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I r
I RUBB wmmx
Tho Oareor of a Despate and
J Bookless Train Bobmr
With Ono Companion Ho Defeated
Largo Posses of Men
Hit Own Description of Somo of His
Adventures His Death
He rood tn the doorway ot a typical Mlssji
alppl srnnip ran with a Winchester rifle in
I his beds two Urea revolYors and a bow
knie his belt and oor his shoulders an
other bit fled with cartridges Ho was a tall
jnuscuar tel ow a straight a an India
Even Is face was muscular A pair ot deep
aot plrclns grnylshbluo oyos that flashed
like thso of an animal alone almost straight
aDd prfectly chiselled nose a square and
heavy oln a prominent lower jaw protruding
way ban under his ears and a heavy drooping
tnoustate all Indicated that ho was a man of
great detrmlnatlon and will power combined
with the kekloBS daring nature of a forooloas
beast Iis man was Itubo Burrow train
robber mtderer and outlaw a seen by tho
writer tot tho frt limo a year 60
The story otho capture and killing of him In
Tnt BUN of hnrsday ended tho history of his
career a thtmost reckless and daring train
robber In the gantry For two years part the
mere montlont his name has carried terror
t the hearts otthonsands of people In north
and west Alablja mid caused express mes
sengers and maiciarks t ehlvor wit Irinttt
Els record for daredevil reckessness cour
age and skill In his work of hol < tna up trains
has not been equalltd t
Rub Burrow was lust 82 years t ue a tow
days before his deatl In the pastthroe years
Ilre yea
he hold up and robbel ten trains tilled four
men outright wonnda probably a Slre tied more
and whipped 100 armd men In a oien light
Ha was an export lolgrnng erlfle slot and
rarely missed a man I 800 yards or leM Ho
used tho latest imprcod Winchester rifle
tortyfonr cal bro whlw will carry with ro ac
curacy fiOO yards or mol In a fight oven at
long range he never io0d in firing but In
variably dropped on his rjght knee and rested
his loft elbow on the 11 l knee In this rstd
ton he never missed Mother peculiarity of
Bnbe was that in late year he operated with
only ono confederate and iai his recent train
robberies he had onlyono UstnntJoe Jack
ion a daring reckless fellar
on danl rckless felq who was cal
tired a few weeks
t ago wile Jackson a
m bravo and reckless osBnrrW holacked the
brains and shrewdness of t latter Rub
took six feet one Inch 1 his stocking
fot and weighed about 175 pounds
Bli shoulders were broad aq pound ad
bliarms long and
his musculr lp was a n
tlvas a oat and was noted
Uv4a wa a ahinner from
his Boyhood days I being said toat he was
never beaten In a foot race or roW In a
wresUlnff match
Hub started his career of outlawry when
only 11 years of ua Ho was born Lamar
conntj Alabama where h father Alen Bur
row n < w lives The old man farmed id made
moonsBne whiskey Rube was taueU t read
and wrte and ho proved an apt eohjar de
veloping when 15 years of age a ondess for
the dim tondlss
novel Do secured by some Das a
copy of book relating some of the exppits of
JesseJknes Alter reading about his train
robberlel and fonts of daring he decided vo be
come a rad agent His frt exploit Wlea
bli home Armed with a singlebarrel
homt singlebarel foot
em his rather had given him he loll in
wilt for a neighbor who was oxnjot
ed t return from town with his colon
oner The bor bad an old piece of bag orer
hi head with eyeholes cut In I When the
tamer drove up Rube jumped out In tho rOd
a cried Up with your hands or Ill bole
TO I The farmer lave Babe his money ani
weit on Ho had however recognized th
bo > and tho next day ho wont to see old man
Dlrow and cave him an account of the way
llub bad held him up The old man thrashed
Ilubt soundly and mae him return all the
mont That was in 1872 Up to that time
his faher says Bubo was a Rood boy Rube
was ajood worker ho once told the writer
He pouched and split rails and cave wrtor me OH
Utto rouble as any boy I ever Trod Ho
lenrllsobercd a command in his life
BOJB for his ddbut as a boy highwayman
flub vas tent out to the northern part of
IXI where an uncle had I Inrgu ranch
Xiou te worked steadily for a time and In
TSnarrled a daughter of II B Alvorson a
I Aloroua
wtlUnown Texan Boon uftcr bis marriage
iMjght a farm with money bo had made
Md h uncle had ghen him Two children J a
boy ad a girl wore bon to the couple Un
iii abet six years ago when his wife died
au H bi i gone well with hobo Then be re
turatto Alabama with his children and
alter rmalnlug a few months Wont back to
lorn iavfng his children with their grand
father ijju married second time
Jo marrod a 810md It was
tmo I
an unbayjr marriage however and coon
there wa separation I
1ben laes old boyhood ambition returned
Imblton rotlrned I
jp Thornla and Harrlln Browloys gang of
train rolbfn Wr operation In noitheru
JWMand kansas Ituba and bzs brother
Jim who ha
rotunied to TMIW with him
blast tuem utliu full of 1880 Their llrst trip
Where with the tuniirau into the Indlsu Jurllory
wher IUOY
lero x WMC to rub an old indian wowun
rbo hip I zzn yser a fuiiure 01 Iu
Iurn IIIIJ hWIur tlluro rl
Nt 4iui c ii 1 iSo his 1t wurk ci H train
or lurl I JS un Mount of It i
fC q I I ii r J On our lolurn tin until f o
i il
jtz J 11 1Ji 1 iri ho i ruldV I I alli 0111 A
mz z I
lrU fiilll 1 IGlt J tISm imkJizs
i ru wl kI
lieS JfJMuHul J tun juuur curs Jim
in > CI
blllvi I my n j tok o Sid hll IU JIolIr II U I
mz u mr
1 4U kohl lizo uwd
tI1 1 IHrrd
ccl lo tzi I Ivk in 1 ISii kllt IJI 1lclo 110 Sour I
our varbut 0
u1i 1 UI lUl wire u sarid
I II4ln 1ft0111411u UHlrll I Leimj fle
11 1 J ICU Iwlu luluVu I 101 I only
P4im 1111 I wezi Itlr tie 5411mm 1411 bull UP
t tthe i lime rOII 1ktz Jirool
ar und Iu UOI 4v t IlluUlb IbIIr
I 00 < scared llbtJL kIl j zjui tiU rob
gr sill I iMily mIformzzLmj Limit luuw
r5Es4u I 01 Iu 5jg n siak liter tby
ii j Uj ibji izur Mil I Illk 1r
this IoIr II U 01 ft iii I U u Ibis
IL1 11 U u m 1 41 1 mm I > lt I JJJ D i U
II I ll
ILI 0 bmJJJJq UI I mJUJul imIzI4I thu
imI ImjjI I tim I UI 111
i IUII II rut em ie li4 iluwm nmr
fhur Y IUIIj 111 I lw I Wm 11 later
by 1
iiO 1 11 It mmgsiu IQU
< L t UP saotr Irn
Inc 11 zs 11 Ia I idc aloll
tI i4k5 1911 J his tlztz
WI 111 IWO QQ wlU pIM
boarded Off tin at Gordon met a few I
rnlleii out Bromley cnTre4 the engineer whtl
te others went through the szprtis sad mln I
ear The outUw met with no resistance ana
wars not e11 haerd They rnaDd In tie i
MiBbbprbooa for three dar thereafter On
the Blent of the third day tho gang held up tho i I
same train again This time I waa going
northward The name crew was aboan and
when tlieenclne < r wan coverwl by llroml r >
nviilTar ho turned sullenly and asked Well
ture ullll In lrlr
where do you want mo to stop this time
Just the other ldo of that le wild
D ami be Uf you do It1 IrUo
Tho enclnrer Mopped as ordered and the
wins made quick wntkcf ooloc tbroiiKh time
xpress and mall ears They secured about
tsouo As they car nx oft ear one tn
the train opeuod lira on thorn anl l winged Nip
Thornton the hal Rome through his arm
Thotntnn and Promlut were captured a few
dss later but llube nnd Jim liuriow left the
Jlrl h1
blat for their home In Alabama The deteo
ties did I not sugpiot them
Tfrs text tlm lulelnpta1 was in Decem
her 1RS7 The Bt Louts Arkansas and Texn
