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Tho Come da Purl nnd the friend who M I I
1 company him w 111 bo Informally rntertaln d al t
t th Tnsrdnriiih grounds next Haturday A
t > lRoii mmch tll To arinngiii for the enter
tainment 01 lbS frenchmen
Tomorrow nutting the Ohio Ro
Cltir will b < a Mies night affair Kx1reil I
f dent J 1 K llallowny of tho American Bocletj
pfUchanlcnl Knglnenr < will reid a paper rn
JnllnMr I In
Thatur > of an Uho bor nlu > wanted to b
an l lon KIIMIIP i ink iho nsrme <
I wIs a iiiemhor of tli 1 a idolv and olbei
arlat wilt aing nud a ii > lla lun will b semd
J Notn Inconsiderableelement In the Univer
sity Club would walcoroe n little 101 con serva
I tl m on the pail < f the management unit a
corresponding Increase In the Ufa ot the orn
cation The club does to be nuns hold In
formal receplions occasional but notlilnit In
rclolA I I
i hI way otdlniers lira inscribe Ilko
has been 110 In jears Distinguished alumni
ot the various ioleuo nro lint Inlreiiuontly
prcMulnt the club unlliorltik but they are
1 Bovcr entertained by the club us a club
The Adirondack League Club It I nn lUlU red
BUOOS Its 93100 acres of laud are richly I I
Umbered and tho cluh hM recently oloi cd a
contract for tho halo of tJOCHK north of ripe
pruca a rear for Ittoen yeart to coma It ba I I
bon laid that titles to Adirondack land are
I Bat of the best but the concern which ha con
tracted for the Iaguo Clubs timber It I 10 well
Mtlsrlod with the club title thai I hu paid
00000 to him Iba contract An Inspection
aad survey of tho clubs properly With a view
totho f future core alt preservation of Its for I
t will bo begun this month under the direc
tion of H II I row chlnf of the rowtry Bu
ton of thn 1 e part mo nt of Agriculture n I I
Washington I It slid that thin sunoy will
Bark an Important departuro In the line I of
forest preservation Many members of Ibo
lab will spend Ibo summer at tho club house
t Ot la cottage on the grounds next year
a The annual Tuxodo ball will bo given at the
tab house on the evenIng of Oct 31
i On the walls of Ibo German Club house on
Twentyflfth street ore framed plans and views
Of the handsome new club houso on 1lf tynlnth
t treat opposite the lark which li I now nuntly
r ready for occupancy The clubs now homo
Will be ready for It by Christmas anti the mem
t bers now pass their spnro time In looking over
the plans with ensor anticipation Tho build
ing has a frontogo of 75 feet on Fiftyninth
street and a liitn of 120 fiot nod rltes to a
height of the starlet Its lul of oolltla
I limestone and Is i by JIcKlm Mead V White
Tho second floor of the bouse wilt bo almost
I eltrlly Ihen up to the use of the wives and
uehters ot members a Indies restaurant
and receptIon rooms Ac being provided for
their accommodation There arc twentytwo
apartments anil suites for tho use of monitors
J who may wish to lIve a the club ant tho
820000 which these apartments aro expected
to annually yield will mOle than pay the In
terest on the 350000 which tho club has In
tested In Its new houBo
t The Tuxedo Club has made arrangements
for a series of theatrical performances by tiro
f nsslonnl acton and actresses n the club house
this winter beginning next month
Channcey St Denew will helD alone tho dedi
catory exercises of the llrooklyn Union League
Club on Nov 12 with nn address thereby ox
1 tending the congratulations ot New York d
Union League to its Brooklyn namesake
Te Harlem Club whloh in I the exclusive so
t cial organization north of the regions ot ° down
town clubdom has a membership of 100 and
I nttlg near Its limit
With tho return of the literary people who
Compose the membership of the Groller Club
that organization Is again becoming lively
The Library Committee of tho club have been
busy preparing the Groller Collection and
rnanv notable additions to tho clubs literary I
treasure have recently been made Prom
lent among them Is a fine edition of John
L Mos Areopagttlca which contains a re
markably flue etched portrait of the author
The > Fulton Club which was organized a few
i Tears ago for the convenlonco of business len
In and about Fulton street Is in n exceed I
ingly prosperous condition Its membership
limit is 200 and there a already 176 members I
and a dozen or 8 names of wouldbe mem
bers on the bulletin bar The membership
is exclusively composed ot solid business men I
who prefer to lunch at a nicely appointed club
bouse than at any of the eecondrnte roslau
rant In the vicinity Most of the members I
a In the metal drug or leather business the
elub quarters in the iulton and Market I
plank building on the corner of Gold and
Fulton streets being In the heart of the dis
trict In which tel businesses ore carried on
I The recent sensation In the Union League
Club over the somewhat remarkable exposure
II t of certain delinquent member by 1 Union
Leaguer who owns a newspaper has set club I
I men to talking about club etiquette There Is
r no doubt that at present there Is great laxity
i the observance of tbe unwritten but none I
the less recognized rules of club conduct As
i ono of the recognized autocrats of clubdom re
I marked the other day There seems to bo n
drift toward making clubs a sort of commer 1
cial association In which each man looks out 1
for himself first l and lots his follow club men
lOOk out for thoniMjho In the judgment of
I the particular authority on llmlnl ue the I
ruling principle of club mens relations to ono
another should bo the ever pro enl considera
I tion lor others first and for ones suIt after
ward But 1 Isnt under tbo present Older of
thing Customs prevail In most American I
clubfl which would shock the sensibilities of
the English club men and n welldullned code
pr club etliiuolto would bo heartily welcomed
try the sticklers for tbe oldtime courtesies and
proprieties of club le
A veritable revolution Is slowly taking placo
I the realms of olubdom I any one had sug
Bted the possibility of ladles being received
i In aristocratic ionic clubs a few years ago ho
would have been considered a most promising
candidate for Bedlam Despite this fact two I
cf th most fashionable and exclusive clubs In
Now York city and one club of the same charac
ter la Brookh n mat provision for the recep
tion and entertainment of tbo wives and
daughters of their members a third Now
York club will soon be added to the let of the
clubs whIch have sanctioned the innovation
and other clubs are looking in that direction I
The revolution was started by Ibo famous
Somerset Club of Boston than which there U
I no more exclusive and conservative club
organization In America This club
onlaton Amerca among
I Clubs decided about eight years ago t fit
a suite of exclusively for the
up rooms oxcuslvely ac
I commodation of ladles and provided a private
entrance to this suit of which
entrlnco ul rooms are en
tirely Isolated from other parts of the club
Th who or daughter ol a member was per
mitted Introduce otl or ladles nu her guests
the sole restriction being that fho should in
berownnaudvviltlUK outer the names of f her
guests In a book kept for the purpose Tho In I i
novation won the Immediate appioval of the
social olnles au largely reprei > eni d lu the
Bpmireet Club and II eodlly becnmeonn of the
lUtlnotlva features uf that oiuunliation
When thi Hamilton Club of Brooklyn iras in
corporated It adopted this feature and HIonly
after when the Lawyers Club was extubllnbed
In the Kqultablo bulldlui thu huma svsiem
a adopted on a much broader hiale Tliu
jiwyum Club set Ill private dlu
leg rooms a public dining room a
adles parlor boudoir nnd bathroom
for the use of wives tutu daughter of its > mom
bore and sub eiiuenlly plm ed thum lu charge
gf Itwrlenctnl t ladles mnldn who are always
I ID aiuiDdani e No genileinuu is over admitted
10 tbfliio rooms unlns hi inuoioiiipanlod by <
t Upon JIIS election 10 the LawjcnT Club
a member flits out I blank with HID mimes of
Uie ladies of his family to whom ho wishes lo
barlb privileges if f lie iub i itondtd l he
Bain s kOentaidro copl d upon a raglbtrr
and ihiiraflrtbu ladle numod hy the mom
