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i ioIt1 i iiiiijll eL 1 t W F ij CJ i = J wi = 1n 7 L i ij 4ii r2T J 11 iiE1itr ri M f I
ACTVAt coAnmoy OF ironnrna ts
Alf roire ron4r
Ira rttn orih rlcktllnnr Mnviii a4
I s of lb thua Oolnic OB DtllB
of KalcBlnl > > rBlloB fl row Inc
Tho actual condition ot worllngmen who can
cot work In Now York citr today In I generally
better than etr They lr letter fed and
olothdnnd housed noil has more holidays
J than ever before at I body They are inor
I thoroughly organ Ired than ever end the work
I of perfecting organization Is constantly
III on Th tendency Is to the decrease of
the Knlaht of Labor tbs local organisation
of which were Inrirely made UD of men of different
ferent trader In < > n bodr In place of the
Knights has Brown up a powerful body tho
American federation of Labor organized each
trade br itself At the lust rex > rt there wore
alxl two national and International 1 separata
trader comprising 536000 merntor < belong
Ins to the Federation of which Bnmnel Gom
Ir Is President In tho last six months about
I 903 local organizations ha > o been added to the
Federation The plan of k eplng lie affairs 01
enoU traila as much at possible In the hands of
j mon belonging to that trade which li I the pe
culiar feature of the Federation work well
New organization ore cunHtantlr springing
UJ Trades that were never before organized
I I and celling Ibo bcneilt
nro coming In Ild ottnl bcneUt
The building trades nro practically united
t I and work In sympathy with each other I Is
prnctleally Impossible to build a home In New
I York city now without pilng union wages to
nil tho mon employed on It In the city working
union hour There is a tondonir to shorter
hours and Increased wages for the men who
belong to Ibo unions
Tli pleasure of the trade unions for higher
nogeshas undoubtedly contributed to drlo a
groat deal of work nut of the city and to the
I I adoption of now methods of work Book print
Ins Is now largely doan outside of tho olty In
places whore tho unions havo nut cot control
I r In the building trades whore tho dictation
of the trade unions Is most strictly enforced
I I tho amount of work that Is dune outside the
I city nnd brought hero to be put together Is
I I simply enormous Door fashes window
blinds mouldings and oven trimmings are
ran Jo In great fnctorios In melons parts of tho
country by nonunion labor and brought horo
to be put together In buildings This Is I also
true of Immense quantities of Iron and stone
work which Is cot ready elaowliore and merely
put together liore
The city contractors for largo buildings find
1 err dlmcult to compete with outofjown
contractors wno come bore anti underbid
them by moans of facilities to do the
greater part of the work elsowhoro Among
largo buildings thus crafted by outoftown
contractors may be mentioned TIle build
ing the new Manhattan Athlotla Club
building the Imperial Hotel and tho Kelly
building at Templo court and many others
lu most such buildings troublo comes when
the union men of the city are brought In con
I tact with the work or outoftown nonunion
man There bl boon a good deal of effort on
I the part of trade unions to prevent union
men from aiding In the construction of build
I ings thus mainly construoed by nonunion
i men but It has not boon found practical to
I prevent It entirely
Twenty years ago carpenters In the city woro
I working ten hours a day for 2 to 3 a day
I now they get t350 a day for eight hours The
means of transit aro such that there are many
I carpenters and other day laborers who live In
the suburbs In their own homes and come to
I the city to work ovary day Many journeymen
carpenters have boon able to buy land cheaply
and to erect homes for themselves In spare
f hours and dull times Most of this has been
done In suburban New Jersey and Long
Island but latterly since the elevated railroads
roads have brought the annexed district Into
use a good deal of this sort of thing has been
going on In the city limits Eon the poor
workman who is building hs house In the
suburbs finds It cheaper to buy his doors
poshes and window frames ready made as
they come from Now Hampshire Connecticut
or elsewhere The time has gone br when It
I profitable to do this sort of work In the city
Machinery Is used moro In housebuilding
There Is no dlfferenco in the wages of
a good carpenter and a bad car
penter The union says the wages shall
t bo 350 for all and tho boss pays It ul
I though one man may be worth t5 and
tho other only 2 The good workman has
however this advantage be Is the last one to
I I b discharged and the boas will give hIm
f work all the year round I he can or put him
in as a foreman with half a dollar a day moro
The olghthour system works well with the
carpenters but tho bossos cay that It came
upon > them too suddenly and caught some of
i them with big contracts on which they hud
figured at nine bourn a day The framers who
are a distinct body from tliu carpenters could
not get 350 a any for eight hours and i om
promised on 40 cents an hour Thero are
t many carpenters und frnmera out of work at
this g ason a outdoor work cannot BO on In
cold weather IO
The stone workers und masons generally got
mlone Iot
the best pay In the building leolraly an
pear t have bon suecssslul In keening down
i their numbers by limiting the number of ap
vrentlcea Tho mnrble finisher got t 3 to fin
day The stone cutters and carvers got about
a6 a day and have some of the strongest
I unions The lost t paid men in the building
Cj i trades are the trout brl ck layers who get 1650
5 a day but they have to lose much time There
1 j Is no more making immense nOR by laying
i front brick by the thousand as they used to do
t when LawHon N Fnl r worked at this busl
10 pen When thoy naked him to join tho union
pa said What do I want to put mvsclf n a
i lovel with 1 mann ho can only Jay LOW brick a
day when I eon id lay 3WO V tOflt I he should
I want to work at It now he would bo compelled
i to work at thu union rate or not at all Lay
J ers of rough brick get 450 a day
There Is a growing tendency lessen strikes
and keep the mn mOlo steadily at work by
agreement btiween the bosses and the union
I men for a certain scale of wages to bo renewed
very > nr The men liz the scute and the
t DOSHCS agree to It and really do not care rait h
If I what tho scab la so long a all tho bosses aro
compelled to pay alike Tho Stone cOttoN
rnnsonH plnto ere and tin roofers have
I adopted the plan with gratifying sin cess
J Hl > euklnaolthneciuity uf f this plan Of fixing
c the Kauea for 1 given time Mr James W
Kigsr one of a family of builder who have In
the last half century constructed many publln
i e and Mivate buildings in this olty sld thl
I II simply Ilpoulbll to eitltnnte the COlt
of ernotlug a building now Wo mild guess at
t the price of labor In mOlt cane If wo guana
too low nj Iota money If we micM too high
We are und rbl1 I by the outoftown eon
t traftorn wit evade the payment of union
wages on a large part 01 their work A roar
Wo the carpenterii gave us pellet that tb l l
I wages would be ISto for nine hour Yot
i jrlthln a fw f months they took oil un hour
f Uno firm got caught with contract for Hd5
0 wurth or work a large part of wblih was
f carnentui work Iii bostet would not aro < ft
wo were all tompelltid to pty the same winos I
but tho wy the thIng works now WIIII I a
I eoiiftimt tendency loglvooontrHilH I > iitof I
town ernpluyyrH wlio witr not pay for nay work
to he dons In the c Itv I f they iU liolii It Long
I comrrtdH for labor will Irorir a iilou to
1 ul h of hip labor pr llvm IIUtOI I
fill tcriible result of ihs long strike of the I
t ull li Itrlk
I I mill In jfrck ng valley wileie 4000 men
111101 In 18s3 I ktt4i up CJ5vs n mouth un
III2duuu Mr4onw rn oltra < tutu cOllul I
lid tAaidIA of Ilkid I ales ot lalel I lat
huiui r lil op uldol S I I y hlth clue Iii s
iuJlletZetlY eu4ui tllul u and Jo kou among
l tue minors 110r f t i lrlll1111 of the tIrt joint
I IIIIO ii IIUOI s Inll bossis woo hrll
I lyau iiiH KucrUi of tll Al1011 1le I
il ohio jif t labr g In 1 hpoiikiiiK I of i in vulua o
fluispiau u an u fOliiliou of iliu labr p I u 11f I
> I Jv II ssid I liMe vrciuiuu4 good lust
I Inu IiutiecU men who were blfierly qp
luxud 1 II liun M > curi u buluuIke
fay < of nHtlluK dmcitl I Tli lu 1lvlor UuoII
