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And prompt mpOIlSi characterln a the CoIumnl or
Board or Room AdvorUsomont W t 1ttY I T rI E SUN p
= = I
JtJTIC utiutn OF nl IVInlUn
tttkeI Dow While nrlnrmlnic Home
D from thofBpllol Md Withim Hlnht r
I lll nrildcmcA TolrkmiiK and liii
Uedy HetriMit Haw lin 1Il on DI
rt fled flteaed to III AaItsince
III Condition Vty rHon sst Midnight
WAAUINOTO Dot 10Tho Hon Humuol F
BllUr the senior Justice of tho United States
Supreme Court win stricken with paralysis
thU afternoon while lio was returning home
fro1 the Capitol According to on oyowlt
pec tho old wnthmnn at the Thomas Circle
3attteMIIIor who had boon un to tho Capitol >
rot off a itroet car n > or tho Circle at about
Iialfp st6 AB he profsod tho car tracks he
ambled over the cobblestones with which
Then saul tho watch
the track Is 1 > paved snll
IID l ho put his hand to his loft sldo and
fluted to run In tho direction ot hla homo
blab Is inly n row yard nwny I
thoucht It rather unusual but did not know
that there was aurthlnit serious the nmttcr
with him Ho did not make any outcry or I
would havo gone to him As he was going up
the slight Incline loading to tho terrace upon
which his house I t built ho nuddouly stumbled
aj thi and when within n few foot of his door
ho uttered a ory and ell I rushed toward
him but his body servant who had Been htm
fall got to his sldo UMt Ho was unconscious
We carried him Into the house and up stairs to
his room and then I noticed that In falling tho
Justice had cut his aco nod that tho blood
vis coming from tho wound
lledlcal assistance was sent for and Dr
Lincoln and Cook responded Before lone
thu r succeeded In restoring tho Justice to
COnscIousnchS His loft Ride however re
mained absolutely without fooling At tho
suggestion ur Dr Cook tho Justlco tried to
more his loft limbs but without success For
a short time after recovering consciousness
be was also unablo to speak but when he did
find his volco his articulation was so thick
that those around him hail to bond over
him to hear whet ho had to ear Ho
laid I folt It coming on and triad to
eel 1 to tho houso and then ho wanted to bo
told how serious his attack was Tho doctors
gore him 1 reassuring reply and then tho
Justice sunk Into a doze
Samuel F Millar Jr tnid tonight My
father Is not surprised at this attack Ho has
frequently had premonitions that at some
time he would bo Btrickon down In this man
ner An aunt on ray fathers aide died some
Tears ago from u Btroko of this sort and other
members of my fathers family have suffo red
1 the samo way
Justice Miller had just returned from a trip
out to Colorado on a visit to his married
daughter It Is thought that ho n at this
time peculiarly liable to an attack of this sor
for the reason lat ho was Tory tired from his
long travel
Samuel F Miller was born In Richmond Ky
April 5 1816 and is consequently now in the
75th year of his age Ho was graduated with
honor at tho University of Transylvania
and at first elocted to adopt the pro
fession of medicine After practising as
a physician 0 low years however he
decided to study law in which profession ho
soon rose to eminence His sympathy with the
Northern side of the slavery question deter
mined hIm to leavo Kentucky anil In 1S5U he
Trent to Iowa and noon became one of the Ite
publican leaders In that then frontier htato
Notwithstanding repeated and urgent solicita
tions declined to bo nominated for any po
litical office ajd couGiiud himself to the 10
ttca of his profession In 1862 President Lin
coln appointed him n Associate Justice of the
Supreme Court and lor many yearn ho has
bon the senior Justice JUBUOO Field ap
pointed In 1863 by Lincoln standing next ap
order of seniority
Justice Miller by common consent hai boon
regarded ns tho strongest man on tho Supreme
bench ever since he took his seat thoroon On
two occasions he was selected for Chief Jus
tice by tho appointing power President Grant
decided to nominate him for that olllie but It
was argued that it would be an affront to Jus
tice Noah H bwayno who had served longer
than Justice Miller and as a compromise Mor
non I Waite was choson DurlngMr Clove
lands Adm Initiation the Question of pro
moting Justlco Miller was seriously considered
b the President when Chief Justice Waite
d d but ho was dissuaded by his part asso
ciates who deemed such a course unwise and
Melville W Fuller 4 appointed Chief Justice
thc Instead
Justice Miller has always boon a strong au
thority on constitutional law In which line he
ben earned a reputation second only to that of
Chief Justice Marshall Among tho best
known opinions delivered by Justice Miller
Were In tho slaughter houso cases or Louisiana
In which ho del nod very clearly tho line of de
marcation between tbo rluhtBOf the Govern
ment and those of tho States and In tho cele
brated llollet Kilbourn case in which ho hold
that Congress as a legislative body had no I
right to take judicial proceedings against any I
citizen but that such action must be loft to
the cours lS having exclusive jurisdiction in
indicates Ito has been the legal adviser
Presidents of the United States on many
Intricate questions and It is probably truo
that no American ant r stood so high In
the 1 estimation of the leading men of both po
Ilea parties
lbs autumn term ot tho Supreme Court Is to
begin next Monday und since his return from
Ito Weil tin other duy Justice Miller had been
busily engaged In preparatory wQrk for the ap
Proaotilni session but now It Is hardly possi l
ble that be vt ill over resume his tent on the
bench ton If his life Is prolonged Ho passed
the time limit of 70 years in 1880 but never
eats iwy Indication of a desire to tako ad
vantage If > It nor Indeed was tlitro any
wajou why ho should Until tho present tlmo
pi has Ieen m vigorous I physically mid men
tally as must Olin aro at rond ho bus of >
itaotlr bench done lila full share of work on >
I rponally Justice Miller has always boon
nnDO of the most popular men In Washington
Lu WM a I thorough Democrat and treated
very man however humble jvs au equal and
situ I delightful courtesy In nodal life ho I
waialuiiis a jolly soul brimming over with
Inn and god nature and yet miver deficient
nl llllty and iolf contiol Ho ban been mar
leu twlca und a son arid daughter by his
BItOtiI wit are both married arid hnve faint
IIt I DAI daughter by blR first wile 1111 nail the
ate DlMrict Attorney Cork 11 of Washington
JMiifrtil During the evening Juntbo Sillier
Durlnl tie oellni JUSt1
Af lt vel 1 eesliy and iiulotly until about 10 oclock
At that time a noticeable change for tha worse
was nj parent la his condition Ills breath
us In 1 shun gasps and with dlfllcujty
alsps ltl dlOcqll
Jr J Ilnc In was lent for and when
< I arrived he found the wien
