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ma SJLTS ana WAS arnucK Aim in
cnutttiT rnBArlt
Ko I > Ki1 Action Titkn Acnlmt Her HUB
bi 4U Deile Bterleja orCrneltr
Neer Oplmloa of Mr Storm
A reporter called yesterdar at the house of
James D1I Blotma of 1nrk Hides N J tho
editor ot the Fark 111 Jao Lora wbo Is a seconi
time accused ot cruelty to blat wife I
Mr Storms dented every statement msde ro
gnrdlng his llltteatment ot his wife but nc
knowledccd that h hnd carried her home
forcibly on several occasions when she hoc
runaway HoilenleJ that ho had over strucl
her or that sho hnd ever been deprived of
proper medical attendance or too and salt
thru the reports concerning her screaming at
Intervals during tho day and night were absu
lately without foundation
The reporter ojcpres eJ a deilre to eee Mrs
Rtorms and Mr Blorms conducted him to her
Bho wns seated on a lounge In the dining room
clad In a loosoflttlng dross much the worse
for wear and had an old and tattered Quit
wrapped around her She wore no shoos Her
face was pale nnd pinched Bho waa askei
10 trll her story without omitting anything
tlaforo beiilnnlng she glanced toward her bus I
bum He nodded assent and she proceeded
Bha said that durlnc tbe six years of her mar
ried life sho hnd been forced to submit to In
dignities ot all kinds ant had never ben al
loircd to hnro the slightest liberty
Although my husband and his father she
lid bavo often forced me to do things
which I did not want to do neither one of
them ever struck mo until last Hunday They
bail locked mo up In a small nttlo room that
dRY sOIl in n mrt of recklessness I deter
mined to escape iilthough 1 did not know
where I would go when 1 did got awny I
dl I < not jump from tho roof I fell and In do
ing so I narrowlv escaped seriously Iniurlng
myelr hen I saw Mr Bn > ss I ran to him
for aKslstauce but before 1 could reach hli
crriiM my fnthorlnlnw cnught me and was
preparing to drng mo homo when Air Drops
nterlorod I then begged him to save mo
m returning to this dreadful house but
he said ho had no light to do any
thing Just then Mr Storms my father
inlaw struck me a blow on tho hood
which stunned mo and I could not ronllre
wbat was colng on nreund me When they got
Be home they Immediately locked mn up
Main and when my husband returned home
from Sunday school Inlormed him of my at
tsmptcd escape
I will not say what happened then but If
any of tho neighbors say I screamed for mercy
help they aro right for 1 did My hus
rod claims that I run away This Is not true
I da try to get out ont In a while but I Is
slutjsmy intent on lo como back again t
dole ore ovar given mo and I never havo
inrmonor tn spend I am now under con
Hunt surveillance and tbo windows and
doors of the entire house are anr
WAS ept locked When my husbaml
Dducnl lle tn live with him again RO ns not to
km to pay tbe almsbouso keeper a weekly
stipend which he wns under bonds to do he
prireneu tnni i snoutu nive cooi treatment
and tbe rights of n wife You can BOO for your
nlf how ho hits kept his word Kven now the
windows are al locked old every door is
bolted save the ono through Which you have
lut come
On Sunday Oet 121 got out of the hnlFo
end went to Ibo homo ot MrThomos Atherton
a short way up the road I a kcd that some
body te sent with me to doctors and 3Jra
Atherton sent 11yearold daughter We had
cone but a short way when I fnlt one of the tits
which I nm subject to coming on and I sent
the little girl home for help Tho last I re
member I fell In the rood In a lit When 1 oamo
to found myself baek bar again
Mrs Htornn snys that medial attendance
hat been donlod her and that In consequence
in Is all broken un In henltii onlequenc lahle
bavea man as throe fla a day Bos says
tAI nlthouch she Is I church member SAJ
not allowed to attend kltber church or Sunday
8 Mrs Storms It Is sa < d betrays a loss of
memory sometimes An an example sho cot
awny some time aco and went to sac her father
and brother In Nawnrk When she returned
home she said sho had boon to Newark
and that sho had also called on n friend a
Mies Emma Boughton In Kew York fihn
said that she hail been nowheres else bnt Mr
Htorms showed tho reporter atelegrqm alleged
to have ben racohcd from the Now York
Hospital which Raid that ono Lottie Storms
had been brought there sulTeritig with epl
Jspsy Dr Neer of Pork Ildge the family
physician waa MeD by the reporter He said
abe did not think that 31rs Storms was en
tirely repponalble for what fhe did nr xald
Bne Is snfTeilng with epilepsy be said
md Is a very side woman A surgical opera
tion might euro her but oven that might not
doanyuood I Is nu ope i all on that Is I both
difficult and dnnacroufl I advised Its being I
done several years ago and bavo advised It I
lately but Mrs Stones refused to havo It
Nothing In the way of legal proceedings
against Mr Storms box yet been done al
though there 1 a great deal of excitement In
the Ullage Many of the villagers think Mrs
via condition la due to tho treat
ment abe has receIved
Bottler Mnrrnr Wonted and BOO Battle
Hclzed by tbo Police
There are two Bottlers Protective Associa
tions in Newark now and at the head of tie
new Independent Bottlers Association la John
Ilarrar a botlor at 390 South Orange avenue
Unrrar has been suspected of using bottles be
longing to other firms and on Monday Messrs
Dnussllnc Lrnndt Haley and Herman
BauIslnl Drndt pro
cured warrants ot Justice Sommer to tearch
Uarrars place Constable Theodore Volz a
short and stout little man undertook to serve
tho warrant and search the place Ho took
with him Special Policemen Haas Miller
Izenburg and Peterson and arrived at Mar
rarK place at 7 oclock yesterday morning
Mnrrar Raw tbe ofllrera coming and mar
ihilled Were his lorcos Ills tnt words to Volz
Wereion cant search this place unless I Is over
my dead body
Then ho boy n bloodhound which flew
MUlllerand tote his coat Driver August
Wecenblat sled a lighted kerosene lamp
and Mnrrar 0 big braxa heercouk waavn
lut threw the lump and It struok Policeman
laml Polceman
Jeter on broko and flooded him with burn
IriR oil somo of uhlch flow on linos also
Wil tbe e men were busy with tbe flames
utrrar struck at Volz with the faucet I vrai
atlclius blow Ititeuded for hit head but the
KllaVoUn wtinled lt oft with his wrist and
tie heavy faucet fell on the bead of Mra Mar
h lutlitlnc un ugly scalp wound thrno
sues lonL Volzs wrUt wa disabled but In
pits ot It bo mida a prisoner of unm
Jifllle his compaiiluns overpowered Waian
Bout nnd the third mal William Loderur
made hln no ape
Leaving a man In cb ne of the bottllnff ea
tiiilishnii I > nt me onicort look Mnrrar and
nstf tihuist totbnlourthpreilnetMutlon nnd
ItxLed them IIP Thun they Muton Mar
re rllt him found 11 l iioltln I rlongluu lo
oh r IA < l I > > Mninir and Uliuonhur w 1
