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GOOD And a prompt response TENANTS charaeterU a 7 h I BVTTABTjTFi ADVERTISiRs
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Board or Room Advortlscmont W 0 CM the Columns of
hi t un 1 TIIE SUN
vni milXO IS NEW vnurr MONDAY OCTOBER 13 1RO1I TIV PAca R tllHJ Turn r PT
lynvKxca 11 MJIMI inra rTPON
JllKllt rlSrl IISjI
0i i Cpi tt l Nnw Firmly l > liWI hed
ChueiellorThe Neweinrfr niPltnn
from TVhleh Emperor Mllllnm Learns
JieN we > Gree > tHHe e enrnn AmuIon
The Foil Kiklblllim ol Picture
3asrTb FAi Jshlhlla
rUI Falls to Oct n Gisrnnte5 ftir Her
Berlin Co erU and < at Uo lhcr
n rr reert Acting In llollnnd I
BKWro Oct lJVllll I Is l tim second I
Irusslan Ktoa who Allow hinwlf to bo Inltu I
1111 k WIflInm III
need by Ms consort WIIIII 11 I
a De wisdom In
let the example and showed Jnot I
doing so for tluoen Loulso was his superior In I
every dolDt respect The lamented Frederick III
even was Incllnel 10 permit ho Empress to
meddle In Stale affairs but her nttompt to In
troduce EnslMi ideas was strenuously on
posed by the people and only the oilier day a
torekoeper lu FriedrIch 8tra so said that fomu
yean aao ho HoVcJ a znoeetnger from HID
English rrlnccss out of his store for preaching
t him the puritanical observance of tbo Enc
Ilih Sabbath
The present Empress a true flermnn wife i
and mother brought np in modest circum I
stances and reared exclusively In n country
dlitrlct small provincial towns She fools
with the people and for the people Tho Ger
mans know this They admlro her house
Wifely and motherly qualities and her
parent Influence with the Kmporor Is rather
cBBonraoed than beitrudced They rocognlLe
In their relation exemplification oftho Idea
that the wlfo should be the husbands fret
Another Instance of the value attached to
female Influence In bleb quarters has Just
Ole to light All else having failed to bring
the Duke of Cumberland son and heir of tho
I deposed King of Hanover to terms tho aid of
his Uo the Danish Ptlncosa Thyra has been
tnToked to Induce him to aocept the Quolph
Und and renounce his rlahts t the throne of
Hanover and Brunswick In favor of Prussia
Th e Duchess of Cumborland has been staying
for weeks Incognito with the mother of the
Emmets at present residing In Vienna and
It I hoped that the way has been pa od for an
agreement I this should b the CIO no ono
would be more pleased than William I who
kea his best to allay hostility to the Crown
and will doubtless ono day aucoeod In disarm
ing the enemies he has Inherited
Ga von Oaprlvl baa of late been occupied
i an ardoous round of official vIsit among
the courts of Bout Germany whero he has
achieved nat success Everywhere bo baa
been received with groat respect and favor
and may now be considered not only to have
pled hIs apprenticeship but to be as safely
esooneed at the helm of State his
eenoo Btto as ever pre
decessor was Among the courts which ho
visited are Included those of Wnrtemberg
Baden and Darmstadt i the former of which
especially be I 1 regarded as having achieved
valuable political results general his visit
has led to the exchange of views leading to more
Insight on side and greater confidence
01 one Ind eatr on
to other This morning the General went to
Potsdam and after ho had been received In
audience by the Emperor paid a visit Prince
VlUlam ot Wurtembera In the Potsdam Palace
The possibility of an early meeting between
Gen von CaprM and BIgnor Crisp the Italian
premier has been spoken of in official circles
I I but nothing as yet is definitely known Nat
acaUy the iro jrret statesmen would like to
compare noto hat public curiosity must trait
On the 18th of this month tho consecration
of the lato Emperor Fredericks mausoleum
will b held and a IBo attendance ozpeoted
Including the Empress Frederick the Em
peror and Empress the Due and Duchess of
Connaaght a the members of tho royal
family SIr E together aot With the British Ambassador
No official Announcement has yet been mae
with regard to the marriage of the Princess
Victoria t Prince Adolf of BohaumberaLIppe
but there f reason to believe that i will not
take place on the 28th last After the marriage
they will at once proceed t Bonn where a
beautiful villa II betas prepared for them At
this town tho Empress Frederick arrived
t tw arvd on
Friday afternoon where she remained I few
hours to Inspect the villa and in the
hou t Ivot to vs to evening
continued her Journey to Berlin
A curious attempt has been mao this week
t solve the greatest problem ot this or any
other an On Tuesday last at the session of
the Lippe Diet Deputy tichnitzer a member of
the National Liberal party moved that tho
principality after the death of the reigning
Prince who has no direct heirs should b
turned over t a socialistic government In
order afford a opportunity of trying the
much discussed Socialist mode of ensuring
happiness for tho human rao As was to b
expected the proposition was voted down
8ltd te proaUon Wi votd don
Perhaps I the Emperor were not interested In
his future brother InUw Prince Adolph who
f t succeed t the Llppe sov ereUmty he would
have backed the Liberal Deputy In the sugges
tion to try this unique experiment Tho So
cialists strange t say made no endeavor to
support the motion though tho principality la
mostly inhabited by peasants in whose wel
fare they claim t be specially Interested
Although the Socialists In the larger allies
celebrated the expiration of the antiSocialist
law In a way befitting orderly citizens thoee I
l the smaller towns displayed rancor and
tried to defy the law This was especially the
CAM with soldiers in Oobuig and other petty
sranison towns On their receiving their dis
charge from the army they at the last roll
call refused to obey tho ordinary Injunction
ot their commanding officers and raised shouts
4 o Long HTO Socialism I Of course tnt > were
ipeedliy overpowered and in the Coburg case
court martial summoned on the spot too
Uaced the delinquents t terms varying fiom
Ihe to t ten years imprisonment
I Herr Eugene Iltchtor the leader of the Iiol
slsnfce par has pubiuhrdan article domon
strating by fats ant I flinii es that I the Hooul I
lt l t order were allowed to buccinn the rule of
hll the av fAit Incoinii of f the Inihnlai I
wepl would hi 812 mnrU per liiad Miitsilly
Th BoHaliit loMlern Jtehtl uml 11 rlcltl
Bav rtfuied to inset him discussion on this
ariruMim and wild reward In lie Minium
UtUon only llttyz riocliillMsliuvo uoin In I I
OUMil t publicly declare 1trsrIoIbs lithiums
cia e the opunlit of thn imitation rn tire j > ail
ol hn radical e mcnt In tire putty i fur lire do
i CUDcl fhn if r M o I tiiiiili 1
11f wi h iIwg j Hrj re now ilolni
dUlY kt tl riitnl iiiluiu tih miiiuU I I in I I I r u or
Ilrlnlr arriiui uiiii n inmiul rliu Jlil 1 liiin
I 1II1rd Ijy Km liui i ttui I nc < nm >
of tlj r > i eat u i MI uiiil tliuotlnit nl > itJMJ ln Iy
MDtiU u jiuurJ Jun liuUur un rucuing
cnm of lbs il t iniliurt oulniuu of f tii
fciiI ut t Kiiiiiirr tliruiiulj Ire I mi imui I i tll
D iup < r fiiiiimu niniiiiui r 1 i i I mil it
viJI i
uftt i ii ni i
I 11 nsr inii 1
all lull UK i i 4i41d i IIM I in g mi
