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fix urea KNOwN ro an LOST AIm
Iwo ovtan nsfonrtot UIBSIKO
II I DIIe thai Te rrao > nt t > a > at
rerlihedTh Fir Urd Mo Bwirtljr
that tfca Live Of All U Ik rtonta war
I FarllMow Com Tanacr am tha
jUeMkera of her Coaapemr war Had
tVarrea Z lnnd d hta Wire Kac a > td
Oily with thalr JUvaa All their Par
eonal JEtfacta Balna nnrn < ThrllllBK
Advenlnraa of Mnn with Wooden
jUtc Heralam of the Elevator nor
BTBACUSE Oct 1GTbo Loland Hotel tho
costliest establishment of Its kind In the city
swept from Ita site thlt inomlna In
noi 1lt rrm Il 110 Iolnlo B
irhlrltrUid ot fire Under Iti roof wore upwim
olIG cucsta and boarders hose llrcs wore
Imperilled from too moment the llrowasdls
eonred I la I now twenty hours alter tho
worst was OTor but tlio number ot persons
who perished la still to some decree a subjeo I
conjecture though n conitorvntlYO estimate I
give a total of ton Flvo lives are known to
bTe beon lost
1 VM li50 oolock this moraine when tbe
disaster first burst upon the senses ot tho few
pttsons who woro Inside the hotel and In Its
nalsbborhood outside The origin of the Ire
Is I not known though It i bollorod to liavo first
ihomt Itself In tho kitchen The building was
Ix storIes In height nnd built about
six torclin helht buit 1 square
court upon which tho Inner rooms lookod
LiwIq Lclnnd proprietor of tho Oconn Hotel al
tone Hi nndi l who has boon visiting his cousin
Warei Lolaml Jr In this city wns the first
10 dUcover the lire IIo 0 going luto
a clo et from tho office when ho notlcoil alight I
light through cracks In tho door opening Into
the stairway which loads to tho kitchen and
store room above Opening > tho door ho Raw
that tho stairway WAS In flames and ho quick
ly I cloood the door and an tack Into the omco
calling to the night clerks to give an nlnrm
Their first act wan to sot off thn electric alarm
that lines a ball In over room in tho house
lathe meantime Lewis Leland and the ele
tttor boy Henry lloechor had run no stairs
and dashed through tho hall calling to the
guests to set out of their rooms Soon tho
flames began to lick the sides of tho court In
to centre of the building Tho flames quickly
ran up tho sides creeping Into windows set
tins tho tapestries on tiro burning tho
room and oven tho beds In which
the guests wore lying Undoubtedly
fime died before their voices could
b heard At first many wore saved by the
ttort of police and citizens who bad ral
lied to tho scene No one thought of saTing
anything but his life To
ati le tomo deep sleeper
the frt signal of their dancer was horaldod
by thg break Ing In of a door by the force of
motion Others were blinded and choked with
smoke and made their escape by creeping
upon the floors to their doors and through the
hal t the stairways
On the onttlde pandemonium reigned Spec
tators glanced at the burning structure for an
instant and ton turned sickened away
Bbtltta < UII Oiled the air when tho office of the
hotel was abandoned to tho flames In 1 win
dow In tho fifth story on the northeast corner
man and a woman were soon struggling In
etch others arms The woman seemed to
make strenuous efforts to hurl herself from
the casement and the man appeared as strong
ly to oppose her awful purpose Below thorn
was a sea of fire the tongues of which framed
the window wherein they stood Tho cry of
My God cant you help Ihm1 met a ro
spouse in the heart of each onlooker A
piteous wall from the crowd finally told tho
story that the couplo bad ceased their strug
eles and had fallen back exhausted to be con
earned by the flames
Even before these two wero lost sight of a
woman scantily clad appeared at a window
but one floor below them to mutely nppoil for
assistance Her courage was remarkable
Bho waited and called for help Onco or twice
sho climbed upon the casing as I to jump
and the crowd turned their eyes away with
horror But sho stood fsst either from fear or
a gain of courugo Then sho crept back
from the casement and Into tho room Every
effort was made that could bo mado to reach
her with ladder but all woro ineffectual
Alain the firemen tried to throw a stream of
water to her that she might gain refreshment
from It and that the flame might bo stayed
nomowhat In their course while further efforts
ware being male to reach her At last after
tho brave struggle she had made tho woman
fall back without
fJI bnk wlhnut hope
leoi > e could ho l seen sliding down tho rope
escapes nil
eS on 01 sides Others dropped or
jumped from their windows Tho tim finally
esino wheu the eros ceased and nothing
could bJ con ou the great structure but tlio
rolling bios of tiro ns they mounted above
the highest corn Icon
Wnlletnls liable scene A being enacted a
cry of horror wont 111 > from the crowd standing
W Franklin MrlI vast of the hotel when they
sal two women npptur nt A window ou the
fourth lluoi of the bole I The hook and ladder
truck had just swung Into position In Franklin
Street a8 ibo womoi wero discovered Tho
or dlscoverel
flr men wurkid with the energy of despair and
a shout of enmtirouoiiiout rose fi r Oat the lips ot
the HI t ectators as tho long ladder began to
Crisp UI loward lll ° wiudoy < l where the two
i norlrlkun WOlen stoi l rs4o long j ladder
7i just 101010 toua llut iHlotr tbe win
rVihii I hO ii1 II liret IronJI Uf wa4 able to
top rfi lbs 7Vf wnn 1 i Jl KUJ a the Ilrit 10 the
a rUDI 01 I lli < luar ini Ja4aol bur down In I
CJJtl1 WIo tel tOUow him I
o el 1 e btouii 10110101 11m fII Ncold
dowfl UotlTvlunn
in lit
broulht lttb
doivJ Ihl aiun WoflIefl
Wsri AOru hint ullhurl and si > oathltba fiom fright but Ihoy
Two len Iot l nrolr out or tliij second ftorr
ou the M tllj locrd
dow fottlrect IJI 01 tie hotel TJiyIld
Wiug 11 roPe lire ts Cpu to the t lop of the
Irlul II I I u Stitth Ud lIMb reached II
hr i att I II ItlIUI olJ rllb the
Ilr Wftofls of r
alt Vrti 1 I Ilan Ihuthll Uddir ion
Llh lalur
1 ll
tftJmauttl oiuu d0 I who
P 4 1101 itftf d0niVoaK
nest rouml 01 tho I 11 r Ifor lie niVoaK
1tIII iI I ho hot ci tUnlll
Iu wi u uut II Ii CU liii I
tI L IlU I 10
111 llrurpIijg its liii
itfni0 Won Irl UI II 111 war JIlo
IfllD unI t react thOU
tl I etr tld QIJI Point tnn rl Jay
V4 11 11 Iollt tom 1 Jlub AtCvsC
1 fr I 1 uIg VII In tl ne1
111 mu A Curtis nor Mrillnw Into I HIM I
iL IIIIIlm Ih lnrlll I a t re 1 II O
Iu WIIIII wu nIne oUI woimni when cbs
r1 J hCI14IL 1 I 1 I 110 lieWS4i 1 JI lIMo
I 1 1rl j lt Il e Wstsijiw In a
ss n te IIdIM II
ODIII e 11 1
or thi
Ibyt I Iulll iiIJIidjfJ j lIb
II as
bs I 11 1
In ralj5 JJa I I
cries fir Lulii
rc Qrl lrll 11 IIUul 111 wr lh
Psu I
Ul aasascc
ita l tll Ititwm f astisuisJ feTJlJfm
fII1 bII jg vaai 10 it Jasi
0f s I I II
f asj I ii ateE
I tie
II t I IJIIIHul f wm u I
s a1ustIt
as tll it rIIr ijuap i anu the
l as liar JIUIJIIII 1
W ul iii 0 stail
I rj 1 u asia bi
IvlIi 9 rlllIII1111 111 g is te 1 SI S
Z air 1 i II biek
PrcIjwd b1 lll Iu I Il hag
d q L ffivaW 1 1111 SOdS IUr Ilo l tj I
Mb4a iracu 11 r 1111111 1 At sjn thou
F 1 lwfIII I j m sjgy rugagl chasMiaI t sI file
t Of J Ii wtffc il iim rllllt taut
thAi ci I
II lrloll1 qs 55a I leor fIOgIl
4r 1
J 4liarua lr uJfl
f rll is that iiaa Caught
s h I Ioun I Ulllt
LcJcsiagist Z t tiM I 111 I Oi lug I Sacs Jivr
L 1a4 ftJ I 111 1 gI I av4a W I Is I tir
IJ I I I lad si s I Its Ij sic jqll I
dJ IIJ luau1 ugaa ISa rI WJP
111 tag 11 Ld 111 rqj its I I
I il lIs 0 rO Ildll
Jlih 5 latE PllVSItaJJ
7r HJrI
T4bt711 Ill oil v cseJ I IaiLiaasia 5S3QugI to
o I J W Ifltflll 1r alull he
eO gLt 5jat J Cats JI iJuu 11 i iI 111
L1 t4ty Ilt Vil his Laothr
floor P Sf awalened br A ohok aenaa
lion In 1 ate throat nnd h l r the alarm bill Hug
1ng In hll room rue names wire bl hoot
ngtiat hil Indo HpJumpad from the bed
itnu turned to his brother rrr found
In In convulsion from the smoke At