rlll i i b I io Justice llodrlso yi teidny
alurnoouon charuix uf aR 4nult nnd battery
ini I i landed I lot utility Tuoy Mnl balled in
Mairurciillnd at Police JUadiimrter last
nlicii 1Ia d bil role drlnK AIted
llmt t oimtabl Vil 11 lilt her und axked tUut
Ui I > ount nhyslelaii le I snt up in lake her
i > nt > lorll m Kiutcniiii fIM Innln that sli
1 sui I iy I iir hiiibarnl wltli tho liruss
liucu Mud that luu blow vu tended rur him
Aealeu HeuiOrr HUH Udlnlillor bII
yISUIKHTOV Oct adThrt rllllnatol l of
AitlitMtiHecieturrof thy TruusuryHaUhtllor
livrlil takllKoaluif 1 oinoeu Ulnlsurto
Ionitifsl on Nor 1 wa r cal8 Iba lrt I >
Motti < 41 > Till bal rnvltil Ih 11 al
VMr t li I AisUlant
r tt IAIIIo II AIIrant
1 I IH4 t Cwiiiiirtii an 11 tr of < i
f IT 1 M rr I MKIIIrUlimll IfOfV n I
V I i I 11t lit > hati liutx I 1111 tn
iia I
VeV kl I 1 1 t not UV I i111
1le h < iuiifntucr utxjut Jr > l < l n
Ir 1 IU ILe Iml ana aI IU
1 N u
h utr1 111lr 0110 01 aAi
MHiMri 1 > t ll 1 ITIIC Islam tdl
4 i lunrr HI ni ftlmt < um niaii Hi
1 HI II 1 Ills IBlurri I i
n lhII In I I Ial
61 llniiviru IL I inr i i r V > > riui < i WI < uc
f 1 t rl f Il I IU
I ul I tilli uii tiijiit 1 11 i il 11 I X ilorwuii
f I Vli Miri n In
r UI I aLl Jliii ool
I a 9Upin
I 0 M i d t1 I f II li < < > IbrlluT tourllv ulrltTMnaldlo I > u lr Il 14
fn a rlII Idll ulIrt I
I I f Ifir I
l f 014 Ol M
ar t I I t t I 11 a
1 a1 n I l 111 Jf d
If V1 1 I Oil lUl I Inl12
t 1 wa U r4
11 111 Ia
rU t t w l U I
o Ib I 01 L 1 Jak 6 1 111
rua inisa FAiunta Ull
Ui Ctll HAT It Win B a l1 d Wi
JD Properly DtilrtbateeV
T nGlll tha delegate of the Irish Parla
tnentnrr party who la I now In America denied
yesterday that th Irish party waa Indlfferen
to the action of Americans In collecting money
for tha relief of the faminethreatened counties
of Ireland Among other things ho said
The delegation of the Irish Parliamentary
party who nro on tbtlrway to this country at
the profnt moment will be representative
finally of the people of tho distressed districts
and of tho rest of Ireland It will certainly b
a port ot their btislntrs to lay before tho
American people tho exact plight of Uiolr
tamlnetrlcken conntituent
Itellef of distress will form a lending portion
nt our programme dltra occasioned torton
talne imil want among tho thousands of
evicted families who are always In proximate
danger ol starvation and who drnd loll
itiHin our alI for their support But wo also
Intend to appeal for tbe moans of advancing
that policy which alms at ending forever this
periodical recurrence of famine Our only
anxiety Is not to sea the mlschUf ot 1870 ro
J ated when for want of a proper sjstem In
the distribution a largo proportion or the
money subscribed wa worse than wasted
Much of It passed straight Into the pockets ol
tbe landlords Thetelsnodangerof a recur
rence of this error
Our system I based upon an Intimate experience
perience uf eleven yenis Ulon such moneys as
may bo Intrusted to us for thn relief of tbe
dlstiess we havo a means ot Incstatnr
each can and promptly applying relief where
tbe need Is real as ourlect In Its way as that ol
i tho Charity Organization Society Our ar
rangements aro so complete and well practslca
that not a penny now cau KO n tray As to
thuso committees thnt aN now collecting
mnilne funds by nil mnnnslet them go ahead
Ihey have our hourly sympathy
20 MlBr llIOV AND Dn N
A SteniMr will do Down tho Heir Sundnr
UornlnK Other ArranBemeatii
A general commlttoo from the local Irish I
societies who will receive Dillon and OBrien
in New York mot nt tho Gnlllo Hull 17 Wet
Twentyeighth street last night and decided
to charter a steamboat nnd start down the bay
on Sunday at SKA M In search ot the steamer
La Champagne Tho main demonstration will
be in the form ot n reception at tho Metropoli
tan Opera llotica on Nov 10
Tho boxes will 0 auctioned off a tbe IlolT
man House on Nov 5 at 8 J M Tho icenotal
admission will be 50 cents reserved seats SI
Tickets will be on sulo at Perrys drug store
wi drul
HUN iiulldlng thn Hoffman House tha Vandcr
bit Hotel James Hnceortyn 10 J Third ave
nue Kdward UalterX 12Uth street and Third
luonue irom LlentCol James Moran Forty
sxth street and Third Menus MoPartlandife
OrlaUorty WJ Eighth nvenuo James Ken
nedy Cnnul street and South Fifth avenue
nnd ntUNelUs orstrr houbO Twentysecond
street and Hlxth avenue
Aid tor Ireland
BOPTALO Oct 28 Tho Irish National
L aguo relief fund was Increased by subscrip
tion > yesterday tifi9 making the total 1478J
Tcitlmonr to Show the DefendnntM IDD
Itr and the > Infidelity or hl Vie
The trial of Actor Charles Crumley or
Wcbser for murder In tho first degree
in killing Engineer Itobort MoNelll on
Aug 19 was resumed yesterday Dr Allan
MuLano Hamilton who will testify as an ox
pert for the people a to Websters mental con
dition nat at tho prosecutors table making
notes of tbe evidence
Dramatic Agent John J Spies testified that
Ie had known Webster for twelve years and
bought Websters mind was alTcctod He was
cnortn In tbe companies In which he travelled
as a crank Henry U Acker testified that ho
au his wlrD roomed In the Vebsterd fat at
J02 West Twentysecond street for about a
jeir McNclll frequently vlfclted Mrs Web
fter In Websters absence About dayllghtono
morning In March last tbo witness on his r
turn borne Raw a light In Mrs Websters bed
room McNelll and Mr Webster were to
gether in the room
i This wa tbe llrnt positive evidence regard
In ilcNeills relations with Mr Webster
Webster Hushed and looked intently at his
joiing wife who sat In tho enclosure for
voinon 011 witnesses Sho began to cry and
Webster covered bis face I with his hands
Tco ultniss said that tho day hefore the
killing Webter was greatly excited Ileonld
oAo ir 1 havo found out everything Mc
Nclll U my wifes lover Why did you intro
duce him lo us Mr Kmmu Acker lorroiio
rattd ber busnnnd aiding that when olster
rKld Inshanr
was i n tho road MoKelll occupied it loom in
ills NjebBter1 flu ami tbe witness bad fre
quently been Mrs Webster coming from Mo
eills room
Eugene Itllmeyer elerk of the Flatbush
EUlene 11myr
Asylum produced tbe records showing that
3inrles eDsler the defendants lather died In
ho asylum John Crumley cousin of tbe de
Kndnnt testified to the Insanity of tbe ao
vndanti lather two uncles and a cousin
eierai women who had know Ibe Webster
I orrobornted the former testimony in regard
to McNelll < relation with Mrs Webster and
dOFcrlbed tho actors Irritability and violent
After the adjournment rr Webster sank
Into a chair aiourment I would gl ITA my
Ifo to undo what Vve done Lawyer Howe
and several women frond hurried t her and
after a few minutes quieted be
Broker Mini WIl Hnve to A wr lo tha
OoTcmor or the Hloelt JSfh ne
Philip H Minis onoof tho mOlt popular men
on tho Stock Exchange sUrd up 0 lively llt
