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f I I J Y F jt i it i f l t1 Ji t W 3 bl I tI < t t M T i p r r J
I l1IF J 4
rwo or not AffxofatAaoir JU
PAIXD or xnm W4IZ
r PM k atsbss e ftsag
Caaat am Wltk HI Tmr + Toe Bm
T Lt f tk A prpwiUo B Mill
7ar CenteMenktle I U fl
K4c4 B > t m the ARbIld7 BillTwo
B ntlle CetaeUer f MsueiMhtisette
sag JBoBhlB > r nitaole Oa > o > II
WumxaTOH Feb 26In the Unite today
the Legislative Executive and Judicial Ap
propriation bill was reported br Mr Allison
who gave nolle that h will ask the B naU to
consider It I u soon as the Sundry Civil bU
hall baTe ba disposed or The Band
OlTll bill wu the taken up and IU oonsldera
Won resumed All the am ndm nU reported
from the OommtttM C Appropriations hat
but been c1 of at 1SO the bill was opa
t general amendment
Mr Plumb Rp Kan mored to strike out
a Ue m of li000 for aid t the Industrial
Okrtstlan home Association 1 Utah Territory I
and read a communication and reports to show
UM alight benefit arising from institution
and the extravagant manner In which It Is
aU ODe ot the reports af the num
bit of Inmatea as males 4 males Bre
Terstng he said the ordinary conception ot
J Utah aocletr The motion to strike out 1
h defeated yeas 90 I nays 8L
Mr Oorman m 1d offered an amend
Bent providing for the anspenslon ot the aD
oprIation in the Sundry Civil bill of
frojprlatlon I te Hundr 011 bl August
1890 1 provide accommodations for the Gov
ernment Printing Offloe Agreed to te
Amendment were agreed to adding nearly
LOOuOX to lbs tott aporoDrIatlon Among
kTmMenW apprprlatloD
11 amlndmeat wsretba following AoDa
ApraUg 5 O Hi sollecUcim aD4 p
r r gg l b ft bOor olitvatlng
V H pinEaae o the Coast SunrerkDUdtnr SIU
s o ske Meltbv hoflM aJ 1M
aUlWel = twidinmiunTtirtioV0 et
Aaatanrsadaf ism or lbs latponMloa we and
trWrvailoB of ralaoMr rot tb m i Jftie nauvele
JffV tan ± to ul talrway to the mon
or th MvolatMaary battle at
1 1I44D 0 O a its flt post at
0 fo 1 VINSI fo boaidtn I
U i11tItE uiLooo fa Brtlaat tlcatnau at
ou as ta nU of tnii ohM Elr
5a IS4IUI IIUre 0 Taa10OD1 the
mass sa AISSttIOa c ew Jan11 t the TriStan ZatUs 10
2TPnauas 10 tot a piblla bufldlag at Aa
r The bill was reported to the Seriate and all
the amendments were agreed to in bulk ex
tent those on which separate votes were asked
Mr Berry asked a separate vote Qn the Item
oX f 10000 for the daughters of the late Joseph
Marv Secretary of the Smithsonian Instftn
lion for ralnabie nubile services rendered by
hiju The item was agreed to yeas 8 nays 19
ML handler asked a separate vote on the
committee amendment fir the Plah Commis
sion He spoke of the continually Increasing
expenditures of the Commission and of the
h propriety of having it placed under one of the
neat departments of the noroll
After much discussion the amendment wu
SDUc a amendment placing the
Thames lllver Connecticut among the rivers
on which post lights are to b 1 established and
maintained Agreed to
matne then passed
On motion of Mr Cameron the Senate bill ap
propriating WOOO I 000 for a new Mint buldlol aD
at Philadelphia was taken from the calendar
bftat1ve Executive and Judicial Ap
propriation bill was then taken up and the
sinadmnta reported from the Committee on
oprlatlons were acted on as read Mr Al
lisoD expreRSlng the bop that rad A
woud continue In session until the bill was
Mr rfoar offered a amendment approprl
cling ISMO for the traveUlng expenses of
Jndgesof Circuit Courts Agreed apDe
Mr Hawleypffered an amendment appro
priating 160000 for deflnlna and marking the
nesof battle occupied by toe army of North
ern Virginia during the three days of the bat
tlepf Qettrsbunr Agreed t
Mr Sawyer offered an amendment creating
the S offloe of Fourth Assistant PoatmaaterQen
er Plumb took advantage of the amend
n1it to make an attack on the management
9 t the Post Office > Department declaring that
pa had never visited that department lately
ant Ibat t e had len the heads of the depart
Lent reading the newspapers andotherwuie
mnt l Utportlngthemselvas He believed
sue ddD1tntanttnar present management
was uonepessarlly extravagimt and character
teed nJ a jjaok of attention t the public expen
qltnres This new omen would simply enable
thai PoetmasterOeneroi t devote all nla time
to his private bPlln neo s a hl t
K bawler defndd the department and
asserted that it would hb economy for the
Government to provide this new office
Mr Gorman declared that more new officers
and more increase of compensation bad been
prQvidod for darna this upngress than ever
before In the history of the Government
Mr Sawyer then withdrew his amendment
and Mr Allison reported the aendment
ad AUJn reprd te Idia Approprl
511015 DIII l
Xr ander of Montana offered as a new
section an amendment providing for tie our
ehaae 15000000 ounces of sliver and the Issue
Cr Treasury Dote thereon
Mr Edmund raised point ot order against
the amendment which was sustained aanit
Chair lUrHarri R No appeal was taken te
The LtgNlatlve bill was then completed with
the exception of several amendments on which
separate votes were demanded The bill was
Jpatl bi
laid aside until tomerrow wa
The conference report on the Military Acad
emy bill wan presented by Mr
Allison and agreed to The tu remains as it
