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London Offlcei e > f TIIK SUIt
4J Waft Iraad
AM fomrannleallont should b eddreued It rllj
M WUlIh mraa London I a
A Shameful Forgery
Governor hILl repudiates with emphasis
tho alleged letter addressed to him and pub
U hecl yesterday with tho signature of
HEXRT WATTKIISOK on tho responsibility of
tho Baltimore Sun I never received any
uch letter says the Governor It Is the
first I Imvo heard ol any such thing It
must 0 1 forgery Sir WATTEIISOX 10 a
rood Democrat and a gentleman and I b
hove him hicniiablo of addressing nny such
Insulting and Impertinent communication
to me A rcsort to such a silly and Impu
dent forgery was probably Intended to place
me In a false position by reMon of recent
rente In this State but It will surely In
jure the cause It was designed t aid and
mot upon IU authors
Tho Governor Is correct In describing this
forged letter a Insulting and impertinent
Its terms and purport It advised him to
abandon hU canvass for the Presidential
nomination and go In t support Mr
CLEVELAND at the very time that Mr
CuTEUuro was Appearing before the pub
Ito through his most Intimate friends and
official advisors such as Secretary FAIR
OHttD as leading the Just defeated attempt
1 overthrow tho Democratic party hero In
tbe city of Mow York and t deliver this me
tropolte and this State Into tho bonds of a
coalition of which the Republicans wore t
obtain the chief usufruct I
dt t cef uufot
Snob advice would b to absurd for any
but the mot reckless political forcers t
ole and It shows how desperate the Claim
ant and h fellow conspirators have become
Governor HiLb I not a political Idiot
fraoa letter that forged the Ken
to alett a tat fOle upon te Ke
tuokJan could not seduco HiLL t surrender
bit faithful comrades t the very enemy they
w combating under his lead There Is
aeh a crime a betraying ones fed and
DAVID BENNETT HILL was never capable of
guilt so base 01 o folly 1 extreme
The Eighth Senate District I
For the period ot three weeks negotiations
benign and harmonious In purpose but mys
terious I charter have been going forward
between the representatives of what is known
a the New York Democracy and what is
known as the County Democracy With the
overwhelming body of New York city Dem
ocrats opposed to the pretensions of both
whether combined or separate and with no
municipal contest In sight until 189 mucu
of tho energy employed in tee negotiations
appears to have been wasted But the fact
f inot t b forgotten that a good share of
what numerical strength and following
those two factions possess I found in what
Is known a the Eighth Senate district rep
resented by the Hon LISPENARD START
the solitary Republican Senator from the city
of New York His predecessor was yie Hon
CORNELIUS VAN COT now Postmaster Both
owed their success t Democratic divisions
of the kind sought t b composed by the
mysterious harmonlzers and difference
adjusters who have 1 long and so recently
been conferring Mr SWATS plurality
two years ago was but 805 the Joint vote of
the two Democratic candidates was 1059 In
excess ot the Republican vote Had there
been but one Instead of two Democratic
candidates a solid Democratic delegation
from this city In the State Senate would
have been the result That body is now
composed of nineteen Republicans and
thirteen Democrats and I there I t be any
change In this years election the Eighth
Benate district Is one of those which the
Democrats must
Dmorats mut carry
With a union ot all factions of the Democracy
cy on legislative candidates last year a
delegation was sent to Albany from this
city composed of twentytwo Democrats out
o the whole number of twentyfour This
result secured a Democratic majority In the
lower branch of the Legislature for the first
time in many years and the opportunity
for the first time since 1875 of electing a
Democratic United States Senator
Dmorto Unit Stt Snatr
A Governor of the State for the period of
three years I t be elected in November
and at the time
Ue same tms thirtytwo Sena
tors who will b In office beyond the
election of 1m Upon the political complexion
plexion of the Senate will depend the degree
of support which the Democratic Governor
will receive a well as tho acts of the wholo
Legislature in many matters of Importance
among them a now census and the r ppor
tlonment which the populous and growing
communities Inexorably demand ua measure
of Jutlco and fair representation
Thus the situation In the Eighth Senate
district becomes unusually Important slnco
that I the only district which the Republi
cans by reason of Democratic divisions havo
been able t carry These are the figures
RpUC DrmxrtUU
1888 I3 0f t04T 3809
2 11 6MO 11123
INT HIM 1S 8141
1M IIOM 10789 I8ST
EIXWABD COlE who represent the
County Democracy in the State Committee
Isarobldont of the Eighth Senate district
so f Commissioner V Ol his associate
on the State Committee and now tho cham
pion of the socalled Now York Democracy
I a appears to b the case the warring
brethren of the two factions cannot get together
gather t knock out Tammany they should
certainly establish a basis of union for the
purpose of smaslilng with a heavy hand the
Bepublloana who owo their supremacy In
th Eighth district t Democratic divisions
In dealing with a wily fo In politics courage
generally accomplished more than coquetry
A Very Important Question
The views as to the Oibto and Inspiration
expressed by Prof llninaa In his Inaugural
address have shocked the newspapers of tho
churches known a evnngnllual llaptlsts
Methodists CoiigreffiUlonaltate and
lothol t CnRreltonaIMalnd IVesby
torlans u ill to in rcgnnllnr thorn OH ilestruc
tivo of faith In tho Itlblo as tin revealed
Word of OOP and thoiofoio pulivoislve of
the very foundation of the orthodox belief
and theology
Ifso they arjua tho Bible is 1 the fnl
11 bio book which Prof Diuaas iloscilbca
with errors thut hiinuui rea < wn mill luiowl
ego must sopmuto from iti trutlif tho
Script urrsnrH brought down to tlii level of
rollpious llb > rnturti centrally Thin tlin
lllblu bocoiniB u liuni in pniiluutlnn mm keil
by the inipomoet timm tif Immunity mid not time
Word of UOD indlspuuiblo in Its truth i thus
Its utterances ave the utttruncvi uf men iu
plrcd only BO far as nil mou mo Inspired
who write what tho reason nccjpU as true
oE DAVID JIUIBUIAH wero no moro In
spired of GOD then PLATO KOCIUTKS Kin
XOA tho authors of the Vela nnd the
writers npm rvlttloii at the present
day Tni hay did tint wlto under Iho I
Divine dictation but lit thclr 1 nu IIIIIXIIIKQ
and I their own way antI their thought
and perceptions wara i llmltnl liv 1 hunun
capacity t apprehend and explain truth
Hence Instead of approaching the Bible In
a spirit ot worship Prof Bwooa would
have tho student go t It In a critical mood
and such of Its teachings
t discover accept It tolu
u seem t him true and reasonable and t
reject those which reveal the Ignorance and
superstition of writers conditioned by the
and restricted knowledge
false conceptions Ind rtrict e
of their time I