the Board yesterday
to rumpus in
Union Pacific wan felling at 45S Minis
oned tho U P crowd and some one bid 45K
Inr a hundred sbnren Minis shouted cold
nnd Immediately offered another hundred at
45 contrary to tbe rules of tha Exchange
David Lapiloy T B Vanderboof and Jamen
F i Uearnes all bid for the stock and to settle
the right to It the three matched and Bearnes
won Th next sola of U P waa 600 share at
won > There was sorn objection to quoting
tho sale at 45 but Mints won bis point by re
tiring to deliver the stock until thu quotation
lad len madn
Th Floor Committee made a complaint to
be Committee of Arrangements that Minis
Ind violated the rules ol the Kxehnneeln of
enng the iilook down This committee met
Htar thi ixehiiiKO closed and took evidence
II4r api ared and told his story together
11 th tho wttn Fsea of tbe transaction The
Commlte will present the charge against
Iul Of comlui t prejudicial to th best Inter
1111 or tha Kxehange nt the meetlriijof the
loaidof lovernors In November Tim I
riiunpennlty for n flrnt olTfnc of tlu nort IB
IrIA Ibo misprnslonof ut uno yeur from tbe prlvilecia of
Jumped Ifiom lir Currluc and W e
WA niHOfoM OCt 28 Mra Margaret Oantt
widow of tbe lole Ileut alit of tho navy
and btr daugbttr Miss Claro Oniitt worn
Irlying today whrn their nra trok frluht
nb The two wnmen
n > i bream iinmuna < fiI mal
uiiiiid iut of die eftfr sue anil 11 flantt
1JII ul fame l bur ilnutiliter 1 wriiiusly Itijurud
Au Arcliduk Hurl Itr u Wild Hour
Itiii IKMiti Oa 3 Tbe Anhiluk Olto
wlilld Hinting at Holler w > ia ihrowu from hU
nulgantlu boar wblok
ior ml ntlaekad by 01 1101
nrUd It tk 111 hUrtoht foot and tQre a war
out ni 111 m 1111 1 fl wae i Iud from liln
Ole ixiHltin br 11 I uuinelirpuri null ur >
nil wrsunimonil I WN bat debated tll
round lo 01wbtiIAulfU
4Hl e III At D f VfautfH
WiHldhMis llil 7MAII lie JllbrwlUt
111 < > rthlii r tlt ir tot4 > ou dinju i
l nof hl nlinln > n I f women deirKHiOK to
I b 1 lD ftl IIle pI ft 1 > tlu11 Tli
Vlinif W rf ua i > < UiJly lltfbflUlo barijr
> llUlf fM fll MVtlllMU OUt Of lb tt l
IJI 111 lu1
Lujeirii 1 DOt aUjID Voiluu U i iurrTM KTS fur all iVt r
Ar dull Uili 1 Mrllr Ilk I
I T > h wtoliiui IXHU III 11111
fui I A K J I in IhiiMltr 11 i
llye l l lull II I l < l l 111141 lf
fllllltllCKKU1 I II I < fMI l l U < lU IUU I
ibl l u < l wild u 11 i l ir I
UoMfc4 UMI u
JI iiruiifc II l Ibl rlfr aul Hank H Je
rrk nf lluffalo Mijrtit Ijrbt llowir round fit
bu bvurla nljihi Il K r l r f ffprt
1ltl I Ilu I rclxii > i > Jiuflau lusu 014 vr M Mr
n < idr > I wllli til li > li i I
I i > ur M A IC > > ln > < l I ilr I r
i i r lrnny llyan tuukii u li r UrM I i
I IA 1le l
I 1 I W I
ivuittunt ittu u funut in tiu Menu r vx
u iut loUtt
timers Hnoiebold P n ceaw
Car Crimp Colic CoMa and all pan 25 a bolt
IhlblD Chapp
Within the reaeh of oriltDary pockalbooks
Quaria 81D plnti 117 yer cL
M BtMdard Brand Collar for L
BernhariJt TalU KtlUon
Anchor Br nrt Collar
Coupon yallitylea Stanley
K ep Shirt In Mnonoro SIT for SO
Non betur at any price BOBanilAll llroadiray
jfprrinl loirtG = I l
ndrd nf phtalolan hare
Patwell I Maeiey Co thai ID thouand f
of vnaee patient har teen atln t lak and I
relaln tbelr TVIUfBIOM nr COU LIVES I
Oil njih 1lTf 1 ls and gtIMNH Ithcufli JI
utierlr nuauie to ik I any otker CmnUtoa I
or > llu IM Llur IHL 1 CaewM llauey I
t Oa t Kmultloi II I rar Ih mol NUUKIIII
UU aul BIll
KW by all drI
rUUUIO1 TNIV 1 Y PNN lr 1 n4111
AW UtLU 411 blr
1IUTIIKUN will 1 nn4 lira Wlnel aVxtlilni
J ll Ib Uei r 4at l lilUrn Mceiu
HUIIK PINUIIIK llMltli loui Caa Olla
Hoep riirve ilieuj ul bih a an t alt ruvila
111 ao 01011 11 IWA
rU fUbltAtOU
llllu1m JIKUUUM DAUUff
TKH U Iliarmlfitf uml UiwurUtvu utteom
rnnnlv ktrcriif nonoiitJi > n
f f n
U I at niimi I bul llioriiurflily clianulujj an >
1h ilKOIll U wrtuyMt wltla
fjctiiM it irotilial ili ruturUtlC4i < ulwr
iirkuliii AIAMNA I U A rliartuiiiaT
ulinru iiiiinfi 1 11 IjI1 llfNIIC Ilu j
CI II li 1 I
U full fin inliiiwry kflwilwl tl t iry of f I wllj lu U wS
iMU I ITU < litIHilH ttAliiitC
TKIIi Mllil ret wilful olilMlh cod
v in mil ulli rtinT M cJnifiii I itctur
hi e
All litclumv > t n a UMk tf
G I J n
nr nirAi3
Gdnmlh L F Tr Uremor la
rrojoctllo That Watt VHlll I Hit
Honnthlna nfOra I Explode
BTBACUSB Ott 28Dr Joel O Jnstln the
Inventor of a shell for throwing drnimlte trom
a common plcco of ordnance U not to have all
tho honor I seems In the particular line of
Invention to which he ban chosen to apply him
Tha hlllf liles ot Oeddes spoke loudly roster
day afternoon ot further success tn the throw
Ing of dynamite projectiles Urged undoubt
edly by the succscs of Dr Jnstln two gunt
Btnlths Kdward Le Fever ot tho Ie Fever Arms
Company and John Bremer an employee at tbe
Lo Fever works have applied thm elven dur
ing the past three months to the task ol orolv
Ing n new principle upon which to build 1
shell that would not only compare favorably
with the Justin shell but would tar outrank It
tor practical UAa
Toe three experiments made by thoM pmo
tloal gunsmiths yesterday with a twoInch run
and crude shells justify they say tho belief
that they have achieved success The shells
used were discharged from a gun mode by tho
Inventors of the shell Each Abel with Its load
of theotploslv sped safely from the gun to
the target and exploded tnero with erotvlo
The shells In nowise Infringe upon Dr Jus
tins patent In tbt Justin shell air Is I used I
as a cushion In tbo Lo Fever and Bremer I
shell the cushioning ot the Inner chamber
whloh contains tho exploMvo 1 accomplished
by springs nicely graduated The Ju tln and
Le hover and llremer shells arc similar In but
one Dortioular each has an Inner and an outer
The Lo Foyer and Bromer outer shell Is
made of three separate piece the body tho
forward enp or bullet and thi > roar cap J rod
Is run through the centni of tho fholl from end
to end JII Is rod passes through thn Inner
Fhell and v > ien the projectile Is at rest tho
hel proJerto
Inner chnrabcr Is suspended In the
exact centre of the outer casing All fric
tion nnd lhratlon Is destroyed by leather
ton rubber air CUDS Tho spring which act
as the cushions upon which thu Innorchell I Ie
ortfod upon tho discharge of the projectile
fiom the gun are atlivlied tn the end caps
all come into plnco when tho caps aro
The ranee over which the shells wore thrown
rhO Allls
vestordny wns about 1 quarter of nmllo long
The target was a mound of earth
Tho Fnneh Colony Contributes Blot
About the Tenpet la Petttaoate
Mayor Grants hoadriuarters was the scene
of great activity yesterday and tho centre of a
largo area of confidence tn the triumph of
Democracy Tho assurances received from
every direction were provocative of enthusi
astic expectation Everybody about the placo
had faith like unto a bushel of mustard
