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TDB SUN UtwTorkUty
Tbe Political Crisis in Italy
A thunderbolt trom a clear sky would not
be more unexpected than was tho news that
BUrnor CBISFI had boon beaten In tho Italian
Chamber of Deputies nnd had boon forced
t resign At tho recent general oleeUon
Blffnor CBIHPI won a victory for which tboro
was no precedent in tho nnnnls of countries
where tho ballot box Is shielded from official
pressure and where thoro Is n close approach
r t universal suffrage Tho avowed opposi
tion t his Ministry was beaten out of Bight
his professed supporters constituting about
Chamber Yet scarcely
fourfifths of tho now Chambr arely
bad the legislature assembled when tho
Prime Minister was driven from om co
L A single speech upset a Cabinet that
leme unshakable and what adds dra
matic Interest t tho incident tho speech
came from the mouth ot tho Prime Minister
Himself Of tho truth that prldo Booth before
destruction there has seldom been a more
striking demonstration The subject ot de
bate wan the Imposition of a new tax De
fending the measure Signor CBISPI said
that It was Indispensable In order t render
permanent the rescue of Italy from the ser
t Tlle position with regard to foreign pow
ers which she had held before his
ow accession t office This assertion
of superiority over all tbe great men of tho
last forty years who have given unity and
dignity t Italy was more than even tho
docile temper of CBTSPIB followers could
bear There was a roar of Indignation amid
which one of his ow colleagues left the
Ministerial bench and sought a seat in the
ranks of the Opposition This desertion led
t a Immediate disruption ot the forces of
the Government and a vote being ton
I amid great confusion the tax bill was rejected
jected by a considerable majority
I the face ot this catastrophe Blgnor
CBISFI could do nothing less than place his
resignation in the hands of King HDMBBBT
That the latter would accept It wa how
ever by no means a matter of course As a
matter of tat there slgnatlon was accepted
and no effort has been spared to find a new
Pie Minister able to command a working
majority In the Chamber The Kings willingness
to throw faithful servant will
ingness t tw over a fattal srnt wn
b generally attributed t the Influence of
the Queen who dotcoto the wife of the lat
President of the Council and would gladly
Cunc gly
see her debarred from admission t the
I amon
court At the hour when we write how
cur wt
ever It looks a if Signor CPI might
prove too strong for his enemies and
retrieve the blunder into which over
confidence betrayed him All attempts
t form new Cabinet have thus fn failed
and King HUMBERT has been frankly bold
by one of those whose assistance he requested
quested that the exclusion of the e
Premier would b Impracticable Even it
c men could b found t essay th task ot
government Signor CPI would soon I
rally his disordered forces and another i
Ministerial crisis might presently take
plaoe I Is true that the present Chamber
t of Deputies may b dissolved but that
hereto remedy would prove worse than the
disease should the objectionable statesman
return triumphant from the ballot box
r I the downfall of Signor CBISFI could b
I deemed Irreparable it would Justly b
considered an event of farreaching Import
Blnoe the retirement of BISUABOX the
i strongest supporter of the triple alliance
has been the late Premier of Italy If he also
I to be driven from public life a readjust
ment of international relations
itratona rlatons quite pos
sible To Italian Radicals a friendly under I
standing with the French republic would I
be much more agreeable than tbo present I
ent league with Austria and Germany
The withdrawal of Italy however from
the triple alliance and an agreement
upon her part t coOperato with
France and Russia would revolution
ize the conditions of European warfare
The whole force of Austria would b needed
t t protect tbe Trentlno and Trieste and the
German empire would b left t contend sin
i gle handed with tho French and Russian
armies I Is evidently not the Interest of
the Vienna Government to be tim sole
Goverment t b ally
of Germany I King HCMBEBT Is forced to
t abandon tho German Emperor the Hap
burg Kaiser will follow suit even I he does I
not take time by tbe forelock It is
Dt te tmo forlok I I a sug
i gestive coincidence that scarcely la the over
throw ot Signor CBISFI known at Vienna
when the Archduke FBAKZ FERDINAND the I
t f heir t tho throno of Austria starts on a
r h visit t the Czar
i l The Vatican would have much to gain by
the permanent removal of Signor CPI
from tho stage With him no compromise
was possible On the other band the tat
i that ono who seemed Invincible could b so
suddenly and completely beaten will give
Immense encouragement t those friends of
i I the Papacy who have been urging LEO
XIII t permit Catholic electors to go t the
ballot box Had they been allowed to do
this at the lat general election thoy might
now b strong enough In conjunction with
i the rebels against Cnisn t construct a stable
ble Cabinet But who could have expected
that the coolest most farsighted and most
t selfpossessed of Italian statesmen would
t ommlt an act of suicidal folly 1
11 I The War of tho Barbers
We a sorry t obsene algae of an
estrangement between tho Italianspeaking
barbers and the GermanBreaking barbers
t of this town There ore It appears several
thousand Gormanspeaking barbers In Now
York while the number of Italianspeaking
I barbers does not exceed live hundred In
I all enumerations and classifications of bar
bers they are described with reference to
the language they u In speaking t cus
2 tomers there being no such Individual
I known as a silent and taciturn barber
kown sient toltur barbr They
all talk In some language
Just at the moment when the tripartite
alanc between Germany Italy and Aus
tria seemed likely t b unaltered by the
withdrawal from power of the Italian CBISPI
an adventurous and sunerzealous German
speaking barber In New York
I pklog barbr appropriately
named OABLER came forward with an in
dictment against his Italianspeaking asso
ciates accusing thom so far a can bo
learned of working for small wages dining
long hours and of other offences agrdnst
the ethics of tho craft Its profits emolu
ment and future grentncs
To this tho Italianspeaking barbers to the
number of SCO lu convention assembled at
1M Bleecker street have replied In a set of
l molutlona decidedly pregnant with hot
i I
tle They have sent tbM resolutions to
the Illustrious statesman and peacemaker
Cot HIM BBOWN of the Dotty Wewa and
from tho columns of Col DILL BBOWHS
Journal wo reproduce thor
Wu fli aocll d Osrrahl barb v Jnitm
Omni In a gigeonide IabUb Is I lbs Haw eowardty
iBiolli all Ib Italian birtxrti end
WiitREit Such Infamous tlandir ars thrown pan
an biesl frn al nd Induiirlou nina of Julian b
