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T ey QUo wfcettaer tRee Jerry Knak
Hen Ipllo U Werik Printlnc and
hO or Tio m Intlmnte that the Agrlcul
Ural Benorts are Printed Only to lie
told to tke Jnkmen Divergent View
oe tke Arekllc tar rIe FeuuiQu Bald
ug oud as to whether the New PoslOfllee
ItnlUlnB Bko U Be Seven or Elrcht 8to
I rles flub Also as to whether CU1I Her
vie Reform tO Sham an d a FraudPro
od Amendment to the Confutation
for tke Impeachment or a
rroTldlMC hI OOlOD
Breaker wko raUlfle the Record and
Counts a QuoruM Wk m a Qnornm Ii Not
rrent and TotlngEvenlna SeIon
I V Ir
WAsnINOTN Feb 33 Among the papers
presented In the Senate today and referred
re resolution of the Stale Bcnato ot Texas
Toting an amendment to the Constitution
ot nil 1 Federal often to
limiting the tenure Fedorl1 a
Misonabl term ot Jell
Alto < a letter from the Secretary of State ot
Idaho to the Governor In regard to signing
seal of the State tho
Mi affixing the great lal to
credentials of one William II ClncKot as
United States Senator Referred to the Corn
flUte on Privilege and Elections
proposition torprlnllig 100000 copies of
be report of the Agricultural I Department on
Diseases of the Hore provoked a discus
sion In which Mr Qormnn fern Md In
veighed aeoinst extravagance In the way of
public printing and predicted that tu 1833 an
increase of taxation would be necessary to
BMt the expenditures ot the Government
let reply to some remarks of Mr Spooner
Hep Win In favor of the proposition Mr
Oormen was convinced that there was not a
firmer In Maryland or Wisconsin who did not
know more about the horsa than did the men
who cot UP that book He was willing that 25
000 copies should be printed aud distributed
among the farmers and not among the race
bone men
Mr Paddock ep eb1 expressed the
edition that the Committee on Printing In
amending the House resolution by reducing
the 100000 copies to 20000 had put In the knife
too deeply and that the desire for economy
would bate been better shown In striking out
an appropriation of 600000 for the ornamental
work of the Geological Survey
Mr Hawley Rep Conn advocated the re
duQtton and said that the horse race was not
an original race In America buttheeourtknew
something abut It already The House reso
lution proposed to spend tlOOOOO on the book
at a time when the expenses of the Govern
ment Printing Office had run up to three roll
lions s year
jSrCookrellDem Mol1 replying to ar
Bark of Mr Gormans an to public iloonments
being on sale nt all tie secondhand book
stores intimated that that could not be the
case without the connivance Senators and
Mr Berry Dem ArkDoes the Senator In
tend to alt that any Senator eve disposes of
looks Issued to him for hU constituents to
eeoondbana book titoras
Mr Cookrell am not making that charge
Ir these books came from the quotas of Sen
ators and Representatives and they cannot
com from any other place
cm Berry aJ the Senator knows of any Sen
ator or Itepresenmtlve wbo has done such a
thing I hope he will make It Ione
tlna Cockrell If the benator from Arkansas
ulll inquire at the Senate document room
whether all be documeo allotted to Senators
blre bn rentout by them he wilt ascertain
thelat What rorlnltncedoela Ielroln
tative from New ork cay car for bin alricll
tural report Probably he has a clerk who
tells1 him that he wants to distribute them
and he turns them over franked to this clerk
Anitao It la with many other pnbllo document
AjS BrI the Senator knows of any Sen
ator or Bepresentatlvo who does this an In
vestigation should b made and such Senator
or RprtntaUT should be expelled and any
clerk who la guilty of snob an offence should
dismissed Thechrgs II 6 orr serious onl
endilth Senator from Missouri knows any
tat of the kind the country ought to know
tem RD Ore agreed wltbJMr Berry
and would offer a resolution of Inquiry I he
was sure that secondhand bookdealers were
not of that privileged class that would decline
> answering the questions of a committee An
illusion to the correspondents who refused to
say where they got reports of doings in execu
tive sessions 1
Finally an amendment offered by Mr Harris
fixing the number or copies at 60000 was
agreedd to yeas 42 nays 14
Idd tnu Coon ottered a resolution
which was referred to the Committee on Contingent
tingent Expense authorizing the Committee
on Territories to visit Alaska during there
tens and Inquire Into Its resources and as to
its need of a more efficient system of govern
or power to employ I clerk and stenog
rapher and to send for persons and papers
raJher Morgan IDem Ala mae a personal
v statement In connection with a Washington
despatch to the St Louis Jirpitllir command
log Mr Vets speech In opposition to the
Nicaragua 1 Canal bill and stating that It WHS
difficult to nee how nnv ruasonably sane and
4 reasonably hone man could support tbo
v measure There wan no objection Mr Morgan
leuure certain criticism being nmdf on on
vat account but the parson wbo made It had
the privilege of the floor of the Senate through
the Indulgence of a Democratic Senator he
visited the cloak rooms and hud access to Sen
ators In such a way as to gke perhaps a pecu
liar degree of authentlcliylto his accusation
lu dishonesty against tfenutTs who advocated
the Nicaragua Canal bill The Committee on
ionia Relations had not nppoed that It
was exposing luelf to thu criticism of news
VSMr correspondents who by the courtesy of
Senators had access to the floor Pressure of
that sort he said might come from outside of
tiie Senate It It would hut when it cain from
MnonH enjoying the hospitality of the Senate
t Was tome hint that he did nut feel disposed
to put up with tie had now called the atten
lion of be Senate to I and would take action
later on unless tho maier was corrode1
IllD VesUIJem Jlo thought that the Sena
tor from Alabama was unduly sensitive about
that neMpHp article The heading of It
calling the bill a vropOKcd steal was ore
pared not by Mr Moore the correspondent
Cat In tbe ohlce of thc IttpuWa and lie was
assured that Mr Moore never Intended to
charge any Senator with being actuated by
corrupt or improper motives He hud not the
slightest dlQTculty In saying that he believed
that the correspondent did toxaKiierate his
argument but that woi simply a question oi
opinion and judgment I Senntorswore to
notice such newspaper statements tbey might
nOt I dismiss another business
l1e Morgan said that ho bail called uptime
inbject not because a correspondent chose to
criticise the motives of fcenaturs but he ob
jected to any man having OCCMH to the floor
who made It his business to libel Senator by
the assertion trot they were neither honest nor
sane ome That was getting a little too closely
After remarks by Mr Iteaeanttho subject was
permitted to lapso and the tienato went Into
executive session
After the doors were reopened the Senate
proceeded to the coi > deration of time bundrr
Civil Appropriation bill
The question of the bMght of the new Post
Office building was the theme of a long discus
sion tbs commute amendment renulrlng
bit IhbAnnM be loss than ciktit Btnrle In
height That reiiulroinent was criticized as
ole that would make ibti ulldlng l out of all
proportion to the other bnlldlnus on Iennsyl
V Jila avenue and to all theother imbue ImlUl
ings of the city Uhn Ionilou building oime
to fOr its usual Ashore of iondomnatlon al
though Irl umb expuMng himself he said
to the danger of exrluHlon from all art circles
ventured to speak of It UH i > re intuble and
rashly a bandeonio building Its chief defect
btIagJlow location
Mr Hale tllep Me I also spoke In a compll
meltr Ier If the Ienffon building mind < l
saldttbat while his Idea of a Qo ernment build
ing was tn oomrjlne beauty with utlllt the
theory on which the public buildings of Wash
ington wore constructed seemed to bo to take
Up 1 much space B possibly and to lurulbh
as little uronmmodatlon as posolblo
nrnmmodnton a
bMr Aldrich Utop It I I expressed his belief
