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W q I rTir c r X d rrt41 jf Y r ff I P M t t I pj r t r Spf r t 4 r i
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I t 1Ii n > r o at1 ttt11ot ut1 lk ft M c Ir 1 1 WI r IW > i 1 t oj
TH StINFBIDilr FEBRUARY 2 1801 Iln 71 J
m 1 Qujaar or mrazAifD SKKS TWO
A Tlltle Vaaeaaatae Between ths
Prlaee 1 Wale anel nisKaral Mother
Ort Ado Over the Lady la Portmo th
LONDOX Feb a6Qun Victoria accompa
nied by Prince Henrr of Battenberg Princess
Beatrice and a larg suite Isft Windsor at
IOU this morning tor Portsmouth to b present
at the launch of tho new line of battle ship
The weather was verr pleasant
Shortly before the Queen left Windsor the
Prince of Wales attired In his uniform as an
Admiral of the fleet ono of the honorary rank
held br the Prince left London for Ports
mouth He was attended br a large staff
brilliant with gold and silver la and a
heartily cheered n he reached the railway
station and I his train draw out of the d t
on Its war to Portsmouth The two royal
trains bad been preceded br special train
conveying members of the House of Lords and
the House of Commons together wit tha
Lords of tho Admiralty
PonisMouTii eb 26 Great throngs of peo
ple gathered here to leo the royal pageant a
ompanylng the launching of the war ships
The two war vessels launched were christen
ed the Royal Arthur and the Royal Sovereign
e n the arrival the Queen at the railroad
station here her Majesty was met by the
Prince of Wale nnd his suite the Duke and
Duchess of Edinburgh tho Duke and Duehets
Ot Connausbt together with the Lords of the
Admiralty a number of Government officials
members of the House of Lords and pf the
House of Commons The Queen upon alight
ing from tho train was conducted with much
pump and leremonr to tbu utato carriage
whlub was In watlug for bar Mnosty imil was
then driven to the dockyard Tne air rang
with hearty cheers aud the military bands
r played God 8ave tie Queen The state
equipage waa driven between lines of soldiers
sailor and marines who presented arms I
the royal carriage parsed prlonte
All the vessels In Portsmouth harbor and In
the dockyard were Bay with bunting and rural
alutes were thundered forth from the war
vessels tn commission us soon u tbe arrival ot
the Queen was made known Upon arrival at
the dockyard ber Majesty was escorted to a
richly decorated platform over which the
royal standard of England waved J be Queen
elowlr ascended this platform where she was
Rain received by the Prince of wales the
1ue of Edinburgh and the host of uniformed
anu ununllormrd dignitaries who wero present
A short religious service followed the cere
monious reception of the Queen At the con
clusion of the religious service the Queen
touched a button protruding from a small
electric machine which bud been place in
front of the nlaco where her Majesty was
Handing and the traditional bottle of cham
pagne detached br tho current from Its posi
tion over the bows of the Moral Arthur crash
ed upon to naval monsters cutwater and the
queen exclaiming I name thee Itoral Arthur
tint christening was over
Her Majesty then pressing a second button
this time an electric bell the shores props
lo holding the Koyal Arthur upon land were
knocked out of place and the new ironclad
glided slowly smoothly grandly down the
vrcllnonpei wen Into the water and guns
Wtleonp1 10ns
music the waving of countless handkerchiefs
and the dipping of flags welcomed her into
bur natural element High above this din rang
the national anthem and beforo Itwas finished
the royal family accompanied br a small
army of military and naval oillcers and other
dignitaries hurried through the dockyard to
dlnltre hurrel
the wars upon whloh the second mammoth
Ironclad the Itoyal Sovereign was resting
Joal 18 reatDr
There another platform had been erected and
the Queen was once more received with pomp
and dignity Alter ascending this second plat
form the ceremonies already described were
t repeated In the case of tbo Royal Sovereign
and the latter manned by 600 bluejackets awl
miirlnes was floated
At tba conclusion of these ceremonies the
Queen took luncheon at tho residence Admiral
fair John E Commorell O U l In command
nt Portsmouth alter which she was escorted
back to tbe royal train with much display ot
soldiers and marines
Accorlnl nnl to report previous t the cero
mon while tbo Quean and the Prince of
unlcs were standing beneath the bow of one
of the ships they had some unpleasant words
The Queen was imperious in ber manner and
the Prince was Irlab and on the defensive
Both the Queen and the Prince had a apo
plectic appearance when the unpleasantness
terminated The cause of the royal quarrel I
believed to have originated I tome trifling
blve orltd
breach of etiquette
The Royal Arthur Is a screw cruiser of 7700
tons 12000horB power and carries twelve
sura Her name 8 originally the Centaur
which was changed by the Queens order to
ftukeof Uonnaught and finally almost at the
last moment by the Oneenn command this
name was changed to Royal Arthur
ThnOya Sovereign 10al screw battle ship
fourteen of f 14150 tons guns 13000horso power and carries
Prof JLIebreteh Describe HI Kethod 01
Treallas Tnberenloil
BEKLIN Feb 2flIrof LJebrelch yesterday
evening at the meeting of the Berlin Medical
Society at which he described his new method
or treating tuberculosis by Injections under
the skin of a solution of cantharl ale of pot
ash already referred t in yesterdays do
spatches dwelt on the fact that there was no
pain or subsidiary disturbing effect and that
the Improvement was remarkable and rauld
Large dose aid the Protestor Irritated the
klineys slightly but not alarmingly
Dr Hermann upon the sumo occasion spoke
in praise of the narmles nature ot the new
romedv earing that its effects wero easily
borne by the patients who had been subjected
to Its Influence
Dr JVrnenkel aid > It bad been noticed that
the bacilli were thinner and leas In number af
ter the Injections
I Dr Quttmann described a rasa of tubercu
losis which was accompanied by inflammation
pf the eyes nnd which was notably Improving
by the newremdy
Finally Prof Ltebrelcb replying to the criti
clf > m which have been mode upon tbe new
urotem of Inoculation xntd It was not a specific
Dirulnftt tuberculosis but be asserted that It I
acted upon all the diseased tlssuo having reduced
duced power of resistance by producing seri
ous transudation
The Professor pave the prescription for tho
preparation of the new solution R follows
TwottintbB of u gramme of rantharidlne
fourtenths of a gramme of hydrate of potash
or threetenths of a gramme of hydrate ot
patron These ingredients says trot Lleb
relch ought to be weighed exactly In a one
thousand cubic centimetre alembic should be
diluted with twontvcublccentlmetresof water
and then warmed In a water bath until a clear
solution IK I obtained Cold water bold b
added litre until the whole amounts to exactly one
Trench Artist Will Not Send Painting to
the Berlin Exhibition
PAnTS Feb 20An Increased feeling of anxi
ety lest a sudden disturbance should occur
here before the Empress Frederick leaves
Paris prevails and is reflected in Berlin
The plan which was looked upon as settled
by which tho French artists were to exhibit
products of their art at the Berlin Exhibition
ha been abandoned Detallle the French
painter baa finally yielded to tho pressure
