 11 thi4t craft TIe plane ipimet
cOle tram the biulalirs only I Ie Illt I
rnensloim being furiiUlied by the deimiti II
The dUolaiement 110 I hi 116 I tone dllllment I
Jrui > fast and width 16 f Cat A pd uf Ilt
fcnolNli rojulrd and It In fiicted ilmt i7
Ills Hill lie 1 mrurml with the elllnLlul KWo
haiku Ito War
JIuse4 for llnbrlBK 0
Orriw Oct t fllt lass bq iotnrnutktatai j
to the Ida into tp iiurtin it 111 011lnl tlil two
fhollr wended for tbe MfUtui Itulv ill
I Ullr1 un Jv otuibril A
V t
ontiKK zx THE syn REOIUENT
TTearled of Their Ktekerl > B He Cllve
the Officer the Choice ot jReelgMMtlon or
JUIbandnentCot Camp asd IIU tap
porter Uefaied to tteelK Verier Order
The dlssenttons that have bon agitating the
Board of Officers oj the Twentysecond Ilegl
I mont for Ibo past year reached a crisis last
i I night but It may not surprise some persons to
I learn that the Seventh Regiments sharpest
I i rival for popularity Is I likely to bo disbanded
I Cloy Hill has become wearied with the dis
sensions In this regiment and last night
hn instructed AdjtOon Iortor to notify tho
I Hoard of Ofllcers that unless all the Hold and I
I line offkors resigned at once the Twentysec
j ond Regiment would bo disbanded br order of
the Governor
I Col Camp and Capts Leo Lllllendth and
Dubois have refused to resign and unless
they change their minds the regiment will
have to take the consequences
I There was a general Impression among the
men of the Twentysecond that AdjtGn
Fortor would bring about an amicable Hottlo
mont of the troubles In the Board of OUlcers
Last Friday Col John T Camp received by
telegraph from AdjtQen Iortcr an order
directing him to summon all the Captains of
the regiment to meet tho AdjutantGeneral at
tho armory on Monday As each Captain en
tered the armory Frldayovonlncthls order
was handed t him
Oct 5 1800
But By direction of the AdJatsIitOnrsl l you m
hereby ordered to report At the armory In civtliaaa
tires on Monday Oct 0 alI I St I Jjy order Col Oar
W B San yarn Lleutnant and Adjutant
LiteR ot the captains a woro not at tho
Armory on Friday woro served with copies of
this order at their homes
A court martial had already been ordered
for tho six Captains who woro arrested DY
order of Cot Camp on the charge of conspir
acy and they had previous to their arrest
preferred charges against the Colonel It was
supposed by the oftleerfl that this eating had
been called to settle In private the dispute bo
tween Col Cam and these officers
Mnny of the old olllcors of the regiment Went
to the armory last night and waited until
nearly 12 oclock to hear the result ot the con
ference Thoy wore disappointed however
as tho meeting was a secret QUO and no In
formation was given out at tho armory
There were present at tho meeting Adit
Gen lorter InspectorGen Barber and of
tho Twentysecond llegtment Col Int T
Camp ltoutLol King and all of the Captains
except Capts Bartlett and Finch who are out
ot the city
Tno six Captains who are undor arrest wore
there and represented tho opposition to tho
CampLeo rOireoonlo
AdjtCion Porter has the entire confidence
of the oQlcors of theTwentyeocond Ileclment
and wes peculiarly well fitted to tko I nand In
their regimental quarrels He was at onetIme
Colonel of that regiment Hlnco his appoint
ment as AdjutantOenornl ho has shown a
strong Interest In all Its affairs
When the meeting was organized last night
and AdjUen Porter announced his mission
there was a good deal of surprise He said
Vint nit htil llTtHnrttit > an tti t < ittt Inont nf
there tioublos In this i way by tbo order of Guy
Hill Commanderinchief of tho National
I Guard Natonml
