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ivo coarnoutaa mrnopr TDK WIfl
Oppoe4 to CofIru Httwe0 tbtt Nii
tlt Bl LoaBtio tuid nrtthrkt > otl n
flsII1r Mlorm Cullotl tt Traitor fcy tho
Ctss Cub rrooUemtTfco OfBrlat
vmr I the National Ioa > Bao Lnbr
OfChl NO L4d Ibt nnlomcn
AQ Bpaldlne returned from bis Entopean
toln estordsy morning arriving on tbe City
ot New York lie looked as If bU vocation had
done him much good is lie siitd as be
met a Dux reporter I hnd n most enjoyable
> oraeooer 1 bate th < iouulil > enjoyed uiy
Visit aoruss the water I Went away for a
ftoatlon and durlnc iny absence dU not give
one tnCuctit to baso ball mnttars Dolnc li the
dark so long cementing liare ball mntters I
natural somewhat nnxlous to know what
liad trausplrol lule 1 wat away
Whet dn j in think of thu situation a It
Taow exitta f ho wn HAkd
t t liavu not b < > n liomn long one ugh to
really know the evn t condition ot t things
but so far ns I lini bein able to learn tho
lUltiKtloii In pinclically tho alno as when I left
Le Io a staring the bucLors in tbi < fao Is
gieitir 1ini nt nnv t uVO s time wIth no
Piolnbllt of a chunuo until we get Imclc t < >
the olil condition of thlukR w ith one club lu a
Ale you In favor of a comprutnliO or a con
oll Hun man will sh iw inn n plan that
will afliCt n mtiipi niiUi illi nnh oneiliib in
each city leptorontlng tho dIr ln toarl of n
Inotlon I In tho r ntl < mlll ihaiiiiiliinships I am
ri nily to llstn to him Any louiproinlee wbli n
wld not ipn nut thu warring Indians will
not Iwadxiitablo
Tbiii you nro not willing to cumpiomlae on
the busU of nononnlllctlnif dAtoH
No aor tot it eentIon ot hostilities merely
With nonconflicting dates etweun I the rival ur
Kttnlratlona will not bring pmsp ilty to fit her
Jir brliij the uumn bucK to Us uldtltne noim
Bur Hotter a lluht to tho llnlfh while we aru
at It titan nn urmoJ true If a rropoltion for
the cm roll lull not tho two Iluba In certain
rtlo or HID I i u linsii f the rival club bi one
in tliootliLi imrty ull uocuupllBh tbo objoct
In Vltm it might bo cousdorud us a buslm
liioiKialtlon 1
1i i you think n conference should bo bad
betwct tho two Itnuuis
1 am dooldodly ounuod to a conference bo
triocti the lo muc und tho llrothcrhnud or
Jlintrs Loaguu ita a lodv tut I 1 can see no
objoitiim tint meeting between the backers of
tbo luisj ball dubs in oruunliuitlon lor the
purpose of HuUiiu future los and at the samo
tlinu save the gain from total dimoralirutlon
buoh auonliioiire might loud to gooU renuits
IiroUdlng tho iihuort buiLurn here butoniu
cuQlrieiitl cdnrati In thu management ot
profewlontU bate bull
lt4 it your belief that the Players League
denhoi aaoinpioinipo
1 cant oactlysa I nmof the opinion
Bowoar that tho light hno not been carried
on iiiilto lung enough yet to bring about u do
alritblu form of compromise A few tbuusauda
added to the present cnormoun Io3toi may be
rep irid
but do j ou bunk of the Cincinnati deal
I loaffBH to home otirprlao as null ns mom
tldcntlpn to learn that the llrst traitor In thU
bam ball fight ohould rome from the National
League nidi Mr Stern throucli his sale of
thi < Cincinnati Club tn the Uiotherhood bai
possibly snod n few thousand dollars but he
hart nilded another ovidnine of his boing in
faaaa ball purely tor the dollnn thero are in it
and not for the Im e of the sport
Will the League place another club In Cin
That Is a motion I cannot definitely nn
fwor at the present time Hut I nui not sure
howoter that Cincinnati i Is lost to the League
br it h more than likely that at the present
mooting of the Ltague an application for
membership In the League Irom parties repre
oenting Cincinnati may IO onsldnred
The only National League delegate to arrive
last night to attend the National League meet
Ing fit the fifth Avenue Hotel today was John
T Itrurh He Is in favor of a oomiiromlf c but
bow it onn bo arranged he could not state as
lie was unable to fathom the minds of all tan
person Interested in It He thinks that If the
present warfare U kept up another season the
game will be eel back ten years The only
way out of the trouble IB eIther for
one side to surrender or for tbe two
to compromise In the latter case It Is a auep
tlonasto how much tech will bo willing to
give up He said that Allan W Thurman
would appear at todays meeting as an arbi
trator and repriflontntho of thu Columbus
Club which lieu 7U 0001 Invested and It wants
to save It if possible by ending tho llgut
Ur llrush also states that tno Chleauo
and Cletoland P LI clubs nlll play next
Bunday In ctt LouIs in direct vIolation of one
of the strictest fundamental rules of the Play
ers League Tbt game was secretly ar
ranged go that It could bo played without any
interlercme from the Players League offl
cjnls after which AI Johnson of the C e eland
Club In I Quoted ns saying tbat uu apology
could ho made to Director Talcott ana Presl
cent MeAlplne
The Detroit IVIn
After n rrotractid itrurila tht One bile tall ehm
plonkhlp of tht Amateur AtMettc Union of the UnlttJ
Stats wa practically decided it the Polo protindi yea
urday In favor ot tbt Oolrolt Atblrtic Club but ii nether
the Mcturs wilt be awarded thu honori u it iliiDUtel I
tltnitliia It li uudtntood that every itamo Uncharuit
bet played In for Detroit Cal been iiroleited by the
> tw Jeriey A r by reaion of Uucbarmei failure to
partli Ipalt In nay of the ttern chauinlonihlp tfamta
It was g orlonl bate ball weather yesti rda but tbtro
wal not as larice an attendance aa exteeted Frank
Oolden lb neuter A A t unpin waa expected to
fllrlait but he faled to chow tip ml Tom Itourke
the well known profeuli nal catcher wai itlecttd lit
did the wnrk ver latliTactorll Umpire CJillnn who
win prnteiteil i y the Detroit made hlmielf tiarllcnlir
ly prominent by nnerlnx to bet any part of fuw that
tht Sew Jrrtejt would thi
The time wa > airly wall ulaytd but neither tem de
served a run The ew Jrrieti tint only failed to bat
Codd with any effect but their errora were very duo
tr on They certnlnty did not ihuir up with AI much
Tim as in lb tTOYIII > earn < flielmenf the Raitern
t teem meT be attributed to uarey t wild throw to third
lu the nun Inmut > up < leinelUFit by a wild throw of
FpuldliiKilii tao uire 111 ilnir flit feature of the vanio
wtrt lnifli ru e i iirlltUnt exhibition at CriL Crowlt a
i york at > hort and the dtiptayi of M Currlt Spaldlnr
and imilli Tbe icon i
C la rni c1 iilaro a
Carry s r n n 1 o 1 Crowlty ai l o I u l
Ohannctv lb1 lino Marker o f I 2000
I iiItjtileoI J Ut 1 I ulllty If 0 0 0 II II
I piiilOiCi4bi ll I u 4 1 lftuuer3lho 1 1 a o
viiilth litb 0 n IlL o I Itoddp 0 0 u l o
I eittrvelt p11 II i 0 i ii I Valh e 0 u 8 1 j
i MfHurnty r to < > 1 o n o roller r f u 0 I 11 o
Mahlt L I r o o I n l j o Diirhartne ih 1 1 14 n l
J Cuineo f u 0 0 u u lloiuhin ztb 1 I j i j i
TotaU J i Jl I Trtoli 3 flS7l s
PsvJ ryAC 0 u i n n tn i j u 3
Detroit A r 1 i 0 u 2 0 o u 3
t ltit base ro errort Nee Jeriey A 0 3i Detroit A
r 0 4 Ltftnnb > e ii icy A t ii Delroit A I
6 rlrilhoe on lalli I ilT l rlerirlt J oil I ciii I I
E iruik ulHiiinli tUrlcrte t I iUbieu Mrllumer
Miller l o Culd KII M i uii i Ciirrle BI miiuV I
u lnub t piaye Atnld in ii4 1 l uroy tarty viiildln
7 aiil Dmllll Vnimlan UK i suit Miller rt i lid ritout I
WMlervelt Pad btil ilra Hi IU I Oi rre l ciii l
BireTum Ollourkt Tutui i J
I VoMtordnyo Oiimoo
11000 nn Iii rn i iiun ir tan rtt
Loqltvlllo 0 i 4J Gfl Dnrheitir > H tfl 4ivj
Si Ixalt r4 Vi Allletlo V 3 411
Volunbut 74 < 4 MU m < uie 1 71 411
f oltila UT hd rj3 > iiialtimurt a v a ia
IT iJUllKuui naer >
falUmirt o I l s o J n n it o
yrairua U 2 u < > I u v u 4
HtMo kin llelllmoro 1 Nyracuit e Frronlu
t aura ut Hjrraeuit I rilcn r LcUibou and Xira
ircuxu mutt
Salllniort o o I 0 u 0 0 i ii l 0 j it li
rracmo I l u i u o l o u o iu
ai jB lllmore ii KyracuM II Irrorillalil
avrt 4 u lira UM 4 Plleheriiferinau and lceft
Italtllrt 0 u D i n o n o
k Eotbei 1 I I 4 J a I s u17
HaJ bluAlbltllca 4i KotMiltr 17 KrririAlh
lauta i Uvcbeilir I Cliebtrio Xtill ana 11rr
r 4t UlllltllK
ftlUvIllt I I H 4 t 0 O 0 5