that the utIlity of a building did not depend
elbe orion its liitltcht or its Dullness Ho bo
Uered l I possible tl put up building that wore
t useful and beautiful and In his opinion
lbs Pension Office was 1 disgrace to the liov
trm lit lie protested against such mon
ebtrOU hI8heIICeln the one proposed for
tb e new Post Office
hlHr Cookrell said that objections mad to
blalt structures sere the merest bosh He
would favor buildings or sight ten or even
wetre stories Uhnhigher buildings t were tbe
pealthler they were The II mOlpbero was bet
tr nnd the light wa M jettrr i
be result of the discussion and of the subs
uenldtlvote was to provide that the lost Office
lUfldleg I shall bo llreproof and not less than
Inn stories high
An ainendniont permitting the Secretary of
BlleDlnlOnlllrmltl Icrllnr
thl ireaMirrtomaueunirdMryarpolntiiHiniK I
of ari > hlivri sk Ii lcd ilrnuili I niiii HID d u I ill i
euglnrs In thu ulllu 111ahlmrl < urtUluu
Architect wile Die let of RdKciiBHloii on the
IQbJcot of clvii enleu oxmtnilmutllotms U rnrnii
J2tinthedl8ciihHlon thnt time purpose lnII thl
amendment WM to set rid of tbe requirement
c IvUservlce examination forsucb employees
fcull Gorman criticised tbe Civil Service Com
Iler for denouncing Beuators Hepre
B ntatlv s aad Cabinet offlesrs as being hostile
lo the Civil Service law I The Commissioner
in said had gone beyond the bounds or pro
priety when they attempted In public met pr
ings and in newspaper articles furnished by
heir clerks to denounce Senators and mom
Dens of Congress anti Cabinet ministers It
wns Mmply an outrage and a piece of audacity
The trouble with the Commissioners grew out
ot their want or ability to entered the law In a
practical and lair way
Mr Vest said that there was A vast amount
of humbug In connection with the Civil ser
vlroluiv 1 had some itood features which
md been mngn led and some monstrous do
feels which hid born mlnlmizoii In some of
the departments It has operated well and In
thers It hud been a sham nud a fraud and he
houcht that that va becoming the opinion
01 the Intulllgant portion or the American
eople Couuross ho thought ought to logic
Into directly tutU from this tliuo forward civil
service ornmlnntlona should not bo roqiilied
for the Bureau of the chlUct of the Treasury
Mr Cockroll said that Instond of oxoLUtlie
Oiileers coming to Congress nnd asking It to
override tho Civil Hervlco low they should go
tl the Ilnnldeni nnd ask him to withdraw the
Executive order placing RICh ofllcoH under tho
Civil Service imiw
Mr lloanixn Dem Texas moved to amend
hs amendment liy making 1 apply perma
nently Instead of temporality i
nlt IDten Hop itimnJ understood that the
irnctlcal dlfTlculty wan that this employment
being I skilled nrtlsllc and technical there
woro 10t kleli 1 sufllcUmt nttnibcf of applicants
odr civIl Irlro rules to allow thl work 10
lit civi He naked Mr Allison Hop lown
whothor It was not competent for tbe Presi
dent of tim linlieil States to nvoko no much of
tho Ixocntlvo order ot July isys as applloa to
the Architects Oltlco
Arehllwts Olce
Mr AlllKon said that be had not examined
the stfxtutoi but he assuiiioit that that could
be done
Mr Inealls Then why not so n not to In
terfero with the law on which the oil of conse
cration has bern poured allow tho JUxcctittro to
unmake It as hu fins made It 1
Mr AlllBon I certainly have no objection
Mr IncallTlmt being tho case I would not
be willing without further Information to in
torfero with I statute to consecrated as this
appears to be ami perhaps tu Intllct mortal I
Injury on tbe republic I should prefer very
much If tho Kxpcuth bno any doubt as to his
power In tho matter to Insert a provision to
confer that Authority upon him
Mr lUlmumUdtpp Vtl Tbora Is no doubt
but that he tins authority to change an execu
tive oidor
t Mr Incalls Then certainly the Executive
would be willing to exercise the responsibility
of Kcrinltting this temporary employment
raker than allow enterprises of great pith
Unit moment to go awry by reason of adher
ence to tile letter of the statute I see there I
fore no necessity ion the amendment
Mr pooner Hep tisJLt Is abxoluteiy Im I
possible lor 1 Supervising Architect to ob
tain skilled draughtsmen and assistants under I
the Civil Service law
Mr Ingnlls Do you concur with me In opin
ion as tn the Civil service Commissioners that
made a breath can mnko thorn us a breath bus
Mr SpooncrMy statement was that the
matter required either hxecutlvo action or
Congressional action
Mr Uorman suggested that tbe Commission
ers should bo men of common sense and wild
tbat the iresldont had not rebuked the Com
missioners nor their letter denouncing the
Mr Cookrell reminded Mr Oorman of tbe
reprimand which according to the Washing
ton lime f the 1resldent bad given to the
commissioner That paper he said bad had
hardly anything else In It forseveral days than
that reprimand
Mr Teller Hop Col asked Mr Cockrell
whether be was confident that the occurrence
related in the fast look place
Mr Cockrell supposed that tbe fait had
spoken authoritatively and by tbe card
Mr Uorman Informed Mr car there
never had been curb an Interview adding that
the President would not dare to reprimand the
Commissioner for lecturing time Fostumaster
leneral It was the first time he said In the
leotral wal Irlt tme
history of the Government that three subord
inate officers had Indicted through the public
prints one of the great Cabinet ofllcers of the
Government and had had tbe audacity to ad
dress thelrcommnulcatlon tn the President of
tbo United States In ordinary times they
would have been removed and better len
wonld have been put in their places
Tim discussion was still going on when the
hour of n I arrived and the Senate took 1 recess
till H when the consideration of the Sundry
Civil Appropriation bill will be continued
At tbo evening session the amendment In re
lation to the temporary aniiolntmont of archi
tects skilled draughtsmen and civil engineers
it tie oltice or time Supervising Architect was
agreed once without further discussion T h
two amendments for tbe purchas of tbe
Richards property the Coast Nurvey office and
of the Maltby House went over without action
There was no discussion on any item of the
bill until tbe amendment was reached to ray
SIOOOO to tbe daughters of the late Joseph
flU 0 Secretary uf the Smithsonian Institu
tion ht for valuable public services rendered by
Mr Berry Iem Ark opposed the amend
ment a an unauthorized proposition to give
away the peoples money
Mr Blackburn Dem Ky I justified It as an
expression of the gratitude of Congress to the
daughters of a man wbo had rendered con
spicuous services without fee reward He
was only amazed at the smallness of the
Tbe amendment was agreed to Mr Berry re
Senate serving the rignt to ar lee nay vote In the
BeOft next amendment that provoked discus
sion was that to strike from the item for the
National Zoological Park the provision that
oneball should b paid from the revenues of
time District of olumblo
Mr Morgan IDem Ala suggested tbat Con
gress was Zoo enough for the entertainment of
tbe people and that there was no occasion for
providing a collection of tbe beasts and ani
mals of tbe forest and jungle
The amendment was agreed to Having dis
posed of fortylive of the 115 pages of the bll1
red being no quorum present the Sen
AH ate at 1 P M adjourned till tomorrow at 1
IToae Repreccntatlves
The Democrats this morning made no de
mand for the reading of the journal In full and
without objection
it was approved objecton
The House then went into Committee of tbe
Whole notwithstanding time antagonism of
the members of tbe Committee on the District I
o Columbia on the Deficiency Appropriation
bill Mr Iayson of Illinois In tbe chair
On a point of order raised by Mr Clements
IDem Oa the clause appropriating 50000
for the relief of the citizens ot Oklahoma was
stricken from the bill
On motion of Mr Cutcheon Dem Miss an
