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If I
StaMp 1 rthe8 Clerk VThea AU the
LIt TTent OtTo 8lee ln t Newa
boys BnradOaly Newepuaer Mall and
Thlrdclaee Matter Destroyed
i Th general Post Offlc bulldlne caught fir
lut night and hundreds ef bags of newspaper
were burnt np and thousands of letters wU h
delayed In reaching their destination
A few mlnuteo after 10 oclock every elcetrlo
light In the building was suddenly extln
culsbed leaving every floor In total darkness
Following this came the smell of smoke and
thi 300 employees who wer at work distrib
uting the mall stampeded out of the building
I Scarcely had tbl last man reached the rear
entrance at Mall street when a puff of smoki
came up from the engine room and envelope
II I the roar of the building on Mall street
Two newsboy wie sleeping on the grated
I tom of the entllutor on the Mall street i
I sidewalk whn the fire broke out and one was
10 bidly burned that he wee tnlion to Cham
I bers Street Hospital in a dying condition
As Patrick Mlley driver of mall rart 101 was
I backing his wagon to the receiving stand on
Ii Mall street he aw imol coming from the
I ventilator shaft and a tecond later be heard
i creaming followed by kicking a though
It somebody below were tryIng to escape
III b A moment after the head and arms of a boy
II considerably blackened npptared at the top of
h the chute and Mlloy pulled him out Thn I oy
aid he did not think uny one else was down
there but suddenly violent screams attracted
I the attention of Mlley and Park Policemen
John Dwyer and John Ctary
I They found a newsboy with his clothes all
I afire He had been caught bJ the Ore while
asleep The little fellow was quickly pulled
out nnd the flames were imolheied by wrap
ping some mail ala Mround him
Ilnl burning coat wns cut I > lth a knife
and as Policeman Dwrer pulled oil his burning
shoes and stockings the tech cam off with
burned them His Lace was black anti frightfully
An ambulance took him to Chambers Street
Hospital A fw rags ot clothing uerelett on
his body House surgeon Croften found that
he was badly burned all overandtbat the flesh
was peellnit off In many places He Mid the
1 boy could not lice for any length of time
He rallied enough to ufvn his nnme which Is
Giuseppe Mlchal or JlcAll as wse entered tu
the hospital record ot 47 Crosby street 13
year old father nnd mother living
p The other boy who got out of the ventilator Is
I John Gerborlno 1 years old of 83 Crosliy
street He was burned on the foremen hands
and head and walked tj the hospital
Meanwhile thren lire alarms had bean rung
for ulldlngwas It looked as afIre If < the entire basement of the
I Streams of smoke came puffing up through
the ventilators on Mal street like the smoke
from steam engine
hmoke filled the distributing room where
fully 300000 letters were being made ready to
be lent out
The mall from the European steamship Celtlo
had just been ought in and was being dis
tributed when the electric lights went out
Superintendent Alexander llnff was in
charge of the work assisted by Charles HaIL
Lbs Western mal had nearly all been sent
th Dear
out before I oclock and the Southern mall
followed It shortly afterward
folowed I
The employees were nearly all busy In get
ting readv for the biggest I Western mall that
fives out during the day
It usually comprises from BOO to 1500 sacks
and Is In readiness to b fent out at from 1 to
4 oclock in the morning t
As FOOD as the 11 remon arrived Superinten
dent Hall with the aid of a number of volun
teers ntred the building and began rescuing
the mails while the firemen drowned out the
I fire among the newspaper mal in the basement
I No firstclass mal was destroyed The only
I damage to mail was to newspapers and third
eliisa matter and the extent of thut cannot he
determined until this morning The Southern
mall leaving US oclock for Philadelphia
I Washington and the Mouth was nut made up
I Orders were telegraphed to substations not
to send any morn mall to the ofllce The regu
I tar evening malls were all tent off on time
I care Thn foreign nf mal In on the Havre was all taken
I The Celtics mull was on the trucks at the
1 doors and two loads ere in the ofllee Alt the
mall In the cas was pouched and taken to
the south corridor As noon aa It was possible
Ird te work in the main room this mall was all re
All mall will be delayed this morning but
h Al mush Mr HolY could not estimate
current The fir Is 1 attributed to the electric light
It la Intended to Shut Ont Undealrable In
tolerant Including Anarchist
WASHINGTON Feb Itepresentatlve Dates
ef Alabama today reported to the House from
the Judiciary Committee the bill to amend the
laws relating to Immigration and naturaliza
tion based on the lines of the memorial of the
Citizens Association of Boston The bill
CizDa Asaoclaton pro
hibits the landing In the United States of
> Idiots Insane persons paupers persons liable
to become a public charge persons who have
Len convicted of felony or other Infamous
crimes polygamists Anarchist persons af
flicted with loathsome or contagious diseases
and those who come under conraot to labor
for any person In the United States From the
latter class is excepted skilled laborers now
I provided by law professors In universities and
ministers of the Gospel school teachers pro
fessional actors musicians and domestic ser
The bill provides for the return to their
native country within two years at the ex
penis of the vessel or transportation com
pany of any Immigrant who comes to the
United States in violation of law provides
that no vessel shall transport more than ono
piu > nger ti > every live registered tons Im
poses a bead tax of 15 on each immigrant and
require every Intending Immigrant to obtain
a certificate from tbo United States Consul
that be Is I a fit and proper person to immigrate
eat bill also provides that no alien shall b
naturalized who has teen t cunvletd of a felony
or other Infamous ciime or who is an An
aichlit or pnlygamlst or who cannot read the
OnnKlitiitlon nor unless he has reeled con
tinuously fr five years next preceding his
appllcalon within the United States ana one
> ear in the place where the application tl I
mide Nativeborn Indians who have adopted
the manners and customs of civilized 111 mar
become citizens by conforming to the require
ments of the United Htatni The bill also es
tablishes a division of naturalization In the
Department of Stale whnreli hal be tiled a
crtllled copy of the decree nctniallzlngalleue
Mr Campbell Find iluust Jimmy le Married
When James Dillon a twentyyearold son of
mother who had become widow and
a a mar
ried again announced that be loved a certain
girl dearly and proposed to marry her there
wa a great row In tue house Mrs Campbell
that his mothers new nom st her foot
down bard But Jimmy laughed and wailed
At least they all thought ho had waited Last
nicbt hIs Uncle Mrs
Sunday < e was at Mr Camp
bells house a U2 Darling street There were
other people there allO Jimmy went or and
cat on his flancea lap right out before every
notber body Everybody I approved except Jimmy
f b arofi and laid hold of him and tried to
Dull him away flut Jimmy oluna tighter