ToleJu u n i > il I t ll u iit
IIsi MuLoellrllle IU Toltio 10 I Krrori U > ula
t Till Tell do 4 1 titilifis c 11i4 sculls
4 tr WIlL
Ut Mult I o I u ii l a e
ttiluwbul I 4 0 0 J i
Hat lulls t Uiiili HI ulqubai I lit Wpoeo l
11010 l U Uulvutbui 4 Plcu r < Niltilli aud fai lvu
r iselunall il 1 4 I n I V 0 TM
P CIviu4 1 55 i I A u W u u I
Jisal Lit issoelI 14u i i Ijl 9lsiid a Krrcri
I Uitlvcsll CIsvle4 t I lSIbPfIIlW5L4 c
a lsveeu
ffuvtifH If ii i ti tf ti f y 0 U U I v
uII PillbirIlu UI oekPyu Is Vv
tIilurSi t i decifu L CiuinViMiltr tui
d ia
at eIesy
Cur rtrk IP b n u u i o l o Is ol
lietOUli M I U l U 40U C 4 >
4i JIus fairicivf tiUitm
fitefudi ii u I u I U I I U ll a 1 1 554
dsIuIid U Ij U 4J I 3 1 Is U uI
tItMgl II I1 t ii I n o U u n 4 II4
4 L d I II tl 4 S li U n I UI
gMpN J
I Oil P bid 10it
Pailiiit a fittraw al fill l ll if
Ally liie ia Kvtliiiitr it Mill 4tlUlt
Jivitua l ta IcUD al i UtiinJl4
M i ulfa Hlmlii Il iS 14Via
uxxntia ur ran XATivitAt LJAGVM
Tkt fttaaoVo TTtirk WUk the Hut as
MkowM lir I ho OfltUI Annia
VinnixnTox Oct Brr ad nt Toting before
for loarlntt the city tht ttnlna to attend ll
ronforenco nt Now York of Ntlooal League
tD KUiU < iromutRktcd the oQIclul batthig
nnJ nilJina rvconlo of iiltnrs of the National
I entile ho bate pnUlclimttMl In not less than
nitron mraoolurinc the Mine ball ioa on of
Julia Chicago CArrie nfT the battlim hoper
fir liavlna luby beaJ Uie list but CAM Jack
Ulnrtcock of lbs Now otk In l o rTCloM ye
end Hamilton nn < 1Clim nt of the rhlladrl
lililac ate third ana fourth respectlvly and
Olltlen uf tbo DiooUrni ninke the tail ot the
blcllXf lilttor One niiixlretl tied tuvntyood
lnyor took halt In fllt cnirnme umranl
the rocoiil huwlns their batting averages to
t as Ioliow
1 ° u
Luey Chicago III P 112 1 4
iilaticock > tw otk 114 142 III IM U 4
llainllton Ililladilpbla 113 4M III at tt
Utmtnti Piiliadtlphla 391 IM sii a lii
t lotion > Brooklyn Kt SU Hit III 55 31
Tbomptoii rhtoItpblaIvz Mil 172 311 41 23
fcnltiit UctnflIthU 4M lull 312 41 17
Anton Chlcaia IXI tOI 117 311 Ci 3
Finkutr hrooklyiu lit 41 IU uIIui j 47
Wurkeit New lurk 101 nil 11 3U9 24 4
Inc ueteland i3 ta 3 < Hb II C
TVrnan New turk ITS I WA IM nn si l M
rout Brooklyn M lUJp j vj w 42
Btlllr nnctiiuatL ill At 11 vi n yl
llarr Cincinnati IV 1 27 IU 199 S3 II
Mckean tlivetand iw NW 137 we w 31
Tucker Roituu 1X2 M9 gig J93 27 Si
bruit Dceton 152 Ml Ut M3 M as
tltirbrovk Kework 45 17 7 X 4l II 34
Whmer Pew oft U ITU 411 b3 II C
tjally Uieveiaou u 140 71 SoS Ti 37
rlulllran Holton 11 na 14 23a Jl lIt
tarroll hlcaxo 13fi tot IM as3 si
Htirui Brootlyii 119 474 nt 2M S3 II
fmltb fhiiadeiphla 4 w 23 ill Ti II
Liwe Boiton U M M xu la 13
Itiule New tork T > 34 TV 271 II
lcter PhIladilIllt 01 lltti 93 174 IM 273 li
Trrr LtrDoKlyD o to t Vi m lot I7D 11 y
Colulne HroVKn Irs J uw 142 rt a
Hlliuot lhlca o l 71 Id 279 19 76
curt rtllrtEn IM V 11V 277 9
Vrl Vlllauolplila A Ill 4S7 IU 277 G2 17
nil I ant Cincinnati Jl JW 7 tit 29
1 109 > 7715
O hrlen ciuca o Jj 4 8
Schrlver fhtiadelphia 57 at tl 173 Ii P
Miller ntuburrh IM MJ IW 273 91 2
tooner ilncairii I1 j Jo 271 20
llolllday t mciunall IM 528 Iw tru 42 0
ilanitl botton SJ 113 44 209 II I
Heard Clnclnnall IH JM IB IM 49 0
diena vln Chicago Hi LU C7 i4 11 Il
liurke Inlladelpl and PltUIK M8 lie 2517 id Ci
ID4 Xl llt Ml 19 II
herirer Pltllburnh > n t 111 > i
Sinoav littburrt Led Phllallf 476 127 t05 a 06
Caruthtrt Brookl 71 2JS 62 Ktt 17 3
harts Cleveland 114 6tt 1ZS Kt Si 13
Noe 144 W4 4 4
BucVliy isw j 6 253 ItS S
Mi I bee Inclnnatl 112 623 133 233 19 55
Donovan notion sod Bklyn M 211 512 254 13 IC
Long notion IOu 411 IO 130 11 I IC
LRinam CincInnatI 41 141 l i 4 230 13 70
larkion Boiton 41 lil 1 311 5 2
Ncuoia Boston Ii4 43 217 5
frarl1 blcaso VI 4 1O 241 19 17
yotltr Chicago a lie 147 Is
Harrington cmclonatL 60 2W M 244 15 4
wool Cleveland 37 131 37 IU 5 4
MeauJyI lqttta4IDbIL112 418 ItB 944 3 S
each Itvtland ana P Utfgh TO SW ca 244 13 IS
henry New York 37 144 Si 243 7 52
Daily Hrooklyn M 252 71 213 17 2
Gray Pnllade nhla 32 IM 31 212 II 4
La Aoqne ItUbunh Ill 4J4 lu 14J 2V 17
Mayer Pbtlaneiubla 117 4S4 117 211 23
MaVVettNew tort IO JIJ W 239 U IS
Ilornung Now loit 120 113 Ul 23 42 3
Oibvrne Pltteburgh 41 KM 40 113 2
limit rlttibiirgh and Boaton liu SVI m 237 21 14
McUarr SuitoR 121 41 ill 23d 27 3
kilty iut burgli W JU7 4J no i ii
Murphy > ew York n 32 lit n 233 11 3
BulbouS Hrooklyu 18 U U 214 111 o
ittieln Uonion II 17 54 Ell 7 4
Fmltn Ho on 134 163 log 229 31
Salen llttlburlh tl i IS 4S 23 T 3
llardle hoetou 47 JiU 43 227 It I
Ilecker PituSurgb W 3 < 0 77 229 19 13
Alien Ibladelpula t33 I IM 1UJ 223 ti 13
riarke New ork lui 3M 0 223 33 44
CorkhiiL Brooklyn si S I4 4J 223 12 6
Ardner Cl elaiid 54 sa 72 23 17 9
hoot Itubumh 7 215 48 JT 13 i
Turk brooklrn 43 Ul M 250 10 10
7lmmer i lt > eland its 445 M 211 3D 15
bInoll l r leveland IM 6U2 117 213 48 10
lllki Cleveland 130 SW lid 213 tt 1
Iltmp II Uburgb 21 89 19 213 7
wIlson Pittiburgb M 5 SIH ci 213 11 6
Rennttt linitou ja JSI w 213 21 6
lennr iw ork 114 437 93 212 23 Il
Ullaion Phlladilpbla M 234 4T 31 21 II
Mtot Inclnnatl 60 Its I S3 2C ll 20
Dowte Cleveland 40 IM tl till S
Mctery Philadelphia 43 10 53 27 IS 12
llntch nion Chicago ft Ml as sa 13 6
Bharrott hew York 29 100 V m la 6
Klltrldge nlrago M 333 Cl 2111 13 7
Lovett BrookDn 44 lot 53 i1 ts 6
BmiinTBrookiyn in 4 < l V a 191 4 24
Delanty Cleveland 3S in IU 2 5
Anirena Cblctjto u 2U2 51 li 11 II
liblnet Inclnnatl 43 14 29 151
crane limb ub tad hew York 23 911 17 179
Welch > si ork 34 123 22 179
liwonh Llevtlanl Z 51 11 171
Dnnlap Pllltburih 17 Cl ll 173
Howe Itewlork 17 64 II 172 C
Baldwin Cincinnati 21 70 11 143
Sirln Cnlcauo is 19 11ll ia
Uuryea I Inclnnatl XI to ll 131 5
Sister Plttlburifli 13 1 IU 147 6
Lvtle Pltuborali It as s 115 s
Bonitri > V andCltrtland SI I 81 12 143 3
Be ttn leveland l 13 191 27 141 13
Ketnan Inclnnail 4 Sn 28 IM 1J
Man Cincinnati and Cltvtland 34 sO 28U 137 3
mormon SItu mobil 22 75 10 1X1 1
TOIIIK rieveliud 17 3 8 123 4
Jordan 1tttl urgh 37 33 if UM s
nan ana HEX
Kins ATD Guru
Fiterbrrolt liW York 41 42 13 7 IM ti4
llllfr ew iork 43 4U lu j va 62
irtue ciefl nd Gi Cil Jl 12 OuSt 152
thor 1nuburiiU and boston IS 1 1st 13 4 IM SiC
Tucker B iton 153 1141 SH 29 lUi 179
Anion CUicazo 115 1313 H 31 Ili3 174
lelllr incliunotiirni IJJ 31 33 1441 177
> outr Brooklyn 113 1193 3 H Iffl 917
lloruun New york 3d 31 14 9 3M > 979
ccnuliey Pblladelulila 112 lui 26 30 HIM 973
wach clettiandandPlltth 79 711II 43 24 7114 4
hooker > ittfburch v > 611 31 2J 600
Sleeker Fmladelnnla A I IIU IS lilT 8 9 IM 974
VUlion Ptttibuuh 19 lit u ii ina 941
Baiiett New lork 10U 31 > 1 3Xi It 0 951
MyerV Philadelphia 117 sir 332 U 77 va
CuiSine Brooklyn IN 2i 42U II 700 V44
Melbee Cuiicinnitl134 04 Sit 51 H4 942
Okn bln i hicago M IM 23 SI7 VM
Delauey Clevtlanil M 1C JJ II Iis9 KM
La K < iue Pun burgh 75 b 711 SH UU 103
Ardner Cleveland 81 257 4U oa ra
iml h Potion 114 Ji1 401 67 ea 917
Crane New Vork and Pltub It Ji1SJ U 8 M i
OBoIsT Cblcano 27 SJ 79 K Ill tM
Howe New Vork 17 31 M 12 IU fn
karl Culcigo Id 31U 120 3 225 884
biiiiiap fmiburgb 17 3d 03 11 IsIS 672
Clir > e New turk 13 13 II 19 104 10
Tulle ana SEX
McCnrr Boiton US 131 1 1 ra ti gg
ftnckne lir iklyu Idi 119 I ti n 190 712
Slots Chicago IX tiI TU M U < yi
Mill tr CIeveloast5114 171 227 ISI fit BJ
itntiy 211w Lotk l i Isa 111 17 ta IM
larit > ew Turk 1C I u ao 7 HI rVO
Xlayer 1 hlladrlpbla 114 173 16 Di 402 fi
llirr t In iunU U II 515 17 11 tA
jainiii Immnail 41 f IUD S7 l4 Nd
Miller PllUburilli M 127 213 uJ tiu eta
Unit Illlt urfi 44 II la 31 IJ M7
3llIsre t clnCiiinatL 21 3d II 21 lui 7vd
luoat liOn
1ouvi Boston 11 6 Ul < IV W
tinner i lilciko 133 217 44 H 710 ti4
Alien Ililudilihla IU 547 UU Ul 5i4 VI
uii > c < h Nrw Vurk M J79 421 OK > u um
Xuiiili llrioklin l9 i 1114 IM 71 771 WI4
MlKVll l lellUnd IM 4 4JI 75 771 IU
louis MOItOII lll > 717 ui I OH W7
lltnr I I inrliilia I 115 I 111 4U b5 i79 rut
Mm > I Itlbiull 51 1 111 94 JH ti
BiTner f t tUMtt 73 4 liii Jt ll tf4
Luflue lltllbur U 31 s 1 iii lia 771
