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j b v lf f p t tri1 rTrijm t 1tlil Pl 11 EiMt r
lunr AND NOW H so nO8
m t rott PATXOHS or ran D ntow
n Att B wee T trrt y aVurger tksm
I Aay rrevlon flyDItfetIo wIth
I Jots 01 the AwnrdBChuBBplosi Be
ml t f tort Arvarratly Hllgkte U the Hastier
CU s > KMt > rese of cool > Hold for
I BO > WlBaers > f TeaUrtfay Special
4 The elements have no terrors for a dog eD
t I 4 tbuslast yesterdays downpour of ram aud
lt I last nights snow storm whloh enveloped every
I tbladt la se white and elnmmy embraoo and
i Biade the street ankle deep In slush bt
tag powerless t stem the tide of New Yorkers
l who were anxious t attend tbe last night but
ri j e of the bench show of the Westminster
Kennel Clab They cam In thousands and
i crowded th floor of the big ampltheatre until
fe4 I It waa Imoosslbls to move about with any do
Er of oomfort
t The judging of th various classes was com
d l J Vleted yesterday and as Is usual at all bench
slows there were some expressions of dis
satisfaction at the work of the gentlemen hav
t ing that Important part of the show in hand
ffhe line of a judge at any exhibition and
t vertloularly at dog and baby shows are not
I vast In pleasant places Many experts did not
j j agree with Mr C Marshall In his estimate of
i Y the mutt classes and particularly In the open
Jij l ass when the Flour City Kennels llford Chan
r I eellor and Mrs10 E Wallacks Merlin were I
DtaoedoverTaunton AWlnchells famous Im
1 j I ported dog champion Beaufort a extensive
I > winner and declared by many to b the
king of his kind In the country Tuunton 4
Ii Winch refused to post th third color o
Beauforts compartment Mr Marshall Is a
l I i member of the American Mastiff Cab whloh
saet during the evening and be baa a lively
t session making a strong spssch against a
F 1 or he following resolution which was
f nali7naesedin I this form
1 Dal
JMarfanl Thai Hi I Amtrlcan Maitlft Cub havtnt beta
I ts irlilinci for Ovs yeri aad liattnf so official ea
t ate Executive Cemmlltee be and herebr It I anlliorU
C pruor a olub teal and that out of compllmeat t
Vr Titatou and in ItOnlllO of th blth dimeter
I Cog chintpion Beiuron th Ilkineei of bit dog
f east b i eBfrared on lbs eL L
p 14goiu That ihl Secret Ia b laitrusted to lend a
f Mf y ot this rMOttllon to Mr Tiunton
Pt Thl was passed despite Mr Marshalla
t tJtrong protest and toe man up a tree ft looks
I M thoBRb tbe members of the American Mae
I flff Olub were endeavoring soothe Mr Taun
I ton for the defeat of his pet Mr Taunuin Is I
on the ocean returning from England A
J I nber of tbe club was asked which he would
I i nthex have Urst prize or such a compliment
U wss embodied In tno resolution and he
replied quickly well now tbe seal every
1 tL The American Mastiff Club elected the
VA yoHowlug orea nd ihea adjourned elI
z etDr Richard n Parby 00 Vicelrostdente
t I rCri kDap F T ndarhill and George O
t j ephenon Underhill Treasurer 1
I ti I I 8oritf t Darby B L lielknap
D I T Dderblll I O Htaphenson Robert
t t 04 Edward Dudley Charles P Fraleigh
II I i I I trithkll I terenson U li Inch el and 0 U
i The niMtlff ell was not the only on In
ic which fault was found with the judging Mr
J Brett throwlnc tie third prize awarded ty
t + Motor Taylor to his bitch Myrrhu II In the
open bitch class for Encllah sUn at that
fi rentlemaas feet There was also a ripple In
I t Pole olasH many tliinklna that the chief
f award bould hao gone to Utyz But these
aw WIlL otraighten themselves out In dUI
c time andevsrybody will then b happyv
1 There were a few sales during the day the
west notable being that of the tie winner lu
t te Ht Bernard bitch class Empress of Con
toooook by Keeper out of Begins the name
f thy buyer not being given to the nubile
fl Bmpresa was catalogued at I1JOOO The
Cbeetnnt liLa Kennels sold the following col
t lies Lady 20 Col Scott 25 Botlyn Sensa
tion tSUi Wellesbourne 9Q Soolled Miss
OrXoutgMeg50t Boslyn Pole S I Roe
bn Virginia sin Aoslyn Lucy UO The
hlpperka Othello was sold for 20
IJ Hidden awayin an obscure oornerof the base
f jnsnt are the Chesapeake Day dogs that should
l nave been kennelled in a prominent place In
the ann they are unusually handsome
and are notable for their fine disposition They I
lire exceedingly scarce and there are but few
1 n the show In appearance they resemble tbe i
irish setter and ate probably a cross be I
l 1 ween that bdamd epce of the dog fam I
1 ty and tho water spaniel L The gems of
1 he lot are Mary a greet prize winner owned
at Rt pre
Dy > J D Hatiory of Baltimore and hr five
monthsold eon Hake Mary has a wonderful
rweord having retrieved 119 ducks two pairs
g of lee rl and two hell divers In two hours pan
c Visitor to thUhow will lea with interest
e that the bloodhound Victor Is a son of the
I famous bitch Bosemarr used by Chief Brad
l ford of the Metropolitan Police ID London to
track Jack the flipper when that cutthroat was
I Ij orJ1ng tbe Whit Chanel dist ict w
I IJ lhbaoher owner of the High Ground
1 lt winner o seven prizes I the Great
a class was a happy man last night a
I umber of friends presenting his Champlol
j asba with a beautiful gold collar studded
With silver stars rat with jrllllante Itlsa
f1 Oat gorgeus trophy and jur Adolph Nelson
we wellknown resuurator who has tickled
SDO palates of the thousands wbo have visited
m show day remarked thatlt would make a
IeP endld crown for some of Europes poten
1 Prince Ivo the 10monthold fit Bernard
Jc 1lntold at BOr
tdlzwhoweLgb 150 pound Is I worthy of r
q nBce among the heavy swells of tbo oaD le
I f MO and in time be gives promise of becoming
as bulky as BIr Bedlvere who wa < surrounded
lk Ml day and evening br hundreds of persons
f his COD of happiness being filled to the brim by
the additional honor ot Being adjudged bJ
H pion St Bernard of the show In ant class
The following a the awards of specials r
turned yesterday
I I incut ruins
OasiiDiiruWeotmtnitir Kennel Clubs m prlx for
tk ebeqt exhibit t tour bract Dane Won by r b
gooad Kennel
il Iiiii BiTTiu CInbi tarts ot ra for till tilt i blbll
afoar Iruu I utter > Woa by I Klldr Kinnila
W 1J hewItt 10 Price for Irlih letter wit but
M Said t7iaJw il7riuu ftiVT KinVri Tewaway li bl
Rv W H attwarti 410 pie for but brave oflrlihiittirs
t tWOS by KUdart Kenneli bubj ounmort and Beau
rile i of 110 for beet Irish setter la open novtc or
I etanee Wtn by Ban r oPD Dn 0
a I Ii ow for Iit I I Sitter that ran I hitS trials
I site 1581Won bJ J teanlans Iroblulo
i JasstJIuusn rla of 10 or tjto Dill Bun
qeaOWon Iflr 3 Utlbrts Esri sn2
la jni ticiab > no prlae for the best Irish Ur
lb bt
rwoD tjy lbi fark KenneTi Iiunmirrr Irb t
1 11 Sio for beet exhibit of four Irish terriers
i Wen tr rak Kinnila lrrn
Prix = for lilt brut of huh UrrlirsWon
j4 Park KtimehV Mart and Duaraerrr tmlnWoD
Bcpicu TKBBIIIU utubi tlO prlrt tO the belt Scotch
c terrierWoo by north fuSe TorkiblriRenneli Klltton
Bura ASP TM Tiiauai Clubi JO prUe for KII I
tfl ablbkot four DIM and tacsWcn by Bochell
Zir Ojrdoni 510 prill for the but black and taa
Waa by Recbelle Kennels BnonBtld Bnliaa 10 < t
IID mlrd Blt
Yoioaiu TBaiiaii Clubs iirlie tor bust Vorkiklre
t t errlerWoa by Worth nld Torkihtr Ktnaels Tooail
mw Sit pili toy best nbllt of tour Torkehir tsr
l InWo i Mirth fluids YorhblIlo1 I
Yrtatur sib for but Awnn 04 Yorlibiri to
ro by P of Oombsp rr40 Yorlbl lr
f vo1Pas Brdrt ohalliai cars omri4 bT Dr M
L Crier lhllaaiipbla Won by I It Crier s Siesta
1 A CnrJhllpbt for but do oroHch ilridky
t i cbaciploi cub nonby Mohawk Indlanola Kinnall
t Iak
1 labs fio prtii fa the but purWaD b1 Bprakc
011 5rtsi fur hilt ilbibil of four pussWos by
bswk ISdilnola IDDt with sub If fp IL
Ilool 11 I
f rake ass NutlC Queen It
I ro < tillllairrlM of 111 for best fox terrier In tat
l wWea by John L Tbiyeri Baby Mlzir t
1 Jr e IlcOUOII tea oien tlawi Wa by L
t rrli of I 10 for bill la the popp olaaies Woaby
Blimton Kenntli Blimtou Buttercup
I Ir ot lit fe but brae of fix lerrlenWoa by
t4 Blerato Knor bulky Trap and i InnWOI
Pria 0 Iuo I wire hatred fox terrier Woa by
i Jesse Moftlmeri Suffolk Toby rrrWol
r I i rU of IO 0 beet brae of wliebalred fox terrf era
j rtt Woa by Jag ole huffolk Toby aid Suaoik n
Grand enallenf oup Vain iv for belt In the
f I 0evWon by tl W Katherrordi Warren Sat tl
r 4 1 Jndret silver cup fortbiit bitch In open olaiHiWon
i S7 Otis Kussals Demlaica
I ot iauClab prize of 10 ta but t d
It t sll b Olr by Mrs aaiael II BIoo4 s Milwaukee
