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To 33wy ox Ooll
U to tuto the Adrertlstnc Column of
t a ac ThU appUet to AdvtttlMmnti G
a wall a New THE BTJ3ST
JrAnr noatipa jmrzr TO inn
NW Eatlo I TIll
II efll
C11 oa tbo groaad < Th Th re U No
JIrldela nu I oflaaeenraor
erl11olled Htat Caan He DenUe
TlB < tkrolleCaa Wo Mal7a < Ir
B erTlloB of the Can nnrcan
wuiHUMTOif Oct 7Beorfltary Noble to
4 Mnd reJ a decision denying the applloa
Hn nliiiior Grant for ft enumeration of tho
Dillon ofthe city of New York < Tho d9
clOD adthe letter accompanying I ae n
fallow DiricniMT or VB I r iov I
RtCHTiari Ornca Oct 37 IBSO I
eommnnlcallen of th 3let Inet wa r
Tnr eomunlalon
JfJ w Be al non of th 24 It havlnf been depoell
JJJJtue dew tort Poet Office aa appeart hy the etamp
H of the 33d
i 4 f 2d
I I herewith opinion aniwerlnj yonr
nolltUOO blb an opllol annol
4 Mdferareii m ralion of Ihe Inhabitant of yonr
bhlor reaiont therein eel forth la I not allowed
JOHN > to Noam Secretary
rI Ua Del J GUi Mayor ot the olty ot New
To DrriBTMKirr o TOB ItmnuoB 1
BtcaiTABis DUJTK OJnC OCt 7 1890 I
renumeralion of the innaMlanti
JffHcetionfOr rtueAlln oC hAllAI
NI Yok
Talieomes boforo the Beoretarr upon the
jaaudot the Mayor of tho city ol Now York
4d 21 j for a renumeratlon of its Inhab
Mnta Th communication Is unattended by
Jt ele than CODes Of a letter by the
Juror to the Superintendent ot Census mak
batne t te demand dated tho 16th and ot
b replT thereto dated tho 17th of October
niitbtf tti applicant to present his case
and hi nldeDoe l < at a hearing thereby ottered
Id Tali hu not beon complied wIt but the Mayor
aptxali directly to the Bcoretary to mae the
ppa assorted to bo before
order on the Information aeonld b blor
orer sufficient It is deemed best
him tad to b sumclent best
therefore for tho Interest of the country at
lutt u well a of the city ot New York to de
cide tbe cue on the paper and fat at had
h law under which the Secretarys action Is
nnaMted I a follows
Ktutm 1 ihall aop ar that any portion of th
aiair > tlon Hid ctmni provided for i tola aot ba
VHI itiltunUy or Improptrly taken and I by ron
OireefUcoiDplela the Superintendent ot the Geneae
ml tie approval of the 8r tary ot toe Interior
sauaMHK tncomftiu antinamracum tnumtro
punt cennuubt emended o mait anna under tuelt
pcMi 4 tat in hit uccl tt practical 23 lUla
r11 Swtlon 6
J the opinion delivered bJ the Secretary
DOB the application ot the State of Oregon
remuneration which wua refused U was
trDumeraton whch wa rfuod I wa
Jd tat
nm can tit no rtaionabl doubt but tbat tb SO
tturyli itrtn tbioral powirortrth CtuoaOn
nu b ticrcl i OTr Ibl otbara In th > Dtpartnunt of
tu IiUrtor tnd In th < olrl ot whlih b1 OTII
Hl4 atnolutly lb > BnprlnUndtnt and blmatlf ordtr
aruuitratlon But It li aUo appartnt that uotntln
BMI titraordlnary caica lb powr ot dlicMtlon
tbe who th lair I
Itnll U Uflwltb l EnprlnUndnt
lukin lounJd ibouli u a tola control and b r
J 11IOd boll4 rn Oe
Dbl 11
I was therein furor said that
laUriipoanbUltybaf bln nut by ths prnant Rn
ftrtfctialiat and lb work naa undar hia auotrrlalon
Hi In I iction tmn don with rimarkabl can Intelll
r rapidity and eompUUnHa Tt otnau of IB
tl bUTl will b aol th molt alta
tcrj ud UmroctlTt of a that bay bD lt In th
Calud etatea 1 uai coit an ImmaoM mm of mooty
ud I th remit ot tat toll of many tbooaandi of pu
atu It ibonld not b Impalnd by any dlipoiltlon to
tlUManypanleitareomoianlty howerr Intlllxtat
ptwtrtal or tarneit In appa I f aota Important
and rabl uhlblt dlaorapan
BilUpUd ae woal naa clp
i Uim ahoold b aa In a Initaneti tby bar b n
at and remorad DUI no action aboold b bad
vpoaapreiamDtlon affalnftttb ctntua ItbMtkaao
quo of th gl t body ot th l ptopla and la
dmo worthy ot It I
These Tiews an still held bJ the Secretary
and their application to the cose In hand will
1 far to answer the present application
The Mayor tn his first letter to tho Superin
tendent of the Census dated Oat 16 1890
cade demand for an accurate enumeration
mae al the thai Inhabitants of tne city ot Men York
Itapptara from an enumeration taken by the police
tone under the enperrteion of mjreelf the Major and
inpreeinlatlte effected by you fb Superintendent
tut tbere are many Inbabfianta of tbe oily of New
ink wbo were uot returned br me Federal ceniu lo
timber they are more ttiau aDoogh to eeonr to Ih
nil an a44iuonal member of Concreia and to the State
u additional electoral Toll
The letter was all tbat was sent to the Super
intendent Its general assertion that there
yere ninny Inhabltntt of tho city not returned
W thu JVfldeial census was not supported by
toy proof and no means ot comparison of the
Vto enumeration1 uore furnished The do
Band roiled solely on the alleged supervision
01 the municipal enumeration by a represent
Wto el the Lnited Htates Census Lureau Let
U assertion of supervision by a United Mates
rtp tentative bo oviimlned for a moment
Tho letter of Introduction to tbe Mayor given
t Mr Okott the person referred to in Ibo let
ter ol the Ifith UH supervising tbe municipal
jenuin clothed him with no cucb authority
It I etrktly contlned him to informing himself
ovconferenie und otherwise a to the meth
od that were pursued lu the enumeration
Ihi HM the plain Import of tbe words of the
letter tnd I cannot bo falrl claimed that thy
extend further Moreover the expressions In
the MIVOIH letter of tbe Jlnt to tbe Ueuretary
urine Mr Olcott oametomeat the begin
Buuc of tie onumeiatlon and again be
WM here constantly during tho progreuu
of the enumeration essential us they
we to the validity of Ihe 11 claim
Biltted on are not at all correct Mr Olcott
U Point ot fact did not reuoh HIt Mayors of
Ceoand deliver his otter until OCI1 which
ae thn third day rf u census tbat It watt ex
Pitted would b llnUbed In six darn andlnu
utiliEhtof Uet 4 Iti tides supfrvlujnn endlnj
I lUmoti important dutallu Influencing results
dlall Inlueneli
had taken Jilace even lu advance of enu
peratlun Tbe inetlnxlii of tlecluul had be
Geltlun Uli ott arrived bun fln > d Us cun un
t < Jk tabulutli n Bhett and other oationt
pentlouud by the iiuroraimibuilttedto him
I IIr I nbUlned
tM Itu IrelrI i i rinted and with limtniu
iioim dutributid lo the policemen who bad
f i n eleijtiiil und dutnlld UN enumerator
I fail they WITO acting under their orJei Jjr
IVle1 wft > > PPld With ii data from the
nl > I < < 1 tale lumuu to make any
omptrUou of tha enumeration of uUtrlcti
luy occurred und bo did uot
j ttttmiitlt luikct le boundailuuof thelco
lion dUtrici of tl ct MI wnlci Iji Lnlted
1 11 ll
uu l ceneui wan tuLen l > d I Un nitrd I
tije f S J11 Ind It wus taku by
fu I W ° r I woulJ I I I r
