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lOUD LUTES or DOtoauTa cassa
Inn rrottDB or nuua aiunitug
jEathntMtle Temmmmr U tta a AU Or
Ilia TttwnHe JDlstrUt Vt > Urs > Af
flmvt ifc s Bunkers Frail of Qrwit
CStrasNu Cla Cvr Thou
C rtntt I ° lbs Old M oftk B ea
It In a pity that the Beoond Assembly dis
trict moss meeting last night wasnt held In a
bigger hall than that at 21 Nw Chambers
ttrret Borne 2000 worklngmn managed to
jet Insld but there were hundreds who had
to b content With standing ouUtde hearing
the band play and watching the rockets as
toward tho and broke In splen
tbty flew towar mon brk
did color balls before her lao All the same
It wiix a great evening for Democracy and tho
pjoples government
Patrick Dlvvcr who presided over the cath
erlng started the speeches before 8 oclock
and they were Kept up for nearly four hours
EiAesemblymaa Thomas J Creamer did the
tInt talking lie denounced the Force bill
end whooped I up for Grant bJ declaring that
be would be elected Mayor and then would
ron tOT Governor
Dlncey Nlcoll followed ne spoke ot Plaits
robbing us of tho Worlds Fair assisted by
that arch traitor to the Democratic par
William n Grace Then be said Theso
two men are now united again to rob tho city
01 its right to Democratic government To
carry out their scheme they are hiding be
hind clergymen and woman behind type
writers and dudos Will you stand tbiaTM
Crl sofNo NoJ
Congressman Amos J Gumming then
CODelman ten
tackled the ore bill and sold that tho o it
come of that plot and conspiracy would be not
a government of tho people by tho people and
for the people but a government ot Republi
can by Republicans for Bonubllcans
Botirka Cockran took UP local affairs Ono of
the first things be considered was the accusa
tion that ho had attacked the women who had
ton oat In support of tho ministers humid
emeontD eUDpr
We ban 00 piejudlces against tho ladles I of
the 400 Though thero are tho 400 against us
thank Heaven there a tho woman of tho
4000 0 wltti UP The 400 wear French bonnets
bnt our 400 000 have morn sound intelligence
under their hair Tbo 400 know bow to speak
with a fashionable English accent but our
300000 brad know how t make good homemade
rTh nt 1ktng of the ouof ess of Mayor Grant
he raid Major alter Mayor came In and
yent outend Ibe MaortJ remd telaT
ard 01 political ambition The steps of the
rr hail became whitened wit the bones of
Ct I
taTore who had died there Then came a
route man fresh from the people a young
lain from a political organization Others
bid I been chosen through trades nnd for that
mum they went to the political graveyard
Jjni the young man from the common
people Hugh J Grant cheers and oheer
wu elected a the representative of a
party and for that reason the end of
Us Ort term n Mayor finds him able
to look back upon tho best purest and most
progressive two yean of government this city
Eneverhnd Applause Mayor Grant went
Jnto oDIoo without pretending to have creator
abUt than bis predecessors but backed bJ
tie support of the people the great comma nity
supporting Tammany lieU and tho Democratic
pirty of New > ork city He stands now for re
election upon the record he has macs not for
apolitical combination responslbln t no one
but for the Democratic party responsible t
the people of hew York
When ho cot t tho subject the warfare
wblcb the uppleh rich am making against tbo
FTet mMS 01 people Mr tookra declared
fat millionaires are hOtle to us but We a
not hostile to them Show us what the proud
folks of the hybrid party have none for New
York No they have done nothing good
notlnK aoo
hY then does their M Peckham paying
lower taxes and having a better pavement
before his house than under any joY Mayor
want a change All that they can answer Is
Bo that Tammanytmay b overthrown I They
a jealous of the power ot the tenement
houses Vie to In this campaign for the
Quality of all wo stand for the morality of all
a morltol
for we believe there 1 virtue In the ranks
which Hugh J Grant leads a well a I the
ranks of the others wc
I Edward Dunphy the Congressman of the
district and candidate for reelection spoke of
the Republican robbery of the World Fair
which ne ell meant the loss of labor for three
years to 30000 workmen and then discussed
the Fore bill the census steal and the Mo
Klnley high tariff measure Leaning over
toward tbe audience Mr Dnnphy asked If
there was single man In the great crowd whoso
wacea had bean advanced by the MeRlnley
IU Not a volpoanswered bT exclaimed
Mr punchy and I have not Jot found a
workingman whose condition h been Im
proved by the UcKfnley messnra But It was
never intended that this high tariff should
of benefit the manufacturers yen It was pasted solely for tie good
Other preaches were mode Joseph E New
burger Leonard A Olerlc exAssembly
man Oliver and Alderman Brown
There n a rousing meeting outside the
Fourteenth Assembly District Headquarters
at Fourteenth street and Second avenue last
night At least 2000 persons snowed their by
alty t Tammany Bal bJ standing In the cold
wind and cheering speakers outhusiastio
ally Fireworks calcium lights Chinese Ian
lanterns and a brass band played their parts
I the entertainment pJod thei Pa
Wheu Chairman Charles Goeller Introduced
Thomas C Obullhran the onearmed Assem
0 OuITanhtb
human from the Nineteenth Aem
throng gave a hearty cheer He referred to
what ho termed cannibalistic smile of Chief
lere smlofOhef
I Drlulstr Ivins and spwng of the PILL
dltoords said The man who dares 1
much religion from Its place and thrust It
Into the mud of politic deserves the condom
astl > n 01 every good Democrat
Delancoy Nlcoll removed bin hat when ho
lagan to speak An old Irishman should
Kspe it on Mr Nlcolll He did so and then
proceeded to score the opposition party which
b said was masuaoradlng under the pretence
of reform but really was trying to overthrow It
UUr Mcoll pledged himself to administer
le to tbe poor as well as the rich if be was
toted And who Is Ooff he continued I
01 have Just learned that he Is nn Knglishnmn I I I
On Murray Hill they believe hes a Bcotchmoni
I Pat Dlvver district hes an Irishman la
the Italian < quarter hes an Italian und If the
lles v ted hod be a Chinaman Ono day
IAII norklncmnn and the noxt be dunces at
UcAlllstnrs linll
Coroner I evy mijile a spirited st eo h In
ibleb ho asked hU hearers support I r I the
taaaidute esjectaliy i lor Ilucb J Irnut and
MVI s old chum Mi esomor iuw opposition
are already appltod tu mosaid opP081101
Pratt to rm vo the corp of my relY old
laced 01 leotlon day but Im euro > ou will
eI wt him by u big runjorltv wil
Cheer Mturcbe r Jrold t l Congressman Cum I
Blncs whjn lie appealed 1 Urn I platform nt III
Otok Ito I wrH Irv r 10110 I but the Ctowd
DIa i flnsur tu tbo platform to 110 CIwt
It4II W I M OmnaruI the local political situ
I into the series Hlnbud the Hullornml
MU s Hint Thoiiius i IMntt u the lutlu old man
vi 11 bnril ltue Iliut Is I triliiir to strungle Nn r
