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w > Mf i 1 ll < iiSl zn
PJT t 3 h W > a 1 r iJ > rW d
f t r T ip n7 j N v f > j h <
jNOAWt jarzAixa nit rounoy ov
nix oao BTOJS xra tones Le
0 0 I VnKlMrmMjr Oppo t Law
pad ComM Nwt Ha Vote tor the Forte
Bill V lee > 1 B4 Be u AH 4 t
jr > B4ai A pprprltI am P4 by
I ke HwaiUwllh lb re of F < nlon At
toru IR BMk Cue Kateed 81
WisnrxoTOt FebIAmool the bills re >
potted 10 the Sonata today and placed on the
eiUndar not one increasing the pension of
OOT Ousters widow to 10 per month and I
IDe rr otOR a pension to the widow of the Into
Otn Daulel MoKlbben with a amendment
rtdnoiBK the amount from 1100 to 5 per
Ur Iniolls Hep Ken rising to a personal
ctatement eatd alt he bed bon absent from
of the Senate during the
ti leulims dura past two
Mks ID which Interval action had been taken
on the oloture and on the Election bill lila
attitude on both these questions had been the
subject of comment and oeniute and of ani
madversion On the day of his departure after
consultation with Mr Allison on whom h had
been aooDitomed to lean In every hour of need
he bad left with Mr Casey who had charge of
Ibe pain of absentees a note Baring I
ebonld rote against the proposed change of
the rulM and should vote for a motion to pro
reed t the consideration of any other than the
flection bill and am paired accordingly with
Penator Allison who Is at liberty to ote to
make a quorum Ho lad he had been 00
posed unalterably opposed to the adoption of
the clottire for Dan reasons sufficient and
satisfactory to himself There wero those
present who knew ha many months ago
while occupying he t chair In the absence of
the VloePreslilont he resisted many urgent
Importunities and many strenuous solicita
tions to cooperate In that direction by methods
which he then believed and now believed were
revolutionary and subversive ot the funda
mental principles ot constitutional
Oental oooaltutonal govern
ment lie had not since eeen any ocou
ton to chance or modify hU convictions
lIe was now aud always hud been In favor of a
just anil Impartial election law dlreoted alike
against forcu awl fraud nonpartisan and ap
plicable euually to nil parts ot the nation The
measure under consideration however did
not In many of Its details receive tlie sanction
ot bin judgment It appeared to hi m to b
cumbrous complicated obscure In many of
luprotislons and difficult of application I
subordinated the judiciary to political control
tad opened the Treasury to Indefinite expendi
ture without requisite supervision and In vio
lation In his judgment ot the spirit I not of
the letter of tbo provision of the Constitution
that declared tuft no money shall b drawn
out of the Treasury except In consequence
of appropriations mode by law In order to
guard against the enactment of such a meas
ure into law In his absence and without
imendment which bo regnrded as e lent 1
to prevent dangers nut leas distinct than tliose
which I was Intended to obviate be had re
rmed tbo rlaht to yote In bin absence re
Ibore Republicans who favored the considera
tion of other Important measures unless those
modifications Nero mode He had no arrange
ment agreement or uiulorstandlug express
or Implied direct or Indirect remote or con
llniirnt 10 have his veto counted against COl
Issue of the Election bill nnd In that
Mutoment ho was convinced that be
would be confirmed and corroborated
17 I tbo Senator from low He was
M ready now at he had always bean
to rroceed with lie consideration and with
modifications which He hnd always believed
tssentlul to support It to the end lie had
teen a KepuMlean since the party was boro
n < 1 bad voted without vailablenesi or
ha vote 1lbout 1allablonesl
shadow of turning for every llepuhllcan can
didate During that period bo bud never es
poused cause which he believed to b wrong
because It was popular and had never refused
In advocate a cause which he believed to be
rlelit because itwa unpopular He bad re
cently expressed no opinion on political
SociaL or economic questions which ha
tad not long entertained and to which
a had not given frequent utterance
In tne Senate chamber and elsewhere
hats related that the reels Jerusalem had
been ktpt clean by ever man oweeplng bofoe
his own door and he commended to the self
sonstltuted guardians of the consciences of
their auoclatesoutsldo of the Senate chamber
that they nhuuld obnervo a more frugal pru
dent end guarded husbandry their disap
probation Those leaders who had conducted
the most powerful political organisation
known in American history to the most stu
Eandous and overwhelming disaster received
In 1 Its annuls might well pardon those who
were disposed to donbt the Infallibility of their
Judgment I they were wise they would
be less prescriptive and more tolerant
of differences of opinion among their usuo
opinin 0180
iats on Questions of opinion on which dlflVr
nces might be allowed especially amoig
those whoso devntion to human liberty hau
never been questioned and hose constancy I
ind fortitude had been exposed to tests ai
known even at least A any which they ever had
Mr Allison Rep Iowa deemed it due to
himself to say that nn every occasion when ho
had the opportunity be ecr Mated distinctly
that I ho bad no pair with Mr Ingalls on votes
respecting the Election Dili
Tan Ieuson Appropriation bill was taken
Aplroprlnton bi a
op 1 appropriates ior pensions for tho roar
M33173ub5 for foo1 and > eneto examin
ing surgeons flMOOUO for salnrlos of efgh
teen renslon agents 172000 and for cleric
hire t UMMIO
The later item ii 1 Ireeased by an amend
Slint or tneCommlttfo on Appropriations to
HWOOII Anoilior amendment reported from
tba ci uunllteo ulrlkos out the proviso limiting
la < 2 the tompfiiB M I ion of I pension attorney
ind Inserts In lieu of it 1 proviso llmlilni such
lomiirnsntlon to f 1 tho Inner amendment
taio rise to I Miry long discussion
MrOunr Ior 1n moved to add a proviso
thll I shad not Hpplr in any earn cow pending
flier thorn Is an ei Istlnc linvliilcoiitrnct nnd
tlr i octroi Worn Mol innvnd to add to Mr
IR8 nin nlin > nt tho words In wrltne on
she In his JHI nrtinant Mr Cnclcrolls amend
re t Wil dlMiurced to und Mr Quays was
11111 to II
WlVkroll moved to Insert nprovlco that
tSraaIier no too or rnmennton fur any ten
lion aiiorner ic aucut thall he totnlnrd out of
nllpwanco for pensions There wns
bother Inn 1cI8lon upon tho amendment
rhibii waR llnally dlsagrred toyeos 20 nova
18 th vote bolna Ilh Ided ou stiiot p irty lines
Tie provision at to reiihlou Rttomoyh1 lurs
lelhlon RtorUtf
U It now niaMds liirlildB the recolpt of amy
Mniiitusation iindHr existing law etceedlg
Lmiu I any claim for Increasp of venion cedhl
fount of lnrren 01 ill atlllty or exceeding 10
UI I any claim lander Clan act of June 27 iml9hJ
md alan forlililu tho Allowance of
til 10rhl18 l01ouce comp nsa
lion for cervices in securing the POUHOCO ot
lay sreelnl pension act on nnv 08010 has
i 51 I presented a tlin 1entlon Office nrwbero
I nenolon Is allowable under general IHWH lint
Ibis provision is not to apply to nov oaso now
leodlnt where there is nn existing lawful con
IreL el61nl 1lul COl
Iet Corkrell ofTored an amondmont provld
Corkrl olered
Incthathornnftcr no pension slmll ho allowed
Dr told to any once noncommissioned offl
Ir or prlvnto In the array navy or marine
nl rorlno
10tt either on Ibo active or retired 111 t The
lm ndm nt wa agreed to without n division
All the committee nmftndmeni having been
JStf loi tbo bill was pofsed Mr Btewnrt not
i < u < rliig the amendment of which In had given
nleo > 10 Insert the Free Coinage bill
Ire ColnRle
sSB beast then no mnIi or Ir Blair
1111 X nI l took up the House bill to provldn
< n the adjustment ol accounts of Inimrors
Somkmn i a n 1r rCrs
Igbiiiour t rj law
fllair stated the facts and cIounstnnoae
hOh formed the basis 01 the huh sloocl I f UIU
it tl ba1 been estimated that I would ireiiulro
20 10 pay these claims but his own
tfiifllo tfrff nwaa that It would require a larger
mir Jawes flop Bins I gave notice of an
K > iniiment In the way nf a substitute requir
IMpayment for overtime notwithstanding