BSUner cot mad and began to cell names His
nother highly I enragod a Jimmy upflllai
conduct I got summon from Justice MoMa
hon in Jefferson Market Pollee Court
When the family 1P runpr arfd yesterday
Jimmy anti the girl told the Justice that they
were married Mrs Campt ell wns spcchlas
with wrath Justice McMahon told them all to
go home and behav themselves He ruled
that it a no insult to the ladies present at
wiles the party lap In question for a man to sit In his
Young Pracamlnlekl Module Dta story
When Abraham Pracbmiolakl whom the
polle found In a cellar in Hester street In a
terrible condition from ill treatment was
brought Into tb Jefferson Market Police
Court yesterday morning to toll his story be
wan not far so communicative as he ha
been the night before flu i father Morris and
liii mother and his brother Samuel were all
arraigned and were near enough to give the
allow undersized boy ot 17 many threatening
look Hn told through an Interpreter a stoty
not nearly so ba and omitted aU that part
which Implicated his mother In having taught
him to steal So Justice McMahon let her oJ
But the boy stuck to It that his father and
brother had beaten him His father said be
had I bat n biro only n little and file brother
bamnxl said ho baa held the boy bv the feet
amll A11 10 hn
while the I fathers right urn delivered the blown
which utiifud his undershirt Hb blood The I
father and brother were held In 3IU < each for
trial The boy was PUtJ in the House of Deten
tion lest th others might threaten him into
repudiating hU ubt It was when he was
faked how bl shirt cam to b blotoe 1
S answer ant b t aad oeuld ne l be BdUO <
Tk Bt Valeattae Kettledrnm for the
Samaritan Home for the Aged
Boolety held a Ft Valentines kettledrum
yesterday afternoon and evening atTSherrys
Fifth anue and Thirtyseventh street there
by adding a nest sum to the revenues of the
Samaritan Horn for the Aged For twenty
four years the patronejses of the Home have
given annually an entertainment for the bone
nt of this charity In anticipation of yester
day fair many ladle consnlououe In social
circles had been for weeks engaged in making
all sorts ot useful fancy work which they die
posed ot yesterday to their friend at very
Urge pro As Mr Bheiry had given
the patronsue of thn institution the ui of
his entire establishment there wa nothing t
Interfere with the enjoyment of the hundreds
of society people who wr In attendance The
afternoon was devoted mainly t tbe entertainment
tainment of the children who were out in
force Home of them danced In theballroom
and others patronbrd the Punch and Judy
show up stairs and there was a crowd of the
youngsters before the stall occupied by the
real five donkey whlob had been tirasentedto
the patrourssoa of the fair A oolll dog also
attracted a crowd
As at lat I rears kettledrum the ballroom
was given over to the sale of pretty and useful
wllleD On long table laden with fancy
Articles Including silken pillow soft scarfs
and line decorative draperies of every drsorln
tlou nail color was presided over 1J t Mra nicn
All Irvln and her corps of kids including
lire Illlam Douglas Mrs Arthur llandolpb
Mr y 1111
Mrs J FBchemik Mrs J Anilarlsse i re >
t le 0 MoVlckr Mr Herman Oelrlchs Miss
Marsatet Mlddlrton Mlw llogeis Miss
Blanch Ua > meyer and Mrs George 10r
The flower booth wan covered with the
lower and the rarest spring flowers
and fn William Ja1lra vas assisted In die
posing of them at almost labnjoi prices bJ
a bevy of pretty rosebuds The were Miss
Kitty pretI Ills Ethel Hurt HUB Marie
Haverme8 and Miss Itogere
The CIIV table wa In cliarg of Mr Fran
ell P Kinnlcutt who was assisted bJ Mrs
drover Cleveland who arrived late In the
afternoon from the opera matludu aconm
pnnlnd by MIl VMIllam f Vthltnv flies
Iroudnt Miss Emily King files Gallup Mr
tluntavus KIel E Kissel nnd Mrs lludolph U
Mrtlloliert G Kerastn was aided In her car
of the childrens tore and lesser articles at the
o Valentino table by the Misses Ittmscn Mrs
R A McKlm Miss hassle M u ebb and Mr J 0
The small paror ncrois the hallway from
the ballroom was used as k tea room I was
unniltoroelydaunrtiteii with mauvecolored or
chids Mrs Nowbolil lo lioy tdcar Miss Tur
rmie Miss Grace hnollino Miss Lila roll Mrs
Henry Whitney MoVluksr Mrs George lot
Jr Miss Whitney ills Webb and Ills Bab
cock were In charge here
In the meninK toe men arrived and then a
In tbe afternoon Lander played for inlormnl I
dancing Among those present during the
day nnd evening were Sirs lllchard Morti
mer Mrs 0 F Haveraeyer Mr John Alexan
der Miss Hale Hargous lrs Paran Stevens
Miss Amy Ilend the Misses Hewitt Mrs
George 1 Ie Forest A 1 Webb Jro Miss
Cbntnuan ra L H Chapln Mrf George P
Andrews hire OoorerHewltt alias Oam
eon Sir nodcrlok Cameron Mrs 1 + Mortimer
Thorn Miss Thorn Mrs Fred Nellson Jhe
flies Hands a Webb Mr Bulkcley Dr F 1
Kinnloutt Mrs J N Wood burr Mr Fl
Benkard the MUses liabcocV MIl W D Mor
can the Misses Morgan fire W G Davies
laD Davies Mrs Henry Parish Jr George
St Wooluey Mrs Alexander Bensseisar
Miss Van llensselear Ira Luther Konntze
I II Corbtn Miss Baldwin C CBaldwin Mr
H U Chapman Miss Eleanor llobmson Mra
Balnbrldee Clark M > H Bblppen Mr H
Davis fire Wlntbrnp Gray Miss hara Gray
Ernist Adce Langdon Erving Mrs Arthur
elman Charles Btronu Mr B V B Oruger
Mrs J MoO Dlsses Charles Dlcgei and
Itlchanl Irln
Mrs Wilber A Bloodgood gave a luncheon to
twentyfour ladles yesterday afternoon at her
residence East Thirtyfourth street Tbe
table at which the guests sat was ornamented
with flowers In the centre of the board was
a large basket filled with whit lilacs while
the entire table WAS covered with alternate
ropes ot smtlax and white lilac The favors
were bouquets of violet and exquisite lace
handkerchiefs During and after the meal
there wee music by the Ilungatlan
cymbal players Mr Bloodgoods guests
Included rf Wlntbrop Ray Mrs Fred Jnlta
eon Mrs Ethan Allen Mrs Joseph Drexel
Mr Gen Burnett Mrs Robert Taller Mrs D
r Grlswold Mrs ElyUoddard Mrs George
Dodge Mrs Malcolm Graham Mrs Thebaud
Mrs Grosvenor Lowory Mrs Gerardus H
ynkoon Mrs William Amory Mm M Au
gnatus Field Mrs Archibald K Harkay Mrs
Franz Kortiay r F Kobblns Walker Mrs
Oilier Sumner Tfl Mrs Jorepn Marie Mr
Augustus hont Thompson D Juilllard and 1s Yon Bever
Kellcloaa Bervleea at the Mouse and a >
Military Eon to the Grave
WAsnixoToxFeb Arrangements for the
funeral ot Admiral Porter were completed to
day Brief religions services will be held at
he family residence at 1712 B street on Tuesday
day at 2 1 Mo at the close of which the re
mains will be taken to Arlington Cemetery for
Interment Tbe naval regulations provided
for the funeral of a Admiral will h followed
I far as possible but there are not enough
men on duty In this vicinity to make up any
where near the complement stated in the rules
which is 5000
Tbe corCee will be formed a follows About
10 marines from the barracks luers and in
Vnnopolls 500 cavalrymen and artillerymen
front Washington barracks and Fort Myer
1000 member of the local Grand Army Posts
lmK < Infantrymen from the District National
Guard and n naval U A It post from Phila
U1 Iot Pbla