lime uun tion 10 fur a a I ur > w
I u a their books Ionl I I bnS s fur IUIIIKII I ell
If lhir wa anyllilnii iiMdnil to how tIji
vaI Itwrl f I ii > vi 51415 of wages r tfulHt4 II T
l PlllliAl llOII us H klullou Ol lllulMldr
I > IUI mlou tin ipeiltiicdut ih iiiluer wouli
J rrotcli iVnrtl I 1 ully lir hull Wii wbniil
1 LfIO 4J5I VforLliit uiil ntly cub hr i em
e or l4u I glisu 5 II I < ut viuc Ih I
1 IL rn U I a In4 > iiy to itUnd titus i mu tu I
p rjthrlr ds IJIJ hii i Mud 1111 1 woters b4vti
t douu aod lUario Ibis lll cin mid lu tUtu
trirr Utfuuintf ktilku II uiid asurlag lour
btIIViUillUtUjCul I rill II lb OlI fliiiurr
plop I U 1 Ulfir 1 tlifcn rbllioiloii lii I
callus ft previpis 155 SefeuehtY i for arllIrIkuu >
I ill mlnnrn work unly aboii iwu Uilnl iJf tie
lull aijil uuligs m 11 tJ M u ijir vvurKiug at
ii ii wr Hid iiiMr 111 1 1 11 I m > iou Ty
cit Id U541kIIl i liui win I ui 1 ttiiitiduI i
upplyif htgirru llmycuu il > to IUIU with
iiMul Huu hat 1140 I > srnldu I I sira to lu
f PIwud 1 f ntn tlr lir I other u sales
Jluiubr In Xtw Voik vt 19 i 10 II 1 a laypnuI
Um putty uIis4y wvrfc lit 7 u rouoi Tiivy
have a strong union i and limit the Dumber o
apprentices Ihe demands of the lionrd Of
Health for niurr DiumhlBg make plenty o
buflntiv and the poorest people act he pens
fit of It I ant plumbing In 1 any house I II bad
nil that Is necen atrIt the landlord will not <
attend to It Is ti notify the oar of l health
and the landlord will I compelled to n tt
The homes Of the > oor In S rmJUN r nvei I
BO well tared for as now In ibis rcprct
Painter get nomlnnllr ISM I dav In Jvevi
Ialntet 10mlnnly
York but Ill this ra > oii of the tear vdier I
work grow dull they ret less and i to work
for the jobber who do not b < > < nu to the unIon
Fln > tela K painter got work trio rear round I
but the bulk ot plntet lose n deal or time
Cabinetmakers art frm alI to IJt I a week
and there are always plenty to be had Th <
work is iiulte distinct from cfrpcnlerlng she
tie of clblnet dlsllrJ In buildings Is I increasing 1
especially for barroom and stores Iheio li
rome plron work but the bulk of Ilaor weekl j
wness from tlO upwaid
nlel roofers kt 35il a day for eight hourn
The amount ot work varies Just now whet
many builllngs a being finished ant coveiixl
for the winter Ibeie are not tin roofers enough
to do the work In a abort time thorn will b nc
work for tin looters todo The tin roofer
pr bahly lose more time than any other branch
of the bull Ing business
BitiCA tno hod carriers got organized they eel
from t2fio to 12 73 a dr Most people look
upon this as unskilled labor but It la I not fo
Thor tbl I 1 good deal ol knack In handling I
riks and mortar and njmenhorn can br no
mean do It offhand The ivllar digger or I
common day laborers got from 1150 a day up
They have no oraanlxntlou and are mostly
Italian Home 01 tho Italians have however
got Into the trades organizations and are
Irluls Irlallalon
working amicably with the Irish und fr
It II I estimated that about 18 or 20 per cent i
of the journeymen who work In New York city
as masons plasteiars stouo cutters and como
other departments have no home hero and
only stay hero during the busy peasonof the
year about nine months Then ther go back
to Canada or Great Urltaln for the other three
month and rest with their families They find
It cheaper to do this than to live her the othei
three months out of work They belong to the
trade unions and they are unanimously In
1aor of the strictest limitation of Ibo number
of apprentices It seems pretty rough that the
voice of buoh men should prevent an American
cltion from teaching his own son his own
trade but such a thing mliint happen Thu
high wages paid In the building unto have
nfleted rents so that u worcingman now pay I
about 13 a month for apartments that were
formerly rented a 18 a month Them Is somo
compensation however In the fat that sani
tary regulations are more prevalent lint
thoro is n constant tendency to compel the
worklngmanto travel further and further to
his woik 1osslbly this faot may In time by
thu pressure of the almost Irrcsltttblo power
of the labor unions compel the Legislature to
permit an extension of rapid transit and ru
lease the municipality from the grip of tho
corporations that have got hold of the arteries
of travel and wont let go or oblige Ibo public
I costs now from so to lu per ent moro to
build a house than I did twenty years alo
hut there nro moro fireproof houses There
are no more eightinch walls or hollow Iron
columns or wooden Mansard roofs The walls
must be thick the litm I columns must be filled
and the roofs made fireproof Hut It I costs
more anti the people who occupy tbo houses
mut puy somo of tho Increased cost The
landlord may be compelled to take less rent
but ho Is a notorious kicker for revenue and I
the worktngman must pay his share or travel
r Good watchmakers get from 118 to 25 A
week lu the olty and there are plenty of them
to be had at that Thoy have never bad 1
trade union and their wages are kept down
They have the advantage of working Indoors
and pretty constant employment But they
must bo killed workmen Many men in trades
requiring la less skill are getting batter pay
chiefly as the result of organization
Bnoomakars get better wages In Now York
city than elsewhere The highest prices are
paid In the ustom trade The cutters are
about the only ones who get weekly wages
They earn from 15 to 30 a week Most of tbe
remainder work 15 piece work and earn from
110 to S25 a week according to the hour they
are willing to work Many are satisfied with
f 10 when If they wore willing to work they
could get more than double They prefer to
ork short hours and take frequent holidays
Much of the work is done by teams of eight or
ten men ton team who distribute tho various
parts among themselves each man doing the
part that ho is best fitted to do In this way
they get along n good deal faster than they
could working singly The proilts of the di
vision of f labor are so great that very few
shoemakers ever make ono pair without
assistance Tho most of wbut la called fit
ting Is n separate business I consists of
sewing on the gaiter tops Generally a work
man takes tho work of one store and hires his
own ulrls to help him The work of the city
shoemaker much bettor and better pall than
that of the groat shoo factories of the East ul
though Iniuiema quantities of the latter are
cold in the readymade btores aud readily
bought 11 consummate regardless of the fact
that they may not be tbe product of union la
bor It is I characteristic theoity shoemakers
as of printers and other workers by tie piece
that they preler to take their leisure as they
go along lather than 10 amass savings to ena
ble them to take leisure later lu life
journeyman printer sad IrA subject
It I a characteristic of all trades In New
York city where men work by the piece to con
form their working hours to the demands of
recreation Printers taior hatre and shoe
makers nrn proverbial for it They do not hike
long vacations In the bummer but they keep
all the holidays and do not object to knocking
off a day to go to Coney Island or the races or
the bate bal matches The men who do this
aro not Idlers ur loafers but they are steady
men who have industrious habits and always
little money ahead The practice Ueo uni
versal especially among printers that neon
slderublo number or men earn a regular living
us hubstltiites or extra men in various trades
I I especially I In the organized trades that
this Is done Holidays are taken on tbe light
est provocation Although nome turn up with
big heads on blue Monday there are many
who work better after abort periods of rest
Jack Hinter ot J aler Slater aid The men
who make ladlesriding buot get the highest
shoemakers wages They can earn 25 1
week We have mon earning t23 a week the
year round while other men on the same work
refuse to earn moro than S10 a week It Is all
Piecework and they work or play ai they see
fit and most of thorn seem to prefer play to
steady work
Hatter in the city can earn about 15 a day
with steady work I Is mostly dono by the
piece and many prefer to work short week
and enjoy life as I goes rather than exhaust
themselves with too arduous labor They havo
a trade organization thit regulates vtauos
lu the clothing trade thor is n wide ranco