passed the Ilouse the Senate receding from
pN only amendment It made
The Chair laid the Nicaragua Canal bill be
fore the Senate as unfinished business but b
Taddook said that that bill had been already
lall aside and announced bat t he purposed to
insist nxr on the Pure Food bill being taken up
A roll call then disclosed the lack of a quorum
tod at 9 48 the Senate adjourned Quorm
Do rJraIUy
The House met at 10 oclock this morning
there being less than twentyfive members in
attendance and after passinc a few bills in
cluding one for the relief of the assignees of
the late John Roach went Into Committee of
the Whole lir Burrows of Michigan in the
chair for general debate on the Shipping bill
Mr Grosvtnor Rep 01 who held tho floor
When the bill was last under consideration con
cluded his remarks in favor of the measure The
time which had elapsed since he last addressed
the lions he said had controverted the argu
ment mado bJ gentlemen on the other side
that the McKinley tariff law had shut out
American products from foreign markets and
foreign products from American markets
Time bad done a good deal for the Republican
side of the House and had accomplished the
triumphant passage ot the Shipping bill
Under the operation of the McEInleyblll the
United States had opened markets for man
bllhh of wheat and a good many barrels of
prk oday In the markets of this country
the comm0lle that entered couutr
dnll lila 01 the people wIthout a
IhlRls ueltOD we e cheupr han they were
on lime fist or ttertembor J8U0 and cheaper
Irtmbor IUO ad
than they bad ever been before In the history
of the country At the same time the ogrloul
tutal products brought better prices than they
bele tha
oldat I the close of the fiftieth Coogresa tbeJ
WAS Mr true Gates of cotton Worn Ala inquired whether that
Mr Grosvenor replied bath tlouzht iobeI
1 Dot Ir of It n ° sad that Congress
should lake advantage of the McKlnley b
and send American tetnels covered by the
American flag carrying American products to
leek for the markets jf the world
Mr Mills Dem Texwi ridiculed the re
lproclty policy of the prelent Admlnlstrutlon
fi iF prlcr W eMV avi vo evt e1 > UUJIUiOl < IsMWU
JI the United Mtte Wanted reciprocity why
not uUCla with England France and Oer J
many Englan I has pulled down the bars and
Welcomed every ball of pork or bushel of
wbet that was sent her She was willing jo
tk more cotton more wheat more porl
mormanou1tura1nrJuoth iftbbnted tates
ould lake dowl Its bars and extinguish the
Ore which I baa l Ignited jjn the coast In order
to prevent commerce Now the ore
wanted foreign trade A few months ago they i
put un the bars against that trade then they i
laid hat they did not traejhen any i
thing to do with foreign paupers now they
wanted to trade with uPlr ad t do this
they wanted further to tax the people t tend
ships to foreign port to show the American
Jfftand to return In ballast The advocates
of tie bU intef ships Vvhy not build them 1 I
hpT b4 e protective policy which it was
Itm prought down the cost of production
L 1 e rAed tlat V8 MoKlnley bill tad
10 nlJ I
epeapened the COt ot necessities htd had
cheapened one thing I bad oheapebed the
wages of the t American laborer in all part ol
too eountry Democratic applause ff gen
tiymen did < 1 not Jlko cheapness why InsMt on
V Pfnlnithi wages 01 the Horklngmau
sir Uuchunrin llleiL N JI suuported Ilio Mil
and contioierted time utatomont mid liylts
9000nebls that England paid no subsidies
unit Britain Germany Prance and other
ePt > 1 Bad tn the Dst and did now pay
tDs1aIL They were paid la three ways
f earnest outright second under the
j L
gull ci mail pay third by the payment et
money undTrwnst wae filled tbe naval re
serve pla TO United Bute was not dolM
its char of the ocean earryiac trade and au
that remained for it to do t secure that share
r Ikl wit jlaTregrett 4 that an attempt
IRp if
tempt hi ben made to tUn this question
lato a oartv one I I 1 a national question
and should b considered as such He wai
opposed to the bill because he was opposed to
we policy of subsidy Transportation by sea
Ia changed lie character M much as trans
portation bJlnd It would be an well to pay
a enbsldr to the old stage coach in order to
Put It In competition with the limited express
as to subsidize the wooden lp that were
raID Maine In order to put them tat In wer
titlor with the ore steamers which tray
nell tbe < He also opposed the meas
ure onan bled that St merely tern
pOrlzdith great subject This I was not tbe
remedy ourderadenee on the sea and would
not restore our lost prestige t was against
the POlo of the Government and always
should be to take money from the Treasury
and pay It to a class of persons engaged In a
Private calling That was all the measure was
caIPI 1 meaure
nd all r that it could be dignified Into lie ob
ed to adopting the bounty system la I order
vo ama the wooden ships of Maine The net
pass of time American people would not be
l fted one 0 meron let the bill would take
tu 000000 ot the people S money
sir Candler Hep Maul COoke In favor of a
proDOsed Bpbstitute authorizing the 1ostaas
teraeneral to enter Into a contract for not less
than five nor more than ten years with Amer
loan eluzens for the carrying of malls on
American steamships to foreign ports the Do