seed enough to move all the mountains ot
ministerial misrepresentation Tho Mayors
City HoI day was a long and busy one nnd he
was only able to spend a couple of hours tn
tho evening at headquarters Ho then
visited a Gorman church fair in West
ThlrtyQrst II rot a German young
mens club In Fiftyninth street and
the Lelderkranz Club Amonc the callers
a Headquarters were tomo gentlemen Inler
ostod In the citizens mooting In the Lenox
cllns mootli
Lyceum tonight Among them weie Wnltor
Utanton David Lapsley John SI Thome Abe
nnl Schwab A I Houseman and William Ken
A commlttoo representing the merchants of
rcommiic roprosentn
West Washington Market called upon tho
WI cnle1
Mnv or and handed to him an endorsement t
his administration which a aliened by every
lmlulstratJ the market excent five
Prominent among tle slenvia wore B w Otis
William H HoagVtCo Colo A C Halllcnu X
Dalt > n Hance Jtrothers Cunningham llroth
era Mark Mayer T Williamson A Brother
leorge K Bellamy lloynes Biotberc 11vnn
t Lowery A G Nelson Jr K 1 Alspnush It
The resolutions of the Union Democrotlann
de League Iranealse menlnc wore received
with great Interest Chslrman Charles Iloo
raart wrote with them that the Frenchsneak
lna mar who nre us a rule Democrats vere
ortncrly divided between the Tnminony or
canlzntlon and the Cnuntlea but are now all
vith tho straight Democratic Tammany Hal
tett same ruform of the voters holds out
among other nationalities the result on tbe 4th
ot November will astonish tbo parboua and the
The resolution paid Wn denounce with
nil our might the Itepnbllcan Congress for hav
ng brought forth the Fore bill In order t
maintain In power the existing Govmnment
ngalnstthesoverelcn will of the neoplp and
for having passed Iho McKlnW bill for tho
lole purpose of rewarding the tnllllonalres who
< n handsomely contributed to the election of
Wefdenonnce the Republican LeirtiKlature for
laving deprived na of the World g air which
was our right and for havinc refused tocon
cde to us a rapid transit whloh our city stands
In neld WI express our greatest admiration for the
honest and farless administration of Gov
Hill and we thank him for having vetoed ths
lumberless snady bills passed by tbe Itepubll
can lolatur
L L u 1 u
n rinaiiy wo corui > iiy wiuiuuuu iuo WASO
conomlcal and truly democratic adminlstrn
eonomic city ly our worthy Mayor IL J
ton I and pledge ourselves to ao all what is
Orunt power to inBuro the success of thl
only of Tammany Democrntlo Hall ticket in the Hold tho ticket
Member of Componlem C and 7 Twemtr
reoKd Ztcnlm t fVnnt to Xtrenltt
Another company of the Twentysecond
narlment was mustered out of tbe National
Guard lat night by Col Thomas McOruth As
sistant Inspector General It was Company F
Capt Charles A Du Bols
The members of Company F assembled In
citizens dress in their company room and
when Iha roll was culled seventy men out of
he elghtrfotir answered to their names
Col McGratn C Camp and Adjutant Hnilth
landed the men their dlechargea na their
names wee road Cap Pulmls had bonn
ilaoed on the supornumerary lint when the or
l rwas Issued dlxbandlng tlie company anil
I x Mil an oftlcer II th National Quardal
honib nut attached to any orgaiilzntlon
Col MoOrutb spokn hlvhly nf tho men of
Company Ind 1 eontnisted their raodlne > < to
come forward and t thlr illaibarges with
ho men of Company 1 who with thn e CII i
tlon of t lin r fn ed tn take tliolr dl
huriiBS A meeting of the men was I old
lirtr Ihn muster nut all forty of thorn rig
iililud their vvllllngi to roinllut In a new
roinpnpy No ilelfnlin notion In thU direction i
wa taken and they will hive anothMr rnotlnir
toronrrntv nlglit ale Company 0 has buD
immnrid out
f UII wns ri > poridt Ih armory lost I night thnt
thn Aill tanl0nvral < niin < ioiar 011 pany
f AIIaDtOeDra Thre Is I a possibility
hat th ootnranr will reorganise and rodou
Capt LIMUnJal wll
Un Houlb Conilu I Utrwln < Hrltfe
Hull Uruaiw I k Mp >
tin 1 llalllniion Iluotu wf nt t I hnd i < f
Iha Hulvntiip Aiuiy InlhU country 104111
aiiianlui e r ivli In tbo harravk nn Iu
oiiuib trruti nearHlilh avuiius l t 1111
lo widens wlilah II out VW 1Ola 111 i U
rouiieli I b IllJwioiii luniMv H l ell >
MIUiD AllulO Mtt > r I IIP Ul HlM ltlMMl I
141 1 I
111 tut Ill UI 1111 uf a iiillsx tlO J
> lilur IB t fiunl of III ilHifiirni iil > iu
IJI Uiillmli JUUUMU nalun I OMiosll I
lilt Th tom nor ib uoiform ut id a
u aud Ib tirll J Wsrk c1 wllli A lilt
VfJl J 0 willi III lU lu 1
lU1 JlU lt 1111 IIr t IcJ
all luo matS fd 1 IjlIot r I nlrll antS I
11I 1 lb 11
flJuftl I ll1 fl 11111I
Iwd 1111 I 1 I 11 111 I
1I1I1 IIal Inl JII rfI 1
IlIrr > 1111 II It II
lIfuIUJJwIIIJI4JI II 11011 11 1
IJll 1110 OA tll 1111
IID a la TIA If J n I i trc uriiiixii
luJIj d Ib 0f J wblw IU4ii be IWK
IA r1
11 tllJ u y 1hfWa I
ir b TijM < fr t p lld ilft al III
I fiin III r In I will IIJIIWIVoIOII Aiuir auJ
ll < II II 1I1i eras gifl lo Iwlf orll II l 1
IIU G lIIuIle 1111 It 4111
iiirid int b I in > iirilnu nlib ui I i
ll 1 Airia1Ill I I
I I r > rtb 1I j HIli I er If ltl
Uf t > M f M > e >
I I tfw I 21 II I rfl I Mhal 1 I
wlifa 7M 1raI OIIIMla 11iB louad11 drt
Jt l Ht Vlnr ol
Th La Word
An uncommon thing banpened atDMrsTbe
atro lust evening A modern plar that wa
partially serious fas enacted with marked
anroosa on a stago devoted so far as contom
pornnnous mnterlnl concerned almost alto
gether to farco Ills true that n long suo
cosslon ofQcrraan pieces havo had the flom
blanco of oomeJIc there ns turned Into
American fiomcs and characters and per
formed with Ibo Daly sort of polite briskness
but they hnvo novortboloss been very
nearly all farcical This time ft work
by FrAu Von Bchonthau was gtvan
with all Its sober iiftssaues prosorvod afd
emphasized and Its fun maintained almost
constantly at a level genuine comedy Tho
Last Word in ft version innde by Augnstln
Daly not only transferred sot ot personages
to Washington but found In tho comedians ot
this theatre a oast capable ot using tbo adopted
maUertoexccllentadvniitnse Adujl 1 had been
a bothersome Incident to locnto reasonably at
our capital and no Americanism had been Im
parted to any of tho characters one negro ser
vant oxcapted but foreigners nre abundant In
Washlnaton anil so It waa not unreasonable
thnt diplomats should contribute polyglot ac
cents to tbo vanities of speech
Ada iteban was h I < UHau bnronoss and o
spenktroi very quaintly uud slightly broken
Inullsb Any play which nets Mist liehtin
forth ns a witty brilliant elegantly dressed
and fully employed womuti posseixes a prime
factor of success with lalv imiiionces Her
participation In The Lat Word was tri
umphant In the first act she was a dli
tlnuulihud belle at a ball In tbo HHondsho
wns the sympathetic hostess of n girl who for
Indulging In a forbidden love bud boondnven
from homo by an obdurate father lu tbo third