Mr hal the freedom nt liii I null of rooms ut
iiirt for l th UMI 01 their HI They can ualn
f41n3itiuio iu ihoMt 11011 nt any tune during
IDa duty cau uiiml otu r luIUs I thai I Iurlli t >
> Iutmunl Otto lunch IT dluo iboio orcmi n
frmalu frUiiiU at lunuhvciplf thleb 0 desIre
flu cheCk U uuu mill I tIutlttI to l tl hut the
aInouut of Indolitedn which they Incur In
tbrg d to the inviiiUr of lh club at WhOM
iiintuncti tiny uru lulruluud Iho oinuwhut
r emnarkat4e dnimrtur JiltS worked I uJmlia
lily Ind hiss ii sit 111 UIIIII III
tt h 10 soibelvftItIye 1iIIJ8 II lb
S club A Inwlll CIPtIJISE 1001111 I togue
at t tiiC room of th KWIiig Club nnd there bit
It hiss iiil with nor Allhoiitili 111 1 Iellllol I
trl1lMlJy IluWI I buiItJbiiL1Jih tc 1DL7 tIUUM
cue Tuuiitrttr t Mrcul jiuJit lo llm 1 J Jia iromm
a on wMtii thi lililiCI jo I the Uulon Club I
01 building 111 lu I id It ui > for fiiu tjws ul the
wives aud liuurfhtii of the Union Cluhjouu
WILd hriMJIllill sib t fill 111 urtl HlAl1ltntt Clul 1011
fiiiilfoii 011 Uu i > ruu > riy Tlj pyoiHiifiJoij
1 ttuJ I tint to ibrouuh ti be silt but be murn
lul t hat i It Mrim uijtiju lu Micoii cvinniaeliil >
M lh I 11 I rw jhxw tii holt whlef I
innovitilou IiiliiKluna I by Hi homi UI Oliib
Jiti luket Oil Iul Inca Tlllll U l Will lift IB
fillr mloitttl lay tlm 111 I wJ cl r tu > 011
riubi Ufor iiittiiy yaas thus fn b hub I
doubt And lhl It will I Und lo ultltfat ilif
> P Hly with whjcli ih iKiiiloln MI regard
II irlub toHlilehtblrlbuibaBI end bjvtb
eta Maun thor cmj t lou I doubt
i NKWM or raa mJAnura I
A oond American tour of Mr and Hn
Kendal starts with tomorrow nights perform <
nee by thoec player and their English com <
panyat the 1lh Anu There will of Our
l 1 a crowded and very fashionable audience
The season ls I at Its height the public taste li I
not yet wearied and ther Imported all l
represent a ctylo of acting that strongly
fascinates the Now York theatregoer
Th quick return ot the Kcndnla to I
our stage suggest their business ihrnwd 1
ness lather than their artistic sentiment
Their first trip hitherto amazed them In ill
Bolden results nay more I surprised even
the manager who brought them over while I
completely Lamed the predictions of a hundred
expert who hnd lacked tbe courage to test the
Koudals on the American stage Jiugland ha
ong 1 an kind to this clever pair but the hos
pitality of our own welcome overshadows all
Iso In Its prodigality wefome hardly to b won I
that Mr and Mr Kendal with
ileted at r aojMrs am wlh us I
again and KO tocn They hring this time how
ever a few new players their assisting coin
pan which was not particularly strong last
Inn and several changes of plays In their
rcixrtorv ao that their reappearance will
11 Ionic features ot novelty Their oplnlll
iiiicn wIll bo Arthur W IJuol drama Abe
Hllulr wrllen for them npd orllllII noted
bvtbematthaLondon HI rewIork
Jamo New
III tutlul mh kuv AJVUUVU Ul tfnujUB nOW IUm
ers will recall U as I laly Theatre essay of
n bOlt ton year ago but It was not I success
with the Daly company ra Kondal wlfl Im
nersonato Jialr Vtritu Mr Kondal Lieiit
7norn < fyr tlorflnce Cowall ChristIaia and
thnt capital comedian J E Dodson iuninon
ThE Gilbert llvllf of the oas will to I John II
Barnes nn lnullsh actor who has played her In
tho support o Mary Anderson and I other mar
but I Ufor bee beon on the London boards
The Fifth Avenue engagement directed by
Daniel Frohman Is for eight weeks When
The Squlro haw had Its onurpo All for Her
will be acted This play also Is familiar
Wnllncks audiences having armlnuded lIe
lacrlllcinl heroism more than a dozen years
ago Herman 0 Mfrlvole wrote I using
llval lnl
Dickon A Tale of To Cities ns n basis
Tonight the Hon John L Wboolor will deliver
his second Illustrated lecture nt the fifth AYe
nuo The subject will be India
For the first time In many months tho Casino
is to have a brand new opera Expectancy Is I
In the air and I half the good things told ot
JHllockors work Poor Jonathan prove true
thin theatre will hav a splendid Inter season
Poor Jonathan has been sung abroad with
signal success Its libretto would Boom to be
a paraphrase of the story of Midas Jonathan
is 1 millionaire able to purchase all the lux
utica 01 tho ace yet so unfortunate in his
dealings that bo can actually command noth
ing Rivals steal his most coveted treasures
and prevent his enjoyment of any of the good
things even after they nro In his posses
sion There Is I a chance for humor
as there Is for a moral In this
Conceit The German libretto hu been put
Into English by John U Jackson and Wolll
For weeks the opera has beon carefully reo
hearsed Now Mjonery Ibo usual elaboration
In costumes and the Inevitable pictorial dls
play generally are oonUdObly IJpcled by Ibo
Cnsinol patrons Special interest centrC In
the production hoclul It I will bring forward
after a slimmer refreshing rest the mot
popular prima donna on the American light
opera stage Lillian Ituseii Fanny v llloo
luMel Ileo
Orson Golden Evn Davenport Hose Wilton
and Sylvia Thorn have the other female riles
Three comedians will conspire to make more
than tho usual amount of laughter Ono
of these Jefferson Do Angolls takes
his place In the Casino forces after
a long tour with McCaull He Is
a valuable man In any troupo Edwin Stevens
returns to the Casino with this opera aDd so
does Harry Macdonoiigh who fans until now
been with VIlson The house will be olood
tomorrow for a final rehearsal the first per
formance occurring Tuesday evening
Joseph Jefferson and W J Florence open
another tour as joint stars at Palmer tomor
row night They will be welcomed by a hand
somo and a cordial audience because they
represent much that Is host and most artistic
In the development of comedy on the
American stage and besides they are
admired for their Individual excellences
ns artists Jefferson himself ban aided
in rehearsing his company which this year
contains several now members Frank a
Danes Frederick O Hoss and Mme Ponlsl
are chief of these Oolman capital comedy
the UelrntLaw OOlmnl acted first with
Jefferson as Dr 1anolost and Florence as wih
kiel Ilonieftym That gtntle and admirable
actress Viola Allen is retained In the com
pany and will Impersonal Cicely Ilamnvun
Oeonre W Denhara another favorite will oun e
the htndrick and Mme Ponlsl will essay Deb
oral The engagement Is for a month and
The Rivals may be seen In a fortnight Mra
Drew will tben reappear Mrt Malaprop
A Kirnlfy revival of Around the World In
Eighty Days IH I the advertised entertainment
at IlammersteinB Columbus Theatre this
week The stage of this new house Is amply
adapted to spectacular productions amlly
tbo Klralty shows arc always elaborate and
complete Ibo familiar play ought to havo a
very effective mounting Lat weeks de
mountna Lt oels
lays In the ooenlng of the Columbus were un
fortuuato and costly
Helen Dnuvray who Is I as sensible a she is
sensitive and as intelligent a she is am
bitious will submIt to tho critical verdict
upon The Whirlwind George H Jessop
has been commissioned to write a now fourth
act for Sydney Rosenfelds play and It will be
finished as soon as possible The first act
which halted In its original shape ban already
been condensed and noticeably brightened up
These changes will save a half hour In tho
time of the representation and add much
iskness to the play bro will alert be an
other alteration in the cast for Katharine
lloKcr will relieve Kato Denulit Wilson as
tVra Ilararf tho rolo only lately vacated by
Mrs Vundenbotr in favor of Mrs Wilson The I
public seems to unto accepted The Whirl
wind us a real good thing judging
from the blze mid he character of the
BtsnilartB nudlences i n i the oronlng I
night Superintendent Camp ot ofonll
Ini house whoso photographic likeness
with Ibo animation of life nnd rbarac I
terl tlo traits is I featuro of Itouen elds play
resists all jocular efforts to cause him to I estop
the performance Hn drolnros that he doesnt
rarl about II oro way or the ntbr but thofo
nar him say differently and bin that I I a llttlo
more reverence In certain places would ho
Sore for tho world generally When It acmes