minion of canada excepted the mall service
t equitably distributed among the Atlan
tic Mexican Quit and aWI coasts The
pending bill he said wa lal that looked to a
general system of bounty An a merchant he
protested against the policy of making profit
able tbe business of the few at the expense of
the many He qoposed the bill because It was
unbound In principle tat because it 1 wa
enactS an uncertain element into the bURIn
of the country and further because it did
not recognize the Inexorable law and demand
of f foreign trade The ocean was the
highway of the world The Government
could control the coastwise trade It could
control commerce among the dIals I but when
I met foreign shIp on tbe high seas It did
not meet with Stae but with nations and It
DUI not shackle its ow wit Inlp I must
give its merchants the fame freedom that the
merchants England franco and Germany
enjoyed He opposed subsidies bedause he
believed they represented vicious e
nd were Dot In accord with business methods
He contended that America should take ad
vantage of its natural position and extend Its
oommercj but not by following the English
policy He believed In an Independent Ameri
can policy He would ban American ships
built in American yards and he would estab
lish regular mall Ar His substitute he bli
provided that any merchant should have the
right to buy ships in a foreign market In order
to do his business more economically That
wss the true business principle
Mr Camming Oem N Y 1 advocated the
bill as tending to build up the American mer
chant marine and to extend American commerce
merce The bill would achieve results that
could not b achieved by the pasiBge of a free
sip institute free trade and Bailorsrights
was good Democratic doctrine Shipping In
terests had always ben anted to free trade
The maritime prosperity of England might be
cited a example but even with free trade
hundreds and hundreds of millions bad bun
drawn from England In order to Increase her
carrying trade This ore the skil
ful policy of Ureat Britain to secure and main
tam n the carrying trade of every other nation
It was by the use of such means that
England maintained her supremacy on
the ea the knew how essential
it was for Her greatness that she should maIn
ialn that nnpremaoy and she did not carp at
methods higgle at expense This was not a
protective measure nor wan It a gratuitous
1 aralulou
lubsldJ like the sugar aubxldy I was a mea
ate to build up our decayed shipping industry
The passage of the measure would open the
PIIle the Jeaur products of the
far of the West and Northwest it would
stimulate the building of ships to an extra
ordinary extent would give profitable occu
pation to sailors and would provide employ
ment for fifty or one hundred thousand Amen
teen machinist and artisans
Mr ONeill IDem Mall entered his protest
against the passage of a bill which proposed to
settle upon the taxpayers of the country an
additional expense without a proportionate
recompense expenee bill was the greatest hum
bug ever attempted I proposed by a not
house process to revive American shipping
The Government should not go into partner
ship with every man who wanted to go into
Mr Jltch Demo N YI opposed the bill de
nying that It would provo of any benefit to the
laborlne men The tock of the Facltlo Mall
Steamship Company was yesterday < Mal
88 this afternoon It I was quoted at 40H 1
stockholders of this company were the honest
laborlne men whom Congress was going to
help Laughter
After further discussion the general debate
was closed and the committee rose The
House then took recess until a P M
Two Report As > alut amd One la Tatvor or
th Honk KevolntloB
WASHTWOTON Feb 28Th minority memo
hers of the Committee on the Judiciary havo
prepared two vigorous reports In opposition
to the Houk resolution which a ordered
favorably reported t the House directing the
Judiciary Committee to inquire Into and report
to the House whether any State has bJ nJ
constitutional or statutory provision violated
the second section of the Fourteenth Amend
ment to the Constitution so that a proper ap
Congress portionment representation may b made by
Ono minority report prepared by Mr Oates
of Alabama is signed by Messrs Oates Cul
bortsonof Texas Henderson of North Carolina
and Wilson of West Virginia and by Stewart
of Vermont with a qualification This report
say that the States are not constitutionally
prohibited from disfranchising any of their
male citizen It only prescribed a a penalty
for such disfranchisement for othor
dlsfranohlement any otbor cause
than tbat of participation In rebellion or other
crime that the representation la Congress
from such State shall b reduced in the pro
portion which the persons disfranchised bear
porton whole number of adult male citi
zens in such State The committee assume
tbat the right to vote Is denied some
citizens in MUslsslnpi and Massachusetts DJ
the State l Constitutions for some other reason
than crime but the minority cannot shut their
eves to tbe fact that the Constitution of Uula
rippi has not yet cone Into operation and that
there is no law applicable 10 that State Massa
chusetts or any other State bJ which the com
mittee can legally and certainly ascertain the