The Biblical theology which Prof Bniaas
expounds t the candidates fo the Presby
terian ministry In tho Union Theological
Bemlnary Is based on that theory of tho
Scriptures and a It Is utterly subversive of
all the standards of orthodoxy the evangel
ical papers are asking whether the Presby
terian Church as a whole ought not t deal
with a subject 8 tremendously Important
A revoluUon so complete they think
should not b mao by a single Individual
and I single Institution on their own im
pulse only I these aro t b the doctrines
preached In tho Presbyterian churches tho
General Assembly and not merely Prof
Bniaaa and the Union Theological Born
nary ought t say whether they ehall b
approved and established
I appears that under a rule adopted by
the General Assembly In 1S70 that seminary
was put on the some footing a that of the
other seminaries of the Church and that I
a majority of the Assembly disapproves no
appointment of professor In such an Institu
tion shall ba considered as a complete elec
tion Therefore the views of Prof Biuoaa
properly should cojno up for grave consideration
sideration at the next meeting of tho
General Assembly Tho subject I likely
t drive even tho discussion ot amend
ments to the Westminster Confession
Into background Logically should b
settled before any of the proposed changes
aro made for I his views ore sustained the
whole Confession must be wiped out and
none con b constructed in Its place Its
very foundation is the doctrine that the
Scriptures are given by Inspiration from
GOD t b the rule of faith and life If the
Blblols a fallible bk partly true and part
false human reason determine
ly fae a huma raon may dotermle
It Is not Inspired and It has no such author
Ity Reason Is I the rule and not the Bible
Wo do not see how it Is possible fo the
General Assembly t avoid this question and
esoapethe responsibility deciding whether
Prof Bmooa shall b allowed t continue s I
a professor of Biblical theology In a Presbyterian
byt divinity school But suppose It de
cides against him what will b the effect
Will the trustees of the seminary turn Prof
BBIOOS out of his choir 7 Will they not
rather throw off the subjection of the Insti
tution t the authority of the Assembly ad
O on In their own course and according t
theIr own theories
Uel theres
The next meeting of the General
next metng te Gener Ambl
will be Interesting
w very IntrstnA
The Genius of the District
There used t be an odd sort of genius half
guide half scout at Oxford who delighted
t take tourists about tho colleges In the
promise and potency of expected shillings
hewould point out t a happy few the rooms
In Balllol occupied by its distinguished ma i
her Prof JOWETT and to a venerable
tr Prto JOW t figure
visible at the window and say Thais 1m
esathlnklnVes always athlnkln We
do not know what mansion hotel fat
boarding house or stable Washington has
the honor of sheltering the Wage Workers
Political Alliance We cannot direct stran
gers and pilgrims t that shrine of genius
and say reverently I This I the place the
home of thought the Incubator of Ideas the
fount of legislation and the wellspring of
finance but we know none the
le that wherever the Wage Work
ers Political Alliance partakes o Its
morning cocktail or its evening meal
Its thinking its always
th aways athlnklng i
And what thoughts and what a thought
plant are these our countrymen I CST
and Bookless SIMPSON COLBXBT and B
PBATT coagulated into one great curd of
mind could not equal this District
cud eua tis Dltct prodigy
Once we were Inclined to believe that
OnO wer Inolned t bleve tat the
Wage Workers Political Alliance of the District
trict of Columbia was a collection and
tic Clumbi wa colton ad co
partnership of master spirits but o late we
have become convinced that the Alliance I
one and the same Opinions may differ
about Homerlo unity The thread of silk
paper that runs through the appropriation
clause of a the W W P A bills I convinc
ing proof of Alliance unity Let u consider
with thankful mind the latest production of
this marvellous being By request of the
W W P A Mr BLAIR Introduced Into the
Senate on Feb 6 a bill t establish a
department of cooperative negro colonies
and for other purposes The preamble I
rickety In It grammar and doubtful In Its
statistics but It Is too choice a specimen of
Illation t b dumped into oblivion
11 Wturtai Tbs productions ot the nscroes ot tttls coun
try during tbe patt century bu oxcotdtd elfbty hun
dred mlllloni of dolT and
Whereat The potttatlont ot tbo sail nturoeo at lbs
proton time do not exceed olibt knadrod mttlloni
dollars and
Whtrtat no condition of lbs said Bocraa 1 a dlt 1
traco to tb wbI race wblob bat adopted a ayitom o
charity and coorolon1 lat otoojpuaUoa and CQ
elllatloa raGs and toward the black u wU u toward lbs sad
menu Tbo proMnt shod IMIIOD ot lbs FlftrHm
Coq of u Vnltod Statw Ii wWI and ablo t a
tabliib tho rightful natural and oallfbtoaid tjtuwu
o Ouporatloa and 000001011001
Therefore an Executive Department of
Cooperative Negro Colonies is es
tablished s that the negroes may be enabled
to train themselves t In tho Industries arts
and ethics of mankind most suitable for
their development without permanently
seoklng tho charity or eternally fearing the
enmity of the white race I The offices of
Secretary and of First Second Third and
Fourth Secretaries of the Executive Depart
ment of the Cooperative Negro Colonies are
t he established The fondness of the W
W P A for Deiwrtruents Secretaries and
Assistant Secretaries shows that he must
have been a Republican before ho went Into
legislation on lila own hook He
legl81aton bt bok proposes
that the now department shall establish
agencies all over the country for the pur
pose of Indoctrinating tho negroes In the
Industries art and ethics of mankind No
body Is to bo employed in tho negro cooper
ative colonial business who has not enlisted
in the Grand Army of Labor Nobody
II Gmld Lnlr Nobdy ever
Is to bn employed in ot the
b employe any numerous
created b the W W P
departments crlat by A who
It I not a member of the G A Lt I Congress
OUght to authorize and equip that force
vltlicmt delay
Tho appropriation clause contains the In
vailnblo formula which 1 the ballmark ot
time Alllcnco and the proof of its unity
In e e that itiall bIO Doa ID the uM Ttoiurr
Ilitu It s1l L Ills duty of the Heerlar ot Ibo
1rlr 10 can a innicUncy ol tho docUralonr not
tromlnorjr lull not ptrtltl ItKtMtndir monty ot tbo
aIled SIsISS 01 America to to propmd oa silk
tbriadwl papr ID l bit boil otylo of tb a ot band
roller plateprlntlof at tb > Bureau of EnrrmTtDf and
Printing la lbs Putrid of Columbia aDd when tbo ale
mooer shall 1 0 prepiredlt shill tilt be the duly of
lit IsIS Secretary ot tbo TreMorS to caiuo tbo tamo to
te conred Into ibe mid Treasury for laid purpoM
Tills hillmark ts l i of course found in an
otlitr and oven more gifted measure Intro
duced mi the snino day by Mr CALL
Tfits Is a bill ta free the people from
clrhr and for other ourDosna This
too ha n pronniblo full of wild
power and solid mu culatlty Wo learn
from It that t he Inovl table conflict between