train wa held up at Ucnoa Arka low mike I
north ot UK alI Time work wns dono
principally by Rube Burrow ivsilMod by Ills
brother Jim and 1 Wl w named llnxk They
did not gsl t all In this haul but their rob
rill had beromo so fiequent that the booth
em FApresn Company put a of
Idln rlrM Comfaur Illt corps their own
eloetl08 and nLoiton omen on the trail
of the gang The ooaso btxame to hot that
Itubo and his brother returned to Alabama
Jrook was captured and he poached on the
Rurrow boys telllnnof the robbeiles In which o
they had boon Implicated nnd that they had
gone to Lamar county Alabama Four rink
erton men went alter them and In Lamar
county with Hherlft miter i lcnnin ton or
Ranlccd a TKIPSO They first went bum Bur
rows house lie SAW them coming
and ran for the woods A number
of dhow followed him but numter
raped Ant made for his fathers house
where Bube was lildlnc Hardly had hn
reached thorp when the posso arrived Tho
two outlaws huwevnr csini > eil without being
seen and commenced making tholr iiytowiira
Monutomory Un the train their actions
aroused suspicion and the conductor tele
graphed nhuad to the Chief of Police ot Mont
gomery that two suspicious olmrai ters sup
posed to bn Bubn and Jim Burrow were on
hts train They arrived In Uontgomory late at
night I was raining hard As they alighted
In the dopot a dozen policemen In rubber
ooae that hid their uniforms walked upnnd
the leader asked whore they wore going
Rube knew at once who tho men were Ho
6 well armed but Jim did not havo oven
knife Rube therefore decided to await a
bettor opportunity for escape
I want to find a cheap boarding house he
of the All policemen right I will show you to one sad one
Surrnundad by tho policemen the two out
laws started for the police station They
walked along quietly for a few blocks When
Bubo signalled to Jim and the outlaws made
n break for liberty The policemen opened
lire llubo returned It as ho ran Ioforo they
had run flfty yardu however Jim fell wounded
but Hube who could run like a deer escaped
Nell Broy a printer who attempted to stop
him received a bullet hole In his chest Jim
Burrow was sent to Arkansas He died in tho
penitentiary before his trial
The chaso after Rube was not renewed that
night lie did not leave Montgomery but wont
to the outskirts of the town and spent tho
night In a negros cabin Tho negro who sus
pected Rubs Identity sent a messenger Into
the city to notify tho Chief of Police At day
light the net morning a barge posse of police
men and men about town armed with nil
kinds of weapons were on bund to either cap
ture or kill Burrow The house wax almost
surrounded The negro who owned the cabin
went In to Hub ana said Boss doro some
white men out hero dat wants to see 70U
Well they cant do IL mid Bubo
He went to tho door and peered out but
Jumped back In time to escape a volley of bul
lets and shot Bube returned tho lire with a
revolver through a crack In the logs and tho
posse hastily l sought cover Then Itube removed
IOS8 r
moved his shoes hung them over his arm and
with a pistol In each band made a break
through the rear door for a swamp about two
hundred yards Qc He shot nt the poip while
running The fire was returned and just as
the outlaw entered tho swamp ho reconod a
lot of bird shot In the back of his no k The
police did not dare follow all the chase was
given up Bubo wont to a country doctor and
Ilven loctor
had the slot picked out of his nock
Rube Burrow was heard of next on the night
of Dec Hi 1888 when the Illinois Central ex
press was held up at Duck Hill Miss about a
hundred and seventyflvo miles south of Mem
phis and S800 was taken from the express
car After Bubos escape from Montgomery he
met Joe Jackson who had once operated with
Thorntons gang in Texts and they went into
business together Their first robbery together
was at Dock Hill Tho station ts a small one
In a sparsely settled part of Mississippi The
train was due them at midnight As it stopped
Rub and Jackson jumped on the front plat
form of the express car which was next to
e lne As soon as the train was well started i
Rub crawled on the tender covered tho engi
neer and fireman and ordered the engineer
t come to a stop at u big nine near the
track two miles from Duck Hill and
which was a wellknown landmark Time train
came to a toP exactly opposite the pine In
an Instant lube jumped back on the platform
and tho two robbers bolted into the express
carlo find the sloeD messenger rubbing his
eyes and wondering at the cause of the stop
Flndlnl himself covered by two rifles how
ever be was wide awake in a Instant and
trembling with fear
Open that Iron box and be quick about It
Rube demanded a be pressed the muzzle of i
his rile against the messengers head muo
The messenger hastened to obey Then he
drew buck and with both hands raised above
his head stood by and watched the robbers a
they ran through the valuable packages
selecting only those that contained paper
Hunts rosrnox WHEN nt SHOT TO XILL
money At first the conductor and the Jaq
sengers thought there had been nn accident
Then a If prompted by Instinct the onductor
cried out In the smoker Train robbers Two
voting men on a rear seat jumped up One
had a Winchester iHIo tho other a reyoUor
They were Chester Hughes and John Wilkin
son two us bruu and al ant young fellows as
ever lived Thiough the our they rushed und
out on the platform pushing open the door
01 the express car Iut us llubo Burrows had
ninrpd the lat nvm ope In hltt coat <
liuithes and Wllkiuxon opened lire as they
rushed Into th car but Iluto was too quick
for thor and Chester Hughes oil bauk with a
bullet through his heart YIlklnson dropped
his revolver when HughnRS body fell against
him and Ibe robbiri jumped from the side
door of the car and cHcnped
This robbery aroused the express company
and thea < > nrnors of wimo of time Boutharii
HtatoH and a large reward uirurpuutine I7500
and Including 1 1000 ofTcrnd by the Lnltod
tales Ooiernmont wag offered for the cap
ture of Bube Uurrow doa orailto
Rube and Jackson returned to Lomarroiinty
Ala and remained for Buoial mouths the
few people In ho I neighborhood know they
were there but non dared to breathe It In
deed the Burrow Mmlly is I related to nearly
everybody In the county mid ino t of the men
In that seitlon wire Hobo friends Duieo
tllea disguised W Kddlers occasionally wont
Ihrmiffh tile comity Onu who W R8 known to
rnll 111111
bo In search of Hube and thy sward Is vet
mllnK however a little Irish delectlvo
laraol 101Yer lime mdii det of all who
miter trucked tliu outlaw did go through the
county In April WJ uil umu uececded In
pudJnl uric night at old man A IP Hirroim
home mind tolling Jm Cauli llubuk I brotbiTln
law a pair if IIOUMM humus Kaliiwl a grunt
d al ala lablolnlurl Utltub < > fljullU
mi till VI > II howBier aM Dot know lit
Rube nnd Jon Juekbou woie Iuly t i endluu
their unto lt hut liouio I ohli Tlioiiiau Hur
tow only p a mlln d as imit I from 110 I oM iu all s
ImoijiC I bin In u p i 0 ol ii Ji nji woi land Ill I
lion 0 wiiNi wos ih < r > llu > irr buokwoodn
unliln 111 of planks initond < sI I ii jii noma I
wjiul 111 ih < i chiMp > i the Itt li limed seurut
riles I Sri hum und 1 about tliiiuffot Irnlif In
which JluL > iheimi In lime heavy vrilU jt f 1101