number disfranchised for Congress has never
provided the means DJ which this may be done
Presumptions are worthless in such a grave
matter Legal proofs must be bad to reason
able certainty and until such legislation is en
acted It Is utterly futile to adopt such a resolu
tion for It cannot be complied with I the
resolution were literally construed the report
says requiring of twelve months residence
in a State and registration as a prerequisite t
voting would b good cause reducing its
representation Tint the report concludes
o cardinal principle In olr pntems of gov
ernment la that the States shall eacbnrescrli e
the quHllllcation of Its elector When they
ratified this article of the Constltdtlon it can
not be assumed with any show of reason that
they Intended to surrender this right or to re
strict their powers to the extent that such a
construction would maintain
Representative Rogers In his individual
minority report says that tbe resolution pro
ceeds on two false assumptions flrat that If a
State restricts suffrage for cause other than
Btat restrlct Bulraao violate tbe second
section of the Fourteenth Amendment I and
second te it Is necessary lor some State
to violate ibis section In order that a proper
apportionment of lleprfsentathoa may be
made The Mursacbusetts Constitution pro
hibiting br Mate ankers from taking uu oath
to support the Federal Constitution of the
United States Is referred to but ills submit
ted that this does not bring her within the
Fourteenth Amendment
Vermont disfranchises her paupers and
also requires a oter to be of peaceable and
quiet disposition otJ t is suggested that Ver
mont has thereby violated tbe Constitution
according to the logic of tbe majority In Con
necticut voters must b of f good moral char
actor and Idaho which was brought Into
Statehood by thin Congress after long labor
and the successful peiformance of the
Ca > arean operation by the Speaker now
known lo general parliamentary law as
counting a constitutional quorum forbids
polygamist or Mormons from voting Other
Btates Mr Rogers Bays might b cited but
the list Is I already so long as to suggest tI In
quiry whether the whole country Is not rapid
ly I growing weary of the Fourteenth Amend
ment and becoming Imbued with the idea that
the people of the State are capable of self
government and should bo I f to It Without
officious outside interference
The majority of the committee in its report
proiiureil by Sir Casuell of Wisconsin BUJH
that In the judgment of the majority the I Con
stitutions Mississippi and Ma8achuettB are
clisrly within the provision of the second sec
tion of the Fourteenth Amendment because of
tpe educational and property requirements
I iue I roM e Fourteenth Amendment I says
is broad and comprehensive I its terms and
requires that the representation hal b re
duced whenever there Is I a abridgment of suf
frage for any other than the two rontate rr
It Is not for us says ihe report to dia
dies the wisdom of aar Fourteenth Amend
ment nor doss It become our duty t deter
mine how or In what manner the number or
proportion of the Inhabitants of tiny given
blab who lire disfranchised can te ascertained
The solo mention delegated to 115 > is whether
the Constitution or laws of any State should
work a reduction of Uu I representation by rea
son ot suffrage restrloUon The Instance cited
with reference t MusaoBUsette and MlMis
J1 r
slppl we believe show that tke reeolntlon
IIDI th1rsol9on
t Bight ought to be pass nad so that a thorough investigation
unr WAMsasoxoy zc
Tklags of Interest appeatg > Ta asS Ot
of the flaIl rcoaaree
WismKOTOK Feb 20Thl new Beoretary of
the Treasury Charles Foster of Ohio having
taken the oath of office at the White House
yesterday was on hand at the department
this morning bright and early and spent the
day there While he was being Introduced to
the various officials and indulging in a long
consultation with the Acting Secretary Gn
Nettleton the man who defeated Mr Foster
for election to Congress was being escorted
about the Capitol by his future Ohio colleagues
and Introduced to all the leading Democrats
with the announcement This I Mr Hare
who boat Charter Foster Iut taiL Mr Hare
Is I s mildmannered little man with blond
hair slight moustache and big eyeglasses
Ho has a good round head and a sturdy
form and not at all the appearance of a states
man He probably allberalmlnded gentle
man for on Tuesday he Bent a telegram to the
new Secretary which he said I Del > ttt d
not hurt you I congratulate yon Mr Hare
was all the more anxious to send this 1 telegram
mor a
gram for the reason that a day or two ate
election he received the following magnani
mous message dated at Fostoriai
me not t > D Uarr Uprar Auidtuiv Oku t
Ilavlnr mad a tood Debt defeat 400 no harm
Uneceee of sisal pnonmi value to you Accept my
eoncrawlatioM Carnal tonaL
The new 8erta says he has not yet de
cided whether he will 111 to Ohio Immediately
to close up hllrlvt affairs or whether he
will remain in Washington until Congress ad
wi WalblnltD Oon
iourns I I understood uat he will make
few changes in the official force at the depart
ment and that he has not yet made a epa
for the vacant assistant secretaryship Mr
Ioster received great many visitors today