effort to awake him were fmltlew and
lip w w obi aed to cite ut > In despair and seek
ala on safety ne burst tho door open onij
tn bo toned back by the waves of nmoxonnd
fire As long na ho could gain firm footing b >
ollnglnc tlRhtly to thn wall ho worked his way
don the Mains Ho I wan flnnlly obliged to
cock A window and jump to Ihe walk HB was
rloked un nnd carried to Congress Hull lie
wa lnuri > il Internally and one log wac broken
It Is thought thnt ha will dip Another aged
lunaR taO weak to give his flume had led
less roken I by 1 fall
Onoof r the most agonizing Incidents of the
fire WM the frlchtturdouth sf Ilrldgot Doyle a
lonvsllo who jumped from Irldjt tory cf
the onlldlnc Moernl pollromon utood on the
sidewalk holdlnt nets rend to catch tho guests
nn they jumpil Two persons 1 mnn and 1
woman jumped Into ono 01 than nets Almost to
gethcr and ea > npd With Mokou nlnoet 10
next to Jump was tho Cummings girl who at
Ifared Ina window ou tho ntth llry Irllo hor
nightclothes Hue lonpd out of the window
nod miaang the not was unshed pieces on
the stunn fiUlewMk One of the fireman toll 01
tills tory of tho womnns death trmon I
When wo first camo we worp hampered by
telegraph wires on West Inietto street Yo
jnlsrd I tho ladder and II doing un got caught
In two wires A woman stooil In tho windows
crying for help The homes woro loapiug out
toward IIT und dm wns imnlcctrlckin I
wont up the Inddr nnd out the wires Into I
wani doing this abe jumped thinking that vo
could not reach hor nnd the result was that
she missed the not und wins killed
Another womnn nearly perished on tho flro
oscnco when sho had not down to tho second
lot the rOll caught flro and It wat lOR rOIl
sho would bo burned to death In mid nlr She
quickly lot Co ofllio rope nix I dropped Into tho
arms of I colored man on tho Idenlk
J I Thoma nf Now York gave this account
of hscfcapo Frank Ober of Loulsrlllo ant
I ocounad connecting rooms Mr Obor ra
tired onrly onnoctol I lP and wrote totters until
noiiclnok I took my letters to tho ollko
anal the clerk said ho would canal them over to
I tho mail traIn as tho Foil Ollloo did not mnko
an catty collection 1 returned to my loom
tumid off ito iraq nnd wont to bed I was doz
log when I hoaidnn unusual crackling noKo
I jumped out of bed and glanced through the
transom The hull vns fllloil with nclmid or
smoke I rushed Into MrObr roam and woko
him ta lien I camo back In to my room I saw
n bilkht light through Ito truihoiu yillod
TlnMandas l soon its Mr 0her was dressed
wo mad < nn examInation of the rope flrooi
capo Vblo wo were arranclnij tho tore n
mnn what WM descending nn tho 11 escape
from an urnur floor cot bis foot caught In our
window Wo pulled hIm Into our loom Ho
was nearly scared to death Juntas wo tot
him in I body of I man or woman wo ivnild
not tell which fell past our window Mr Otter
mysoir ard tho mnn naIled In went down on
the rope nil right the rope worked perfectly
with me but Mr Obern blndl were hnillr bus
trod Ho did not understand tho working of
the drako
O W lloano of Now York said Sly room
was on tho fourth door nearly directly Oer
tho kitchen whore lor lIre started When I
Got out ot my room I beard tho watchman rail
out Aro there anymore hero I said Yo1
nod ho called to mo to follow his voice Than
pmoKo was blinding hut I crept along by the
wall until I roachod the mnn and he took my
hand and lod mo to tho stairs I nearly fell
down tho stnlrwny which I did not so because
plo of th3 smoke Tho stairway was full of poe
A Pchmldt of Now York said I was on tho
fourth floor and went down on tho rope es
cape I am satisfied that tho rot o saved my
life I was in tho Itlcbmond Hotel In Buffalo
escape and got out ot that by moans of tbo rope lira
Ono of the heroes of tho fire was John C
Qarlitof No lad Slate street Hrooklyn who
saved the lire of Miss Cor1 Tanner the actress
who with her company was stopping a Ibo
hotel My room wns ou the third floor
said Mr Unntt to tho SUN coriopondant I
WIIB awakened by the automatic fire
alarm In my room I got onsomo of my clothes
flint then ramo out Into the nail Miss Tanner
was running up nnd down the corridor In
search otnuionnn of ocniw when I came out
I led her t n window ttfld 1 adjusted tho tiro
escape around hor body Sho slid down the
ropo herself and I followed her Mine and
Miss Tatanors hands worn badly hllsteied by
the ropo but otherwise we are all right
MIssTnnner was seen In tho parlor of tho
Vanderbilt House bnlf an hour niter her ex
capo Uho was having the wounds on her
hands dressed nnd was still too nervous to
talk much She spoko feelingly the horofnm
of Mr Cmiltt and frocly acknowledged that
she owod her IHo to him Bliss Tnnnur Is the
wife of Col W 1 Mnn proprietor of tho
Brooklyn Inrk Theatre Louis Alriricli and
twomomburaof biscompanyIrank Chapman
tho busings manager aDd Mils old
thwnlic were guests at The hotol TJoy
escanoil with their lives nnd that Is lIor
Mr Aldrlchrt ha I was singed and his face
slightly blistered He Ir 1 stall his money about I
GOO Ho bad part of It anti Mr Clmpnmn tho
rest Mr Aldrlcn saved his badge sand his gold
watch bothnf whkb were rocont prefentsto I
him from the ActorS Order of rlondsnlu
Among the donors watt Edwin Jlootb In
speaking of bin escape lir Aldrich said
I think our uunpo was n Miy sensational
one MIss Qoldtuwnlto act I canto down the
stairs together I do not know how wo got
down but wo tumbled down some way
Warren Leland Jr and his wife attempted
to leave their room on the tilth floor together
but were separated In the deuO sninko In I ho
lulls Mr Leland after retreating three times
to an open window lor air ran bed the stair
way nnd then the ofllce where his wHo was
waiting for him In n state of frenzy Vim
Bison and Wnrron Lolatid Jr lot about 125
WO worth of peronal pionorty which was In
their apartments In tho hotel Mr and
Mrs Matron Leland Jr pscaroJ In
their night clothes leaving monoy watches
dliimondfj and other jewelry In n bureau iu
their hleoplng room Tnocold wnchts which
Mr Leland priced ery highly layon the ton
of the bureau but be ra < nod them by Mr Lo
and In his > ounzor clay won ci ulto an artist In
oil and in his apartments was a collection of
about ce only paintings which us ho said to
lay nonmniintof money would Stave bouclt
110 also had n collnctlon of i00 1 rare photo
graphs and an Anmtt violin which was north
nt leant HOO Besides all those thorn tvni an
oxtonstre collection of fly rods guns match
boxes > Vc which Mr Lolan I had been n < vu
mulntlng since ho JOlt collect Tim entire
wardrobes ot Mr and Mrs Loland wore de
The nllnut services of henry IucLer of this
city the colored olevntor hoy ot the hotel here
mad him a bora todny lie fuel already been
the means 01 saving several of thn help when
le 1 mot the houhIeoner Miss McNainara WM
tohl blm thMO ware fivoc rlion the loll floor
whom she know to La sound sleepers und wh >
hid not been called to her knowledge Young
wicker lirnv ly ascended tbrouh that
burning balls nnd stnlrwnrs and auccoodcd
aiouslng the live uirli just In tliiiu tu save
tholr lived lIsA McNnn nrn had anrxce d
Ingly narrow escape him wits nlnopln In a
room on tbo second floor and had nut born
called Blio awoke suddenly end d sco < orod
tie liedd na to be on lire hue hnd diniculti lu
gioplnuliur way tnr utlitne haiti vtlildi worn
full of smoke She escaped however with only
n slight burn on tbo taco und her hair Blnso I
The hotel burned like a bnnllre It nilgbt
liavo test Iru turn if rnrdi It jlodid so
reidllr to the lumen In tvvuntyIho minuter
from two time that the hire started the northern
sdu fell In with n mighty roar sending up II
shower of spares that iluMnu > il like lain
upon tho mud of the unnt MOWI if
encotntoni gathered In all the IIJIII lint hlr etc