of oitrttbrmt ri5
1f with an ictlMlo Intemt olrelll
WnIREt Paid hydropbobla Inr1eot Iba teat
Oitiin ar mid with lb craven Intent to tnot the
lymph of h trit amber oplof different Batlomallll
Immlirtttd to tbl trait country
Wn mllietlniaJa by the self pt4 olal1
Oistm 10 the American oplIn central and to the
nnlonlitiln ptrtlcnttr U the bout potent Iniolt to the
rood unit of the ptoplo l and to the Conitttatlon o this
Brent and fri rpnMlo it well at a black taark to
American labor nnlonlimi and
WM rtan The name of Italy and Italian fcav bees
Insulted and 1nd41 thertfor w I Ib Italian bar I
ben of the city of Xtw Tort autmbKH for the purpose
on this rth day of January teal I do here
Kttolrt That we proteCt ntrittlcallr aimlesS the
caMonadea ilicdtrlnt and Instills of Jcutu Oiitia I
ItHoivi That In oar pretest we ihill not r down
In the mid of the lelf poitd NirotiOK I
ftFru4 nAt we b1 not confute the mptotabU I
Oirmtn barbers wllb this pretender ColLie bat I I li I
true that others like him are there with bite to oba I
cuts va we r ray t meet them for any stake In I
the Held of the tonsorial art and an wllllnu to fear lot
sip01e4 J Hwiitroii as one of the Jodfev
Rtirittt That we call the attention of a trad r
irinlulloni to b fact that u lone as honor crotrn
and rciponilbllltj Cr5 Introited to rotlitla eratr par >
list and Ignorant leaders honest worktnt people will
he afraid to Join their ranka
tifialrti Tint we snake an appeal to the Intelligent
American worklnimtn those poueMed of hottest i ntl
menu and food 11 to mark b difference between
CActus and thou like him and the Italian barber I
Ktio td That a oopr of that molntlon be tent to
the eatS Until with a notice that we r ontlnlr al h I
Ton ITIUJB Biaaiu or n CRT or Biw To
Te proposition t make JOHN Bwcrroii I
the referee In the impending razor combat
between the Irate and Infuriated Italian
speaking and Germanspeaking barbers of
New York 600 on one side and 3000 on the
other appears unjust t that gentleman
and I therefore not t b approved
GABLKB alone he might b able t philoso
phize with and even the author of the san
guinary resolutions may not b wholly
unreclalmable to the path of peace tran
quillity and sweet concord and content But
that he should be asked to such
b ake t umpire a
test of strife skill and blood letting a tho
Bleecker street resolutions propose f dan I
gerous and Improper No man who values
his life and happiness and is not a professional I i
sional peacemaker would tink fora moment
of accepting such responsibility
The man to settle the whole business t
straighten out the rough edges and turn I
down the sharp corners of the controversy
I Col BILL BROWN the great Peacemaker
Ho would make short work of GABLKB and I
the unfortunate controversy which GAL
has precipitated Razors scissors clipping
machines and ornamented shaving cups
would have no terrors for him By all
means let disputing barbers of the town
whether German speaking or Italian speak
ing turn t Col BILL BBOWN acquaint him
with their troubles surrender GABLE t
his kveplug transmit their resolutions t his
Post Office address and a the Colonel t
become tho maker rather the
maor or rter peace
maker of barbers That would be
maer brbr woud b an hon
orable and enduring distinction which
would outlast the turmoils of politics and adhere
here gloriously t Col BILL BBOWN a long
a there I a head t save or a chin t shave
la the town of New York
The Fortifications Bill In the Senate
The Fortifications bill used t be one of
the latest of the bills
ltt bis reported to
tho House but at the present session It
came from the committee ahead of all the
rest and was so moderate In amount and
unobjectionable I details that the House
disposed of it without dispute or delay long
before the holidays The Senate however
h made Important changes In It and In
doing this h needlessly crippled Impor
tant provisions of the original bill
For example desiring t add 475000 In
this bill t tho very large amount appro
priated last year for purchasing guns of I
prvat manufacturers the Senate has cut I
off 300000 from the amounts devoted by the
House to constructing the south wing of
the new Watervllet gun factory at West
Troy and providing it with machinery
I has clipped off 280000 from the appropri
ation for purchasing steel for heavy guns
and has struck out altogether the Item for
gun carriages of the disappearing type I
has also cut down from 1000000 t
S7lO the House appropriation for gun
and mortar batteries at New York Boston
Son Francisco Washington and Hampton
Beads although this Item provides em
placements for guns and mortars the first
of which a already coming forward and
will soon b ready for mounting The
ground of this reduction is that there f a
balance for the purpose unexpended
While frugality when properly exercised
in legislation is commendable to
leglaton I ommendale t postpone
or out down needed provisions for the na
tional defence is not economy but folly A
Congress which has added 40000000 a year
to the pension down small
t te pnion expenses pares dow smal
sums for submarine mines mortar bat
teries and other provisions for the protection
tion of the hundreds of millions of
ton te hund mWons property
now practically at an enemys mercy The
pending Fortifications bill does not supply a
twentieth part of what may b required for
the coast defences of the country Indeed
the estimate on which the bill Is based was
about double the appropriation which the
Senate recommends
To the Senates increase of tho Item for
experiments by the Fortifications Board from
100000 t 300000 there need b no objec
tion A new Item of 400000 for mortars
showed tho willingness of the Senate
wilngne Senat com
mittee t b liberal there as tho mortars
would bo made
b by private manufacturers
but the Senate altered and then
to BooDt nlered rejected
this amendment of its
Is committee although
i might have furnished some excuse for
cutting down the House appropriations It
also rejected Mr DOLPHB project of a new
gun factory on tho Pacific coast
The Senates prod addition t the
amount available for the purchase of
avalabld purbao guns
under the last Fortifications bill Is probably
Judicious Perhaps the House would have
made a similar Increase had not Its annual
bill been passed before tho bids for these
guns were opened early In the present
mont Tho proposals a may b remem
bered were for the manufacture of twenty
five 8Inch fifty 10Inch and twentyfive
12Inch rifles There were but two bidders
Tho South Boston Iron Works now of Ken
tucky proposed t furnish the 10 guns
with tho ammunition foran
spelfe ammuniton an aggre
gate of 3023033 the Midvalo Steam Com
pany of Pennsylvania for a aggregate of
5859600 The maximum now proposed by
the Senate committee I still much below
the lower of these offers and accordingly to
make It available the Senate bill authorizes
PBOCTOR to call for fewer than