brought to bear upon him and today an
nounces that be made a mistake In consenting
t rend some of mae tn the German Ex
JhOlllon adding that he feels upon reflection
bat It would not bu patriotic to go to Berlin
etallle alto pays that all brother artists who
are 1 ranchmen will abstain from being repre
sented at Berlin
The Political Crisis tn Norway
OniusTUNU Feb 20The King baa accept
ed tbe resignation of the Norwegian Cabinet
and has sent for Mr UernerB the mover of the
resolution which overthrew the Ministry and
has asked him to form Cabinet Mr Berners
declined but advised the Klnc lo intrust the
duty of forming a cabinet to Mr Hteeo the
leader of the party of the Left The Klnl
after ronsultinK with the retiring Mlnliters
offered Mr Htoon the opportunity of forming a
Cabinet Mr Uieen hesitates whether to ac
cept or refuse
The rOorl to lea Mr Uaybrtck
LoNpox Feb 2GAnother attempt will be
made to reopen the Maybrlck CiO Mrs
Mnybrkke mother Is here and declares that
shei I In possession of documents which fur
nish proof of her daughters statement made
during toilet preparations the trial that she used arsenic mae
Note or Foreign Happening
I ban been decided to push forward the
TmnHbltiorlan linllwar and to complete the
road In ax years
Henry Hnpo Motley aced < l 38 sears son of
the Uto Hamurl Morluy committed suicide In
lliigland yesterday lie was an eocentrlo phi I
rl entro
Jautiiropisl I
A fire started In the lower bold of the British
steamer Tripoli Cape Dunn at Liverpool from
Oalveston and before the ilamss could b
quencbu 0 baa 01 cotton were dasged
cott wr dUact
tuache wate
m J
1 rAr j d
Beta SIB mall d for eke B aelt of
tke ratted Hebrew Charities
Th Metropolitan Opera House was fragrant
with the odor of rose that decked the boxes
last night at the thirtieth annual ball of the
Pnrlm Association Th proceeds go to fill the
treasury of the United Hebrew Charities Th
nights managers entertainment expect to rsalU 116000 from lit
Many wellknown Hebrew families of this
cIty end Brooklyn were represented and
among tbe beautiful toilets were these 1n
eN Bellgman wore a gown of black velvet
trimmed with point lac a diamond necklace
and comb Miss Madeline Beligmans dress
was of green satin garni lured with grasses
sparkling with crystals Miss Tessle Kridel
won a gown of re Ilk draped with tells
Mrs M H
Ilt I Moses wore a richly brocaded
dress ot Ink aUk with passementerie of silver
and pearl and duchess hlcl Mrs Isldor
Wormsers gown was ol black velvet and
brocade with diamond and pearl I ornaments
Hra Jacob Cantor wore an 1m ortmntl 4 i
aanv satin and velvet with diamond jewels
Hr Michael Abrahams wore a handsome
dress of black silk trimmed with old laoe
Diamonds Miss Annie A Abraham
worea gown of whit brocade garaltnred with
leathern and point lace Diamonds Miss
Dora unggvohelmers gown was white bro
cade with trimming of point lace and crystals
Diamond ornaments Mine Minnie Herman
wore Due blue silk with lace trimming Mr
a MOII lit gown otwhlte silk and Miss
Hannah Herman one of gray laUn
The boxes were occupied aa follows K
Kraus but Max Nathan J B Bloom n
Ingdal a H Hoffman U A Goldsmith
Isaac Btern M H Molt I KoMnwalil J
Beer J Rothschild Mr H Oppenhelm hint
A Levy Mrs 8 Kohn KlmonBchiifer Sam
uel M Kcbafer J H bchlff L O Hchlffer A
Bcheftel L Lewlsohn bms CahQ 10ber
DunlapJ A Cantor Mrn J Aotl r U Frank
Snbnrg Vhs Lewis Jacob CabO UeQry nice
J JLlndo Henry Hart ii M Uornlhnl Mr
8 B Jacobs Hyman Blum Charles Min
tpsholmer B Borg Lewis May J IL Solomon
It Ciinbereer Adolph Bemhelmer A 8 Ties
Shhelmer t Ranger JI Boskowltr A I Moln
hapi 1 WormserTi Khn Hoi B Boloraon A
Hllbermnn K C Stanton David Aaron L N
Levy Mrs Isaac Blum A L Banger BethEl
Sisterhood Meliua A Cohen A Lewlsohn E
An Kartr Merntns Burglar Leads Pole
tan Michael a Lively Chase
Nell McOnrdr a longshoreman who lives at
68 Market street was awakened at 4 A H
yesterday by his wife who said she had seen
a burglar In the room MoCurdy saw him too
and chased him down stall and Into the
street There Policeman MIchael joined in
the pursuit but the fleeing burglar wan fleet
of foot and kept half a block ahead He turned
Into Monroe street stopping suddenly 1 he
rounded the corner The policeman rushed
past him aQd the burglar ran bark In thedlrec
tlon from whence be had come The chase was
continued through Ilk street where Michaels
drew his revolver and threatened to shoot
The threat had no effect but soon after
Michael came up with hid man In Cherry
street He gave his name aa 1eter Norman
He crosseyed At Essex Market he Bald ha
wasnt the man but when Michaels produced
two skeleton keys and two picklocks which
he had found 01 the prisoner Justice Murray
held him In noo ball for trial
Two Member of a Watching Committee
are Fatallr Hot
BniBDOCK Pl Fb 26Tho Braddock wire
mJ strike culminated in a tragedy this morn
log A watching committee consisting of
George L Hobviar John Tremor and another
man was on duty at halfpast 6 oclock seeing
how many men entered tho mill
Half a mile eat of the works ther wore over
taken by tho workmen who had just come off
shift Each side differs n to who shot first
Hobday was bit in the back the bal penetrat
ing hIs kldnoya
I is I scarcely possible for him to recover
Tralnor was shot in the head the ball enter
ing the left temple and coming out behind the
left ear The menreoognlzed their assailants
menjuoanlztd Rsaants
as Johu Olyn and Edward Tracer
The wire mill strike has been in progress for
two month Imnipdlatelr alter the shooting
oncers arrested Charles Llpkow Tracy and
Olin and ther wera locked up pending In
vestigation tel was refused In the case
Tremor Is still living but he cannot recover
Changed It Once to Eeape the Important
tie of HI Kelatlre
Petitions were fled In Newark yesterday
with the Count Clerk of Essex county to
change the names of John Isabel Jessie and
Jessie Annie Brett of East Orange to Lander
John In his petition ell forth that his name
Lander I and that ho was born In Notting
ham England Ha says be changed hli name
in order to conceal lil < Identity from members
of his family who though perfectly able to sup
port themselves had been annoying sup
money Since he came to this country he has
bought a IOU in East Oianee In his wifes
name and bad his life Insured lor her benefit
Now he desires legally to assume his true
name His fatherinlaw has threatened to
name disinherit of Bretta his wife I she does not renounce the
The other petitioners aro his wife and h
daughter who is I only 10 years old
The Oldest Church In the South Soon to
FallInto the HleIlppl
Niw OBLIANS Feb 2GThe oldest church
In Louisiana and tho Mississippi valley will
drop Into the Mississippi River during tbo
present high water probably within a few
weeks This Is tto church of Bt Francis In
Fonts Coupeo part The church was erect
ed In 1787 I stood originally a long distance
back from the river and there seemed no pos
sibility that the Mississippi would ever reach
It At that time I was the only church In that
section of the country and the only one b
tween New Orleans and the Atlantic settle
ments Its congregation has grown steadily
smaller br death removals and disasters until
finally it could longer support pastor and it
nalltoQuld suppor
was closed save at raro Intervals when a priest
visited It to celebrate mass for the few Catho
