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iIRL w JuiflLiPJ
n nrotbarhood Held Mtlag an4
TireUea to Ak for ltprntlllT Ru
I 111I8 CoIaeerld l t Addlie und
i A O Hii tdlBi Bhke Ilnnda lor tha
I Flrat TImtImportuftt llacllnc Trduy
DnrlnR the next fortytlaht boars the dl n
trou base ball war will undoubtedly bo net
I tled one way or the other Thoro are clique
la Try Urothorliocxl city compotod of players
cartaln nevripapor writers and friends of the
I jdsTeriwhoaretrylnato forestall consolidation
> end those
I but the band wrltlnu In i on the wall
SD8D who are endeavoring to preTtnt a reoon
collation will bo beaten Just na sure OB the nun
i 8 ant Beta Tat was the fooling among a
Dumber of loading macnatoa and players
Vheriarera Loaeuo who were In the city ru
A special mootlnc of the Brotherhood wee
called for yesterday at the St James Hotel
and It was designed to bo ono of the most Im
portant In the history of tbo organization
It turned out to bo but
Qui BurorlslnRly 1
feeble effort upon the part of the once powerful
Brotherhood hut tlx clubs worn represented
4 and only a few onlookers For throo hours the
I delegates waited patiently for the nival of
T Arthur Irwin and Paul limllord the ropro
1 enlatlresof tho Boston nnd Cleveland clubs
and when It was discovered that the two men
I uouU not probably put In an nDpearancoPresl
t1 deut Ward decided shortly fitter 4 oclock to
F no on with the business with tho mon who
t were present In answer to Secretary Keefoa
roll call the following dolanatos responded
I ew York James Ollourlo IJrouklrnKdward
I Andrews 1blladelpbla Goorco Wood Chi
oaao Fred Pfoffor Pittsburgh Edward Han >
Ion Duffnlo James White Cincinnati of
course was not entitled to a representative
There was also In tho meetlne room luck
Ewlnc Rig lllll Drown Dnnny Richardson
plank Obey and probably two or throe other
looiil plaioiK
Who M > B < ion lasted just two bourn The del
ecutoa liLt not emerge from tho toasting like
elutol dil
men who bad emorlo benelU by thMr two
hour experience on tho othor hand ihuy pre
vented a rather mournful appearance TUE
BUN rep > rtur asked this man and that man regarding
garding the results of tbo meeting but they
looked a the news eatheror In complete won
f derment Tim Krolu said Oh we only did 1
little routine work Did wo elect olllcers or
t talk over this matter of n representative A the
y general centrum on Wednesday I Not a word
wan said about either Jim URonrko said
L there was nothing done lid Andrews replied
I that there was notlilncspodal llanlon merely
k phooK hU hiitil to the reporters inquiries But
r ward appeared to be mote communicative
k The lire thorhoods 1resltlent mild that they
t would certainly ask for a representation at the
E conference between tbe National nnd Players
t Leagues tonmrrow The matter he con
I tinued was freely dlscuhned nt the meeting
I and tomorrow morning when the Brother
t hood resumes Its session I have no doubt tbat
nn address will be prepared to bo presented to
the Central lioani of Directors of tbe Players
League asklnu that a player b added to the
k contorence I cannot 800 what objection there
I should be ma le t a player bolne on the Con
i t ference Committee Tb m matter of consolida
tion certainly ntleola thoe player who o
f financially Interested In tbe several clubs I
t EaTO some S3800 lueBted In the Brooklyn
I Club and 1 would like to have sOme Bay as to
t What shall beonme of that money
A short time before tbo Brotherhood meeting
adjourned Col MeAl pIn E B Taleott Secre
tary Itobineon and President Addison of the
ChicagoCiub entered tbe hotel but their visit
t L a quite brief and tboy did not meet any of
u the players
I I Probably the most Important event of the
day was tbo moatlntr between A O Braiding
I and President Addison the rival ChKaao
I magnates It was the first time upon an
t tsBethat thc two gentlemen bad met and
their greetings were very friendly The meeting
r was arranend by YlcePrestdeut Taleott and
tbo Introduction took place In Bpaldlnc
f Brothers private office on llroadway Presi
dent Adduon Is a man of very ploaslnc man
ners and he Impressed everybody who mot
film with the Idea that he would act fairly with
4 every one In their offorta to restore harmony
I c In a talk with a SUN reporter President Addl
7 on std If anybody can present to me a
I logical proposition from which there can b
I deduced a way to consolidate the two leagues
successfully I will be only too ready t stop
forward and elvo my sanction t such I
I l scheme I would like to BOO the presenUChlcaco
I team remain intact I Is certainly a great
aaaregatlou of l > ae boll players nnd I would
dislike to coo them separated Wo have lost
t M eome money of course but very little 1 a
Bare you The salary list is not A large as
f many people suppose It Is about 40000 1
Would also like to see tbe National anu Piny
i rl League remain In existence hut an I said
Ii before I a successful consolidation of the two
t would be for the Interest of base bal I would
Interpose no objection President Addison
will be tho guest of CoL McAlpIn during his
4 Btny In the city
t Col MaAlpIn expressed himself very freely
I Bo said he was at a loss to understand why the
fr players rnpoits wore true should oppose
any plan whereby 1 reconciliation could be
f effected Wo have always treated them
w nicely and we dont pronoun that thtlr inter
ests chnll be overlooked But if they think
t that Mr Talcott Mr Robinson I myHclf can
Lot tranFR t tlim business to the utmost satis
faction mistaken of all why then I say they are greatly
I 4 Another Players League magnate said ho
f had crown very tired of the way the players
I bad been tttinir I nave beun at tbe point
t eevernl Ime I recently said he of expros
lag mycelr nnd I know 1 I did It would create
0 1 quite a hubbub among them I may do It yet
at tho meeting tomorrow
it A TIT prominent National League official
I I I laid to TTIK HUN reporter that 1 tbe capitalists
were allowed to iettlo this miittornmougthem
F aelves there will certainly bo peace once moro
I t But one thing I will say and I think I echo
the HnntlinontROf not only my own Immediate
I collrnuue bit of the Playcis1 Loaeun officials
us well that thorn will bs no player ad
mitted into tbe conference In any cat acltv
I tomorrow I nit H I rolllvc Tbo National
League Is oertnluly a unit on this point
At 111 nclicU this morning the Brotherhood
will lemsombont the Hi Jnrnn Hole und at
poon the Central Board of Director of tho
flayer Unaiie 1 hold a regular meeting at
the Mfth A en no Hotel On Wednuodny tbe
Matlonnl I iiaini anti the Conference Corpmll
leo ol tbn Nltinnal and Platers Leagues will
La beld itt the Filth Avenue lintel w1
r t WA niNorox Opt 20 There Is I nothing to
I prevent club In tbo Ntttlonnl loaiu from re
serving cut I ulnyeru In their own rank tie
tjey mny desire auiil I roilont Voung hut
vuxriilng to tbo agreement mud oat tbe recent
t rnnlereuco no playom mm to foil lied or
I I glicniKl boloiulnu tu other clubs until titter the
r Sutli mat Ac < ordlng to our rotculHtlons play
era aru at liberty to ultfn oontruuls after the
Spill of October In each > ear but we extended
I I I the lime fur I few I lit > until wo could xtndd
alI what would bu the outcome of the con
I t Iur rnc
I At Neir York one thing has boon demon
S pirate i retty lenrly and thit IB I unle BOIIIB
jilunof comi > rnnile IN nuiced UPI tb na <
t tionitl Riiiiin will l rticlVH such u bel > back that It
I I will reiulre iiittiiy yeam 10 inn It Lack 111 It
I phoull be All hut lemaliiB lo be dono now Is I
t f carry out tlm ustulU m n plan nf t uiualuama
11111 wlilfli wii iboMiuiflily ils I < uia il nt our