Unless tho field and line officers tho regi
ment will at once resign said AdjtGen Por
ter Gov Hill has ordered me to say that ho
will disband the rominent
This blow was felt most by Col Camp Capt
Leo who has been astiong supporter Capt ll
Camp spoke against a wholexale resignation
on the part of the officers Ho sale that be
had tone nothing for which ho should logo his
commission and he did not intend to bo lorcud
into such a step
Col Camp refused to resign and In addition
to Capt Leo Cants Lillltndahl and Dubois
sided with him This six Captains nho are un
der arrest for conspiracy against Col Camp all
Bad that rather than have the regiment dia
Landed th < w wore willing to resign l he mat
tor was thoioughly discussed and Col Camp
nnd his supporters > refuted to see the expedi
ency of their resigning
A dlxbandment of the regiment would un
doubtedly be followed iiy u reorganization If
I rnrlnnIZton
this takes place one of the officers taid I
night that LleutCol King would probably bo
I th choice of tho now regiment for Colonel
For two years past there has boon discontent
I In tbe Board of Ollkers and about every six
months a rumor bus been stal ted that Col
Camp Intended to resign There has been
growing In thu regiment a strong opposition to
hImAler the conicronco with the officers last
I night AdjcGen Porter InspuctorGcn Bar
er and several of the other officers had an
other consdltatlon with Col Camp but he was
Cml WI
firm In his determination not to resign Ho
ioemid to be very much taken back by Got
I Hills energetic action
The other ofllcers feel that the regiment has
received a great blow I has just
moved Into Its now armory which his
not yet been completed and accepted
I by tho city It has a distinctive uniform
for full dross und has justly prided
Itself on liMulii with iho neventh itegiment
tho popular applause on ali show days What
ever the alternative accepted by the Board of
Ofllcers the regiment will Built
Thin action should have been taken I year
ago said of the ofllcers
nlo slid one ofcors last night Af
fairs In the Board of Olllcors hao now reached
such a pitch that decisive action Is necessary
and although this may bo a little tough at
flyer It will result In good to the organization
or the reorganization
The Goernoru action will make no differ
ence with the court martial that has been or
dored to try the six captains for con
spiracy They will simply be placed
on the supernumerary list and will be liable to
a court martial These Captains are Finch
Deuiorudt Hart Fresco and Muldhol Flcb
iAy ic IN A scii VOL
A Cracy Men Eater Htrlke a Tejteher
and Throw Dock ufld BIte
CoaoNA L L Oct 6While William Rode
man a driver for the Atlantic Yeast Company
was crazed with drink this afternoon ho en
tered Public School 2 and caused a panlo
among the teachers and children Ho struck
Miss Josle Walsh a teacher on the arm caus
ing her to alntdrovo every one from tho build
ing threw slates and books at them over
turned desks and broke glass
Ho then got Into his wagon and drove on a
gallop toward Jackson nvonue Dr Frank
Vilclibatn William Shall and I number of
other started In piiiMilt and captured him at
Wood II do Ho was brought back und Identi
fbi by all the teachers Hn pleaded 1 > tdont lo
allowed to go but Miss Surah MaualTy the
principal Innlsted that he should let l uiruMed
and he was locked up by Constable lillaud
MIBH Walsh said Ilnud
I wee attacked by one man a year ego
when 1 vta coming through thn woods UIO
tobnol and moan to muku un example ui hue
Vi < few of the children lettirneil to school
during the afiornouu und those who did worn
accompanied by their parents There were live