elUult I miuu 11 OljUlhol with every
IJIllunl lt hand tnd Mr Olcott iiud DOle I
0 cplauil could Bole ulo Hiouinrt I
111 rraldaicei put down l 11
blOI UIr I
111 t lb Ih IDll 0 1 ba fOI dllUI
tl fr tl Nak 11 a t tb rl
11 0 I 1 4utT f b r a b n IT
tMJ r Ittl PctOD 1 Od ellly bl t 01 I II It I
10 tbl
1 1
Otl I
D Ibor a I f ua
t 11 lb k Illtl D I
IIV tb tIIL tl Irk f I 1
11 I U U 1lul 1 bi
1110111 tJIU t h JuDMl1 cu
11 1 i tIbQI 1
11jllr D M 16
I ht It
tGIJItl f UJU ttIU I Ii Uao
o ttl 1a 1 lwnllOI ue11 I
niiruiVii a H lUrf < ea traele
Iffilf f I I > L I > Wteii tyi rfMi I l >
till I I ftILil > HtifuUiinai r 1 rl < < IM > < u
JI I I flixiiW I U ifnuut fiikiiit
KifaoUlV 1 11 W 4 IWl f u ItI IMe
wl f
J t I il t Mumr Via lntit d >
tI a I olLld4lalwf i I ayji triltv
J fUOt t un rMlcn at It J
11 i it 11 ii iiu >
t I eb U < t 4 011 k 114 mi t W
IU1 d lylla r > unll d
Ll nl d Jlt e 1 I aIt i
111 tI 14
rllu M a 11
UI 114 I II U
L if I Iw d 1
f II 1 latlol a t
I I I if i u K I I i i u nur
I > i t lint inn miViiiiii u
f w iO r uu I J ItdI WI I Vli 101 UI
I uI n 1m I I vlth
111 LII lnII ot 11 11 lb t fwtari uwn uJ d n rvi 11
fuei AaMrtlvoralUatlDfTlLat ILfUa M
bu4 lfttjMi uprri4 I U Ji0y
Oen8q and tbat h 18 I Informed that Mr
Icott made lul and uot Hed reports to th
ng 3 ntus llurean from day to day and conduci
ngJJU f M B5r rt ° ° offlolat I coralline of our
wad In II pomilea n t upon 0fl1t latormatloa
The d manll that tb do
clde that Mr 001 did UPlrleo be shal
al renlUI Ihat ho did dal and
nii to tho uePM1luureati that I thereby
as Information already In Its possession suf
olenttoshow a recount necessary and that
Ithout moro ado tho Secretary should order
he Hupnrlntendent to proceed Tnls claim
tt upon very weak rapport In vUw ot the
mportanceof the subject matter asked to be
nvestlgated the provisions mator statute re
ulrlng th Buporlntendcnt to k p control ot
hlp conrol
he census In any nrent the strong dentals and
bjixstlons to the Mayors stntementa and tbe
oso with which the Mayor might have pro
ontcd his cose when requested Why resort
to a strained construction ot the Oloott letter
and Ignore his absence of Oloot days
a least and his conn > o of conduct attar
conduc aler
ward al1o Inconsistent with constant su
> ervl6lpn and at tho same time withhold the
wst avldonco already In tho handset the ap
Tho Ccnsus Bureau hal not such Informa
ton a vrll enable I to act Intelligently and
10 such Information Is I given the Secretary
Tho statement made by tho Mayor on Infornin
ton Is found to bo Incorrect Mr Olcott did
not make full nnd detailed reports to tha Gen
us Bureau from day to day This clerk wrote
ettqra to tho Superintendent and stated tho
otal numbers that were announced at the
layers office and made comments on tho
methods there being pursued Those nn
nounosmonts of numbers were nubile The
newspaper reporters were present and Mr
Moott learned tbo results at the same timo
hey lid nnd these appeared In tho New York
ity papers tbo next morning before Mr Ol
eotl letters probably wero read or received
at tbo Census Office ra
I Is I therefore deemed that the Mayors ar >
moutlon Is weak lu both of his assumption
The Census Bureau did not Isve ossumptona
enntlre present to supervise the muulolpal
enaus and the clerk who was there present
to Inform himself ns to the methods adopted
did not make any full and complete reports
urnlshing Information on which the Secretary
cab order a remuneration The Mayor was
bereore not authorized to decline tbo hearing
offered and demand that the Uecrotary Hhall
aotin what would be a most unusual and un
precedented manner Tho law does not InUnd
I or allow It
But It may not be Inappropriate to look
omewhat further Into the vase a 1 stands
tnoe It Is Insisted tbe Uecrotary shall decide
Any other hearing having been refused by tbe
Mayor it may bo Just n well t dispose of the
asp presented
The applicant seems to think that merely b
auso on a census taken bY tbo Mew York
authorities from Hept UU to Oct I 1 appears
a greater result has been found than was
ound by tho United States census taken In
June therefoio the June census wasunques
louably Insufficient and unreliable when
akon and a enumeration should bo made
1 Is to be obierred tbat the law required the
en usto be taken In such cities as New York
within two weeks from tho first roW in
June and ot all tho country before the first day
of July lat This was done nnd so well dote
that other great cltiei have been a I
class content I the season for taking tbe
census Is to be changed they would no doubt
lowovor prefer to participate In any advan
ages thus 1 be granted but the wisdom of the
la1 cannot be discussed It exists and offi
cers must onturc It and all obey It Itcannot
be perverted to advantage of one against Ibo
nterests ot the body ot the people ol the whole
country and it cannot be changed in spirit or
ts legitimate eCfeot by any executive ofllcer
The position therefore tflat the United States
census is correct muet be met by something
more than an assertion that the municipal
census U rlaht and that because It showed
more Inhabitants in New York city In the fall
ot the year than that taken II the early sum
mer does tbo former Is I so evidently wrong aa
to require a recount
This conclusion la not apparent A careful
examination and an analysis of the police
census books judging from experienco in like
counts will show great Inaccuracies and ab
solutely fall of any evidence that those
correctly counted were all inhabitants of
tbe city in Juno lat and not ten enumer
ated Also it Is a matter of common obse
rvation that many thousands of people of
te city of New Vorkglve up their abodes In
June of each year forvucatlon or recreation
abroad or in the surrounding country and
many thousands more go to service with them
or iseek employment elsewhere but most of
hem take up a reaidenoe In the city again In
tie al te 1 Is besides n seaport city at which
enter In the months between Jnna and Octo
Der a great many thousand emigrants all ot
whom do not immediately depart The city Is
also occupied In the fall by many visitors who
take up I temporary abode to be abandoned
when the eeason having been scent tbelr af
fairs call them elsewhere Many of them may
have been all probably were enumerated in
tbe United States c nsus In other places
There ts also a natural Increase of population
in onefourth ol a year Ihese are merely sug
gestions drawn from common observation and
experience to show that many facts and rea
son to account for a large Increase might bo
produced on a hearing aid discussion other
than a fault United mates census
I Is apparent that one whoso duty i is to
hold an eten balance In which are to be justly