p lilt conivrenea althouRh two or three il isy <
I niay 14 l ronmniil In niiilnit to nn uarmniout
Iar Ulrlonl
JiliDuM Iliorf bn a uoiotily for a stoilsi iii < < ui
I t tonal id NBtlouul l lAtiuuB 10 rallfv such an
I MirYomeiit I I uliall I Minolii I lu KiwYuiC h until
Mtryihinu u mtl fuit rly tilml lOU Inll
r 4I1IUe viBtroi JitiJiliinis point to a Iisrruo
t I oui itatliKiluu and udlutujnt l of lIrlO
I I titthIvUltis 1
Tb Uw Hiull U I a Tit
ArmL lttlsuHit III 10 lir wai itielirid e
lii ci Its tut ul ilit ilftilli 1 liuln Hnlioui irn
4Bi < 1 aa4 tie wi Russ uul IH IU fvvrlli Inning
II was a rust giui llaiu t > if luUu lu cud Tb seen >
i liKliriiia IHKIIIII
a I t p
fpr Ift I auiro I il o lallln 14 b C
I W KJlllHJ II I 4 U llhllin a f i f I l li 1 I I
I t 555Sf r 1 n 0 I I I I jlurin II I I I 1 I u
> eiink i ip4L J 1 I I Nil i 1 Q
ew VM r 1 t 1 1 w v t esis si Ii I i ii
liuiUi 4lZ f I I Pun 1 p I U I I
I ily i II t qLJJisI 1 l I I CCII
Ul d U 1 I j I L h CtI4I C C 0 t
i r5 U 2 I Iiiiiosfoenl i
Ir I
I I I U ov
U 1 I II >
y4la i Hi I
ulnl 1 0 I I 0 J 1
Vle4iH I 0 I I J U f
ya 1 d CiILsViIii t wa h hits We4V
tlII Teach DitcheS I t f tw ss Ir teil
plellil iFiii IllS l 1 1iIrii4 IIfiIi
I t1 iN IIU ls4gJ Ia ChillS rI Cit 511411 I
PM i IsJi 8v I 1 t 111 5 uek 4154
11p 54515 I I limP ei IeSIaLIk 4
I 1 I ul rl tl lPk
lf ilM Api M U Mall rink
W unV UI XiU IllS 41 M UeMrtJ Term
flll eaiia ai 4flsei ISs piskeI
L Cerisiiiisa ul I r4111 1 ajaii IU Mul >
hues Utlil M 111 Club fiesl4iIt Ib < aa rr
r 1 lust TkuU sill ff 4ai f fle141s4 I ti lltlmlt
I vfai 1105511 WeR l ty S ball Iu Ihe lee 1ll gr sdi
V dssia si f4lIIII I I e IIoUl UI It tlaTuiua Ik
4 t54s iaueI4 11 Ui ptiliL Ml t4ik 4141 1k
515414511114i11ttlL4tiMl I Is C Uii > f it tr0vai
ass eli u14 Io w h Le 54 5e5I Ilia
ftCviirt owl Ii 11 0 v IU
SshW II UI taIu tti MM 11
tan tAtrono aAiausM XJfUrc1U1o
Im Merry bat Onal new It CtI ba
ATOM says Mr CernUb
BoftTOH Get 20If the Boston Athietlo As
sociation over promulgate another Interns
tlonal athletic meeting It II I safe to say th
Balford Harriers of Manchester England will I
not be competitors Tho team of British cham
pion left tbe Hub to a man disgusted with
Boston athletes and particularly with the Hoi
ton Athletic Club men Tho manager Url
II Ilardwick elves this version of tbo trouble I
Neither In England nor America did wo re I
ceive such treatment a wa accorded us hero I
After the hearty reception of Detroit and But
falo gentlemen we wero 111 prepared for the
frost wo struck bore From tbo hour of our ar
rival not a slniclo not of courtesy ha been
shown us by the Athietlo Association men I
wired Mr II IcI Cornish tho time wa would
arrive but not a soul met us at tho depot Mr
Cornish told me by way of explanation whoa I
alluded to that fact tbat it was just as well ha
didnt go na ho would surely have gone to the
wrong depot Having seen considerable of
him I dont doubt that he would But to con
tinuo In my recital of facts After dinner at
the hotel we tot out for the athletic club
and after many Inquiries found it
Wo stood In the vestibule like n lot sheep
awaiting tho pleasure of his hlshncss Cornish
for twuutyIUo minutes Then in a surly way
we wore asked If wed like to eoo tho olub
houto Nicholas and Morgan won disgusted
and loft The rest of us wero shown through In
porfunotlonary way and coldly dismissed at
the door Friday evening n e spent OB we best
Invited to tho club
knew how Ve werent
house nor did a llngle member visit us at tbo
otoL Now I dont want to be understood as
yearning for attention not at nilbut the best
people will show courtesy to the stranger
Only snobs Rill out him
Now let us come to the day of tho meeting
Nicholas and Morgan went Into tbo drafting
room to get ready for Ihs lUOyard trials They
occupied a couple of chairs which they found
empty and were dlsrobmcr when two athletes
wearing tbo yellow and black of the lloston
Athletic Association entered and curtly or
dered them to vacate the chairs Our
boys were ot courso astounded and re
plied tbat they were dressing for thA
games Well those are our chairs said
one of tho local men I If you want to dross sit
on the floor Morgan and Nicholas both ro
Btimed their street attire and coming nut told
me they wouldnt compete I adv sed them
for the honor of their club to overlook the In
sults nnd got ready They consented and
found a place to dross They went to tbo
starting point ton minutes before the men
wore sent away in the trials of the 100 yards
but wero ordered to quit tho grounds as they
had not been present when their names wore
oalled bo they didnt start With scarcely
much as good night the Boston men left us on
tbe grounds to find our way to the hotel aa
best wo might
Its all ancient history now but Im sorry to
be forced to tell such a story of tho city which
reminded us most of home and whore we an
ticipated such pleasant times The Harriers
may come to America again but unless on the
ln llatton of some club other than the Boston
Athletic Association theyll never visit Boston
Several members of the athletic club when
spoken to about the complaints of the Harrier
expressed themselves very forcibly against
the management of tho games and tbe recec
tlon of the visitors 1 dont ham the
harriers In the least i said one gentleman
Their treatment hero was simply outra
geous Not the slightest courtesy was shown
them either by the prominent members or the
paid instructors of tbe club Ihe re
flects anything hut credit on the B A A It
was mismanaged from start to finish The
running track were not roped off and serious
accidents were narrowly avoided and what
might have been a most successful meeting
resulted In a very mediocre affair Why the
Harriers were treated so shabbily 1 cannot Im
agine unless snobbish members the club
were impressed by the stories floating about
of the bumble calling of the men in Lngland
Whatever their calling nobody who met and
talked with them bere will deny that they were
gentlemanly iu appearance in manner and
action heir treatment here will forever cast
a stigma on the fair name of Boston and her
athletic club
li H Cornish was Been this morning and ex
plained tbo clubs coolness as follows Why
the visitors ihould think they were not lion
ized sufficiently 1 can easily Imagine I Alter
leaving Detroit and buffalo where tboy were
made so much of they naturally expected to
be taken to the bosoms of the Boston men but
we are not built that way Every one knows
the peculiarity Boston people I cant ac
count for it Tho fact remains that they aro
rather backward In lormlng friendships
Hn far as sbowlngdloourtesy is concerned I
dont agrcee with the Enullihmeu When they
came to the flub they were taken In by myself
and shown through as very Invited guest is
Messrs Morgan and Nicholas did not wait
until I found it possible to greet wai
didnt go to the train to moet them because I
positively didnt have time I spent the morn
ing ot Wednesday watching the trains And
expected them titer having written that they
would get In The committee sent them Invi
tations collectively and indlvlduallyttovUlt the
club house and their names were written la
the club register giving Warn the privileges of
the house for n week More than that was
never don for any visiting athletics
The troublo In the dressing room was
a slight matter and naturally where 150 ath
loteB am together lsltors and others must ox
peat a little iriction and each has to do a little
bustling for himself Its rather peculiar tbat
the same two mn should have dlQkultlos at
the grounds who showed sulkiness at the club
house They were not allowed to start wben
