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Alld I prolllpt rnpOll1O cbuaclerllla tree the Oo1umJU1 or
Board or Room Advortisomont J t nfl THE SUN
fir OJOXAVB ititaoLTKD TO nn JUD
eelIlaHaoeHortallr hot
ffliHasIdItldIus ort11
C ta rrleoe br a FrUnd or the Mnrdtre
t Arreete
Chief or rolleeI 4leerl aU e
aeetec the Soareee of Evle > Beeta4U
MIruCoPro saO
e In tho tr
jttta ore AnioBB the rrleoaere
Got 17Tho excitement over
Hiw OIOMXS Oot eulomont
JE Chief of 1ollce Hennessey
ttaassaMlnatlon o lennoBo
h nnabated > slnalon dU All Ideas of TiBll noo
committees lynching tc have been nban
emlttHs the universal demand IB I tor tho
dOle energetic action to suppress the Mafia
Ot and to get
Wd the vendetta In this country It
rldot the largo number of fctclllan brigands
Md criminal who have established them
ulrei beta aud who have boon a menace for
retrs to the quiet and peaceable Italians Cblof
Hennessey a taking taps to let rid of these
Helu8r dawcerous men and now that ho Is dead br
their act the necessity for I vigorous pollor
all the evident
toward them becomes al more
tw since the MatrangoProvenznno ion
delta STr Chlof Hennessey had been inaUng In
ytstlgttloDB in Italy of the preTlous career of
IttOn some Italians now residing In Nov
Orleans He had A late amount of evldenco
on Orlen this subject sworn to beforo Italian magistrates
tritesand United States Consuls This evl
trates ald Untd eT
tnt flsace was t have been ofTored by him In tho
PraveMsno trial which was fixed for Oct 22
j fcinoaj the Italian colony of New Orleans aro
aUntenumberof former criminals and brlc
tads and others who had to leave home bo
e ud the country wee too hot for them Just
I Eiposlto tho brigand chief came to
Kir Orloans when ho waa driven out
of Italy 10 did many others until
It Is said hal his Kin I hud finally
tettled here The testimony scoured by Chief
HonnsBiey and especially tho ovldenco which
is had from Italy created a panic among tho
damwrons classes Tho old feud between
thim was patched UP and Hennesseys death
wisresolved on at axeoret meeting abso
latily necessary for their safety There are
some who Lellere that others besides tho
Italians were afraid of Hennessey In his
twenty reu experience In the detective busi
ness he hadlearued tho secret history of many
aea In New Origans and there wore no doubt
some who would gladly have seen him out of
the way I Is thought that they encouraged
tie Italians In the Idea of protecting them
selves br getting rid of Hennessey It oems
that Hennessey was not tho only member of
t polio force who received warning not to I
meddle with the vendetta cases Sergeant
Cooper and a number of other Ulcers received
ttmuar anonymous warnings
The police wore greatly surprised at finding
lens sums of money on many of too Italians
arrested Aithoughenenin poorclroum
BUT ast Altoulh men poor olrum
ttuces some of them had hundred dollar
mol In their possession From the evidence
of two women living in the neighborhood of
Hennesseys house It I clear that tho ansas
tlni had been watching for their victim since
last Eanday These women saw snsiiloious
looUncItalians lurking In the vicinity on Sun
day and watched them until oclock in the
morning The same lon camo again themext
fiUbt The women called tho attention of a
mend theirs to the matter and he promised
investigate It supposed these men were
studying Hennesseys nablts
there teems to b no doubt that Masteros
honsewu the rendezvous and It B proba
bly hired lor tills puipotie as i was leased
oar slew weeks alo Mastoro professed
be a shoemaker but ho did no work and bad no I
leather or luplemeuts ot auy kind in hs shop
Uere the murderers were concealed for several
hours before the shoutmu lor here their gun
powder and ramrods were found This fu as
far HA the police hate cone In the investiga I
tion of the case There a those who think
they will get no further that tho man who
sentenced Hennessey to death and who killed
h will never bPcMk
A special meeting of the City Council has
I Cit
been tailed by the iinyor for tomorrow to
t action with I vluw of breaking up tho
BlcJiin murder societies Assistance has been
offered by a number of wollkniwn citizens
ana a largo part ol the police force has been
detailed tJ watoh the Italian I quartern Alto
Esther over titty Italians most ut thorn Hicll
IO have bon arm ealed on various grounds
mottof them trliolous Tho luea of the pollca
seems to have been that they might stumble
OB evidence In this nay but these wholesale
arrests have lather Increased tho dlflloulty of
Ketungetldence and every Italian who would
not account lor himself or who was regarded I
UHUDidous lu ant way wits locked up They
were mostly men of low station but nearly all
Cl f them bad large sums of money in their
sse asion Most of them could not speak
12b or pretended they could not Many
refuted to speak at all
The only prltonors against whom there Is
BT evidence are bcafTlul incordeua Bagnetto
ffMteio Fublo Murcaso and ImDasstado
The evidence aea nst the first four Is strong
twa lrom MastiroH house that the sasHlns
Opened flee ° u Hennessey Ibe evidence
Shows that they must hive beau concealed
there i some hour Mastaro hlmoll nr
rUed in this counlrr onliro toy week ago
We baa me recently inittcted wound In the BIO
e Ileodtobate lon caused bl ilennosaoyeu
pistol Ilndl InclrdonB and lBctto wore
alldntle by Mr lelor who wltnesod the
ssassmsuon from a window TncnTddSi
wu one Kof the len wounded in the
1 au olrTn2lnO vendetta of lost
tro atoU ns lilentllled by
orl Lanasau us ono Ilentled Ital
lane the be saw armed vith bliindirbussos Iut
atabt of lho
I J murder Natoll was just
rested a bout to tae A train for Chicago when ar
hltld aerolanlo f Brl10 It was found > hud
ar atll or Buns In hIs house each loaded I
almost tbgti he t tie niuzzlo He bad just bought
e ezJainetI
bliuTt e lucas anybody troubled
Ttl police being eou lnod that most of the
mensrreutd know nothing of tho asOsna
by inMTiniV lmf8 Peon Impiltated In It
y Ir PClbljily I roltosot
UBberoi W1 8l ibm today A
bUftberof ltmmluii who kit Now rlans iii
M IbllllllM wlo Iet ow Irlclllllter
Jtshgillog has bun
wel uiraoted on the theory
thitltmoy nair b8U hi I un Implicated thoor
Titus 1M Irs talk 01 gttung ilrton who
W M lttnl
a great lulnd
dowah5 Ildend 01 lleniiicBByi to roinu
iraad bun to lnetlgutte Ibo matter thorough
If Uiiuuiwi fl4 grist llt V1 of the Italian soluiies
flab tlo 1 al 010101
Oney w lii I
ems 11 tl only man In tO New Or
Dliee In
cuhl ulc tore who know this bjeot thor I
I Ib
sod tlor
PIflRtg at the 1110 01 his loath was pro I
Inlco bou I L on tIn vorpiutta I
t K velduta In wbich do
Oreset IICD
SW Orliaii to glue 1 llorl If It < in I Italy ti3 I
WlSbObjmtgoOSbl0 mind ll to 10rlto tl mannlr 11 < I
iBUieaaat I al 101115 I > were mioL rid of
do I not ftiirs men ale uti al S aeleotod wbo
tuMriVi n Knw their vkMiui Tliu police
tIIII ouuraro w rot
IOlmiujIittil WIlk it I II i lu tutu arid acre dtulled tr th
rd1r lii r 1 wlo mvnm ml tho crone
UaOrdre1ittl15 IQge L t IUjl < Jllu mr crlO
ut I arIItOld
t rut mM eco r pI lu 11101
cntefB Vi i J1 1fnui they
r i thul IIy
sodltt7W I V i the 1Jber of I the I socrmit >
S t malAtiiS1 ibumu l stud they cup
I TbalffinJ I to brm talk ydTany tliimnafmices I
ojaJ 441 el ih1 r 111 bou very mouth del
oa flaVttndriLSfilrollH 7flt 4 lfllulGr
flia f f the mor Is 1m ourltlol thought against ibem ijru
tLAta to lW 4 Al m un r I
Hiinuaiu Ncw ri amid 1 sWj
Usllt llrhI alt II heW urrliiiU