tlilfi w ul holes thiitUild hi upojiud from Ihe I
inside llulxi iliouulit iiv was miff tom stir I
atiu < If a tbui ui Itflil be mini uj on Islet and Ills
frltiiJs uiid i lulfveji wrrt i ntlnuuljv on I
guard sod osiiy to lOt II hlin 1 riotlooof II al I
j ua ici of IUY IUllior Ju Iiu county
JJurloif iie iuylB J4in r county Hut Jiur
rf coissmnlul iliumo t brutal nud Iuvcul
11 gnmmd r II 111 c r Iss July 01 imeii year
lit riol to lilujiio for I buss Uard HIH
ordered U 1 sent to W W Caln Jewel l Iot om >
lAmar county Alubumo Two weeks late hi I
Mat Jim 1 CAb tile brotherinlaw t Jewel l for I
I the PIU Cult WM totormid bjr ttitoaa
UrlloM Orarei tat te raokajr w there
but It was rtsltUredjand he could deliver
only to the man to whom I was addressed
Do rou know W W Cain J the ratlu
ter asked of Cash
I 01 yea Ill take the package and aUld
to Its proper delivery Cash replied
But j on must hnT an order Oravet sold
Cain returned to hubs and told him what
had occurred
Ml RO mrselt nub said In a passion
and Ill get It or put a bullet In that fellow
On the evening after Cash had left the Lost
Office a curious countryman who happened
to b prying behind the counter of the little
country office looked through the mal which
was In a starch box on n shelf
Who W W Cain ho asked as ho ox
omlncd the package
I dont know Graves replied but Jim
Cash affo came hero today and wanted that Iack
affoThen two or three countrymen commenced
handling the package It same partly undone
mini one of them ivclalnud Look hero I
This Is a false beard
The bard bar out and ai Jim Cash
wore a full beard tho cnuntiyman decided
that It was for Rube lint row That evening
some of those fellows met Cash and guyed him
about the board Cash denied that It was for
him and hs gao Bubo a full account ot what
fled bapponoa
The next morning a tall muscular fellow on
horseback stopped ut the Pout offlce and asked 0
1 there wan a package for W W Cain i
Yea Its here replied the Postmaster I
Damn iou Ill teach you how to now my 0
packages Bnbe sold as ho drew hla pistol 0
and tired two fhots Into Ornvosn body
ItulO yoiivn killed mn the Postmaster
gasped ns ho fell across tho counter
Youre a liar Im not Bubo cried the
outlaw who wanted to shield his family
The murderer levelled his pl tnl at the Post
masters wife who had ru hod In and corn
rolled her to hiuiii him the package Bubo
then tipped his hat to the woman mounted his
horse 1 and disappeared proves mod long I
enough to tel tho story of tho murder Bubo
gathered their dead and wounded and left the
reene to secure recruit and 1 totter weapons
Two ot their men wen dead a third A rerr
wOnda badly wounded and two others a Might
HlmrliT Morris went to the nearett telearaph
tlo sod wired the news of the battle on
Hand Mountain Itlrmlncham axking that
tiloodhounda and Winchester lines b sent to
him aton Un the following dar Bnndny a
score detectlxen came uti from Ulrmlnohrm
with tw bloodhnnnda They also brought a
number of extra W moLesters with which they
armed tho Hherltrs i > ose in the party be >
sides thedetectlvei wer two express company
t WN
pany officials Hup rlntendent Arer aud
tluher And a Pot onico Inspector
The party which numbered nearly 200 start
ed from the little town of Oneontn trnN elor
dark I lar IQObolnd struck hobos trail near
Hneads Mill at the bano cf the range of moun
tain The tings or oft like I flash The
horsemen followed and for a mile tlioehnss
Was very exciting Inn dots mil a dlA
tanco nheat of tho party but their lps were
heard dUtlrctly Suddenly two rlllo shots
rang nut There was a yelp of agony from one
of the noun and the cither run back to the
party of pursuers The horsemen reined In
nnd dismounted Then on foot the ran
higher up time m < uiitnln KherltT Morris
caught a glimpse ot llub and yrlled out
W ovo cot him now Clop In carefully boys
Como on s woi o randy fo oulubl shout
ed as ho xteppod out In plain view from behind
bind a rock about 201 yards nhniU
The men of the posse rushed for trees Bubo
aimed and fired oaaln opening tho Hunt Tho
ball struck a fen behind which one of the dep
uties stood Tho posse tired a volley In return
utes the balls wont wide of the mark lithe
and Jackson returned thin fire but ecry man
of the posse i wits protected br a tree
You fellows uo and learn to boot Hobo
shouted bnnterlncly He and Jackson than
made their way higher up the mountain
dodging from tree to tree
Good by boS ho yelled ns ho dliapponr
ed In tho thick woods ncav tho top Come
nab bee me again
The chase was stopped for the night the
HhorlfT sending back for more assistance
Burrow and Jackson wont about half a mile
away and took supper nt tho cabin of an old
Ian named Plnkston who hnpconod to bo a
relative of HhcrlfT Morris They romalnet
there almost In sight ot the posse for an hour
s 1 TX P ssT
t 1 P 4 J J A t
t 1i
4 1
Burrow killed mo and Jim Cal was Lnowln
to I ho said before be died
The murder aroused the entire State of Ala
bama Time HhNIT or tho county telegraphed
to the Governor for troops stating that the
Burrow gnne hal the county in a state ot
siege Two companies of troops wont down
from Birmingham and tho Sheriff organized a
largo pose with detectives among them a
bait dozen of Plnkertons best mon Tho
troops met nt Vernon tho county Rent They
surrounded the houses of Jim Cash Allen
Burrow lubes father and John Thomas
Burrow and arrested all thw families
without resistance But Rube had gone
Tho tioops and detectives did not search
very vigorously for Bubo being afraid
to go off In saunds for tho country is wild and
they know that Burrow bad Irlonds who would
not hesitate to lire at them from ambush All
bollte lre
of llubeH family wore jailed and arraigned at
a preliminary examination in ho I county Court
House Not a man had the courage to testify
against them They were released after
spending three days in jail and the soldiers
wont home
Through the irrost Burns and the Pinker
ton men gained smuG information of value
When tbetroops had carried Burrowcrowd
to jail the detectives having remained behind
caught the Ilfteon > earold fon of John
Thomas Burrow carried tho boy off to the
woods put a rope nround his neck and threw
it over the limb of a tree They pulled the
rope tight and then told thoroughly fright
ened hoy that If he didnt tell all he knew
about hobo where he was what he bad done
Ac they would haut him Tho boy who In
herited tho reckless bravery of the family nt
first refused The detectives nulled him ofT
the ground and choked him until hi consented
to tell Ho said that lube and Joe Jackson
had been at his father houso torn month
and described the heavily barricaded room In
which they sopt flu also told of having over
heard Bubo and Jackson discussing the Duck
Hill train robbery and of hearing his Undo
BUbO say ho was going to kill Postmaster
Bubo turned up on the night otTthe 25th of
September at Buckatunna Aln when ho and
Joe Jackson boarded the Mobile and Ohio
train halted It In the wood five miles out just
as they did In tho Duck Hill robbery mend wont
through the train without the slightest Inter
ference getting 11000 from the express com
pany and thirtyfour registered loiters from
the mat car Alter leaving thoy stooped In the
woods ruled tho mall packages and burned