1jlll I I III l II I II I
tliiunii mil iliut lit J iliu i Hnir in < 1 airy
ffUIIU ho 111 II Ju fwil lip 1 tlKf I I n II I I Ill Ill
a ill tl
dtiiW OJy l > i lii loljj miio 1 IH IK i
bQI l dst 0
11 dI 111 iris I own iluir lui
IldIIOUI 11 HUH iuii g >
It l III U ii l U u fl IM I io V I jj or
HPf iltlllK Uliillxl fur III I I aui l IWH 1 III
j WIUSI n I n i r rue ntd I s rue I hire
NUII 0111 tt 1
Itr5 f i i f t i
Va II 0 11 j
i i in I 11 I 1 1 MI in
tl uuj i I u I
11 111 g liii I
KMM ti < S nln < Jt > l I
t 111
M I I a UI IWIII II 111 mllrlal I
Ibito It I uv IDr
UI JII lufU9Cldal
i I any crying bureaucratic nutraco any IO 01
extreme poverty or any reform inooinent In
tills tounlry of hli the KmixTr is not
cpotdily Informed and that frun the test ol
talnntile source The iatkarza i of rllimlnRS
are forwarded to the 111 eror dally wluTovor
ho limy be and nobody Is I allowed to open
them It li I by tills menus tlmOliu Emperor
keeps himself so well formed for every ono
admits that hU ditor lr Hintpeter Is per
haps the Icift piojudkod of our advanced
modern polltlelnns
On Wtilticsday next tho Emperor will attend
the wedding of his former Adjutant Moron
Von YlssltiK commander of Ibo Oanlo du
Corps to Counter Alice KornlRAmiirck ut
Castle Ilanc nrnrllcrlln Tho bride who IH I
now 24 nnrs out line Lon ono nf f the reigning
bcautlos of liorlln court fool < ly for several
Moon Sholt n clever amateur rwtros a
daring rider and a good eliot The bridegroom
Is i 4U yearn of n un and n wllowrr wltli 1 i ton of
18 lIe Is the officer who came Intolromlnoint
br chasing Ibo Kaisers cousin Prlnco Find
orlik Leopold brother of tho Duchess of Con
naught from tho front of Ills nauauron for
making a falsu movement and comi citing him
to attend the rest of tho parado In the ronr of
tho lne After giving this peremptory com
mand Col Von YU < ing rode unto tho Emperor
and told him that his Ilojal HluhnoKs was too
stupid to understand a simple military order
and that he would be obliged to his Majesty I
tim Prince nero transferred to another regi
ment Tho Emperor not only accepted the
Ira advice but thanked Vlesing for his
frankness and now to prove his friendly Bent
ment does him tho unusual honor of attending
his wedding Prince Leopold who Is now in
tho Infantry of the Guards has tried ovor and
over again to obtain satisfaction from Vlsslng
and has also endeavored to set his Imperial
cousin against his former Colonel but with the
only result that tho Kaiser has forbidden him
to mention military matters In his presonco
Tbo Cabinet order relieving Goo Von Verdy I
du Vorrals of his post as War Minister and
plaolnit him on half pay Is a most graciously I
worded recognition by the Emperor of tho
Generals services to the army and he Is made
chief of the Pomeranian Infantry regiment In
which ho began hiM military career I Is now
certain that ho woe not dismissed from his
post as head of tho War Office and that his
resignation was spontaneous but It Is equally
certain that there was A Impassablo gulf bo
twoon his views and those of his Imperial
master Ho was at variance with his Majesty
on tho question of the length of sorvico which
ho desired rather to diminish than increase I
and consequently his retirement from office
has evoked universal expressions of reerot
from tho Liberal party The immediate cause
of his withdrawal was his unwillingness to
fathor the new military grants required for ro
unlformlne the troops In view of the ex
igencies of a warfare conducted with smoke
less powder which admits of no light or bright
colors either In dress or metal
Mrs Emma Batcllffe Caperton of Philadel
phia appeared at a concert at the singing
academy on Wednesday last and achieved an
Immediate success She Is a pupil of Lam
perU who enjoys tho reputation of being tho
greatest tone builder In Europe and her Ger
man she learned from the celebrated court
tutor Adolph Jensen In Dresden Mrs Caper
ton has a rich alto voice of grout strength and
of that Quality which seems to rise from tbo
heart and appeal direct to tho
ad aPDOII sympa
thy of the hearer Musical critics call
her a dramatic contralto In her first
Bosslnls Cavatina her voice seemed almost
song Roslll 10100 n
most to b of to groat volume for the some
what limited hal In which I was hoard but
she found I It a great opportunity for display
Ing her remarkable success In Italian school
ng as It la a difficult and exceedingly trying
work for tho olco Her German songs which
ware In a Debtor voln earned to strike the
popular fancy and were loudly encored Thero
was 1 burst of enthusiasm from tho audi
ence flowers were banded ovor the foot
lights by admirers and the debutante obtained
a genuine f uroro of applause
rs Oaporton left the Hotel do Rome yes
terday for London where sho will appear at
the concert of the Society of Arts and Letters
Sho will return to America on Nov 20 hon
Philadelphia she will open a Lamportl musical Institute I
Nlklta proved I disappointment at the Philharmonic
harmonic concert on Monday night Like tbo
royal Bourbons sho has neither learned nor
forgotten since her first appearance hero threo
years ago She still persists In taking her
notes I fow scales too low and her colorntmr Is
still faulty thotfch her voice has gained In
strength and sympathetic quality Nlklta L
go on a tour of the provinces from hero hu
for musical Berlin sho is unfitted
Tho fall exhibition of pictures opened at
Qnrlltt on last Monday I contains Leubachs
picture of Prince Bismarck as tho farmer of
Varzln The Prlnoo wears a long black over
coat and a peak cap He has a serious almost
forbidding look on his masslvo face and tho
picture Is loss pleasing than Interesting Of
Tho Threo Graces by Boolklln only ono is
draped and the anatomy of tho other two Is so
faulty that It seems a pity they were not also
draped The landscape in which they are
placed Is beautifully painted and full of poetry
a Is usual with this artist
With tho death of Count Hugo Honckel Don
nersmarck Germany and Austria lose their
oldest sportsman As far back as 1831 the
Count bought the first English maro ever In
troduced hero for breeding purposes and
started a racing stud which soon became us
celebrated as that of Lord Falmouth or Count
Lagrange In 1830 his colors blue and white
first appeared on the lierlln turf He won tho
Hamburg Derby twice and by his triumph
drove the Ironoh horses out of Baden linden
Prlnco Ullost wits limo best horse that came
out of hlsktud UUllo the last I tou years bo
won more than a million of llurlnn on the Gor
man and Austrian turf The racing stablob of
the lato Count will be removed to the domains
owned by the family In 1ruhHlu and I the
change does not affect the excellence of the
thoroughbreds the removal Mill Innure su
premacy to this erman otor Hut Austrian turf
I linn and riledu Upperboldo proprietors
und etlIOI ul tint Sushi n imigiuluo ilmlmelt
hAve Just celebrated tUu iHriiUIUtu nnultor
Ary of time foundation of tlmlr journal which
II 1 now publllieil In twi I hu modern language
with 11 luiuo of near ly I trait million < oplou
fortnlubtly On tlmlliutof r this month time sue