of prices paid for work ranging from Sit to tM
per week The lowest wages are paid for
cheap readymade good which are all farmed
out to piece workers Including the labor of
men woman and children The trade unions
control only thn better class of woik Custom
cutters command the very highest wages
ranging from S 25 to IGO per week and the
maouof the fashionable garments mens
clothing can approximate those figures There
I ate many branches of the clothing trade nod
the competition among the workers Is i always
great Organization has dona I good deal to
keep up ale In thirteen cities the Journey
men Jalols National Lnlon have restricted
thi hours of labor to nine e day The trade
now working eight hours a day aro tbe car
penters houe framurH UeriiianAmerican
printers stone miutons stair builders plasterer
era lathers fresco painter and wood carvcrx
The lust paid trade Is that of tho bank note
engraver who earn all the way from 20 to
I OI a week They bare never hail n trade
union Their protection consists In the laot
that their trade require a great deal of
artistic ability and a good many yearn of prac
tice When tbuty become uxpert they have no
difficulty lu getting employment because there
is I always a sharp competition among employ
er to secure the best workmen During the
I war and for roams after there wore not enough
of them to be I had in thu world and many
engmveib I wore brought In fiom other bust
lee to aid In some parts of the work The
bunk note printer kmmu as plate pi Inters
alo had thlngh all their Iwa war for I number
ul years They had a flourishing union und
got all the rrkos lhy asked and then there
wets not half Kiiougb to do the work They
eained from tM to 170 a wik Blnce tbu t new
paper currency wis nelly completed aud the
I ue of matH Ooverimrnt tamp bai stopped
tile plutii printer I have I > at work und many
I hare gone out of tbu builn
ibO UCCUN of orLBnleil labor has led to the
formation lt l now labor mil us among mcu
biilonglnu to hit Is I uurdud us umkille
labor Among the recent Idltonl ulkllli I
duration 1 ars ierki Street pavers buck men
olrioiar rmplnteit Uilnr waltei under
takuri minaialiruur worker and stole
bolt ntAru I
Ordinary m hlniMs ID Kew York get 13 to ti
a day and li U astonUfilng bow much Mains
Ian be buiuJMbI it tall I rice It tuku a good
deal of heal work to be a if od maabultt but
the I rush i to lrllI muTMUity of uppren
lli I a tli I iir > I utl > 1 of inwhliii y sad iii I
Mown to pKfoui oiumUail I liave kept tin
vtuw down lucre J u liowir urn OH
IMUMtlon I the fuel Iht inahln its have
Ii Illt
piMity Uad wuik mid moi qf H udWu I I
What trades ufu ir wdd Tnihtcllyir Thn I f
BUfWKrJk I luiit ilivr sri f w I auy trudei In
which there are not mect luoklncoi work dur
lug OWe mouth of th I r a r All ibru i is
liraly uof fiStiC that has not its busy MIUOII
J lirt U I urn o clftiit uf workut that Uav 1
I tw WIHII atloiiioii for WI tilT and Ih otfier
tlt nuuiiuir lie iiwiuiii fur ln tiuua Iiu S I
I o 11111 up Oilier inln m ilia I wnil r
ij niipply of nl ii liyi > iii t iimclini 0 is I 01 i
urviii iii I I luirI I 55 I no tilt u iiilt I lu tilling f I i lli I
I riL fur IIL tuW iuri Hi ntiliii i lvyurlMi
null 1 I lu I un hUl luli I urKiiiiMUtx
thruwi own ui suotk lir I M wet sbupayipg il
tuirt theme i SIC II St dliir I Slant 1 ruuir
uw sIics I for UOM Whi bti Hi 1 fauhy of
IIIllll 554 ears tlk told of a ns I iii >
i4ovitisitt Mr iiip ujiuny nipllcutTonn 1 > f
rwllr < mulin if > for iimuni hue
I lUll mi 7jjii nt i mry Ib Unu of
mirkintiilij KKHT Vikiillx I lufiltig iL v < r
litt w iiooiiM to ljisihif Ni w 10 > >
Il llllLtlBl II K boutS usU j llcdlOllik 1 LftVC 115 <
UltiO IllipiUKIIlUl IU SolO rklUiU TUll
ills and ino iile liinr ire > n spacing In 1 nuin
Urr h drgaiiluilon of liknar IPIIK UP
a steal pr snur for nhorlxi IIIIIIH if
WIJolmoAf U cigke al aWA sri I
I forming a national anoelatlon In Hw York
forlns I 1
city the rlaarmaVer bn kpt up a vlgomu
catiitalgn tor hotter bourn und falror ta i r
and hnva been recently Mcurlfg considerable
advantnc II 1hr bat eurrt some of f the
aiiltt landers In the lalor movement dltln
Bulged not only for renl and Indurtry but for
prudence and proldty They illscnurage over
I wrk and be han I rI tp tunul that hnwa
I 1 wvrk alane II the treasury ft sir aG for neb
member 11 now the lrparRI Ohr r In
I krttrtess for the great Inlomlola lAbor
r1111 to tle plsrelaChicaoIn 1M
Otis marked effect of the fetallIDR ot mel
br ttmle Ins been a better feeling between
I employers and employed Thoie lrHu of the I
hitter and Dlltu denunciation of employer
than there wan under the luliot the Knights
The method ot oraanlrfd labor are assuming
a more buslcmeltlIIkS share The men reullra
that ther are limit to the power of ttide
IheN ar Imll
union is and they Mm disposed while securing
due recognition to keep within those limits
It would eem natural that persons Intrusted
with large amounts of valuable property
should receive high wngco Hut It Is a tact
and a fet greatly to WSJr cmtlt of working
men that low wages are paid to bet e who
banJie Immenns ealh Jewellers diamond
letters and spectacle makers who work In the
tr ant and metals ear from 115 to
SO n week aud the greater number of them
do Dot average 125 a week In some jeweler
shops t a workmen handle gold ntil sliter with
out chuck and ret dishonesty II I rare In om
morclal circle there are thousand of clerk
aud messenger boris who handle dally Im
men so Hums of tnouoy and twurltle mind ret
receive par Ur below the nverue wan ot
good mechanics
Borne people think the labor lender II I not
worth his unit and others think he 1 n para
site a disturber of the peace and a stirrer up
al revolt There are now emoloyid br the va
rious unions In this alt about 100 men who
attend to the business of the unions and cot
paid for their service Time rule la that the
get paid tor their time nt the rate they would
earn if at work at their trades ta theory of
their employment Is that they are a much
I who
necessary n lawyer or any other agent
does for aman what be ha neither the time nor
the ability to do for himself Kvry step In the
labor movement has been fought with vigor
against 1 good deal of stubborn opposition
and lunornuco on the part of the worklngmou
It Is true that there arc demagogues blather
skites and bad advisers among them but the
akles fair representatives of
leaders as a bo IT aro reOlosenlltvol
the workmen and some of thorn are pecuniary
losers rather than gainers by their occupation
I Is certain that the labor movement could
not go on without thorn
Borne of the TrIck itnd Trap of the Star
1 Vrebou Slas
A new terror to housekeepers in New York
has arisen I is tho storage warehouse Of
late years along with the Increase of apart
ment houses there has been a demand for the
storage of household furniture Many families
prefer to live nine months the city and three
In the country They do not euro to pay rent
for two places at ole Thoy break UD house
keeping in the city in tho spring store their
furniture savo the rent of their fat and como
back and tako another flat In tho fall This
makes a good deal ot tribulation
Tho storage warehouse man is all smiles
when people are breaking up in the spring
His story runs something like this You
need not have any trouble We will send men
to do all your packing Wo make no extra
charge for this as wa aro responsible for
breakage and prefer to see that things are
properly packed We will take your carpets
and get them cleaned so that you frill have
them ready to put down in the fall Wo will
put your things In a separate room Wo do
not know exactly how many loads there will
be but wo will charge you eo much per load
You do not know where you are going in tho
fall so we cannot toll how much exactly it will
be per load but It will be a reasonable charge
You need not pay a cunt until tho fall when
you can pay th whole bill at once
The storage warehouse man says all this EO
blandly and is apparently so obliging anti
tho prospect is HO promisingly free from all
trouble that the housekeeper la delighted and
goes off to the country or to Europe in a happy
frame of mind But in the fall the storage
warehouse man Is decidedly a different being
The housekeeper want the carpet taken out
frt and separately so that they can bo mado