delphia of which Admiral Porter was a memo
bar Thin will make up n line of nearly 3000
All officers of the navy in this city will attend
tbA fuueial in full uniform
r rll uniorm
The wn ices are to be held at the house be
cause Mrs Porter Is not in a condition to go to
the chinch The Ilev Dr Douglas of St
Johns Church will officiate As the nccommo
IntlonA at the house are limited the invite
lons are to the personal friends ot the family
tons the officials of the Government Inolud
ng the President and Cabinet The body
will be borne by eight sailors from fits
receiving ship Dale now at the navy yard and
In case the Despatch now at Fortrers Monroe
with Secretary Procter returns to the city In
limo a It it expected she will the Admirals
salute of seventeen guns will b fred from her
decks at 2 oVIooluU a point n < far up the rher
as nhe can get The official arrnnecments for
the funeral tire In the bands Commodore
tamoey Chief of the Bureau of Navigation
irarAdmiral Kimberly will command the
military escort
An Incident or February Ia I
A business man who has no romane In his I
out teat hoi ed In his letters from a look box at
he Post Ofllco yesterday forenoon and berld
him at the com lime was a messenger boy
for a wellknown business concern Both retired
tired nftor having received their letters t
one of the broad widow of the building to
sort them The boy was expeditions and un
consciously communicative As he was turn
lag over his mall he exclaimed sotto voce
By thunder thats a valentine
BUlb mall gatherers continued for a moment
longer to linger their envelopes and presently I
the bOY remarked
Durn me I there Isnt another valentine I
Tbe examination proceeded broken present
I y by
Gosh I I there Isnt n valentine
Then tbe buMmMs man looked around and
aw that the boy was a fullgrown man and
tbe fingering of envelopes continued
Joe wbooflmil I httld the boybut there
a valentln and It didnt occur to him that
somebody might overhear his temarks
bo the examination proceeded with various
xploslv remarks by the boy until each had
gathered his letters Into a pie Then the boy
mo ed off exclaiming under ois breath
By gum I this does beat anything Ive seen
yet U I1 1
Brooklyn Grand Army Election
The annual meeting of the Memorial Com
nlttee of the Grand Army ot the Republic of
lings count was held last night In the COt
mon Council Chamber In the City Bal Brook
lyat Before proceeding to the election
Inl vrocedlna th Icton of
fleers and a Grand Marshal for tie Decor
Ion Day parade resolutions on the deaths
ton dopted Gen Sherman and Admiral Porter were
aopted confusion attended the election of offi
cers KxPolice Commissioner James D Bell
ranmade chairman He lecelved 56 votes
John 1C Thompson 4i and Mortimer U Earl a
George W Brown tbe Commander of Harry
Lee Post was elected Grand Marshal for the
Decoration Day parade
Hallroad CoUleleal Sa a > Chirac fog
Cotokoo Feb UA dens ton prevailed II
this city and vicinity early this morning Two
freight trains were in collision on the Illinois
Central road near Kensington resulting in
the wrecking ten freight cars anti the serious
Injury or one of the trainmen A passenger
train on the Chicago ana Eastern Illinois ran
Into a loaded street car at Stewart avenue
wrecking It and giving tbe passenger a bad
shaking up A through passenger train on the
Chicago Bock Islam and Psolflo ran Into a >
suburban train at Auburn bat IhS MUtomn
scap4 injury
It New House la Rtnyveaant frI
CoMely Finished and Well Equipped
Opened for Inspection Yesterday
I you troll through Btuyvosant siuiar you
cm hardly fall to notice a fine new fivestory
building of buff brick at East Fifteenth street
and Livingston place The exterior of the
building ha a cheery appearance and the
interior Is more cheery stilt 8 the public had
an opportunity to learn yesterday afternoon
The building Is the new home of the Woman
Medical College of the New York Infirmary
It has jtut been completed and equipped
though the students have occupied it for sev
eral month post Four years ago the college
had outgrown Its quarter at 123 Second
avenue and a movement was set on
foot to rail money for a new build
ing A public mooting WAS held un
der the auspice of the trustees and
of the Society for the Advancement of the
Medical Education of Women and 40000 wa
cured within eighteen months Then the
lit at Fifteenth street and Livingston place
was purchaser together with the adjoining
threestory brownstone hour and lit on Fif I I
teenth street The latter In now used bv the
nurses and hospital attendants connicteil
with the Infirmary at S Livingston place
This college building itself has been finished
throughout In hard wood oiled It Is so con
structed that It can woo enlarged so as
to cover the space now occupied by the ad
joining building The total cost of the college
bulldlne has ben nearly 10iiKKi Among liii
contributors to the qutiTprise were MrmJJ
As tor 1000 AirsW I W Astor 1000 Irs C
E Butler 1000 i the Ads80aCOO 111010 Mrs
W E Dodce 150 II G di > Forest 3000
A Friend floooo a fraid by Mr liar
dock 150 Miss MaryEiiarrett ltiOO 1 Mix
Melissa Gardiner tll < > Mil Hltohoock
2000 Oartn P Jaiobl 1100 U Willis
James 110 Mr and Mrs J s Kennedy
3000 Miss IU L Kennedy O Mr and
MrsA Lewis 1000 Kennedt It lyne A750
firs H L Stuart 3000 Miss 1hTbft Anna
Thorns 16010 Mrt and Mil I 0 Tiffany
ooOMr and lt Lucius Tuckurmnn 1000
Th mm 011200 is needed to pay of the
refnt Indebtedness and SlOW with which
to provide space and furnish twentytwo inure
beds for the Infirmary uf this latter sum
21X10 has already been subscribed
AinnJ friends of en institution came to In
spect the new building yesterday They found
It commidUiUB well lighted < I well ventilated
finished In good taste and furnished with all
sorts ot convenient iitnillaiues EnterIng on >
tbo Fifteenth street side you nnd yourself in a
hallway which leads ou the loft to the library
whore a comfortable firs was binding yester
day in an open fireplace At the other end of
the hallway Is a sitting room with Indian rlub
and dumb bells banning fn the walls Beyond
the sitting room Is a toom for what the stu
dent lttnJ childrens clinics There arc more
rooms lor clinics in the basement and in the
subbasemeDl building are the engines for heating the
There were plenty of students with Kmlllng
face to lead the way to the uiitier stories and
explain thing On the second floor is the
chemical laboratory with six tables each ac
commodating twelve pupils There Is one set
of reagents for every two students At the
astern end of te laboratory Is I a small lecture
room capable of seating thirtylive student
The chemical department together with the
department of mnterla medico is in charge of
Miss Joteohlne Chevalier
The physiological laboratory on the third
floor la amply supplied with Instruments and
models It was equipped from a fund of 1110
raised by the college almnmrv The amphithe
atre with seats for about 100 students occu
pies a portion of the third floor and runs up
pron l fourth story It Is so built that
I can b readily enlarged should an addition
on the eastern end ever b necessary
On the fourth floor Is the hlstologlcal labo
ratory which Is known as the V adleUli Me