amendment 1 adopted directing the ac
counting oBlcen of the Treasury not to with
hold the pay of any retired officer of the army
retired prior to the act of March SO 1868 not
wltbbtaudlug his acceptance of a diplomatic
IltlbtaudwJ > oInto
or Consular position tints amendment has
lonsullr pOMllon Il1IR
SPecial reference to ten Blckkal
On motion oi Mr Washington Iem I Teun
an amendment was adopted granting an ex
tra months uulfiiy to limo oniceis and em
ployees of the len ate and tne House
tin point of order talsed 1J Mr Dnnnell
hap Jllun theme was ntrlcken Irom tbe bill
thu provision for the appointment nl a special
comnilttut of members elect to Investigate the
expenditure ot appropriations lot the gotoru
epoodltre alrvrlntonl Joeru
went of time Territory of Alaska and for the
l Dlluwstoni1 Park
rose VithuuiUlsposlngot the bill the committee
rOKe Wiko Pam II offered for reference to
tbe Committee uu Judiciary the follonlng
HArrMJ I 1h irfqu ntl iincalliiniof th limrualnf
the nrnreeuliiK or the lltiuc ui ityrefni tlve u iho
Hilytird tiitiiirei liy the arbtrnry action or tin
t > i iikur ami t noiutii by III I uuwarraiiui l aoliun uu
ttiaiiili t iy of teiruary nnrrl lIe matter of id Is
cuiint r ili l I TN Turner or tieurirla Humeuia Crisp
Uluncluril Mliiun ut Jilnouri inilmlavr rlinlini
Ihmehd ttt uiii nilitra ucmlirr hf Its Inn a
Irirntaiti nut lutlnv lur the nurpci of makiiia tts
record 1JO NU aniiartnt j quorum to ilo l buiiniii
a lion In ratl Ihate ua n < laqunrinu rQiilrea b > Hi
the COIIHtllUllUII OftllD I t llllU MMl tf sitU WIJ III feel
ucit member sore HOI preicnl nor wliulu the hall of
lIme huus al that ituio sitU
Hhtaif in ih4tci > nmvilimlh arbitrary suIt > tyran
nical action of HID it imilini iner nf i he 1f1 situ t
his iwillltul nrKotlatfi uu IRS lluoi ou tius iweui > liritl
u a > uf hue 54111G lounlli In IctlillnKto allnwor eiilcrialn
a million for lit fiurio or rurriciliiir the lauiniuuoii
ao mmle iu iiie lutiui I net of lie huroeIiIgs Ola the prv
ouidty iou iii miCe It I rouiiriu to If iaili in lbs
prvtuiiti su thy Her clearly tabliiUetl aim luau lo
iiaifi Tlitll arbitrary imlanful anti tinennitito
bail act wr ono lu puriuanr or apian 1 oomocieil
br liii leau1iriota rurlyJKii 1 overihrii < rit tynnii r
whulinln niajoriiv 11 11 lIeuPie at 1fl5 00 Stilt in
tulnnnll for ill titus
tb < oloiiix Imiir ot their 1iiwrr 10 1 III
new txltral luJiclil ollirm linn ana thir Inlnfrr c
sled for that purpose unumlicror Ihe rpudlatl and
defeated cauilliUte uf Hie < ariy al mat docile ic d
lane of and mlnit the will ui a larxn nnijorlty or III
voteri 01 Hie country Xnrtli and South a writ as Cs 1
cud SVsl all of lime uiilatrful and unoortny uncle
ala making Cr apporMil Stilt pntent list the injury
ihreateiu d lo tlie iliiertlei uf the people ami 110 coniltii
lloual fre government br Hi arbltrnry sitU unlawtul
admit ut the Chair maY beriim calamlluu I mid Irre
paraiil and luaimucli ci there seoul M be nociinmul
tory reiraiailute por In eItlIo l except ttt ouch the
action of the majority In hue reiprcllv kmllei wIhl It l
tuualhr umereror in Ito me UIa > jruil > aiuy with IU rtildlnofflcr
Hrtultj That Ihe Commit on the Judiciary b and
It la I hereby Initructed 10 report lo the HOUM forthwith
ajoiul resolution for the action of Congrsos uUmliilnc
for ratification an amiuilmenl lo Ih i nn lllut < m i > ro
tldlui a plan forth inipearhmeDl and rtmOTel r from
offlc wild tniutil penelllre or fur tb irlai either
upon ladlclmenl or Infurmatlon In hi court of the
Wilrlcl uf Columbia or tlie hupreme Court cC the
Inlttd Btatri of the specter or i reilainsr oimer of jh
lloue of KrnrritDtatlvre or Hi Iretldent or praiMIn
nnicer of die fuiate wn Hull wlltnlly faulty or
falsely le up alter or clmnie or cause or pernill
rlo aim UI be don br II Its Irrk m tit
hotly ever whlili Iis party nnrndlnt may lire
aid or bir any outer pernon Ill lourntl nf
In prorerdlnia either Iy rnuullnx at l nierlnif rl therein
o prreent nr i aiielne the Mms I I S dmie the stein or
nainee of alit inenih r or mstitiwr i i C hi 1 pitch I imi In fart
be patent al mite lltr ru llio purpnie f limMiiK a
iiuorum or oiierwUe I nr uy mir ullifr lmmcsu <
iir lur Ir city other purpon lllon t rl Ih
colt ainendinriil II to in I fon > tltullonh II rru
Id lust etith ofnco shall be a huh crime or pile
demaniir wuli inch l iienalllea by lIes and nl lniirti > ii
menL rtuoral from onlce and dlxgiialltlcatlon for liod
Ina Once Si setS commlilr thall ileem rommrniural
with the cliaraclerut the easer or crime Indicated
Th yoit Office Appropriation bill was passed
and the Boate tool a recess until 8 ocloek the
evening session to he fur the consideration of
the immigration bill
In the evening sssioi Mr Covert Dsm N
YI upoko In favor of the ImmigratIon bill con
tending that It would runt the Immigration
of uhileBlrablft persons He would not prevent
the landing of a man on account of his moral
character as he believed tbat neither he nor
any other man uad a right to prescribe plane
of morale
An amendment wan adopted directing the
Snoretnry of tbe Treasury to provide such
miss for Inspection along tbo Canadian
frontier AA not to delay or Impede travel be
tween the cointnioa Imlede
An amendment wa also adopted providing
t IAn nothing in the act shall be deemed to ex
clude persons convicted of political offences
notwltnsiHtidlng snch offence filial be de
nomlnatpd as felonies InfnmoiiK primes or
uriltudos f the laws of time land from which
they come or liy the court convicting them
The consldemllon of the bill having been
completed It was reported to thn House
Mr Ole I Iem Ate offered MHsubstitute
lierofor and upon tno bill and the subilltutn
liouto tite prnv adjourned nus question was ordered and tbe
Thing of Intrrrnt II ppenUnc In unit Oat
of tlie until QfConcreff
Benntor Blair today reported from the Com
mittee on Agriculture with amendments the
Dill providing for tbe establishment of n dlvls
Ion of silk culture In the Argicultural Depart
lnent for the development and encouragement
nf the silkworm Industry In the United States
Tho bill directs the Secretary of Agriculture to
Bfttahllsh experimental silk stations In various
States to develop cocoons by planting mul
licrry trees nntl otherwise to promote the silk
Industry by the free distribution of silkworm
eggs to the fin mem nf tbo country The
amendments to the bill strike out the bonus to
bo pAid to the producers cocoons and make
tho oration of tbe stations optional I with the
Secretary of Agriculture
It is tbe general opinion among Senators
that Mr 1rre will b chosen President pro
tomporo to succeed Mr Ingalls The Maine
Senator Is not making an active canvass but
his trlonas say that he will easily outdistance
Itonas wi RI
Mr liner In the caucus henitnr Platt has
been mentioned In connection with the sue
coi < Hlon us he hat been frequently called to the
chnlr by VicePresident Morton Tho Con
necticut Senator however la Ineligible be
cniiie he Is nut a holdover Senator ills term
expires on the 1th of Matvh Ho has boon re
eected but of course cannot be sworn In until
the Fiftysecond Congies meets unless time
Senate should be convened In I special session
Prof and Mrs Cabell gave a reception to
night In honor of tho Daughters and Sons of
the lievolrttlon The occasion was a brilliant
one and drew together ndUtlngulxhed assem
blage The large double tnnnlon on Highland
Terrace and the adjoining private reald nec
of Prof and Mre Cabell were thrown Into one
for the occasion and the entire double suite of
apartment were elaborately decked with
bunting Tho walls of tbe euirunce ball
nere completely hidden beneath flags of
complet1 bneatl
all nations that were eerywhere min
gled with the Stars and Stripes fes
tooned over doom am and picture
Mrs Harrison stood by tbo side of Mrs CaDell
just within the entrance to tho long reception
parlors of the main mansion the guests in
turn being Introduced by the hostess upon