i cmseful editors ntnrted 11 puiinloii fund for limo
buuullt of their oiuiiloyouk iloniillng 160000 lu
utrl 1 riipnii Jim J pfiinlonorn uiu loilruw I air
iiiiHiin gun I nun I lo 1 onomurL uinl
tie i licie KCllt lll I Cll I IllOlt llblTll IUKl
Jlo1 UppHjiuliltf J 1 s VMI I Iniiilvlu limtiifvtd I
11 111 ii brinier lu Ainurlcii a laW lllllr
IU Miin irp MuiM I utio Wits city editor of the
Jlii I riotmlid j lour of Adellim Ialtl I
ii J A iirsie iiil 1111111 J I I I uuiv to gi lio mj in
I urn In Horlin iiuJ lou s 10mm In oilier torus I
Iur piiin 1 i lii liu I ciii iilmniliimd n the
in S I in IIHIIIII iuti ii > ni < l uuly liv sutured fur I
tUll 11 Ill KI
in I ii i lr i v Yil i invnrllb
lUIUIiiuilK1 4 > I i lllUUi I IIIUII lllllUllt Ut I
Anniciiliiii tin iiiiiLi iii > IK u ut Hiu liwuil of
li vtllliwllu lull I Imiiiiiin uollllMli 1111ull hid
wild AH i iiUiunuli caption
tiitff JIS II III star lulII J N plnnlKl nl f Jismiti 1
muss sas I griut success ut use hid Erliliry
ruin urt HI ills IliilliHiiiniiii
ii Jim U i t I i n I liiui Jjiitu luinriUl with Miss I
Ill M I oii I 1 fk 51111 I Hi j Ml ho Illilt I I
pill I
JiiijuiMU Dm Aiuiiiouii wlii was irsested
Jr 8 mrKd reitim iraoogisbhi I Illruw ansi 1
1 < iullUiil QU tiU Ulal uluiotd toAudlcit
on last JrlUu
WALTON 0 KirtvocMv DONK mm
ztru 2 anKXTrHti
A Ta K C lnnt 1 tlab Man of flood Nnelitl
fOBlltoii With hair m JUIIIIna DoUr
tame Ham U EvnI lnc IlrcM nt SiHO
A M nnd nicw Out Ills Itmtnl
A young man ctopiwl out of I cab In front of
tho Delta 1hl Club ut I East Twontyeovontb
street at 2I > oclock yosUrday morning Ho
was In evening dress Ills figure wns slight
but erect Ho paid the driver and wont Into
the club unlocking the front door with bin
laS key The steward Frank Thatcher watt
In the hallway
Good morning Mr Kornoohan snld tho
Tho mAn addressed looked tip ns I aroused
from a dream and Bald gloomily Oh hallo
Then us I ho had tame to I decision on scum
inuttur that ho had boon debating mentally ho
Qondby old mnn Ill say goodby to > on
now for I am going up stairs and atu going to
ut myself out of tire way
Ho extended Ms baud to the steward and
shook the tatters baud limply Then ho went
on up stairs to the third lloor where his room
Mr Walton 0 Kornochan had Indo a simi
lar remark to thu steward a number of times
before andtho steward had come to look up
on It as a grisly joke Ho didnt like to hoar
that sort ot talk but utter the start It gave him I
the llrst tlrao ho came to look upon It IH harm
less lie know that Kotnochan was I lortu
note youth and he did not beliovo In tho gloom
of fortuuati youths
Three or four minutes after Kornochan
had entered his room n pistol shot re
sounded through tho building I made
tho stewards heart stand still for a mo
ment and aroused his family on the top
story and Dr Walker one of the resident mom
bors ot the club Tho stowardti boy James
and Dr Walker appeared at their bodroom
doors to ask in startled tones what that was
Tho steward did not answer a first and tho
other two stood at their doors uncertain Pres
ently Ibo steward plucked up heart to go up
stairs and ho was joined there by the others
Ho told them what Kernoehan had said to him
and what be feared
Tho three men > ontured together to Kerno
hans door and knocked softly Then they
knocked It opened hard Thou they tried tho door and
I oPnod
Ur Walker stepped in In advance of tbo
others and uttered an exclamation of horror
Tho light was burning brightly In the room
Kornocnan lay back croxRWlbo on tho bed with
his feet on the tloor Thu white coverlet was
red In spots and blood was trickling down the
hanging side of It A navy nnohor I foot
long lay on the floor beside Ibo mans feet It
onl smeared with blood along thu barrel
Kernoclians dress Coat lay folded on a chair
Hu had doubtless taken the revolver an enor
mous weapon such as Is used on the frontier
from the drawer of bin droser which was
found bal open Standing beside tho bed ho
set the muzzle of Ibo revolver against the con
tro of his forehead and holding the muzzle
toady with his loft hand pulled the trigger
with his rlEbt thumb The heavy lead plough
ed through bouo and brain Tho exploilon
shattered the hand that steadied the weapon
and the ponder burned It and tim bkin of Ibo
forehead I was a horrible wound The
upper part of the corpse lay s rawied out over
the bod the side of tho face drawn and the
wideopen eyvb upturned and 80t
The three men wero too upset for a time to
know what to do Dr Wulker made sure that
the Inn was dead and then sent James over
to Capt Iteillys police station A polkoman
came back with James aDd word was soOt by
telegraph to Coroner Hchultre Tho policeman
took charge of the room In which the body lay
and the other persons in the house sat in a
room down stairs until the night was gone In
tho morning telegrams were Mint to such of
the relatives and friends of Kurnoolmn us were
known ut the club house and sOle of the
friends came and took charge of the body to
Kernoehan was Ji years old mid blessed
with much good fortune Ho had good sotal
standing was possessed of over halt n million
dollars and was ensaeed In n profitable lust
ness that was makiug him richer nil tho time
He was treasurer ot the Johnson blgnal Com
pany which manufacturer railway bignnlsat
Ituhway and has a Now York office at HU
Broadway Neither Mr Johnson the Irel
dontof tho company who camu to the club
house nor any ol the other friends could think
of any motive for Kcrnochans Milcide He
bad always enjoyed the bent of everything
thoy sail and bad time brightest prosneots
I look upon this act of his said ono of his
frio Dds 18 the culmination of his gloomy
Ideas upon life So far an we know there was
no womans Influence Ho wan not particular
ly attentive to any woman and was not I hat
s called n ladies mono Ho was a typical Cul
umet Club man I you understand what that
means Ho liked to lounge about tho Calumet
Club talking bono or olsa to Mt in time win
dows and store at the passers by Although avery
handsome boy ho R of slight
very boJ wan very sllbt fig
ure weighing only 118 pounds He was very
land of riding and wont freiiiiently t some of
tho riding academies Ho was un excellent
horseman and would train 1 down to 100 pounds
uIlgu lsth i
m r Qtd
ut times In business he was almost over i on
sclentlous He would reproach himself bitter
ly I lie arrived n his office a row minutes lato
and found that bo bad been wanted for any
thing He nas natural of I mercurial tem
perament and I guess ho had at times I vivid
conviction of the hollowiiehs of life Ho was
oar of tho young men who have seen life and
become blaiti ut an early ace Un probably
thought llfewasnt worth Ihlngotid so got out
of I Ho was out at dinner last night and
seemed to hu all right then
Young Kornoohan was descended from a
family well known in New York Nenr Orleans I
and bewport Tim family originally came from
Scotland and settled In Now Orleans There
lire prominent Kernoobans there now and
Waltons father John A owned I big planta
tion near there Tho elder Kernoctinn also
owned large woollen mills at Httsllcld Mass
and bad lutirests in Iron mines in 1ennsyhn
nil When ho died bo left 1 horse fortuno to