the political systems ot mankind and their
social fraternal and Industrial systems must
go on until their political system shall b
perfected by means of universal public cooperation
operation at last that their said social
fraternal and Industrial systems will fall
into silent disuse that the people of this
republic havo said mighty plainly that
Congress shall have the power t make all
the money which can Im legally used for the
payment debt In this country and that
they CUD make It of what material and in
what terms and with what degree of ex
pansibility of Its volume they choose
until freedom from debt shall become uni
versal within tho limits of this RepublIc
Congress moreover has tho power to con
tract the currency until the ware workers of
this nation shall rlsu In their wrath and wipe
up the earth with Urn plutocrats whether
the m til money Advocates the tools of
that London Jew banker like It or not
Therefore b It enacted that nil laws
and parts of lows which Impose any na
tional taxation whatsoever b and they are
hereby repealed and that the Secretary
of tho Treasury b and he Is hereby author
ized and instructed to distribute tho sum of
twenty dollars per capita according to the
next preceding national census to each pub
lic authority such as States Territories
districts counties cities towns and vil
lages within tho limits of this Republic
during the month ot December annually
ot enabling the said public
for the purpose tf euablDI thl publc
authorities t pay their debts and current
expenses during the ensuing year without
any local taxation whatsoever
The genius doesnt forgot to be Just In be
ing generous He authorizes the Secretary
of the Treasury to pay the t debts ot the
United States upon demand It there isnt
money enough for that purpose In the strong
box silkthread paper handroller plate
print Is t be used In quantities to suit No
more taxation I and no more debt national
State Territorial county district city
town or vlq Everybodys current ex
penses paid Everybodys pockets stuffed
with Wage Workers Political Alliance paper
money Nine cheers for the greatest genius
In the District of Columbia I
I I Bound to Come la
Te great Issue In Canadian politics at
the present moment concerns trade rela
tions with the United States and from this
time forth It will be a controlling issue
This means that Canada I moving rapidly
toward annexation for there Is no other
possible settlement of the question The
nominal and formal dependence of the Do
mInion is on England Its practical depen
dence 1 on trade with the United States
It whole history more especially its r
cent history shows that it cannot compete
with us I can prop ronly coming Into
the American Union and sharing in the unre
stricted trade which 0 on between the
States Capital will continue t avoid It
enterprise t leave It and population to
desert It 1 long as Canada persists In It
hopeless attempt at competition with us A
Ble State of the Union might ai well try
to get along without the rest as Canada try i
t keep up the contest Involved in Its sepa
rate existence I Is bound to come In t
join Its fortunes with us No matter how
Its present campaign results the movement
toward annexation will b quickened
A Canadian who undertakes to oppose this
resistless march think that In good time
rte8 go tme
the Dominion will take rank
wi a a great
nation He means as 1 separate and Inde
pendent nation But if that good time ha
not already come what reason is there t
expect it in the future Canada has had
a much time a this republic t grow
Into a great nation yet it is only
a Insignificant province while the
United States have become one of the
strongest richest and mot populous pow
ers In the world Relatively t us the Do
minion I of decreasing consequence a time
goes on I I more and more overshadowed
I falls further and further behind in the
of competition
race omptton
Yet Canada has overweighted Itself with
debt t keep up the unequal and hopeless
contest I his used every means t at
tract population from abroad while we
have left the stream of immigra
tion t take its own course That
course f toward us and therefore
Canadas artificial stimulation of
Cda arclastmultlon Immigra
tion has Inured t our gain more than Its
ow The majority of the foreigners merely
pass through the Dominion t come over to
us and the same selfInterest that directs
them hither Is Impelling the mot enter
prising young men of Canadian birth to fol
low them over the border They are the
forerunners annexation The forces neces
sary t make a great nation are diminishing
rather than increasing in Canada
Hence there is nothing of any Importance
in Canadian politics except the relations of
the Dominion t the United States Its
real capital Is Washington and not Ottawa
It Is dependency of the United States
I a depnenoy te Untd Htt more
than of England and looking t u and our
policy rather than to England for Its pro
parity and its development
A good time Is surely coming for Canada I
The day when a national sentiment will replace I
place Its present provincial subserviency is
approaching As part of the
approachlDI te sovereign
American people the Canadians will share
In the rapid development of the most popu
lous most prosperous and most powerful
nation the world has ever known Before
tho end ot this century we expect t 8 the
stars of the Canadian States upon the ban
ner ot the republic
He Comes from a Union State
As a genuine and thorough Democrat
Mr QonWAt Is violently objectionable t
the Mugwumps Our cracked little con
temporary the Bpringfltld RtpulilicaH attempts
temprary Bri Rtli4 at
tempts to whistle him down the wind
with this curious tune
Tho onlhuiUitto friends of Senator Oontux la
Ma prompted by bit iklltul manafomoat afalnit lbs
force bill lu iiu tii his namo for tbo seal PrMldiullal
nomination of Ibo Donocratlo party Pus eukject li I
barfly a lerloiu ono howoror from tlio fact Hot foi
slot Golan cornel from a Southern Suite ItapM ly a
lbs rpreudlcMh bar faded from the public mil of
lalo II would be loo rtluneiptrlment tor tlio Ieinn
cntlo Etitoa of Hie goulb to sib llio niilitaiico of Kurtli
era fctaui IB olecilug a Southern man
This is really funny Tlie Democratic
party however Is a national and not a sec
tional party and It cannot recognIze the ex
istence of any disqualification for the Presi
dency In citizens living south of MASON and
DIXONS line who era constltutiomilly eligi
ble The sentIment of the country II regard
t the Force bill which was aimed clilelly ut
the South has been shown to recently nnl
too strongly to afford the Republicans any
reasonable grounds for believing that there
I another President In tho Bloody Shirt
Besides whatever objections there might
b to the advisability ot nominating a
candidate from one of the Southern
States that seceded they do not apply
to a Maryland candidate Maryland our
Mugwump friends ought to know was not
one of tho Confederate States The Legis
lature which was in session In the spring of
IBfil did indeed proooso that the I Stats
should remain neutral I recognized the