i lub e prUof I lOfor beitxhlblt of tour any variety
lrldia between Mr P titan ant lbs Calumet Ken
q j f II CLUIUB RnllutlS l prig for htit iiblbtt of four
Won by Clambir Kinnli
I Wj0 Biuiiuoa Club I mdal i fir but AnirUu smooth
r t < vovr elfbtn monthi Woa by I > Barney
JI ia raodajtor bt Antrtcaa roofb dorWoa by J
J7 1 r Hanleys Puebues It
I I I Club medal for but American smooth bitch urn
A t NeWn by Uoatoooook Kennels Bmprtss of otntoo
j Club medal forbes American ronfh bitch nm are
fr t Won by K It MoorVt Lady Milroee
tk oWb l ipeclel as prjie for ben St Bernard the
tr showWoe by Sir Bedlrere
Murirn Tbi WestmInster 1 Challenge Con vain
tMr ISTQ fer th but df tr titan nnder thrif of a >
l 1 owned by a lJImr ot the Amrtan Mastic Club
jA Won by rioor Oily Bantrt literS Chanctlor
I J MessrB TA A W nntherford will sell at the
fJ1 American noise Exchange Fiftieth street and
Broadway at 3K today fifty bead of fox tor
t eJ rler from theIr kennels The lot aro well
1lII fJ II ponedUaffl bred pan y being by tho famous stud Jog im
MOcnn78 cAirnm TBTS
1 I J Ill 8hew of AristeemU D sT AttractS
tke Belles a > nd Beaux of the Town
ry I Th representative attendance at the dog
how In Madison Square Garden yesterday
afternoon and last evening demonstrates ODO
r thine pretty thoroughly and that U tbat the
tA1 belles of the drawing rooms the opera and
tho ballrooms are enthusiastic admirers of
1t the canine raeeTb weather of yesterday
Md Wednesday waa aearoeljr such as would
it considered perfect yet OB Mltter day
l B <
9 ll I
L I r
I l
vf 1 ML oi > if JV
vfI I
the member of the fashionable world who
bare been among the most regular patron of
the show since Tueedar Blgbt At times clara
the exhibition began eeeeetall late I Is 1 th
afternoons and In the evenings the crowd In
the Garden waa so dense that Uwaelitue use
toRY to move except aeon aBetghDprsmeTea
The boxes In the Osrte lave tw u frequent
ly occupied br many wellknown society belles
and matrons most of whom yesterday wore
under their mackintoshes 1 sun eojerj CMt
pretty tailor made costumes of dar bul
cloth and on heir heads dainty bonnets or
forge hats of the Venetian pattern The women
seem to be emiaHy divided In their llklag be
tween the liege tit Bernards mastiffs grey
hoands and setters
Towards oclock In the fternoon each day
tho Garden baa taken on the appearance of a
fashionable afternoon reception where groups
of wellknown people stood chatting together
Those of the fashionable world the women Ot
cours who visit the exhibition In the even
ing keep for the most psit to their boxes
where they receive their friend
Over What Shtmld Ilave fleea Boa stt te
A A V Meeting cm Kond y
X a Mills hirlnf drawn np the plan of reorfanlia
tioa his Tliwi 1110 the outlook tor lbs sew alhlcD at
toetanonar aatnrallyhiMmtlBf Rcstldi If the
men whe participated lath I meettnf ci Moody
Bit allow tnetr DtkniUim u coot I am eoavinttd the
Metropolitan Ateotlatlon will b a decided saccei n
BW memoirs ot lb Board haT maolfuled a spirit of
wllllnf nm to do Ibllr toll thara of the wick and II
eaoofh ot the old stagers rimala smug them to keep
them on the right track 1 feat confldint the affairs of
ThC aatoelaUon Will move imoMbtr The Bo > irlos
difficulty to be iioouulerd it its oniet u ra baying t
Iarea6o4y of men naacduamted with I th kind or
work they wIlts required to perform md beaoof
that dimoalt I tboufhith wlien court would be u
elect 1 a Sean ot 0nen member 11 wa alto for Ihll
uon I has I n fwid mrlllbera xprlinctd am 0 01
tIe liv tarts IO Mihoald be retained becinil II was
so hush ioTl4 eaclial wbloh the mw aieoelailoa ought
r r
to bavi may took lit reeponsiblitty or IaSrsSitD5tbS
porno which was tbslr prrct rldt sod I slnoarsly
bOB tbi7 WIll br tha rpoollblIIIII mr that
will 1 cretiltabis allis to Uismlsl5 andth Jn414
anoetaiioa I whoM minirement Ii I la their iinda
The nut notable bear aaae at Uts athllee will be
beld la I Ihll CIt 01 March lit when she leorfanliatlon I
takai iSeot Th rtf alar Mb dul T rmetlnf of tha A A
u will oeOOJ to that dauaad Imnudlauly III ad
loarnmaal III dIwtes room IIIe ftve auoclnlou aad
In North American Tarair Bund will I aumble and
erf and the I new fAI1 the delefitei from blt as
toclatlani will tlet by Tot two or tb deliratii from
sash aiaoetanon and the ana that ilectil ttntber
roft =
with lbs ripriteauua of tb worth Anirtoan hrner
Bind will ooiutiiBi the Board of oovtrair or IB
Amatiar Aluletlo Union at Ike crTc3r The
Board of norernon thai Mleoted will elect the officer
of the A e D ooraprlilnfa rirMtdtat two VlctPrnl
nM a Settretarr and a TrMRnrev
It win b = eraoere4 that after harlnf declined a I
summation as Metropolitan delegate M the A A U C
I Mathewaon receiveS tonrteea rotea and IV was en II
dent that had he made aay effort he could hav been
elf cted When sated whr ke dectmcd a nomination hi
m 71
aid > Simply beeaeee I declIned t essgs la a tcram
ble eflbe IOn that wai rotax an Mr Stats uimnattd
Mr Culls and mytlf tsp d iefMe wbribpa Mr
lliIbMnuied Mr lrr r44 Mr visa TBrfere i
eonoludd that If be QOMtlon was to bo ilaod is snob
> bait I weald ban olllf It Ifjhe Manhattan A
C was not lilliOed with the PrMfdeaoy of thi
Metropolitan AMOclatlon the molt Important petition
sled Ills 0CC ti which is I saluted lbs irrmuit honor oC
4l t =
any lath fitter atbiellohodisi I fell IbatleonKKa
osthlnglss than itep aside aad not Interfere la th
sHnhtrit darns with that organization efforts to nl
verrthlnir Ktinntft In ijtht IB Innwia it f that Board to twntrtlve
member It WM a mot nawu rro eedlng and never
should tav beea don TIle abinrdllv at ihe thing li
shown la the fact that mia i1a William B Curtis
and FV W Janttia who have worked hard la kI Inter
est if amateur athletic and whx wisdom tad abrttty
an well known were bt n on tllo Spit ballot by del
11e who Wv niver bd ot saUl they entered that
convention II merely 1 yois I show that the reoIts
aohlered wirabronfhtaboitby mlb04 of th ward
cauoni order There should bay bein a nominating
committee In that convention and Ih reinlti would
fgm hav been more la ountormlty with c and
Cm Tatblll wilt Buck Him Agnln Me
C1ftoeJ ftor tVSOOO or S1Ooaa
It wai announced yesterday In uptown sporting
clu that Ou TnthllUJaek DmpM old friend and
backer would match the Nonpareil against Domt
nick McCaffrey for either S30M er 110000 In a rtnUh
contett at catch weights It appear that McCaffrey
and Tottilll mt a party of frlcndi at a wiltknown
sporting rieort a few nights MO and became Involved la
S discussion u to the respect ripntadoni of iivertt
promlaint patUUta McCaffrey claimed that Jack rot
hli reputation by defeating him Tnthlll thin remarked
that Its molt have deierved aa Jack bad never won
a battle In hIs life only la a air and square way When
Dominick spoke about the Fluilmmonl light Tnthlll laid
thai In BU opinion Dim p y In hie best days could not
boat the lanky Anitrallan
After conildiraMe talk McCaffrey salt that ho would
like to get another chute al Dimpiey aid Tnthlll
snappid him up by onrlnc to mak a match for the
above amount Ka produced a big roll of bllli tad
wanted to poet S26O on tb spat Domlnlck SOlid htm
It he was UI that Task wotld lIb and Tnthlll told
him that DtmpieT would Hand by any match that
wonld make Finally McCaffray laid that be would
put up his money la I a day or two II the Manhattan Alit
m r bb
etlc Club offlcliu will allow him to Of at Gtai told blot
that bo would set cermliilon from the club for him to
baths If he would mats the match
Aath matter aaw naada TBtkUI la waiting to hea
roinMcCaffrer Jack bleaCh he orhtabackere li oonddent that Uataaaxloai hi can belt toback McCat
fret When aeen by a reporter of Tm Son isis even
ins Tnthlll laid l It wan cornet that be bad had a
conversation with MtCaffroy Im ready to mika
Ibis mI IIaid i be without another 057s delay
lo I wa the ens to make the break uot I picked him I up
Hba an Idea tbat heoaa rtolct1 bat hei sadly
mlitakin Ill put np tb money Jut u soon as I biar
frOm McCaffriy
Sshdlng News iVesa Australia
Tbs latest advice from Aoitralla rcelve by Iks
Pellet Gazette tall that iportlaf mea la the ken of
ntnlmmoct and Jim DaD wir net at all inrprleed at
ntzilmmonii defeat of Jack Demptty but they pre
dict that Hall will whip nuilmmoni Jut easily This
correspondent that nail did knock Fltxalmmons
out In tour round and that Flu ntvtr difiaud Hall m
fit round as hi claIms Mickey Dooley also says bt
can do Mtulmmoni and bad a itaodlci offer 0 stop