a very danrirus coudltion llrtorntlves
wire 111 t iiml 1 the Imnncllate dimmer was
M scsi uftir i imtnnt attention dui jug I the I
If atr Iarl of nu hour aUolton at about 11
Or Ioclbl Ilr J Inooln came down from tie 1
Oln bit faB 08 a gruvs look To your
C rr sronlenth saId Jruvi
n I 1h JUlt tiio IH In a yin critical oondl
In critcal
t Jiit Ill ho In Hlotpjrig heavily under
tODI influence of f ii datlvo lie IK much worse
Ie z I few ii us agti und the mo t thatoiiDt
I I oPec1 1 for wl bo hat tile life may la stare J
or IIUU uninir Jlie burHtlni of f the 1100
T M I n tiio heat whlili IB 11 Nlgn
r l5f5IY iwlit linabioncHiiM d liynimti
I log H t C O I hi I h fttC th liainorrhiigomluht
L i silt caiefui lilirstig hiivi loo ma
t Bvriai I lii I tin 11 howa T timcMiulinil
wnJO JOB uiii ipg ruin I lift loon < U > 0
trot t 11 t lieiuuult U tiiryrltjiiiil I U Is life
fnt i led but ho will I I disabled 18 Ju
tl r iiL lll f t109 llt Ilu I post Iron Inotil
I finn 1 I C 4Bfis H Winhlimioii sOd hwt thu reputu I
jion ni 51w tyn II auujtf ilii inot Mangulno s mw
mOlt 1 trlIHr to ib I Ioldlll of bin insiul i titi
I I I ru e IU I I Tiis f 11 a 10 the luiief
la J ° leo M f118 ewUrj Biiiluun I lo 1
6 IJI 1 c vurr vry l 111IIlu
IU 011 burrl lu h t
r Tiio oi nijt trvlca of the ijet fit Andrew
EfucoiaU < iiurib J7tli J mrtmi und Jlftlj uvii
M cf which Ibt Hay Jeoruo Jt VUII Du J Water
r j 1IIiOr < will lie I Soul
wi on Ht Aiilf we iUw
91 li
ill U lorvleu wil I HHir1 i 1 t H A Ii lU1
igii 1 7 l M f rtil be
in T ISI ir Jr au ji priii ii nt
1 VaiinfiilVIfJ1 i 1 1 il s v Jc our iviii tars
f tit itj IIILal riiwr will prekidw
Kff H el TiMiii Pu ii WoJd I
lie Ie Iiis IIW I C V r ria > I
I Mill till H Wlillyyllili IU iflmt I IU I
tU so u u i ii I ii il ii it ii 1 ulr H IBeIl L I
Iu I I i ill I IL SL5IIIIJ5I a IU lli t I
I5spJt sad IIOW4 M1 It 0 siesta iad piiIice l I
WilJ IIII < cufo J tbet er 14 111 liii I
Uiiilui1 5lIiLdS I 575 144tct4 fcr raIl t I
hiuftfiiKifli11 die < sad It fkr I I
I W 11 U lllI I
rII fu UU0 mi J UtMl U 4ds
Jlmulr tfttlf WttUt 411C Usah or Even
i 4r
SloeS its romltttlonn cf a txiaittr Wun In
t IWI Irurv IIIOlOW jUPlr 11
obeell ayiiisbi aid ttoliovt und their or
tUtto treatrnUIi bow to uxei luat lh u
puIO A A
I MUs 4t CUd IIb Vrliilsrtoel tUIImU isod
tut UHIM CU II I II 4tiUva 41 1 jI 1e t4Ca
Nut IN f liet iS 10
tilnlf ap > ilul < d lluUI < 4 irtlui lssw l OfUd U
Jist Stiisq every itr ryr ImaU Itiar liiu iUre
ati CtlM < uit it 1 Lault 510 IU I l et litul uttk
SC vrkUeaUal All SIOVIWI 1 ftaTiuM ar lit L I
unaiU ulII lh uib tlHH Mbl U < I UU liiw PaLj aaj UttiltH
FrAT lour turn DVIHILARS
A Noldlrr Widow lM ee lie r Lire Is He
fcidliR llntir ABBln t Two JU krd Mca
WiMiiNOTov rn Oct 10hIts Baunders
widow ot a etoran I of the late war kvopi the
1 < > oond toll gate on the plank road five miles
from town She ITO alone with one young
fon In a little frame cottage by the roadside
This evening a half put 7 oclock It
was dark and tho heivy rain or
an hour before bad I made travellers
scatvo nt that hour Mrs Bounders hoard n
knock at the door and when she opened It ehe
saw the llguroft of two men one tall with a
black board and tho other short end stout and
with a smooth round face They wore masks
The tall man flashed the muzzle of I revolver
Into tho womans flee nnd demanded her
money She declared that she had no money
anti offered to show tho men through the
house They accepted her Invitation and en
tered tho house Calmly walking to the bureau
sho throw open tho drawer and quietly tossed
up lie contents with her linger In an appar
ently careless manner Tho men looked on
tlorcely and curod her
Suddenly phI turned toward tho big man and
before he could recover from his nMonlb
mont tired a hot n him Him han got
ten her hand on a revolver In thn
drawer anti knew how to uo It With
an oath the big man truck with hln
flrt a the dtllcnto woman and his companion
drew a revolver and ononed lite After a
dozen shuts worn exchanged of which a
Plucky woman fired three the mon retreated
through the door and loft their victim pros
trated In her own blood
Iho shots attracted tho attention of her son
who wan In an adjoining Hold He found biB
mother bruised about the face and unoon
Bclous Ito summoned tho neighbors and thov
procured physician I was then ascertained
that Mrs Bounders had been shot through tho
abdomen and that the wound was probably
fatal Mho rallied howovor anti was able to
give In a whisper a description of the high
wn > men and tho tory of lot encounter
It was several hours later when the news of
tbo probablo murder was brought to town
Judge Stowe was just giving charge to tho
jury In the case of tho negro wst on trial for
the brutal slaughter of tho Crouch family of
throe helpless invalid whon Sheriff Lorkhout
was Informed of the deed A posse was hastily
Bummond and tho country is being scoured by
An Important DeelMon Just Made br the
Court or Aptat
PonT JEBVIB N L Oct 10Thn Port Jervls
Gaslight Company a corporation > which has
hnd a monopoly In furnishing Illuminating
gas bore for twenty odd years finds Itself In
serous straits In connection with n decision
recently handed down by tbe Court of Appeals
r Margaret Bohan who owns houses and
lands adjoining tho companys works brought
an action against tho company In tho Orange
County Supremo Court In April 18S5 demand
leI dnnmgos for alleged detriment to health
and comfort and loss ot rents ot dwellings by
reason of tho noxious fumes thrown out from
the works In tho process of manufactur
ing gun I was claimed that tlio company
tinny made Its gas principally from
nnohtba cr petroleum which during the
production throw out a peculiarly sickening
nnd deleterious odor Tbo cn80 whick was of
novel Interest wan tried before Judge Cullen
and a jury and among the witnesses on either
side wcro a number of prominent Ins manu
facture of the country who wore called ns ex
perts Tho jury under instructions by the
Court give the plalntllTn erdkt for HSU tho
amount of nctuil loss of rents proved Tho
Court also IfBiiLd an injunction restraining the
company from continuing the mnnufai ttire to
tbo damage of the plaintiff and her tenants
Tho Gaslight Compan took aPpeals on I
both points to tho General Term with an ad I
vorso result The Court of Appeals has now
alllrmod lie rulings of the lower courts
Tho decision uf tho ultimate tribunal on I
the novel questions raised bv the cnso 1
Is of firrcuohing Importance Naphtha ur
vntergiis a > It Is sometimes called Is I a
lioiti hum of the Unlit wLluh Is In < < mivo
use lor lighting factories private residences
and tho streets of thu smaller villages the
oecihlon In the case would ft em likely to hub
loot many of tho mnuufactiuers of the gas to
harassing claims of damages
Ur Mary Walker > Certificate Irr cnlr