they got out on the groundsand theyshouldnt
have expected such permission The prelimi
nary trial had been run and Itvaufd havo
been an Infringement of the rules had they
been allowed to run Even as it was the ref
eree was willing to let them run but tho oilier
Bprlntire objected and that settled it Im
sorry that the visitors should think they wero
InnuHod hut I cant Bee where It oould bare
been avoided
TrI Clmraplonnhlpa of tbe World
The lawn tunis champions of the world for 1880 art
U folluwi
Champion W J Hamilton
Lady hempton Mm Hie
Ihmijlei Champloni J Ilm and f O Stoker
Ladid Uoutiln Cham1 Mlu M Bteedman and VlK
plan o I H Hieedman
Ladlei and Gentlemen I J Baldwin and Miss K
Donblee i hatnplone I IIIIL
Covered Iourt Cnamiln B vr Lewis
Covireil Court Laily Cham
pion IllnJaoki
Covered ronrt Double l II H horlvener and O W
Champions I Jner
Champion It W Lewi
Lady Champion Mill Martin
Dooblai haniploni J Ilm and y 0 Stoker
1 L Uoubiei Cham1 I I thus Martin sod Miss Bum
plona f mil
Ladlri and Olntltmenii 11II ij Chaylor and all I
Double Champion t Martin
Champion 14811 Drown
Lailr i harnploa II Jackson
IJoubUi Champion fc de II il Urown and 0
Champion W J llamllUn
Champion Ladv Champion Mini O i 8 E Campbell C 3 TtooiTllt
Uonbiei cbamploni V u Hall and U lio tart
null 111
rbaraplun Il Web ii
lalr i hainploq Mill Mayu
liouulei Lliainulgnl W J I JUttttt ind
lOuruu usd0 I
Cbaunlun II linen
OliDflr from lit lln 1bll Coon
Join foggf ni let heavy W Illltui will play thlr tInt
nrlei or lames lu lbe asahI for V > l al Cotirimy
Kvulli HmoUm count Melts lull are lu rlw > ondl
lion CIII a Slits itrufgl ouylu iu ie lb roil
bide slid yuluu I Hi imiiurul Uruoilru pilr are
soils u > ly I the Ipiulird anil tiiibosly hem tat
liuiut luawli IC Sit Itiiit
Juliii Mihrvy lh Uallprupliy Iftl li I ciiiMerig
In illailir lIt ukluf urtieu cig ut sue ltflul
lbe lei iitk usd1
0111 ad rlir 45eiiy dosib IiteutiW
JuuWPlTfeWjlJMllilllEF 1 In 4 S like
41145411 oViS I 1i4 i iagt Uuiiluot
110 5115411 4 an5e lIat f y SUJ t Hop Hey I ls
U4a eeIkai Isosi O 5 II at 4 lit 1 111111 Pjuaegi
put I tu I uuimutui VIM Il ut iisoy eoe tel
p lIly w s I II It ieii
Billy i cUnlltIV Lgiri lit 1 u I tt IOI S Sited f UIII
luytf Juuti I4iuuti slid 11 liu iei ey fur 511411 jd
ftii mtiJtului tn4 ittuif Injiiii Jr uiat4 I I a
mill Ii arlib f uvliiu SlId limn Mluibilii lelotIdsy
cud 4ilttlii ICiui Ib uiil t Iu iu Ibri gui
die > flail NI
Ar v SiSHl > l Sadsi ul ii isil 4lt
Isp 5 dlef U lie 4 III WH 1 1111I11
fr iie5sc ties I
Nit < uUu Ik aid iutuiii wlU U 51 lt < s
f lvnalUuitf uiitllw luluCnilv tuiuik SIts lii
wliif Cl ISNtII1I4II ksbig e 455114 II UIC CCC 54
II h teIilwII1 1 ir fikan Uu iiuintlr II Ww
tail Sis 4 II C Mutt J r < iU ilntfiu ifil111
UteI aI 14115 MIICI f isAie IIU llH I I
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l le14 IIIIII l lglwr IllS Itftn Ieg v r Iai4l4
A4dlso ii Ste dkIfe t IP I i Isa IIsIIII beua I
VI45I44I4 fltI tin P4eIeIV lt4k5eess4i t I
SC rwe If I I r a lull f t uimutlntuti t > lut
IU4IIUUI hOISt fltlllJtl tiltliuuH tlilllluu
i ullill liceid lilt I II Pea is tows ul sea 51441 rttnmi
I ill Utltll IUH
Slllsle 414k i7ta iCkCel 11M II leelui
5l4 Jlalll lllleiif Citguti M1HIJVft Ie
I Ifitl 445tlI l 4 rluie pcudlsg yf 44j5l
I I nutt4 tHUfll ul lit sikiii5tg r a a t TrI
I IC5bIC 5 diUd Iaiio41l 1 Lr
Si rI e4l1to 0 I ei < a tutu aM rir I
Ili4e wurtriel 7fcf uil r u owor katovatel
l < ailir lkr v i > viil lit intieel oTjluJaaialle ir
tuunuuiut AII til vlker l ese bvl iea Ultg
I l > r > Mk J Ilit 4411445 tut Inittliff rut Ses relIes
I suagtlsuekisilds Jels tUaie II
wIL I A lIre IIt laset It5
IlJr1a IlJ1w its II III a
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aa4 Lt atL 11I1
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avery avallW pet peD the baBdaem ntw btwltajc
alltysettk blephantUsb heor BroeMyn wa eeea
plel last emntog to WitrieN the cpenlnf uIe of the
Camtbtn l UBm l Oapt Tutor rotxa the ant
ball ant eeL Bellar made ike STIR strike W Taylor
the Oral star Milt of IIID Echo Ike nn breaV sat
foil and W Nil th > Scat dnbl header upon the new
allera The aril Rain was close and eitlUDg the M4I
lIOn taking the lead from the Bcboi tn the ninth tram
and wincing by only IWO rlnl In the a eoai game tb
Vasnosa Echo team net te be attiC eotdoa pot ne a
arm eama beating the FlosseS Boat Club team with
eomparaUT cue The Stonier
nut out
iDIIOK coo
layers 1 unseen ruttnBCIO acm
Tar 8 o 1 itS Bllre 5 1 IT
mil u i a T III MIL i a t a jjs
robl 1 S 4 lYe Cortl B 4 B taP
Lea B a a jus 5 Divot r 8 a 6 I
Elliott B 4 I KB rIl 0 4 4 1 t
TOItaii ii iT UO Tetalsle 1915 B24
Madison87 171 944 Stt 4111 4TJ S7 eli 7SI RW
Boho BU 173 143 BSB 414 48U 687 111 717 SU4
lmplreJ I LooDiberry ooreraJ It Oarlook
and Ib Louniberry
caress ana
ro rtoinia
s fl S Starr A 1 A Aror
ttn 02 7 I lW I Swats v C 4 lt
Mile a a 3 HardingI 8 u US
McDonald a 1 ISO Tandrion 4 8 180
t 11g
tiavol 1 5 0 197 Shaper I 1 8 lOS
Fell S 3 ft 141 Zatii 0 a 7 ItO
Total12 X IU 841 Total7 IS SO 013
Echo 77 tIll J40 337 4IS 4BO B77 614 7BO 54
lieOiST71 120 1D4 J30 808 571 4SO 4U3 MM Oil
Umplr J O Mlchalt Bcor rlA Kuhn and T
flefoilowiugisthersault of the third wMklrprio
lies omtotunr Ilowlinr Olnb bowld lut nliht en
blr alleys In IbTaD U CourtbnUdlnc Weil for IT
ansi struts
ora1llo I I 5555 no z
US O or I II A 4 storr
Clarlt8 S 4 1S7 IttlltM 2 4 4 154
Brown 4 4 2 IBJ J It 1111 5 a 1W1
carlr1 B 1 178 Dar 3 8 5 tea
CarrolL 3 a 4 IteWenta3 1 0 I3H
atIiSOli9 a 4 icolfaronr 3 5 a 140
f T Luqnicr 4 It UlBtnrm 3 3 B 184
WlHon 2 I 7 lit Thompson2 8 1 141
v rack i a 7 loe W Fsck t 3 B itS
OllaberO LI 111 ftuu U MM 1116
Total 188141 1004
dreaD aim
tuit no t run no JA
SS HSmrt A KBoert
CortisC a 2 178 I Baltard 4 8 a IPO
Brown I 4 S 140 E It luckS 3 9 149
Crlot11 a 3 174 Dr I T J lOS
Crroll11 4 3 1 1 WenU I 3 7 110
Taltelon 385 tltU8arolly1I 8 4 14 < >
W J rcko 6 A ISO monipsea0 5 a 187
Wilcox0 1 0 IOu OafishI 4 B 133
JIIetl 3 7 1111
1111TOIIII18 26 31 1024
TooJla 28 88 1147
Ti Thise Cs Bowllnr Club rolla three i odKam > i
on Ihlr alltyi IJU7 ColumbuS atnuti on their Last
snaetloff clffbt Tbvicoroi
nUt ami
Kani 8IdEao M TlalL 13S Smith 109 Tog
bilL 111 Uowr 134 TeuL Mo
Honwaferi Kid Rchwanr ira Walker Ms run
airy 3i Mlokltwood aj fiaokot OS miss ftoa
tttn 8IdEao 101 Tlall JB2 Smith 15S Tog
bilL w3t I rowr ISO Total M > 3
HebwaMr1 Hl0 Bcbwai r 1M Walker 143 naa
airy 119 Ulcklwood 80 Backua 07 Total col
Tnian COIL
Kanai SldeKao 1I3 Vtall123 1 SmIth 170 roc
bill 871 Mower lKt Total CLII
fchwa riflcl8otiwarr I4li Walkr loll FaG
airy 112 MlekUwood 76 Backut 1UX Total S3CL
Th It Albaiu nowllni Club roPed thi following
ram last night on their allara In lbs Tannla Court
balldlnc 313 Wait renlystnst airMt
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hiss OoksCS Barren Ill MUa rrlbollaM Total aM
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Total 78U
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Jan 19 Centarra AlalanUa
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Feb 10 Pleeeurei Aialantaa
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March 2 IndependenU Ataianlai
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March 4 olunleeri Independent
March B Pin tolbuImounl
March V Pleaiurea Vulunteere
March Dtadpudate Falrmonnt
March March k Volunteer Atalanta Centurre Pin Kufchla
March la Pleaiurn Fatrmount
March Id CnttirIndesendinhl
March IB talrmounti wllIIuIU
Mareb ID Pin olcbUVuluulr
March 2OlaaOl Pleainrei
larch 23 Century Pin Knights
MarcIa 23 Independent Piiwurea
March 28 VatineuotstenteryL
March 33 Volunleiri AtaUBU
n bowling eiaaon 1110 ID earnest tn this city DD