J L111110 J j Ito I I ur
Ssl c Ih Jinjiouja grojr stud
I U COUp LW wh so IIr lime at Ways
i II 1 mm IMIJou 1 Ilun I buy am that lalIIWr
feS uvoj thAt OiulItm
Wr tgimij 4 the tola
r lugssuy stflmmir
J Ai4rai r 1 11 101lr
II 4ffr1 liii 1 ssIh1zlisf liv
an tVsilii 7 rl moteiisy 10 hiitQ
if I inadn t m115 Idr biiiUii ioi > 1010 t
lbs ls4anr i wn 1 14 J1 lar TIUI III lu i
VwiKVfrry I bi ass Went
ull I tIer J tb 11 UIUI 1 11 html oI
1 r j tm
groW55 pf
YI liji
Ilalr 111 1
alii a Oa J gj IIIJj1 j J i j I Uir a II
oil i lIIf
u lit uui lsmr lime
y Jii
fld bu 1 r
uo t
r am Ii 11
11lu b I vi
eg Atbitj
I1 llul
iba 11
11111 Inuld ttl JrAo si i Mills ILlul IJ11m t he I
SW silly Au 11 II
or ii fAi WIQ sdSliI Ms
McaSsis I
M14pL of I JJsi5155 1 itj I
N 11 I dl lIi ij htmmt y tmsm4 r gab of ho
kdld IU lb iip II
a cimIitd
2sbsi tu I I II
UI tutu
t 1 LII 11 Ti ii tj I amid poy
bbirt0j 11 a 114 IU
luJ out
is4 Lu It II
I dlrd stm uluI4 I
p1 13111 uITy dmsw
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or ldu
SW I 11 ioi4 I liuiougii I I 141
IJII j Itomiam IUllb III Si
t lii flr tLr i fa 1
Is 1 141
r wU a ur tos
1 vu
tWd I
iii 11 11 I O
I 11 out j I is I a
IILLtt f 11111 CfjO hi Ilufly
t yl
M is
I Is t a g to lb mim
I mla d J 11
sIui 1 sid arrnJ JI I
I IIy t 11 a t am d viii that I
i 1It w M
opw I I UA ig tt 11 Ito uj a In
er Wmm1 dJ
1 3 MIIle m ILi
I QI c JlltrMd teafM
wound mortil ne wa ssk whether he had
mora 1
nnythlngtoeny bfforoho died Ho protected
Ills ilfitSI but elfrl MrTlbi belief that
the furtr Stud been committed or Italians to
< tteIflispey out of the V walBdl was
on of the mon Identified br l Peeler as having
Ien engaged In the w Mlnatlon The other
italian i erusoners became very much alarmed
br the etwotlng and neJ jai ecbwd with theIr
orlps when they heard the pistol shot wih thll
Inlb was a IneRt frimrid and admltar of
nenneojey He was perfectly admier the
tInt of the shooting and WM carried away br
his IteiJons and br the aA
EiirteLniIllndllytn ror tronK prejudice
wblcb has shown itself against the Italians
since the killing alllnt t IAlana
The dying words of 8eamdl resulted In more
arrests the most Important that bAT vet been
maJI The two US1 prlaoncrs are Matraugo
and acboca The Italians who bad been pre
viously arrested were of tbo lowI8t class pr
Matrango nnd Macbecaa are men of far greater
importance In the Italian colony here Ir8tor
are leader publicly and otherwise well to do
and men ot some education Tha Uatranuos
eucation iiatranloa
are ttlndoru who base the contract for the
unloading of fruit vessel here and employ a
I largo number of Italian laborers It waS hey
who were tlted on by the 1rovenzano gang In
I May and It Was In the Investigation of this
he andetta was killed hat lleLnei8er WM engaged when
The general sentiment Is that the police aro
making to many arrests They have man
aged to frighten the Italians so that not ono
of them will ak Indred very few were to
b Been on the streets today It Is believed
now that I will ho Impossible to cat any evl I
dence from the Italians and that the authorl
ties nil have t depend on outside ovldonrft
which Is scarce They may convict the mon
who did the shooting but will hardly ba able
to reach the principals The IrovcnzanoMa
trsneo vendotta cao which win to have coma
up net week will b continued on the ground
that the popular feeling against Italians is too
bitter lust now for justice to be dono
Under orders from tho Mayor the body of
Chief Hennessey lay in state In thoClty Hall
in the same chamber occupied last December
by that of Jefferson Davis Several thousand
persons visited tbe funeral bait The funeral
itself was very Impressive The entire pole
force and Fire Department the city officials
and Boveral societies of which Hennessey was
a mamler turned out Several hundred roes
sages of sympathy were received among them
telegrams from the two 1lnkerlonB Inspector
Byrnes John 1 Hulllvon and the polo chiefs
out number of cities
J Barton Key Aeeaees Htm of leealca st
Vorthleeo Check
Charles E Locke of the theatrical firm of
Locke k Davis which I producing Burette
at Herrmanns Theatre and who is well known
as tho director of the American Opera Com
pany was arrested last night In his om ce a
Herrmanns Bradway near Twentyeighth
street on a warrant charging hint with Issuing
worthless check for f 160 to James Barton
of the Chromatic Programme
Key proprietor te ChmaUo Polame
Eoi went before Justice OBelllr at Jeffer
son Market Court yesterday with Lawyer
Louis Allen Be said that Locke owed him
ttOO for staging Buzottee for the Minnie
Palmer Opera Company He offered to waive I
all claim t thIs ho said as Looko was in I
t b place for money Locke however told
him that he would give him a check for 150 I
and pay him tho rost In Blow days Ho drew
a check on Saturday on tho Bank of the
Metropolis which was pronounced worthless I
nt the bank
Key wont bock to Lorice who said that there I
was money at the batik and that the rejection I
of tho cbeck was a mistake I was rejected a
second time on Monday boweer and then
Locko Bali that he ha I just deposited a check
oftO 00 received from Manager Zimmerman I
of Philadelphia Ho had supposed that It was I
tent direct to tbe bank Key then paid in the I
oli ok at the Oedncy House where ne lives for
board and camA back a third time I
Tils time tie went I to Locke and angrily
asked what the repeated rejection of the check
meant Locke be ROY said that he sent the
cash fir the cheek to Lawyers Howe A Hum
mel Thin proved untrhc and then they wont
to Justice Olteilly
Tho arrest miulo a sensation i theatrical
circles last night i was known that Locke
was preparing to put the spectacular play of
I preparnl lidos and had thrown all his
available means Into that project Locko told
I Court Olllcer Connolly that he would be able to
actilo the matter before Monday There was
a good deal nf unfriendly criticism fired at K < > y
for the arrost Key denied however that ho
had tie juml od on Locke He played fool
tricks with me ho Raid and It was not until
I was coin palled to that I rolunatantly resorted
to the police court
I ManagerOtitnoreof Nlbloa Lawyer Edmund
Prcp anti J Charles Davis alDoarod at tbo
Thirtieth street station hous at 12 olock
and said they had been unable to find a Police
Justice Mr Locke who bad been In a private
I room was put In a cell for the night
Hoelon0 Uloelns Aetor Betnrasi
BOSTON Oot 17 Bostons loading actor is
i temporary disgrace because ho deserted his
post and wont to Now York without the per
mission of his manager Jack Mason has ben
dismissed from the Bonton Museum Company
and efforts aie being made to find a leading I
man t Oil the vacancy When I was
known that he had loft town suddenly I
gossip credited him with an elopement
and named a prominent operatic singer a
companion but Jack put oprato to that talk
by returning to town this morning accom
panied by his brother Lowell Mason received
a telegram from bis brother wbo bad been
taken sick In Now York asking him to come
on This despatch was received on Sunday and
Jack resDonlel at once first however send
ing worm to Proprietor Field of the Museum
that he was polled to New York on private busi
ness Mr Davenport took Masons part as
Ham In Jr Little Emly and the play was con
I tinued this week without the favorite actor
AH a result Mason was dismissed from the
company It Is I paid tbut Mr Forest Robinson
now playing with Dan Bully In Philadelphia
lifts been ordered to coma to Boston Ho Is a