moral Laboratory In memory of Lydia F
Wadleleh for many rears principal of the
Twelfth street grammar school The labo
ratory was equipped out of a fund of IlO
which was raised by the pupils and associates
of the senior department ot the Twelfth
street school Miss Wadlelehs work in behalf
of the higher education of women is com
memorated in a tablet on the wall of the
laboratory The laboratory is provided with
anabundaneeof microscopes
The dlseotlng room IB I on the fifth floor and
Is well ventilated On this hoar also are a
Iluodr and drying closets for the garments
U d br the students the work of dIssecting
The old college building itt 12 Second ave
nue was vacated at the close of the last years
work At the beginning of the first term of
the present year the students were Quartered
lor a time at I Rutherford place and about the
1st of November they entered the new build
lag work on which however was continued
up to within a few days The dispensary con
nected with the institution has also been re
moved and is now In the basement of the new
The New York Infirmary for Women and
Children has an Interesting history It was
Incorporated In 185 as a centre for the practi
cal medical education of women There was
then no hospital or dispensary in the country
that was open to women although twocollegce
had been established for their benefit ono in
Itostnn and one In Philadelphia where stu
dents were graduated year after year who bad
never stood bJ the bedside of a patient The
founders of the Infirmary went to work with
the idea of supplementing rather thub Imitat
ing existing institutions They ognbed
that hospital work was requisite to make good
physicians of women as well us of men For
some years students came from tb Boston
and Philadelphia schools to got In
struction at ton infirmary
In 186S a charter wa obtained for the es
tablishment of a college connected with the In
Irnmrr The college as well us the Infirmary
lad to combat the prejudice t but existed tnan
tyflv or thirty yearn ago against the study of
medicine bJ women But both Institutions
triumphed and now tho college has eighty
students The course Is three years Among
the students are several llusBlnus one from
Uiuraanln and one from Persia who will re
turn to her own country to practise wi
The trustees of the colleo and infirmary
are Mr Robert Haydonk Mrs Louis C Tlf
nny lr D M Htimson H 11 Marshall Miss
Helen Talbot flobert Ulyphunt Mra Win 1
OriOn Mrs Ilobect Qlyphant Mrs Lucius
Tuckerraan Chunes L Atterbury Lucius
IucKerman Miss Elizabeth Bunting Mrs
Itpbert Hoe Jr Miss CoinellaT Kirby Henry
W da Forest Mrs Josiah L Chapln frs Ed
ward a Mead lr James I Wright Miss
hooper Mliis Marr Collins Mrs P 1L lirrson
ttlsn I J 1 de Forest olnl MKtlmson Robert
1 A Kennedy Ed ward C Sampson Mrs Thomas
flicks Mrs James W llnchot Mrs John J
rarje Charles K Butler John T St Hlets Dr
Emily BlKckwell Ir Robert 1 Kennedy
James W 1inchott Itpbert Hatdock Miss
Grace R Dodge Mrs Wm D Parsons IMI
JT Willeta Mrs CnaLr MisaCoraThomptuon
The Oil stove Set Her Air
Olivia Virginia Clemmens an unmarried
woman of 61 lived In a little attlo room at 1
itenwlok street and supported herself bJ
washing and other burt work Last night
just before I oclock she tried to light a small
kerosene stove by which she cooked herlmeals
The lamp exploded and the flaming oil flew
over the small table on which the stove stood
and over her face arms and bream as well
She caught up the clothing from her bed and
smothered out the fire on bersell ana then
threw the things over the flames on the table
walls and floor She succeeded In partly
binotberlng these also but not quite
The firemen found her lying on the floor ex
lauited but conscious Miss Clemmeus was
taken to the Chamber Street Hospital In an
ambulance Her arm wer found to be bautir
blistered her tongue was black us If she hatlr
Inhaled very hot smoke and her eyebrows hail
bern elnced She was RiiOVilug very much
from hock Her condition was precarious
I nib Bet the Dollar
Domain Thomas sent a messenger to the
house of Ltta Harris 475 Tenth avenue on
Fib 7 with the messsge that her mother
wanted that tine new plush cloak of Letltlas
right away Innocent Letltla gave It to th
mosseneer and did not discover until the next
daJ that nor mother had not sent for the cloak
On Feb 12 Domain Thomas calltd on Lot
and raid Letltla I know where your float
is and can get It for a dollar Letitla grown
wiser aid no word of what she began to tins
poet but told him to bring the cloak and get
his dollar On Feb 13 Thomas appeared with
he cloak over his arm and said < Gimme my
dollar But lie was arrested Instead and IJ
the Jefferson Market Police Court yesterday
was held for trial In llWU Letltla will wear
wi woa
her cloak to church today
A PeculIar Case or Prllt
AlDJ0 Ind Feb Physicians bee
are perplexed at the peculiar malady afflicting
HIII Maud Jones Two ear ago fatty layer
between the muscles of the left arm crew fast
to the tendons and muscles and the arm be
came a rigid and hard as marble The dis
ease was temporarily subdued by epaiatlng
the tissues with a surgeons knife It soon
mad Its appearance in other parts of the body
At present the disease boa spread to the raus
cbs of her back and hips and her entire body
is l as rigid as iron I
Milky f McUounld HrntrnccU
HACIKNSACX Feb U Burglar James J McDonald
Donald alias Milky McDonald was sentenced
today to Stt prison for thirteen Jaald
t p 10 fine for the bela I EgIe
I brother Wood ani Ir for breking Present ja ails Wife a flu
efhe Tarrlagto Tell How He DrM4
a Jog o a m Railroad Track
Tblrtoenyearold Bums Tarrlngton of Oys
ter Bay ls I locked up In the polce station In
that village accused of attempting to wieck
the Oyster Bay exerts on the Long Island
Railroad on Thursday night Tu train Is due
in Oyster Bay a few minutes after 8 oclock
The lads father OapL John Yarrlngton ha
charge of f an oyster sloop The family live
about a hal a mil distant from the rail
road station CaiiL Yarrlncton usual
I ly I anchors his boat in the bar to
ward night and walks horns alone the
railroad track Ills boy ls In the habit of going
out to meet him Thursday evening the lad
track toward the
started down the railroad toar
llloec as iiual to meet his father On the
way he met Capt Hat ton who was going In
the opposite direction He proceeded a short
distance further when he suddenly changed
his mInd and started homeward As he ap
proached a strop embankment near a place
known as Vecktran HIM cut he saw AIl
big piece of timber about six feet long
lying on the side of the bank I
dragged the timber up and laid it across
the track Then hurrying ou he walked past
tile point where he usually turned oil to go to
his home A heiin of poles was led along
side the railroad track a short distance be
yond Going up to this pile of roles be selected
ns lurgo a tune as be could handle and dragged
11 across the trok He then hurrlrd home
Capt Yarrlnglnn was the first person to pass
over tho track after his sun had placed the first
piece of Urh r across the rails lie nicked It
tip and brought home When tbe lad reached
his home he bond his lather In the yard ex
