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At tiNURIf fABK rrrunnndr
Chnmherlla nod Othar Knttwrt Pr
tftlnnr leaiirovtmrnl Hi tk Prttr
Conn Tha Ilnrror fnlcTbn lottery
of natlnaToilnvi XVoarnMme
Tho members of the Mn Jon Park Blood none
Vsaoclutlon ono of tho most ponulnr racing
t IniUttittons In tlili brood land gave n clam
bake nt Its rreltr track near Linden esterday
afternoon about 100 reman Dorlna tbo
oronbnndcd bc8 > ltaKlr dlsiented by Presi
dent Knglkb Jnmo < R Kelly Cart William
Conner and othor nllcmcn Interested In the
The bake wo presided over br tho veteran
W 1L Bnbcook There IB only onn Babcock and
tit III the unbiassed oclnlon ot evoryCman vho
tbrtm his leas tinder the table In toe betting
ling jesterday and uartook of the aiuory fllh
4lellelotis chlekrnn succulent oyster tooth
ome slams lobster and potatoes hacked up
fcythu ramuu sauce which Dab Bays Ian I I i
euro rrarcnlhu for < oru head tho followlnn day I
after paHiikinK of tho Mould nccompnulmcnU
Of all ftnlollltl balfoa that Hhode Island never
find a son wLo could give the lormor owner of
Helmbold points ou how to piepare her favorite
t dish Even a man from Sauandram tho home
cNclnmbnlc acknowledged this Among
thcee present cero Mosere English Kelly
V I Connor and Itowo of tho Linden Iark Blood
Bone Association John Chamberlin of
Washington John Kelly William Brown
Arthur K Bovois John Hucalnn D G John
I i eon AJ Joyncr Louis Stuart Charles Little
i ifleMJr O OKmilu M T Uanahcr Heidi
i urbnm > Signor Tucllaplotro Slutt Allan and
3 C Molicwoo Tboro was only ono familiar
face mlMlnc and that was L A Applebys
ThoM who arrived at the track by the 12
oclock train found a roaring I lire blazlnc on
n heap of stones which wore at rod heat
At ono side lay a heap of fresh clean eeaweod
and In boxes and barrels wore piled hugo bluo
fish tender chickens and delicious sauabs
wrapped In spotlets linen Then there wore
crntori 01 lobsters clams and potatoes
r fttid lit tho word nf command llabHasMstants
nikotl the blazing embers away leaving the
BaKud stonus tit clJern boat Dab eurauir lor
vnrd with alacrity and Hpnnkled buyer of
paxTcod over tho stones and shouted Vile ou
thoclamsl Then followed the oy ters Hsu
chickens sminba lobsters potatoes and the
Mist ateoci began nrUliiB In dcnB9 olouds bo
itoro I toe mound had boon completed Tar
I puullns woru thiown oter the whole and an
otercoat of tennuod added Then IJab Bravely
7 announced that M she would be ready to eat tu
> fortylive minutes Qbrtviiuarterauf hour
BIer the throne gathered to sen the expert
K JsL tho bake One corner ol the tarpaulin was
Iftnd onn ilnb drew forth a potato and a por
lion of chicken smolcinc hot In it linen jacket
fllub emajlud tho potato on a board and the
t coat buiBtine asunder revealed the tubi In
oil Its mealy beauty The bones of the chicken
co jlil readily be separated from the meat and
the old Kcntlotuon shouted Hup H done
tTlio tarpaulins were habtll thrown aside and
tho savory pile was revealed smoking hot
I j < lo uilnuleu later l everybody was busy and
Wealths were being drunk In the betting ring
After tho Lake the guests inspected the
many Improvements aud the opinion was
general that Linden Iark Is I now ono of the
tuo t thoroughly appointed race trucks in the
country 12ver > thin about it is In such splon
I valil proportion that It la a refreshing ban to
Iroui the mammoth courses at Monmouth and
I Morris Park
blnce tba close of the Now York Jockey Club
rnoeUnc the weather nas boon so uniformly
bad that few good horsoa have been seen in
imbllo but now that wo hate had the worst of
the ugly weather that may be expected for
porn lime tho Menclass performers may bo
looked lor Tournamtntana a number of other I
Dtara have been rttited for tbo year but le i
rainthanothercllnklns three earold is namod
ito start at Linden today The feature of
rtho Ellxaboth meeting the fln > part of which
cam to a close on Friday was tho otralstent
V efforts of Fetor Do Licey niako it warm fur
the bookmakers The Elizabeth meeting do
Bpite Do Lacer annoyances was auuccees
boyond azpootation the dally attendance bo
ins away up In the thounnd It is ostonlsh
inn Where all the people come from and where
t they get the money to play the horses The
bookmakers pay a stiff amount to do business
every day and have an oxpenoe list of 10 or
SW a day besides and yet they make their
onty out of the public which cornea up smil
inK dar after day
The dispersal of the famous Dwyer stable on
HOT iwlll DO one of the events of the year
pad breeders from all points are expected to
e on hand to bid for such treasures as Kings
ton and Hanover either ono of whom should
ffcrlna B large sum and earn a fortune in the
tetnd A gentleman who watches the race
tracks ana horses very closely said a few days
MO speaking ot the Cwyvrs They bad all
the luck that any two men could over hope to
expect In a lifetime and their stable was muob
stronger when it boasted of but seven or eight
members than It has ever been flnco
The lottery of racing wne Illustrated err
aptly last week The colt Mepblsto by Dare
bin oat of Flora that carried Hnapper Uarri
lIOn II colors to victory cost Mr E A Buck
tXlOO as n yearling at the Ilaggln faIt last 1
year Mr Buck turned the colt over to Dilly
akeland than whom there is no shrewder or
mom capable trainer The youncctcr ex
V tensively engaged but Lakeland piommuied
Jilm no account and he was sold by auction
for m AJfrey Lakeland a brother to Billy
ibolnc the purchaser A few days after the sale
IBUly came to Alt and said ru cold
that bay colt to Knap McCarthy for
i MOa Thats f 50 profit for yon and the colts
no use liuaii wants him for a saddle horse
I Knap McCarthy in turn sold the SOD of Dare
bin to bnuiiivr Oairlson for 4tK and after
three wctKB training tho joikey started him
and won a creditable ruco with almost any
Odds against him
The prctrrnmaie for Linden today Is very
jiromlcini The first rate may go to Autocrat
VII h Badge second null the second may do
Vonbylvjrle II with logo second Dcmuth
and Cra kiiuan may do to union In the third
ptu Itumpus unit Lixlo Ilckwick may do In
tho twoyearold acraniMo Llttln Jim and
Outbound may do In tile fifth and whatever
beats Clarendon and Kolo will get the last
rirt Kftcs I rte bftitdlcap or f9 < aeb with 300
tddixt rur all Mvtn furloun
JI4 110 Puez 114
uokrl II read 1 I J
irinitik 111
1 JISplall or 510 oil with 110O
add4 icr Ilreyeer old 1II0Uoauo 111 soil
a liSt L
It Jam 124 lamia IJ
1ilv t colt Ill Ill 11sale i
lau Ill lIiiitIatoni
Jlljcij H I rIlwooi
aI till TU Abieu UJ
Third iaesYr au41p of 120 ucla with IIIJO
I4doI fur all gs 1 ohs toil
PniiIh is Clspuk 101
i5il Iu till Clua 11 IIf
w rlf Ice 1111 2
lsUQJL braeIpjAn I II b uts1bon hitSilol I it
111 I tI Iah u Clii tti with tiJl
p44ii ov 0 III tIillUgIiUWCC1 t2vcil a
halt oat ei
r Ih I 110 I UI colt ie
triIt hit lie iC It II iii
111011 lie uIvlil 11 I
0 tIi ilct iu I 0 Ceulius Itoilgl
IIh It III 14111 I ie cult lei
I I IC MpliIii 13
1ai tii PlO hlO bu ItJ
1 i irt 1 dl laIrlcj 01
ilirr horse 11 It Pti IJ
it I III lOiti I Iteicteic IIJ
ills eel 101
lift J > ee ineeur I flI rilin wllbfAOadded I
for sil i I lilliKtluwaairi Pill mil I mlt fM1 ilij
tUlIt gUl I I I nai 1 Ulrn ll I rj liuuiui King iiu 1 ui
iJLIeiOaJ IflCltiiy I it
114 1itelri llr I Iudicdp I ur 11 j ttvli with
ea ldtf l ItO all tut ill lureiig >
lut b I > rlutt I Phil
ttitId l tic JR
ply 1110 UIIAull
JteII6e 1111 liavlbit ia
AVtleI lisi I
irniiiti Hdimi it IN IIMIIIHI
Iht I llaI ¼ tiistt II tiiit 1 nud Uiller
Kiled lg lli > rut I
IfllXiilnK Oft Al 7 fiiliek 1111 I Sushi I
IB lior < imii irMof o IIM I li iillfii
Oi n JuliHt I I l > Ii i4ie l ii IreMiiit of the IU0
lucky A SM UibU lutile IIN I oljowux su I
1J1OI1It1I i I mil ann p lott I a t < tlllio
you that tjllor M lu I aol csiIiiul i IhbttIatln I
liii Iu ti llu I lUViiUJ 1 I I t iul I > ull Wllllu ii > i 1 I
lIlIlIJ LU lur > iiiai fHulut kin b tubluer
Btti I 0
J lii t WItS U14144I titli tijiS l l CCI mu I
1 in iiiieei < 4 Ills i lIu b ff i II eiy > n
wit i > i Mklol tot II riir u T urixjHr
rtiJ lush I MUII if u watl leirl n J ii ur Jet
11 I stvir Ult Uiflil li J si 49iiIi tw < < il
ihl t cur II Ii thou filly on iifijl > 4uTliura
dl tilguttUt u it w fll ran bet i tuaiory I I
Uli fntjtaff II lhtni pull III Amine I
that Ii WII IIJ CII tu III If 4Ila au I