teachers and about JIM pupils In the school
when Itodeinan but st in among them
The Jlaltl Hblp Contract
WASIIIKOTON Oct 6While no formal ro
eponse IIUH yet been received by the Navy Du
partinent from thu Union Iruu Works of Han
Francisco In regnid to time oouiitructloii of une
of the coastline battle ships Mr Scott the
President of that company who Is I now In
Washington has jntlnmlod to thaI Navy De
partment that they will undertake th contract
on the feints proposed by the department
These provide for the building of a MOKO
twelve tout lunger than originally planned by
the department for the mini of 13160000 isiriac l >
suit 000 jmtole luau lImo Crumps ofTernd lo build
a single vupad fair protliiiii flay > got the on
tract for Inn one and alto buiiju iUiuixl irate I
tliili thu bid uf the union Iron work fur u
shuttle assai uudur the orlwuul plan of hits
ii Is the dqartrneiut desire that the lime
visiis l hull tHilUilt oil the tame plinn anal
thu Hun I Irunrli company li alliiwed IHOOMJ
more than the IU u > m company In order to
coter a x < rtlon of lb aaidiImsnai l UIPII C In
Uiu trsunjortutlon ot steel and other material
An Appeal to the rrcitdent lo Deprive Mime
of Frderal ratrani > Ke
PniLAnitLrniA Oct fLThe Lincoln Inde
pendent Iteoubllcan Committee have address
ed an open latter to President Harrison asking
him to withhold from Senator Quay nil Ted
eral patronage in this State Aocompanjlng
the letter Is the appeal of the committee to
the voters of the State which Is sent to explain
the request which the committee admit is
extraordinary After rehearsing the charges
against Senator Quay the letter says
The Issue Is plain In tho Interest sound
public morals and of primitive Itopubllcan
faith wo seek the political downfall of a man
whoso public record dlKhonorn himself his
party and his State Then Is but one alterna
tive cither Mr Quay must bd shorn of political
power ortho Hopubllcau party must lose Its high
name as the party of progress and the repre
sentative of great moral Ideas It must a < cent
the Ignoble title ol the party ot Immoral Ideas
whoso claim Is now no longer right but nilttht
and whose appeal Is not now as In the duya ot
Lincoln addressed through lofty and legiti
mate argument to the reason of the people to
their niuho sense of justice and of truth
To avert such a catnstrophu we appeal to
you as Chief Magistrate of the nation to aid us
In the struggle by withdrawing from Mr Quay
the patronage ot Pennsylvania the responsi
bility for which has been placed by tho Consti
tution In your hands It Is i In thin delegated
power to give and to withhold office to bribe
und punish that Mr Quays strength largely
lies Withhold It from him and his political
power will cease to exist
The letter Is signed by Joel J Belly Chair
man and fortyfive others who subscribed to
the original appeal
An Offletal Order I Chlewco Aatamt
Vacelnatlncc Girl on the Leg
CHICAGO Oct 6Dr Garrett the senior ot
the corps ot medical Inspectors In the Health
Office received this morning this notice from
his superior officer Health Commissioner
Hereafter the medical Inspector of this de
partment will vaccinate no ono on the Ion
without special Instructions from the Com
It could not be helped said Dr Wickers
ham The fashion had grown beyond the
bounds of reason and this department will
recognize It no longer On Saturday afternoon
six girls two of them young u omen came here
to be vaccinated They told the Inspector that
they wanted the operation performed on their
legs We dont want to disfigure our arms
was their excuse The girls wart vaccinated
as they desired But thats the lust said the