Fifteen nilnutPH later the entire of hue caMoiri
Hull cii In with a WIll At 110 tin Johind
Hotel was loft to tsoll and flue ctr iiiim Ir1II
thii tsrloun endues woe < turned uiiuu Ihu ad
1llIlrlll I I I piuii ity t i to sate that IIVMU 1 n vvlRi
mov foi hnd It nol binii tnkou U I probable
thu Ira would have attend fur b vond the ton
trial nf the do tutu U u doiititfiil if 1 Eater
In HyraMiio ban iliuru ijcciiina u lira I but
lane uiiUku 1 u h llrent aitutlon In so short
a spites of tlmo It VIIS 1111 over lu cud fhort
half hour
MHT OK in r i nKii
Ami Cvavinai vIstl4 J cook heir You kllll lr
l uipinKfniiiia alztfasIi7 l wliilua1
JlnnuKr Hunt Iflntr Mure Iiu If Y thud trI
luwIllI jrolu a 1tllIO lode
1 Ii I llnnar gout vf 7J Worik Irul Her Vera
killed by wafiut
Hor IIIU Jaundrr flrl lllad byJuiojilBf rows
11111 IIr Jndow
Hum Cil4Ml cltaner feaaly kiiro 4 all ore r twJr
UIU ttu I tr V ii flirlil srisi Ucken died ci II IA M
tl MCUM vf livud toIh i
501 i IJUu ii xirn dl > 4 In lk 11111 < wcoua
II atoll JIUlJ144 Is lacy Wits II sail bulb
taos < Hllah4
A I VillVtfiaKKf Jauy lily ttUHL
Uu ut V Wuuu ul HiHr V V a
411 E5rSI4 cud f I i aa rs IHII dIIOII
uuilo frsiiijItlhi Ssl fi Is ssIruE sat lIiiIf
Sega > arasIurpc del IIUIIJ 11111 lii IIIIJ III
n Ujtaay w11 plvb rf a i Lest I 1Ib
IIJ tHItr hauWi UlUMpWI 111I4 blf M l > 1 Iris
II ii WIIII nIII huIauhis I1Ie1 J hal
loa ii 11110 b
p I JiUiiUudjy4b f jw si ft w flu ial > ia
a II 4ip S3i ti V urib Caura usual
t we It I gsjuna fI u wIse IbeHIiI tZ
III trlttuJlItfutl t4r j
1 1 ifS I E utsh rti 50 1 Ii Is 111 5C iassauia I as
sp S4 CMI a4e I 1 ty bsrssh w 11 a 111 I rruvr
r J
t rt 5 sass If IMsEI SlY 1 utl IIr
fslltasw sash islas i its basis
Iau II iai l 4asa1 Ill III IS I
fasts a I hbaa4lug a t t fhIla 5s b4 1114 II I
I I tE ua iii cs Itape 5155 a saa5J1 I llsI4d 551 1 4
VfaMIw Iuetsw 1 c e aiad 1 haas
lJas 1 1 t IJ I
aasusaiaslaisuldsr yasaistai ausea I it
tUC f
5 Vl Itt iso eta Lu iisfS4 I s WJ ISlM
nHttf Horn Mtlflfru I 114 vi4 y IaJ
is T twvlia au4 Utuit tAl It 5515 l > i m > 110 1 a Ibu
Iarw nuns 4t Yilulal It I I i4 I as
tvuttH a < jysi 1 I on S 5451 tmUi I a eu
IxiiriS rlrr4 his butt lbs tall Inlh l nt Ml i lnt hand
t dlyburna from rncilon of threpL
TmuiDomi JmiuR tinntto Cominy Ko I te
hwy bur41 iaksn 10 bl Same
HKIHIB tlitti hotnldomiiitle ated TO yura Cit abeal l
L and tart o mp < nad nelar of left isit semen
arroubxiki rlrhi arm fritinrtJt a Uti arm Pate
JnnK itowitn nr > mtnCominy Na attdsi rem
rltlr burled by Ulllnf wtlii rhuk bob brok en KM
CISC ot face be Jly taiiud briiliiili will profctbly re
Iniii tmD nrr rod IB tlU haul ilomiiUe
lumr il from nfth floor i ctrnpoand fraetar ct SflSs
jotnii tOOl Salty crtuhtd
KJTH MrOtiii lied < 71 y tn betel domutloi TMt
to Injnrtdi heads batn 4 tram friction t tot
A u UiixrrLii usa v2 vms Semi 01 aasmsn for
John 1C Conway A C oCNtw tlanUlDaltm marSh
floor lit Hid down a rop to th i aoo1I floor oa ni
Iropptd to th ildiwilk fop1 I Is litndi were ba4lr bnrti 4
nn lh reps and tats back WM lajnr4 lie Ii at the
Vsndal I t lions i >
Mr u < OIKCIR hotel domotloi tractor ot ruSt arm
ICtions bionic about face cittwolua and closed and
cut of tr rlcht Cr51 i idly ti < oxd
bto dell
Hit Roirxiiiim nr fliw TotS city Iracld rIght
liable totS heads burti 1 by friction ot mops IIal I sat
IbM lion < of roe loo Shtphril
uroiot SntiK Cupialn I ot iitamf rXo I fact tnrnxL
fcitrr f cinr U tioftman ot tttamir No I moo
Itch and i tirnwibnnitd off
Rc Smiii cacti 24 hotel ilomratlo badly oil and
AKIH Bcnviat hotel doraMtlo Internet lalntlM
tensed br fall
Uutr Trii actd 21 i aCid domestic Oon4rau
tar uil5ht arm bntnul about 5505 badly > b ooot
MluCitrii tViRei aird sit hot dummic badly
barneS Kboul mouth and bent
IrniiSL u livimnciiiuof BpffaKnanmrof Ih fbi
isle Irlntlnrlnk Work orT mops by which l S wa
teerending was lancerS and is dropped two Morlit
dKlncatlnir an ankle and badly tnjur lag till back lilt
wrli and hands were > eoroh l
lltmiar n ALn or nobulr t wo wu on the Bftli
floor fill down lUlu and wit Inhered about the bead
IIo will co to Morarla tonlidiL
L L Aldrich and K I M Cbapinan Fdllor Company
New Vorki ham And rton wife and child Toronto I
Mils I ItJ AIsles hew rork K K s Cutler New York
Win n Rancker tnt wife Drooklrn Abram nancker
and wife llrKkhm Wm II Dacckr Jr and wife
Hroolljn Andrew Bancker nronkltni K A Uanc r
Orookirn lir I U HalKjr lirookljo Uiorre K liar
r Irrial 1r rfb cf
k 71t
rows 1 taaboa i r X CarlKle Kf w Vorki flannel Coin
lock Hrraoniei Thoinw ldwIL Troll Jamsi
Morrlisn Truri IL W taie naffalui n A
Clan llaltlmor r > L ornwalL lIaJ w York
H olll raldweli Buffalo Theme II frali jOsW Yorki
James Uey BrracuMi It S Uryilal I few Vorki O
Coop r bennie New orki Frank w KTirett gyra
duet h Rikun Ihllailelphlai I rnrnlo KorDi Byry
Cuba s M T Finn New orki a a 0 roster IeW lorki
< a r I > utt raT Newark N JI II J t rnold Portland
blat F II Onrrrtt anA wife jracaie o So arllf
New York I V I w illhnorr hhode Iilandi i Ueorgs O
< lnnth r Chlca 0 Bamu l roodinan Nw York T U I
Itch sw York M K llnrrop hew lork It Horn
llt inni 0orie A Hunt IotW York M II tUnel
TroTliKnce RI s F r howl niHTaloi John Harmon
Oiranibiirjli Job 0 Iall New Ynrkt Torter
II ont srracut i o t dandle Albany Jullni
Knnfmtn New York BI Knowle Altanjs Warren
lMland Jr and wifts Bjrrarui Lewis I elancj iju nrra
maca I Marlln rblladelpbtai r I C McMurran
New Yokt R UC Morrlt Ktrncuio Tob rt T Mil t
New Ynrk J II Mf neth Bntnn tditard Nlcholt
Dunkirk liber Franl Kentucky B Ohrntllcl hew
V klli ilcMItm Lhi
nrki A O iidclnV New York William L rrotor hat i
drn bunh Max 110111I New York O W lionn
Siwork W A wLr t Heueca Fall A W Selkirk
treat BarMniiton Slaoot 8 IL Scharf WMhlniiin
1 Sirius Rohr a W ci Smith man
user of the lITtler 1 company New York i
A KcbmMt New York M C wnul and wife hew
York f r Rprastt New Tort A K 8m III order
hurth I Cora Tanner Ala Dwycr Inln Klein Minnie I
Pmire I W T iiroter Ilenrr Steredlth feud Harold
and Owen WeitfoM all of be One Error company
IIThnmr nn New York Mr I Van lloten Uriey City i
C II 1 Van Antwerp Albany Udward B Wynn Water
town 881 miner wife and child Boiton II W
Warner Albany Oeone S Waur Albany
The Loland Hotel wits completed about three
rears ego It was built by Ooorgo Emerson
who died lioforo It won fully Hnlshed The
building was six stories In height It was
about 200 feet winire nnd was situated on the
wont ride of South Fianlclln street and along
Wost Itallroad street on the north and ait
Fniotto street on tho south The building 1
cost about JluOiiOJ aside from the hold fur
niture which Is owned by Warren Lelnnd
Jr nnd Van Baron Lelnnd On tho donth
of Mr Eer on the property descended
to his daughters Mm George F Loonord
and Mrs A F Lewis u oL this city
Tho hotel was Insured for icuuuu van iiu
ron and Wnrron 1elnnd Jr proprietors of the
hotol had 130000 worth of furniture on which
there Is I an insurance of 25000 Nowton < t
lilckock drUBglsts nt the corner of Franklin
nod Fayotto streets saved nothing They car
ried n stock vnluod nt r1I00 i > which was In
sured for 11500 M A Bhumway dealer in
butchers supplies at 306 West Fayetto street
next door west of tho drop store carried
a 4000 stock whlahuns partly insured The
American Express Companvfl building at tbo
northWfsfof the hotel was partly damaged
Jhu ground belongs to tho New York Central
Itallroad Companynnd the express company
owns tbo building Thocraploee Irt out nil
tho offlco books and express matter before tho
walls came down
n E Johnston of Now York manager for
Ovid Mufiin 1 tho o < > lol > ritoil violinist was
around nt 4 oclock this morning wearing ono
mans trousers n second mans coat and a
tbird mans battered and worn hat His coat
wn 01 Iha sll worn h l i the New York Cen