yoller hlcago 27t tr 2 I 72 906
crllil L I UroiKlyn 27It 12 I 6 2 Iii 7f
Los until It 4 a I I 33 V71
15 roll lioiton la 33 It I It t t V71a
illltr IltibiigU ig 04 t i 12 a
SnhlIlI liotou Ill Ill II 13 X 061 l l
Holllny cltulnuill 131 i1 M It 744 949
UoIou Itliiburgh 17 54 t I Jj tut
Illlll < le i H lui il JM iti U It lua 344
111 l Ulrliin ILl rut ei It in wi
lulune iiiclnnail ft II 4 3 il VII
lcrii ° vliviM 15 Ill 1 ID Ill vl
1lulsuiOuI Ilultstlilul 153 112 U II 753 W1
Uonovaii 17stoIl I and II kII u M ji i in K7
11 Iiust ilstsi4si 120 294 tt U ma nil
larroil ciiktgii IW M a ti in nn
li > rnuu 750W ork 77 IIU u i HI wi
ferry I iirunkim ti lilt 4 t 111 915 i
Hut t iiiciiiii lL M s lilto 32 4 tt KM
JCIsuL ci clnnttl 40 SIt S II BI VM
I nignl ciniiu ill 17 11 II li l 215 912
tluike Phil i ul I Pun IU Pu tl It 304 VI7
II 51511 I C 54 II e Iw I VIJ
litrkrl liiitburgli ll 77 II uS il nil
Hu It 1 lionuii IS 17 6 I II VII
Muinltr Inn aulPuila I la V3 31 i Sit tut
AiusIriW 4 91 i la lu 101 55
Urk 9w S rk l 4J Ili 101HI 550
lllr I IlltblllVll jii ti IH KM
IgiuIl Clo iork Ut I Ill li I V IU Ull
II iiiill loss llltlelplila 14il 111 a M tit t1f
lilnrl Illtt1 tn and Uoilo i il 134 7 ti 114 Ht
lenry 1o V4k ii u V SM PUS
lo Kit uvrUu Ill fl f 4 44 221 I
lnr > lluburub SI H I I 41 tL4
I trl 4lt aifi 0 Itl Sit I I iH p
taCs IiiviI4 54 lsi4 14 InV 5 ISO os
Cslbof i > i k u SO 51 4 n II H I
hoes S oIc I i III V ll I Jl r I
lltt I
lcfll S ultbUI5 7 a 4 tt e o7 r I
aurketl Jit w tuik 91 a t d Ins il
iltvu ruinwit 13 4 I 59 1 ai I
lUoo Hull sSs
II veQSl del firuu I 447 fbel SIcily
NtV liitieeoiij tt4tui4u tint iuitii4i4 Him WU
I a teen iluluir iiitt trira 54 I Its iiritiit fSl r Iss f
ifaiuui 4ii4 tit I tie 5501 itiiti 4lfi It lUit iiuui
itftiir fttt if Mm iso liit u4 5 IIKIU in mil lie
llert I Wt lni < i til lu lIs in ei I u < nil C uiin il
lutorlatt tvl ll t wIenl < Mat itttiit t4 lit tttnttii 5 i
Hi lsit l III tira < tu > ii4 Hie d595 > i iiuuunify in
SlS4 C iiKt f t Ii < reiuiul i iu Hi In C C nviaif
in tr ir r iiUiijm u l i il n So Si
fit ul L and II l la i llli S l ui t k III s tl ri rti
luiU > sit I i u his rifuea time 4 9 5 45 4 94 I 5
111 11 5 5 tt eui fi44
Ifitbeieit i it > 4tl fbiiii 4 Ii4t j 5 u
UM4 5 eri ltittiultitnm till 1 Until Hie f
455I51 i ti uttuii ill OdC il e > iss l 11 I ltd i ii
ttttuu SOS ittf lie 4 I I9 i Ii rlu ui Ai4 > r
7 J 4 < c if l A 4 I limit i is t i > i 1
14 90J 0 Mill u 1 I I P 5 S 17 Ut
I Illf 555 t s HI < s liii I 5 4
5IP9 J loSs 5554 II s 5 4115i I s 5 4
illivf fair I Hi lit If iilbi fi t ilit I 1us l
55 i > 4liile > < d flie I iit iitiu mi Iii 4u4St
l 4SCS fll ll t lixl Kline fl II l4 Witt III It
JibbVI T1 tlftui C legfiiu tii U an 4ltiMli 4f
foil i < Viiiiiiii tlMrurt ILl 11150 tiit akixl fvrldt
loll 5
nn nix mis wen ntumoir STAKES
IN I US0 UAUKMT of rixntiK
Hnlll MsVItlaad acm I TMMMt < k Vle >
tt > 1C5 NtekntioUo Bun A war writ the
ProU tt rr MtethtxiniajMta mae
Clear weather and welcome aunthlne drew s
large ihrona of raccainlo UorrU Park yes
trttJar TO J track WM heatr with holding
mod ant slower than It was during the trcnt
rainy weather when the surface WM covered
with toll rauil and water Admirer of Kims
rsclnc were treated to a Brand contett In the
r ch Diirmow Stakes for twoyenroldi at
thre < itiartern of n mil for which thirteen
ptnrtrd A tnttlo royal was fought from the
tart between LUtleDuld oh Itus llnnd Hpldar
Anderson on Halllt McClalland who mad the
runnnc from the atari llustfll leading Sallla
by ix neck In this lone sweep down the
grade hamilton en LM Toura came ont of
the field In the lust furlong joining th lead
ers and the crack jockeys engaged In a pun
lolsing l finish the game younuste under them
straining every nerve for supremacy Hiias ll
held the lead with the tenacity of a bull aog
and at the finish where nil were driven oat
he carried the scarlet colors of bin owner nnfely
over tho line o head In front of Snlll MefVI
land lo Toxea was third atBalllos neck The
nrear throng hoiited tbem elve < hoarse over
the lemt or HIP came ilrugulo
Another filillea Lattlu took place III the
K < lgi > ater Handicap at a mile ami a fiirloms
After n stubborn and close race between the
Ikl i of i4x for a mile Doreen raovnl Madttone
out and engaged In a duel at close unarters
with ISarnen who boM the lend on Fltzjame
lleruon was utinbie to head off his rIval but
bo had MftJMone almost there Itzjames win
ning only by ancck
ThoCnllrornln crack Itnclno hnil n tilcnlq In
the Irotertirr Ktnke for tbnoyparold nine
ot the twelve entries being terateheil llaklne
the running Irrlilo the first furlong Ilnolne
won as ho ptoatvil by flu > It n ths from Irtild
Pee Thno4 third six leouths behind Itacino
WAS the onlv fnvoiltothnt won
U was a bint letter day fur the talent Thor
plunged on Klngstnck to win the first dnnh at
short odde fusS the race nni won by Costa
Rica ol2 to 1 shut the favorite Inching nn
plnotJ They milled on Euiusln the second
nIce nt a llttfo Iftririr edits but Tatk HUlKo
another U to 1 shot loj a procession of
tho Held and iron alone Eurns wan Mooted
to win the third race but he fnllcd to get a
Pi me In Ton fnxotltx In the fourth rare
llnlBl ed third hllo Dr Holmulli who carried
a bale of talent money in the lost race wits
cot ebb to net a place
Mastcrlodo Rrracusc Rppottrr and Decep
tion started In clone shine making the run
ning to the bnlf whr > > Costa lllca began to
inoo up challenging Mnitnrloda TDo pair
ltd a profoinlon ot the field in the last ftir
jonir fYista Illcn winning by a length and a
nail from Mntterlode Byractisi third The
fllly Cbnrmlng Drolcwdown In the race
Snetpitakti of 115 tteh wlthSTEii I added of whlh
tlixltoinuna uJ tu to third thru qoatl r of a mil
tJ Uiujvln Ur c Colt Klca a tir Urinilu4
Atbola ins Clayton I
Ke > ioiie Rtftbi i oh c Maitrrlod a 03fL mbly J
Cl II lthrss oh r djmcuu 4 102 Uctxir 3
hinniDek fiitti Uray a p i r iootpuon na
CharmIng silo ran
Tide Stir
Foil BettlnA lait KlnKtock Ittotn Vaittr
lolt itol Cyrs001l K to Is loiu Rico Uto I Ho
efptlon ltol I ChArnlne 2ij to Is Btptatcr and EdltA
clry 40 to I each MutuiU paid 4aii US ana ldi
Trinity Early Blossom Stratagem Park
Ithlgo ansi hello of Orange were prominent nt
the start Early Blossom setting thu pace f rotn
the furlong JOt to the half mile whoro Clar
ion mored Inrk Itlduo to the front stilng
lag tho oihori out lark Ridge won by three
lengths urly l1to4om socond four lengths In
front of Silver Prince third
Ewopiukei of 9D each for twoysarold with
Stun 1 aJdt I five elfhtl of a mlla
1 A liiinlcich r Iatk ntdgo b > Fonto nirbt US
> Tcrtonl I
J It JlcCormlot U f Early Hlouom Ill Vlrun J
A Thompson b c Surer rtncr III Clayton 3
Finrltnur ISsIle of uranct Trinity Llrnitt IbId l Pan
Mr Pose Benjamin btratagtni LJDtrlffunntc and Qola
littp also rail
Time t OIW
Pot Ilettlni Airalnit Iniricuantf 8 to 3 Trinity
fltol I btrattom utol Pony Blonom lOtol lark
Ridge U to I Mr Sale 15 to I luitlc Binjamln
aol rlorimor JO to teach SllTpr Prlnci i5 to I toll
Fan jo to li Delia of JraDve and tola Mep Oo to 1
each MuttnU paid fK3 ti 67 JJ and fjsui
Moving away well abreast Castaway II
Foxmelo Mudstono iiliines anti Kurns
were necks apart nt nnmod nt n furlong Mad
stone Nead Etirns and oxmede made ton
running ID quarter Nexada and Euros
setting the yin > o fr nn tie quarter to the half
lozmedo then hadst > the close field leading
Into the bomo < irot > h at which point IZurus
was Ixaten i lljames and Gladstone forced
ahand and mne agrnnd nuotn the last nuar
let Boruea lundlni Htzjurnirt wlncor a neck
lu trout of 51 n Istunu Nevada n poor third
Pdgewater Handlia for all axes of 20 each with
Sluuu added ot which Pit to mcond and ClOt to
third ont mile and an eljrnih
J H Ilas < ln > tr b Utijomn by Eyrie Daly
Eltetra ICH Darnel 1
Empire htable br c Mouton 4 liSa Rerven 3
II K Hukerich m Nevada 5 94 Clayton 3
Foxtnvde horua and lao1away II aloe ran
Time 1 <
Toil Rettlnt Aitalnit fcrtiL 1 1 to 5 Maditon 3 to
1 Htrjainet 4 to UMad > utolt t Castaway ll 7 to
1 iusuiede 40 to I ilutuall paid iJiiA elltJ and
The field of thirteen moved away In snug or