to n stage copy of the actual flesh down to the
smallest particular of manner and dress there
pro nol many who covet the honor Talmage
Is thickskinned but even he li nrougnd to n
declaration qf war by u cever tao counter I
toll of himself by tho Into John howe n Miss
Bauvrny will bo followed at the Htandard on
Met 27 by Maurice Ban > moro In llockluss
Templo The character which he la to enact
IH described na that of a brilliant anti polished
young lawyer who with UrbllloR that would
cause him tofhli o In soclely abandon It for
tile life if f n Bohemian Endowed by nature
with every gilt within her power brave M a
lion and disdaining ibe contuntlonaltlos of
society to such au extent ns to ourn him the
tltli of Jlnktmii Teniiiti ho Is as gentle aa n
woman and capable of 1 love that IH tnmi
and pure Thesu traits Borryinore will try to
Tuesdays performance of AH the Comforts
of Homo nt Proctors Twentylhlid Mreot
Theatre will be its fiftieth at that UUUHO and no
tiutrui will bu I pretty souvenir Olllotles
farce It Is I well understood possesses life
noiich for a much longer Hat but that is not
Ira ticabla owing to Inttufurlni contractH
ft will tharafoni go over Ihu circuits while
lrotors will puss I lo this moat Important
jvenl In Itt history the punlpg of thu Ciiarlun
rruuiuanhtuakioiupBiiylii lliu Nuw lbeis l 0
Ue M lIe drama orpJJr und S lul8 Tho
11110 of julayere l bjJu 18 Hui tvlilo
L l AliiD Mordauut Kennedy I A itch
cr15 Sidney Aiinsti ong Mamlu Ailum Ula
liawkln and Odeltu 1 rla euggebs at once a
3ovirful lau and of cauru ihcie will ha
nothing lucking In iconur aul the Mlagaai
tessombauu LMjaiallv Tla piec bee tastIly
fit u M muuftklnU ibiiraelers I yet lhi list of nor >
ormar imdr mIgagement for this now
I I r hmnnMoruMnlziiiiuii U iot evhiiuilid I IIW >
ThIs Ilitvnirlre f hurti < t rhiuiunu U not
mil I on of ii I eat foiisa uivm I to hU uw n hUlk I
iccouul tub i of much hlaterest to the Iheatro
111111 luile 1IIIIulr I
New Lamps lor Old liait slaited lbs emt
ion ut Bull e situ thu e iuclud I mil usual
niusur of Iniiict and upiir > vul fiom tilt
allliful d ltote < i of thai houta There htm
hel C lit Id I 111014 Ill I ItO < I liulouu 01 Jlror juts
Wild JlrCI cliii 1 bite opemou uTjht t ijoijit I
I I liege Will bust two IUOI i the u 5i i Ufmn lull
011 foiulgi plm will U oiuiuiiUil 1 I huemu I
lll Ie no aI1 rjbtlon Ieltuii i this I seeuii
Autyilt I 5 It y i 01 I lioiiilm pal other UJ I
pIatl t > Unuitlir II CIIIDIIIII I
Mbloi sherry cud dUrtloK show The
Iupll m Uugli by thil rouiiu of biurmijasu
Illpuliun count to an cod with lint wkl
Miformam Tb little > pli bar gaiiift
ui I al of driiliui icr and Sieve aitfa < leo
flue attention ff 11 thau no keep Sf4 u
Icier who bay mad otriiiis 10 diteul JTiTr
JT 11 wua wu V1 Mlt JL IUI i
ji eted all plriuroiuvly h rtldl Ptctsl
Siroi Wbl u is ou ofL hralJ va Ilcla n I
tulsa < < sod purnsIus i Ififr mo t piustvq tune
nlbifdraniatlii euJ W X oft plrtCn J
Urea If eta Doctor Dili UU w K and other
rlarrn of repute wilt appear whIle lbs
ballet WIlL l > 11 headed by the ftbtlnatlni
ba airlje Theodora de bf 11t A Hpanlal
dancer l itovlto 7 Teisro wilt surjiy tire no
bavItale Canltigtt5 rlllr dJr T e
rn I f I for tpe lrnnu 0 f tint
Ihe biseomefromihe tSesttoflnhsitn sea
ron In Nor The aeenle iiOMibllitUs I at
Nero are boundless to say nothing ot lu
eI telYI a mi Ul for novel trmane
generally Jt Is I lot the ilaratim retn of
tonrl end II Is not the 014rUo r
though it probably owes muen to the latter
form a Freaman II I preparln It
Tie belt ot all the Jerome work thai tr
seen en the American stage and the only ope
Indeed that has rosIly touched th populat
pulx Is I The Maliter of Woodbarrow1
which K 1 Bothera Is I still tlalnl to lam
audience a the Lyonum His engawmenl
theie must end m Noemhe so tbnt the stock
company may com bom to gmt friends
eager to welcome them
Nearly nil tho latter day IllusIonist man
size their most effective tricks on wollktiowr
mechanical principles One ot the clorrrcut or
our own wonder workers Is preparing nn I
luslun whloh bn declares confidently will b
au contrived tbnt the modus opirandl will re
main a complete mrntcry to thin shrewdest
spectator An Individual dresned a < < an In
ditto Is placed on a sort of Ktrotcbor and over
htm Is spread a not whloh Is secured to the
ftrctclier by meant of a script of locks afllxed
The persons irom the audlvnco who mount
the Mage to act aa fairplay guardians
son that the keys of the lock are mort <
erly turned In feat they do that little bns
ness fir themselves when tho Indian
las been to every appearance put In his
little I bed and looked to It bn nnd his stretcher
pro placed In a cabinet the lour of whirl
WanilH several feet from the stago nnd a cur
taRt then obscures the apparatus In n fen
focondi tho curtain Is drawn from about the
cabinet and apparently on the ery same am
bulaneo a beautiful Bin li lean bound exactly
lIke the Indian in tart thin keys used uaetJ II
euro the latter are kept by the members of lh
committee Investigation who now employ
thointostt free tho fair orleoner And while
this la being done the Indian Is dlsooerno
nonchalantly approaching the stage from a
distant part ot the theatre
November will bring bock to in the droll
Fred Leslie Tnero may bo Lettl Llnd and
Bylvla Oroy among tho ralsslne when the
original Oaloty burlesquerk come upon a Now
York stage again but there will be no loss ol
Leslie who Is the lifo and the main reliance ol
Qpnrge KdwnrdrKs troupe Leslies engage
ment with tho lately company however end
In two years and It will not be renewed bo
CllSO lo does not choose to harp It renewed
He will desert thelali < ty anti bttrleque and gc
Into mannieiiioiit on his own account pro
ducing comedy His career In burlesque
be believes has not harmed him for
comedy Charles Vndbatu did much tho
same thing tho dlgnlflud Irving eten donpod
skirts In a burlesque In his callow days For
a dozen years Leslie has earned handsome
wages buying halt of that time at lead ho
has hen extremely thlfty tme his money
with tho solo Idea of tolni Into mnnngcmcnt
backed by himself mainly and with the ultl
niatn plan of carrying on a London theatre
alcaldes hn has been err fortunate as a bur
loviiie writer With a oollahorateur bn con
structed Miss Ksmernlda and ltuy DIng
and thn authors have nlrendy divided several I
thousand pounds nn profits Not long ago I
LeslIe said to 1 London friend alo
To be candid err llttlo Is due to the
authors burlesque nowadays 1 IB sad to
have to say HO but nx n matter of fact it has
burn iroied recently that a good burlesque
does not draw snmueh money as an Inferior
one This may bo paradoxical but IlIa ex
plained In the fact that tho success of bur
los < uo dept ndt uron the plajois and not so
much upon the author Uurlesque IH too
often twisted Into ponderous satire 1 should
be a dlnrerdlgetter not nn educator
Dut burlesque rightly conceived and
performed Is all the time Raining In
popularity It will bo ns lasting a
the drama itself oven though because
of the Increasing demand upon the actor
rather than the author thero Is n constant
deterioration In burlesque as a litoruy pro
duction Cinderella Is I to be travestied by us
next year I CInderEllsn The curtain wIll
KII up at 8 oclock every night curlan plot
you are nssuied will bo finished at 815
TbnOalety troupe will make this trip a far
reaching one it seems They play from here
to Francisco and In May will go to Austra
lia for a fifteen weeks tour going thence back
to London
Tony Pa tor comes t the front of the
vandoYlllo field strongly this week An
vudovlo fold un
usually well assorted group of clever come
dians agile dancers sweet singers and nr
satllo specialists will bn the offering The
company Is under the direction ot Fat Ilellly
one of the shrewdest and beatliked vaudeville
managers In this country Marie Loftus a
singer and actress who Ins l galnid wide and
favorable recognition here oDd abroad Is tho
chief entertainer At her first American re
appearance some weeks ago on thc east side
she not a hearty welcome which la pretty Uri
to be duplicated by Pastors uudlonoa tomor