weighed the interests of tbe whole country
cannot proceed under such circumstances
upon mere presumption and I Is the mcrext
presumption thn the preont demand Is I ba od
upon while tho best ovldence IB withheld The
burden of showing that these otherfacts are
Insufficient to account for tie difference Is
upon tbe nunclpallty Tbe presuniptlon Is In
aor of thu United Blatos census surely
whore those aro to decide under whose direc
tion I nas been taken I It taken when
ton law required I should be br persons as re
quired by tho United States statute differs
from an enumeration made by SOle
ono else and at a later season of the
year It Is I not discredited by this fact
alouo other wellknown fuels being obvious
to account for this difference the alllrmativn
aad burden of proof Is on him urho asserts that
thin dlfferenco Is incompatible with a fair and
sufficient United States census and aneces
miry lementof tbl proof must be evidence
showing tbat those In tie more recant cinsus
were actually Inhabitants of New York city In
June and were not then enumerated a fact
to tie shown In each case by tbe recoid at
least ux there can be no presumption that ono
in tho olty at a certain day waa tliur threo
months before
Anyone who Ignore these serious matter
for inventKAtiun and refufoH to enter ucon a
hearing leaves It lo be concluded that he can
not meet the ret Issue and U wllllug to leave
lMCltTunheard upon I
Tbo united Htatea census bos been taken at
Tlo expense and tbe enumeration of flit
whole p opl Is ulmiit to be unnoiinod Tho
supervUomln Now fork were selected on tli
etiong st rfcuiumrndatlons Tim fulled
8tatu niimeratoisof New Vnrk wore lln cltl
renxaud deuilr interested In lt por M nrid
dl tlntlon Tbev were Inkllli nt oduiit d
and liiduiir onknown tu tl eir fellmvolileim
iinudipoinl Million thui gooilopli < Ion torque
cer In ihn ordinal I oioupitioiu nf 11 Tliy
wni paid all lh luw all vtod and llnru wan
no ruaioii why ihoy ibould not Imia done their
ttork well Tlmr did I tlifir proper rotuiux
rl made und thli work aocomnlltlicd u <
coriflnir to the forms of Ibl I act of Cougriivg It
jeunlimnuunor I Millundromaluii at tuu r > u
uu sulilnct to ths limwctloii of all Tlia
uhJel IalN i TIe
niutil i < tata uiithorltle blte In the fiiir 1
n r > al1 < l diuiplten i of tbe bole c nbUa
work TliHuritl IJll l r of all the txionlo nn >
fcutUlled wltTilt iffiduroulildlng in the confi I
dence that It will reiuulu 11 lukoii under
tlm law I uod not Im dUlortoil by hur i
rUd rocountu lado her ud their and
ut other Buon I l > cal 1 aeimtudu fuuy t >
BJudu ItlaloLi I lr alilui > I national renll
u well I I H loiil iiic irtliU wood work U I at >
UutIIO b now uiueiidd lur IliU au > l Dial
lr pinof of great rron Ih liar
iiiony uDl Ufcefum will I MOU < uusl > ly
destroyed Jli ddnaiid of w lurk mini
olfr outll uiim ratoii by Ita poll tur
will U irnmMlaltfJx follutvxi liy < > iiiiiii rulioii
11 lli M < lu llyilKi t tlly ami limoinu II
11111 HUt IJu raglt I > uld Imuik ur
ui 1v frum tI In f tr uf UruutouiiU ud
lflll I
puxlur rr tirVll 1 tli ail oiotliUK J bllu < ly
Ut1liU Tii 11 dil lon auillir tlr raiinot IM
aiiiiilod IIII V111 lo aljy ol SM tuiif I U I t <
UjlJUU fii ljl O r t 1 ir tittliu It niy I uiak
p te I upon wild 0 i > i r l l > li iid 1
I I IfUl to b a 1aftfvf our < luiiiitry
srlfh UliMi ifilif elt l nitl 11 lunurmlllloii
of lnliaL > l < a7 < U all lillll d 10 HlHillOi
III Ilia I llflllUUal I JUVirilUBUI UlKtll UU I It ill
JUM l fC tl Jlk HUt ill I iTlr UIrala111
Mr olJ fia > I UiWU IIIT in
kUUnl III 1 b 11 fl l I Ul I UI
I uuf than lu Juc Thr lav u I
l i Ibl t > I U o liui lbl liaH u < <
ti ilititaMi lii I Iflalf ft 1 for I > l > I UIIIntl6ll r
tlUa Onl l tlbOb 11 f ll l > lal Ii
lUui TI rPn < a lHlfi8 Na > r V < > Mruf
on tier rrrMut atuuut will < far fall io HI
UI Iel 011 f
IMI of il c uiiiiriiid fli > ffvi < uitra l <
UII I b 10 11 la IUe 10
iua4bi Iviifit iti i ell < ututiH l
Ul alq U I d I el t IU
llxiliiir f a i
111 > u MM 4 < ra Dial I i flurr linn t hla
Ilim 1 I u n t fu 1 t a u I I 0 Ilitl I
lui in i iiu ti H 1iai I luufN Inljul
li tillull I 11 > i N id in flclI
Iliau I luiil I htti t < ua ell f lo I lint 1
11 U til rnlb Jui < cud lr ua Ik Inuul I
I eIU a u ri < J lr a rlrIII
of II UIJ IHtfiCVpu IlfirMu thl d
J wW U tl u boa
to It and should without further Inquiry
order tho Superintendent to make are
enumeration that the Bunorlntendont hal
denied the Ie BUDorntndlnt any
ofllclal knowledge ot results that would
warrant a reOnumeratlon and has offered
a hearing to the Mayor which ho ha not accepted
cepted but haa brought his demand to tho
Beoretarr on the same grounds a originally
made that tb Secretary finds the municipal
lensus wa not taken under any supervision
b > y the Census Bureau or any one representing
t and that no such Information has been sent
I ta
he bureau or department as enables it to de
ermine that the United mates was faulty and
ihnuld bo retaken that many fate exist old
ng to account for tho real difference that may
o ultimately found and theee r sufficiently
weighty to demand careful consideration that
the applicant assailing the United bales ln
sus has the affirmation to nrovo that It U I
ron ana the difference In number cannot
be > accounted for upon any other hypothesis I
han I faulty United States census that tht
must bo shown br proof that the excess now I
elalmed were Inhabitants of tb ely In Juno
and not then enumerated thai the national
aoniu ban been to well taken that the body of
people are content with it and that It should
neither be abandoned nor Its harmony lr
lalrod but for the most weighty reasons No
such reasons are here shown to exist and tho
application is I not allowed
apploaton 1
JOUN W NODLE Secretary
Beorotary Noble wrote this letter after n final
consultation with Superintendent Porte this
tnnrnlng and after passing through the usual
channels of rod tapeism I was despatched to
the Mayor after the dooartment closed this
afternoon lor conversation with TDK SUN
correspondent this afternoon after the de
spatch of bis letter Mr Noble said
There Is very little thnt I con odd to what I
said In my letter Ille Superintendent of the
Census llureau offered Mayor Grant the pom
privileges that have beon accorded to other
cities which desired recounts He was asked
fa forward here tho proofs which he claimed to
be In his possession showing tho Inaccuracy
of the Juno enumeration and without giving
any reason for not doing BO either to me or to
he Census Bureau the Mayor has failed to
make any statement with regard to
hIe case except to demand a recount
Bis turned his back on the Superintendent and
applied to me I have answered him not by