Iqr IremClt ro ovrtm Dotwltletundlnl
i ltrMorll I ep < Vt Ilolld that tbe bill wn
0 llDDOrlant a measure to bo considered and
disposed 01 II the mere 8elI0 01 a tiny Ue
deled 10 address tb BIlot upon I tomor
low Zonfuing and bo esked that the bUt be
I IhJJln r 1 It wit so ordered
be OlN bill to authorize the oonslruolJon
lIUOOII I under the water of the bay of New
sock teIWen the town of Mlddletonn In the
IPvatT ox Jflfbrrond and the town nt New
b1t ft < vt t In the county of Kings lu the State of
1 lork and to establish the same as a post
t0111 was taken np and passed
luJOUrnd fter a shot xecutlB session tho Senate
rnlnagn amendment to the paragraph provld
for for the recolnage of gold ana silver coins I
The amendment Is as follows
That sit lioliltr of ailttr bullieS of StasilleC wIeht
554 nnentM rliailbt nlltlM I to hare the tam enlnil
Into mr r dollars en the m t rmi ant cundltloa a s
au now protiJ lee 115 holdtrt ot 1 Alii bullion
Mr Dlnnley mar Ieal I rained a point of or
deragnlnst the amendment and rinding a
burned decision the committee rose and the Ilonso ad
Tb IIonM or eprenU
OB motion of Mr McKinley Hep Ohio by
sa nlmous consent I was ordered that during
tbl remainder of the session the House shall
B Nt t al tllA M bul
Tile House then went Into Committee of the
Whole Ur Payionof Illinois In the chair on
Ibo > Sundry Civil Appropriation bill
O Chl Appropratou bil
General debate was postponed until the
ftm making nn appropriation lor the Worlds
hllr mraon evponsea was reached when
D Wu nlroed owing to the lateness a of the
ui ° nvirruvr that tie debate should be pop lod un
Jl iilund lom Mo offered a sliver fro
o M Fernm Talks or It pt U Conpe
tlllon wllli Other Cenntrle
WiiniKOTO Feb 5A delegation of the
officers of the State Farmers Alliance now in
session In this city beaded by 1rcsldcnt Polk
of Die National Alliance awaited Ibo opening
of the hearing of the House Coinage Committee
tee this mornltig President Folk said their
purpose was to urge prompt action on the Sil
ver bill by the oommlttce The difficulty ns to
when bearing should cease was Immediately I
enconnteied Mr Bland wanted a day Ilxed
Mr Vaux wanted nothing to be done which
would prevent a hearing to b given to the
Philadelphia Board of Trade next Wednesday
John M Forbes of Now York who li I engaged
In thoChlna and India trade said that all our
exchanges In silverusing countries wece goy
evened by tho gold value ot silver In London
Wheat cotton and oil were our chief exports
nnd its our chief competitors in these articles
were India Kcypt nnd Iliissla trado would be
ferlnnsly airectod by silver Itfulslntloti With
these uniinttlos tbo blillud States Is alteady on
n silver basis Our cotton wheat and oil ate
measured by the value ot the ptodncts 01 our
sllvotiislnit competitors for the valnn ot limo
wholo of stay commodity was governed by the I
value of Its exports Hunpose he said
that by legislation the United Slates
raises the Vliut of silver to 129 or 25 per
cent This country would not get the benefit
01 the whole of that but It la well within the
fiats to assume that wo could get ten per cant
or It That would amount to nn Increase In
the valws 01 our wheat crop of tlSuooooo In
our cotton crop ot 4iuiooooo and In our
petroleum product of til600noo The silver
law of lat Congress Intronsed the trade with
China at leant 20 per cent He did not believe
pr fnt bleo
sliver would flow her from Mlveruslug
countries if the mint were opened without
thing limit exported because currency was always the last
Mr liland then moved that hearings close
Thursday ot next Uove Mr Walker disa
vowed any intention to smother the bill but
declared he would insist on bearings until t
July nextlt need bo In ordor to get 1nl
foi mallin necessary lOA proper determination
of It The free colunco men he asserted could
lose nothing by this because they would ba
stronger In the next Congress than in Ibis Mr
rOO18r and Mr Walker declared that they
onnld not meet ottener than three t daya In the
week and on a yea and nay vote an amend
ment limiting the mooting days to three a
week proposed by Mr Walker to Mr 1
liams motion was adopted by a vote of 7 to I
Mr Vjloux voting with tbe frame coinage men
th nnd 0 Mr Wlckham the ohaliman against
The free coinage Republican Senator have
dddol that they will not press the amend
ment offrrwl yesterday to the Pension Appro
prlutlrn bill by Benalor Stewart in tho shape
of I free coinage provision The reason for
this decision Is n fear that sentimental consid
erations may cause the loss of votes In cases
where SenltorRor hiepresentetivee have strong
soldier constituencies I IK probable that the
effort will be made to attach the Ir roltmirn
rider to some other general appropriation bill
whore the same factors would not enter into
the matter
Ownbey Testimony Contradicted by a New
York Broker
WASHINGTON Feb 5In the silver pool In
vestigation todayJ L Cunningham a broker
of Now York city toMlflcd that bo had never
stated to Ownbey nor had Ownbey over stated
to him that Congressmen or Government offi
cers were intorostod in silver rpeoulatlon
Ownboy asked witness to put up a margin for
him on a silver purchase but witness refused
ak What security did he offer Mr Oates
He supposed I presume that the silver
would piotrt itsolt responded witness
Jawbone wan nil the margin bo over had to
pit up That is tAlk He was a vocal capi
Witness denied In toto Ownbeys statements
that he bud employed witness to come to
Washington and secure Information in com
pensation for the payment of money Ownbey
owed him Own boy never employed him for
any purpose nnr had be employed Ownbey
Witness bath never speculated In sliver himself
and hud no knowledge with regard to specula
tion by Congressmen Ownbeys standing was
not high and whether witne would lelleve
him on oath wiuM depend on something else
than Owuboys statement
The Preildcnt by PracUntatlon Annoance
tbe Conclusion of aD Agreement
WAHniNQTox Feb 5The President today
published a proclamation announcing that an
agreement has born reached with Brazil for
reciprocity between that country and the
United Btate Tie proclamation says that In
consideration of the admission into the United
States of the articles enumerated In sections
nf the McKlnley Tariff bill to wit sugars mo
leases coffee and hides the Government of
Ur ull I A by legal enactment authorized the
admission from and after April 1 1691 Into
nil the established ports of entry of Brazil free
of all duty whether natonal State or muni
cipal of the following articles of merchandise
provided that Ibo nmt b tho product and
manufacture ot the United States ot America
loru or iiiaur and the manofMtir Ihtrtot olad
log corn mol and larch
Inl barley I ear I Hour buckwheat bnokwbtat flour and
rntatoM bam and peas
iii and naiL
port al1 including pickled pork and bison s
CIII hams
tUlL Id drl > I or pickled
C iton > r IAH
lon miihracli and Mlnmlnon
iioin tar pitch and turn iliac
Avrtnittural lint Iropltiniiiit and roaemntry
WTnlnK and mcbtirai i toes taaplmnle and mj
chlntrr liionutlnKiitailon > ryan < l pnrtaul nictnti niiil
all machinery for rnaiiuracinriuic and iudatiial l pur
HUMI M ntMwlnif maclilner
Inrtramenli Situ loOks lo Iha aril and cinreL
nar constructIon material aol enulrmtnt
proclamation nlso says that Brarll ba
by legal enactment further nut hot zed the ad
mission Into nil the established ports of entry
of lirall with a 1ctlon of as per coot ot
thedutyde lcnatedon the respective articles
lu thq tarlir now lu romeo or wntcl may note
after bo adopted in llrniIL whether national
Hate or municipal of f the artlcleslor merchiiu
dlse named In Ibo foilowlniniehrdulo provided
that tile sumo he tho product or manufacture
o the United States nl America
tnril ant iiibtllut IlKrcfor
n inn linnn
hluitttr amid cheese
lalic fanneil and rreiirvod ntttf Aih fruits and ragS I
annCacturrf of cotton Inrludlnff rottnn clnitilnff
ManniKonrei of Iron slit rirel ilnle or lalxd not i
InHUltil lu ill foregoing free iclieduie
Lntutr LaO Hit manufacture tli > rof zitpt oooti I
ltifnif Umber anti the ni nuf purmof aced In