Doctor bringing his flat down on tho table I
want no more of them and wont bear them It
any girl Is go fashionable that sho is afraid a
vaccination mark will detract from her beauty
in an evening dress she had bettor go to a prl
vato physician and have the operation per
formed In private The oldfashioned way Is
good enough for this ofQce and thats what the
young women must put up with The only ex
ceptions in the futuro will be on my recom
mendation nnd the applicant must make a per
sonal request to me It there Is any reason
why she should be vaccinated on the leg In
stead of tno arm it will be done You have no
idea of tho number of applicants there havo
been for this sort of thing lately I belio e it is
a fad nothing more
Workmen Who Couldnt Oet Their Par
Took Clock and Clothing
Patrick J OBrien built the flat house ho is
now living In at 100 Hast 128th street and two
others adjoining it About thirty of his
workmen claim that he owes them money
for their Work on the buildings and some ot
them say that thor and their families are actu
ally starving OBrien promised to pay them
on Saturday and they hung around the house
for some time In vain Last night they again
congregated about the house
OBrioii lives 011 the second floor His apart
ments were locked lout night and he could not
bo found At last tIme desperate workmen
broke Into the place and carried off such cloth
ins and furniture as they found there Word
was sent to the Last 12Gth street station and
tbe police arrived before very much had been
Tim police arrested Catherine and Patrick
Scully of iSlet street and Klngsbrlrigo road
and Patrick Malahy for having clothing and n
clock belonging to OBrien Tooy were lucked
up on a charge of burglary
Started Oat with Another Mum to Mob
Montana Biiloon
DENVER Oct Information received from
Mullen Idaho announces the killing of Ed
Stacy by F A Davidson
Stacy and his partner Bassett resolved to
create a little excitement by robbing every sa
loon from Potlsvilla to Sturgis In Montana
Disguising themselves with masks ant put
ting on old clothes they started ou their expe
dition The first place they cumo to they found
only ninety cents and killed the proprietor
because ho bad no more money At the next
paloou worn nine men at a pokor game Step
ping Into the loom with a revolver in each
hand the marauders commanded nil to throw
up their hands Stacy covered tho men with
his revolver while Bassott searched them get
ting about 200 Across th road at another
suloon they broke the door down Young Da
vidsoii was sleeping in the saloon not the
desperadoes began shooting at him David
son returned thu tire and brought down btacy
Alpouiu started in search ot Busbeit
Beaten to Death hy a Negro Who After
ward Net Fire to Their Home
NORFOLK Oct 6A despatch from Aulander
N 0 tolls of a double murder which was com
mitted there last Saturday night Mr Atkins
a landing cotton grower and his aged mother
wont killed by n negro who crushed In their
skulls with an Iron ball and then set the house
on flru In three different place Julia Tarry
the housekeeper for Mr and Mrs Atkins run
from tlio houe otter she saw 31r Atklnn klllud
and hid under the erundu She heard the
murderer whfh hn killed Mrs Atklun n rime
lay uHluep In bed ami smite that ho struck her
three time Tun neighbor were attracted to
the Hrniif tiy III I lira mid uxiinuulshed t It They
found Mr Atklnsn ody l > ubont lIft > lout fiom
the house stretched ncrotiB the r ot nf a trait
Searching patties havu teun a attiring the
country lor the murderer who made IIIH ca
callus on a mule belonging tu Mi Atklnn A
negro who liked < cotton lor Mr Atkln io bus