Walton and Waltons brother Joseph II This
brother now living out of the city I Except
In the Hummer young Kernoclifci r lived with
Ivo1 lb
his stepmother Mrs Louisa M Kernoi hnn at
the family residence nt lti2 Madison avenue
just below Thirtyfourth street Their sum
mer residence Is at 1lttsllolil and when his
mother went there In the early pan of limo
Hummer the city house las cIoed mini Wal
ton took n room nt the Doha Phi Cluh Ho hn
came I member of lOs Delta Phi hoclety at Co
lumbia College of which ho wus I graduate
Hu wan very popular In spite of his hpillg of
depression and was 11 ilovortalkor Hinfrlonds
did not know apparently that Im hud
over threatened to commit suicide i <
telocram wan sint to his stopuiotbot
upprlMug her of his doutu und die
replied that she would uomo on joday On
or MnltonH uiicleh IH James 1 1 hernmlian of I
this city now at Newport He also was noti I
fied but was unublu to come on y bti rday
Frederick Kernoclmu annllinr uncle a law I
yer was at tint Nansink Highland He was
ill when time flaws camu but seal word hat he I
would come toiluy 1iunk i Kcruochun 11 i I
third mulo mot with a violent donth snvtirAl t
years ago nt Ills residence In Iltlillild I He
HUH looUliiK for buruliirs one night so It Is
said and full down stairs und Was kllli d by a
eliot from bU ovn revolver which win din
clinrtitd In the full <
lime news ol Kornorhins dualli caused I
f > ensatli n at the Culuuiet Club Tlio lion was
rOd at half miut Idol tkor llotli Io t
eliargu of Ilm I body wllh instruct loire to little If
iiosslblu the lorrlblo elfuiln of the bullet Tim
funoislariaiiKUiKHits will bo mudo toilny
I oiomr Kclinltro i ailed ugulu ut Ibis Delta
Mil Wub lut nluu ant UIIQ ii tliiiougii m l ox
nmiiiiilloii i of I lie tfTHctx of f hnriicliHi ii Hi i t
kHiil lust Im timid illscoiur noihliig leI lie
I tlioiiulil I tliu 1 I MilciiU was duo to u lei on tie I
11 I t 01 Kvriiocuun IImi I ho is is in dangiir of
Illnuim A totiurmsiir woo IAlllr
Mirioun 1111 uriiiu WI n oiuyi in
Mis Knruoclinii u j nl Unit the lndr bu r
dOl iiimud tu the lumlly Cld nol and this vas I
A lalsIiIs VII Vistas
NKW IXINIIOH Oct lIwo enroll vueIs hn
Innuing t U A Wlllluum A Hu Uo oil Iliu
IlnU Imlb I 10 fur New loiduu and they
un to the far North nud onielliiim mulm a
cmull fortune for lliuir owiom Tim clioyiii
Its ills uf Iho whulini VIssiI l l iiiiirkiibly
Iltllll i hliugOHKlo brUtiiJ inlet fr r I
loiiu I nil I I iI Mull l fui sirius Afirttirf > l < > iiiiii
iinl 5dIjdWiiIi j iJloM vrtilM nuu ijlltiil lulu
tin hours rum l A tlW dY SilO lb u iplsud I I 1
null Sills liroutibt fMlifiitmitol I Lou 2i > 0
Iull of 1 oil Jiil I nrut numbvrof iils I
Jio lioou U I WOHU 4fdC pouiul unJ sill C SiJli fur
St MoOd prIce ice
Tim JSeyai ills 1 I
I i jieib riuuuie I Iris igI i liigii 1 < Wlsan w
h IM aJeIlua IU4lwiiff ai4 I sihiiutims 1 vi
J S I IL i4 I ii Jtrso4a ti 1
CI fuSS US t5ItiB Is iJis 44554d is sstrtsid f
ml j yJtt Cs Its Hnjl Kn tuu
r I I ismiise CisIsJisY Tt > < fsts iirthi I
til I UI hug w ueCI run rU ls fl5 J
ileIleC tees 51 MWfl IL lada ll 1 IM I
The Advnutaca that the Rrpiibllriin Tw
pet lo Ilrrlvc From the Far
TAAsitiNOTOv ot 12 The fen ntlonnl re
port which was tflocraphol from Wnnlilnclon
to a New York nexvfpnper s 5CRlprda concern
ing nn alleged consplrm of the Censusfllcers
to miiko a wholonile fnlsircutlun ot tho popu
lation of tho different RtntiM In the Interest of
limo Itopubllcan party and against tho lulerht
of tho Democratic party Is pronounced nb
surd hero by tbo Intelligent and candid men ot
both parties Such awldoroachlngconspiracy
would be an Impossibility In this country It
would require the conntvanco of so lnrg > i
a number of conspirators as to insure
a leakage or betrayal somewhere The lhvub I
llcann however hove donbtloS derived oomu
advantage from tIme census figures which the
Domoci ill as tire party out of poworhavonot
bern able to secure It Is unquestionable for
example that tho Dunnell llcnpportlonmcnt
bill was drafted from figures and calculations
emanating from the COIISUH omco Thoso fig
ures woio only estimates at the time the bill
was proparod but the estimates have proved
very disc Mr Dunnell was Chairman of
verI l80
the Hou ° e Commlttooon time Census and ho i
consulted Mr Parlors men frooly In arrang
ing tho basis of his proposed apportionment
An officer of the Constm Bureau In discussing
tho matter today said
Observe tho figures closely amid you will soo
that taking the population of till sov erul States
ns returned and allollng a menil or to every
180000 lnhiibttautslt will make It l dim
cult for tire Democrats to elect tho next 1rosU
dent unless this fall shall demonstrate that the
Republican line In the West In I weakened by
tho passage of thu MoKlnloy Tariff bill For
example tho Btiitrs now called llopubllcan
and In this category are placed California and
Iowawill have a total electoral vote of
218 vvhllo time States classed as Democratic
have 1G1 electoral votes Then there arc
placed In tho doubtful column Connecticut
Indiana Now York and Wot Virginia The
Democrats would have to carry all four of
these to elect a President whllo the llopubll
cans need to carry only ono of them Do I
think the Apportionment bill will pass as In
troduced I certainly do A groat deal of
figuring was done before I was finally agreed
upon and nothing that can hippan Is likely to
cause the apportionment to bo ievNod I Is
absolutely tbo best that can bo mado for tho
Itopubllcan party
Farmer Daniel Randoluh Knconnter with
a Cheitnut Thief
The man or woman who trespasses hereafter
on Daniel Randolphs farm near Plnluflcld
whether ho Is there to shoot sparrows or to
steal the farmers chestnuts Is going to get
hurt It has been customary forlyoars for men
and women to go on time farmers land and to
take whatever thor found there Farmer
Randolph never objected seriously unless
they took all be had This has boon I
good season for chestnuts and there havo
boon an unusually large number of petty
thieves to steal thorn They almost cleaned
Farmer Randolphs trees Thu farmer was
patient and mado practically no protest until
they cum > thero on his Sabbath that is Satur
day ho being a Seventh Day Baptist Then be
thought it was time to act Saturday morning
he went out walking In tho woods on his farm
with his llfteonyearold daughter Returning
home ho sow 1 till broadshouldered young
man climb I fence and lump into the lleid
white the chestnut troll grow He carried a
hot un lie was after either sparrows or
chestnuts Go hack I shouted the humor
Why asked the
lkl1 young man
Go back said tbo farmer again
The young man stood Rtlll in his trackK
Farmer Hanaolpb had a liitbi stick In hIs
hands which ho uwud to pound open the prick
chotnut burrs He walked tovvaid limo young
man telling him repeatedly to no back ynUDI
vnnna alan didnt lilldiA limit n tire fiitmnr 1 1
approached him ho took his gun bv this brim rol
and prepared to fight I my go back said
the farmer as hn reached him und at
tho veins time ho gave him a push
Tho > onni man swung tho gun around
lila bond and brought Ibo butt down
on the farmers loft temple Time farmers