Secretary Poan t cl th 100
guns upon that allowance
I private enterprise can aid the existing
methods tor supplying heavy ordnance t
the forts and ship 8 much the better
Icnornment and private resources all com
bined could not do the work required a
Boon as It ought t b done But they should
work In harmony not I antagonism The
I House made a most moet provision for
carrying on the work of coast defence I
the Senate wishes t add more the House
may wisely agree but the Senate
needed work under systems
not sacrifice nee wrk 8ystms
long ago sanctioned t carry out its ow
purpose With mutual aid the provisions
whIch each most desires can b secured
and there is no ground for apprehending a
deadlock on this bill
A Claptrap Measure
Mr Boracn has Introduced into the Senate
at Albany a bill directing our Board of Education
In each of at
cation to set apart two rooms
east fifteen of the public school buildings
o evening resorts for the youth of the
city One of these rooms Is t b supplied
with a small library and current periodi
cals and the other with popular games
and gentle moa ot recreation Managers
and custodians are to b hired t take charge
of these resorts and their salaries are t b
added to tho school expenditures
Tho measure of course Is a mere piece of
claptrap and we are surprised that Senator
ftoRson whom we have regarded as a man
should bo willing to have
of common sense b w t haT
his name associated with It
schools maintained at great
The public sohol are maintane It
cost to the people for the purpose of giv
ing free Instruction to the children of the
city and they are planned built and ap
pointed for that object alone I some of
tom are to be turned Into places for
reading and amusement In the evening
others might b transformed into music halls
or theatres for the popular entertainment
after the school day Is I over I the young
people of the city could get the u of them
for nothing during the ball season they
could hold their dances in the schools and
thus obtain gentle means of recreation
without having t go t the expense ot hir
ing halls for the purpose The ward politi I
cal associations might meet there and also
the young mens debating societies the
working girls clubs the scientific socie
ties and the various organizations for the
moral and Intellectual benefit of the people
The homeless poor might b sheltered I
them at night Gymnasiums might be established
tablished in them for the physical culture
of young people in the evening Swimming
baths billiard rooms and bowling alleys
might b constructed I their basements
for the The variety of
same purpose Te uses
t which they could b put after school
hours is infinite and all ot them are a Justifiable
tillable a the use proposed In this bill
These buildings however cannot b prop
erly if they can b lawfully diverted t any
such uses They cannot b adapted t them
without > a large increase of expense for
maintenance and repairs t b added t the
millions already obtained from te people
by taxation for the support of the free instruction
struction of children They are arranged
and they are supported for children and not
for grown people and they belong t a sys
tem of public education which has its
limitations and does not comprehend the
whole range of possible moral and
Intellectual recreation and development T
speak of a minor and a practical matter the
seats In the rooms are made expressly for
youngsters under fifteen and not for older
people The buildings are not suitable a
S evening resorts for the youth of the town
I the buildings were suitable for evening
rr for the youth they would not b suit
able as day schools for boys and girls Tho
use of them for free lectures has shown this
and tho School tells us that consequently ap
plication has been made t permit the hold
Ing of these lectures I proper halls instead
Our school system also Is already too
much complicated by tho Introduction of de
vices of hobby riders and demagogueswhich
Increase its cost and confuse Its purpose
The wear and tear upon tbe buildings b I
cause of their occupation by the children
alone Involves great expense for repairs and
refurnishing What would it b they were
crowded at night also and with grown men
and If fifteen of the schools i
ad women I ffen schol are t
be turned Into evening and
b ture Int evenig reading rooms
resorts for popular amusement there is Just
a much reason for letting the people amuse
themselves in a of them
Moreover there is no excuse of necessity
for such a diversion of tho schools from their
true and lawful purpose Private munifi
cence has established free libraries and
reading rooms In different parts ot the tw
and the Free Circulating Library Is doing
Its work so well that It receives more and
more aid from private wealth Mr TIL
DES magnificent bequest for a free
library w Intended also for the mainte
nance of a system of libraries and reading
rooms accessible to the people of various
neighborhoods people do not want to up
set tbe schools and Increase their co t t get
places for reading and playing games The
claptrap suggestion did not come from them
but was made for sensational effect only
Senator BoEBcns absurd moonshine and
vicious bill has gone t the Committee on
Cities of the Senate and there let it remain
a nnworthy serious consideration
Tbe Germ of Diphtheria
A recent despatch from Mlddletown men
tions the prevalence of a unusually ma
lignant type of diphtheria in certain parts
of Connecticut In some towns whole fami
lies are said t have been decimated by tho
In this city the number o deaths from
diphtheria during tho past month has aver
aged between fifteen and twenty per week
This Is rather low while the mortality
from measles at present epidemic in New
York has been greater Ot tbe three mala
dies most dreaded by mothers scarlet fever
measles and diphtheria the latter Is pre
eminently the most Insidious and the most
dangerous A of them a produced by
germs floating In the air and gaining access
t the body chiefly by Inhalation although
possibly also by being swallowed But
tho microbes ot diphtheria a remarkably
virulent so much so that at times tew
members ot an attacked family escape and
doctors and nurses also frequently succumb
t the malady I differs too from scar
let fever and measles In that It does not
confine its ravages so strictly to chil
dren but may feed upon tho whole popula
tion men women and children and even
poultry doves and calves are thought t
suffer from a similar disorder during Its
prevalence as an epidemic
When Inhaled the norms settle upon the
mucous membrane of the throat penetrate
the tUsuos and set up a local Inflammation
They enter the blood from here and also no
doubt through the delicate walls
troulh delct wall of the
lungs when Inhaled and are thus freely distributed
tributed t poison the whole organism The
of diphtheria U known the bacillus