rimumt lUll iirifiuilli I K IUD wit if
iiptIsr lw Sn I gi1 1 i I i ieIijd I
1I4J ltl1 lioll rl yll in > e > III low ill
ettuil r han u HI rrl110U 1 1 title U uiiiir that
HIMI fl I n > alI r f ill i1aiii I I thy ii Ar
UIUI linn li s rnurlil with tdrt < Ihcr llnir
or 11 > t1I l ml oUt j un I CIIIIII II
4 aziw I r ii i U Iur vcs aye a NI 411J
a > t for the > i w S rV jiru uj S f 1 i e br
vIaIi wpar tat I vil1 nvrr Ita altruatuia
IIafij at eEau ilkbMluif In t4 > ion air I
ibht I I rut fl5 ra I rio no did < hitS tIeD quite
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TUB 11 0118 K AXD CAtiniAQB SKADtt
A M rketl latpravcaiDitt In I1h OnHac
la Pact TTtek
There Is a marked ImoroTemnt In the tone
of tho horse market the past week bolna al
most RI lively as III predecessor wa dull and
donlere are hopeful that business will continue
brisk until the holidays Carriage horses sad
dlo hones and good drivers are most in de
mand flntClasi specimens of the former be
ing very scarce The trade In heavy horses
which has been nonetoo lively for the past few
months on the mend too and the East
Twcntytourth street men who handle many
thousands of Clydesdales and Percberons say
bat they have no cause for complaint
The regular auction sales of Van Tosf ell it
Kearney nnd tho American Horse Exchange
Limited drew fair crowds and prices were
quite up to the average A Bonrrets table
188 and 140 East Twontjrflfth street Is now
tho homo ot some firstclass horses from Vir
ginia and the Western Btates Mr E E Mo
ClaroI of the former State baying arrhed a
few days MO with some extra saddle and driv
ing bored Dr Buchanan 270 West Eleventh
street otTers a fine team of road Horses and O
B Andrews of Walden Orange county this
Blab haa a superb Sweepstakes Oily forsale
Folks in search of ponies would do woll to call
on W D Davidson of 25 Lexington avenue
The following worn standard prices in the lo
cal market Matched pairs of carriage borses
700 to 1200 teams of truck or express
hnsos Goo to t7Su saddle horses tMO to
76il l good driven Juo to low buslne
horses 200 to 300 strooters 125 to UU
Ibo regular fall boom In carriage and
wagon which started In on Oct 1 Is being
enjoyed rather Into by the manufacturers this
oar As a rule the rush only continues about
a week or ten days alter which tho trade apt
ties tlown to a steady winter1 business but
this season Is an exiontion tho demand for all
kinds of carriaces being unabated
As a sample of New York enterprise In car I
rlneti building the ilnndrau Compuny of 372
374 and 31 ti llroomo street may be mentioned
Although their repositories are In tbo heart of I
the carriage building portion or the city ana
they are surrounded on all sides by eomiHt i
hors they Mill maungo to hold tholr own At
the present time their three bulldlncn of seven
floors each ore crowded with all torts ana de
scriptions of carriages both light aud honr
Any poison looking for a Lroucham of un
cqunlled tlurablllty aud finish will find the
blgifcst variety In the oily ut the house of
KVA4 V Wilson or as it Is moro DouularlF
known tho laudrnus
Another enterprising prosperous house
Is tho establishment of Lowuon t Itutherfonl
at llioadnay IKtylliBt street and Hinenlh
avenue The company bare a big lot of sec
ondhand and new vehlcloi In their repository
which they will sell at a reasonable figure nnd
anyone In siaiohof this class of vehicle are
advised to call upon thorn In their line they
have Just now a batch of broughams of all
sizes either extension or straight front ex
tension front or coup rockaways lctorioB
OOUIHS extensiontop phaetons surreys T
ions mall phaotcns Itechapel and mlnla
turo carts buckboards and WagOnOttOf
Mr William JJ tray of 20 22Vo < > ster street
say > < MY business Is very good just now
nod has boon for some time I would be
pleased to have the public rail and examine
m > stock of line carriages which Is tbo largest
aud most complete to Ce found In Now York
In It I comrJoto Ibo latest novelties from
Iaris London Brussels and Vienna as well
as a long Hue of secondhand broughams
landaus and rooknways built by tho best
makers In the country
Tuo btudolialccr Bros Manufacturing Com
pany of 81 Murray street havo on sale num
her of platform spring delivery wagons They
are beauties and Ibo Studebakers claim that
they are the cheapest in America They also
lmo a good line of stylloh and easy riding top
and ordinary bucgles and a number of Chi
cago cutunder surreys with canopies and ex
ensloufronts These lallertbey claim to be the
best In Now lork and tile lItbteet mod The
5Uienntondent said tire other day that In all
hIs experience be had never seen a year for I
busIness the equal of this
Ono of the best waann making firms in this
city IH tho New York Wncon Company of 535
51i7 Hudoa street Their vehicles nro all
land made and when It anmos to quality and
workmanfhlo they are hard to equal They
carry a Btcnk at all times of at least lilly
wagons and thus Rive prospective buyers a
good tarloty to select from Just now their
stock consists of n full line of light and heavy
express and delivery wagon milk wagons
Hikers and grocers wagons and light wagon
ettes hen a man wants n carriage be goes to a
carriage builder and when bo wunls a wagon
of the kind described above he goes or ought
to go to a wa on maker
The bULo establlnhinontof the Raclno Wagon
Company ot 77 and 79 Vi nosier street and 151
and 153 South Hfth avenue crowded dally
This company continually keepou exhibition
at least 300 specimens of thu skill of their
workmen and therefore ono Is almost sure to
see Bometblni that ho want If ho does not
he Kauine Company will be pleased to build on
its order Business wagons are a specialty
with this company and better onea than they
make would be baid 10 find either In this city
or outside of It They also make a very fine
light wagon which is virtually a carriage and
which they call the Ilacino rnckntatte It has
met with a steady sale right along aud ix roe
mmonded > to buyers as a safe and profitable
toi thorough work In carrlaee building at
moderate prices go to Edward Callanans lion
at 117 West Fortyfourth street Mr Callnnan
Wilt make any strlo of a carriage to order and
will submit designs and estimates to anybody
wishing them Mr Callanan has ut present lor
sale n Urewstcr cabriolet a lirewster landau
a Million A Gulet landaulotte and a Btivera
log cart all of which ho will sell at a fair
Prilen Babcock A Co of 408410 412 llroomo
street are an old and reliable carriage building
Irm and nro sure to give entire satisfaction to
anybody purchasing from them They are
making a upeclalty of victorias cabriolets
rockaways surreys pbaetouf road wagons
buckboards and pony carts and at present
have a bIt line of them in their Brooms street
iew firms do a better business than the R
M Htlvera Cum cany They always carry a bin
Block and are the Inventors ol several popular
TohleloB They are now selling all styles of
htanbnpa gigs mail phaeton surreys and
such heavy vehicles as Iirouchnmu coupes
ant coaches They are known for the
boroUKhneia of their work and In their re
pairing department hae some ot tho best
workmen In tbo country
Mr William H Bradley of Broadway and
Fiftyeighth street ia I doing a good business
nnd Is accordingly In an ucellont frame of
nlnd Ills work Is I of the best the quality of
his vehicles the best tint bis workmen as
akllfiil as can bo found lie has a full line of
nrrlotfes just now which modurato prices will
llrodley k Co of Byraensa make the an
nouncement from their IW York offlro at 14
Vnrren street tlmt they have Fold 10 uiK banner
luIIlol In he last tWtlve months These tug
glue aro the easiest riders innnufaittired to
thy end aro the best value lu the market The
llrudltfyx build ibem of piano Coming Con
cord and spindle tiodleaand a groat many of
Natural wood flnlib am being UHOI bytiiulr
tumomcra Their motto ia I M Manulacturo
evvrytblnuyoti sill
Tim Hudson Niuiin > i Company 512 hudson
sliest and 117 Charles Mrett am nerond to
uoiiB as nullileia oj Imklnims and delivery
uuuon of all Llndri They yniakuetorytuli
llnir own pioniUvg BId lJitrs l uro shown
vhlt > 1 ism Iorr stage of eontruUo Ktery
thug Iswarrautid and Inlondlnu purchasers
kbould call and loi k over the stuck
Nwa Front 111 Slop Worltf
CiNTlliAWi Oct 28W II Wilson or AMal
nu ruik Cytnianft county Ita nut kohl to