over to fit the new dwelling The storehouse
man II err buy He has so many orders on
hand that there Is delay The carpets aro
packed so that oil the furniture must be oer
hauled to cot nt them Ibis makes labor
charges Some of the carpet is missing This
makes more delay The storehouse man says
I IA the fault ot the carpet cleaner and prom
lees to estimate This takes time and tho
housekeeper anxious to got settled is Im
patient 1 he storehouse man suggests that
as the housekeeper knows tne pattern of
the carpet he had bettor try and bunt
It up at the caret cleaners limo car
net cleaner Is positive that ho returned
It and between the two the housekeeper Is in
despair The storehouse man placidly prom
ISIIO hunt It up when hu gets time and he
cannot tell when that time will tme he Is so
busy The housekeeper decides to take out
the balall of his furniture lie fud that in
stead of being In a separate room It has been
in an open bin that dust and moths have
taken possession of It He must pay the bill of
the storehouse man before he can get any
thing delivered He protests that he ought
not to bo asked to nay for his goods
which are not delivered The storehouse
man 1 Inexorable lie says J every
thing is not right wo will mnko It
right The housekeeper moves into his new
house without any carpets He becomes furl
pus and makes repeated vNlts to the store
house He gets no satisfaction He Is told
that a search for his carpets is I In progress and
bo mutt watt Ho waits He protests agnln
and ho is told that If he < an help himself in any
way he had Iveitorgo ahead Then he makes
inquiries and finds that tho storehouse man U l
well known to the courts and accustomed to
law lull and that the storage company with
which nu has done business has no existence
that there is no responsible party connected
with the warehouse that I ho sues one It will
b shown that Homebody else In the proprietor
and that thw chances aro I he sues that he
will only add to bin loss
The oust of moving the contents of an ordi
nary sixroom lat Htoring for four months
and moving to a mw house Is about 71
Extras are put on for silverware and costly
bricabrac put in the cafe Owing to the rush
of business In the fall the storehouse man gets
incompetent hell They take folding beds
apart and do not know how to put them to
gether again They mark und scratch the
furniture going up stairs and ruin the laud
lords bal They pack the goods loosely ho
as to make oxtra loads They dislocate the ass
mIxtures They pack the goods so as to tako
about twice as maul barrels as are necessary
They pile on extra charges for labor They
Bet possession of ho housekeepers list of
goods and keep It so that If the housekeeper
KIIIH be has no list or receipt to show They
swear that tho moths were in the furniture
when It wont Into the wnrehouso that thu
things were scratched ami broken when they
got them and at tho cad of It all the lioiiho
IIm 11 tl
keeper IH I mimed of the truth of tbo old
adage that Three moves art coual to a lire
ilnny housekeepers have had Ihl sad ox
porlencu On family moved to Weatohostor
county and the roan In chare of the vans that
took the goods thor refused to deliver them
unless thn housekeeper paid a bill vhirli v > as
aliut 135 In excess of the price which time
lioiiktkeeper exoei ted to puy Another found
vulimblit carpet and lothlng < eaten up by
moths and could get no rod ess Another lost
ram brloabra and could let no atlslatl > n
If course all 1m anl storehouse mon aura n t
alike Hut It is essential housekeepers bo
Some risking time loss of their goods to look nut
and deal with responsible person to lime an
I explicit ngriement In writing as to IT hat th <
bergs will be > o hue goods direly tacked
I and protected from m > tims und raulie < to
have curate lists 01 everything Co that the
deilptloh are 1111 that it may appear I
an > Iii ita II mlraed to la n leculpu i I m I plain
term all keep thorn Co Hint lu 1 cam of litga
ion i bore inuy 1 I s something to I dhow IIM to I
what the storehouse mal atrncd to do With
out themi pr nutloiiH limo housekeeper is I apt
t coma t great gild
His Minutes > HlO > ler I a 1Vddl
from IA fttuburib fltiptttn
The twentyminute dlvoreerallway top of
trnlim In Indliinu was liiii I In 111111101
olunt > nt > rdiir ilr Will Is Jlohlu oi of
IttlUvill uiil < MU I Loui ifay of ICt l Iisfftm
I m lard lilt haIti ut esI ljruwuiltl
sid oiiiiuu couIubumi loluiscity 10 ie1 uurueJouluu tlr wlillu I
J tie j party dl I not wish In be iiarrlfd at th
liom of tin uro Jiii umf Mr 1 loliln I oi < oiM
not Ht a luat of uimiiOK I A 114 Iallr <
riots HC UIK lu llln < > hi und how I > gt i iniir
jlul I iiwuy iioii Ijoiiie k Ilt trill injifb b I I
for duty on Monday worn i < u was lifts < JII
Hun to t to i mvl iiud ilr l > ill i Wiilf
Julius itt optic lit I i I Mfuouguli l lu d ull t
II u OJ 115 f llo > fti 11 llillinal mil
I 01 t I bill IU < uird 1d l ii i
tt usIl 10 5 145 u Olla IrI I 1 IiIW liJiil o
Mr W s I hl lbs tHle IfIIJ II ilool
I 11111 iSi7 M hI Jistd fd4 sccmsJ llim
alt UJSSuCe of s te I ty J f hilly ci SJji t I
I church JI n Ilks 101 iJIfllSi3 t lr If I
111 I tiles j JeITju Illt 10111 thu mali Illh i
t Ialfrl IU jut Jl Mr 01 Jtlly gqsmuuutud
I cnnon without WII5IISIM Cut hJfl4t
iliw hut u ijiud II b atlIN IOIk I St soul
W ugep 01 ll I < WU II t ii I iii 1 ier IIlr
0 l nu iUkl Id I e iul IIuta A U Ill Hun
11 I
r 5 54i I ijuul SbC SijIii ui i n 4 i J uM 1 4 I
I 1d us IIJIJ t w dJI titsr VII I the
V Id T and mvtm C ml uuts I y tulstfnrtt l
1 An Ibl liipy PHI I stsIuula4 tiesk II ab i I tiC
Iraufi i uruns4 llolr rl upuh 1t11
IUHI u wel utvrliUy titozpi 0
jut ArFAtiATv pxfcn IU1CIIfvrrr
Im pilet Ues I Wilt aatI m nsa
act > > Tim Withia lbs IlH ni4lk Pur
fa M5DC4 A CparlCe nf Tim Dh
IwCf Weh enS thIs Aperat
At the Athletic came of the Amateur Ath
lotlc Association of Uanada on sept 27 at
Montreal for tba nmateur champIounhliS of
the Dominion an apparatus a U5d for lira
tog the race by eleotrlrlty The results r
highly satisfactory and It fl I Ml to prcdlc
that In the near future at all Important game
electricity will take the place of timing by
hand Timing br hand no matter how expert
those holding the watches nr II I alt to bo un
reliable and In S 100yard race for Instance
a fifth of a second makes the difference betwee
n runner holding n record for 10 ftecimda o r
the best on record of 9H seconds I the latter
time Is chen him and ho Is an amateur be
equals the lime accomplished by no other one
of bin class and bo will nt once occupy S posI
tion most prominent In athletic circles Few
people realize that It those holding the watches
are a little slow at starting the split second
hand It will niaktt the roco a little faster thai
If tho timers were very expert and could start
the second band simultaneously with the flash
of the pistol In other word Inexperience
ARI etrle wires I of lcb
lW ry rvelvr
timers Invariably mnko S race fut and export
ones soomlngly make It slow when really they
are correct to quite a degroo
As an Instance of the Inaccuracy of bane
tlmlcg we will take as a fair sample the 100
yard race held on Oct 1 a Detroit The
timers r a good oa could be found in ama
teur athletic circles in the Wet although they
probably did not compare with the three or
four of the leading timers in this city The <
race in question had among the entries John
Owen Jr of Ibo Detroit Athlotla Club and
Fred Westing Luther H Car and Mortimer
Ilomlngton of the Manhattan Athletic Cilb
These four mon arc very fast the first three <
holding records of 10 seconds for tho distance
Owen won Ibo recent 100yard championship
of Canada and took part in tho Detroit rat
fresh from this victory Spectators expected
to see n fast performance and the timers wen
probably equally eager that be should run fast
pobably olunlr oalor tat fat
These officials made the time 10 seconds yet
In the final heat ho wa beaten by about foul
feet in 10X seconds As each fifth of a MC <
ond In A 100yard race cohered at a lOHooc
ond gait is equal to about two yards and ai
Owen was four feet behind lob seconds In
the llnal heat it can readily bn seen that judg <
ing by the times of his trial and llnal 1111 <
ran more than three yards slower In the lotto
than In the former Tho conclusion of man
n ho saw the I contest li I that the timing war in
accurate bnt thuee holding iht watches hMO