him In eIght round for a Ions time bat ills wotld not
nottae It tlthoofh be rJ bays ud pototmoaey
by staying that length of time
Jo Ooddatd the champion of lbs Barrier Is coming
to America and hu friend talk I of lbs deadly work be
wilt do with hit lift hind It it ripreeenfed to bt a
turret In itoppinr opponent who try a ruihlBf came
0C him leverthefeia Auitrallaui coarider rank
aiau tglb the f oremon pugilist of the world They
say that both ke and oeinazu can Itch anybody alas la
creation and that after tbey ban doa It they will
com together tad then win follow the bath of a con
tu Oeorfc Dawson and Harry Mac ar autehed to flfht
for ItI llfbtwalirht champtoBihla of AoitraUi Paw
sn ant Billy Mahir BOW la California were the Out
to flint for tnat title Dawton won Dswonalao has
an inzafiment wilt Barter tbo Sydney A A Club
= April ro for a pots of 7ta After thai proviSoS
be wins both match U hi and toe tnaiortty of
sports think h will Dawson will Tint tba United Stall
aad Knirland
Ab WUUa who landed In San Friadeo two weeks
ago wilt th proclamation that be wit the feather
weIght champion of Anitrallali not entitled to that
dliHsotloa nor will ke be uaul he deflate Kick Colllt
and Jack Mcoowan both laid to be imnsually clever
fifhlers It was only last motttk Uat McOowsa fought
Wllllt a Blueround draw
Harvard Football Player
Cimucca Ftb WKortrea Harvard mea rail la
be trophy room ot thi gymnasium last night la ra
spool ii lb caD of isadidot for the football squad
Cipf InSetS explained that tlle squad tklt ytar was I
desIgned lo bt a feeder to the nnlvtnlty tltvin I
rathtr than te thi lm iliriu 1 u lao year It will
bkptatworkfor flviwnks At the end of a fort
night It will b i divided Into two part an advanced
squad beingtoriniii oat of tb melt whi SIT hewn
It t most tntereit sea ability la their 01IT id
vnced eeottoa wtu meet ra the iTntnn and bt In
ttrntted y the Blayirt of lait I yaart eltvea 1 la the
theory or tbe tame
tot the present lb whol squad will work tigethir
at dagtb bibs and runnIng T11 the wiltS is mar
ODin sod then on the ISiS l1 mOil will bo coached
by graduates IIId last rar players si soon a they gst
en Uti Held
Events tor the Molt HavB dame
Ttncrtox rb 2At a meetltf of the Athletic Ad
vt try the Onduato Advisory aad lbs Bxecuilv com
mlllees Princeton beld today u was tnaalmouiy
decided fe advlM tb Princeton delef etel to thiUaler
collegiate nuiUof to vot In Save et tbe abolition of
the tog of war u an rent In the Moll nva Interool
Tt Iir toltroN
leglaisgeines Thenteutingwui be held In New York
on Saturday night Sad frmcuon will bt reprewnted
by > Bradltrd 1Md Weatwortb m bet uly on will
b tt wot llnr W
ttlUed to vote Among other colleges Intireited
there U a movement In favor ot adding to the Hit of
venii In Ibis games the autttnf ot tbi6flpounil hot
and a two mile lately bicycle race llirvard and Yal
sri 544 t be In tTarot abollihlnf the tor of war and
io ofeipotlo tie auedattloa < 3 tile opouoa shot
BawUre Blva Psius
A meetlnf et th delegate et the clubs compiling in
the Brooklyn national tournament was held tail even
log The prIM which consisted or nmbnllaa diamond
tats and scarf pins war tiTan lo the wlnairt la 1 the
Th ellowlnx clab rtclred polecat Mcnro South
Pair Recreation Piu Knight and Bono The IDI1IY14
ulirlie wlnnen wcrei Haielton Moaroti Brown Pin
nUkli OaroU gchoi Lo41a Monroe Silica Clr
mont A binnuet followed the distribution of prlii
Til Beard of Manaf in of tb tournameat rolled a
> ateh fame lait avinTnf for the prlut anuuaUr aHind
or Ibm toeompitifor la a match rams m nm
bulls ware tuirltnted among Meawa loaaabirnr
gsws cbon Hadjiid and Ataau ly mailnf tie
highest scoria
Bradaaato Ie Dead
Kiinmii Teen Fib aaBrscamaots OM of its
Rest fatuous race rairee ot her day and tb dam1 the
metric bone The Bird died yeitirdty falrvtew
Farm Oillatln of rupture In bin diath h rownir
Ctpt Chirlei Rind laitiisi a heavy Ion Hradimant
was lire by oW Uaaoe dim Kriaaa ky Imp Knight
r ollIIlbllr L
01 50 tuna Bwllee beiug tie dim ot The ttlr he
ale 1 produced fatbu Jeho tad Jostub both ortdlttU
Tao hem
COBaeetlewfn Trotting Circuit
Tbl Etitire Connecttcol TroltUf Circuit tits fixed
latei for the iprtar mittlnn aa follwii Wawrbury
1211 0 lot ltsw lIsTen June a to II I Vorb1 loa e
to laiKerwalk June IS to Ii Danbury June 23 to ae
lit Aril anaual race of tbe rtrthlan Mosquito yieet
will d sild oil rthiaoui ou atordar Mar au in
second rAce will b off Niw Aochillt onJuneO Prizes
valuid at 5100 hive bias purchaied by the Regatta
Wtatrturtasi Say Bidet Is I to solid a esfool lUao
or Mr Aral4 Tnaier ib e lorater eras or the it
t 011 elw nil II tile am ester 455i > la KtW
T rk Iw oa el Ou asw elaes et raeia >
1 jr I
= rrf = 11
Ja e was esYesPdI tra
Ike last f a esrlei et See Uvltatlea shoots took plae
ynwrdiy Dexter Park aetwlthiUtdlnf the weather
Batty In JOB f last I year the reeatala Onn Clak the
Stack onulft l it rM klB4XtBVtttSlv other ebbs
r fe a team eimietltl far a haodMau saver cop After
aiboetoSet a tie between the Pouatln and Coney
I IilMd tttrss the lute wen Later oa th Consy Island
Sod and Crtn Clob arranrtd a similar conteit en tht
nme frouads TToodlawn Part and ai Iht donor tied
wIth the Central Olin Club of Lou Branch thy ctdil
MIr rtrtlt M the un y I ua usisalsatina The
winner were the next to itt tbt ball arolllnr at P
Dilvi greenS Lone Branch U > tke I Fotslaln Club
Wlnf victorious On Get au the Oltnmort Rod tad
Gnu Club rave a rtrara ihoel at Denr Park la wtlck
the old rivals the rcantala and Conty Island ttimi
tied stat fur Brit henora IfdaP Parkway
Dull tilt ot Bail Mw York bad tbelr Inning and thee
tried te mite It 1 ai antMblt at soailbl to tie ihoctvr
It Ir
s54 Ike msny 5y1ti4 gusts
ltbooaocomaiodattont at loots Millers
thooaaf irouudl sf5 araileror an ordinary club hl
they wer tix4 to their utmost caoaclty In stirdays
Sturm Many of fbi three or four ftundrtd spectators
fIta t
preeist braved lbs weather led stood for boon out
ans I wateuinf tha nrforaianc ot the mirkimen
fJlt UIi04
Tbi thai slant Rod and usa Clio bed dteldedl
the beet of Ib match until Ih end of u alia round
when tb Fountain mn boID to force b4 lIololDIt
ttst DISC noblr until lbs sitS if lb tame At the
111 round the Cons Island and ClnJ slut win
tied la thi ninth Cintral and Parkway war en lbs
r in tiIDI dnlih I Parkway wa S < a rn
tral 1 third Ulenmera borIc asS coney Island lait
1larturion teal hot for a tUvir dBted by the
Parkway UOB Clnb of Brooklyn teimtot ten ascii map
to sheet at ten liv bOnds trim nyc traps knows pull
aAyarairlsoynJ boundary modified UurUatham
KonBlam Oun Cub of llroottna WiShes 51 I A
Kdrtr III l tl Flaoher 01 R Van Blair m 1 L Boryea 81
a ilutlt 91 s W Wait 101 o swdoai St u IIIa
firs Vi Dr Wynn i Total killed MI 1 mMMd IS I
Oentril Oiu Club ot Loot BraacbP Italy Jr Si U
TaalDfk lot D abeam i t B Tabor B d Wool y
TiB W Prlc 10 W tries 11 A Cnbfrtrty Ti i W 6
CampbelL 8o Cibberly R Total killed w mined aa
iHamr Bod and Una club of MnkinArBeanttt
lot w UVIBI Sipr Boehm 7i A Kpoftr St L Tcaac
Bl P SuItor St i vf B selowr Ni l OT Pfohlmann KfT
nohllimaan ti B Uilfina B Islet Iilled 1111
mil IJ
C5oney Island Sod and Don Club it Brooklyn
DViUeifMB SI 1lt Olllor > i r w rfatadtr lilt c
Plate 5 l II IConhrldf Ti V 11I01 J chrnae
leeks I j B lwyr III e Ward ei J OBrUn 4 total
IIIUd 74i 1 missed < l8
rarky inn lon b of Bait Xe w TorkB HlfMS
10 A Andriwa Ti u Mhman 8 t Slabs 9i Cci II
Selovtr Ti a snrnhianr Ot A Botty Pt A Van Hyck
slorL1 Millar ii i II UramwilUB Total kulid 1111
lsaee is
jflletiena who U I member ii tbi rarkway as will
at tf the Qleamor clnUieied as nbitnnit for a miming
membtr on tbs altars team aDO killed 19 entof Ju
bite Rio lut pigeon altho fh Bit hard got away
Dr B O Hadton tht Utpula tat ImiraM tIns Clab
at tkli city SOled at lifeiss tad J Peaty and 0 Ayen
as official scour
Om Short sui4 Loag Bjkagee
n followlaf were Iht stones made at the last indict
shoot or the New York PIStOl aad Revolver dab at the
It Mark plus ruura 40 feet dUtaata six shots oa
thdielmaltvfli B Oehl44 eallbre Be r Stein
bach IS eallbre S4 O B Jentaw at ciHbra Ml Hoff
BUB 4S calibre 41 r fieStas 88 eallbrs M Wanner
44 calibre M Busts 44 calibre 48
Th return match between till nndtta lid Enplrt
BM Clio team reialtid la I anetkir victory for lbs
two Hudson mill alluouf they ihot oa the bm
rant ot tnilr epponenu In St Mark place Each
man OreS BO shotS In av strings oft hind on 11I 25