hibiting tbeptlck nf wood and tolling how lmo I
heartless llluln had attempted to wreck the
express train which was about dun Another I I
oyster boat Captain ulio Ihed beyond
Capt Yatrlngton started for his bore
a few minutes behind Capt arrlMtton He
lal < ed the path that led to Cart Yurringions I
house and cached i the curve nhrrq the tulle of
poles lay just as he heard the whistle of the
appronenlna express coming out Beckman
Hill cUt where the first stick of timber was
found by Call Yarrlngtnn on its winy to the
village A few text ahead of him he saw one nf
the big poles lylmr across the tracks He
dragged Wont by the role oft the track and the express
1Int matter was reported to the railroad
company and they began an Investigation
Thus mOlt probable theory seemed to bo that
the obsti uotlons wrl placed U the track by
some person out of revenue The Incongruous
feature of this the ry wa > hunt the niT person I
the tiock between
ron to have beon on tbo tak etfeo
Capt Varrltmton who was coining homo and
flllltn oomlil
Capt lluiison who was going to the Ullage
Will the Ind Hufns larrlngf ll seemed Ilko
folly to Hiistect him The boy however
seemed to be acting queerly Finally Capt
Owen actna Long Inland City
who had been sent to Oyster Bay
to investigate the case went to see the
Jad He is t described OH brighteyed and rest
ices Cnpt Karanagh put him tlroueh a rigid I
crossexamination but ho stoutly de led all
knowledge of the matter Finally Cnpt Kay
nnnrh Muted that Capt Hansrn had told how I
the first stick got acioss the track Then tbo
boy broke down ana confessed He said he
placed both pieces of timlier across the track
but did It I oalJ Ilr fun lie said wanted to I
fee what they would di to the train lie didnt
believe they could throw the engine off the I
The boys parents were almost heartbroken I
when they beard his confession His fxther
handed him over to the detective and told him
to take the boy away The lad had put th
lives of rcorea of persons In peril he said and
should b punished I Is laid the boy has
fuevr done anything very wrong heretofore
Be will 10ne examined bolore Justice White in
Oyster Bay on Tuesday
It Will Take Quite aa Army to Fill TTp he
CountIes Muster Roll
According to reports received at the New
Amsterdam Club the pilmarlpa of the County
Democracy were held last night
The pools were open from 7 > until 8S
oclock The new system of the organization
makes the work ot selecting committees err
Intricate and renders it almost impossible for
antagonistic politicians to find out what the
result is
I was said that 947 primary elections or one
In each election district were held and that In
each one of them live men were found who
wore wIlling to represent that district In the
association of the Assembly district The meth
od of selecting these men was this Blank slips
were provided by the captains of the election
district and when a man applied for the priv
ilege of voting he was asked I he was a Demo
crud If be sold yes and bin name appeared on
the registry list of last year his qualifications
to vote were complete
Tlo district Captains mid up a list of five
men but the voter didnt have to vote lor the o
men unless be wanted In cases where the
men oinl for wore mixed the live receiving
the greatest number of votes were elected
It was said that In the iwetith district the
machinery of the primaries was kindly taken
charge of by Pat Keenan who recently hued
into Tammany and carried the greater part ot
the County men In the district with him The
object of this scheme was to make it possible
for Patrick to boss all the Democratic factions
in that district
hfther be succeeded or not will not be
known o 1 day ortwo The returns from the
various districts will not be In fur nearly a
wok The next work will be the organization
of the Assembly dlstrlctcommlttees Then the
delegates to the County Committee which will
chosen meet the llrst Tuesday In March will be
in case all the committees are fled theie
will bo 47U5 district conimltteemcn and U17
delegates to the County Committee
Charles A Jackson the NiceChairman of
the old County Committee sailed for Cuba
yesterday The object of his trip was busi
ness and not to drum up recruits as a Tam
many man reported
Overwhelmed with Love letters ID Answer
to ii Matrimonial Advertisement
PirrsriitMi Mass Feb 14 William Plum
mar of this city Is in the depths of despair and
thinks be sees lots of trouble ahead before he
gets out of the scraps In which some practical
jokers havo landed him Some time ago Some
young men for a joke sent an advertisement
for a wife to the Chicago Matrimonial Xnrs in
Plummera name He knew nothing about thin
until the answers to the advertisement began
to pour In upon him like a avalanche Each
day the mails brought quantities of tender
missives In which the writers charms
writer cbars wer j set
forth in mot glowing style Even Boston was
represented and from that intellectual centre
cum the following missive
After lengthy dolllicrutlon consideration
tnltU oonslderaton
and consultntoni hn e ternuunated r y mental
gymiiatks with the conclusion that by all the
latwa of Ibren and llrounlnc our journey In the
mutrlmonlm onds i would bo produvtlte of
mutual benefit and happlnesr
Lnclosed was a photograph of n tall annular
lnclod tnl anllJnr
spectacled divinity glowing vtitb intellectual
radiance from Chicago came the laigeut
number of replies antI these uero nil uver
llowlnn with anectlon Maidens from the
sunny climes of Florida from the wilds of
Texas from the cons of Maine and from
tbo Micbluan forest sent responses and
photographs until up to the present
time titiU letters and I tIlt plKitriuninhs
have bean rocehod with several States still
to hear from A actIon foutuie of the
affair is that the young men who played the
joke aiiHWiiud some titty 01 tbu mmsUos In
Pliimmers nanio suit answered In the most
gushing and affectionate style The
lunblnK aaectonllt ftyle young
women who recoiled those replies now pro
polio to come here und uncertain what Plum
miter meant by his gushing utilities and huvo
given notice to that oircut Mr Plummer now
shuna the railroad stations fearing lent ho
may at any moment behold nome of the
maidens arriving to carry out u their threats
The Postal Telecrapk Wluw Point In
PITKESBUKO Feb BThe litigation between
the Postal Telegraph Cable Company on the
one side and the Norfolk and Western llallroad
Company aud the Western Union Telegraph
Company on the other lido growing out ot
the Postal Companys proceedings to obtain bJ
condemnation a telegraph right of way along
and on the roadway of the railroad company
has beon resumed Judge Timothy Hires of
the County Court of Prince George heard ar
guments by counsel in vacation here today
The main point is whether Or not the laws of
Virginia authorizes the condemnation of a tel
egraph right of way along a railroad The
Court overruled tbo motion of the defendant
company to dismiss the proceedings and
granted the motion of the plaintiff company
and designated Tuesday March 3 1891 for the
Sa tle
Commissioner to assemble anti assess the
compensation to be paid by the Postal Tele
graph Company the Norfolk and Western