their entrance Shortly after the aHsomhling
of the guests Mrs Harrison ns President of
I the Kationnl Association of the Daughters of
the Devolution wan escorted to the platform
erected Ult within Ihebalwlodow whichwns
tastefully decked with palms by Gen Oreel
VlcPresldent of the District branch 01 the
Hone otthe Devolution and alter few words of
introduction by Gao Ureely Mrs Harrison
aroe to mako announcement of the names of
time newly elected Honorary Regents rom the
various States reading from time lint I fur
nished by Mrs Darling VicePresident of
the t work of organization throughout the
Union Mrs Hairlnons remarks wore ow
ed by a brief address from Mrs Cabal In
which she announced the fact of having lately
received several interesting Revolutionary
reled Gait Ureely then delivered a brief ad
dress In tim name or the Son ot the Devolution
followed by other orators IncIudlngCol Jock nf
LoulslanalJind Mr W D McDowell of Newark
N J Secretary Proctor who was to have de
livered an address as President of time ermont
branch of the association was compelled In
consequence of Indisposition to send regrets
almost at the lost moment At the doe of time
moment I
formalities the sneakers descended the plat
form and a delightful musical programme wns
opened by the sinning of JrammeR
bin by Mr BlnRlnl Miss Marl Deceit
followed with a soprano solo Tbo pro
gramme Included a patriotic poem written
Irame occasion bv Mrs vTllllam Ross
Brown delivered by William Tweedale thr
Italian national hymn sung with great power
Italan natonal lunl
by Senor AlarlMA Mlana the Marseillaise
by Miss Marl Bacon and a full chorus of
eighteen female voices the Indies all In pic
turesque colonial costume closing with the
anthem My Country TU of The sung by
the full musical talent with Mr Hymonds an
accompanist An attractive feature ot the
evening was the dancing of the minuet hy
elgbtof the young ladles At the close of the
enteitnlnment tbe large company Including
in addition to the memttertsof the two branches
of tbe Hociatv several hundred in nil a large
number of Invited guests from the official
Congress partook of and refreshments scIentific circles 01 the capital
rUB wonaya FAIR
ClettlBB Dowm to BatnNo BnlUUg
OB tie Lake Front
CmcAoo Feb 23Order Is rapidly being de
veloped out of chaos in Worlds Fair matters
The managers have observed sub secrecy
tbat abandonment of the lake front alto
came In the nature of a total surprise to peo
ple generally Yet at no time for months It
would appear has the placing of any of the
buildings on the lake front park been contem
plated Time instructions given to the Board
of Architects at the time of Its formation did
not provide for any buildings there but con
templated grouping all the varied buildings at
the south of the midway plalsance In Jackson
Park tbe land north of the plalsunee being ye
served for tbe miscellaneous structures such
as the State buildings The art building has
not yet beun provided for and It is not deter
mined whether It shall he a temporary stnc
lute or of permanent character suitable for
a memorial building I the building Is I to b
a permanent structure I will undoubtedly be
on Ibo lake front
The Board of Architects met today to re
vise the preliminary drawings for the main
group of hulldlncs prupared by the different
members ol time lioerd Mr Ulmsload of Bos
ton has already outlined his scheme for the
landscape The available land will bo Inter
spersed with nrtlllflal lakes woodliindsinead
own gracefully winding noalaIbe Utter not
only planned for picturesque Directs but also
us a tnenm of communication between the dif
ferent buildlncs and a source for material for
lllllng buldlnl grounds greatly ennomlzlng
mlp crolncs
the exiivmllturu required fur that purpose
Ont portion of tho nndscnp will b designed
to Illustrate with gaoinetrcal ilgimues the clas
sical anti another the romantic The buildings
will bo In keeping with tbe surrounding laud
crane J hay will be Hunt and erHcofi in form
suit as gay In appearance as color and bunting
ran make them Iron glaos and stucco vi
be iinod ltirgelv I In conHtnu tlon
The building will bn designed tounoregular
sizes of structural rrmteitiil lu crier that the
coiiHtructlon may be hastened and the material
may be oltI toadiuntnge when the buildings
am torn down The general plan conlcmplaies
n floor HPIIOK onethird gre < er than that of the
Paris ExpoHlllon but tbcllmrrased space will
not be eriuiilly dibtrlhtited I Is luG Intention
lor Instniico to give twice the npiic to ma
chinery ball and u I muoh greater space to the
buildings for electrical dHilco nnd agricul
ture but horticultural hal will be restricted
to the same spate as allotted at luuUnrln Expo
sition The stock ynrs men nud tho womens
board nine succeeded In Keeiirlng spare for
tholrrtruetureslu the territory allnttod to the
miilii group Jho ruttier minor buildings will
inn bo permitted 10 intrude on this rClornton
It Is f now expected the uork of construction
will be pushed forward very inpldly The only
cloud on the horlon II the feeling In certain
quarters that Director GeuerHl Davis should
bae a broader sphere of action The local
board ctll retains largely the rower of control
11 rrlv
and olntmot but It IsconlldentlybellevMd
that all friction that tony hne arisen from this
al will bo dlsi elled as the work progresses
Inaulti n Wonton nd Htab Her JEicort
John Burke described as ot Catherine slip
this city was sent to jail In Brooklyn yesterday
Goatling to await examination
day by Justice Ooettni eAPllnnUon
on a charge 01 felonious assault He II accused
of stabbing Joseph Anderson of 87 Kussel
street Anderson II In the Eastern District
Hospital In n pecarlons condition On Sunday
night ho was 1alklnl with a woman In Green
jiolnt avenue Greennolnt when burke and a
man pained Donovan passed then Burke It
is lamed an Insulting remark to the
woman and Anderson demanded an apology
Burke then stabbed Anderson In the stomach
and In the book just below the right shoulder
blade The woman became hysterical and her
cries attracted a crowd Burke threw away the
knife and tried to escupe lie 6 too drunk
to inn far and wns cnntnreil by the Hetentb
lrcclnct dotoitlve Donovan Burkes com
pitnlon ivm arrested for Intoxlcntton nnd
e tnrdnybe begun I twentynine duyb term
lu jail
ruled to Death OB the Itrldge <
Vlllom Delabanty a lamp trimmer on the
King County Elevated Railroad tn Brooklyn
was crushed tn death yesterday morning between
tween alton tbe 1 Brooklyn platform of a ca and the bridge
1 I
Baking Powder but Royal
NO is made from pure and perfect materials
or costs so much to make as Royal or gives
such good and great value to the consumer Prudent
housekeepers will send back ahd decline to take any
other Marion Harland says I I regard the Royal
Baking Powder as the best manufactured Since its
introduction into my kitchen I have used no other
When Baby was sick we cave her Cantoris
When she was a Child she cried for aetorhi
When she became 51 In ahe clung ft Caatorla
Whoa she bad Children the rare them Castor
By then wanting Knroltnr this iPrlnf by now looking
no oar rmnatt ot fall io4a which laU 1 be
cloitd cut that w 1 may have room to how the nw
itjIM bal comtm la from our factories
The Oood are pirfct and not nur 10 old faihlonf
a > tb new stock la mOil ilorei vat we Bark In
ltD If urti about hit prlcti ai room 1 more Im
poriant lo ui than any tarlnf by keeping or
1 > 4 U AN tM WMT 14T IT
Adrlrr About I Spring Mcdlelne
M rlij Mrlann stub I I Spiini ni Vftn Veers
fmtrff frnn Mlnur run down In htaJih and Ume p
nlianat tn > prln tnnkrii Idem fret I weSt lantald hid it
nrrion itnl rU llitlr niMmch loxtll IIYr and
klnilyioiu of nriltr U I t cmt qiKtilnn withtvtry
Inty is I M lint li liiVc In Ie M prnl 4
At t a fronl i iiinire nf i < hl lenn thh quInn was
scry lnHIdj ttttl t bv Iii uttvilmnut nmm
lUnnn In tie rtuliliK to use Im l items t tetra at
ilm rtmitrkalii in tral dltcnvrr nir > nni n li ii