and to nearly all 01 them he called attention to
the fact that this Is his birthday and that he is
02 years of age Itwas also recalled by visitors
today after Mr Foster had taken charge of
the department that It was Just tour ek
ago tonight tat Secretary Windom died
Secretary Jroator has appointed Mr Chas
M Hendley his private secretary Mr Hendley
acted in a similar capacity for Secretary
Itld capl
Windom 8tr
The Republican Senators have furnished
their opponents In the House with new mate
nat noon which to charge them with extrava
gance and favoritism In th Legislative
Executive and Judicial Appropriation bill
Eecutv ApDroprlaton bi r
ported to the Senate today the principal
pore Bnte ty
amendments are In the ln of increasing lpa
salaries of Senate employees and in this r
gnrd the bill beats all previous records For
Ar PJlou1eoors
several years there ha been a bitter contest
between the House and Senate regarding the
riant of the Senate to pay their private
clerks out of Government funds The House
has persistently refused to consent to the
appropriation for the payment of these clerks
but each year has been compelled to yield In
conference committee to the dictation Jllld the
Senators This year they will tbe compelled
not only i t appropriate money for the Hen
atone clerks but 1 will bo forced to consent to
put all of these employees on the annual payroll
roll Up to the present time only tbe clerks of
the more Important committees have received
annual salaries at the rate of I 10 reole
The clerks of the less important com
mittees and the clerks to those Sen
ators who are not Chairmen of committees
have been compensated at the rate of W a day
during the session The bill reported 1 the
Senate today provides for the payment of all
the session clerks Including those who are at
tached to committees and those who ore not
at tbe rate of 1600 each per annum A large
numbor of the employees are the sons of near
relatives of Senators and In one case that
of Senator Beagan his own wife Is his clerk
and will hereafter draw the 1600
ralary Not content with thus placing 1
these employees in a position to be paid
by the Government tor doing nothing cur
Inc the coming nine months recess the Sen
ators have Increased the number te the
committees whose clerks receive 1210 per
year One of the committees added to this list
Is presided over by a Western Republican Sen
ator whose clerk IK l his relative and a good
Democrat The House oonferrees will oo
course make I great hullabaloo Wi the
Senates extravagance and will protest loudly
against appropriating the money necessary to
maintain these sinecure lu the end how
over before they will rela as they have always yielded
et Senate stands by the Civil Service Com
mission to the extent of granting tbm S2000
worth of clerical force refused by the House
but rebukes the Commissioners for attempting
to Interfere in the appointment of all sorts ol
expert officials who do not In any sense come
within the spirit of the civil service laws He
oentlv the Commissioners Insisted noon their
right to bold competitive examinations for tne
aopolntment of architects skilled draughts
aDPoltnt supervising engineers in the
office of the supervising architect and
when the bill was niftier consideration In the
House no authority oould b found for deny
ing the Commissioners the power to do this
The Senate committee however has found a
way to clip the Commissioners wings and In
the Treasury Department appropriations they
have Inserted a clause giving the Secretary of
the Treasury authority to appoint temporarily
these specialist employees There will b a
flght on this clause also when the bill gets into
conference committee but the Senators are
likely to come out ahead aa usual a
Senator Paddock is In a state of high indig
nation at his failure t get the Pure Food bU
Senate The action of his
before the Snt aton colleagues
tonight was a notice that neither the measure
or the Conger Lard bill will b considered
Mr Paddock was almost beside himself with
indignation and i is said he Is I threatening to
aid In a scheme already on toot looklngto the
forclDJ of an extra session Several Repub
lican Senators who are dlnsatlillod wIth their
efforts to have action taken upon various
measures which were placed In tho Senate
caucus order of business and then abandoned
are understood to be engaged In an effort to
mako an extra session necessary and the Re
publican leaders are greatly embarrassed and
annoyed at the situation
The presence In Washington today of John
L Davenport of New V orlcled to the report that
a plan was on foot among the radical Republi
can Senators to get the Force bill on Its feet
again Mr Hoar was noticed In earnest con
sultation with some notoed Republican col
leagues during the day and the rumor quickly
spread urnl the building that tho Republi
fans meant to take snap judgment on the
Democrats several whom are absent front
tbe city There was no cause for alarm how
ever and Mr Hoar did not refer In any way t
the For bill
Senator Allison from tho Committee on Ap
propriations today reported to the Senate the
Legislative Executive and Judicial Appropriation
ation bill The principal changes made In the
bill as paned by the House relate mainly l to
t amounts appropriated for clerical Lire In