ported having committed the erimu
Mrs JO Welter AH sfai laity cninmlll iulcl < U
tat l ilrovrulnf tu a ciiurn in Hyia u yaittrdiy tuoni
mat Si wit tt simitrr ritual U j > iet
Tli bUd Oitoruf UeHliuiiit Mtatroiaii rt > nntl
situ Mteomiil mill In 1 nil JtHrr Uut uown yntejrUy
tic Otaat wk tu iliov ilio uoift luii lu tl tell
Tb Irffildont hfttappnliitcl Churl A tntigtty nf
r nii ylVHitU tu If t iMUrr of e < ttailcu to MB KO uua
II hi J < Iaai uiiUritfwiv uf 55 1 tofkut btcrctury of
UtifliltOU 1O ttaiiy e
Import tmv ii < > ri r > irv l HI Ar < lmoi I T itfttu
nudlnir it lihuiu j VOMII if f 1 aiuiI t iiT HI HIM Ar
bmki I > iuuiiin in I ie i bit kiteb > tlibi iwriy Dit
will uufitj tf t thwt i > > f
fund vs brckrii iu tttciif n i t S risy fr I I I r Nfir
tfly l lOirv JjUHiluir win u I tu hi l rioirdoii alms
u i > f Hit ski haiufl tiailmslUla uu tb uurtb ciii It 1 bus
atm alaiuIatimt iii ieJiaii
ate jftiluoi uf MitrrUnl iiaas rommuttJ tqJKlta
tri < > nuiiit in 4tii e iiiti ai of John iJudtcv ciiai
bimiil cuuililt4 i uiuru r cttl eli wniofcit tai
IjejUKeJ at bluer Milieu i ci in
Derriik UtiTiiifwrd f Sew Hroiltn so e Seprtiuor
uf A Itlimi reality likvutftl Iilmesit n I trd t Jy nj rilnf
Ia blat btilt gitciil Igaiflti i tialiuvrauait at at ml
CUUM blat Wad to ysr cj Slid lvm ai wit ssi lu
culls I I
fir W i 1114 i UVttii aiei < tin I ntd r I at If K ij i
MiiM I ti r hi > > atelait I tide HIVUM I r
pus UK hi TN i r 4 i i at t ji 1 i it a
lltijtfl > I lt > l liM i I > < > < lt I 4at ia1 liSt tj It t k < ULfl
tt I ujiiiijitii li 4 lu uw i tif
lu tt bearI UK It I u a Iaa ii I I ftii > a fj io at noM 1041 I
helm Lea Mt Ut lay iieiu imutal tat fur Id a 4aialmu
141 l urjjr ribbUj liii lir yut of I dfUlUu liatniaiat
a ta4w5iuJ l knocklbf boltIn ijtfuliuruuili I wlMkli
arl IH i ii uuuit 551 k Ibuau UUUaJIri bill
BLZA Z 130112
Mm Ada ICIehitrdeon Gel the Terdlet V
Ueaso of the No ppenrMee of he
Ielradnt who a a Texas JBanehwoBuuh
The suit of Mrs Ada Richardson against Mr
Ella T Hurt for I25000damaucs for the aliena
tion of Mr lllchardtous affections was up la
tho Superior Court In September and there
being no appearance for Mrs Burt judgment
was given against her with the direction that
the damages should bo assessed by a Sheriffs
jury Time defendant made no appearance
yesterday before tho Sheriffs jury and th
Jury fixed the damages at 120000 v
All ot the parties are well to do Mrs Rich
nnlson Is the daughter of a Mr BnllTen who
stat a hotel proprietor and owned large prop
erty In White 1lnlns After her fathers death
her mother married n man named Do Forrest
to whom It Is alleged she transferred all her
property two days befoi her death In 1877 A
litigation followed In which the deeds wore sot
asidn by Judge Barnard It appears that tho
mother marriage with Do Forrest was
brought about In a peculiar way The paper
In the property caso state that Da Forrest had
run up a bill of about 300 at a certain den
tists and then told tho dentist that unless the
dentist could introduce him to some rich wldot
ho could not pay the bill He and Mrs Snlffen
mot and an alleged were married In less than
three months
Huvld C Richardson Is n wealthy CAttle dealer
and has a ranch In Texas near one which U
owned l > y Mrs Burt Goircce A Hurt the de
fendants husband Is said to be wealthy bar
lug largo Intel ostn In Peruvian enterprises
The Hlchardsons bate no children but hits
Mrs Hichardaon in her complaint seta forth h
that she was married In 1874 She and her
husband wont to hou CHIT In 1881 and occupied 4rr
a cottage The Burt wire follow counters t
and they all took their manls at the hotel on i