the envelopes Detectives swarmed to this
place but found no clue On the first day of
November last however the detectives again
got track of the oalr of robbers and this time
tho closest ho
Rube was trapped In clostst quarters
had over been In Burns tracked him to tbo
mountains of Blouut county Ala whore
ho anti Jackson were living In the
mountain homo of an old man named
Ashwortb Thorn was not a railroad
within twenty miles of tho place Burns went
to the county seat andlnotlned bherlff Morris
Summoning two mon In whose courage ho had
the utmost confldencu Morris and the detec
tives went to the Asbworth farm riding up to
within n hundred yards of the house and cal
Hollo Hardly bad ho uttered tbo
Ing out no 10 I lardly utorcd to
word before Burrow and Jackson appeared at
the doorway Winchesters hand Seeing the
guns of the Sheriffs party levelled at them
they jumped back In an Instant however
the robbers reappeared this time by way of
the rear door Itube held lu his arms one of
tbo women of the house using her as a shield
t prevent the officers from firing at him
Jackson walked on the other sldo Both out
laws bad their gun levelled at the men and
warned them not to approach Tho officers
were so surprised that they did not move and
before they hud recnlntd their selfposneislon
tho outlaws had reached the woods Burrow
released the woman took a parting shut at the
Bhorlff and disappeared Thu officers returned
Ibo fire but without elToet
The Sheriff returned to Ibo county scat and
mimmoned a POlO The next morning a party
of fifty armed turn gave chase to the outlaws
Itube bud made no effott to escape and ho and
Jackson were found ussr tie tceue of the fight
of the previous day The outlaws were roiling
among a clump of tmses and roiksln the centre
of mi old fluid at tho foot of a spur of Hand
Hhiirlff Morris ordered his poise to surround
the clump of Iruus first a lung way off anti
then to gradually tlo0 In each win shielding
himself as much ns pomlbl > Burrow and
Jackson kept behind some lame rocks end
not until the jesse wan within two hijudrud
yard of the outlaw wee the first gun timed
jlube Burrow opened the light He Jumped
from behind the lock took quick but dilb
uralH iilii mutt 51111 a bull I Into the fiirehiiiid J of I
I burly spit plucky luting Sinner furry An
in < rton uflu WitS In tbufioul runic of the 1 pur
suirs Jh J II hoi was tuHpMM br I volley
from tb J uotse but lli bulUts went wide of t
the mark JIOI Jaktoii IroJ anti clipped a
i OC1 lbs right uar I I OIM tf I he pots J < i
llriiltf UcttiiioiioinraiiliJauJ Men Wuoa srd
1111 f I pltCbft full with a ball turouifji bUii urt
TliHii u llilid und it louilli ana a mth IUMU isil
IUThPId luuoll < n
Til iHutM I eiiiiue Ihtuoitglmly desmsorsmhirai
liisermlt lIoris 11 11 liJly il ulL iuiI i and lie l
11r1 for inliu ui Ill i Jy lilU lilmulf trm l
for j oI
IK I bhs ol tiiu 0 iii p 11 IsO I < weio ulllliu 1 ii
lustily IsiS 11 11 JI ltl l 14rl y tissu
rutbtl lur nn r limitss oiiMirtuully Itiul ur
rltl i > i > J lie I < l Jttuimnii sire I iu 1 wood
ut Ilsi biLe if be ui < juniilu beoB the peas
1111 3
rlllrl I hlY Iul Jew aulnl sled so
mountain I be dof
14r IJ uilU orU lI i
4 = c
or darkness more and then retired disappearing in tho
In his flight Rube accomplished the most
daringly reckless feat of his life In dlsgulxo
ho actually joined tho pose anti aided tn
searching far himself Ills Identity was not
discovered until he bad disappeared
With three ot the tlnest bloodhounds tho
State the chase was renewed on Tuesday
morning but tho trcks renlwot outlaws had
grown cold and the dogs could not follow
Irown crowd had become weary of doing noth
ing when a Ill hal with a full brnwn beard
carrying n Winchester and two pistols dashed
into the group on a Ueetfootoil black lucre
that was covered with foam Reining in he
announced I have just been Bubo Burrow
nnd another fellow cross the road down below
Walnut Grove
Tie posse of 200 men started for Walnut
Grove three miles off somo on horses mules
and ponies a few walking nnd a dozen riding
In wagnnn During the march tho big man on
the black horse was ut the head of the line for
awhile anti then at the rear or In the centre of
tho crowd listening but talking very little
The man was lube Burrow but not moro titan
two men in the posse who were his Irionds
and whu had joined to help protect himknew
At the place where it was supposed Rube had
crossed the road inn does scented something
and sturtud through the woods The posse
followed at gallop arid for a mile the chase
wax lively The trail then turned nnd ended
a a cabin Bubo was not there The only
person there was an old man who said ho had
been walking through the woods Tim croud
was angry und looked for the big man on the
black niece hut ha had gone Ruhe had sent
the posse off his track and had returned to the
house of a friend on one of the mountains
Whoro ho had left Jackson
That ended the chase In Blount county The
posse disbanded and the detectives left that
section to await another train robbery and
start another chase not however without
heavily armed assistance for none could bo
found to attempt recapture Rube singlehand
ed by strategy or otherwise
A day or two after tho battle in Sand Moun
tain the writer spent a few days In Lamar
county at the homes of lubes father nnd Jim
Cash his brotherinlaw Ho bore a letter
from Congressman Bankhead of Alabama
who Is a native of Lamar county and who
knew Allen Burrow Old man Burrow who
in his younger days I Is said conducted a
moonshine still has for years lived quietly on
his farm In a neat little house that Rube built
for him Although OS of ha Is
AIhoulh ear ago a
srralcht as nn Indian and very tall and mus
cular He talked freely about Huba and ex
1rossed himself a proud ot his many daring
achievements In train robbing
I am not afraid of Bubo being captured
be said Des too sharp for any of tho do
teethes that have been around hero and b
sides hes a powerful good rifle shot
Tlio old man did not believe Bubo murdered
Postmaster Graves Bubo hasnt lone half
the things he I accused of he continued
Every time a ptoni Is broken open or a safe
robbed anywhere aiound this country lube Is
accused of It Yes 1 ramomber be was here
once when a robbery was committed over In I
another part ot the State and the paper all
said Butte Burrow did it ltub roin trains
sall ho dont do the other kind of stealing
Are you uot afraid Bubo will be Llllod some
tlmn while he Is robbing a train 1
Not a bit of It ho replied Why Bubo
SS Its as easy to hold URn train as it Is to rob
a hens nest
Itubes boy is now U years of age and he Is
a chip of the old block He is thoroughly
familiar with hlB fathers record and a year ago
when asked what ho was going to do when
grown ho replied 0 Im just wulilnn to be 10
when Im gain to clt a rlflo and join 11 Im
gobs t holt him bold up train
During the visit to old man Burrows homo
ho pnd Jim Caxh promised if possible to ak
Itubo to talk for publication A week later
Bube was seen about twenty miles trora his
homo at the house of a cousin Ho wu ox
euoillnulr nervous aOl I was continually on hit
guard Th > i cotiMn talked fiealy and llube
verified or vonectod many of his stutoinuntn
S Bube la the hunt rlllu shut In the world I