the different departments and do not mate
rially affect the total appropriation In the bill
The committee provides for twentyflve clerks
for ommlto Ivl Service Commission In place of
those now detailed to that bureau from other
departments of tbe Government Tlio com
mittee also provides for an Increase from
thirty to thirtynine of the number of clerks to
Senators and places them ou the clerk rol
The requirement that tliocarrlage of malls for
tho two Houses shall bo by contract made to
the lowest bidder an outcome of the recent
investigation in the House was stricken out
The Itev Bomb Merrill of Andover Mass
who was today appointed Consul at Jerusa
lem has been there before He returned from
his Holy Land Jot a few years ago and his
successor was Henry Oilman the City Libra
rian of Detroit who ha alien the public so
much Interesting Information ahont the Plans
jiroxpncts and conditions of the steam rail
road that now thunders about the streets of
the holy city Consul Oilman la 1 a man of
earning and has been of great service t
Eastern ministers with whom be Is very pop
ular Mr Merrill Is none the less so and dur
ing his former incumbency of the office lie I
gave to the world a book that Is I of great value
to Biblical students Consul Merrill reads the
Assyrian language with comparative ease and
regards the deciphering of hieroglyphics aa
mere childs play
Senator Voorhees who has been Indisposed
for Rome time lelt WnvhlnKton this morning
for Hot Springs Ark to be gone several weeks
The President today sent to the Senate tbe
following nominations
John A Anderson of Kansas lOb United Slate Aisnt
and Uonsulfleneral at Cairo Egypt
Truito Deal of California UlaUterEesldenl and
Consul General to feral
Consols James tl Ayers ot Ohio at Par W W
Appenon nf Kansas Tera Urns Samuel U M Dyer of
Iowa lit Sail I tMMp U Henna of Iowa lUuayrai
Henry U Hard of Sew York Cllflou onui James W
Love of Nebraika fan Salvador luring A Lathrip ot
Nevada llrlsiofi Jamrs V liniof reunsylvsnla Her
encet B lah Mtrrlllot Mauackusetla Jeruialemi Albert
f I Helll ur Wlne st uteiilien t N HI Min u r
Territory ot VMsoousln Asuncion hklou N 11 duiud Bhaw of Indian
f Uernard u ran a r if Mujaeurl Assistant Dulled Slits
Treeurer at 8t tools Vall
JosUnaitersMalne y Edwin Pevlnal at Mechanic
PallsNew m tjba O Jewell at Lacoplai
Vermont O 17 a S Slake a Swacteai Maasacbuett
Wilson tt arUatl at Sloaebam and Own Vnox at
ralmer bhod Island l Bamuelll Cro > t Weeterlyi
al Tins rraaele it Mama ai Trov ins Jebn uarviy
at IrvuutonifenuvlvaBia 1 Joan IT Wash at IJnaC
laMes Bjajsralii IJ Mean at Sedford sail Calvlm O
SmIth LI Wfblnu
Representative Candler of Massachusetts
from the Post Offico Committee today I
ported lo the House with fatorable racommen
datlon tbe resolution iutioducadbyMr Flower
providing for the appointment of a emails
ion to a oertaln it fPpolntmlt poital faclUtlee
I New York city a necessary Jt commu
te la convlneed that such ate are needed
Uat 1 a
I 9O
la order to uuodnee recent and ANli
provemeaU whereby the service there nay b
Improved tb nandlln of mails v4
lit 1 oh ti committee b a will
necessarily accrue to the benefit of the entire
postal system throughout a the country
Benator Frye has bean circulating a written
Fe I
agreement among Senators today which pr
jfdes that the Bej Ihallocpt the ShlpplD
bill I an it comes front > the House unless there
shall have been made rio amendments
which will destroy the force and effect of the
measure Mr to te ready anl wflling to
oc5pt almost any amendment believing that
ID hle t futur the scope ci the 11 can be more
ell enlarged or restricted If there II 10m
thing J t work On Ilrf thr is I nothing at al
Ben ator Boa is I preparing a list of Senators
Bat join with him in lended t Sen
ator Bpooner a farewell dinner which 11 to b
given next week Tbsye II a deep ataton
existing between th luahullt and WI
oonsln Senators and on event possible cp
casion expressions of admiration are mutually
exchanged Dnrlnsthe debate i the Fore
bill Mr fipooner p114 a moet glowing tribute to
the erudition anlu and uprightness of SJJ
ator Hoar Recently 1 the candidacy of Mr
Boar for President 5ro temporo of the Senate
oa lresldlt r
has pone been pressed eflth I great vigor br Mr
2OUB no 1StON
W wr a rteer IBaan Circle Left
Tk They railed Very Quickly
l Is I a tale of the Inasmuch Circle of the
Kings Daughters ol Brooklyn it Is alto a tale
of two missions that died of Inanition One ot
the two missions was known as Howards
Hope the other 1 Bradbury Both were
atone time under the inspiring influence of I
th Inasmuch Circle but now they are no i
more and the story of their demise forms an
Interesting chapter In the history of Brooklyn
church doings
A longtime ago the Bev Thomas P Howard
ot Boslyn found his Held too small for his
energies there were few sinners In Boslyn to
conquer and many in Brooklyn Bo he pre
vailed on his brethren to put up the cash for a
mission at 100 Fulton street When opened
this mission was known as Howards Hope
Mr Howards friends deny that be gave I his
own name because of any desire t advertise
his own energetic and widereaching piety
they cay be gave it simply because the name
was expressive of a fact tbe mission was