lics who still remain In the vicinity Around I
Is I a graveyard In which for a century and a
quarter he del ot Pont Coupe and the
neighborhood numbering thousands have
n onrisd and which once contained some
handsome monuments The river ba de
stroyed this graveyard piecemeal and Mere IS
nothing left but crumbling bricks and rubbish
for tb hopes of crmblll 1 have been carried
away bp1 currents Last rear the Missis
sippi came within a few feet of tbe church
when an ron was mar < to raise money to re
move the building but this was found Impos
mOT This year another caving in of the banlc
Is Imminent When comes the Church of Bt
Francis onlr eight years younger than the fa
mous Old South Church ot Boston will bo
carried away by the elements
Hot Campaign In the Brooklyn Vnlon
League Club
There is apparently going to bo a lively con
test next Thursday night for tbe Presidency of
the Union League Club In Brooklyn A few
nights ago President Francis A Wilson was
renomlnawd but ontr by a majority of six over
GuernsoylBackett The friends of Mr Backett
are determined to renew the contest against
lr Wilson on Thursday night and brick elec
Uonsertng Is now In progress
The controversy la i said to bo an outgrowth
of i he recent squabbles between tbe Woodruff
and Baldwin factions In the regular Repub
lican organization In Urooklvn Senator James
W Blrkett who was one or the most ardent of
t Hsldnln men applied for membership In
the Union League Club but was rejected al
though Israel 1 Fisher Mr Woodruffs chief
lieutenAnt waa accepted The opposition to
the rflflleotlon of Mr Wilson Is I now led bJ ex
Alderman Buggies In revenge It 1 said for
the rejection of Senator Birkett
Toaetlaa Cold Wejotber
0 The Retail Coal ETcbange of the Oltr of
New York celebrated the predicted told snap
lat evening with a dinner at Morollos One
hundred and forty members and guests were
present The speakers of the evening were
Joseph Oreaion President of the Brooklyn
Jep oaon
Coal Exchange Dr E U Holies NeUon 1 J
Rate 10 Blue Joseph Howard Jr James
King Puffy T K Baward Jwlr Mr Conant <
Judge David Mo Adam of the Superior Court
ws toastmaster Among the guests were
Stephen P Muni BR Boldtn aLlis P U
and Wj O flam of the p ond H John i
Wiuonl tl Martin and cot
M > > Cooper Dlaaer Party
Mr and i Mr Edward Cooper lest evening
gave a dinner party at their house U Wash
ington s < iuar north Their guests were Mr
uaoo OhaUlor M Dpwj Mr and Mrs
lbchard T WIlson Mr d Jrs t Van
nuC WlaDJ 1r and airs l Mrs
Ar Jtoffarn JattM iij L and rut r Thomas Wto anti
14 ti 1 J r
mis mow n FROM aa aovi
Plenty 01 It Bach M I 15 me C1d
Weather ci the Heel 01 It
The snow which fell lazily but copiously
restrdar afternoon and last night I of a sort
which seldom blankets the metropolis Ton
mar not b abl to detect Il peculiarities br
examination but It 1 from a source whence
snow rarely comes to ue I Is not Western or
Northern snow It is I from the sunny Bouth I
Perhaps the failure of the West and North to
fulfil moat of their frequent promises of wintry
garments t the East led the ambitious South
to show what It could do In competition with
tho sections which supposed they at least had
a monopoly of the winter weather market
The storm which was central In North Oa
has A 8 oclock yesterday morning brought
us tne big wet sticky flakes which at first
melted is wt I they fell Then the came In
such bewildering numbers that they accumu
lated In a hal liquid slush upon the walks
When it grow two or three dart colder In
white and before midnight there was a blanket
thick enough to silence the footfalls on ail the
pavements and trees and telegraph polo were
burdened with whit aln
The storm centre last evening was at Block
Island where the wind blew a refreshing
breezo at the rate nf aa milts a hour The
storm was still moving northeast and was Ira
veIling In the face of Incoming European
steamships and right In their track The last
of It I is reeled to leave us not later than noon
today and then I mar be colder and clear for
a tow oun The cold Ol earibettflast evening
covered the Mississippi Valley from the I laics
t the gulf while It snowed east and north oi
Kentucky ss far as the provinces Th storm
was doing little damage to overhead wire eye
tome In this neighborhood 10 fa a was re
ported last n nlalborhood r
The cold weather which follow Is I expected
to he quite sharp but It will I not last lonf Ipt
Chicago at I oclock last evening the ther
mometer was at 10 but In the extreme north
west I was growing warmer again NeW
Yorks maximum temperature was 40 at 8 A
M Twelve hours lit I r I was Ml The pre
cipitation during the day amounted to 13
The ITadaon Pretty Clear of lee
The Hudson River is pretty nearly clear of
Ice up as far 8 Poughkeepsle and the steam
boat lines which run to Itbat point or to points
lower down have generally begun to put on
their boats The Ramsdell line whose other
terminus besides Now YQrk Is I atNewburgh
began operations on Monday night after hav
ing been laid tip on account of the Ice for eight
weeks Ono ot the steamboat Captains of this
line sold that only an occasional ipelgnifl ant
cake of ice wa to be encountered on his line
On Tuesday night a sailing vessel made lnt
trip to flwburah and on Wednesday night
the Ponghkeepslo Transportation Company
sent the steamer Daniel 1 Miller to 1oueh
kncpslo Tne Catsklll evening Hue will begin
running about blanch 1 I
To be Opened In Brooklyn Tomorrow Un
less the Pole Interfere
Unless the police authorities Interpose ob
stacles on and after tomorrow it will not b
necessary for Brooklyn sports to go to tho
Jersey winter tracks to speculate on the races
They will find all the conveniences for betting
In a spacious and wellarranged pool room on
the second floor of the Municipal House at 353
Fulton street almost directly opposite th City
Headquarters Hall and within a few hundred feet of Police
The protector aDd manager of the enterprise
Is JacK MoAulfe the lightweight ohaDPlon
Un the announcement ot Julie Van Druntl
recent decision in a pool case Jack mad up
his mind that Brooklyn afforded a fine field for
commission business and with the sold
backing of some wealthy friends he ha rented
quarters and had them fitted up with the
blackboards und other lamlllar paraphernalia
of a reenlnr pool room He has made a con
tract wIth the Western Union Company for
tolegraob ser Ice and special wires will con
nect the commission rooms with the vari
ous tracks
Should the police authorities not interfere
this will bo tho tlrst pool room which has been
allowed to run in Brooklyn A few years ago
an enterprising young man started a room
within a few doors of Jack Moullffes quar
ters and although be conducted the business
In R shady a manner as possible be was
bustled off to tho penitentiary within a few
months of was intimated at Polloa Headquar
ter lust night that In spite ot Judge Van
Brunts decision McAuliffa would probably
meet wIth some serious d WculUes
She Say Hhe Crouched by a Chimney All
Night t Escape Ilcr Iluiband
ASBtBT PAnIC Feb 26In the Gaskln divorce
case at Freehold today Abbott Newman the
farmer who is the corespondent In tbe case
denied all the charges made against hIm br
the previous witnesses and emphatically de
nied the charge that upon one occasion be bad
leaped from a rear window of Qasklns house
lean he found that the husband bad unex
pectedly returned Newman also denied