rb ftarf L Th retnltti B B CJ Grimm SIS MJ
2SJaS ml total 1107 w Millar aig 251 1 xn tiZ
23V I loul 1 IUI eventS tout U1SA li a CJ B b I
baa 2S3 T 2ii 223 331 Ztl I total IIZJ I liuiien 330 i
324 lID 22tI 2211 total 1130 i grand total am and
WOO lIy la points
Tb shoot held by the Hew TOri RIO Club oa Ihlr
long taut and the lUbMauent dinner at Cypress Hill
1 lI
Park will be remembered for a long time by th peril
cliaati aad tht spectator Amonf 155 latter was W
Hrower the luperlnteadent of the Creedmoor rifle
rang Tb scorn on the standard Amirlcan tartet
oo band 3UO yards dlatinca ID abouv went M B list
ring ion t Dr BVW Chadboorn = J 8 Case 83 1
11 Iibelt tIIIl T J Debit IISI B V latter HI I n K
Uenicn so Major h rklv SO a a KUC 78 V II
Daly 7S O W Xaugvn oa The utpituid ihoour
seed a uarpi mIlitary rids for the Crfl Urn In fly
year Dr Cbadbourn scored Mia point la ito shots
and K R Htrrlnf foe
A food team match look ptaet on the range of th AW
big Irs Turn la But llouiloa itreet on Tneiday OVID
lac between Sehukraft and Nowak that club and
KwHBbaum and J 1 Grimm of the Kmnlr KISs Club the
latter winning bv so polnti Each man fired flu shuts
Os the 131tag Mataacbuiitniurfitoabaad The total
ecotes wire Sohukratt oso Nowakseut total II in
J Grimm 370 W Aoienbanm 57U total l14fl Rosen
bum mad one full soon 0 I I2 < i points the out one
ever put np In tht Albls aUny during a maieh
Ike following orei wets mad by th memtxri of
the Turtle Bar Blrte Clob tt tacit ruf In i But Fortr
Hcond sWeet on Tudar vnlnf o B Jauuer 2H8
O a loha JUS i TaiiTIII aafi H W aif an 270
P rredencki 3O J Ocba343i W 81a921O
Martaaj IW W Draddy lee out of a poulblt SCO
LIaeh NT toads till hihest soot and won the
fbampleninrpmed f o r tbe iitu r Rifle Club sgsin on
needay erinlni tf tba Bowery tang e The belt scores
of the other pirttclMau War r JA Bayhen aw M
hornet 244 M HVBnteL 3S7 y yabarlua 3211 P
Hacking IMS U House 348 B Zettler zoO 0 Q
Zetller 244 IL L Rlfta 211 The scores for tht It
Othl riat were Bayhea 342 t Flact aiv D7 Hoi
1s Tt n member of 1110 Empire Bill Club took part la 1
th weekly clab Shoot at testy hiadauarun U St
Mtrki place lOUdlY avenlaf The beet soon of
each maD on the Zettlr decimal tarsi t waa e ollowei
c Zettltr Jr 90 H ZitHer 59 1 W TMiller Ii A BtthU
84 W Miinboldir 8IIi a Dlllmejer 80 J Zit
s newly firmed Oreenrtn Rifle dab held IU nf
Ur weekly badge competition at 8hr1nrB HalL Jenay
IMd fro n J
City Heifhta oa Wednday aviolns Th toUowtaf
More war r offbaad OBI of a pilbl 390 polita
tat tb AmtHcaa 23riai target al 79 feet dtauncei
fc Mm2S1 r4bt 4
Kobldeux 337 Ttoaf 3J7 MnUer 813 Toner 333
ShMUIa 318 Broeker 313 Stalin 314 and liohd
ID n rsgusayweaiy isam soled or u uanm lllIIe
Clibyetterday theeeoreiwire o Hutch 341 Honey
337 Boykaasi t Dencker m Kun 217j Buby aia
Total ISBi Mldnlrht 183 j ItT rerJ i CoonraaJsje
Bodinitab 239 Week aa 1I11n Total SeTh
Ths team match between ray and Dr Taylor ana W
Brlolner and u II I Htufhtoa has beta postponed on
account ot a death In the family of one of the partici
pants Tbt ratal shoot of Ibe Wturefan Oust Club
win take plao at Dexter Park gIIrI
Capt Mosey TB Brokfew
The storm of yesterday prtvtnttd many ot tot prom
mint trap shots of this vicinity from wlrnntlnf a
pigeon shooting coattit that took place on fbi grounds
ot tb CoteretQon Clab tl Bergen Point The match
was between Capt A W Money of London and W a
Brokaw of thli city and waa at 100 bIrds each for a
stake Capb Meaty conceding ten detd bird lo his op
poBint At M F H wbea tbe eontcit began It wai
atnbj5 downpour and before half the match baden
Blnlnra i teJJ bll
bun flnlibid now began tilllnr and continued until
she Outsit The blrdi were sooo and conaldertnf the
rl ra r brO cI1 oi
blinding snow which was blown Into the face ot the
shooters the iccrti were excellent
Ai lb match malted la a He and there not beln
mouth blrdi aDopt tht ronndi to decide It both f en
i fraI tl g M
lumen agreed to another match upon the nm eoodf
tlona to be shot early nut week Phil Lnmbrltr acted
at refers and scorer the blrdi bunt ratrtived by his
utter dor Phil The belt ran of kill In the snatch wag
mad by Capt Mony be soaring an ilralf Brokawt
oo yT = t
largest ran blBf ZQ Ybs scorn Cabk Monty UO Bro
kaw SB
TIt KlveraUe ktlaac Fire I
BIB Bin Feb 26Tbe RIversIde One Club mil with I
lie lIt defeat todiy at Cherry BIlL A team of six
mm wtnl to gRout a frtindly l match with lbs lenten
Gnu Club Tb condition wirei Twintym clay
blroi sacs flf Ilia tlnfUs 1 aad fly pairs doubles The
leone werst
Bernn CUB Olnb Taylor I4i Blaekltdf I 14 Kleew
let tOast 20 rmdBUB IP Sly IS cJ1itl
I Blvirldana Clan Oiear llama IB James Cooper
Jc IS l B Tbroclimerton 17 K M Cooper 18 Jobs
Cooper Ill Yleale9 Total 91
Company B tit tke Bantte
Loxo BnincH rib 20 About twenty members of
Company B Third Iterlment wet at the bniti yester
day shooting for prize Tha range was 400 yard and
85 wai Ibo but sear mad out of a poeetble lo point
Oeero Oaiklll scooted the company haSp wIth a
crofna Olbr seers war t VIIII Wjt5oll > < A
fl ShirmaB a4 Tbomii Uiiklll 12 Cpt ChariM
kettle 13 IheopDlloi LonritreeClJ
Billiard a > a C Pool
Csiciao rah aa Carter narrowly ttoaptd dtfitl
vmerday I la I toe bllliud tournament at the handi of
Capron the Canadian Both inca played poorly but a
run of M when Ibo buttons wire orily asideS saved
tile Clevilandir Tb wlunerl biggest run wan 03
Cation and Shaw played another How fun the former
winning lye ran away tract Uatley at night piling
J I1 n df sn l m PW
np run of lie and an and en averif of ovir 1 tin
Isys I avinfa wag over 7 IIli ben nun was ST
There wag an annually large number ot member
treii t it lb emu bouts or Ihe Brooklyn Bicycle
ClUb oa Wedneiday sTealer to witness III handicap
feint In their continuous pool tournament Seven
iiraci win played The reiulu are ae folluwn list
there icratcb defeated Rogers C balls by 30 to 4I
BorltDd a balla beat Hegira u ball bylo io4B I Brnm
liy luballn defeated Sebotter S blla bv Ml to 4V
Aokirtop scratch defined Sllllwell e bilk by fio to
at hawley scratch dtftated Silllwell R batla by DO 15
i7i Roger e boll dfeted Fuller a balls br so to Bl
and Mattbtw icralch oefeatid mUm 41 bails by M lo
la The Irr tki mea te deli It as foilowii
natoe Won Ant gnu Wm Leg
Mttthiw 7 2 ltliwsiI t a
Htwley Mf1 iioren 8 4
Sktnnir 1 Hehoifet f 10
Ackirios 8 njervlt I 4 s
Borland > t S Jones I 0
Fuller I S t McUaa 3 s
Brown 3 S Vaudersaw s s
Kirk II Hrumley t s
RTBICVII FtbLpaLutBlthfiftauilatkt learnt
meal molted Cleirwiter 10U WMrttk N Scratch
Olirwiler tOt Wtarlik L roweri liO Luddlaf
1iaR l tu41q
ton 180 icraWhatTowtrs Lnddlaftoa 3
Tbt followlnf li Ibi score of ill sfUroonas fisti
Kunlnch 1801 Sibartdo liT Rcr kgaUMb II
itbirldo i baddlBftoB U4 Ward tea Scratches
Liddiurtcn4 r
Manrlet Daly riotlvtd s loOt litUr I trim Otrnltr a
few days no which stolid that Plot who It I by loaf
Odds the boil pltyir la Frinea li I enlisting from a com
Wlntlon of dUMM and that bt bw withdraws from
Ib teurnamiul In conuquenc rurntl who la I ms
larded ai a worthy opponent of Plot hat font to
Sean to give xklbltloai during next three Loath
Ski tourney lUerifore los 1 two ol Its moil CrUllaal
players I
Tb International foorleenlnch balk II las tournament
to not lIkely lob Ibt suscee anticipated 81ollOD poet
tUely dei1si to oompeu Schaefer wto was tip
tally Liked lo take partdi not nlBk theist >
meat iffireO infflclinUr rimaaMtllv to 557 im lot
hu trouble la I titling 11111 trim Iii bu therefor ds
dined FrinkO lvinaicabld hIs entry WOirnlir
who II arranrlnf matttri for lbs playeri hsra Kufia
Carter hMauo entered and Meerloe Daly titrylaf lo
arrant bli btilne adatri M ae lo ooaiti
In the blllUrd tournament al Ih Manhattan A C A
r ftiiart Indi I whit an nnbrokrn record of olilit
straight vlctoriea A U Itanaiy U I a clow Second a 14
the tirufle ietwesu l tbii two promliee to hi latirnl
luf The standing of the plirere U al follows i
Wow AWL We 1M
PaLLeLS o LSlrttss4
ttau1rJ letl jit Ia J
0 11 Minor4 is t l 1 I
T mrwJrjnrJ = = P
ism atoir ar ntoQVon wan ft
IUlfDnuP ar GOOD comfAirr
zIr 11 pacti Mew aekra a a lepwp
TraekA n Ua f > r IU ptLSC
Sueaee lBtUt H Beat arvl
The horses threw sprays of randdr water
from their feet and fetlocks as they splashed
over the sloppy traek at Quttraburg yesterday
and a heavy downpour ot rain drenched
jockey and others who faced the storm The
betting ring was the only lively place on the
grounds and there was just room enongh It