bruin unit lorrfi linici a l aol lutirr tie bO
At ff ttti icuUto tite Mimo i hvtr kidney
mid IxiuiK
A 1 Murlnn V 1 11 I ot tiiiadeitlip iuor < nr the
l ntierit Meillral oiirnnl sod rmerly profbesor of
K ntfilictl < 111 Vf n tl 1 nt Iir itrecnei wtindirfnl die
intern I ii I A IijiinloHfieublf tamely In mtitl t
cal t > rniirrtlf tire f 111 I I rf lorei sbavls4
herr itouer siil > I re Rtitiliilieji lot ilulty
iir ii
f p
S XI Kernnldt M n the rra > ew Tork ptetsl
lit slant I tmlirMtntlnBlv prnnonitre I the
mnnl iiilniilile nerve remedy I have ever
Ir llcnrr IVHer altn of les Vork spate fnthuir
tut rnhy i f limo nrnit rrintdy Dr irerni Nfrrural
lt I Oi prricclan I cmn > 1rte cir fur MlrrplenMC >
hritiliirlir nritoiM urHknmM and Ill
I I Ttie eminent hmr Stumer M I I tuiitrinUndlnf L 3
plijuleUn ot one nf Ntn ok > Scent hoipltaliialdi 1
Wr ae i tint Dr Hr tiien NiTvurs at Ihe hospital for i
I cur pallinu wltli unnil 4iirLtii 1
11 I Dr Urtenti Nerrura tliU Nprtnr4 PrumltlirtU j
J Hun
njr Hr Dretn the specialist In rlln alt forms of
I nervott spit ctirnnhi ilirtat 1 o I Wow 14th I ttt Nw
Virk AII l coiiKttlieil fret prrnMinllv nr tty Ittttr Iall t r f
nr write him nbutit > niriitpv iir t 0llll 1 for trnpltna
klinklo nil nut I ant n letter icily ixplnlulni the dli
eflpe wit lie returned
Speaks For Itself
SO C not only speaks for I elr
e Oe Le
but ha thousands of ft
pie to speak for It The testimonials that
have been given In its favor by people who A 1
have been cured by i would I pagee of a
newspaper No other medicine baa been BO
thoroughly endorsed by the public Her la J
a sample ot
Disinterested Testimony
The Rev II B TThtrtoa pastor of the PIn t
Baptist Church Montfomerr Alabama writes r
hI have Ien Swifts Specific used and bat
linowr many cal of the worst form of blood
dlten e which have been cured by I I know
the proprietors to be centlemen ol ttbe hIghest
type and of the utmost reliability I reom >
mend It ass great blow remedy unequaled bjf i
anything that I know or
Beau on Blood and Bkla diseases m
Lively Time In Heortnnlalnrj lic Amntelir
Athletic Union
All the athletic legislatIve talent of this
populous nthtotlo ilhtrlot cntherrtl In one
moJeratob hlzetl room nf tho Aslor house
Inst night Every loot of SIMCO In the room
was oecunloil br the delegates and a host of
those InlorosteJ In the meeting surged
and fllloJ the ball In
arnund tite onen ilonrwnr JloJ hnl
both dltcctlons 10MY t1e amazement of the
Irea l > the proceedings wore hot conducted In I
a dark rfrrun nn I everybody turned ont to In
ilulRe In a circus Nobody was dlnnppnlnted
It wns twenty mInutes rust l 8 oclooU when O
V BlatboWHon tapped lightly on tbe table
and brought the burr of conversation to an
abrupt close lIe said be took tilonsnre In
calling together the t first meeting of the Metro
politan Astcctntton and called attention to
the justice with whltb the smaller clubs had
been treated In the matter of representation in
J E fulllinn acted I temporary Secretary
On motion of A C Mfvenn the temporal
ofTicero vere mad pernmncnt
oneerl Mills said he was atoitt to make the
same motion He paid a high compliment to
Mr Matthowson for his enorts In behalf of
nthletlo ° C C Hughes waiifdtnknniv If there
was any significance In that notion and wits
nHiiroil that tho nrticers appointed worn for
thin convention only
The next business was the adopt Ion of a con
stltutlnn A delegate wanted the constitution
road by psragrnpbH but was called down and
the constitution adopted an a hole A >
Mills conltuton I course of an explanation of
the reorganization plnn for the benefit of a
number of the delegates who ware hAZ In
their ideas on the subjni tbat the question of
the number member tn he placed on the
Board of Munagersof the Metropolitan Asso I
ciation was a ilelicate ooo HOle rule was
tbo corner stone of tie plan and each club In
to be sold judge of tho qualifications of Its
members but the central body will control
competitions Then are elgluyone member
In the association and one member from each
would alolutoD unwieldy body Ho thought
Illtoen would lie the proper number
Iloen Woodrutf the Welt tn I Club Jersey
City tutored to make tho number twentyfive
Home nf the delegates wanted a change In the
Board Brooklyn had only ono member on the
Board and Hhould bore a chance
Boar amendment was carried and tbe Board
will consist of twentylive members
Just at this point JudceJlghe touched the
button and the fun started with a rush and a
The Judge moved that the Chair appoint 1
committee of five to report nominations for
members of the Board rrrt
The Chair explained that the report of the
commite would or courso bo subject to re
vision by tho convention
C U Hughes said he didnt want to SM any
star chamber business Tills matter seemed
to be prearranged He moved to amend to
have the members of the Hoard nominated In
open contention He didnt wont men nlreidy
selected to be named by a commute The
whole thing seemed to be cut Rod dried anti
an effort seemed to be making to put through
a slate
Ju < lceTlgbeaU thero was no elate and no
organization Kr Hughes said there was go
ing to be a light and he wanted au open one
An amendment to the amendment making the
number tha omlnallng Committee ten was
lost nnd then lit Hughess amendment was
Then Hughes proposed the name of George
W Carr for member ol the Board Immediate
ly I a snow storm of paper cllpt fell upon tbe
unlucky Nulllvnn This was declared out of
order and on motion tho clubs made nomina
tions In alphabetical order Each delegate
nomina ed from one to six memberH
and a regular ghost dance ensued At the con
clusion of time nominations time Secretary read
off the list which embraced at least one mem
ber from each club In the association While
the reading was proceeding lobbying prog
ressed furiously andlthe perspiring delegates
walked over eaei other in their efforts to ef
fect combinations i l
1 J Cornell A C Stevens and A M Hessen
were appointed tellers and the voting began
the clubs voting In order each being restricted
to twentyfive names Sullivan was rmrely
able to mak his vnl < heard above tbe hubbub
but finally the ballots were all deposited and
tbe gadjoumed for fifteen minutes In
or or to permit tbe tellers to count thn votes
Tbe Bunalo delegates held an iniormal meet
Ing at tbe Imperial Hotel lOMerday afternoon
and decided tnnt they did not earn for time In
door meeting of the A A U nor for the out
door meet ot lime national body but they did
desire the outdoor meeting ol tbolletropolltan
Association tboletropolisn
A telegram from Philadelphia lAt night
said Constitution adopted and Oflicertt
elected of Atlantic Association as folows oflcerl
President Alonzo II Parsons VicePresi
dent W F Kurtz Secretary James HMc
Clellan Trenxuror William H Delaney dele
Perry gates to Union 11 McMillan and Howard
An Endeavor to Slave BetUna Confined to
JLIeenfied Track
TnBNTOK Feb In tbe House tonight Mr
Ketohara of Essex presented a protest signed
by 17600 women against any legislation to
legalU pool selling or permit Sunday Manor
selling Tbe signatures were gathered In
Ilnl slJatures Iatberod every I
part of the State
Afew moments later Mr Campbell of Mon
mouth county Introduced four rare track bills
designed to permit racing on regularly accred
ited courses of the Stale and to prohibit 1
where not properly licensed The bills It Is
understood have been agreed to by the man
agers of the leading racing associations
The first of the bills anthrri7es Common
Councils or Boards of Preeholders to license
race tracks
Tho second provide that tho license fee
hal be 5 percent of tbe gate receipt tin re
ceipts to be certified to under oath by tbe
manager of the track The third bill amends
the CriraeH act ns to provide < bat t thu praotlie
habitual or otherwise uf Letting ou race
horses commonly known an booLmiildntr
horlel klOWI Al ni nr
the keeping nf 1 place to which people may re
sort for such betting stinll nut constliutu a
nuisance or the keening of n disor