Tburad nIght when wolyoar of lb euougest
elut will goirgregale at the spartan hoses III oomPO
10 Ih annual 1tmD teem hadDlo is m ISoDCh of
lie 155015 ba bD aaseed Ito as itrance to fyom
wileS lb toltiviui prisos will i 5 OtetrIbulsOt Cisb
yeltisliral 011 111 aeCUOd49 thitd r fourth 10
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rscond and thIrd 55 I Garlh and arts Si eacb IIh
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Cash dill drew nmbsra Iii Wbtctt rahk shey wilt 1rfl
loOr clubl will rPlt sch lioy IIIb following Dr4ltl
eta 10 7 ottorkNeUit Morris lisZt DaIs OID4I
110 S and Olodt 110 A
Keru loMoclooklpirUn Mo I Boitaal Wo I At
Jauta and Orchard
altr i to dJ o eiiiik prlan Ma 3 Fifth Ward No I
Itoasdale 0 S slid Eldella
thus lIlIrj 5 ogiokKIl I JmbO loz ruth Ward
Omae tedpsoietJgmba Iii I
Tease It uakekJoli7 P11th Wr4 lie I Vcr
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and If tn l ibiy will I tike up tb Mir end tf lit
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loIIt M < ItJI wiltw I IMi I ° tunit lli tudll l
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Tb AmifUui Club U HUB lo riivi rill ofn Itto
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tVlM UiUUmnl tftU HrrlnUt U tPtturtPf
wre I
The VAN HOUTENS process renders their cocoa easy of
digestion and develops in the highest degree its delicious
nroma It is an excellent fleshformer fifty per cent greater
than the best of other cocoas
IIr VAN ItOUTENS COOOA ono tried always nd lilAeofVml I rraro nlnbl
Cocoa Revealed made mid patented In Ilollnnd nail II today better nnd
moro soluble thins May of Ihe numerous ImitatIons In cII It li I generillr nhniu
ted all over Earopa4 a eompU test will isoily proveth iioedlnJocnaequalithli
InTcntnri In aolublllty icreeabl taste and nutritive qnalltlea Larsnt lilt I la th
world Ask for Vart UOJITZII4ICPT1t1l NO otnEii M
If Ihcreedirinf Th Cun4witi t Ifl Iii I old told I
i 41
old silvr oidewelrr ait nnd H by mull irniri > l
pi WI will clii Ilitiu b third iiiliar riin rl l Id I
fur full nIj art HUUM I Ie dud In IdA i
ip poiiintiiitt QiooiIrJ
Lessons Private
Hull AOtlUU
Sttbtuid uiMiurii IN AUAadfl
Hilt jAiiii
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CUll t44il i M jf I V
NurnICn ZAttan CROWD AND aoua
Beekfoalter SleePy Mledther the 01 Osme
UnwIred by Bererasa Dc La my Teeter
dsyEanli BIOMOM Vbesapeake aa4
YPhlttao the Malastey 0 f I he TI
The bookmakers doing business at the
Elizabeth race track yesterday did not conduct
thlr pursuit of the nimble dollar In Quite as
much fear and trembling OB Iteformor Pot
De Lacey could hop for and although Peter
had Henry Strieker arrested In Jersey City at
1 oclock none of his henchmen attempted to
Invade tho unholy products of that sink hole
of depravity this being the latest title for tho
Nw Jersey Jockey Club course and racing
went on just tho same 11II before
Btedckor aocompanledith Sheriff to tire track
whore he was released on 100 bAIl Book
maker Bob Irving was on tho same boat as
De Lacy on the New Jersey Contra Itnllroad
FerrY and he gave Veto a most beautiful
dressing down to use tho words ot a listener
Irving told 110 Lacey that if he should spend
but ono hour in prison on his account he
would put rotor in such condition that pool
room horse rates and bookmakers would bo
a total blank De Lacey won discreetly silent
and dltappoared aa soon as the boat touched
tbo Communi paw landing The plan for you
terdciys campaign was to havo twentyfive
men armed with warrants at Communlpaw to
await the arrival ot the Incoming trains from
the track but they did not materialize and tho
bookies walked by In safety and camo over
the river
There wa another large attendanco at the
track and despite tho sloppy condition of tbo
track the racing won satisfactory fntor
its holding their own Early Blossom was a
topheavy favorite for the opening event and
outclassing her field two to one she won in a
Common gallop Cracksman carried tho bulk
of tbe money In the second but a straggling
start polled his chances and llaymond O
played heavily by Lakeland and his followers
won after a hard fight with Lemon Blossom
That gay deceiver Reporter wan plunged on
t > Vila tbe third event but Nevada carried him
along at such a clip that be sulked In tho borne
stretch and could not llnlsh better than third
Nevada winning with tbo outsider Yenceur
third It was anybodys race when a squad of
unruly twoyearolds answered the bell for the
fourth event Latina Hannibal and Ella T
being the most fancied The heretofoie dis
appointing Trellis colt won by a nose from
Ella with Latlna third so tbo talent wore
not ro far astray In their choice
Chesapeake wag n consistent favorite for tho
fourth event but plenty or money wont in on
Drizzle Miller who bad the mount on Driz
zle was warned tbat his riding of the coif
would be watched Cnesapeako was at nome
In tbo mud and won Quito handily with Gun
wad second and Woodcutter third Uunwad
made up a lot of ground while Drizzle ap
pealed to be badly Interfered with on the up
per turn The final race was an easy victory
for W bite nos a strong favorite with Cant
Tell the second choice In the titan
Moore who rodo Raymond Q was fined 25
for disobedience while at the post In the bee
end race
Stratagemgot the bostof tho start while the
favorite Eaily Blossom wan last to move
Btratagem made the running until half way
down the homestretch where Early lllonsom
came very strung and woq by three lengths
btrutagem beat the Ouildean Oily aster for the
Pun 1SOO for twoytarolda of which f71110 second
and 33 to third threequartan of a mile
J 11 UcCormlok b t Early llloiaom by Finance
Una I10tni > I
Houdh Droihera br a Stratagem HMMIIIer 3
B U Uarrlioni Ouildean Oily I HI Allen a
Frlaclila Zed Uula and Zander silo ran
Time I lt > W
foil Betting FIT to a on tanSy 1 Blossom aialnit
Stratagem 4 to II Ouildean Oily uto II Zed 12 to I
lame and Zendir each 14 to I Prliellla 20 to I
Lomon Blossom and Winona were the first
away to a poor Blurt Crack Im an the favorite
getting oft last and out of the race Lambley
bustloa Lemon Blossom along and hard
pressed by Monsoon and Ilaymon 1 u Abe
shoed tbe way until the final furlong pole
where Raymond Q came strong under the
whip and beat the mate out by half a length
Ganymede was third several lengths away
run feoo for thrryarold and upward fill to
second and fK > 10 third ihre anarten of a mile
W IikeleoJ I ob c Raymond 0 atl by holm I Mnon
55250055 1
W C l Jyib t Lemon Dloiiom 4 100 Lambley 1
hf PJ IoII
Santa Anita Etable 1 o Uanymed 4 I IV i I lait II
Monsoon Bush H Koonday Hanoi ncr Urenaillir
Prince Karl Crackiman and Ban Clocb also ran
lime 1 I7H
Post Belting I Agalnit Cracksman 7 to fit Rnymond
ogIM iJ
O atoll Lemon BioMom H to I Grenadier lu to l
Buila a iS I la I Uanymed 15 Itl I Monsoon Noon
day aen JO to I Knounce ban clootie eacUaotol
Prince Karl ui to 1
Nevada Vengour and Reporter wore the
leaders to a good start Sorrento last Net ada
and Importer made the running head rind
head for five furlongs when Mailstone moved
up and joined Issue Tbe three hud It very
lively until half way home when Vemjnur
cam with n rush and a whipping finish en
Buml Nevada llnnlly winning by half n length
while Yengeur beat Reporter two lengths for
the place
Free handicap pun of Pl of which 73 second
sad Rtt to ol thIrd mile I and aiixteenlh
Jnd I It Rikr oh m Veradv 6 by KegentMtil Ella
10 McUonalil I
Flckwtrk Btablbr o Veugeur 4 K0leckerj 3
11 W Vi throw t Cos br c lleooner f Ilu Tbomp
aon 3
llmiton Sorrento and mary also ran
Time 51l 1
Foil Betting Agalrut HeDonic e to 01 1 Waditone a
to It Nevada SU to li V curser ii to 1 Uorrinlo and