to transact bID without being crowded
Five joined in the first dash and those who
figured on the chances could not Me anything
in the race to beat Katrine so the flllr waned
te3 on favorite Bat the colt 111 bpeot a S to 1
ahot put In his claim at the start and held It
to the finish winning br six I length from Hoy
allot second choice at 4 to 1 Katrlna coming
ta n poor third The second race foil to In
sight first choice at even money Humping
away at dsgfall the flllr led down the bock
stretch Electricity and Oracle M reached
the favorite at the far turn and the
trio made a pretty brush neck and
neck Into the homestretch where Electricity
faded away and Insight holding the pace
won by two lengths from Oracle M second
choice Lillie II 0 to 1 third Lemon with
Hugh Penny riding was a cinch for the third
race at 2 to Ion rDI1J hold the son of Luke
Blackburn well In the front cluster to the last
Quarter and then taking the Jiead In tbe
stretch won t b > r halt a length rom Fernwoeo
H tol Terll second choice losing the l place br
tOll ntba Banooeas bad the first call at even
mono to win the handicap at a mile the
son of Iroquois as usual when be seta out to
Win made tho running from fist to Bn
Ish beating Glrnmouod 8 to 1 easily br
three lengths 881lnl second choice 8 to L
losing the place by an open length bervla
lied l a host of supporters for the fifth race
going to the post a o to 8 OD > favorite The
mare got away In the lead but wan collared
by OUster II at the head of the homestretch
The daughter of Hindoo gave the son of Long
Taw all he could do which was just enough to I
win Glitter beating Berva by a had BIICb
second choice losing the place by two lengths I
Facial favorite ae odds of bf to a mane a
good run for thn money In the Jast rae but
was beaten by half a length by John Jar R
Defaulter losing second place br a bead In the
finish ot tho day Buuimary
Pins 550 fir raaidu rearoI4I1t apwardl
WU allowances seven flriOzig
W J spun ob 0111 pool 4 br tttatllal 81
I H liatnilon Jyane ih a RoyalIst S US W iii 3 I
I Waido b r Xatntna 5 504 1 rrDII I
conundrum and Little Bets atao rin
Tim S7M
unlash paid IIS 00 fa S3U
1rvme3toi stlllnf ailwaacl flvt and a halt far
aiytmi Stablel b tlatlfbt do by Duke et Naftata
nrowtioB S3 cr poanel I
c F Bandtnsp C Oracle K if 101 PUDII
C Sitters t Ulllt II aTwMonw J 9
Mary Coaroy BlictrlciiyABBio M and Lady r also
TIm 111di
Mutual paid 339 SJSO f MST
rune twoj telllat allowances Ikrwejiarters of a
a iJodeoi b c Lemon I by Sob BlickburnVe
ruiile nllla stable luaPenoj teL o Fcrawood < so Aadenoa a 1
J uyauabrir Peril s tos ManhaU s
Olottir and Maml ft aso ran
Mntnill paid 1283 SiCl Time K2t lOf4
rJIE 10U1lTU ruCK
Handicap nurse 8860 on mil
Boboken Stable oh o Bancocaa 4 by IrwjnoH On
w tario i batrs Iltirenny b g Ulenusound aged 00 tLaaNe7l I I
Sire Brother th b Ealvlnl 107 Jonas a
Joe Courtney and Autocrat also ro
n 530K
Mutual paid SJ8a a03 titt
Pan ItOO idling aBowiuc five and kalf far
louts iLWalds Ollltir It a by Loaf Taw Olradalla
Lamatney loo Decker Broihenbr m Serrli loorenay a t
Whitton Brothirs o m Ruth 6 lU4Aadtnoa a
Climax also ran
ranliota 113K
Mutual paid 1905 aiTii 2edT
Pun tIOo ten pound above the stall levee for
W Lovelli b f John Jay B 6 by Loaf Taw Plia
W IWIBarritt B llaniont br r Facial BXS IOO Decker a 1
II J PaIrs ob II Defulur 8 112 IF Doauei 8
Innocenc and Buukiton also ran
Ilutuala pall ti 40 tiA Tlmi tl 1J7 S3
Eitrte at Qnttenbnrc
Tb prof ramm for today oa the bin lai
Flnt Race Flvt fUrlongs stntaf Uawkitona UTi
Anaaitly 118 Harrisburg 112 afartr B 101 Unit
Tom Marl GIbson Vlrtte each 103 Lunar 100
Second Bace Threequarter eta milt ulUnf Ortoa
lie OloMer Clamor aacb H2Bhotorer lox rrU lui
Third racaOn mil hilton Ill Sally llupw IU
Defaulter inS Harry r Inland 505 o ItaraerII2
roirtb Bace rivo furlongs Daliyrtaa Sunday Ads
mIDI Autocrat Francn H Fenelon each liSt
Ftth Baoi riv fortonci selling littler Second
lie jfervla Climax each liSt Oilmen lOSi Urn II
lOS Serenade lOi Llntte IM Craft Bl
Sixth Hiee Seven furlong silllnf Silent Cast
Steel Ked ach 124 TlbnroBTAUUaU Bipton ErneM
each 110 LUile roaeo lie
Winer la Southern New Jersey
Oioccinu N J Feb 2IIn races at Qlonceiter
today roIled ai follows
Flnt Bac a mil Edward F won KlBf Idler
teond Bonnie Klnc third lime 11
Second Hace ThreeQuarten ol a mile Sir Lea wont
a r
Olldcaway strand Slice Ward gelding third Time
ll2t4 So
Third Race Fonr and one hair furlongs Grairtiv
wont Thomas second Lomaz tnlro Time 13
Fourth Race One mil and a furious Ralph Black
woo Repudtator second Ilinburf third Time Ilfl
ruth Kaco Six sad onehalf furlongs Bargain won
India 1 Rubber second Long Island I third Time ISIM
Sixth KaceKlTe 1 fnrlonfi WhIte hose won Baltic
second St Altars third Time ISUo
Jockey abC Trainer Attcntloal
The managers of Monmouth Fare Coney
Island New York and Brooklyn racecourses
make the following important announcement
Row Toss Feb 21
Tht Board of Control of the Coney bland New Yemb
and Brooklyn Jockey clubs and till Monmouth park
Aiaoctatlan will receive at toe temporary office Madl
MB avinu and Twinyttnlh I itriet application for
lIcenses for the lesion r ItWl under the noltowing rule
ot racing
All tnlneriaad Jetkays mult be licensed annually
the Board of Control In cases of emergency IB Kxto
attv Caomllt may penult trainers er loekere to
race or ride piadluf action of the RearS of CoMpeL oa
theIr application
O K Wtrass A J Cunrr
J O K LiwiucB Jest llmma
J AUoiau Jaw Quua
t J Dwria
W a VOIIUSOB Secretary
N > Bawlas at Band
The Extcntlvt CommIttee decided last I evening la
poitpont the races announced for today on account of
iht storm and the unfit condition of tIle track
odd sad End of Wport
Billy Kessler who defeated George La Blanche the
Mirloe has been raatehidto flint Jim Wllilaaii Salt
Lake the aolddleweliat champion of Utah they n
to Of hi accordtnf to titles Gazette film for S300
Cinoif Nor rb XA Mil will b Introduced la lb
Lflilalur tomorrow llcmilnf barknaoklu In
Kva4a aIf Intn4d to bring the heavy weights here
Ihe llcint Is to b 1J TBtotaturwiuprobably
pauboth II OOH
The following special cable was received at tb relict
Otttitu oftlc yeSterday Thi Xeluonrne Alhlttlo
Club hire oBired to pit np purse of tlooo for Joe Mo
AuilUe ii Sm Franclico and Joe Ooddird tho ckara
plan of lbs Baffler to fight for
Borrow Fib 3i Medical Bxamlner Adams of Booth
T JraS Dlct
Framlnfham after an examInatIon the body of Henry
Mcuiont the pntlUii who died la Xillrk yeitirday
aid thai an autopsy wag not necessary and that death
was caused by lolurtea received dirlnr dectaicd lait
battle fought lately with John hums of Marlporo
In tht whlit tournament ttrlet ot the Brooklyn
Bicycle Clan Iou times war played oa Monday
evening lDlUU 14 folio wi Mnira Key and HFlantr
were defined by Malcolm and muss by IT lAolr
Baimlmr I and Jonei beat Filler and Hutton by 11fo lal
Baymond and gullet dtfiatid Jonn and HDilonbyli
to IN and la the Baal tame Jtan and Fnllir heal Hal
cIm and a11D lIy 14 toIl
The following letter was received tt thi Polite Cx
ot hi1te
tui offlcyntirdiy from John M Wilier the proprl
lor of tII lor Gee hotel of Danedln N r oou
Iambi the report of bow Ulr Bash a bookmaker and
Jack hasten roufhl wltbfourpeonildumbbelln A
aovelflfhi eccirred yesterday bUD Jack Ililtou
and Wtfllim Nb Tht cause wit a binnald nanid
JuQa Weal After a reuih and tumble la the barroom
they agreed to flint It sot with four pound dumb boll
and III fought an old billiard room eOx4tt Hub
cored lint brood with a ball on the brow and Union
ruihid in with bit bias dwn Kiiii foorpouud bill
aext flVon tb Tiack of hli nickTHatioa fill iikii
toBeiBttiroB Hltba4lsallvrl but all I tile rt
Tb record of the players lo the profriulv euchre
tcurnamiai fO tbt Long laland I Wbttlmta U at followi
Gaugs ISP Irr
GsU I4ijieg fto Ct jt
t fJ Ir
BKvan t
r Botarl lot Ins 5
p B Uorert 2ts1 lie t
U ilMr liS 62
1g rA
SAHIB i ill 11
A ToPJJlBf 8111
tI TIr I 5 III 67
TrfpUr IM S3 M
Tbi ibocll board tournament at the Manhittan A 0
to I r ° H rat full klait vhs f ms won aba ltby the
teutealaau an as fillown
Wioi jell Won zoac
SmllllN I D rnmbo J u
Chaiscaud10 I I ulla 8 I
oroII l 1 6 C
I Jnn 4
lsnrv It a 1 Aluntmrmau 4 to
Stoari I S Irlei I IT I a
taylor 0 1Iluttsam a 4
S lIIr t llhawrssce 1 8
AIWoeIey 1
Noubis S I lBarciai 1
lIrrta 1 11Wkla I a
1 t
L euITdGxa JfDftJ U o
m Buta MneX W Bird IB Tkree Me
sstTs GaThea
The leeomd cane In the preliminary contests
for the Raocreft a Tennis Clubs ehasftplon