she was n most specious and suceeaHfiil ponce
runkr and inthefouithalthough tbiauunrtor
ol thn play wan Htl comparatively uninteresting
and wholly unessential portion she held her
suprcmncy until the last lino of tho rhymes
that had ben tugged on for her to declaim
The Von Schunthan plot made of her a verita
ble good lulry under whoso wand Ibo love
affairs of two couples untangled themselves
and besides that a nentlmentnl complication
ot her own came at length to satisfactory mat
rimony The pldiiauoy ot her hesitant
nnd sometimes mistaken English was a wel
come variant of thono vocal iibilsniB I with
which we are oomowhat too lumlllar yet which
have he en a captlviitlou lor many of her nd
mlrTtt Thou wer periods ot iinpurionsnooi
ami spirited domination too wherein she re
< nlled her KatUarmrt vixonUh reirullty In a
telling irnnnar Moreover KIO had ono ecuno
of particularly dltiluult pitnos consldorlng
that Rhe had tn nrihoro to her ocoutrlc elocu
tion while striving to bo seriously Impressive
Miss Itebnn overcame all the obstacles and
gave an Impersonation which for avereatllo
achievement sho will find It hard to hotter
Others ot the company wore rightly placed
for their welfare In the new piece This was
especially so In the cases of tboMS pretty girls
Isnbol Irving ana Kitty Choetbam who
had just enough to do to escape be
lug overtasked Miss Cheatham was a
Hvveetnsart to James Lewis a chipper
and cotnln wooer and Miss Irvines essty
with 01110 Ion waa no failure John Drew was
pulred with Miss Itehan of course but his part
had only one opportunity for him to compete
with her for honors Uooree Clark waa nt
firm ttcru ami then molted father and
Charles Wheatlelgh wn his brother
amiable all the while But It wax 1redorio
Bond who among tho men excelled them all
bran extremely diverting and arti tiit kutoh
of a meddlesomo diplomat Tho production
as to scenery ooRtumes and other visual
helps vvus unusually handsome I
Fattlc Itnllan Jlp
Iol1noy Oct 20111 Gladstone hns written
as follows to PattI with reference to her re
cent concert It was n great treat to hear
from your Italian lips nones of my own tongue
rendeied with a delicacy ot modulation and
llnennns of utterance Kuch ns nil nntto m my
recollection bos ever reached or even ap I
Edward Kcllr Lttt BlorUlly Wounded la
Ilullwar Over Nlchl
About 7 oclock yesterday morning Edward
Kelly 32 years old was found unconscious In
tbo hallway ot 508 West Sixteenth street He
was taken to the New York Hospital whore
the surgeons found two mortal wounds tn his
tight Bide After n time ho recovered con
sciousness and said that ho had been shot by
his fatherinlaw Thomas CoCfey ColTey was
arrested on the dock at Fiftyeighth street and
North Itlver and Justice Olteilley eant him to
prison to await tho result of Kellys Injurlei
Kelly lociimo ColTovs eoninluw about n
yenr ago and not long afternnrl he cot
drunk and beat his wife He repeated this
treatment frequently but was always repent
ant when sober Last Monday CofToy
found Kelly in tho act of boating
his wife ant the father Interfered taking
Mrs Kelly tn his own rooms nt 5uH West Hlx
leentU street Cotley BBTH tbnt about HlH
oclock Monday evening he beard a noire at
tbe hill window and vent to see what It wns
He found bis xonlnlaw threefouiths through
tbe window cursing and tliieatnnlng him lie >
went ID ami uot h s rnvolver Then he oidcred
his drunken soninlaw to lenvo A he con I
tinued his efforts to got in Coffey fired at him
Kelly fell through the window to tbe floor of
the hall ColIpy paid no further attention to
the fallen man but went to bed and to AIep
In tbe morning he went ont to his work us
usual ColToy does not explain how be earn to
leave bis soninlaw lu the hallway all nleht
or why hn pnld no attention tn him In thu
ruDrnliKr when ho had ciawled to the front
door where tolTey inuot have stepped ovnr
recovery him In going out There Is no chance of Kellys I
The Official Appr lal or am Kolato Hlionld
b n Hcrlon Balnr
EzBenntor John J Cullen and William L
Moran made an appraisal of the estate of
Amelia Johnson rocontly direction of Burro
irate RatiFom and a reforeo was appointed to
examine Into tho matter of their compensa
tion At one of tbo bearing Mr Cullen testi
fying In his own favor laid Why It cost m
25 for rum and whlkey alone In performing
my duties The roferea reported an amount
anil tbe appraisers wore paid Inceptions
were taken In the report and the matter came
before tbHurrocatn rontirdiiy
Tho Uurrogato said irat testlmnnyofonn
of th 1I1rll ers was scandalous and wns u
di re3pectfn wuy ot tieating Lmslne H It was I
IXpliiiued thnt ih remark WHB made In a
humorous manner The Kurrocute continued
The apprmieM appointed In this court
o ant oxpu td lu be conscientious In
tbo dlscimrco of tlulrdutlw ami such a din
play of looseness and Impropnety and I icnnr
Hnro as I he e herx I bus n < v corn tn m ln
fore II la l a Khameful th nit for un appracer
to innkn nsiutument under oath lIIra IIILI
inmio dsbtirssineiilH for sucn puiiiinei < UK be
h anr < henlil I iynowtoili AIIIIIIr I
imi tn hi lonnml Illl suig > it nnd wth
era it oaniatiivii that Iliey mil upon tliom
iii > rilr tniefiuid iho ufres ami say that
lhHurraentu < iiitatd In open lourt and It I
fhiill niVi r iHcur tgttit I illanllow those fi > iiM
I will not Mihmlt under nny Iruum
ttanccs to an asHniilt ma < li I > upon an Istate hy I
ntbidy and asimoiully by a man who is an
jfnlcd I y nl whos duty it is to set vo and to
IIiUtrJjIe inll thntno doutt the np
liinr r liiulu rluhteiin olaliu lor oin ter
ylmm unit uiii pr sBtliJ 11 u a projur wa y
It uould Ixiullowea
1111 frellr foHna rl lu m Pit
III Cbllalr UiMr
WlllTK IlilK Out HDr 0 P Orollr lia
hllL t dnitf nlIlIt 1IanlItI for II numl r
of r < < r IN I op < ut lu iiiii IM and nf < ir
iniin di ii 1111 i lid b mi niif rim fur ii mniiiji I < r
nf fiii k iillil hU ifniiimil II wtt 1111 < nf I
111I > rklllilll It sraiU MilII l lout i MTU Ibll
II II Ity 11111 b HIII 111 11 II bull
III IIIlIlrmllIly oi innuiir luinir tilflluw
11th hi 1J1l1ttiI < ii ualir > lllniubboi
J tiarlliulmlf iill < l dis rlf orr H
iltli nf III 1 wo rhllilfKH II In ilt n liKtin
lit r ml wlici lir tr r rforriil lo Tlim
niirfiit u lii ml 1 f l I riiii bl lor A
fcui Ii I w i > uiiitiii > ij M I Ii j v t < li j riciid
I flnu V i Al IlinptH UM Ol < w j llltl lllill t
u t III tl JI u liui o Xt lilul f llll Uji
1 1111111
i rllllo ii > t iL I r < tiib irieni
Leu iii y nwltid < uiiiili uw ti
we 1t9 p ftlr la pit 1 IJ I iiitfliol lit
ouildriU ur i II MM wiW IIIUI tvua
wmUsvfi Tn ttnu i bl buwi yr
Miuiiiiii rT < ri t i iiiil It iu > ji ti
Mm II b l Uliwii allaun A IIIGilll
111 oJUI JII IUIt 4111 fJItlfIflII 11
fllllr 111I It 11 I IJ WIIJI 4 II
1 1rI tlul
IWIfiut I 11 rlllTllli la1 l lltf t1II r TtUI