ALBANY Oct IOThls unique epistle was
received at the Secretary of States offlco this
At 6 re < war meeting In Weediport N Y cle4 in
Itie parlors of lie lllUrd Ilouie lr Miry E Walker
of OiweffO N Y W1 nominated a an independent
candidate for member lbs Uulim StAtes Congress
for tile TwentyBeventh dlitrlct
Un W BTRCCI President
Mill I 0 BIIXM Secretary
Unfortunately for Dr Mary and her adher
ents this certificate of nomination was deem
ed Irregular If not Irrovolant by tho Secretary
of State insomuch It failed
Insmulhn fnlot to specify
whether Dr Mary Walkers party was n regu
lar organization which had at homo previous
election cast a 1 I per cent vote of Its district
or I now aspirant for political recognition
consisting of 2r 0 olortors And moreover it
was Irregular because neither President nor
Secretary sent their Post utllco address io
tickets for Dr Mnr will he I Walker printed by the State this year
No JEleellvo Judiciary In I auIl pL
JACKSON Oct 10The Elective Judiciary
scheme received Its quietus this afternoon at
tho hands of tho Constitutional Convention
altar 0 debate of several hours The scheme
was sprung early this morning by Delegate
Frank Ilurkltt who offered It as aMibstitute
to section 2 of tho report of tho Judli lary Com
mittee which makes tho ofllcen of tho three
Judges appointive Tho vote was taken short
ly before 6 oclock on a motion to table the
substitute It resulted Ayes C1 noes 36n
complete rout of the elective faction The KOC
tlon BA reported by tho committee was then
adopted after a brief exhibition of filibustering
on tho part of tho defeated tide ulbultornl
tetree May litUo Inttm Her Blno
Miss May Kalso a soubretto ot The City
Directory company started fOr tho Bijou
ahontro on Thursday aftomoon In a cab
to visit 0 photographer She took with her
from tho lumitie dressing room a email
chamois skin bal containing tMO wrth of
rlugH When she roueied tho photogniphers
BUM missed the bag Shu < said last night that
oho bolleven that hlie dropped It upon the side
walk accidentally stopping Into lie cab
Jot Her LIre to Hue Her lion
JKAIKO 11 Oct 10 Mrn Emollne Trate
was struck by an engine on the East Penn
road near Tomplo utatlon and killed this
afternoon Bho wu 42 years of age and was
tilt widow of Lrlah l Irate of Heading Hhe had
i wltow I with her alit sue iittompted to Cross
In fiont of the engine She enn d thin the dog
oiid run undir th7 locomotive and chased
him when hi ran against hor Hint oil over
und thu oogliio pabbod over bur body
Jnd I of the Hlrlko t the Mats Iroo Work
The fctrlko of the furnuco workers In Jordan
I MottM Iron foundry was settled ytbtoiday
Tbo man will return to work today under the
ulnahour rule Timonly firm who hnvo not
yol adopted the nlnoboiirday sit tile IIth
r luiiittiH ininiuinr Ibe Jloyntun l nrnaco
0111 any mid AlOiidrotb Wrotbuiii Tlitt moil
grant 011 hut their tbov demands will ulrike if tburo Url do uut
A Ncuru Il pri > do llungtd I
JtLlsutiI N 0 Oct JOIHHo JRohl a n
trloll negro criminal awl rtmimrado WM
oiueiitui today at Ju in barton Itoloon I
count y for tho niiirdiT tt f iiirm women jisar
Ujor Cl ikurnl Ulidtnn iigo llu S hal rcinnnltluij i I I
u mnibar uri odious uiiirwteru tlinu teittsI d
train ijnijdr Jbu drop l IUl I unlock IS
piutinw wilvl11 to a > iryWly wn tu avoid
111 1111 bsJ OUVIIY
IIclPs5 lIsa Pidsy I if amIssrr
Jie 1 IUr Dr Dootli of KngUvrod 1 Ibu
leoiliol the lIIJduluY Ut tuo AuUlu iLtsu
IVllol1 alluy
1 I Hoppoird They flays R ated to Far
felt Their Ball aad Ooras to America to
Kollelt Aid for the Natloaallat Cus
DUBMM Oct lOTho case of the Crown
against William OBrien and John Dillon ho
ar charged with conspiracy > In Inciting tenants
not to pay tholr rut was again called In tho
I m lstrate court at Tlppcrary this morning
I Messrs OUrlcn and Dillon have hitherto been
present at all tho hearings but this morning
when the court opened they did not appear
Doth the defendants aro members of the
committee which was appointed at the confer
ence of Irish Nationalists held In Dublin Inst
Friday to visit America for the purpose of so
liciting aid for tho Nationalist cause and a
rumor Is current that they have forfeited their
bal ot 1100 each In tho conspiracy case and
that they failed yesterday front Jueenstown
for the United States
Much oxcltomont prevailed In Tlpperary
whon It became known that Messrs Brlen
and Dillon had abandoned tholr defence and
left tho place Confirmation of ito rumor that
they have left tho country ha loon received
There Is no conllrmatlon however of the report
port that they Balled from Quorstown yostor
day for the Uiiltod States The Information
thus received shows that they did not leave
by the ordinary channels of passage Tholr
batliwtll be estreated and It will bo paid by
the National League
All the other defendants who are jointly
charged with conspiracy with Messrs Dillon
and OUrlen were In tho court Mr Hunan
prosecutor for the Crown announced the ab
sence of Messrs Dillon and UUrlen and asked
tho Court to append to their ball bonds tho
usual certificate of nonappearance
Mr heal of counsel for the defendants sub
mitted the argument that the sureties on the
ball bonds hail fulilllrd tholr obligations whim
Messrs OBrien and Dillon appeared In ourt
on tho first day of the trial Tbu Crown ho
said had subsequently amended certain par
ticulars of tho charges and therefore t the ball
given for the defendants no longer hold bal
After listening to the argumcntx on this
point the Court announced lint In Its opinion
the charges agolubt the defendants although
they had nlln amended by the Crown wore
substantially tho same I therefore granted
Mr llonann request and the Courts certificate
of nonnpnoaranco was attached to the ball
bonds of Messrs Dillon and UUrlen An nd
jotirnment was then taken to enable the
Crown to consider what stops should be taken
Warrants have been Issued for thu arrest of
Messrs Dillon and OBrien
The transatlantic Btoanishlncompanlos know
nothing of tho routo taken by Messrs OBrien
and Dillon They wore not booked from Lon
don either by the Tnivo of tho North German
Lloyd Company which sailed from Southamp
ton yesterday or by tho Normannln of the
HamburgAmerican line which left South
ampton today Nothing Is known at cither
Uueenstownor Movillo ot their whereabouts
A correspondent of thn Frteinan Journal Mr
OBrlenl paper Balled from Quoenstown yes
terday on the City of Berlin and It Is thought
not unlikely that Dillon and OBrien may also
be aboard that vessel In the absuuce ot In
formation tho Government is perplexed as to
what notion to take In tho matter
Sir T P OConnort paper the Star says
that Messrs Dillon and OUrlen wont to Wa
terford and from there to Havre on Wednes
day and that tbey will proceed > from the latter
port to New York