ahfpwM played yesterday afternoon between
Mea E IA Montagne Jr and O W Bird
MrLstMotttagaeis rated as one of the club
crack playa and the feet that Mr Bird had
been lUUgeatlr preparing for the event nd
WM eoBstaatlr showing Barked improvement
la his method of play led many to belssre
that be would oat oat some sharp work la the
erles Conseanentir his meeting with Mr La
Montages had been anticipated with unturoal
Interest and the gallery yesterday contained a
rather select assemblage the number of ladles
being particularly prominent
Mr La Montagne opened the contest sfcortlr
after 1 oclock and in six and a bait Bilnntes
afterwards had plaeed the first trUDa to his
credit by a More of fifteen to love gajjne birds
execution WAS very indifferent while on tho
other band Ur La Honiara strong Berries
accurate returns and good genralsnlp were
stieo al features
In tbe second game llr Bird showed won
dental Improvement particularly in the latter
part of fIts Ham In eight bends he haul soored
but three aces to Ur La Montague1 s twelve
bat in the two succeeding hands by strong
and effective sepia principally he collected
nine hose while Mr La Montagne wa unable
to gather more than one The light In toe
court was very poor at this Urn and both
players seemed to suffer from the edicts With
the MOTO 18 to 11 In llr La Montague favor
the latter lost a band without anT return bye
very pretty return ot Mr Birds Ill latter
fred no better In his attempt la the next
band Mr La Montague scored two aces thus
winning tbe game
Mr Ttlrde best defence wa In the third
game For the first time In the match he as
sumed the lead in the fourth band and held it
for some little time Ho changed his tactic In
recovering service by catching tho ball on the
fly and ft proved to be quite effective for i
a while Mr Bird mado the first ace ot the
game on service In the second bnu Mr La
t ilontagne scored td iree losing his band by a
bad miss lIr Dlrr added a single the score
standing 8 to 2 In r La Montague favor In
the fourlh hand Mr Bird Increased ma score
to Ore For live successive hands Mr La Mon
I tngne was unable to t score and Mr Bird lost
three hands In a similar i war ID the eighth
i and Mr La Montagne soored an ace and Mn
Bird two Adding three additional aces In the
ninth hand to Mr Birds oueCo Mr La Mon
tagne brought his score up to against 8 for
Mr Bird In the next band Mr Montagne
assumed the lead again with three ace by
play Mr Birds lower play being very Ineffec
tive Br clever service chiefly Mr La Mon
tagne looted five aces in the next two hands
giving him the game and the match The
corenB81 OUST
K La Montana Jr l 1 oiou
O W Bird 0 0 0 0 0
Act by iirvlce B La Monism Ilr 10 Low ot
hand by faalttO W Bird 1 Let it La Moatacnt
Jr L Tim of lmoK minute
K La Wontifn Jr3 8 0 1 1 5 I 0 I 0 319
UW UlrdTr I u O 0 I 00 3 7 0 1
Aces by Mrvtce R La Moatarn Jr 8 O W Bird II
Tim of f am IM mlatae
nLaMontimiJrJ aoooooiass 215
owBird tosoooaio 110
Aces by iirtlcc F La Montague lr eg 0 W Bird
7 Ttmotfam 14 minutes
BefcreeiHeeire O Hyde Clarke and W K Olyn
MarkerHobtrt Knits Total tlm if pl jlnf3J
mID 0110
The preliminary contests will end tomorrow
afternoon with the match between Mr W Eo
Olin and J 8 looker
Previous to the championship eontestyes
terday Mr M La Montague and Mr W E
Olyn presented quit a lively and excellent
display In Which Mr Olin earned off the hon
ors after a rather gallant uphill fight The
second game was IIfU five aces and the third
game four aces The score
W BOlyn U 18 IT ts
MLaMontarne 13 U 1848
MarktrBobtrt Moor
The Colombo Club of Brooklyn win Nil Ibe second
game of their match with thi Champs at Anion llall
Tuesday evening neo Below will be round the scare
of their practice tame on Tneiday luti
Oeorre Kerlere 11L tvmlim Di Eittm 140 Wll
Ham Obernxr 131 IL Rohlefler 129 IEr 8chtBr V
II wcknr left II Kldet 149 r Weckeuer 172
II Thlme 141 O Aufinthilir 180 O Krler lav
Total 11
Vrank Oberalerl SIdeL Wall ITS H Llndlman
ITR William Ileerdt IU 1 rI Iaal23 i Xtrkart toOt
1 flnber U5i J cJkmiu 15 tilUktfI a
Rail 120 P Oberaler IM Total 1511
The caddlBf match fame between tbtWrtt Rid
Bowline Club and th Liver SoilIng Club wag rolled I at
Jasfeua alleys Koriyniath street and I VBIB avenue
OB Wednesday evening > The soopet
LtviraPnriy lee Lyoat 127 Tea Born lIe Tan
Wart 811 BUPMTI t20 Urattella 117 Rennet ItIIl
Dnaltp lIe lOernaa 55 Cotta 149 fetal IBSX
West > SMShaw IS8 lodaro 139 fluwlbboa 144
Jordan u 102 Wearir lIei Breckwedel lSxl 1 II sets
III Hay 1IO C B Melt 137 Unit ISO Total 5575
Th Kings county Individual tourney began oa
WedneediT evening at the Acme Ball alleya Kotmtr
easily dertated Wood lathopnlaf eerie but la the
gamsa with Ilornli Kotper Injured his right band
which compelled htm to roll with his unhand The
nm iiiiu
First fmeKopper US Wood 2IIX Second fame
Kooper 110 Wood 181 Third fan Kopper 1M
004 1117
ncoio min
rtntfarae Wood1191 tlornla 143 Rceoad fame
Wood ff Hernia 170 Third samaWood r Ur
nrttfamt dornls 141 t Lopper as Second tam
Hortut 1M Kipper li Third aWBtnorala f Kop
per loi
Oa Wednesday evening the Centennial club rolled
this fame at the KUfara alleys Brooklrni
lira Sills U9 lira Mitchell 123 Mill Bannir Mt
HIM Hyde 94 Hit B Elpp 103 lisa B KIppTeTi Bit
lir 1S4 Noyii17a Lending 1S8 llalaiie Oust
alDtham 128 Barabam l li ICltahill 146 StIckle
baroab t 183 Oeerf u Klpp 127 Fiarsall IIS Law
son Ito Draw 129
Two mitch f am one of tin men and the other with
five men were played at McCowant alleys on Tuesday
evening between the Standard anti New York olnbs
the latter slub winnlnn both games Thi icerit
nu on
Btaadard MaaLeaa 159 Thompson 1741 Klota IMt
Henry lie Cody 13ii Cornwall ItHi Pomiroy 149
Dubarry 178 Harmon IM vttlendtr ISO Total
New YorkYounf 313 Hicks 324 a W Warden
18V Smith 149 Warden lilt Blddla too MeOowaa
1073 ins Daatr 111 Schwaru laS MeLellau IH Total
EtaadardMacUan ian Thompson ISO Dubarry
IIS Uanliou ISi Villtnder 171Total 164
New York Toanf Its HiCks iMi G w Warden
ISOi Sobwarta lIlt MaaLeUaa 143 Total T9I
Tht teoond Eights play la the nlnepta keadpto lo r
namint at the tlirmin Aatimbly RIGID alien oa
Wednesday tvtnlas resulted aa follows I
ansi oar
OrlentslKverdlat Hi g mtkl Iii Camertr an I
tW c 8 hehnnsn 45 Siknidin Sit YoIterman
45 1rinca 44 Total 868
ecu tWO
Psderasobmldl 55 Lebr 45 Otniel tag RCmler I
l r Jf rk ttr lIy uk
00 lLlni 41 Icbllnk 215 Uabachsk 55 To
lforddeatoberSchtstte A8 i Bibraaan 48 Bnna 541
fm ttr
Iviia lOt = 74 Lalf 43 BchllehOnf 60 I Vtft M
Total 433
cms roca
New York City Behnetxen Rug 4t But So
Oerdea 11 Boedel 161 Killer S7t Bohumackir 611
Oabmaon 47 Schultz 37 Trial ICO
oars ran
FJdelliHoldit 751 TrilM 081 KlbbeL Itli i Sobrodir
alS ll
r1ili Doo tIt Sts
BO Wanaemacher 74 Amann ei Ltvtrldft oo Paul
5962 Tolai3l3
tM WIlt oa Wednesday Bight
Orttanl r a riihar 174 l B ota IMi Vanball
149i Labafh I6R U liofirk loll K baits 120L AVl
Vllllama 17i Johnson IJi iritorm lee llUiTsot
CRlverildt A CCadlr ijgj Brnnytr 131 Wella Ire
A IXTonipklB ISO klawba II Ilirr IOB lID Hoop
r Si l6sanCUur Ul0i wonI47i W A Tompkins
18t Tolal 181111
00 Honok Brooklyn alleys ths 1I0D11I1 team di
f114 the 111cc Clot OD Tseoday iveslng n seer
JlowronvllleBsner 108 P Meyer 541 r Mre
171st llnuen ir Lani IOu Wllhusss Ml ToaJ ur
OleiKdney1 iKTSMtr TsBrTtsiabriVb11 Ito
Schwa 111 Utttn IM Clelrleh 158 totaCtOV
finale TeBlgkt
tan BILL icouit
Acme vs tdnl
liart vs Provident
Provtdint vs Acme
iota IIUBD uista
hoetlrlnr vs Mohawk
Mobawk vi llnnohrollers
Buacbrelliri vs Hbowulnfs
COIDH uau iitavs isooxinrV
A D vs Golden Eagle I
Twurrriiira wisn TociKimrr ISOODTX
Manhattan vs Waiblaf Part
oases rosy miTstrs Issue
Atalaota tl Century at Atalinta alleya
Bmamas eta BritIsh Mtautterd
Borro Feb 26 Tbt three birds teat over from Bn >
land expressly to take part In tbt ixhlblllon Of the hew
Bnflaad Light Brahma Club arrived la I faneutt hall
thl mornIng Then bird are nearly perfect accord
log toBriUah standards bat net Ie aeoordlnf totb
American ittadird In weight tss t art about Ik
same but the grist dlSinncill to 1i4i eu la I the Tub
tir bock wblih U normoui and would dkuoalify
Dim bar Their toe art aO vary heavily leathered
In ill neek too a ailtirino li to be Betel ThiAiair
kB itaudird hat au laleni black eolfar with a deli
cat while lacing The BrltUb fowl art aol eo ptrfect
and their lain art not of the tntinit blot oolor that fi I
rebind here
The cock Is valued al f loo and the bent at 175 each