daughter screamed und the farmer sink al
most ionsoless to the ground Ills wife and
two other daughters boalo tho Ills sci earn amid
ran out of the house which Is noar by Thu
young man lied trailing his gun alter htm
The blow from the gun had opened n bit gnsh
In Farmer Itandololis had from will h blood
poured in a stream Ho got on his foot ug
quickly as bo could und trod to lollotv his as
sailant who dashed Into a piece of bushy
swamp land and disappeared
Mr llnnilolph wont homo and wont to bed
A doctor came and dressed his wound Last
10clor IISt
night tho farmer told I SUN reporter that hn
had registered avow to piotect Ids homo nnd
himself hereafter He was able 10 sit up but
bo felt bad His bond was swathed In ban
dages ills wife and three dnitilers and two i
grandchildren wore In time n om with him
I p como wo all como fO aid from old I
Revolutionary stock Wo arc 1 ndolphs ho
you sea thorn Is no scare In us I have got a
homo hero where I was born and brought up
and Itn I como to the conclusion that Its got to
be protoctod Im I peaceful man I never
was in but two fights In my lifo but Im driven
to I and the noxt person I llnd on myjiroporty
Ill bo prepared to moot And If I hit om
oner The farmer clinched his lists and
his eyes snapped
I Id bud ncun Id have blown his heal off
said Miss Mama Randolph tbo farmers eldest
daughter the mother of ono ot the grandchil
dron Imndohl
Hho referred to tho assault on Saturday The
fann that must not bo I trespassed on Is two
mini irom Ilalnthld proper and runs along
both tides of the Now Brooklyn road
A Ileieent or Hnndllll
Maria Loronz sat at bar peanut stand nt
First avouue and Thirtyeighth street 00 Sat
urday afternoon whittling I stick with a long I
thlnbladed knife oral dreaming of Italy and
time chances of returning there rich with the
i I
profits of tire peanut business A swarm of
toys lighted upon time stand each clutching a
fistful of peanuts Maria awakened out of her i 1
dream nnd liniluil i knlfu nnd stick ut Ilm I
thieves Tho stick hit one on the head ansi the
knife stuck In anothers Inoo Tun latter was
badly hurt and hln lion Is In ought a crowd and
I policeman Marie still looking engnlul
wanarroHted and vcstorduy ibe wan arraigned i
befoul J Istlo Mlhol jp time YorkxIlle Police
YorklJo Polce
Court Tenyearold Freddy llroltbent the In I
jumd boy was a ultne nualnt her His
knee was done up In bandage and be could i
not walk without nkslRtAnia Mail bud nab
inn to pay hhe H as hKlil 1 loi0 ball for trial
I I charge of fulonloux assault und Irllll
lucked UI Tho boy WIIB not lo > led up I I
Found OUnii lu his Mrel
Oeorgo Bpencoi u colored man of 225 West I
Twanlyieveulb strict whims walking through
West Twint ninth ftlol between Statir anti
rflienth avoiim nliut h i A M 1 yesterday
found n man Itlng 1 IntiiiHlblo on the sidewalk i
Hpenoui rei ognlzod him a Jaunt I mum a
Huemur In liii 1 utloin lluimu llu Wild W
urn old Iholl 1 1 in liJ WIIL ninth I
stunt ovur u MIOKII uml tvu uninarrled
t4i i n ur tot u nilnil iiinl totiutli i llu i ritnii1 i 1
Ingiiu to liUloJuliui I Ho I I Uincl ulioiily I I I ii fIn I
UIII wunj i I from flhg5iaiiSij5 coueinnun it < 1110 brain villioulrn
iiixliail 1 uifuns IIIWI lip wu eut I no Iliouglj lie hud been
tUjll ltlmiasHboiilTiVIxk ouHftlurduy
11IMnl1 went t wi i ft frmel Ilm I or r 11 t I hieji ii
Jiliti hem HIM uliiliun AKMiijiiliiiii ut I lilrn
un I ill uliui uml Jlrmihwi 1 1 1 ijild I hut rl
sill mil liiitu lie pliuo hi nl if i A Jl 1 Vti nlii
slustsrd los lion u
l5ia rum SSatmIiii
r IY II 1C1 I i via 0 lSlySlIiiUIhrm
llulll Jl iikwlll mtublUh u LfuiioU In Du
jVluOorsrmnonl hu Ismiuil a circular to tha
rallrualH iulndiig Jhmesri that Ilisy > lutut otmy I
11111 UUflMIIIO ItUUIItltlUt
Ullii 1Iujt 18
I Tin j e IU > prill hills nl f hsti Jimts I 1iiUiti J
lhim popiilutiin lit 1JlJfXi uu Incioiniu of
Jij4i I 11111 I r i 5i 5
Jiru Suiiiinal iou liii bitCh 40 linliroiiil 1 om
pail I ts UIUJUI I Ilm I woik ull 1 lh I sir iilliiln
uu of tie I i 11 Hit hue noIlium work lltp I
hUh Usisuwlsi i i I aecouni nt boas jr raiDs A 1
lynn iiuiuLer of couil ass 1 ouUi Ucla I I
ul W wQtM co til 1 road I I I
WHO HAS GOT TIE 895000 1
lWlln rnvxtt iv TIIK rossissiox
OF sill lUXKUlS iririci
Can the Ililllnh Coninlaln Make Ont a
l san lor KKtradltlonl flankers
Naipo d to tic In Home < lne or the
AlNHtlai or Kurnpr Thit rnmplalniint
Mrs Field and Mrs Miller the wires of thin
absconding London bunkers clout n ptonx
ant day jcstnnlay at Pollen Iloadiinarters
I They are detained In a long light and well
ventilated room In the dormitory on thin top
lloor Tho room Is unrarpeted but Uom
fortably furnished The live trunks and two
travelling bags belonging to limo women worst
febed at the Coleman Houce
lt Cleman 10u on Battirda nnil
brought to Police llcadouartors They con
tained a large number of elegant gowns n lot
of brieiUbrnc valuable jewelry and seven big
dolls belonging to Mrs Millers littli nlil I Mm
Miller leaned that tho child which lot very
well would bo depressed by tint close < onltno
mont of time ono room and It was allowed to
Inlay in tie corridors Tho child syria not at all
disturbed by berchatiKoof scene nniltbeuppor
stories of tho police building echoed her
RtOrlS 11100 buldlll ochoot laugh
ovory now anti then
Tire two women read the Sunday papers nnd
wero deeply Interested In the eloquent docrlti
tons of their personal charms Both women
are considerably ovor the line of Ibo thir los
and are by no moans vain of their good looks
It M Lincoln a lawyor of lilt West NInety
second street and Abo Hummel called on
thorn > torday Mr Lincoln Is I a friend of
Mrs Miller and knows her family und hor
relatives Ho said yesterday afternoon
I do not wish to fay anything about Mrs
Miller without her permission but I
110r wlbout porlllon can any
that sims Is of an excellent family ami that
those charges ugiilnst hor uroabsuid Hhu Is
perfectly Innocent I ran also say that tIme
account of the failure In London has beau
greatly exaggerated I called upon Mrs Miller
n 1 friend nud not us a lawyer
Tbcro was nothing found In Mrs Millers
trunks or In thoso belonging to Mrs Field that
would implicate them In any way nor wire
any of the S5000 and luui0 lulled Suites
certificates found although them must be
tlljOUO 01 them soaiovvhuio for Irs Miller
drow this amount from Brown llros A Co llcr
fore ihe orders crime from London to stop pay
lug the drafts tIle has been tie active ouu of 1
imo two women In this whole iiiTtilr although
Mrs Field Is the wife of the head or olhoulh
Mrs Miller drow all tho drafts Khe entered
slit last Monday In tbo Bupreme Court for thu
S3500U which Drown Iiro A Co are ultlihoiii
Ing under instructions from London Lawyer
Hummel says
Mrs Mlllnr Isthn I wife of ono of thin clerks I
for the firm of J M Meld V Co o hnvo tho
papers to prove that her husband Is nothing
but a dork Mrs Miller fnvestoil about iso UUU
with J 1 Held A Co nnd drew It out when
hl sue camo to this country with tbu profits duo
Will she not have to show whore tho money
camo from was asked
No sho will not Tho other side will havo
to do all tho proving Hhe has friends nud good