ilor Ruiell Biilliu McC elland end hsperanza
being the fl1Ot iironiimnt The struggle lie
an at once betw > n HusfO I and Haillo Mo
ItHand Ituaell held tbo lend Hullle hanging
to Isle neck nt tao nuarter Itussell drew away
n little In the run down tho bill leading Bailie
by a ngth l on entering the last ouiirler An
d < ron moved Bailie up to Hu oli girths at
the llnol furlong a dingdong game raCf fol
lowing Ln TIBL with Hamilton up joining
Intbo necknndnock flnlsb All worn ridden
out under thy whip Russell latterl the long
est winning by u neck halite McClellnul bcc
ond a neck in front of La Tosca
Dunmow Makee for twnjear olda of f loo Men half
forfeit fur 805 If declared with CVDO added of winch
Cl I IKKJ to Iccond and icO to third thretqaartari ot a
Y5 l II tlorrlil b c RuuetL by KoUHTiUI
HiuMii IJ1 Ultieneld I
B McClelland ch f Hallla McClelland nt And r
Inn 3
A Uaimonfi I La Tooe Ill lismIlloal S
Equity otemite SalOon Klrkovar Oraieuio Can
tairlre ATeraK yorerunner tiperaiua and Hrework
also ran
Time lI6
BttlngAuoinit La loire Sto3 Saint HrClel
laud and lluiMll utol I aach Bqulty Bloi I Klrkovrr
and Oraceu 10 to 1 each Ksperatua 52 10 1 ATeraia
and Cantalrlce 10510 I each lorernnner 4010 li I Ua
ron vi to I Yoiemlte wiioli l Klrewcrk Kutol I Uu
tliall paid V7 40 4laet I indtlaoo
Uriildoi8 Chaos and Itnclno wn < tbo order
inuhlch the trio moved away for the iio
tuoloiy Stakes liarvaez bad Jtaome half a
lenuth In front at a lurlotig and after that the
Culitnrulacolt unit lover heuucd Itocluo he d
the pace down the grade crossing the tiLe
w nn > r br flv lonutbr Driilde second six
IxiiKtbH In fiont of Chaos
Inuectory Mak > for tiryeap 1 1 Ida of SV < ne i
sIr forfeit a itri 913U 4s4 l of miKli ttvt to xnonii
ast llnt to third illS nIl e
ndine Stable b c K clnt by lUhop ralrr Itoi
157l9ivaez 1 I
J A AAil Uurrlierli f lrulden tLlttIstlsII l l t
u L I fcotliih t umoi lUTurlor I
Tllll > I 4HU
1inl llttllnr Six to I nn Kaclnei aralnn Druldtu T
lot I fhaoa lu to I MutuaU paldlTl S5UV li4 u
riieiai > onl > e stas lait away nt n snug start
WurUinu tlir nign Iso ru < k uradually hw led
oneiitiruiK ibo lint 1111151 tel nnd Iliilnbed uu
OHuy ulnnoi by two lengths folsoui second
Whlttuuie lupplnu third
CIYI iak iof 953 each with tru added or which
uSC lo tfeoiiJ aud 970 tw tblrd if Uluy alluwanceii OIlS
A J 5 oyneri s ch r Chnaptake a by PL Blatie
K jnurlimiua lu iHaroi I < I
II uluunu b K folium a IStWabtr < t I
T M lirr br lu I M hifnoie u M d altos I
1 xialmaii Vsrolcs faraiualla Ut lieimutn llltn
Hi ci0 auj Luuiie alio rua
Tin I I Iii
Iuit Ellitt4 51111 lr ilsIwuth 9S lo Ii 1 1 fiqil
lulls altS Mliliruote S itottacui I Lbeiapaak CI i lo li
xpoiUaaua ruikuiii 11 I tu I iaen illeuiauuud M i
I lereinstts I 55 lei 5 LxiuUa ou lo I llutuali pilj
joj an 5 < and Jduu
A IroniMblo lIssy lop Bu ltasulips4Jiy
I HU ru lll4 Will
CilI4T i Silt eTi loath day of the fall willing
al I aiiiia vat Ibt 11001 uinilu tlim In Uih ai to
Hit wmiitr and I lie 4ilti > cJ uu Tl > Irirk waiju rry
gil i viidt lOll TitruMj left a goodly mm m ijt
bKbt hubert beside ugly lew f iinl l gulidd In
Hot I mcvYdrIs fur eusldi wu year el4ej elm
l3l5lli ii Ii ml 4 laflir Leiigiaf III pouud 4
IS I lot S i ty IM t I tteu4Ii tIe IV It li
1uiJ uSC M lOlul I Icuiioilail ll IU lu I falll
15IIohir 110 > 41 iu I WiCau Mil 6 ly i li SIt 1 1
tuuiif 111 I Jiiul lj MiiiieAIUp I 1 l4lu 5 l un
I lu I in 4505 51b nil I kttfttl Ii4 MUlu W11614
0 I SS I 4 sisilu > ul Hit ales wl f Hill uuiif cal
I t 1 1 V4i i an iuul br l > iyili am a lair I ni
M i > 554 i f sles4plI I i nilli lull lull iwliiiuHittt
II II IK ellli 0f ill 1111 KHlHI
< a > u > it o 6 lu 1 sloal Anua ix ii I I UI 52455
S I s i f5WI4 IU lu l I S lien l C I 7 ifl l
Itt i la IM l I I JlillMl IM SiuO Jesk Vraur
i Jit 5 i I at tluult I iu I I il Auuaoi lur tit
64 111 iIij lIeS 5ll in frink shea4 luo far < lu
tin i p unit In t < t tlijn a IC0 lii a0
> V 515 i nr i k ter w PII I 514407 tilt
I I 5 I I I iiluj ittiitit ua > uill llilli
i at It
II ti n a tifiiitti I uiiif rai4 aiarurai
S ii4 i I 3 I Y l M fflt 11 T tUijllltf
545 I lisa Mati r f lu I llrif Iw
S I C I irkriix 551 I vi I th ramlit lil 10 I
iu S I lout lii SillS iiitti tul vai ll l <
H r o 5 < t i S m ini ii 5 < CU > until l riu
II II el 555 4151 JIlieuC 115 I4SCISPI1 rut
5lls C
I e S fkln llio wll an4 a leltsth 1514
C It 4iIli S W iu lu I We45w149514 IU It 1 It
I ia uI 514 Itl I u I Jispefel V Ivl so i S4et4
Iii 756 4 YflI15 ASlIslS SLIt 9 14 N111451 9Ld
41e11 Ca6telIftIt tell Vash
Is tire ret a ibeft dliuitca bt M the nnt QCIftl t
lsalwbvok tb4 sbs4 coil ran u rout lo tkt
rrtuk ll rMln4ai who had dmoupsC beck took
41054 5t Urtt sad lomlat on ittartbr won ky tire
Itnttlia Mri4t cro1 and TrmeM Aisle ftlltwlnf U
lbs nrdpr named lIme t in
nfih tsoollondKsp two potaktii alt frloitn
strti T < i K4 Uonart Ill 254 to I Ht UA
latoii t Htlaiit hOt Hodtttka ISO 8tvoeusclry I
toll IltatooLitn l < n u tn li Polio sfepIaneel11
10111 1 MiKanliM w roto I k4 LioN was Cml
at Ika stan list eronlBt this Tick 51111011 NolaisIe
lMTt4 ep I tllrd ll f a > tnallf e
won br a biad 4 Loowd otecid U
Tue aeee at Dead
haIler was rtimtd at Dundee Patk yotttrity no
crowd pmtat was not M largo as naL Col r X
Hall pntldlag Jades rtitgntd Ho was dluttUflil
with 1e ttaaaftmtat of Iht track Retail ot the
racti folltwi
Pint Rate fart 2Snt nx farloit Rnlck Kntek
with lletlettln tb taddle won by two maths Tlio
OnondataKiip filly was second twtty bouts before
pent II lime l AI Httlln Twolo I acalnatKnliK
Knark 8 toa plies no tiara btttlnc Istp City
Uteonil Matt P rtt 15111 nvt and a half firlonr
Gratltido Carroll op won by Urea lenftbi Raitiewat
Second two length before lick ut Lelnittr Time
III2K etUog rive to I stalest OntlindoiT to 5
plods 2 l l Koello lata
ThIrd BartPuree roVl llx f nrlonn Print Fdwurd
llonon in won bvlwo Itnilht from Beluarlu who
Cal three linrthe In front of kIsmet Time lil I l list
tlnr Right to N aralmt niece ldwardi i to S placti ft
lon Heliurlet place
Iocrjb 8sepcre j 20 en mt mcd a uronf
Can t Tali with Varttll In tics coddle wun br half a
leogih lanUon Cal nconit thru lenglni In front of
Ouotttlftn Tim X in Bittlngroor to I agalnlt
ceo Till InS money nlttti e la A Oarrtion place
tlfth RarePuritfXVIi teven rurlongf uperviiar
ridden by Sander won handily by two leugthi Feel
TerM was tIniest s neek bitor Lanraatir Time
I S3CJ ttlliflreI i I agalnit HupervUon C to a
plac i oven mousy Frtd Taral place
T < h4 > r > Cnr4 at Morel Park
The Fashion Stakes for twoyearold fillies
the Poytona Stakes for tbrterearold flllles
and the Belle Meida handicap for all I ages are
tbd features Although the entries are llmled
In the majority of the races the quality of the
probable starters will make the races worth
looking at Sallie McClelland and La Tosca
look promising In the Fashion Stakes Druid
ecs and Iteetare may do In the Pcytona while
Ia Inla Belle appears good enough to win the
pellu Meads Handicap from Montague Race
land and ton may fight It out In the opening
rare wIth Halrlnl a dangerous competitor
Annie and 1lntrlguanto will run well In tho
second and Torchlight and Autocrat will bo
likely to load the Ovid in the sixth race
rim RactA iwetpittktt of III tacb with TOT
added for thrtaytar and upward unctuOus and
Inn 122 Kaiioa 113
otland la Eulntaco 103
Ualirtiil lid I
Pecond 51A iwttMtalti of 515 tun with 750
addedi for twoyoar olds tbrte quarltri of a mile
Tom Dociobu M I IS LJntrlvuantt 153
Michael 1w Annie iiu
Blnaleacolt 100
Third Race Belle tirade Handicap a iwttitakeo of
w each with f IWjaldedi for all ages ont milt and
Montagu irOL Tlnla Ttllt 03
yourtli Race Tbt Fashion otaktt a iwetpttaket ot
Mitnch with 91230 aadtd for onto Iwo ycrs old
thrtt qnaritra of a tulle
I Toica 172 Ca talla 118
kqully 12 Alma filly IOS
sallle Jictlllland UJ Firework liii
Rtekon UJjAJanenilr lOt
Filth Rate Tlit reyiona blokes a twtepitakti of
VVieach with 11034 aCid for flulM three roars old
ose milt aol aa elrnth
R lsrs i2et 7snnIe It 112
7letisr Iketr 122
Tulla rlackbarn13 DruId 112
tloamtng Iii