row night The others In the company Include
Ifogor and Della Dolnn In n new and I rte tslng
sketch Barber trick bicyclist Tldwln French
a popular banjolati Ibo Morley Trio grotesque
musical eccentrlqups the A ham bra Four and
Irltchard and Slavln
Dr Dill and Sunset the contrasted
double bill at tho pretty Garden Theatre Is
likely to enjoy a fair degree of favor for another
month or so Now inattor for the Guldens
actors is In preparation anti probably another
English comedy Nlobo will ensue This It
the work of Harry Inulten who Is deter alke
as actor and comic writer bydnor Hosenfeld
Hyrooy Ioenflhl
has made a new Ilero the Club House for
French A Son arid It is a Garden probability
It la local in theme und deals with social per
In a fortnight Beau Brummel must
opon Its tour leaving the Madison Square
with the prestige of an honest sucos Man
igor Hartz who directs Itlahard Mansflolda
travel la an old shrewd and conservative
showman but he baa grown to bo enthusias
tic when ha figures upon tbo seasons prollts
lie Is singularly confident that the comedy
will please ural audiences fully m well ns It
has thosn of the metropolis Another mntlnio
of Lesbl and Dr Jekyll and MrIIyde is
iinnouniedfoi noxt Wednesday to lire OelUht
rif Beatrice Camorons many mluilrerH who
nonage In iiutnbers and In constancy aa the
treMextonai her repertory The repetition
of Lesldu will again how Ithnl 1 Cha o
Sprague II n minor role This young DIIel
has leen u student at ono or another of the I
city schools of noting timing he pal two or
three years and Is nan furthie f < first limn on the I
regular stage The Madison Hliiaras stuck
jomputiy i ho are llnlahlng their tr1 cia are
Jolly beanlug A 1ttlr of hpootaoes with
which luey open tho regulai HIISDII at Ibo
hOle theatre on Oct 27 Orundya Hon of
Lee IetltD Oleeaux will havo I strong cast
The County FaIr ° at the Union Bnuar and
Thn Old Homestead at the Academy lire
firmly lixid for the season In oitrh tliore Iro a
retention of all tho bright old feature and n
pvolcjoino addition of some good flaw ones I
Liotorlally cinch iToductlou IH Wv11nlih perfect
AD actress has paid a pretty tribuKfto a pout
In Iady Martins mmnorlnl tablet to llotert
llrqwnliiR recently placed on thn wall ot Lion
yidllo Cnurib Lady Maitin IH 71 1 n iv hlt
Jioro ycio litany years of her life wlu < n as
Ile Ii
otcly He onl 1 auolthho enjoyed the fri ndslnp
admiration ntul fpoct of llmnuli H10 wai
the flrft Umiitrn In 1M HtrafTord I I ovent
lureo ft < slit tests tho crusty of Mm Int
nr In his A Blot In the boutcho < u live
ream Inter
Evans and Hooy lme a fortnight longer to
iinko merry at the I Turk unless a caanco ou
curs In tholr ttroeiit t > plans A Iarlor Mut h
has maJu a bilghtur and more exUntlvo
llummatlon this sunken thun over and Its
long dIr term has in no way dimmed the
uslre of llu success but lather fanned the
lunio of iirostmrlty The sbnpoln ess of the
hieefislers Levy U I till a luecuniat i > Ir < Hi
i leexhlcil I oil but not one to hit I eomo ondid
11 mure xHtam In llvmy I little I Clara Tliropn
in her oicelleiit ill lluintioii of the t tlu I peer
Jnuiuneiuf HI uhf At tin I close ill l airs and IPr I
innsg niei t I tVu jib J Illbs mew i tnrev with
fire timely tlllo liapld Timisll will iiroha I
ily I U irliaii a metroiolltun hoarluu at the
lIt I though us yet liter hilts IHMU no out
tiat iiuiiouiiiviieui of lbs fact A pruUodounl
matiur U to b given in Ibo final wools
or tOUlSO Tim Cl ni0nei > au CIN ban found
its I imlutuM I liurUittuu Hut though the
Tlulnul vdilblllon of Hlhyl Joliiiktouo June
iiicloulurgoproilt for Hn sliAiueliM praline
lire 01 Its trlii thus fur cot uu uf ibis secoiid
laud hluws bits tiietiI t th ruiiimuilo that
hail i Ixin looliud for auth iJo lnd A Chlwi o
audi DIM itt tho Slu Jlnou HliOt Thsatia two or
Uumes fuughie inii irvitvif I copy II f Thu I
I iu Ut eCU jLlSU wih aWoliiiu ooniiiuioly
w11 olll COIIIIIO
I lli imrfirna i < UMSU WvM v Ibis < th jprI4
itjrose intel tiia4o j I lu tieriiluu l stud Iliv I4
iitittei fluID who Jiad Luinn 4iiuii < ioluuJ 11 tun
lnt 1 ci 1 to > t th I 1ltr II C sihWiV of
mrli I sis lrhuuaTl thus imr was s
gihd by ihu lest iluu ili show Whit L the least
I s 1 aioiuiorliJ rllt mOL Was s VrV
tisac Ic I < trapi Out Drfoniui wa Douuli
f I 4iejseie I of II Ihtittm and I I wisely
d l IUi1 lo IriM 1 tlii hi < ute HI ninf 11ul u
ftSS1 Iowa all 1II0t simIlar < ins f
dvpl IICuI I lalIIUI iroutu nllr tu a
1111trI 111 tatjnd up 1111 first pamt
Wth a lufll Ii a 11 011 was lalt
iIuCluSJ 01 fits rural IsibdiCIjol Cr11 tlel I
ii I f 1 WLCItfbe uodii wa munch 10 hi WI 41
IO tIt ana GAU Gril a Thrr wa I
Instant demand fork return ot the box office
money while was ignored and then then
wr rtll cat calls nor to profuse
and nol y that the how became pimtomlmo
It wa IntorrupUd by the anr Ilt03lmf
irate stair manacer who twlltely I Invited ai
pudltor ti > etep on the stag fluid hava a light
lo the I finish No acceptance this rhallenw
reaching hit eusts tin ground the Iron Into tin
senators IOU 11 Inlormlngthem Were
not your monet darn jou and now ron can Ru
Wbll tur for Ill I
Recent new plays out ot town have shown a
preponderance ot success ROBin Yokes hal
Just acted The Blher Shield by Sydney
Grondy for the first limo In America at 1
Cleveland theatre and one ot her critics pre
dict that here Is he play with which sho will
hereafter b most prominently associated Mr
Gmndys drama WAS first acted at the London
Strand In the spring ot 1885 Tho heroine Im
personated by Ills Yokes Is I an actress do
sorted by her husband Marie trescott anti
her costar 1 D Mao Loan have made a melo
drama IIsrmaohlK out of Rider Haggard
Cleopatra and have tested It In the Couth
west with considerable success Miss Pros
cott of route Is tile Ulropatra nnd
Maofxinn the llarmachii At an Albany
theatre the limon vitro llanlon troth
or have after months of preparation
producod their new ipeotaoular rpuraton
berla j whloh they b1 I constructed with the
literary assistance of John J MoNallv Th
story Is of fairyland and there Is a wclldsflned
plot I The beauty of the setllogit the Intricacy
of the bewllderlnir sounes mud the artistic har
mony of the colorings captured the applause
of the critics while the weIrd chasm of the
rocks the arioil fantastic meohanloal efTeets
and IbflroleuodrolerJor lolllobe clown
Who played Arrrol won the unbounded rn
tbuAlaAm of the people 8ome of tho Borne
are highly poetical Ono of them opens upon anew
new feature The mystery of the opening
flowers In which Ibo Inimitable Jtnrot
figures followed by lie most entrancing scene
Stall n floral shl P afloat noun a sea of rose
The ship mannd with thirty fairies nduner
toward tb footlights betncon tho pris
matic rocks uppu which fairy nymphs
are reclining Among the features of
the last net are a cocoa danco lu an
African jungle by the barbarians and
the antics of Ibo natives and animals rovolx
hag about the plights of poor 1itrrot The
horn Is hero captured and bound to a tree the
target for the arrows of tho savages but the
arts of the good faIry Suprrlia prevail and ns
the ariowsily they outline her form rind she
unhurt places the hero beyond tho vllalnH
power otuait Rohson too has crone success
frilly searching tor a novelty owl at the name
time he has added to tho rapidly grow
1nK1l8ti9rT curtain raisers little farce by
Archibald D Gordon which la some of tho
breezy wit of nMaddlson Morton skI h It Is
u brond travesty of Little Lord Fountlerov
nnd Its quite unexpected trial poifurmanco
Brooklyn a few nights ago eo conclusively
proved Its taluo ns a laughmaker that itobson
will retain It as a preface to Tho Henrietta
lho Jatinllernu hurlesque Is supplied by Hob
son whoso blrnrro volco and gullrlo cnun
tenanco add to tho drollery of tho caricature
Much of tho parody Is neat and all of It is ro
Agnes Huntington Paul Janet has won an
easy triumph and tho Broadway has boen
crowdod all the week hoc presence In the
opera Insures Its success pecuniarily In tho
face of Its wupid dialogues and its disappoint
hag scone On boy lo the Broadway will I o
Ibo steno < of Mrs Loallo Carter d but upon