believe builtit said FUo saw i him this morn
ing hit n knot on a trw a 10 yards every
time and I have seen him cut a rope tied he
twoep two irons B fur as he could nee It dis
tinctly Rube has psen l good to the old Dan
and all the folk Hu bought tho place they
are now living on and only the other day he
gave the old man sooO < ie they are pretty
well fixfil but they will ltf worth morn boforo
K uba ibis robbing tiolnt than they ant now
Ilbo roLIJll1 Ilnollln
lu speaking of hlmbOlf alter lerlfylui the
Burrows amount of snldi isle l arluua train robberies Bute
I see tile detectives aceue me of robbing
safe I In country stores > and holding up poor
farmer Now thats a llo I liar hHd up
brisini und I haru kllM a fw mini because I
1411 < l to but I uever robbed a poor mun to my
life mid Im never golii to < I havu look things
I needed nrouipi In HID country but no man
ruIn say thut lie wannt paid for what I took
there Irs oml llnlo tVI around inf
country who steal all lh < > cal Ut t lor they
know I uolnictu bu laid on lull hen ow I
ollllv Ilr
I cant hlp that Mini tliotufi I bate dorm a
good inHuy pad hung In guy auy I u llr t
roblxd u Illlju itork Ior or I fsriiur
lloir about he kllllngof I ro tmttt Grave
at J wirf
Wj l 1 wa comlo t that 0 Grue
WM killed
Tjube stopped a minute and hi face seemed
10 6tlppa beoruplifluid
y0 ilo Ibe tinier w5s kild Ucauw he I
I lied u fall bnrd sqrst tu VY w Cab unj toM
It roupU hOtel Jjinlsh Hauled I fqr use II e
I kalii I iofflf d In 1 I did nauO 514 Jim Uali
UH kn < wfnTio jt I 11 Now tLo M aliii lit 1 1150 lu
nn donyinif H JtvirboiJy says I bllM bliu
und II i i flout iiiatlur wliidr I dso or out hut
Jim I Ju fi or esfie of iuf Ifwtty dInt IUUI i I
tllI Ijllr Of
tioililitfjijo with u ana dlJni know nothln
abuut If i tl i Mt Is all I 1 us gut < to say about Moos
I ute kliK I
How did you get a bo psi ralllUrr J
I W t v CIt
iL I 4
I 3P and In looked around as I expecting some
Vhr Rid he when ue resumed hU spat
1111nlt ala
5 I didnt care any more nt that crowd than Y
would for I parcel of nchoolbnrn 1 went off
larl lohoolbrl rrlt
a little and stared quiet Just after they
I turned Jim Cash and QUt old man unit tutu
loo e when they couMnt Drove nrtthln on em
I went homo one nluht nut there was no many
uletectitea around nUll A I didnt want to kiT
I om I tn right off Then I knew them do
I I twtlvoi had trld John TlKimann boy they was
Illn to halt him and ho told all about how
I be and me had stayed In 1 little rom nt hula
house and IotA ot other Itto some of sin
the boy made UI Anyhow wo Irlt but didnt
ro far andon the nleht of tppt 91 just passed
we held up the JlnMle and Ohio at ItuckMtatin
The wholf crowd on th train was no scaled
we illdnt have no trouble end not HIOU
Int 1100
In speaking of his light In band Mountain
flut1e said
Friday we were laying out In the woods
not far off whemu a crowd of for or SlOt
armed men cause upon us almost before we
know When I raw them surrounding us we
wIn In a hunch of trees 111 sorter low place
Joe said 1 It looks sorter like were In
It RUT mingh this time Theres potts to be
do om it klllln hero and I reckon wovo got to
It 0 didnt say a word but I knew by bin
looks be was Kolnto light lucid We laid low
nail the crowd commenced to close In Then
1 looked around and saw wo must got out on
the side noxt the mountain ISo waited a
while longer and then the fun commenced Wo
took good aim ivory time and who cm the
bost our Winchesters hnd I bellevn my llrnt
shot got that fellow In the bond Annorlon tho
papers said his name was Then I got another
one on that fellow Woodward I reckon and
when wo grnod tho other fellow cart broke
ones arm well that crowd was puny badly
rntttod all ve got out of our cover In a hur
ry for them buckshot had ben falling pretty
thick around us and neither ono of us was ns
comlortablo been in uur feelings as wo might ha > o
As wo run out Rube continued we kept
up Bhootln ut every tallow who bolo1 up and
then wo left nnd wo was In a pretty big hurry
too for If them fellows was scared there aint
no use In taking ton many chances
Then Ituho told of spending a part of Satur
day at the houne of a friend four or five miles off
On Mundar be wont on two hounds got
on our truck and they woro right pert In follow
log us When tho head one Jot In about fifty
or sixty yards of us Joe and me pulled down
on her and I think we both got her The othur
ono ran ofT Then down a IbO foot of the bill
wo saw tho crowd It looked like a whole
army HO wo took a shot apli co and nulled out
and I couldnt belo from > oiling at thorn as out
did 1 bOlo I Invited them ti come and see
me again for I know they couldnt got at us nn
that mountain Then wo got supper that night
crowd at an old mans house nearly In bight 01 the
I had my friends In that crowd too he
said with a smile ot satisfaction I knew
them Illrmlngham follows was coming and I
knew they had good guns nnd wasnt feared
to uso em Anhow 1 didnt core nothln
about tackling em
The day following that of the Interview Rube
boarded a train on the Kansas City Memphis
and Birmingham Railroad attho little station
lto staton
of Gattman Miss Ho was accompanied by
Jackson and a red bloodhound Tho men took
tho rear seat of a passenger coach In order
that the > might not bo surprised When tho
conductor cause In for faros he evidently sus
pected the men but ho said nothing They
role to Amory a station twenty miles distant
in Mississippi and went through tbo woods
Bubo was heard of and seen many times
during last winter On one occasion ho board
ed a Georgia Pacific train In Alabama and rode
Quito a distance He was heavily armed but
interfered with nobody and nobody cared to
interfere with him He had boon In Birming
ham frequently within tho past few years but
bo was not recognized In fact ho would go
wherever he chose without fearing arrest
He was noted for taking desperate and reck
less chances In Lamar county however
generally remained in hiding knowing that I
discovered by detectives or his enemies they
I would bring troops down on his relatives and
cause trouble for them row people In Iamar
county care to say anything about Rube or
an of his family The Invariable reply is
lubes never dono anything to me and Ive
nothing to say In7thinf It Is however
evident that tbo death of tho outlaw Is 1 relief
to the entire county
For tho past six months Tube had been
chased by a score of detectives some In tho
employ of the Southern Express Company and
others after the reward of 7UO Jackson and
huntS hobos cousin captured
Hmlh Jubce wore c llured recently
lube was chased Into Florida three months
too but he successfully eluded the detectives
without a fight
Itubes last train robbery was committed
only a few weeks ago when slnulohandod the
j r
r i f
desperate outlaw held up an express train on
the Loutivilie arid Nashville Itallroad at Ilo
lunton AIBhn station about fllty miles north
east of Mobile Hn successfully robbed thu
express car but of how much the express com
pany oltlclalg have never told All told hn
pipbably rohbed the Southern Exi > ro s of
KifiUOO and thuinmpany spent 20000 in ef
forts to capture him
But for Bubo burrows utter recklessness bo
would have been free today Ho met u man
as game ns hlmol In Carter anti the outlaw