Detectives have boarded all outgoIng steam
ers and searched In vain for Dillon and
O rlpD They are convinced that the two are
already on the way to America I Is I possible
they say that Dillon and OUrlen filled on a
I Uueenstown yn < ht and harbor boarded 0 Btuamer outside of
rroaitiED DOUr ova SEW TARIFF
Germany Fropo e > Concerted Action Mr
Gladstone Opinion
BEBLIS Got 10in compliance with the roP
rcBontfitions of many German merchants who
are nffoct d by tln now American tariff the
Government has resolved to consult with the
Cabinets London and Paris about a com
bined diplomatic remonstrance at Washington
against the commercial policy of tbe United
States I Is hoped those stops will induce
the United Stnton to abandon the more
rigorous provisions of tho Tarlrtlaw Falling
to attain the desired end in this way the Gor
man Government will propose International
measures to protect tho Interests of the mer
LONDoN Oct 10Mr Gladstone sont to 0
Nottigham correspondent from Uaworden
yesU uuy a postal card giving his opinion of
the new United States Tariff law Ho Bays
The Tariff act is as you will suppose In my
eyes I deplorable error attended with severe
and cruel consequences to Innocent persons I
shall certainly desiio to find an opportunity of
offering remarks upon It In Midlothian
Say lie VTnntii a Chance to Prove III
Cbnrce In Court
LONDON Oct 10 Mlchnel Davltt reiterate
his charge that Mr Hoare the British Consul
at Now York supplied Jim McDermott with
and Bent him to Montreal to
money Mlntrlnl get up 0
dynamite agitation and aNo hints n further
charges Upon reading Mr Hoaros denial
cabled here Mr Davltt said to a reporter
I repeat ns emphatically as Mr Hoaro de
nies that every word of my charges Is true
and I challenge Mr Hoaro to put tho truth or
falsehood to tho tost by proceedings nt law
I undertake on my part to prove each one of
mr bunion and to Ire par them UI to the hit on
sworn testimony of the agenla actually em
ployed ti > Mr lone and his proileceesor Mr
Archibald I 1 only lot tho chance to do BO and
I think this might servo as a plain hint to ant
hoar with whom I have not jet finished I
have something more tu say about this gentle
man und his record In connection with the
Pigottttt > i conspiracy and I can assure him
that I do nut Intend to mince my words I nl
very anxious to get an opportunity > > of laying
ham to tho world lot whole Infernal Hjfltoin of
plots and plant whereby the secret service
money 01 tho British Foreign Olllce ban Ieen
on ended In America In the employment of
MoUermotts Pliikertonn and others and If
Mr liar will glue me this opportunity 1 1
Bbull bo devoutly grateful to nlm I
Tb tomtecie da Iurl Alarmed or Her
Ilgiugh tar
PAnS Oct 10The Comtp se de Paris Is
said to be so alarmed at the condition of polit
ical affair In Portugal nnd tun danger to
which her daughter Queen Amelia IB I exposed
that Him has sent an urgent telegram to her
bunband In America which may considerably
cIt I tel lilsvIMt
1 IB added that this Cointeise ban sent an
urgent mtoaagn to the Omen pleading with
her to bun least BUbnldod 1nrtugal until tie prosout agitation
Lord Cablr Heal to tbe Warktaou
LONDON Oat 10Iord Cablr was arrested
yesterday t at Croydon In Hurray on complaint
of one of bin neighbor whom bu hal threat
ened with bodily harm Ito wits locked up In
a cell in the unite > 1Itlon user nlglit find wee
arraigned In ouit till I II morning W lien liU
cut SI tIC ailed bu tOO k u Orlil the table do
voted ti > this tieS of nliclUi ami wor freely
at ihn iiiagUtintK und otbvrvyUe < a < Uid In a dix 1
ciderly mnnniT Jh I < > niugUtiatu committed
orrrl Ullllle oOllultd
bim suite to the vrorjiboubv I II l bullurud lel is l iu I
About la llulltf tb hIbarIois Jisllwiey I
HT IBiriiHjiioio Oil 10Tliu I I 010 Trrwia
lotys hint ilin Iliihiiluii Joibruuiuut will Iniino
iliut ly bowin thin 001 U ton of the rtlturiun
ilullvtur Oniulnlitof Ib Oovninimot will blVI
satire eiiiiigoof Ibn workund lip Ioutiaelora
Hill ii l iliplod liii Ainuut Irsriivq > fiiin
menu on tbii styUtsIO l jiod cowweroUI fl Im
potmio oi tbo LOW railway which It styi
will j I Indue iIoa iiitliiiii bttwoen iluesta amid
America by We Pwluu 01111
alI br as ItlPloilBB of U llall
jlouiuDCK Out JO A wbrkman wat flue a
bell will I mullnlta 1lar I whu I UIJrlld
I I 10 I SlieSt Wrftf limlHDtir I fclllUl Ihlll I blllll ls
In I 111 IUI S i till y blown to ttiiiiik j rt oilier
wfrMinvu were injured om of Ibuui xrl
MlrrloNAln lwnlUON DOATH
Posed I > ad In III lied In tha HU Oorc
Hotel nronklm Telrdar
Loving A Bobartson a leather merchant
was found dead yesterday In bed In his room
a tho St GtoigA Hotel In Brooklyn where he
bad been living for three months Ho had
boon In delicate health for some time as
a Btiflerer from asthma but when he retired
tired to his bedroom on Thursday night
there was nothing alarming his condition
Ho did not appear at the breakfast table yes >
terday morning but his nbsenco did not excite
any special attention until noon when tho
chambermaid found his door still lockod and
foiled to receive any answer to hr repeated
knocking The door was forced opn and Mr
Itobortwn was discovered Irad In bed lie
wss undrissed antI bad evidently composed
himself for the night Ills ao was black a I
if death had been caused by ftuffooatlon
There was no trace of the escape of gas
The doctor who had boon attending him de
clared that heart failure bet been the cause
of death Coroner Itooney will hold an Inquest
today It was rumored thatlt Is probably n coas
of suicide but Capt Ttirnbrldge the landlord
na8 there was nothing to justify such
a suspicion Thorn was no sign what
ever ot poison Previous to his sojourn
at tho St George Mr Robertson Dad
lor along time occupied bachelor apartments
at the Plorronont Houio lip was about 60
years old and was unmarried ills residence
vn formerly In nnsyhanla lie was the
President of the leather company whose fac
tory i at 471 Kent avenue and whose ofllc a
Rt 84 Gold street In this city lie was dlstant
I ly I related arec the family of the late I le
Bops Hla estate It is I sold will reach almost
I lopes ll I SI 1 Amost
Mme Grevllle Aceoat of Her THU to
the Ilnpont Work
Pints Oat 10 Toucnlng tho terrible txplo
Elon of gunpowder at Wilmington Del tho
today letter from Mmc
Tempt publishes A leter Mmo
Henri Grovlllo the novelist giving an account
of an Interview sho had with Col Dupont tho
gunpowder manufacturer on the occasion of
a visit to his powder mills some time ago In
company with him Bald tho Colonel That
black trail yon notice along the road i powder
derGood heaven I said the authoress what
a terrible danger
YeV answered Dupont In spite of tho
strictest precautions wo Und It Impossible to
arrange the sacks so n to avoid leakage
arrlllO not explosions occur from time to