I member of tho Museum Company and vos
playing elsewhere subject to call when needed
Conarcsimon JLodao lor Beetrletlag lot ml
BOSTON Oct Congressman Lodge came
out flatfooted tonight In favor of restricted im
migration This was In reply t a sneering ro
mark outdo last night In Brockton by Labor
who sald that
Agitator I J Bkonllngton wlo
Tbe Importation of Armenians and 1 0 Ian I I
Into Lynn would if congressman Lodge was
truo to time boasted principles of protection to
the worklneuien call for a protest from him
TonLht Congressman Lodge itpjke lu Lynn
and he declared hlmuelf In faor of protecting
labor br restricting emigration but be did
I not offer any suggestion A to tie but meth
ods accomplishing It
Ineondliarr Fir is a Bubr CrI
I For the second lima within a weak an at
tempt has been made to lire time tenement
house at 41 Main street Brooklyn The lust
otuurrud last Hum I ay and the tecond lust
night when lire wa iliujovureJ In a liuby cur
ollbt uiilar the rear eitunslou Tba lira was
UIllr Iulieoniuii MJiJonouub of the
I UKUMiud bx blclOOOUII
iuUoii street station who found I bag of
cuaruoaf mi6Wd wills kurownu us r the
I baby carriuue
Cmeliea br 0 Helo of Twine
Michael Jai abu agod 2H of Or nwlcb
sliaet near Jlethuue was crushed br ala of
twine Wtfluliluu I ion at tba torsgi house M
yfitariiuy lucaltlou Injuries I
VfulfwiMtt Mreet 1lodl lchlDI II
juries from IIIIU Ir iriH div prm4abJy Hv
I wu tuluu t Ml I Vmcout notnilnl
NuveJ tor VelstT Ur CUMlawa f e yre
uS this SJndorsnoAchar
low imuiitogrupltr Ihl Uldcbr
i JltIugrspliitig imimiPWUY todav fcc I U4 l or
Jutted liNing ii IV7bw VI111 OJ Jts VIr
4 UII lIl
j JIIc PIlglmt4
With Ut I Inowlvdgs bC A uJII 01 t n cola
I 1114 4li1mslJu 111 and III O cia
iJuw II I oUaluvdttlbs following elaiaUd eli
via YUluu f Jrlkl7 JIJI jlol
Mud WlblllWU ilr te lrll seed Jezlag
Itiis avenUes Ksetrad AOo Uilutluu ita
I nun Tompkins sud ilinftoo l Mteauil Uum
suer utti flblln i teuu JU4 Mild Li >
lntfib uvpiieaTblrli I liibsirv t and Fiflli
Mt4vu Iliiou dagut awl I ilyrlle MCVIIU
AiauetiSl6bJJiiud I ttJ and 71 Dioiuieray
Vt i VM r
I ira ni Wiled cJ Iultoii strsat r
iud 151 Jllabtb
trret V2M ThUd avenue a4 ll
I venu New Yusk iutd U6 1utUclJI
I l = S L
The Hl lgbl t Itttum M ltttf 7rcarHs4
Is Ski Hues
Bt rynii aUrftUe alesUt UUMO stusli rut ta
use r lasday 1 ii44
am ZifUst Md MS 4StuMO f i
tffff1KMtttuM vtUHrrttUtt IUM IVffArfVf
l J jLTL J
Til Moral Mltte JSse
I 4W iraia aieej J 11lixr 1 telxeu Maw
w t1ltL liallliaire ii4 VfetblirPu vi >
Cemc xajpl 41 iLsdgaaOa l
I 11
irelware eq 6 U mew 111 ui
c st1u m J kjWa tutu II u see
> 4pri 1 jeay a tssum ut
ta M i VrM em
I imuetas ut 54ini 51ala w11
rrxrn attAtz cnArxttr U TUB BAT
I Came Oat of tho Wed with a Hrcht
Ham HklBUgllerce out cc the Now
KoRlMd CotO Schooner Batik nd
Three Drive A horo A Tow of fiancee
Broke VTIr h Three Do
A clearweather gala came out of the west
yesterday morning and stirred op the whit
caps on tho rivers and the bay I made the
picturesque Dater moro picturesque br I
fringing the granite wall with spray until
It looked at It It had donned a frilled I
Elizabethan collar Every now and than the
sun got a focus on ha Innumerable crystals ot
the semicircle of mist and brightened It with
rainbows which made the First ward Ills
murmur admiration
In tho forenoon the wind dashed along at a
rate of forty miles an hour and river craft had
a bard time In the gale The Government
launch Ellis Island tried to make the spot she
Is I named for Just after 0 oclock in the morn
ing Bho Isnt much of a roughweather boat
and when she struck the whltacappad tumult
in the upper bar and began shipping waves
almost as big us herself her pilot decided that
be didnt want to go to Ellis Island and turned
back and steered for tho Barge Office The
wind took command and drove the launch
up the East River She got Into haven
near Pier 3 with bar little funnel twisted The
Liberty Island boat made only one trip be
cause of the gale An unknown schooner In
tow was driven ashore on Governors Island
but came oft at high tide A loaded lighter
while passing tho Battery had her mast blown
out A tug picked bar UP and took her t
The Government side wheeler Chester A
Arthur started from Pier 3 with supplies for
Forts Wadswbrth and Hamilton against a I
strong tide Bho was blown a few hundred i
yards up the East River but after acquiring I
headway got as far as Governors Island The I
fierceness of the wind In the open bay was to
much for hor and she turned back t her pier
Bhe made the trip after the gale went down
Tho landing of the steamship Normannlos
passengers hud to be deferred until afternoon
booauso the steamboat William Fletcher was
not regarded a absolutely sale when heavily
loaded In a high wind
The gale played havoc with the small yachts
alone the shore of South Brooklyn At the
foot of Thirtieth street two sloops and 1 oat
boat wero driven ashore and at noon they
with breaking four up others a little fur north ware
An old man named Thomas who baa worked
along the name Copt Frank Bates for
yearn went out In a small boat to try to rave I
one ot the larger yachts that was dragging
riown toward the bulkhead at tbo foot of
Thirtyfirst street lie had almost reached I
the yacht when hIs boat got jammed between I
I the yacht and bulkhead Ho was thrown Into
I the water and drowned before aid could reach I
him for though he a not more than 20
yards from shore the bay was seething with I
white caps driven by the gale and no boat
could be put off In time At 1 oclock tbo
shore was linod with People who had oome to
join In the search for the body and to watch
the yachts breaking UP on the shore Die I
trons worn blown down at points along Third
axenuo all the way to Fort Hamilton and
every vessel lying In the bay dragged her
Jacob Bunco a plumber of 93 Hlmrod street
wIth his helper William Hartmann of 401 I
Busbwlck avenue were passing through Pros
pect street Wllllamibnrgb on their way to
work when the wind blew down tho board
fence dividing the sidewalk from the vacant i
lot The fence was 150 feet long 8 feet high
and double boarded Bangs sustained I truce
turn of the pInt eolnmn and will die Hart
mann was badly bruised and tho doctors think
he Is w Injurer Internally Both lon are In at
Oao Schooner Hank amid Three Drive
Lahore aad Wrecked
BOSTOX Oot 17Tho heavy gale of last
night and this morning with tho wind shifting
from easterly to northwesterly has ben quite
general and severe along the New England
coast Like other New England coast gales
its power has been felt ta inland and rather
to the south of Boston Locally the storm has
not been very severe and not much damage
has been reported At exposed coast points
however such a have been heard from report
fleroo winds and a heavy 10a with much dam
age to shipping I
The schooner Louisa Smith of Tbomaston I
Me Capt Matthews from Eddyville with a
cargo of about 1600 barrels of cement for Bos
ton sunk In Broad Bond between Deer Island
and tbe whistling buoy on the Graves at 8
oclock this morning during the heavy east
erly gale Tbe crew were saved by a pans
lug fishing schooner and brought here
Capt Matthews reports that ha vnuqunteied a
guile early this morning and that when oft the
tli mornlnJ to
8tie elrl
raves tho cargo shifted and Ibo vessel oup
fdced filled and sank almost immediately
The crew five in number barely escaped with
their lives and sated nothing but what they
stood In Tbe fishing schooner Sarah U
Wbarftwas In close proximity to the sinking