eightS i OflhPIttIC i furniture of aI iluOi wafoni carI
mil rarrlsrI
Manufacture of robber
And tbe Government nf nraTll baa further
provided that the laws and regulations ndopt
ed to protect Its I revenue and nre ent Iraiid In
the declaration anti proof that the articles
named in tho foregoing schediies are the
product or ninnufflcttire of the United Klntes
01 America shall place no unduo restr elton
on this Importer nor impose any nddltlnnnl
rlmrges ot fees therefor on the articles Imported
New BruncnUk Wants Reclproclly
ST Joint N B Fob 5A strong crusade In
favor of untestrlcted reciprocity trill be waged
by the Liberal candidates for the Dominion
Parliament No part of Canada bns suffered
1 much uuaor tbe national policy as tbe mar
itime provinces The leIs of manufaotuiers
about 6f John are being obtained its to Ibe
effect of unrestricted trade with the United
hiatessinop the newtnrlff bill went In oopf ra
tion Tlie lime trade In canicular lies suf
fered both as to the extent of shipments aud
profits realized A large amount of American
capital Invested In tbll enterprjjie The ver
dict Is that the duty must cume off or Bt John
kilns which had begun tn mulflpry rapidly be
fore the passagn of the McKinley bill will not
open In the spring
Population ofBoathtrm Alaska
WASHISQTOX Feb 5Tbe Census Dureau
will soon Issue a bulletin upon tbo subject of
the population of southern Alaska lying be
tween the flftyllfth and sixtieth parallels or
what may be termed the tourists Alaska The
superficial area of the district Is estimated at
about 28000 square mile about that of
MaIn but the navigable waterways between
Its Islands and shores have an aggregate length
of from two thousand to three thousand miles
Nearly nil 101 the settlement with the excep
tion ofItinpaii Chllkat Hnd a few smell min
I im und llshlnt ramps arc located on Islands
Tlin J oral i population N h given as Jlii29 lint lull
returns vylll doubtless Increase the number for
the 10 111 Territory to about 110 of the
population as tar as ascertained 4401 are
white 82 black 1IWI mixed 11735 native and
21Ji Chlnejo Ibo number of children of
school age In this district ls 7C3tf and the
average daily attendance nt school Is 82f The
total number of males over 21 a ot age
native born or naturadrod by treaty or other
wise who would bo entitled to vote should
A MiA have a representative government is
Vcu 01 whom 69 are among the transients
Things or Interest Iloprrnlnc In cad Out
of tie nol erConeres
WAIIHMOTOX Feb 5TIie fight for free f liver
ver has now been transferred to tie House and
the ciltls In the situation may como tomor
row Tho silver men tonight are claiming
that the have moro than enough votes to get
Mr BlnndR free coinage amendment to the
Sundry Civil Appropriation bill properly be
rote tbe House and to adopt It The silver light
was sprung In the House suddenly Among
the items In the Sundry Civil bill Wni one
of 120000 to enable the Secretary of the
Treasury to recoin United States gold and sil
ver coin Tlit present law I merely relates to
gold coin and Mr Bland cleverly took advan
tage ol tbo circumstance by moving a dee
coinage proposition as an addition to the pro
vita Mr DingIer railed n point of order
against Mr Pat son of Illinois who was tn
the chair end Is Inclined toward silver asked
for Information from both tides be
fore passing on the question Mr lan
called attention to the fact that lila amend
ment merely mado unlimited that which was
already authorlred by law and Insisted that
therefore tho point of order could nut lo
against his amendment tie was supported
In his view by lllount of Georgia and other
good parliamentarians on the Democratic side
and Cannon Buttorwortb and othors took the
opposite view Most of the republicans hnd
already let the house ant Cannon fearing
that on a vote he would ba defeated moved
that the committee rlso and tho liouie nd
mum This was done and the subject comes
up tomorrow when a decision must bo announced
nounced by the Chairman < From this decision
there will be an appeal whichever way the
nuestlon Is passed upon so that 1 vole must be
taken In the House It is feared that a
uumbor of freecoinage Hepubllonnc will not
vote for tbe proposition but tbe vote will show
on whom the free silver men can rely under
4n and all circumstances Antisilver mon
3ny AnUslv 101
declare that they would prefer that the Sundry
Civil bill should fall rather than this amend
ment should be made a part or It and Presi
dent Harrison would doubtless veto lresl I
with this clause In It especially as tho Sundry
Civil and IJellclency bills are the only appio
prlatlon meaeuKM the failure of which would
not entail nn extra session
Tho latest effort of the silver Senators to
force the adoption of a frea coinage bill will
now probably await tho action ot the House
Senator Btewar who yesterday Introduced
the Senate Sliver bill as a amendment to the
Pension Appropriation bill withdrew it to
day I Mr Bland falls in the House he
will reintroduce It as an amendment to
some other appropriation measure I Is I
doubtful however whether U would receive
enough votes to secure Its adoption The tubs
of the Senate are just as explicit against the
attaching of riders to appropriation bills an
the House rules aro They provide that io
general legislation l shall be attached t au appropriation
propriation bill and that no Irrelevant matter
shall be Included and tba qnotton of roll
vancy is left to the Senate to decide Of cOlr
I the sliver benRtor could mu tar enough
votes to pass the Silver bill I would seem
thAV nnliI nat a anflinlanf enmhnr n AD
that the Stewart amendment la relative l to the
subject of nn appropriation bill The fact is i
however that the Senators are ery timorous
of adopting rule that overturn all precedent
and that lolate existing standing rules and It
Is probable that the Stewart amendment If it
came to a voto might be beaten forthat reason
I Is stated tonight by an intimate friend of
President Harrison that be has determined
to turn down Senators Hoar and Dawos and the
Massachusetts Mugwumps and appoint Post
masterGeneral Wauamakors candidate to b
Postmaster at Boston The candidate Is Mr
Thomas at present Superintendent of Malls In
llnston file appointment will be In 1 way a
concession to civil service reform ns he has
been In Ibo postal service for 1 number of
years unadulterated and is well Kanubllpnn qualified He is however an
The President has sent to the Benate the fol
lowing nominations
1100ol0orl R Wright of New York at Prescott
John I > Waller of Kama tamatave
roeuna > t ri NaeaMbnwtu J Krarte Urn at
Worcester Rhode Lad W M Graham at BrleioH
Connecticut Richard John at Bufflelds Cbarir A Mrt
land at Dtep Ricer and William I B Rich at Ureenwlohi
New York UMirte G Iotter at uloferiTtlm NewJtr
lv Man In W Hutbard at Princeton Vllllam A Hop
wuoo Hi at Pattnon and Adolih Ilatlemerer at Rl lop
Chairman hilt of tbo House Committee on
Foreign Affairs today reported Ibo following
nnnirra That the nembera of the lou of Rept
Mntattvei of the United State bar beard with Dr
round sorrow the rpor of Ibe nDerinci of tbeJw
In Russia and ihla sorrow In Inteniined by tho fact that
Barb oreurreno thnniil happen In a ronntrr which li
and bag ha Men toe friend ut the United Mate and
which emancipated rallllone or its prople from aerfdom
and which dfftnde1 heipleea rhrUtlan In the Eaut
from Mreecvtlon tar their rellflon and we earneaitr
liapetoat the human and niiihtenediptrlt then > o
strIkingly ihown by bla Imperial Majetty will now be
inanireited In cheoktax and mltlf atlnir the lever meu
Ire dlrot4 11041 nen ot be Jewish religion
Representative Owen the Chairman of the
lou Immigration Committee expects to
report to the House this week the results ot
the committees Investigation Into the charges
connected with the treatment of Immigrants at
the Darlo OOce I IB t understood that the
committee found that the assertions contained
In the letter of Chaplain Drum were greatly
exaggerated and that the administration of
Superintendent Weber was kind and humane
Tbe council of the Farmers Alliance and In