any personal letter but In the only olllolal way
possible to an executlxo officer In the form uf
an opinion upon a matter submitted to me for
Inal judgment In tbat form It becomes pub
Io as soon an it Is placed on record so that
here will l > o no room for criticism of my action
tion in giving it to the press betoro it
reaches Now York Tho Mayor fell Into
several errors In his letter to tho
Jensus Office He was peremptory In
ono He tried to hold the offlce responsible for
he police count because Mr Olcott was pres
ent polce Dal count the timo while I wan going
on although tho letter ot instructions whloh
llr Olcott carried strictly confined him to In
lormlnghlmiolf as to tho methods hit wore
t > ursued hlmol enumeration Besides Mr
Jlcott could not havo supervised the enumera
tion when he only reached New York throe
days niter tho actual work of what was said to
lter te
be a sK days census hod bean commenced
Flo made another mistake lu Imagining that
UrOlcottH dally teportn kept nls edict fully
aware of the progress of the pollen count Al
together It ceoms to me that tbe Mayor In not
lending his proof hero for examination when
do savstbat bis pockets wee full of I mis
managed his case
Superintendent porter was averse to talking
upon Ibo subject saying that the mutter wan
now entirely out of his hands Mayor
entrely he out ha made It Impossible for
mo to do anything by appealing to the Secre
tary He wan requested by this offlc to pro
duce testimony Innupoort of his claims but
Failed to do so I was consequently Impossi
ble for this office to take any action Ho ap
peals Hia cane still without evidence to tbe
Secretary of the Interior and of course so
Tar as I am concerned there the matter ends
Slayor Grants action In this caso Is > ery much
ilko that of a lawyer who would appeal I In
lke afORa
court make an announcement of that fRI
then get mad with tne Judgo oceanPO testi
mony was demanded of him and finally far
I wont make my case plain 1 will appeal to
a higher court
0 Chief Clerk Chllds Is of OUrS r much
pleased at the substantial backing he has re
seived from the Secretary and It would be a
sorry day for any man now to come to him to
auk for a recount Ho would feel that he could I
abuse him to his hearts content and bo nro
of Mr Nobles smile Ho feelo however that
h has earned a rest nnd he will leave on Mon
day on a vacation t New Mexico where he
absent Has Important about three mlulnc wevks Interests He will b
Ale McDermott i Cloak Dele Model
Arrceted for Then
Mamie MoDermott and her young man Wil
lie have been having glorious times for a year
but now misfortune has overtaken them
Just who Willie Is cannot bo told yet Mamie
Is pretty only 17 years of ale and II 1 proud of
her Qgure I was her good looks and her
figure that got her her place as a model In
lao K Harriss cloak tore at 267 Sixth av
nuo Tho clerks draped her form In all sort
of cloaks to show how pretty they looked
when customers came to buy Her father ts a
car driver and lives at 323 Est Eightyeighth
For a year Mr Harris has suspected that he
was being robbed Cloak after cloak disap
peared from the stock leaving no trace be
hind Mr Harris was unable to catch tbe
thief and finally a week or two ago applied
for help to the police Detectives Wolf and
Heidelborg were sent to tho Btoro and Heidel
berg watched on the outside while Wolf on
the Inside was apparently taken Into Mr
Harriss employ ami bocamo a lloor walker
Mamie cuunbt Wolltt eye B sh did every
one 1lhOn blithe noticed ole peculiar thing
about her Ordinarily she was slim and gracn
ful but once In a while after she had < 1 spent
considerable time in the dressing room pro
paring hereelf lor her trip homo she HeeUIO I
to have grown unaccountably stouter 1
made Inquiries about her habits and learned
that sho nnd Willie Hiont their holidays to
gether at picnic and a good many < > their
evenings a balls all purlieu and ut tin thea
tre Wolf waited nnar her homo lust Sunday
and when nheopiiearodon her way to church
In I be timing new cloak be spoke to tier
Thats n pretty cloak you have he said I
Where did > Ollt It t
Bhe wafcuttakeiiubackablr I bought It I
In tho mori she said I
Vevfrday when she went tn work she did not
wear Ihn Iloak and Wolf lIen to hT hal
and 1111 I thcro Mr IlariU I Identified It as
one that wax itolen fiom bin too and bl and
Unit went bnorn JUMtlc Wld11 tbu llarlum
Illirii Court unil tot a warrant w neurch
MamlMs futliHia house
The rehiilt rather uttoiiUhed them Thry
dlil not find any morn tolon cloaLx but they
did flnd about a uundrud pawn ticket 1oiir
lnfii iiHwnbroUem hud i uiil bum I und evury
ticket rIoUlod > u wll n saiimnt Manila
lokel urretlej and JaIWlnt she haj
atoltn all t tbian cloak and iiawned them
Tb prowed went Vi pay Wlllln rxi n i
and 1 r own In tlm gay Iff they bad bo uluud
ttiM Ing Tile value of the urtlcla takvu 1 bout
WIMIa bl 001101 l imeeted but it la priba
bin bat be uud th i > nwiilrA r will Ix I in
tioublu Leloru tliH inuttwr I adjuaud In I Ibl
ailtnctfoii mlli I law llumu wo luken I
lor Juvtlc Wnfd rtluy fl ruuou and r
wiuidJ uutll today
Tlia leual ol IaHa In < uua
TIIUKK IIIVKIM Uu Orl 21T1 Count of
Iails with tumult urrlti lirrvltiM evening
U wa nu tat ilin Matluu by Id Mayor uud
ni iulriof ilia < ori > or tiu und atuet uoij
courwof ililwnii Irom Ill iiiucu und Id I ur
fouijdiu lunutiy 111t torn alau iiffunt
ibirw lmdsof muic and uu tlm non li i
tIJIUJ Ilorl l < lul1 iiiufoni uid uur
lur Urrli trhij uiumniiaiilcd Hi nl
11 111 111 10UIlnlj I 1
iluKuUucj viflior lu 1lulll < 111 i Hh r
> rf ult < dxrul mill
1111 111 IJ
1 I 1 J I alr 1
1 1 > LiUH
la ltiU n il 1 lo Inn l IJ b
fl 1 fili Hium < aiii >
to < > I fly ami 111 111 I t 1
lll VII > i
I t II I 11 Til Cllllil uf alf
Ylt I rl I i < Ib ftft iii < > u JaIl > t i <
Jl t IT Hi Muw aul ti > i lit Couu l 114
riK lifil fill an i jiJiu e I ri 1 vi > Afl 1 i >
Hiiid II r I 1 rii J r ofiuw ilef VVjf and
Muilialiii liufTfdu T r c 11 iihor til
loilir I JOiilcbt lliy v i ituttlt u
ij IJuU jut ilttrtfiur < > l il I > trot loo acd
Uiiuorrvw JC tliff 11 I dJIJ lr fltiMUa ul
J IUrtMial U > caa Vaubl Abrf >
Hniiuuiluy < ie > tl Tlw at t m t
foraalr 1 CMI 1 tt t Ilrn nt HitMii rrti
1tUIJ 11 0 r llai hli aiur 1 ll fo hmiu Ma
il c on Hinirlar 1 luvtoinii a1 > 11 I ll < llr
l 1 t 0 will Him ly > w i nt id it ff
ii i b I id if lit I MblblC Ilia1 lerUttlJtpbtd
for if it lur I Uu Tit t Ia OD b
ray Id tu ullaJwa i t Uk IU Ueiifaa
JBrnUPOLl1 10 IAr
A Mala and Hralst > trorward Aceonat f
What Mayor Oraal Baa X > oa for ThU
City Vrlltea Nt fur PartUaa bnt Cor
Al Falrailaded Mea to lUadTTItb lyo
Tkoncht r Political Efl > et bnt Oaly for
