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ffijfSWWi w Wffiit W4ii
iiRSip yifP itf HBX7Ti3tJi5f r CiKFfiyiPISWVy viWif 3Xflyfiii rjv < W
not BEST TSAH JIT ruts niaaixas
10AUU IIAH ltrtlt BKK
r tehpaytns Copper Mine In I Old ell
Wealth 1st n Newfonnd t MTC In New
1 t MKlcoA Coatnl Cold Mine
XsUMoCrrr Nov 21001 Hlltor lead and
I j eP mining hoe had a rear oi unpreco
I dsntod prosperity in this State Tho Coeur
dAlene country In North Idaho It Is assorted
Ii produced hal ot tho lead used In Ibo United
States this year Tho Woo Klvcr countrr
I also a galena district has turned out a groat
1 deal of oro which was shipped to Omaha
t 1 Denver and Suit Lake for reduction Owyhee
I f county which produces what is termed dry
i ores ha also turned out 1 largo amount ot
Wealth In gold and Rltvor Several large mills
have run a good deal ot the time during tho
i year whllo 1 groat deal of development work
II has bon done on the mines of the Seven
i Devils district In Washington county and
ales amounting to 2000000 consummated
ae amountnl 1000
I this county all of tho old mills havo beon
kept running right along with two additional
ones tbo Washington and Muddy tho former
n with ten and tho lattoiCwIth twenty stamps
All have done well Not a working mlno In
r te count with a mill running hai called on
I f the stockholders for an assessment Thin
spesits In the vary highest possible terms of
our mines and shows the Investments to be
I well made
Ther aro two properties that have ben an
xpense but nothing could b expected ot
tem as not a pound ol oro was crushed One
1 Is te Etkhorn twelve miles north of bore and
the other the mines of the Silver Mountain
r Company at Graham In both of these prop
I i erties nothing but dexolopmont work has
been done but everything goes to show that
T the expenditure of a llttlo more money will
place them In a condition to bo selfsustaining
Taken as a wholo the mining districts havo
been unusually prosperous during tho year
and I is believed they will b moro 8 for 1391
At Horsoshoo end thirty miles west of this
place several parties hale commenced open
ing up coal mlnoR On on of tho claims a vein
five feet thick baa boon found and a tunnol to
drain It and work through has been started
The coal Is sol bnt burns well and will prove
valuable In mills run by steam and on loco
motives Tbo discovery of coal In so large
Quantities Is creating some stir among the
farmers of that section and a branch railroad
through the valley is already contemplated
her are two or threo very promising silver
mines In the foot hills near b
On East Fork ot Wood River the North Star
mlns is running In full blast and the Courier
I yielding considerable oro The lessees of
the Venus and Silver Crown are making
money and a large body ot ore hns been found
In the Triumph mine That section tho ores
> ot which are galena has produced a large
amount of w alth in the past and will do still
better In future
i The Wolverine shaft at Banner has reached
the 600foot level and tho crosscut to the ledge
f has ben stared I tho or body holds ont a
i r well a It dos on the 300 and 0 foot levels
the mine will be worth 1000000
V J5 f H TJ T Wright has a splendid mine Inlthe
r Chlokamon Iho miles oat of this place The
vein Is from two to three feet wide with a
streak that samples from 200 to 300 per ton
I mostly silver He Is extracting ore and sack
Ing it for shipment to Denver for reduction
t She Indications are very favorable for this be
1 r coming ono of the greatest mlnos of southern
i A crushing of ore from tho Henrietta mine
I mle
Eldorado district ha been delivered at tbe
jij Elmlra mill Banner for reduction Last
I Emira mi rduoton Lat year
V > a few tons from this mine wero reduced yield
Ing nearly 100 In silver per ton That now at
1 tho mill is fully a rich
j 1 BJ AKTONioTexNov26Theroareannm
l I g Mr of valuable copper mines In Mexico one ot
I E Ie richest and most paying being the Panuca
pl f Which bas been worked for several years by a
OJ company ot Philadelphia capitalists This
Ci mine Is midway between tbe cities of Candela
and ttonclova at a point where there is a high
mountain which is nothing more than a pro
jecting peak of tbe underlying granite that has
leoUDR Ilnl Irae
forced Itself through the limestone I rock of tbe
t region and which contains a fissure vein to
I copper ore Three years ago a tunnel was fln
i < i lahsd to drain the mines and the works have
n aloe been carried on t about thirty
> metres below the tunnel level as well ns
t1 k above It The mine is now worked by
l about 200 men and tho product runs
f from 950 to 850 tons a mont Iroduct Par of runl
4 product Is lump ore which contains about 40
A per cent of copper ana tbe rest has to be con
J eentrated to make it available tor exportation
I This would be Impossible wor I not that the
1 mine supplies a limited amount of water that
en be used for concentrating purposes The
1 ore Is crushed to a proper size and is then put
v t through common jigs which remove tho gan
s t jfue Tbe resulting concentrates contain about
I I O pr cept 01 co per and alo ohtlned from
t or that boror oonentraton wi run from 10
I i I to II per cent of that motal Thero Is
tie silver or gold In these ores Tho prodiuts
I way are sent t Swansea to Liverpool and In time find their
l f Tbe Fronterlza Mlnlnland Company
I V ot Santa Itosa Mexico has resumed active
operations wit a vli w ot keeping permanently
Ii at work Tbe company has put down soveial
I t new shafts and bas beon engaged In ilnvelop
I ing now mines and Improving the works gen
erally during tho past twelve months A ship
II i ment of bullion from the mines of tbls company
passed through Han Antonio a few days ago
11 consigned to New York It consisted of 13
bar of pure silver aggregating over a thou
t f sand pounds in eight This bullion when
I prepared for shipment has to be transported
f 125 miles over the mountains by wagons under
f a strong guard to the railroad 57 H Noble
f the Secretary of this company Is now in this
t city He said to your correspondent tbat while
> tariff legislation 1m posed no new hardship or
I expense upon bis company as far as the ore
j I was concerned the effect of that legislation
t tc would be to cause tbe erection of a number of
1 smelters Mexico to reduce tho ore before
t shipment across the border Ho thinks that
oven under this arrangement tho United States
c arronemelt Unied
t will exrerlonoo little benefit from this Indus
1 i try a tho great bulk of ore when reduced
r f will b shipped through this country In bond
destined tu Europe Ho snys stens aro being
1 taken to erect a large smelter at Monterey
> J SILVER CIT N M Nov 25A I argo force of
I i j R10011 JB nt wlrk on thc Ban Lazarus mine at
Ban Pedro ihl mine was worked more thnn
0 years ago by the Spaniards who covered It
Ii pp when they were driven out by the Indians
It remained In this condition until about flve
< unti
earl alo when It was dlscoverud by 8 lve
Conger the discoverer of tbo Caribou mine in
i Colorado whoh was bold to a Dutch company
r lor 3000000 The Han Lazarus has teen
worked on a small scale by Congor t Searle
J until recently wben a largo force of men was
I011 tl LnK out T8 for tno Ilew HuntlnBton
1 111 l which Ibo rnn Lazarus Company will have
In operation in a short time This mine Is
about two miles from tho Santo Ffi Coppor
mies anll COPDr
r Companys mine at Kan Pedro A large
f amount oldhe of oioi Is in sight und U runs well In
J The Santa Ftf Copper Company I doing but
i little ju t now except prospecting for new
bodies of ore Some new machinery Is being
I r put In and it Is expected that tbo company
will b orklng a full fore ot men In a few
weeks Homo work is being dune In other
mines a Ban Pedro but most of them have not
come up to tbo expectations of the locators
I and several hMO been abandoned since the big
< bll
excitement there lust year
f Last week over SOoou pounds of ore were
t brought Into Doming from Mexico The entire