Jultuil Mllilt iriuiiry J N llmtoo tbe
I vast sLow tulllua JuLnluetJu 1 Juruait
UsikiiroN let 11i A UuKijre hone
iinilir Ky hits IxnittlJt If 0 < ill Hrntbaiii
i1I11I Irpn utujanhiiuj filly IJF Jlibert Me I
11 i lIor ilam Udr lat > i > ar dan vr lorh11 and
iiiuitliou l > rUiiuFii yon J darn IlIIItllu
Uublniou 3WH Iri f tlVH
Ulr All Cbuiir
Tu eats KDIIU gin las kvAlr I wisk la icderu
lb Ililli I er Irlikler la I > uriMiivr nil I M lie
t40114 hatS 540111 allllle firlber lu LU liiitril oa Ibt
lbs4sipiiisua I lv tetm thee piitil Ito I Ibteal Hrllalu
I MI isiS va iiiilui lutcuUul lu lu jlr 1 lIyt uut I i
kbii time turlHiK 1 101 rMktl tin Ik Mbtrtlf
toll aCtLIl ikti l b > re were law uttuiovi us whIch
IliaC lull n lbIJhlh flu ll ilfenglh 111 tutt illi r
Ug IIUd Lialbil 1 lliiu Wheat they dId tin nit
11 I t4 < ISis list li kekebee IIIltiiie ktual 1 l a4iil f I
ru fnt II iei tao tkia4ei > kiiijL I i f ibtr w < iui4 ualy I
t a I t IsiS e1ew a alktl iuii4klaw Cattail 111
fa t
1 5f055 I n4 i uiT tp itt smeiut Shill abel
let luselkiif lee ChubS fur pleat If Ibey sass uiul I
di el IU Ike tiilff Kf lutlikit II vtiiU au rf
in t I 111 Iklellel uf Aluerlit III 111 gllk
p I tu einy ir ll wiulil blab tfiiluie
lie 0I4iS40i14 ttfeluel VII Mltttt It 1 rlela
I e lu all lie i Itt I kuielr I T frilita
i i iimuitir i > f > i n si kiiuriie4l Sis < IIIU
kl > 40 r ileienOniite i S H H t l ll > ifMulwl
a 11 blioir I Ii sf fj lea all daaei
10 1511 4 iii SWIS It 544 rii It
irleii IlkeiaMr u lab saje If lLq see
111 oA I a4 1IJj biIsibtI4ak I teSs Iou
5as4ae abets a
I iillkaa55 t iss prd is I ooaia p4 SbeIIaltaC
iSajue Ill tI4tr bills ph 5 114jlt epoa
Ii h auatllfkm i54 Ioy Sv4 s ipi us sseias a
lheliy 1 SU US e5S1 U 1 lad f laIJIIOI ff
fuel 100110 4fiCl StiM abe eIa
SW 14159 w i mw rttmf wa st4 II
41111 I Ik < r a tiV Ut trkv puree I wilL Ike Stag
A lf JIliKlUllat LIA J 14 r 41 ek4 5 415 LLa4
with it prnid l lir I tkert ueriuga lb a
I i < I lesS up ki a 1 > > e f p44k liluierlf 1 Lia reaava
lUlfvl 1 II I Ibil h iI ills iKieeiu l Awerirati
blat kllfi l Wi ll I LarelM illle kUeeie tlfel
SLIik I rbI 440 a lasS osa4 Is Ill 4101110111 atrseg
eer > 1 e Mr i loehprel la ru > i lfiler IM tit
soil 05511 tHea twekltMSi aid sjioa4 I iU t If
Aiurua Tier Titf
Ha Null W > bls l4 rural TaUe
rldf tluMtils Br lf U 5 laEm1hi OatM
a AeUaittuaW IaitaL
a ZlVv 1M S wms se
ua 4 kFSI4M ifDI44YIV S
rmelsl WMIpj 41 A4 r > r i
i1 Ifalas Uavi latlu ° f cnIeIIl af
ff = 3f1 i fz f Jrr = J
100 JOTS
GO tautss ftoollL fltop trpt by EICd Bzpp5C Tratas
By RICHARD V HAIUvfETT 3i CO Auctioneers
HOYT BUTLER Attorneys III Broadway Now York
iVDn ntns tJ 9dI
0111 loIlL 1I1IIIJ1Ir j fYlI IID yft
III it A1eJu
A SIai4b gtS5 is baurajz 11
te t tis i4UAlj4A5aJNA u u 111
A all
A U HfAtaiMU ft UtOV
Ihl earhlt
t Aim i r UK HAS WORMS
Saud wwaM lie tin CoIe v tis4 w a a
rui i1Jhil Tittti c1
MICU7 IWL II Otvt aI ijfLi
rUB IrOJUIV tenth
n feIWWtU 1M CbW wbM eh ptayu baa
dose tn lbs wotlii ebutaploniMp i r1 alo daui
ioouru imno muei
hop emu 11i lea asia lies MU awroe
I I I S81
DoaT I It a 0 453
K18P S r f I 7 0 J1A
rlitokoys It a a 100
tO S 4 50
t I ft 235
Iual 4 II 5 4 11t
oTll 4 IJ O 2 041
f U X I
oBrln IS 5 2
T1r11 18 0 I OM
1IbOllIl1 S 0 0 PJJ
ct nitbtn t 4 0 0 000
5 Mctintu iirrnra mugs
MrnrMAI r
th 41r i i 13
It tlmbutg 11 18 I 0 275
20 I e 20
Wolf t 20 I 5 2o
Stratton5 II a 1 2a0
roinney 4 I I
nrlor JD 4 ire
6blnlllot11 Ie a 1 188
Daily 4 Is I 2 143
Raymood b r C a
15 0 2 OO
Jugs I I g 0
aoeuncnJLIIDrO nuaJW41 lertll
WawfL Oou PO A K ttMneii ACC
Lovtrtp 1enovanti S 3 Y t I J t I
lIaI1II 27 0 S 11 000
OL 10 2 g If I 53
Jrmf t 4 V 0 13 1510
Boihong 0 I e 0 0 5 100
Poets fi I 1 1 > 4S f f es is
Smith i 11 SI f 4 n
U t Lt86S A i I II Cl7
OSrtsn S I 8 1 II t
Collins 2 5 5 1 II 54
Oitrk S 1 S A i o6 =
hriL 7l 0 0 0 0 O
MTUVULB mutxa ivuuoc
rwat ftrrt
Famet eowtu F a A It OKyfO 5C54
lUratrar r r 8 Mo u II loon
sintton p r r a oi 0 I jooo
l lir p r t 4 s 4 0 7 1000
iuiiKo7 l 0 2 0 j loco
Ryane S 23 S I 20 eeo
Ta7borlsib0 63 I 2 OT MS
tibiDfliok2abS is Ii g 2f rat
R rmiiit > ab 11IJ 4 10 6 53 811
Wolf r t it b11 4a 8 5 14 7HC1
Toumar fi e 12 II as 181
Ur r gT Og 0 2 8 9
Jlbra l 0 0 0 0 caJ
won or TDB uiTTcn
his Snort
jnmi S strut swim fct
jrnut Stout 3ft ft Sn A nuta SaUl out taiea Mu
1olllna 0 0 0 I r 8 0
OBrien4 0 0o 0 0 b r r
liurni5 1 o 1 5 1 A 1
Pinknty3 0 Y 0 f 1o 0 0
Yonli0 1 1 0 0 o 0 0i i
1O 1o g
Terry5 O 1o 0 5 5 I
flatj4 1o o g o f 1 1
Smith8 1o 3 0 1 I 1 1
Clark1 o 1 0 0 0 0 o
0o y g g
fal l g 1o g
Lovtt4 0 1o 0 0o 1 0 o
Donovan u 0 0 0 0 I 0
Uuabong 0 0 II 0 I 0 0
CuuUl1 0 0 0 0 u 0 0
LOVUTlL1 Stut fitcrt
on jRnukAtatoi
JrltfItrL Qaset JU DU = ua i
Tayior5 0 0 0 I 3 a I
Raymon02 I u 0 0 5 0
Wa1l1Io I 0 0 0 0 r
Walt II a I 0 0 I 0
lbombcvs5 0 0 0 1 2 2
MI g I f g 1 3 1 r
TomaS I 0 0 5 I n 0
RYallII 0 0 0 0 1 I a
Iratton2 I 0 0 I I 1 0
0 1 U 0 1 1
g g g A
eaktin1 0 0 0 0 0 0
BilgeI 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ehnl1 0 0 0 0 0 0 U
you or nI rmmauam BT orron1ftl
i 2 J
Terry 233 4 I 0 S 0 8 0
Lonll a S I II S 113 I
Stratton 2 18 I a 0 I I 8 1
liatly 2 13 S 2 1 5 2 0 I
Iliakign I 3 0 1 0 1 0 I 0
Ebi I 7 0 0 0 I 4 IS 0
CLITB uvtrva
ante JUOat Ktau Call mil AwV
Brooklyn A 174 82 4O 330
LouUtlUe S 163 17 n 100
caD ruLDixa
Put J f Ttta a < K >
eatut out AttUU rcra cAanoct ccxot
Brooklyns 12S si a tf4 047
1ouIntll5 ua KJ 21 3OJ jm
rum auta
Byan S Clark 2 Daly 3 Bllgh 4 JInihoac L
tx > Data rurk
Brooklyn 2t Loalivllle 4
xrr on aim
Brooklyn lOt LouUvllle 10
Tb Record of Habway t Team i
The work of Rahwayt Cm learn daring the season I
of IIQI reflect a deal of credit on President Daly and i
Manager WIt > on who taw to II that nothing wa lift
cndone to pines the team In tbe front rank of aU semi
profeulonaa ot the twenty three gimei played the
itatiwa won ilxtetn loll kix and out gamo WaS iletl
with Ibe Fluihing Tlla leant had a SettleS average of
2J7 and a fle ding average of VM Ualiigau heads the
batting HBI I with an average of 3U8 In nve game Daley
folio I with an average of ttjti Borne bat one and
mleyse tlinmoo sal tbt only wise to play Iba
full number A garnet Mnrphy mad rltlbl greatest
number or aecrlnc bits and James Keilly led la bate
tteallnf having twenty to hit credit Simmons rot
loss with nineteen Dillon Joeeph Itetlly Leer
Jnnne tjalllian Daley and IloleMbeck wits aol
credited with a tingle error during the season Tht
dlaappotnlmint Railway experienced during Ihe
aexioti WItS Itt Inability to gtl on a game with rialantld
The latter refund to mitt lbs team from hallway
A lOOHhot UatUlt by the ZittUret I
The wtatbtr eondltloat wr not all that old s da
tired for the lait shoot In lbs littler Bine Crabs com
petition at CypruS Hill Park yetterday lbs aeore
made war higher than utual The four member
present shot a 100ahot match halt wishers aad half
loser 1 for a nominal itake Tb Bomber of eeatret
mad twnly five ring oos and a ball Inch dlam ter
was very large J A Boyken icortnjg7 C o ZestIer e
V Melnbach > and F KOM 1 J A ucyken and F Hot
cam out ahead Out or the Itu eboia nred by Dr Boy
tu only op was off tbe black a cleaa laW on lbs
wenty fifth thoi But for this mlttak Morten would
bavo beaten w Uarett ricord or JJK Tile utal
scores were to i Horken 2JLIV a a Zettler 3un
V stelnbach 30U KRu > a2lia
In Ibe regular club competition Y Stelnbach won lite
blest premium on the grenteit number of pelnu J 1 A
Bnykeu the iccond and B Zeltier toe third The but
average yetteruay at well at for tbt intlre aeaaun wa
mad by J 1 A Bojken Tbt result ot yettcraay t scores
wrClab shoot entries onllmlted 2U Fad distance off
hand Aring target II Inch bnhxy Mlnoa I nngx
trlngtot 10 hot poutolt 23u poluta J A Boyktn
otal 1 XU7 avtrag 3JL8U F llnee total tOils av
erage 21JU1 UO iettlir total I8j7i avaraga 3ua 3
V jstetnbacB I total 1Jrt average Jttill
fixture of th W It
Monday Dnlll na4 Bill Crab pnx thoei al
Washington Park lludtoa HID Club Brit chest at
Jtriiy City Height
Tnetdty Hudton Rill dab second day Diana
fipeiumant ria blue rook at Dexter Ptrk
fr llll
iSedtisdayOiDrnor Hod and Unit club at Dexter
Park Erl Satin Onn l loo at Woodiawn Park
Thunday luriiatloii cap baal at iileumore Ceoey
bland Parkway central sad fountain Uun club at
tt n
Uniur roliaia match al llv bird Atgenqulu
verses Kurrka at Marion Kiw York Oily Vcbutiiea