Glory ecu JO to I
TUB rounxn HACK
Rumpus Latlna and the Trellis colt wero
first away to a fair start Mophlnto bringing up
the rear llumpus made tbe running until
well squared nit ay for home whorl tho Trellis
colt Lotion and Ella T drew out A whip
ping finIsh lollowed and the Trellis colt won
by a nose from Ella T who beat Latlna a
length and a half for the place
PuruKKA for maiden twoviarolda I7 toaecoad
andJ to third flv furlong
WIieaiidsh bay colt by Kjrrl Daly Tralll M Co
Jn lieCormlckibr flsiiaT B3 flynn i
W B UcCnrmleki b I Latloa V7 tlilal ion II
Nlll P yion City Mllttle Uacrhtrton Hydra
Kumoua Hannibal 1 Naafllly Ella L Battle try Ketch
ala Will 11 Mepblitn and Ocrago lao ran
Tim 1A1334 >
Fo DttlngAgaln Itanrtba I 10 II Tgllle cots and
Ella T each H to II I NUI rrlon Oily Ktclium lly
dra eaob lu 10 It Mllatlea II I to It Flea fllly Hephlito
Stumps each aoiol I Oriigon autoii I W 11 u uto
10011 I ittle cry 60 10 It Bli L ala rbro filly each
me nrrn BACK
Al Farrow Chesapeake and Woodcutter got
the beet of the start The big California hud
tElngs all i hIs own way until tIle turn for borne
where Ohaap ke moved up and Bpeedfy set
fled Al Fariqiv oomluif on and winning hy a
length and a half from Ou wall who ramie up
a Olilltb ofgro nd In tIo last half mile Wood
Cutter was ulr third
run fAA of b f75 to iieoDd and IIS to tblrdi
00 otl
A J Jornir eh g Imipiaki a by ft lilalilu
tuihauu hid III 1
A J Mcoita b U iluuwai a U4 Clarion 3
J A lialehilori b 0 S VVnodcaiter 3 li Ibrl II
Al Escrow Oiiaranle vuituil Callus Brush
Drumittuk suit Louiln Jemi alec ran
Tim I 454
I Pllln41 CLassiest aau tnl I Vml
I 115 II I I until 554 to II I4uwad II 10 r I o Jenttr II
1 II trutnilirk IC to ii t1lA SO 50 I tl Canto
luliliS I JIdISA 50 t I eschl 1 tSasanlaa vv Itl
Hlv riioii huatltd Hemt away In front she n
the flag drsppid and ihowed the way until
atralBLT la dpttt for bou whet Jj wa
puuid bY WhItausq ltomi Calll Toil the t
flr urWIJlIII If 11404111 t r 157 lengths while t
CIIIII Jill I lJfat luw four length fur I e
Ii ICuI6o
ittwo tti tbrsVa4lde hId upward ITS u
assist tJiWIblrJ iillluc alluwauc 1 uut wile and
C iiSlSsIihll
1 J err U Ii I fTblHUOMil I by U I tut Ll unt
11 lahIsilltlaz
II A lop epi l I fii I Till 5 lot I Wlallo J
U Wu1t a I riiail ft lnunuKo M
4 U tiuluiutt tJiIALlIlrU Mill HeauH
Tills I U
full l51ilC4i1isI libluuuw I 0 toO I ses Tell I
W ill I I Mttiiuutu 4 lit t Tjui ife 10 ui I Illuul
luxaua lleuel alb I 01 I UlitlUiltiue nullI I
IShlIiUVIJAIIilh SI m > ui > i > rii
A Near IrutU Son ViiHt > ft Vuufttlir
If lit t KCI4Sd Spew Ulttr Huirt
Tb ro ui Ulk ubout a 1UI1IblIfr
lull which Is 1 10 lu Lulll ly II fgitjj41to III
11111111 Iviuuint at Uoiiuoutii lark 111 t
alb riruiur Ir lJtW JuJIIa1 wtbx
who know u mutU about Mouruuuili r ark as
nrlxxtr IN Ilui Uiuf t114 10 ssij i j r u
lril y uu the ubjt I
I If j U I itu Ibal curls at scheme his Iesii l o cn
UWJjUUO Vit lllUUHlt Ot building Uttl M
t flkU4fJJl but II I ltuu M IU juil will
slew do fioUJiigf until sills rn at aU j
T0U It U I possible that we will uU4 ub h
a luck Nit u Our oAt bJMtfad le this
UtetU < MMii to tW flU hiAtnltr nit
p rtorilr ot tW staigletsvay lack ov r lb
rdIarv lack Of
Ur Wibr mad Ida ueo5te1 ttt now build >
IBM ft tbrwaBirt r > uU frMk lot lrUIM
oaCtUt 1M bou4MIu of Iloi Xmoulb Jluk
KarM AtuUdaf tZ feel loaz Iy SO wide a
Dif r4tdayc5ti3 > cf tb trac
oailt utouttbei W W64 Jna titJ
c =
track betwetn fled Dank and Ocean Port
air Wither Bitlil yeitorday of thin project
Our object In building this track Is to Iten
the yearlings from the older horses Many A
man who owns a thoroughbred has been dl >
appointed through his horso contracting Born
disease by association with older hordes W
think that yuarllnna and older horses should
be kept sepal ate Ht all tlmta rib uiangero
contamination and dlIase I IB very great and
should he aoldcd Our track will be a very
pimp 0 alTalr but will answer all iequlremcnts
The building which we are erecting will con
tain stables lor the yearlings aceommodatlnn
for tbe jockeys and stablemen and also n sales
room when trade in yearlings oan bo carried
on Ground has just bran broken for the
buildings The latter will be erY himplei In
nrchltocture belnglntendod moro for practical
use than elegance Tbe ambles w lor be on one
aide of the centre which will bo occupied by
the saleroom The nooommodatlous for tho
men will lie In tho other wing
There has ben omo talkof the erection of
a hotel for the accommodation of the men who
lollow the races but of thin we are not yet pro
pared to speak Wo may do something about
It this sear and may not do anything lentil
next ear It will nil depend on the nature ot
the bids made by tbo contractors who have
been consulted on the subject The silts
ch sen for the proposed hotel IB very near the
track for the yearlings find facing the ocean
track hotel Is put UD It will of court boa
haudiomo structure
Entries for Kllaaheth Today
Secretary Molntyro otTers a vary fair pro
gramme for Elizabeth today Tho firm raco
received twenty entries and was divided while
tho second raco did not fill The first should bo
won by Punster Jr sith Granite second
Capulln may land tbo second with Houston
second and CometoTaw may win tho third
with Mndstono eooond Eollpjo should win
tbo fourth with stratagem In tho place and it
Is hard to see how Eon nnd Mabel Glenn can
be beaten In the llttb Peatl hot may win In
tbo last with Kemplana second
Flnt llacetune V of which 875 to atoond sal
825 to third for all ages thrquartr or mile
KIlt Van 112 Sage 103
fuiile IU fbrndatl leu
nuniy Itr7 Iranlte uu
Prince Edward 107 flambeau IXI
Puniier JrllI2
Second Hecerune Otlt of which f71110 ncond and
tu to third threeqnarteri of a mile
Monroe no Capnlla 107
0atJuO1J1 u18 Y 14
Juitl 107 llouiton h > 3
Edward r Iu7 Ketp filly Dl
Philander 107
Third RaceFne handicap purl of 9V ot which
75 to lecond and C23 to h P mil and a aI orlob
PometoTaw HHIKrlo Itn
Maditon IOBCynoiire 100
Nevada toe Ialliade al
Joliom Ill X to
how or Never 101 1
Kourth rtaroruria 54111 for twoyear oldas t78 to
second and CJ3 to third three quarters ot a mil
Bellpi us Vntngnrda ally 11
ed lbs Pretnero UN
Stratagem ua llempitead 1110
Blctum uu Ely 100
lluiy bee colt lOulKal i Clark 103
Fifth RacePurl WTO of which 515 to second and
fli to third for three ytarolai and upward on mile
Eon us J lio
bing Forest King no
At Cnrrow 115 tan Fan colt IO8
Wuifned 115 Coita flies 100
Israso liii Habel Glenn 103
EmInence ds
Sixth KaraPan tOO of which t75 to ncond and
Kb to third fur ttireeyeiroldi Ml Ing ailowaacii
on mil
Arm Boluyn gilding IlO Handle 103
Ilioy 112 GarrIson un
Joe Mamie B so
Kempland 110 Insight K
Minion ire Pearl Hit w
TJermad Detest Dundee la the Bell
Lzzticunos Oct 20Vwentyflve bnrfdrd ptopl wit
clued the opening ot the Kentucky AssocIatIon fall
muting today the weather being clear but cool and
the track rait TomJonea SF1 Fox up was favorite
for the opening rice a icnmbl for twoyearolda at
half a mile and he won by a note after a desperate
nnlih with silver Light BplUer was third neck away
Tim tii4 Second
lh condition for the second rat were ilmtlar to tb
OraL Mon limit au Porter np was ib good thing
winning In holow ityl by four lingO Irom B a T
Marvel was third Time m leconna MelanIe ta
Illevlni np was favorite In the ibtrd race al one mil
for all agei but > he was beaten wltn ease by Chlmra
H7 J Forter the Saddle long Leaf wai third Mlra
lau ran away before Ihe don 01 destroyed till
chancei by Klng nearly a mile before be could be sloe
Bed by bin Jockey Time 14111 l
The Hell btakeJ for Iworear olde al eta furlong bed