connections hero or rather lu the West and If
I became iioeesflary to find ball for her I
would havo no dlillculty Now supposing that
sho did receive this
sio dlt money as you suggoi and
that it does not bclong to her and that timer Is
a deliberate Intention of fraud of what Is Mm
Miller guilty e ur receiving stolen goods
I Hue cannot be guilty ot larceny for no ono has
bind 01 can suy that sho enticed nm I i aided in on
tiring these inveMois to put their money lute I
J M Field V Cos And receiving stolen goods
Is not an oxtraditabln offence
With what oll iico will they charge her so I
that she may bo extradited
Well 1 suppose I will bo under that section I
of the treaty Igned last April which pi ovldoa
for Ibo extradition of a falleo who his commit
ted lareony that Is a person who has lecehed
funds for one purpose and used them lor an
other Hut Jrs Miller cannot b a oused of I
that and thero Is no such timing usaicossoiy
to I Irireormy Tho civil oouits will be the only
rccouiso of tbo plnintllTs They can attach tLo I
moncylf they find I
What do you anticipate ns tho outcomo of
Mondays nutclpato I
Well Judge liarrott will discharge my cli
ents on hearing tie habeas corpus Proc ed
Ings Then I think Commlssioiioi Shields will I
have to discharge them alo us tioyeaii under
no eoiihtructlon bu held guilty of uu oxtridliu
I I bio offence n
Thn complainant In the English courts who
I Instituted these proceedings both Pgalust Iho
i I members nf the linn and afterward aiinst
trio vsi men Is J times llOkuo JH1 if Lend m
i Ho alleges that tho firm of J 111
1 nlol08 Imt frl 0 1 l told V o d
I frauded him of tJOW and that Mrs Millor has
taken his inoiii y to America The LuUI
I ntithoritios did not knov that Mrs Held wus
1 with Mrs Miller The depaituro hour l Wli >
t don noirly three wooks before tire failure was
rllure Wl5
i maniiKcd HU ijulotlr that Ibo police over thoro
I thou ut Mrs Miler wns alone Mrs I Field was
in time Teutonics pa seini r lit ns Mrs
lirovvnlnu and was leglstoiou under that
name hero ho probably tie i first iniurinailon
I of Ibo puscnco of Mr Field tu Ibis country
was the UritUh Consuls cablegram to the
London police This further shows tho euro
tl 1m
and adroitness With which the plans of J 11
Field A Co wore laid J1
Mrs Miller walked Into thn office of Drown
Bros k Co baturda morning of week be
joro last and offered a draft horn llrown Whip
loy A Co for tlOOO pad a check on time lark
Hank for 110000 s hon hlio called nuain last
Monday sho was told that the iheck Imd not
jot boon through tho Clearing Houbo and that
Drown Hhlploy A Co had ordered that no
more dralts bo paid I
Lawyer Hummel was linked yesterday If the 1
wisroon wore In communication with their hue
bands He smiled and lemarkod that herould
not hay whether tho men had heard nf 11oull
rest of their wives but ho was certain that thoy
would hear of It before long
1 expect that they are InUolcJum or Italy
or some other country vvhoio their offonco is
not extraditable they havo committed an
offence ho said
Tho case comes on In tho SupromoCourt tills
morning at 1U3U
CHICAIO Oet K News of the latest swindle
by Americans In London gives to Chicago tho
credit of sending out the American hnnkuis
wlo aucceeold In dupIng the Lnglieiiiiiorr I
olllnl 110 Enlsluel
The men were E J Heli and W W Miller
Iolh well known atmd thought or In MIIr
Mr I J 1mb publsbor IhoUlbt l111 World In I
speaking Of tbu ufTitir vestordnr mid
Wo had a genUIne surprise at tho lintel
Worth this morning when wo road the namus
of K J Mold nud W W Miller In oniinection
with a swlndjlng scheme Mr Field boarled
nt time lintel Worth for ncatJy oluht years und
was well thought of nnd his standing In Chi
i ago was time boat He is I man about 84 yearn
old tort I y woio a light I IIP ii tm ho nml I uiu
I i kent by evirvboily lie wan born In Itlut
nndeaiuo ti < I lib ago about thirty years rigs
nlO tlrJ YOlr 11
llu hdgun nottspupor work ns n ropmter und i
bi camo editor m of the hirs sum Jiiurnai llu I
wan In the Insurance buMnesH when ho lilt
Clilougo Ho lolt this hotel 1 about
< 110110 tw Ibolt a riser ago
suddenly and u n expected I y Ho mild ho was
going to Evanton but subsequent events
however showod that this was not limo cam
and nothing wax known of the uliouaboutH ot
iltbui him or Miller who also boarded ut the
hotel nnd who lelt a row days previous to
Fields departure Mr Fields wife wlm
Is now under artist tutU Mm Mil
I unlel
lei 1 Nw lork wan one of the Hnunt
womoD I nvor mot Mist It IOHH not
scum possible that she would knowingly I
leol lat hbl WOlld nowIDI enter
lino I iiiy swlndlo W W Mllloiu i tuiull muii m i I
with ileopbot eyert and ion ijulot poiltlon
bti d Will Inlhlcitgo but It wan known to u
Jew that ho wars lounoolud with liii Itumliig
und Merrlam bucki t shop Iwluurmo HU it ito Is l
it vert harp ilin > wd VTomiiii Him Is it jibe of
lh I
Oov Yutun and limos a disughi5 7 I yosrjs old und
Ii t i sour IKuiimod W I sites Mlllor i procumo
lie vriii tin fUIllor j iniinbui of this firm lrOUlo I
Jieisi > I Co So innn urrlen liner leltefb of
luconiuiuudatlou tbuii J J livId
Jollceuuse With It Hu > u s4JIld l
John J Ilxuii 1U years of sine baa u buiiilng
desire to play polliumuu llu llvus ut fV
V est 1iflyittlh sunlIt Uu Insists last while
In thin Northuin Jlilul J I at Huduwlek ovens Irma and
Iliu I Jloulbtiiril ho stale ft ulileld from Toll I Ie
IIIUN Jiimii I lCuimor I of isis I Jlililf S I > flr t
Jig id iIt II I J i Iligii I 55 I lit mb wsm I U I ti I igith
PliiellKt On Mtlurduy Illicit ire lliroMud u
vvoiniin on iaiivfc I al iicit fi i a I rout uulkilig I I
iud luif hor is time Irliuv yeut t ntutloM wljiiu
liii pull hu ii Sib Uvtm lltii I i Ilriin I I ii ilm Cents sit
Ollui I Ifini was lock d up mid al Ihu Jiiiqi r
tun ilarkui < ouri uiDrdiy isv wite UstU ivy
isstIig it bitslUi timUiisiOiiiJ4Ih
Thirty messier si Hie few of Ibe I iilU4 5ls
Htmit flub4iM > l il ou mJey lu Sill ysuslsss
Wiliars Wilssss 5ssJIi s4 Ii sia local dieS
lie IS5P41V lisIpwess epis
rIsseIis h w 5amss li5sss fsss liYdi
isis Ivuut lsiWSjWsi i iii iiis5i if4 1iJ sj
Iriis e 5unr lwl 1tiil goiiJ ill III IJcsiI tiflss Slit
4Si l tjj eiiii eliirijar Ta 550 wllii a jeir r lougl
hue I bare lull fsiJssJisd Ibe rwae al lle fair
Ii isishlitiss If li SIsal IS 55 iii lsumilsI 14 LW
hUg sss at iSLimii 1W Ws IStt t dsi
Tear Perioni Ione Their lives la a CtiU
< UKO Illnrv
CfltrAoo let 12Dy a fire In time Itrtnrmm Eu
ropenn Hotel nt Adams ansi In Bnlle streets
this morning four lives wero lost nnd a scorn
of i > er onshad narrow OSCAPOS limo drowns
caused by tim explosion of n kerosene lamp
which had been loft burning In ono ot the ball
ways Thu burning oil cet flue to the Malrwny
and soon n shoot of lbim burst from time roar
I windows An alarm woe Immodlatoly turned
In and a second oat fire minutes later Time
tnmutes ot tliu house wore awakened by tbo
nolso of rushing engines und found them
selves enveloped In smoke while ttm flames
could plainly bo soen making ionsldernble
headway Lnddcis wore run up by time fire
mon and l those who did got out by the stair
ways descended with lime aid of the firemen