iMul 4114 it w ISn U I ii
> u llm I ii I Il lu n it tr lu
< l UMiSf < lilni f U tlf l ixtui 1141 < 411
lilftavi l f li i44 I IIIItAIIUU l lIit bII4 wllli t > lm
I tt > 4ll whtliwm lrj aii < L lu oaUia
I adlln WI flimlr erIN by I u < ant
liU lown IxilJilli 1II l t lialuu auiJ
13 ttteiuio1 iiBBiaulftM 111 turUfUitH
na ttnttaitTKxa Tint ttjtpvDticAna
vir run TAIHFI QUrarION
The McKlnlcr Bill Ino Prortnct of tho
AT M H Nno ol AmerUn Two Hpeh
In I One Evening nntf Mora lo Com
BT PAUL Minn Oof lBrho 33OO Mat In
Lilts Grand Opera Hotiso vitro filled tonight
while others Blood wherever there was stand
Ing room during the llcpnbllcan mam moot
Ins at which Speaker Thomas B toed
wns tho chief orator GOT Merrlnm
presided and Introduced as first speaker
of tbe evening Congressman 8 P Hnyder who
said ho was prepared to clvo an ncouunt of bill
stewardship want over Ilia viork of the recent
session of Congress and his action therein
and closed with a discussion of national Issues
Aftorasonffby the Flambonu Club ot Min
neapolls Speaker Hood was Introduced nm
bml a rousing reception The main subjoo
which ho considered was tho tariff He ex
plained the attitude of the two great
parties toward It The principles ot
the Democracy would require that the
rovonne bo raised by direct toxn
tlon Tho tux mar be placed on what we pro
ducnoron what wo do do not produce The
Republicans say the tariff Is a license for tho
use of tho American market and It U paid by
the foreigner whllu tho Democrats say It Is
paid by ho consumer
Ho said Ibo trouble with tho Democratic
position was that when It came to proving It
they had an explanation ready but It did not
fiuro out Ho then explained wherein those I
figures didnt prove the case Thu Republican
position WAS that Ibo home compntltlon alter
the tnrUT hut boon placed reduces tho prliM
on ntotactpd production Protection IH t nooes
mry to establish Industries which compote
with one another
Higher wngos In this country and estab
lished Industries olewhore make the protec
tive tarin the more necessary Competition
at home In I added to by competition abroad
and prices aro greatly reduced and ho quoted
from history tn prove statement
He took UD the tin jilato tariff nud explained
how It would ailoot tho t n plate Industry Jte
gardlng tho reported iflect of the McKlnley
law on business ho called attention to Ibo fact
that prices had not tone up but were said to bo
nliout to go UP Ho compared tho Mills and
MoKlnlny UIIK asserting that thu latter was
tho result of conferences with nil Interiwttjd
parties It wan Ibo product oftbo nverago
sense of America und tie thought It WOOl ull
right The growth and prosperity ot til coun
try bo coasideriii Indicative of Ibo propriety ol
the protective tariff
Of tho Lodge bill he raid ho believed in tho
rule of tho mnjorltv When he spoke of the
obstreperous minority who wanted to run
things lor themselves but did not the audience
applauded him to the echo
nevor before had a Congress passed so com
plete n tariff bill In the tae of an election He
Ilood by nuking thnt voters by their ball t on
next Tuesday to cndorsu the action which they
hal 1 ordered by their votes two jearn nco
1rom the Grand Ojiera Honao Mr Itoed WHS
driven to tho New Market Theatre where ho
addressed another big audlomo briefly on the
tnrllT He tonk the nlcht train for FouClalro I
whore he will speak tomorrow
Tho Civil Service Ieop1o Harl Ono of nil
Prayer Into III Teeth
Tho special oommlttco of tho National Civil
Service Hoform League has sent to the Execu
tive Committee of the League Its report upon
the system of removals of Presidential Post
masters upon secret charge Tho committee
rays that out of 350 ana wars reaolved to our
questions whether or not any cause for tho re
moval was Riven to tho man removed it ap
peared that In only fortysoven coses was such
cause assigned In ten coses tho matter was
disputed and In 299 eases it appeared from
uncontrndlctod statements that tho Incum
bent was removed without any cause being
given for his lemovul In a very laree number
of cases he Rollcted Information from the Iost
Ontee Department an to tho character of tho
chargeo hut ths Information waa almout in
variably refused
Mniiy Inistnuces are ctven of tho ineffrxtnal
attempts made br 1ostmnsters who bad been
romoVivl to lairn the canto of their removal or
the nature of the enarcos against thom Elijah
Itatnour formerly Iost master at Wseplng
Water Neb sends lo tho committee acopy i > f
tho AseKtant lYfltniaterUouorals answer to
his letter Mr ClarkSDiiwroto
ourof Nov Zl ib U rcehod rutting the
cano of your renn TI When your sinvusgor
receives ills commlsst n turn thn orilco over to
him without furl her nonce Vours truly
J 8 CLAUIIMIN First Acplstint IO
After quoting various other I > ITS from offl
clnls n > latlo to changes in oillce thu n < port ro
lois auu n to the Hporch made by PnMdout
Harrlsou when ho was Senator reported in the
fOnsiretnnnnl llriiirtl vol 7 No U > age 27UO
rt iti Perhaps the most atrlklne ntteranco of
Mr Hatrlson In that HpeecB lx tho following
which the special committee Italicizes
Iilollftup a hearty rraji r that wo may
never hii < < n President who will not pursue
and compel hln Cabinet ultlcorfi to pursue n
civil service policy ptuo und simple upon a just
baslK allowlxe men nccu ed to be heard anil
deciding ocalnst them only upon competent
pi oof and fairly either bavo that kind of a
civil Gitrvloe or for Hods sake let us have
that other fiank and bold If brutal method of
turning men and wumon out simply for politi
cal opinion
The committee also call attention to tho fct
that rostmosterQencrnl Vaii amaker saya
thatall papers In appointment enios have In
variably been deumed prlvl eced and contl
drntlftl with the departmotit by which ruling
Puotmasters relieved of oillce aio refused the
ordinary citizens rluht of trial
llair Men Qnll TTork In the TT t rn
Vnlna at Zoaln Offler
St Louis Oct 28 The war between the
Western Union nnd tho TelecraphonT Brother
hood culminated In a strike this evening This
morning Immediately after the men had uono
to work a reporter saw Mr JfcNoll and asked
what understanding bad been arrived at with
CoL Baker Sir McNoll said
I do not Ilk to talk about the matter for
publication but It tnlclit be well > erhopu to
explain the Hlttiatlon The men who left till
mnrnlni and those who refuted to gr > to work
to nlcht until thedln harcid men hud been re
instated nctid In purelr un Indltldual cu
pucltr unit m las mcml urn < f Ho Tcleuiaph
erh1 JlrotLeihood In fact a great many of thu
men uro not members of thnt oidnrnut thouuht
the dUihnrcod uiun had been badly treated
After a statement or the ens to Huperliitend
ent lluknr ho Mid f r all Ihn men to i > < rl for
worn and tomorrow mnriilng he would taku
up each cnse and conslilor Un merits but unch