ill Starters and Ilondee 115 rldaen by UcKonald was
a ProhIbItIve favorite and h Haltered his people by
leading m the itretch lot being miserably ridden the
40 lihot Bermuda bib Freeman tip cern with a
welllimed ruili at the flnlih and won on th pest liv a
abort head Kudolph was third beaten three Itngibi
Tim lI7
Hoiemont OX piloted by J Porter and tha favorite at
4 to a won the fourth race al one mil and fifty yardi
In a canter by a length aOl a half Irom Malor Tom Uood
by being third three length off rime 1 44114
KacliiK cloied with IlUn riuree ul one mil and
leventy yard Vtkle II rlnaea a warm lavnrlla but
Jubilee u ade alt the running and won a a rood race by
tw lengths iliefa I > arltani Moral darter running a
dead heat lor lecond place Time ls47M
IZnclnic nt Gloucester
QtxirciiTia Oct SO Following are remit of today
First Race Bli and one half furlongs Guard won
Sir Mlllnm noond Wayward third Time lJIM
econd llace tiix and one hair furlong Itatterilir
won lannl 8 leoond tlta third Time I SlU
Third acRovrn I furlongs Mutulxr won Oloiter
second Englewoud third Tim 117
> ourth hace MX furlong hallnhnry Oral Marie
Loiell c con t Hatter ihlrl Time ljat
Filth HaceOne mile Uala won Lancaster accent
Ilarwuud third Time l5i
Ihe Yearllna foil Monbnn Hold lot
Luixciot Oct orthlon stud farm Trenton N
J has sold lo Itlehflild d Leather Lexington Ky the
black yearling cole Uonbar by Eagle Bird dam Lady
Maud t 18W by General Knor prlc < to ThIs Ii
bil > edtohe me largest prIce eier paid for a trotting
yearling In Uentuoly This Ic the colt that a few dan
ago worked tan qurtari here In aJH secOnds with
eighteen Cats bandllnc
New From the Ilorae World
Happy Runsell by Mambrlno nnssoll line
been Hold to Harry Brooks of Baltimore for
The pacer Dallas has been tetlred for the
Benson and It Is Bald that In all probability
next year Dallas will only co In exhibition
contests and against time
A now racing association Incorporated by a
number of horse breeders and owners have
secured a trn > t ° J land near Cincinnati and
will build a now full mile trask The capital
stock will be 1250100
A number of new race trackH are to bebnllt
in New Jersey before the opening of next sum
mr B si aiion Hen Isle City IK to bnvo < > ne and
the work of grading the track bus alteady been
begun This track will Ie owned hy OharlB
K Landl of riitlndelphla who founded both
hen isle City and Vineland N J
OTNTIIIANA Oct 20W II Wllnon Bold to
day l ° the laiist 8look um Milwaukee Wa
the black twovo irohl lllly Him nla by 81m
iiions dam Lady Milowvll hy Hu tan price
tMt Alto tiack teiiilinif filly iiIIIlttSOlll tiJ
Klmmona dam by IndlanapiilU pilon IOUO
fir tvlisoni pITirod for another party I10UOU
for the black stallion Conilloyd that insden
fouryoarold re old of I IVIi at xTnirtoD
Itit his owner Charles OiiiinBtt of Milan
Blob who opjs Him b flatid oir Til grestt
colt nfiiwsd tile offer and will ship bU colt
HllililBioWN Jet 20Tbe bay talllo
Packer owned ly nBlnrlff ilanlKon Miiii of
Ijothen ban inu < iii u ratlmr reinarkH ni C0r4
this 54115011 litukcr is liy 1Weulstak hlli I
hlYetlVli hlatllbi5ionian 110111 ly WiIi iss thu
Isryn iuy lie lie 511011 Yars oiij cud this Is
Ills tint SlOfiROli on tli trolling uniwk Hiiio
11e14 1 be 1155 bo uliercd in Irolijig ccii
1051 at Jotttslown Mount Ijoijy lisiip
toni auil Trtuion N J at liehnilopt 1cr
Eli I d itittiu autO itt IlJuufikMi ao nmi OIM
ft anti tu ceiy i rot l in which lies sigujet <
liii bun woci a 11500 lIla sop that iiiniivv In
riiees ill Ltorrgstiai ViA1 lJllKT f B
Jilighlii eCIs ituci lesIon mid Mt Li ilI usr4
if 2 JtiIt ill IlltillkIll5lI in hue 1OIltuet st
tlitsliii iii I rljs t iui iii thu 4 J oltoes pbJys
45II Ii wn Ip lbiuuptluuitItl lest on a
asllwilu Ilee iii 4 ith JUl 4 5l
llnnmmm Uyeus Nsiuso
Hinioi liil vnJuliu II HIHI lila elect ui ul lee
Vr4rcrd Kol nub tUrn4 sIll Ihrvvliig keltouij
lObes s lliuu IjeeiV luiu iu Iljirli I iller l wa
Iu4ti s cleaved lie SIC iiuiullii In II e S Im a 4cbeS
1111 I4YII Viiale4 lid S es leld iu a tail heu II
depth a I 441St
I c I lost
lieS all he eli till eniaci iHertiiig riL I Ee51 oil e
44 ii Si iIl41ill Iiltt 4IlokeI I45jI
Ill ls4y 1514104
Ibn la SIn il It t tlaxirbvuiu IeMraJ I rikit
A ivilol n li lii tunnfjn Sail > elk II ti tr i nfit
II ass tent lasas 414 dial eliuiiai SUCtllilil4ls
Ii lujlu < lU i liKanu 1Iei4leillll Cut I slow Ic
itltmti 5 t Mflei ul gtiuiiutii utr
hfVf rf > Ml4 M54eelaUiIi < Skirt pUril
Is I II ti < j > Liiiii Wad ii u la ldekt s iiiTuiL
bteiIil to tin 55044 il if tHi4i 5541151 1414111 rSdIj
fM li lepaS4 lli ni4t of f IL TllUtiUflil ill J
Uu ilu > c siol tititti4 nut 1111 I u4 tlrivu u1
1114 lii SUe iaw nilli iliiiuiulufti
11 p I luliuifl IV nH t lilt lull Itllllill 11 la lease
Ccl hot ISis lullI II IC4I I e lull lepIlI
4ll41ifl I 4uatlut wilt p 11111 dee IIIIIIIOISi
ellS ii see seae 4 c tail a it ha ie se
U 5ilViadllSlit I iisiai dis 4 4 lsooonii 54 I see
44 ie eve so s sIasc 415aw35i445
ceoll lcJeilefl ISa
ltIeeIII4L4s ste 4L Ic 4 Smelee lass ed
lSie55tosfel CCIIASS ScSi ieee a I 51
144Jtf 04 ebUlelopre lLsoosli4ocj
t114adhsg 1 iss 5 Oh see ii ell 4ssg Is
rktlsi lIla MI 155 issis 1 I Us 411
1IJ1I eMi 44
It I e 4MsW fM ike Is Ii iL jydsiljaj
SSLCLI 541e UC l4f eClIadilselt 554 iad4 iCe
sits S1i0iaL Vt 44ssLsUas ls4 guI 54e54 Lii
as ysp p rIaauallIli IL SiellSAII5u 15541 aPt
lIdbSitS 5SViMhbpf I1adapicei4 Iest4aIiI
IBsdsC Ii50Ies S e4 fSpIC sesaseleas sott
yaQa5ic1leba11s5ra sa44igp si dfetiaj
83 Jl14eje siis5 C1bI aisosg leoa is lo last
1HIS IHUalhfl lillVlt J4Ua
Capital Conical at the Filth Avenue CasIno
Heforo IntcregHcd Hpecttntor
An interesting prozramrae of sTeals wu deol < l 4 at
the second annual Indoor atbtetlo meeting oC the Pro
peol Harrier at tha CasIno Fifth avenne between
rreildenl and Union itrteti Brooklyn last nithl
A long diliy occurred before the muling commenced
and It wai joule time after the hoar set for the opening
before genies began VneO once sLanted the per
formancei more than mad amends for the delay Th
ummarlei follow
ridyyard Path handicap Trial Ileati Final heat
and race won by J C Drown icratch with CL 0
Conklln t feet second Time U seconds
IIatrail Hun HandicapWon by E IL Whltlaeh
Jyarili wlthJ J Coaghlln lOyardiieoond and R
11 folllni 8yard third lira j minutes 24 i5ieo
hjtilblllon Qttartarmil Bicycle race By Master Ed
die Mhwaluacb 7 year old The little fellow rube
welL covering the quarter In I minute 4113 ioonda
On mil Holler elatIng Sac Rtratoh > It un by
George Kuhik with A o Vililami seCOnd Tim J
nluutei la seconds Th second man auitalned two
Here tails which affeoiuallr put him out or the rac
lialnnll UalkT baudicapIlon by u h Mcoll
doratohX with w A T Clack lift seconds aeconit
Time 4 minute H I Sieronda
on furlong Hun bandlcan Final beat and race won
by f a deems ID yerHii with Ueorg fUott ti yardu
lecond Tim so 3 teconda
Unemlle lefIty Bicycle Race handicap Won by
Ilorac Snyder licratctti with A llelditadt icratch
second lime j tnlnulei 20 44 SeCond
On mile Hun handicap H on by K II Whltlaob 35
vend with am T ireeth ncnicU titond by two
guarteMnlle exhibition walk by O U McolL Time
I mOiSt 45 iftoonda
bxhtbitlon tanoy blotch and suicyola riding by
Ilorac sister who III1 many trick very clevarly
A rioeptlon v Ito dancing followed the games aol the
happy athlete and their beat girls enjoyed the dance
until a lat boar
Amateur Billiard Championship England
On the afternoon and evening of Oct 8 at London
the national amateur billiard cbamnloniblp ot England
was decided PrInces Hall waa crowded at a r U
when the match commenced A P Oaikell wa the
ormtr champion but he had to give way to the sup