sixth 110A cwsspstikas of 515 ach with 5750
added for 1 aos illctii ailowaicsc tbrsquartsrs
of a mIle
Msmt II 104
AUtu000t 220
ToreblIgIL I 1 WonOcutter 104
lcckeila 1111 iunitr
Citbrl B lUll Outcry 84
Batlnnln Eanlnnd
Ixiimoir Oct Thtprlnctpul race on tht programme
at the Htwmariet meeting today was the Mlddlt Park
rtatoof 600 aovtrtUnt aIded to a iwtepitaktsof 30
tovartlrni taeh for twoytarolda U was won by a
bait Itnitb by SI f Ik Blanci cbtltnat colt Uonverntar
Ur Xoulu Baird brown fllly Hlphonla by ft Simon
out of Palmflowtr Was tecond two lengths in front of
the Poke of Wtttmlnitir ctisstnut Colt Orion by Bend
Or out of Shotovtr third
The Jocklea and Trnlnera Bull
Thtjooklei and tralnira wlthlbtlrwlvia ilitera and
iweelhearla had a gay and festive time lait night The
Inlttd Colon of Trainers and Jocklet held lit Inaugural
ball at Sulitr Harlem Park and CasIno on Second ave
nue and 127th aIred The attendanco wai large the
music InvigoratIng the dancIng pilled and the affair
altoretbrr a thorough incoeti Tbe proceeds of the ball
over expect will be nail to eitabitin a fund for the
relief ot disabled locklei Amtnv tbote preitnt last
Slight WITS JameS HeLauirblln Ireildint k J 3 rbrett
Viet Indent W II McCarthy Treasurer James
Dumas eeretary John Adler nilllam Annie Kdward
Wan Uialrman Reception < ommlttee K II lull u
Durham James Brown and John U smith
The White Pining Handicap
EtcretAry Cook annonncei the following weight for
the WIll Plaint Handicap with a guaranteed ttakt of
f in ooo lobe run at Uorrli 1ark on aturdayt
Potomae 120 field Dollar nr
Uu > eell i < bldora 07
Valllt McClelland lie Arrogance tnl
La tears 117 lleuneme
Ambulance 17 1 rltirt Liiarmlnr
Chatham Ill Anarcbltt tlii
ieRIlIla UK AelUcolt
Meshsr I IS lIttle
Seotero HO Keatney 11
borer I I tsIlttrICs S 115
Htikon I 17 1 1115 is
Told 14 llSfle5trtch 01
Warpilh Ill PsqcelIcs colt m
Rodman 114 ciemmlef colt 113
kener llolAnna ll call S3
Uadainotllit colt Ill niiuJialt is
Silver King U4Avalon ut
ortat uuna I 4Two Lice w
SirTtiomat lUiAmulti us
Menthol 114 Lady ttaihlngton M
Qrenadlnt tell lUjMiblana 84
Blr Martin lUDlcLtii i > 4
lltti upi JUmiver lrlne t > 4
ItlnitAl HilfinJuan V3
Lawrence 114Bertha Campbell 03
Toronto ionOlus ii
yootsltTCPii lid ilonchette so
mn joaquln 114311 04
itr u 114 Plorlmora
ulo ItS Slckloc5 04
Vlorate colt III SICIlY tratbsr
Day lcIver 114 Somerost
Londoi Smot 110 JweI U leo
8 > dn > Zselsr 53
henor JUdge 7iItohll
Jeol Post Ill Eli sJarnieli
Oatcon III glut1 to
Biptrauta 113 tr6s 051 50
KQUlt 113 Cara
iidr 114 amouno to
Ii iiinptcad ut
Ctrricllon 112 Ayrihlrs Laps
Cleopatra Ill 151011th ll
Kty ass Ill Silverado tf >
urplui Ul Uoklttep tfIU
ilhrnoiieitt 111 Ogerlta > IU
fiorodtn Ietllltnce vo
liaryKlare III Algonquin 60
bonny Law Ill Vanity tU
Marian III Marwood tUO
uaruy Ill Nuihbolt
Tau ye llllllmlex no
AUrel 111 Leonora to
Prime 111 AtloU 110
Lacienx Ill Lrait 18
Pnicneda Ill Kinjr Holomon aS
Laura oould Blly Ill haxonettt in
uragiuit 1110 I u < ie 14 colt
Vtgabond 1151 Hannibal inw
lr lleibrouck 114 Ammunition w
honor IUHlUll II 041
riavia luf > ettlt Hamilton colt Ml
Hi Charlie IU7Atiai 5
Lima rilIcbSs 9
Kirkiirtr Its eriicrui Ml
VoeBJlto ltO Kalerftllu H4
lIrkslckr Its Uncertainty M
LIntrlFuaDtS105 heiress
9or Iu0115r Id4llllirait C
Shy dsi lisp 104 Uirmote
CtpU Mavuer IU Aicul 118
liontlillo 1113 illrnllvlt 7
Iilnlax utu Lucy Jackson fllly 67
airataiim iuj I 0 M
ifaorndalt Ito 1411 Danger 87
itrtallie II 11ar lisle 7
Honttrcy ioj Ulackwoud tfl
Hrocoo lui Ulrtliwood 17
illchuel luj rbitliout 17
wlmlnily lUlllutft norgt 57
fir Issue Ill CialIlIjIOr Ill
Valltra Im licks John 67
Beauty IO Utry Louror CT
HIM KanioB lUitlulo lii
Eurinoll ill 3llIan 0
< antllnt ta 1ulicn 117
Plreworkl Illlldlt I rlt
fclilntifoU iiulidcan i fllly Mr
l > lti > utl 11 I li MrT
llallila S 117 < AIuIa lutE > T
Work In Hi rmrullmia TourmiMonr
Tht annual nitiilnc of Hit ufficeritf Hit l airuibrri
callooel bowling tournament was Pill bat evtnlnf tl
1141 Fulton sired Hrorli > ii II flfl tiuim > i lou
il lalo4 lu Ik elidlou ui 4 new llurd of ofllgtii ion
IllllOfufU J P4ll as Pol IIII II Ulrlltll Hire
ltrrviiurir td Mlirt J lUrrlou K l JnMt J 5
If Louailrry W ll Harding J II Jioltsr Vt J fill
K W ttunea VT J Palleriou IJI Vitllt I i Umll
loll J II JJfowu H huh t f Mlullli P ltlt II
kiltbull ami Vf lit VI Ilk ll ti ieHimnallil 8111w
1451 the l will eowpt lulUn > < 4ri tureup 45osi4l l
lug of tIe K > ku IfriuKiili MDuiof JlcrSslPii Pin
KliUbi fiilum fltllttt Htftuv Madliou ll ner
Mull Club Vlnjlier AautliM 14141311 l 5OCt11 Paw
Cliuuv IfHtiui KUM CoIlbuT H bit inns Waterly
JlISIH i floes all she ai > oviubi wire Ilialhit at
lul ruiBi Uu ilu wills II 0191154 or lii tl
ip4 lQS4 iui a 11111 I seshu4le aoeice4 4
Slut JhluI4su hltsluial18 1110 1 1 we I5iI iJ
4 5 95h11151151 lseledlij 5 lIliIe015 Jir Ii Il ld I
a 015111 gsa Cliri4 I i Its IIS rt Jla lfI
95565 Will I IEeyd s 55hsl COol 51 liii eSit
ld tiubif r Hit SIsal shill d IS alit I a 5slIe i5
1104eV Oik f > tula OS 14414411 9 5iCICl Sisal
unii Mtitmtttr mi i
< Uiftl u 5 iiijt > Ut II I clS ti kmi >
ilbllltt Huniir nil li i ttttLl tt klfift i 44115Sf
Ufcetluiiu vi eataus 8 > lii > e4a > 5405 fi n t 0
Pin tMitil iatJinuyi1 tfUtr ittvUt M tunuJ
la Yttrftlr tit l itti Sc
Tint will U u 5 l U till elf ladlkldual 511S
awaflt ABtll ilui > < tiuntlirl > fi > r hi null
trial 1544 artaittt Unuiitl KI Itlit wae > set Mr 4
Urtir hirirtr we > Iuinitl irftila F tt u
1140551 C 518 tIll 1144 Mud lilt IaUSg virtum
H 111 i inrilvu Htrm unit a4iHlwi 58 l tiri 4 ll
ttihitt ci fl us ae In iiitluutjtHf tiittt n i lit
14411IIsS9 folita aS the 001 < 4 Tliauwf IvIHg 11 rle
iiiu uti few rtira 15 luetlltig al uraiT 51 l I tall
UnriviBil 5 nil Mfidsiiilay 9151mg
rnu EMM Ftkisunu AKD A FACtya
itAtK ro rrox u
Doll Frrarwon to nrntrn br < lt > Me M
4010st Cetoicra TVlati A fan to b
VMoldeml br < be Hoar4 f flIw
DALTIUORK Oct 8 The sun shone bright
this morning and the offlccrn of the State
Agricultural Association decided to open the
meeting this afternoon The mud Tan to
deep that the footing was very heary when the
horses were eallnd but the tract kept Impror
lag all the time though It handicapped the fly
ers suxeral seconds
Tho card wa a promising and drew a
fairly large audience but the delay has hurt
the patronage considerably Those who came
tar two iontests of live beatsoacb with favor
lies bowled over In both Au attempt to draw
some of the best horses In the 2 17 closi when
they were in the bands nt the association and
had sold In the pouls was promptly slopped
This Insured bottt sport In the second race
anil taught the drivers a u > eful les on
rourtoen names WITP down for the 240
lasa but eight of these had been scratched as
Hello iVrguson was considered a Isure winner
In the larlypnoN the speedy young marn void
fir 30 James M 110 Allan sprague 5 and
the field in
Aft > r a long delay caused by the nontip
poaranceof several borHn the 327 class fol
lowed Autograph brought s10 In tbe suction
i > ooln dons 128 Great Lantern 15 field IB
Aeronaattho cole led to the quarter In the
flrat heat but Troat Lnslern cnrrleJ herso fast
tlutt she lost her stride and the bay gelding
was ten lengths ahead ot Maggie T at thin
quarter From theto ho slowed up and cnmo
home In 212154 None of the others won <
near enough to bo duniiernus roils were 25
to IIU on Great Knsern niul when be
won the spcond bi nt In 2 W < with plenty to
spnro No one would let agalnit him
Of tho paocri In tbo 2iil Klngloka was
the selection at Jito US for the Hold The
elitht sldoulioolprn wore hard to got away
and there was n lot of scoring In both heat
Uueen Uothard led pitch time but King Toska
trow up on the homestretch and beat her out
In the mooud licit Cinramonts sulky fouled
Orphan Hoys Gutting tbo wheel doarthrough
The judges might properly have sent Claremont
tn tbo stable but let his driver off with a can
tion It wa oulto dark whoa the second bent was
over nnd tho race uoe ov r alone wltb three
other classes tho 233 trot 317 pace and 322
Snmmtrlei 2 40cluit Dnritston