X0kri i ll Ul i > hIM J short log innimil
the lolk 01 Ile pinker of the lloufce
Inlll1 Iho Wfrt4 lnlr 1111 I 101MI
ouii I hmo iMuluiiT I lnlr 11 inuii
jo 1 111 employment to mOlly 1 tlioumnilt
of meit it 1 100 to untwist
i fl I loof evon yvars untll I
VI I H tl I1 I 10111 the i Viuraiitlrio rorainln
wtI I Ij i tetii l < ttipeo Ms ib
L Illt J 1110 i t ogle i ot r Ila time
bin isnj > ourtii I > oi > In hew iotk und lie
rPn44 his 1111 i Tloifiij county I IW Inr 1JIIII
tIa tI 1 ilDplon county iluilngtlie Fore bill I 11
I Ir Im Hi minu Iwniiiu the i u > ar In tbn Ilnua
u It UIIlllull i a I f III t Is I is goon J h II
tilt t 11r lail I I IegInnfiti rnl Il fts I
hOtllnlur Itl
hla I 1111 11ll 1 euM It itiIttsI 1 I
1 it i q 0 ul Jolm I S Psti Port >
the I 11 II Inll 111 11110 itt IUIIt1I what
I I ur t4J I iutii t muun sssi 110 II
cOn luii Ilitit ItitItsI jitsJuije huh
fO tUIOO 11111 1111111IJUdloalll g
in S
01 I hllolur I II ii4ti1 1110 t I tulr
ipr loj I jfa II ua lork It tussa Iuh
I II e I limiter 1lb I LUIS bOUIO1 I I
al stj I ai oll hUI j >
that Ii i ao JroI hO4Ufl fIiwsd lie eiII I t
S hl nrf I ouyea Its fIlr1 Is
I II Jlorllll
IOflp Ilo qws1 lIIIICrflI od I141 iby I
1 Ild 114
fault ei 1
IItt Of liv a UIUIIIIJSJ l JL tow t II I to
o Aoaie 14 Phr I Al trire lwlr I
l j SIt t gu J I iLiv Ii 1 I
C 011 a i ouI4 11 Itgfug the Tepiirneiv I
11 I f 11 NItOtOPJIth A ssIt I I l I 11 Is
r I u Clint S b I r JtfJiioffst
flll II iiiwrlijiu llIIUrl
id Vi I IMIIgflijiie > in tin IMIIJ iuu > lu
tW jW r I saie tfWUtt III bam rum
J f I r oJy 1 lb PIc I t IIIati
1 II j Is tJ iviuueraI0 ss
jlI r Il I J heir 11U lr 11VfI
SitIj I 10 h Iwal II tmtil I I I
ltr I I hrlt J j jIflvlo oiler I
hItrJ y Cri gjg hII iIi
t I I 1 egeb alits IIIIb41SJII15III I
Oil 1 J
01 H I I tar I 11 a 1 llr pi V liliMiii I I I
I I vm tu itid rf bed IIW ella r I
NI ad Ia IIUI r sj 141I 1 Ee WI isor ed f the I
Huh tJ II jiJ l > li 1 iiIIr rnr IJCI
Uf 111 IIItfIjLJIIhfO LIitt Shy ether
I I lhy rl if J I I IIIU 111110
IL D 1 I t a j 0 111 Ylmllll II streetS 1 I I
t I j 111111 I iitv lrepnrturtt t WI
I e 1 II I 10 1111 Mrln 111 I
esI Iii at U airsI Itiui lnt 10
IIt llll
f It I IrI I rtnea y 1 Cu
11 i 111 IIIII II I 1 os I Ii II hi
1 Ii t jarS Os a d 1 titet IIi 111
u 414 Ilh 611 Ii I 1111 ddt
U I 51 III liti it Alba13 Mid In Ibis
CI UI I jl I il I L Ialr p11 H 11 I
C I t1 I tupiey I ii II Ii tiii
i 10 1 11 j 111 Ie at III C an t
LLL al I tote 4 I itdSifrsi ztltsnt lat
LIILII > llranltnt
I hIs 4 Loins 1 Jall U lie IUW
L ±
of 1 p fa the ot teerti
villa i o L7Ttn street U a of ourth
ayenuI mel rssru4 to thi ground
rrous An Qua ci the annexed dIstrict
fnu bends a drq anee ttrcnes
end trausparenciss rn Wet farms
Vtub l b54 the Jathohe Fiotctory band
Rlchni Uftmllton was Ohnlrman Tim
rptjtlnn was addressed byJB ChamDsrlaln T
f J Orate B totdv Ilal Cab Lflbson
and James A Goulder WhIle this meeting
was In progress the Citizens Local Tmproye
meet their Illdluarf narty were whooping J up for Heinti In
Peter Eogon presided at an open air mans
meeting of th Tammany men held at Jloth
street and Third avenue last night Thor
was a bergs atsebluo WlitolI was addrsst
hr Bernard 1 Iflnoy Jacob Cantor DavId
Jao DIYld
Welsh and others
tleventea of the Legal H tUas That are
4 lor ToalbS
The grand Tammany Hall Democrntlo
demonstration at the Wigwam on Friday
night promises to be a affair ot great party
Interest Statesmen of national fame will be
tho prlnolpllPealerl and local men of prom
inence whose voices wore nOTe heard In
Tammany Hall before will farther emphasize
the fact that Ibo campaign has on Im
portance far beyond Questions ot factional
interest Senator Arthur Gorman will be the
chief speaker De had arranged to speak In
Baltimore that night to a mooting arranged to
moot tile convenience and on a date selected
Pr himself But the fact that ho was forced to
disappoint tho Tammany meeting last week
led him to ask the Baltlmoroans release him
t come here Thn matter wan fixed up bJ
arranging to have Cot John R Follows speak
In his ploco at the Baltimore meeting 811
A meeting of unusual interest and signifi
cance will be hold at 458 Ninth avenue In the
Fifteenth district There Thomas J Blessing
nnd oxAlderman Bnlllvan were malcontents
lat tear and Influenced the organization oto
to a oonMderablo extent This year Mr
Blessing was nominated for Assembly But
the character of the antiTammany campaign
ban convinced his frlondi that It Is the duty of
all Democrats t unite He has withdrawn In
favor of Tammany Candidate Drypoloher To
nluht meeting Is t a union demonstration and
Mr Blessing Is to be one of the speakers
Tho other campaign stump work Is not al
lowoU to be lost sight of in tho Interest taken
in the big mooting Tonight tbn following
a among tho district meetings that will be
heldlghtyflfth street and Avenue A will b ad
dressed 11 Victor Dowllng Joueph lumen
thai the Hon John D MoKean the 10n John
B ODonnell and others
Lyceum Opera House Thirtyfourth street
between Lexington and bll avenues W
Bourke Cookran 1 T C K Ecoleslne J O Tom
Unset benator Oreamer T a OUnlllvan
Btuyvosant Club Indoor and outdoor 106th
street and Third aveuueQ n Turner A 11
Purdy M P Holohan 0 F Webb i A I
Ecoleslno I A Uiidersleevo Charles n 0 E
I T Macdona Arthur E Palmor E 1 Bnshe
J M Ward John F Walsh
Meeting at Abinedon square 0 H Turner
the Uon A J CummIngs J 1 V Arnold J J
Corbett J Fairfax MoLanablln 1 Iloddlng
ton T 1 Foltnor J Oliver Kane Isaaa Cohen
De Lancer Nicoll 1 A Olegerlch
Business Mon 8 Democratic Association
Bering and Hudson utreoiB John It Fellows
Frank Fitzgerald Peter Mitchell W Bwvatser
Ukhaol Kenna F Blake Thomas Collnm Jonn J Mo
Columbia Club 434 Grand street Robert B
Noonoy E 0 OBrien 1 W Roddlngton D
W latzok H McOloskey 0 V Cddltn
38H Second avenue KJB Splnola George B
McClellnn a W Brooke 0 1 Turner E 0
Btoinert Mono J M Ward Adam 1 Scat Henry
113 Clinton street John D Fellows John
henry McCarthy W J MoEouna Joseph New
berger Ferdinand Levy 1 A Ulecerloh I
337 j ast Twentythird street Isaao 1 Eg
be John A Goodlct O W lUdgway Robert
Townsend K 0 Utnne
Wendels Assembly Itooms 812 West Forty
fourth ktreet IBOOO Cohen Isaac M Knppor
Max titern Max Eokman Maurice Kllnkow
stein IJrM Wecbsler
Thlrtyeiubth street and Eleventh avenue
Bartow B Weeks James A Ouorman E J
MoGul George Blair John F Vt alsO EJ
No ZOO Eighth avenue will b addresed bJ
Jacob A Cantor J F McIntyre J U J Lang
beln E B Ios R 8 Btmmonu George Becker
Rutgers and Monroe strtota Thomas Jllo
gon liavld Welch B J Tlnney
Uoammell and Cherry streets John J Pin
cns John Robinson u A Poet F A Burn
ham J E Dlum
t Hamilton sanare J E Bum J J Plncns F
A Bumham John Robinson O A Post
Water and Montgomery Streets It Town
send O K Wale Joseph Stlner E a OBrien
163 Eat Broadway Maurice EllnLowsteln
J E Lowonsteln Jacob Cohen
ZorlrI IN BlUOXrrN
XothnilsUe Democrntle Uaetlnc I the
Elcbkeall Ward
The Democratic hosts In Brooklyn will have