nor iklll of W A Courtney Iloth commenced In
rather an uncertain way and many misses of apparent
ly easy thota war made When the play closed for th
afternoon Oaikall who was itlll In play bad stored
7I toCourtay741 At twelve minute past Splay
was resumed In the presence of a crowded houae
three to 1 bad been laid on UaakelL and at night 6 to 4
was ofiired Cukell got the ball In John nobertai
favorlle posItion at the ton ot the table but unlike the
champion of tb English professional came he could
not keep them tier Courtney at laat driving tb reJ
lu the middle pocket from balk got IB the rear ot th
loot and Quickly took th lied Flaring In good ityle
b mad IB spots and In trying for a long cannon
mused It bnt scratched the red In Ihe left balk pocket
Axaln be obtained positIon for spot trok play and
ills break clo ed 89 The game at this point was Court
ney S3 UaekelL 1SB luau break and lately misses
followed Oaekell having a touch of ill luck
Courtney was more fortunate as regard the roll of
the balla and acralcbtng hue opponent ball caused
him to play a double balk UaBkll rallied in a break
of Jl Adlinul concerning a push iliot mid br laakell
did not met nub Courtney approval Uaekell con
tinued to play strong until when be mined be was but
behind Courtney wuo wan ljn Courtney then took a
fresh start and ho gradually draw ahead with a irli
of ordinary break oikall premed him des and
when Courtney waa 1 4 0 fiaskeli Was only H behind
Courtney then drew dangrruully cloie to tbe OnUn ot
the game wIle a run ot 44 and iaakell ran 8 Court
ney then mad a safety mill and aa asks I played an
xiremely dlffloult shot his hall tetng mgalnit the ouih
Ion there was a painful suspense lie failed and Court
ney playing with confidence man iris necessary 85
winning by Li i poInt The remit was Courtney 1600
Gaekell 1411 The winner In one of the r ebrated
Courtner brother will known In the theatrical profca
lion W E Fuller was referee J llaffan marker and
C Kradley spoiled the ball and attended generally
to the players
Ilurrierd News
CivaxioBK Oct 80Cuninocks leg does not improve
10 rapidly aa he and lbs rest of the colleg might with
tie Hill continue to use a crutch and It li very uncer
tain when b will relume practice All the other men
who bare been laid up hate relumed play all with
the exception ot Frolblugbam who ha been 10 ie
rlonily Injured that he will be unable to play again
tbla tall It was for half back that rothlngham was
trying and It is I the choosing ot half backs vhlchli
proving the hardeit problem for Cnmnock to lolT
Then are live good men at half back fur Cnmoock to
choose from Lake with his iirengtb and Tlm Cor
belt with bit agility and aklll JIm Lee than whom
there Ic I not n better runner In collie hberwln a
irishman who II I showing up remarkably well a
good dodger and an excel eitt runner and Richmond
earing who uiei his head more than any of tb other
half bank To choose moil wisely two men from thee
nve is at present the problem Cumnock la engaged In
solving Cunmnck and the football management are
at present congratulating tbemneivea at their good for
tune In lecurltig aa regular trainer Dr Cnnant who
played end rush la due Vanity eleven In7H Dr
Consul baa bad much experience In treating Inlnrlen
received on tie foottiall Held and will be on the neld
every afternoon to have entire olmrge of the training of
the candidatefor the eleven and getting the men Into
proper condition
The Football Outlook nt Princeton
raiscivos Oct 10krtncetone hopes for again
winning the football championshIp were airmail 5 x <
tlngulihed today In the practice games today Capt
Poe who conitlmtei the life and brains ot the Irlnce
ton team had his knee badly wrenched Poe tackled
Davis who was running with the ball end In the fall
the accident occurred After lying for some time ap
parently inflerlng great pain he was taken oft the field
In the arms of Jane Rlggi Ualleway and Lewis Dr
McDonald was called lato the club boos and there at
landed to loss Injury The Doctor laid that Foe may
hi well In two weki The wrench today li I the rtnult
or a alniilir accIdent rarlvd while playing larrou
last fall and It li lerlooily feared that 1oe will be of
111Cc ui on lbs Held tide year
The prlnceton frnbmeo downed the Princeton
prep ioday la again of football fri ittuer after
their great victory oter Ihe Ruign freihmen ex
pected to win todayi game But the freibmeni line
and back wire too powerfaX Thi atone was 3 touch
down too
A Vond rlal tlprlotcr Foaad
At a recent 2Wyard handleto given on lbs Bay Die
triot track by the Alpine Alhletlo Club ot Ban rran
also a wonderful iprlnter ibawid hloiiilf Ill naui
U J Uawuj and hi ball from bail leandro Ha wa
found by II C CiuaJy of lbs Alpine Club who admired
bliiprlnllnc blllllnd brought him to Ban Francisco
lie was put on th itrtngiri mark and received
IB yard1 allowance 3 li Oarlion ass leraleb man
Hawin won bia Irlal but In 13 UB ieron < i and
loomed up In the Dual bat in grand style winning li by
eel sial yards In J5 45 iiincndi Heiluoilaghli II yards
allowance II will be leiu that Is could ovrrlh lull
Vii tends in aiset yb icond be world amateur
rioerd for ibis duane ti JHI > iicouda lna i > y f n
Veiling loiilou Luglaud Mpi ft Isle 7he Gelt
American amlur record li 15 41 ntundi by O II
kljrrlil Mw llven ronn Juue Ir nose ijawui
ha taken pad In only 5 few lo < il rarei al Site nallv
rlty but balm treated uih i furor In atlilvll clrrlei
nf ian CrancUo that lie will without deskS b beard
Stow stab to lb mar heIst
A Ornl Yeal at Ma orr
A rmriLli lueMinl L > peo4 during Stsiiiih
linuluuiou Jlarflrweilni at ibe Minbtllau Clue
LiMb uu ailurJay trinlng The aspen dad ud
about ulaten sauces up each board alma lit cam lu
J > r M nhl ul van frauclnu aluj Ws5 Si ul the
pl40sr 111114 a5aii1 Idol After Mr Heluili luckad
St lb seiiieii and se lull 5141111 luuak hit sauce
111 tluunt ciluiJ fiii u was Mi lar Mr
reIlsIl tutitlf wa6s4 tug ar siltets ir
lie w5 ciwvq 44 bsieicci Ii ilsetet atitiallisd i
bliil > l iuiuriluruuiilr Aftr ill coo iiuieiI lt J
1411 jul11 l 5101 efoe4 Ic InsId slit hl Clii
lliw 4bj ie Ibal b WM iloii iull s UiUs jr
Stiiis Ml4 lilt fun lull kv i a ainr ul Ib
iraw > sill UH ttiiiutt 55alle reply l > < it uun t
sac Itf iiUc ib 11111 in ilitlr urwtutl iiuiiiiuii o4 SIC
tiv Hr tepid itlId la I ifMl > Sue Isle IIHUI ui1
5I it I tu l and suiii4 lit payee if il l > r iile
iiiutd hid Is I Cas rilil I lhilInItl l liiii Miiiu
I 11591 1w1411y ilk n4111 mi iIleIIlsss u Ib fial wti
iiut ul tie mill natiwr4iur > uii nuuit
ttnlluf silO Muultuiluii Illrtfl I lull
Tb Ittuttr muuliiir uniniiir ul Itn Mub IU
b0sla lisle was 1at teal uiua4 64 5k icosa
145 Wa rialtstb i te Mr K M 11 fuyu tti
istedlostt4Mtiuiatbp fbrlvb mil held dci
IHuitt uoiiifcji iirtutiuv dl lIeu ate tiiii tufil I
llaf tlllitut SIa iwiuiilll IU ci aaa ul Ilit il Ui
41114451 i intl4luu llii sign kit
uplift 14 hi
Iuui luiuui lui rniitt fui lit 111 iilVibiiiJ
so t Ij55 II Uludttiul II cbs stew 514 Itll I
lit tilt lilt tutlllltlu SeCt UU 111 4rUl IUltf
I lli tli iiitilii u ituiltfi s eOs 4 4b
IlltWIUil mil ui t at SIsal 54 III 4 d dJH l II rial
055 SUIt l4uu4lttlUHf fltlHttlUIHUlttt
10 tttill IU 555 icllte liadwy tUltllt tU4
eIaUe4 dIf lof lkl elj is
I art Usl Mead
lahlCete nn tnL H ctrt u > itt utKtt ii t tn
tttlU ul lii ll < gn III HtniU O at UtM ti4 II t
e1teasItkiieesVi4 uib V K f tl4 Itttuu fill
OK 5415 > Mk < lM4I I li i lHi4llttltllutlLi
had 14 el ti dtM5 11541 44441 he I l 4 of
551151 lie MadIe4e5 tl14sCisIe 4544lJ ciii tl
wIld Iladiec he 411 pe4le or 4ia 4m1a 4huiile I idls
CellS mcilp sec teav Lead cc ltd gi CIa f s
54pl54 sf telaau1ea1 454 lt tipe4 auJi 4