time V asked Mine Orovlllo
tlmll course they do answered Dupont As
for me I expect to die as my father did before
mo the elder Dupont was blown up by his
own powdcrj > and the only thing to do Is to be
In her description of tho life of tho workmen
at tho mills Mmo GroUllo relates that
seeing Dupont drink wntur only at dinner she
asked the reason and hu replied i exact
from my workmen that they shall drink only
water and 1 must sot them the example
The Temperance Celebration at Ook
ConK Dot 10Tho Father Matthew temper
ance celebration was continued today A pro
cession composed ot delegates from total ab
stinence societies of all tho three kingdoms
the Mayors and municipal councils of the
principal cities of Ireland trado and other so
cieties marched through the streets The pro
ceislon which was two miles In length
stopped at tho jumtlon of South Mall and the
Grand Parade where from a platform > Sir Iopi
llennossy delivered an oration on tbo life and
character of Father Matthew This evening
the city was Illuminated
Five Tear ror a Oerman BpI
NANCy Get I0Mmo Bonnet In whose pos
session were found plans of tho defences of
Nancy nnd who when placed under arrest
confessed that she was In tho employ of the
German Government has been convicted to
being a German spy bho was sentenced to
Ova years imprisonment and to pay a line of
6000 francs Upon the expiration of her trm
for of Imprisonment ten years will b exiled frcm iranco
Striker Ak for Aid
LONDOV Oct 10Tho strikers In Australia
have Bent n telegraph massage to their
brethren In this city saying that they require
20000 to win in their struggle against tholr
employers They guarantee the repayment of
the I money and tay that i it is sent to tlnm
the SUCeess of their strike Is assured ibo
London committee Is considering the advisa
bility of mixing the amount desired and send
ing It to Australia
Barrlae the Paiiaee or Kncllb Onnboat
LIBDOS Oct 10It is reported hero that
Portuguese gunboats have formed a lino nero s
the mouths of the Xam eel River In East
Africa to bar tho passage of the British stern
wbrel gunboats I they attempt to ascend the
river Only I passive resistance It Is Bald
will be made t the advance of the British fleet
Ten Person Killed bjr an Kxploilon
PAnS Oct 10An explosion occurred today
In tho pyrotechnic school at Bourges Depart
ment of Chor Ten parsons were killed and
many others Injured t
Note of Forclen Happening IBIS
limo glassworkers at Donaln Frcsne and
Eoaupont have lone out on strike
The striking corn porters in the employ of
the Oceun Steamship Company have resumed
work on the companys terms
Emperor William has received from the King
of Italy a telegram announcing that he has
Bent to tho Kal < r a lifesire portrait Qf him
pelf In the telegiam King Humbert addresses
tho Emperor as bin true friend and ally
A circular has been Issued by the British
Government denying tho report that fever
prevail to an alarming extent among tho
Grenadier Guards In Bermuda and that a
largo number ot deaths have occurred Tim
circular states that there his been only one
death from lover In tim regiment
Reception lo William Welter X help
The Union League Club of Jersey City gave
a reception to William Walter Pholps tho
American Minister to Berlin last night When
Minister Phelps leachud tho city ho was driven
to tha house or Supreme Court Justice Dixon
In Jersey avenue Justice Dixon gave a dinner
There wero piesent be > laos the members of
the Ion family Uov Leon Abbett exGov
and Mrs J D Bodle and Peter Bentley and
the reception which was nt the Union
League Club wax nttmidcd by many prominent
persona Preslpent Itldgtray made tho speech
of wiiUome bpeocbes were made by Gen K
Bend Giubb recently appointed Minister to
tipuln und oxJudge John A Blair
The Irish Belief Fund
IlAnTrone Oct 10 Sympathy for the famine
threatened people of Ireland drew a large
crowd to Allyn Hall tonight and tbo result ot
the meeting was S25 to bo added to the fund
which THE BUN U I railing This amount will
be iniinudlulrily forwaido I tQ TUB HUN Mayor
DM Ight liiuud thu cull for ibo nifetlng some
days ago at the BJtiueMlon of prominent Ole
tl1lu Jlh
5ay nlo lie J culled It t to order and provided
utlng the evening HimeoheH wero made by
Mayor Dwlght lorntillu Ohell benator
Huwley anti otlitrs
Hbut In I lb I > NIst
Alfred Oleun of 1 fourth place Brooklyn
wan shot by some unknown poison last night
while walking In HUtlMh street near bUtli
nvfiiuelu lbs town of New Utfeoht a bort
I Itur
di Uuoii ouuldii this oily limit file bull t
dlllllo lH upiosd lo buu boim fired from u
viiiall pistil lodgi In hIs nk InfllMjag u
iilnfuf but inn dmiK iou wound Ho I wnf
ubuu I Ilicnulyo III an uiiibulainu Iv tho pansy 0111 l
Jispeles gt Cabin far ibe World Pep
DAMVIIMC Ky Oet 0llon from Chicago
vl 11 < < Wntblnvtoii county thin week and
bought of Usury 114 l < tie lot I cabin In which
Ajrsbsw 110010 Sited ii AbI nd where
111UIr Wil gaartil pricy Jn wlr I te
cegthfbaI t Ijiiig JrouLylI 1 titers V9l ill I
HI r3
Iunt CIpiii ult7 nil gglc kilO for I I ii I
nbll was IIJ I I 1111 wjl I ij 14154 to
CHOUII t lu ullbUu lt tll Ir1 I J air
rnnlR cotirANii OF inn nrRrr
sccovo REUZBHr nunANlmu
Capt IllllmdKhl Uubola and La Placed
en IheNnprrntinteranr Itt Tba Chare
Acalnlit 1 foL Tamp and Ilia ChI
Acalnkt the Mix Captain hImiaed
ALUANT Oct 10 AditGen Porter today
Issued a special l order disbanding Company C
Capt J 0 I Llllicndnhl Company F Cnpt
Charles A Dubols and Company 1 Cnpt John
P Leo all of the Twontytneond Iteglmont
Thltnotlon of the AdjutantGeneral is tho rn
suit or tho dissensions In the regiment The
officers of those companies have been placed
on the supernumerary lift of tho National
Guard and they are ordered to turn over Im
mediately to tho commanding officer of tho
Twentysecond lleglment any public or regi
mental propirty l uhlch they have in their I
possession or under their control Tbo
commanding Ulcers of these three 1
companies aro ordered to cause noncommh
Blonod officers and privates of their respective
regiments to assemble at their hoadiiuattois
for tho mustering out of theo companies by
Col Thomas I MeGrath A8sl tnt Inspector
General follows C Oct 22
Oonlrnl as olows Company nt
8 P M Company I Oct 24 at 8 1 M Com 1
pany F Oct 28 nt S P M The Captains ot the
three disbanded companies refused to resign 1
at the request of the AdjutantGt > noral I
AdjtGon Porter said the charges against
Col Camp made by Capts Hart Demarest
Prcoce Thurston Finch and Maldhof of the
Twentysecond lleglment bad been Investi
gated and dismissed as hit also tho charges
ol conspiracy made by Cot Camp against thoso
ell Captains limo court martial ordered to
try the six captains OH limo charges preferred
byOol Camp tho AdjutantGeneral ale would
bo Mintermnndod Ho sid that similar stops