veaaol and rescued her craw just as she was
going down The truo position of tie sunken
schooner is two miles north northwest of tbo
otstructiou Urmes whistling buoy the is l a dangerous
The Western Union has fifty or sixty wires
between here and New York but nearly all ot
them were blown down at some point They
were not ablo to handle much of their com
mercial business lirnpatches were received
subject to delay The Iostal Company bad
three wires working on the Boston and New
York line Nine wore broken and biitwteii
Now York and Philadelphia twenty wires were
gone The brokers and Btovk fcxchnnga wires
were badly crlppleiL The wind In Bontou bad
nn average velocity of forty mlen and at
times attained a velocity of filly miles a hour
Sign boards blinds and tree were blown
down and a few people were slightly Injured
ULOUCKSTXU Has Oot 17The moat vie
lent gale of the sauna In blowing from thee
northwoat Addc from Anpluam report
bat titus schooner Mexican of Wtmiterport Me
Iii ballast fs ashore on tQuam bar rho crow
wore I ruioued by the life ulR mn The vu
nil is going 10 pieces
cimiiAM 1c Oct 17The schooner
Jane L Newton of Boston with a cargo of
lumbar Is asunro at Ibo Honompr feiialng
Muilin and the in hooiier Asa If Jurvere of I I
Wallflaot with granite U I ashore near the
Chatham Hie ovine station Both vuasis 1
Cbtllm wlru auitiur at jpldniitbj when a terrific
teok loTus le frqne tbolr peoorlngs
gahi tok tloru Curl tlJ rqm morlDI
and east Ilium into Iiis lermitkorC rite crew oI
Ind II
the lnre wore 11 oil In I lifeboat from
lb bowsprit after perilous work bytb chut I
learn lifuuvIng crew wbr ibe Monomoyllf I
erfI 01r IInOAOI
lam < uedCapt Alkma and bU wile and
thee crew ot < thee Newiou lld vveU vrlll I
frobaulr prove u total loss Tba gala If shift
IIIK t l Ilia nortbweut with every mdlcudun ot a
Lttvy Mow
NawyuevT Jt 17A ale of ortyflv
muss Ilr i T rioter I blowing Vllct rltuwi cOAt
urvx sUsiuer llavlie la In a prf csrluua pail
tdiu fur ifriut Ilmt about a mil oft short
tIPllr lnt
aud oiauuluv AMistuuiu bs gone u > b rradr
lu Cliit uI disaster A 7iiuriu td k pb911 is I
eiorJBB liravtly pear Tuikvruui k rb > si
WturtiuTi IIU 7 UI buSty cal i5 I 11 a
uoon iruii luu noribwtift IN iliiulolelilDK st
Mjntut He rural TuLiwu boat CJf I ubur lu
fC Urlx Jima cUooq r iitw Kuiil wtttt S
it ill spefp 111 ill American Oil laulvrr
infkf unUdtot JIsactu l ww cwpleiIy f 1 dt
lupllhed by tit Ilrc of tbw wil G1IJll
NfWiiiitr Oil 17 Ilie pith lMjoulluusil
IIIMU Lii dif UIIII iuB ldiall damii io
INV 1 TU wont t fdlifmt wsa Wile lug
WI 1 UJItdwVj emj liar law ofelx Imitiges
U sirltJ r at atoui IJOOD utmiu Lud Wagl
eurr MViiuor lki uLsz4 with aijiie wlu 1
11 oulb ui l aad Mutu r > he ouoJ It nr
ifllculi tee cart forterLMKfn blip hIeal
uMtl fAiiioa Cuba Mliy aha juicy
I rui ottlM lime lie < > v wtM tjee Iql WtIII
filet At Lout r > eMk ItiU iflLr1J114g ills
1011 tt k lr pbtsi
Jilts Ciomr wiu atsjJeIs A sea f situ
lerluUu I plouM TWO otto on hoar 3 loM
I sitesII Lost mil U ispeTfixj nu they bun
I IU I Pd III I rallut4 br liii tutfwlileb
stropped lie I l4fNim tb Cults tUJ1tlel
iii at lii o eill all < < wlnk lit oilier tlffi 1D
iIaaM UU noon Criku swor Iroiii lU f al
cull wino the qsc pie her Ilia Tuliu au
JJosy lu low IIi < uU nuJ F Uu0 duty
UDtMuvl i nltifl t n lu HeM W4YL V
Oreyn Jllll Il fouttlles Wet of toiu
Judith the Bm t > arlf bar leuapr tJe lug
tell her tebliid und came 10 mib ib 1 MMrs >
UtuMlU sac Tulle Cuttuey otulr sink tf
fore reaehlntt here The eapUln qll the tno I
belleyta the Daisy anchored oft Point Judith
and that her crew was retoned brine lifesav I
ins crew orpoBSlbIrbr a throematted
eboonor which cam along moon altar and Is
in the enter harbor The wind I I to blab
and ua to rough even in the bar
leer tat the schooner cannot be boarded to
ascertain the fate of the barn and mil ace
wind aubslded somewhat at sunset A nnnv
bar ot veatalsln the harbor drecned anchor
and fouled Fishing amack Ella U rowers ot
Sal m lost anohorit and afventy fathoma ot
chain FIshlnB schooner Centennial I Btln
carried away mull and bowsprit ana went
ashore Fishing sloop Ulzpah wet ashore
and sloop yacht Wlnona carried away bow
sprit A number of trees wer blown dow
Thebarce Daley drifted about with the two
men Lester And Antonio Lucian laboring at
the Dumps until attar 10 oclock this morning I i
They were sean from Narragantett Pier and
their ensign union down was Also observed
from the Baltimore steamer Berkshire ot I
Foster which lay by to windward I was too
much to launch a boat but war u hove to
rulb t boat
the barge and each man fastonlnlnit I to hla
waist he was drawn through the wavee t tOo
steamer thoroughly exhausted Lice man i
wer brought to this eltt and cared for The
barge probablr sank soon after the men were
taken oft J I
IBOVINOTTOWK Oct 17A stiff southeast I
gale cot in at midnight with rain shining TO
northwest at noon Increasing In violence
Several small boats were sunkla toe harbor
and mal were bIn < n down on shore
A fleet 01 a dozen saIl of fishing whoonere and I
I tour unknown coasting schooners succeeded
In working by the Hace and reaebed the ha
boo In safety The revenue cutter Qallatin and
tho lighthouse steamer Oeranlur came in 1 st
night At noon a small scnooMr was sean
adrift In the harbor and was Boon afterward I
I her totally dismasted but itla too roach t board
A rrOD > tn tCltUen Shot Dead J a NIght
WatchMan WhIle ReeleiUsf Arrest
PITTBTOH Oot 17At 8 oclock this evening
the people ot this town were shocked by the
news ot a terrible tragedy which occurred on
Main street in front ot tho Eaclo Hotel the
most populous place In town John W Davis
I of West PIttston a wealthy retired hotel kaapar
who for several yearn post has bean engaged
in mining operations was shot dead In cold
blood by William Weathers a night patrolman
In the employ of the business man Davis had
been drinking is said and at about halt past
7 ho came out of the Windsor Hotel where he
had been with some friends On reaching the
sidewalk he met a man wbo at present Is un
known and engaged In a slight altercation
which soon attracted a large crowd Patrol
man Weathers soon arrived and requested the
two men to move on Davis It Is said refused
whereupon Weathers placed him under arrest
and attempted to take him to the station
house Tbla Davis objected to and being
man of unusually largo and stronc oropor
tlons the onioer was unable take him along
At this point he calleo bra bystander William
Williams who at once want to hU asalaianee
The two succeeded In getting their man
about a block when ba aUltdeJl I broke away
taking the officers club with him With this
I he struck Weathers several terrific blows
stunning him and felling hIm to the ground
I Before falling howe ar he drew a pistol from
his pocket and levelling it at assailant
I fired four shots in amok succession As the
last shot was fired both men fell to the ground
I Davis a dying condition Ho was picked up
I and carried tn the hotel wbero he died In a
I few minutes Two of the shots bad taken effect
in his neck Weathers was also pinked up un
I conscious and token into the hotel corridor
with his victim He bad been badly clubbed
about the head The physicians could not de
termine what the result ot his Injuries will be
I Davis was one of tho moxt widely known men
in this rozlonond was at one time very influen
tial Of Into years however he load been Imbib
ing considerably and on this account bad lost