ta Fair Fame of the Town lie b Den
oatrat4 that tha Federal Cealna Babe
V of OOOOOO repletB d tha Faeta
and thea Ray TVhat tba Duty of Kvary
Inhabltaat of tha Emplra City la
The legend which tho enorgstla builnosi
len of Democratic faith havo placed around
the name of Mayor Grant sets forth some < ot
his conspicuous achievements I saT con
cisely that the Mayor has removed the un
sightly polos upon which electrlo wires were
strung has given and I giving wellpaved
streets has so administered bis office as to re
duce the tax rate and taxes and has Inaugu
rated a movement which will sole the rapid
These all achievements
irnnslt problem are al Bchlevment
of great local Importance each ono of tem
popular demand
mooting Imperative demad
Yet I la probable that in some respects th
ot Mayor I
mOlt conspicuous performance
Grants administration Is his determination
of tho vexed census problem Out of what
seemed at first to bo a matter of mere local
consoquenoo has developed conclusive ovl
dence that the people of the United States
lave boon cheated by tho witting or unwitting
action of the Census Bureau in Its enumeration
of the nonulatlon
to pOtulnton
Mayor Grants services to tho olty while In
its present post have ben ot value which no
malice can belittle but In this matter his
service ha ben to the nation as wolU The
manner In which ho met this extremely del
cate and dlfUault emergency is I perhaps the
best tribute to b abilities which his record
By his aot the attention of tho country la
fooussed upon the administration ot tho Cen
sus Office so that a issue ot val consequence
ha been rained and will be taken Into the halls
of Congress when that body next meets
Ho ha lifted the contentions from mere mat
ters of local pride in population to one ot the
most serious questions which boa rot come be
fore Congress
In August lat there came an unofficial esti
mate from Washington showing that the enu
merators from New York city had lound about
1620000 citizens here This figure was s near
the estimate of tbe Board of Hath as to givo
that department no little satisfaction Their
estimates Ire most careful mod and by I
rigid and well established system of computa
tion A few wooks later the astonishing news
came from Washington that the first estimate
was too great and the population of New York
would b but a little over 0 million and a hal
The community at large did not seem espe
cially Interested In this statement at flrst but
to Mayor Grant It appeared the instant the
despatch was published to bo I most serious
matter He was perhaps the frt of all th
citizens of New York to realize the Importance
of the statement He at
portance etatoment It once
sent for Mr Wilson the President of the Board
of Health and had Informal conversation with
him spending many hour In patient exam
ination which entailed toll of the most drudg
ing nature Aa a result of those conferences
the Mayor hesitated not Ho saw that the timo
had come for action not to gratify Any local
pride for te city is too great to be Influenced
by such considerations nor to further any political
litical scheme for the suggestion of politics
did not occur until long nftr but because by
the returns of the Census Bureau one of the
most Important departments of tho city Gov
ernment was Impeached its efficiency threat
ened and Its value impaired
This was the serious question which Porters
figures Qrst created The Mayor
census Ilures Irst creltod took
counsel himself alone and A a result he
wrote on Sept 10 through his private secre I
tary to Mr Wilson the President of tho Board I
of Health requesting offleial data about tho I
death rate in tho city from 1879 and for all
other data respecting the population tbo i
death rate or other facts barn upon the
question Llttlo time was lost In a few days
the Mayor received an enormous mass of
documents and data from tbo Health Depart
ment which showed that If the Porter census
was correct all Ibo work done by the depart
ment in Inspecting and improving the condi
tion of 6000 tenement houses constructed
since 1881 bod practically gono for naught
because the death rate hod beon alarmingly
In one of the tenement wards If the Porter
figures correct tbo death rate has
lure were rlo jump
ed to over 6000 a greater death rte than that
of Cairo as Mayor Grant said and tho general
death rate In thn city bad Increased between
1880 and 1889 from 2744 to 27M the death rate
had been Increased proportionately 1 a greater
extent among males than among females and
while In 1870 thaie were 473760 persons living
In other buildings than tenement houses yet
tbe Iortoroensus estimated there
by census as etmalsd were
only 355285 persons living in other than tene
ment bouses In 1849
Mayor Grant took no mans word but exam
ined tbete document tilmielf and when be
bad finished the prodigious labor thus entailed
his mind was mae up Ho said after all of tho
ennray expense und pains taken by the Health
Deportment It appears according to the Ior
tor census that New York Is I becoming more
and more unhealthy the death rate It IIHTIWH
Ing a large proportion of the Inhabitant are
living In tenoment tiousos and the twuotlcltl
unitary laws paused In wont > ears lime
wrvud lather to Inornate than to diminish the
death into IflbatUtrue the Health Depart
ment It woree than ueelra It Is I abs < lut ly
neceuary that tlm city should know whether
uilicolloaul Innlllcleuor and absolute worlb
lenel Imvo charocterlud th work of thin
Important Iarlllnt > forth list tan r r
lir but r < aaon uiil for no other JlarorUranl
dclerunnol that bl uouM ue ucli IHIIr u
I h iiMd t > i dlacoter wlieru the fiult lur
If wild tli < Health JtllutulII1 I i muet UU
tlirunnj < m I nut with lh lletlib t >
Ptrtinent llieu Hi rijumeratlou wan at fault
It J wa a crisis of far ralrtinporUuc than
I community uenerully r altrd and It WM
oo IIcb r julil ijuillilci i > t iu ulghrti t
orJor atlafu < ionly lu mot Mayor < n nt
lius limit acini u < liiiliilMrutl K U wbliIi tf
inal 111 IOwwr rorravlly t ludg arI tuett
ruMt a do In UD IUt < Ht Jut iuurrr
truldi 111 U4JW c I 11IY 1U ull tbllOU
ibkloli I Ml bll < M < UI Itf 1 1ollC
fJe arluirut 4111I UII It I nflliwrn it
it 1 ir rullU In ruciiutl ih elly
J facia WL muif frlrlluii lx > WI1 tli
lUallb and ln > iMjiarimrUU > IurorUr nt
In trd aii4 if it Imtlul IIcnl l lu liJf UM
bf IJK Ie r d 111 iiwur Hti it Tit Ivllr
lotfd Ju j iit > r Dlll ane IIW JlrkJlb
ttuuit eIM lulu couiirll llurltg al
It KMollatiuus U II > < l rr wi II
< li trAtI < nod ariktlot trbicb
W f rIIOOI II iJoUillKttul 111 al
tl > c nuliailoii A f auU lb pollf
r III WM IILu iMilr libr I 0 fdU
tutoring fleil rifc o Ulb iloard Jl Uen
al lit I liuni tb 1 a UU A Til II