amount averaged ntert 100 per ton Importa
f tions of ore from Mexico would bo much larger
bu for tho heavy duty on lead ore from Mex
I 10 which virtually prohibits Ita importation
I L unless it Is very i Ich In HlU or ItlmportltoD
r A verv important gtrlkq Is reported from
j Cook Peak A raui has been found In tbe
I i bottom of whlu there nro thousands of tons of
1 tlloate of lead This h the only discovery ot
silicate of lend ot any importance wliloh has
been made in tills section ot New Mexico
I Ser mines nf tho Cookn srlon dlstrlnt are fro
tetng nearly twenty tons ol oro dally and thn
pro uotOD Is steadily Inflroitblng Several
T etrikes hove been made thero thU year and
more than double tho number ol Jar em
f PlQved than a tbls time latt tear lon
r jtWas ton of orl are brought to the mill at
I HlUsborough dally on burros iiotn the Bo
i canra mine I is Impossible to reach the mine
with a wagon so all the ore is pocked on bur
i 1 r Which 1 n rather oxpeniive way of trixne
porting it All the mines in the Hlllsboroneb
I olstrlol r looking well but still greater fa
t i cllltle are needed for tne reduction of ores
I The place mlnos there which have been
1 I worked lu n bmfl way ror more than twenty
1 5 jear 01 n roi il i lui t mo ottontlou und there
I 1 I talk of sluleiig trom
b f A new uold mill II about completed nt While
k Oas ali i 11 ho hinrtod KOOI A of tlo
I lateoet deipHliuof oLibeaung ire lu tho
r Bouthwos II in Iho V hlioUiiLb district but
no very etcutilvo operations buve yet boon
J yommencod tbcru Tbo oeB low j grade but
t Is foundIn sicn large quantltie < tbat the ex
I o mining and reduction will bvery
t 1 a 1 bJ fore fonh R
mine at Central Thin mine hoi been worked
on small some and the oro haa been shipped
t other places for treatment bnt now I la
proposed to have a mill to treat the ore a Con
tra The stock or the now company will be
divided Into 150000 shared dOunu of which
will I bo sold to raise monuy to build the mill
Mining has never boon rot nctho In Finos
Altos than now All tho inlilmirarunninganil
there am no Mia nilncin I In tho cal I Thin
activity In mainly mimed by tho operations ot
four companies Them nro POX era Idlomlnos
which K they wero started up would gUo em
ployment to mimy more men than nru now a
work In the on in p About 4iO men lire cm
ployed there by tho cotmmnles now operating mlnoH
Most of tlm machinery for tbn Last Chance
mill at Blh or Creok lias been shipped by wagon
train from this place Tliorn am about 0
tons of I which Imvoto In Imnoil no miles
Into the Mogollon Mountains The compiiny
is dhfllni wells near the mine In I order to ob
tain a sudlclont supply of water < run tho
mill There Is plenty of water about twri miles
from the mlno hut tho company decided to
bull tho mil a tlio milo In order < savn
transKOiiationon tho OIl I is not expectm
that tlm mill will bo ready for operation beforo
net March
ITKMH rnoit xntzoNA
TCCROV Nov 21ln tho Peerless minI two
BurlHch dnlli are constantly at nnrk and the
mill will probably bo started up In tho spring
The Hownnl minI of tho Pioneer district li
being worked on ulenso by Jolin Nnwmntu A
lluntlngton concentrating mill of Iho tons
running order capacity 1ms boon put In nnd a
trial run proved cry satisfactory
The War lagle mine in tho llradchaws Is
being examined by mon who nro looking torn
being good gold mlno which it has tho reputation ot
N U OrlfTln who bos mined In Arizona since
1S62 Is In the Walker district all hax soma
good properties thfro Ho thinks tho district
Will soon havo another mill
wi 1 Listen ol the Del mil has brought In
ablg bar of gold nnd ruports that the oro IR I
turning out well Iutocm i eoplo halo recoUed
the first payment on tho mines which thoy roo
centlv sold to Mr Marx
cenlv B Molt is snipping Rllv r from tho TUB
cnmbta miL Mr ll Ue Kuhn nays that tho
mines in tho Cherry Creek ure turning out
well and tho mines aro In better obapu than
they ever have been before
TurkeyCreek minor complain that thoy can
not get nnimnls enough to pack their ore
lot tolr
from the mlnos to the miL The oro Is rlcu
and plenty of it In sight
Home line specimens of onyx havo been
brought In from I mlno recently dlscoveiod
about fortyno miles from Ihovnlx Tho
ledge as far as it his been examined for a con
siderable distance Is twelve foot hick on nn
average by COO feet In width A number of
specimens have been sent to California to be
dressed and polished and I satisfactory tho
work of development will b pushed There is
plenty ot water wltbin a holt mile of the mlno
and I can be worked ovary day In the year
At Washington Camp th big copper mines
ot Dick Cbnplti Jerry Novlll and Olson shown
a body of solid ore eighteen feet wide btoody
and regular shlpuicniN of oro are being mado
with good returns The owners of the mine
aeem to know that thoy have a good mine
At Harsbaw tho Uormona mlno and mill aro
running night and day The highest mil aA
paid for all Kinds of labor and > ot the clean
up of protlts ever month I Ij about 6000 for
James Flnloy the owner Tho mining Inter
est in the Grand Cation discoveries has not
abated by any means W H Ashurst and John I
Marshal bare been prospecting and taking
ont specimens for the last few weeks and will
winter II the canon < wl
The districts In the Brodshaw Mountain aro
attracting a grout deal of attention and
rhamlx has expended thousands of dollars
for roads In order that nho may control tbo
ra8 that rapidly growing district Homo
of the mines tiro the Crowned King Gray
Eagle Eclipse Caugor nnd Itapld Transit
The water Is now being takon from the 1 Igor
which Is supposed to be tho biggest prouurty
In the district The Itapld Transit Is being
developed In the right way and is destined t
be a big mine
Tho Esperanza mine at Oro Blanco which
was supposed to be worthless and which Ulata
del 4 C the owners abandoned removing
the mill from It has lately been remolnl
Frenchman who llnds some parts of the mine
very rich in gold
DKNVXB Nov 27Report from Leadvlllo
continue to be most encouraging During the
past week several now properties lound
ore while a number of mines were started up
The losses of the Almee have gotten Into
good ore at a depth of 175 feet J b oro Is
argentiferous iron with a good strcalc of lead I
Encouraging reports tome from Mount Sher
idan The tunnel In the Honklus is In oxer 200 1
feet and there is nulto a streak of good lead
ore in tbo present breast
A strike was recently mado In thn 8t Joe at
Boulder tho ore of which assays 7600 In gold
and silvor
A strike was made on Monday In the King
Solomon at Sllverton south of the old Roch
ester from which 300000 was taken three
years ago Tbo ore runs over SOO ounces of
silver per ton
Reports from Aspen Durango Ouray and
othir camps are very flattering and the out i
put ot Colorados minds forlHJO wlllecllpso
all previous years by a large majority I
New HAVEN Nov SOTher Is over pros
pect that the recently discovered gold mine In
Newtown will be opened on an extensive seals
The ore taken out hns been sent to Now York
and assayed with good results Capitalists
are now preparing to organize a joint stock
company with a capital of 1000 000
The New Haven owners of the Sampson gold
mine which lies behind some 01 tho tallest
mountains surrounding Rllverton CoL havo
cheering news at last They have spent thou
sands of dollars in developing this mine which
has bon abandoned time And again It has
ben idle about tme the nan for tho
last five years I is t now tmo reported that
a Mr Wilson ha leased and bonded the milo
and starao mills and In short time will ba
working the property to Its fullest capacity
The Sampson has long been regarded as ono
of the richest gold mines In the country and It
Is idle usually through litigation and had
management Persons who went through thU
mine last season say the oro IB plentiful under
tuot In thl lower level and a sackful of samples
brought away showed free gold In every piece
Tho United Btates Survey has discovered In
the woods between Stafford and Bowels a Ono