tral tonds trainmen Tho only thing that ha
win oof his own woro his cork leg patent
leather shoes and night shirt Mr Jolinoton
Jive < Drooklyn but has nn oflloo at 148 FIfth
atenuo New leak lie tells a graphic story of
his own experlonco I
I occup ed room 37 on tho too floor of the
Inland last night ho laid I was In bed I
when the fire broke out but hail my gas burn
Inr It was a court room nnd It was not long
before tho Hatnos fairly hummed up through
that men I managed to secure my money
and watch and was not unmindful of my arti
ficial leg I went to the window to see bow
bail tho lira was and thon I raised ISo
rash the flames leaped In nnd I hustle
The first people whom I encountered when
I reached 110 hull were Miss Dwyer of the Corn
Tanner company nub a ten nut girl Wo kept
together opine our way through tho suffo
cntlng smoke At last and It seemed nn hour
wu hoaid tho shouts of a fireman directIng the
way to the stairs It sromcd as If we nil jumped
Inutead of walked down tho stairs All Iliad
on was my nIght shirt I ran over to tho Now
York Central Hnllroad station and three kindly
disposed centlomen in the employ of the road
fiUKpltod mo with this outfit
Mr Jobnitim lost t4OQO worth of contracts
foe tho nppcnranco of Musli In dltTeront pall
of the countrv Ho saved tUU In money and
his watch lloln I now quartered at tho Van
dorlllt Mouse Mr Johnston attracted much
attention us ho mado his way from floor to
Iloor on ono leg lie carried his artificial ono
on his arm
lloorgo Burrows tho eon of the superintend
ent of thai weitorn dhlsionof the hew York
iVntral road and manager of this Buffalo
Printing Ink Company was In room 110 whon
bo was urousod by smoke nod flames bursting
through thn door Hi < throw till valise rut of the
window and uncoiled Site fire esciipo rope In
nn instant ho swung OtiS for life as ho says
As ho did so n woman cnmo whirling through
the nlr from tho floor nboa and wont crashing
down on to the roof below and wni klllod Just
at that moment there was n hitch In the ripe
and It would not uncoil any further The
flames were shooting out of 1110 window above
Instantly tho rnp burned In two and ho fell tn
Slut roof Hn struck on His right leg and
mi red his hack so thnt ho could not moo
hits hlUld teem cry badly la emted Homo of
the llromin picked him up nnd carried him
flnum 1 I liie I rtiIr
Oni of tim coolest men In the burning build
ing wan t hchmlilt who tiavids for a brim
York glove roiinufncturiT Ho wni m this
third hoar on the north side of tho hotol and
bong n light nloepor wns awakpnnd nt the
Mr t M und of tbo olotilr boll In bU loom
On rising from his led I titer dial not room to
Mm ti bo any immediate dancer mid ho Ire i
ceded to draws hlins ll Just iu no win pull
Ing on 11111 tioumrii thero wn knnck iu the
do > r nnd whon han olneol I It n mOil
In i < brIfiifTo atcd condition tottered
In Mr Nhtiildt did n1 allow him
01 to bo dlRturLd tvn lay this Incident but I
cl n og H I odiiorijulckly t In ehiait oat the sinok
lid not StEal droHtlng until ho wns completely I
nttlrnd evon to hit udlnlllment nf his rourn
liand s irf Ho than threw open the window
and tnklnsr bin grjpoick In hIs baud let him
roll down to thai ground hy means of the tire
nainpn rite other mon wInce nniuo Mr
t3 hinldt did not know iolioned a minute or
10 Aflorwnr
Lbs linn KllX Winoeof yntnrtown orcu
plod room No ti ontln < first 1lIor on the Fay
oitn shoot sldo Ho wn awakonnd by the
nlnrm but coni lud d UIoI1r wail nothlntoorf
M < rli > UH nnd took time lodro s fully and pncK
lilt ling Ue thon went to the window and aw
a crowd nf pi > oiia In tho strot who begun to
lout Dont jumpl and U coot as jauselbis
putt upnluddvr Judge Wno who was still
under the Imprnidloh that tho nro was nut
NII tuns ItlilH bug do down the ladilnr and
onoludod do would walk down the utalrway
IU niartod along the hall but ha lied I lint uuiin
fur vthiii u sheet ot llama burst through
liii floor romiMaly barring the patfiga
At the ama tlma hu h ard n rftf > IInd dxi 1111
ill Ibo IO Utti r to net balc to tha ladder
Dt i knowing blat jliat Iii iloor might uo down
triter lie Wass lie I bound th adier still at Iho
I IJlo w uud do > cond > d m 111111 Jp hit I hurry
la Ml I IOhlmJ u ttnivl 7jntiltmir but aval
evrnlnnt el I lie Includlitf halo law jailers >
which hvoras m a Iurtsu atefti l
milt bItJr rtJIlIOlIl I4WNII run nKil
11a YEah ur IrllIw aelsaeau W K
UrIIJINr1 j4W Vorttnt lujurtft
Ai fur nn iUl4 111I l luariiad tills city icnuir I
du > onlyiiiK Nair Yorker wa ttinnnu tba aliaS I
jM wits VVIIIiuiu J linrrop M tr rallliu sales I
nun for llw tiw Yolk brunch ol tiit At y vuuj
firm of Coffin AlUmm a Co IU Worth a trol f
VtuB IL jivsOt bl tf IUa 4aCII rushed
Ihe atoms ystrday t th clicks will all the cm
j4oysoi tress bllOPI Ha mu cut ot hal
mOil popular > > pass lu id am 011 IUd fwr an
atnatius t ut tli wh t > n a I > U DM rip lit
oiiaeil wash uuj4dhiuU wiib vuuIIIJI rtuua
ut Wllllt
If VM fl rur old and a iiia IIld ttooii
nmu Iii was IouS ul uf Ui ti < aid i Ii 1 It satS
tad olla 1i11 ffiir d VlW ° salary 1 to illxb
for tIC wlij Athletie Jluut Hull Club ClI f Ihllftdil
fbia win In was VIla II itmim rktuKtu
its llOu l ol imo AI I la flU A Uo fbfn tn Will
In I rauri old unit til fwmiflfd ljtet rr
lltas Its wise iiiBrail 1 lino lived with Sail
flu Mil tMd small clatidria lu UuuiHtllL tl i
He lift the city on CfepL 0 on his usual
autumnal bnnlneri trip lie was delayed In
1I1111aloloo dart and but for the delay would
still be liming lie WII due hero yesterday I
afternoon Ills father J Tllarrop aa Kona
to Hrracnsft to take charge of tho body Mr
William li Hnrrop Lad hit life Insured for
TheM wore aevoral New Yorker among the
Injured I The dry qooda 11 rm of Jpin M Con
way Co of 111 Worth atraetl this city re
ceived this telegram from ono J11ta galo < mn
arlyyesurdnr morning
Brairnt Oct ISi A ItTcrythlna bowed vp
Am la my nlibl thlrt Telegraph ins at Vinderbiit
From Jhls telegram his pmplorar bellovo o
that ho la not seriously Injured Thar wlr d
him to fend fuller details aud telegraphed him
some rnonf y
tir Jinx lloa nh lm proprietor of the B A
K Chemical Works at 4i Trinity plaoo this
city win one ot the Injured This telegram
brought the Information to his omen fOIl
Creams Oct 18 1010 X M ItnifoheIra lived
tremOrs Ire broken tl Uti danttroue Sat Home
Good Bbepheril Uci BaonXRit
Mr Itosonholm hat tots of friends In flynn
cuoe nnd will be well taken cute of lie Is 40
Tent old and nbnohelor
Mr IU B lirrsdalo a travelling cnlfiman for a
dry goods bOIl e Ihrs at SRI Vest Illtyolghth
street in this oily No ono wa at homo nt this
place yesterday
Tco1 William E Blnn proprietor at tho Park
Theatre Brooklyn received this telegram
Hnuroia N V a II A 51All Ihe company liveS
We Inse all hnttl trunk Cora ellmbed out on rope to
tronml inch exatoited bat all rliht We p to UtIca
< flail
tomorrow TUraire banage It all U it
flat T Gloria
Cora Tanner Is Cot finns wife
Mr and Mr W D Bnackar Jr Drive
from Two hotel In Haoceaeloi
There wan a wedding party at tho Leland
Hotel It consisted ot Mr and Mr W D
Banoker of 430 Clinton avenue Brooklyn with
their four sons Mr and Mr Abraham
Banckor of fit Louis Mr and Mrs W D
Bnnckor Jr of Omaha and Dr and Mrs F D
Bailey Brooklyn with a nurse and child W
D Bancker Jr had bean married to Miss Mary I
Johnston at Fayettorlllo In tho afternoon anal I
an wore to take tho train for Albany yesterday
morning en louto for Montreal and nn ex
tended trip through Canada Thoy weN as
fdgnod to moms upon Ibo third and fourth
floors and totlred about midnight When the
lira broke out those upon tho Inner sldo of the
house watt awakened by the relloctiou ot tho
flames in tho air ahatt and at tim
same limo tho oloctrlo bells all over tha