The Uu KchRiiettii lllcyele Club
Sonar fib Thir It I iriry prop ct that the
eld MaaaschuMttt Bicycle Club will be retired under
the old name with kiUquartirt oiatrallr Uxaied la
Boalen Thin will he oss hundred meatkaca all
wkhaM Tke kTanukiMli Club was ceo ou
125551 ft rmMniri Muni sasi
1a umsoiJi ii
BttMkmsjnM Ne r a rtsw a s as M 1w
> w Woo
HAWMA Feb SOToday play wan nelDe4
la th match between Blaokbnrne and Gol
mayo Tb former having the white offered
a Queens Gambit whloh hI opponent ao
oepted On the third nor th English muter
played his K KtB 8 a move which he hlmsel
flrst Introduced at the Vienna tournament of
1879 and wbloh hal sine been generally reo
oan1 and adopted as the best combination
for first plarer in this opening as It prevents
black obtaining a counter attack br PK i
In one of the early games In their present
match Btelnltz aa first player road the move
8 IK a andGnnsberg replied 8P K4 and
ultimately won the game In a subsequent
gameBtelnltz evidently perceived the sound
net of the move Introduced by Blackburn
He adopted It cad succeeded In scoring the
Following UD this mote Blackburn began
an early attack upon the opposing Q B P play
Ing his Q n to D so before castling Already
bishops had been exchanged and ai early In
the game aa the thirteenth move all tour
bishops bad disappeared from the board a
most unusual thing In the Queens Gambit
When the hour arrived to adjourn for dinner
Senor Golmayo was the plarer to seal his
teJltrJlrlt IROTI
After the adjournment black Initiated a
counter demonstration on the kings aide evi
dently to the hope of diverting the attack
which his opponent wa pursuing on the other
side of the boarri In order to prevent the
possibility of Oolmaro obtaining any strong
attack on the king side Blackburn now
forced the exchange of nneens a proceeding
Which somewhat weakened his I hold on the U
11 P of his opponent This movement too
seemed Jo make more remote the ultimate
Issue ot tho game although white bad still br
tar the best position and retained a strong
attack There were come who thought that
black might u3ceeti In drawing the game titer
this out hope In this direction soon began to
fade away Following StfllnlUlan principles
heproaeeded to bring his king Into the middle
of the board but the fighting monarch was
driven hack Into his ewn quarters ant at tho
same time Blaekbnrna pushed forward his
king and forced a passed pawn on the kings
roots the
With tbeperUnaeltrof buUdosrwblcb
by the way Is a robrlQnet by which Black
borne is familiar Known Jn London
chess clrcleB the LnKlIstimiin retained his
bold on the Q B P right to I the flulab
Inst U Is a remarkable tactto that blacks
knight which moved to K so as early in the
game as on the eighteenth move to delco
the B P on which whlto bad eonoentrated nil
attack was never allowed aa opportunity to
tave that position without Incurring lots and
there It remained to the close nt the game Al
though the Cuban champion made a magnifi
cent defence and fought with conspicuous
ability all through he wa ultimately corn
polled to surrender on the sixtysecond move
The run of moves in the game ana notes by
Blackburn are subjoined
15r nouuvo 5L92An ic
5I8B4 04 32 KsB S REt aq
210114 ix 53KQ2 UK sq
l TOIfWfH 3tKtKteqflg
srxe RItel asKsUS Rift
Snxr BKt5ebb lbnO lth86m
II mln Smin BOxft
8BQ1 SiB 5733
JUKixB Culls BSklKI3 K I
8 OB BS4CPQKt8 39KK2 PK4fk
O Caitltt BKt3 is BhOch kS 4
IU QK a KtB 3 d thMut lh4iin
O4 mln lOmia 41 PI B Pi
II KK Uiq QK3 > 42 KtxQPehKX54
13 BlTtf B X B 43 PIt 4 cIt KB Sip
130x8 Kt Q4 44 KtKtb KKt
UKtK KtKeq 43 P 4 fcft
15 KtB 0 Kt x Kt Ci h 10 In U h 51 rn
1341mm 142mm 40PKKt4 PxP
lORxKt KIQu 47PxP K5t2
IS Kt54 KbK sq 48 KB 4 R02
I RIIt 5 JKt 5 10 PK S
socxis qK2 2hIOxa 2b5
54mm 5 Xt5 3 7l3 m
S3 gtKtS lis MKtKtO KB3
lE CIlv
2BKSIg3lK4 2b44Tn Sb 1cm
aeLfeSrH480 36 KtKtS KK2
26QR5b QQ tTPRft NxP
silv 3ItS WPxP KKS
ItBe KLQkteqtePitO KReq
yn KsK S RQ eq OOKK16 ffifl
50 KB sq Pft 4 81 Pit 7 oh ftK eq
1ljsBlin sib Ills ta EtQ6o Reeling
11 rq a a xq 4 2 h 46 05 30 Ii Sm
rosltloa after Blacks twcntyMeond boys
Black Oolmayo U pIeces
4 r1IriA
White Blackburai 13 plieee
alA movs Omit played by Blackburn afilnet Pick
slg at lbs VliDaa International tournament and linn
almost aolvertallr adopted at bait coaltaaailoa to
ibtBE 3 was preferable
OWbite that tarty Inland to develop an attack 01
th QBr which nltlmataly forms fbi leading molly
of th fame
d A weik men Either q xtq s er rq B
was itrpnrir
5 Qklwaebia only movt to retain hli Q B ei
the board The text move iniblll Whit to effect
favorable txcbanta
ILWhite o oali not bert eaptnr tbe Q B T 00001
Black would then have replied JH Q x at r sad It 2
KtxKQzBcb with the beet of the fim
UX Biinftnf oat the K at this point would perbapi
nav been betur
bt Whit bad DO ad to nckinr Je ts thins wai
really nethist serious sn his opponents torentaned al
lack on lb kings aide
11Here whit msnoeavrt his Kt sep to one moo
plant on Q Kt 5 again attackIng the iB J >
kLThIi is a weak more lie our hi ralhir to ban
playid hla K K3 followed by K fro deluding thl
fawn with the king and reiiaunf the Kt to as to brtnj
It In to play
IX Black lnf la BOW drlvia oat ot play tax a shag
rak This mov Ice tb ramt right off for black bul
whit la any cue with U pooed pawn en ib M
sld ouf ht to wia
Int Tbi atis forced la tbre move bacioi tl
black Kt moves whites Kt mates If black taka Ibi
hI pawn ritak and foes on to qostn natint In twc
mar move
Tke Jingilek tTalvenlty Boat Xowe
Th latest formation of the Oxford crew wai
aa follows
wK Poole Mifdilin bow loT e 95
IC 7 Rowe Nagdalsn II 18
T nlckalli Mfditen > t
a Mickaiit MajdaieS K
P WIlkInson j
soroS Amplhtit Sew College
w VLttMT ttvvnr is
0 w Keut hiraeoe Istroke 10 10
1 5 WillIams rBru okiVvrvu S
The Cambridge men were those
J W Noble Caloi how i
2 J It Kimpion nrlifi if
S J r Bowlait Trinity llau il IS
4 E T Flion Corpus Is 6u
o W Iiudile Trinity hail i J
a O Prancklrn Third Trinity li I 4
7 t L OK Kiint Trinity nan u
I Kiln ratot Trinity strobe
Ira I
j v Braddon Trinity hall fooL a a
The Oxford eight to said to be travsiIin
rather the faster
CkBlrtaan Daivol SamcBior
Sine the reflection of Jamti a Dana to the trust
deucy of Ib League ot American Whtelmen great In
ttrsst hu been manifested regardleghie mw tppeiat
menu oa thi vtrlous eommlttita It Is tutooary fop
all new comnllleii to bt ippolntid by fib 34 bat
Pteetdent uuoo Is at preisat out wyrBaftfelr
sible to eeure the full slit iV was lsaro1 bowsbe
that the Satin hoard vacaney will be hued Sr
S KS f lbs a
Doiuimni of Chines 8 Kendall of Chicago kr sal
Oall II Stoat W rein of ue and It an Td whaeimia
lie was formerly an Eaitern notta
man but be leek uo big
reildtnce in the Wen some years iso lie was at cue
time a member of the Owl Mlorcle Clob of Chlef
tmr tk CITHHINCI raocxa
HOIOTI for Ibe followraf price VlTi v
I boltie lttanl
bottle loathes fihkeet
bottle um
bottle Reek ani bye
or the cix sNorted to suIt for 000 if yen dtot
time te order personally send for wuiiyovii
let card
moron apoetal aSdthe eame wiijeMt
air tomalMt prlo lIst and pamphlet dorlat
to cr0055 auy aadrsa1 fhrougb wItIsh we put our liquors WSSft foe tk
ovannro PBOCIMH co
ess iroadway below uihrt
portsiT i w intt 43004
Peck Snyders Celebrated
t M WW0 fAM
1141 S yia is BfaUBsULV UT 7 X
L At > v tM V rfr4Ljj I SJsSAJsa
All the Clubs of 5k > Cowatry to t > B e
Cntoioe rib 9COB et the plan which wffl ke
rally dlioaued dninf the few Tork meitntof ike
League Visit week aad tiered to Ih KaUonaC Batr
for conilderatlon Includes the admlailin et the Inlet
national or an Bastes Leaf a t full rlvlltii aaltr
the arreimeni the formation and tlmtlar admlMloa it
a nsw Central Learn and tbt rtorftntiatlta of the
Weitim Asnelttkm circuit Thui fee crtmlia
tloni will be worklnf to unison undir the pie
vltliBi ot the Bttloaal atrttmtat This ttrrlterr
will include every nnvclau bs bail sup k
iwem the Atlantis Win me the stocky Mountaltt
It U not expected 10 eneet this orraaliiifoa of laaior
leas net ID time for the approaohlnr blaring MaMa tnt
much ot the llceeeary work will be done by hat time
lie Weitera Anoeliton will rmln intact this pear
Th couching outlined la It ia elrcalt Is I the adIaj tSi
ot Ht LOuts lit place of the present member thai may
prove wsakest ibis turnmtr anti the change wilt bi
madi nut ulnler The ichtm don notconuniilaia
eppoeltlon 16 Von dtr Ahii turn for the notlea Ui ibai
Ciaid long Defer to exist th move Ii made the Snoops will sue