deposit of soapstone which In said to I of a
high grade of purity and to be very extensive
The deposit was worked about 100 ears ngo
A company has been formed to work It exten
She Norced Htm When lie W i CMS Awar
on the Bahama and Finally Married Him
BALTIMOEE Nor 30 Sarah Wilds a btautl
tal Creole has entered suit here for divorce
from her husband John L Wilds
rom L Wids on the
round of cruel troatmontand abandonment
The plaintiff is a nativu of the Ilahama Islands
wboro Bhe OrBt met hor husband In 1874 Wilds
was a passenger on a vestel that was wrecked
on the Bahamas and bo was ono of the few
saved When found bo was unconscious and
It was only by careful nurtilug that ho regained
its health Mrs Wilds was his nurso For
weeks she remained at his bedldo and at
nded him until he bad fully recovered Then
Wilds courted nor and believing from wbat
38 said that ho wan a wealthy citizen of tho
United States she consented to marry him
and did so They went to SUKHBU and
lived there a whllo and then cnmo to tills city
where tho wife learned that her husband was
not I wealthy man It Is I alleged that ho after
this claimed that he was not married to her afor
she sent to Nowlrovldence and obtained u eel
illloato ot her marriage Wild then dcclarud
that the marriage was Illegal aa bo was acltlzon
ot the United States and sue foreigner aellzon
course that was not allowed Finally the wire
claims that Wild took to drink and Is now In
lal Tbo wlfo ib remarkably Intelligent Her
father was a wealthy planter For tun purpose
of remaining here and prosecuting her suit for
divorce she obtained and now HIM I responsi
ble place In this city but will return homo at tor
tier cose U decided
Two Church Corner Htonee Laid
The corner stone of the Church ot the Baorod
Fleart was laid In Nowak yesterday by Bishop
WIggor AmongUboee present wore Mgr
Doane the Rev M A MeMunus pastor of the
ihurch Fathers Leonard
Toomcy and
Keruan of Newark Wbnlen and OConnor ol
Iuterson Morris of Avondnlc and Hill of
Jersey City After thn ceremony ot laying the
stone which contained the usual records and
copies ot arlous Nev York and Newark anl
onpirs of current dote an address las inudo
jy the Hov Father J U Hill who was tallowed
in a brief address by Ciov Abbett lolowed
Tho now church IB to be I temnnrnry framo
structure to seat 100 personsand to be orcciod
at a coast of f4ooo Tho ground on which It
tiindfl WBH eeleited and purchased 1 yell auo
by Ulshoi Bailer tor the site ot tbo Newark
Cathedral 1 Is 1 lufty elevation and the
embraces a whole block bounded by
Iftb and Ulxtn ntenues Clifton avenue and
arslde etreet The tlew from the ground Is
limited only by the Orange Mountains btaton
Island Long Island and the smoke hanging
ver this city Tbo Brooklyn Bridge and lolty
buildings In tbls city wero plainly visible
IbrougU thn clear attuospheie yesterday
Lventnnlly stone cathedral tne site will bo occupied by u uuue
AiMMiu Jluiiit ANDR Nov rOThe romor
stoiio of tho I CitlinlluCliuioli of rt Aumo
in boireiied In South HUM tie wa laid UIH
iiltiiuuon bk iholiav tnlii If I liu of hi tl niiit
aslstod l hy tin > HI Fnliier M t Kuue Fntliur
1 ox lade ushoit udJreBn llur
By tbe sbowlos of sclnttsts and tbs opirl
saoe et ursnu chrslcUns tat lur e bODlolt
th ftetuilry tb clam or Mlllns fool bars twin
Of bl
I ill r stAbHshd 1 Is lilb form of s > dry now
o otlilr or solnbl l mA uslmluui m
Ul aS I NU II pllo bsuig IUI i T by O 1
t t
Mayor Orant ban named the three ol the
four now members of tho Boar of Education
who are to begin service at ono Thoy are
Messrs Gray King and McBarron and they
will probably be In their seats at Wednesdays
meeting Tlioe nol men succitedCommls
slonerfl Simmons Uallaway and Vormll i >
whose plncos lia been acant since they re
signed oaily In the summer Mr E Kllery
Anduison the fourth of Mayor Grants latest
appointees will Join tbo Boatd In January
In tbo Normal College ohapel this afternoon
at 4 oclock will gather the teachers ot all
primary and grammar schools taking part In
tho Lenox L > coum fair of Dec 1020 Ther
wtl havo pencil and paper and Manager Do
Freoowlll toll them from the platform just
what the various divisions ot workers at tho
fair will be expected to do The fair Is an en
terprise of tho Teachers Mutual Itonodt Asso
ciation and tho object IB to Increase the funds
of that organization to 100000 The society
uow has orulllzatotl pays annuities to retired
leathern Tho fair pnrR bo hold under tbo
sanction of thoDoardof Itfucatlonand bypor
mission tho lon Id the fohool children nro
to exhibit specimens of their work I Is prob
able that thn teachers will raleo moro than the
r000ti which they want for the Interest
already manifested bv people outsldo
tbo schools Is great Homo ToOOO season
tickets halo been sent out and 25000 worth
his been sold so for Bexldcs tho Inoomo
from this souico plenty of urollt vt111 como frm
tho gifts which I merchants all ovor town havo
made Some ot l tho contributed t articles are
worth as much as 200 aplooo All there will
bo sold In ono form or another 1 1 Y Jon
halo ent checks for money nnd iome of thoa
pavo without being asked VliOlresldant
IIVO wihout Now Hork Central Itallrund for
warding a good round sum of bis own accord
Mayor Uinnt contributed 100 somo tlmo be
fore election and said ho would hnxo
electoll BII
given moro but for I four that people
would say bo was working tor votes
Apart from thn poiMble educational value of
the display of pupils woik tbo fair will ba
chloily Interesting bocauxo of tho opportunity
It will pwont of Foolng a largo l part of New
Vorks 4000 tencherH under ono roof Many of
tho women of Ibo schoolroom nro young and
pretty and Ibor will consider all tho men who
visit the fair tlmlr proper prey Mion the
Anti1ovorty glrlo mado their onslaught on
the mens pockets In tholr Madison Hiiuaro
Oarden fair I lew years aio tAr scored a big
record as money gcttcre Mr Do Frcce thinks
that the school teachers will proxo just a
irresistible and this afternoon lrolo going to
explain to them somo of tho tricks to extract
dollars from young mel
On next Saturday at 3 P I In the Uni
versity of the City of New York come men and
women concerned In promoting sympathy
between tho schools and the public will havo
a conference To I certain etent It will bo
open to tho public and everybody who Is in
terested In school atlalrs tnould attend A
meeting was hold a low days since in the Col
lege or tho City of Now York and sovural ad
dresses woro mado No stops wero takon to
form I society Perhaps no formal organiza
tion will be made 1 his coming discussion will I
do much to settle tho point
According to tho proscribed method the
Board of Education will take t final action next
Wednesday upon tlio nominations of ward
trustees Thoro are flvo trustees each of the
twentyfour ward 1 bo term of service Is flvo
years Ono trustee goes out each year and to
annually tho Board of Education has to fill
twentyfour vacancies Nino members of the
Board contltuto 1 Committee on Nominations
Com misloner Ollrarnhlmor Is Chairman of
this commit too To him or to other members
tho names ot candidates aro sent by residents
of the several wards Mr Ouggeulielmors
committee scrutinizes those lints ot candi
dates and then reports to the Board ono name
for each word TIle Hoard then goes Into Com 1
mlltoo ol the Wholo in session and talks
about tho nominees At tho last meeting
the talk lasted three hours Much of
this time was used In discussing tho Twenty
third WIS nomination Tho Twentythird
ward Is ono of the largest school districts In
tho upper fart of tbo city and It has a school
trustee flgbt on hand about as big as the want
The trouble arises over tbo desire of Frederick
Folz to bo lojlected trustee Mr Fol has
some friends on tbo Board of Education and
even in the Committee ou Nomination > but be
failed to got the commltue to vote for
raied They recommended that Dr James A
Ferguson should be elected in his placo
A majority of tho Board of Education