germ diphter f kow a baclus
bacillus from the of Its
baWu fm te name It ear
lier investigators These bacilli a prob
ably identical organism They are now
the subject of profound study In the lab
oratories of Washington Paris and Ber
lin with a view to discovering some anti
dote t the disease KOOH Is devoting much
attention to tho diphtheritic germ a are
working In KOCHS laboratory and You
Bcmrxanre and GBAT of Washington
The present direction ot the studies of
these experimenters seems t b In the tine
of preventive Inoculation or a species of
Thus BABTScmNSKi having observed that
in patients already I
erysipelas developing I pIUent arndy
ill with seemed to counter
quite I wit diphtheria Bme countr
and to I
a tho poison In the latter disease t
lead to recovery experimented upon four
teen dlphtherltlo eases by Inoculating them
with erysipelas The result was tho saving
o twelve lives for all of the other members
ot tho same families who also had diphtheria
but wore not Inoculated died I
FRAENKKII has discovered an albuminous
substance which Introduced into guinea pigs
Infected with diphtheria by hypodermic In
jection renders them Immune although It
alls t produce that effect when the animals
receive the infection In tho ordinary way
through the mucous membranes
BanniNG is tho discoverer ot a method of
making tho serum of tho blood of Infected
animals bactericidal by the Introduction of
inorganic chemical substance and has
proven not only that those lower animals
may b made germproof a regards diph
theria but that the Injection of some of this
tntlbacterial blood serum from ono animal
into the system of a susceptible animal con
fore similar the latter I
ter a simir Immunity upon lattr
VON ScHWKram and GHAT In this country
t working In tho same direction have
lust announced that b moans of a chem
Ic substance they have also been en
abled to render guinea pigs proof against
diphtheria I and they further express their
relief that their method will soon be made ap
plicable t man a consummation which we
dope be speedily attained
hop b spiy attne
Tammany Hall and Municipal Salaries
I Whatever I f wrong This seems t
b the view of the Mugwump newspapers
about almost everything that happens in
Now York and they supplement the saying
by adding that whatever Is wrong in mu
nicipal affaire is duo t Tammany Hall
A few bills have recently been introduced
Into tho Legislature providing for the Increase
crease of official salaries In this city Among
them I ons relating to doormen I tho
Police Department and another relating to
officers In the Court ot General Sessions
On Wednesday under the heading Bad
Bills at Albany Tammanys Attack on
the City Treasury the Evening fbst
denounced these measures saying that bUs
t Increase the salaries and the number of
employees of courts and departments were
piling up rapidly In the Senate and Assem
bly and that I they became laws Tammany
would have a more beautiful time than
ever during tho next two years
Before this Mugwump criticism was print
ed the principal law officer of this city had
e prlolplaw ct
written and sent to one of h assistants at
Albany the following letter
Dm Kia1dcilr7ontoapp ar before tht Cities
Commute tomorrow and on beheJf of tb local I
Ihorltlei oppose nr bill that li I L say manner In
tended 1 L any wa tncr t either the ala or the
fees of anj employee or offlctr ot the city Government
The Mayor li particularly anxtou that non of tbes
U should be favorably rportd by the commIttee
and I trait thai you will Impress upon the mauitwraof
the committee the fact that to report Ibo bllla favors
bly would be to establish a precedent which If followed
b tb Introduction of other meaiuru would lartly
locrtaie the ezpssses Cf the dir Government Your
respectfully M Wiuux I Cum
Counsel tbe Corporation
On the same evening at a meeting hold
pursuant t a previous call tho Executive
Cmmltto of Tammany Hall passed a reso
lution requesting the Democratic Senators
and Assemblymen from this city t oppose
the of the several bills
passage to svera bi now pending
In the Legislature which are intended to
increase the salaries of certain officials and
employees of tho city Government and
which I passed would unnecessarily add to
the of tho
te expenses municipality
We are atruld that nothing will prevent
persistent falsification ot tho acts of their
political opponents on the part of Mug
wumps but the facts which we hove stated
ought t satisfy all honest and intelligent
citizens that there Is no truth In the charge
that Tammany Hall Is trying t Increase
the burdens of the taxpayer On tho con
trary that organization and tho represent
ative men who belong t it in tho city Gov
ernment have set their faces firmly against
any that end and all propositions looking toward
Tux BUN thinks that a Sheriff should always
bit a hantmaa and never do ioairoid work hlmielr
is the law providing for capital punishment > o bad that
a Bberin U dlairaoed by carrying U out tlmjelf u the
law direct inmtrJvumal blllf
I I a mater of taste and the taste of the
majority always ten something unpleasant
and even revolting In putting men to death
A hangman is regarded with horror In all parts
of the world and In almost all ages he has been
In this country there has not ben so deeM
ed an expression ot this sentiment as In Eu
rope for tbe reason that our Enerlffs have
generally avoided banning men with their
ow hands and haT employed obscure
persons to do the deed for pay I was not
until the Individual who describes himself ni
tho Buffalo Hanttman appeared upon tho
official fto e that much public attention was
raid to the subject I Is understood tbat
he executed two men with his own hands
for reasons of economy rather than pay out
of his own pocket 123 apiece the ordinary
price to a substitute
We ore authorized by Mr GEOBOB I
BKXFY to assure the public that In the sale of
too three hundred and even pictures which Is
to tako place at the American Art Association
on Wednesday Tbursdnr nud Friday even
lags Fb 1 12 nnd 13 the pictures to be sold
art hlialooe and no other person Is In any
manner Interested In them
Moreover the sale Is to absolute and with
out reserve No picture Is In any case to be
bought In for Mr BENET or on his account
Each ono Is to be knocked down to th high
est bidder and to this rule no exception
will be made
wi mal
We are convinced tbattheseetatemnbe
cOlvnce thee etatomtnU of
Mr BEHxr are petfactly correct and true to
the tact
The recent uncomplimentary reports about
Emu originated with Major Von WISSMANN
and I now appear tbat these derogatory state
meat wore the result more of WIBSJUNNB
poor health than of delinquencies on the part
of Eum lie official report that sclentlllo
gentleman has font to Germany have excited
a strong feeling lu bin fin or and he will be sus
tained by tbe Government lu his plan of or
ganizing the possessions ot Germany the
lake regions