a big time tomorrow night AU the organ
izations volunteer firemen will have a torch
light procession in honor of Justice Courtney
DomocratlccanalJnto for Sheriff and more
than 1000 printers will tall In and swell the
ranks This will be the only Imposing outdoor
demonstration ot tho campaign and the Ore
men and printers will mao It picturesque
enough to attract thousand of npoctators
There will also be a big rally of the Democratic
German voters at the Warner Institute In
Broadway tomorrow night Carl Bchnrz will
b the principal speaker The parade and the
German meeting will virtually wind up
the Democratic campaign and the re
maining days will b devoted by the
managers In distributing tho posters
and in arranging for the manning of the
party booths which aro to be placed 160 fret
from each polling place The attitude of John
V MoKane tbo hOle of roveBond In tho can
vass lies at lost ben clearly defined He and
those who may follow him will support all tim
Republican candidates with the exception of
r < Billy Watson the nominee In the Twelfth
Assembly dlstiict The members of the Jlc
Kane Association aro to meet tonight and
formally endorse the wishes of tbo bon Tho
antagonism of McKnne to Watson will un
doubtedly result In the loss ot one Assembly
man by the Republicans of Kings county They
are making great enorts to make no for this
loss by capturing tbo Heventh district from the
Democrats but RIO not likely to be suer Rsiil
The muddle In tim tiling of thA Dcmocratlo
nominations from tIm town nf Ftatlanils has
Ixcn I ftrnlubtenid nut County Clerk Ins
having decided that tliore h I no legal obotoolo
to Uolr a roptunce
Corporation Inunsol Jenks filed sn opinion
yosterlay wth the Hoard cit I Election on ilm
rjuostlon M to Iow I tho ballots ihould be
lounted Hn hai decided that tie cmnassera
ate ro < iulriJ to nnnounoo the result us the
you for the flfldidHhIIn for Olon oOle la Ian
vassvd and that such teuull must forthwith
trnnHinltttil to the pollen nuthorltlna If tho
cnnvnusorc strictly adhere to thin rule It IK o
peeled that thu complote HgurpH 11 roach
Police Headquarters Leforo i oclock WoJiies
dnv incriilrg I
The Democrats of the 1lalilennth watd held
an oiithuilaatie une rueetinu lust nvenlrg at
Anon Hall under direction uf ilmnewlvorumi
irol Iln lirr > k i lub Jim or bi In rrenldtd
and made tliooii > nluiail > lr BB lie spoke Hry
liil ilIy nml fifhovifd 1011 i altoetilr con
1ly lilmneir to the nibjec or Ibo urolb of
the iitbtuuntli ward lieu u IsaAC H CaUln WA
tliisii < ukorof lie rvenlni
II He HoiiNt 1 HIIAklr lined nnnxrclfnllr for nil
1 orntlp ant imfnir iroutmentof Jinocrut
He euliglri l Hot Hill lor his unllrli > i eii > riiy
ami linneiit almlnUtrutloa About Mr Platt
his I paid be Id nol I Ip say Jin did not
Iniutv that lhee wa anything to a If Mr
Pliilt wn to ill Ilb oily 1 llilijK Hint could bn
iialil tit Film triiiMiiMr by m dearest friind was
lli II f lie wiuf a politlulan and rubbed New York
pftfia I Worlds rMlr
aolluHTbuuinnn stoke In Otrmin tied than
liurii olllr1 I JfllIrrJ > > ra lop Con
sal Jrntp and many nf the candidates forelc >
tluti lu nairsoibor tahIti d I
1011 rprw Hey M I lor Tkelr Melfacr
onicer rion of lbs tturr BorUir arrested at
2 A ti l y 1 strday Juuiu Knltfbt aged I 1 ill i
Illeliard IU I brlli r aged 7 who l ruifa < lcd
and burefooled trot i Mlllng 1 11 i ye lu Ibu
city Hull Jerk I When 1m wmt to noiffr lUilr
inoil er u sn Jim ir I II i ho ipinil bur drunk
In a ii I im wblcu iinftiiifl iitlimtf 1in I a 1111
IriK uinl ii Iepib l I tlit bofuMiili iwiri i iilr
rumii lt ll I < < l SlasH li 1 Miir 1 a1 < l that al
Ifl IbWIT r lo llv beer I 45 tlrI1t
If cruII r tl I ler I I 11 4111 tYtiC hetI 1 fit I
niiu rourt in tm 1 ittll lurtnui fJI chuI 1
nvlnlr 1111 weIc iouiultl to ttiu cairo if lbs I
A taiittl r Art ttt In ltapS4aus
Juhu J UrsodfU altos ECIItIIdf In vlJ
Iilte lioi > ifir wb imtttfl 1 fdlr 1 lit
IIIIl book 11 on tpirn Sjncrf lie
r l > r < iMtild liliiiMlf M a iiiiuerrl iravrlUr
ed arS4 lest I1Jt41 valu III JJlr Jat I
llrn tI II UI 5 str aun flf U lou this
loutiool Iin et3eisSl pull4 > 14J1 Its I e4iae uf
11 clll
II M I I AininiDii 1 1 fMii on jMillli iSa I
M > nmn tn > io rlnl Uin api I tf fSD < ui
lib Ibe liudaIgt3J 1rII i l iIfI B lifti 11 ul
iiu nuufui I f ej r < < uul4 nod 111
flaat itI4t35 arrjid iihai 4 fOl
oI Ilu A
gkst tin lsley J uI S 01111 11
Im 1 t 1 lili i I cr II W
iraalhIIsi 50 AI
TI C tl4 CSI 5011141 I U ti > aIvsJ I MH
LI 14 5p1141t 44 155 Iaaosl ltsl I trIt seedy
pIl 5 IJasC II I unt U 1f iuuk
1140511 14 SLId 4 tIe III s kla Issi 1
I t4J aI s IC54COIJ gtdi w U > t6
l dIII I
as liI ieisaasi4d
Highest of all in Leavening lovrerU S Govt Report Aug 171889
oya1 Baking
1k Powder
SsSCdI iIPUCVS1IS uwiS fa Un jHirtvUMJ tf M
I ttsiisiwsMIThi 1 a aU 44jfleLSd Se 1 1llArfl 1 t
zr 13 ravKT YOlWFU AKD U7iU
our A lARArUIL
Urt KHtn Hart and Xin lnrrrj ItnriofKitOf
erfarA brui JtrtfVi ITfrf WrrtttifA ITWt
Cntantit and IVrtumtal I Airi Other to O
to Ur lllnlr anil Copttamt In tiitl City
and the lltmtt r Thrure Cured Io
n a vrtlty white ootlMt Jut aroma Ih rem r from
the ehoollitiB on bonnlaion avf nnft In the vllUn
or Rntlifirfnril I J nine miles from lit cur on the
Itl rnllroxl rcillri Mr hunt list > nd her on Mr
llnrvtr Hart I WA they that the wrlttr tounO Mrs
Hart wh n itie told I him I the following aiorr t
for ihrfeer lour years I and mr on harvey hive
bn inOcrlnr tram a oalarrhal trooble 01 the bead and
throat UY ton n forimin of tho lob printing hoot ft
Iaror A Nciiujrt zau and 22j ttlllltm eLNew York
elir no can Ilt l jon li ll rhfiw h 0 auDerti from 1
dlieaie than I rn tlfn after he I I through wlU Mil
you of mr oca oiperlenct
Mr Harvey Hart told hU story to the point a tel
lowi > tr trouble he mid boil crown upon me
until I sutured Intenielr I t from It My head would ache
very often My noi would Hop tin and my trathlnc
became labortii and dlMenlt TIre were rtnrln
nnlim in mynr Mjr hearing became bad loco
kept dropping down tntomythroatsothaj I was kept I
bnniiT I ensurol in iwklng and root order toelear I
U My apoetlio WM poor ar hid dluy I spelt I f 10 would 1J
stoop over and arten kuddenlr I could not eteep at I ttttl
nliht My month had clad tiltS Mrietth and touicno lii
Were eoxtrd with a while elkkr ellmo Mr br atn
mol I bad and I commenced to notice that my voice
eoundal n thonith I WaS talking thronnh mr b
Aftereattnv I hurl a feelinir nf dlitrri In my nioniMti
Mr 1 food teemed turneil to Irad In my oomb
outd often be t eomnclled to omIt eerythluir I 1 had ft
Shell AI my ttnuiaoh grew too weak to retain It t S
lost eonttilerablei lUeti I think It was about twenty
rtoamla tn all and I Krew weak and rleh lhlJ j
inntlier had been riiilnr iho ttatementi of fatlent
whom I m Itlalr and lopeland had cnred and abe > 4
tried to periTade ma to trv them I told her frankly 4
many that I bad loit faitti In jihyilcltnt A I bad tiled I lt I
A i
= = U
But she Intltted urging that othen wIle sutured am