much of his power and influence Ha was
I about 45 JeaN old and baa been a resident of
thin place for twentyfive years or more He
was married his wife being a member of one
of the most wealthy and Influential lamlues in I
I town
A Reward for ImfonnnUem ofOlaenU Death I
The detectives who an working oniho case
of Alfred Olsen now believe that the Norwe
gian painter was killed by an accidental rifle
shot fired by some hunter in the woods Gus
taT Boysen who keeps a saloon a quarter of a
mile from the place where Olsen was killed
has told Detectives Zundt and Price that he
beard a shot tired from that direction Innt
Friday night Shortly after be saw two wtl
dreesed men wltb rifles and a third man un
armed and of slouchy appearance hurry from
I that quarter Boysen balled them with What
lurkr and without stopping one of them re
plied Not much well oome again The
shabby man went np the railroad track whllo
th other two kept on toward Third avenue
Mads 0 I forenoon a deputy sheriff of New
Utrecht will offer a reward of S200 or S300 that
has been subscribed by the Norwegians tor
information of Olsens death
The Pity of Mlolatore
RBwmo Oct 17At the meeting oS the I
Eastern Synod of the Ilaformed Church In the
United States the Committee on Ministerial I
Support read a report in which they said that
ministers fchould have sufficient income to
maintain a respectable appearance and to
Ile In a style comporting with tho
dignity of their office to purchase neo
cscary books entertain visitors and
properly rear their children A ministers
duties the report says are so holy and Im
portant that his mind should never be dis I
turbed from his work br looking after the
necessaries of life committee suggest that
ministers be paid sufficient so that they can
lay something anldo for sickness and old age
and that they be paid at stated periods and
not be compelled to wait sometimes for a
year Action on the report was posponed
Hoot of tko Poet LaZIer travelled
lUcoN Ga Oct nA local movement was
begun recently to secure a bronze bust of
Sidney LAnier to bo placed in the public
I library of this his native city Hearing of this
Mr Charles Lanier of New York or Winslow
Lanler k Jo who I Is a distant relative of the
I > et donated a bronze bust with pedestal of
Georgia in nrbje It was unveiled this evening
U IllUm 11 Harnoand Harry H Kdtrards read
original poems Letters were received from
Charles Dudley Warner Joel Chandler Harris
President Oilman And many other dlstln
eulshed literary men
tltoploI Mr site of Mind
Daniel Dougherty Howe tt Hummel and
Lawyer James A Brlggs eonnsol for Alphonee
Joseph Btopbanl who killed Lawyer Beynolds
appeared before Judge Marline yesterday
the General Besulons Lawyer Brlggs moved
that a new commission ba appointed Ip pass
IIPon ibe sanity of HionhanL Jndca Martina
Spon declined tu confirm the ruport of the com
mission of which Ur Walter tlemlalr w a
member finding Htepnonj insane Judge
plmbor wants a jury tijslof the mens sanity
If the law allows It und ba asked counsel to
i submit briefs on that point
Its OB III VHt hut Blow Na > od
DiitumaniM Coon Oct 17A heavy wta4
bM swept down tho Ninrutuck vallair sliced
oclock this morning runnln as llek as fifty
tnllas tlllj hour Lime irues are strippM of
Jill and liuntars are prepsriqi 1oi bw on
elstiKUt ou gums toniorrotv Uuull ftfl par
YtIr C
trldca were cater pliiitler and coir the boavy
bulge hu prevented uU game DM up to
lsIbed MIs Mistress
William Uouruay a truck driver at U7 East I
Fourth Crllll t was IcxUd up Iwt oUbt by tbe
pollee 01 the Vlfth sire station stubbing
bis mUlraet f > na Hoffrasn Tbey tuva beast
liv nil fpjetbsr I toy stout A > Bsr At bua I
cclisk lut ypiqitig I ihuy iuiirrel 4 ana
ttaubeuiber fn lb groUt tlvt WOULd ii toa
II 1iter4 duoctruu
Whey YterdsV Flree Ware
r M HHO Hi lu IMlk WMl CkWlM V VUaJs
lIMIOII aiugo 111011 Uuil rsuiut
Ut nil rsms uiif f lot Ll1 tU HastM MrH
seaI SMlisi I 4awue fOfJI lOt Pt WUJ7l
1fJII rtrJJ Lt 111aJO
Wi t51LWj5d
111 P WI sly St ditse4 fu tlIi
lmf tltrU l M rlm4l
I1II1A1tB acne avnaana AaaoAD AX
tttaar lit inn float
wrreetu II 5OU5OU Tnle from flew
sbsd te rDI CrHIIOI Teeth
ed Over a Long B > d Crooked Conrie br
lies rootprUt had In the Muddy flsd I
Two yean ago the first of l the comlnc No
Tombtr Frank H Burgess and his family ar I
rived In the village of Park Ridge N J Ho Is
a tall man with blonde hair and a blond
1 beard and ha sneaks certain words with a
strong Scotch accent Ills wife Is I a well I
formed small woman with u pretty face She I
has auburn hair dark blue eyes and a dark
complexion with tinge of rod just beneath I
the surface They had one child with them a
boy of four who waa called Johnny They
moved Into a half shanty house about
a mile and a half from the lark Ridge station
and Just back of Peter Taranletta 5 house Mr
Burgess said ho hail moved to this outofthe
way placo from Brooklyn on account of his
wiles health Among the things he did was to
go around among the neighbors and ask them
not to lend his wife garden tools as he did not
wish her to work She was very Industrious
and ho did not approve of It Burgess worked
athousopalntlng and soon became recognized
as a remarkably hardworking industrious
and saving man It was also known that
he did a good deal of housework I
Boon after their arrival a child was born to I
them but It did not live long Then Burgess
began to build a house In the flats below 1
Taronlottaa small twostory framo with
two rooms down stain and two up As soon I
as it was covered he moved into It and has
been finishing it ever sine Four months ago
Mrs Burgess became the mother a baby boy I
Lut Saturday evening Mrs Burgess told her
husband that she Intended to do tho washing
herself Mr Burgess told her she must get the
washing woman but sho positively refused
Monday morning he ato his breakfast early
and went to his work When he returned at 7
oclock In the evening ha found the supper all
ready and his wife sitting in a chair sound
asleep tie picked her up gently and laid her
on tho bed which Is In the general living room
She elent for two hours and awoke hungry
but still complaining of feeling tired She
went to bed early and was sleepy and weary
when she awoke Tuesday morning
She got breakfast ready and then went right
into the back room and out of the back door
After waiting for some time Air liurgess went
to look for her and found that abs bad gone I
Ho sent the little boy Johnny up bAcker
mans Borne time passed and the boy did not I
return then Mr burgess went up to the gro
cery Bh wa > standing outside the door and
as he cameo up to her he noUood a strange
frightened look In here > es
What IR the matter be said
Bho hesitated and looked around with
sleepy eyes as she answered
I wanted some rye bread and came for It
They walked baok to the house together and
although shim talked naturally bar uneasy
manner continued with a feverish flush In her
I cheeks Her hu bnnd sent his coy for a la
borer named Oretnlees When Oreenleea
came Bargees fetched Dr Near
lhe Doctor fa d Mrs Burgess had worked
too hold Monday and that she also had milk I
fever from nursing her child lie gave her
some medicine and sold she would be aU right I
soon Mrs Burgess seemed all right during I
the rest of them day only tired and now and I
then having the queer frightened look come In
her eyes I
Wednesday morning she seemed perfectly
well Along toward noon a grocery boy came
and as Mrs Burgess did not want to see him I