Mr JULIA HAWTHOBXE avers In o com
munication addressed to tho TicenliM Century
that a community called the Oneida was
formed upon the doctrines of KOUBIER and
established itself In these United States
ThIs Is a rather surprising Inaccuracy on the
part of an experienced literary man like Mr I
HAWTHOIXK n o ought t be aware tbat the
doctrines of Fouairn dlfftrntterly from those
of the Oneida people FOURIIR proceeds upon
a very profound and comprehensive analysis
Ot tbe affections of tbe human soul and
through this analysis his proposed social organ
ization Is devised The great feature of It Is at
true the Industry Euoh of the 1810 members
who form together a oomtilategaiaiit ot human
character will find precisely those Imlnttrlft
occupations which will charm and delight
them just as an Impassioned sherman I finds
charm and delight In the laborious occupation
of fishing But the Oneida community was
not ot this sort lie chief doctrine was
wst was called complex Barriaga an all
nvolvlnct community In which no man had
any wife ot his own and DO woman any hue
band but all belonged to all This community
wn attempted at Oneida In Madison county
and In spite of the religious fanaticism and
tho faith In human perfection which 1 r
teased It had to be wound up alter a few years
and it has never found a successor
ran comracncuT DEADLOCK
Dliacrceavtnt Bet lh Two RoaN
with Reference to Colhraef Committ
tTAnrronD Feb sThe House of Bepre
cntatlves this morning after the transaction
of routine business took uc for consideration
the amended resolution of the Senate concern
ing the Commlttooot Conference The resolu
tion reads tbat a Comrn Itte ot Conference con
sisting of five Senators and five Representa
lives be appointed to tako Into consideration
the separate action of the Senate and House of
Bcprotentatlves on the subject of the late elec
tion of State officers and rportthreon to their
respective Honee
Mr Greene ot NorwIohChalrman of the Com
mittee on Canvass and a member of the Joint
Conference Committee objected to the word
late In the resolution Messrs Rot of Wa
terbury and Healy of Windsor Locks Dam
objected to striking out the word as 1 would
lead to further delay but on Mr Greenes as
surance that the amendment wo understood
by the Democratic members of the committee
from the Senate their objection was withdrawn
and the striking out of the word late was
Insisted on The amended resolution wes
transmitted to the Senate and the House took
a rtcets until next Tuesday at 2 P M
The amendment raised a hot debate In tbe
Senate several Democrats refusing to concur
gaA insisting that the amendment Implies a
bl down on the part of tho Senate This
opposition was In face of tbe declaration of
Senator Morce who drew the resolution and
who did not oppose the chance claiming that
It wa a mere verbal chance and technicality
At the end of a lively debate tbe Henat by a
oto of 0 I to 8 refusal to concur with the Hour
In Its amendment and adjourned to Tuesday
This fttaves off any acton by the Conference
Commute until that date
Representative Ureenethe Republican leader
In the House Introduced today a bill to Incorporate
corporate a public library In Norwich He had
many plausible reasons why Inc bill should
Immediately become 1 law and under a sus
pension of Ibo rules the bill passed the House
All other proposed legislation In both Houses
has been relerrod to the committees to be
raised Mr Greenes bill not to the Senate to
day but was not noted on I in bellevd to h
a trick anti Intended to get the Democratic
majority In tbe Senate to begin legislation
Their position has been that belin controversy
over the State officers must he settled before
anything else Is done On Tuesday Mr
Greenes bill will doubtless b referred to a
committee to be raised The Democrats
know well that the llepubllcans are watch
lag for mistakes to be blcas by their op
ponents but the leaders are war r and are likely
to ovoid all pitfalls however skilfully they
may be covered up
Tk Crowing Prominence of Arthur P
OonnaB as a Polilble Candidate
from IV ealwnon pant Jinu
WinrwaroK Jan SI Within lh past two weeks
another great cbanr ha taken plac In lavmaklcc
cIrcles L roar to the proper man for the hemS of a e
Democratic ticket In 18 The emphatic demaadl of
b people of b Wit for fret coinage and their open
antipathy 1 any man who rn ha or had modified
Tlewion that lebject forced the concluilon here that
IIr Cleveland would not be the proper man for the
head of the Democratic Presidential ticket at the nest
election There were many Democrat anxlona to Sad
something to one against his nomination other than
the true cause of their opposition which wu that they
bad bean dliappotnted bn as President be waa dla
trlbntlnjr the patronage The nam of Oorernor Dill
waa the next which filled the month of the Denocrata
nut the argument against btm waa that be was a big
part of a factional fight In New York and that II would
be dangerous to risk him us was elected Senator
and at one was conaldrd out of the flfht Then
Uorrlaon waa talked of fora time and he wa txeom
Incvtry popular Indttd when the Election bill cam up
In the 6nat That flKbt developed a nan who
genius no on now questions and was landed by every
Democrat and rapeoted by every Btpnblloan
That man I Arthur P Gorman of lald
I can state a a fact and aa news that then li no man
L the Democratic party today who stands ao well with
the contingent ot that party at Waabfnitoa as Mr
Gorman and to add a epic to this Item of new I may
add that I bar heard common cltlien member of
the floes Senator and wipapreorTepondnt sty
that If Gorman wr placed at the bead of a Demo
eratlo PreiWentlal ticket In 1TO2 that ticket I would b
elected without even a bard light For sty tha mn
hit record I I ood bit eUletmanthlp not excelled and
as a manacir and fighter he ha no equal
from ISo jtuanta ftnutututon
Bom o tb Cleveland men bar bn bal today
announcing that 11111 has consented for Clereland t
bar the field all to tumult L 1892 and that Tammany
ha fallen In line A Tammany member however
when hearing of the rumor laid
David D Hill is 1 at much of a candidate for the
rraitdency today at he was one week before be wu
elected Senator to succeed William 1 Err He will
continue to be In I the Held until the last ballot L the
convention U taken > ew York will sited by bhn
WJiat nOn to talk about Tammany ball treet
leg Grover Cleveland The lea of Tammany a
men with memories
Then yon dont think Cleveland can tecure the Xw
York delegation f
I am certain of that If Cleveland ii I nominated be
would lose New York by CO Quo vote and he wouldnt
com within 7000 or 8000 of carrying either Jersey or
M Ilai the Kw York Democracy a second choice after
Ulll t
Yea Arthur P Gorman the abltt leader since UM
days of TUden
Robert Lout Stevcncon Letter
von Vu ITaftrtury Daily BiptAUcan