Mr Minnie Itoblns > n who was sleeping In
n front room on the fifth hoer with her hus
band and baby bacni lire rnzoil i with flight
nail rulilng to the window leaped to the tisiso
mcnt with her Infant In liar arms Sho wit
I terribly crushed and livid but n short time
but the infant osanpod Unhurt
fly 2 oclock tbo lire was under control ant
time llremor began a ionreh of the Imufo to see
If any other casunltlep had occuirod In a
room on the third lloor IMwnrd 1oyton the
colored porter teas found burned ton crisp
Time search was continued and tIme fliomoii
loon found In another room on thin third Ho T
the charted bodies of two other mon who had
boon caught In limo trap anil burned to deah
Ono of thorn was II K Sams formorlyado
Money thud to Slave llcen 3pent tn Hurry
the RcleaHr ill Vutinu tsirplliiitl
Gen Milton 8 Llttleflold n contractor vas
airented last Thursday on a bench warrant
Issued by Judge Martlno
H Is alleged that ho receIved from Mrs Jo
sophlnoBtcphanl about J50110 to bo used In
some Indellnlto manner to secure hor sous
release from pil on
It was this nun who shot minI killed Lawyer
Clinton Q lioynolds in his office U Wall street
on May 15
A commission In lunacy was appointed com
po ad of Gilbert M bpiers and Doctors Clymor
and Fleming
The commission reported that Stophanl was
Insane but this report was not confirmed by
tire court because Jung Martino was away
It In said that nfilaml or Mrs Stephani vis t
nd thin Judge ut Liki > George to luiiulio why
hteiihnnl was not taken from tho Tombs to I
an iisylum and that during the con
versation the Judge learned to his
surprise that Mrs Stephanl Irid intrusted
mono to lien llttlellold to bo unl to bring
about the roloiii of oung fstonhanl It in
said another unoat Is I to bu made
The Negro AVho Itliiritereil Mayor Lewis
ConlcHies 1EIB Crime
JACKSON Miss Oct 12Anrhresy harris col
ored who assassinated Major G M LewIs nt i
Clinton on Friday night is In jail her 1 He
snys that he alone Is jullty nnd that Hudson I
time other ace usrd man is Innocent limo mo I
tive1 for killing Low ho sajs vv as to prevent I
his further Interference vvltli the divorce too >
cuedmgt h has instituted ncaint his wife i
und which will corns up for I oaring here to
morrow Lewis HUS looking aftei the Inter ors
of Harriss I I wile I and Iluiris I I thouefit r n ho war
about to suiccod In having tiiinsfonod to her
poRosrilon two of his cults
Harris Is a heavy pet burly black cecro 2S I
years old and Stouis to be l ot moio than aver
age lntelllgoiee Hn says ho regiois now
kllllnir Lnivls and ro ille tint ln > Is bound to
bo banii for the crime nnd having made his
iienco with Clod ho doesnt want to die witu a
llo on Ms llpp He IsnltnpllstnrrnelKir and o
day bent or 1idoiJohnson 1 m of i Clinton i t tocnmn r
nnd administer th sacrament SherifT liar
ding ears thero la no danger of his beinn
lynched ns long us iii Is kept hem but If
Cal rmsd back to Clinton tint Would be his fate
lritisn will bo hold as avvltnos lioth vv 111 I
bo kept hero for safe keeping tll the trial
An Honored Citizen ofKunilmUy Struck by
11 Irelcbt Tr iln
SANDUSKV Oct 12On Batunlay nftcrnnon
Judge John L DcwiU of the Common Fleas
i Court was struck by a freight locomotive on
the Lake Shore Uailrond anti Instantly killed
lie had boon shooting snipe lu u marh cast of
i tho city Murtod homuonthu railroad truck
stopped from ono to time other truck to avoid
the oastbound freight and did not see time
westbound locomotive Tire engineer pays
that ho gave ample warning but the unfortu
nate man failed to hoar it and turned UN limo
locomotive reai hod him und was struck by lime
ditto 01 tbeincinu on thu loioheud and killed
Judge 1 Devvllt wit 11 nntlvn nf this county and
giintiy beloved by lIe entire community llu
wus twi u elorto I Mar of tins s ity time last
time on both tickets He was olo ted Com mon
1lens Judgo four years nso which ui i sltlon ho
hluhly honored b > his fairness and good sense
Ha was tl years old and loaves a wile and four
rue Trial of Mr ViinileErllt for Attempt
Just to 1ulMOu Her feon Iteculled
BUHIINOTON Oct 11Frank Norman tIm
son of Mrs Carrla K Vandogrlft who was ac
cused of attempting to take his life by admin
istering croton oil has mysteriously disap
peared On Thursday Mrs Vnndegrlft gave
him SOU with which to pay hem dues in n
build rig imni loan association Instead of pay
ing tire duos Frank disappeared Mnco the
trial of his mother ho has boon living with bur
j A Woman Herrnmn In Mudlaon Hquiire
j Tim wife of tho janitor of tho Madison Biiuaro
I S Hank Building while asleep In her apartments
nn tIme lop floor of tbo building late lust tight
1 wan seized with nightmare and run to n win
I dew screaming wildly A largo crowd collected
i lu the street before this building and thoru
was the grtatost exeltoment over u report that
I gained currency that there worn burglars In
tutu houio or that some nno was being mur
shred A pollcuinun found lire janitor of tins
building who nald that bin wife wab subject to
such utlauks when lift alonu
Was Mule Joseph Allen llrownvd
Joseph Allan the mate of the schooner
Henry lying ut tIme eolutwken coal piers was
not In his cabin yesterday raomlui si hen ono
of the crow went to cull him Ills clothing and
money nor i im Sinai e It Is believed that All on
got up during tho night and In time ditrknetu
overbuaiu und wus drowned
jut3inun Anour zoirx
farriny four rUelfe arreitiyeilcrdaf
lli sesil ilislisius hiiiessntits I suil luormlna from lit
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smus Aidstiuis Iii suu ensued it
su5mild I 4 IPiJI ii JUI5I it Jd1si lIeU it 1 lst
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was mm ill 511 ulii by Jsirm ivrsens 51 Isis Jtir
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lstj55 Wi sis eiss i loralo Jaik Ibe cowboy Lv
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instill hutS 151 dli hi cusis I utiii i iiiisy Li I si
err ftfg 4 151 Ii Ins 5nnss isp A 15145 iii piaIiflti
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uIsuitd I lit guil hi5 IL C im sifts
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IUISCI lhi Ssl is 55 ssVy is issssI this ii Jis
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IsUd Isu Is Islssed
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LZLSPING nrrrnricAXi tit Ticnnon op
No Innarr InTtlril to Dine lit the VhIt
llouiieThe President Annoyed bj III
AntlfntbnlleArllelee > Htei > e to b Taken
to lloltle Him Up sinS ratline In That
< o rllnrt Another ETCnltiB Hepobllenw
fewspaper tn New Tork Cltr
VAKHINOTOV Oct 12The reports In the
New You k notrspspois concerning Col Elliott
F Shopards conduct toward his brethren ot
the Union League Club and his persistence In
egging fdrriigor on to nominate Chaunoor
M DOPOW for Mayor of Now York In direct vio
lation ol tin injunctions from Mr Dopow have
not been trail with more Interest anywhere
than nt time Whllo House and try leading Re
publicans In Washington Indeed Col Shop
nod and his novvfpaver have taken np most of
limo leisure moments of certain Influential Re
publicans cloO to thus President Got Shop
aids troutin with his club friends Is not con