she went Into the hack room The boy hung
around talking to Burgess about twenty min
utes Then Burgess went into tbe bock room
Mrs Burgess was gone She had left a steak
half fried upon the ntove Bbe bad not put on
her hat or cloak Mr Burgess stayed with the
baby and Bent the boy for Oroonlees When
Greenlees oame burgess took the children to a
neighbors und the two men began the search
They hunted all the bushes and underbrush I
within a few hundred yards of tbe house then
culled In neighbors and began a wide search
boon fully fitty men wero scouring the coun
I try toward Montvalo 10 the eawt of lark Ridge
Mrs Burgess had been seen walking across
the fields and lots In that direction Toward
tbe middle of tbe afternoon they traced her to
Blulro I1orlns Raw mill across the railroad
I track and beyond Montvale Mho had been
seen resting on a log In the yard with ber
hands In her lap In one hand she bold tho
knife and In the other tbo fork which she had
been using at the stove
At dark they beard of her at Fuels farm
whero she bad crossed the yard on her way
toward tho east but although they searched
until pitch dark and then continued to hunt
with lanterns and torches until 2 oclock on
Thursday morning they found no trace of her
finally at that early hour the worn and weary
searchers gathered for consultation Their
clothes were torn and they were covered with
dirt and mud from head to foot It was agreed
to wait until morning before continuing the
bunt The crowd melted away and left Bur
gess hunting alone there was a look in his
face that made all the men wonder He looked
tears older In the ono ulght and there were
deep lines about Ills moutb
He went over to the strio of railroad track
between Park Ridge and Mont yale tie walked
np and down this all night long and until 7
oclock the next morning lie feared that she
might be killed by a locomotive In the morn
ing be stopped at the Montvale station to Bend
a despatch oautlonlngonglneers along the New
York and Now Jersey road When the first
train came in the conductor came up to him
and said
t XOU BJO Mr Burgess
Well wo have Jour wife safe down at Now
0111 t
Burgess broke down and cried like a child
Tbe woman had wandered over the country to
the east of Park Ridge She must hae walked
very rapidly for along toward evening the
engineers of a train that bad just
i passed Spring Valley on its way to Now
City saw a woman standing on the track
ahead 01 blIP Who wax bareheaded and was
bowing profoundly In tbe direction of the ap
proaching engine lie stopped just In time
and the conductor hurried forward meet her
You are a nice engineer she said you
stop as street cars do In New York
the conductor helped her op board the train
he soon found that she was the Mrs Buigess
of whom ho bad beard by telegraph a few min
I Ules before at Park llldgtt but she talked so
quietly and intelligently that ha could not be
lieve I aba wax Insane lie gave her Into the
custody of the police at New City and she was
detained at the Jail all night
bbs was glad to sue her husband when he
arrived cOd threw her arms about his neck
but did not seam to understand why ha was
crying She talked rationally but nothing
was said about her wandering When she
reached homo again she bugged and kissed
her alirearom boy but paid little attention
to the baby After a while the Doctor came
and gave tier a sedative which soon put her
In a deep slumber John lUttltf 11 carpen
ter of the nalsjbburbosd oDorwl to sit
up all night with Burgees The two
un sat In the name room with the bed where
ire Burgess lay sleeping peacefully t Toward
tI oclock In thee morning lrtU uMllte tbat
urtff si who was looking Ilka s ghost should
take some sleep During the whispered argu
uent Ur Burgess awoke and moved over to
t4Iar side of lb Jot VAnk l
Lie down hers jVrank she said I you
lrDta weLUleep
At Just I Burgest lay down so tliat his wife
was between blin IIA1 tit wall flu was soon
soup utep Uotllll WI Url and he got II
pullt Wbloli be piead upon the floor near the
Dej tic Jay duwu and wue eoou sound
lulMU Time mad woman Mt up In
Cud amity that both liar watchers WIT
steeping J and crept Qftly I to tie floor
Jibe lock the Juj > from lua table slid walked
up stairs to vies h she lUWwttrd said whither
Jite J raise was conilutf In lot It ruined bard all I
ibursJar tilslit and until altr < lawn un rr
day inorpluji As she cawu down stairs
Uei wind slew out Iii Jsinp flu she went
auletly Uuoujjb tb e room where Cur
Cusbiua and litiltliijr lay Ibuuifb t 1111
Ji jack room and put iiilo thee lnuE yard
X iteard a pain tuniuu lbs vblokns
amid want r out to eas wliut It win soil lot uiy
War lu tuu dark sn < i Ua fln die row ay
cut the soil eujije > 1111 ib bpua difpro OJII
Ibis Whip sits ten It i ba plea bsvlou ituMuf
tut b r ibiu niicbi < rot eb put on ete pr r >
filrtaBd A hick clqsk omer j5DJgbtdJea4
aud throw large I hick bawl qvtriat buL
tot wojT i > af iie < fur a leiur wilL hut aLl did
i put dzi Jill IIIJW lilei sipckisqr
Mb kid Kn gotee out Into ib rain curly
two bouts Wbest J1UII vdivply awoke allJ t
InsisaiJy IoInoolJod qu Iiiojeitii to ly
WI Ibaru tYjeete hI Irl bWI WlrubrttlltJlI
titid its 15514 J to his jeel Ult Ui tteof Icy
fit 1C flat upo his JHt pd sit afev
Putties arousel hI iI lie dlllHo slop for l i
Jotutoe1l Put said sltupij
141s 4 sItu S Ir 5 rile yill laalra sand
ertoi out Vt4 laok door vmrti HM wide cptu
A wild dflZtJO Cw 5UC4i4 flea baavr sin I
ur Ianrst ughlpuy saw Iles piioi el the mail I
srtitaaas Lajv jut u au MU euvxreuiva i
111IW t
which Burgess has lust mad as a
Yltd for his bnue the print were dep
and distinct And 1M Aroun1 UWN the front
of the house dimwit the road and In the dlrro
lion of thx lark Itlilire station mile and a halt
awar The men followed thin plain trail rapid
Iv 1tvry erint of her foot remained In the
mud of the road At lart they reached tho
lark Ridge station The footprints wandered
about a while and then led tack tnwnnl fur
oYa boils Theypaoned thegatn In the other
side ot the root and continued on for nulls
Bi dlManoe then turned and went back toward
time station and up time road toward Dr NeerB
house Near there they turned again and
nsnm hy a different road pnsn d Bur
gees IIOUBO and continued up Into the conn
ry llurgea left llettlg to follow this trail
antI wont back to the Park Tildga edition ho
feared she might get on the track nnd be killrd
After staying a few minutes at the nation he
returned to ovortako nettle Meanwhile
Itettlg bad folloved the trail of the
bar feet and after awhile Came In
sight of the mad woman walking leisurely
along her eyes bent upon the ground Ho
overtook her and as he passed said flood
morning Bhe looked up and the queer
frightened expression came Into her face but
her voice was natural as she said
Good morning Mr Hotting yon are out
lie passed on keeping a little distance ahead
and then Burgess came un When bo was just
even with her ho said quietly
Hello she looked UP as sho bad boforo
with fright and fear In bor eyes
Its you In It r aho said
Am you taking a walk ho asked
yes but Id like to go home Im a little
She spoke as though being out at B oclock
In the morning barefooted and soaked to the
skin wore the most natural thing In the world
They walked homo together stopping ut a
neighbors house to borrow pair of shoes and
a pair of stockings After she bad rested at
homo a while she SHld to her husband
What do you say to our taking a walk
Ho was worn and tired but ho agreed cheer
fully and they strolled along the mad together