mun w ul < l he treatAil us an Inluldual and
not as a member if the llrolberhooj I
lliie that wh n the cuim UJIIIK up torcontdd
anitlon nil tht nixn will be MlriHlntd but I
think Hint Hie c iHltl > n will i n
from tho Te r ph > il > Ilr > < th rh < i wtiloli
cnud tlon I i oliiVa iiinyt of Ihn man will O
curt ninl in a roiiU tie ire thu dautli of 111
llrMiliirli < Kil ID this cltr will lonll
Ih ora nlnlloii ni > ie iit in i > t rr
iirixputoii Iouditloii and hue consldniabl
inniiiylii din < r aiury fhd I ill result U us
id ttir Hill IlTibaUr I a n f w moie
m utliiK to urDirlf dl > to i of ill fund on
Imnd anddNlmud ill oi un utlon r ulany
and Ihut will hd ill tpUbl
Mm trouble lriHovur > not fullir adjiiild
ei4 < rdlnK i Huiiii nt > iiiUit KnlcrV vnr <
ll ar lnaMfnr ull t niii l i < ct for
wirl it U lr > b a iiv tmi I dl I n < t muaii ih
llsoliargttd initii I biily iixanl thoi wh bad
lull nut of iHiifialhy wftti tlisin Oi eqijrM ih
iiiher mn Iunuol f wuik nflr lnIundU
lmr > l iiolll I hiii iou ihi < ir utt
If I fin uirali > r IM iiiinlllMi iilnlerttand it
clhei rtM tlief inluudur > l0il inn
A iical eiowi Mlnd < l III ratification mm I
liiuof llm lolf rnnliiii I liiloi HIM Iuuilli A
nwbix dlxrlii lioll lu u Kin al l itt n > A > i
war niii J T ii ml 4n > i
ttliiioxil Ih a iinl < Uj Irini H H lfufin
i f piiop jU 01 ft irwij bo utfa a
liillllMiil Xlbl4lltfii ri > niy tlttuMftfng
nilniMil tuvDiiiiluatlvu nf rfiuinm Mtifs lor
Aldcrwau d Ui MbvU T uiuiatiruuBl >
IM l
Oi in t t Hoiulor C
Kft l l l > iii i ji untm
M llllbUdrUM ill Ill hu
oiiliilit r niit4r lotUwixf
D Ml nl HpflW ti i MUli ltf VlfUiil > u
l b < lr lit llfU OH UlJ lK fU i OU
liltltt IflifT U lli < ll kltt i lnfMillit MaJtlnM
fiwl lot Ue ruUr lM < loa tn t ui r >
r lr III
flbmUrCroiby ui rlrtl Aasu
ii l H l Arthur A <
IMtnlVfitlloi wi ik n i ly in
ill u vUp > rfj III
lliili il r i lid llOaafli rr ft l u al vut
Vnu o j MtsbV fiunllr j i toii aoT
ihouM irrir bern eti fM i Ul < iu l <
Ufa Daaiihter nnd nr PtiytUU Oetltve
Thnt tli Vfmm Mnnlrrcd
BnicorroBT Oct 28Coronor Dotn went to
Stepney yesterday and hold nn Inquest over
the remain ot Capt Nathnn V < Kooloy the
rich old farmer whn wrs found dead In hi
barn oh Sunday morning with a roi > e around
bis neck
Mies ttooley bis dauehtor test I nod thnt her
father arose later than usual and went to the
barn to feed the horse As lie did not come In
to breakfast she fttnrUd for tho batn to
call htm but remembering that the had
heard loud words In thnt dilution halt
an liour bo for o nho went ovor to Lemuel
O Oftbornos ami got him to g < > with
her Into tho barn They found her fatherly
Ing on his stomach In front of tho horses man
Kor and lifeless No Attempt was made to
moTO the body until two inoro neighbors
Henry W Kduards and Idson Turnoy wete
called and then It wax discovered that a rope
was wound around Hooleys neck nnd made
fast to tho boards over head In such n manner
as to prerint his head from touching tho
floor Ills arms were stralcht under the
body and hay and chntf from the man
ger parti covered the head Indicat
ing thnt there had l > o n no struggle
after tho ropo hart been falenod There were
two or three small contusions on thn Inad one
bruise being undet an iyo MHH Heeley snld
her father nnd no flis of depression ami no
reason for suicide feho believed he had been
Dr tJeth Hill tho family physician expressed
the name conviction und gae It at his opinion
that tVoloy could not hae put his body Into
the position In will h I wat found Cant
heeley wns very bitter In his hatred or tramps
and Dr Illll thought there was eood ground
fora tboroiiRh iuveHtlgiitlun
Two or three neighbors testified that they
Imd ro n a suspiciouslooking man walking
down the llousatonlo Kallroad track ou Sun
day forenoon
Corooor Dotrn will co to Htepneytomorrow
and continue tho Inquest
Two Zlttle OlrU Ulnlnc
BOSTOX Oct 2Two little eirls Mary tl
roars old ana Annie 0 daughters of Dennis
Flnneran have boon ml elng tlnaa Oct 10
On the afternoon of that day they visited their
grandfather Patrick Flnneran At U oeloek
at night they Blurted for homo alone Since
then they have uol been aeon
PcrccTerlnff In the HeallnK lrde
OTTAWA Oct 28 Tho British Columbian
owners ot scaling craft appear to be making
extensive preparations for Increasing their
fleet for next seasons work said Minister nt
Marino and Fl hoiles Tupper tonight I
hear of a number of newvessols that nil be
started In tho sealing business next spring
Bon rlwie20 fcon 4 S3 llaan rliet e 11
Buly Hook 8 01 I GOT Iiland 8 411 IIU O U10 31
A rrlvcd TUKSDAT Oct 2
ftRUt otPcnniTlTanl XIiinlAJfOir
f Ueilernlfind lArolMin Antwerp
5 Cti ttAbooc > ie Ukirtett HuTannh
t encziitlA llopktni Iorto CabeUo
oko Ilulpben Niwport >
Ifoi uur arririit
Ft Emi from K w York at nremerharfln
fi Blair of Indiana from Now Tort atdlunw
Ba Utllerfc from < r Vort on th Lizard
Alla Gonalre 1100AM U in R
city of Alexandria HaraiUL l Of IL 3OtlF M
Ctiy ir ih iter Ll > rK > ol 0 30 A U
Olaia aibrtlta 1O no A M
Uaniaa City f TannM sa lp M
Lahik Krem n 8SOA M 7KO A M
Mujtatlc LlTorpool iuiAM eat A U
KhMllanl Antwerp 40 AM HO A M
b mluol Charladon 80or U
all lanamu
Rhaetla Humbnrc 7KOA M
Slat ot > CTda ulalfow 10 30 AM
Micaya Ilayaua 10WOAM 11109 tt
itcOKiwa nEAmuirfc
Ltit Tt > l < u
Tower nui London > Oct IS
Dtu Ttwildly OO SO
Blrmtnla Gibraltar Oet 1
Due mjitt oa 31
Alter Fonthampton Oot S8
Columbia fcouihampton Oct 31
Oerm 23
Ltot aliinfutf JVnt 1
Etrurla Oa eni > tnirn Oet 2ft
City or Chicago Qneenitovn OcL 2S
JnlU llanrtttta Joota clanftlter of Alloa tlackinila
Jonea and the lat William Of d n Jonei to Tliema
Otrdwood Itacfla
KICIIMONI lirNl > ErOn Mondtr Oot 37
at 2110 r X by tb Ber Grrfory Llnea rtctor of
tbo Cbnrob of lh < BeloTd Pl clp > E J Richmond
Jr to Rcttna J J oibt r ot th law Daniel E Hau
ler all ot thU city
28 at tho r ld < nc > f the brld < i parenta by tin
Bar 1 A lllAuielt VIU > Eadla Grant to Albert U
VEISrtC01INOn Oet 37 by th Rar Raebaal
Hanjamlu XI A Samual Walaa Eiq la 14 lu Jtnal
HRAnFOBn Kddanly ot htart fatltr In
litr 7Hlb yaar on Hatnrilay Oct 29 UUi Babaoc
BraJford tiiwraf Jlra V II Mllard
ntlatlrti anil fritnli arc InrlKd to atltnd the fon ral
fruiu U r lata radilcnc t Will 70thit today al
UY IIN r0u Uoudar Oet 27 l hli
f > 2 Vanderblliar llrooklrn KlchArd
ymiral urTlcti lhl inornln at 10 oclock allh
Chnroh of tin F ort4 lliarLCUrmoct and Park an
fUut rimii towari
CKIrKllliKOn Oct 87 1SWJ Jamu C ll har
aid 31 ytura
Ktlallirct an I frlmdi ara InvlKd to atltiidtlia faaaral
from > Wafilniiun < t on W > dna day al I r U
JIIIIIIH KiUnlr on Ih 2 < li Imt t th ratV
tttttt nt hla a > u In law Krauk Hrl < lr 4 Wait 4eih
t llanrr UudaonClillda in iliu ltiaaiif bliaia
IONKAI llrMciwkh Lcna Vet m karah M
widow of lacliMlah Cloit
fuuiral today from kianwltti ctiarch ailoclMt