I did bI been t > eucceisrully treated why not II n
naily in order to plcaie mv mother more than for any I
othe realign I coniiuenced treatment with Dra mat f
an < l opeianJ ant < In 1 a short time In ipllo of mr doubt Jj
and frart i brnan to Inilirore and 1 m my turn per
I uaded my mother to b treated by Dtt lltalr and Cope
land rhe too wat treatotbot I thawlll tell ute her
story herself l Aa for me hrut curIO me ami 1 un
feel M well as 1 ever did In mr life 4 Cl
leatald Airs Hart 1 am so clad I persuaded
harvey to go to the Doctors and lam verr glad went I
mytelf I tulTered vary much as llarTey did except i
that t had more trouble with my chest I had a very
weak chest It felt almost n sore at a boll and It I 1
would take full breath harp shooting pains noula
dart thronifh my Fide and back extending through tu
my shoulder bad Then I had P dry backing cougb
tt4t would fchake mr frame to Its Tery founds
Con I wonld haT night 01 awl I grew J
so weak nnd thin I felt sure I was going Into t
consumption I was very moth worried about
mvsHr ai well at nr Harder but I II all
oier now I have gained flesh and strength mince a
under tho treatment of IrS Itlalr and Copeland and 3j
feel 1 well and strong now Y et concluded Mrs Hurt
we ar so well situfld lat my daughter and her too r I
are about to be treated by Lire ttlalr and Copeland ra
the same trouble I4st TI
Dra taCIt and Oopolanda charges for treatment are ftb
very low No charge for medicine
14 8TIET
wbera they treat wIth snecrss a curable CU
Bptclaltlis I Catarrh and all diseases Cf the Ere Ear nfl
Throat anil Lungs Chronic Dlitasea dEI rnafl
la ZStbarenut hen York ell g
If you i lire far away write for Symptom BhesL
= r rAr LI
Cfllce henriSte llSO A M 1 1041 > L7Uer
OnaJan oi to I 11n 1 XM and 1 t 41 J tjCj
The Success
I of the Original I
E supports the imitations and theres
a crowd of them hanging to Pearl
ThE jam IAEAT IUVEHTION inc It saves work for them as it I I r
WI Idoes for everybody It saves them I
1Arlgq QI JIM
UIIGJ fK talk too Its the one cry of the I
peddler that his imitation is the same I
as Pearlinc or as good as Pearlinc
It isnt true but it shows what thinks j
of Pearlinc He knows that Pearline
1 is the standard the very best for its
purpose So does everybody who
1 everybody
has used it Wlr f
Beware of the babket gang be sure
I you get Pearlinc Get it front yclir
I 1 grocerand send back any imita I
tion he may send you J
Pearlinc is never peddled and
is manufactured JAMJZYLE
76 JAMES ILE j tr Vd
S 1 A e
1UROU8 cuNTtioran T CAVSKO ar
Ur Rtamlcr Bv r1y Crltltl < by PrismS
of ha DD I om r Another pak of
IVnr U MwltrlM Ir Dalfanr Tour
LoxDoif Oct 38 The controversy aroused
Is I
by th publication of the Barttelot book
waxing fast and furious Interviews with
Walter Barttelot and Messrs Bonny and Ward
are published while the enemies and friends
of Stanley warmly attack and defend that gen
tlemans treatment of the rearguard Atten
tion is called to the fact that Lieut Blairs
Burgeon Parkc and Messrs NeUon and Jeph
Bon yesterday sent a commemorative tablet to
bo placed In the village church In Bnrrey
where Major Barttelot was born In token ot
his companions high appreciation ot his ser
vices so gallantly tendered
The oncers who served with Malor Darttelot
In tho Roral Itasllaers have also sent a similar
tribute In memory of gallant soldier and
lamented friend
It Is I thought strange that Stanleys charges
against a man so honored can b true In
lnt the explorer Is generally condemned for
rotnslngto answer the charges while at tbo
same time ondeaiorltg to blacken the char
acter ot his former companion and satisfac
tory proofs are demanded by Ibo press
Meantime tho family of the dead onicer havo
their on viewers I tho grounds of Btanlors
animus against their relative and aro pro
pared to meet and deal with thorn
IlosToH Oct 28ln addition to what was
printed in TUB Him today as coming from
Mr hose Troup of tim Btanloy expedition on
tOo charges mado by Mr Stanley agaluat tho
lat Major llarltelot Mr Troop cay
Mr Btanloy has won fit to specify two
things which Major Barttolot did which called
forth censure iromhlm Ono was the shooting
of aZnnilbar porter for stealing meat and an
other loaulngn Soudanese soldier for some
breech ol discipline Now Stanley line that all
mixed A Boudaneso soldier was shot for de
sertion and for stealing a gun and ton tonndn
of ammunition nnd n Zanzibar porter was
flogged for stealing moat The shooting affair
nOJfed alDI mont
fair occurred In thin man r One night ono of
tho Soudanese soldiers deserted tOe camp
while on guard duty taking with him his
gun and ammunition A reward was oflifiod
for his recapture and im was brought back by
the Arabs That snmo day n court martial vas
held and tim mar wna condemned to bo shot
Messrs Ward and Bonny voted in favor of
shooting the wretch and Jameson and myself
were opposed t such harsh measures Major
execution Uarttolot cast the deciding vote In favor of tbo
exeouton 1be lor was taken ont ot 5 the noxt
morning and shot by his own comrades I wan
not present at tbo execution I had voted
against I because I did not think tim occasion
demanded It Tho others wore equally con
scientious in voting ns they did I was alegal
execution and If ihoso who condemn wero In
Major Barttolots plaoj they might have dane
the name thing
to Mr Stanley accuses Bio of cownrdlco In
not Interfering Icouges I saw Major Barttolot
getting Into trouble with the natives lie told
mo I should have forced my advice upon him
lie also told mo that I should have put tbu
Major In Irons for ftbootlng that soldier and
sent him bark to England In disgrace What
nonsense Mr Stanley known I bad no right to
Interfere with the commander of the earn
Major Barttolot would nave been justified in
shooting mo on the SPOt lie walo command
slotol bile that was nut a military expedi
tion It wan absolutely necessary to havo dis
cipline and good illholpllnn required but one
head one commander lie was selected by
Mr Btanloy and I reiterate my charge that
Mr btauley Is 1 primarily responsible for any
blunders made
Now Im not going to talk any more about
the matter until Mr btntiloy makes public the
charges which be Intimates ho will make
Tho 11 may buvo a leply to make Mr Stanley
nays ho has his proof Well to havo L lam not
going to sustain Mr Stanley against Major
IJaittelot until I know what bes going to pay
neither am I going to deny blindly what ho In
timates Perhaps wu shall alee R to tho
facts That remains to bo seen But I surely
shall not criticize Major liarttclot until I know
what Mr Stanley has against biO air Stan
ley is a great oxploior but he went Into this
for fame and for what he could got out of It
Ho bus no more philanthropy than my
boot I will go further and say that
the expedition was in tbo nature of
speculation and not a philanthropic rellf 1
movement The capitalists who tanked It
were after the lon which Emln Pasha WB