Curp al Lulon mu Mcbntuta Park
Vrluay Creiiial Bin Cub at belter Park
Vaiurday llartmout Sheeting Atioclitlun at Olive
NbootlBK Note
Tbe naniUbroihert the known pistol hooter
lelt I Sew turk last I wee for PerU whir Oily wilt 11
IfI to fnawadi U a wad placed I over lbs
be with this latUlou lu Ik ll kraak ii UtvUg Ib
flu and allow tf a tOVfl iris pillars
Tlieceailtgleitn ootblwea Ihe Cnrek aailAl
gounuln iluu Uittie tubl tlK I > a Sot aisp beta ftitln
tlvkt bit log tonit good shooters en Ibeir rum
TvbvbiiiS 1 plea 515 slowly bu turtly 1 tupndlni
lbs tin buri Tlier art testy featuer weljtil aruii
welnkiugruai Uld lo 7 iiaiuid used liy leap slivetsn atid
hotter tlu saUte
Tin plffia Plate that WAI Is bass lab place u
leieiJ V kllnil ao4 rank Ulaxa ua W harili had
IIiviaat Ian trill Piauia buTTii potlpvkad Wild
u4Didy Oei ju
A uw guu > ei > 4rljaiUe plaetdU Ihi narktlt U
Itatomuiyuiief I bM5 bw < r anil two cikir jjtlo
tlrta 1 lililia4lbal Ui a tutAl is I vaaiar aatf III
psIeliWattlSiiQiIIf ibaa I Au klaak powder i
Iii Naibsilac IllsUsI i lulI Capt lIr II
1 1so1a4 a teia to s g1tsty iselab wlb 1 lie 044UsWi
Mute ClUb ii lii IliV I hiSd4tilisrt 14 115540 lii
IIIWII tttscb wilt tall pic ii III Zililif hill 1J1lJ
laD UJI liowtry
1l > e iji5UlIi55 for Cloth mttih UIVMU the
tNI f utobIDrI
W eluMlwi llrUlit and jiauetu Uun I lull ar rerr
gaud Ylis pupa4 ut1 will b the iticMfg I I 0111
lire TUi II selhcyWm UooIJIf trail Uu ted tuf iliC
dtdIU lli issued wltF
iiut yimujutu Ibe wall howe fit faiel u aria
mail let I i u Itr 0 qIleI Silo uf 1001 11 en > a uw al
il wiMier ajaiutl iir ttiuiiiMI Ul luaiuHu tu fuM
LI flu 45 iliuui lot elite Iwo y the luuia has iieat
til uiuaWr ci petals 014 la leal lass u louts
Tb Jalsebiete iUerr Ltajrii trill UU lu sass
mniliig f l > Fail F flf f4 pa ci 4iei at
J b il > jii M Ibi Lo < w M Ml fwrili la I ILelr it ie
Itu ut l u 4Iasairi lU luuaeil lu tii5 liutMui lu
nitumlil niffl letu ttititttu tut tiitui Uleieea
II r il Iu riwUe I jilt 1414 I abd 40 i4 eler sail > eruliiiai
tlit scqssluiss 1 said iriiktlf lella Huvui tWtiuii
kit glI tuu Cf 4q hula r > i > lutluii lu i Mad I itrte
dujtatt lu illS 5140CC l UCKliie UtUUf I
tin tsbietoI l nine Aewtiailvu I e Muler re > iil4ii >
lien IteaUl 0 4 > lwel vt Ike a 0e035 Itt II le birth I
lit leuu > nii tit puu utuitlTi Ik lddivi atil
loetehee nl le til yi4 MI 0 iitit in tut rlkl oIfmviit4a
U Slate vait > VUIV > iiiii > vji uiuaiM I40labi it A
Ibeul Iil4 SOLattLSStl rt1 140511
11 iiuteT 15115 SpIiiOaiid til MM iiooo ski It
tU UJ4 fta
5051W bUdiiilti lie Mf > 7iwiTue Its paI
I rucajaw l Jt1 lUttW a M < UF wilso
lilt tjtuel 4trillti t ibecj I
aititiistethWr lip Saw Irt Oly Mkuuta
rwl4atudI4 SI tfttat IdM hilt wfctatJlttWI rUt tVH
rJIiay aKlkMu In Ut lisfl i lu ice lass < 7k 510044
5l rtr iil t7 Ib rssiasssI UI
I is Lu 1459 Mitiaed t4Itt 4wi4 afWea I
ttr his otd I 04 UU br trkfin A4 Xkl Ik
irler tttt w sSiai L4UtslIIlaIta a It iMiaWri
1114 f > vt eUi 4fifiiUia M a4iga li I
ai II era itUift 4 lie eUti liVr f
Siberia 51 I IN Iki beyiiaua Mt < CI14
ft partUifaliaeT lat a guuid 4UMl 5 4 lie 553555 I
CAlLING cams ttorst
TeefelKvrla Taken th Whole of HI Tim
Xlalt Per it Xtcpljr
Te rda < evening and after forty ilsht
hour consideration Mr Taohlgorln forward
ed his ninth move In the Evans Gambit and
bis tenth move In the Two Knights Defence
fromBL Petersburg The Knselan received Mr
etclnltzs moves on Friday cvonlnir at 10
oclock Bt Petersburg time and cabled his
moves at about 10 oolock St fetersburg time
last night All has been previously stated the
time limit Is I fortrelgbt hoar Mr Tschlgorln
therefore tOQk the fall time limit for the con
sideration of tho moves
avAro CAmrt
1ICIIOaor nitm ivacniooaix ITUPTIS
MhlS4 flueS I WSIe I4tk
pii f tt srun a B54
a Ktk B i UQ B 3 Ic Castles iD a
5 BB4 0fl 4 iv ro 4 RIIC U
4F4Kt4 BlP i8flJCt5 JJQS
nt anoan vxrxxca
TtUln ncaiooaiK traiHin ncatooaui
IIIIIU meet n htu Mack
114 rK4 It nKteh IDS
l DIIt CtQfl H 711 h
nD4 xt8s 5IlJ E 55
4 KtKl I P04 B K Kt CBS BQB4
Time credited to Bulnltz 35 hours
n tttia eentctti In I competition for lbs menrkly
prim offered by the Brooklyn Bicycle Club to their
bowling tttm wire held at Onion Hall Brooklyn ea
Itlday evening Tat coors
lilac sAx
Team A Dallty Itit I Borland lITi Itrown 10T
Dtrkman 130 Corby lie Ooe lait Lewlt 104 Ho
Cablll IKJ Mine 181 Total 1123
Team Bketteer Iil Matthewm llli Mtad till
Qalmby 100 Raymond 071 Bklnner Ilti Tloknor I
I17t Bntdtter 102 Cook 13i Total 1033
laooitD oiim
Team A1iafl 133 Borland UV Brown 101
Barkman l34i Corby M Co 141 Lewta lot I 110
CahilL 1J4 MIne IA Total 1093
Team B Meeteer 1M Matthewt lli Ketd 140
Qulmby I07t naymond I1B Skinner 10i Tloknon 88
Entdtktr 1Z7 Cook Ill Total 1123
Team A Bailey 110 Borland ISij Brown lit
angrb oiooOI m
Barkman 1IB Cathy oioo Lest luo UcCahlil 154
Mines lOt Total 1118
Team Meeteer 138 Mattbewa 1101 Mead lIlt
Qulmby 110 Raymond 1i7t Skinner 118 Tlcknor
toe Uaedeker lau Cook lilt Total liez
n niwly erganUeil Wanderer Bowling Club of
Brooklyn put up tome good tcoru In their f amtt ann
American Hall The ooru
Team No IKlien lilt I Lash Uflt Lalrt US Moran
133 Padden lie Total C8U
Team Ha a Voleer lu stlnton Mi Clarke IBS lily
rID 1121 biker 6A Total 44U
tiooxn am
Turn No 1EIten 111 Loeb 1711 talrt 140 Moran
114 ridden KM Total 71t >
Tm Ka a Volgtr HI Clinton 631 Clarke ISII lily
gins 411 rorkir tii Total so
naiaD OIKS
fdi 1Blun t8 Loeb 127 Laird 100 Moran
112 padden Its Total ear
Team Ho 1Volger 751 Btlnton 178 Clarke 130
ntriln 114 Forker SO Total ITS
A team mush among member of lito Social Bowline
dab wa bole at Becker i alltyt Jersey City
Uelgbta racially Tbe scores were
Team ha htebbine till Meyer NO Klckerleb
191 Snowden 241 Cbrlitlan 120 and Elckerlcb
Ill Total 011
Team No Inlabr4t 181 Mane ISO Italdlman
UI Lange IK Orient 130 and Yoant 114 Total
Tb Bergen Bowling Club rolled the following team
match at Henna Aaiembly alley Jtrtty Itty Uelghtt
T > am A Onlltry lev Marie 1M Ilelnu l < u
handy 133 Mount 1S3 Simon t3 Thorn 115 and
Lull izs Total 11 oil
Tam B Boyd 15J Rutrapltr 1411 Burke 138
Ot tt dlVrWa uL
rR lIoiiTu
IJonnell 177 Bedgrave list frank Wit ilaanlon
133 and Lemmera Iw Total 1111
Tbe beadqnartert of the John Boyd lowIng Club are
at t oL Bro as court heals alley Jeney city Height
The slob t opening battle resulted at follow
rive Acee Uelnt 20l ilaniay zoi Brawn 118
berman luo burke 175 Total 005
Cocked Ilatt Bord 198 1 Glmon 2UO Fflngtton 170
Walt 150 llenrlck 201 Total ali l51
Let than hilt a wore of the Tentonlai put In an ap
pearane at linn Auembly alley Jersey City
tIAtgbta oa Friday The retult of a team match wat aa
Team Xo 1 llenn ton Bebrena 150 Sttlnberger
100 feteltmann isu Total eoa
Team 1 0 Rnlaad IW Brown let trw 131
BUeier 183 Total MM
Frank nT Cafe alleya I Jeney City was llvtly
place oa inlay evening A party of member from the
Tenny Bowling Club played a match game of tb
ttrtkpara and nobreak order The score were
AirTlinwMuller IM Bald IBJ Kelly Iii Curlay
l MI
183 J cummlugi 142 and T Gummlagt lti Total
Short BorteaCater 187 Ennl 173 Bettcbtr IBS
Martin 112 rll and Bathntld 133 bt3
Til Pin Enlghtt are doing floe work at Duke A Ram
Icy t LOll Juicy City Ttie remit ot their eeml week
IF learn match la a ollowt
Team No lIflor 240 OKrlen 18St Field 131
Iloweib Ibo OUonnell 177 Tenainic kF and flak
175 Total 1287
Team Mo 3 Tompklnt 101 liable IBO Wrlfbc163
Bnddlck Itt Kamtay 134 Cornell 171 andbtevtat
1410 TuUl 1183
The eeml weekly team natah fu its Ellkow 1 Bowling
Club rolled at Frank lluller1 alley resulted ae tel
low Team Mattbewa 170 Cunning 161 Conway
171 Bnihneld 143 oiTennan 1M lelhult lea and
Dald J13 Total lO
iIL Dortey 14 Killey 2011 Pangbom 183 J
Halite 123 Later 130 En nil Ifia and WaLsh 184
Total Ioe
Tae ulendal EraktbUX and Empire Cube were th
coniettaat In tba united bowlIng tournament Wai
lalla alien lait night lb seers
UlendaleMliler 01 i aldaa 40 Werner M A
Foch 31 Taupe 7t Penny fs Murphy ea i Bchnldi
1Q Total 4KL
KrakeblUWerner 121 Eltenlao 33 Zolk 34i B i
ntuner uu Uerdee Oj a lleutier 87 Meyer 61111 I
leuoer 74 Total 40
Empire Met 44 Lawrence 81 Schmltt 1li Dick 1
IM kahn MIrt 53l becitte ai La Itae 44
Total 41tt
Dotvllmjc Note
TbeParanao King County Wheelmen and Lincoln
Council teams will roll at the hlepnanl Club home Ibll
evening In lbs Carrntber tournamenL