at the rocent secret session approved there
port against Mr olz I Is known however
por slalnst
that Mr Folz and bis friends have pulled all
sort of wires to secure a majority whon final
action Is bad ou Sedncpday Their defeat
nevertheless Is almost certain for Major
drant In refusing to reappolnt Ferdinand
Traud as BchooT Commissioner has In
directly Indicated his disapproval of the
course ot Mr olz Trauds connection with
the CIO gives a good llluMratlon of
the unfortunate way in which the local
Boards of Trustees get Into tbo hands
of a ring Mr Folz as trustee bus made no ond
of trouble In tbo Twentythird word has as
sumed dictatorial authority over teachers and
principals openly called soma of them liars
and In general so carried on that Capt bumuol
Samuels of tbe Marine Journal and a fellow
trustee has informed tho Board 01 Education
no will resign In CIO Mr Folz is reflected ns
trustuo The Folz party In tho Twentthird
ward is composed as follows
Frederick Kolz truiteo
FtrillixiKl Traud bchuol Commlulontr md Intimate
frltuJot Mr Folz
U HlUra T Traud Ron of Commluloncr Tao and re
cently appointed principal of aicool throaib tb in
fluence ot nit friends
UIC A t rl fan trustee and phjilclan 1 tbe Triad
and tbe Folz fmntllei
William rt Ural trustee and friend of Mr Fotz
William Zeltntr school Inspector and associated with
Mr Kou in business
Tho above list Includes a majority ot tho
ward trutiTS tbo two not in tbo party
brine William Hogg and rapt Samuels They
with other bcbool olTlceri In tbo upper part ot
wlb city bae presented to thn Board of Educa
tion their objections against Mr Folz and
lon teachers bao joined them In tho
The freo night lectures In the assembly
rooms of some of the pcbooln have ben at
tended by even larger amllcnes than Dr
Henry Il Loipzlcor manager of tho course
counted upon having Any man oruomitn hus
a right to n Boat at the so lectures no ticket or
feo being necosary In fact as thn city pays
tho bills Ibo lectures urn tor tho citizens and
their families and partly for that roa on and
because tho lecturns aro upon timely topics
and by good men the ouursn is I now a success
Thin Is the list for this atoning
Mr L J D Lincoln The New spnper ThU lector
treats ot the ulsiory and power ot the press
Prof Charles A Doremus Fire and Water Illus
trated by many brilliant experiment
biUMXjui SCHOOL Al 5 j wrsr roarrrouvTa STKKKT
Ur J 1 Nwwromb Kv ry day Accidents and How
to Treat Them Tlili lecture In uf treat practical 101
Ilium will t > e given as to what in do till the doctor
tlons comrs uul the leciuro will lie made clear by Hliutra
Prof Robert Orlmbaw Flour Matlnf lUoitrated
by many specimen and lantern views
Prof John K flees Th Wonders of the Iteartni as
Revealed by Ureat Telescope Jlluitrated by a Urge
rc Srl
number of beautiful vtereoptlron views
Mr W O Rtoddafd former prlratt secretary of Abr <
ham Lincoln The lHe and Times of Abranam Lin
o ln ThU lecture wil be Tery 10111 l as Mr
moddaril bad rare opportunities f seeinK the reat
Lincoln at the most trying period of bis lh
A Ilrooklyn firm Get n Contraiet lor Pro
WAsniNOTov Nov SOTho Secretary tho
Navy ban mado a contract with E W Bliss A
Co ot Ilrooklyn for tbo manufacture of projec
tiles for tho service Some weeks ago tho
tos alO to
Chief of Ordnance secured tho right to make
shells of forged stool under what Is known in
England as tho CayleyKiirtmnnn process A
contract has beon ghen tbo tlrm amounting to
I1250UU to IrKtall a plant stub as Is needed to
laauufacturo tboso piojectllos
Ontrnce by Ipnlh Hrucaler
JACKHONVILLE Fla Nov 30A special from
FuntnQordototho 7hnfUnion Bays Nows
has just reached boro of nn outrage committed
by Spanish smugglers on tbo port nanltary In
spector In Charlotte harbor Ills nnmo Is Mor
ris Joehran an appointee of the lat Hoard
ot Health He boarded a Spanish schooner
and wlieii ankod to show his papers the crow
seized him and threw him oterboard after
ward cutting his bOlt loos With much dlftl
culty bo reai tied tlio ihore Tho schooner
sailed off au J bur name could not bo learned
Plor Ivleo Farewell
Th Rev Charles W I vie preached bis fare
well sermon yesterday morning to tbe congre
gation of the Grace P t Church on Consolyca
street Willlamsburgh He read 1 letter from
Bishop Llttlejohnwbleh said theBlsbop would
always be pleased to welcome Mr Ivle back
to tho dlocrso and regretted that bis ministra
tion bad nut beon crowned with I greater
inuuRiire of ncoisn Mi Ile bus been with
the i hun two yonrs Hu ro lcned to take
charge uf bt Matthias Church In Waukosba
ForlyKlTe liny tn Au lrillu
The steamship Karlsruhe completed last
week the fastest voyage ever made from tbls
port to Adelaide Australia Her time was
fortyUve days She Is the second passenger
eteamibln that has made the trip thither from
an America city t mao retun thlh will a big
canto of wool la Ue spring
A RoujtKn aAtio attottKr or
AU Kxenrit One of Tie catar Aft r
Ix > nic Chain > > T Detectt
DAtTiMonK Nov SOAlong the Una of te
Monocacy River skirting tho Baltimore and
Ohio Ilallroad a gang ot robber has been
operating for nearly I roar They not only
stolo from the company btft held up foot pas
sengers who camo tholr way When booty was
scarce thor broke into country stores All
efforts on Ibo part of the railroad people to
capture them had until yesterday proved un
availing Detectives wero placed alone tho
lino and stationed on car but In fome wny
tho highwaymen woto always warned of their
coming and got out of tbe way Tho Baltimore
and Ohio detectives who had worked on the
case know the robbers but could not get at
them They had established headquarters on
a little Island 1 in tho mlddlo ot the Monocacy
Illter where provldnd with boats they easily
made tholr escape whenever an attack was
threatened Since last month thoy have be
come more daring thnn ever and some of their
escapades rival thoso of tho train robbers on
tbo Iaolflo slope On Got 5 they held up William
lam H Williams ot Harpers Ferry near Kill
erott City and took all of his money his watch
and chain and oven all his clothes except ole
shirt and a pair ot trousers George H Mar
shall of Hogerstown wa the next victim After
going through him they kicked him off a train
whllo It was passing Lansdowne Marshall
whlo WIS Inslln
spent several weeks a the Maryland Universi
ty Hospital recovering from Injuries received
lo Inurlel
by being thrown from tbo train
On Friday night Nov 21 the band robbed a
car at Frederick Junction of enough goods to
start a storo nnd on the following night they
robbed tbo store of William nlht Van
Clovosvllle W Va Wllnm worm ot goods
It was then that Policeman Short ol the
Southern district one of tho pluoklost men on
the force WAS detailed to assist the Baltimore
and Ohio dotectiro force In running down the
gang Ho unexpectedly came up wlth them
on Monday morning lat on tho railroad near
the Wiibhlngton road Thoy passed In a coal
hopper train and whon some little distance
nfr they loft the train nnd began to 11 ro a
Short There were five in tbo gang and
though thoy escaped at that alI the
olllcorn elmo up with them again yesterday on
tho bonks of tho river They were taken un
awares and when ordered to surrender threo
of them Michael Worm Michael Cunning
ham and Hairy Dm all oheyed but tho other
two plunged Into tho river and struck out for
the other shore The three men caught wero
unarmed but w ore stolen clothing and bad a
quantity ot stolen goods on thorn The two
fleeing men each hal llifcnllbro Smith A Wes
son revolvers and plenty of ammunition Tbe
detectives could not get across tbe river and
so deputized Faimer DeBt who mounted a
borsu and followed the fugitives Ho was
armed tow with a 32callbro pistol and had only a
As he ascended the hill on the other side of
tho rivor tho men saw him and tumlngqulck
ly opened lire upon him Mr Best returned
their fire nnd for a time there was rtumo
fuslllado About tweutyfhe shots wero ex I
changed wben tho men dashed Into tbe woods