would undoubtedly be taken In tho can of the
charges against LieutCol Mlllor of tho
Twelfth lleglment Tho Adjutant General re
fused to say what course would bo taken re
garding the other moors and companies ot
the Twentysecond Regiment
Another special order was Issued today by
thn AdjutantGeneral which read I ap
pearing that First Lieut Charles huge ot tho
First Battery has neglected and refused to
PlY 0 lIne Imposed by a dellnauonay court
convened by special order No HI bo Is dis
missed from the service without allowance of
the time ho hal served and dlsiiunlllKd from
serving in the National Guard for a period of
live yearn
Gen Porter left for Now York this afternoon
The news of AdjutantGeneral Porters order
disbanding the three eompanles of tie Twenty
second lloglnient and dismissing the charges
that were pending against tbo other officers
the regiment was a surprise to tho Twenty
second The Board of Ofllcor met at the
armory last night for the transaction of rou
tine business AdjutantGeneral Porters or
do bad not reached thor rind thoy llrdt
learned of It througti tho reporters
Col Camp and bin Maior Aa Bird Gardner
went to see Gov Hill on lliunday but saw
AdjutantGeneral Porter Instead Col Camp
was not tiling I to resign and when he re
turned to Now I York he did not Know what
action would bo taken to settle tno trouble Iu
his regiment
Thn findings of the court martini before
which Capt Du Bole COlr lio Captains to
be retired by this order was tried stated that
the Captains who were lined should be under
arrest until theIr Ins wore a1 There
was some doubt thoreforo ns to whether
Capt Du Bol by this Undine wits not
under arrest although ho Ins been drilling
his company regularly since the court drllnF
Col Camp received a letter from Coi Dod last
night saying that M far as ho was concerned
Capt DuBolaH arrest ceased at tim termina
tion of his trial Cnpt Leo who was one of tho
three captains who refused 1 to resign and
whoso company will bo disbandd said
I have always been In favor of a distinctive
Uniterm since I entered the service In 18P4
Thro have been no complaints made about
tbo discipline of my command and I bavo never
been brought up on any charge I have
never made any charges acnlunt any other
olllcer except onco when it oumo In
tho line of my duty I have always
supported the chief and I have no
criticism to make on tho Governors notions
The regulations forbid this I will cay how
OT er th a my company and the two othel t that
are to 1 disbanded ate square in tholr ac
cnunts Many of tho other companies ate not
There hate been no complaints against tliem
for lack of discipline and yet It has seemed
best disband them
An Intimate friend of Cnpt Loo Bald that the
Cnptalu > would probably contest the order In
tho courts
Cupt niernr Return from Auburn
Capt Louis Bloral who shot Surveyor Hans
B Bcnttle In November 1886 returned from
Auburn prison late on Thursday night having
served live years lei his commutation for
good behavior His wife and a party of friends
met him at the Grand Central Station and all
went to 104 West Ptftythlrd street vshoro rs
Blornl has been living for tho past two years
It was the first time that Irs Bloral hoJonra
hor husband since his hentcnce Though 79
years old Bierul is rugged and his general
health Is good
I Is a coincidence that oxSurveyor and
Stroet Cleaning Commissioner lions S Boattle
Is confined to his house by Illness at tho onttl
time of the release of his nssailnnt Or I
Louis lileral irom Auburn prison This Is the 1
first time that tho Surveyor has been ill since I
he recovered from the effects of the 1 shoot I
ing by Blernl four J earn ago Cupt Bleral
U vrlll be remembered was an Inspector In tho
Custom house under Baattle and was din
charged It was claimed for cnu e Ha sought
to bo reinstated but failed and his disap
pointment so wrought upon him that he made
an attempt upon the hurvoyorsllfe mae
wan convicted and sentenced to Imprison
ment for five years
Mr Boattlo has no fours of his old assailant
His present trouble Is of the rheumatle order
resulting from a cold literal Is In town look
ing for a job
The Hnake Charmer Illschnrored
Mra Alice Burns the snake charmer and
Circassian girl who tried to hang herself In
the Second precinct station house Jersey City
on Thursday morning was arraigned before
Police Justice Sliming yesterday Site ap
peared repentant She Bald she bad boon mar
ried twice Her flint husband died and her
second ono Is In Buffalo I was there she
said she got stuck on lie show business
and she learned bow to charm snakes hbe
said that soon after bar llrst marriage she
attempted suicide by jumping from a boat
hue admitted Bha has attempted suicide
several times Drink she raid created the
temptation to commit HUleldu the maui nn
discharged earnest plea > her for pardon and Juutlco Stllslng
tired at an Elevated rral
A bullet crashed through the window of a
car of the Brooklyn andUulonlluvnted Jlallrnnd
Company just as a train was rolling Into the
station at Broadway and Myrtle
Mrto avenue a
730oclock last night No one van hurt but
two or three of the lady pasnengeiH w < ru much
lightened The shot mutt have bon Jima front
I window on the sumu level nu the earn for the
bullet Indo a clean circular bolt In the ulai a
nnd flattened Itself against Un tJe ilabl
Juvtmlluutluft the opponltu tilde of thC car The pollctt eye
HU fitDlkncr1 Kuiawur Uarrlaa
LOUIHVIILE Oct 10 Capt W J Klnnalrd
cashier of the bank of Illddlenborougb sand
hues Jonuio 1aulkner elonod IOU JaUrl t r
Ind wuni mun fed lucre toplglit Sll > n InulU
iier U Ito daughter nf Col John It Iaulkuur
Ooniiilijouor ut Large Iruni Kunluckytu tli
World a Vttir Her lather opposed tb watch
Marl Hullo luld Ip with Iliuu blll >
Marie Holton tbi prlma iloiuia of tie Minn
Annot ioiiipuii SI l conllnud lo her bomu In
Wont Kortytliird itnet by is there ittiiuu of
broucbltU Hhe lot her 4i on juiesliti J mil
lies slim o 100 uuuLla Iu iMiumt her icia QiI
IbeCuiuv stage
IfAltUlt fitOit tlltt VttlKUUAHI
11711mB will ol lr t laU UUt lu < VTriaaa Itti fl
list riMplUl if UMIUU iaalvu eiu4aii
Poaiitiis tudI uuteisJo tdttur > u4 curlixllUi
tfmitt Vklui l isiItl I fi ri Ulo k lil 4 ww dc
Mat ft br sues iei Tfcur ilari atti l au4 Ia Ht 1 Ii > uu
ptttt la Less ie liiii < iiiilirr
1I Wit All frum l mcallii K 1 clii spilsi
55kb 554 5uii4 I I iu lifVe In JM I u lni ii tut
ciii w iiHn cit Jll iut j i < < M a 4i c >
UI4M hiitrJv J cii t i isis i i i i sa iuuu
A bvuJ sad IUMIHH I ft IiIIOi vai tint nr ite
cit SI l tru iHtttm lit ijtrof i > l lb > IuUiu Trvil pvw
5157 14 w HUrr it I frit cud flMUIurf Ii HallroiTl
cola ISV TttBWtSttS f S Itilrtu limit 1 1 asii < vt
t o > U M litI UlUlva It IU Cf
84r3 if A rortTiCAi THU
HnCoaiMander Kllnn Wont Irt the Mono nf