Independence of tho Confederate States and
declared against Federal coercion of them
but it declined to pass an ordinance of se
cession When the question was referred to
the people In tho full the secessionists
1 r beaten out ot sight A Union candi
date for Governor was elected by an Im
mense majority and hardly a handful of se
restlontsta was returned to the Legislature
Nearly 00000 Marylanders served In the
Union array and few State Governments
were moro zealous for the Union cause than
was Maryland
A Maryland candidate would bo no more
exposed to war prejudices than a Massa
chusetts candidate The Mugwumps must
try again I they can demonstrate that
Mr OOHMAN Is not ti nativeof the United
States bls friend will be willing to admIt
that ho can never b President As It Is tho
Maryland Democrats will continue to Insist
that Howard county Is In tho United
States and that UonMAN of Laurel U a
mighty fit man to 0 President of the United
States and thor arc 1 good many other
Democrats who will agree with them
What Is this rumpus about tho appoint
ment of the Hon J P Pitnce of Brooklyn to
bo Insurance Commissioner nt Albany What
hare th Mugwumps cot nunlntt Pinner He
has served repeatedly In the Stats Senate and
we Always thought him capable and respect
able BesIdes this view of the ease Is eon
firmed by Governor HILLS unrolntraont of him
to so Important aa otflc It sooius very bard
for HIM to satisfy the Mugwumps any war
WALDO HUTCHINS had been dunes the war
cnl1s g I
proouDoat among tbo war Democrat anu tooarno a
riot friend ot iToitui UiitniKr In whote uar1 i
for his freildencr In 1473 lie took IB achy > a
tiiinitfleltl ffa1m
Not so Ue was an active member of the
Republican party during the war PrIor to
1872 bo became what wan called I Liberal lie
publtenn that In I an opponent of the ORT
Administration I wan not till after 1B72 that
he Identified himself with the Democracy
DATID Dccrcr FIELD Is 80 years old to
day sand his three celebrated brothers Judge
STiritRN FIKLU Oirus W FIELD and the
e HENKT M FIULD join him In oolobrntluK
the event with a family baminet We con
gratulate them all atitl we rejoice at the lone
lives and the enviable maturity tbey enjoy
Would we hal many more such citizens I
We publish In another column a circular
out forth by the trustees of tbe establishment
conducted during the past year with such BUC
eels by Dr PAUL aiiiiFit for the preventive
treatment of hydrophobia according to the
method discovered bY Prof PISTKUU In Paris
In that time Dr QIBIBR has treated with suc
cess some two hundred persons bitten by mad
don and dogs supposed to be mad while five
hundred other persona have applied to him
and have been examined and their wounds
dressed under his direction For all this service
be bas received no compensation It la Impos
sible for him to continue any longer so vast a
labor of gratuitous benevolence and this be
comes still more true considering the enlarge
ment of his enterprise Into an institute of gen
eral bacteriology not only for hydrophobia
but for tuberculosis diphtheria and other con
tagious dl8ea1
These facts are stated with great explicit I
peas and cogency In the circular to which we
refer and we cannot doubt that the material
aid which Is necessary for the prosecution of
an undertaking so necessary and so beneficent I
will be promptly and liberally furnished i
There appears to be a controversy In New
Hampshire over the will of one BBHJAIIIK
THOMSON who left about half a million dollars
to establish a agricultural college In Durham
I not this contest a mistake Is there an agri
cultural college anywhere that Is really worth
The best agricultural college I a flr trate
farm where the students work and learn at
the same time The halfmilliondollar col
leges are chiefly useful to those who draw
salaries from their funds
JAHZS RXDPATH who died In St Lukes
Hospital on Tuesday was a remarkable charac
ter earnest eager Impulsive and never vaoli
latlng He first bee known among news
paper men in this city by a remarkable criti
cism on a theatrical performance in the
Bowel The play was Jack Bheppard and
RKDPATB condemned it as exerting an Im
moral influence over tie boys whom he found
congregated In the pit He was not at that
time engaged in literary labor but
tme enlae any lear labr was
employed by a tobacconist or In some other
mechanical work He brought his manuscript to
the Tribune and was rather surprised that the
managing editor and the public were pleased
with I We should say that this happened in
the summer of 1850 or 51 r and after that the
young man was a frequent visitor In the
Tribune office and for some time found em
ployment under the city editor Then he was
sent to Kansas to report tho Border Kufllans
and next he served as 1 war correspondent
When be finally left the Tribune he began a
career as a writer on subjects of political or
social amelioration and as a correspondent in
Ireland asslstaatedltor of tha JVortA American
llnlrw and AntiPoverty reformer In which
the rest of hU life was pasted He was a en
ergetic vivid and faithful man and many
persons of greater apparent importance would
be Iea missed than he from tbelr places as
laborers In Ibis worlds harvest foJa
That Is a funny story which was tele
graphed to the London Times from this coun
try reporting the existence of a ring of Sena
tors In Washington who bad bought
tOlln Wa9hlolton bulht seventy
five million dollars of silver on speculation In
order to raise Its price b their votes The
such Jimri absurdities ought to know bettor than to publish
jKitnr sansoff KOT SOCKE I
The Alliance BtatemnaB Deounu the Aev
cudtUoB s Tile Blunder
from the raxiai ct Timer
Ccmgreumanelett Jerry Simpson I arrlrod In Kinue
City j tilerJ r They say itiat I duat wear any
soaks iaU 1 lbs new Couitemnin Thai Ii a big lie
and a rile oandor I wear ai iooJ sock a any olber
gentleman In Kama 51 Ir wit It I a careful little body
ana she IniUU upon keeplnt no supplied with k
that would 10 oron for a frlneo Hal and she 1 dont
let any holes ret In em sIllier Sho baits tbo hose
bereolt and wkn lbs bole eoao oat > ke dirno am la
a aabloa that wad do credit to the flnt lady In tie
IIA bI I yon oViil Uellere ttiat I wear seeks Jim j lot
And imlllaf np a trouser legof I coarse brown ameS
similar to that worn by nlnelrulne farmer nut of a
hunilrel he displayed calf of teutrou imp run
aiit I pair or iiKklrun made out of common yarn Ibo
rotular friy and blue the favorite with tamest wlroa
wlio hare < 1lic ° rored lhat tbo coiritr lie yarn the
fewer the elltcliea
Complimented by the Opposition
rOa rl GlobOesocrsl
Senator Gorman may flavor leouro Ibo Preeldonoy
bin 111 the same a Ueranerat at alt approaching tim
iiiileittrllyaiaparly toiler bu bad that office eluee
Va Burtu aie > l4 down
A Vb Idoa far CUIfaEOi full
I r the Mtat i Unity Mia
hit at tho realurts proposed for tho Fair U I a project
for dropping a projeoillo shaped car from thousand
foot leirer Into a baeln of water jo orilor to glvo I tbo
occopanuofiao lower b Mutation ef falling a bag
dlilanco wlbo h dangorou conaoquoncos 01 alip