dustrial Union had under discussion this after
noon a resolution looking to the betterment of
the agricultural and commercial Industries of
the country and after a lively exchange nt
lewB It was adopted The resolution Is ai
Whrtni Of tbe lure treat Indutrl of the United
Stale t agricultural th commercial and the mann
facturlnff the Oral two are In the mOIl iteprewm aisle
Therefore with ii Tier 1 to th betterment or the coodi
tioti be U
Kriiiml That the fedilittlT Commute of the Na
tional yarmr and Tal Ion be reqneited to
rrepare a bill for prrKiiiailon to the prexutor the
following I ontreti coiiwluinc the pro aloD that all
Vaeia 1 built nd an1 manned liy citizens of tlie
United Statee that carrrtull outgoing oarvnri in b deter
mined by the tonnavaoCthe TM eU twothlrdt of which
at lent null conilut or home agricultural Drmlucta
ahall fallowed to enter aol discharge their flaming
cargoes provlleil sail eariro > hll consist nt manu
factured products at any part of lime Untied Kiaten r free
of all oititonie ilntlra That we nre persnadxl that luch
a measure l05ril onrrlid ogt In detail will I not onlr
Imllil tip Itt shipping olar rh country but reeut
In trauma a foreign mattel for Ibe surpluS agricul
tural products of Ibo tutted btates
Mr McT > onecnll says It Cannot be Done ls
One Jliiy Except by Force
OTTAWA Ont rOll C The Ion William Mc
Iotunll In an Interl low today opiiosod wire
strlctvd reciprocity and direct taxation and
endorsed Sir John Mncdunalds trade offer to
tbo United I States In a recent letter to Mr
Mliuanof which the following is a summary
Mr McUougall tald
I rounid annexation ns unattainable In our
dRY except by force which moons war between
rncland and Canada on ono sldo and tbe
United Slates on the other 1 do not expect to
witness that I rntnstrnplio nor will you If an
nexation therefore Is nut of tbo question In
our time lty should WB permit 1 to obscure
the true li uur Why abandon I ronsonnble
beneiluliil und probably time only feasible
schenio to wit a Ino inierjliaune or enumer
ated homo peductions on I olh sides 1 rvon
tnls adjustment as you know will not give us
ics e trade TIre will still bo a wire fence
Forelcn goods cannot cross tho line front
either aide without the payment of duty That
CiistCm taiqeil lloufces therefore mubt still Lat > mum
tBllcd humble opinion a rfclpiocity tieaty
on tho basis or that of IBSibut Includfni a I
greater range nf articles la Ibo only practical
method of dealing with our neighbors while
Canada iem lna 1 British colony
The Uondoilt Election Contest Derided
IloNDOUT Fob 5Al the charter election In
Ibis city last spring close contests occurred In
the fourth and fifth wards for Aldermen The
candidates In the fourth ward were Daniel
Halloran Democrat and Enoch Carter llepub
llcan and in tbe fifth Patrick J Breunou was
the Democratic nominee and Henry Beck aa
Independent Democrat ran a stump ticket
As a combination of members of the Common
Council bail decided to declare upon the
canvas of r tbe votes that Carter and Beak
wort elected injunctions were obtained
by their opponents restraining Ibo Common
Counollfrnm seating Carter and Deck Ond thay
were likewise mandamused to Ibo cause
why Hauoran andj > ronnan should not be de
clared fleeted Hearjngs were bad b for
Judge Furoman Of Troywbo bed that the
regular Democratic nominees were entitled to
tlielrscata The canes wore ben taken to the
Oeneul Term which has luit reversed tho
former decision and awarded the sofia to Car
ter and lleck A peculiar predicament arli > os
In Decks coo he fcavlnp since I ihe tents wero
in litigation been appointed sewer Inspector
aol is therefore Ineligible to a feat In the Com
mon Council lbs lot of Aldermen will
Cluncl wil
meet tn morrow night aud 1 Jwely session in I
A Spring Klectlou Air Ike rrohlblllon
Amendment May Pull In the ROle
Amending the fisheS Htrbrm I wllc
bate In the Senate on the Tax Question
AiBiny Feb GThe Assembly today
kept up Its practice of clearing the calendar
sitting for that purpose more than an hour
longer than time Bonato Yet the hcnete
Is well up wltb the business ot the session
and unless for political reasons tho Ileptibll
can majority there should Inaugurate I policy
of delay the exertions of Speaker Bhoehnn
and the Democratic majority In tho lower
House will result In n short session This Is
alwurs a gain to the State The llrnt month of
the session which will close tomorrow 1ms
also shown that the character ot the Legisla
ture this winter I 111 b crodllable and tlmtlhe
people will hnvo otery reason In be ntisflod
with their choke of a Democratic Assembly
lat fall
The Assemblys proceeding began with the
reference of some Sonata bills Van Rordora
prmlalon for astirlnc elecllon un lie Prohibi
tion amendment went to limo Judiciary Com
mittee Time Uxclso Committee would have
liked 10 have had It They would nevor have
let I trot ont 01 their hands ncnln The lttill
dairy Commltlon may fOrt I cither lor con
sldetatlon or In locoKnllloa of the constitu
tional obligation to submit It to the people
This principle was locofrnlrpd by the Oovel nor
In bin raferunca to the questIon In his message
but bo IH opposed to this slmecisl election with
Its attendants of Inconvenient and unnocos
stir expense The llemll mil thnrelore
insist upon the election being held at the lime
01 110 I rcKulnr all election and there Is thus I
chance of the bill being hung up between the
two lluuses
The Committee on Codes caused n little
friction by reportlcuM Hulzor autlPInkvr
ton bill which ho made an amendment to the
SinaI code There wit no obioctton to tlie
progress of the bill but there nro two similar
bills In tho hands of the Judiciary Committee
which were introduced A general laws by
Byrnes of Icings nud Nolun of Albany and a
henrlncon them ha boon set down for the
loth After much talk which fceemod to be
chiefly dictated by anxiety A to who e name
Cillon b nuxle
the 1 bill should bekr when It enacted Into law
Ibo alTer of Mr Bulzer to ulve everybody a
hearing before his committee settled It all
Mr Asrltiairs bill renppruorlatlne lnuo000
for the twentythird Iteglment armory was
passed at d a dozen little bills lolloned It over
10 tie Henatc lozen appropriating tlOOO for a
sower In lloehentcr which Mr Pnrsons said
was made necessary by the States canal work
caused a renewal of the light 01 yesterday on
the question of such appropriations Mr Mc
Olellund vehemently opposed the bill hut there
are few members who have not a local bill ur
two of their own and they do not lice to go
back on each others measures Mr Parsons
Rot his bill through by a lIt ol 7 to 2J
I was already a long session when tbe anti
ot the calendar was reached but the amend
ments to the Uallot Reform law wero called up
and provoked the usual discussion They are
Intended to remove the complications In con
ducting town elections There Is practically no
difference between tbo two paitloB regarding
these amendments but there was a great deal
of political talk each side being anxious to
snow that It a not responsible for tho objec
tionable features of tbe bill A debate on these
lines was participated in by loaders McClelland
and Aoker nnd Messrs Illtt MoMahon and
Deyo and then both sides vOle tor the amendments
A concurrent resolution from the Senate was
also passed I called upon the llopresenta
lives of the State In Congress to cooperate In
the passage of legislation to amend tho United
paRa under which an appeal In a
capital case may be renewed tndellnltely and
with cao effect of abolishing tho death
The bill box still catches grist every day A
police salary bill has Stein s namo ou It The
patrolmenuro the proposed beneficiaries Flvo
grades are made hew men go on at the fifth
salary tlllio On ono years good service Ibo
fourth grade Is reached with tlSOO salary
another year another grade and tlBOO salary
Two years more brings the second grade and
11400 and 10re first aral ana 1600 In two
lent The SMUtS bill for uniform contract for fire insur
ance policies was put in by Mr Kennedy and
another old friend the Dressed Beet bill by
yrnes of Kings