Howards hop However this may be the
mission flourished for a time and then the
burden pre too great and Mr Howard 1
fain t call on a Aaron t hold up his hands
He turned t President Gardner of the Inas
much Circle of the Kings Daughter I was
natural for him to do this for Mrs Gardner
was and Is known throughout the length nod
breadth of the city u a successful boomer of
missions How she became famous wU b
told further on
Mr Howard went t the restaurant In Fulton
street owned bJ Mr Gardner and found Mr
Gardner sitting on a high stool behind the
cashiers desk taking in the pasteboard chips
and making change with the same cheerful
energy that characterized her mission work
If yon and your circle will take hold of
Howards Hop > said the preacher I will
get mission all the money necessary to carry on the
That was afair proposition regarding a
hopeful Held Mr Gardner summoned twelve
other Daughters Mr Gardner ordered adver
tising matter of one sort and another and the
next Sunday theie was a booming meeting te
Howards Hope A week passed and then
came another booming meeting Then a con
flict of authority arose between Howard and
the torn of the circle lflt 8 to De
Howards hope why of course Howard must
b superintendent financial agent and a
boss In general as Mr Gardner said yestor
day I D It was to bo a success Mrs Gardner
and the circle bad to manage I alone I dont I
see why be should have treated Mrs Gard
ner so He came and lived here at the
restaurant for two weeks and wo nev
er charged him a cent He slept
bee often and we never charged him for that
But when he found he could not run the whole
thing he came to our house and forbade Mrs
Gardners speaking In the mission or even en
tering there Then my wife not wishing to b
connected by the public with a failure pub
lished a eard In the Eagle saying that the Circle
ot Kings Daughters of which she 8 Presi
dent bad withdrawn from Howards Hope
Hlnce that time nobody but a crowd of boys
has visited tbe mission Mr Gardner was
Ylrled bookkeeper in a ship yard
On Thursday morning soon ar tr 8 clock
a truck belonging to Earnest Bchneoklott of
East Twentieth ttreet New York carried
away the furniture the mission and b are
Is left deserted Mr Gardner says h 4 went
down to the place and finding H Howard
there tried to buy the furniture but Mr How
ard refused to tk Mr Howard was equally
reticent when a reporter approached 1m
The other mission which failed when Mrs
Qardners Inasmuch Circle left was the
radbury at Baymon street and Wll
loughby avenue J Mr Howard had
kept the fate of the Bradbury In
mind he might have been shy of rejecting
the aid of the circle This mission was found
ed by one Smith a Brooklyn piano dealer The
ungodly lauEhed scornfully when they beard
he had called It the Bradbury Bradbury was
the name lot a piano that Smith sold For
man weeks tbe unbelieving gathered In the
mission and In the language ot a faithful at
tendant there raised the devil
One nisrht Mr and Hr Gardner wandered
Into the mission
Ito We found about a dozen people there shiv
erlo over a poor ore In tbe utove said Tir
Gardner and the person Smith had In charge
said that that would b the last meeting My
wife saidiObno you mustnt eho up that
war and the result waa she took hold of It
and ran I for three years 1 was the most
flourishing mission yon ever gnw She never
makes a failure of anything When the long
winded chaps who cant preach no more than
a goat get going sha tells them to sit down
and cite 1 somebody v else Rlobance Then Smith
didnt treat her right and she determined to
transfer her labors elsewhere We looked
around without saying anything much ana
I rented the room at 118 Myrtle avenue
and bad It fitted UP as the Lebanon Mission
When I wu toady I got the pastors and
handbillS prInted and than on a certain
Sunday Mrs Gardner when she got 1 to ad
dress the people at tue Dradblr told them
that that was be last Sunday she should op
pear among them and that thereafter aD
could find her at 116 Myrtle avenue It made
the greatest sensation yon ever saw I stood
at the door when the people went out and
gaveeverybody a bill acd the next Sunday
the Bradbury was deserted and the Lebanon
was choke fulL The Lebanon was a great sue
WRC 1 always OrerSOO were converted there
and when Mr Gardner health gave way they
turned It Into a church and now theyve got a
pr Ir at 1700 a year Smith bad to make
a missionary training school of the Bradbury
It Is run by Airs Ogborne te BradburJ
The room at 100 Fulton street In in charge of
George E Lovett He said the rent had been
paid promptly and that he should hold the
the Rev lease Mr Howard for the rent for the rest of
0000000 Field Y terda > y for Plo
WASHiKOToiiFob 20Acting Secretary Not
tleton today Issued warrants for the payment
of nearly 20000000 on account of pensions
This amount war distributed among the differ
ent agencies a follows Augnsta Mo 1750
008 aenee tlAOOOOOt Columbus 3230
000 Concord N if 1760000 Des 1926
1 1800000 Troy 1500000 Inqlanopolla 12
I 0 noxviIje 110iQtrnolnl e II
000000 lwalke l65O000iKansas City
00 San Francisco 1400000 making In 1
8 I 18600000 In addition to which 1768000
was paid out on account of naval pensions
The requirements for pensions for the quarter
ending March 4 next are about tSIOUOOOa