The writing of no contemporary author are awaited
by Englltb tpctklBg people with keener anticipation
than Ibo pen nrodoctt of Robert Louie SteTenion The
witchery of bit Imagination the brtlllancr of hi as
preulon and the ki anneal of hU observation Impart
the charm of genIus to what he writes In scouring bo
right to publish SteTeneona litter Jeiorlpthre o hit
romantic tour among the South Sea Islands Till Ipan
So baa shown characteristic enterprise
Foreign Note of Keatl Interact
ntty on large and valuable libraries were sole I
London tail
Lndn 111 rear
One of the many English novtlUU of the day A
Conan DIe 1 an oculist In I active practIce
An estate In Ulouoesteriblr for which a few a
ago loioo was refuied hat after great dldcoltyDeen
told lately In lot for wax
The latett addition t the Italian r the Prtnowoa
Moroslnl a twin screw hattie of
bll ship eleren thousand
tons and sixteen and a half knot citric four 100ton
Armstrong guns mounted In I pain on bartwtita b
aides other mlle anna
The Court of Queen Bench In I Dublin baa Jail passed
upon tile rlghtt of tu unborn child A Mm Walker
wee tu a railroad wreck al Armagh and lh child to
which ilia subsequently gave birth
Iblqaaly r was deformed In
couiequfooe She brought tu action In the same of
the child to recover demote The court decided
against her
Although lb lat Puke of Bedford was cremated
when he bearers raised the
arr coma they found U at
heavy at ntnal the duke left
a1 having Instructions that a
piece of lead should he pat Into bit coffin with a etatc
meat of the cremation In I ctse If the coffin were opened
centuries bane there should aril some tusplclon eva
oernlngblt death
The court In Algiers hat acquitted a man who mar
dereJ his wife on a mere tosplclonof br Infidelity It I
being adjudged that h had conducted herself with
enough unwarrantable trtedom 1 excite his spirit of
vengeance M Omens Ib murderer a Conlcan by
birth and an Algerian Journalist by profession was told
that bli wife also a Corsican bad teen
b ao receiving at
tention from an army officer On coming lion be
accused Bit wit aol I she denied hit charges admitting
that she bad been 10 tet the man whereupon be ebol
her and rushing to lb offlcere bout shot blm lilt
acquittal was loudly applauded by the food peopled
lone the city of bit dd
Rather Itaploauant
r yon oat with Mr Dreamy the poet Ethel r
Yes I am the nasty thing lie wrote torn Unit
about a girl at the tiathor and dedicated them to me
ftilrldlculou lie bad the audacity I 1 call me a stout witch Had me
A Ontcfttl Caller
Mrs BondDid you tell Xra Jawamlth that Ia
al Koran t
WorthI I did
Nrb1411 lam
Kn Bond Did ebe lay anything r
Norbrb said Thank goo Jo ess I a
Not If You DIsmount Before Entering
from As iriNdimtpftrf Jtffubltcan
I I wrong tO ride a llvrole 10 church on Sunday
A 8e re Mark
from Mt VMMHftm r
A cry bashful II ynth waa btl
II trembjed In stub Joist
Ant feaj it r I come 1 tie
TBK IAKB mAr OAxmaoira 1
Th Eninigeteant of rsateebnrk Barrack I
and tie New Pot at Htvanton
WAlmNGTl Feb f5Th passage by both
Homes of the bill aiprorrlatlnK 200000 for
the enlargement of the military post nt Plaits
butch may possibly rrovo a more Important
measure than some even of its support
have supponod
Such a bill usually has little chance ot belnff
passed In th abort session unless by
trace of committees and of Conems It can be
interpolated In the Army Appropriation or
other control supply bill to which I bears
some relation This particular measure bad
fortunately been successful In the Houso at
he last session and after one check In the
Senate this winter I was rushud through by
unanimous consent
Accordingly In place of a one eomnany sta
tion at Plattsburah Barracks there will be In
due time a very much lamer post for tbe re
don of Lake Chnmilnln and the northern
Frontier The garrison now consists of Com
pany U Sixth Infantry but with the enlarge
ment I IB likely to Include troops of the other
arms It Is also nfnrottlve that tbe House
Military Committee has recently reported a bill
for the establishment of a new cavalry and
artillery post nt Bwanton Junction Just east ot
Lake Champlain In northern Vermont That
these measures are part of I general system
which has lately been drawn up tor the protection
tection of the northern frontier may be
Indeed from this passage of a report made by
Gen Schofleld to the Secretary of War
As a preparation for b executIon of the harmon
ftni political and military policy In the tnt of any
futore neceSsity it is nenealary to maintala at proper
points n the northern m r the neolat cx troops of
all armsInfantry cavalry and arttilay whers the
role from the adjoining I Statee might MW
suits t take the InitiatIve In men military movements
at might t > e requIsIte to prevent the teeny from MIB >
thtlr waterways to more gunboats late I the la tea With
this tad la view a cavalry elation suitably looted near
the northern border at New Hnrland I li reqnlilte Aa
Infantry anit ll IIn artltlerr Samoan at Flattetjurih ana
another at Madlaon Bar are other Maenttal fea
ture ot this pln nul
The importance ef the Champlain defences
has been attested by at least three war In
fact the region Illustrate the truth that the
lines ot strategic operation a repeated gen
eration after generation and often under
widely different circumstances and In spite of
chances In the art of war A large part of the
hostilities from 1754 to 1763 commonly known
in this country a the French and Indlon war
took place around Lake Champlain aid Lake
George There occurred the defeat of Williams
I 1765 quickly followed by the repulse of Dar
n Dlesunu There two years later Dleskans
successor Montcalm gained victories captor
fag Fort William Henry on Lake Gorge
There In 1858 Montcalm defeated the English
at Tlconderoga which Amherst captured the
following ea
In the war of the Devolution Lake Cham
plain was at one mad a seen ot hostilities
and the capture of Fort Tloonderoga by Kthan
Allen was effected only three week after
the battle at Lexington Bnrgoynes famous
campaign of 1777 based on taking possession
of Lake Champlain and then of the valley of
the Hudson which ended In disaster at Sara
toga Is a familiar Illustration of the same tat
In the war of 1812 resort was promptly mal
to this wellfought region Gen Wade Hamp
ton who commanded the Army of the North In
the campaign of 1813 had his headquarters on
Lake Champlain while Gen Wilkinson
Lae wblo Goo cam
paigning there was defeated by tbe British at
L Colle after having occupied Pittsburgh
At thin latter polo while Blr George Prevost
with a strong army from Canada was
pressing the American troops under Ma
comb Commodore Maodonongh gained
his famous naval victory over the
British squadron on Lake Champlain
which put an end to the Invasion of tbe Goy
ernorGeneral and compelled bis retreat In
short experience shows that in awnrwher
Canada Is concerned the Lake Champlain lie