having been in Brooklyn with Irs Oaakln
Mn Gaskin testified that her husband treat
ed her so cruelly that upon one occasion she
was compelled to flee t tbe top of the house
where site sought shelter beside the chimney
tine remained there all night Upon another
occasion barn she was compelled to sloep in the
Martha Bigly a 14yearold girl who bad
bleb In RII employ of bins Oasklo testified
that upon several occasions she and Mrs Oas
kin hart to Jeep on the floor with their feet
against the door so a to prevent Mr Graskin
from entering the room and driving his wife
out Hha thought the reason Mr Gaskin
treated his wife so brutally was because he
suspected her of Intimacy with Newman
H The Vgly Dnckllnsf Seem to Hare
Proven a Failure on the Western Tour
I was rumored in theatrical circles yester
day that Mrs Leslie Carter would terminate
her Western starring tour In Denver in about
three weeks and return to Now York From
the first Mrs Carter has bal troubles about
matters and it Is said that her
money matora laId engage
ment at the Broadway Theatre was not a
financial success Bhe then transferred all
ber title and right to tbo scenery and costumes
of Tbe Ugly Duckling to David Delasco
who trained her for tbe stage and be has been
acting an her manager on her Western trip
Now it Is reported that the bas lost money
almost everywhere except at Chicago recently
and will disband her company
Mrs Carter bas booked some time for next
season and Belnsco has been coaching her for
the piece In which she expects to appear
Beaten to Death by Her Husband
RED BANK Feb 20 There was great excite
ment at Oceanic over the death of Mrs Norah
Shay who was beaten to death by her hue
band At the inquest this afternoon the first
witness Henry Emory testified that be saw
Mr Busy drag hIs wlfn out of their house
and throw her down Witness snd i rank Mo
Nation went to Hbays house Bhay was drunk
and kicking at his wife said isnt she a
damned pretty mess
Dr AJ A Armstrong testified that the wo
man laoo bead and breast were badly out
and bruised Heveral of her ribs were
bioken Tbo Doctor held an autopsy this
morning HIx ribs were broken and they
penetrated the lungs Two of the ribs were
broken In two places The right side of th
chest was co SSetely crushed
The verdict a that her death wu caused
by Injuries Inflicted by her husband
Inflated on a Trial and Got It
When George Honghton and David Cum
mines two oldtime bank burglars were
arrested on the stoop of the house at 205 East
Thirtieth street on the evening of Ja 20
bundles under their arms were found t con
tain bank burglars tools of the most improved
pattern Cutnmlngs pleaded guilty and Judge
later him to mate prison for five
U1lnl Houghton was tried yesterday In the
B ears Besslon He is 1 a Urge finelooking
man and has relatives of respectability in this
lnn targe property owners lu the Heventh
Ward Houghton was convicted and remand
ed to await sentence He may bo sentenced
to Btate Prison lor seven years When arrested
he said that he would bear the brunt of the
crime of carrying the tool because Cummings
bad already been In prison for eighteen on
Beeeder ChOOSe a Mite br Their Chunk
The scer from the Hopkins Street Pre
byterian Church In Brooklyn who went out
with their pastor the Rev Hartman F Bern
bart and orJalzd Ibo German Evangelical
Protestant Cburh nave flied upon a site for
their uw house of worhlp ben hT e
leti three Iota 00 Throop avenue between
Htookton street and Myrtl avenue which can
be purchased for 1 7 rr he members of the
new congregation have raised II 1000 for the
preliminary contract of purchase The new
organization has beoti formed and DSD mam
home bate sigud the article of agreement
Whether oa pleanre beat or tulaeu eboild take e
Tery trip a bottle t Ayrnp oTrin at II Ml moat
leatanllr u r ef eon ally en lae klaaira liver sad
owela preieaUm fever beaeaese ant otter terms
Si eKkneea Var sole I 0 aat t Mttle bull
I Madia dru lettJa 1 t a J
f1 fAiuaro WZLLXAX mar a
T Be p Parted sad a Reeem Attempt
Was Ne earr HI Brother Wae Pre
ar4 t ke tl Nteeari HI Crime
WASHIHQTOH P Ten 36At 8 oclock this
morning and shortly after a visit from Sheriff
Lockbart who ha reminded him that I was
his last day on earth William Wt lay I down
on his cot with his face t the wall Reaching
his hand under the mattress ha pulled out apiece
uner te
piece of Iron about halt an Inch thick and six
the With
inches lone and sharpened at nd
this h mae a thrust at his neck In
an effort to sever his Jugular 10 He
Inflicted a severe wound but missed the vela I
The guard jumped upon him and wrested the
weapon from him onlr after a desperate re
sUtsno Several physicians r called and
the wound was dressed Restorative were no
peaudlr given to West He seemed to b
suffering from collapse He was partially un
conscious for several boun
The warrant fixed the execution between 10
and oclock After repeated adjournments the
Sheriff ordered West t b prepared for execu
tion The action of Wests brother Basil at
this Junctur aroused the suspicion of Super
intendent OMara and Inspector Xa of
Pittsburgh and he was seized
A quart bottle In which there Had been whis
ker and a loaded 44eallbr revolver war
taken from him It was the opinion of all that
but for this dlseorsrr the Sheriff would han
been shot at the moment of the hanging
West had declared his Inability to stand
Maintaining a dogged silence he would not
stir The Sheriff had him bound to a sixfoot
board with strips of whit cloth fastened about
bis shoulders elbows knees and ankle I b1
was then placed I upon a stretcher ala carried
to the scaffold e 8 oclock He had no last
words and he would have no minister
He was manifestly almost paralyzed with
fear The board and man were raised to n
angle ot about twenty degree from the Plr
pendloular and the noose adjusted Sheriff
Lockhart and another official held Wst in a
nearly upright position Ther exchanged
Iacs and after a quick m eoanl
Sheriffs foot West shot through tbe trap
The rope parted and Wed was thrown vio I
lently forward against the supports of the
scaffold His head struck a scantling and
made a scalp wound
The criminal la groaning under the scat
fold Hla brother sprang to the front wlb scn
bath Tne man waY again card uplLJhe
scaffold As lie was being carried back west
endeavored to push off the black cap
Halt was necessary for it was fast nearing
S oclock when the death warrant would expire
pIr West etrale a b was being tied
again to the boa fiercely that It required
the efforts of four men to bind him
At 4 the dropfell for tb second time Th
man rebounded slightly and In sight minute
he was pronounced dad The rope had been
tested three time with weight of JOS pounds
West was convicted of murdering three per
sons The neck of each victim was broken in
dicating tremendous strength and no suspi
cion on the part of the victim
On Wednesday morning Mar 14 1690 a
young son of A L Crawford of Bentiysvlll
Washington county was told by his father to
take a saw over to John Crouch who lived
with his wife and son near that village lv
little follow reached the bouse about 8K
oolol and after knocking at both the front
and kitchen doors climbed up to the kitchen
window his gace and peered I A scene of murder met
Dropping the saw the little fellow hastened
to the blacksmith shop of David Mitchell
where bin father was working and told him