served un a number of occasions nnd few
would doubt their ability to time orretly
To time I sprint race needs practice for A
fifth of aeoond Is so Important A variation
of a fifth of a second In a onemile race Is not
woith noticing for a runner who has a record
of 4 minutes 20X seconds for the dlstano
would ho 1 considered fully equal to une having
a recoid 01 onellflhof u second jess There
have been cases of timers in Kew York city not
varyina a ilftlm of n second In a dozen or more
heats of a 100yard race In other word the
watches n the three otllclals would as each
heat was run register the Mime Clubs do not
rln relltcr
However always make the name selection for
timers for their games and cases are plentiful
where only one Iamls has bad experience
the other two bolna comparative novices
at the art When this Is so varia
tions In tin times of the sprint races are ex
pected and although It has been found that
timers lruproe greatly with practice the facts
Sire that the majority of timers In amateur
games ha e had very little practice on account
of the single Individuals being asked so In
frciuently to porvo Games committees do not
always select olllclaln from a point of ability
nml this unfortunate habit Is responsible for
alli their luck
so many new mon continually trying
at timing races Ilefore showing how much
difference there was between the electrical and
hand timing a description of the electrical
apparatus will ho l ieiy appropriate
At the finish of all the races on the trak Is a
she 1 In which Is a machine worked by machin
clock work The features
ery similar to ordinary cnck TII
tures of this machine aro a cylinder six or
Been Inches In diameter and a foot long cov
eted by a sheet of white paper A pen Is sup
ported on I an arm and as tho cylinder rev oh oa
tho Ien makes a straight mark except at each
second whn It moveH about finesixteenth of
an Inch sideways but then comes back to its
straight course Tho marks at each second
are caused by a clock which is carefully regu
lated This clock may be put anywhere I
may be In the shed alongside of the electrical
machine In Canada It was in ho i club hou <
machine hundred foot distant fiom the shed
Wires connecting from this clock regulate the
seconds on Ibo electrical machine Tho elec
trical machinn will run and continue to mark
seconds whether any raco Is In p ogress or not
connected with the laces la
Tho me iianlsni wih IICS II
very simple Wires run from the electrical
ma bine In the stud around Ibo track and
have switches at the uirlous starts On the
Canadian track thorn Is a switch at the 100
yard 22iyard 440yard HhOyard and one
mile start The track U throe laps tu tho mile
rtliUMDl Ihnxl
tiTop or ttuiitiiuir post
cSjriuy fur brtufnii circuit
istet l box or circuit meeker
and this length necessitate the different starts
for the mauiioiied races lor fIve miles how
I mie
over the HUUIB tart was ued as for thus ono
mile When the starter wa ready to despatch
I the ronhat l nth ittttieul bus pinto ton mall
device titling cooly 0 ill buirel This inetul
pleco contain a diaphiugm and Irpm thi WIM
run to the main circuit IhesnltchoitareHlxiir
eight fool In length so as ip l ullow ttmi starter
I u llttli upai to Jour around ao nrdlp to his
judgment f The ou utsion cauiud It the
gIrl tmij of thu i 11st > tol 1 u ou tun dl Iau4iragmu
wllh I In i turn 5 ItI nit anoomi el y K i1emt s the inii
and a IUfD nise ou ine cylmd different
fIlth ruuular mcoiid mark which are con
tinually MIIB cJ < Vi hue thii rac U In I
prgre IH mu j rllnditrrontiViiMiio me i olv aiiil
the in II > on JOiit i king lli uncoilU hut
when llii circuit Is wkn ty i Lbs runi
Ir ausig time lu ut time iiu uji I ISis I Len uuke
un Ihir sums J on uhie iyll d r linlliii tu I IIIH
lulls nul u t hue start Tim Ik time sfutmi piulsil i
ou t C81 oclinJr by I I isle ii art > el l lu sjui C
ll > lisiilug bunJdtlH of UMI lid
Jim mchuiii iii fr brmikliiu tm irouit at
Hi fliUI I luuy 11 I oin lu II lit er ti < i ui
nu f ill ffiqt It Is I the 1 ou y puri nl Hi whole du
11 111T II
VICB which could lie irulrsd on A viiall
clrouli lyriakiugappaiuiuvl II aitji ij to I mlii
of lie flnUh psis titil W1155 run triml It to III I
ejeut Iral itip riliiii ui ihe I fluid iii I rs4
i irlchjit f is hip hack in the ruunarn i
I ilI15m i will In wiry fiU tinetOll mot u spring
111 I Si I cult lures Ii 1111nol I I Ill hut I I IM u
1551 at uli iii U lim I 55 lluu rttfulkliitf of < me i
I tel i Ion io niov Mil S I Mrlutf in 1 thiry I II 1 ii
llOUll I s lp > Mii I I 1mm IllOklll I I 5 0011 A I ill I iS I
fit II SIC I ii tieS thtmu t lj rmtd jUt llu 1 till i udl4 so
Jug II t piueeuuyiiy lktriiiir ii steuIt 1 Upss
I 11 a ilUit DC I this esulastiboriio ff i I
tlItl 11 1IfC IWf i Ind 1 aurwltr
rum flume lu tin 1111 illicilui
ifnr tl Hug the I liHllWil lie rli
I mill br < Mk r TU < > mui 1111 bIPvisg i chain
of ill < luclrfri l uiipuriuii at ili I rmlliiii
guilt u In I w li j UIKH I I t cuuith r < its llflillr i I I
an HOBUlbl wlllioui Its Wl UUKlbil lirufl I Sug
is rcull I biiteun u lili I lii I lli I < eel I 11 J e
di j > UI 1 MMi llchf Hill I 1ul I siiywfri4 S ii I lie
I I rei ryiiior Jlwe vwluilitii I 1 I vI 1
I rlwvr Irsusj lmsVCusu Mff < iliiu liii litaaIus
i Juicy I u muI 1 10 0 5 tit iwi luiiliJlh of r it
A teal dllf Il iiuu liii J vut
lID In a few word It rear M lad that the elec
trical timer IB not affreted na coon HB tne win
nerN biau tunchea the tape stud only till
three or six inches mor have Wen tr elicit
oooMlng to the tension on the thread will the
Cit nit be broken
elf an nxnsnpli of how much difference there
WM in the two systems of timing nt the Cana
dian game the greatest and the least varia
tion lam ni easily Ib I seen by the following table
compiled Kern the I report of the official lor
1Id rpnol
both the electrical and band timing
tlrartntt flhtc4L
hL mn Men ma PIT
IUoytrdtnnt hut 111 In 35 lot i
Its rent w > cei < i hoi lau jo Is i
lust yardi Sleet titat sass 10 IS
7erda nri ht Stie fa
VJU yr4 eond fatal < 2 t 54
330 yard nal but 5250 2
Uyyardt t
f > ardt x21 Ie
I Kill I a 4 SHIM 2f
amui 1 aiio 1 a 43S
Stall wkik a mu fa u 14
1 1
la T Hhunil nn teal lan la i I
ICts4shurdinseene hut l10 Is lo
iaor > ro hirdi nntlhrau 111 le
alA yard heidI rime oft 1807 le
An analysis of some of the wont variation
fhows that for Instance the uroond heater
the 100vard run electricity made the time
1021 second which In common fraction
means a shade over 10K seconds Tho hand
tlmtug made the reen IOU seconds The dlt
teience In dlUnoe btween then two times Is I
over threwyards Luther Carr won the heat
easily and when 101 second was announced
there wero many surprised face The prota
bllltles sire that the electrical timing was more
correct than tne band system A iclance at the
two times of the run off of the end heat In
the 120yard hurdle race h lwslbt the oloo
trlcal time Is only 7100 of second lower than
the official time This In distance is equal to
about a foot and n half In tho second neat o tho
2201 ant race and the twomile race time electri
cal time was slower than the official but what
caused It IB not known In the 440rard run
the difference time two times Is only 2100 of
a second which Is so mall ni not to attract at
tention lectrlcltr mild tho time of the first
bent In the hurdle race la C3100 seconds
which in common fractions Is over 10 U5 sec
onds rite officIal time of this heat was in 15
socondswhlch represents In distance n differ
ence of thtve yards from the electrical time
The probabilities ore that electricity wax much
moro correct In this beat than the oUUIal lor
A F Uoidand was time winner about n foot
ahead of A A Jordan Copland simply kept
ahead of the second man nnd did not have to
travel fait In the final heat Copland In his
effort to beat n U Williams exerted himself
and he beat Jordan by over three yards ret the
oillclnl time showed a difference In distance
from the trial heat of only a > ant and n half
The electrical time must have been the moro
correct In this case for the distance Jordan
was beaten In the final heat proven It
Pro MoLeod of MoQIll University of Mon
real who constructed and handled the oleo
neal timing apparatus at tIme anadiau games
nays that the main reason of his machine regis
tering In neatly each case slower time than