James tt by Landmark Frontier and
Urlerway 11311
hub Yrgueon lienIlehell and Ctiittman 1 3143
Allan ftpravui Ktaultr 9 s 8 3 8
Acca dim 5 a a n 4
Kdwlnndlce 4 4 4 dla
Sleepy Idid Loiio dla
ThneJ tIlL 213334 22991 3i30W 2114
3 27 claM punt MHX
Orat Eastern by hwtentakeiSmlth I I 1 3 I
Autograph illrowii 3 I 1 4
Ilarrr cardinal Cook 4 3 S 4 3
MaviltT Popti II S 0 Ii S
Verona Irwlni l 0 4 S a
Ballman > else e 4 6 dr
TInis227l 3I3SU 225 3IJ74 JUO
2itpace port re JO nniinid
King Toika flalll t I
queen Uothard irorlh 3 3
Clareraont iMerrlDeld 3 T
Chic tMt sIt it 3
Koddlt II irwIn 4 ft
Orphan Boy Iiarnei 7 4
yriukH lltlileu S S
Grover s took e n
Time 2i2114 3 33U
MoOronor WIlkes Vino the Itarrcn Park
Hlnkeo Soc ThrvcToarolds
TIBKI lUrn Oct a A perfect racing day fait
track Increased attendance and hotly conteittd racta
marie i the tecond day of the Terre llaute Trottlai
Anoclatlon fall mettloff
tn the Standard Elks there were font ontrlta trot
Sptedaway by Brook dam Kanette by Ilnmbrlno Was
the only horao that could ret In the charmed chats
willis mark ofasa The aufinlibod IllS pact WM
won handily by Uranti Abdallah and at no tIn In to
dayt heat wai he beaded Comment l
2718 pacIng cleol pone H 1115
Orant i Abdallah tBob Huwaru 3 I I I
Harry Jonen Jnmei htbro I 4 8 o
Kitty C lorry 8 226
Mnlay Ulckersoni J 8 5 2
fluUe MRil Walker 8 033
Bf lv Loclwood I 4 044
IrmaU 7 iMcLauttilln ft II e 8
Llfle II tlrlmei 11 13 ID 7
Immlf llrrlnuton 10 3 u dIsc
Albatrouklrb 7 1 > lOla
Otietlerteld lUtril U I H dli
MUbtluiait IL I Drownlce B du
lime 3 lit 2 IHJf 2 I7H 2 1HI <
The Warren rare HlaLen for threeyear old wai tto
moil exciting trent of the diy Ueblinrt a drlrer tried
to abut ont Hit fold In tht flrit and lecood neata bnt
after the second beat Xicllenry wai put behind Mo
trriror WIlkes and won by maiterly drIvIng finm
miry v > nrren rank Stakes fortbretyearoldi ralnt flooo
MerriorUilLeelclIeury 3 I I I
Oebhart Hnmuler l 1 3 2 J
illob hart sitoplonI 2 3 dU
Cool Olin John Olcktnon die
Bar Suet Mllhnrail till
urnsI 394 117434 2224 7s109 23C4
Fait limn was med In the 236 trot J W TtiKorJ
having tlilniti hit own way Summary
J SIdes parie fl 114151
J W Tedlord 1 1 1
> am Ilarrl > Herni > 2 2 4
Uloiiom rlniei a 4 3
Delia Hclfe illlcVok S a 3
Mrdora llayneii t u a
Erena ittllliamt 0 ft S
Vlrliiu UcCoy 7 dla
Tmnl 23 2 14H 2274
The fled dIvision ot tuu 114 trot wa won handily by
the faTorltn lietmarch Mghllntale and dna Ojcht
Inn It one for leionii money Uummerr
1 H rio trot rums SliVj lint dlrlilon
I Imnrcli Mrllenrr 1 1 1
Mchtln > Andrewn J 3 3
lesions Wade a J 4
Mrrlnlalvani apian 4 4 s
Jollies OUIiom D 3
Tlme2 2 40f4 2 1IX
The itfond dhlMlon of tbs 3 j4 trot clot ortrautll
tomorrow on account of darkness
224 trot puns tluuo fecond dlvlilon
Hum Medium Mcllenry 7 I
lode la8iarr l i
Flnmallacn Klrtyl 6
KeniriodUlrkerion 3 3
Llule Mac Dority 4 4
corralold aanntleit s s
Keallijr Jtayj s 5
Tllne2UIV 2i3IU
Pool sold fret fnr all pact hat Pointer HS AdonIs
V4 II II flM field rs
218 trot MoekitiK Bird SSS Ilendry K > Rlpplo
SIC Harry tome fll lunemont Ini trltat ElI
u ldleaf Sin Hi He Mark f llroirn tn
In the Fleetwood nuilei tar fourrear Navldad
9110 ISattie Ii 1 glic A1 clack 1 linecar Sd Mm
nip Wlkea 3
Trotting In Colorado
Dmr e Oct A Stormy wealhr has bad a tendency
to decrease attendanct at the Overland Park mettlnt
Todayi rekiilli were an followl
First Rae TrottingOeorilt Maillot won Ifnni
Tutu second Time JiJtv
Second liact Trottlu Tnrk won Joo B leeond
Time J ott
Tlilrd liter Riinnlnc Half WileDot Wad won
Papper leeond Time IU
The College Mtn Got Ooxrn to Ilnllneto In
Pmnrrnv Oit 5The second football f me of itit
Season at Prlnflon Was plajtd livday bribe Kolgitl
and the unlTirtUj tlrrenion ttit uulvmlly eruuiidi
During tht nrit half Ilutgeri put up a very Strong Sims
htrpUylni telng sharper and irperlor to that of lait
year Princeton old not attempt to play a kicking
ladle but threw her wel ht aitalun Hit ItuUtri rash
ire iiilnliii ittadlly but iluwlr Prlnrtlon hud CarrIed
tbt hal I to within a arlof ntr opiouent t JTOMI Hut
when it went to icntKeri on tilt 01101 down J Hlvhop
f uinl lid tin Liii 1 on ills pau hack by SlOsh and Curson
Isli on 1C umViur Hit Ar > i much down from whim cot
llrte I tin goal Pixlii lecnndi isefs Hit limn for Hit
flrit lila I wee cil til lloinau > kicked a goal from Hit
nnd Hcnrr llu I Seven 11110171 after play Was rt
uintd lie ball es Ilastu totem < er Buiitrii Hn
lullouuiallutiht toilet down and Pnt kltiiox Hit
fiiat Kfort 5741 i > u tlit play nn Tliomat was hurt
SOIl yiiiiuei we lubtlliBied U wai tbentbtmoit beau
Hull play uf Iht dir vciurrtd llrtll passeS tht bill to
HIlivp whu lltke III araluii Hit adirancln 1rlnitton
end I or iraoli It am itirlrd Item ibt middle at
Hie rll for UK xial pint with llnitri climnpluii
ruiinrr mid H I t wlmle liaiu alter hull Islil l lime Pi t
ijinckl uulditlatiieJ ills uiiriueri and tunehed the ball
do n Hiaik made tit lust tuuili down sill lu I
kltkad the gai Time ass called after llomant lalntd
u I ti > fur iroAl from tiit 9t I 14r > vi rt uamilng j 17 to if
lit Trlnreioii favor Tlie teortt of tht tact timti
pU > nJ a lib lluiir < were vito u an J7e tuU
Iltjiltyowx Ito 4 Tfl TltlsWuIyaq 54In5 11th
ftrpinoi eiilted 19 II to U ict lmvr sr o
I yen I e goal 94111 to lb list hail list tisey
wkiieJ iii it aiiOlli iseif I ai9 gurJ4 wii and
I I iir lissus Wilyaii Wyouj t u w
Cheat Hit uriilrt Kor ias HUH ana Mriur and fur
l I Hexyan Maybacl > ud lull did lieil vvrk
t tC in ii bIIIWl11 i it m own imrimirr
liniiu r i tt H 4 Tlt Shown Lairtrtllr football
Ixin ple i ti lu Iit t 45515 wills Hit Mn ariuiiii > in
S ttuiv if 1iiniui i y u ilui leu to ilar and eirtd A
I i i 5 SI n 5 tiriurr u tr u Iruru hut l lu c t4r lat I u if
It 50 TI a ilie 14115 5 55 1155 n I 50 i H W45 a surprise to
ai lu vtifflii ie itam Htrr about t eguai and Hrown i
itu l I I nd tl l rmiuiliii lull tr > u ialileI Il11lrior
ire lOis I
mr list i inr 155 tIlts
Butiui Id N lisp Toll Cullift foatiiall unu
ii > > dliillri iiuiorilitiei > t > ii today ai rifitr alib
In CliMliitl itierniiitii vliiuiiiK Ly lap 1814k dw5
ft otk of Uaituu Albltlat
Hitu rn I r lie i rlMluiMrlteif IU Mu lundl
rupiriiiiK ul Ibtlleluu AthlelK lisb I out roult > lt4
i9d > II e Wl3hsj fit ft Itlluiri
iievl > uuili < i ftfi littlt J Halt Jr Ilirnr4 end
Mai I I 0 I lSsIvIel4r WAA Cod IUrra4
CeoS 7IIII lltrtvuldl I
llaifwiiii Um iiu Joili IUlif4 fnt r H
S SIIf II A 4 > f 4 fliiir iiiliiililih iiiti
llbll5las SlitS l Jiui I II libxii II i A slum
ia11 it 5 all IK 5 I I HUM lltrraril xrtubi jf
lilt 4i uin
UltlH Atffflf
T IK I iiium Isis M frlr Ii i in if ii i rraik
I It I lulel I spl l SIrSI ll Hit Urdu M linllilu IUl I < r4l
101t Hi a 5 1 I i > Ii l ft i tu iv uu nautili Aad If
H 114 If tu II I CelLo It I Siijt a Hie i ° ll
5545bC < u lbt > u i i il ill 5 s4Iet9ll4cy
a e 0554 Ii l S i uilitleu ci l Mr IT Y4 Uelcbf
is4 is aniuidivMOil furl Ills It I Ul f stiii Mwt
2 ISOSI Ctalas
Uii Kviiih Detail are sestitum isilaetphis
Tho CollfK Tarasat
lIsT lUviK OIL ftThe coralmr man among lbs ten
Bit ptatm ot tbt college UJ Ilowlandcf Yale who
ha Jest tBttrtl eoDege II Hayed In champloaililp
form this morning Mating Wright the rtttran of
Columbia At sail IlkI persona law tb contests la lbs
Intercollegiate tonmameat thIs morning Hy noon Iho
ilnglrt had dwindled down lo cix rnenCatnfbell cf
Co aralla llovey and Tallant of Harvard and A J
Parker U I B latker ana J llowltnd or als Tht
noralngtoort wero
A J Parker alt beat U A Plttion Wllllama 0A
4U S Cainpbtll Columbia beat D n Itnrgo Brown
hugh Tallatit Harvard blat iv r Jtbnaon Prtnc
lea by OCtailt
J llowlaad vale beat U C Gordon Wnleytn by
AA < Wrubt Columbia beat a A Btlty Amlitnl
b Ti ifowlana beat A it Wright Columbia 74 tfl
lfn Parker Tall bal It P MaeUullen Columbia
1 kVatker Tat iltfeated C W Pond Dartmenlh
0s SiI
r II horsy Harvard dtfeatnl C IX furrows
Brown bv dtiault
In afitrnoon iwo tlvtly matches were played In
the match btlwten Parker of > sic and I I i Hotey of
harvard lbs Sal man netded but two eolnit In win