Tise entire piaD of reoosstruotlo ls based upon is
accepted fact thaI liter will be no such lusllttio as
lb ALerlean Aseoclation nut isa While the
ptssnt lntetlttiGflsl I eae may be admitted lelotme
powers without uatrlni a ehanre la lu ctrsit
that urganIsatlon will be t of important strength u tha
eii5 Its I circuit nndtr tbat or Mm other earns U ma > p2
oui to be Toronto Bniralo nooh iter Syracuse TVJir
Haven Newark BaltImore and Washington The sew
CentrAl League whIch l l > l atay not be la termaarat iMM
pnlil nest year wl bar Lonlirlila iHdlanaeoik
Columbus Toledo Detroit and titanS Xailda anVtwe
Other citIes to be determined apes A obamiioaiklp
MrlM or m iUtwctn tho Matlooal WoiMrn RMMriL
sad trntrs4 A A i Z rZ7lTV T T
league pennant winseis w01t4 be aevel
einitlnr and dsiatve hut lb adeets of seeS as a
rastrement would be fat machtny aid of lesetsesable
vain to the soon TI elan Se a great on Cadet Its
proTlitoni ibo troathtry ot 5 member would be atue
InpoMik and IU senD wonld be 10 extejisive that
every ball pairoa is I tbo vast territory wouie take k
interest is each tame played Ihinogh Its efiects on he
dial ountMU for nailonal nprimaoy la l tborali fbi
Ui latu naltno m nl In bajbal baanaT bieR
diacniMil outside the circle of its propiote and Hi de
tail an new pnttauo to lbs pnMlo tr the test lime
Where will Kecf Ply
Tim Lest da not yt slfotd a eonlraet although ke
is ba Mkd to do so several time by rprtMnUUrM
of the Kw York Club Director Taloott eD d en him
yesterday bat nothlnc urn ot It I shall not sign at
prMat said Ktf yittrdar I went to play la
Row York bat there Is vry likely lo be a hItch
our the salary question From whit I biar I
am to inffr a rtdnotlcn Like every kaU
player I want to s < l all the mousy I can
anrf It nakM llttl dlffrfnc what olnb I play with t
Ct It The Kw Totk Club has loot money and 10 bar
L T ral oluM want my Mrrici Among the onr
I have reelT art urinal which If 1 can ge toyr >
lease and acsep1 will brIng me la nor noMy than the
Kin York Ilsb Wul be willing to ilVe me Yes I have
one offtr from an AwoOailon eluo offtrtnr me iito
nor than I know the New York Glut will consent te
live Will I accept 111 That I cannot lay 1 Its hew
Tort and do Dot want to leave 1 shall do nothing rain
I shall eonildir matters and not sign With say cub vIl
Sit after I return from rrlneiton
Oo of the director of the Nw York Club said Wo
want Keri on the turn and I apprehend no iroabU ID
fitting bIrTh to lUro a eontrict But yo know tnat Ha
alwayi hu to mako his Heal iprlatEloO and I lappoi
hell op to that this time U ougbtto remember bow
eye3 that lid season User are many players on the
the market and thai no player can eeuldir nil s er
ViceS Indlipmiabl Keels has always been a high
salarIed player and he should not objot In a mill
shave In salary insomuch M ba did rrr lull work
test season ana rtoitT aa enormous salary
Baaw Ball Notes
It la said that John Kotly rioelrtA feco adraae
Draiy to itf n an Association contract
LODIITILLI Fib 2S Vananer Chapman tonight ra
eIT d the ilind contract ot John a Uoran pItcher of
last season Slew llarn tam
Mmrm Dar Taicntt and Spalding the ExecutIve
Comnlitoib Mew York Clot held a mUnc y >
trday bat nolhlnc ot oatiid importance Was done
The National Sage Ball Club of Sooth Brooklyn bar
rrorianlMd for the nuon ot 1801 and would like ti
naar from od amatanrolub In and about the nty
Addraa U t Marks manager 664 SIxth avenue rok
The Pittsburgh Players Lean club baa offend te
RtUe wIth Ke le aad Becaanon on aeu per cent but
1117 bar refused to conndr saah a propoiuian ant
yesterday Keef consulted Judge Benny Baeoa about
proceedings to collect the nil amount
Dipoty Sheriff KoOlnnU has nolrd ieeatta
against the New York Uralndj lag Ball Club en tie
Judgment for 515117 obtained some wekl ago by Oar
Tilt II Ilalcht and bag elzS lb lease or Uwcrounos
at Eighth avenue and IMtb ilreH and levied also apes
other p noa al property of the cascara
Manacr Power said yMlerdar that the rpon that
Bb Barr had staseS with the KillrUl Clot Is satins
5sbe ba r oelrd a dtipatob from that playrdentan
It and saying thai tiiwould like Mplay Wft5 I51I4
team which U nndr rowins manaceMent
Tb Columbus Atbistle Club hare ortaalatd with itii
teams Murray latbz hhsaha Sdh tanhoveBdb
selOuts s at TtBBaBl fl llecdilfar7c7 Edwiede
r f Brown and Cooper pitchers and ails sad 1
eatehin Aodrett John ietert 16 Betnnno etreet
A team has ben selected for the bright Alhlttle
Club They art aa follows Sells and Uvlnnton plleb
tn Donaldtta sad Can catcher White 11 b1
hahn W b Voaaldion s M Hiltr 8d bl tltorKn1
LI OWls o t tad smIth r f The maaamrls r Haw
come zuo Liberty attune Brooklyn
A semIprofessional club has beta orraalxed la Brldf
port tb players are Kallty p sore e WigR T
Tit b Brannllild 2d b McDonald 34 b CooIl a e
Dorr L I ti 1 Onnatnibam o f and Kane r f All eem
unloatloni should be dilrMd to Jehu If Canaing
Lam 28 Wall ureat Bttdfiport Cnn
Preildint Whit ot the laleraatlonal Lean sad
Manager P T Power Tinted Newark last sight to iii
bow far arrangements have hun oomplewd to orcaala
a club wbloh may be admitted 10 the laUraatlmM
5 league MMin shoemaker and Coiling the old oe
e ganizailon sri Intereitid in Ibis aiw move bat tbiy
r refused lo to on atone aid lutala the lone If lam
may be any They are toyIng to nl other partIes to
ureitid with them and will undoubtedly anocML
n C Wsustjrotor Feb M Secretary Vouac of the KS >
tionil Hue Ball Lticne bu luoed the ollowlac notloai
I Contracts or elWUIi Cincinnati J lMorie J O
Kelllr J W Uolllday and Charles Man with Pit
burgh Harry Tlaliy sod R II Carroll with rhllailel
II puts WUllanj Shladl and B J belehaniyi nUb Ct
i a
rage lame Klan with Milwaukee A fT Albert with
Cleveland innS Eaauai wIth lang city wllllaa
t Wilson and w Vf Carpenter Ternu aeoepud
Mliwauki fred 0 Smith by Lincoln L O TwItcbeU
led Jells Barkelt KeleiiidBy Cleveland B t
Ullkt by Otaver A Park WIleots
C BiLmtoia rib za Manafw Smuts ba return
from Philadelphia and without Shlodla The famoBB
abort sloe ba Mined with the Fhllidilphlt Lean
I club Harnl ottered Sbindl3kouu MaaaftrBarnl
says that bt bit la his lift a ptnoaal contract elraedi
C by Cblidi In which bt contracts to pIer ball wills MatH
C toots Accompanying it li a receipt for advance
I boney Mr Barni say acme of the Ln Clubs
may be surprised but Balumori will eve
S a good club without Sblsdl President Vonderbom
baa retujraid from New Tork where hi went to meet
S Cbirlil Brrneof to Brooklyn Leiin Clab to ladgo
1 him to lump the Leurue Mr Byrn said he did not
bow be coald leave the Man bat 5e wee act la I lyn
It Cathy with the aeitia ot the League In rtrnlnr player
I airiidy under contract and that he baa Iiletriphe4
I b wonld not bespanlyla any icbim to ladic mia
to bruk coatraeia Prtildeat Vonderhoru eays b I
not as inthoilirtlo aa Mr von den Abe inn ether bat
1sditermlnid to continue In th present caChe atktIs
I Handball Oofmt
Several rattling food times wire played tl Court
I aeys touth Brooklyn Court yesterday louts Odetl and
Macifer John Power save JocWacer aad Olaafow
Bob plenty to do to keep themnlvii warm bat Ibe
toutmtl iJermin ana bu piriair won by the follow
log smite
Odell and Powtrs 31 n Sle
Wager and partner 14 17 10 ol
William Irs and Owen Brannlnn bad a thrlaB
tilt the german wlanlat la food ityl Tb score
W IVM si ai f
UBrinnlian IS II Itit
PblUp Cantlon of the Nauau Bat Ball Club and
I Oiori Wager played two tnlereiilnf gamsa Ib nsut
beIng a draw Caution won the Brit game by II u IS
and Water the second by 21 to ID
I JoiepS Leaver performed a rather dUBaoltfaat by
I dafiallnfAl Doyle and HIIHam Leavar two stral bi
games The icorei were 31 to IT and 2 U IC
Title aStacuoo a match wliloh baa bea expected fag
souse time will U diclded between Pur cKes
President lbs Sell Hide Shamrock Koothali Chts
and Joeeph Forlonf
At Champloa Caaeys court la Brooklyn yesterday the
bamplen played John MoKvoy and f i Cribis sad
somehow en other mite pal caT ° stetleeit
lib dyla colon Mcltr yl smile eae4 II SMb
owney after let oaten 0oesenil
IcKvoy and Crlbbla II IS 21M
Philip Casey P ti 203
Joieph Daly and George Walter diUated WfUlass
Cacclola and Thomai Iiunn by the foUowlafSetrai
alyand Waltin SI II
Csccloia and Uunn IS z3s
M Rulleen wu rather too power g for 1 Moloahr
be taller being busteD In two fame by 21 lo T aad 21
ole The third fame however ualcakj won by 2t
to 40

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