> tiuctlfi I llf r iltnwii wrr riLabtllm
tin ruitfli I1 < lrnmriit rl1 I I ian
114 d t K lit
I 1
un J 11 II I
111 IoiiM l > 11W il baL I 1 t4 llu
UIIOI l 11 < rt lx tat trlf IlfU altoull
1 I eonot4 wbo oturbt IIO ta caufiUd u
B9P rtW ittlllttavUft atl wbOM a
1 <
ought not be taken down Bom trifling
error were discovered and rectified at the
aUlle ton of the representative of the Census
nice and with theso exceptions tho police
lount stands tinlmpeached except by the
nnnendoes of the census employees
It cost the elY less than two thousand dol
lar It revealed something which Mayor
Grant tho Health Board and the citizens had
never dreamt of I showed that the efficiency
of the Health Department was oven greater
ban bad been supposed that the death rat
was not tat ot a chornel city like Cairo but
lonslstent with what ever physician knew to
> e the case which was that New York was im
proving yearly In hcalthfulness but it also
ihoirtd that in this olty there lived nearly two
hundred thousand more persons tan Porters
census had enumerated and that therefor
ho olty would be entitled to ono more repre
sentative in Congress than would be the case I
loners census stood and the Htate to on
more electoral vote
This revelation changed tho aspect of affairs
In I twinkling Th facts and not Mayor
Grant mado I a political Issue
It concentrated tho attention of the country
upon the work ot the consul officers In other
cities preparations wore at once begun to tae
0 recount Eldonces came of similar depre I
ciations by the Porter enumerators which I
curiously enough wore reported from sections
where tho Democratic party was In tho maor
I The Issue became not local any longer
but national the feeling grew that tho census
was tainted either by Inoompetauc or
carelessness or else by prearranged scheme
the population of the country was 10 Inaccu
rately counted tat Democrat would b de
prived of representation in Congress and
would Electoral be likely College to b deprived of votes In tho
Mayor Grant at once In most dignified but
Irm and Impressive correspondence called
the attention of the Interior Department at
Washington to this gross Injustice The si
lence with which his complaint had been
received tends to confirm the suspicion tat it
was not incompetence but intention which
produced those Inaccuracies
The Superintendent of the Census in In
Formal Interviews suggests puerll causes for
the discrepancy He does not daro suggest
that the police count under Mayor Grants
ore Is inaccurate but dares maintain that
there are 200000 more citizens In New York
today tan there wcr on the 1st of June He
Intimates that a recount would bo expensive
Jot It cost tho city less than 2000 to take the
police enumeration Where Grant was firm
prompt vigorous and responsive t a great
emergency Porter vacillates twaddles and
even bldoH behind the cloak of his superior
Holt is tat because he was equal to an emerg
ency unexpected which came of a sudden
which a groat and which called for dualities
of a high order successfully to meet Mayor
Grant has brought nn Issue of national conse
quence before tho country and on which may
be even fraught with utmost danger to the De
mocracy The Democratic party therefore
everywhere owes him something I owes him
at lest that tribute which goes out to the man
who In executive post finds himself confront
ed with an extraordinary crisis and proves
able to meet It
Yet there are men In this city who call them
selves Democrat and who are nightly assert
ing upon the fitump In voclferouu utterance
that they are loyal to the Democratic party
who are urging Democrats to defeat the man
who ha done the party such service a this
and who Is at the same time appealing to tho
Government to do New York city and New
York State simple justice
Tammaar Hall Call OOT mil aad Seaator
Gormaa a WIne
These little handbills fell like snow flakes
over all the city yesterday
Be true to the Democratic cause Avoid
entangling alliances with your political ene
mies Coalitions mny secure temporary suc
cess but In the end they are demoralizing and
dangerous Vote tho straight Democratic
ticket In national State and municipal elec
tions It Is a safe rule to keep your opponents
out of power every where
Senator A P GORMAN Chairman ol the Demo
cratic National Committee says
There can be no dispute as to the fact that
Tammany represents the regular Democratic
organization and as such Is entitled to the
support and the sympathy of faithful Demo
crats everywhere
There is only one Democratic ticket That
Is the ticket nominated by Tammany Hall and
headed bJ UVill J u it A fit
mm4 eu
W ele at 1 1t 1 J ra ri r lt cut
fllllbX t < r Ml Drcudwaf > < J nt Fulnu
I Jj Uiutlil out ut f it tl tl Uit i
4oulle l Item vnil + r tttitU > a I
Ui 0 r lui bur alIII4 t MI Iua A a luuiii
i > l Ml 1 I if oirU orc ui jr t Ul UI
f > raw j ut < jj < l u i i ii I
iiiiH ivca I > tU4la J ilinu lueld > a ol
l A itt
AWtar KUMltnt iwect aJ Hoe wo rr I
w III r 61J
I j
rw t Mi MI M a 1 I
ilff I I t < fl 4 I U I 4
> < < i i it f a t K i t
1I I r J < < > If
1 L o L I 1 I
1 h O 1 u w I
Ilall f lAW i < c
j At > MUa I 1 M I
1 I M Cflf alil UI II U < tun 11 ry all tttfbu
1 was at Ckorch Fair and tha Pretty I
Olrla Uada Him Buy Ticket
Mayor Grant opened the fair that has been
set on fall by the ladles of Bt Columba Catho
lic Church last evening In the old parochial
school bulldlngataai West TwentyHub street
There were six tables presided over by forty
handsome young women and twlco as many
jnoio handsome young women each with a
pencil and book mingled with the crowd and
mao every ouo take a chance n for some
thing There were prizes 1 be voted to th
in oft popular schoolboy the moat popular
cehool girl Ibo mOl popular society and I lot
of other most popular things und individuals
Mayor Irani UM > U to C to school In tbe build
ing When u ttood up n the platlurm to
oihin the fair lat nlglit all tlin menaud bori
d liiinred and the ladten wuted their liuudker
ehlefa He thanked them for the welcome and
then aald at
II Father and ladles and gentlemen Tha
simple duty tlmt ba reroli d ui > oo nu <
foiually op n your fair I will perform without
maklUK any uunic ary ri < niarkit I could
not retUt lb uuucllry vr Iniltuilon of your
wurtliy panlur to comu to th fair lu lb caiUb
lu wlilclj 1 I wat but u 1 look ulih Ileaaure
bavik 10 tuinauy iJaysl KMIIU HIM neighbor
tood nl thin Iuurcn 1 > to u il lntud i autulit
you ut nil uuU I thcrefui ducUi rout fair
OllMi n tfaa Mayor hod flnlahnd > ii akliig tb
lr iatuer 1iat tlia raetor of iti oliuioli
ump upon the iijatfurm and toIUa lor
ibriicbKi rthiiMarur Tiiay f r li u
witu will ilaioi Omul oiiut half mi hour