houso begun to ring tho alarm They bad no
time to mid each other but getting together
what clothes they could all started down
stairs where tho wholo party met In tho ofllio
Those who had saved any oilIer garments put
thorn on hut most of them hail to go across
tho street In their nleht clothes to a place 01
safety In the mall hotel to which they wont
everything was In confusion nnd the sight ot
the Injured taken irom iho burning buIlding
10 aflcetnd tlio ladles that the party adiournoi
to the Hobo Hotel n couple of hlockB away
Two hours Inter tho Globe Hotel was alIve
antI the wedding party was once moro driven
out This time they wont to tho Ynndorblll
Hotel I It was now not long to daylight unit
they wore able to secure some clothes from
neighboring stores Miss Grace Huntington
nn actress who wns at the Vandeibllt Inv
the bride a droll and as Bonn ns possible tho
party loft for hew York Last evening the
esaie from tho flumoi wan celebrated by a
family dinner party at the Banckor resIdence
in Brooklyn
lie Left the lIt1 br a Filth Story Win
dow IB Minutes Alter He Entered It
Charles E Sillier of San Francisco who en
tered tho Leland Hotel by tho main door at
about 1 oclock intending to spend tho night
there and fifteen minutes later made his exit
by a fifth story window told of his experiences
on his arrival this city yesterday Ho was
returning from Seneca Falls whore he had
been to visit his grandmother whom ho had
never scon before Although she Is 88 years
old sho Is hale and hearty and sho said to
him in jest that she was likely to outlive hIm
On arriving in Syracuse at 1250 A M Mr
Miller gave up tho intention he had formed to
take the 3 A U train for the East and re
solved to spend the night at the Leland Hotol
and tako the 8 A M train When he went to
tho hotel with flvo others strangers to him he
was told after two had secured rooms In the
second story that the only other rooms
were on the fourth and filth tloors One ot his
fctlll roomless companions refused to accept
any of these caying ho novor went above the
tiiird story and returned to the station to
spend there the tlmo which Intervened befora
tho start of Ibo 2 oclock train Mr Miller
however thought It didnt make much dlllor
once wnoro lie slept for one night so he reg s
tored hIs name on the blotter got his key and
with two others equally unparticular ascended
in tbo elevator to tho fifth story Mr Miller
might not have been so willing to no up so
high if on tho previous night which he bad also
spent at tho Loland Hotol ho bad not famlliar
Ircd himself with tho fire escape by reading
tho directions for Its use and examining It
On reaching his room which was No
151 he hardly waited for tho porter to shut
the door before ho took oft his overcoat and
coat nnd hung them up In the closet He hill
just dono this whon ho board un automatic fire
alarm ring with a whirring nolso In the hall
Although It did not ring for moro than ten sco
onds whon be opened the door he found the
hall filled with n dense smoke through which
n bright light could bo seen In tho direction of
the elevator Women wero shrieking for ad
iu Ibis distance and cries of Help I gave
mo r echoed through the corridors
All this happened said Mr Miller with
in five minutes from the time I entered my
room Finding nil escape by tho ball mani
festly cut ofTl went to the window and be
gun to unwind tho rope which formed the fire
escape w hosu acqualntam I bad made the
night bororotJ1no person in the room next to
me n woman had got hers all tanglodup so
tho people in the street homed to me Take
to the stairs Dont try the rope Being some
thing of a sailor however I let Iho rope down
to tho ground without celling It snnrlod and
then dropped my bag after It I noxt put on
my coats but in my natural confusion
1 put my overcoat on tiri < t and the
other cout over It I then fastened
the sort of harness attached to Iho tipnur part
of tho rooo around in > body and taking hold
of tho clamp with which progress down the
rots was regulated prepared get out of the
window lor a mom nt I hesitated seeing
how tearful tl o fall would be wero the appar
ently frnll hook to which the ropo bung to
Kho way Then knowing It was my only
cliauco l swung mysolf out and began to lot
myself down Site top 1 slid to the next story
and used tile ulll of the window to push myself
out from the wall This process 1 contInued
until reached the pavemrnt whole n fireman
Lelpod me lo dUungnga m > M > lf from the Urn
Hiiipe 1 had hntdly crossed to n place or
safety on the other hID when tbe woman In
tho room next to minis who tiad tangled her
rope afar Hiding ill IItly to tne see
ond story woi Hopped by a snarl and
thrown by tlJel Impetiuof her previous descent
to tho imind I hnd hnrdl reullred the bor
rlbl sight when a womnn appeiired In her
night dref at another fllthstory window and
fhrleked Sale mel In spite of what land Just
happonad thai rowd knowing by this lime
that Mho had no other raroune ahouted to her
to take till rope Hho Ml wlillo getting out
of the window and struck tho ground with a
elclcnlniMhini which tod me what hud hap
pened nltbouuli I hal covered my ere so na
not lo see her whoa tho began lo full A
inHiiglml hoop she wits liornu Into a neIghbor
lag saloon moaning pluotntlr Another wo
ijiuti anpanrud at window with flue evl
dniitly tiehlud her Itefore b1I1UI much more
than costa cbs fell I back In what must
Suave boon a dual of Hume A fourth was
Keen for a inonionl at nnoilfr vuuduir only to
dl nip ar In the Iliimea whlnhsurrounded IIIT
Innluuof ten inlnutan frmu the IIIDI 1 ached
I he round flamai fitly foot blsli roared abova
liD hotol whliili soap aflaiwird Was II pines
iifflniiiaK It out end to and The tilt Iii rnll
irned like hauler an it trim loris wMllnuhad
n UaoruUiiInn lly 4 > lock WIUIIID U A
tl train whfili I al I buau jHiainad with isle
the other train dun ahiu tlas3 liytla Jutes
which roud the track ini > tIIi out moit fr t
tha 111111 11 lid Milan In ulil llm I hotel soul n
liisni of rca l lio rails look I thu 2 clock
Irvlii titter 1111 WbOl1 I rauchiU thjp tlll1u
II 11 roun who hail fuaad lutuku u roon > uboin
llmt I i tliiidaiUry rotiJ etc with tears In bin
lyre Jiuu 1 nervy ixjoa oil to cue you
Aa Jmur if Uu TJtlwba hid l Id IJaad
t Ulel Hulfl 1 W r Nat in Ilr
Or liiunK Oct IflJlclr Jerrr ol the IDIUIV
we Drum lloutnklvirr mu H hue tenet
olhljilaiaiiditoisJ tiitiIaoIatga 5091115 stay
salas ouuid of thai I Jollc Md Vltt Depart
u nu II say be mud a ptitout i inoa
lieu and froia whit Ii IIII j b wilt th
l > Iaa I wi Ml MI Ira arl4 Ille Sirs alwtad lo A
L Jo1I room whey a Iqt < ot iroftel wJrd i
A > r7Tbi wnajJfwr la iiiialS lIlt aiiTd ul
Iliafanna jSj ayj JiiouifliH Silo sort > 4
wlf wlil li amid E4s C < oudutior fllYff lti > i
Ill 1 10 lit HJll Ol Ip gije l VUliUtJUt4
out 111111 titit hat tmi IIU rtuor
At t1I Olili I riM It l fie tu > Mr terrr ears
da waniuii air I Ill lia MiC Mud 4vytaars Hint
ij miil UffiUi UUMS4 l In ilia kluittn I lit
Ifttlulf tiaauj e in 1 icar III at liii Lsjao4
Ia lJlsreUtIs4Ia gJsr1 trarMawion Hiajij
IIi aiu wr ir lOWS pnoeoes on alit
ltr4I Jo I lieu ttd4I J IISQIQUI unuluraUo
wlJ iauisds
1i is l f < °
llrras4 r M amr Hun TTkO Celled Twin
to > Ms the aerresIdec <
Twice this week lint Grover Cleveland as
taped nrenomlnatlon to Presidency br be
ing absent from home The gentleman who
desired to confer the honor upon him Is lit
present In tire insane pnv Illon at Bellavua He
I Felix Annstroug and ho has been In n mad
house bMrro lie give hllll last address ns at
the Wmhlnutoa Hotol 2291 Third avenue
Armstrong 1s 1 C7 rears old pale faced sharp
featured and has thirty fray ee His hair III I
gray nod be wears gray clothes Ho called at
Mr Clevelands house 81C Madison avenue on
Tuesday afternoon anti gmndiloriukmlr naked