Bupposod to have collected The officers of
the expedition had promises a certain share
of the big supply ot ivory which was exported
as a reward for their services Emln eXp
release was aseoondary consideration entirely
lie didnt want t he released Ho had hon
up there ten or twelve years and had hold his
own all right Those fiicts explain the entire
situation and the expedition must necessarily
lose some of the glamour which surrounds it
when It Is known that oed for fame and
riches movement Instead of humanity prompted the
siont Tittiunrit IN IJzrZJlL4Nl
Political Strife Ied Aaln to Berlon
BKHNE Dot 28Tbe troubles b ° v > oen the
Literals and Conservatives In the canton of
Tlcino have broken out afresh and further
disorders have occurred Another battalion
of troops bOB been despatched to the canton to
assist In restoring onion
A report was received here from Lugano
one of the capital of the canton of Tlcino
saying that fighting has occurred between
the troops and the disaffected Liberals and
that some blood has been shed
The Federal council has bv a unanimous
Toe rejected the appeals made by Ibo Ultra
mcntancs ut i TMnu against Iho popular vote
taken on Oct 5 last when a majority declared
in favor of n revision of the constitution of the
A despatch from Frlbourg capital of the can
tnrv f Frlboure seventeen miles southwest of
this city ease that the result of the elections
held there on Sunday last was productive of
much III feeling between tho opposing parties
TIll Itadloals accused the Conservatives of
winning liy unfair moans ono of the charges
against them being that they falsified the bal
lots Charges and countercharges wore rand
until today when tho trouble culminated in
serious conflicts Tim lladloals are armed
and bioaton to overturn tho cantcnal Uor
Tuxlnic Tlllo In Fran
JAntB Oct 28 Deputy Moreaus bill looking
to the entire uUolltlm of titles In France by
taxing thm heavily olTaied yesterday pro
poses an annual Import thus crmlod
For the prolix dufiOO francs for the title
of liaron 5000 francs Vliconnt 10000
franoi Count 2111100 franco Marquis
DOMX franco Duke flOomi franra and for
that of Illnce 100WO trams while for
links l or i ount with tint prefix HUilmsu
iOfjiioO france and 1rlnco with he salute pro
IU 2SOOO l francs
Ibo I scheme Is Ingeniously d < vl 101 < l but
pcarcelv radical ns If tho llApubllcnn ma
jontr alloulll d ow It poltlo 10 dup iTo the de
omlanla of tbn old nobility nf the prestige
now left them I they would probably vote to do
odlioctlr I
IJullDiir Tour
PUBMX Oct 8fr Bollour who arrived
at the Island of Achlll yi > terdar Pealed the
nliht at the r > ldence of the psrltli prlent To
da he will tnekeatouirof tile icier ii
I 1111 trrnnaiit Juiirnal oIlYtl Mr Dalfour
bus twmi re htryllbl i without ilninou
UnMou either hostile or frlndr Ho miit
not irHUk 01 tiotil lor Mrvllltt I or like Iii U 1
urdaiit em n lif will Und tuat lie tni built bis
Vlr Hlfoiir U I now In WstiK It Is r e
porlsd Mint bo 11 ite nr ispjes < 4 wit i ihi
scour In v urnami In Achlll 1 end with I tie
MeiergI wetdfn l > 0 uf the > a cots jiiiI l liii
prospects III fttUllUO
I Hollnttn four Mieg
I I Tur JltnuK Oct 2At ln < Jiiri tMoo of I
111141 I Iuili Iurlflini nt I All Ibe immbrof bulb
I Jlo1I1111I plrlqtit hr lai1us Jlalr
the Cilotil mmuuiicad IliOtln the 1siloii if I
11111 d ejore ulio luil ostIii i bu Klnif llo I
lejsatv s hiantith 101 pIll lIlnI i III II I 1111 lists
1111111 I 1ir 1form hill Ill duties vd 4uri
iiaeUt Hi IIIJ gskioi IIjlllllllI I 1IIk
S this ii r sial < ll 11111 I M nlittlli Ion tta
NlIIId Ilitb rtiuiniuit wlj lunnivMn In
Utottow WJ1134 5 dyUnloti IU the jLtottvi will bt
nnuiuiic S
lr ltlmf ftilflutt Iff tin
Ilnr j Jt t i tNA curious > rlDt It I
11011 IJJWi lit VItiiMt J Iflt Oml Ia his tier
raunituf Stir > HUMIU br II avlmlior of
Iuuul Tiltto vltt lee ruJ f thii l is
lio cu MIII1611 11 tint PSOiJai eiuirlittl W
11IlrlOlllllwl l rsth l
rlIr rx M 1411 ftl vaoHnnm fit IM I
uppel rlgsss 1 lol fast flTitJ Hi pia41 C
rectum sed lire 1IiO ibdsti1ous I
Hint lful Im < JiM r I
111 Inl OM 7KTL King tf tolrum i tf
ls4 t at Iouisnj todsy II was ittvilirA at
I Ibe IIIto n IT frri ri < r Wjillstu Micral
I Eqtirs It 11 hula lf CoDDSUtflik rand l > tlf
allr < f JiuwU noil n full Inlll l cii stat
I Aftrr abrotluic sti 1IfOr lhe uouMtIss I
i 45II tli tie eaaU IC4fII4 iii Mt > OMM
Ho Owe the Hotel Tandomt and U Do
d ni 0 Plunger
The Mercantile Cloak Company at 391 Broad
way failed yesterday and Deputy Iberia Burns
closed up the large factory The company was
not incorporated was the style used by the
firm of Isaac B Plant A Co composed of Isaac
8 Plant Ilalph Plant and Samuel Kahn They
confessed judgment for 45518 In favor ot the
Chemical National Bank on a promissory note
dated Oct 2718Knnd payable In ono day
Isaac B Plant started In business as Plaut
Goldsmith la 1881 with a reputed capital of
5000 Tho firm wore reported to have made
money and they dissolved on March 22 188G
Mr Plant buying out his partners Interest it
Is said for 35000 Mr Plaut kept on alono
forsomo time and formed tho present firm In
1887 They did a business of about 000000 a
year and for 1889 claimed to have added 130
000 to tho capital On Feb 201BOO theIr ittate
mont showed 85000 capital In business and
no liabilities
The failure did not surprise tho trade al
though It came sooner than wns expected
liabilities are currently reported in the
trace at from 150000 to 1200000 for both
merchandise and borrowed money The as
sets it Is said are chiefly outstanding ac
count and stocks
Many creditors called at the then place of
business yesterday but could not get In
Vlumenstlll A Hirsch represent the following
croditots II S Frost ft Co 7800 Isolln
Neo er t Co IS 100 0 A AutTmordt Co
1800 llardt A Llndgens 7700
Isaaa S Plant tho senior partner conducted
In bis own namo thu Iitul vondome Broad
way and Fortyfirst street lie leased It In
iobruary 1887 for ten years nt a rental of
3SOuO a year and It Is said paid 50000 for
the furniture In February last It Is said he
raid off a chattel 1 mortgage on the furniture of
120000 On Monday he gao a chattel mort
gage to N Plaut on the furnltnto and fixtures
for 10805 Mr Plants sporting proclivities
axe well 1 known to the trade
Bookmaker Carlan one of tho two whose
HUOOO was stolen irom the safe of tho hotel
was in a state of mind lost night ns to his
chances of getting back lie said that Plaut
bad plunged heavily on the rares last summer
I and that he didnt think a suit for the monoy
would bo likely to produce much
A Decision Which Will ba Welcomed by
Every Member era llencvotejut Hoclety
The General Term of the Supreme Court now
sitting at Rochester has just banded down a
decision which interests every member be
notolent institutions of this country The
question determined by the Court was as to
the right of an administrator a deceased
memboi of ono of these societies to seize the
endowment paid on tho death of tho member