Veteran Tnra Unt lo AVrlcnme IlnrrUon
ST Josrnt Mn Oct I0Thuo Sons of
Veterans hero had made arrangements to par
ticipate In th iccoi > tou President Harrison
vhen State Commander Kllno orden d them to
drop the reception As limo orgnnirntlon ho
paid purported to bo noiipolttlenl sad thin
PreMdoits trip was elearl political thin Sont
of Veterans nhould keep hands oft Hearing
that n camp of the order In SI Louis was to ro
C lo the President Commander Klhm tele
ernphcd that he would suspend amy one who
took part la the tecoptlon Commindor Klino
lollties must bo kept out If the retortion
was tendered to Harrison sImply > l as 1ioMdont
of tim United States It onld liu dlr > ront
I am n Hopubllau but no bors of etoi titus
turned out when Cleveland vHtml the Vest
and none shall for IIiu ilnon while I urn In com
Minn Oentll InvmtlcaleK he DesecratIon
of Her FMther Grave
Superintendent John Schneider of St Johns
Cemetery Middle Village was accused some
time ago by Herman lletnt n discharged
grave digger of sawIng the corpse of Scrvls
Gontll In two In order to make room for the
foundations of n hradst > ne Hulntz alleged
that Schneider dug down to thu coffin and
thus having found be had made n miscalcula
tion and Instead of digging back further bo
deliberately unwed off about eighteen Inches
of the coffin and ot the body
Yesterday Miss Gontll n daughter of the
dead man went to the cemetery to Investi
gate the story She insisted on the grave being
opened and finally Superintendent Bohneidur
put a man to work exhume the body Dm
lug the work the Superintendent and a woman
while they were engaged itt a loud argument
got too near thin edge of time omen grave and
the shin cn ed in nlmnstbur ing the workman
lie was dug out and then another man re
sumed tho work When the box was reached
It wan found on mniHurameut to be even
teen Inches short Miss lentil Insisted on the
box being openedalthough Schneider and u
lawyer tried hard to dissuade her
When the cover was removed a ghastly
light mot the gaze ot tho onlookers Jammed
indiscriminately In the box wro what ap
peared to bo the remain of three or four
bodies with arms and skulls scattered about
and mixed up with brick and mortar which
hal been cast aside in building the founda
tion for the headstone Miss heath contem
plates a criminal prosecution
The ITonnff Cahler or nn Insurance Com
pany CnnEht With Marked Money
Mr Mary Rice cashier of tho Prudential In
surance Company Jersey City was arrested
last night accused ot embezzlement For soy
oral months past the company has boon miss
ing money In amounts varying from 15 to S30
DotqctlveH placed marked money In the drawer
of the safe When Mrs lllco loft the cash in
the safe was examined and was found to
bo 810 short Detective Dalton arrested her
on Newark avenue whllo the street was
throncod When shn reached Police Head
quarters she became hytlorlcnl and fainted
She was searched and sumo marked money
was found upon her She iinaiiy made a con
Mrs nice Is a welloducntod woman She Is
only twentytwo tears old Hue has been
three yunis cashier for the Prudential She
wo married two months ago to James 111cc
an insurance agent
Btorm Knock rialntia Van TVInfcle Into
Old hutch Arm
CHICAOO Oct 10A vicious blow with the
flat a momentary struggle ot excited men
and tho sudden appearance ot two policemen
caused something of a sensation on the Hoard
of Trade this morning The days business had
just begun and there wan a big crowd about
the wheat pit when Speculator Dan Storm
walked up behind a man near one of the sam
ple tables and struck him behind time ear The
injured man VMIB Charles F Van Winkle now
of ban Francisco but formerly of this city Ho
toll Into Old Hutchs arms Then tlio police
men came and stopped the fight which was
the seijuol to a divorce case in which Mrs Van
Winkle was made defendant and speculator
Storm respondent Van Winkle had just
came from ban Francisco to press his cue
A SIgma Chi Chapter at Cornell
ITHACA Oct 10 Tonight was a memorable
ono in the interest ot the Greek letter Sigma
Chi fraternity A new chaptorwas established
and the ceremonies and bamiuet wore In Odd
Fellow Hall Among the Invited guests and
those present wero George W Cbtlds an
alumnus of the fraternity of Philadelphia
lloglunld rendnll President of tnn Bar Asso
ciation Washington D 0 CongroBsman
William G btablneckerof New York Churles
Alllne Jr aol Walter L Fisher of Chicago
and William H Merrill Jr of Boston The
llov Henry L Zlcgonfnso S T D Archdeacon
of Duteliess was tbourator of the evening
Prof Marlon M Mlllor ot Princeton College
was the poet Dr Cbauucey U Klpluy Presi
dent of the Now York 1ont Graduate Chapter
iresiled at the banquet Two of Cornells
faculty Profs F H Noyon and A 1 Willis are
among thus petitioners for the establishment of
thin new chapter which Is to bo kn iwu as
Alpha Phi Mr Morrlll Is Grand ProUoc Add
initiated the now members
The Weather
There was a slight barometric depretilon In the lake
regions yosterdsy canting tight rains around all the >
lower lakes and In Canada light showers in Bomb Pa
kola and Kansas and snow In Montana Klsewbere th
weather was fair There was no general storm Iu eight
and all along the cout the winds were light to fresh
and mostly off shore
Tha area of blgh pressure covered time Northwestern
States and the upper Mississippi valley with colder
wealber while the high pressure In tho South Atlantic
Stat sent warmer southerly hreexes over time middle
Atlantic and New England Slates Light frost list co
cnrrrd In the latter dlitrlot In the morning
In this city fair weather prevailed Tbe highest GOT
rnmeut temperature warn 71 i lowest 33 i avcrag
buinldlty 76 per cent wind light aoutU
To day promises to ba fair with stationary tempera
ture tomorrow lair cooler
The thermometer at Terrys pharmacy In Tna Hvs
bullilliig recorded the temperature yesterday ta aliens
i4n 151 I 1551
SA M Sl 97 830 V l H ikl l It
CIA U II A7 > iir M Cs Usa
U A VI IU tu 111 i U W lit
tail 15 It = IJMM IH
Average fitfi
Average vu Oct lui iseC < eis
siu > ii nrriri rnmijil nn 8 r s urtmuv
For It District oC Culumbia anil UaryUn ralni sta
tionary lemperalura westerly wlndi cooler lunday
For rastern Ienrisrlvanla Nw Jersey and Palaviare
raiut wssKrly wluilsi cooler fcuulay mornliiK
fir toilerS ftiui ivrk trmvnt tiMiachiuttu Jtnott
lUnJ tied CViiiurllrui ruliu wlnti iMIlify to mmrlt
Kalkisary ttmjtrtitvtf
Vet ktsln and New llainpsblre ralnst westerly
tiiidsi tUlloutry Kuiieratui
Kl erin til < kits has ip > iinttd 5 Akteubiymau Tbomas
Murpiir a J i ulr SN tirt
Sir II T OoUmurtliy Uonrmr of HiUlsli lluiilura
trrlxit hi i 3 tsrdSl Oil UK 11411MIIJI A5 act
ltl < le Ialleujn t if tha 5ijIiiJt c < url das akrar < l J
1450 daioig aiiset II iicIl is
tlcra A ISiJIIs sit I crUKUM Of M iesIi all ML