that obtained by band Is that the flash of time
Pstol is felt almost simultaneously by tho m a
china which registers the time while In too
cone of timing by hand the human eye must
first nee the llasu and then the linger must
press the stop on the watch He docs not think
that tiny appreciable time is I lost at the finish
by the thread Htandlngdellectlon before effoi t
big tIme circuitbreaking apparatus although
he does not deny but that there U some low
n hat is n delay ono or two onehundredths
ot n Hocoml he added which n slxinch de
flection of the thread may caute compared
with the variance of two or three yards as
shown by watches held by hand Two yards
isequal on the electrical machine Inn 100jard
race to twenty onehundrodths of a teoona
Those who inquired Into or examined Prof
Stcleods machIne are of the opinion that It is
correct for all practicable purposes nnd that
It is a valuable adjunct for grounds Interest
has Increased so much In athletic games dur
ing tho last several years and the demand for
better arrangements for procuring reliable
records bus 8umed such prominence that
oven though any move tending to Injure such
an old custom ot timing by hand may be
frowned upon by some It Is generally the otuin
lon that electricity has como to stay With a
good machine bandied br one versed on the
subject there can be no error
One of the tTntrrlttea Law of the Sanitary
Bureau of the Health Department
jMajor Dullard eira polite old gentleman
said to the Chief Inspector of the Sanitary
Squad at the Health Deportment ofllco the
other day I have been referred to you aa one
who may perhaps proffer a suggestion as to
some effective war of removing superfluous
and unnecessary cats
The Major smiled and leaned backed in his
chair with a reflective glance at the ceiling
I think youll have to inquire of the Uerch
people he replied in a very gentle vole
They wont object to any method that does
not subject the doomed cut to pain We have
no recipe here you know
Hut the trouble Major the old gentle
man remarked theyre not my cats
oh y
No 1
Whyl it lies here I own several tenement
h9iThterrupted I Major Dullard beginning
to comprehend
Yes the old gentleman continued with
growing animation and I am overburdened
with the complaints of tenants who do not
keep cats do not like oats and wont livo If
they can help it with vats They Oil tbo
houo not tho tenant oh not thatli I mean
the cats that is my houses are full of ten
ants and some of them keep an Inordinate
number of cuts That creates a nuisance I
protest without avail The keepers of cat say
they are afraid of rats
And you told thorn Major Dullard sug
gested pleasantly that you would complain
to the Board of Health
Exactly sir Whuttcmtn Idol
I dont know the MajorropIId slowly and
gently its a dlllloult mutter and not new to
us Seuuderbtund the sanitary nuisance of
the superfluous cat but we cannot authorize
harsh meuruies In the first place thu cat is
property to you cannot go Into your own
building and violently make way with a ten
ants cat In tho ieconJ place when It comes
to disposing f the cats provided an amicable
arrangement Is made of which ol Ouurso ihe
UitlmH are Ignorant vouve got to be careful
pot to mon i up against tbe lirgh society Wu
tmao a kind of a rule that there may lie two
cats to a building and the Major smiled
TliatBBoodl thats good the old genle
man enolauniid Im sine I rntmtaln no hos
tility to lie oit In the abstimt or > onsdi < ied
U a species and I wouldnt think of proponing
the total and absolute extermlmitlon of tba
Whole tribe on the inland but this increase
tumult bn checked Mr or my tenants will move
away to lioboiti n homewhrro
liutttba Major continued drenmllr we
cant organize u oruadi to uo about discour
aging th tnerease of eat its um viy trouble
some mutter A lot of nice old ladle have cms
to the extent of a perfect Odonv I hey live In
private bous and what sue you going lo < lo
about 11 Thep there ass iarrion of the
Grand Union Hotel Ills lmiutidrousms and
kilo on iflr a and other female employee bud
ouch her cut or Iw and welll I I lmui uuei com
pelled him to hiinip blm > lf It dued eiery
cat nut oi the building and put uralltnjs in this
window ko they couldn t KI baik Thn such n
shntk went up Hum tha girls ihuy bust
lime their isis back or ilear me tliyu bn
I sten ui by ruts flier ttotuillr wouldnt SlImy
In the hounif aud OrrUon 1 believe had to
admit a limited number uidxr strict
DglilatiluI as tu eariujr for thnm nr his
way diougli und darn the Mjor
sin 1 wu trsunesudeiully teauuiifui I I beam
lIe rss 1405 as i will uijouboui a olftr form
lr some err silo Jnd e < lor be etblsmiit
of u hoiltui for iiosumsls cat Win nut o > ni
piouli ivfih t m our I ellnophilu I I lenanls I if I may
Use the wnri Iureuiiil thuiii 10 seal heir
ls Ira elite lo ih n hnpitul1 Th owners you
l 1w ii > tmi 1 i mil thoui on rsiular duy say
uiiiuf < ay uiuruooni und MO uot lou ibm
allouth r Hut If limit U nut privticub
youll Slats to i unmlt this IrujLm wod Hid
that In what I oil i IKK lou to i is
jJue loilt i landlord juieavd hiss tlicnk
and sturlel lo t Und DIM clUes of I ilme no < ily ivy
the Jrotutiou ofCiuelty u Anwmuls
Hul ml by liaise
Fwe1ua lhfli4iisJde hs
nuTJwir 0 t 6 lu ibis uuminiilal of Fr4
Jflr ofP ir it lot viruijy f writtssi ito
clou Of t hulj 4 foil if Ibis i brtitasl 515 W
PhJ SPIP leh5Igu vmr S5 5 Jtiset Imre
ppj fcllr pju Lad xradualid at Awl I
IMK with hljcli hoijoie Mud ubuliii 41 uliplu
urn row tun law scj4uoJ caiii lu SiIlihistm s
n fleWStlalCr i OJBII ni wliid w4i4 of If45 lrui
MM kin > l kind I mid liv could i nlto ui id
Ibm VMIX guugs uud lyraiimiili i uf mir iiuomiu
If IJJll k 51051 sir ii cut uiUL MH > PS IV 11 i Ii J
Irui puilu I iiuIesfCmu lbs Jeimuid Is Shy
liacs UI hSSuuus iISaVtiitsiJ will lu uJiu
She lout or clj uvrumii his are lor fiuJ
and Sill jiIfesltt l llr lii host liii jsstihun
I I iqeis by slap be dristed dvw iirifleS any
I tbiii itsr ibv iiMv
ZMwuZic Axtosa ran uiuiiEA
Thr ale Twtr M Is ° Wc im
with relishes e their Ilm
Although much has bean written to now
that married people SIC healthier than single
people it In by no meats demonstrated that
they are healthier because ther are mat
ned Matlsllcal tables quoted to show that
married people lUo longt > r than single people
do not prove that the long lIfe is I eons lUint
upon marriage Such figure may as well bo
taken to how that people get married hecause
they am healthy rather than that they are
healthy and long lived as the result ot marriage
Irobablr as fair a test as any I is time atti
tude ot the life Insurance companies on the
subject It lo not true that the life Insurance
Companies charge any loss for married tieopio
than for single people Neither Is I It true that
life Insurance com nnlcs are moro ready to
Insure married people than Ingle people The
universal rule is I to lonslder mainly the
physical condition Slid ago ot the person to bo
Insured and the probability of Inherited
disease or shatter life All these mailers are
quite Independent matrimony and it itcn
happens that a married mnn Is rejected while
a single man of the same age Is i accepted
As a matter ot tact there are about twenty
men Injured to one woman Borne comptiili
will not Insure women at nil Tho Kqultnlile
charges women 13 on n thousand moro than
men ot the stOne ago It appear that the at
tempt to Insure n Womans life Isiegarlod
with suspicion It is raid by experts that
women are more secretIve as to their ohysl nl
ailments Time dn tiot like to I oxpisu their
own weaknesro or their family history TIM
result is that the Oimpanlis cannot jot us
full statements of facts from women an from
mon home time ago a woman was insured
by nu Of the large companies and shod led
within a few mouths of cancer It a man
wants to Insure his wifes life It Is looked up
on as nt least requiring Investigation Ono tea i
son whr woolen a lives nro not oton Insured
Is probably that tboro are some perils In
The rule generally M that any person can
Insure thu life of nnother upon whom he or
she is I dependent for support or In the contin
uance of whose life lio has an adequate pe
cuniary Interest anti a wife Is always hold to
have an Insurable interest in the life
of her husband Hut It pel Join hap
pens that the husband has an Insura
ble interest in tho tile of the wife For
n husband under othor clicumstances to