to satisfy the debts of such member for Ibo I
benefit of his creditors and thus deprive the
widow and orphans of the insurance moneys
Leopold HatToneger a member of tho Im
perial Council of the Order of United Friends
died in Rochester In April 1887 without a will
and without designating to whom tho endow
ment thi uld bo paid lie loft a Vile and three
children who reside In Brooklyn They failed
to administer upon his estate Herman BoecLel
a resident of Rochester and a creditor of the
deceated was appointed admlnstrntor of tho
deceaseds entato by Ibo Surrogate of Monroe
county The order refused to recognize tho
right of tho administrator to claim Ibo 1000
endowment mid said that the widow and
children were alone entitled to the came Suit
was brought in the Supreme Court In Roches
ter and judgment was directed against the
order and In favor of the ndminlutrntor Prom
thin decision tho order appalled to the General
Term at Bnllulo The appeal was heard in Juno
Judge Alfred heckler who represented tho
order aruned that those benevolent soiiotles
were founded lor the exprcsn purpose or aid
ing tbo widows add orphans of deceased mom
hers und that ro one cine bad a right to clrlm
the endowment lie said that tho order agreed
to asMRt the widow and orphans and not to pay
the debts of the member Mr Stockier clnlmt d
that under the laws of this State the endow
ment was exempt from the debts of the mlI
her ns well as from the debts of the widows
and orphans
MiShrn Sliuart Sutherland of Rochester
cruntel for tte administrator unlic Id the right
of the administrator to seize the endowment
For the benefit of the crrdltorx The General
Term sustoiiiH tho orders position nnd dis
missed the administrators action
Oermnn EatervrUc In AfrIca
BERLIN Oat 2BA new German African
Company has been organized Its object Is to
plant colonies In south and southwest Africa
and In Morocco and Tripoli
The Krrut Zeituflg says that tbo Gorman
Government has granted ten years trading
monopolies In the Cameroona country Africa
an followa To the Woormans at Batanca to
wndlsh merchant In the region nuoi > tho
Victoria settlement to Jansen and Thor
naonlen In the region northeast of the moon
thin range and to IntgraJT In tne section
bounded by the left bank of the Boone
dlUncc Fallen Women
HELsiKoyons Finland Oct 29For same I
time Past a series of atrocities somewhat
similar to those committed byfnyk I the Hip
per has startled society bur Several women j
jalnnging to the class of unforiamttes huo
jonn found dial I In tl oil beds I ivlnu bren
kill d bv being strangled The pollen wns for <
n lin time unablo to obtain tI1I least > lnr lo I
the murderer but the man has rt last teen l i
fouiiiLJJlft namo U I llaapaoja and he bus
l0 nJtBeitS to tbo notice for many years as a
scoundrel uf thu very worst class
Tree Gin iiu Ilia COPSJO I
DUUF8UJI Oct 28Tl1e Dutch Government
has asked the Belgian Government to submIt
to the powers which signed the Congo treatIeS
a proposal that thy jointly contribute n flxcul
umua sum to moire ui > His amount whlcli the
Cun > tunIc would b i UI likely to secure throuui
Import duties und that In the mean tmi3 nun
HUlKldlury mtanuiu the Cougu htuie ba
piithorlKed to collHI duty of 16 francs par
Ill tolitro on alcohol
CloSet Pistol Fro Trid
Kni BUCon Oct 181 Oltlitone In an
address to the workman of the uIIIPhr < m
Oil Worts todnr molM free trade Ile aM
that the f nltsof this lust fifty > lIrs legUla l >
flout bad beep tbitt lad bal miiltlpllsd tile
fold ibat tlie iOpUhtiOSi i bail lotilldd cud
that It > niaturUJ social moral and ollllsl
olulllllou1 usC touuiry hail enormously Im
Wunk If a > CollUluu
ll VDoy Oct 28 The IIarer t tlalImlaea
Csjt Walker from Itnuandln Oct arrived
si 1Jndou lodsf Mie collided la the Tbinnn
w tb lle lutnuo 100 r Vulrftn rnviifffd lo
Ib fruit Iraau hiciMleti rlllOO1 t 1i13I i 1011
itd Jor4i i J iSie rulnmuiiiii lt > w < IIIrl
siiui JAlrIIII ViiliAii 10111 Ltoir ii tanhsag1
hid li tilled and suik J > o Ihtll lOll ie lot I
HI t in a Uiul
IAlthl Oil JKM Hard a journal fouvbt
a duel nr Tout on Wutuidur lust iia
oeai Bnuwd Mafs iiitps snd > l Mild > vu
sliofln J III 1 KtiuiKU Its f < lJu since diceS frw
Ib ci 4 Ills lujurl
Iti Urtitt Wlllrr K l
ATHYIie < I rtyTfl Tflepui MloUtrr
1414 lS5iIj4t U tMffUDb f U tuituing a Cow
Mfttf ttf rig NFiai >
Ih llDg fit InrlniEst Tlf r4r rrqaiv4 C th
rtefll 11114 nlVtuf it tbi 1clHiJ sjts
hull IiiSstuiat IIIJJII
A Dat 4 > iiar i toOaliluN Is I ftuHit to Is I
II fUnuuti lu Unlit JIlt Ib Jlr1l a of
I Macac 0 Abi > lo and fnuiunu
It Is I Mclsllr fireor I Im that Cvae
w Jirbi lonnniT lor bin 10 14s115 III
rOJtM bill is I PUIlr itaf l < UJJeeWtslai4 or
tl < l l > U > OM < f M Jif1Iilgilti1I4I tt 111 lilt
l I id aoeiy lbe luar 0vTfis > t 4 of liu > u
I sstr
BrlcOfru Samuel H Itoberta died yesterday
morning at 373 ReId avenue Brooklyn his
71st year ne served with distinction In the
war and was a personal friend ot Gem Grant
Ho did somo military work against the Indians
on the Michigan frontier In early life and
when tho war ol the rebellion broke out ho
went to the front as the LloutonnntColonol
of tho 13tU New York State Volunteers and
subsequently became Colonel of tho regiment
Ho commanded the Third Brigade First Di
vision of the Twentyfourth Army Corps and
executedrome Importnntstrateglc movements
under the direction of Gao Grant He received
letters from Gen Grant thanking him for cap
turing rebel guns stores and wagon trains
just boforo Leos surrender Ho returned to
Brooklyn at the eloso of the war and was Post
master for ono year during President John
sons Administration Prior to 1ioMdent
Cleveland Administration ho had been em
ployod for several years In the construction
department tit tho nay yap Ho was an ar
dent Itopubllcnn and once ion for City Treas
urer against the late B H Powell nut was
defeated He VUH popular the Grand Army
Tho veterans of tho 139th Volunteers and tho
members of llanlln Post G A It will attend
his luneral which will be hold tomorrow af
ternoon from tire Itochester Avenue Congre
gational Church Ho loaves lour sons and three
John U Keener President of the Adler Silk
Manufacturing Company 1 Greene street died
In Paris on Monday after an Illncmor ten diiys
Mr Neo or went to Kurooe In August with his
wife and five children Ills trip was made
partly for pleasure nnd partly for busIness
purposes lie was in bin usual health then he
wont away Death resulted from pneumonia
complicated with other dlwures His residence
was2 VcRt Thirtythird street Mr Nooonr
was born In Zurich Btrltzorland in 1836 Ho
cams to this country when he woe 20 years of
age and In 1811 entered the omployof tun firm
at 1 Orone street of which ho became Presi
dent Ho was made a member of the firm In
1871 jUr Necser was an attendant at 8t Pat
ticks Cathedral
Albert Louis Llobmann he 17yearold son
of Louis Iilobmann died yesterday at 333
Clinton avenue Brooklyn He was In robust
health until a couple of weeks ago when he