what he bad seen Mr Crawford his sons
and several neighbors went to the Crouch
house where they found the body not only of
Crouch the old man but also of Andrew and Hn
The general opinion was that money was the
object ot the murder The accented theory was
that Mr Crouch had ben called to the rear
door and struck down To hasten through the
kitchen and Into tho sitting room and kill An
drew who was an lmbeelle40 years of age and
the old lady half blind ami helpless was only
the work of a few moments The action of the
negro VToit threw suspicion on him which
nel Wi afterward strengthened Into a practical
certainty evidence br Tel convincing circumstantial 9
White Cap After Him for AlleiMUB th
Afeetton ofDeaeoa Soially Wife
CHATHAM Ha Feb 26The bitter rivalry
that has been going on In East Harwich between
tween Deacon Smallr and Deacon Buck for
th affections of Deacon Smallra pretty wife
shows no signs of abatement Since publicity
was given t thescandal Ike popular sympathy
Is all with Deacon Smelly A night or two ago
a band of White Caps armed with stout
switches and carrying a val of tar and a bog
of feathers visited Deacon Buck but he was
not at home The unwelcome visitors left
word that they would call 1 aIn unless the
Deacon mended his ways The trouble To
Deacon Smallya household assumed a new
phase yesterday when Mr Smally ordered
her sister out ot the house This sister is a
fair a maiden as her married sister mind Dea
con Smally is authority for the statement that
Deacon Buck was smitten by the sis
ters charms That made Mrs Bmally very
jealous and after Buck had taken her sister to
ride a few times Mr BmalJ lent her home
thus having Deacon Buck all lo herself Deacon
Bmallr says he has frequently caught Deacon
Buck kissing his wile and she told him that
she cared more for Buck than for him There
will probably b church Investigation
Polleeman Hellly Was Itaoeked Down
First and Jumped On
Charles and James Madden longshoremen
of 62 Albany street got Into a drunken brawl
with Lonsboreman James Mclaughlin of 70
Greenwich street In West street opposite
Pier 1 yesterday afternoon When Policeman
James Relllr saw them McLaughlin was down
on the sidewalk and the Maddena were kick
Ing him
Rellly ran over and tried to stop the fight
The MaddiB he Bars knocked him dwn and
jumped on him and he drew hIs revolver and
sent bullet though the upper part of James
MadiUnrs left Iblab
Policeman Humphrey cam to Itelllys as
sistance and th Maddens were arrested
James wound 1 is not dangerous He Is In
tambrl Street Hospital and his brother is a
Policeman Relllys Injuries were dressed br
the ambulance surgeon and he went home
MoLaughlins face and bead were badly out
BellnajueatSahMrtberatatk loud Worlds lair
Onicioo Feb 28Borne Idea of the despe
rate condition of the World Fair project was
revealed today when Treasurer Seeberger
under instruction from the directory hired
two lawyers t bring suit against 7000 delta
qunt subscribers to the 5000000 fund
These subscriptions rang from 10 to 12W
and aggregate an even 1100000 not on penny
afd Igleaat
of which oat teen collected A majority of
these subscriptions are utterly worthless
Borne of the large subscribers have raised the
Sme ar
legal point thai the fund cannot be collected
pint subscribed with the understand
ing l that te Fair was to b held In 1 9 and
elPtlon8 that the change of date invalidates ell ub
Her Child Fatally Burned
Catherine Sllverberg locked her three small
children In her apartment on the third floor of
9718 Third avenue about 1 oclock yesterday
morning while she went to buy provisions for
dinner There was a hot tire In the stove and
ibox of matches within reach of the children
When she returned her threeyearold son
Anthony was In an ambulance on his way to
the Harlem Hospital where hq died at 4 oclock
Item of the tenants bad heard him scream and
found him terribly burned I Is I not known
whether tbe child clothing caught fire at tb
with stove matches or whether tie children ba bn playing
Warden MtachlnscS aeNr
Edward F Relllr a member of the Tammany
QenerAl Committee of the Sixteenth district
has been appointed warden of the branch
workhouse on Wards Island In place of the
Her William B Stocking wbols to take charge
of a charitable Institution In West Troy The
natarr Is 1600 with bouse rent and living
Mr Kelljy has Men recording clerk In the
County Clerks office at 1839 a rear lehat
J Walsh who I Is a clerk II the ea at 1000
will probably b promoted to t I place
Whartacer Bremer Baspeael
George Bromsr the City Wharfinger was
suspended yetUrdsy br the Street and Water
Commissioner of Jersey City to await an In
vestigation of his accounts I is I not alleged
that there Is anything wrong In the accounts
but Brewer ba violated the rules of Ins
Board by tailing f t submit monthly account
Bremer collects all the money for wharfage
and under sac law should mat return t Itie
City Treararttr every tweatrfour hoar lt
hi aol made I report to the
11 r te
Water COMB OUtS 01 thret aoU N
Is Superior to Every Other Known
I See latest t S and Canadian Government tr
against sudden
changes in the westhir
is to purify
the blood
It vitalizes
and enriches
the lifecurrent and
makes the weak
Has Cured Others
will cure you F
1 1
ras norxixa STREET mm
Cminre for the Corporatlcm Conasel aid
thu r Department
Coroner Lindsay held an Inquest last night
In justice Pattersons court In Brooklyn Into
the deaths of Mrs Henry and her four chil
dren who perished at the fro In the tenement
house at 170 Hopkins street on the morning of
Fb 18 The fire broke out In Rothfnbs bak
ery In the basement of the building and was
caused br the overturning of a twelvequart
oil pot into the stove
Jacob Emloh journeyman baker who wee
at work baking crullers Is now In Bt Cath
erines Hospital suffering from burns In his
testimony be said that In his twenty years ex
perience as a baker h had never before seen a
cruller bakery with no nine guard to prevent
accident like the ono that resulted so
Fritz Rothfela swor that be told Emlch not
to bake any crullers Ind his abMonoe 10 saw
hire Henry at he window or her rpom when
lr a
the fIremen arrived but did not think It worth
while Informing tbe firemen that she was In
the building 1 ho thought they could find It
Out themselves
John T Kenny who lived In the rom ad
Joining that of Mrs Henry and her family nnd
knew that they had not left the building tes
tified that he told a fireman there were people
In the top Rtory The fireman told him to go
to hell and mind his own business He did
not think he could recognize the fireman
Henry Lntffier the reputed owner of the
eDf rrJuted owor t
buildings said ho had sold them six > ear < ago
He swore that he bail never been notified to
put a fire escape on the building decree C
Tert was the real owner of the buildings
Building Inspector Charles McCarthy did
not know there wan no fire escape He produced
duced a report or 1885 the back of which
showed tact Henry Loonier had been ordered
to put up a flue osoane ant that the notion hud
been received and ackuowlegud by Mrs Henry
Loelflfr al
Proscott Watson who ha charge of tho
telegraph fira alarms said that tho fire alarm
nears 170 Hopkins street was out of order
The recent storm had destroyed 200 miles of
wlro and that box was on a broken circuit
The Coroner In hIs charge said I was evi 1
dent that criminal negligence had caused the