tile grounds Mrs Itlchardson alleges that her
husband became no attentive to Mrs Burt that e
she herself wat entirely neglected Ho raid
no attention to her from that time on Some
time later her husband encased apnrtmenta tT
at the alonham Hotel In thin city Mrs Burt l
also had roonw there and Hlch urdnon spent h 4j
about three rjiiarters of bin time with tier
bui > sequently Iticbardson und Mrs BurT w nernt
to Texas to look after their Interest stbero Mrs r
Itleharilhon tired of this neglect and when he I i I
deserted her In the latter part of 1881 began
her suit Hue sayn that although her husband
has an Income of 12001 a year bo has never
plvnn her over 500 or GOO annually Oharlof
F Field who knew the Klchardsona testified
that tho husband paid inoro attention to Mrs 4
Burt than ha did to his wife and deserted her
in 18H1 A O Vandurpool appeared for Mn
niTerdnle le Disposed to be Indignant at p
the Munmer which the was Run Dow
The suburban population ot Blverdale bad
been greatly exercised over the manner in
which Mica Cambros of Chestnut Hill Phila
delphia was run down and Injured on Satur
day by a party of reckless enthusiasts who
were engaged In a tnlinlo fox hunt on a paper
trail That part of the population that doesnt 4
ride after tho hounds is disposed to find fault
with the young people south of Blverdalo
avenue who co tearing about in the winding
streets of the village with a threatening disre
gard of the rights and welfare of pedestrians
Katui days paper chase bad boon planned
for weeks ahead and was what half the people
of Itlverdalo regarded aa a social event while
the other half looked upon it as an outrage
The accident to Miss Cambros has served to
intensify the class feeling In Rtvordale
The paper hunt wan organized at the
house of Mr Pratt and ho with a lady com
panion went ahead as hares scattering bits
of paper for a troll along tbo roads The hunt
ers followed at a breakneck speed nearly run
nlug over Police Sergeant Moltormott In BetU
nor lane and dashing at full speed into River
avenue and then sharply turning into West
street The leaders of the hunt as it soUppcd Wa
into West street were Mr Isnam 9ljpetL
Miss Martin Miss Derrick and Mr London
Miss Cambros was crossing West street on her
way to the house of Broker Michael Bonvler
where she Is visiting when she was startled br
tho clanging of hoofs and in a twinkling was
knocked down and run over by which portlou
lilt rider IB not clear Her collar bone and one
rib were broken
Miss Cambros refused to make a complaint
to the police and 110 arrests are likely to bo
The Weather
A storm of slight nergy but with a oontldnIe
rain area formed over too lower lake early yeeterday
morning The rain extended eastward to tb lllddle
Atlantic and New England state and In all fecUoai
ot the lake regions and thence aootb thronchlhJdla
lUalppl valley and Texas The heaviest fall was LiP rj
lathes at 1aleitlne Total It wu fair tin the eutOult j4
State and welt of the Missouri RlTer Tn storm can
tre will more eaaiward with Increatlnx fore and cre r
at bIght wInds along the coait today with a contin Ir
uation of tuo fog and oaibo wInds that prerall4 1
yeiterday cit
The lemperatnr was tint illihtly above freeitng la
Kaniai lHnue itaWyomlnc and Coloraiowlth kllllmc 1o
fruit reported around Omaha
The weather In this city wa generally rainy and
foggy lllgtiit Government temperature 00 Iowit
misi > average humIdity 63 per cent wind averagfl
12 intlefi an hoar eteaav northeast total rainfall two
tenths ot an luau
Today promises to be rainy with very little chance
In temperature Tomorrow fair cooler
The thermometer at Perry pharmacy In TiaBca