A bill Introduced by Senator Ives provides
that marriages must be solemnized by a mar
riage ceremony performed by a minister of the
Gospel a magistrate ur other person author
Iced to perform it Common law marriages
are prohibited and declared absolutely null
und old
A bill Incorporating the New York Confer
ence of the AiiKan M IX Church received
very close attention It was remembered that
John B Bhea onco Introduced the Cable Bali
rand bill under a somewhat similar title o
days net Incorporates Henry M Turner Wil
lam li Derrick and others with the general
powers conferred on corporations
Mr Vedders resolutions asking for informa
tion from the Stab Assessors were discussed
in the Senate Senator Cantor wanted know
whether all tbe Information desired by the In
quiry was not contained in the annual report
of the Assessors Whether I wa or not he
thought that there was little to be gained by
the Inquiry as tho Legislature does not often
pay much attention to the recommendation of
altenton recommendaton
of Commissions or Stale officers Tho recep
ton accorded to the recommendations ot the
excellent Itullroad Commission proved this tlo
Senator Llnson called attention to the Im
portance of the wholo question saying that
the personal property in tbo Wtato almost
equal in value to the teal estate pays only
about ten per cent of the taxes As the listing
system Is in operation In Ohio Massachusetts
and other mates ho suggested that the asses
oors Fhould report on the effect of the system
in those Status
Senator Ices offered the amendment that the
Comptroller nnd President of the Tax Com
mlinlon in New York should also bn asked for
a report on these questions Kenator Yodder
asked that the assessors suoud tell whether
the personal property returned wa increased
or diminished under the system in other
Afterward when a tax bill of Senator Van
Carders was reached the whole subject was
laid over for a field day when the information
asked for la I all In
The bill making tim employment of police
matrons compulsory In all cities of over 50
Inhabitants wan passed
Chairman S right Holcombs Committee on
Census nnd Enumeration will meet In Now
York on Saturday nt 11 A M In one of low
court rooms of the City Hal ur Court llonro
District SuperOsor Murray of the Census
Bureau will to tho fli > t witness examined I
the committees subpoena server cnn let hold
of him The committee has selectud Mr
Franlo Bartlett 18 Its counsel Ar
Sir Chests Tupper Commend Lord
HtunleyH Iteclproclly Proposal
Three dlMlnculebod Canadian statesmen nr
rimed from England yesterday on the Teutonic
and 8ponl the afternoon In town They wore
Sir Charles nipper Canadas high Commis
sioner resident In London Sir Donald Kmltli
M P nf Went Montrcn1 andlDuncnn McIntyre
Thoy left for Canada at C2j lust itiht
Sir Charles had road tho despatch printed In
TOttenlays BtN In regard to the proposals or
the Canadian Government for a new reel
nroclty treaty with the United Ptnton Hn said
bo was present when the hjViiiiorOonoralfi
despatch win recehod by Lord Knutofotd In
London In hi opinion sucliatreaty as is out
lined In the proposals would to l > tie best nonly of
1 reciprocal nature ever made ixitwocn tbe two
countries and Shim Oi ornmuntH nctlon wntild
hl I 1rl ell bv time people llf tuuucht that
both Ooorn > nents would no eoo1 l > hy In
ailoptlon rho desire for revlrrnclty ho said
had no doubt been paused br the MeInlov bill
ibo bill had affected nuindas trudo with th
United Slates In lUb eggs mem Ac hut It
bad the effect of fstabii lilng even I bettor
urtloloc trade between Luslaud lund lunada In those
Inrntiard tn fie I Envward case be sail I Dn
a a could not luto acted more honorably than
I had leaving the iineatloii tn be drcldod 1 by
the United button tl promo Court Blr Charles
said ha Inid been ii ked to come hem by Prime
MInister Macdonald to illsicsniinportnnt tutu
lie fU tOM tbotich not particularly the
llobrlng Sea and tayuurd cnhis Thtro In I Ile
be I general election In Canada during lImo lot
ter part 01 this month but wet ior UI would
take an active pan In It or not be could not
tell until be arrived In Canada
Bait to DlMOlte the Fatally Fund Society
Deputy Attorney General William JLnrdner
baa begun suit against Ibe Jumily Fund
Society and on Wednesduypupers wero served
upon the YlcePreildent Knight L CUpp in
nn order to show cause why the society should
not be dissolved lbs cote will come up In
Supreme Court Chamber ou Tuesday Mr
Lardnera papers allece that the societys lia
bilities amount to llhiOjo anti Its assets 11
12504591 that since 1888 the membership has
decreased from 2486 to 40V and the amount ot
UR policies M Insurance from 741n1Oiio to
ufonee S4Jw1
1897010 Time llrtblllllos I eonslst prlnclrallr of
unpaid death losses which amount to 17055
In the past two jetrs tIme dofomlttnt lias hon l
endeavurlne to iuldute < Its deniti a hitinii4 on
alut lsof In per cent nf tlieli tao amount
humeral mouths Mi I judgment was roinvitvd
azniust iho defendant tiucu a claim Issued lo
Lewis Bchwaru for aliout tSW and au rxr
cutlou was issued but the Hherllf was tinahle
to 1 lon hind Hopeity ot tIme defendant upon which
If Von nd Only Known flefbrei What
Trouble This AVomnn Was In
At half past 0 oclock Vodnosdar evening a
young woman WItS sitting In the parlor of Mra
Elizabeth Btrouts house 149 Wst Thirtieth
street She was entertaining a young man
who had called Slat heard some one coming
UP the stone steps outside nnd thinking It
was her father hurried out Into that hall to
surprise hIm as soon as ho opened Ibo door
She fair a shadow on the glass of the door
and knew that some person wan standing In
the vestibule mad by the storm doors Tbe
shadow vanished and there was a sound of
footsteps hastily descending the steps
The young woman opened that door and saw
woman running across tho sttvet AH she
saw this sIte lieaul n faint cry from the floor
of Iho eRtbulo She looked down and there
In n bundle with a babyN face ticking out of
It Tho cry came from tho Patty Tlio young
woman culled out Ibo young lan who wntt
lBUlnir hoc and I pointing out thin tinning I
olon soil boo left this haliy The caller
bad no ollllculty in ovui taking thai woman
who ran slowly and stooplnulr as ilinnnh die
wore wenk and In pain Ho caught her by the
II itt and made her como hack Tlnn Police
man Wurnor was cillod Tho woman Blood h1 l
xvllIt her head drooped up H tier bosom and
her uriUH loldid tightly Mho neither spoke nor
welt t Mho was miserably clad and shivered
Horn h i tb t chill of the told night
Warner put the Italy In Iltbl arms and elm
luiLgod It tightly nnd kissed I pulling the old
shawl In which It was wianpod moro closely
uboutlt hon they notkod thut the womnn
html no older shawl Warnor look lier tn the
station house and she sut down near tIme
toe rockliiB tho baby sottlv nnd muttering
to herself Through on Interpreter presently
Ibo told her story or a part of i For site was
pot nnlto In her right mind and a also
afraid to talk
Situ said that her name was Marguerite
Hchmldt and that several rears ago she came
to this country with her husband who WW a
laborer Things did not go well with them
and her husband had hard work supporting
Item and her little boy Several mouths ago
she found that she would soon be a mother
again Four months ago he left her one day
and never returned Bne did not know what
bad lieoome or him Hho supported bersell
and the Ilttlo boynn ell Hbacould itutniter
two months she bud no more work and no
more money Hue left the last miserable lodg
ing place In which she had purchased shelter
and began to wander about tho streets
JtonistltneA she and her littio boy slept In
doorway sometimes lu cola I or lu the
shadow of piles of boxes and merchandise
The time ot her confinement came mi and she
looked about for 1 place to leave her Ilttlo boy
while site gave birth to another Infant to add
t bor misery and to bo utterly wrotcned Itself
She llnally found some people In Thirty
ninth street who woi e willing to look after tbo
buy for a few days Then elm went out to look
for a place for herself and the child that was