is likely to bo actlveoperatlons and I In
perhaps worth remembering that even during
the Fenian attempt which followed the civil
war 8t Albans In Vermont on the eastern side
played an Important part
In his annual report Gen Schofleld
Ils anual rpr 8cbollld an
nounced tbat it II I proposed t maintain at
appropriate lnt which have been carefully
selected suitable garrisons of regular
Iloctod eutable arlsons rllar troops
of all arms t on the northern frontier and that
the wisdom ot providing without unneces
sary delay for the additional accommodations
required for these permanent garrisons will
I Is believed b manifest to all Secretary
Proctor In approving the scheme says tbat
without such preparations the lakes w b
defenceless and that proper preparations
ad propr prparatons a
not measures of provocation but rather of prevention
vention and for the continued preservation of
Lake Champlain It must be noted is in
cluded In the naval restrictions imposed by
the BnshBngot treaty of 1817 and on I neither
Great Britain nor the United States can law
fully maintain more than one vessel not ex
ceeding 100 tons burden and armed with an
18pound cannon But there U no limit t
land force for defence
For this latter purpose attention would nat
ural be directed frt to Fort Montgomery at
Rouses Point Of this work
Point tbl now garri
soned the Fortifications Board noted that It
was sufficient with the addition of a few 8
Inch rifles to secure Lake Champlain from a
Inroad and It proposed accordingly four I
Inoh guns and eight 10Inch mortars Such guns
and mortars can easily be supplied But In addition
dition comes the plan of points of concentra
tion for our troops At Madison Barrack
Baoketts Harbor are already found six out of
the eight companies of Cot RI Dodges regi
ment the Eleventh Infantry Upon tbo en
largement of the Plattaburgh Barracks at the
junction of the Sarano with Lake Champlain
and the building of a new post at Swanton
Junction an Important railroad station on the
Vermont side ot the lake this region will b
well taken care of
Tie Law o and tie Slot Machine
vow lA Otleo Journal
I you drl a nickel with a string aUlobod
keeping the end of tAo trine In your haud
have you really drpppi the coin An Iowa
Judge bun decided In the anirmatlve An In
genious youth In Iht Slate tied I thread to a
nickel dioopod the nickel In a slot machine
ant what hi wanted thin withdrawing tbe
nckll br the thread repeated the operation
until he had made clean swrepot the raton
taclea contents lie wan arrested on a charge
nt thrift bat the Judge who tried him held that
bo bad committed neither burglary larceny
nor robbery nor even tt obtained property under
false pretences He had merely dope what the
inscription on the machine told ilm to do
drop a nickel In the slot and bad lept on do
Ins It Nothing was said about ivaving tie coin
where It was dropped This decision will prob
ably abate a nuisance
Hodera Pontoon Bridge
mm l4 GtobtDntocml
A pontoon bridge will certainly be built
acres the river this year or next said but
A Itnbmion Those who Imagine that It will
bo Impossible to do this owing to the fact that
would collect drlltwood and Ice evidently
hae the old war pontoon bridge In view and
thin such a bridge Is proposed hor > > But the
plans prepared are quite dmeront The bridge
Is to be built of tubular stool with a month
frlctlonlesit boitom And a sxrles of driftwood
turners pointing up stream Anything that
strikes one of those turners will I Il Ic I not ex
tremely larca ann buoyant be sucked under
by the current and left 10 go on Its way rejoic
lag toward the Gulf f There Is no more resem
blance between a steel and n wooden pontoon
bridge than between the > ads bi Idixe and the
frame structure across a Western or Southern
Bnrgflnr Tool Serve a Good Purpose
rum tic dunn Vista Patriot
A minor part of our new press came broken
and as the blacksmith l l l Ireu bad QO drill
through the klodnem of Jin rib a Jaokon we
borrowed the tools captured from tbe burglars
It required only about fllteen minutes to drill
thick through a cast iron one and onefourth Inches
Now for nn Explanation
Pc was awfully flattering lIe calf my cheek was
the oolor of bit favorite roe laid laud
genial lie Eitelle told me bIo yellow rout belt returned the
More Lecltlulloii lleneandtal
from AnoUr Lv
Woel1 thlak Ike talk about the Ndtoley Mil nMaf j
ppee I all beuhl I a 1lcll M
aa laltWfcjr aO
au hartUtbe aUl price St a drk 1 say eseg
A youngish man walked up and down in
eastside street one evening recently smokfe
a cigar the odor ot which was not that of the
cast Aide To him earn another rountrl te
and asked for a light which he fOtnlbhlal
too began to walk up and down and present
lv I passing the first man under a reln post
their eres met and they balled lne another t
A thought yoti were abroad said the
an they shook hands
hot home this morningiaid the seceb
hat are you doing here aked th n
Wh7 this is my Wlfe girit club an1 Sb
eOuldn t rest till shed been to tee the elr
She told mo to wait outside and Ive been
her nearly nn hour But what are you doles
here any way
The lint man hesitated on Instant Welt
you eorm engaged toio another one ol the
managms anti she brought me down here
Ive been waiting rather more than an hour and
Meanwhile InMda the wife that wan and the
wife that was to be with tho other m era be no
the club wore having n capltiil time anono
ono thought of the two poor fellows out In the
If yon wish to hear a fly walk you can do It l
without the aid of the nugnphone provide
ron can find the fly nt this season of the rear
Having made friends with the fly sprnd a
silk handkerchief over your ear and induce the
Insect to crawl across the handkerchief Asbe
approaches your ear you will distinctly hear a
harsh rasping sound made by the conts of
the inaecta tee with iho filaments of silk
Frederic Vllllers profotsei to have fallen la
love with the winter climate of New York and
threatens hereafter to divide his year bctwssn
this city and London Ho Is cheerful It anr
week ha three bright days beoauno his ruIn
cry of a months rain In the BrltMi capital
makes almost any kind of weather here lovely
by contrast
The Inhabitants of Paris ore gotlng a highly
picturesque view of the into Indian troubles In
this country through the medium of the tllus
tasted news press of the French capital Pact
after page Is devoted to Picture of Indian
chiefs squaws tepees battle and what not
To be sure in some Instances the 1reah
artists seem to have provided the Indian war
now with semiAfrican features and vita
costumes unknown to tho pictures of Mr
Itemlngton but all tho same the French folk
are learning a groat deal about the peril ot
fire and tomahawk which thor believe to have
threatened Chicago Cincinnati and othit
cities west of the Atlantic slope
The young medical student who gave the