sidered n vety weighty affair rind for that
I unit tor nelttior Is his Influence over Tot
I Crugor lu proelptutlnc tIre Dopow into >
thought to lo of much monioiit mix a
that it onnllrm1 tbo ImprobslinH and sus
I picions tlat I l tress I r i reoaMi lloptil I llomis 1
have lou en ornlt ol I nf Co Slmpaiil Tftd I
gieslp hero iboit Cl Sltniirl vva npo
daily S lriiletit WHI n after Invtini oxiirv Al
gist of Michigan tollmen I with him It I i liimimii
ho seiiitud a stenoiapliir hohiiul I i freen
amid lu time next Issue of time Vlonolft now pa
por n full ac omit of tln ii s i CiVil nor o ir
Mitlnii viij ii inlet Jitht I bfno tint ovent
Cot Hhopaid cnlli nt limo hlto flunsii ansi
was Invited to dinner Ity the Irs I islsurt
Aim st simultaneously wl I It Col Se sir ig
action In printing m ovllov I AlgerV Intu I htuhU
tulk tinto apiieiirnd mi stint Inl nnleriam i I
nws nrtclos all deiiounelng in tin IIP st bitter
terms thin Crmtimolicsi of Aueil I n Thoujli nil
of tlioto ntlilus Cn tilt i rtnl in d tniil
fine fart should lo known about tie > Ilm rUim
Adtulnlhtratli n nut that was I hat HIKCIV hull s
had ii ot amid would not Ira s n air s iii tin rct wit it
It lie reiterated his itiitomilits vvli i n vl or
peculiarly Li own mo illy to tho mi oum of
tholrosldontnudhisCa duet XsiicsiMiitboi i I
apponro I almost Inimodlati sill r Col HIIOH
aid had dined at time hite liiusumrtil > bv tlo
was that tint was tent broiidint thr < i > iili this
land tho 1rosliont was eBpouhdl mr ovd
and autioicd lie minI othor r ri ed that I tlu
Colonels ariiclos might b e nsiduri In tiu
light of scum iotli iil iittoiniicti Snc tHut
timo t t Cal bhopnrd hag 1 iomi lu Vas 1 ig n on i i ii
doen times but ho has Imd uu moio dnim M
at limo Whlto Ilouo
Many of the leading Ioprlilleans Imvn frcrr
when Cil hliepard nppand sun i tluu m
Imiooil thero Is a ttiuuui and lidtxrM Ij
tirror In thj i I rants ol tire Problunt ni nil I
olhbrs when Col hnopnur nnvvhpiii < r IH
1 0 kin ul Iliit sits ntit ouch dvnii I n KIO
with soniothi inc nun I to I kloom and tl t ie diro i t
forebodings at i daily cxnioiscd ns to wmt rio
Colonel will do nest His uitivlcn duinunuiu
the Cuth lie Church und Iopo Loo have not
been without I thil u iiilluone I and It t bis ml
Lon against the JlnrrNou Ailminlatiat on
it IB now learned that rt5 < i 05eiitutlvi of the
Administration will endeavor tj mottle up lbs
Colonel on me uud creed ijuostlons oithor by
Pleading poisonallv with hiui or by inning
to bear upon him tho lulluoiio of Mr Dopew
and the Colonels lelatUcs all of vvhoiii ais
Hiipubllcans If that falls un effort will ba
mania to Ignom Col r < neinrclfl newspaper ns
time only Hepubllom oveuing nvwspapor pub
llsho In New York In load tups have al
ready been taken It Is nsferted on excellent
authority bv certain llonubliciuis with thick
mil vrellllnod vv allots to purrhnsu If DOS
Mblo limo < oriiniirciu Atlcnturr of Now York
This newspaper particularly In Hugh
Hnstingss tlmo was ono of the mnst vigorous
nnd Inlluential organs ot time Kiiniblltun party
in tine country Aftor tie death of Mr Hast
ings it flopped ovor to Clovound and his tariff
policy Tho Jiertm bi Sari R vvbo mo lu t < rnr of
Col Shepards unties ballevu that tire tt OS
iii PrIsm Ailnrltirr ciin bi > purehnsod nt n
reasonable uric At ny rile limos Hill mako
I thi eilort and if I r It fu Is they will I ciisidsik
jopo < itlon to start u onncent llniiibdnm
evening nowspirior Llthor of thu popo
sltlons if cam rand lo a MK cefilul ltuo vfll
losult In tine tctltm usldu ol C 1 Ulioinrln
newtpaper as the Sew York ovniliLniouti 4
pieoe I of tim o llopublcuu I party nnd ibe r fol i in I
the bite Homo aid lEepubl arms t tii bend
oi depuitmouts will sloop limits pciiLOilh
llootli ancelu JIlH JtiiMlnn lniicniiint
BOSTON Ort 12An mont unomont of m ro
than usual intoiost in iniunitl Irc < wan
made today to tho fleet that the II mtli and
llurrotteniaioini > at time liosion Ihoairo this 1
season has been cutici lUd owing to tIns un
precedented run of Tins Soudan tlu most
successful play produced here for ons
JJooth und liarroli omit play tluir lto toi uu
gugumenl at thu lark 1 lieatiu
Where Yesterday Ilre Were
A 5lre B3 Avenue A Deulicll A Ikckorli dart
Inn llort damage slIght ata IJ i Iait n24tin itnrt
LouIs Wahli mubtnt ihop dimava fl i
1 U 1 ii 171 ClIutOQ Street U Applemani spurn
menta damaiB slight 7l0 I iJ4 heiniiil MVruuc urru
lieu by Ilirumn LucnUr Uamaiiu spu t i lui Jnt
ruth strut occuplsJ t > riiarlei I llrallxch duuia
The rutlier
A storm ot cooil leruble itiuirniloni wai forming rio
Idly In thy hum west nt tie MI Uiliri reliriUy lu
rrntri covtred tbe gretier pin of souls Pulo a los a
VVIiconiln AHCJ brauka ami Irs mnutaco ets felt ci
far louth ai tlm Gulf of Unico uorlb Inin KrliltU
America and tail over tine cinlnil Main a most m ib
Atlantic Tins raluarealortrrij all tbe uonuwit HUIM
anil upper lake region auil renct > e < J foutli to I XMI
TUe hearten rain fell In Indian Territory Fort fill
had 2 24 Inobee ID tventy four hours
met le every probahlllty ot this storm puebloS dl
rectly lilt and fDcreaimic to violence ae It atlvance
AC preieut lu COurse U shaped by an area of hIgh > ra4
sure over catteru Canada and a second over the Ka t
liuK slid bouiii Allaullo Biatea Tble leivee tbe prs
lays met tins Middle States below normal and offering
inns reilitance lo tIme storms advanuea The teui era
lure suutli aol suet of the eiorui ceulr wae abuoruiatty
huh and WM between ttt and Uu > lu Ibe UUelwIppI
TepneMM sinS Ohio Valtera wbile a ttilrd bltin masseurs l t
wltb colder weatber and leuiperatureetbat will be lie Mi
low freeilng tInts uornlur wae erovdlug In from this
Stocky Mountain eectlou Illgb wlndf will prevail la
day to the Ueuiral Smells sod lake reglini au4
warmer LuinlO weaibtr In tins Kiddie Atlauile UUI
wisnds bl Hug lo ncilbeait
In UiU olir Ihe lilb et Uorernmeul lerapertture wai
CiT leSser 6I > i scenes tivnildliy tul ierceDti wlsd I
Irvin utytbwlst
To Jay promlaee lo Le fair beooinliif vruier sal ir
Ibreaienlug al ansI To morrow rainr and warmer
Tbelbeiuoueler it l ferry pbarinaty In us sew
t ulWIiig recur JeJ the leujpirHureeJMrdafu folio n
tdJ INs 555 ItS
8AU f u 54 I WI U es ste
Iu4 Si 6 61 5 IS isl5
psM hue fl i ISP Iik
5 SI Hi ti Si 1114 ts rio
A 5 vsfsfe Vol 555 Oil 101 12 slit
HbXi urfin mtKul > in 5 f f nonpar
for Ibe liltiruil if Utluuiblt tnd KerfUuJ ralui
lligbllr warmer rarlatle wlu4i generally toullierly
lor uleru liuijrlr iu Hevjerief iii Psissois
ritluii wiiHie lewuuug illljUjr varwer SoSlsll
flt tilHItl JIIW I Hit ISS tn tvmltltll fH sdiA4i
finuisei l > n ftln II aehIsfflm wljs ss4m44 IsetMis I
WdIMSI ISsifflif
Cur MeXwUVMlU Vbo4e lilacS aol founeellevl
fair weelber followed by ralu lu writers Uweabu
Mill end assists onueaikvl I uoriberl wlbdt l v < uf
lug titles a ilaipuor uuiirelore
Cor Utlue Veruioii and hiss lUui ibiie fair
wealber nl followed sy semis lu Venuoui lallou is
nt Ismslseltf c uorlberlr witS leeiyiulug vines I
rir wielern heW fort and wiileiw liuu lvei > ia 4
allgfaliy wajluir tvulbiil wlutii UiiitlibUu wtalkai ft
154 hiM

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