to bo But she knew no English and she
asked only at tho houses of the very
poor and generally they did pot under
stand what she wanted On Sunday after
noon she was allowed to go Into a Hark and
damp cellar In Thirtyninth street where no
one could live On Sunday evening sun lay
in this dreary underground hole and 1 new
human being canto into Ibo worM I Is
thought that the woman was unattended The
sorrow and the Buttering weakened her mind
aa well us her body and she onus unable to
moo for a day or two Some ono from the
tenement above brought her some food On
Wednesday she sat UP and gathering her weak
senses together thought it Cli 0U5 while tno
little one lay In her lap Bleeoln and not In the
lea t worrloil because being born lu a cellar
would have to come up stairs Into the world
She decided that she would leave the child
on Rome one of the many doorttejs of luxury
or at least of comfort I thought the gOd
God would take earn of my baby she said
Bo In the evening she went nut and put the
little one on the doorstep and hurried away
The officers of the society went to the nd
dresses she thought were right but could find
nn one who knew of her or of her little boy
She was taken to the Jefferson Market lolhco
Conrt yesterday morning and held for trial
under 1000 bonds for abandoning her child
Stan Is now in the Jefferson Market prison
with her baby In her arms The matron rays
she is out of her mind Bhe sits and mutters
and watches time baby and talks to it In Ger
man all day Tbe society officers hope to llnd
the little boy today
porjcEfzN8 DIY4OAIIOl
D O Mill Lot Poodle Bad Mr feces
thai Vnpleaunt Neighbor
A French poodle belonging to the family ot
D O Mills wandered away from Mr Mlllss
house at a East tilxtyninth street one day last
week Advertisements were at once sent to
the newspapers offering 110 reward for Its re
covery Before they were published a district
messenger named Fox found the dog and
looked him up In the olllco to which he Is at
tached in Sixtyninth street Policeman Now
sohaffer ot the Sixtyseventh street squad
who lives over the office saw the dog locked
up and Interfered He found the name ot Mr
Mills on the collar and delivered no the poodle
at Mr Mlllss house taking a receipt for it and
receiving be says no reward The receipt
signed Klches Is now on file in the Sixty
seventh street police station
When ho read thenoxtday the advertisement
offering do reward for the poodle Messenger
Fox Intimated loudly under tho policemans
windows that he ought to divvy the 110 which
was undoubtedly In bin Inside pocket He
says that NewKObsffcr gave him tl to quiet
him but thinking himself entitled to the
whole he told Inspector Williams of the trans
action Consequently Policeman Newsobafftir
Is to bo triad by the Commissioners next Wed
nesday not for his failure to turn over 19 to
> ox but for having accented a reward without
the permission of the Police Commissioners
Mrs Bertha htoenthai l the wife of a waiter
at Koator V Dials who lime m St Marks
Place started up town on a Third avonuu ele
vated railway train n week ago yesterday
morning to see her sick father who had been
strlck en with apoplexy at his home In Yorkvllle
At Thirtyfourth street a uniformed police
man entered the crowded car she wo In and
after standing up tn front ot her hanging to a
strap lurched and nearly satin her lap lie
fore she could move away the seat next to her
became vacant and be sank Into It After Kit
ting uprlebt a few seconds he proceeded to
leollno his head on Mrs llosenthals shoulder
Mrs Kosenthal moved away The policeman
followed and tried to put his arm around her
On her finally appealing to the conductor the
policeman left the train at Fortyseventh
strnnt saying something about cranks
The conductor had seen the number of the
policemans budge 8O when Mrs Itosenthal
com plained at tho Central office the owner of
the badge who proved to tie Bernard Mocha
of the Eldrldge street squad was confronted
with Mm llosenthal She at once identified
him Ho paid lie had never seen her before
and donifd that ha was either drunk or up
own nn the morning ho is accused insulting
her Ho will nevertheless be tried
A Natural Incubator In a Farm Yard
Tames Itnnkln who owns a email farm a few
miles from Carlstndt N J has a big heap of
manure outfldo of flit barn door The lient
that emanates from It is very grateful to the
lions and they persistently gather round Its
hair Yotterduy tbnextromo cold tempted the
birds to closer proximity than over und when
Mrs lEankln tried to scatter tbeui somo nf
thorn positively refused to uo Mrs llnuKln
ntttenUhed at what scorned to IO un incipient
rebellion In hoi pmiltiy yard stood ant
watched her liens and sho soon saw that their
Interoxt In iho manure lionp was awakened liy
something intro ntiBurblng than Its bent Jo
lug close to the slUr whore they wome all on
grugnted sho hoard a chirping sound haul
Plainly cnmo Iium tho interior or DIB
nnis With n pitchfork rita icmoved
n little of the mnmiro nod liberated
live utile chickens with pieces of egg sholla
still sticking to thorn They wore Imprisoned
In a hale about six IncIte below time surface
nud all annind tbom ueie unbroken eggs
Borne winterlaying lion hail deposl od the
ore lu the inn ti tin and the combustion of the
illeating subttianco hail hatched them nut
Two of tlu chit Icons hid ns noon as they In
baled the cold exteniM air The other three
are thriving by tlio kitchen lire
Vhs Hlraimlinn Htntiir
The brou7c statue of the Hon J B T Blrnn
alien fur the completion ol which tome ot his
admiring fellow citizens of Brooklyn have sub
scribed 115100 will be unveiled In Prospect
Inrk early In June The Executive Committee
wliloh bus charge of the statue fund has asked
the Park Commissioners for permission to lilac
tbe monument on the site mldwuy between the
main roadway where It enters the park from
the plaza and the footpath next nortliOHst of
the rnidwar Tlie monument If placed at this
p bat will bo a ronsrlcunua object tn person
entering the park either by the main footpath
or by the toadwar
rite nolterdaMn Get In
Head seas and gales impeded the progress
of the NetberlandAmerlcnn steamship Hot
tordaiu to this port almost every one of the
eighteen ilars ot her unusually long voyaeo
Bhicotin icctorday morning and iillhouch
she list l shipped searal Seas she wns ui bun
aged Hue rcporth ShutS MID paf sen n Nntional
line stramtliip irn < umalily the IOlntcd Hen
mark on uiiduy about 700 miles caM of Bandy
Hook Another National liner the SpaIn
wits due yesterday The eteatnsblp lilclimnnd
Hill which put Into Halifax hot coal on her
vavaaa from London also arrivnd TaatnrdHv
Snjr lie Will Iicnora judge Dykmonaa
Order In the ZlfRlrrChnpIn Halt
Coriiorntlon Coimeol Jenks of Brooklyn sent
a letter yesterday to Mr William J Uainor
tho plaintiffs counsel In thin suit of William
Ziegler against Jlnvor Cbnutn and others ot
plulnlng why bo had not met him on Wednes
day to agree upon a day forth trial of tlio
suit Mr JoDlts said that he did not rocolvo
Mr Oayiinrs letter on the subject until Jinloo
Drkmnn had announced his Intentluii to tils
solve tnt temporary Injimetlnti Mr Gay nor
was Mill ancry yostoidny user I ho course talon
by Judge Dylrnnn Ito dial not loeoUou copy
of the Jiidaus itHidlflcd order until lute In ihie I
Afternoon nod then Ito Instruclod Ills clerk lo
reftmo to admit service ot the document
a I do not rccognlo Ilils order he mild for
I hold that KNunllrely Irrouulur Any mini
onn open his mouth HUT n few wonN and thuti
alga H document but what lin egna lt > not
nfcosBnrllyan oidornf any court ItideoTrk
man had Ito inauru u ii tim iarlty to t main any orator
In tnnleilerChanln raise than flail < lint
Uhnt i coin so do you propose to take now
asked the reporter
I shall simply lanoro this ordor It Is null
and void and I will pay no attention to It 1
will go on whim the ciBa lit thin ituuhir order of
proceeding nnd I do not think that city Mill nt
tomtt to cousiimmitti ibis purcluso of Iho
Ian Ir Islnnd Water Sit rai hy I oinnaiiyM plant
Id like to seam them do It I shill not Co to
trial liaforA Jtiduii livUinnn on IVb Id nor bn