Ulkluc with uu old aoiuilutuuiM and buy
lug uuauc i truiu ill pruity Klrla
fltrllom Ymutf I If eeaebutll
Oct 27 Tito iH > ir r that ld
iuky < < Urilll > < J > 1rCU dUCtlVulcl U file too
ar < < il tiuu at tuu roii OKU Jb dU
IXit rl i W7alUa < by Iliu m u wh < > alaIUaT
ovur th vol BUI IU ci < ck IUi tuna < rtulii
In Ibln way tb l b > louul h y
lvtc iiai i It if on ol Hint 0 ieo
iiot I uu iili < at Yiili i Kl > lt > ii < l
df > Itl l lttl M e l > I 111
jj > w > dUi r iwur < uuu > l > il MutrroJuix <
I amount u in > liuu I nnito < rf trhll u
lLNIiMn lM iifiu I 4 ul > < > <
m r 1 1 < l i b nluiutl Jim lu
I > rve dlir ud HUM laiuutl It
Leader Orlaeca aad tVatchnan namlltoa
TcaclilBK rolltlce la the Flril
Leader Grimes of tho First district the He
publican candidate for Assembly and Watch
man Hamilton In tho customs s rvlr went
Into a liquor saloon net far from th Barge Of
fice yesterday and found tho election posters ot
all the candidates tacked up on the wall except
Elrlmess for th Assembly Grimes and Ham
ilton asked the barkeeper what this meant
and they wero told that Crimeas election
placard had boon put to other uses This put
9rlmes on his mettle and he promptly punched
th barkeeper Two ot the barkeepers friends
came to his assistance and then Grimes and
Hamilton punched the whole throe Thuy
wero pretty badly shattered and a policeman
coming In to Inquire what won tb matter
beard from tho barkeeper thin frank reply
I think I have been talking too much
Grimes and Hamilton went out and tho bar
keeper and his friends straightened ont things
Hamilton has suffered from a sprained arm
lately but he said after the fight
Another scrap or two like that and I think
I would be pretty well limbered up
Ball Player Thonaa Lyaah Shot by a > Maa
Mo Had Struck with ni Flic
TrtOT Oct 27 Thomas Lynch a wellknown
ball player wbo had guarded first base at dif
ferent times for clubs at Cincinnati Hamilton
Ont and Wilmington Del returned to his
home in Coboes a few days ago He In a mus
cular fellow and able to hold his own with
most anybody About three years ago ho had
a quarrel with Ulchard Doylo who Is bis In
ferior in slzo and strength Doyle Is a jack
eplnner In ono of tho Cohoea mills Lynch
who bod been out with friends and was con
siderably under tbe Influence of liquor met
Doyle this morning In John Donovans saloon
on Columbia street Several drinks wore had
nnd the story of tho old quarrel was revived
finally Lynch struck Doylo In tbo face Doyle
did not return the blow but said
Lynch you aro a good deal bigger man
than me but I am going homo anil when 1
come back It you hit me again youll get tho
worst of It
Doylo returned In about an hour meeting
Lyneh Donovan nnd others outride th place
When Lynch saw him ho paid You want
more do you and again struck him Dorlo
Etilled n revolver and llred the ball striking
ynrh In tho left breast juht below tho nipple
Doylo put the weapon In his pocket and
walked away while Lynch who claimed
that ha was not badly hurt was looted
after by Donovan and others Thoi took him
to a hotiae nenr lock 14 on tho Erie Canal
where he Ijocamo RO weak tbat Dr Parker was
Bent for He pronounced tho wound a danger
ous one nnd had Lynch taken to his homo on
Lancaster street Ho Is not expected to live
fortyeight hours Dr Parker notified tho
police who Instituted an unsuccessful search
for Doyla but this afternoon he walked into
th station nous and surrendered admitting
that ho was tho man who shot Lynch
The Conple Married In tha Hnme Boom
With the Corpee of the llrldcs Father
PiTTSBunon Oct 27 Prof Charles W Flam
Ing of this city was married a few days ago to
Ulss Blanche Lynn of Wllllamsport In tneeamo
room with the corpse of the brides father the
late Judge Lynn the wedding guests being
also the funeral guests This was according to
the wlsbesof the deceased Prof Fleming and
Miss Lynn were to bo married In December but
while Fleming was In Philadelphia on busi
ness be received a telegram from Miss Lynn
announcing the Foriona illness of her father
and requesting that he should hasten to Wll
llamsport Judga Lynn who was rapidly
sinking said U bad been his ford hope to see
bin daughter married Ho realised that ha
could not do tbat but ho hoped they would be
married hefor bis body was carried to tbo
prao The young people promised to do a
he wished Wnen thu lauilly and friends were
gathered in thn room where tbe body of tbe
dead man lay the minister arose nnd requested
thn couple to com forward The young lady
leaning on Prof FlomlnuH arm was sobbing
heavily Thus standing In tbe centre of the
room where they could look upon tne faca ot
tbo corpse tbe words were upoken that made
them man and wife
Caadldatn Pattleoa Haea Newapuper That
Aeeoeed IIIB of Acceptlaic Bribe
PniLiDELPniA Oct 27 Mr Robert F Pattl
son Democratic candidate for Governor of
Pennsylvania swore out warrants of arrest
this morning In proceedings for criminal libel
against the publisher and editor of the Phtla
delohla Inquirer the proprietor of tho Aorth
American of this city and the publisher and
editor of the Harrlsbura Call
In the thrco pareis mentioned there was
published on Saturday morning an article
which charted that Uov Pattisun bad been
bribed by tho Vanderblltn to sign what were
known an the Houth 1enn bills of 1H85 and
that the Governor sought out nnd retained ex
Judue Jeremiah B lllaok to wriloa etn mes
sate andlhnvmg received It with the under
standing that It was to I e sent to tbe Li > gl la
lure be changed hit mind hy thlnext morning
and without notice to Judge lllnck approved
the MIK nnd tbat Judge lllaok denounced
lov IattlKon foi tlilH alleged deception and
severed all amicable relations with him The
article aluo charged that HUKK > In stixOi had
been paid to Gov Puttlton and AttorneyGen
eral Lewla B Cassldj for tin sinning of n bill
chartering a Pittsburgh natural got corpora
A Baad of ISO Armed Urn lleltroy tbe
Property of Vlllace Imlaiailer
War CROSS Go Oct 27 The riot whloh cost
two lives a day or two ago broke out afpsb on
Saturday night when 1WJ men armed with
Winchester rlllo went to Varn nnd flrad tho
turpentine still of L II Yarn They aluo rid
dled bis commissary with bullets somo of
which narrowly nilnsed tin clurk who was
sleeping tusMo Tbe rany sld they Imemld
to return the uaxt uluut and flnlah iholr work
of destruction
Mr Viirn wired Oov Gordon for i > r fctlon
and notlld Io < ima > t r denorul Wanarnukcr
that n bad abandoned the IuM Onleu lit Vnrn
In crneouiic of thruU agalnal MM Illo
GOT Gordon tei2rni > hi > d hberlll Ildiidennn of
Uar coiintr to bold thu mllltlii lu reiulne > to
proca < to Varn No nuuiun of rioter have
been mod public