died with his boots 00 hut with the satisfac
tion that bo wan killed by an ordinary farmer
and not by a professional detective
VI r
The great outlaws death aa the readers of
THE BUN already know was a dramatic onl
nilnntlon of his violent career Courage a
matchless as his own punished with death a
re < kltes piece ot bravado to which the robber
resorted after he had freed himself from bonds
by ono of the simple tricks which hU fertile
brain supplied for every emergency Ha
was always reckless but his unfailing success
In outwitting every plan for his capture had
made him as careless as a man on whose head
rested no price The reward offered for his
capture was a fortune in the estimation of the
people of the Alabama mountains
Burrow often rotortod to disguises but
when wandering about the sparsely settled re
gion eight or ten miles from Linden a week
ago he wo recognized by a crossroads store
keeper named J Carter Without betraying
his suspicion Carter followed the outlaw a lit
tle distance until iii secured the auluno of
I neighbor John UcDulTy a farmer and both
men determined to win the t700 ou Burrow
bead Tbr took with them two Degrees and
for ncu they suoteeduil In < atchiug the alert
train rcbbni unawares 1liny Mixed arms
bUiiiiuihiijt before h could dinw his wispune
nun then I lie y hurried l vtlili i i b I unto llnd n Un
IuebJiiy uliibl iio I was lojgtd n llie I sail lu that
town und Use I allUre susmizod ty 10 complete I
Jbuzrrow aVI nlljr uiimllte < gracefully to
IIH inovltuiflu uluiruehsd befzioopsti UP the I
jail wis A strong one and the prisoner was i
securely Itroli ilhU wrists Mail ftusklei hung
Iruuiid To Ilk security fomplete two of hi
V iUuniHi liiid with cOJ1 plitiil lu the
jail tDjtimifJbtiii j durlii the flrit night Mr I
TJuOt anil 1 isegr < > naincfi Mariuan under
Ilk lIsle dutv 1ho prisoner bud burp I
aich u of UHirie and only one rnvglver uu J
i ui niui I hite And liken away llclisl
with imiui noililpB lMti < i < eitu aubril wliloli
iso uil I tontuTurd only tolled clothIng mid
ShOut 171J lit 1IIIjli vtr Inmit use 1 mousy I
Mujit wrmt I Ills I vlligge Ii I teuiu
b uiqhmt psseJ Ilul111 10 lii jail until
ocook I jmsis urrowwk rOI aap Ild
ftzlplal 41 10 itt I ulrao that be was hungry
fa isy iiatst to Uisiliouri am Ire lulf ge s nothing for tti1
Ivt tuM IM or MteJul UJIB ft i it
th marked pttnlentlr r some cracker In
thTht caw utuuiDlclou4y picked up the
satchel lelr the floor on the opposite side nt
thn room nod without examlnlnc It handed
It to tlio prisoner Burrow olOnrlt with flts i
mnnaolea hinds fumhled around among the t 1 I
contents and prt > dui d some erftekera He
wean to munch them contentedly antI
i handed some to this two men They were
i thrown off their tro msnl larluK down
thiIr plnoi beggn to nt A minute later the
prisoner mara led handsacaln wentlnto the
tatchol Tie ware withdrawn A quick as a I
I flnih and teore either bad time to Ilk a
movement each guard found hlmtnlr acini a
stolR point I wasnt a question of courage
then I would hate been foolhardy to have I i
attempted to overpower a man uf Burrows 0
matchless skill with weapon The outlivv
trrnlr 01 Jerrdjhe negro to unlock the 0111
cuiTc The negro while obrI MeIluffy eat with uplifted band
Now put tbem on that man wns the nQxt
enter mind cUufTy was manacled by the
obedIent neitro Burrow other bOIls worn
released nnd at hi order tho negro unlocked
the Jai door and the outlaw was tfo Had
ho ben contented with gaining his liberty hn
would today have IOn hack lu bin old haunts
In the mountains as drlUutan over but evi
dently hU bro had been hurt by thin manner
of hit undoing alt be determined on a fool
hardy act Which cost him his life
Whero Is that mnn Carter who ha inr
money lie demanded of the nngui Ho
was told that Carter had gone to the hotel 10
sloenTake Iono te
Take me to him was the command
The negro led the way thiongli thl town and
they entered the small hotel Carter was not
in tho room ln > wa to liar occupied aid the I I
necrn remembered be had prolmtily gone to
tho stOl of a merchant trOlahlf 1011 He
led the way them and still under compulsion
he pounded on the door to rouo tho lcoplnit
mal Carter called our What the mutter f
Toll him McliufTy wants him at the Jill
wns Burrows whispered order and ho negro
Carter recognized the negros voice anti treat
to the door lie found hluiiolf confronted ly
the mnn he had left a prisoner a few lu urs be
fore und a pistol was nt his breast
Handover my mono was the older he
Naturally Carter turned bnck Into the room I
in the dnrknos but Instead of the money bo
seized his revolver Buirnw miut tiny < nub
p eted the movement for when Carter tunu d
and fired he fred at the Bathe Instant Hath
bullets took oct Carters went complete
ly I through the outlaws body passing
through tho bowols Cartel was shot
In the chest Both men wore denorntcly
hurt but It became a duel to tho ilcnth Bur
row backed aiOfH tho sheet grid Carter I I
towel both emptying their weapons ns rnpldlr
possible liiinow turned for an instant tn
put a bullet through the shoulder the nruro
A moment later the ammunition nt hutS
men was exhausted and at the name In I I
slant both loll to the ground Burrow was
dead throe minutes later When thin villagers
whohail been aroused by the fuflllfue ro icbcd
time street a few minutes afterward them foiin I I I
throe men bloedlni lu the dust Ono was
domed another apparently was dying and the I
third wns badly hurt
The next day tho body of the dead outlaw
was sent to hla aged father for burial It U bn
llevod that Carter will recover The express
company will pay to the four men who < np
turod tho outlaw the reward that hud boon
holy TO nKAit men DIAMONDS
The Latest Htjrlec In Necklace ant Orna
ment The Va orPearti
The woman with tha long neck nnd long
purse Is In great luck this season for neck
laces are wonderful elaborate and emulslto
affairs concealing with their sparkling splen
dor any aggressiveness on the part of bony
structures any scantiness of muscular tissue
Thu Princess of Wales dog collar In here in all
its glory Sometimes it Is a fluted ribbon of gold
filigree with diamond petalled flowers sot
In its convolutions Sometimes it Is a crazy
network of diamonds and rubles set close
together In Irregular rows with ruby flowers
blazing from tho glittering background at
unexpected Intervals It may be a simple col
lar of diamonds with a fringe of gold enunar
inc diamonds In Its meshes or a single row of
superb stones from which depends In front a
festooning of fine gold chains encrusted with
tiny diamonds In the contra of which flashes
a magnificent pendant Ono vary handsome
necklace consists of a row of gold flowers with
diamond hearts from which falls a network of
diamonds so deltcato and brilliant as to seem
like hoar frost in the sunshine
Gold necklaces with no jewels have n fringe
of gold pendants which encircles thin nook or a
fall of swaying flowers in gold or enamel de
pending from supple wire Tho woman with
the exceptional nock will doubtless go to the
other extreme and wear a slender gold chain
almost invisible from which fulls a triage of
diamonds strung nn strong Invisible wires and
a blazing pendant
Moro rare and costly than nil the others are
the pierced diamonds nndj I earls strung alter