Ping to > suddenly Tbo Idea as might b eipected la
that ot a frenchman ArUtldo Sonar of lbs rarla teiy
tecbnlo School I The delalla of lbs project are worked
out by Charlct Carraiu an engineer at OreaoWo
Will I Hooolcrl
TOTMI EmrORorTHK SDK r I hare ouch aiorb
In THIC Suxt leilcon as to hooilirt I If to will JI >
ton bo kind enough to ttate beet lbs dltooulon ot Mr
Now of Indiana for tbo Treatnry portfolio I stat moro U
t trIL 11 iltb
loin danger thai lbs Adauiiutrailon will boast IV l
sell I ran Sane rwuco
Iao 10ao rUllo
Wunlo rba
1Ulr tttostortox1 Ann aooxixe
The met or the New Art for Traaifkr
Anoaat Mctlrvol Oe ra <
WAStntrarov Fob UTh oonemrenco of
the House In the bill passed by the Senate a
month ago for the readjustment of the retired
list Is tbe most Important measure enacted by
the Fiftytint Congress for lh rational In
terests of army officers and Indeed the most
Important one for that purpose accomplished
many years
I provides for the transfer ot all retired
officers who have reached may reach the
age ot C4 from the limited t the unlimited
Hit while as a partial offset the former list is
hereafter to be reduced from Its present
maximum of 400 to aO
While the avowed object ot thin measure 18 l
Immediately to Increase the aggregate number
of retired office anti I thereby to furnUli a
large number of promotion on the active Hit
thoio were considerations which recommended
It to Congress when other motboile of accom
plishing the BIO purpose hail been rejected
The original creation of a disability list hud
nothing to ilo with the question of ago Ail I
uiioud age In fait Is often not a disability lu
tliolilcheruradrs as Illustrious examples In
our own army and ntlll more In the German
ha oohown The firot retlieil list which by
the way was eated after the ontbienk of tle
civil war ivan limited to 7 per cent ottue active
list Than ennui an Increase to the fixed num
ber of S09 and finally to 4iO 0 J mpulsory re
tirement for age Is a recent mcBsuie dating
tiack only to the net ot June so 1192 Con W
T Hhoruian was one of lu first victims a
though lu his cute full ray by an exception
was retained
The expiesH object of Ihs new age law wee
to secure to juniors the promotion which other
wise amId not lie hoped for lu lime of peace
It was not pretended that an omer reaching
tho commnnd for example of a regiment or a
staff corps nt tb < Rite of li irfte unlit tor UM
duties 01 tho contrary retirement was made I
Kumtiulsory bocume an many oUlcern at the
n KB of l > 4 veto at lime height of their t < o < f
unit uaafulnes with tbe iironpevt of a con
tinuing Iflllll twelve or twenty rear more
Iongiesa lu umt let sought ID jetaln the ser
vice of experienced junior omc rs non of
whom bed to lenmin tent your fn n grade
and might be tempted by tho terchancelo
ilo oOVreil by elnl iminulis
The uresout net Is really supplementary
to the Ilw of 1882 A very largo proportion of
limo officer retired fo Uiuhlllty resulting
Horn wound or ill health have now passed the
Ego of 04 11 ml they remained on the active list
they would be retired Imply forage and for
Ibo express imrposii of Increasing the flow of
promotion The present Conortaa accordingly
takes the ground that It simply carries out the
existing policy In permitting the transfer of
such oflloer to the age llt and so ot > DID the
disability vacations Hat proper to oftlcers awaiting such I
Indeed 1 second Important consideration Is
the very large number of officer awaiting
these vacancies who have been examined by
official Boards and recommended lor retire
ment Ibis number lit excess of th rlre
Ilnt eU5 Ire
scribed limit ol the disability list baa for years
been increasing until today It reaches about
alt These otllcers are disabled an the
medical reports show yet their places onnnot
be fled and the Government mutt cr > on
giving them till active pay while being un
able to exact lu return that measure of set
vice hlh this pay cal for I losp then
for while also tlin junior officers who per
form the duties nominally Incumbent on their
disabled superiors do not receive the rank and
pay which such tasks merit
Exactly bow to escape from this double dif
ficulty was a puzzj until the present Ingenious
system was lilt upon here a now about
liOoincerson the disability Hit wboae ages
exceed 64 years There r also snout sixty
officer on the active list awaiting vacancies on
time disability Hit It Is M simple arithmetical
conclusion tbat If the 110 am transferred to
the age list and the disability then reduced
to 35u as a maximum there trill bn mot about
enough vacancies on It to completely clear the
ment list of tho orueers recommended for rtre
mrmthis way tbe desired promotion will be
brought about the army will get sixty more
duty ofllcers and the reduction In Ste disabil
ity list from 4UO to 160 will orrVet the continu
ing operation of the transfers from I to the
age list under the act just passed
There Is doubtless not palled troth in the
report nf a former House Committee on till I
Itary Affairs that the retired Hit 01 the arm
is now burdened by offloere who were retired
on account of comparatively trivial disabil
ities I is also unquestionable that the bole
HyNtem of retirement though founded
rtrment foulded on consideration
sideration of public expediency at a period
when efficiency for war purposes In all grades
ha become Imperative IU110 been worked In
some Instances for personal advantage The
retired lists of the army and navy combined
have already coat perhao i34ooOouo or 33
000000 and legislation to mores > tbelr an
nual cost should bn sharply scrutinized But
u ha been seen the particular measure now
passed ba certain special argument t its
favor and eon only b used at prvmept for the
retirement of officer already actually found
ftrment atUJ
Incapacitated for active lervlc
Taking together this important meatttr and
the act recently passed for the retirement of
oilloere In certain grades next In the line of
promotion I found disabled on examination I
great prospects of advancement la rank and
pay are opened A farther result must b the
creation of a larger number or vacancies
among the Second Lleutenanta of the line than
the class graduating next June at West Point
sod tbe recommended concnrnmlssloned offi
cer of tbe army can flit We shall now ac
cordingly t resumed after a Inns time ap
pointments In considerable numbers from
civil life to this grade
To HeTlve American SJalpil > a
reciprocity arrangement recently entered Into
with Brazil and those pending with
BrEI thOe Jndlnl other South
American countries have called special atten
tion to the Tonnage and Shipping bill now
waiting for consideration In tbe House The
Chambers of Commerce and other commercial
bodies of the Atlantic and Pacific seaboard
cities are sending here most urgent appeals
favoring Its speedy passage en the general
ground that it Is necessary for the encourage
ment of American commerce and that without
it the carrying trade which should necessarily
grow up with reciprocity u pay tribute and
bring wealth to foreign Instead