the stage In the Initial performance of Paul
M Potters comedy Tho Ugly Duckling
Preparations for the event am being inndn
with modesty dlgnty anti eminent good
sense Mrs Carl or on Her port Is aoprmi fa
ng the trial with dlllgunt study and earnest
hope under David Belascos tutelage It will
bo a debut of no common note
Blue Jeans has started In with a rush at
the Fourteenth Btreet whore Beats are likely
to be at a premium for a month or more The
new play Is full of snap vIvacity and vim and
there Is no lack of exciting Interest from the
first scent 10 the final curtain The thrilling
taw mill scene N I nuffloiently novel and realistic
to crowd the Fourteenth Street for weeks but
with Ibo addition of a iiolectablo story quaint
characters pleasant IneldontN and bright din
logu Btuo Jeans Is sure to gain and hold
That very vigorous young melodramatic
actor Nicholas 8 Wood will be the Jaoohss
Theatre star this weak He needs no word ot
introduction to East aide playgoers who bane
known him a dozen years and helped to mako
him rich all that time or late seasons ho has
Placed several new pieces In his repertory
and ono of those Out In the Street will be
used at Jacobs where It was successfully
acted last year It IB a conventional but pow
erful melodrama In which Wood lmpor onnteii
the hero In the support are several actor
who are eODI1HIent and woll known for Wood
U able and willing to pay for a good company
Walter A Sanford and his My Jack com
pany are at tbo Icoplos this week for the first
time on the Bowery though not for the IIrst In
the city The diatna IB BenjamIn Landeoks
story of land and sun Sanford who had gained
prosperity as n star among the lowprloo the
atres In Under the LnAb purchased It of
French V bon after its Grand Opera House test
last year ana giving to It a hluhprlood 001 1
pauy and npjiroprlatu ieenlo fittings he has
realized handsomely on tire venture thus far
liii enacts the loidmit male rfllo and among
thou who assist 111011 I A Andei son Gooruo
Iloey Alex Fishier and Kao Meets lire
loiils audiences will tlnd that My JakIs
cut from the lrainttlu cloth that has always
taken their fancy
Money Mad comes to town again to make
a weeks halt In the course of a tour that
eeoms to have brought forth good rosul I
The Wlud ors follower will view Mackayes I
Ploe tomorrow night and they will probably I
see an effective production because all the
nio hanl nl anti H < onl vuectt used in tho
Uland > iid production hnvo boon rotnlnel tho
drain bridge and thn nmbunt niiionu them
ofcoiirHe In the cant into Mlnnto Hoi gmiin
Kato Tonciny lloiijiniln Ilondrlt I nml K J J
henley of tho original list Next week the
Windsor Y1II1I10 n noot In hut llrbt Nov
loik poifurmanco OJ Thu Limited Mall
Klmar JX Vnncoi ruaUllo molidinnu In
whloh the feature Inane no Knowing lire ar
rival ana detarturo of u limited mull tialu
Tho tIny has ben tobto 1IIIIhu 1 Wuut
Till Kruetrer Fonatu of Tnlatol will ho
read by Hermann Linilp and thn Kruutzor
f > inatnof Iloottioei will bo PlaYed by N II
Mill and Nathan Franks at lluidwau Hull
on Tuesday even Inc
The four fnvoilto dancers of the theitros
bold their vogue fully At Hosier A Dials to
morrow Carmonclta the pretty and sinuous
Spanish dancer will appear in nuntoin mo
taking the tltulnt part In n hurletta by Fred
ero Solomon called The Dumb Girl of
hies tile That American member tin t
qunitet pretty wltrbluu kicking Amol u
Closer n Jlio Clu Ulr ctory which all
remain at tIlt lIou jJjrclclrr I urutir 010 u
IH liked liy ha special at tlm ldcn Muso
ii rite Iivng the lugllHh iliunrr wli In
tranHIOrJ t iI with MIT o Tomioit i nud Thi
Itu i HiiHni from iulinvr it II JO west mdo i I
fHgoof tire tlraml wheio the D emory ci s
turn t alII l ill Iiimor a aunt will UL uiuplorod
Without change I
W II Crime has nrranAl to prolong Th i
Bonalor at the liter f until March When this
eontinct w IH iiinde with Manager M HH It was
suppofod but Ihu four no nthb would ho ninilu
Ii nit hut iovinil w BIor outo t t in nungia I
munts bunt ouuiuniullid v lulo other III ilii
more Inn oriant rlliMhii a loon I4it luirnrd
lire Ihlo ul the hili I > January anti I nni I I
cry hud muillv boo i IlIklI I h > iniiny Duvon 1 i
I tirt tar IIr PI u ou of ll > < npitiu
Other i roiiiiBii in to he m Ami in I
oulur tl thud room air Tint toimtoi lutur in II
tire Huaauu
AelrenioH lure often nukiid wHether or not I
they fuel Iriwurdly all Unit hut I y oxpntcH III I
their art und there liavo Loon illlfuroni opiu
101 I Ii to wire llitr u IIDI foriuur niiido a In h liter I
effect hv luliu herself in her marl i or by re I
inalnlngiontluuully wiuUrof bet actions A
popular lauding actor rtlutod an luterutlug
anecdotu on thin jiinl i
I am nut mo about myelf said tiuIJ
actor Thorn uru l rmlnlx uioiiiuiit whan I
um carried easy mitnuly hy tile lOt co unn lie
reality of 1 thu kltuullon I am trying to reline >
turn hut UK I rule J hulluu I Luujiuiiry Siam i > t
of tbo stauu In my vyim uud autlnliiiii every
word J mum fiooctad to utter Jut let mu lull
you of uu uxpurleiio I hail I with u cm turn
UadlOB womnn of gr ai physical houuiy itud
a tlo nioloii Muul I itiiituiii Lit her l lilt
UHUI < U for what J 1 f sy abjut 1101 is
of f Bi DJidudlnu doJliitu iiMiuru t
WM Dl rlng her 1mm r in II ilrmu
tint i > a > a iOitti1 wnlrlMTind of fII > >
tun J vmit Smite Ibo purl lIcly nuJ f
ropedlld blue ludi hunt 1 iipnorud Ifllh ui
ghoSt > < > for I bad alwil II louiid liui 10 u L scoop
JI lousIly rulliiiiii stud tuiitj lu liar ii iuuiii > r
Ibis ihui > ls wr gut tlnouuli In lh iitiis
itulhui sod i < luiictoiy wuy and It WM not Will
il first eights lIoIUIIIII1I1 that I I dUcottn
the woullurity uf ill tUlo urilatry 1 ha
s msi bliumiuuesiumib I tan wllli fmr yoi I
lusuw ami l lm Hit i > Uy WI half flumi r til
louiJ mynvlf In ii iMswIldifl stilt of mint 1 I
QarllllC oo Irp y I um u > man jfl feet I
ala M i err viul man liit I hor > I sti hont In
my ail Uu that I cjtfbt bo rr I wa ialu 1
I IIAWII and ItSuit hat UuutUul WPBUU
had betotrad ppoa ca hair tb easusa
11111 tbft piar erpandod she bath ha4 me
believe she wa Ia love with 110 tinch kill
and emuraell At the end ot the play
wondered for one conceited vnljrnr moment
It I It had beon I the man that bad Inaplred
lbs fury of affection In the bfautlon star
and after cutting into ray Itt clothes I
returned to wait in Ibo wings to say a Rood
night word toner She canie out ot bar dress
tag room looking as pale and stately as a
virgin iincen i advanced and oonicratnlated
her with ooD rmbaiTMmtnt ot manner
upon her apparent success
Well I hops he louse liked ne Ihll saId
with perfect eompnonor I feel l Indebted to
you for carrying several of the sconce oet
focllvely And now Iam going to ask a favor
of you you wore a false beard tonight How
I annnt abide such n thing It WIll very pain
ful Indeed for me to perform the kissing bust
ness owing to that lieard tonlpht and If you
will kindly leave It off 1 believe I Khali be able
to instil Into my part far more naturalness
Ilaaae take no ofTno sir I only want to got
everrthlng as pleasant and real ae possible
She boned a polite gofxl night and I knew
Instnnllv Hi it the woman was an uncommon
artlt rvery time I played with her I wa
made the willing victim of the most ardent
care ss It has ever boon my lot to know but
during my entire association with the actress
1 never got to know her except ys my employ
er and professional coadjutor I really think
that she was an artist In heart as well asIA
Amusement Is Ilroaklnh
i Prince and Pauper will be continued this
wook at the Amphlon The dual rOl of young
JCJuard frtnct of Wain and Tom Canlu
which Master Tommy Russell takes Is one In
which his versatility II axed but ho baa ao
quilted himself no well that his reputation aa
a child artist boa been materially Increased
His company Is I n capable one and the rich
stage Rtttlng given to the production an air of
completeness The cone admit I of pretty
furnishing and costuming Altogether The
Prinoo unIt tire Pauper nx presented at
tire Amphlon artistic Tho InjunctIon Issued
against Mr House the dramatist of the play
will not afT ct Its Amphlon engagement