nately on a single string Diamonds arranged
In this way must bo cut in the rose stylo arid
alike on both sides The great expense la in
tho drilling and the stone thus drilled are
loss marketable than those undnlled
Chrysanthemum and hearts nro the favorite
dotlcn for pin and ear imndanu Tho dia
mond chrysanthemums with their convoluted
petals set outside and in with sparkling
stones are even moro effective than the stars
particularly for the hair while the onamollrd
chrysanthemums are beautiful in coloring and
design Double hearts either entwined or
tied together with t bow at the top appear in
all kinds of pins from the silver up to
diamonds and pearls
Another favorllo device tn jewelry Is n rib
bon tied in a bow with slightly Ituted ends
onnmollad or jowolled Now bangles have u
single largo pearl strung on n delicate gold
wire or throe or four smaller pearls threaded
in the same way Jawullod Insects mind bans
appear on others of the same kind while
plain gold bangles are now massive and moro
suggestive of their Indian Origin than hereto
fore The French style still prevails In thc
setting ot nil ornaments employing the Ui < e of
many smaller stones In the setting of large
ones and combining JOWOM of mote than ouu
color in the same piece Diamond set mini
ature ouually as delicate and beautiful as the
old French models and set in diamond
frames continue to be worn lu pendants anti
brnocbe Lockets are much used those in
thin heart shapes of shell gold ur small blos
soms being most admired
Trotters nt 1 T JBaranm flame
BrtirxiEroitT Oct 10 There In a groat doslro
hero among sporting men to secure n good en
closed track for speed contests as Bridgeport
has a sufficient number of fast horses to make
trotting Interesting at all seasons ol tho year
Local contests aro now held at the public
course In Seaside Park to which spectators
are always admitted without charge Nona of
the circuit races can bo hold hero for want of
track enclosure and It la necessary to tako
Bridgeport horses to Danbury Ansonln Nor
walk or New Haven when It la iloMred to
match thorn against trotters with a record
Ono of the most available locations for a trot
tine track Is at the West End on the property
owned by P T Barnum It In easily renohed
by railroad and In a year or two the Cedar
Creek channel will be dredged out t > o that ex
cursion steamers may land within two minutes
Walk of the site
Cot Heft a wealthy Standard Oil Company
roan Intends to take up his residence tiers In
the spring He has a stablo of fast trottors
David Trubee aveteruu merchant has prob
ably the tamest trotter In thu city In Eastern
Boy who cano easily In 1W
The Hon KT G Burnbams handsome little
mare has the bunt record on a half ratIo track
of any horse In the city and Is conitantly do
Ing bettor She aisle 2J8K In u third heat
this season nt Danbury
James II Luwls has in isle tables at Seaside
Park a bay stallion called Nimbus with a
record uf VjUAU on a halfmile track
Charles F Williams one of the most Jovial
of Bridge ports fast horne owperx bat removed
to Boston At aiumptuoui banquet tendered
by his frIend ho was pruiented with a diamond
set of Knights Tumplar jewels n MasonIc
ring and a pot of Boston baked beans
Count Do Nalnvlll IIr4 From
OTTAWA Oct 4John Sutherland of the
tludtons Hay Company who has just returned
from the norlbirnmot water of the Slacken
Klelllver saw the French Count do Halnvlllu
wile wunt into the for North tint season with
Mr Ernest but did not return with that gen
tluinuu to Manitoba The French nobleman Is
Mill there enjorlnu blinnelf After purling
with the party a pear wi hut summer he pro
fMiwIed down tip > livli nrie Illiur tolls mouth
ansi iiwnt the buluura of the luiiinmr season
iplorlog part ol the coast to use ciii curer
yst f carefully explored and iiivrn tn all mapi
with 5jQibjIt lluen siguiflug bat lie conjour
II I not knonii lie turDJ l < i 1ort UclW
sole In Ibu fall and steal the winter them He
sint on msuiiuroui hmuusultig xqunlomjs tim Its
wTuUrdviipliu Iii KMurjt of lie cold ami on
01 e acfiiloii imtrutil west ward almost tq
this lukirn ilitilci 5 ills iiniiir by sturtail
< Itt tO ZJIQIe scum of lukus runulii from
Fort > lolli i > ou tu the otkn nuf Intends
uivigstinit tli Hilary of tli Macbuuil au > i
The stIltit tlor returnlu Hu juu ilu at
rort MCI hence un AUK to when lie aud the
M r ortuat poll wr going on a hunliL sl
trip Iue Count IsUcd to winter ber atfaln
p teas hot neg a asia hut iiU itiara w
= =
Toe question of the rights of tenants In Sate
to make a noUo pound upon the pUno MOW
upon brass horn aud otherwl edl port 1510
selves I one ot those things that liven in o is p
sessoitand keep a prominent nitre latin
versation of the people of New oik H mmliiis
Interesting perhaps t m peotri mmh have o
tlirocgh the era of probation In flat t f iut
that London is I lust teginninit to tpstisi > o
sOrtie of the difficult which hang up n out
apartment hours ya1en1 Hat muotuss me t
oalltd manMons In tonJon and Dais have
been very rats American speculate e lute
ho tver of late made tlie cyclone sort pip ular
there wllh the result that pnmliy to
teak London second only to New ork
In the terror which It shows fur ndot
Inc flat houses This system ol llr
trig painf originally of course mom 1 rnnee
but It i wa not until New 0rk took up the
French method of living opt London tie lleq
puidaofhig riguits
tocoprlt An KnollshraanstdoaoIhU
Is I n thine OhiO no man dares to uvatrel with
hence the IfKlslnture of Great llr tnln feels
cniiij upon tnVrinVldera bill for the u rula
linn of flats Only one of the nmnr ca
w ham come before tho courts linn CA rot
been decided And tu them If i only a Mntle
ureoeient for ether courts to bale thi Ir j mug >
mont on A w Id ami enthusiast nmntrur In m
SIMM upon practicIng this vloloncell i In his
flat every d < iy ir eight hour On Hunduts he
tisunllr took nn oxtrn whnokat It nt in to
keep his elliOt limber for the coming week
Be was suet b n West End swell In an adjoin
ing Hat whoclo osel In court that the minion
cellohurt his follims until ho was near
dead Thor mmci a long array orcoiitisol on
both uttts and the Court finally decided that
no man wni tuMltlrd In practicing co many
hours n div In mansions The Court ox
inei eij time opinion thnt throe hours n day
was quite lag l < > enntmli for a human lining to
imv a violoncello mint thin judgment ho met
with the warmest approval In Ureit Britain
I 4
WoBtche U r Is becoming a fenturo In the
yearly programme of the town The park baa
flLsi Its plnex In tho affections ot Now York
em to n raniknbli > extent The pilgrimage
to the big tinck ou the ihrst lay of or err sea
sun Is not tlm inult oi n desire to see time races
unit is duo 10 the anticipation of n gctieinl
holiday The fro Hold and the extraordinary
n ttuctlonHOt MiinU i Inrk will eventually re
built In Its being i roiuit nomutiiini in the
natiiro of Lpon Downs A Derby Pay In Now
lurk Is by no mount Improbable
Ilsh mind poker are probably the most indo
fatigable flnuoiiH nnd pruteutlous onomlos
that truth has to encounter Tho eminence of
fIsh h stones In tun t world of pure ant vaulting
fiction bus lone leon iniltlod Hut It eirlus I
to look us though Limo reign of flab will bo dis