and disappeared The three men who were
eaptuiod uoio taken to Frederick mid com
mitted to jail to await a hearing next week
Last night Policeman Short nnd Detective
nllht Polcoman 10teotvo
Huthln while going up tbe road on a Met
ropolitan branch train saw a lire In tho woods
near Washington Orovo Theylott the train
at Qaithersburg and going back caught
Harry Hallman ala Flick His companion
Archer Zopp alas Woodberry the leader of
the gang escaped t the woO He tried to
hold up the otllcors and as they would not
have It that oloer ran and several ubots
woreflrcd alter him Hallman or lick was
brought to Iloltimore and locked up in tho
Southern pollco station Ho Is I IB years
old and was formerly an Inmate of
the House of Refuge He talked with
little concern about the deeds of the
gang and showed himself a hardened
young rascal Ho said he bad on three suits
of nndorclotblng which he had taken in tbo
Van Jlevoville robbory The others were
older < Ievovlo All wero well armed and he
said two pistols wore held a Wllllamss bead
whon they robbed hIm Hallman told ot sev
eral additional robberies and seemed to take
great delight In having held up tho champion
roller skater of the world The champion bad
been playing in bard luck and with an old
man from Ihiladolphla was beating his way
In trom t Louts Tho gang ran across them
near Dabtown and relieved them ol everything
they had Tbo champion roller skater told
thorn that his manager bad robbed him but
tbo gang would not lUten t his plea and took
wbat the manager had left
BeTerml Kind of TesHlnsosnr About Mr
IVstohter Daughter Bold
Justice Hogan was amazed yesterday at the
number ot stories that were told In the Essex
Market Police Court about the Wacbtol rob
bery Witnesses were msdyto swear to almost
most anything Bernard Brew who was arrested
rested for tho robber was discharged and Is
now going to turn around and sue the Wach
tels for false ImprIsonment
Mrs Rebecca Wachtel lives with her hus
band and two daughters at 1 Pit street and
keeps a boarding bouse Her daughters saved
170 which thoy gave to their mother t keep
All but uo of I was in gold Mrs Waeiitol
snoro yesterday morning that Bernard Brew
who bad boarded with ber had stolen this
H70 bha said that on the nlgbt of Nov 13
she was aroused by bearing somo ono in her
bedroom Bho reoognled Brew nnd asked
wbat he wanted Mumbling something about
losing some ot bis clothes ho went out
ot the room Next morning the H70
was missing She had concealed It In
WI dress pocket Bho waited for two
days and wbllo Brew was In Waterbury sho
complained to tbe police Then Brow re
turned and Mrs Wachtel says that he con
fessed the robbery On the strength of this
evidence he was arrested Justice Hogan was
ready to hold him for tria wben Detective
Shalvcy said
Tho aloe theft tbet Mro Wachtel speaks
of was not reported to tbe oolloo until four
days after it occurred I never beard anything
about this young mans confession Mra
Wachtel told me that sho put the money in her
dross pocket ono morning and at night I won
missing I examined the dress and tbere was
a bole in tbo pocket Bho could not havo car
ried 170 In gold In that pookot without
I then came out that several weeks ago Mrs
achtel had applied for a warrant for tbe ar
rest other husband who she said bad stolen
1200 of her money and spent it In gambling
Brow said t lint ho had searched with her one
nltiht tor Wachtel Wachtel was in court nnd
explained that the money was less than I o <
and bad belonged to biB wHo Tbo mnnoy that
Drew was charged with stealing was some that
his daughters bad iavcd and amounted to H70
Tbo daughters supported bis evidence
Justice Hogan however teganto doubt their
Rtory and he discharged Brow Brew returned
to court a few minutes Inter to ask I he could
sue Mrs Wacbtol for falee Imprisonment He
was told that be could sue anybody for any
thing and be loft thr atentng trfbrlng a chI
suit against the Wacbtels for damages
Hath Oiiie Mad Hcnuoce Remarkable
OODEN Nov 30 John Kelley was yester
day sentenced to life Imprisonment for a mur
der committed twontyBlx yeas ago Kelley
came to Utah In 18G2 with the California Vol
unteers under Oen Connor to guard the over
land stage route He was discharged In 1805
and was living in Wellavllle when James Dart
a desperado stole I borso from a settler in
Olden He was pursued by the Sheriff to
Wellsvlllo where Constable Thomas Levitt was
sworn In as deputy and Kelley was Included
In tho posse Dart was captured on
a cheep ranch placed on a liorso and
the parly started off Nlgbt overtook
thorn nnd Dart watching bis opportunity
sprang from his horso and attempted to es
cape Tbu deputy Bhorllf gave the order and
the wholo posse Including Kolloy llred and
Dart foil dead Ho was burled on tbe spot by
1lrt fel lollS
order of tbe ShorllT Kolloy has been living at
Doer Lodgo Monl1 number of years The
other members of the posse aro dead or havo
left tbe country Friends ot Dar have had tbe
cano rovlvid on a rhargu or murder and uben
Kclloy found that I warrant had been issued
for him bo surrendered to the authorities
Hbot bri Doctor
JACKSON Miss Nov SODr W E Todd I
prominent phy filclan of this city shot and dan
gerously wounded T A Her a leading Jeweler
this morning The bal fred from 1 iSoallbro
pistol entered tbe arm shattered tbe bone
ranged up through the shoulder Into the
end Tbe physicians amputated the arm at the
shoulder but think Mrller cannot recover
Thenhootliiggrowoutof Ier alleged fOOTer
between Todd IreI a handsome woman Mr
Meade recently from Indiana wmI name
was then mixed up with the womans by Mrs
Todd he claimed and wanted Dr Todd and
his wife to sign a paper to tbe effect that they
bad Flandered blin ToJds refusal to do to I
proctpltatod the shooting < Todd IH In jai
A Mu < Mriln to Ap > t < n Ilir Czur
A mass meeting will bo held tomorrow
evening at Cooper Union to draw up a petition
to the Czar of Russia lor tbe commutation ot
sentence of Sophia Ounzberg ot Bt Petersburg
sentenced to b haled 1 a Nihilist Mn
ManraurltD lor and Mra LIIU Dverux
lilak will make speeches and Archdeacon I
uaokay BaUh W prod 1
I W Omly rittttt RnwTr Between
Xo Irel and BoodhoC
Leonard Roiestranch a framer ot 0 Wyckoff
avenue Brooklyn was found at an early hour
yesterday morning by a policeman Ivlng on
the ground In Flashing avenue near where the
Manhattan Beach Ilallroad tracks DrOSs He
was bleeding from n cut In tho head and was
unable to lund An ambulance surgeon dis
covered that In addition to his other injuries
Rosestranoh had two ribs broken and his right
wrist badly sprained llosootrauob said he
wan walking quietly homo from a visit be bad
bon ranking to some ti lends when n tall man
in a slouch hit jumped ont from a side street
In front of him and demanded his money He
stalled to run and tbo stranger caught him
by tbo throat and throw him down Two other
men then Dame up and after ransacking hla
pockets kicked him Into Insensibility His
silver watch and 17 la money were taken
from him
The neighborhood Is very lonely I was
bout 280 oclock when tbe affair happened
te aInlr baIJno <
and tho moon was shining brightly By Its
light Rosostrauoh saw the faoo of the man wbo
bad stopped him His description to the lolo
was 8 accurate that within two hours Bernard
Boodboff was arrested at his apartments in a
bouee Knickerbocker nvenuo Rosostrauch
Jrmpl Identified him and be locked up
Eiply relused to go to n hospltaland was
tl11 to hIs home He was unablo to attend at
tho Leo avenue court wben UoodhofT vcns ar
raigned before Justice Ooottlng On his sworn
compl lnt however Boodhott was accused of
highway robbery and felonious assault He
was remanded to Raymond pit cot mil tbo
Justice refusing to accept hal although Saloon
Keeper Gerllnger of Knickerbocker nvenuo
offered hlmsolf a bondsman
Police captain Ennls In whose precinct the
alee highway robbery had been committed
sent his detectives out to Ilnd the two other
men Itosostrattcb told tho pollco tbnt ono of