but at that critical uint lit went to piecei and Unity
Cal its easy wiener In tlit match between l aIn bIl
of commit and lalltnt of Harvard both Haven iii
corn vrrr pretty Having i ampiitll taking lbs tint let
and Tallant the recond ID the third tel when lhe >
idol cloud 12 In Camnbtll favor Tallant refuted to
flnith It on account of datkntit and lbs match Was de
clared off Till icorer
liovty of Harvard ML latter of Yals iA 7A nl
Campbell ot Columbia va laliatil of Harvard 04
Tho Ztldtrenold ToBBlti Match
At eixr OIl 5The lawn tennli tournament at ClOgs
field today waa devottd to contacts In tht doubles Hit
play wai on dirt coutli rulltd bard and imooth I ox
and ian Renuelaer deflated Conwell and Olcott t o
tratrbt Sroi Ilt uu
Hwointy and Wa in won from Roy and Oatmeal
acoreit I 0S the Ransom rolh ri tltleated Murlier
and Vaaiiyko winning tint and third isle by a lOOTS of
USI l and Inline aecond on a IOTP iet
Tbs contciti for sIngles win occur tomorrow after
Tie rodlea Outdoor Clnb
Tbt lawn ttnnlt tournamint ot tht Litea Outdoor
Club welch had betn postponed from lest Friday on
account nf rain and a cricket match held on the ground
on atmdir afternoon was continued yeiterday
MUtd iioubieiyintl Hound Mr lerklnt and Iliac
Tahlll beat Mr Hllllnca and MH Mowry 60 75
Second frlit Klrit Kound Ur lulllniii and Mill
Muarj beat Mr Iroiitr and Ulu trwooil ISI 54
14il Btcond Iris Hndei yirit Hound Mln Mowry
but Uui oorhtei tt1 Ki hail KoundMUi
Mowry beat Ills Indtrblll 00 03
51 0 ILI 7
Tue Colnmbni Bowline Club of UrooVIjn during their
practice on Tuesday ovinlnr tt Anon Hall bowled a
gams for the oxptnit of carriage him to Llttlt Ntck
10 In on Sunday next Below will be found the score
After the gauss tht lemtannual tleetlon for ofllctri was
bald reioltlnx aa followt r ubtrnltr rrtildtnti r
Wtckeuir Creildent ILThlemt Recordlnn Secrt
ttry f SohleDer Financial Stcritaryt U Well Treas
urer J llaber Ctptaini a Ktrltr Lieutenant II
Uani ftrxtaut alArme Ueiin llteidt lltrktri and
Uetirer tlnanot committee
000500 ZIkLEI ItOK WIILIAS aK100Tl ems
tlL5core tflSCGrl
p SShhei7r4 I 6 220 7 Slitters S e 1172
II labieffr 2 1 7 118 1 Slob I 4 0 150
It 2ucsr3 I ti 134 I Sckssr2 4 4 ISO
Sc beniiiarS 4 3 145 It ThIeta3 1 7 lId
F wroisr 6 3 U 17 It Saul I 2 7 112
L 11 4 100 17 Voiknlanl 1 8 11113
0 Ksrisr I a i 207 tVUUm Usrdt3 3 2 185
Totals27 1429 1070 Totals 122330 1150
Tht Accident Club rolled tht following Inttrtitlnt
amet at Bbllnia alley
yirit Uami Team Ont Wehnlm 164 Walter 143
Dtbold 133 Janice 101 Kell 13 Total 7SU Team
TwoBhotn ion Btrold lJ7t W P inch 171 J
Uoch 143 Lanrbtin tea Total 412
etccnd ilame Team Unt Wehnlm IMS Walter
I4J Debold lull Jinten 147 Kelt IllS Total ilia
Team Two Sboen Ul llerold Ill SV F llocb 1U
J lloch 1S4 Lancbeln 17J Total XO
Third Oame Team one Wthnlm 132 Walter 103i
Debold 120 Jtnien 161 kill no Total 7UI Team
Twoshoen nut llerold lit W r Hocu 14ai J
Uoch U4 Lancbeln 143 Total 041
bUrand Total for Three oamti Team No 13003
Team No31001
The Atalanta Wbelmn won lbs frut of a Cuba of
fameS In lb Young Men ChrIstian Auociauon tour
flaliisnt it 11wark on Tuesday evenIng Th scenes
Alalanta Wbshmenflahey 142 liiiar 138 SiWin
1321 TerbelI 1s7 Edward Ill iloti
Alpballuyler Iftv Clarke 141 llucbmore 135
Frank 141 llouell lee Total 713
Tht regular monthly prize howling oonttiu of the
Echo Cum of Brooklyn sirs rolled on Tueiday evtnlnc
at tbe Elephant Club bouts alley Tbt icorei
Ttam Ko 1Brown 231 Iloyt imt Schon 137
WllituMBa orr II J AustIn iso Total 1147
Team No z Sellera 141 Paral 17J McDonald 1841 1
Ullea 140 Cartli K > 3 lltather ill Total OSd
ifconn Gas
Team Vo 1Brown 173 Hnyt IM Echon 183
Which 107 Orr Hi AustIn leo Total 028
Team ho 2 Mllera 154 Daral 133 McDonald 151
Ullea 140 l CurlU 1455 lltnthtr 178 Total WI
There wai no waning tofu enthuilaim among the
member of the Palms Club Seat evening When two
more Kernel of lbs annual team tournament were con
teited The icorei
rituT ami
Team No Gallagher ion Treeland 134i Soptr
17 LeDge MM llatbawaylSZ Total 34
Team So 7 Seely iur > Koiter 1SJ tlanitll 113
Shaw 17J Smith 147 Total Bug
accost GINX
ibm No lll Bldridge 153 Uintgh 114 Clarks
177 Uurrlt ISO Hloomlburic 71 blat 775
Ttam Vo Bebreni IS7 Brown 14 lltndenon
too Jeanne 1155 t ultta 193 Ton 787
U Memt Imminent that bowline hat fallen Into a
Comatose stat among members of tht Jerity City
Athlttlc Club Ilardir a handful of iptctator wit
ntiied hit night conleiu The icorei
FIRSt cmt
Team No 1 Anneia 1S2 Olaw 107t ffpttr 16XX
Total soa
Team No 4 Soper 131 Qnbelman Ill Lockwocd
lio Total 47d
Turn Ko Dlokion 132 W Olaia 127 Sltrrttt
112 fouJder I3J Jlcllroy lit Total ics
Teem No HLroiij 147 Bamiteail 14O Bogart 131
LonfOeld 192 nadlelgh 174 Total 744
JLZIO2Z n 4 WflpnZ
A Great Pigeon Hutch Decided
Probably tht molt exclllng pigeon match that baa
tvtr been shot In this country was shot which took
place at Bergen Point N J yesterday Tht principal
were 2 A R yillott of Kaniaa City and Edgar Murphy
of Long Branch K J Murphy li on of the belt of our
amateur shots and Elliott fully luilalned bia reputes
lotion ai a great match shooter The affair was private
and bnt few ipictatort Cons on the grounds Tboi
that were preient wtrt from Simian Now York and
Philadelphia Tbt match waa at 100 birds for 11000 a
side and the rulei governing were a modification ot
lbs Hurllngbam tile exception belcg that the gun
wise beld below the armpit The bird were a
Mltct lot and the klllt of both men provoked round
of aiplanie Mr James Brtytr of Brooklyn wa the
referee but hit dolls were not ot an arduous obarao
tir as but ont bird was ehalltnged during tbt enilrt
match of tht ill birds lott by tbt wluntr three
drorrd dead Just ovr tht twenty ontyard boundary
mark and won of count scared last Murphy lost
yvo In the taint menu Tht lecond barrel kill of
urphy were trftctly i phenomenal SI lr Elliott relying
more on hie fIrst barrel to kill The icort shows on
herons second barrel kllli but In toes Inilanctt thli
Cal only dots for iiftty
Eliiottt22Z22Z 2 2tzzzlqI12l 12
1132122 3S22I2Z5lu2 i i 12251 i 11
I 2 I I 2 I 2JS 0 J 1 lla l J 0 2 i Z A 1 2 2
1 1 2 O 3 3 3 4 211 I 1 S y I 3 2 I I 1 I 53
371 111212 I 1 I J35 Total K4
Uorphy0 J22 23JJJ233033 33
2 152512 zzazu J 1 J i 3 22 J J
12IL23l12222c3 Z5S23S25453ll5 J
JJ3JL31JIIJL 3ii4i 122 1 f J ZI5220I
Httr A C MoollntT
A meeting of this Tournamtnt Commute of the Stir
Athletic t lub wae held at ths club boos on Borden ar
else Long Itland City on Tutiday nlgbL Prildtut
harlei J Hariri occupltil Hit chair Miura Mono
gban llaggtrtr toujuim Gray and Andiewi btlng
Iht Ilitrt preitnt
I was dcti4 to hull the Ilili annual bozin looms
of Ie Cur Ailtilli 113 at ttOIai APseIllbhy Slssus
curls 07 lIrtosu 114 Itilluuiult svne Ioog hid
City so lsturdiy 514 Maclay slOt Li alsO fl Tls
nuls letli I golsrnll I A A 1 rulss Tb pro
alItUli is liatIttit 1 4 poUn4i hauler i II
II sclssi I it puIi isurit I c 1114
welgiut tV pouDdu Ivotiteiy ho iigwanc to sor
A taluabi oily nip Will I award4 to 6 Clunir
III ach elM susj all iegsmut Ilk b9hltll r is II otab
Wise rpetutatt surs It largest junrrgstliusils
IssI sf posits As 1111 5 lIt llitrs Stahl I a 41 5 re
Darter huh lieliluer ttsaittInms Sittirry oar ilormisan
Soili eltIlIsIl Iuisll club wIll iuvi a lair disinc
to in 5 5 alssbis Iruit t 510 tselr aiuse uihry
re 1 Eairis Ilss IC Ji a lilt C o ilirtey 034
1ast llilriy second IW lort
UuntflHll fur 515 IrIsh HuSurr
Cbll laaey Hie Imuiuini litndlNill p arer ul Ie t
ctrtt luatee lUe foilowiu iinrnui slier fur Hit nlief
of Hie lufftrtri by the fi nine in Jrtiand
lottaKbiruK ur 7 s > 5s mr ntlm Hit deep Hi
ideal Tm Kit li likligln Hie Iilmn4 tti ir lufferlnifi
tl liuiut I ill ufl liSii I fnUlil b i tb t lo do situ
Hung lo aiilil Hit iiiflrrirt luififort I im prepare
lo play a sluigle ir a I dounit tatdl I I maIn at I Ocuird
J nortnyi M ir < y III laiiitUI I and iti itS rnuri
WliIhouii l uurlir a ujf 4ni al my fritit lit In 104
I ii i ti a4i i UI u ui i au n nt Ui4t IU5 11
2 4 Ii o I Ii lr 14 s a i u era ci vu is it
S 11 be tl u4s 151 I II S V ilI toIle t rll u t I nil