Insure the life of his vllo might lend to the
supposition that he expected to prollt by her
death Yet anIdow might with propriety In
euro her own life for the benefit of her chil
dren That them are twenty mon who Insure
their lives to one woman Is n fact that may
well bo considered br some of time womans
rights reformers who say such bard thlnga of
the sterner sot
The New Tariff Draw European Sill
Owner to the Vnlta ttlate
A lot of English Scotch Irish and French
men are running about this country not
looking for favorable sites on which to erect
mills and factories where linens hosiery and
woollen dress goods can bo made They art
bunting too for mills that havo been shutdown
down or they are willing to purchase on in
toreit in American mills where theo good
are manufactured They are the ngoius of
tho owners of mills In Europe which have for
rears been supplying the American market
with all the fine linen consumed hero and will
stacks and stacks of woollen dross goods
and hosiery that have been sold bj
the American storekeepers The now tar
in is rcsDonelbla for tho agents raid
The new rates ol duty on the product of the
European looms threaten to ruin their trade
with America and just as a matter of self
defence they are going to move over here and
manufacture their goods They wont shut uc
their European mills but none of the product
of thoso mills will bo put on our counters
Most of the agents who are trotting about
the country have been here ever since It be
came pretty certain that the McKinley bill was
going to become a law Some of them have
succeeded in finding what they want and It
Is only a matter of a little time perhaps a
year when mills will actually be opened
The first of theso new founders as far as can
be learned Is J Carmichael Allen who has
been in the linen manufacturing business In
Ireland nearly all hula life Ho came over hero
himself at the beginning of the agitation He
decided that It would pay to be Amoiioan and
so ho organized a slock company of Ameri
cana With part American capital he is going
to build a linen mill in Minneapolis The
money is all subscribed and a situ In the
northeastern part of the city has been pur
chased The work of building will bo begun at
once To start with there will bo fifty looms
and flax tlbre grown In northern Minnesota
will bo used Tin machinery that will be put
Into the mill will bn of American manufacture
and thu mill bands will all be American and
will get American wages
The second enterprise to find a place is a
dyeing concern to be run lr Louts uermsdorf
the famous tiaxon fast black man In his
establishment m Chemnitz Bnxony ho em
ploys 1500 hands and he makes black dye for
all kinds ol hosiery gloves and tricot cloth
He IH going to sottTo lu Philadelphia Ills
agent has done everything except arrange the
details of the purchase aud construction of
factories He said a few days ago that
everything was settled and that Hormsdort
would havo a place horn In a few months
How many foreigners are golna to move
over her with their establishments was
nuked of a man who knows all about time linen
industry In America and who has been con
sulted by many European manufacturers or
their auonts
That 1s hard to sar ha replied but there
Is a considerable number ot them looking
around already and then will be many more
I know of a good many but I am not at liberty
to mention their names I bavo received all
torts of letters from linen manufacturers ask
ing what the prospect is I for making money
besides putting numerous other questions and
I know that any number ore considering the
question in addition to those who have
already pent their agents here Its all
poppycock to say that they cannot make
linen here as good aa tny cnn make
there or that the llbre of the flax grown in this
country cannot be utilized to muko linen
These name nieu who arc guln to settle hero
I and make their good are the men who for
years have been Mymg that American dux
was worthless and that It i wa uhluss to at
tempt to glow flax for need and for libra at the
I same time Time L nlted Htate Is Outs of tiio
I greatest flaxproducing countries In tho world
hast year more than a million acres ol land
I witsdeioled to thu Industry It was for seem
alonu though inosl ot the fibre was burned
S by t J List because tub furmers dldn t
know that It was woith anything for
ouu reason end for another that there ware
not enough llnuii manufactories in the coon
try to use it up 1 dont isv that our American
flax as It Ii itt tirveeut cultivated Is good to
make the finest linen but It can be made so
With a llttl more rate and study As soon as
wo got l onto the curie of this bu lness we can
beat the world and these Europeans who are
cujinlmig over bsr know tlint or tiiey woman t
coma Jinx Ih not the only thing either It
rojulroH the most skilful workmen to handle
the liSle Illru that go Into the Wt linen Una
bus almost to bo born to U to bundle it without
I biuukliglt ft Jim men who como hors to Marc
their hulls and laetnrliiH will maki lu them to
begin with only lie coarser giade of goodhbalf
biuULbed goods ucb as cheap table otr <
I lhiest nairic ims rnsh upul tie like hut dually
tbuy will miuimko tue tinter uriIdes
vIil iii V buy Mmurm blIbi ttmaelmineny to put
in iiioirsumihls r asked lb uapor or
I ilottt think so 1155 thi Iey Horn of
thin may but I think that for i few yia s
Kngluua will suiid over tu u muohmurr slier
thu pei to aud linen and this like
tt s ill they Let ar und lie Illoultr of n > eur
Ing Hklln d labor lv Importing men aud women >
from luriii who bait boon brought up lu the
No ihoy will not tli ma jeuilei They
will deli nil on ih I nupi or I ii tell Ijiemic of
American taxr hell sc 5 lbs wori h it us nt
not tusks Ilia nverau Awe luuu mm ur woman
oiin load i thi in Mil f ur lto S it u and toliu
loin lupkliiu iiu thu luiojoaiu who base
b n bom I ihi iuincss
Tlioiu is I nu ijuantiuii u bo ill its t KUIV oss of < thn I
wolluii dnKiio 15 IUKII and os cry iiiu who
MAl > iisro > S ut > WHI i ioiu lino Oiijii ml lou
with Ih Aiuurlru niunufu urur e Wnolvu
inn nuythnt ihru u I muiii for them I all lut
I hat lift will have to bus Jo nikiioVii
T lucy a Iii tmi iikMnxb iurKuod s I fujj Its a
iii 5 cud y 111mg miu hi r I > ims ss UK uiitt I
leuuiill in bibdli n 5 C UOHU II at I till
WiVJS tO in s it end Tli U m uu I hIS iuiUfn i ug
iitieiuilu l dont my itils Liautu I fih iii I
I CSIIU4 0 ISis lit tdUii i Ill lie ilmi tbuug us
jive clujn iwusy irrn Ilium
1 his lfloj site tout thu siy jjioian Ii
I that lire oussg to cstii lisle Oil UUCCUHI UI ilie i
I lastlY I juts i IUlk ut UK luanuffc iur f
oiuo food iinxfiiiu notably oTmfeJtout
mintnu unj 11 ilbr husfguseu but ibe > fV
Siil 50 tur sI ussium rt 5 hutys flue liti ii am
woollwii Nlid l iamslsgy l und tly summit
Jt i > lMuii rMiioi > lmii liailibliuifur Amnr
Jen S uiij Unilh m I s rmmt l lucr ilMni I AnuJ I
Ijeul I t sCiliS ii sI I tMllxnllil Mlll ILui l
will U iiiku imfi Iv Its hid it t lie tViV 5 wlS
Amtrluui u mauilul I I I Auiulcsii luuliliivrr ILl
I tail I ut any rut with A toe 11515 lOS iii I I Vs II
run II hull tm iloi rM umivrul it will
tilUUt h iul MUUfSUI
arnotu nrrr vo ovntrn TnnnATKN
Vetted H r Oihrr red That the Dlrnp
tine ofthfi Holla Hoalh
Nrw OntKiss Oct llThe Farmers Alli
ance has fared dndlr in Pilltlcs In LoiUinnt
this fall notwithstanding lu grout Mrengih
and Influence A couple of month ago It
ookol as though It would secure at leant half
time LouIsIana dslccutos in Concrete that It
would dictate the nomination placing In thn
field Its own candidates or compelling tm
nominee of the Democratic party to nceept
tho SubTreasury bill All the fongioi > inal
nominations have now ia u male and onlM
ann will not return it sinun cnorctintn la i
fuor otthe Farmers net n ontitno
In August the Farmers AI ITP met Inc n
vcntlon in Baton llougL i iipirt uion the
part It would take In polit s i llu out entiuii
hlmwcd the organization t o o err strong
1artloularly In the Fotiith lilt and blxth
districts ot list Htato where irably i bat
enrolled a majority of the white votoi s At tint
same time that the white 1ainicis Alliance
met In Union Itoueo the cot > ro I Farmers
Alliance met In Alexandria The two rganl
rations exchanged congratulntlo > and the
negroes adopted resolutions expressing > their