them was a thickset man with red whlskeis
A SUN roporter accompanied tho oflli ore on
their search The mjstery was cleared up at
the first placo visited tbe saloon of Iran k uor
lineler Thero I was teamed that Ro ostrauoh
and Boodholf had beon drinking together
nearly tho whole of the previous evening and
bad left only when they woro turned ont
by lef proprietor at closing time They
bad been alternately quarrelling and mak
ing up for the 161 t hour ol their
stay In tbo place The redwhiskered
man was Identified as a respectable mason of I
tbo district Ue accompanied tho police will
ingly to 0 Wyckoff avenue nnd was nbown to
tbe Injured man Rosestranch then admitted
that bo had not been assaulted by throe men
but that he had bad a squabble with Doodhoff
and had got tbo worst ot it He could not tell
what had become of bis watch and chain but
was sure hat ho bad looked at It at 8 oclock
oaturday evening Tbo loss ot hln money was
easily susceptible to explanation The trousers
he had worn at tho tlmo of the robbery com
plained of ero hanging over a cot In the cor
ner of tho room opposite to the bed on which
Rosestrauoh was lying In tho right band
side pocket was a bole big enough to have
pushed a good sized breakfast roll through
The police theory la that Rosestrauoh lost
his money from bis pocket and mislaid his
watch In Romo way while undor the Influ
ence of drink
Boodhoff admits that he struck Rosostratioh
but denies that be bad any assistants or that
be robbed him Thero has boon bad Mood be
tween tho two men for some time Tbey were
members of thn same framer1 union and
worked In tbo same factory Boodhoff became
unpopular with the union ana was frozen out
of employment Rosestrauch will probably be
sufficiently recovered to he In Justice Ooet
tlngs court this morning and explain his rea
sons tor swearing to tbe complaint
Other Heir Prcpstrlnc to Contest the
Mr Hh nl r Supposed to Hold
A petition which has been filed in the Surro
gates office praying that the will ot Catherine
QatTney ba probated recalls tbe story of that
old lady which attracted a groat deal of atten
tion a few years ago Her brother Patrick
died In Chicago In June 1888 leaving an estate
valued at about 175000 He came from Ireland
about 1830 and settled in Chicago without a
penny He was frugal and saved enough to
open a small grocery store He invested tbe
profits of his business in real estate A num
ber of bis relatives had followed him to Ameri
ca bnt be would recognlzo nono ot them ex
cept his slstor Catherine who was a domestic
in the family ot Lawyer Silas M Stllmans
father in this city At first be would not even
recognlzo ber Mr Btilman learned trom
Catherine that sho bad a welltodo brother in
Chicago and ho communicated with him
Patrick paid no attention to his letters how
ever Finally Mr Htllman wrote to the Mayor
ol Chicago who was a personal friend of bis
and the Mayor himself looked Patrick up
Patrick sent his sister Catherine 10 a month
after that lor a time
Catharine Gallney had quit tho sorvlco of tbe
Btilman family several years prior to ber
brothers death and all traces of her bad been
lost when Lawyer 81 Urn an learned of the es
tate Patrick Oaffneyhad left He at once began
Imiulrles and anally found tbo noman in the
almshouso on BlackvreUa Island Bho had
been placed there a couple of jears before by
ber niece with whom she had lived for eleven
month and until ber mind began to weaken
Ibe old lady was taken to the Homo for In
eurablos at 180th street and Third avenue
where sbe remained until she died July
10 1880 Wben it was learned that
she was belr to between 115000 and
20000 ber share of Patricks estate
Catharines niece with whom she had lived
wbllo penniless began suit to reco > er 9 a
week for her board A reforoo was appointed
and tbe matter is still pending Shortly after
Catherine bad become an Inmate of tbe hos
pital sho was taken before a commission ot
lunacy and judged demented
Mrs Kate Bhanley another niece U sup
posed to bavo Miss Conners will In which
everything Is left to her Tho will however
was never oflerod fur probate and tbe peti
tion which has been Hied with the Surrogate
was mado by John K Uherldan Mrs bhanleys
brother In order that tbe other heirs might
get an opportunity to contest tbe wIlL Two
of Catherine Oaffneys brothers flve nephews
and nieces and eight grandnephews and grand
nieces are opposed to Mrs Shanley Ther
will bo a hearing on the petition this week
8errlc Held Yeiterday for the First Tlm
In tbe New BnlldUc
Tbe congregation of Bt Andrews Church
worshipped for the first tlmo yesterday in the
new building at 127th street and Fifth avenue
The church was removed to Ita present site
from 127th street and Fourth avenue where it
bad stood tor moro than sixty years and tho
material of tbe old building was used In tbe
now Abovo tbe white altar hung Richard
CriefeldB painting Tbe Calling of St An
drew tbo gift of tbe Womens Guild of tbe
parish to tho church
A service was hold at a AM nnd tbe Rev
Mr Van de Water made an address of congrat
ulation Thirtyeight voices woro added to
the regular choir under the leadership of Mr
W H Holt At 11 oclock Bishop Pottur
The Sunday school children held a festival
and prayer services in tbe afternoon They
woio addressed by the Rev Dr Marvin R Vin
cent of tho Union Theological Seminary and
tbo Itov Dr Clark of tbe United Presbyterian
Tbo Rev Dr Francis Lobdell Dr Tan do
Waters predecessor preached at tbe evening
Soniocs are to b held every evening until
Saturday noxt The speakern will be Mon
day the Rev D Parker Morgan Tuesday the
Rev Dr J Newton btauger Wednesday the
Rev David H Uroer ot Ht Bartholomews
Thursday tbo Itev Frank Draper Friday tho
Rev Dr Morgan Dlx
Aldermen Invited to H rotator Weigh
The Board of Aldermen iave been invited to
coma In a body tonight to the rooms of tbo
New York Retail Grocers Union 218 East
Twentythird street to see a practical demon
stration of the working of tbo proposed ordi
nance for tho sale of fruit and vegetables by
weight The Retail OrooersUnion Is in favor
of tne ordinance Tbe ordinance Is now butore
tbe Aldermen nn a tavern bio report from tbo
Market Committee A vote will probably be
taken tomorrow Tonights entertainment
will consist of the weighing of fruit and
vegetables and a demonstration of the In
equalities that exist in tbe selling of fruit and
vegetables under the present system
Mora Da roa Thu JUOM
At tbe olose of the play ot Nero at NIblos
lastlSuturday nlgbt fceymour Locke albrother
of Charles K Looke ono of tbe proprietors ot
the play Informed tbe supers that their salaries
for tho we k amounting to l3 would not bo
pad until Monday uluht Tlio supeis threat
cued to Hiiiach the ncunery and Mr Locke sent
to tbe Tenth product station for assistance
Five patrolmen and two ward detectives wora
sent to the theatre Tbe suptrs still clamored
for their salaries and Mr Locke was taken out
of tbe theatre under police protection The
men again threatened to destroy tbe sasnery
but the policemen finally quieted them and
ptrraadsd them to leave by the stage door
HI Bstlr Dr Kx rt Bis TUw
on < J 4my Ncwiimixr
Thero was k platform meeting last nhtht at
the Twentyfourth Btreot Methodist Church
and Col Elliott F Bhepard was among tho
I havo appnsared today oald ColSheo
erd before so many Methodist congrega
tions having mads speeches In two other
Methodist churches besides this that I begin
to think that 1 am a shouting Presbyterian
Then Col Shopard took occasion to upbraid
the Catholics Tho Roman Catholics ho
said ore constantly guilty ot idol worship
Idol worship Is going on today in the fine ea
thodral on Filth avenue Tbo Roman Catholics
sot forth a dead Christ The moment they say
that lift has risen they reduco him to tba condi
tion of a llttlo boy under tho tutelage of bis
mother Thoso aro the two ohlet doctrines ot
n dead Church Their congregations show tho
fruits of that kind ot religion They breaktha
Constitution of tbo United States In decreeing