lots of five lives I I wan for the jury to find
the responsibility and say against whom crim
inal charges should bo made
The jury returned ar mae absence of two
hours and twenty minutes They centured
the corporation counsel for not Intone
log the law And the owner of tbe
building for not having fire escapes
and Rophlugs for not having seen
that all of the tenants were out of tbe house
as soon as he discovered that the place was on
Ore They also censured the FIre Department
for not keeping Its boxes In tho tenement and
manufacturing districts In perfect order
He Will Know Today Whether lie May
Accept KIDS Humbert OIR
A messenger with an Important bearing ar
rived at the Mayors office yesterday with the
decoration of the Order of the Crown of Italy
which King Humbert baa bestowed upon
Tommaso Byrne chief Police Inspector The
title of Chevalier goes with the decoration
Tbo messenger also brought this letter t
Consul Mayor Urant trout Q 1 urn the Italian
K > w Yeas rob 25 IfWl
Ho > OK tK8iKi t hays Ih honor tn Inform you that
hli Majuty the Klnc at Italy iny annul lorerelito I < h l
Irlnrto glte to Mr Thomas B > rnta Inspector t lbs
Mitropollun l follc > oreo a token or iauifaetlon for
SIts Mrrlcri he bu rendered to ttio Italian liortrnintnt
on ins ocomlon ot several extradition anil for the
rood relation he ha i alwari maintained wIth the
royal CODa UonoI In the interest of tbe aeenrlty and
protection of tbe Italian colony wa pleaded to center
upon nlm Itie honorlfereuce of OfReer of Uu Order the
Corona dltalla
Il bar therefore the nleainre to aend to your Honor
ae the Oral mailitrate br whom Use tioltce irrrlce ng
penda Ibo diploma and Icitxnla of laid distinction
prarlnc you to under the same to Mr Thomas Ryrnca
and obtain from him signed the receipt wblob I ass to
reeSe herein and whtch you will b kind enough to
lara to me at your enrUeit convenIence
In ezprsalnr my > lnotre eailifactlon that this fOOI
atOne of Mr nyrneee merits ha happened under my
reuiuUlilpln I iIIe ally I iian the honor e to remain
with dlstlanUbed oomlilerallon teipectfoliy J
Wlh Illllb4 oonhlrlloD your rpocIDlr
U r Kiri
The Mayor accepted the package and then
wrote t Tommaso akin him to drop down
tothe City Hall whenever has bad time and
pet I But Tommaso must first get tho Po
lice Commissioners consent before be can ac
cent a present for performing his duty Tho
Commissioners win moot today and If they
are kinder to Tommaso than they have been
I many of hIs Rlhordlnat R ho may have the
pleasure of styling hlmsei Chevalier and
wearing the decoiatlon
Wet Side nepubllcan Club
The West Side Republican Club of the Nine
teenth Assembly district hold Its annual ban
quet last evening nt the Endlcott Hotel
Columbus avenuo and Eightyfirst street
Police Justice Charles N Tatntor President ot
the club presided and among the gentlemen
present wore John L N Hunt President of the
Board of Education Frank I Halt William
H Bellamy Judge David Mitchell John B
Wise Gen Michael Kerwin Col Frank 0
Loveland E 11 lyon Alexander Caldwoll the
Rev Madison C Patent kdnrard T Bartlett
Dr Frank A Udder Franklin Uonnekalb und
Dr O W Clarke
President Tulntor made a brief address of
welcome and toasts wore then responded to
as follows The lleiiubllian Party in the
United States Ellis H Robert U Our Mister
Republican Clubs of the Nineteenth Assembly
District lien M Kerwin
The Loyal Legion Co Frank Loveland
The Kcoublloan Party In the City of New
York Edward T Bartlett The New South
John 8 Wise Our Countrys Future as Affected
footed by Immigration the llev Madison C
Peters b1 The Poet Burns David Mitchell
John 8 Wl e of Virginia i In the course of his
speech speaking of the recent Uepublican re
verse said
Reverses have come to us but the reaction
wilt come and we will work heartily for vic
tory If 1 mistake nut 1 know the
Dame of the candidate will redeem
Eie country Cbeers for Blainel I
Ibe right I predict there will bo such an up
rising a baa not been known In this country
since Sumpter It will arouse the old spirit
and sweep the country
Mr Cannon and Mr Flthlan Have Hot
WASHIHQTON Feb 20At the ses
sion the House tonight continued the con
sideration of the General Deficiency bill
Mr Bayers Dent Texas moved to strike
out the paragraph appropriating necessary
amount for the payment to the Pacific Rail
roads for services performed for the Govern
After a long debate an altercation took place
between Mr Cannon ond Mr Fltblon In which
Mr Flthlan said that he would not have his
face published in the papers as Cannons baa
been to which Mr Cannon retorted that he
had sufficient character to defend him against
such assaults There was much confusion In
the House but ultlmaielr tbo motion to strike
out was agreed to147 tu 63 The commutes
then rose and the DeficIency bill WAS pa 8iid
The House then adjourned
Bishop iMafbltmm Illness
There Is no noticeable improvement in the
condition of John Loughlln the venerable
Bishop of the Long Island diocese of tbe n
man Catholic Church He Is still confined t
his room In the episcopal residence at Cler
mont and Greene avenues Brooklyn
Justice Bartlett In the Supreme Court yet
terday granted leave tl the congregation or tit
Raphaels It 0 Church at Bllssvllle to mort
gage Its property for 18000 The lawyer who
< 1 a the application explained that Bishop
Lougbllns name was absent from the petition
because he was too weak t sign It
They Cant Induce Her to Talk
Ada Bausch the girl who was arrested In
Now Ark on Wednesday morning and would
sot talk was let go yesterday morning and
strolled awar In the ran She maintained
silenc to tb last and behaved stupidly But
uhe was back again at Police Headquarters
last night having been found strolling aim
stair In the rain on Kinney street Tjy an
officer who did not know anything about her
arrest the dar befor bhe was again iilnced
fn the hospital room Nobody could induce
lien to talk
Balah Decker Burned with Primrose
PuuxmiD Fsb 20 Primroses Hotel situ
atad on top ol the Watchung Mountain five
miles west of Plainfield caught fire and burn
ed to the ground this morning together with
he ijsbies help Becker a brotherinlaw of
Mr rrigros w aWL ed to a crisp anti tue
A1Qrd a t1lt r esCaped
= r
Philadelphia Importer Hare Had Msougk
ef the New Tax
rmtADicTJ > nit Feb rblladelphla fanci
ers have had their first experience with the
McKinley bill and arc erring enough Had It
come earlier when ono or two birds or even
a halt dozen were Involved there would have
been tome chance for preparation and
the tax would not have been so heavy
but with 3 cents per pound levied upon an
Importation ot nearly 300 birds and all but a
few heavy weights It comes as hard as It was
unexpected And the more so as the steam
ship arrived before Its time and with non ot
the owners at hand to remove their btrJn from
the travelling cages the weight in some In
stancss was coop and all
The birds war 114 Indian games consigned
to hit D 0 Thornton of Oak Lane a Crave
Coeur cock two La F1che cockerels and four
pullets for Charles Oammerdlnger of Colum
bus Ohio a trio of white Molars for Klntsr ft
Co DtllsbnrR and two buff Cochin pullets for
the Bwathmore yards at Bwatbmore All but
the Indians were consigned toJ 1 Nevlus of
this city
The birds are exceptionally fine the double
lacing on some of the Indian games being per
fect The Crevo Coenr cook Is the winner at