A Uadaiaa With NliutBUa
liruxviiir III Oct 27 Uul lllttuohousn
who WIIN rotly released from u inkdhoino
run umucL wMi a chotguu nuur 1rulrl Inj
diir II Hied l > olli burruliai lowln
j allot h > < > tliiK Mm lu tb lieiuj MUJ l ft
unu Talbot lu t niitod to nuivirn lilt
iDUhuur ielua < l d lil nuii ami HKMIIIIIK In
bl oilier nil 4 din in lba ld II < io t < n > on <
011 hi futhir ho rlociil on bliu auJ ufiur a
atruikU kbvckeJ uliu out
A Tow a Wlfit Oat l r tlr
Iiri liiii On 27 Andotr uuwu wild
It IOPU ul on lf ab Ut I tJtluj uu HIV Oil
City Ilunch til thv lnk Mior nnd llrlilgju
< > U lit lli lu
iiinihtiiit A < Ui iikfiir
o llull < l l t
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luiU UOOW pitlr w MfO eJ ty
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n rrltt Vader Hewitt than Vnttr
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Bourko Coekrans n euros ctvnn at the bl
Tammany mass meotlnc In tho Windsor The
atre which showed how tho P M L bosse
wore paylnc lower taxes under Grants admin
istration on their own houses than they had
paid for four years previous was mighty un
plonnnnt rondlnn for Candldnto Scott and all
thn little leaders who aro boomlnc tho oalloo
ticket Tho text of Ivina and tho Ilayseed
Trunt ot Oraco nnil Ucott his mouthpiece and
of all the talkers for tbo calico ticket has beea
Urn nrcumont that the tax rnte is lower bo
cntiM real estate vnluatlons aro higher and
that this was deliberately contrived as a sham
to deceive tho people Tho sham Is on tho
other slilo
THE SUN haa cot the figures from the Tax
Department showing what was actually paid
to the city In taxe on tho houses owned oroo
cupled by a number ot tho llttlo tin Bods In tho
P M L movement
Candidate Hcott himself llrcs at a Wett
Thirtyseventh street In a house which ha
been asneseed at 23000 every year from 188S to
1890 There bus been no increase In valuation
there and these aro tho cold flcuros showlna
just what Thomas Scott the candidates father
who owns tho house has paid
Hcotta Fiithera Taxee
UnArr Gract Under Hewitt UnAtr Onnt
1KHTS4OT 18SI 8 i
isoo 04a
Vataatlon every year 888000
Candidate Scott looked lone and thought
fully at tboso Oeurcn yesterday afternoon
when they woro handed to him on a slip ot
paper by n SUN reporter Ho admitted finally
tbat his family hadnt suffered under Tarn
many rule and nntd that ho knew It to be a <
fact that lil father had been paring nearly 50
loss In taxes since Grant took tho Mayors
rlmlr But ho maintained that tho assessed
valuations had been Increased somewhere elt
In tho city >
ExJIayor W R Graeo himself can find somo
food for thoughtful study In the taxes whlobi
he pajson his resldonco at bl East Thlrty
elchth street It has been assessed at 130000
since 1885 and this is what he has Bald on itt
EiBiuyor Gracra T xetv
Untrr Gracr Cntrr liaciit Vttter Grant
18SS8730 18HT8O48 1889 8583
188O8O8T i8B88aaa leoooaol
Vnlnatloa ererr e r 83OOOO
WhoelerH Pookhnm the head engineer ot
the P M L machine aspires a llttie higher
tuun his coworkers His house is at 685 Madi
son avenue and is assessed at 133000 These
are tho taxes he has been paying
Reformer Prckhnma Tnxe
Under Grace VnAtr Hewitt Vner Cram
l flSB70S IH80Sa
188O87SO 18OO8OOO
Valuatloa every year 833OOO
The Her Dr Howard Crosby lifts up hlB
hands In horror when ha thinks how the olty la
overburdened with taxation under Tammany
rule Ho might study his tax bills with DroOt
to himself and the other clorlos who are deliv
ering philippics ocalnst Tammany Hall Tho
Itov Dr Crosby owns tho house In which he re
sides nt 11G East Nineteenth street and the
taxes have been paid In his name Slnoe 18S5
the assessed valuation of els property has been
16000 but this year tno first timo in the last
elx years that ho has neglected to swear off
1500 from thU llcuro whlob is the amount
that clergymen under tho law can have
knocked oft from their valuations by makinc
affidavit tbat they are clergymen Dr Crosby
paid 38 and 33205 in Graces administration
in taxo 31320 and 32190 under Mayor
Hewitt all on an assessment of 14EOO la
1889 bo paid but 28275 and this variation ac
counts for tbo heavier taxation of 1890 Those
aro tho figures
The JEev Dr Croabys Taxei
Under Gracf rnder newitu Under Grant
I88OS348 1887VU13 18808388
I8ao iiia I88s8asa inoosaia
Deduct O 14 per cent Tar extra 81JSOO
valuation leavra Vtnaaa for 18OU oa a >
conatant Taluatloa ol8145OO
Larry Godkin baa been furnishing tho
readers of tbo Errnmo Fast with the same kind
of campaign food which Candidate Bcott
typewrltern provide htm with He doesnt
own tho house ho lives In at SG West Tenth
ptr et but It mlcht bo Intoresttng to knotf
what taxes arc paid upon It The house haa
been assessed for tho last six yean at 13000
and C S Dickernon U owner paid In 1885
312 In 1887128080 and In 1889 when Mayor
Grant held the reins 25350
Olllo Teall has been stopping at 252 Lox
Ingtnn avenue Tbo taxes on that property
have been paid In tho name of J L De Oar
motile anil It has been valued for tbe last six
years at 17000 Tbe tax bill In 188S was 103
in 1887 lii7 and in 1889 33150
Instances could bn multiplied to show that
tho llttie bugs as well an the big bugs who ara
booming tho calico ticket havo rosily saved
largo amnuntH In tbolr tax bills since Mayor
Grants administration began The tax rata
under Mayor Grave was 210 and 229 la
Muyor Hewitts two j oars It wan 210 and 221
Int year It dropped to 1 U5 with Mayor Grant
In tbe chulr and thU year U Is 197
Another Norlllweel Oat
IULTIUOHK Oct 27 Another nortbw st
gal lius sprung uunn tlm roust and la now
riiklngn oiiud tbo capes and Iworbuy It la
not MI s ere as thu onu of Wodneedayaad
Tba Waalbar
Tbeerclune diet va < reiilrtl near Iltttertt on Ban
4er bllit wa central > eittrdaf wff the New Rufaoft
ci MI y ter < ler inoriiliiir tlm burouiete r at fllork Ut
au < r Jnu uliliiulle a n ii cra < lleul on all
Mo Tl I r el i e vrrit > of l > title vrai tome dla
lfl e off etivr allltuujrlMerv hlirll fJfi < lf Ileiallaaoa
Lore fruui Mli Cftrwllnaio Melu Jfatter e rpuru4
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literra > iu M It irav lle4 uvrtlxait lu the palb of Ik
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flelii f l In Ilie lake r f1t > in Vlrjlola Harrlaoj
aertliraivUlut aul Ueurfia liliewjitre tli vtallier
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II n t rtltfr in nearly all > trli ot ue rountr Tb >
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I Itll wf II 1 UI i l I 11111 llr
III lule die II lien Ill i Her Mftnl liuti
friiui iui iiui iw i 4i ier f b >
lutduy n fr bi viM i > vriue u Ir u V4 Iv M
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