fore ant court orludvo at any time until tlio
oust is brought on lawfully by duo
nlta ft 01 1 1 1
ilrnoattibnr to noe ono Juduit nf tlio
Hupreme Curt acting without notice IIIIL
wholly eXpnne nasumo to vacntn 11 nolonin
adjudication ot the Iourr Thu decision of Mr
Justice lliirtlottwas and Is a solemn ndjtidlca
tlou by the Coutt niadi after a lull hearing
anal like any other adjudication cannot bo sot
aside or oven tnodlfloil by any Indue noting ux
pnrte Otherwlso judgment of n court would
be a pitiable thing Indeed The statement that
au amunded complaint was served for delay la
no openly false no to need no denial Tho
amended complaint had to be made It
Was made lu god faith It embraces all
> f the substantial facts rovonlod In thin
Injunction hearing and It was tecog
plred by all the lawyorh in the cnsa to bavn
Teen made In go > d faith Tha sccuo beforo
Judge Oykman on Monday continued on Wed
nesday ttasdlshunoruulo unliroteslon anti
a disgrace to judicial administration I re
sisted ovary effort to got mn to participate In
It as I was determined that my presence
should not bn cited ns evidence that what
should occur was apparently a judicial pro
ceeding Thin conscience of thin bar Is shocked
by what has occurred 1 have bean plodeed lo
necncy as to facts sn contrary to assertions
now being made that I Ahull ask tn be released
from that pledge so that I may fully stale suoU
Mr Jonks bad nothing further to say about
the case yesterday except to repeat that hn
was anxious to proceed to trial at the earliest
possible moment
The various llepuhllcnn organisations ot
Brooklyn are trying to give a political color to
the proceedings by their assurance ot moral
support to Mrlegler in his suit agaInst the
Mayor and the Comptroller The Young lie
publloan Club has adopted resolutions ex
pressing Its gratitude and that of all good
citizens to Mr Ziegler for time effort he Is
making single handed to bring the chief pub
lie officials ot this city to a sense of their re
sponsibility to the people and to prevent a
squandering or wasting ot the public funds
Say lie Will Reinme HI Stndle for the
MInIstry If Dr Curler Will Let Him Off
Frank Tnrnbull who was arrested In Brook
lyn on Wednesday night for stealing an oil
painting from the house of the Bev Dr Theo
dore L Ouyler In South Oxford street has been
held for the Grand Jury He says he belongs
to a respectable English family and was edu
cated for the ministry In Oxford University
The death ot his father several years ago put
him in possession of a large estate and be im
mediately broke off his studies and after
squandering his fortune in dhssIpatlom came to
thi conOtry and became a snoak thief He
worked the begging Jester dodge with nccss
but about a yearago ran foul of the police and
was sent to the Kings county penitentiary for I
six months He said he was confident be would
be able to persuade Dr CopIer to withdraw the
complaint He was driven to theft be de
clared by his failure to obtain employment
Should he manage to get out of his present
scrape be would return to England and If pos
sible resume his studies for the ministry
Turnbull denies that he Intended robbery
when he called at Dr Onylers house He said
I went there In good faith to ask for a dol
lar or so to bur food The Itev Dr Meredith
had given me SI 1 called on the Mar Dr Tel
mage and be sent word be bad no time to seo
me I then went to Dr Cuylers hones and
when I stood there In the hall the thought that
I was again to be turned away flashed through
my mind and the temptation I had been fight
leg so long was too much for me and I stole
the picture 1 was sorry the instant I got upon
the street but then I knew It was too late to
return and I sold the picture for fifty coots
Being Unable to Read the Direction Bam
Kce Took Overdoie and Died
Patent medicine composed largely of wine ot
colchlcnm caused the death of Sam Eec a
Chinese lanndryman employed at Tom Lees
laundry 60 Prince street Newark Earn Eec
otherwise known as Tee Yang died on Wed
nesday night and was laid out on an Iron
ing table with his face to the east
He bad suffered greatly from rbenma
tim for two years und bought quantities
of a proprietary medicine at II a
bottle Being unable to read the directions ou
the bottle he took overdoses of the medicine
and injured his health On Tuesday his com
panions became alarmed and called In Dr
Lolimooher who preacrlbedfor Ham but the
patient refused to take the Doctors medicine
and continued to take the patent drug by the
spoonful Late at night on Wednesday bo
suddenly collapsed
The County Physician made an examination
yesterday Be found that the cause ot death
was heart trouble brought on probably by
using drugs and smoking opium
Compensation tor Injnrln
Before Judge Allen In the Court of Common
Pleas yesterday Leonard Btelnmetz aged 6
years through his guardian recovered a ver
dict uf t4COO against James Hunter a con
tractor and Louis and Louis E Cnger the
owners of property on Ninth avenue near
Fortyeighth street The boy was struck on
the head by a piece of stone on May 141800
Hunter bad just set off a blast on the property
A piece of bone bud to bo removed from the
cfilldrt bead and the pulsation ot his brain is
Kdwnrd E Scott an exaqueduct inspector
hurt his loot In the gate of an elevated train
on Juno C 16S8 He sued the Manhattan Rail
way Company and nn the trial before Judge
Allen of the Court of Common Pleas yesterday
recovered a verdict of 16 < K
A Pointer from the Iteoorder
When Assistant District Attorney Weeks
moved tbt < trial of John Hobcrts In the General
Pensions yesterday Lawyer Friend objected
saying that Itoberts wus not arraigned plead
to the indictment until Tuesday
Mr Wenks said recorder Smyth I think
that you had better buy a copy of the Coda for
your chief clerk and let him learn from It that
defandnnt lire entitled tn two clear davs after
thou zaraignmait to i land to the Indictment
botoro they can ho tiled This has occurred
live or six times lately aid I am tired of It Of
course Mr Weeks you tare not to blame In this
matter bnt the clerk who manages your ofilco
certainly In
The Chluf Clerk ot the District Attorneys
oflleo iROKAssemblymau William J McKenna
of the Sixth Assembly district
DipoueectI by dfuln Strength
Mrs Horrio Human lived at lfC3 Madison
avenue She paid her rent but limo uthor ton
ants of the house objected to her because her
children were noisy and the landlord J I
Minor dispossessed bar us n bold 01 er City
Marshal James T Manchester called nn
Wednesday morning to execute the dispossess
warrant bud took two muuuulur olured men
with him to can v the furniture tothn Mdotnilk
They forced open tho door Mrs llumun was
only piirtUlly diesxod llefoio tho furniture
Wax removed the darkeys removed Mm
Human with more or loss foieu Me llama
I hester isis situ hind asuultod him first duo
hud MancliBStcr nud ono ol Ills lielperx sum
monfdtotlio harem Court yut < < idny lo on
tuerouuruuH of assault Ubo cant was put
over until today
lila Blrllidny Party
The mellow ulv rimlred fellows of IUo Pro
duce Exchange bad a little lark yesterday upon
the slxtyaovenlh birthday of Hermann Slut
rot tlieiriau and pelioloum exporter In or
der to celebrate the event a subscription wan
raised among uixtyuctm of tb mellow fri
lows and each contributed a bright new cent
Mr Stutter expre sed bin gratitude when tlm
purse was presented to hint It cost him just
about n thousand time lu Intilnslo value bo I
fore be had started for his next birthday I
Tim AlnrmtnB Inrrvnee of Fnenmonlit and
AVIint It MennThe Hltlch In Time
Aeirctlr i dir pates tt tone lo i not hear ofm
wi l women whom we rlclnrn as the rertectlon ot
ttAltli and strength being urlcLtn down by lime terrible
ttteeme tmcumonlv
JtrhAp the greatest cc < a nf pnevmonla ID this
etaiitry li the rxirem Jmtrenre In teuiniritnre be
t < gtn time Intirlornat nffleei nnl homes sad the outside
> a fia lug ni teoile cmifliUr II necessary fur Ihilr
inctfcrtto nmlnliln n h it lioint temnprslute Indoor
wiei thus mercury It very Igw outside so mug will
ps4lnamaia hid vlctlnn
Till trentejl or situ rromrt hifnntirrxhoutdbe