for the right of way along Its line There will
be on appeal
Married On f Tower fits Feet High
rmsBunau Feb HA brlilal party se
lected the top of the Court House tower on
Thursday as the scene of their marriage core I
Iionl The part were James B Bran ef
lpOiIO Armstrong county and Miss far J
ts2feet stewart 0 l win Aupgheny Tb Count Manse tower
FIr r
i f
p 4L4r
DEAR MADAM Tbe RcamUr Preparations ere the
Pfrftcllen ot tolltt artlelet lieu used me without
UU tomoirow two dosen shorted itARAil for IIERNIIAIWT ImmxlUU me
omAn4 prominent actress all ever Ini worn I I
the nnlr known preparation wio e merlll are atteaiad
to by pnyalolana 1 will praierre latin youth remove
I Irr nllb
all ilemivhes ana nit any mate tnar teeDVOur face
im > nth an l fair PKIlii klao IJER oJlulrae
1 for sate br all Uruf lltl lad fancy Uoudi Dealer
and hI this owner
noa Firth aT New York City
a Writ for Pamphlet Containing foil 1 lbs of Rea
mice Preparatlora end toilet arilclea the cbolcilt and
dalntleitln the world
Gantz Sea Foam
la I tin perff ellon of science II cooke Established
over twenty yaora Absolutely pure Hold by all Crt
clan urocera
r rii lti
FOR HA Mi Klxliorie nprlfhl team engIne lot
radiators and itu l Ipa
L AlililJhLuflill < co xo Corllandl iu
oft t mid Joimd
FOUND At eibroiian St Ferrr a pocketbool eon
5 ulnlnf small i mm of boom which ran I s uiul by
durrlblsr cohutPuts antI parlni for llila ROtertmnnni
Apulyet I reD 4rltania llclat I ontce ln lro
O td kr
On rdA EXPhRIhNCK with doti Dogs boarded
eVvf and cured Medicine fur alt illieaiei
cr oun lotre
PINHBRH BRAUTlriBD Idei WedneldayVrM
Uroadat Newark 1 J Main inc sItu nm vad
loaieaonly JARUtK
INKUKMATIOS wanUd of David and Mlenael Lad
I Kau brother 1 wh t > Si TOrt about ilirre Tiers
MO AJrcn MATTU lot Uo MIII npiowo er
o la I A uroadway > ew Vork 01 1pIOD
tvI Incline to marry mar apply to UCKCUa
H4I Kaittthiu Informatlou foe by litter cents In
eiampa requIred I
POHTRAiTiTand bnlldlnn btautUulljr engraved and
electroiyptd for SA sects by
a UONAC0 tS IJCbamberllt
ABSOLGTELVarroncfoldlnibeita L onlytS liajTmaT
jLtsUs cabtitet snirrer beds OntO Wt v ad t
FLAT8 cempleialr furuiahad without reoulrtoir
a caatt depnait donut vuly f t weekly 6ulr
MAMiyAUTUIlbm AilENT 1U Wait filial
Mr A Nil TSt weellrr Sours illverware
rlocka brnutei Urop I etirialoi poriiarea rae ovH
Jtox 113 bun uuluwii noire 11 rlruedway
1rii ziid Qxtugr
W t i S2ts efill tithes eeel
V V ehewseese soda easer mi r Ao u
G t ia l utewa e ia 5ueg
J ii SI Conover Co
The finest and lurcct apmnrtment eg
elegant desIgnJns l recelrewl fron oar r
tory und pieced In oar warerOoms
HIONH from our own specIal AHCIIITECTfl JQJ3
of every Foreign nuke In rIch enamel mv
orluvn unit patterns for FLOORS WAII8
Kpeetnl dmlgnft inbmlllril upon appllm
lion 11 ATII for ROOM StALLs t VrHTlBUIrS and
28 and 30 West 23d St
use ass wio < VTIHT anTic MT
How Lost I How Regalnod I
A Great Medical Work for Young and
JlddleAglll In Ncw Edition
ENCf a
Or SELFrnniKKVATIor A new and only
rilYHIOAL BE Iii LtTo ttno its of
niATUUK KrlIM ind alt IIl H
and VTKAKNrbMlS MAN COO pw cloth
alt US Invaluable refer 11 Only I Jloo
bJ maU double seated Descriptive l > p
us with endorsementu mi I SEND
of the Frees and voluntary FREE I Znu
tlmonlala of the ciirtd I C NOW
ConsultatIon In person or by mill Expert treat t >
rant INVIOtAliTK HrOKKCY 1 stud CElL
TAIN CUUK Addr > 1 > W n 1ntkfr of
The Peabody Medical g
Institute No 4 Bnl
inch 8tfto tonM la M
o nox189 rl
The Peabody Mertlcil jnttitute las nuny uu >
tatom but no equal Herald Copyrighted
Dissolved and Removed l > r medlelae eely 1
No luatromFnte
Box 761 Providence R I
lat fott Qr jl t r
Largest anortment Uprtvbt Grand and square P
noa at moderate prices tub ItntaJImentr and tt
chanitd olio blaDes to rent Several tarxalni ID sea
ond hand nlanoa dlffarrnt makers at low crlcra
1105th a v cor hOist 1 hew 01
Thorough conitructlon Unsquabbedtln tone and finish
Bold on tab or ItnulmeoU liberal Irma Jlanoiio
rtnt tanltiffand repalrlnr I
rIra W ITON A CO BC7 BWfty ieth it
ASPEriAT OPKBRI The famous oa r nylt 10
ZR Watr UprUht Inoadtnr stool and overt nlr >
1 > 0ea ri or J75 parable sill down and 18 monthly
food vrcnad band ptannx only > tnontblr 1
iiouis WATIHS k co
AX ASBOHTMPNT of MeoadhaBd Grant UprlrH
11 and Square Ilanoi of oar make In parftctcondlilan
end CUbIT warranted Alto a number or iieond hitnd
Piano of other prominent maker at very low priceS
148 5TH AV
A FEW GOOD BARGAINS In aeoondhand nprKbl
and square planoa tnien In exchange tbeie planeS
ore I excellent FIECHKB order FIANO and will WARKROOMS be told al low price
110 Oth ar corntr lath at
14O fti monthly Utelnwayr No but an home
bargain Anderson A Co aa Fallen etBl jn
E lEOANT CPRIiiTrf PIANO Km monthly els
5a way bargain WISSNKR J96J03 Patton IU Brook
lyn Open evening
Upright and mnare plaooe far sets and reSt on eaav
tarma ot paymanii eocoud hood tao > 7a f 1011 npward
PIANOS AND OKOANSLare aiiortment some
a slightly used at greatly reduced prleee time par
menu taken
PIANO CO IMBtbav mar 30th at
PIANOS Great barvalni one npUndld Wetwr square
A othera upright and satiate ant onr own roannrar
tore now pianos on very easy term KKAKALKIt
IIPH 40 union nluaro Eau factory and uptown
warereom 159iul But imh > i
TVareronme Hlrrk JTIall 11 East 14th at
yuil lortment nf those reliable matrumenti aaoa
nntiber ot caroml band plauov varIous makes and folly
repaired for sate IMiuoi to rent
STEuK MANOR run assortment or the < e relat > ie
I mitrunienti alio a number nf second Land iiianna
various make and fully repaired for Mte pianos
rent wareroom Stern lull 11 I Kait 1401 it
S TRitLto ORnANR wIth Nook and stooL I3rncnhir
till pall WIHBXBR fRarj Kulionit Urootlrn
ARE TIlE REST Easy terms Kent anil eiclnnrlt
AT and 39 Inlreriliy pile and 34 Eait Uh it
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ypuu forts t4o l ratalorne tree
IMV 1 K BIATTV Wuhlnztor fl J
75 TIANO ported order stool and cover
Wv I F 101 Van Hnren it near Sumner ar Bklra
liuc Chanrw
Sea Beach Palace Hotel
Amusement Hall and Barroom
Apply at offlco of
N Y and Sea Beach Railway Co
B CO NVall St New York
Partner wanted wftts capital to take full chsrgeot 5
Ores t laai luurn nieiii antI remnrant located neSt Ilia
brlacii a sure furtuue ru the rUht man AUtJre
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A AIP 1 OU want to ell your store a 4
oner for not raeli uililreNH or cull on
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food stuck abel w ork scull loc for laiuiitei
U II ItUHIUsniUarrtmil Aewlerk
F I OR SALK1alent article inllablt for tester I imreltr
i AbarlNontI4uht
NORTON1 DOOR RlirlK an I spring ani rreicoli
truckleai tiding door banters
JI A llrDRV lets Agent ai Lucy ik X V elty
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a large nock of gorda machlnrr > paiterni Seth aud
rotors mutt be told to clots estate Lilly at factory
bo I Unibrpaiee
f TXIIKntAKINU jfU8I Kff Wanteil edITs or lU
J lent partner with small amount of eopitai MIIU
of rlmrclirreierreiL Amiroi ylUOU box ITS SUn lii
town omea lli > 4lrnalwiv
WATIIIIS V37 and M Broadwa orlir id H
Greet iianralni and I iiinenir reluclioni dnrln lt