both Jersey and Guernsey shows and the
cool of the Malay pair sent by Mr Brantford
Secretary of the English Malay Club Is said to
bo the best in all Jiialand The buff Cochins
are from the yards ol Mr Bcrlven England
and from her matchless cock strain
There hits been considerable bungling over
the Interpretation of the clause in the MoKln
lov bill relative to live stock and much hard
feeling has resulted because some have boon
mulcted while others have gone free
the first to be atfeoted by the new conditions
were the Messrs Sharp < t Co of Lookpori N V
upon an Importation of several hundred Indian
games imported for breeding purposes It
was supposed they would be passed but the
authorities wete Inexorable and for several
days the department had a show ot
Its own of the best of the variety that
could be purchased In England waiting
for the payment of the So tier cent called for
In schedule U under the bead of Animals Alive
This after enumerating the quadrupeds known
as domesticated adds All live animals not
specially provided for In this act ad valorem
20 per cent entirely Ignoring tine clause ot
Birds and land and water fowl free
The Messrs Sharp protested against the 20
per cent us their importation represented
many thousands of dollars and the 20 per
cent BO they aid took oil all the profits and
they claimed the right to pay only three cents
per pound as called for in section U Poultry
live per pound three cents dressed per
pound five cents this claim was accepted
notwithstanding tbe fact that their papers were
regular In showing beyond a doubt that the
birds wore imported for breeding purposes
That there are officials who read onlyclause
9 U beyond question as Adam Thomp
son ot Amity Mo writes to the Engllih
fancttrt Uateltr Tha Indian game ship
ped on Doc 20 to me br Mr Booth
Wnddlngton Chesterfield by steamship
Queen arrived In line order and all as fat It
not more BO than when they were shipped
from Liverpool Thin Is tbo second shipment
this vast season and I wan happily disappoint
ed in not having any duty to pay on this last
lot after reading the McKinley bill and notices
of other importers luck
The new rendering the bill under Which
the tax was levied upon the birds by the steam
ship Ohio to this port was If for breeding
purposes a paper showing four generations
furnished would establish the claim as
thoroughbred In the absence ot this they are
to be treated as market fowl and taxed 3 cents
per oound and as likely as not be weighed
in their travelling hampers Papers could be
made out and Probably will be to suit this
purpose that will pass with the officials but
they will be of little value to those who know
This is I the first tax Philadelphia importers
have been called upon to par for live stock for
breeding purposes
Another Etabllh > entAdopt ItIt Opel
nIbs In Enejland and Prance
The proprietors of a large manufacturing es
tablishment in Brooklyn have recently adopt
ed the system of profit sharing with their em
ployees not with all of them but with such a
ha o proved themselves to be most serviceable
In the business These employees get Interest
at the annual rate of C per cent upon one or
more of the shares of the company that may hi
assigned to each of them and it they remain
with the firm for ten roars become the full
owners of those shares A SUN reporter con
versed with tbe head of the firm on the aubjeor
lie said that the system had worked well
since the davit was adopted and that it gave
promise ot being advantageous to concerned
fn It The profit sharers bad become more vigi
lant In the performance ot their duties more
watchful in preventing wastage In the factory
more careful in their personal habits and
more desirous of securing the success of the
business They get the same wages that bad
previously been paid to them and several of
them ore very sure of getting from I2UO to MdO
more as profit at the end of this year They
themselves are very well satisfied with the ar
rangement that haft been made and those in
the establishment who have not been nut on
the roll of profit sharer know that they can
have their names put there in time by render
ing faithful service
There are good reports from several other
establishments mercantile and manufactur
ing In Brooklyn and New York that have
adopted the profit sharing system
The London lone of the 7th instant dis
cusses the question ot profit sharing while
giving some facts from an official report on
the subject that Is to be Issued as a parlia
mentary paper This report makes reference
to fortyeight profitsharing firms properly so
called One ol them dates back to 1869 one to
1876 one to 1877 one to 1B78 one to 1880 A
majority ot the firms have come tn during the
last two years and twentyone of the number
as late as 1890 This U proof of the increas
ing Interest felt In the subject on tbe part ot
the commercial community Great Britain
ami there Is a prospect of the extension of me
system to new Industries on account of its
success In many ot those cases In which It has
already been tried The i < bnt describes the
complex method by which the workmen of the
London South Metropolitan Gas Company se
cure a share of the profits of its business In
addition to their regular wage It also de
scribes the profitsnarl system of the Malson
Leclalre In Paris which his been in operation
for nearly half a century under which 1102
628 have been shared
Looking for m Heckle Driver
The police ot the West 100th street station
are trying to find the driver ot the grocery
wagon which ran Into Abraham Isaacas ex
press wagon on Tuesday afternoon at Sixty
sixth street and the West Boulevard causing
the death of Mr Isaac and seriously Injuring
Joseph Staddon his companion
Mrs 0 Blob who lives at 101 West Blxtr
fourth street witnessed the collision from her
back window She said last evening that the
grocers wagon was proceeding slowly up the
street while the other wagon was coming
rapidly from behind Mrs Riche is quite posi
tive that the express wagon ran Into the gro
cers wagon in trying to pass It Joseph Btad
don Mr ISSBCSH companion says the grocers
wagon turned directly into the express wagon
Married a Colored Coachman
The people of Wllllamsbrldgo are Interesting
themselves In the recent marriage ot Miss
Ella rice the stepdaughter of Thomas Hyde
to James Randolph a colored coachman
Hyde was accustomed to Invite Randolph to
his house to play cards and after a few visits
the young negros attentions to Miss TIco be
came so marked that Hyde forbade him the
On Wednesday evening Miss Tic left her
borne In anger and meeting Ilundolphbr
ehaiio they went to the lipua of the Rev
F M Lamb a baptist minister who made
them man and wife The young woman Is
now living at the house of Henry bklnnerton
a newsdealer Her stepfather says he will do
what be can to bave this marriage annulled
Salt to Attach the Fashion Sine Farm
An action for a decree to set aside the con
veyance ot the Fashion Stud Farm near Tren
ton friii Henry M Smith a broker In New
York to his wife was heard br VlceCbancel
lor Illnor In the Chancery Court Jersey Cltr
The plaintiff Adamson R McCandlese of
New York holds it judgment for 1000000
against Mr buiitfa who was once a Partner of
Jay Qould
Tbe plaintiff allege that the conveyance
was made In fraud Th defendantd nl tie
rand K V Ltddaburv and Lj WBTtebead
appeared for MoCalndl andjpthu Bool aid