Tie I o MIX ii tfirn f Hi I i UJiirf u il5 l I irijjiiitr
rtligui w IV 1 Icait If cc ji taulun AH t lurk U
U > lliuu i ll UlUX ut I IS l tnl lilrr
J id eli jiClit Is s 9 I ii aeliu 4 v l
levi I Hi lass Itoh MM fit > is I kit Is a
iIwa It cii Stviiii 51 I S to Aiiii j
Cu flit J551 J r h 7i s > i
555 fills r ii lulej Cci A itur r auardy to > > i uir
t > cVmi titer italJriy C Utfitftulftill if iOu aitd the i iti
In M hftvul lillita itu lie iiIUSie u lliso5sItiae vf
H bl ir rp vt1 iLf ff Ufi law
Tie J oiU > t viUUjsMluiirr y frliy 1114 IIicmau I
fuludiii 4r H a Msl I > 111 fift i Ultit in 455 iy
fur rlM utsiht I a fuuli r lust I > Wa l k cc
9e1e lw f itUsff 5 Sr S Ul I i5l hats HvLtrl nt sire
it it t lilies clilci IaU ii cc rsdh
1 Isuusa Ui a ii i Jl a Ccii Soi ii I
ii will tills l > t sir i v Ifffj as IU i 19
i Oiw l > r i vi a n I ii ci tu I Ur 5 iii i i I I
19 J itta di If 4 I I I so
lii i tt i I r < > a l > t C m I 0 i < k
I Ca doe no Ii I > J lifilt ui itifsiyuf f J < j4 air I1
Lrdui l Mr Ut > > Jn flu JrfUwil ti iu tiii
I WJUltttt IsVUI WM < 5 eciof at ILa Silt f4l l ySiui
lr sUwfJuf > i l > bluMu tvrrl u u lu tUiyf > i > t
ft i u < Jiiii t lACliU4 litw eWlUIU btVU lit UJ
KFttrit tO MLATt AXn TO A1
I Ornnt Alter Nlcoll end Oorsnum ec the
Tlakct Nevrhrrarr Anaemcd ftona Ike
roiinllmA noimlxr PlHtlarm Vindicate
I UK lhl HnmoarHlla Onneinmeet Md
llrhtiklnc the Ianrcr That Coot the
flly the Worlds Fnlr Hmleid It RstpU
Triinnll and tonitterl It Nearly BCOOO
SliortNo ncnln with Few of that
Kluil for Democratic Jecv Yorker
For Maynr Iloeh tract
For omptrolkr Thfoloro W ferert
for ni trlil AttorneyPelancy Nlcotl
ror Sheriff John J 1 Oorinan
nor C enmity Clerk I onanl A Olegerlctk
Ear Oornner Michael 3 II Mfnaemer
lor Imldfnt Hoard of Aldermen John nT ArnolA
For Judgrs Superior CourtJohn 1 1 Freedmao David
Plo damti
Vr lustlces City CourtJoseph E Newberger Jama
II Hlslmmons
Time County Convention of the Tnramany I
i Ilnll orfiiiilntlon last night wan n hummer I
The ofttostod capacity of the Wigwam was
nover more pooroly strained byo crowd la t
mass meeting times nt tin most boated period j
of the hottest kind of a campaign The early t 1
i conurs found orderly rows of chairs comfort
nbly disposed with breathing room between H
I the rows Thoy took seats with Croat content
but became positively happy when the bait
rapidly tilled up and standing room
lUolf was at a promlum A little In
road was mndo on tholr satisfaction by the s
necessity ot leaking thorn move up chairs
I w 1 9
r r
I Jr
A ti a
NcJj 4 1
nunn J OIUNT
In a Brand huddle to make room Still many
of the 4700 members of the Convention could
not nut Into tho bull
A Rood Democrat who did cot In however It4
was not a delegate Ho wanted to see a Tam
many Convention and having seen it he ei
pressed hia satisfaction at tbo eight It was
James Morgan of Wisconsin who ns the Dome
ocratlo candidate for Governor ran nearly
8000 votes ahead of Cleveland In IBid 4
The crowd sweltered but was very patient
thoueh it had a lone watt after the hour men V
tioned In the call Thoro was material for
another blir Convention outaldo In tbo corri
dors and on the sidewalk
At 8K Commissioner Qllroy walked on tho
platform amid a roar of applause seized the
big envoi gave the
table a thump and
called the Conven
I tion to order Ha
becan with the eea
plblo miKcostlon that i
us they would oo
copy the hall about
an hour It would ba
best to refrain from
Biuoklnc This was
a reminiscence ot
C5 John Kelly who was
Ic in the habit of doing
the eamo thing
I gome of the dele
Rates retrained aa i t4
rno w irrKi 11
requested and sorno
did not
Nelson Smith was made temporary Chair
man and returned thanks
As the record stands now he Bald thin
campaign IB distinguished from any In the 4
past from the fact that this is the only Demo
cratic organization In the city and county ol
Now York Great npplousol All those who
have hierotfre claimed to bo Demooi nts who
art OPPOSI d t < I Tamniuny flail Imvo now atnil
ated tliomtohBB in n heterogeneous mass In
which MiitrwuintH Itepubllouus dynamiters X t
mlehtBay Inuchtir
paraons all o el d a 4f
and and are assem y fts
bled and they stand o
now m > lonm relaim iesiy t
inkto I bDomo rntfl 55
Therefore It Is
for you In your wis
dom nnd with full I tte I
consideration of all lt F
tho circumstances 7 i
to Iluio In iKiniluii a
tlon a Domocratio i4 1
tiolet which will i 1 1
cotmnnnd tho ro 4
hpeot ot all tho peo
ple Astbeboadofonch I C
delegation biindoil da Y
UP Its credent iaB tho C V
lone roll 1 1 of 4700 TILIKCIT mouu
names was culled by
merely calllnu the llrnt name from oaoh dis I
trict and the committees svere na nod Vbea i
Hocrotary John ll McUoldrb hail cot boars e
ojlllnu nainoH thn Convention took a recess
U bis gave the committees time to prepare their e
Aftir reciBS the temporary officers worn
mali iicrmauont odlcrn lloiirko Loekranre C
ported tho roBolutlons and all the pulutB wore
rueilved with enthiiBl I
Os 5 antmt The tilatform Is
goon In full below
jI rime arraignment of the
I lEopiiblicanpartv In the s 14
vein of the iJoclaratlon I
of Iiidep < nd ncnwbcU
WIIH the fmtiire of the
o I t roHolutloiiBjiirouEediihtj
tA11 lire of tba Tnramnny
bravo ami lie readinug
27 was fieiuantly Inter
I mnted with abbeys
Tim mint ion of tbo
S nnmn of Major Grant
iirourod more cheuri
nnd tlioiloniinolatlonof
anti oesoN lie In brbl ticket foiifl4
cordial nppronl Tbo oxiorlntton of Tout
ll lit I troMilnl issue nnd tbo t roudomn
HUM of the buiriiH cauisut and of hInt obntrua
lion to rupul trnnlt wotit i roundly ap
pluieled IJiin the rovlew of tli J ituusbntasilk I
mlinl I I nlblrutloii ol
tin1 Ity I I > ovnrniii nt
by tliu Taiiimnny of
lltliila uolud inori
ebiMi > und I tb < Unnl
run lotion oi it till lii
thy with I starving
hoiiiil e ipp < 1 tIe
i Ililili Of ellltiu l
Jhir we ii
iinU ul i ki mi
Ulll till u I 011 tll I II
H uM ii t siLo ii
fin n i uimttj Jli
Lo kiun t said
ills plu < f ftm
vbl d lu I ii > > ut
iniltod loi ui un
hit ivul ui I ° hut
a rl I r i n s t h
ul UIH I b l I i
run itI 1 Hi Hi i fu U
S ll j ii A ii Iu ii We 111151 ni > fat re to ask
I ul Iliu t lii ti U i f t Isu S loll t 0 i uv i u aooloW
I ul i I iiiulu i 1 iluruliutliii of duty W
I ik bu JU IR < Ht the buliH boi
i I iipuii Hi rs iiurithlih w bare
I u junta I lApllHU C U oontiiint thu
I Ill tIlls alinllillnitl u wild
I iji I l uuUiuni 4 ibo until liMifttl n
I nb I Ii it li tsls hit PIulCIJehllUJcjICy I
I ii I lorit lii > < r Iv I iuIrieei l I wlb thu a
I j u ly of f the 11 t Mi I U < n ItigJni
5 p t hI V i S I ol 4 I C
1 i I li p
I I i i I I il
I II I ii Cl I 4 ILK
Uielli I II n i ii 4 In i t I
VUI4 I Ill fliP I 4lkUI S ar I
vfjolbe ierI of till Iijydvil lo ebsag
ti Uktti U Ol 0 It Vtt ti ctL4 iLii LisiIs

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