larrla M will inael train larlor Hr nl ftmral
II > KII al 12 J T M
CIMIKi On Undar tflh Intl afl r a Hxirllf
llliitiA eilulalli r i i > ka > ti 0 r
ruifiaixriliainn Jn lav i l Mai 10 A at
l n > r > ai < ii iikai i Tihav andmikik
BO A II liidltulr iiTtiUrtlar l H lloralloj
ltnni builmtit Uur Iruad
fuoral 1 1 tit Ikrlil i Imrcli irn > r af OKrsst aa <
< < larainou v ftniffliYtnitrHtfil KtU
Ilin anl frl < > aia Inriul u > aluud
IIVUUH iH < t W IUIM lull 7tk jtutj Lit
UI U H > i Jimala
Kl < Uii n vitu ui Atni m lurr a lulljehjii
1 1 nr al ltt fi
fU ttU H VI Hufbt A fuiUr a i r J U
> > i r < M ttit
timutt t iittiutu hit ut
> I
Ola tit4 ttnii I ill tn4 Iba law Iskl
tl fit lift Mill IMIj tttl ul In tit
Ci i ifut In Itif > M4 u b r n
IV i itt 4 ttlu l + tiu H
rt i initli f
I > vr k lititnitut In Itliitt law
M f < f IHI ft al l lai > rx > 4 < k
tm > i i ui fKuuvwa HHUIU Hail i
V > ink > r kl bU xa
tntit xrKX al IL > frt IlttJiltittt
i aticli tufitir in ar n i ili > i w i al II
il a M li m Hi > wrf < A a
114 K H I i IAI ra
I + 4 af J I
IK > < l I MUM l > it f n < l M O
WaM io < n m H > 4i air ttttft al > l a
MRT l fA4ML M AM llwif Mai M
en Wtdnnfoy atnx U from 141 Ttietnpnn
Inlirmint In Catraty Vra iary
IIV1HKA L Jcxph llMpliai on n ay 0
27 isoo tht n T rrahcla X Holla late Mtlrttat
ef Ihnhnreli of m Hlthaal w York tly
Tn r t r nd cl r r anil tfiMliai ilftltndief thi
ranllr are rtiprctfoily Inrllrit toaitinit lh fnntral
enVdn i4sr Oot ztn two fromlha Chorekaftt
MlehMl m Mt3M it whra ol mn nto
rtqnltm will taoffcrtil for tha riixiMotbtaMtl
Th illrin offltd will bf ln at II A M
jrWInAthlIMa rcnldenc 4S Wilt Ililtt
on the wth Init nt to AM of arooliy John
lllht Jf at In lh asth y r of M > e
fenral tfmen ill be htld M Ih rhoreii of thKa
Jtrn al m < wfil nborirl n 8Mhil bitwaanrark
anil Lfiinwon ata on Wadntilar nornlnr th
2UthluiL at 10i30 oclock Intarmint al Kirpott
i J
M ft neiini of th no rd of rNrct n of tn Irrlnf
atlonal nank hold on To dar Ort 28 IMO nolle
i rtcrlted of Ih dfalh of th rrtild > nt Mr Jhn
1 Jtwatt and on mnilon Ih following rtaolitltns
w r unnnlmouilj udnpitdi
Wh r a > W tl ii0 rj of nireotori of Ihli bank
ha rc lT d with profound
aorrow nolle of Hit
death nt our Ute lr d nt and auoelat Mr Jkn
I J w tt and feallnit aiw do moit txaly r
fallow wsdelre IO T tprt lon to onr sin
ter and hfrtflt appreciation of hli long and
faithful terTlce1 to thin Initlmtlnn ba II tharif r
n ioh J That Intti death of Mr Jtwttt who for
twenty four year ai Caiht r and Praddani ot Ihli
banknai oni of Ita wlitiitonnifllora who x
option il honor Inlxrlty and ability and uniform
ly kind and conrttoui mannarrndciir hli memory
lo n all wa fel the Ion of a warm narnut ana
renlnl frlond and auoclaU a ittrllnir and Uriel
man of arfnlra with a heart and pnn al ariopn
loth trondtei of olhera and tender our looereit
ympathy lo hli family In their d birurtmnli
Beiolrert Thai thle noard attend hi funeral In a
body that theio reiolntlona b entered on th mla
utM ot the bank and that a copy of th lam lolta
bly entroiMd b forwarded to hli family
KARNRTJan Karney natlr f oonnly Bo
common Ireland
Funeral from reildenee 4 < O But 114th st oa Tbu
dar at 2 P M
KEIltMHAt Amitrrlll u I OtJ J lia n
Ketrna onlrion of John Ktlrna In Ik S4th yMt
Helatltenand friend ar reiprtfnIlylnTlt 4te attenl
th funeral today atliSOP H at flatbniU ar
Lonuleland Ballroadi thence lo Iloly Ctu cmr
KEItHIOANOn ToeeiJmy Oet 3d Edward B
KrrlE > n
runeral from hie late reildenca SCO XaOIaon tt on
Thntidar aoih ln t at Oiso A M theno t Bt
Jl rye Church where a mate of requiem winb
ceUbrated for the repot of hi tool at 10 oclotk
Plftxeg omit flowera
rACKYOn Sunday Oet 20 Catherln tt tklb
IOTIXI wife of John IL Laeey In Ih 2 th yaar ot bar
The relatlre and friend ot tbafamlly anmp
fully requeued to attend the funeral from her tat
reMdence onroiton Wedneaday 2 ih Uut aft
XANoniRTOot 2 IBno George P Langtlrt
Belatlrei and frlenila ar Inrltrd lo attendth fnneral
from 441 Bait eth at on Wedneaday al 3 P M
lIcCAPFEnYOa Monday Oot 37 lewi Marr
wife of Michael McCalery
Tureralfrom herlat r ilJence IS7 Bnlllran it om
Thundar 30th Init at I p M Belatlre and friends
aro Inrlted to attend
WIIKHSuddenly on th 34lh la t AlfredMUe
ed 43 jeara
Funeral lerrlcei will ba held at hli let rcddeDC
1750 10th ar on Wednesday at 12 oclock
NAHMAUEICOn Monday Oct 27 oar b Ior df
thor II 8 Naoer In hli R8d year
Belatlvei and f rlende are inrlted to attend th ftmeral
today at 10 A U from the reildtnc of hlaion IBS
NEESElCIn Parla Franc on Monday net ST
after a rhorl tllneea John G Neeier ot tbla city
KTV M ANNln Monday Oct 37 Jeanelt lafaxt
danihter of Clarence and Jeinett Naumann
JVE VKLIAt Goanen Oraueo county X T en
Monday Oct 27 IKXt
Charlee stark Wwll reat
great gramtion of Gen John
Stark In hie 17th ye r
Funernl eerrlce at fcl Anne Proteataut Eplacopai
Church H tit 18th n and > ih ar ou Thnndar th
30th Init at 130 Interment al Mount Anbnrm
Cambrltira Mtu mtladtlphl and Bo toa paper
pleat copjr
NOI > LKUn Monday Oet 27 Mary T Uoyd wife
of George Frederick Noble In th 40th year ot her
Funeral prlrat InUrmenl at Tnnnt R J
0 > HEEFFEOn Monday Oct 27 Ellu Jaae
Fnneral from her tat reildenoe IDS Baal 84IH it t
day al 2 P M Belatlrei and friend ar lartMcl to
alien J
OSTKUHOUDTSaddenlT of parltonltlt In hi
13tti year on ilooday Oct 27 Alfred AI ilj acaot
Alfred anJ Caroline U Oiterhoadt
BeUtli tt and Irlendi are Inrlted 10 attend th funeral
from hlilat reildenc 72O Marcyar nrooktyn
today al4oclock PM Interment al Klagitaa
r V
Klnnton and Sangertlei paper pleat copy
rEAHnOVA lolemn rtiulem ma < month1
mind will b celebrated at the Church of Ih Bplph
nrtuday at lOooloek for tb repot ot thcsool
of Jamei A Peanon
Pir UOTOn Oct 28 loOQ Etlnn riant atd
47 yeart
Funeral from 822 Weal 84th rt m WednenJar at t
at her lat reildence 213 But 73d it Hew Tor
city Bridget IS rorrettenee Dunn wife of Georg
Funeral at 10 oclock A M on Wedneaday CM 29
Irom Church or 8t Vincent Ferrer Lexlnrtonar
andocthit Ilcau omit nowtra
UOltintTHIn Brooklyn Oot37 180 Ota a B
Itoberta or Ih 130th N T s V aired To jcara
Funeral on Thnraday Oct 30 at 3 r K at Boohwur
ATanue Congregational Chnrob
nnn BIITM Oct an Eiu Boberta ag4 M yean
Belatlrea and fritndi ar Inrlted to attend Ih finer
OD VVcdnemlar al 1 P IL from 717 Waablntton it
Inlfrraentln Calvary Cematrry
TFHEIIIEY Jot 10 Loulaa C Whelpley cd
Kelatlrraand friendiar Inrltxt to aitad herfoant
on Weilneedar at 1 r II from 3C3 Uadaon tt 1
terneut la lreenwoo1 Cemetery
WOODOn Tneaday Oct 1H Clara B ll TTcod 14
il daughter of Aratroie Wood
Funeral from her late roldenc Flebertoa T Fort
Rlohmond Iftaua leland on Thureday Oct 90 all
clock r M
Office tau BUth are corner 23d u Xew Terk

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