tatcitn MIIOII the lltat niprouch ut tin HUlilrtt irmp
to nil ot tlicuinoTiU It ou tutu a a tlcklini In the
thMit a tliilitntsi In he clitit
a pain In the head a
rliUr feellnn ur mlin Uirouidioul tlie body act rrnwpt
1f act wUelv brliitr ubmil nn luimetllat reaction
Tttsaia pomotiniM te occomplliheil tiy quick and tie
lent miercite but hut li xliauitlnn and waste iih
strisOttt which stolid be liuubnndiL A far bitter
eUki ta tn ink a mr < mul strait itlmuUnt which
uil < teinl to equnlle tIe clrcunUnn cbtok con
nernon and reilore totienlth Tier art many furmi
urtibimlalitm but only one tliit can be recommended
tl i c In tautly Iuro MaltHhlikey Tlili U th only
melfclnal hlikoy upon the market and IU purity
andppwcr arc Irivon ty it popularity ltha > iav A
tie ItrcB r > t tnor men ant women who were rendS
dttiw lair pneumonia than any dlRrmery of modern
cleom and It stand ns It deserves to Hand at the
litjil of medicinal itlmulunts nt the preienl day
1111s i Till IAVKAHKH WtSttK SHORT
SyMcmnllo Unliliriy at the Prnnaylvnula
JtullroudH Freight lMi > rn
For several months Malcolm Townsend the
freight agent of tIme Pennsylvania Railroad at
Piers 27 and 28 North lllvor has been annoyed
by claims for shortages in package shipped
west from his piers Tho losses amounted to >
fully llUOO ft month Ho finally brought the
matter to the attention of CaptHchmlttberger
On Wednesday eonlnc Detective Vail and
Million arrested Edward Itlnchey of 32 Dos
broesas street Patrick Molnorny of 437 Green
wich street and William Mclndoe of 171 Tenth
avenue as they overo baying tho piers and
took them to tho Twentyeighth precinct sub
station foot ot Pier 41 North lllvor whore
thoy wore kept nil night Hlnchey and Mom
norny were weighing dorks ou the piers and
Mclndoe was a receiving clork After they bad
been locked up each of the prisoners broke
down mind their joint confessions not only ex
poiod time method of their thefts but Impli
cated about a dozen other clerks and laborers
employed on tho piers
It appears that when they found a psege
containing artl theyt houghttheyoouici di
posopf one of the wolghuing cleka would
out stockings or whatever the case con
tamed and that case would be set to one side
Then at an opportune moment would be
opened by ono of his confederates by meant of
nard wooden wedges which would force tie
box apart without bruising it Then as much
of the contents would be taken as they though
could bo done with safety and the box would
be nailed UP again and sent to Its destination
When It ntrlved at Its purchasers store a
comparison with the bill of lading would show
that it was short several articles Claims for
shortage would bn made un the shipper and
ho would charge his porter with neglect Had
not the thlovos become emboldened by their
success thoy mleht have carried on their oper
ations much longer As It was they did not
use discrimination and robbed several paca >
ages in succession belonging to the same
house and then the railroad company was
called on and had to make good the shortages
When the three men were arrested each lIed
stolen goods such aa suspenders soft hats
candles and business cards One of the cards
was inscribed Prof Molnerny ventriloqtJst
Ilonchey olndoo and Molnerny are niTun
der 30 They were before Justice Hogan In
tho Tombs Policy Court yesterday and were
remanded until this morning on charges ol
petty larceny the only charge that baIt bo
fixed upon them at present It Is understood
that the Pennsylvania company will not preu
charges against their twelve confederate tm
will discharge them
rat a Phonograph In MM Pn m KISu
to Bword Her Order to the Cook
Theodore Emmonds who boards with Bin
Margaret Donate In Bank street Newark VM
let go on his own recognizance In Justice
Blauvelfs court yesterday to answer om
Thursday next to a charge of oonapliaorand
defamation of character
Emmonds who Is a cleric in a notlonistore
addicted to practical joking According to ih
complaint In the present case ho secured
phonograph placed it in Mrs Dtuena kitchen
and bribed the cook to operate It when her
mistress cams In to talk business On Bandar
last In the presence of the other boarders he
called Mrs Dusen into the dining room and
explaining that the Instrument on the table
was a musical machine asked her to turn the
crank Mrs Dnsea consented and this It Is
alleged is what she beard
Mary you dont want tn pay over 8 cents s
pound for meat anyhow It Is t good enough for
them and you can get It on Mulberry street for
that You are giving too big pieces or steak I
notice too Let em oat more vegetables Yea
torday you bought fresh pie Bow often have
I told yon to save five cents on em bygettlna
them stole and warming them up Here on
tbl bill ift twentyfive cents a pound for oofTee
fifteen cents will do hereafter Ive got enough
trouble without feeding three men atlSaweeS
on porterhouse steak
Mrs Dusen smiled at first then became
angry and darted from the room leaving the
boarders convulsed with laughter Now be is
trying to get even with Emmonds In the courts
Obtained Good on Forged Order
Detectives Mulvey and Multi of Inspector
Dyzness staff arrested in Maiden lane yester
day two young men who for a month hays
been swindling tradesmen and manufacturers
on forged orders for goods from H ONeill
Co the dry goods dealers of Sixth avenue and
Twentieth street The young men who were
well dressed gave their names as Ernest Be l
den aged 18 of Bahway a former employee ol
DNolllsMd Edward Tnnoker aged 18
of 676 Thud avenue They wouldBra
sent forged orders for goods for OTTefll
and if possible would take the goods with
thorn osKlng that the statement be sent later
In some eases the dealers would senti tfai
goods to the firm As a result UuslIJCq
received goods which they had not ordered
and asked the police to help them The jtft
bail a number of pawn tickets and m
orders Borne of the orders were from B
man A Co
Among tbe dealers victimized were B B
BtraBberger 81 Maiden lano three Jtold
washes Vert A Dnyfuss 11 Maiden Une
three pairs nf opera glosses Philip Breiden
bach V Co 29 Wurre i strujt six values jMert
den Britannia Company KonrteenUi street
napkin rings
O pt Smith of the Chandler
Commander Horatio D Smith ot the revenue
cutter Chandler received yesterday the oom
mission making him Captain and by the sim
ple formality of swearing allegiance to the
Constitution before a notary entered upoa
active duty Cant Smith enjoys the dis
tinction oi having received the bride of ex
President Cleveland on his cutter from the
meamtthip Noordland when she returned from
Kuropo just before her marriage and of bav
Inn by dousing his lights eluded the pursuit
ol THIS HUNH Inc Ho has been utnsteoT wits
mnnv delicate missions reaa and
llnrned 5leOO000 of C 4 I
Jersey City bonds with a faWvalue ot
tlNOO000 were burned yesterday In tbe cellar
of the City Hall The ceremony was witnessed
by Finance Commissioners Edalsteln Allen
am 1otureou City Clerk Hcott City Treasurer
Cleveland mid Wator Jteglntrur Healy Scott
nud Mealy checked oil the bonds and they
ivere thrown Into the blazing furnace by Mr
rdrlsteln The bonds had been cancelled so
tho linminc did not reduce the cltys debt to
any appreciable extent
Loathing Tor Lotilsette
Tlio story told In THE BUN yesterday ot the
ftoalinurif this greyhound LouUette from Mrs
Edir Johnson ol illS West blityllrst street
sutiriwtoih the nollre of tue Central unicede
tectitee and stops wore at once taken to re
cover time miaatZ and Incldentaly curia lie I 1100
reward ollorod One of Inspector Itrrneas
man callid on Mn Johnson yuatarlay morning
and sold lie bnd Inloruiatluu which he thought
would lead to the recovery of time doc
HIIIrrlntrndrat Hlrapion Needed
John Hlmpson Surorlnteadeiit ot ths
InndUv dxiurtment ot the llurce Offlco
nut 1 ItoimMirnti Icadoi In the Blxth
illiilrlo WIIH married yvctordar to Miss Clara
Mlllor lit 1a > Aitonixy slrcet hue home of the
bridit Miipiviutendeut 01 Immigration eber
gave time bride mai Tlie pair went to Wash >
iuguci on an nttcmovu train Mr l3lapsgs
was jwldontc

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