I nearly all yesterday morning Yesterday after
noon she asked him to KO with her down to
see Mrs Martin at the Whlto House u mile and
a half on toward Park Uldco station and they
went and remained there over night Last
I evening she was playing on the organ and Mr
Martin was aicompanylne her on nn accor
dame Blue seemed iierfectly sane She
talks brightly naturally and most intolli
gently she bat confided to her husband that
Bbe feat all mon and does not think they are
to be trusted She ban the queer frightened
look when even u man comes Into the room
She thinks some one Is trying to poison her
She aspects Dr Neer strongly but aside from
this doluf Ion which she rather suggests than
expresses she shows no Insanity Dr Neer Is
puzzled but thinks she will bo all right before
long > Burgess proposes to keep her with him
See People Dont Like o Treasurer Who
Ask Then to Settle Their Aoeoaate
There Is a slight ruffle of dissension In the
Board of seven trustees which has been man
aging the big Brooklyn Tabernacle The
terms of two of the trustees John Wood who
is also Treasurer and Mr B Meade have ex
pired and each baa been renomlnated and
booked for reelection This rear an eighth
member is to bo added to the Hoard and Sen
ator James W Blrkott bas boon nominated for
the place An effort It Is said has boon made
to drop Mr Wood and it only failed through
the powerful interposition ot the Itov Dr Tsl
Mr Woods popularity It seems has been on
the wane since the new Tabernacle building
enernrUo was started and his alleged at
tempt to run the entire concern himself es
I pecially during Dr Talmagos trip to the Holy
Land has proved not only displeasing to soma
I of his fellow trustees but to many members of
the society Henator Illrketts nomination as
a trustee wax l roiight > about In opposition to
the wishes of Mr Wood whose objection to the
Senator It is understood arose from his
activity as a Itepubllean politician
Dr Harrison A Tucker President ot the
Board of Trustees sold lost night that there
I were name persons In the society who were
trying to stir up strife and defeat If possible
the reflection or Mr Wood but he baa no Idea
that they would succeed Mr Wood is objec
tionable to them because be has followed the
proper course and asked them to settle their
accounts with the church The people who
are raising all the fuss Dr Tucker says have
never contributed a dollar Trustee Alexander
McLean said that Mr Wood was a good man
a very cood man but at the same time that no
man was big enough to run the Tabernacle by
Thirteen lithe la Front or the City or Now
York by Thursday Mommy
The Teptonlo Is ahead That la the report
of Capt Heblch ot the Tformannta which ar
rived yesterday She passed the racers on
Thursday morning about 450 miles from Bandy
Book Tney were Invisible to each other but
plainly visible to Oapt Ilebloh and his passen
gers who passed between them When the
Normannia was abeam of the Teutonic the lat
ter was night miles to the north About nine
miles to the south and nearly thirteen miles
astern of the Teutonic wai the Citvof New
York There was strong westerly gale which
helped the racer Cant Heblchs report
shows that the Teutonic was about sev
enteen miles to the north and thirteen miles
ahead of the City of New York The Teutonic
is for the first time burning Iocahontas coal
which has it Is I said helped the Majestic in her
trips eastward
A Now Tork llanofaetory to Move to Bal
BALTHIOHK Oct 17The entire plant of the
RyanMcDonald Manufacturing Company of
Waterloo N Y will soon be transferred to
Curtis Bay adjoining the South Baltimore Car
Works Mr McDonald said that the reason
for moving the works was the fact that his
firm as one of the contractors for the building
of tho Bolt Railroad was compelled to buy
every tool required and lost the profit they
could cove by making thorn They van also
obtain coal here at twothirds ot the price paid
Et Waterloo and line oak timber can bo had
ere for 117 which costs 28 to 12 uD in New
York The company will put up a building 70
by 350 foot and employ from 1UO to 160 men in
the manufacture of contractors supplies
hoistIng machinery contractors cars of all
descriptions derricks and light locomotives
rat Hboeoy Wanted I Msratoga
Fat Sbeady who was Indicted by the Sarato
ga county Grand Jury on Wednesday for
maintaining a gambling house at tlorrtaseys
old stand now called the Chicago Club House
was arrested In this city on a bench warrant
from Saratoga county yesterday afternoon by
Detectives Prink and Martin lie was arraign
d at Jefferson Market Court and It is sup
posed was sent to Saratoga last night
A tftoy for UeOoeieejal
Charles Brooke counsel for Dr Moflonegal
obtained yesterday from Judge Ilarrutt a star
until Tuesday when counsel will move for a
new trial McQonccal Is under sentence to
luurteau rears at bard labor for klllinie Anal
Uoodwln uy malpractice
Uao Peach to Bash Tkoaenael Tree
A Cumberland county New Jersey peach
rower rented his orchard of ten thousand
trees to Ihlnras Mines on tboret line bas
< srntd his landlord with uoebalf the crop
Tin peacbai thus story Is was thee emlr
Waal for Mae l > e > IUe Jnellee
Acoujmltue of elllwus banded by Samuel
H loader tailed on Ms > orJrnut yesterday in
Ulmlf Coroner Kerdlnitnd Levy > whose they
want appointed Joie Juvtlcit Tlty Mayur
Informed the committee that to uuW wait
DO appointment until sifter elecilvu
Hl4W1 ptou ru JlLOIt4YIL
A5154tu CSR a WUS at Admiral I tu4iaw Caae I
M > I yes dreegid sO lap ltiut rs4it at
U JTU J yatad7
TU traw tu ris Ibe wenuere tt ibe litu s4 uel
laetliuu juuiDi4 miss If a a uea Htaaiviir wla eu
tltuititf aileruwp fit use was burl
chill iieaglaud i l f ssis Ut w v ua4 rock N I
atiateuisf cii Ue IfUl aller rest wee SWells
Z uib Fltluiflt i 7 if Hbs4a ulf bl ly kxiiif
iusws tress a Ireljitl tu
Ae ksSii if dpait ejeillel4 n4 r ike tee
Of > Beuuell Jiit irll nil S II at i A M y l > i
oar levilr aballarleg lie limit vt IL tluae Cut mist
tititiuit Injuring ant uteuiUr 54 ibe lawli Vvbiuti
14 5 hess aumulf
rnAvs fUN CEVAPA nunaAwa flJIPLI
TVa Wilt FleM Take Nolle that Ur
Porter Ceases In dotMC to HIM Bight
or WrOB mind If We Out Aaytklmn
More to M ay Wed Better Ont with It
Ml kt Quick for they Wont 17nlt Loaa
WinniNrmw Oct 17Tbo letter ot Mayor
Grant to the Superintendent ot the Census de
manding a recount of Now York was received
today by Acting Superintendent Child After
I reading It Mr CUIIds dictated to his stenogra
pher the following reply which was walled
this afternoon
I Dun MR Yours of the 10th inst his been received
min4ni flit the reJril antherltlci make an seas
rats numeration of all the Inhabitant ot the ally ot
NrwTork Touitatthatttappari from theenimer
stirs tsmeo by the pollen force under the enpirrMon 1
ot jtourMlf and a representative eeleeted by me that
there art many Inhabitant of the city ot New York 4
who wr not return I by the Iederat cental There
hM ben no representative itleoteil by me to supervise t
time enumeration taken by your petite force U Is
proper that any uUapprehrnMon on your part ant
I the effect ot your statement should be I
corrected without delay lest It ralxht be deemed there
from lust lId Bureau was In any way reiponitble fir
or bound br the enumeration you mention
The rlihtot the people of V w York to be eennted
accurately and have rpreienlatlD In Conireu and t
In the electoral College proportionate to their popula
tion has not been iltputed and need 10 uiertlon to