lbs Wanderers Clnb baa boon organized In Brooklyn
wltb the founwlag ofllcert 1raaidini t KUtn V lce
President T B Lob Treasurer II Sander Kecretary
OI t ll
y M olgtr The club will roll al American Hall on
Tvttday evening
Tbe Baengerrnnd owIng Club at Il weekly meet
Ing latt Karurday rolled a champion game lupin bead
pin with the followtag score Joe Killer fun Lob
xamp tw Pellnttx bat Lihmaan no John KUr Is
> rauk74 laitrow 640 Neuiaenn 57 Atuc Keller
Hit > tchalltr Br 48 r bcballer Jr 44 A bcbal
lee 4i
Mach interest wa detracted from th carat ot the
Brooklyn national bowling I tonrnamint I last year by the
r T Ie
long wilts between the gam and the tardiness of the
competing club la etening so eack erenlng u would
appear that this II I to be repeated tbie emton at the
laos garnet ou frlday Cut was not over until near mid
Iblm Ib oinclalt would tie to II that ib gams are
tttrted promptly on time and the walta between the
contests ftnmvwnal hnrlnd It would enable A greater
namberof bowler living ome dIstance from the aliens
to wItness all the rm and mate the game Theta In
ter ttiitf a Friday a drawn out contorts proved very
tiretome ucla 10 tbe moet enthoiiaeuo
The blur howling Club whIch was organlied five
Tsar ago bowl every vterfneedar at Arlinimn 1111
Tb tlaubaimmber ICr 1It1I with II jtrbt
Ireeldint H pnitting tierretary u llterner Tress
ureri W Lnner nnanrlal rrlrr ADd 1 rcttt
Sergeant aruia After tbelr laal rattllnir tbo bowl
era idjournid nauingart A intel t I < IH Bow iry to
oeltbrtt tbi bIrthday of a number Hhea Uer A r
niedat tlielr deiUnatlon thy were reulred li 1 luau
wire sluice and Irtenda wfio bad pruvld I a pinuln
uriiru for them After aiumptuoutiupper lUnelng
begin and iliad until early morning Amenitbme
ptJenl were Mr ant 1 Mrs M I heal lit IIta1
and MISS Minnie Kaumrirt llr N llaefner suit 1 wife
Mia Loula and Nil Cirri llaifuor Jlr and i < ri J
molt Mr V Piiuttlnif Ura Uieltr Mr II Iltthranl
IIlatw t
iji HIM Hlilntr Mr W Oiprmltn Mr awl Mrs
J lloiiinn lll < Kiiddln Mr il Von Olahn Mr aol
Mr P Hitwirt Mr U Stewart Mill Wlllnitnn Mr U
Ktkbolt HIM I lUiaatelb Krah tip 1 J Otiy Mlae
Ensue Mr v llolinilelner Mli Krublu and tleura
U Krab J Spear L kuitmtn and 1L tamuila
VT > a lledsd U a Flcbt
I Laagltf or Will Tblny Mrittb itriit and Ed
Knay of Wait Utatb tlrl fougbtdgbt very bard
rounit with lain glove la I a tialil I tu ibis I rip lau ua
iialurdir alibi Iota Xnrtf llaritn wtirrrte and
Ton Iliuwn held lbs watch Thirty nun wliu wen
urtiiat mitt up a prtof flat fru The flrit am
rui > il > vir a fail a any Ilial nav Lien aein la I a
UPXilin VVbeBlbtr I is say > ribrMi at bulb mci
555 airrly iitugalialile Tan uf lhe ttiuiiyii
wirklck aatratlrlkAlDg bloOd woo iIMriliig froni
Ietlha isiS eats a II 145515 ea1 baiagty e IIIf
IsS4 U till is pIpIashlalta Ili I loa 0slelb ioiatd
4oai Iful III acas4 wlJ lie toiasi4 hit f1435 Villa
In erIIy 1 III Ilao irhf lie 1101 Iast
Il I 5 1 ala ii tel 1150 lapS r saudi 504 te Ali
hi wy II iaoled 10 blo Ito sal SIJ for j I PoOls
tub iIp I iii III Iilsl WI Il1yl the rr PI5Issiely
i1luld lbs tttil 1 iIii hint 5 4 411 Otis oil 011111 tat
SisliIly Jill I41 V l CuilStIIUV lutftf
HlllUrd aa4 foot I ttttt Jawy
Tat Orinit ltuitls Ill wdl boll spI Ml bIuilagd
Unratu aiavuf IU UMiaU tWISt UM fiui r
A Las4lj btlllfl Iturniineal Will M 11I1 u
54045j 515 rlwi > I lull MittUri II lit Uller iou > ul sail 1
loekiu flit COlitiS ar poesy
4 1251 l VI f waiil fl4i4 Uliea Mv P5411
M 4 HttiHlt uf aloe lI4C I u nt3l WKrlll IU lieS i
isiS ieri 1 Viintni 54 J000i IU sue U Sislud
It eil ii ul 5 IIU luilxl ilolliii Jfitcdlek
Kill DM lu aISm0 ll ItS 1510 <
AI PoSy I < II J Il iat far 5 011114
awktU cod 4iol l lU > f U4T J tHulfifH I 1
I hlilV lutftkUm ifUMu iiiiMl tlia xmliiwi
e e < fc < 7e > < H 4ICC < f 5 fke l444p5 writ
Iio9d 7 tin 051 fM 514 it49i tit Its uttui
51V500 bestlil 55 ffO 14005111 IIIaIII55 tll5I4f
4 115 If 5f51 LihuiMi C 111 to 15556 lie I
it f at Da40ep 141 4i545IM JI Ii VIII 4aal tap 15
611 1111I h IOU be
1110 Ifo 11 II N WIll I
U wuati
tUuteii tl St mi4 t lyrv I trttf rut Utlitu
will ibvrljy M < iII i lAkIisr unMINIMI II aio sos
lal e A hisS sot I4lo1or lo rkl > kll I OttO tl
ra uf 0014 lie uavlll In akar Hl ie It
NIMSIJ ii MlUI tpttMt
now natrrard C Use m Football UttUh
liMb Lone lbs Oae
Faworron Oet MLFrlncetoni wltllnntta to mitt
Harvard on tht football Odd this season li an aeknowl
deed fast Ibl U larcely liDO Cb recent boaitof
torn Cambridge men to Ih effect that this It I tb very
tlmito wipe npthe field with the Princeton tltvin
Inasmuch at thtlr players ua ntarly all green men
and the turn on the whole U 1 vary Inferior lo lbs
hamplon eleven This II what aa txrtrltncti football
man tall of propotfd match i
lean not what slim Harvard hu heavy II
may be or bow maohexpertenc Individual 1 pliyert
may have abe cant put one on lbs Held that can beat
alFrlnctlon tem when trained after the manner of for
mer teem The great trouble at Harvard Ia that they
Goal know at well at Ihty should hew to train a team 14
win from Tale or Princeton They have the material bnl
their wiaknti eonilitt In tbt development of the ma
terial Thlt hot htea provedtlxne and time again Tab
last ytart Prlnettoo Harvard tarn for Inttanot In
t tldl
the Ort bait ibtr tat us but In tb tteond their tttm
want topleee and II wa no more troub e to mak
touchdown again them tban agaInst any ut the oral
nary football teams They played well a long at that
had the strength bat this wag for a thorl lime only
Un lbs other band the tuptrlor tralului of oar men
wa demonstrated by the fact that easy fell In as food
O M1 enI r
condition durinir tbe clotlAK inlnutetot the game and
were playIng at lIon a game at when they tlartia
and Indeed stronger
Mow If Harvard Inlnittbt can down ui lit mt ivy
through the columns orTaa 0000 tbtt all she hat to dole
to U4 PrInceton a ohaUing
There will be BO rams however tmletallarvArd takt
the initiative I Harvard withdrew Irom tbe League
without 1 any o Ir oame If rrlncelon offended liar
vard aidalto U i Uoyltr a member of tbt oradnat
AdMiorr Committee haS echoed the lentlnient the
hew Jeney men in these wordtt Let tbe dead pose
bury their deed and let 1rlnoeton and Harvard get to
Tbe itudintt at Princeton not being tatliflid with
the rttuiar vanity and aorub with the Interclai
and otter game tIe tattoos l eating clubs hove begun
lo form football team and play gamta regularly The
club call tbemielret all aorta uf queer and comb
name The ant to organlre are the Fire Katen
The team Is made up a follow t Right end Ward left
end Brown right tackle bchlou left tackle Hell I
right guard Schultz left guard Lakey centre Bar
end He i quaner herman bait back Davidson and
Htlderwolt tcaptalni full back Everett The
tecond club tailed Iberoielre the IU tigers and
are as follow Contra Woods rlibt guard Mannings
lzh 1lvbn IInh
right tackle Unfit lefignard ttttson lash tackle Cnr
ran left end Aluwood rtihtenl Alkman Quarter w
yin half t OOi Small III and nbltet full back
fop Atkiaion tatatltute Koberl The third club
Is the Orauboppera They won from ttis Lawrence
Till team lbs other day a thing which no eating cluk I
bat done In a long time The Urawhopptrt71 are
bLight end U J Bergint taft end P Vrtdenburg right
I fg ff
t ackle Hale l left tackle A Itlgg right guard Dow
tall left guard Kpraanott Cent r Inns quarter
l > ariibatf back Farber and Bergen fail bao5 Ioe
Ibere are other club named the Infernlto the
liynaioiun Ihe Buihera ana tht All Amen
An Ea ir VIctory for the Loal1inono
The Longfellowt 011 the Brooklyn Shamrock at the
Kldgiwooit Bat Ball ground jetterday afttrnoon and
the match turned out in bI on of the meet oneaided
yams that bu yet been played In Brooklyn under Ae
tociatlon io Yrom start to Cobb the Longrtilowt I
flail ini game la their I own hand tbt Octane of lbs
Shamrock proving miserably weak and at toe close
they had J goal the boy of Frln alllug to Poor
Tbe Longtellowt had several 1 member of tbe lecond
levin and these young piayert showed good form
JToottmll Nolan
The Longfellow tackle the New Tot Tblttle t at
Rldgtwood on bunday next
AtProepect Park Saturday morning the Meteors de
feated the Uxfordt by b to II Thewlanses were by far
the heavier team
BOJTOI 28 The Technology eleven gay tbe Phil
lips Bitter student a drobbmgyetterday to Ibe tune of