wealb forla of American
shipowners The conviction seem t be grow
ing that the time has come to rebuild
Inl tm hfs our mer
chant marine and that thl will be Impossible
gainst the European subsidised lines which
Lava monopolized our trade unless our ow
shipping Is put upon an equal footing with
them by a system of bounties nnd allowances
based upon tonnage carried and norvloe ren
dered The principal opposition to the meas
ure comes from tbe rural and agri
cultural districts of tbe cotton Elates on
the old and exploded theory that
j they lat no interest in maritime
or eternal affairs but the leading anti more
thoughtful men who aro building up the new
South are anakonlng to a realizing con of
the fact that the situation lu respect to this
Important matter has chanced nnd that neith
er the ucrlctiUuia nor the still more import
ant mineral resources 01 that region cnn be 1
properly developed without additional facili
ties for reaching tho msrkeu of the world
They are also beginning to perceive hat I inch
seaports as New Orleans Xloblo ron ncoe
Savannah Port Itoyal CnurJuston sIll Nor
folk urn quite u much concerned In the
measure as are Philadelphia New York and
Boston and tbat they would all receive ti great
Impulse from be establishment of American
lines connecting them with foreign ports
Tb old prejudices against subsidies are cer
tainly on tbe wane and It nor surprise no
one If this Congress should ignore I polities ant
signalize II closing day liy the passage of a
measure which must be followed at an early
day by tie reappearance of our R upon all
the maritime trade route of the world
Passion afnyaacat Vs e Vp the Hutpin
WISUIKCITON Fob llTbe Acting Secretary
of th Treasury today issued warrant for the
payment of 11000000 on account of pensions
aggregating 80000000 due during the quar
ter ending March 4 The latter amount repre
seats the present available cash balance 01 tho
Treasury so that the only TreaMinr surplus
that will exist alley these payments shall bar
lalntl aba
been met will be the excess of payment over i
otber expenditures during that period now
apn4lull 4priK ta penoIOW
estimated less than fto000000
KHioFoIUh Jew Af > > > Un CiireUul III
BiLTiMOB Feb llTbe Better Cholln con
gregation composed of UuiiololUh Jews
has ordered to b spread on the minutes the
romdrks of some of its officer lauding Cr
dlnal pllVcne tor f hi Il letter I regarding the
bows In Ilussla After the meeting prays
were offered for th welfare reeiln Eminence
o I 1
UDderukiuiM and bidding him godspeed In lilapbliautbropio I
They Will Pretest tat Atbunjr Agatst
LrglaUtlDii AVeetU Their SInus
The State Fish Commission at their sooond
days session In the Fulton and Market Na
tional Hunk building jettortlay discussed
behind closed door the bill pending In the
Legislature rooomnienJert by limo Fish antiI
Gam Law Codification Commission which 1
proposes time creatIon of a Commission of
three membr not more limn one to bo ap
pointed from any judicial department and
each to reeehe GOO annually for travel and
contingent expense
cOltDleDt ClelSe
At present there ate fire CommissIoners
antI two1 resident Kuueuo 0 Ulnckford of I
Brooklyn and L D lluntlnuton of Now
loehtlllle In the tame judicial iHstilct
Ale tbe secret cession the Commissioners
Issued I statement hloh Into be vent t the
Committees on Qamn Laws both In the Bennto
anti In the Assembly In Hits thay protest
against the change In Ihe nifmlor of Iho Com
mlKsionor mid uualnst Ibo e ktjMIMirneiit of
lieadiiuartrrii I In Aliuiny they nljo ihioct to
iho too whhli they my li lujibnMy twlc us
mIlieu Its a Onmmlcsloner In likely to siiend
Other I irovlslony ct lliu bill are jommenled
upon unfavorably C > lr llnntlord sMJ that
the Cominlssloneio Would npiinsu till I the ore
O5eti lswtmimkng tilt cl efcason for trout llsh
Inc from Sept 1 1 liny 1 tlio I onmmlssiollr4
ni should Ito from
ItoldliiK that hat doe Miison bolid
I Ilelit 1 10 April I lbs iinipDWrtlfKlwatlon iitr
oyster protection will also i bu I opuoscd by the
I With MIIIHI voitnc brook trout now nt tho
batoherlostlie OoinmlnhloneiB 1foyUltil > es
terdity for tio dlHlrlniitlon of alUlOtW Iry
With dkfiO MI brown trout i n haitI 2 > 00lijili
were ntnicned nome of wliloli wl 1 I rot bo
hMiiiti l to sutnly the demand While Uqw
OOil luke or tlmm trout fry are nt the hutch
orbs only HsiuwiO wore iiKsloneil The ro
erlollnlv IIllO wer
hatcheries imilinler will be plautud In lakes near the fish
Lake trout assigned for dUulbutlon yester
day were u followm
ilwuoo let Cavuga county 2011
Ltko flojaant Adiratiilack SSMiS i
4ilfHla Laks fcoHS co atr
11vsr sad yitautni lAbs Sullivan county
tthltefee Erook Kranklln county 150
Mono and iiurth lakra Knllen chain 11
mtchv Lit Columbia rininty WJju
tittle iooio and rants taM jlerklmor oty 10000
LUI 14 lEn IAalbr r liortiflier so lily vin >
Indian k and K imnn Hlvor 5W
llxbow Lako ltrdenon 1W
lk Ildrlon
Otwogatclilo Hirer bead waters 1000
llany tingle cans of brook trout each can
l0ntalnlDI 5 000 fry are to ba sent nil over the
U ar
tit ate The larger amounts ot brook trout as
signed > aterduy were as follow
Cbenanao klth aid lame Onib tiorwlou 4n00o
Mrum and Haw illll Klirera WwtcliMter ooanty livmii
llUblaiid tats Ke o cuuuty w
KltlasanO 1 lOOn lir ika ctuataaqua COIr IMUI
Kith I rent Umltconmy also
lUrollton and Mud Laiet Hamilton county ItW
Wbtiofacourook Franklin uoniity Juum
ColnmbUrounty brooks 1JOIO
OtMgocoaatrbrtiiikt LVOUU
rettamoM take Iuttr county i lu000
lullr end other bruL Brooms county 1010
CnHtiuatnn niver Rtouben cnun y luOUU I
MIcbninBinitr Mclionarle conntr lUJM
IdeNsaul 505111 Lakea llerklraer renoir IUUOI
Trent Pond and Pact fujtle taa i oouuty 1HOU
Beaar BlTor Mnla county i tOi xl
tunlihtown tiarrnit county iaOx
Steaks In Hamakatlnit Hnlllran county 0000
Utile eountr aluou ana ranther Lat llerklmer 10001
Feonoaana Crook Vernon Oneldaooqnty lum
leo bas lIner Hirer lierkliaer county lone
wiocoyCroeE Wyomlnt county liiui >
Indian Lake and Halnon Hirer 1111101
Money and other lakes fooleeoauly IUDOU
Salmon IllTr Lewis snooty lunuo
Mwiiatoblo RIver Lisle county Iliunu
ubub lOver Ktoox county 10100
Brown trout livery popular this year Those
amount were sat apart yesterday
Stream In Columbia county S1000
RnnoJ jake Vfauklln county 5OOUO
Lyon Brook and nthors Cbeuango county jw >
nibow Lab Rodorton 2 O
IJttlo Salmon Hirer Frankltu county aiiioo
Ilanilllon I and Mud lalts Hamilton county lSuuu
Mrooka In prio r lo ouogo commIT iiliT N jo
Nautleoko I rook ilroomo connly 101011
birearai In Ontario and Mouroo coUnties 10000
utti and xiu brooks Cbautauonacooaty 13oui
Seal Innit Eaatport u I laooo
Cold Creek Allegheny noumy laouo
Trent fond Duck Puddle and other waters Kt IIO
sex concty t lVTO
ionbooton Hirer SUuben county lu0
Kocond Lake Moor Hirer Uerkiotoroonntr liiuu
lo ln Hoar and Bailey brooks Saratoga county 14000
l blip s lake and ponds Loin island 111400
RlibmondTlIlo Helioharto county Imixxj
Distribution of tbe fry will be begun next
wi b belun
wk Among the Huh applied for were earn
California trout rostllsb and black basH lime