C Its it in fru I itHiiiii i it I l ii I iiari ar Sum tlMttm 1 p
iu urb iunt Iriiliiiu i Cj li I > IIIUk a
ftxinUe li 5 ut III l u iii4iiir I run in tuure r rj
5I 5 YltI llCs I
Uvweiri i ci n
flit i fltr uf 5 lit ilitniintni will nuituuMtdir li I
5illSied l 414 SrrnIlleIui ierf lui a 111 i 1
Itvtliiuiiu Wili 11 I I I 15 it iiuxt liuiiiit
Joiiu 15 i r ieriiar4 tlfVu4e 54 ul less i iuriner I
Jests IfUKy iiitu flt ului luliu i nil s I Pl5i
auiilli le 55455054 > mIsC Illiert Ui rtiiniiii aiuriit
ful airs tuifiii ru id l ntut Va eil
In S t j lie Kinee in < lt I lilb n
uinti se t r Hit i tu4 i iI i I CIa I
i 11 mini tvirit lui S tin l uu nu vf liftS
if ji lit 91411 lilii KII SI iia > I t uufiti Sills
litiid ail I itjiuii l ui lit tint mint nt ii
Ii all r II Itf ill tefittfl MVelmtillx nUilJ
Is iit > kryji i iulujfc f > mf 11fdS 514 ljlls Isst
be 59W rtiu U 4ii17 lUd4ae ILSI l5s will
will llu IssWli I
pOttfllflfl 3ood
A personal oxamlnntlon l nil thnt lo
screwIer in r > nn lne e > you hid ihl > xvhnrl
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grade In the ranrkeil
itch tirnilnr tn nil rnnnlnir peels Nttcl
Inhlnit unit Ilrop FnncInK Is rvrrr peel
Finish nnd workmanship aimrnntreri rqual
in nnr bluriRrnilK whr l In the nnvld
iif1quiirlrft lot Cfnrrnl Nttorilnc inodt
No 7 Sspe1n H 1 ilntir Irnm llrm lvaT
Lessons Private
Stall iOxlOO
211 imoAimAY
0i1iittg CnthU
Band worms 10a dot whit or blood worm 23
doa ihtdder craba at lowtit market prlcti JNO
foil fcV IHUMTltATkll lATh >
Near City HalL r > 3 Court iu Brooklyn h r
Open tvenlnn
THE A A v C114MPlONto liiis
The nittcrHlrurce for Ilir Iluque netweoa
the New York nod 3IunIiuttnn Club
It the Clerk of the Weather favors the Dis
trict of Columbia with bright blue sides on Sat
urday the third annual cliamDioiishlpB of the
A A U will bo a Kraud succona la net tbo
greatest champkinslilD meeting bold in tbls
country All the crack athletes are cntorod
the result of nearly every competition U
flhrou Jod In uncertainty and the oont oats will
be held on grounds upon which months of
preparation have boon spent ant which am
said to bo in almost perfect condition insur
ing that tho struKclou for supremacy will uo to
the best mon
The Manhattan Athletic Club loads In the
number of entries having sent in US New
Yorks are second their number being 67 but
every man has a chance for a place while some
of the cherry diamonds could not win with
a large handicap The Columbian of Washing
ton have 1A tntored whIle thus Boston Athlotlu
Association and low Jersey A C each and
12 The Athlotlo Club of the BclmylklU Navy
made 11 antriea and the Detroit A U 7 8 the
other olubs lalllns below 5
The contest fur the Bailey Bank A Diddle
plaque promises to bo close Un paporit looks
as lithe cherry diamond would to enabled
to bold their lead with some to spare But ill
luck and protests are ilkoly to Interfere and
Bite the trophy to tho seW lorks for the third
and flnal 1 tear
The entries to the various oventa are aa fol
Outhundrtd yard funP Vredenbarffb F W Robt
son ii C Sliber Jr Sew York A 01 Gorgs CatlIn 05
A CljolnsuiheunN A 3A Ui 1 CI
Ihoi CJ 0 Charlea Atawake A L 54 17 t John Ow
5 LI A C L IL Cary t Wrttna If itominguon
A Colan2 ii 34 OhylUsU
Twohundredanl twntyyarg RanJamei Oisn
A lm S 4 LbS ii Si Dickinson 2 Elliott O A Ot
1 Pay West 4nd A Ah 0 Sinchoils A 0 a
John Owen Jn10 A c U U Cary r Wtrtlni M
Btmlniton W Cbrlitlt W II Btruii It i cT f
redeuburffb r vy BobUuon U X VUtir Jri JL TT
Cocbrane S Y A C
Your hundred and forty yard CunG J Snub JU
W a Cochran J p Thornton r XL Uarunorn W
C Downee tt 0 ponm W IL Wright K r A aTfloh
King George CatUn 1111 Dlcklnton C A at VTu
Pay tat End X A J McAulirt A J Xlubnxc P A
IL i ll Dchllchter A o K X0 U iaicbt crr
nencer Boeton A At u Remington L ll Cary w
Chrlitlt U L Kltea J u Uivtraaox J a BodOyU U
horto n
blgbtbnndred andelghtv yard UnnIL n UorrtlL
NJ A O 0 Marks JUchmon4 County A at J U
ktnyon II I Hchllohter A C a xct i o L BaUhildir
Win GregcBoiton A A A B Jeorge W B Wooo
brig J B Roddy U L Uitea IL IU jadman U A7OI
W C6ohm Vf tS Oownea W II ttjriibi xTr ATO
OntmlieilunlV W Elltworln W Mackintosh If T T
A C u Marka Blobmond County A c i o Will Am
htrei College J M heuyoniJ B Itelllyi A B Ueorgt
J P Conned P P Carr tt McCarthy W Jack W t
Young N A I i B IiJrtberg 14 2 A C
Hrmlle UunM Uialrjf Kennedy BBdwarda
AcOrn A A A U Otorgt T P Conner r F carr w
McCarthy n Jiek VT i Young William le 1odwt
MACl fc Hlertberg W flDoyNJAO
Ontmllt Walktt Burkhardt P A Oi O B Ban
deen lioiton A AI U ii Lange 0 L Meoll W vy
Oregg WA Utrrlen r A tt art V A l J 31 a
lug N 5 A C
Ihreemlle WalkII HJerlberg W J A OiF Murray
Acorn A C W 0 Ollngen Chicago IL Illnua P A
c i K I Lange a L Meoll W tt Cirtgg W A Btr
miami M A C
une hundred twentyyard Hurdle Sac U O
Lewis A c ii 2l i P J rinneran Bcnon A AI P Do
channt li A C A f Copland w ll Htrute Z A
ooper A II Urten StA ci f UPufftr K Bonsai
N J A Ut IL L ttUllaiua X A Jordmu Oorgi
Bobwtgltr K Y 1 c
Twuhundred and twtnty yard Ilordlt Rac JamtiJL
gortlll neit bud A Au L C Lewis A C H 111 P 7
rinaeran notion A A P Dnehtrme 1 A O A K
Copland W II BtruteAH Urten J 0 UtTtrtaux i
t Kortm M A C K b Puffer A Brown R K Utrnt
N J AC1 Ueorit bohwegler A A Jordan IL L Wit
llama J > Y A C i P p Bliuty t S J A d
llnnnlnglroadJumn 8 K LewIs J King tt A C I
B liaDiiiil U U Lewis A u KtJ I fl lauittn f
Boiton XAP Uucharmt P ACA K I Copland tn
C noddy Z A Cooper A H IreeuW CbrltUt MA yf
O A A Jordan O T Wlegand II L Wluum N K I
A C i P C Puner K P I Barnes SF iTalpIn M J A U
Ilunnlug High Jump C T Wltgtnd A Nlckertun X
6 A i M Mibermott tt ChrIstie II L Hallock lb
K rlichard I t A ooritr M A C i J E Mont D
Long lioiton A A i J Piliitratd P A a
I olt aull 11 H Kodtnuougb A C tl I J Crlnt
Jr W o Irwin Boilun A A i i A Cooper II I Hal
lock A II drum Is I O Pottir M A Cj i Otorgt catty
hJ AU A A Jordan P u nydtr If IL U xter K
A O II Dllrlen II I A tI
Pulling ninety pound SIsolio It Griy B nia >
nlntil J il Mitel ell h Y A C John II > nn tblcag
Watioerert I A J jutckberinr C Coughltn PIain
brolil II I II Janeway J 5 Bucklt M A C II IL l Al
Tliroxlng FIfty ilx ound tttlgbtJobn Hran Chi
Kcontndetcn il I Losg l llottmi A K o A J uneekr
here U i uuvlillu p Lamiirtcbt W A f M o nulu
Sal N J A l M h l uud in J h 5 MItchell Use tt
001 5 y A Ii
Tlirowliiirrlileen piiind llainnierc A J Uuiekbt
nor I i iiiUlii I Laiubrt it J Kuckle A A il
of l OnullOail 11 J A i I H Mlleliell U I 1 oudon
I J Uldllilit K 1 A I
Twn jnilo nli jrl KiieH I i rltt I Harter P I U
fruwu i A i U u I tilt A l r t P I J HerH
M U Hi iocl Ii i Uorden MAI I A A liiinnr
1tsIu S J A II K Ios 3 J J finre l M tluriliy t
Miirilir r II nut It Viii WufuMt H < iiricC
taUnilnt I i u u N I A i
In livil lai Tiif u w ir i i A J v erkleritr
S 51iigli n ll i 351 t Istuulrllt I ll II i < JmeNwy
M II A Isp IS l rl I II < ui i n J Mumiii u U
i oildon J Culls I fit icon It I ray
Irani Ijul sal Hew Hrk A I lies It njt ISsues
tahiti A c AC ru A A
AHiNr > l rlrrttii is lii I iti rinl oett sits that I
tin N A i il 1 I Alll I i Club uiulil iiotiit
UuuJI rii runi < iii itsutuit ui U SMiiliniiaii
A 5 i lit Ills > VI ii liliu n l iIltl Sllljl fh05t t
lug l i lurlinl cliitiu soh ii ill Lua I
Ii ilit 111 I giSt l tl 1 u in ir N 1 HI of u viitf
I HI i ii Hi 0 nun n l5i n in ii at
I lit Huai nt t IM S fiil i iKMiiifil i5iloII4
wi i i i utuiiil I iif Hue tu illoii or iit
11 t > rJ > A JlWIlxllr 5 I ltIuiCtl liii llinulil
fjlt lOlsI I 6 1 1 IJ 11 Ull littlllrl
< in IIIIH I nt t l ll wnlliltliili I iUOia
SIlO viriit li irlijw n iiui his Still lUl i luty
iyii I IM I II I I U I ll cis Ol Its illoIiCpt I J U eiry U fe5
lust ill dish i > i 11 1 5 < itn i mi m p i J
ll455tfle t II liVtir lI I OM lt < IIIH f I lOtI I CUll
cur Ill I nHiurn 151 t Onin ft I iiit u u fti Hit t
i r of tti ll i u > I p I t il4
> hurL c ti l Ini If I Uu NHA y 5 r 4 5 ii a i Ills
H I it IliMMkillt IU i I ti I u It lt
I I hI T
S rf > i I I r t t H
7iui ir i A u ul tn f I 4 i rmi Sal i i4ni ie vii tI
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