bulldluff recorded tile temperator yeiterday ai foV t i
1RSO lPi 1SS9 1814
8AM T 9 OP saoyMOs s8
OAt 00 tAil UP H M 08
S w OP U 6J 08it t
J2J1 0u ou1 UJJld l CO it C
Avraff Ufttf
Averai on Octf 1830 JtT
nafiL orricK ronccibT TILL B r K TUKSDAT J
For Main New IlamjuUIre Vermont ilau ohaietli
Rhode IiluuJ Couuctlcut rain wind lilttluf la a
ioutbaerlys ci 1 nbtly warmer
Jar eastern New Tort eaitni Ienntilvanlt Kite Jer I u
letr and KMitarr rain ioufta4Irir iMJltny to tMit
IriS wInds cooler Wttnittati morning e
For the DistrIct of Columbia Maryland and Vlrrtnut
ralu varlabl wlndi tccomlox wutrlyi lUibujr 4
cooler We lowday mornloir t
her western Zew York and weitern roniylvanli
rain followed by fair wattir Tueaday kft n > oaa
Dorthwtilorly vIed tllihtly cooler
itegliter to day J
Toe Keel Ilitlityelehtti lreot police want an ornate a
for a tiund butt containing a pxckeibook a nail nan if I
ot money and aittut faUa tceUi J
Tim SLIt usa tcivud 15 fnmi a ubierlbtr for lira Fi
Alfiander Miulrta thn wife of a vetlraiiol the UI war I u
liu U tier aa tli Vlrfltila tioiiiirlloiuv
lIme slatnitaoiders Iii time nw Wct Waibluituil Market f t i
want u l rluctlfin ur It Vi per cnL In their rvnta Tnr l < f
ciild on t ciinpircPer Wri In
a body jriterday ana i 4 i
u pruuilinliulnviilial his matter
Jihu Hcl urnick ut Weit Klftv Mcona trit fell t t j
rnni u vra tin wiluh h wai drlrlnc yelltrdar airier nf
HIMu iiifri > iiiof > III S cit KlfirnfiiiitriL rue wte5 J ljl
iand a Cm luciY sTat crush mil till rib
law ur JaIL U L dire Mil for irofctouai Krvleea
stitta uMiulm Ku iiewi aggregating UuulllttOJU
egMluit tbe eiiatw of VluriaK I OeulLvr u I engruMtng tbe
kiiniilloiiui the Jury Ulbrir Judge ullrleu In lime su
prtine uurt a
Ilie te t > lr HlrharJ itaajiftoide rollratinu of aa > I
tiinliih iia niliiiK f a M i < t i 5 < e at Hriniurs I
I rat lra t an a a imu uui U u till i iis HIM lb 1 IK 17
MIJI If 1 1 bo oil 1111 0 I I lm l Oil public elblbltlOD four
UNII cgillllirUtlllg Oo In
Judge I OM ing taco the nicillp of council for llenrr
Ankh laid LDI b y ii t tb llflel I endwise who Ia
inJioird fr irrutil 1 r < en > In tbe nrit degree in eualluff
ffinri tin ho ft lul iKlilalnlng CluUJii te < igliif
P I jlviliuiUtr < CI tail aiumI l Maunder reduced > eiter
Jay < atII at n tract tii tat t9aisi
In tit kiii or harl rlbnvr and Jamei T ftlaflc I
attica 1 ti I l t i rk u iilen Iubiie iliig I uin > aar In
i Vat 1 Ai I t u lOtit fllil or that Hiftriojitdl
liilMHlu wit i a i tuiai gcuiul Hie ita MU I ttu
jn I t w i 1111 i f I inii < l ill Ir bill af t oniiuiut au4
irffnit ft I iteiiuuiiOi to IloJ auwf frdetuur wIth
iii ni j4 >
r ull Irri a rouigltalUn wa ilabhed 3ris In the
rbduiiKii on iiigy aiIImi In a ngbt will lira fllov
ib rtri t VuiluiuiUrlilfte Ilie WAUIKI ar t IUre < l
iub I Miiiriitl AIIIUI lUvlen ate arriie I for tabulii
Wrri Jmt a list III Iba Mirrlaula tubrt vu
tte tulti hocus tg ftwlt id rfuU vf JCvrrU IsiS i
lid I at trrn Iliad 1 in it Jlinhlifi j umu yrfwrdiy far
ili I I oru ilil Mt Uf l tw iiiT Vital l Mftnu cumrf uf atVea
i IMII M dit < > f A trottn at uni fn latatia for II l
0 CtI n ut iIIia J I I i i i I i i > t mtd M ore dufF
I IN I i u 11 MIT lair ala I I OL 1 u it ia AI iu HI fir ci
Ii itIt uf Ci JSaiwuy 01111 dsjatiuat
i t i I I EL i ill
u rrrr ii Ii Ilk k I In I i S j uliol i > el rilar rCia
0 il J irf < i at I itaiIi4 t rfr lll 1l hilts
S I alaumi I I I Irtu it t Ilulitet tb at ci
iimrivd ui Hli 1 1 41 li I liare Leeu ftebafaUil l
yraia Hit fliuunell > < Iiiul I at r IiCutiaiu4deueIJ l
aii > l Ufgl < cle4 her e if riru4 Ie v UILaM 15 Mf
l c

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