that oensuro shall be put upon the members
of their churohch for political action
Then the Colonel took ashy at Gllmoros na
concert at that time going cm In tbo
rand Opera House Were It not for that
synagogue ol Satan near by be said your
umbers might ba larger thnn I hoy are whon
crossed Eighth avenue tonight I mot a great
crowd of poopl around tho Grand Opera
House and I was sure from their demeanor
that thoy were not going to church YOU
Hhould look out tor these ooople and prevent
them from doing those things aud then many
of themmight oume here
Tho Colonel told a story I want to take
you Into my confidence ho said When my
hair first began to turn gray 1 wont to n barber
about It Ho recommended n certain hair dye
and told me of a raau who bad ut > cd it with
good results Afterward I saw tht < man His
hair wan raven black 1 was strongly tempted
to try tbo remedy and then I remembered tlio
passage of bcrlpturo which says tbat < ou can
not make a hair ot your bead i Ithor white or
black I resolved not to use tho dye nnd niter
ward wns glad that I had beedol this pncsago
of Scripture wben 1 saw this man again and
was told by him that It required constant uss
of tho hair dye to keep bis hair from turning
Col shopard finally turned bis attention to
the Sunday newspapers
Today In going uu Third avenue he said
I snw a groat many people reading at the
windows IFdldnt see anybody reading a book
In not a single case dd anybody noern to ba
reading tbn Bible In every case but one tbe
person that was reading bad a newspapur
Dont yon know what tbe Sundays newspapers
contain How they are filled with sensation
alism and stories of crime of every kind 7 If
any one wero to feed upon the contents of the
sowers you would expect to fee their faces
covered with blotches And so whon anybody
roads tbe Sunday newspapers their minds aro
warped and made unfit for right thinking
Tbo reading of Sunday newspapers Is made
tho excuse for staving awar from the church of
Tnstlro Will TTndoahtedlr B the Nxl O >
capsiat of the Klcalrla ChMr
The stay of execution which Lawyer R J
Halre succeeded In getting on Saturday for his
client Murderer Joseph Wood the negro who
was to havo boon shocked to death some time
in the week beginning today was girerally
commented on yesterday and the Uwyer trot a
good many compliments for shrewdness
Whether he loses bis case on appeal or not he
has saved Wood from being tbo victim ot tba
second experiment of oloatrla execution
Juglio the Japanese who stabbed a man In
tho back will almost certainly be tbe next vic
tim of tbe locr His case has bean appealed to
tho highest court and It has been decided
against him He bas no other chance He
Will ho brought down from Sing Slug today
by Warden Brush and Recorder Smyth will
rescutence him to death Under tho law tho
execution of tho sentence cannot tako place In
less than four weeks from tbe time of tho sen
tence and must not be put off more than olght
weeks In tho cases that dive come buioro tho
Recorder heretofore he bas made tbe date of
execution as early as tbo law has allowed
There is no reason to suppose be will not do
tbo fame In tht ease and if be does tho mur
derer may be killed before the new year
Juglro baa been a good priaonor since ho bos
been at Sing Sing The Rev Father Creoden
the pastor of tbe village Catholic church has
tried to convert him to the Catholic faith but
ba failed Whon Jnglro was flr > t taken to tbe
prison the priest took an interest in him He
came to New York and bought n Japanese
book which be gave to him Juglro was
thankful for that ana he has dona vary little
but read It since PrlnclpalKeeper Oonnongb
ton says he must have read tbe book through
at least forty times Juglro Is not confined
with tho other murderers There are onlr
four cells in the old death house and he was
the fifth condemned man to be taken to
the prison There was no room for him
In the denth bouse so he was put in
n cell In tbe part of the prison used as a hos
Rltal He can speak only a few words of Eng
sh He seldom speaks to bis guards He was
cheerful until tbe day lost week tbat tbe Su
preme Court decided be must die lie thsn It
is said became sullen suddenly Be had not
beard tbe news ret he seemed to knew what
was coming He got very much downhearted
and paced bis cell a good deal He has
brightened np a little In tbe last few days but
he is not nearly as cheerful as ho was two
weeks ago The machinery Is all ready and
the chair is unpacked ready to be put In place
It is probable however tbat experiments will
be tried this month and some cattle may be
killodbut nothing definite has been decided on
Bnt She Dldac Want Her Mother to KKOW
Bhe Had Drawn SIT Frois he Bank
Miss Harriot E Donnln a pretty young
colored girl ol 175 FortOreeno plaoeBrooklyn
got herself Into unexpected trouble with tho
Dime Savings Bank authorities on Saturday
and was surprised In consequence found her
self a prisoner in Police Justice Tlghes Court
About a month ago ber mother deposited 200
in the bank to tho credit of her daughter with
the understanding that tbe latter was to allow
the money to accumulate for a couple of years
before drawing out any of tbo principal or
interest Subsequently Miss Dennln went to
Baltimore on a visit to somo friends and eh
took tbe bank book along
Mrs Dennln being In need of some ready
money wrote to ber daughter asking ber to
make out a check for the amount and also 10
forward tbe bank book Miss Denntn promptly
compiled with tbe request and on Thursday
last her mother went to tbe bank with the
check and tho book Paying Teller Franksn
berg discovered tbat a page containing tho en
try of tbe payment ot 17 to Miss Deunln bad
been out out ol tbe book and another page
inserted The paying teller sunptcted
tbat no bad unearthed a discovery to
defraud the bank and returning the
book and check told Mrs Dennln to send for
ber daughter bhe did BO and the latter ar
rived on Saturday She went to the bank and
professed entire lircoranco of how tho page in
ber bank book bad disappeared
Subsequently however ehe confessed to
Police Superintendent Campbell that she bad
cut out tbo page for tho purpose of deceiving
her mother as to tho diawing nt tbo 17 The
girl was taken before Justice Tlcho who dis
charged her ou bearing ber explanation
A Hoselck Imulvranli Observation la
Au usta Lagenberger a homesick and epi
leptic Immigrant tried to kill herself yester
day In the coal cellar at 20 Irving place She
was a servant lu Dr Franz Ueuels family at
tbat address Bhe cut berselt on the left tem
ple and l ft wrist with a case knlfo She Is In
Bollovuo getting over It Bhe had written a
letter to Hermine Hasenhausrl Mariaspriwr
Oottlngen Germany It begins
My dear aunt and uncle Tho heading is a
mother without a heart
Continuing Augusta tells of landing at Now
York with her mother Bertha and complains
thst the latter who Is in Denver does not
write to her Tho girl tells ot wording for a
Jewess wbo told her to got Into a loss aristo
cratic family and learn something
In Americannobas to wear white npiona
Instead of bjuo sbe writes I had to luce the
ladys corsets when sho went out Bhe wanted
them laced tight She was an old lady 60 yes
old Her husband la a stone mason and wa
formerly a dgarmakcr He now owns tine
HI rather Crime Xeealls
Robert Dobson a lad of 17 lately a hall boy
In the apartment bouse 84 West Twentyfourth
street was held or trial In 1000 ball at tbe
i BoDsonTs V sogof PMksnbam
1 blM 1 Jn JTombs yard for wife
ytiJ l n V or aga The
Wrt Cr r When III 11 fn r Hayed i
JOIIIT Nov 30The murderer Joseph No
vak bas become Insane over bis essapa trom
the gallows He was to have been banged on
Friday He bad no thought that a auMna
dsas would b granted him anf tn
been to completely unbalance filsT n > Ind Tbu
he 8
ward tt tSeijuel I Ha
No 90 A farmer n msj
Pnrdy who lives on tbl shore of Lake K ns
lisd a flock ot eleven geoo The geese epoot a
great deal of their timeIn tho lake A week
ago a flock ot a dozen vl lid geesowrro firing