Master lluseolla spirited little predecessor
and rhal In Llttlo Lord Fauntloroy was
LlHle Leslie Sire Is starring this season too
In the name play Prime and Pauper and
will be seen at Col Blnns Park Theatre this
week The company supporting Miss Losllols
under the management of Daniel Frohman
and this natures tnat the company Is thorough
ly competent for the work sot down for Us
members to do tocnlcully it Ispiomlsed that
th production of Pr nee and Paupor at the
Park shall eolipHO the other Thin Ixrhalry
betwcnn nmungors nud ot courso It isbusl
nets but It may ho taken an woll assured that
lout piodnctlons of the play will be first class
Situ them both and form your opinion and
that would plea e the managers
The week nt Holmess now Star will bo do
voted to Held hy the Enemy Of late the
mlllinry drama bai taken n high rank and
with the runs of Shenandoah and Held
by the Enemy during the tia < t two or thioe
seasons It has boon demonstrated that their
popularity is lasting Ktgardlnu the relative
merit of the plate opinions playgoers differ
as widely us do the stories of the plays Held
by thud Enemy certainly Is n powerful clay
Tire bumbardment scene In paitlcular Is one
of the most stirring things met seen upon a
Donnelly and Glrard will be seen nt the Leo
VAntlA AftmtnmvtvharMNfitnrnl Gas willie
struck and dealt out In laughing gas doses to
the audiences The Oiunedlans are spontaneous
by 1 funny and very good singers Their skit has
beiii touched up considerably since last seen
In Brooklyn and songs and dances added
Mark Sullivan will bu tint JOK j llowrll and
In that role will display his talent as n mimic
Mlns Itoma the prima donna of the lomimny
In n Graduate uf tho New England Conserva
tory of Music Katie Hart In the Jimimru Hue
li pretty bright and vivacious Annie Mack
harlem Is In the cast
Minnie Bchult and Johnnie Carroll are nt
Hiiher > t Gebhardts Casino Minnie sings
batter than over and Johnnie with his paro
dies has just captured the vlsltoisof that ro
sort J he lllaon City Quartet Kdtvard Evans
Emery and Russell and Jesilo Carroll Smith
will also be there
Maggie Mitchell will appear at the Grand
Opera Hou o this week In four plays The
Fulton will have n new bill of vaudeville The
Noelty will present tester Allans variety
company and Arnold Klrnlfys billet troupe
The Grand will have eber I leldss company
Marvels lit the Museum
At Doris Harlem Museum this week there
will be a quintet of female bicycle riders In a
race agalnot time on what Is known as the
Johnson electrical bicycle The contest may
prove not only interesting but a very sightly
one Three leopard children the woman with
long hair Xola Lull tire ClnnsMnn beauty
and Pruif Hull the man with the Iron heiul
who i OrmltB large grunliu bl < ksto be crushed
on it with ut sledge hninmar will also ho among
the curIosIties In tin thoitro a porformanco
will bo islm brtliollryan A Murphy vaudeville
compuin In which Jllm III run Tony Ardellu
a musical genius files Mueette vocalist and
dancer And Jollum banjo soloist and llc
Gllleys shadowgraph appear
The Xnrros who have been seen during the
past week at HuLerfl Palace Museum In their
act teimad Locapltnton will continue as
the lending fosture for another week The
Illusion was performed by Hermann and Eel
lar several years ago and was then a great
mystery but as U Is dona by the Znrros Is
even moro singular than when tho better
known necromancers produced It Tho head
of a youni boy is appaiontly cut off In full
view of the spectators and with n full flood of
gaslight turnod on The arroi nio > oicep
tonrdy clever that It appears tout J he Cali
fornia Chlokon MIll ns an lmmon > Incubator
Is dm im noted Is ono ot the feat mo of the
curio halls Chicks id k their way out uf erg
siells almost overs raomont during the day
It Is Intoiestlng to WA on thmn LndyLmiuvl
Ha n Hindoo suord waiker does a neat act und
a dangerous cite Herrman the lifter of heavy
weights sun at hide of rureaocompllfhmontM
and otlisur f atnros of 1 the curio hulls are of tire
best sort Tile Mane nerormunces are fully
UP to tho museum ittundurd
A Theatre lu Ilolioken
Iloboken has n theatre now ouned by the
semi 11 II 1 Jacobs who contn Is theatres In to
many cities This week Tiiblo htornano will
boiresunte gus will also anKnlini l The
leech in ung mont ftatoB tint Pauline hull
will be the niti action lor tho wttic comment
Ing let 2Cino to tsnfluiuule > pains or expense
being stared to mike her OIIUIM mcnt notable
In the auiufouiout nuouls of Uobokeu
HlVlilV Afill JIUSICI4ZSt4
Tire coinng wool vill see the last of the
Soldi concerts In the Madison Garden Very
uttruotUe programmoi no proramed for each
evening Tonight Viet ir Herbi Is to appear
lie KOoUl a tire Griud Sacral Conceit and
there are lo bo voloctlons from Wagner
Wilier Yard I Ist Ftriuss end Herbert
On Monday ooulnci Wngiiurprogiimmo 1s to
beglonon Tuejd iy nniixod concert
in Wetti en lay etonlng auothor Wagner on
terlainmsut Thu sln > will boduvjlcd to the
cUmIn bill nit of llat On 1ilduy nkht will
lo clvou iho only Ji otli teiu t onuert of tire
hos u tvii lIe ou Siiturd y nlgil u u final SVuu
10 I C ulcer HUD b I h aid t llm i smsun will
clohu ou Hiiud i With u mcrd conduit
Muse loir t will lo I ploasBil to Jam I thnt
lit r Iliiodo o Tmnins IH to ioiim o I S series
of Siuiirty nlilii com or sin the I o mx Ie um
the P15 I liu uiMin on ihoiKviiiiicof out M
nt whl h liuir Thcodur Uuictimiinu will be
the HuluUt
Tie Now Vnrk Cliorii Uoelety vill hold Its
first I reh ii toil < n VNt tul Iss Itt t oilui m I lie I
nlniuii As ilaIon Hall iwnuy Hunt
strut nn I lor I atonmi w um hull iiim
Guidon Logiii willo I I la uu up I lor study
ApnldH tut r hec ru nrn bo ixumlned on
Moil U Iillil l o llliH ny 1 Irom IU A it ta 0
1 31 ut roiui 7 lonwav hind
Tho rust nl lie toniirl ta hut glvin In this
iltvbyMiun Allis Allin n mar is l > beard on
I ild iy oviuiliig I suez t and on Im following Hut
irla uultdfl II In ClurUerlni Hull Mine
Alhul i ii U I to bo uihUd I liy llmo ICiiillh I
Ci u yl4 i H o iitlj ami hunor lni i o
llu I u ci liuor Mtnor Kan I fHio i4uitutusiiu i
bm tulle iti 4 hlnuur rurruiitf tile klug of
A con art for lire biii III of ii lie Young Worn
i > nk I liriciUn A roui I ci > of the ill at Sow
< fk will his l Hi o i ill lid I letiti I Lyicuiii on
nidli > sh fey ut iiliig Nov A In whl ill its I fol
ow nn rroioln nt artiste vfl aiccuer < heir f
lint hi luu ap ii jplll J n llulin I I Joliii Ct ositiru
llllird helnnldt and Mr muz Iiusujm I
TllOJor llAlohrnaiin huts nut yitiirnd from
lh v t whose his sourw a uumbarof utiicta
cl al siul lIeS 5ti t l in li i itiiluu cuiifl rl of
the lb I r IIHIIIH hub lu ihiniuu S bile u miring
wxkhu wl fiuu with ih llciiioii byIUIJI4OIJV
tiuhotja < u Jlutcu nod irovideu
Mlisriuiniu In Van who rang at Ibis
oreuslar i Iiothval l lad month jias been eli >
Ufitnl Cu the < iftiutf itrhiuia t1tc i 41d flue
Tmiutoi I1l4ti l i fu > tlial Nita will also Im
Um cultiSt of ihu tlrsl oiiniri of thus liooklyn
and tlicmcoiid I cuuirl uf nit taW voilt i I rnll
IisflflPti Hdihle I nudl iligUKd for a punt
borer lliKilli m a Sunday uliiht toraumis
ul th I4UUK Lb l o um
Adtl tue day Ohi will play a numUr of 10
Itals in thi Ut chUiano anTcoin illcWsn
loans and will then depart for lisa Kfnglsgo
MOO DAtrcuD BJtrona me
Amt New Tarsal Use flard sta Wane
LIttle Due
ToronTo Oct ILNo en ever thoucht of
little Addle Smith as a dancer of car note or
on who woull vr attract extraordinary at
tentlon She lived In a lartr boarding house
kept by hr motherland sisters on a street in I
this city so near lhOatbdKl ot 81 Mlahao
that on the quiet Sunday afternoons charao
terittto of Toronto the music at vesprs could
be dlstinctlw heard Addle was always as HT
Ir I M a cricket and the merriest among nl
her merry companion
armnrs ntrrn
One evening bar brother who is I a profes
sional fancy dancer was practising in the
oarlorwhenbe noticed Addle Imitating some
of tile steps Why the llttlo wench can do
thorn bettor than I he exclaimed Then
followed some lessons Addle was an ipt
pupil and she soon learned everything her big