derly house where such betting Is car
ried on within tbo enclostin of a
licensed race entire Except ou licensed
courses all racing of horses for monoy ornlber
slakes Is made I misdemeanor punishable by
a line of f ion or six months Imprisonment In
tbo county jail liettom on unlicensed courses
art > liable to t he same penalty while tbe letting
of ground for illeguul racing is mae punish
able e by 1 fine of S 1000 or Imprisonment for a
Th fourth and last of this aeries of bills
provides that the Common Council or Board of
Freeholders shall have power to license racecourses
courses for a riot of live years and I shall
pot be lawful ion nny pronosed racing corpora
tion tn tile a lertllle unlee lUl accompanied
tuu acoomraDled
bv n resolution nf tbe Count 11 nr Hoard ol Free
holders adopted by a tbrrefourtlm vote car
tifying that lu Its udgimtent the inntntnlnlng
of such u race course is a public uecesltr
A Senl Swim Vp to HnckeniBck I
Several members of the Hookonsak Gun I
Club were thrown into 1 state of excitement on
Sunday afternoon by tbe announcement that
a seal was lying on a float near the New York
Kusnuehanoa and Western llnlrbnd draw
bridge George JlaclJnnnld I hart ey MnoDon
aid and J Walter UrlnckerbofT rushed to tbo
ilrer where they opened Urn nn time gnnin nnd
tilled UK head with eliot lu UH datum stytiggte
the seal Hopped Into time liter nml smb Tbi >
place where it was found Is ahout tbirtyflvo
tulles by water from J ew omit lay
Octtlnc Another Elephant Up Ulr >
Tb Niagara Fir Insurance Company put In
a safe yesterday so big that bad It been any
other than a holiday Broadway would bar
been choked UP The sate weighed ten ton
Its dimensions were 6 feet across the front 8
feet dsep mind 7 feet high It was necessary
to knock two windows into one nn the Cedar
street side to set the sale In It took time en
tire dayo do the job
An Effbrt te Urn Wound that ITIIIInm J
Kay Rcretved mt < tettyubturg
William 3 Ray was Adjutant ot the Seven
tieth Ieglment of Volunteers While at the
bond ot his regiment nt tIme second days light
at Gettysburg a sntl ninepound shut passed
through the body of his horse and Injured the
calf of the riders left log The wound never
properly healed smith Cnpt Kay has suffered
mutli pain from It finm time to time and has
frequently been under medical treatment
About four months ago he was obliged to leave
his pout In the money department la tho Net
York Pout Ofllce whom ho has boon employed
for eighteen years ami hn has since been
under the care of Ur t amuel Xntt nt lii home
In Oono Park
A few weeks BCQL nr Nutt Informed the no
Kents friends that the only way tu save tie
Injured leg was by transiilnntlng to It bits at
skin from other mens bodies Two weeks
fttfi nt n meeting of Winchester Post IOu In
Brooklyn to which dipt hay belongs the
condition Ol tIme patient vita nnnoiinceit Ono
by one the comrades arose nnd volunteered to
surrender a portion nt their akin for the pur
pope required Tho p five were finally e
lected Vi make the nurllic Cnniiniinder
William C Plum Chaplain William H Brumal
John II Chase Erlwir I JV Mason and Itobeit
f 1opoland rite five comradts went t >
Ozonn Itirk on minrliiy together with a
veteran from annthnr post and went dnectly
tn Cart Unya houte In ielmnoit iuvenluo where
nil the iirrancemevts toi lint nporatlon hud
bean modi tit 13 utter 15 Chin of Biooklyii
undated by Dr Nntt tierfnrmod tho oparnllnn
The doctors pelcctel John K lhaso and tnt
veteran from the other post as time two from
whom to take tb skin becaut of their beiiltby
ap nature lice
One strip of skin two Inches long and one
quarter of an tnouliroxd was tkeu Jrom the
arm of the former ami tints KlmllnrctrlpH from
the nrm of the latter rue skin was cut Into
squares of onequarter or an Inch nud these
were laid upon the wound nnd tightly bound
Although the operation of cutting the sk > n
was painful the two veterans illtl not llinch u
particle Another coot Ibutlon or skin will lieu I
required In ncotinln nf months for a Kocond
wound trnm which Cnpt hay is suffering and
there will be uo iilhcuity In obtaining fresh
Whtpetl and Burke Will Rave to Explain
Their Action to the Commlnloner
Policeman William Whlnrells arrest of
Charles D OConncll a spectator ot the Sher
man funeral parade on Thursday will bo
brought before tho District Attorney and the
Police Commissioners by OCounells brother
Daniel OConnell who recently was an Assis
tant United States District Attorney flea
George W Wingate Is one of the witnesses of
the arrest who have signified their Intention tn
appear In OCounells behalf In addition to
thoso who gave their testimony on Friday bo
nreu Police Justice
Mr Alter lilt Montgomery street whose
wile was arrested on isnnilay by Pollcemnn
Burke Who was looking for violators of time
Kxclse law says he will rauke complaint
against Burke before tho Commissioners
Mr Alter pais that Burko arrested her la the
hallway of her hinire without cause used pro
fane language toward her and dragged her half
clothed tn the is x lint ket Court whore she
wait discharged Burke also took Into custody
Mrs Alters two BOMB and two llremen who
protested nenlnst the arrest The firemen
were discharged by the bergoant at the Madi
son street station
Mr Alter mars that several parsons have
asked him tn give up his Intention nf having
Burke punished One of thes persons Ie
says Is an nfUcer of the city Government who
told bloc be would lose iiotulng by eittrolnizmg
Palter Vanderimrt flajn the Lord tm Do
tug Great Work In IlaekeMack
The raid on the Hnckensnok gamblers was
continued on Sunday and yesterday to the
consternation of the sporting element In the
community In addition to the nine men ar
rested on Saturday the following have been
arrested and the work Is still unfinished
John J Meyer proprietor of the National
Hotel Charles Hill his barkeeper Henry and
George Van Busitlrk butcher Charles Kllsch
man Alexander Nell Clarence BInhle sur
veyor William Barney Frank Garret and N
T Moran West hhore station agent
Judge James Al Van Video President r > f the
county eniirts has bean violently assailed by
some ot the accused persona and their friends
and Is accused ot responsibility for the raid
He little but be had nothing more tn do with It
than to discharge Silo duty when Charles Ska
belund who robbed his employer declared he
had lost the money In gambling und named
the persons now under nccuntion as limo ones
who won his Imoney or engaged In tho games
where bo lout it Time action of lila fntirt has
leon l instrumental lu breaking up at leat n
dozen Rambling game carried on Smiriday and
week days In his sermou Sunday morning
Pastor Ynnderwart ol Ihu Old Church on the
Green said
Th Lord has been doing great work In
thin town tor the putt tneutylonr hour Thn
devil ha had things lila ownwayloiigennugli
Constable Harlng has secriil warrants to
serve on persons who left town suddenly
A riaht In Mullln Alley That May Turn
Out To Dc a Murder
Cornelius Moore a shoemaker his wife and
John OConner a longshoreman have been
living together at 32 Chorry street for two or
three weeks It is said list Sir Moors tool
OConner in out of pity because he had boon
turned out of another womans aPartment up
stairs The 3ioorec live on the ground floir
OConner and Moore bad born drinking
Saturday night mind about U S oclock ritindiiy
morning Leunn tn hue angry wonls
Ol onner iueil an Iron kettle Hum limit stove
and hurled It at Moore It struck him on tint
head cutting a mon nud deep cash across his
forehead He fell to the Moor and OConnor
ran away Moore was taken tn thaClmmbors
Hircot hospital anti tutor was removed 10
Ilellevuu via surgeons there think hls skull
In fractured and that lila east Is critical lo
tecilves Uoiau and Urlllltlis of tbo Oak street
Matlnn found OConner yesturdny morning In
n saloon nt 45 West street He wns very much
surpiUed when Informed nr Moors condition
and told Detectiie Urinin that If ho had