next few tlaya or nur rln ie itOCk Iticuuiu linn
Imiinleri AOf earls iienu Atvtal uatctiei t iih
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aim bpiiona lirrnlen llandlei vio i lull I uigI5
with Iearli M earns terllflI Silver rroie Me iJ
fANTrii A Dinner ID a wreitabiiUd buslulill
bat lag a lane Ito le clauSe Ii l nresitiI5d
ricing co lbs dealt of ii partnr a man WIih IS
rash ritI to given a gnn1 si irlel poelilso ml S stat
in It stIll a 0 I so illi sill of III t wu ti
gIven Addrisa lol lAirs bo Alt MldlIiWl 00
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liEs teeth in rubuer to no ninre aiket selettw
made boeeTer in noli you pa > Old Oil SI I up roll
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WHITE DENTIST reraoieil tolimth av abofi
Mth itt eltaMUbeil M reari e rerl 111 rOtS M
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E LItOAT intO fllllnpi aranteedi mnJerateirloei
JJr duller D ulal Iarlorik 7 4tiiCtE tor < anU
tttcht 0 Iffivrlrij fit
N udi Watcliei Fine Jewslrl dj
lltered on tl weekly pajineul IMUN
CO ass aroadway
G OLD WATOHBB MO Wallbami warraaull II 1 P
Be TectlNe In a Will Ca eIlttle Stock
ID the Survival of The FIttest
COLUMDUS Ohio Feb Exenator Thnr
nan wit a wlluens today in the contest of Or
Helpers will He ran In leaning on Court
Oiler Snencorx nrm He no eared to be feeble
but his examination by Col Holmes and Mr
Earlhart showed that lilt mind and memory
are strong and clear There was an objection
to Mr Thurmnnrt testimony because be wo
present during the rrocsexnmlnatlnn of a
witness but Judge Kvatm mild Let the
udc com forward and tie was helped to the
The Old Itoman said be didnt know how
loan ego It was when bo became acquainted
with Br Seltzer but be thought It was In the
fall of IMS After the death of Bra Dawson
nidTrevitt Dr8eltrer became the Senator
physician and won his jih > sluian as long as Im
lived Mr Thurmnn said he iis4 to stop at
the Doctors office while waiting for a cur Be
saM Mrs talked freiuentli more about
medical and stirvlcal mallei s current events
nnd earlv life In Columbus Thn most serious
talk we ever had wn abut rayelf ot > d emily
I had laryngitis and he used to swab my
throat The itet tittue he did this was at Marl
etta when I was doing all I could for Uncle
Bamniy Tllden
Cot Holmes asked Mr Thurman when Pr i <
Seltzer bad visited his bouse last He replied
He came to see me or nome of my family
shortly before be died 1 remember It because
it was the last tins 1 Raw him 1 dont think
it could have been as much as a month before
he died I never hail any doubt about his
mind being pound In IbaS 1 wis at home
except when I was on u tour to try to enlighten
the people on t f0 necessity of electing me
icePresident which I did not succeed in
What has boon the fact In your rose 1 The
snrylvil of the fittest asked Mr Earlbard
Well tenlled Mr Thurman I dont think i
I oould live long on that philosophy
Goes to Theatre In the Afternoon and
Meet Afterward to Dleenmi the Play
Womens clubs are common enough in New
York city but a novelty among them Is the
Matinie Club which was recently organized
by a doren young ladles of the literary set
Twlco a month the members ot the club at
tend sow theatrical matlnfe selected by a
vote and the following week meet at the hour
ofoneof the members and devote the after
noon tn a discussion of the performance which
they saw the week before
One young lady appointed br a vote of her
fellow amateur critics resents an elaborate
criticism of the play and her eleven aaaoIsleq l t
then fall upon the play and tearit In pieces
incidentally picking flaws In the formal criti
cism The club has been in existence for rev
Aral months now und has proved a decided
eucoes Inasmuch as several theatrical mien
agers who have heard nt It have extended to
this organization the courtesies usually ex
tended to regular critics
Miss Stereo Despondent Beeanae of Pro
tracted III Health
Jennie Steven is a single woman 40 years
old and for several years past hoe been an in
valid She lives with her parents in a frame
cottage in ISM street between Vanderbilt and
YiKBhinaton 1 avenues
Their names are Andrew and Jennie Steven
Yesterday Miss Stevens said she wished to die
but no one suspected thut she contemplated
She went to her room on the second floor at
1 oclock In the afternoon and shot herself
twice One bullet ntered the left breast near
the heart the other penetrated the right
An ambnlance came from the Harlem Hospi
tal but Mils btexonns family would not per
mit her to hp returned Sin is now under the
care of Dr W O Ma llton of Til 1uit 170th
street He says there IH no hope of her recov
ery Her friends say they knuw no other cause
for her attempt to kl 1 herself than despon
dency arising from protracted Illhealth
The Shortage or ExHtate Treaanrer
LTTTLR ROCK Feb Investigation shows
that about 10000 belonclnn to the Internal
Improvement fund accumulated from sale of
lands granted to Arkansas br the United
Mates loriy years ago la missing from the
Btute Treasury ulthoitch reported on hand In
oxTreasurer Woodruffs report for the fiscal
year IbJO As that was tlm fund least likely to
ha drawn on the discovery has given rise to
the bullet that the sum referiedlo constitutes
a portion of exTreasurar Woodruffs Khnrtaee
Ought to be President of tbe Thirteen Club
Mr Jacob Whit of Iaterson wo elected
Junior ViceCommander of the Now Jersey
Grand Army of the Kepubllc on Friday which
was the lStn of the month He was a member
ol the Thirteenth New Jersey Voluuteors He
la Irosldent of the C and K Thirteenth Aesn
clullon and Viceresident of the Thirteenth
Regiment Veteran Association Furthermore
he occupied room 18 at the hotel and was
elected on the thirteenth ballot
Keal Eatate Trannrcre
47th at a a 47J w Situ av BOxlOi John wiser
tioleier WhIle 1970
60th it u i C u ill l ar SilKi Jaoon Koieufela
to lUctiel N lluelllr 2OMU
Wise it a BJ w i oliimhua ar 1Mluu I
Henry OUatei lo Anne A Until I
SUtUatua ni c w t > ui av U > it9 and other
5 tOni Louisa A KlcbarUion lo eiora Uenjumln
67ih Rlciinrdaon it Jiaeiothar > icxliolli William J t
Lardner ret toVar 11 Bro UCOO
llhtn ii 5 C am w sib at 0xuell Daniel f
iliony ref to Simon Milton IUGO
47ih n us euie lilt av ifiUxlUO6 Fdoond
romiall and wife to Tlioniae U Koicli 14000
Part av I W Cur eurn at MiSirU Abram Kiln
raf to > lohi Marx 10600
Mil it 411 a nii Julia Mann and sue to lea
belle Ue llarje 1
adav e i 4 < 5 n COil it 8xiOxiUiuirrein
John lire el and wife to Chides hpeeht 33010
Stint 5 a a Ilti C i tar JusJO Chat Una and
wIre to Hernian Joienh 48000
Sllut a a KOIO a lit ar LUIOXU76 lame to
UaTeewaiVVli siaJiittiiwlnKArm 4LOO
strong rat lo James Creedcn 17000
aicoaouo uoiioiom
Adam Jane to B Sort i a IMitb it e Morris
Brown avIyr ameiioEller iinwoor8ihaviVil 249
tuihat C subs IQ OO
lojrca Charlea lo Emigrant Indnitrlal Savings
Hank 3d ar a w con 4Sth it I vr I5UW
Oreiden Jainea 0 CiLia l vdar I yr 700U
De foreit Wm II Jr to II flab Conrenl av 5
w cot 144th ILO raii aooo
Oreiaberi Manual Vf to J VuMlnjr Jr Dei An
drews plea leUrandar loitafla 3230
Joupb Herman to U listS la Btint a liter
m a yra e000
Kutom Bernhard lo J Trust e S Av A n Hum at