anplloant near Now ork asked for 500 uut
The CoiiimlHtonere do not distribute eels
They distribute themselves Black bass will
b assigned at the March meeting
CnettlcriBf Dlopoiltl t be klaide or
CawtU QardraHorse Car In the Park
At the meeting of the Park Board yesterday
President Gallup was authorized to bare the
wooden buildings about Castle Garden sold at
public auction Then the question as to what
UM Castle Garden should be put to came up
The question was finally referred to Commls
nloner Dan who will consider the matter and
Abraham k Richards applied for the permit
to run park carriages In Central Park after the
expiration of the lease held by CoL Shepard
This wo also referred to Commissioner Dana
President Gallup reported that the pay rolls
ot the department sofar this rear showed a
saving of 9000 ILl compared with the name
period last year Be was authorized to adjust
the salaries of tbe park policemen in accord
ance with tbe agreement mad with the Board
of atim ate
The Street Cleaning Department asked the
Board to have the plazas at Firth and Eighth
venues and Fiftyninth street paved with
asphalt This work wlTj cost 137000 and while
the Board agreed that the work wo necessary
It could not be undertaken because of lack of
money A report to this effect will be mode to
th Uayor
JrtrmWon was denied to the Atherton Ath
letle Club to use a path In Washington square
for a running track President Gallup report
ed that be ha given to T J brown temporary
nermlHBlon to run a car through tlie trans
verse road In Central Park at JSIghtyslxth
otroot until arrangements for n permanent
service can be mane Public Works Commis
sioner Gllror win requested to grant a permit
connecting the tracks of the Fourth Ave
nue llallroad with those running across Con
tral PArk
Superintendent Parsons submitted plan for
a rlmdrene Playground at Seventh avenue
and Flflyuliitn street Action on them was
deferred until Commissioner Dana could
look Into the matter and report Mr Parsons
otlmatud Hint the cost nt r laying out his
grounds would be about 25000
A Fablla TJadertakliB Which Deietroe at
Liberal Support
Ornc or ma Taitiuac or raa 1
Nnw Toss BiitnuouwjinL ImttTora I
Now Von rob II 1891 I
We bog to briefly pao before yon the roatona which
hare actuated ut lu Inking tbo Initiative slept for the
teiablieunicnt In Now York city of an Inatltuto tpoclally
devoted to tho slimly ami treatment of luberenloali liy
droplioliln tllptitlorla and otlior cuntarloue dlitaioa
For tome title fiait tbo path opened by lbs Illuttrloua
raitfor lu tlio tody of bacIrrIa has led u > discoveries
of Iminoate Import which bid fair to rorolstlonuo
uuJlclue at an oarly day
Dr Paul Ulbler Halo pupil of Trof Paitenr and his
emulator Ut Koch omened In New York an Inttltiite
for the tludy of coutnrlom Closure and the prironllTO
trtatment of hydrophobia and alnce PtU 1 18JO lo
date nearly Ill < perone tliten by rabid doc and dogs
upptwed tu bo rabid hate teen < aticcettfully Irvatrd at
tlie lutiltiilo while lurirg lila Unto about tlilrtydtatb >
frwio li drjphobla ot person not treated have beta
roported from different path of thus United State
Over AUO ptriont tuba by dogs not rabid biro called
for treatment as a precaution all requiring more or
lee attention seine cases remaining a month or moro
In Over M i cat t the treatment drcttiag of wonuda
or inoeslatione use bpeci without char e oroompenta
tlon aal Dr Olbler who bat thus farglrtnbUllino
and tervlcet to the unfortunate poor who bare applied
tu iilui iluOt It lumposeibme lo longer continue without
aiilUMice a task of mob pnipnrllon
In utlitrtuuutrlu tbe general Hovtrnment tnpporti
algroal oceanic tlio oralorlt from whenoe etna
pate Hie irruddiicoterlei wliloli bnvo awaktntd toe
wnmlrr aol adtairatlou of tho world
With ut hoosier itch a point tat not yet boon
reached and to tho geuoroiliy of Iho lodlrldnal an
appeal must ha ruade to Iniuro the sucrose of to laud
bio an onterprlto and Ito Imueuio bonenu It win con
fer upon tho suffering poor
on > lderliig Ibe polllun occupied by the Uulltd
SiaiM ainonK nailont It raay trulhliilly bo sail that
llltlo bat been arroiniillthnl Hi the line of original re
seanb at ruuipareil witli Ihe development ma protreu
of eiperlincnial and > rlenllrtc meHeine In Hiiru < r
Tbo past career of our fellow eliUon IIr l Iaul llbler
blavaluablo roetarohot aud worse on Infectloua Ole
aMa tbo tntlltnio ho baa peraonally founded soil asp
ported and Ibo aacrlncoi bo bat mado ta Iniure Us sue
cost rroemwtnlly tuineet him at Ibo proper man to
protldo over tbo how York Uaotorlologlcal Initltnto
and with the aid and cooperation of its eminent pbytl
clana compotlng tho Medical and BeleutiDc BIRd wo
Slnoeroly hope II mats hIs linlllito one which Ivory
4acrloaa tball feel proud of
TbtM oosilderatlnnt bays routed ui to aaaeclato our
Mltaforlb purpose of oaublltblng ohm laitltult epo
clally devoted to baoterlologj and we rtepeclfally elk
yotr eotperattOB and aoalotanoo
Foe Its Boeri of Tnuiooa
E Ana niaiigciart Treaturer
Loris C IAMBI actttvr
juox rrr no HACK TO Sfl4
There In Horn I > oubt About III Name bat
None or Ills Lone Krnldtnce In Jail
Mlolm lllnn who baa spent the greater part
ot iho last twenty years in n CoDneaUout
prison will probably be l brought here tomar
row and nhlpnctt for France on Unturdny Hit
Imprisonment was bocnuto of two rrimesof
which ho was ccmvlcloJ and for the cast Uo
rears I Ofauso ha was unable to furnish 15000
ball Ills release la due lo the efforts of th
French ConstilOensral Paul dAbzac to whom
Dion wrote
Michael Ilion appeared In KewOnnaan Cone
about twenty yearn ago Ills bearing WM
military and bo spoke very little English n
had levcrnl medals to rovo i that he hnd served
In tie army but his pnfspnrtde orlliOt avsrr
illPeient limit front Us hearer anti the people
In mow Cnntian won HUBiilcloiiB IonsulUen
orul dAbzao li I not sure now that be la Michael
The tr < ryof 15ion Imprisonment fnrrobtilng
Lymnn pnnnlnun HICIO ImnI J after lii release
of hi nllegad nttvmpt to bloc no Dtinnlinte
Mouse xvaa IM lu yaatnrilnvx Hux ltir
oervcil ton ontn for this Imist olfonro nnilnhnn
lie returned lo New Cnnunn tIme oitUons of that
town told him that tmia oxponmn to France
would bo nnld If ho would only get out He
RToptocl the terms lImit Mr Dunning liouzht
his ticket Aiolttlve or Mr DinuIn came to
Now York anti nulUllod himself tiini Illon hod
really rnttirned to Prance lr the tint time
In nonily Illteen yours Mr Punning Mi free
from his tlnoats Dion didnt May In France
Ions anil two years nco l > nnnlnc > non recoc
nlrd Mm In n Inmbor oaino In this State near
tIme O nnooilJiil hue
Ity n trick no wnitnkru Into Connnctlritt anti
nrr < l tidii ndnimor > tiH man who timid threat
snml the life ol Mr Dunning Ho was sent to
jiill Inilolaultof siOOO oill to ki > ep tho n > ace
Tlio bail wnm nftorwnrd ro < liicol to hAt I I lint
Illon cnnulnt Ki > t bnnilsnion anti It Ocean lo
look no tr he wen loomed to nnnnil tlin rout of
his life In n county lull tile letters attracted
tie attention of the Connulriintrnls nlTW