prescription to Miss Helen Potts ot the Cora
stock school has had an eventful career Al
though a young man not yet 25 he was four
years ago a clerk for Hnvemever A Eiders the
sugar refining people nnd he remained iii their
service six months Alter vacating his place
there he lived In Brooklyn and was a clerk for
George Chrlstall the sugar Importer and ha
remained there nearly a year ami a half Then
je left and took to the stage and La cut nulls
figure as a leader of the mob In the com
munlgtloi play of Paul hauvnr His mother
did not like It it Is raid and lie became abrolc
canvasser After that be was a purser on the
Mallory line of steamships and after that be
entered as a student at the College of Phy
sicians and Surgeons Last Rummnr during
the vacation ha was steward of trio Bljon Club
at Afbury Park whete the thirsty nays could
get what they waded without Infringing upon
the strict edict of Brother Bradley It Is now
averred that a man with BO many callings will
be heard of In other circles
Mme Sarah Bernhardteollpse any passenger
who has arrived at this port since the founda
tion of the Government tn the matter trunks
she brought In Nearly everybody remembers
the arrival of Mr Blame In the fall of 183t < rho
distinguished Secretary of State with nearly
all his family brought in only thirtyfour
trunks and that was considered by the cue
toms department as almost tho biggest rer
ponal baggage up to data But Mme Born
hard tcotpes In with 107 trunks two or tbtea
dogs and her astounding personality She h
way ahead
Cigars must be kept in a more or less moist
atmosphere else they will dry out and crumble
apart Some years ago a genius mho knew
that fact Invented a box sn arranged that the
atmosphere within it could be fed with mois
ture from a wet slab ol compressed sponge or
blotting paper Today the best cigar stores
in the city are built like these moistening boxes
Material for holding water Is kept In frames
like panels In tho walls and the air within the
storerooms Is kept lnce < nntly moist
Boarding flvo flights up is the sign la
th doorway of a Third avenue tenement
house In which there is no elevator Whether
they will make terms for meals by the week
and whether there are people who do not mind
a lilt e thing like five flights of stairs echo
does not answer
Bloodgood H Cutter tho Long Island peel
Is spending the winter In town He boards at
the Ashland House and Is a great favorite as
well as a well spring ofjoy up them Being In
vited to t o Knights Templar ball the other
night he wore a blue coat with brass buttons lu
which he had once appeared before royalty a
carnersbalr vest and a pair of light trousers
He says ho made a treat deal of fun The
Ashland Hou e seems to have undying for
tune Mow that I has lost George Franc
Train it has got the poet lariat
Work is 1 now being pushed on the next
Christmas numbers of the magazines and pe
riodicals The poets wits and story writers
have all done their part of the work and the
artists ore now engaged on the illustrations
Nobody upsetE the conventional order of
thing more than the magnli men The
March magazines are now printed tht num
bers for thy early summer months am being
made up arranged six months ahead of
time The reason that the Christmas pictures
are being made is that Christmas work being
very particular and hoavy in quality practi
cally goes on all the year
Is there anything Interesting about a
sailor a business man asked of nn officer of
one of our new cruisers Is there 7 the offi
cer repeated Why Jack is the most interest
ing figure In our country and always was He
has three alms In lifeto ride a horse to talk
to a woman and to get Into a fight In fact he
has four aims tho lourth ono being to get
drunk but that I left out because It Is not
peculiar to sailors But Jack In a dour god
fellow He always wants 10 give awuty some
thing he wants to give away ecr > thine he
has in faot If you como nbonrJ my hlp mil
talk to the men theyll give you mu re than you
can carry away Jack l trustful sentimental
superstitious religious inutknt ami kind
He Is like a child bating airs and sham and
loving honesty and courty If I talk jailor
talk when I give an order my men will die for
me but if I use shore talk ami Ions words they
will not do a thing more than I can compel
themto do
This will show tim folly of tho habit of
matching made famous and popular by the
late John T Raymond At tho private view of
the water color exhibition nt tie Academy on
Friday night a man of tasto and poverty stood
before a lovely jilturo and looked nina It
lobglngly Iffcouiilnnly afford the fJl Id
like to nave that pi turebo said to himself
And then ho shook his head saillir nnu iuaed
alone Ho know ho could not niTonl It tie
needed a new dress coat and belore bs could
buy that ho must ray his tailor for his last au
tumn suit But the desire lot the picture s 53
In bio soul At he moved away hx net a
friend Hal A brilliant thought The friend
was rich M Ml match you tn we who 1 era
that picture for the other said ho A uuarlr
was produced i then another Both were
matched The rich man won The poor man
notified the mnnneor that ho won 11 buy the
water color and send to Madison avenue
A friend of Fred Churchs met that famous
artist at the water color private view the other
night Hullo gold he make me n tie r
will yon I very much want tiger from you
Mr Church said be would What ore ion
going to give him for a tigerthreecltfers
a bystander Inquired Oh DO said the first I
he must give me those with the tiger
Yesterday morning tbe wheels of a private
coup < 3 driven by a beroulean negro caught la
the curve of the street railway track at four
teenth street and Broadway and the sudden
wrench dislodged the driver who fell between
tao horses and the front wbees He would
fame been run over and seilously hurt If not
killed had not officer 623 of the Jiroadway >
squad caught the horses by their head just as
they wore about todasb off on stud run ins
driver was badly frightened Momentarily but >
after he remounted his box and had control ot
his team ngala he called the officer to him ana
taking ills purse frois hi pocket offered tor
ward nun for a Ills offer was do
dined vmjb gethelod and an
Irishman who hole traiiaetioD OX
affix MPPE bitt a hilack Iota
but he has a whit teart but tiaent ho the
nerve to offer to lip the pllcoman lu pretence
A characteristic feature of navy yard life Is
the Monday afternoon ncepllou on board the
receiving shlji Vermont The Marine Band In
ono corner of the uppor dock make inutic for
ten dances and after the ilnnc Utf como IIgit
refre bm nts end a promenade of toe JOCK
Feminine curiosity Is of course all agogW
earn Cow men live on b srd a flTjtpnr
flouting boos and It the officers row tired of
explaining the secrets of naval life they bidS
their weariness aad simulate Interest la aa

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