Jjre L500
Lee Waller lo J H llurler road from Ford
kamto Illlannbrlace 3lh ward I yr 4BOO
Maloney Thomas to Pit I A Hall IOthavs ear
liIIistiimo BMO
Roerh thomas to V Connelly n ei7li te
lutliar hutch 70CO
Wllle prler liJ 1 A Weier e i 47iu it w lilt
a lutCtls
ttelnitem > lchertcijo 5 JeTelroaeimena
I lit 51 e SIb cv a yrs 81000
Levl Jacob to Catherine Conway 100 Jd cv
aYritriiViKtu > knWoimiiliiiSi 4
Ckenk el tin
I tI fl too
Jnetlee Caflea Think It a Case t he
Tried by a Judge Not it Inry
Brooklyns water scandal reappeared In the
Bnprem Court In that cltr yesterday morning
when Lawyer William t Oainor the counsel
for Mr Ziegler moved before Jnttlo Cullen to
frame issues In the suit lie ho rending rxr
manently to enjoin Major Chapln and other
city officials from the purchase of the plan
and franchises of the Long Island Water Sup
ply Company Mr Uaynor has been anxious to
get his evidence before a jury but Corporation
Counsel Jenks on behalf of the city has con
tended that as n stilt In eijulty It bad no right
to go before a jury but should be tried by the
presiding Judge
Mr Oarnor said In court yesterday that al
though fifty questions had been propounded
there was nothing In them that was confusing
Five distinct allegations of fraud were mnde
against the Long Island Water Supply Com
pany which la Included with Mayor Chapln
and Messrs Jackson and Ilutnn as defendants
There were allegations ot false i eprotontatlons
ot material facts Each allegation was tnken
separately anti wan covered by the nuestlonn
The thirtyset enth au ntlnn Indicated the
theory on which he Intended to try the case
Did the abovementioned representations
which have been found I e false and made K
deceive the defendant oflielaN and the i < fly of
I Brooklyn Influence or mislead them Or slid
they knowing them to I a false iictln collusion
celia the defendant company anti Its paid n > p
utatlves In arriving nt und making the con
tract of inreliutse t
Mr Oaynorsiihf that while he bad not looked
into the question nf nbsnluto right be sub
I mltUd that ho i sours ought lo ie l < pruved an a
I matter ot dl creilon it had been thocuston
of the court if late whun otllcinU or
members or the suerus cnLOorheil ti us
try the cases before a lury li n rum
purlinn wci nitide ot case In Which n
jury had eried In nuontlons of fact anti
where Judges bad erred In questions of law
counsel thought tlutt perhapa the haan
i would bo Iniavnrnf the juries hIsS I plntntlf
alleged that the pin lit of th Ynter Supply
Company could not by any measurement Ii 1
worth more than S2 fiouo tel it wits to le
bought fur 1 251100 That WAS a sum pi ulln
gallon Another was thnt the company said It
owned morn then flltv mlldx ot lipo l > whereas
by measuroment on the map It ace not over
twentyfive mllen
Thn list of nuestlons sugce < ted were banded
to Justice Cullen nnd Mr Thomas E Pearsall
who represent the conn ant irencntod affida
vits to show that sixty aitcls had appeared
in lecah I newspaper opiioMnc the defrndnntx
and that resolutions had bueuu Idol ted bi t the
Itenubllcaii Jonernl Commltt ii and other loeiil
ltepubllian nrnnlzntions iond rnmnv the
I l transaction Mr larall nrKued that It would
be impossible to Let a lair jury to try the
Corporation Counsel Jenks and William 0
De Wilt who appeared for the company also
opposed a jury trial Fraud was alleged said
Mr J nka ami It had always l > ei n the peculiar
I jurisdiction of the eijuity inanch of the court
to try such case
Mr Do Witt contonilnd that under the deals
Inn of the Couit of Appeals the controversy
was purely legal and the uuenllonsof fact wore
of no Importance and could be disposed of
I when they came to the real Icsue
1 Justice Cullen told Mr Iearsall that ho did
not think the affidavits sntanvtted were proper
i on fUflli a motion The Justfi ndded that he
thought it would be an evasion of his duties to
end the losuei to a lury while he did not
share for a moment the feeling that any news
paper article would affect a jury I dont
think this case should goto a jury he con
cluded H must be tried by the Court The
motion is therefore denied
flEA 1178 THUMPS
Unique Features ota St Valentine Night
Fiilr at the JLenox fycenm
St Valentines night was observed Inst even
Ing in the Lenox Lyceum by an entertainment
and fair for the benefit of the equipment fund
ot the Agnllar Free Library The chief sup
port of the library Is a yearly appropriation by
the city of 1000 Through it three branches
It circulates about 150000 book a year largely
among the poor and foreignborn population
in the downtown and east side districts If
the library were provided with enough books
the Increased circulation would entitle the so
ciety to an annual appropriation of 10000
The enteitalnment last evening netted several
thousand dollars Mr Carl beburz and Mr
Brander Matthews mode short address and
the Amateur orchestra plated
There was a valentine booth In the centre of
the hall and on opposite sides of the ball were
a randy stand and flower stand Hundreds of
pretty young women In evening dress with
crimsoncolored silk hearts pinned over their
own waited at the stands and a bevy of girls
distinguished br the came badge tripped from
young men to young women or from young
women to young men as tit Valentines mes
sengers with queer little love token pur
chased at the stands
A popular amusement wax a Cupids Tar
get where archery was undertaken the tar
get being a gilded heart The feature was the
sale by subscription of a set of books In which
totem from the authors were Inserted and an
album ot nianuncrlpt verses written by Oilier
Wendell Holmes Walt Whitman W D How
ells R W OilIer Donald Q Mitchell Mark
Twain Julia Ward How K 0 Ktedman and
A RIval of the Hanbnrc Creek
Th new North German Lloyd steamship
Havel completed her maiden voyage from
Southampton yesterday In 7 days 10 hours and
35 minutes an excellent winter run The
Havel a singlescrew vessl of 9000 tons and
is 485 feet long 62 feet beam and 38 feet deep
She has triple expansion engines of five cylin
der nnl three cranks which develop 13000
horse power Her constructors the Vulcan
Shipbuilding Company ol Stettin Germany
expect her to make tuentyone knots an hour
She will como Into direct coinjieltlon with the
crack twin crew shipsof the HnmburcAtuer
Ican line whlih have mnde the Instcst voy
ages from Bouthamptou The Columbia holds
the record days hours nnd 2 minutes Irom
that port
1 he hard has accommodations for 200 pas
fencers In the flint cabin 125 in the second
cabin and 4bO In the steerage
Labor and Wing
Notices have been posted in the mills of the
Nashua Manufactutlng Company and Jackson
Company In Nashua N H that the wages of
the employees would be ral ed five percent
beginning nixt Monday This is a restoration
of the nutdoirn of December IHHi which
caused the famous liveweek strIke tliei moit
disastrous Na biiaotertperionced The lid
> ancti allectH over 2000 penple
The strike if weavers at the Cornell mill In
Fall River was settled testorday afternoon
The vremerH have received all they asked for
and tbe mill will resume 01 orations on Mon
day moinlue

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