lasso p 4I sea sijsI sj I U A s
VDUS jy t ENVH ii f a1onr
There U a letter at this offlc for Rlllr Murray
The Mount Vernon V U tt A will hnil lu
reception to young men and gymnasium coriieiso >
Friday nenlng UMBI
Jimmy o Hay and Jack Yahoo have been matctiiu
ipir un round The affair will take puce In Kit
inure within two week
CUM uci Ort lLiter Jiokion will arrive In i ills
cnnntrv again on Nov u for a tour un Itr the IC7ug
merit ut Tarpon llavlea JaoVlini rei eptlmi In AM
trolls was enlliuilailla I e will liar will torbcttua
1itrion accompanying them
The unknown who has been matched to Colt Jlmm
Him the oetr bIght 55th pugilUi 01 Aucsrdam1
auppweo to lie I lienny Khaughnetiy ot Trny 1benki
U ID be for u pur e > r V 0 ana Hn oiiuuie hit or tiSI
aplec sal I to come off In abut three wetki
The Eighty ilxih itrcet branch Y M t e barrlm
run eveiy tturJay cc nile Capt lambs llei
leeds lie men uinieice u to get them in iioudnhaM
for crnuriianiry run In about a month I lie lSjtitt l
club lurni out from twenty to twetitv nve member
The Inencholat tennis tournament will Ugn tn
morrow Ktieruoiin nn the Ittkelei Stint Abound tin
schools re relented will be Derkrlcy l > arnar i tim
bbs Urmninnr Uvula i and nuinhu tut e ale IniTi
tote The HrrkrleT irhool azoeaie great thtiL lrm
ha beat tlaver lierriok
The lOclitli fleelinent propoes to give a lerles of
athletic game for ice pnrpooe on raisIng bId to sqblp
tile ifymuasutn cull reuse bowl ac to for lb
die of til tfleiaiere tile charge iur tehete to ho rp
ceni CaCtI A lilnilel number of tickets lot faseroet
seats at iii tilde exlra can Is hnd
Tie Annual fall handicap games of the ronmbla Col
lace Albletlo AeiocUtloll wll be held NOT 1 prohibit
on lbs Manhatian Alhkilc nun irrnnnili the lilacs
Cinimltlre lecil br Ibe nriocUtlon anai llurnboiil
ill mines Klnolry al artS < oiii ui flints ileg
bert Minna 04 mines and A Voiburglu Si l b
The Kmle Atblitc Cub will ilvr a I r I > Imund boilnr
competlon tinier A A U riles Friday Oct 31 ai Kit
ertionaKjinimilum Braokiyn At ue same lime But
ler at the above club wou d bf pleaed > ar tourer
six roaudi with Pal Cahui Jack Van II > uien j II Me
Huhon or Mike MoAulllf of the nrldio A 11 TIe hirle
will pit up a lacoome trophy for tie Caine
A nuaiclt at live blrJs for 80 a side will be hot this
atberbioun at Iiolluwoob lark lirancli Tue cm
tsltante wiil ha Capt 0lney i Londnu huclani act
lhiibp Daly Jr of the entral Lou Club 05 Log
Uranoit Condtutons 10 1145 caSh iiiitingao rulee
lbirty yards Boundary twentyone yard rIse A bli
croud li expected
Theolub tournament ot the New York Tennis CIst
was onntlnned on Baluiilnv with the folios ingrtiulnt
Men singles hurl round ji s I UUIITH biat J K lie
hart 1II 241 02 mixed donbln nnai tvloi l IOu
lloyd and Clarence hobart best 311cc Rtri > n sill A 5
Knujon BI i l Ibe nab ronnit In single beweei
8I Mllett and A B mini on will be played next esi
A number nf member of the clan of til School ef
Ana Columbia College are onthnilaitlo hloyce rIders
and have organized an Informal cycling club toad
rnni are held every taturdAy Last weeL the tueu tide
tnloukeri and today they will run to Coney Idioa
Among those who will be In the ride to iav are W II
lUwden W W llyland B II Treat W II DonnetL wl
Mewhouie C A Illllman king Lmilnikle and Ullou
The Uotham Athlrllit Dub competed of yoting ra nof
TorkTtlle hav started lo train their arose o usury
team which they expeot to star In the uniorcrii >
country championship run Copt rrneit Aiiirn ltd
the tram around the Central Perk on lveiIedo nlrM
atanllH pace The run In wa won by A Mcllrhle with
B Adams second the rest nnlihlng close behInd
Th Atlantic host Club or Iloboken Inten I to hive a
series nf smoker at their club home 101 If fourth
itreet North lOver The olilrnt 1 in promo si < ti
blllty and good fellowrhlp among the member The
Drit linolter will take p a i p < MI TlniriJav OcL 3
and the committee are iiolniceveryihitiK In their power
to make the aSalr a routing iticcen ltd tie Inten
lion of the committee to errange thritre i arttei and
lookout for the entfrtalnmentot the members In gen
NoaroLK Oct 30The flfth annnal meeting of the
Virginia dmIon League or American 4 herlmin we
held here 10 day on the tracks or 1110 Norfolk Cycle
Cttiu There was a large crowil In attendance but a
tiff breeze wnlcb swept acrom ihe gr < und i rev uttd
anv fait time being maile She principal Interest wai
entred In lbs three mile race lor the stale cLam
Sionitilp which was won by A A UNVIIof Norfolk la
ten mInutes and ten second TIle muting eoutloiei
The mixed double tennis tourney for the champIon
ahlpof central Park was played on Batunlat Tmn
were originally twenty entries but owing to the leoitb
of time the courts hate been closet on account of rOsy
weather and th poor condition of the turf tie mitca
waaconflned Collie following pla en t Miss Helen n
fraagand Mr A B Itlpley winning from Mlu Semis
Ton Praar sod Mr Hy W RtacklKiuke 551 vfl 64
and from Mlii Alice Reno and Mr II Plant 05 oj
the Utter having defeated Miss Eloise Whiting and Kr
C L Oreenhall 5n o X iA
Tb Columbia College AthletIc Union will bold In
flnt regular meeting for the election of standing com
mltteea on rowing track athletic football and but
ball on Friday Oct 24 at the coilex Th AthllUI
Colon wa adopted by the students at a man meedu
laatiprinff and artir tbs meeting next rrlJaj all tIe
college athletlca which ban formerly been under dif
ferent managements will be brought under one organ
ization and be directed by a governing body cLoseS
from the Tarlou association The muting nit Sri
day will be a general rose meetlne of the itnUinti
radoates and undergrailnatil will be repreiented oa
lbs Hoard of Directors
Seven of the minor iporttng organization of Jrr ey
City and Bayonne bav organized the hudson County
Athletic Club ibe associations repreientea ire the
iriyilnir end Puritan Aihltlo Clntiior IIronn Cue
hal 11115 Row line and Athletic Alioclatlon lie Puritan
and llarrleld Alhtetlo Cluba of Ureeiivtlle the Juvate
Society of Hajnnneand lbs Kenilngton Athleticriabcf
Jeriey City Tlieoflicerar ae follows Preiident P 1 K
banS lli onoe It and A A Tice Ireildent II Button
PurItan A U Kerreiary Clarence Trewln Iroquois A
0 Treasurer W II Mellbrook Puritan A C Athletl
Committee F Clark C Trewin W Ii hnttin lonill
lotion Commute iluniter ellbroolc and P L
Much interest is I taken In the coming battle betwua
Johnny Murphy and George Olson the colored thorn
flon feather weight which take place In thtladitot
1mb at Providence on ThurUay night and conillir
able money has ben wagered on the remit Al leveral
uptown resorts where the imriinff men gather glasS
few beta were mad yesterday The betting is I ilUbtly
lu favor of the colored lad being iJfl toaii on him One
list of lilt to < HO WNB mal Uit night A promloint
turin taking tbe favorite wbl Jack Flaherty a well
known pencller took the Murphy end There wit be
a large delegation of sport from thl city at the ring
side It will probably be a close battle
A scud party or east slOe iporllng men were treated
tn some food booing at a slag racket beld under the
auspices the lochella Athlettn i lubon Saturday ten
log The olub room are Incited on She second floor of
6n Km Fourth etreel and they were decorated wiik
American flag and itreameri for the necailon Johnnf
Mason and Jaok neilly gave a lively it to lutloj
four rnuiidi for a trophy alued at CJ i Jlilily ctiirly
outgeneralled Mason and was declared the winner
Among the other Sorer tint appeared were Irani
laker alit Jim lioran Tommy Randal and Jark utito
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