brother could teach her But she was not
sought after In common with other local talent
hero She wo indeed little known until
a few weeks ago when she went with her
mother to Scotland to visit relatives At a
Scottish entertainment near Balmoral In July
last Addle wan asked to dance Her dancing
delighted tho spectators and the Queen hay
ing heard of her remarkable performance sent
for her to dance at Balmoral Castle
In the big drawing room nt Balmoral the hit
tie Canuok delighted her Mniesty and the other
em hers oftharoyul family strathspeys tho
highland fling sword dance sailors hornpipe
and Bhian trulbbs the latter translated from
the tongue of the ancient Gael meaning John
tiousars For the last mentioned tianco which
by ho t way Is n vary artistic one the performer
usually wears a pair of trousers but Mis
Addle wore a girls kilt costume The Queen
praised ddlos dancing and paid many kind
things to her Subsequently Addle by special
requestor the Duke nnd Duchess of Fife and
the Princes of Wales cave an exhibition of
dancing and was greatly ntmlaudod After
ward ono of the princesses photographed her
in two different positions Addle expects to
return to Toronto this month
nits flU1BZAN AlcMY
The Arm and the Men Who Handle Them
Russia Im Reedy for Initant War
The recent gigantic manacuvrenof the nun
elan army on the western boundary have di
rected anew the attention ol all Europe to tha
great Eastern colossus The endurance wil
lingness and iron discipline of the 150000 eel
dlqrs who met at llowno the capacity ot the
oOloers to handle great bodies of troops easily
and especially morale ot both officers and
men were so conspicuously displayed that all
Austria and Germany have boon doing a good
deal of hard thinking and exhaustive writing
concerning the Itnsslan army ever since
The exact size ot the Russian army in Eu
rope on a war footing Is rather problematical
The active army Is estimated by the best Ger
man authorities to contain 192 Infantry and
58 cavalry regiments 51 brigades of Hold ar
tlllory and HJ Cossack regiments the re
serve troops 105 Infantry reglmonts the
mllltla 201 Infantry reglmonts The garrison
Include 31 Infantry regiments and 51K
artillery battalions All there together
with the batteries sharpshooters Rap
pers miners Ac swell the grand total
to four and a half million men The European
Russian army has 500000 horses and about
1000 guns The cost of this establishment
last year was reckoned In Uutslan paper cur
rency flSiUHMiooo That meant a tax of
about I2CO i a every man woman and child
in European Uussla Since 1ST Itussln has
had the universal obligation to service The
time 01 sirvlce In the standing army Is live
tears in the rourvus which ate In camp
twelve weeks every rear thirteen years m
the militia till Ihe oluiers 4Jd year The buy
ing of oubstltuto or exemption IK not allowed
The infantry Is aimed with breechloaders
Berdnu II model 72 ullh a tatlbre of 1007
centimetres and n ball weighing about an
mince The field artillery has guns of 10l > 7
centimetres calibre for hi ay work and others
of 87 ntltnetioi oallbteti r Unlit and mounio 1
aitlllory The e latter throw grenades and
Rlirapnuls Tilt maximum rnnge of tho It 07
calibre hut siou metres aud of the 87 ullbro
GSIIII metres for rrenndos The ratito of the
stir ipurol Is between 3100 unit i75ll melrun
What kind of mou stand behind those aims
Tire opinions of all who hao seen any of the
more recent Ituesiau man vuvres mo uniform
The llisslan soldier they Far Is the m at
willing obed ent und iubnst In tilt world
Ho can live ontontodly from what a Frotion
mIlan or Gorman would starve nn Hi can
march tremendous distant without losing
his pluck and under the most trying hardsh ns
needs only a word from his superIor to mako
him forget all bin troubes and rally to any
effort A Cioimau ofllcer who after Ins recent
return from Russia nubllsheJ observations
in tire UiiMoni latetlf ears
The manvuvrrs showed that the Hueslan
array IH made up ot mon und horses that are
oiual to all xortlons and all demands of the
modern battle field Heavily hullt thoroughly
disciplined content with little hood and loyal
above nil others the Hu nan soldier Is ready i
anti willing In every emergency
The strentioneness anti tho atm of Hiifslas
exertions to bring her army to Us present
state of elllclenev anti availability nt a mo
mnt notice ari best Illustrated by her rail
way policy of late yi urs
lire energy ot tlii llusalan Oovornmont In
the ucunvtru thin of ml ltnr railways during
the last d oude bus toeru I truly wondorftil
pays Jinx Limjn In Mm last Isne of tire flue
triple rilunu btlli the dlhlni eos to b > over
I coma wets so tremendous that tire inoshos uf
low Ir n net aro al leant twit ns gre t ts those
lu Germany and brItain Tho railway ton
sirncton In liiihsln in the last few years has
leon inched m > st rapidly on tint wostoin
boundary BO that n quick attn k In riuiroany
nnd Auu IH t iii hill t b londmed m u possible Thu
iloveriitnonl I was broil lodo thIs hy the Iui
chits lInt pent has got Us iiuvocute In high j
military placiM and through them has turcnd I
Us Ideas I iurourgtr ill t ibo I army
Itdeserves incntlon too that the Russian
forrea o loins I fit iiiiiy shift > d to the vvestorn
boundary hixt I per i cent of all I thu t troop and i
uvn ttroO iuiirtoi of lbs vvhi cavalry mo
atpteKontln the mllltari dti artmuntn Wiir
aw tt hun hiov nnd Odciiti und nlnio the
entlia army in in itoncd along thu ties of
the stiuteL cnl rullwnvs II lug > hue ln ly t or
Nlxlt tw iibnllalliiBllfiy I nightiinil g onund
sixteen ImttenaH liavii IIH n tnuifiiired to the
western dii urtinon s Therein t o ouidfuu
hues mi army has tiemu lu taut cub liy 15 000 I
nin on his Oorman h rdir unit by UitwO mutt
on the Auslroltuiigarluu frontier
Jisiiplsg Uuny IvrlU lu be Ulrk t lo
Urn III hy i Ifurny
RsvP Oet 11 I lWiiliim lompklns of oboe
Inn I curved n t I > < I ii lust army from I KOI I to lie I
fl inn if the war and pint I uited In all tire
hloolxbt hiiltleh r upiiif without tire slight
eel w mn I lie was a gchesctrger on Um It sin
HUH rears nui hiS WaS wiwcked with such
uiuuiil 114 Iso i of II it ul Angola und HAH not
hurt Hi was one or hue uu n In u butt slide tin
hut north bran li f tIps Kuaiutiliauiiu lltiior
nix yeturs ego un I wits tire only onu that
i 5 m til vim h iii j I i hue iuj ins i ol wit tim
It iioiiititliig to iHtau 11 tjuttu ii 10 ur lli
aiilmul klkl him ui d hv dug row tire
MpllBlrr by U tm Orl
from Ilii tjLadipIit I1utu1
WiSBixoTOB Ol 4 Tiling we r top y
tumvey In HIM Ho tu in iliiy rrupunloiy lo tiu
llnu In Wlri8 cures to onii t ihu hnll with
tin fomiiitu I looms m 1iiiilu I I ii Ian p wu C Iho I
hpakrs d hook l a > uuioi of uiiiu mi i to bus
Vuii brsluips 14 hi Iettlbol I Jr iilut bulit
firiliir u id l n iOu in > i I suit I I ul unit flajit
Jun11 ol liaiSe k lVlii the g5t5p tIuebunki I
l full wn f inil to ii l i iftjilBU but a pps of
I iiliutei 5i ul tuli air of u malvli hIilhY 4
I ttuee arthinfers wrr taku uwuuy hi the s t1ibor
j u lpuvehiil vi Itrw iityiiut Cvu ru
hw wonxaa anous
Tki cbr Or O r l Hsftag asi
ar CM Tore la Qt II
Tb klngrasns movement In Belgium
took tborm ot a great convention lo Brui
eels 7Dt two and a halt week ago Klght J
hundl delegates r prett > ntinit 311X00 mom
biwlhhltian worklngmtn toetttl wore
presAt AH the celebrated agitator In Del
gliuj were theroAnso Jut Voider
eyrnd Vrrmken Ir Car IC Peeve
Bl iwalat Oonreur and llarlll Peeve
whh lidylnir consumption was carried Into
tty > Convention hall on a bed Representative
of English American and Italian working
ens union were In attendance
Theprocramme thoroughly nrolntlon
sri rropoaltlon were made and earnestly
diseased that the working oopl i should
fro run certain date on refuse to pay taxes and
rontand to serve In the army At tha matinee
of inseele who generally oppoveJ violent
moisures throughout the congri thesi
rims wore eventually eliminated fron the
phlform The congress then eoasl1ed the
aAlsablllty of Instituting a gigantic street
dimonstratlon In favor of universal suffrage
Tne general council ot the party suntreetef
Ills Idea but wa bitterly oppoied fr Leon