If Mr Cleveland was In Mr Cleveland wa
not In anti Armstrong wcnt away promising
to call exude Ho called the next day and had
a second disappointment Tho maid sort an
who answered the door told him that he had
bettor appoint n 1 definite tlmo for his next visit
He teplled that he would return at 7 I M
and precisely nt that hour he rang tho bell nod
was admitted to Ibo hall
Tho mans behavior had made Iho servant
even without knowing hli errand sunplclou
of his sanity and a short tlmo before lila visit
Mr Clevelands butler hind been sent to the
Blitysovonth street pollno station While
Armitiong was waiting tha hnllnay Police
man Daniel 111 Collins COllie In and asked Slut
nina what ho was thieve I fm I
oo Tooonuratuluto 1robldcnt Cleveland was
the mph
Op whnt Inijulrol the poll rom nil
Oh on Averythlng In tonoral
rinullvArmstronucoiiilded to Collins that ho
wanted Mr Ilovelnnd to iot DntiUl nut 01 tLi
lions don Ho thought that tho good Dllnl > > 1
hail fitnjod too long inuorg tho savnso lIon I
end mluht gut hurt If lie Wn tlllt cccii lnolod
Armstronistirtoil with nljoillymr the no I
lice station whn renticstol I to cute nloutr
lint on itho J I wny he nM flint ho smuts in amrolo
cor and could road tbo slurs If ho hnd n cci I latin
book lth him At the station house bo tell
Rontoant MoMIIIon that Iollco Iustlco Iower
had Introduced him to Mr Clovelnndnnd that
in convocation with Cleveland ho Mr Arm
strong hud remarked of the nntlTannnnuy
oo evogotcm In ntlcht plnco this tIme
Ari1shroag saul that Mr Cleveland ronl od
well clvo them u good deal of tionllo any
Than Armstrong said that Mr Clot eland
wouldnt tate a focond term
I its too bad Armstrong continued
Hjuomoyor took onc > nnd It killed him rod
ox1ollco TommlJilonors Chirllik and laid
nor got Indicted got out tu save their nocks
und both died
WIIllo AiiHPtrong wns talking with tho Ser
grant Dotcatlvo Hugh Maittu entered tin
room Detontltu Mnttlu Is sQitaroly built anal
this with his round lace and urlzzlod nious
ache led Armstrong to mistake him for Iho
man ho was In sonrcn of Hemming his ha
with n fiwionlng gesture and makluu n u > uiti >
bow hu saId <
Mr Cleveland our Convention which has
assembled nov 10U strong the Jnrmnr8Alli
ance nnd AntiTrust Combination has nnanl
mously placed you lu nomination with the
positive assurance that you will bo elected
iS e ore represented In every hamlet of the
United States and the success ot your canvass
can bo accounted as alrcadj toi > iir < d
Ill consider jour proposition the detec
tive blushingly replied and lot you know
Inter 1 lear Im In too Htraltened circum
stances at resent i to supnort n < am palgn
It wont cost you n dollar chlppou in Arm
strong magnanimously Ill give you llftoen
minutes to decide in and thats all ho gravely
Vhon hroiiRht before Justice Talntor In the
lorkvlllo Police Court yesterday morning he
was In another mood
Where do you live asked the Justice
ben colently
uh uuderthe sky was the nonchalant re
Why did you wish to see Mr Cleveland I
Thats my business not yours
1 guess Ill have the doctors examine you
sold JuKtlce Taintor
Oh do I shouted Armstrong thats just
what 1 want
Dr Stuart Douglass who has charge of the
Insane there recognized Armstrong us nn old
patient and a former Inmate of the asylum on
Wards Isiantl
Why how do you do Armstrong he ox
Olnlmod extending his hand
Im not feeling very well Doctor Arm
strong replied but Im glad to sec you nor
ertJieloRs The fact Is he continued winking
slyly 1 havent slept for flee dare nab Im
very tired Id like to IIo down it while now
but lou must be careful and not keep mo bore
too long for I must cot away to bo nominated
for Mayor
Di Douglass says that Armstrong Is a stone
cutter by trade and usually n bright follow
He suffers mom nn Saute mania when drunk
and for some tlmo after hits Insanity takes the
form of guvlng people with prodigious pout
ical tales Hn was last at Bellovue lu July and
le quite a favorite there Ho had a lot of papers
which purported to bo convention resolutions
nominating Mr Cleveland for tho Presidency
Aa Innovation that hn Alarmed the Other
Ticket Seller on Ihe Road
The Kings County Elevated Railroad Com
pany In Brooklyn has Introduced an Innova
tion in the shapo of a woman ticket Boiler She
Is Miss Jonnio Burroll n member of the 11ev
Dr Moredltha congregation and her post Is al
the Boorum place and Fulton street station
Miss Burroll applied for employment as n
ticket seller several weeks neo nnd accepted
the job although all Its unpleasant features
ware brought to her attention At the doc ol
her days work yesterday she expressed her
self as very well Bntlsflud
The afapolntment of Miss Burrell has caused
Bomethlng of n panic In tbo ranks of the ticket
sellers Manager Gronndlo any s however that
the company doesnt propose to turn oft men
just to put women In their places At the samo
time ho thinks there Ib no reason why women
should not be able to perform the duties of
ticket agents
Grand Unit In IZalirnx
HALIFAX Oct ilLThe grandest ball ever
given In Halifax took place tonight It was
the conclusion of the Belles of festivities In
honor of the visit GovernorGeneral Stanley
and suite and was given by lao officers of the
North American and West Indian iiundron
One thousnnd guests were present Including
manr upper Canadians and Americans Mu
sic wn lurnlsbod ny the bands of the wnr
ships and of the Wost Biding Iteglment The
decorations of the large exhibition building
the handlwoik of 4JO bluejackets was of tim
most gorgeous chnracter tho torpedo guns
sutlnsses illloi i and trophies boliig airungod
in the Intact uiiiitie ilesluns The ceiling wns
canorlod to icpreKcnt bell louts Tho Tover
noriieneral rn I Sirs Wntson Prince George
and Lndv Htnnluy anti Sir John UOHS and Mrs
JOY Duly led oil tbo liveS dance
Washington and tbe Chicago Fair
SronxNE FALLS Wash Oct 15The Exec
utive Committee the Washington Worlds
Fair Association aiBomblod here baa decided
to ask the Legislature for 250000 and to ill
vlilo the work Into thoso departments Agri
culture horticulture and viticulture mines
1 ant Laar thiastil fact ii res lilOtor hal colfroilns
education Uh and ramc commorco Ilialud
hut uOogrltpiy ti ppgrtiphir hydroiirniinr and
metfiirolngi l curl S und relies Ira Ill nud
runaporlatlon and nintittcs HuuturiuatauiI
ont will be uppolntod fur nil Uopnrtiuenis but
he whole Will bu ii ale thai su ii i vsii l > iiifii i
connial manager vvhu will tepi rt to He IsUi i
utivnCi iniulilaiof tim oclntlon Thiro fa I
vaty ludluttlon Hint llliarul uppruiTlulliiiik
trill bu scouted utah tho work bo made a com
plete HiHtena fur this blat
Tlia VcaaruM Jergi Haacroft
The Hon George Bancroft hlmorlan unit
lonnctnarlnri pamad through tbo city IHtet
lay on the way from hl nuinuier IIOUIH In
lawiinrt to bin wlntar rtasiiinhuil In Va5b141g
nn Mr Bntwofi in i com i any vtlili his on
J 0 4 Ituncrufl luft Niwi in t lieu iiluhl befor
hr tha ktouulioat IlUrlni of r tile Full biter
ii1 urilvlnu h ra ut 7i oVIo I ysntenlnr
iinrnliig I Ill T Jlaiiirolt and hU el u loluioih I
Irooorllloiiw uiil hi firanlffuit and lliou
ouk lini I HI I I ju I train tor Wimhliitttoii
Mr llHiirriftvrii W > arld on Oct 9 Ifntll
rltiiii iwo fir thruu hairs fm r > tulni > d Lu
ii > ttltll mid a Ior j iilnio t llllliifllr hut
shut llmu thr lap brett a CiaSttJttUaiJ dcljgi
uuij Lie it Stow tiiuili viifvvb J
tteusd liy Ilium tfurmut linn
j51nuuJvaul 051 > 10 An iKelJaut at Moor
Leads UcCleuuu A 1n hSmt f urnwo at Hobo
todir jesuit I In nlurlntf f workiUKii ari
UUWIY assail two gushy i Ill man rra drawing
tok fiom Ih aylUi trhaii ih < Sag dust lilaw
jut flt lilujib shuira rarir j > lw rd nuit
John Huifuaa itar JaUJJaIj jilwoit TarouJ
raeoomoii and still die Tet r Klfljuar
nd > nk JsUir suu four JJungirJans wr