4otoo ThIS It tbe highlit ctire nor made again
Exeter by a Technology eleven
In the Intenbolaitlo League sense Bterent School
Won a nolorlb vtoiory from tht rolytecbnlo laU
lute Prospect Park fcatnrday the Icon being J3 toO
feoveral otBitTtnt playtrt were hurt
The cup presented by the Boilermaker Colon of
Brooklyn wnlch wes won by the Longtellowt oa Oct
It will be preente4 to tile victor on Soy e The
club props holding a imoking concert on that date
Tb American Athletlo Club football team defeated
Cbe Volunteer Football Club or ibe acer ol I J point to
u at the grounds of ibe former 135th street and Harlem I
Klrer ytrday morning I Young and fi hm did Ibe
beet work for Cite Americana
Ancoria Mau Oct 26ne Boston Athletlo Auoci
atlon football eleven defeated the rhtlilpi Andovtr
Acailemy boil 4aTbD a leer ut 04 to A In a
rallierene gild game The Boston player were alto
gether too heavy car th academy team
Pmiioacn Oct 2tIA bard fought football match
between etevinofAll Pittsburgh and the eleven
of the Allegheny Athletlo I Aeaociauon wae played at Kx
potltlon Park yetterJty afternoon retailing In a seer
of M to e la favor of tbe Athletic
Tbe eleven of Columbia Orammar School did noitp
pear at 1 roerect Park baturdiy morning to play a
dlllro IIIfd
bj1 ta
scheduled game with Ihe Adelpbl Academy In the
InencnohuUo League trUa Manager llebard of the
Adtlpblt win claim the jam by forfeit
The return football match between the lacIer team of
lb e uaellc rocletr and the dm twentr one of the Irish
Ainerlan Atblell Club was played yesterday at bra
tinS II L The attendance was tarts sod lbs gam
holly contested reeulitng In a victory for tbe faD
AmerIcans by a seer of 4 poInt too
PuiLinurniA lIel LIYatlla and Marshall College
played atoothsiigamber tudy IUllb UnlTtnl
ot fItrITIIII 1 ha caine wa well contested IUF
aft the lart dlsulpgoiWitng bmITu by good alr
lug Tb Itn6 hair was Jrconteiii but In lbs
second th University beTa pulled tbemaelvet t
ad succeeded la scoring 3S patati to their opponent
Tbt Kttrniy Rome and toe Paterson TliUlle foot
ball clUb played one of th cooteited and exciting
gain teen for a long time at Cosmopolitan Park
tatne daal Irl h oH
earney Saturday afternoon The Hover iron by I
goal to 0 hut the play wa loeven that tt was any ones
game till the flnUb The work of both goal keeper
June Hood and O Cutnmlog was magnUlctnL stat
elicited frequent applause
At tbe meeting of tbe American Football Association
tlb m
r rlt taml
on balurday night In Newark tbt pretest In tOte Paw
tnckeiolvniplo game was sustaIned and the game
ordered played again on ike Pawtucket ground
within tbe next three weeks The second round of cup
lie was drawn with the following remit ihe lint
named ha choice of ground bait dlitrlcL Fall Hirer
bait hut agalnit winner of the ulrmMcPawiucket
protested gum rail River Rover against llelyoka
Veil dlitrlct Longfellow of Urooklyu agalntl Cal
donlant cf Newark NonpartiU of Brooklyn agaloit
Ktarniy lu f era These garnet mutt be played In the
next six wicks Tbe Canadian team will not visit this
vicinity this year bat will play at fall itlvtr tborUy
Astor Hnlllvma FlrUK VIsit
John Lawrtnot Sullivan tht actorpoglll arrIved
bar from Philadelphia noon yeeterdav lid late on
tb Fall Hirer boat at 4 P H for Prorldtnc He dined
at this Tauderblll Hotel and received several friend
there 1I1ld that bit bntlneit had been beyond bit
fondeet uplIua and thai bus expected make a
fortune in iwu 1i54095
IM you Intend light usda or Jackson 11 r Dnlll
van t uSed a lipe reporter
I may try uueof them bet forlhefuuof It after
our ceases eloapJobn replied but the man I right
next will bare tu serape together a big put of mooiy
A Nw Club mt IrISOOtoa > ColUsa
retITo Oct 14 new social club haijulbtea
orgtnlttd by tht itudenti of Prlnceldn tolligt The
new club It trrugt ou lho ella planes the well
known try and Collage CliiUat IrlnritoD and will be
a frUndiy rhal lu the old organKatlon The nub
C1W iI tvl rfnN DJi
liai icu a home on Wind street fur a number uf
year lu whIch mere will be billiard r 4iug and
lIIuUf rooms and ether roDviulinni The ortlcerl
ol lli club are at lolluwii Prtildtut i II Adtnui Ice
Ji W t
PrUdisl rVutwcrib TreaSurer UcLaualau
Odd and End ot Mpnrl
Tbt gl v 6ght belwMa Hank Dun of Buffalo and
Jerk lIp ul ibIs clip will likt place at a run
Deer Hilt city in murruw UIlit I
Tbia4vuiieairr list top the Hrldg Allilelle llubi
tueilsy tuuriity sine iii iiieoi HIM I1I ssumaiita
butics uf I11U 11l1 tie re of tin rljoI1I
Jut UliKr Ibe olurtl Ut Hum p4er asid Mill
reniir 01 i uiIaftiBbla N kutn m irilnikg tar Ibelr
Scab alit which labia > lre Bill tree
Illle bIIt llrtdford Pa will be la Ibis city ou
MrtHDitiar If will hi redr uu lii arrHraMo gush
a uiitcii with Jut Uuluu me Scotch Hibiwelitii
II If I rialmed Skit I jilio tnd Klilirif 1 the ru reins
Sri ruaktr bee tenf uiiwbtu tl 111 lurllitd
AlbrileAiMiiU < li SourIng des sod loilUlkiu fe
lit Ixtluv etlilblllcu f Hit I I srl illilin iliitot
Urixitlii sMile u iu Io lie4 luwuirvw viI al
Hukii vii e nyuiutnvu ptelehes tuuit titt if in poi
lliiMruiid Osliusi l Uilui cuuiiilu 4 II ifi
iii uuliiliell bed tl Mikil vtttlui ii 111 I it
5055 livoedwsl vobIy tu fburtitr 5114 5lcr
ill IttllU
Jue iilawfr f Iblitllr < 4 Jliuwr hilt at Jtitir
CHI Iwo ci 501 LaiiUun l Ua0lI ua tuyu i ug uiul
tit uUbl al a 4054 buuttlu iiinr A titter IlllMiva
Vs She rttull tail hat iiUVn fit uttfiil st
A iivuiufr of imrltM f rMellliJ Ite bIy l fsa t
Alan AiUiJiKkf Itiiii ill flilibu suM as os
UMilfl l nifttivifuttf JLkllUt utj Siur4r iolJ4
t itiia lull Itt lu HIM alaS te era eupi 4
Hit Regis Ik closer twkav4e4 tsates wlt5
liuurvf II kii ki 4 4 I liaJulu in IT a ittui
Lull I keiii 4srsy ic lie Sw i II a attomdioai 01515
lieu In e > M Il uumif mr self I wia it
519144 pa lb usia ii lie 54 U liuil l r Sail Xvu
the 411 las II 4 < r4lug of Ib rdbIieaipa jaod
MKI Itt CIa Pb u1I4eap > rf 41bP e > evil Etla < < l
dietbos II fuklAg 04 154s f ilr IL 5pa4l rliAiwuli
ia4 AllotS Li lll f ftAMrf pie sosai rpgu M t
cli aesal5s 4 wsaguaatey itsiieay sAd fuSsy ust
5551 eel Vi
A ikiiyAyti VM MrtM f 4 5oIp I evLiitjif liifbftf test
ifliii ibn JTif a Ti 0157 UfHO5 55 rblteliIlO
itttrjay iI li Tie VII rU in tJkiib iiliiil
gbiei lnttr i Hit u I ak esteld e l HIM Vla Itliu
VUl like luw eriikia 5145 w 15 iMIi lukei mil I
tiewai ii rleeer lljii wrif 11 k4 0selLtaS 5so4 i
l el4il4 Wkl lbf 5 tb 1450h1i f
dpi < > lk laTL MMillr tkiMgle large
IM Ikli ll < rMei fcel nil I4 soIdtote l ui
to I M 4S tottil Ik tiiflttutt 11 Nos we
kttIll tiailiJkl II IjJ lee ISIS < illpapo4 7t L
Lauiwar MIMIM tl ftl g4aywelaaoisaib
tea itui laufirtt la Ike giAue trvite Lie Slim woo
0 il7 > > UliatAa U5Ueol jLO5se ai5lsqL4ebrs
Full Onrnee eit Cornell
ttiicA Got KXThe rcrnlar fall yams ot the Cornell
Athletic Club were held yesterday afternoon on the
newalhletlo grounds A ttiminaryot the amttuat
Onehundrtd yard KnnWon by A T Baldwin 93
with J II Sonthworth 93 tecend Time II seconds
Kourhandredandforty Ran Won by W Mo
she ta with W Young 93 ttonnd Time 67H Itc
Onehundred and twentr yard Itardle RaceWon by
X O Uorton W In 20 seconds A T Baldwin aa teo
Twomile Bicycle Race Won by W O Otrood tt
with E D McConnell 94 secOnd Time 7 mraulet
435 seconds
Twohundrtd andtwentv yard Rnn Won by 0 D
Shier v A with W U While ve second Time 24 13
uoemlle Itnn Won fay S 11 Mould ot tht law de
partment In I minuls 33 secondS
Two hnndrtd and twenty yard Hurdle Race Won by
E O Morton Ot with U 11 riace 04 tecuod Time
a 46 ascend
Onemile alkWon by P M Gilbert TO with n n
Wlllanu 94 a clote teoond Tlmeti minutes la 13 teo
Half milt RunWon by W Mother 93 with ThomaS
Ktveny 04 second Time 2 minutes 14 15 second
rultlnir Hlneen pound snot u on by J W Taylor ol
the law ichool with J3 feet 3 Incuet W G bile ft
second wits nj feet 4 Inches
KunnlnilliihJumpUou by W 0 White W with
4 feet II inches
Throwing tiliteen pound flammer Won by J w
Taylor ot the IAW school with eat feet 7 thebes
loanIng llroad Jump on by E O llorion 02 wIth
IB test 4 Inchet H > i JaquUh 53 with is lest it Inch
second and IX Ehanti HI third with iT fret H Inchee
role Vault Darknena Interfered somewhat with thIs
event which was hotly contented the winner belnr B
o Horton Ill H M JaquUh Hood a fair chance of
winning until dltatled by sprainIng hit knee Mnety