Vefutsscaux and a conilderabl nvtabor ot
fiber delegate
The day for ihlodimonitrallon has
passed be alid Tb peopU a too im
patient to wait longr whl ttj 4turgols I
decide what may or may pot tieganted t
them oroe must bo applied tu lines ox
law and order must b forsaken I
Anhe1n replied at length and wip the ex
rtlon ot his great personal infiuno < suoo d
odin gelling through tile ConCTewa retolu
lion appointing Nov 9 usa tteT 110 of a
demonstration In every city tVa and
hamlet In favor ot universal I uffrag
That should b the worklngmens matum
all agreed and II nothing sbouldpOme of it 1
Immediately a universal strike nf1 LLollw
In thus discussion of this unIvrsatltliae An
butte objected that thworainnmephouJdiiot
strike till they had at least ile Mh with
which to feed heir famlllss aurln toe colas °
tlon of labor Begin it with mpPomaoh
shouted back a representative ognralnr
amid cheers and when hnnirernock at the
doorjnmptosrnis I
Tim irosittent of lbs Gsnoraliouncil callpd
on the working people to ppPare for Uie
bloody revolution and to et1nt1Ck for not
ing Then the congress tdlprnd singing
the Mnrnellal The vioiert of the whole
tone of the Convention Ii prccd nted In
Belgium for with the nxcion of starch
im the Belgian worklngrfn although tho
most wretched ot their oJaeiTO dung to Uio
way ot law and order TIL desporalo epndJ
tion of the miners and thapn iaBii bitter
ness of their delegate ok pppo yd to bo
largely r j > onsllile for tf chan1q state of
affairs The Belgian flAJW ana T alfttftsmn
regard the situation as a beyond parallel
In the countrys history ud are lookln for
ward with tear to NovO d thotoUowlng win
tor day
corf ataat WAS
8 d irtttlser
Farmer Will T7e i i S
Bather Thian tiff Pset Trttt
NEW OBLIANS 00hiTbe old cotton lied
war has broken outKalu and promises to be
worse than evert farmers against the oil
mills The ootlonA < oil manufacturers lost
money lost year f hey attribute this largely
to the Conger Corxiund Lard bill which al
though it did n7 P Congress yet caused
such an agittaifl1t cotton Bead oil that
It depressed t tcls A still moro Important
cause of the l > fs of the mill however was
the high priccf aid for seed some U to 116 a
ton ThocoreilUon between the American
Oil Trust mile and the independent mill cent
no the prlctw the seed higher than was over
Known bere and ttf result was that al
though thwoduction f ns greater than ever
then werheavy lossesall along the line In
deed thetaote oil modi the greater the loss
With tns experlanceJkhB cotton seed oil men
resolveto avoid a BTllar loss this fear and
early luti month meunnd resolved to sot to
gelher The trust onf the lndenndents com
lttnuhCO is to redncnd fix the price of seed
Thoy decided on 8 9 a ton for the seed a
little more than half jhe amount paid last year
Tabs trait naturally roUsed great opposition
and boa brought oith same old war waged
iStwe tboTurmeJ and the mills three years
ago The low pried offered ha naturally cut
down the supply It f seed for the mills Not
half as much has bioi received as at this time
fast year although fio cotton Itself Is pouring
in very last the cspcos ore that the war will
grow oten waruner1nd the cotton seed oil pro
duct of the country materially ieduood in
consequence In runny of thDltrisbes farmers organtas
lions hare been flZleil to fight the mills The
planters are plenLthC ibemsejvoa to hold Ibell
Cotton feed ande ft aa fertilizers ratherthca
sell It nt nreoenlPrices They also propose
adopt the plan > ucccssfully pursued In South
Carolina or vuiiff up and working small < p
oporntlve oil ollli of their own and too
rWlnu out It o big mills They seem detsr
mined not to pcrlQca their seed and bavfftl
ready greatly eduied the supply for the low
Veams and cbi r mills
ar noaiAN TO rroor
5 Frsnebeas Dmseus the d4eestc7S
Sni hat she l I Zania
mm ait Lmm comtftmitneetifOnl trfmlml
The Enpish are now dlsousslngln prrfounA
aeriousnn the question Is woman to root
tree traniutlon Should woman ask tie hand
of n manin marriage To a journal ooiduoted
by woman for women and entitled foman
belongethe honor of having first pond this
unexp ted question and now the ress of
both axes as we must say hencefortt U di
cubslnr the problem There I only
one preoccupation one subject it con
trovoy I woman ito woo o mm
the matter up the fatality ot he jge
ha bMsled upon placing this quest on sUbs
beat ot the order of the day Since Uo English
wooeR have become journalist travellnff
guiles iloctors in letters and sciences ind
clalu the privilege of voting and rldtaa have
astride a single step remains betveon tbim
sf1 tire right of Initiative in the matter ot am
juial union The obligation to wall counties
years for a husband must necessarily p
par to them as one of those intoler4ble
ondltlons ol Inferiority which must be
ftrlckon from the social code Beneath
It men do the waiting Such is the conciulOn
if tbo minority of the ladles consult by
It onmn and Its contemporaries Only a fv of
the more modest are protesting They ocmot
consent to take the oilenhlvn In that win
which they have always played tfrs paytpf be
fdegod garrisons utbtr lltti queens bir
or by beauty ask themselves what will beoj meo
theIr i orally if from solicited Idol t hoi Come
down to the position of solicitors tollirtiuti
Blinking under masculine noses the zujenoir
whose perfume up to the piesert thu
breathed In dignity Hut the maiorf the
great majority are for the Interverslod of the
roli s for revolution They only uwaititie iij
nut to chariM upon tire bachelors gui the
answer all obteotlons with the retniL ths
ninny men lira timid and need tiuC euctrcgO
iiint of i tho outstretched hand and thiatinOt
Tlihslandliit nil tire prejudice and al tb
routlnu ot centuries thus spectacle ot the f itn
who dares whor the man who duties pot i 14
dellghtf Ittiiollcci tire discreet aavail iii 01
ttio suave flnilnnona to that bear Jtlia 0 at
rend rather the AlilxUonitnntln
But does tlimeiitlio movuiutnl only i sn U
an evil t nguo hu already suggested at the
mail nit of the ooilubuiatresses a isdr
rcMduiBot Rouuar aro poor in attrctl sand
rich in yoarawrctohed old mi Who
have biiom panhod and yellow o r their
rmbrodury during their long and bter ox
JHtenco unfortunate disdained on whom
lo o huii Ignoied and who want Irfe I all th
tain even if they bane to lake Ivt I S total
In otlmr words are Wit on ton e o oa revolu
tion among the forgotten and the IWtoot I
Ii Uiiut uoio < iary toouii r Into tl Infinitely
imit amid harming disunion tire groat
subject hero Is only room in I Ulterior
ills Ntatmnt ot this plain laf lilt the Kng
mish women me about to rebel a net tie tra
dltlnnul strategy of lye und Un tboi arts ru
olVeiTtb lake the lead in futuf j It do Ihelr
own cht lug to inurry uiHieivof to be mar
nod flurefiHo lei this young r uuftu who
coitempiuto av sit t > tire llr shu Isles take
warning now lel their our l itt rondy for
bunuTusr turd suiotutuulisous d all no op ttu
Ian i of ibis i otujig iuigiistu 5 wh may fix
upon t born a I Ire mon ol Ii i i duel u And
iiu th I in not Ut curiirlsiiif s I lu some lltll
Iuak 01 m this U n rof a b h I iu ° w Ihe in
ount rio ace audot ihui4aioguuklik > lbs
luIioai l U
tijghiuia Inking lie ha of h rpmpiIon
and luokn g Into his vy IArthur It is I time
ii rm > In m i to speak A pur clii you be my
Ailtiiir ntummailna ii pia lpg LU heath
uiiu h uuuni Of hits fir goodness
sale I
Anu I nn Von mud diar Arthur jour
4I10ti iiiodully at ill loll nu of ycur tou
tucon irw hlHluillOU you look In list war
wr a lii J jilt sihemu t uiljiiiii ii > iul with
llUjli eUiitJrs i044 oer iuert ii Ual iitf jiko
ii tuilti iifuijir woos litWt4hit irlgt hub
Arthur do etsk uijl wprd 44e lily I do Do
flrlulhlr lip lriglutei y ulcer ieiriDsil bellow
qoru I ask voq Jo t nolitutit fJJ itIPtiiiti 0
qeib or 1 itu tfluthiseby hut dvsrs
ArbiIr uhi we a riuy 91
Ar brur tfnmuubi uc y s f sIll eu
about Jt but I flu U SI COllie iico I Iring m
AflJil usthe smus Jue hiss fainUJ unit
gtoe if wt ftfJir ioiii lo dtaifftl
Isiaht liciff iuuculDB Uu be I Iu a

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