southward over the lal > < nnd fleeing Iurdyg
tame Bees swimming about In the wnter
Circled about and alighted In the lake among
them Then ensued a noisy honking and
cackling to and fro between the wild towij
and the domestic ones and wbllo It was going
on Farmer Pnrdy hurried from his work In
his vlnsyard to his house after n gun with
tho Intention ot bagging a wild goono K poi
Bible Hoforo he got back near cnotcli to
get a shot at the goose they arose from lh
Pnrdy was not surprised nt that but Tvhin hs <
saw his flock of tame goeso flop nbout fa ih
water for a few seconds nnd then rlso up nnd
follow thr flock of wild ones oft toward lh
south bo was so dumbfounded that the ceose
were n mllonway before ho was able toexprc i
his opinion ot tbo proceeding In langunee nin
whero strong enough tn tit tbo subject The
wild geese and tho fugitive tamo Hock disap
peared In tho dlstanco nnd Fariniu PnrdviaU
dilated but he was out just til worth of
gooso and 5 worth of gomo feathers
On Thanksgiving rooming Purity discovered
flock of gcoso approaching from thn south
e thougntltwas iiuerthnt vtlldgfo e Mioul
Do returning northward at this tlmo ot Mr
and wben tbe flock dropped Intnttiu Inkorlcbt
In front ot his vlnoymd bo roiolvolti fP a
little revenge for tho loss of bis tamngwsn K
he could Ho got his gun and ncakvu down
to the lake The uoo e woro llopnlti1 tliolr
wlngn nnd cnckllng awny aslf Inn imst rn
joyablo trnmo of mind Pwontly tho stnried
for shoro and Purdy was surprised to eo
them climb ont nt thn wntnr and start iicnxj
the vlnnyarl toward tbo toimn a
blazed awav and knocked one of the
geesoover Tn his still greater ptirpn > > tlin
rest nt tbe flock did not tulo wine bnt hurri d
on toward tho house Mill the liirnur mm
rooted nothing and gavn tho flock Ins ccund
barrel knocking over another RIIOKO Th re t
kept right on < ackllng with fright tovr ml mo
houO It was not until they had entered t a
yard and grouped themiohot nt tho hao iloor
that the truth broke In upon Fmmorlndy
Then he felt tbnt he ought lo < ro oITomo hero
and mmnon hlm ell with both feat
Them dyliur geeno nro mlns como bnclc
again 1 bo ptclnlmod And hero Ive gone
and bunged two of om full ol loal 1
It was true After a weeks abson the
farmers geese had returned to I ho homo ilry
bad so strangely deferred Hnwfirt n ni
gone with tutor wild rolutlies of COUIM w ll
never bo known but thuy Imd evidently tired
of that sort of a llfo nnd bad turned their
beads northward and with wnndorlul Inntinrt
come ba k to tho nhico who o thoy wro hutch
ed It was n deadly welcome tbnt two o them
received but the other nine nro plainly is
jolced to be back at tholr old home
Msrnr Visitor The Crew Welcome he
Warmer IVeufher
Yesterday was warm enough to make life en
durable for tbe nen on the Brazilian war ships
A cool breeze swept over tbe Highlands and
kept the manycolored flngon thoAquldaban
pretty well straightened out but the Run was
warm The policy of letting tho men do M they
please until tbo weather Is moro to their liking
was responsible for nn unfa arable Iraprei slnn
tn tho minds of mimy persons who visited the
Aquldaban Naval vessels are usually remark
able for spick aud span order mid when the
first glance ot tho deck of tbo big Brazilian
ship showed tba visitors stains and spots and
refuse they rated the vessel far below th < so
further up the rivor that boro tho American
flog There was nobody on board wbo coffld
speak English oll enough to explain the rea
son A peep Into thn enblu nnd staterooms
however generally removed this bad impres
sion for the sei vnnts on board kept things be
low In good order
All tbe rowLoats launche and tugs whose
owners had an eye for business wero driving
their craft to and from the Aquidabnn Ihe
fare chnrged was t onlylive cents nnd the
pockets oil tbe bluevhlrted watermen wero
bulging with silver when the day closed
Manr women visited the Aquldaban nnd early
In the afternoon tbe big war ship looked like a
pleasure vessel Amidships on tb starboard
side where tbo sun shone H Brazilian brna
band pirfved national airis Tbey at on lou
wooden benches placed so as to form three
sides uf a square In tbe centre stood the
leader dressed In a short thin coat buckled
tightly at tho waist and a cap that drooped
over his ears He blew vlclou ly but musically
Into a cornet and kept time with bead and feet
The band consisted chletly of cornets but one
proud man struck jingling drops of musle
from n triangle n bile another whanged a drum
Tbe band spoke a language tbat everybody
undorntood and all listened with pleasuio
Once when the musicians held themsolve In
and played a dreamy waltz rather eottly sev
eral of tbe visitors fell to dancing and this
tokon of appreciation at once brought Into
view the shining teeth ol tbo players
None of the nltlcors know Ut whon Admiral
de Bllvolra will return from Waoblofrton Onn
of them said I am not sure but I think be
will return on Tuesday So far as I Know we
shall remain hero until the contemplated term
of our visit expires I imagine that we t > ball
not sail until next Saturday at the earliest
Th Brazilian In Waihtnsctoii
WASHINOIOK Nov 80 Tbe Brazilian naval
officers tbls morning attended mass at St
Mathows Church and at 1 oclock lunched with
the Brazilian Minister In the afternoon tin r
ylsltedtbo places of Interest In nnl near the i
city Tomorrow morning they will go to An
napollH and Inspect tbe Naval Academy They
will return to Washington In the afternoon
and at night a dinner will be given them by
Secretary Tracy
Forty fioy IB the Dllllard Room 4
AgentsJMoore and King of the Childrens So
ciety aided by a squad of police raided the
Charllon House saloon at Fortyninth street
and Eleventh avenuo on Saturday nlgbt
Forty boys were found In tbe back room play
ing cards and pool smoking cigarettes and
drinking Frank Appel tbo proprietor and
Thomas Proctor William Spear und Josei b
Bobledenbnrg three of the boys wero arruste1
Yesterday Appel was held at tbe Yorkvllle Io
lice Court In 500 for trial and the boys wer
detained as witnesses
Tried to Cut HU 3lolh rH Tbrnnr
PLAIKFIELD Nov 80 James Donohuo a
IE wbo lives with bis parents in West Third
street was arrested early tbls morning on a
charge of attempting to cut his mothers throat
with a carving knife He ran away from home
about ten days ago but he was captured la
Newark and returned to his parents Mrs
Donphue scolded whereupon he attempted to
out ber throat He will be coin mil ted to tbe
reform school
A Marked BUI la III PosiesIon
Max Paris umbrella clerk at Altroans was
held in 100 ball In the Tombs Police Court
yesterday for not accounting for the money
received for umnrellas Ho was detected by
means ot a marked bill which was pitd In for
aa umbrella by a pretended purchaser He
was searched after the transaction and tno
bill was found In bis possession Ho aa vu ball
laerease la Isanslgratloa
During November 81777 immigrants were
registered at tbe Barge Office Tbls exceeds
tba Immigration for the same month last yenr
by 878 The Immigrants were In good physi
cal condition and bad moro monoy than any
wbo arrived In any preceding November lor
many years
Conrt Calendar ThU Da
Sgrmisn rocst QSHSSIL T Ilc continued
CutHstiu Moilon cslsnair Nos I to SA sllit
st it oclock irwui TssKprt I No ds c l nO r
No a r osJsnilsr fart III NOTsmTsr Isiinii us un
Orahsm Ml Csxlsion Iart IV Has i < Lv5i t
744 8UI M7l U 7 ltt7 IM > 1 S 7 S
8u soo Tii COBST Will of Jsns U MslTllle inino A
IU estsis of Ouilst Udily II A M Ho probits csJsn
BorsiiosOoti T ji sv Aj i Istndttr for Dtttre
b r flmui T uL0 mvrm Ncw 01 trj iu n i
Etvirr T iv < itodar ol CMM rtwrred mntrftllr
Wrgr y V n r
ffitiii 7 tSimfrXJvt i2ienfd Mnii
sUl IIL NOC WK 874 Boi 814 lOti KMi 1711 47j t 4 t
ci2M > I IO SSUL TiEMVAdlounsd CD til ibis
XM Smut Tumi CsisniUr lor Iicmur lgtitr
STli 1Urj l srabsr Tsui TUSKPurl I
vrt II > h MI i <
7x 4 u < H < t > i u A
115 4H 4J lit
> 7houoB TSUI T UL

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