willingness to ba led by their whIte lrothron
Tho Baton Rouge convention decide I that it
would be Inadvisable to organlzo a new pollt
ca party but that U was best that the farmer
should act wthin tho Demo ratio pnVty antI as
In Georgia capture Its orgnnlatlon end adopt
the Alllanco platform A time tanners proba
bly contributed a majority of the Democrats
In half time districts thdr plan seemed prac
ticable enough
tiomehowlt did not work in Louisiana as It
bad dime In Ucorguu Tho farmers hud a tuul
majorities In thro > of the dstrict conventions
but tailed to uilllo th m Tim silting mem
bers from the Fourth 1 Ifib ami Sixth dis
tricts nil refused to approve tho Alliance prop
osition or to support thn hubTreasury bill
They woio threatened with detent If they
would not accept this bill but thxy maintained
tliclr Independence In the Fourth district
Mr Illiinchard was waited on to express his
view ou tbo subject end ngaln declared him
sell against the bill rot when the convention
met bo wax nominated from his personal
popularltr mind following white n voiy remark
able platform was adopted which usicuil him
to vote for a bill some hat like UubTrons
tiny bill If u measure similar to that could be
frnmul which in his opinion would bo consti
tutional I
In the Fifth district It was tho same In the
Blxth oven woise The convention there was
a Farmers Alliance Convention and hud no
trouble In adopting resolutions In lavorof the
BubTreasuiy bill vet after dIng this It re
nominated thu Hon H M Robertson
tho sitting member from the district
who is opposed to the bubTreasury
FOhomo The result of its campaign therefore
was to entry the conventions ami adopt lu
resolutions and then to nominate men op
posed to those very resolutions A great
many of the farmers wero very much alssatls
fled with these barren victories and in
sisted that as they were In a majority
they should control the Democratic party
Several of the Alliances determined not to ac
cept the action of the contentions and farm
ore conventions were called to consider the
eltuatlon and decided upon the advlsiblllty ot
placing Independent candidates in the field
Two of these conventions bavo been hold
In the Fifth district n majority of the farmers
decided that it would be unwise to nominate
ii n Independent candidate The district has a
largo negro majority and as the Republicans
have nominated n negro for Congress It would
Ee dangerous to divide the white vote and risk
the election of the negro
In the Fourth district however In which the
Hon H W lllanchard Is Democratic nomi
nee the Farmers Convention ut Kutchltoche
decided to bolt and plated T J Uenoe State
Lecturer of the Alliance lu nomination as nn
independent candidate Tills created thn
greatest stir In tne Alliance camp Nearly half
time delegates to the Convention walked out
They were earnest lu their support of the Bub
Treasury bill but they were not rot prepared
to antagonize the Democratic party A ma
jority remained however und determined to
support Otnoo on an Alliance platform The
contest would have been an exciting one as
there is no Republican candidate In the dis
trict and Geneo would have probably received
a majority of the negro votes
The pressuie however was too great and
after a few days deliberation Mr Genee decid
ed not to run This action was regarded a
very strange as be was a strong advocate of
the farmers putting UD Independent candidate
of their own In most of the districts Tho
President of the Alllanco however and most
of the leading men in it opposed the bolt and
pointed out that It would bring rum to
the organization All Its members are
Democrats and if they found that ft
was lighting the Democracy their party
feelings might cause them to desert th
order Mr Uenoe therefore came down and
the Farmer Alliance as a consequence find
itself without a candidate for Congress in the
Btato although It Is In a majority In half the
districts nnd Its members anti compelled to
votu for men who repudiate n measure the
subTreasury scheme which the Alliance Con
vention lu Angust declared must be supported
at nil hazards Considering Its great mem
borshln the Alliance bos done err poorly in
1U first political campaign
Tbe Proper Thins IB Note Paper Bad ta
TleltlBE Card
Styles in stationery bavo not materiallr
changed from last season though some of the
distinctions are a little moro marked New
varieties of note paper with florid decorations
eccentric dimensions and conspicuous tint
jogs are produced but fall to become stand
ard The most decant as well as genteel
paper sold is a heavy cream while shoot fold
ing once into a square envelope This sheet
may bavo a rough finish and the curiously
mottled appearance of coarse wrapping paper
brtbe irregular arrangement of water lines
when it Is known as Grecian untiquo It may
be smoothly finished with no gloss and very
heavy and silky In texture when it is called
kid finished It mar have a rough cloth
finish or a peculiar rough eflect known as
parchment vellum Quite the latest paper
used Is a socalled etching paper which has
a rough surface with various regular depres
sions and rougher still almost like Bristol
board is the socalled hand made parchment
A new variety of paper hns broad water line j
stamped across the papor horizontally and
diagonally applied to tho envelope
ins same styles too are carried out In the
thin llnod papnis for th mu who like a limit
paper for the purpose of letter writing In nil
notes of Invitation or rugiel and formal cor
respondence the heavier varieties are em
ployed The one new tint produced thin year
is a very delicate violet shade blob la some
times used by lusthotlo poonlo AiiothorHhada
known as usurp which Is In reality a dull
soft blue U also somewhat popular dull
stone color ami ihocolntu are also some
times seen but the conservntlvo wom
an ol good taste selects nlwarn a plain
camtinted paper At the ton of the page
and In time centre Instead of the corner is 1
her address stamped in iolored l ietttna sur
mounted by hur monogram or coat of arms
If Mm has one The monograms tins inucu
i more used this station than they have been
previously and the fanoy IN I to tumi bun lu
I enbtuuse I letters coloed wllh metalll colors
J lie th eo Initials in script are home in t used
inhteal of the innnogiani 1or ord nart un >
th loiter ami companyliii ini > u gram
art of a clear scarlut or blue printed sujoothlr
upon this paper
i leiitlDm ps visiting cards are n 5 trine linger
ami quite us narrow as limo a f Jat yiar and
liavu tbu address in tin I wi r nfl band or
I Her The iaI > i visiting earl i In I 1 if s1uar
ant Imposing and unurn n I n mge script
lisp oally If the barbie ft u ibo in
i Wedding invitations p e114 y roi > cct the
same engraed ou a nil At i > otu she vtb b
i itls n e to bo onlocd In th envidoi > t
Stile < nti < lope rotilnl 0 imet rns thus
i aid Ic besides lime In Ia n proper the
ard to it I mr san e4 nt Iliu t ill Ii r h ilo r su m
othor for thus ie pilon c > < lime hiimt a d a
thud S which uH > u I ve ifiu u lu I ui C I hum du
of th briile A card Is coiuitlini tie i fr
hutch wuddl UK luili utg in li ur und
lull I winch tlia hildftl i ii iy ink ti e inn
iiI wu < Ji In i u list Iuiul ly n In i I tu ioi tu itS
thmu oil ou iSis irxddliig journey
Iel MlnpMd Us Mill
IfMM Ulilir Ol V Mul rrmek tue
outloi of luku lanilit an t i > of lime h nt
lull I I I siit of llummoMiip 5 rt to rum sit a w t r
l < owui I Muiion C 555 mill Simk J n
luou U fuiNju f r its 5 < u A low eye uv
lh wet r beiii lurul tin lu I lied S MI l lie
mill whlil Was In ojieraffon tlu wale Wheel
kllddvnl IUIUBJ to Kl rouud lImo eftW s I
ci IOIIMII itO i iliu u uirrr wi 19 i sue wliui ii i I 0
linbl HIU HUWK 0 Ut tllUl sqawls I
Illlll IV 17 buvlul Uf ItlK heel Illl 4 Suer Cf
III I a wuss MMi mm ims4wesit I Ii l 141dlu w C
iMIii iutiI full I tu < < v rii Hiiu mill M uilihlnii s
I Hutu of V iris Slit Ii sit 11 mi lOjtIii own i illS
IlHn 111 Itsti miuttsiru n I 1 I y tlitH lu
Jigse 5 lust bur iutmkmmul it iSu wi
iniuiHLllr Uil i I ii I > INII I Ie i rlioi iJd
WU see Ill I y ludk MiiU bus iei
fn C mn ieiuokd I f qils f I lie Mlvl isfmmrs l 5d
silo i iii iulul iulj lie re smimil I si 4
ill iiiifii iiiu in time hitoTi rfiiiuiiin illiT ii
I Usa littvu sLut UVMTU 17 tei 51u tuu senje ffur

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