known the Injuries fn > no onous he
wouldnt have been caught In Now Yomk At
time Turns Court Justlci Tnlntnr held him
without bull tnnwnlt tbn result nf Homes In
juries Thlrtytwo Cherry street Is known as
Mullln allevnnd this Is tint tbe llrnt serious
flgnt tbat bui oicuri ed there
Blew Oat a Cylinder Bend
Engine No 2 drawing a southbound City
Hall train nn the Third avenue road blew out
Its cylinder bead at Fortysixth street at 1215
P M yesterday The cylinder head fell on top
of wagon loadea with bundles of kindling
wood The kindling wood flew in every direc
tion The cylinder hend broke Into three pieces
Holiday troPic was heavy and soon nail n
tl07su train were blocked until the disabled
triln could be switched off
The arogre of Woman In the Nation Dnr
lag the Pout Three eare nevtenrit by
Mice lTlllnrdli Greater bun Those
or the PrcvlonM llerndo Ilfptclnl
WASIUNOIOV Fob 23ThQ f > iuuro rf this
mornings srnlonof the nrstTrlfnnlnl Coun
cil of the wOmen ot the United Stales was Iha
nddiest ot Miss Fiances K Wlllnrd the Presi
dent of the Courcl AlbaughV Opera llouo
was fllled In every part by u highly ouiliui
audience which was largely ooini > o od of
representative women from nil citric of tIm
country On the claim which wan cf > ullicly
decorated with flowers and Inndcal pliintH it o u
seated Miss Susan B AntImony Mrs lulln
Ward Howe Mrs J Ellou 1niler hIts Mny
Wright Bewoll the Rev Anna Hhii > > Mr i o
ralda Wallace nnd ninny others piomlnotit y
identified with tIm canes of wonon
In her addrrna Miss Wlllnrtl Mild thu site
hold with thejresldcnt of the proMoun coun
cil udlftoronco uf opinion on one ques
tion must not prevent the ionien of Amerka
from working unitedly on thofe ou which they
can agree They veto en > iaicd lu n heroic
struggle to lift omen from moo rexhood un
toward glorious vomntibood anil to dn tills for
humanitys sake was the problom lint It bus
taken wo m 011 of lirnlnsund imri o > o more than
foity years to find out this Mmplu ttuthto
learn that thou must agree to dlfiigree on
many things In order that the greatest iiiini
boys greatest good tulcht be attaIned Butt
distinctly disavowed any bnndlng together nf
women as malcontents or liimIlos toward Iho
correlated other halt of the hutnnu taco
anti said that brute foicc tn Lor mind inenmt
custom as opposed to reason iirokidlco as tbo
antagonist of fair play What we actunly
mean hero Joday she sold is that wbalaier
In custom nr law is contrary to that Invo of
ones neighbor which nould glvo tn him
or her all the rights and privileges
I tint ones self cniois Is hut I n tollj
ofbritte force and Is tn bo cast cut us oil1 Bo
i iuse woman In Romoof nut AmniUnn coin
muuneiillha Is still si rolatod to tlo law that
I time father ran will away an unborn tlilld
nnd that u girl ol 7 or 10 years old is held to bet
tlieotiual partner in n crime where another and
I 1 n strongerIs the principal because shelslii
ho nmnv WhIR hahtuitimiod > and harmed bv mute
und customs pertaining to tho pas weiouth
out our bands of holnvspeciallv to her thnt site
may nvenako the swlftmnrchlni tiroeoM < liii
I of progresn for Its sake that it may nut Blacken
Its sliced on her account as nttiih lor her that
i she be not left behind Vc thus je > tesont tho
human rather than the woman iiuvstlnii Every
atom says tu another otto Combine and
doing PO they chunge chaos Into order When
every woman shall say to every other and
every workman snail Ray to ivoiy other
Comhtno the wardracon shall be slain the
poiertyviper shaft bo exterminated lie cold
bug tranofltod by a silver pin the euloou
drowned out and the last white laa fiber
nteUromthe woods WiRcnUhlu and the bng
ulos ot Chicago mid Washington
MlSH W lilmurd then nnoke of the detail of the
organization and faioied the most i ompletu
arid extensive one rotMlile uno that should
Include tutu comprehend local ouiiviU Inoi
ery blute county city town and village
We hart long mot she Bitld to ivn1 as
says malta xpeeehos and prepnro lotltlntiH let
tit here meet In this ureut council to logtalnto lor
romanbooil lorchildhooU nml tlo home She
leiletvid tim ndiunconi u > mcn and mtku i
larly since tim lust council userilnc tliut
thte three yenrii lime proilmed grouter ro
sulti than the previous ton years Or the gen
eral advance of the womans cause slits said
Consider this int that moro than mgity
two per t ont tit all our imbliv Hehoul tenehors
un > women that our two bundled oleuoH
huvu tutu over four tbouiHndMuiueo tuduiitB
thnt tndubtrlitl schools lur Kills are I elbg
founded In iilido toiorv Smith that Imtdly u
score 01 colleges in all the nation still nxvlude
us and that these begin to look shoiplsii nut
speak In tones apologetic ilollocl that we urn
ndmlited to the theological seminaries nf the
Methodist Congregational and Umvcrsa 1st
cuuriheti to nay nothing ot hull H do n
smaller ecclestiBtlcal commtiuluiis that the
Jree IJHMitt nnd beianil other churches now
wnlenma women ileleuaten to their hleest
councils while wo vote in tbo local Bombly
or almost ovary church In Christendom except
the Cut holIutandM hat while some of us were
rejected as deieBSUK bv time General Confer
ence ol the M Ji Church In 1HBH thnt tody
siibmlttoil the question tia vuto of iUJdotw
Methodists and tilxtytwn per cent of those
preHont and voting declared In fnvnr of com
plete equality within the household of faith
Puss In review the phllnnthropkH of women
Involving not iowan titan sixty smleteH of
national scot or vnluc with their hunuiedH of
htate and tens nf ibotibands of local auxil
iaries Loth North and South and trie c uui
loss local Boards organized tolioipib defec
tivedependent and dollnnuont clums in town
and city lull of whom would lies rongr if eaeli
olatR were corioluied nationally study the
college BOttlcments or colonies ol collto
women who entHhllbh tl I emselies In the poorer
parts of great cities nud wortc ou thu plan nf
Toynueu Hull Ijondon think of tie womens
protective agencies womens sanitary nnxoeia
tlons mind ixehanuo Indi tila schoois and
soclille lor tiit steel culture all of wimii are
but Clusters on the heniy laden boughs
of the Christina cirtlkatlon ihlch raises
women up and with her lilto toward
hicvrn the world Content nlnto the wo
mens foreign and home iiil lonary societies
MurKhnl In betsed nrruy Ito Rings DniiKh
tens two hundioJ thousiind Ktr ng with their
hallowed motto In Ills Nnmn tilt hi clef of
clulHtiau Kndrairr with Its Immonse onntln
gent oi womou redact that a womnn iroto
before the Calbollo lotnl Abstlnvpcn Sotiety
nt Its late meeting In presence nfillstlnciiisbed
preluteHOt that church which whIm heyond
most others utilizing the money durolon tint
wniI of > women Is moat conMirvathe of all
when their public efforts ate come nod lie
member the pathetic ilcuronf our holoriti
Iunilitaliamatial at Miu Mood plemllim the
entice of hiuu cisnto Hindo widows Illoll tim s
Ilutform three ears ngo and lojolco that In
her school ut 1nona the drnam U coinlni true
The ulrof those last ilnys IK electric with
delightful tldlngi hi New lork city such
leaders as Mary 1 utntun Jaeoii mid Mil
Agnew have rallied aiuimd Dr hmrau Kemp u
time learned lawyer mom IIIIIMIIIIH and are
ilielptng tniiiakn It easier than ever before for
women to entortho learned profile that has
been most thickly hedged away finm I thorn
In Italttmoie IIr MuryUurrett the most pro
grcsHlio woman of wealth iluu our country bus
produced leads the movement that will yet
open Johns Hopkins Unlierslty tons and IIIIR
already mortKngeil Its medical college tn Iho
maim salon of women In the loent National
Coinontlonof iubllo School Tciuhorn women
wore made Vico1ruxliientA fur thu llrnt time
limit ciinn an enual voice in nil proceedings
while the International Bun lay Kdiool Con
entlon that merts but mice In three roars
made similar ndvame antI tho Oirltinn In
draiorboclety that has oiuolad in ha last ton
years over VSOOUi omen aint uomeii ulncoi thin
coxes jude by aide In all Its purposes uncl