aVIU baVdrf lUIUvJ
he ACMt91NVICce Ull
Hyssdrlsr K Y Ott HlAliut 6 oclock
this moriilutf a UKM lirottt utH lit tarn kitchen
of ff Slf iSiiuoJ I se l atuii ffow Hi ittiin i
UlliJIIItf lily ritess WfM iaMlivlbill only u
15w lIe aasad i iJJt 1 the Man ullul tu M >
wwli tilbidsi I is ae It in sjtlij i n ilitriuil
I I tiit ltiiru u fitia ia Lulidlux and lu
cvouuit wets not ioiicbd f > Hit or iriiUr
thttivt tIt4SSPH < Ut MM partUM Sy tu
ntmituunnitrtuni tuMivrDArivM
a <
INKUltANCK fXMJAVV nlnm by careful
wltctlon econunix nuI prudnncA to rfilueo
the actual cost of Inurauco tu the lowest
pracllcuMo POint mill ha never Ixxii cur >
aaasiatai In thu
Ratio nt vspots e ul luunutfenient to re
oolfU iiic t fit fjwtloii 849 jr cent
Th ixrcxnlage ot dlvld ud to prctnluta
rocaived l In 1641 au WM ir cent
AMU WfflWMl eurpJin by Now
yjt S3tuti iejsirf 1tSOJ2
IUUIH MIMJ jugasrzal Agent
for Jfw fork cIty Loag IUml And
Iuw Jtney
S Wihi iL how York cif
Dont Forget to
Remember 11
That wrote rntititthT l < Wand to l pretlal In alt stud the
dlteclrau of tnav I Ih lUnait tti > mMch r ltl
f r f > crofBla Cancr Ant I tpeotfla dIeeeiieWhlch 5ASS
revere I this teSli end < polionetl the blood e flittans ret
teneratlona anaar the cvii porens of IndtaerlbaM
horror ar under taseotnts control nf the Eeti
Bloo 11 I are Sits only IniallUi kwl rnrteer knowa
GG25 H
The tnelni ninnit tnrei nna poalltratr
cared nnmernna eaara if Kcrolata AH1 Halt
nhenm In nnn mnnlli lime wherei nil other
lilonit t > iirlfl r < i hair mlleil
IlfMant Intakei niplliaMe tadlieM ct Infancy or a
old are Fold hr ilruirliia orxut Impall ao rclpt
of Duos to any lent of Ihe United States Prlc lange
sloe lit i smelt SI
AUji8 nrtAziitAN fsrsnirio co
oiTer n Wall > t bew rerk
5s ii
4 V 1
vt lt 0 hA 1
4 MH A A
a Ce
iBEST rt I
° 6o 0 au 4
i at
Never beore hii It bren > o nereiiary to hare floor 5
made from ALL OLD WIIFAT Then U now accumu
lated In Now I crk the lar tlt tock of ENTIRELY all
old chest PILLSht IlS 1IEST ever knowa in She
history of the milling biiilntu
from a barrel of riLLsnUKYS BEST tlian from
any other lonr 1 a guarantee ot which la enclosed la
lery package
MMLLSHUnYH BEST It i put up In all tiled pack
sate from barrels tn lacki for fnmlly uie which tbey
make a iptclally ani I Ii for lal by Park A Tuford
Acker Merrill A Condlt and all scorers
IarK nt iitlB to Many etHer Uetisttvtu
sed FrIrads
The will of EIlM V OiKood daughter of
Commodore Vnnderlillt was filed for rrobat
yesterday It was executed i n Dec 20 IfW
And wtlncr d by Clement Oevcland M I
and George W Vanderbilt Thcotocutorsnro
Cornelius Vatdorhllt and Francis I Irccman
To her husbands iolntls she gives ns foi
lows Viii ItOsgood 10000nndonofourlho
the proceeds ot the ala of her hoti e nail
tables In New York 1llrnbMh Ann Orgood
110000 rottialt of her husband nnd ono
fourthof thn pio eds of the Mnhtaand houpe In
New York hairs Nancy Ahrrcromblo and Mrs
Caroline B APpleton receha equally tho bal
unco of three urocoeds and some imlntlnas W
H Oscood Mrs Lena 1rnior halls Tmll
Mndan and Walter Aprleton ret 10XX each
To her Meters tho makes boiueMR of 10000
each and to tho children of deceased sitters
the shares their mothers would hate received
Bequests of 10000 ate mndo to William K
Thorn tho chlldien nt Emily Thorn 1arrlsh
Mrs Lenis Kls ell lire AiKlaldo Rowland
hiss Ratio Torrance halls loulpo touber
b dlle Mrv l > llth Dyer Hr lillian Xlioio anti
Miss llertlni La Ban OaUoy llntkc r has a tiuu
IfeiJcuo set apart for his benefls Jhqust
ofSlUiOt i ale Liven tn halt Mrnlnla bacon
Clarence flarket anti Mrs Adele hclmildt Ubo
Income of f 15 3 Ii IB to be tidal to u V Cn us
Boiiursts ol 11334 tile madn In favor of Nrr
man K Cross anti ltholludn C horton Cor
nihus Vanderbilt rcceljoa n en uo of i tntuary
The iltianisli Bull Fighters halts Alice nn
derullt a i loco of Uromlon Wore to bo selected
toad an oil vitiating Lsnuesnrn lairs
Kmlir Mnano an nil palntng irnnUmolbor1
lairs Ilonnio Twnmbiy und MKS Mnrgiro
hcpnrd aaclin Piece of Dresden ware and
Mis bli nO S ob her dlamotiil moklivc
Mrs Annie Head rccclp t 20ltoo besides the
Incimool f > 10UO the priiulpnl of which bo
itmps nt her death a part iii the decoilont
residuary estate Mlssfioplile end Muss Marie
lcHilse Head and Mrs Anna 1 Yroomnn auth 1
receives the Income ol vtiLOO Mrs bophli
hltB loonivos fiOOD itbsolntfly Mrs Irene
Thomas Mrs Osgoods late husbands nleco
cols tIle Inroino of tiuniu Other small bo
nucsts are Mado among thorn ono of 10000 to
Dr Thomas Burohaul
Tho Hoc eLy lor tie llellff of the Destitute
Blind rco > Uo 20010 and 2000lflboationthe
to VV opdlawn Cemetery for the rare of tun do
cndMitii plot latniort Mnrdell a trusiid
clerk of Commodoio Vnnderbilt gets tldOOO
rind us beituast of rjaOOUIs nimlo to Catharlni
Crolssait Mrs Osgoodn maid Tho butler
Gustavo iurer lecthes 5 DIM and to the i > ur
sons who woro In her 1 employ us couihinnn
rooimnn poondtnin coo laundress and
obnmbormald and who had boon in her employ
two years the Aorta of 1000 each is boquoathcd
Amelia Wrlclit berhnlrdrrsor gets 1500
hue boiitioaths to the Jletropolltan Museum
pt Art her largo silver cantlelahiras All of tier
household furniture > sllsr JOWolry nrlloloH of
ornament and hrlcrttrno cot specially fibs
posed of are bequeathed to hor sinters The
residue of the eState is l < ° bdllded equally
aniong Mrs Emily Thorn litre Hophla Tor
Mr Maria
mace Louise
Ntven Mrs Mary A
La Itnu Franklin and nndcrbllt Allen laIrs
At ule WoIntf Wm K Thorn Mrs Ienn KIs r
eel Mrs Adelaide Howlond Miss Marie Tor
vance Mrs Louise flouhorbiollf Mrs EdIth
liror lairs Lillian Dlijis JIlBsBortni Lnltau
Oakley Barker Mrs Virginia Bacon Clarence
Barker Mrs Adele Hchmldt C V Cross Nor
men F Cross and KthcllndaO Horton
Cornelius Vanderbilt Died the will person
Porter Brown Wakes Hnrtilenlr sad Stepe
IB front os Train
James Brown a colored
man employed as a
porter by tho Brooklyn and Union Elevated
Ballroad Company was run over and klllei
early yesterday morning at the Drlggs street
station Tins ticket agent locked up the eta
tion when the last train passed shortly after 1
oclock and left Brown in charge When tho
first train to the felTS passed nt 512 A M the
engineer saw Brown loaning against one of
the uprights that support the shed roof Ton
minutes later the next train came along and
the jarring of tho post awoke Brown who hm
been asleep Ho was close to tho edge
of tho plntfoim and In his drowsy con
dillon ho stopped In the wrong direction
and fell on tho track in front of
the train Ho was dragged along until the train
stopped when the engineer and flieman ns
slstcd by tIm ticket agent who was on tho
train on his way to relieve Brown lifted the
mangled body from between the wheels to the
platform At the ferry the engineer Ldwnri
Cooley of lfi8 hull street and the fireman JKIO
mmli tktnnor of 161 utah street were arrested
Justice ietteraon patoled thorn
Brown was 24 years old Ho came from
Baltimore recently and had Peon In the em
ploy of tho railroad company n little over throo
months Ho lived with bS m ° ther nn < 1 sister
at 1450 Bergen street
A Benent for the Ijltile Mother
There was a special mntlneo performance at
the Fifth Avenue Theatre yesterday afternoon
for the benefit of the Little Mothers It was
the first presentation of tho version of Prin
cess Zllnh which has been adapted from
Jules Clnrotlosa noiel by George M Wood
and Arthur Shirley It
was rendered by a so
bet company of plarors with Marguerite St
John as Mama Lailo Others who sustalnec
parts wore George M Wood John Gleudln
ping Mrs John Glcndlnnlng B Rob
inson KdMn Dixon Klchard Oanthony
Shepherd Barnes Fred U Brooktt flow
aril Morgan and L Bond Mason There was it
brilliant and appreciative audience of more