fell a victim to typhoid fever He spoka of his
approaching death with the greatest com
posure and utter distributing tarnvoll pres
ents to Mi relatives and friends hi rondo all
tOo arrangements for his funeral He gave di
rections that his body should bo cremated and
asked that President both Low of Columbia
should bo requested to attend isle funeral Ho
was a student nt the college
Henry Hudson Child for the past twenty
years connected with limo Custom House died
of npoplexv the residence his oulnlnv
1rauk Drlsier 4H Vost Fortysixth stnet
yesterday morning Ho was born In Cnnnn
dalgualu 1B25 Ho came to this city when a
boy During the war ho carried nn a largo
petroleum business down town Mr ChildH
was un expert accountant and Introduced
many Innovntb by which the work of keep
leg use boks n hona > aomc wusfacllltatud
Ho leaves a widow and two children
Olver Hall n wollknown resident of Per
cheater Mass died on Monday last aged DO
years From 1820 to 180S he was in the furni
ture manufacturing business there Ho was
Selectman of time town for IIteen years Tr ai
nr > r lor tin years and AHsoflsor for a long
period In 1816 and 1H17 he was in the Masse
rhufiotts Legislature Ho was President of the
Mattapan Dank afterward the First butlonil
Bank ot Dorchester
Barley Ilandall of Now Brunswick died yet
t rday of heart disease Ho was 62 years old
Ho leaves n wife and three children lie was
an accountant and had an oIUco In Now York
and was tOe rlubthond nnn of City Treasurer
Nollion ot New Brunswick His second and
surviving wife was a daughter of Matthew
Hurdntn who was murdered l forty yearn ago In
Now Brunswick by Peter llobinson
Joseph Darin a contractor nf Elizabeth N
J died yesterday HU iears old He was the
fatherinlaw of Phorlll cilnsby ot Union
county nnd for bevnral years bn was ono of tho
din ciora of the National Stat Bank lie IH a
brother of thu President of the FIrst National
Bank with whom ho was In partnership in the
building trade rortnentyUvo sears
Gen Jf La Hue Harrison who died on Mon
day iiight at his homo In Virginia noir Fort
Myor opposite Ya4blngton wits by date of
commission the oldest inspector of the Post
Oaico Department Ho was a native of Now
York During the war he rained and com
manded tile First Arkansas Cavalry and was
liiorettod BrlgadierUcneral
Mrs Mary Blanchnrd MeDonpall widow of
Cal A K McDouuall of the 123d Iteglment N
Y Volunteers died at the residence ot her Ben
Inlaw United States Commissioner Charles
M Davlson iu Saratoga yistciday aged C3
years hue leavt s three children
GOD Elias A Brown n wellknown and In
fluential resident of tho Mohawk valley died
yesterday nt Mlnavllle Ho was one of the
leaders of the Democratic party In Montgom
ery county und was conspicuous in Masonic
circles lie was 80 years old
Admiral lieknap commanding the Aslatlo
station reported to tim Navy Department by
cable yesterday the death ot Lieut Constant
from pneumonia Ho was attached to time
Omadu but had bncn Iii at the Yokohama
naval hospital for come time
E B Boaman a wellknown paper box
manufacturer ot Lacnnla N II died on Mon
day last fiotn InjurliH received In a runaway
occident about ten days ago Ho wan a veteran
ot the 6oenth Now llauipshire VolumeerB
end was 75 yesrri old
Samuel Itinolmrt an oldtime circus clown
mlnatra Ac died recently at olumbnn Ohio
Hit was the fathor of tb lllnehart children
whit lire trailing among tho lowprkeil
the itr H in cumic opcri Ac
Jbndrath of Gustav Dllor Cans rn Pult
fotinerly dlruutur of thi Cuil riiht < Court
jueatiu Uerniany IK nnuoiinied Ho was Ibe
nutijiror a do7i > n plays tlio taiJtest ot which
was proiluced lu 1MM 1
Joseph A tiowrle a vetmnn and n member
or 1hfl Kenrner Post fell d < t id In Commorcu
street Newark lact night Heart dlneaso was
lbs cause lie With about M years old
The Hon ItobsrtL Johnston of Kbennbtirg
Pn 1ronldent Judge of Cambria county died
of apopluxy tail uliiht Ho wan Til years old
Cnpt James Wise wall known In the Ohio
Itlivr tradu died rotfrday nt hU residence In
Homo City Ohio of dropsy ut Ito ago of 00
William Junes aged 77 the first Mayor of
Munclu tint amid lornluht years Ulat Honntor
died on Monday night In Mtiiiel
idirge A Sawyer prlnoliial of Bawyeis
roiiiinerlal Collage nf Boston dictIon Monday
last aged M years
Jibe Hlgiilnii a veteran of the Mazlcan war
died at Carlisle Pu yesterday aged 7V years
Ji bn a Fiikoii ugl l fcB died in Deluwar
county Indi un iiudey
0rtij trwii vhsoKJr
74rthIaee < Ike Hurgn lspd
tWa Muttirtfa Sses Alsoliolleas Only
Willltra J Jfivitrr wa knncki dean br on
of 1roUrlek Jo r A Cos wttuu In Ilflli
areuu Iliooklrn on 1rldsy nlulit but when
Ambulano Hurteon V iit > uM arrived b ru
fused Ui taVn him to tit lioipltsl as the seen
In late cplnloi lind smut busu liuuml unil KIK
kUlTHl only liom Ib ffvt t Of ailcljolliii
Low r wu llicii talon in the llirjn str1
ilic i Matloii In ili i uirol WtJaIJtI hut iicjai4 sip
Inuvll Jill was ci f d with u M III fillo liirf
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Latest lararxiitlen of Isitertel From Alt
In regard to the AlchlnouM purchase of the
Colorado Midland road the Boston Herald last
nlaht said
The recent report that Chairman Macoun
of the AtchIson Board bought the Colorado
Midland road largely up > n his own r tt > onil
billtv appears to bo conllrniod by the following
in the Adrirliser no doubt derlvo > J from ofll
olnl houses probably from Mr llelnhnrt
The Dinirrr and RloUrande Is bsllesd to hate mt
a cash utter ef 43 per slier for the Colorado Midland
stock lint aday or two before Mr Matoim to sail
for hurops the neoestlty srove of titter buying this
stock at onto for the Attrition or seemS u taken by
tie U and u I I eireitntallte < nt the Midland wete
at the tluii nn the way to bniland to complete the Sale
In the U and K II l Tbe Clalnntn ot the Hoard ao
ttrit I Hie situation and tomtit tlie stock for ilus
It Is tlio eiplnlnrd that thin Atchison guar
anteed the payment of f2U per share In cash
in addition to payment In stock by agreeing
within a year to buy back etouph AtchIson
stock nt 113 per share to oqunl IM each par
sLaro of Colorado Midland nay 83635 shares
This N a peculiar tinnsactloii and somewhat
In tho nature of a hut on tIle stock except that
the Atchison company may determine when
within the time limit It will take the Mock
The company could buy Its stock cheaper In
the innu tot
Now us to reasons leading nn to he our
chase the following Is gIven The Midland
made an alliance with the AtchIson to Inter
change trnillo and agreed to also nil the busi
ness It legally could to tIre Atchlscn to
haul to Denser and to Kansas City Hnco
July 1 that agreement bus bo n broken
by hook 01 liy nook The Atchison
therefore bad to do something to re
cover and protect this Interchanged tranio
The AtchIson got JMOBII gross In twelve
months out of tranio Interchanged with the
Midland road How much of tills was met
ttivro Is DO means of telling It wan to regain