ansi he was reloasprl on Tijosdny lie will be
under pollen eutvol lanco tn France Ho bus
enough luonoy in Lank bore to nay his as
trr rrs KAI > TV TIJK ASTOR Luintnr
Amerlcnn liutnry Mom Thom Anything
Kl rt nrlllub IKernttire Jcwt
Time fnrtysooond annual report of time Astor
Library has just been Issued The number ot
volumes In tIm library on Doc JJ1 18DO was
2J3101 excepting panmlilotP The accessions
for the year were 1117 volumes and 1007
pamplilcts The visits of students to tho
alcoves numbered tho whom number of
reailtr for tho year WilS C277H In the table
showing the number of readers and books
read In the rondlnc rooms In IRlK time subject
of Ainorlonn history is credited with i755 <
the hlubiist number ot tiny special study
British literature < omeH next with 1A805 and
then come American literature with 0822
The report of the iroanuturnboWK tba
fntiil for tha mnlnlonnno ot the library In
s41l7u the fund for f the nurohnso ol hooks
407000 ant till total endowment flHiiOKVJS
Time nnurai income or thn library during the
last your wns tJ3H81fO mimi lbs net Inrooie ot
the book fund tGSH701 Tho oxrenillturoH
wore For general expenses f2i > lHtlAl for
books and binding 1V20SH1 The grantor
tart ff time report of Hnmllton Fish acting
Presldout of the hoard of TruseeR Is taken
up with nu recount of the work of the Inie
John lacob Actor In building up and continu
lug what ills grandfather had begun
To Be Unlit Homowhere Vp Town Whither
Munv of the CongregatIon HBTC Gone
The congregation of St Pauls Methodist
Episcopal Church nt TwontyFecond street
and Fourth avenue boa decided to build a new
church up town ExJudge Enoch TJ Fnncher
who Is Chairman of the Hoard of Trustees
said yesterday that the Board had louu au
thorized to soil the present property The
price asked is 323000 The chunh has a
frontage of 100 foot on Fourth avenue and 110
feet on Twentysecond street
The congieKittlon ba been ery much re
duced by reason of the removals nf paw owners
to Ito uptonn dlHtrlets Tho new church will
be more couvenltntly located for the mont
bets The congregation bus not decided where
It shall be built Judge Fnncher J 1 > Crook
and Itlcbard A Btorrs have urea aopolutod a
committee to select a sultnbln silo
The present church la n handsome edifice
and WAS built In 1B57 Tbo llov George A
McGraw I the pnstor The Board of Ttuates
aro noah L Fauober JhuinnaniA I > o
Haven Seorotary J 1 Crook Treasurer W
11 llarila T B Underhlll George Elliott Ed
ward Head l > r Uln < men and Itlchord A
The Big Ship Not to titan In PalreTko
City of New York Herr
The Inman line steamship City of Mew York
finished yesterday her first voyage of the sea
son from Liverpool and Queenstown Al
though she met much tempestuous weather
she made a nick winter trip Her time wo 8
dnvMnml itboittl hours
By nn nrrnngument between the White Star
and Inninn lInes them will be no rnces be
tween the quartet of giants the City nf Now
York tty of Paris Toutonlc and Mbjrslli
One of the four ships will sail every eilnei
day trout Now York and one from Liverpool
household expenses have risen nearly fifty
percent within a month and men offamily are
distracted It all comes of a feminine new fad
time mania for saving tencent pieces Yhen
a wife mentions to her husband canunlly tlie
fact that till liar fnondt mire saving tencent
ploce anti that she thinks rho will bavo them
also the husband rather vommends than die
couraces tlie expeilmont Fool I Little does
ho wit the result of his thoughtless words
Vherover the wifo gces she asfcs for dimes
Hitudltii a livedollar bill tn the butcher to par
for a dollars worth of meat she says As
many toncent plecew ns po < llile please The
butcher Know enmigh to oblige her Ho gives
her forty dimes By VVoilnecday of each Week
the usual stipend for hnubokoejilnR lots eon
and mote mutiny must bn supplied lint every
box In tho bureau is bursting with dime
Jlr II C Du Val the private secretary ot
President Dopew received a mysterio dulo
by mall a day or two ago It was mado of wire
and was silver plated lb never cow anything
Ilka It nor did any ono of the 500 visitors to
Mr IJepews ofllcef Hy common consent It wai
dooldai that time thing wan n handcuff AS
such it was much admired VosturcJiiy came a
letter evplalnlng that tho device IH u patent
lantern bundle means of which freight con
burtors inn fasten their lanterns to their arms
and koup thlr hands frco whlln clItnMnguter
the car Many a man has bini blown off
the cars for ivint of this said th Inventor
And donbtJosa Mr Dopow will Iw blown off
to whatever IH his favorite tipple If he buys a
few thousand of tho thluus for his road
Mr W Anstli Wndsworth who attended time
Ian Patriarch ball is ono of limo larcost land
owners in this litho HlB possessions In duo
Geneeeo valley comprise a tract so large that
it Ii necessary for his in pacer to keip n ueriil
of inniK if It an n Bhcrlfr docs of too county
over iililcli he piealdos For miles aronnil the
Wiuihwnrtii roalileneo limo farmers nre tenants
of tila Amerlfun liaron It la ptusiblo to ri
my huntiim In trim English style there the
Vudsworlli dogs and horHon India of the finest
iitoek and as In England the farmers are
allowed to take part in time sport
An owner of many apartment houses In nles
neliibliorboodN obliges his tenants to sign a
icaso which Is KB long and ocmpllcateil as the
church creed After they have BltneJ It and
spent some evenings In roaJlui it lImo dad
that they have promised not tn dp any one
ot n hundred tlilnuHtlmt they wotiM natiiralir
1IIISO doe without a raomentM thotusnt m
Lnrm they keen ft cat a
minim They llnd t mel cnnnut
loll or a bird Umt thov rauat tIny their plnno
fcoftlv that they may not cool n tuttle OS
wlndiw hill and co on through u lone baiter
limo day one of his ttnants met mite Iauiiiord
and isked him wbyhrmPoPd tichj > NllJionJ
In Its lenses Idi ii It so that 1 can turn out a
tenant lit it days notice said he I lie Prr
da1a who tiHid tr > herd to
iat omen of town
Hcattorod all over thu nil in
Kothor nr > > now evn
lliilH i Thty got the mom rospectabe rtef5US
to enence iipnrtinentK for Ihem it Is impnSt
11 for a Imnhtlius to llwocr their Lharaetir <
until I Ii has Ilioin on his handH irVnJiVii i
son I iiinko my itnHiitH ltfn acriirnenis whiCh
Ihev i cannot help bionkluv HUM I Iii its 0141154
me to ujOCt whouibooter 1 do net like
desired lor guests to
The other night a lady
hear a piece of music eho had compieej In or
der to turn one of John lloylo Ollolllyd poem
into a ballad The poem was Jnciiucmlnot
one ot tbo sweetest ol Ollelllra compwilon8
As she could not sing well and as hT busbaml
dill not menu to slog iltlior Ia read the Ufei
whlh I hU wlfo plavid upon Ito P1 inni This
road liuc was timaitaurud l out to suit I t ll lit > iIlUhui0
bu tttuils luiliiit hrokon tin 11110 I iSrUte f
ntlos when It was IHHeai < ary 1 ha ollocl wa
leuullful Aflu tOil uuiln the f lfrWB H
to have time lorforroiincii rrioaioi < i Thus
accldiiit wudbooered ft charinjn 1114W ittI
that would bo very oiloctlvo on a lecture P1st

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