I in speaUIng of Pnraell Miss Wlllnrd said that
limit chief significance nf bin present dis
crowned estate had been but little emphasized
asyol In tbo nubile mind but to her think
lag the woman nuestlon has bad nn triumph
HU signal In our generation It Is not many
yours she paid slut e any man of cioat gltH
tumid splendid public achlevem ate in Ibo In
teiest htininnlty was rntlroly Hcparattd In
time mlndB ol the people Into two character
Ann hero be stood forth for what the world
know of him In Ids relations lo the world but
its a man In his relations to women be was
altogether u different personality with whom
the public had nothing whatever tdn nnd
uo mutter bow baselY bo nilubt tt > ndmt hint
sell It wan no concern nf theirs because the
estimate nf woman was so much beneath that
which Is now hold
On the subject of cooperative happiness
shut said that In the epoch on which wo have
entered labor wllltdoubtloBs come to be the only
poientate For man lidded to nature is all the
capital tIter la on earth and ihe best that
any mortal bath Is that which every tnnrtiij
shares But nature belongs eiuully to all
iiioii hence the only genulno cnpltaj and
changeless roodlum of exchange always
un to par value Is labor Itself and there
will evoiitually he no mora nnlugnn
ism between capital end labor than be
tween time right hand and the left Labor
is the lutellleent and beneficent reaction
of man upon nature J bin reaction sots force
enough lu motion to float him In nil waters
and carry him across all continents Ills dally
labor then Is the natursl ootjlyalent be fur
nishes for food and clothing 1uel anti shelter
audit Is be supreme Interest of the State to
prepare the Individual in head band sum
bean to put forth bis highest power Carried
to Its legitimate conclusion this Is I the social
Ismol Christ the golden rule In action the
basis ot that golden age wbloh shall succeed
this age of gold
time iter Anna Purlin Hpencer read a paper
upon time subject ot The control and social
are of dependent classes and womnns share
in list work dime criticised much nf time work
that I being done for tie poor and menially
dollelent or the land Mho maintained that
the pauper class more especially the lowest of
the low should not be allowed 10 breed after
their kind She recommended an Institution
that should combine the features of a prison
a manual I workshop and a medical hospital
Mrs JTanny V Ames of Boston wbo was or
torcotlnjj paper on the n1 bcct The Citme of
Di penitent UilMiiii t Mi t o Ames said that
thu I MI ichsnt rlimlty Wits nfun gauged by tlm
niiiiiliIof ileiioiiiliit tist loonwho iiro inred
for the truest e uirl y IH ti > lemove the cailur
nl haul rioim nnd irltiii A itmntub e nstl
tutu u tc Stow the blubist Mic ebs should Ie l
hits Alice C Fletcher who Is n special ngent
ot tho Indhm Buuan HXUD muon the ti slit of
Our Mutt lo I closi ut nncex t The Indian
Me HI d holds fr ua suiTe imt hliii > rUal re
tat i n than i the I uivrn inn city ig unit net of Ii tin
Is noun thless t i e Inn nod tu tear tin Iti
nlixnitnd uvr dora wo hint Imn lighting him
whIt tlromiM whiskey mid dleiie our duty
lowiud tie Indian I Isclriir W s u list cii theme
h m and ivj must give him his rights ns a
cilben 4
Sirs Illle I Deveraux Blakp toM nf the need
ecru truer In tin litreor ilti K lor wnmeu 10
iaui or ivnmon urhit are tl tnl ed In the eta
1 lion hnimo an I HUM urgo I her hi nrer to In
aid tipnii li t I IH rfnrm much in her own town
Tlm t enenil tonic of illncit sinn ut the eten
inti Hcsilnii WIts Women In mite Churche1
lh first pancr nn thx HI eclal stibect nf ft
wnmanM Mains tn tbo Chuich Today was
rend liy thn dor Nun FrancosTupperof
hal tic Ailcb SIte said that in this country
tlitrH are iiu women who have been regularly r
ordaice t ns mlniiteiBnf the Ooxpcl There wan f
H grunt anti growing need nf xvoiuei In tim
nilnlHtry It wits n glorious and iihnustliis i
Held just opening to the wouen rf this centuy
und country i
I Inenieiialgnrnieof Englandn delegate from
the IlrlilHh 1 Vninons Toniperuno < Auoclatlon
nud therklndrHiliocletleRwnKlntrnducedHi j
said lor the lltbt timein lnr III she stood face >
I tn face to u woninn who hail bein regularly or J
dnlnrd its ii mlniKtor They had hot Hdumeod
i that far la Kiiglnud Site ind aba bore Irom i
I snoletlcH ropresciitlnu iintOU Fngllsb women
thidr cnngrHtuhitlono nnd prayers to their
AmeilcHii KlstfiH Ihey were watching with
contest lntorot the work of tie emancipation i rz
uf women in this country
Lot of Advice fora Small nor from tke
Crowd and from Two Polleemna
A wild howl f cm MKbnel Fanders of 81
Baxter street was hoard yesterday afternoon
at the corner of Centre and Itende streets
Michael linn errand boy for Richard Soott of
Bcott A Dariustadt whose ofllce Is on the top
floor of 21 and UJ Centre street He bad been
sent to Brooklyn by Mr Scott in the afternoon
and nu iclurmng tn tbo office Michael bad
found Mr Scott gone for the day While the
boy wn In ihi olllco time engineer of the build i
Inc Ptn1Oslnicvorv ono had none locked the
htret door and uso tho door mi stairs lending jtl
down tn the street door nu Centre street oJI
Mliluiol irniio his nny dmiii stairs tn the i
luillwAVon Ito t second fioor hero be found the
window oien He rniwixd out on the narrow
idie nf cnrnfce and yelled for help A biff
crowd giiien > d who offered him advice calcu
lated tn IOIIIIFO HIP boy A boon meiireached
nil thor nrniK mind told him to jump but
Michaels lout wn too lave mr that and he
hhook it Tin > imilcnmon ran up and oflered
hint Nnnin tunio itt t Ice
After n whit it occurred to one ot the police
men touetns ep Indder He put the ladder
ncnluHt the building mind by standing on his
tip t > c M ho miniiued tn reach thin boys toes as
tbnlioy iliitigiul mm I the cornice by ba hands <
lroi tie crowd yelled nod Michael f
illntipud inln Vie i olIiODjan irmn The po t
llcetniiii More incllneil tn lurk Mkbael up for V
xeulffni tliniii iut I they lot him go after be J
had told his stir
IauzHervlce Hen nf the Ninth j
The Ninth Hrcln cat parnded for review at
the Armry li West Twentysixth street nt 8 A
oclock liiot nigh The roelraent was in sen
lcouiiirnrin iho ofilfers wore full drece uni r
form Tbo nun fell In nt b oclock and were
reviewed bv ion Fllxcoiald nod Col Seward T
after which the InngBtril < e medals were pre
rentcd Gold rovdals KOI with brilliants were
given tn Srr einit K W Walklns Company B v
Drum Mijor Cieorce W Hill nnd Musician J J J
Morris Cnmpnny C fur twontifive years ser
vice Plain gold medals for twenty years ser il
vice nr mnro were given In bir nntMajor W
H Van Yleck Flist Sergeant linrmond Arnot
LomiiHiiyd First hergoHnt lieguscomnnny
K jriiate W H Davic iomt iny t Musician
J Core OMiuniiy 3 Mnolcinn George E liar
rincioii t o in pan y I Mui > lclnii Francis Q
Vived ororan > H Muflilin Joseph T Belts
Compnny II Musician Kdivanl Faron Corn
mummy C Nina min aim hu < i seen more than
fifteen liiit nnt twenty ycirn heriloe received
Bllvci niodals and NT men rriehed bronze
ediiN lor ten years nrvlco Hlx men of Com
TInny II oovin of C 1 ten of J six nf E five nf F
ten nf ii 1 four of II two of I and eight nf K re
oiireil copies nf the History ol the Ninth
Iteglment for performing UK nor cent duty
from Jan 201890 to Jan 201801
The llo ton Orrbetra Concert
The Boston Symphony Orchestras lost con
cert of the season will take place In Chickening
Hall this evening A very attractive pro
gramma Is announced and the event promise
to be one of the most interesting ot the series 9
nf excellent concerts presented by the Boston 4 j
Symphony Orchestra during this season Mr
De Pachmann Is to be the Kuloist and Mr Ar
thur Mktscb will conduct The rrogramm
cnnslslH nf tbe overture Anacreon by Cberu I
blnl Mozarts Concerto In D minor for pi
000 anti orchestra Waldwfbon from iog
ners opera Siegfried amid Brahinss Bym 4
phony in D minor No 2

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