and preserve thin trafflo and to obtain other
radio and strengthen Itself strategically
that the Aotblson paid il600OOU cash and
03331 shares OF its own stock unit assumed
an nnnual fixed charge of cay I05UUOO to
700000 per year
These itro the reasons given In justlllcntlon
of the purchano thus far Perhaps the oniclal
circular explanatory of the trado will lurnNti
other reasons and mako It clearer why Atohi
son should pay what nppf are llko a very high
price for this property The reasons given lor
this addition to the compen > s mileage would
equally justify nn extension to thin FrancIsco
an extension from Ht Louis to rlilcngo an ex
tension from Kansas City to Memphis and
many other extensions This purchase of miy
267 miles ndded to the Bt louls and Bun
Francisco mileage owned leased and joint
makes Jm miles which tim present
management has added to a system already
overburdened with mllunco It is true that
there is u distinction to b i drawn bei wien pur l
chasing constructed mileage snpi ood to bo of
n selfsupporting nature and building new
mileage but thero In likewise to I o consider
whether each 1000 miles added titter a srstcm
ban roBiheil as many as ii000 or 7000 miles
does not carry larger telatlMt risk and 10
Bponfllbllltr than like mileage addod to a
smaller system A railroad may be said to bo
never entirely finished and railroads built to
sell as the Colorado Midland la supposed to
have been are likely to call for a consithom able
expenditure of money to render them Ut to
carry transcontinental
A Chicago despatch says a meeting of the
managers of the Southwestern Missouri llltor
lines ndjournod from Oct I was held at bar
man Walkers office joaterday to give further
consideration to the questIon ot a division of
competitive traffic Contrary to general ex
pectation it was n harmonious meeting and
resulted In au extension of the time orIginally
allotted for the experiment It was unani
mously agreed by the managers to oxtund the
tune one month making Dec IS tOo curliest
dato on whUh notice of wlihdrnwal can lo
given thus making tho iicruetneni binding In
all roads until Dec 31 Whllp it is admitted
that the arrangement for a dIvision of trafllo
bus not proved eminently satisfactory thus far
it Acorns that all the toads lit interest hate
faith enough in the experiment to give It n
furthertrlnt No attemptWIIH made to aireo
upon n basin of petcentoKOS to goyorn a rtivi
sion of the business that matter bong loll to
the Board of Cbalimen heiototore
TIcoProMdont Lane of the Union PnMflo
road was Intel viewed In Boston yesterday
nliotitthe rooout attacks on th management
of the rood Unsaid that the latst story to
the etloct that the manazoiiient was working
tacitly to wreok tie rood with the view of
ultimately turning It over to tho Vimdnrbllts
was too absurd to deny anti Chit its animus
was clearly apparent to anyone who under
stood the present condition of itllalro The BO
called boycott han aroctel only westbound
through freight bublne and that but little
The stories of accidents on the road wore
greatly exaggerated The Union Paolllo
Northwestern alllam he thought really con
cerned nobody but tbe two roads In Interest
A Chicego despatch says that no conclusion
was reached br time Use stock committee ol the
Western icmdn nt the meeting yesterday in re
lation to crinallzlne rates on Iho hogs nail
packinghouse produ IB After discussion of
the matter It was decided that a ueneial meet
Ingot the Wentem Freight Assoolntlon should
be called for Oct 30 to consider the matter It
ih understood that Alton bus given notice of
Its intention to reduce the rate on live boys to
18 cons from the orosent rate of 25 cents The
former Is the present rate on pacUnphoupu
products The proposed equalization Islnno
cordaqcawltharntent decision of the Inter
State Commerce Commission
A Pierre SD despatch says that instruments
htvo been received by the engineers ot the
Midland Pactllo Ilallroad the permanent sur
vey ot wldoh ban just been completed from
Sioux Falls to Pierre to continue the perma
nent survey with grade utukpsou through the
Black Gills to the Pnolllo coast The survey
it is said will be ready for the graders Iy l early
spring This road is being pushed liy Senator
It 8 Pettlgrow and Is sold to be an Illinois
Central offshoot
A despatch from Esquimaux Point Quebec
save The yacht Hcrondolle arrived estar
day having on board surveyors who ate ex
amining the route for the Labrador section of
tho short line to Europe
Insurance Underwriter at Dclmonleoav
The New York Life Insurance Association
gave a dinner at Dolmonlcos last night to the
Executive Committee of tbo National Associa
tion ol Life Insurance Underwriters More
than 200 were present Gilford Morse the
President the New York Association pre
sided and on either side were Chaunory M
I epew mumd the 11ev Dr iluokley A smell or
chetrn plnid sweet music and n nuaret
of underwriters sang to the delight of the
dlneis IesMent Morse made nn address
nf wocome anti Oeorwo N Carpenter Cliitlr
mutt ol the Executive Coiuniltteo I t sstoi Unit
Mr Pepw said that n miccessful lire InHiir
mi underwriter must huvo iiialltl which
would Injure liU success In any other busi
ness and thu cupstf aiiplaudod Uen Sickles
and the llov Dr Buckley also spoke
Cleaned lmecir wllU lie Htitrf esS trIps
DODOETTIXR Will Oct 23Davld Rogers nt
tompted suicide this alternoon by hanging
himself to a rafter In the Court house wood
BUM with u htrlp of the American hag He
wan discovered and cut donn
run niioNa CORPSE irr IIIE COFFiN
It IVnint Lcaehe that B Clileaco VaSe
taker Kent to Leach Friend In Ocneeo
lioonEflTZB Oot 28 Bomane Leach a bach
elor 40 years old resided In Qeneseo and
traelled In the West for a Chicago house
Last Wednesday friends in Qeneseo received I
word that Leachs dead body was at aChicago
undertakers Leachs lather telegraphed to I
friend In Chicago who Identified the I
remains and ordered them shipped to
ieneseo fur burial Jho bearers who
wore nil acquaintances of the dead man 1
were struck by the length of the ooflln I fl
knowing that Leach was not over DM I 7
feet tnli and niter the omn bad been
lowered Into the grave It was raised aud i
opened Imtendo JeiichB body it contained i
that of miami not resembling each I In any
way nnd sit fot two Inches tall Uowover i
thin body wan buried
Ills aiipiiosod that Leach lady got mixed 1
up with Romu other > nrpxc nt the Chicago un
durtakerN and was shipped Bumonhoreelso 1
Kbarlnit Profit IVlth Vorkmcej f i
JoLTEr Ill Oct tAbnut six months ago JP
the Illinois Stool Company oniared Into an ar > Si
rsnuemsnt with Us men on a profitsharing Yf
basis and tirro months later divided about h i K t
I40UO among Its pien as piemlums for faithful ii j l li sit
and nicli nt service Jnother quarter has now s i < >
paused and ashJir P llou win this sTock dlf i 44 i
tribute another HOUO as u robUU ot Ibis ar yl t i
rangumenc I f S

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