three won the supremacy scouring 07 points to 41 for
ninety four
Over Hill and Dot
The recently orfauliad croiecountryteamt of the
Centurion and Monroe Athlttlo clnbt held a lively eros
onnntry run of nearly eight mIles over a new court at
Cyprtjt hUts yesterday mornIng Tbe start was nadt
from the Monroet headquarters oa the Jamaica
punk road and the count lay directly across the
country for four miles aDd return making a total
eouno of sight miles No trail wes laid the athletes
relying oa their knowledge ot tht country to locate
themselves When the upper end of Miller tamona
shooting ground Dexter Park was reanhed the pace
began to tell and In the climb up the hill and through
the woods slew thai was made a cIrcuItous route home
was selected to have at much level country at pot
tlble A run In of a mile In i extent waS enjojod and
the pact the moose maintained on thai final spIn
more than made auiendt tor the rettof the mn James
A Ulancbard ot the centurion won with Edward T
ntKfi of the Monroe second and Jauiea a hyatt of lbs
Mouroet third
Tht crofeconntrr team of the American Athletic
Club belli Iii regular weekly run yesterday over the
ntual icven mile courts It Mamlok nsa the fIrst to
During the morning the crowcountry memberof the
Acorn Athletic Annotation held a alx mile von from
their oluu bout corner of Second avenue and Mxty
nfth Rtreet The court was the famou snore road
B Edwards won with Hike Healer reooud U Knob
lock third and George Ernest a good UlLb The rest of
the starters were not far behind Time 3u minute 11M
An early morning run wae enjoyed by the membert
of the Union Athletic Club lltrrlere They ran over She
eeated handicap course and all UnUhed well together
Ihe recently formed Mautllu Boat Club Uarrltn
with Capt Ed Deniiert showIng the way held their
second run from the boat bouie at the foot or Stacy
fourth street Bay Utdge yeitenlar afternoon All
the team did well end will bold weekly runt In future
The Bridge Alhielle Club Harrier under Capu
Brady held swell attendel run over the Bay Ridge
course anrlng the morning The participant showed
Improved form over their previous eaortt
At 3 P M over twtnty members of the Brooklyn
Darrlere pirtlclttted In their regular weekly cross
country run over the seated handicap coarse B Dun
levy and r Herr were the trail layers and they picked
out tht iUff ft country to be found A fact and slow
pack started Tbeathlttet covered the five and one
pelf mIle In excellent shop making an Improvement
ot three mlaulec over the run or the oreytous week
J Murphy nt the fait pack < rae nnt R Whitney and
1L Klllngbam of the sow pack reepectlielr second
and third Time 32 mInutes I4i teconda
Theret always a crowd of interested spectator to
watch the frotnect Harriers run and yeeterda wa
no exception to the rule It was lIvely eoateeted
K a Campbell winning by a foot Irom W G Dow
who was followed by J J Conghlln The rest of the
paok wets close up Time so mlnutet 14 3ft ttconda
Oance of the Htayrciant A C
The Sluyvetant Athletlo Club held a most toccenrul
lerleiot memberf me at lbs clnb ground icwth
ttrett and First avenue yttttruay afternoon The club
bat Improved a great deal of late and the spectators
wltnoued tome exciting contest Tht summary of tbe
fame folios
lxlyyard > Dash Handicap Plnal heat won by Levy
with Barnett second and orl > onneU third Time d 4r3
fetandlng Broad Jump Handicap Won by B Levy tJ
Inch wIth an actual Jump of Si tact Inches V Doug
lau sCratch second with a feet lunches
Three hundreoVyard Run Handicap Won by B Levy
cratch wIth U Braun tl3 yards second and J Bar
att ihi yard third Tim 2li 4 > second
Putting the ItVponnd slot llandicnp won by If
Murphy < feet with an actual nut of 2 feet H inches
J Andenon 14 feet second glIb Iii feel 14 Inchea U
Tanb ii feet third with 3 feat
Throwing the flupound Weight Handicap Won by U
Murphy t ii Incbes with a throw of u feet a mote D
Connell tcratchi eecoud with a throw oC la feel lou
Inches P Douglass icrMch third with a throw ot 13
feet DM inches
Six llumtred Yards Handicap Run Won by J OCon
nell 85 yard with U uConnell < 3O yarde second eaj
M Murpn 4 < iyjird third Time I minute UUaeconda
Seventy live Yard Three legged Race Herateb Woo
by J ttDonneil and J AnderSon D Connell and U
TAut second Time II I icerond
role Vault for Height Handicap Won br J Anderson
scratch with 7 ftet U Taub 0 incItes aacond sod
r Uouxlaat third
Promising BOStOn Athlete
Borroir Oct 26 Thrte Interettlnir atliletlo events
wee decided by Boston Atbletlo AssociatIon athletet
upon the track nt Itllngton Oval yesterday The con
lists wtr all food and tome of the performance were
to excellent as to Indicate moil positively that there is
splendid athltlli material In the club which only need
developing In order to place the ataoelatlon upon aa
equal footing with the crack club of New York One
man In particular premises welt and that Is P7 U
Ibomptoa who It a very 1541 luoyard man and had
quite mu eaiy Job In wlnnlue that ctent from his mark
With handicap he won ills trial heal In loH l teuonai
easily and nu doubt could bate ernie prttty ntarlr do
Inc as well had he been on ecrtch Ihitead
the capper will not be eo literal with him next time
The evnto contested were iu > yard dash touyardt
run and one tail walk open IA merobert only Three
prIzes were plvea In SCOt ills i09yards desh was
leanly hi I thompson ti yards In to 43 seconds
his tIm beirg twoflfths of a sconil shortr ou the
tecoaU round J Hale Jr U Firdt wa a foot teblnd
him and r Allen 1 yard third
rlxieeu men ttarted In the tmnrardt handicap and
T hpencer Ui yard won in llmlnute oj 4 b eetonda
with i 1 H Page 11 yard eeeond and U L Baiohtlder
Oyard third
Tio mile tine handicap walk was won b > R K Hale
in x minute I terond with a < Brackttt second and
U 4 iianleo tiOfaldlil third
A Rejunrkeiblei llnllmll Walk
in Furnace OOL ItAt the Olympic lob games
yttterday 01 hInd walktd an tiblbltiou half mile la
3 mlnuut MM aicondt WalIng lbs worldt record tif
I BlaaUl J 24 ascends
Archibald Wall give en cistonats dire sa week
Dli twang 11 ioie iVIVI actit Wlsf islill ribs elf tie
buy lie Jnrtli iilvsr I II ehIs sbl is teats
full deciuretsI iiti ll ii5C sill lluwra Clii llilVtiu tie
SUShI eilerialkl4 aser Or uud his 54 5 sw
Mr aid SIrs MKiwuui
The Cautgithlss YaIit lisb oC Slew I set ties airady
5rcieil arreuigeapils a hll IbIril ahuhiioai sceep
5atas It ra iirWSASsl arlWI a lesdl Is ICr
sIafi aflset4 lbts at 5101 each fur host lit lacey a
si Vial clilu l14lJ J1 It Csolsrsd cci Ii Jva Pt
4 pi lcla4 oelbp tiilp SI ihil will ho iid Ocelot
IL siaai ot 111 sudir its staple e 4 ths a tuflliililsi
Isetol I lapef ew lush Its iallawliigap4li5 0
ci tlliie 5ulse I 45511 Plugs As clii alIly 0511
loptIl t boil tltef lull nl Sasl seaoJIig ltsy
V 1 altl 1511 li 15 4 lteal 11111 I Vu rio a tie
I 10 4 Ii I4agIIiO 11 10515 Ie shil snip
aIhli iuhtrili old 115 Ii ltuliulilg 5 tests ia
55111 It1 so ssu ii 0 huh sa4
lIlas 414004111 5 54 S 5C 44 0s Is call 4
wIIob 111 I lulaillI 4 Ia I at 5Ia4Iii ial as
II S Si VS aoI ttill so IllSSli Of 11111 0140 lelitik
luudr I S I roI iy I r alcale a Ibhl looses
I e b11lisiy aol UI Sislo I toast Ue dci holier 5li
Ce solsa VIII I stVIpld 5 IlisI iiIeId a a aOia
hUlij III lb I400a549t 1 his I V 0 t 4
155155 tsy 0 siloisillis ha islllaS Sidle
lot leaai lii a bat
141 sipistdsy aatrlud at 5141 I
051111 Pat iui Cl Ii a iSSy bl4tbl 15 Iceb s Leg
wiij I Iei i iii 1 Iute Is II suit I Iii II
1 lSir Soul of Ito luby5 lI1bie lab 55 Ii e I ciii
I sun i II lIsle tat 4la 504014 lii tlI Loae JI
lpiisli f I gelit iA II su1 + I c4 lii
lhl s 5th Il 1444 I II Jell suet bolt hot i4
Slirbar au it iii l 15 114 leg
iahaioar IS S 55 iu5 t5p S I ca4 s4 5
uSI iboef Ii I uuai fi Oh l ost
5 ei lasts 4u 51515 IS 105 liSa4utetclulSlll
0f551i4s5 II cools 0041 I StIskel af
leisals St Iusd4gI pot esi tsp hf 1511
C ste SII 01 ba jail 5 4d to 5
ftL54 SaIL 04 bpl100 a I
5150 l04l5aaasa44eita as
iSli I lie ic Ibis ilefI 114 ftr II 50
t S 1bties I SI I 4 ililhuos S s I ll5hf w
aab e is 011 140 5isICeIisShiI 54 ars 5 alil
154 10 504 5 45 Its go a4IS4 Iv
a54sl4a I 115 5 at II epot Pii wtlJ
a at ItO IC sail iis I oldrsd i ciusg
a iIai I Ia hI I 11 I Or lass Sec
14 1415511 lii a 5rfsigy Paeflt is
u 12wa p shIV itet i a Is liei li ii i ag f
t Mr M tal cril I lia54 liejer b < tg u tel