nave It acknowledged Your demand for an accurate i
I enumeration of the Inhabitants ot the city of New Tork
It I without the support ot any faota officially known to
this orDoe and will ba oonildend only when a can It
preitnttd In due form anil that wilt then bo
dec ded upon Its merIt You will please under
stand that this Bureau has entire confidence la
tlie enumeration tt has made ot tht Inhabitants of the
elty ot New York and will adhere to the earns until
convinced by proper proofs duly presented that the
same Is erroneous and to a degree that demands a ro
enumeration under the statute In such ease made and
provided Yon will please further take notloe that the A
work of the census by the National authorities has pro
ceeded to far that the result of the enumeration ot the
population will be probably announced within a few l
days and that no great delay will mit allowed yon la
pressntlns your cat and the evidence yon may have
to support it Yours respectfully A P CBILOS
Acting Superintendent of Cental t
It will bo seen from the above that as Tun
SUNS Washington correspondent has from the
first predicted the acting superintendent re
fuses no doubt under Inspiration from higher
ofllclftlu to do anything toward ordering a re j
count of New York until all the police schedule
have been sent bore to be pigeonholed and
subjected to the system of red tapelsm which
an Administration opposed to giving New York
a fair count knows so well bow to employ
The National Democrat of this city In Its
Issue ot tomorrow will say that an Investigation
tion of the proceedings of the Census Offloo
will bo made by Congress next December
based upon many suspicious facts and cir
cumstances which have cropped out lately f
The Democrat specifies several cases of ap
parent favoritism and Improper trafficking ot
various sorts in the ofilco It charges that 1
hundreds of places have been farmed out for k
a money consideration that the electrical
machines contracted for by Superintendent
Porter have been found usoloss in many cases
and that the contract was given to a relative
I of Porters who In return entertained some ot 3
the higher census officers at a grand blow j
out at Glen Echo not lone ago 7
The Weather
The storm that waa la Illinois and HlchUan ea
Ttmrtday monitor aliened neat energy that night
and swept across the lake redone to the tlauaohnaetta
coast where It was central yesterday with a aeoood
storm ot sushi merry In the 8t Lawrence valley
Heavy rain f eU In the aooth and middle Atlaatlo States
la the early mornIng bat cleared off rapidly on aeeoanl
ot the velocity which the storm Dad attained II con
tinued to rain In aorthern New York the New Bnjltod
Elates and Canada with severe tales all about th
coast from North Carolina Nova Scotia the velocities 4
varying between thirtyfive and sixty milts aa hoar
In this city the maximum velocity was forty two miles
an hour The storm was passing eastward and la likely t
to cross the path oC Incoming vessels
Fair weather prevailed In all parts of the country
welt and south of New York except In northwest
British Colombia where It wae enowlnf
It was colder ID all parts of the country with tem C
peratures below treeilnr west of the Mississippi sad
killIng frosts In southern luiaols Kllllni frost ar
likely to occur this rnornlne In the tobacoo redone sad
In northern New York and the region of the lakea
The weather In this city yesterday was fair I hJfhtt
Government temperature 08 lowest SI averaie J
humidity 53 per cent wind northwest arerajre veloc
ity it miles an hour total rainfall 125 Inchea 7
Today and tomorrow promlte to be eolder and fair
The thermometer at Perrys pharmacy In TaaBaeT
tmlldlnz recorded the temoeratura yesterday aa fel
ISfta IBMB80 lws 1880
SJLM 00 B80 p U ao S
9All 60 00
its W e2 U JJld ac
SIOHIL omc roaicisr TILL 8 r K ainruir I
rer Ibe Dlttrlotof Columbia Maryland and Virgin
fair weathers wetttrly wInds tllghtly warmer
For eastern Pennsylvania Sew Jersey and Delaware
sllfhtly warmer fair weather westerly wlndt
ibm seaSint Nn Ton iliiMtn mmur fur maouri
waurif winto
tot Massachusetts Rhode lalaad and Connecticut
fair weathers westerly winds warmer by Budar
For Maine New Hampshire and Vermont fair
weather diminishing nortawssterly winds warmer by
moSsy morning
for western New York slightly warmer air weather
westerly winds
ror western Pennsylvania Ohio and West Virginia
fair waatber touibwesurly winds a slight rise la tem
Judge Ingrabam bas granted aa absolute divorce tu
Jotieno Knots frou Mary Knnax
Collector Krbardl rssleraay appointed John U Barf
and W Illlam a Bleat customs lusixctore at ft a day
odge Uarrelt has denied the application or Un Joha
r ritiinmtr fur tbe appolatmeot ol a receiver ot bet J
Ctttband personal ceiaw I I
Jamae Decal 97 years oil while at work ea Uadlton
aveous and Twsniyltilrd sirtet yetterdar was killed
by bricks aUlog on hire fruw tbe boltdlug next dotr
klgmual Kpltxer waa e guetl at tbe fIfth Avenue
Hotel u July and Select IMKI sod sips thai a suit of
clothet wae stolen Irvia bis room Heated ud gets
verdict el ro
Ulllan MaiwelL time aotreae aeeuael of assaulting
AtuesMaheref ISO bast Mliieentb etrect eo Bepu tf
was bald tat trial In ssju liaula tbe VerkviUe folJie
Court yesterday
Samuel neatacb palil UK Hae before Judge Besedlel
In toe LllleJ ktaus Circuit lush yesterday fur violaS
lug ile feaeral sistine requiring uaufees eblvped ea
eleaiaers to be label m as sash
Demard It Joha Illtby a boek agent wsj tilt la
llase for trial at Jeneraou Market Lgurl yseurdar
clitrgeil wllbtUallug Mrs Ace Jl OComiell e po kti >
Let sostauuIegOO i la White ktufces t Alleu ater >
ruifaariBue 00 Tliureday
The four menUioli baby luau was found lying la the
rslibule of dl Urldiet i Lliurcli Kigbtb eueei sea
Avenue B oq Thyrs4sr er > uluir wan eel yesterday
from foUe Il a4 < iearlera nt UandaUe Ulead his
waif bad been dmatd with parxurlc
lltnntb Caavvbell TU rears oi < > or 0 > Beat Nlse
esutliairfel was liiaui asiA sunetale4 by l muulual
laggc in he menu Jtr It It Ibougbt tbs
ccidaumlit tenetS this Si cil slier l > ulUii It eaC
Ibe VKuau baJ Bsreil liuia bead autlue
Allcsntaor lutorpumtlou was lesuel at urUgOele 4
IlL ftflifltt U tUe yetee NalWt l t < uua Mu uaaio
tabs al dull ago a i rwa ul eitiHtlou ul agrUullltrfL
kurtleellural wliier4i aud i4ir l < ri > 4urliua et IiiO
Stat vl hiss Ti < e > iUJeOult triMuu
Ibe roruiitrs lull In Sue caa sit ibe rlnlats ky lie
eiuutluii In iLs fadif Ibe Uuwul reed wper
IttiHitj imuiiitf reriilci ibat lie Ifelre rietiai
sew ivllielr Jtatu tae a > l4eulelesUMiu fasie
ftt un srleeuee K stiver taftMteLaM ssWpulsg
say me
Ovine wilie IftrsateU fall kutlnesj ibeUarlcg e > ef
Ilia J < > iaill > er UUrva4 tut Ibe teoruif Seth A s
ljCIitiiit II l a ujlieie cutups cad 5a1g l I > las aU lie
tluivvillUH t > i > eeu 4swsi lees a sl ut < lees we
L telJenr naWi l al a laeaeilli tr 5Iliiy sad
tb J V ii Uce s34sr I e tu 5 l MI U Is tuuiftLtr
Ilitnliia legislature bu a1ciia4 a oaoluuea vev 0
idit Ill f fuiultut Iv lat tt ll4gd csvfeptle i
In i erulu UK It 55 I iB > lui il en I lit l rariiiu dil
I IM ir It r u tviHitlutui u4 Ivi dliiOtef IVCAM
t In 54 ui w i iluii ii von a 115 vl titirfututul 0
I I is tut k lj ivoiwllteet tv IasII 1 llLeb4l
U Vii
laii et ipmiu 7 pests ii 4 a sat smitey4 pp
lerit S a i 4ui4laQiaf 5 bela thauigbks at
od I al I iilSili IleI usa ilttbi4 afIseieuii
P spiL tifli l7 C C OP yutI51 PIj

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