Darker QmBmArr = 4
Tern or Thoneands of People Beektatf
Rene In Faroff Iteclea f
The rush to the new lands that are now open
for settlement In several parts ot the West la 4 3
going on and there Is no doubt that It will hi l
Increased largely during the coming months
Mearlr two rears ago the Oklahoma boomers
were pushing their war to the Indian Tern r
tory and thousands ot thorn were camped be
side their teams along the southern border ot
Kansas anxiously welting for the opening of
that region to settler Many of them crosed
the line before they had the right to do so and
as no crops could then be raised there were I
hardship and suffering among them Rom
took refuge In Kansas Missouri and Arkansas
some were driven out by Federal troops and
others mode their way to obscure regions
whore they lived for a limo on such provision
aa they had brought with them or as could b
procured from Kansas uhe boom bad suffered
a setbaok though squatters still got Into
Oklahoma somehow In considerable number tV
Last rear trio iovernmont had trouble with the i
Cherokee Indians In Its negotiations for the I 4j
surrender ot their landx and thin continued
till It i was evident that legal settlements could
not be made on tbeeo lands in 18Jji Many
boomers were again gathered on the border at j
the close of the year and when the report p
came to thorn that negotiations had been I
closed several hundred famllloM struck out for
the lands In question As the report pi oed to
bo Inaccurate they had to return to the Kansas
bide of the line The trouble ban not ret been
brought to a eattstautorr termination but as
the adjacent lands ot the riac and Fox Indians
arc now open br treaty the now settler have
begun to take up claims there though the
land is not ret surveyed It IB very certain I 1
that the motomrnt In that direction will be > ii 4
heavy during the next few months or till
every acre of the soil has its claimant Accord
ing to a recent despatch the townlot boom 1 a
era are especially busy there at this time
It Is not only to Oklahoma that the land
hunters are bound just now TIIK hUN bait re
cently printed despatches from northern Wis
consin descriptive of the rush to the big strip
that has boon opened to claimants there At
the land offices In Ashland Wausau and Eau
Claim thousands ot petilers ham Blood In line
awaiting their turn to file their claim and no
highly have advanced places In the line been
valued that good round sums ot money have
In aomecases boon ntrored fur thorn At two
of those nfilcOB a short tlmo ago the home
Bteadera became no turbulent that a company
of Infantry was needed to keep order It Is j
probable that by this time nearly all the claims
in the big strip have been taken up
There Is news also of a heavy immigration to t
Iho Htatn of Washington on the Pacific coast
it ha been In progress during the winter
months and Is now vorr sure of enlargement
The paper there do all they can to encourage
It by publishing accounts of the fine climate
and fertile soil of the State especially those
parts of It west of thin Cascade range and along
the rivers that empty Into 1uitot Hound <
which according to the beattle papers beat
all the reel of the world Ion raising grain
vegetables berries and all sorts of family
garden truck Nowhere else so it In said
can man live and nourish on so small a Piece
ot land as In this attractive region
A Northern New York Elder Reply to m
Committee of Church Folk
Early In the winter a leading railroad man ot
Cincinnati gave a dinner party Around the
board were several New Yorkers who toward
the end of the feast told stories out ot their
religious experience
Dp In Lawrence county Bald a grimlook
lug party grizzly ot hair square ot jaw and
deliberate as it addressing a jury thero was
once n worthy elder of the church named Joe
Parker Joe was a Godfearing man a good j
husband and father upright in his business as
a farmer and a most respectable citizen every
way Ono day he hitched his team loaded it I
with produce and went to Potsdam Night
fell but Joe did not come home His family
were greatly alarmed Ills son posted with all
baste to Potsdam only to learn that his father
sold his beans and potatoes and started off
homeward a little before dusk
Search proxed unavailing but tbe next af
ternoon up drove Joea horse to the gate
broken wlnded and all of a lather ills mae
ter slowly descended to the ground sorry
spectacle hl clothes torn his face badly
bruised part of his front scalp missing With
unsteady steps Joe found bin room Next day <
the minister and the other elders of the church < y
called upon him
Brother Parkor said the man of God
we visit you to have some explanation ot the
extraordinary events which have overtaken
you this week
How Snow hey T hit n mnmlukr Af t > iA
eburen boy und man V
Fortysix years my brother
Aint I walked In the ways of the Lord I
pootv peroondlckler doorln that time
b9pt3 Os my brother toy have been privileged
to serve the Lord so well I
Slxandfortyyear is a pootr good whui
in t It t
Yea my brother
Wail I thought so too and so I kinder
thought Id take a day off
The story teller was Thomas O Shearman
the whilom superintendent of Plymouth Bun
day school
Reception of the dame E March Less >
elation 1
The first annual reception of the James E
March Association was held In Arlington Hall
St Marks place lost night The opening
march was begun at 10K oclock It was led <
by Floor Manager Harry 0 Jacobs with Mrs
J E March who wore adomltraln pearl orfpa
dress trimmed with pink velvet and roses
with diamonds There were about fifteen
members the City Club present as guests
and all had u pleasant evening despite the
March weather CnnsulOonerlde Rlva Aid
ermen Oakley and Flynn Justice OTteiMyE J
Jrmen Hamnel Yates Col Abe Daniels E A
Bull It fit Hunt John Fay J a Simmons and
Cnvallere Carlo Barsottl were among thos
A Mother Kill Hereir
MATAWAN Feb 20 After two attempts to
take her life the wife of Joseph Black a farm
er of this placed killed herself today
Mrs Black since the birth of her child six
months ago has been subject to fIts of Insan
itt Once she tried to kill herself by taking
chloroform and at another time br taking
Today she eluded her watchers for a mo
ment and went un stairs where she lonnd a
razor with which sho cut her throat and fell to
the floor as her sister who had followed her
entered the room Hhe died In a short time
Mrs Black was 35 rears old and loaves one
child an Infant
The Banerkraut Barrel Exploded
CiatDKM Feb 26Mary Hennecker a 13 >
rearold girl ot Crawford was sent to the eel
Ian br her parents today to get a dish of sauer
kraut for dinner The gases which bail ae
cumulated lu the barrel caused an explosion
when she attempted to take off the lid Ono ot
the stares of the barrel struck her with great
force In the eye anti temple She will die
A White Seal Killed In Kancoca Creek
BMirnnLLC N J Feb 20A white seal was
killed In Rancooas Greek Wednesday morning
br Nut Wells a sportsman living near Halnes
port The animal was an unusually fine spent
men and weighed 125 pounds When tlrst seen
at Brldgeboro it was In company with a black
A Mysterious Lady Join JDonlaacer
BnuRscia Feb 26A mysterious lady baa
joined len Boulanger In this city The Gov
ernment will expel the Jeneral from Belgium
if he engages in any political Intrigues
protection I

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