u mlt ai 5aof f 4 IIIs iSaf
SiI d l Sbehetlaqog u Js I
515041 51405u Sesellees II s tsr I
des Vial tel uIa osi s Stab ooeto aS p4aa I
5 5tIlpUIISCSI liata lii stl i ia ses 1 I
5 OhS ossesseae Is Vu
55111 OAsssl
fl41W144LZ TO BB IUftiL < TSD
A Change In th SlyU or ruyl B D5a4sp
by zperl p
There tat probably been ne branch of tp rt tnat ha
been marked by to little Improvement Iti the art of
playing at handball Ulbtr patlma haTe been mitt
rlally improved upon but handball stands tv here It did
liO yean ago The progress mauhesltbe gamt darlag
the put few year particularly In America hat chatty
proved that there must be sonic radical ehanfe mate
lath rule If the tport U tattndtd to rtmaUi populat
At U tt played now by a majority of expert tevtrt
servIce payt a contplonont part In the game In ether
word the man who hits the ball the harden and front
tae front wall to that the ball cannot be recovered It
held to bt a wonderful player Game after gamely
won lu tItle fAshion and yet the belt anlhorlUit ditto
that It It a tclentlDo aped Instance are fnxjneat
where a man It capable of winning the rim on ttrviM
alone and yet were the urn man called upon to hold
his end up In general play he would prove a failure
There U certainly no iclinoe la hard totting bal then
Iticltnoe In pretty return and to know jut uaatly
when yoar opponent It In a court and te keep the ball
away Irom him Cling good geoeralihlp at mush at hard
It It now proposed to at to do away with a greater
part ol tbe rather objectionable bard lolling to either
place a lint on the front wall say lour ar fire feel from
the floor and fluke every mail In tossing place the ball
above the line or sloe compel lbs player to itand at she
ace lint In tervlag If players would only contldir tIe
matter they could not IsIS 1 to be convinced that It wonld
not only Improve the Handing of the game bat would
Kite the public an opportunity wllneiiing thauon
wall tta brilliancy
iv via taoouv ctcat coon
Phil Catty t court the headquarters the nrooatra
Handball Club bud an entbuifaitlo crowd on Saturday
Ut and exclilog matches were numaroes One of the
but displays was between Philip smith and JoInt Donne
agatnit John Malcolm and John MoBvoy Tbt Utter
were generally looked upon to be sure winner but they
made a number of serious mlitake aid the meet fatal
tblag ol all was that McUvor was usably to aoootnpUaa
anything al hard servIce The seers
Bmltb and D nnt IS al 3125
Malcolm and MoBvoy 31 lo 1245
hama Maloolni and P Qnlnn played a hard gam
agalnit Lawrence rord sad John Malcolm huh th
latter were luit a trifle too itrong tot their oppocinta
lbs following soon tbowti
Malcolm and Qnlnn ll IT4B
Fordt and Malcolm tl a 1100
Paddy lisbon beat Thomat Holmes lbs belt two la
three games after one ot the Utlleet ruoaronadt of
tile afternoon The aoor
Hahon 14 31 1100
llolme 11 IT 1100
James Donne tt and Jr Mcttabon played three la
irettlng < amn but young Dunn shoved hit superior
Ity to a marked extent TBtecorei
Dunne ll 31 lion
McMaben IS e 1537
James Malcolm the clever lift handed expert playeJ
Lawrence fordo a couple of harp came the latter
winning by a aoor of II to 13 and 21 to 15 Themes
holmes and Thomas Connor played aelngigans lbs
former winning by St to 10
a m mraair SiLL com
Not for many yean hat the oldtime New TOT Com
preeented such a llvtly appearance at It did on Saint
day last Unit a lart e number of handball tnthutaiti
from PaMalo and rateraon beaded by Alderman Fran
clt train paid a Tim to Proprietor Hwttuey and MT
eral of the vIsItor were pltte1 against each other Thiy
were quite enthnilMtio over ihe match for SIO between
the veteran ueorre Hanley and John Oarmody aratnti
Jim Tracer of Brooklyn and Tommy Sweeney The vet
eran and hip partner played a etoul tame throurbovL
the old mans service being partlooluly fleoUve The
Hanley aid Cannody 14 SI n HT
Tracer and Sweeney Jl e 13 1641
P Barrett ana Maurice Sullivan the alaihloc 2l
pounder made then work ot Dufb OUbooly and L
sleety the latter beIng defeated three ou ot tov
larrsti and Alderman Tram ot Patenoa defeated
lllke rieary and JlmTraeey otiew York by lai follow
lag cooed
Barrett and Prate IS
tleary and Traoey ft 14
Ed Carroll and William Bern were bt Ihre
Straight games by Jim Traeiy oh VewYorVaai Joba
Carmody Th score
Tracer and Carmody tmnnTr 1 19 W 44
Carroll and Rot 11 fi 14 if
Jim Tracey wound ap tht days tpcrt by ittttUta
Ed Carroll the ben of thru gam
AT cooavxxv OOVB
John Delaney U now a fullfledged reddest ot Drook
ITO On baturdiy tb court was crowde4 to sea the
Damon Irish expert ph Dolaney toot Faletok Caj
as a partner and plsyeWIlIlatn Counizisyand Patgj
Croak Tb result was
Delaney and Carney IT ai 2109
Courtney and Croak 31 10 is AS
John Grad and George Wafer played Joseph Wager
and Robert holes these vlgoroot frame The oori
Orady and Wijrer 11 31 5507
Wager and Bole 17 18 1167
Patrick Croak and Patrick Carney difeaud John
Vahuteedt and M lltfferman Tbe contetiaata aU
members of the lists of tUldar Th score i
Croak aad CarnlT 31 en
alabltuadt and il fl rman M tl ft
Among other gaines wtrt
R costello sod Mike Murphy
11 Murphy and M Oarrlgaa L2
It Leonen and 5 Hocbe JJ IS 1163
J Connolly and W biraciloabery30 ll ii43
F McCauley and E Duffy fll n 17 ea
P Connolly and F Jackton M 19 2103
5 Matthews sod J ODouatU Ji ie sice F
M Babbit aad A Vly 10 11 1500
W lye and J Schultz II 11
a Miller and J Mahltteai lil it
r Connolly and J Ji II 1541
lLBoltaandWlvas IlS li 164
JotepbSobnlu MJII at 5341
Ueorge Miller M ie IV 2120
D Rlordan and V Ltnnon mninf IS nfO
O Murphy and JConnollyrJnniu tl lOr
0025 022
n look aa U hard service win be aagpns4 35
George Henley aan h moss gtr Blmon Htnrr
othr go and tbat its ti tar of Matter him
golan and Cogglnt Drofett their anility to play 1b >
ert llolei and Petr Connolly each man te ttake 53 oa
Tbe New Totk men an en the warpath again They
will match Itarrett and Ibe Spaniard ueTnri ford ant
UulnnfortUAoreau a tide or wttlaaUhbamtt
agatott Verde for a USe amount
Coggla simply for a little praitJoe a ka traM4 U
alktd amlllngly Int ISa court witS P Uilon on sat
nrday but cam ont a completely lubdued young nan
Qulnn beat bits three ttraUbt game
The wind op la the match for Ho blwse a Joba Co a >
glut And henry William will tat place ii coo y
court to mnrrow afternoon Conies is a allirht favot
Itt lit bat dives gurnet to win end Wtlllttni four
A practical Illailrattoc of an Improvement In a maos
plaricg by Handing at ibe ace line In toulig It the
rate of P Quinn who got but nine ace lu three game
515151 > Cty and yet by playing from tb ae line
barmy McQnadi oily beat blia by two ac
Tte lidi In Krooklrn are liking very kindly le hand
bill ritreuoo AbUlediand Oeorgie llrauer vhs aye
ctrtaluly not acer II yarcld piarad two gameeja
laity uyrt recentlr and ihw d unmitlre to be
quit eipert at in uutlmt Tb game ttooo coo
Manatr flockwull the father f hardball m the
Hen and the manage at the UlMotrl uymnaiftu was
a vteMnr lo aiejri eeerl ou Mturdty Ike 4 L Leeiglaa l
adinitiCl ttiut Ibe court far uritie4 bltoiiecltiletii
aidtiiuth tw a grtier Abuudana of oaaurlat
Shall 1 liii tei1ue4 ttt many yean
Uuu4ay on Ike Whsm
The wabsr psetarday wa tjuti fvamiu ftv
pUaunl bttycl runs Velthetltb wftbIsjfsweo
ciptlnlu look bat > btn ran Tb Kew Irk BIS
crowded the lUvwilfi Orb tome few riding u Terrr
lehi A nsiuber of Ibt Uaakaitaa aaf RlviriUi
Silos whiteI hew Jersey naeadam ridlti dlorl u
Iii HrMUrn iuU 55t5 elul lu large latOuisrsst iaib
Jest ii aid honey Ulaod Tf llultom l05iil V heal a
slap uii < lirlliiiUi cik of spt M ardt r rojet
I uipiuiL while iiiitnUri tt ii < o Alaltua l raage auJ
iikniM club whMltl I Is Ui krTlr ItUvtl and
llalitih Ttie siloS that wIll reiraual lbs Jew
y irr ad illenId dubs la lblr rti leTVe Ui fMt
kill eek S 1C 1111 In Ibis uiMpuur ULaLs
Ulll 4 lu fit
B4i alviByelflilpovM allis Ml lirrleIMIfb
kd Hn < t 5 luieik slid stilLs dug ttl abeui Ut aanu H
astaltul Ill julia > lkgii 51U4 lu Jwtty IHr osi Sb
isSla In II city futglat sc ss Polar is o ehg 1I1Sa4
ldt S as5dt liIofeII4 554 SM 5 11 II IL 155sea 1
lesiplisa 5 dauso40 sane haS II fa11siu he the
1411115 Ilib5 W55 Scsi elel4IM Ii 5 gtr 111
via gulaiMIa j4es SlolJV seCbfI 5 StroM
wl4 Sue IdteJlIeiluld Sir Isohy 465 pitoSisa SI
14 sat sIMS 11 Shoal SM Isel

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