than COO popplo present Onehalf of the net
proojodswill go to the fund that being raised
for the purpose of giving to tho little house
keepers known as Little Mothers a seilos of
free entertainments during the coming winter
Th lint ot these will take place In Chlokcrlng
Hall on Oct 25 and will Consist nr music roe
tations and the exhibition of ntereoptlonn
lows The children will come In the charge ol
chaperon and with their friends will num
ber probably a thournnd or moro
VIIt Than Tiny Tin IVomaat IGneai
Dr Elmer do Llpcdoy who wan arrested In
Miss Martha Tobnkowltzs suitor 000 dnm
ages for breech of promise and lodged In Lud
low street jail for two nights In default of ball
consented yostoidny to marry the girl and
Judge Khrlloh performed the ceremony His
stay In jnll had told on him and wtuufl the
Judge asked him if hi wished to mnko Mitrtha
Ills wife bo scratched bin head acid after some
niodltntlon replied 1 guess so
This did taoS satisfy Judge Ehrlleli lie told
the Doctor thuS he was obliged tu Kterolno hlh
own free will In tha matter The Doctor
weighed the matter In hU mind and llnally
raid be would take the girl for his wife
County Corkmtn Elect New Offlcer
The County Corkmens P and B Association
met nt Lodwltu Hall Fortyfifth street and
Third avnuuo on Sunday last A committee of
six was appointed to present 100 to the Irish
parliamentary il le > gatfl > when thi > y arrive for
that assIstance of the iamlne < tricki > n poopln of
Ireland Nawotllpors wale ehtaotsti us follows
President lUclinid Klrnnn a VicePresident p
J l Uonnloii Ittconllnghoiii tnry l > A Murphy
Flnnniilnlroiritnry IJnnlel Murphy Come
iiondlng hacriitnrr t Timothy J Koatliiii
rreanuior C C 1 oKef9
Tli Heaaooa Immlajriilloa
Buporlntomlint of Immigration Webers
toaOriH up to Oct 1 how that between that
lute and Jan I 2Hp013 IniiulgruutH war
untied at thin port T IH excosdn Ilas Jituini
iratloa lor the first nine months of IbBJ by
TO aa iiunitn AS MIIS OJAULTFaJi jfa
Katlo Ilartfl PormerTiaeatrietAoetEs
tVIII Attend her runcrnl
Ratio Harts strange death In the West Side
hotel has wrought a marked change In the ap 4 ac
pearance and bearing of Jack McAulUIo GI a
Those who knew him best said nt the time ot 1 I
the denial of his mnrrluco to Katie Hart la
Ban Francisco several months ago tbutJnok
was not the sort of a man to tIe himself to ono
woman But tbo sudden death of tho girl has
affected him so that all his friends who hnve
soon him arc astonished Ills face Is haggard
and worn and his walk Is spiritless Ho has
declined to add anything to the statement ° P
given to THE SUN by his friend Larry Kllllan
MuAullffo has bought a lot in Cypress Hills
Cemetery for himself and his wife Ho has a
nnnouncod his Intention of being burled be
side hor und not in the McAullflo family plot
Tlio plate upou time collin bears the name
Katherine Hart MoAulltfe ana the monument
will hour tbe same name i
BUSH Harts place In thn Natural Gis Com lJa
pany is filled temporarily by understudy
laud Jrfisio Gardlnor In n hew ditys Miss q
Myra Uoodwm will take the inn As the
luucral is to be public all the monitors of the ttt
company will attend
Katie llnrttcnmo of n family of stage people i
her father being Ian Mart who was well
known on the varcty stngo llvo years ago
lior mother was also on tho variety stage 4
Un Ooodenoucti Letter to Her das
John 0 Goodcnougha marriage to Miss
Eobortn P Pitt In Brooklyn in May 1889 lana
not proved an harmonious ono Within three
months after their marriage the couple sep
arated and Mrs Goodonouch put herself
under tho protection of her uncle John It a
Iltt boon afterward a recooclllatlon took a
place and Mrs Grodonotmh fulmoquontly as 1
signed her twothirds Interest in acme houses
which abe and her undo web electing in
McDonough slrcot to her husband Tboro was
another change recently In the relations of
the couple and Mrs Uoodenouuh began < i suit
In the City Court to haiti her husband on
joined frotn disposing of his intirct m the
houses rue nrgumont on tho motion to can a
cel and sot attic tlc nsslRnineul took PItS < a
yetoidn Col John Oakey who appeared
Mr Uooilonouch plclurAil IIm ns n modal
husband and plated all the rohpoutlnlllt for
tlui trouble on the thud To prove that wifes
real opinion of her husband ho road these ex
tracts fiom her letloifl lo him
Good night mr huibauiT 11th bow proud I feel to j
have incu a ImiLalid
titer you coma ii t meln yoor new coat and hat you
deal know how > roud 1 wa i for ttiounh 1 UoiitUo
serve Such ainan kllll f claim him aa niy very ova
I will do all In nir power tu muLo my reunion with
Jack dear one bar IIUIMO day c
Col OoKpy also told how Mrs Goodcnough
had pent her husband n bible with nn can rt
rnyir l > for his forulvenot nnd the hippo that
they would road a ono together ovary oven
lug judco Osborno reserved huts decision
fjar Her Costume were Hlolen
Miss Ada Illchmond the actress complained
In the Jefferson Market Polite Court tooter
dar against Harry haylor tho assistant man
nger of her company whoai pho chnrced with
Htuullng u part of tier wardrobe contesting of
elxtoon t eli at coatuiiios four lace dresses and
other articles all of ot the vnlne of MOO 7 his d
property Miss Illchmond nllecos Sailor sold
Ion ItO to J eslei < fc Williiuufi Savior wac a
slHtant to jlannger Btiubig MIO look lie
Chow Chow Company to Jiaston 1n on
Aug 2H Site says tim company plnyod to good
bulno but ibm salni leu wont not i > itu Al a
Wihliameport tie Omitjiflhi > broke up returning d
to this city about H stt i t 20 htiel > ig guvu hr J
four m > litaaigiaintlng i77 nod uromlhedto
fond the lostuiucu buclor watt Imld iu llOW < S
bail tu uuBMr 5
A Now Co i porullan lo Hun u CabU Bead
A certIficate wan filed with the Secretary of
State yesterday luiorporutlnu tho Broalwur
tuilwty Company The coinjany Uioroiadto
iperato the jiroucut Broadwuy surface railroad
roni the Battery to Union Aluuru In New
Ioruclty and will bo opornti In conjunction
with Its pruxont coiiiiectloiiit fnru single lure of
tIre liftitul Jlii Stow cijitiiiiy Is tin iteilreif at
louOuiM and Iiu ok its diroctmn iiunlel U
auiont I Jhoriasa > e l ttyitrj I I iuft lJaauiI ison
uiid cliii Ii ft 1iithluuhiiiii of Now Vork tty J
herbs J Wurreii nnd omol It Iliuhiouek nt
Jiooklcu ivud William J Kuiuioxof Iionark
IMrLCIfic a irii in ynuiTKiii
W T Woodard hips of Pavaetr ea
IJaeid rue Mora Iiiuu aVIOOOV
llliisiut Hal IU1thi wti II fvurlli day tl lit
hr 1 uiuodsd Mi alal ass lit sac w ire jsuIpueed
Ik vBirllu ruulluiKd IIU asISial Ml lu Wakrd lock
ivld hi tfl li > e chad al lluo lbs Mtlnf wu lrltk
PerilS l lii day lereui Cue lead uld fur iJOfiuo
Af Ue hSa livieSi Lrluxifin I au4 uric fuU iri
Hlu Ilai b I w fit fir M kin dwi U4rtiu Ity
leoiak 5fluars b S spa i iiuviiii Jnss Uii
fail ilitlir I J I 4 pr Di fi l iliiiu j ip < hysbstut4kf
Klrl uul r C I sect l Jiuslas5 Ii ii jest i
tttjEla l > inu tf unvtrd u iuffutUtiUltl > f
B Sil Ibsuatos litijdfr vu livtl efi tVitilaUMlvvu H >
Illiiuje S k luj tf KeelKjkf Jlure dau luf
jeue lr JMlliiy W J a1 aieuU t I lSSiLMlSill tVV
55111 j tI flMi IS l fcy AluuvL 4IH W gIrl 154
Del i i Tl Ans riinuiift > M
yaslla b t 1ta It Sit1 li5eetl due leiaa
iti le al il 5 au iaa I t
Ifuwf If a A r lelloMe iiiilt daw CMlt
tifsJ i S A
tliia ij l ittrnif 11 i ey IM eilC liull It I
Iliiuibl J af lids JUM t rr n1
bl1t4 ii I lseitM I Akli idais li CIwoiahj
I S ass ttb
14d lpt > iii I i ttlliti lr M4 ts uair ua Ut4I 4 a
vc11lr I I ii > > iui is u > Hr tiai
Sliaseas ba J tifltutniA I d iu ii Ipras dial h
54 iviig 4 H if UMIHM r ttMu J t Lr tr fist
tea by ci ipi
4a 41bfv Ilk I S J 5515144 Saaaa Jady say
hpSudaliglat 4 5 5JtJeg MiaeL Sr it
H4sast4 iasl b E 5 4 di IA td14ce I
supcJiu U beads sspntns Jl1L 5VSL
L v

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