puted by the iinccdtll al record of poker
Them nut so many well uutheulkntui stories
of ext rreiril inur i lwml und enormous ts in
nings nt America uri it nmbllnc tamo that
only n realty rcniurKiibi story attrii iBnttuii
lion their KOIIIB to ho im VHKU n limit to
human tncenmiy ns thcro in to the poKHibla
combination ol iitkor hands und tint nitrite
Coos innnily in HI ry > from Chicago ot
thron straight liushtH in outs game nt blch
there won > swven pinyor huwevur islonkod
upon ns ono of luiso thing that oven poker
eiithtiniasts niut rooct Mnny cunoim thlnga
occur in ChlcHen Imt trlplo strnlglit hushes In I
on teat Is moro than oven bt Louis would
dire to claim
Tho anxiety ohlldron In Central Park to
see the new baby mold the Superintendent
yesterday will result lu something next to a
riot If tho louis nio not thrown open before
long for n private view of the suooonsor of the
lamented M flinty MeGlnty never had n vory
warm place In tho afTc tlons of the little pooplu
of New tork on nc < ount ol his early dcnlh but
their Interest in him was lively and extreme 1
from the very moment of his birth until his
until demise Ill now baby If it lives will
undoubtedly bo ito sensation of the juvenile
world hero for many weeks to coino Com I
pared with It ilttio Lord Jaunlkroy be o
rank outsider
Fred E Blodgett nn engraver Is the owner
ot a brass pin whloli is destined to make a
name for him It is nn ovoryday pin one ot
those that may bo encountered where least expected
peeled and the closest scrutiny with the naked
030 will reveal nothing to excite attonllon
set itt timid is n wonder for out Into It Indoll
cab outlines is every letter of the alphabet
The IcttPis arc arranged In lines that run its
entire circumference and are earay cllttiu
guiehnble through nmaunlfving gloss
The characters are In the form of print called
Gothic by printers and end In the nbbrov nted
A There Is u space between each letter so
that one can be readily picked out from tbo
other As the letters correspond In size It will rl
be understood that the work entailed a keen
nest of calculation rarely met with The tlmn
consumed lu tho task was two hours and thirty
minutes I
Ulodeetts object In going to this trouble was u fl
not merely to xntlsfy a passing whim Ho bad li 1
served with honor In the Second New York I
Harris Llcht Cavalry Custors command and u
not long ago It oeeurrea to him that tins Idea
mlcht bo adopted with safety fur camlet
cipher despatches
The news of the rich mensflyeron the 11
Now York and Lone Brunch Railroad pub
lished In Wednesdays SUN has aroused the
people or lied Bank N J the only town
which did not suffer from the Injustice di
of the now economical time table It
appears that thla railroad got its rIght < ot f
way through lint Bunk upon an ogre mime M
that every train tun on the rouu should ll
stop at that nlico him rich mens flyer IH hi
not put on tho Now York and Long lirnnch I
time table but It runs over ttto road ns tar na llI
Lone Branch and pmses Bad Bank nt fifty g
miles nn hour If thorn IH not present relict I
the company will hour from Ited Bonk S
A reasonnblo tompernnco movement that is
spreading In the Western cities is ono which it <
roiulrcs mon to keep aloof from bar rooms
They may drink what they please at homo In I j
their clubs mind in rhtnunints with tnulr
meals but the edict has gono forth that no
gentleman will htnuil up to a bar and mix with
trio oiheruu who ru iko thnt a practice Ibis ittf
now social docmii is sild to have bud lift origin
In San rraneisco the only city In the lti id
whoso best Iar rooms nnpioach the socnlleu
art galleries 01 this town
It would Mom to bo t ho duty of every yonncor j tf
son of a rich man In Now York to go West ns
soon IH ha can manage It and acquire horses
Slilpplnyaloi loionud felling them IH usually S
looked upon ns tbo keonoHt sort of buslnoea
enterprise The number of young men who
are interolod in thou particular forni ol bust I I
tens Is very large It would bo interesting It S
statistics of limit ptolIU could be publisliol
tluilis Would bo Interestliit to the friends lt
of the young specnl itoifl A widespread belief
exists but tlm tumults are by no mnnnn ns
numb ns they are Hoimtimos 8ui > po rd to bo
In uelmonicort eHtinlny a wjjbrownod
hnndsomo und ntliloilu > ouncNew Yorkoron
toitninedn nnmoi of hm friuuds by toiling
them how mu h mom > j ho was going to mane I
by soiling n string of polo tonics and horses
which hn und xu ured In Texan A fatuous old
broker who wax once connoctod with the IIOUSD 4fu
of the elder Oxlioina In Wall street Listened
with pnteinnl nmliibllty for a long While to
the artless prattllnu uf thin boy and then saidt
How mil hoi nn nv nrng profit do you six
pect to mako on the horses Ctmillar
IlLlity Jolter u 5 loust ap eci
How many lid you bring ou t
Thn old broker wnuged his head slowly for a
fiiw minutes and limn remarked You were
gone elelit monihs nml jou said a little while
uco your nxt nsei i lily averaged 50 a month y
I hat will lease you n profit of a little over smOO
for eight montiiH stork lou will never act
rich ut that builuusd
Berrv Wall ban committed hlmselfto the Al 4
pine hut for good lie urostre It at all times but
It Is by no mer > iiB cnrtulu that the fonmr king
of the dudes still raUuiii his following among
the young user of New oik who devote a lire
Itleiis amount of limn und study to their
clothes There are a few young men who sill
follow Mr WnllH inn I with almost slavish
lldkllty Hut oven they nio beginning to haute
their Alpine hut ulumu thn topinoit pegs sod u I
return to tin more ecu ontiomil kinds ot hiatt
gear Mr Wall howevor vvnar the oft felt
flat In fair and hiormy wpather und aita rx > rta
It when he Is clad lu ev cuing clothuK
According to the expert the tlmeto tee New
Yorks pretty girls is about 11 oclock In tha
morning on Fifth avenue They ruth out for
athouiand reason nnJ they may out or as
many mote The fa t maciris to be thea they
have com home from tips cuuntry full of tho
life anti fun mif outdttr frolIc menu limo fresh sir
ii as necessary to treust use time smelt 131k imriili
dogs soid cuindy Lsirytistug sseiijs io stjks
them us lining comieal aol tie joy mf their
looks Is I roflote I In the fiuix of the Jutr id i
weury lsOiiie i win ulpisI me jsursmer Ifs tjHii
They IIIIVB brought the stir < of ho waiild and
timst inuUnIgiue tO is lusL hsimriiitemj aol ssttJey
toswu lbey have riot suucoetiuJ yatip rqbbjug
hew York of Its gupurimi pruptimi lOok hut
then nothing On earlbeould do Ibis
At com of the club uf learned ladUi In tluiu
oily plilloKOpbr and jooundlty aro often blended <
In wnti thai are rare In lue clubs of ii >
hmuvitr sex For numplo at the seia tf
horunl In iMlmonluo last Jlomlay lime inem
mire limit t Itiinftit mull wIsig sonrilsg to
isskosisare I i tin tel f 1 f ore h i Ilsut
Si an hiore dtibit IH use oi time fate
oupujst ihume til I siseru 4lloii tit lhjui <
aul < JDI < I luut ohaniioil lit loOl Vtrmty 1mg
ore lbr puruil lu lsussof Iru ingsgmin lhr
mops time to indyluula s miisJ i gisialja ilutluu a
which tie spcmsiaisv l dengts ami mysji tie
focal and instrUmental music wr f riri > ita
J thin i not Imiigeetmosi QI lgstegt u iuka >
lIDS club la IseS iiKoWduiii t

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