Including todays disbursements a litt looker
iil000000 ha already been applied to that
purpose leaving nearly 10000000 to b met
belweepnow and J kJnrsday The avail
able clh balance In the treasury today aa
stated bv the Treasurer is I 38000000 so that
these there pensions will still b a surplus after paying a
A Cagrgatloaaitel to Prcuk la Dr
HulMford Church
The ReT T T Neumyer an eminent clergy
man from Mew Haven Coon will occupy the
pulpit of St Georges Episcopal Church at 8
oclock this evening Denominational preju
dice U rapidly fading away but still It Is I none
the less an event when a Congregational min
ister particularly from Connecticut comes to
New York to take part in the Lenten services
of an Episcopal church
Dr Italnsfords Lenten services In St
Georges have been very largely attended from
the eilnnlna ext week the Rev Professor
untie the Rev Thomas Dixon Jr tbu 11ev
Lyjnan Abbott end the Bev Washington
GloUdvn will preach
Demoerotlo Primaries Number Three
The Executive Committee of the New fork
democracy met at 73 Second avenue lastnlght
Commissioner Voorbls in the chair Police
Justice Murray denied the report that he had
quitted the New York Democracy in order t
set UP a party for himself olr
Peter Masterspn announced that overture
toward union which had been tatdOeru
County Democracy had shown disposition on
trii part of some ot the district leaders to
prlmarlej unit others were awaiting the result of the
March 1 u applDlld Jh day for holdlnt
Sb primaries pf the Nw Y orl Democrpy aDd
March 1 fo time conitty eopyntion Twenty
delegates bly dIstrict are to b chosen from each Assent
xa nan HAS A urns oomaonouT
fi a Wle 5o Aesd the JTearmkl a4 Be
Sac He Was No AUewe T Talked
About the Bleat of the Mliorlly mmd
CU MthOdemUroad Daglaeu
Oppose the Proa > o4 Aedeet 1 Ike
Weekly Payment LewPasett B vre
Let r Jomess Mnllag em the BUB
ton Pool Billnot Dlecualon of the Tree
alone of Worship Qatlo In the Senate
ALBANY Feb 26Mr Fish endeavored to In
ject I comedy element Into todays session
At least that seemed to be tho only purpose of
his demand that the journal be read Coming
at the end of an unusually long prayer this
taxed the patience of the House But Mr Fish
was Inexorable He proved to b concerned
actually or apparently with the record of the
receipt of tho petition against the Staler bill
handed down br the Speaker near the close of
yesterdays tiresome session No one even on
his own side paid any attention to him He
did not make It very clear bow he wished to
amend the journal but Speaker recollected
a different state of affairs than that stated bJ
Mr Fish and aId that tbe journal could not
b amended to show something that did not
exist Mr Fish talked about the rights of the
minority and Czarlike ways and so flatly
contradicted the Speakers assertion that thin
WAS no sunh motion made a he referred t
that the Speaker Inquired whether he intended
to Insinuate that the Chair was not telling the
truth Mr Fish said that his different recol
lection was no reflection on the Chair but he
still bawled for the rlgnts of tbe minority By
this time the Speaker had noticed what a
tme te
apparent to over one except the excited Flub
that no one on his own side even was Interest
ed In his exhibition He rut the question on
th approval of tbe journal and It was ap
proved Mr Fish still howling
Another Ineldont ot the cession was a funny
tribute to the argumentative powers of Mr
Stein The question was on a bill for the
printing of the session laws in Kings county
and on the roll call Mr Stein took occasion to
tell the House how good a bill it was and to
conspicuously vote aye Before he had time
t resume his seat Mr Groat of Wayne rose to
change his vote from the affirmative to the
negative A hearty laugh testified t the en
joyment of the members
Kings county matters furnished still another
break in the monotony of the day Mr Earls
bU to glvo Bois MoKane 125000 Instead of
115000 for Coney Island police purposes was
opposed by Mr Quigley who found himself In
n even more lonesome position than Fish had
been In All the other Brooklyn men TOt for
the bill thus putting an end to the story that
the MoLaughlln people were Inclined to bother
MrKane In the Legislature
Mr Vhlnple tried to get tbe general Corpora
tion law ol tho Revision Commission put
through on the rt ot the Commissions
standing and hU committees examination
into their work But Gen Rusted sal i that
he was not in the habit of taking such Im
portant matters on trust and had the blade
the special Older lor next Thursday Mr WhIp
pie said that there were nine similar bills and
asked that 1 they all b made the special order
Gen us theJ with uplifted hands cried
Heaven wih Sufficient unto the day is
the evil thereof
The New York State Engineers Society was
heard from today on tbe proposed amend
ment to tbe Weekly Payment law to Include
steam railroad employees In a circular au
thorized at a meeting of tbe society opposing
the amendment lUbe following
While we ennoble that all employees I ot railroader
ether oorporatlone of this l dial should receive I fair and
lust compensation for their eervloee we alao bellev I
that when the I compensation U guaranteed aa la l the
casewlth steam surface rallroadatne matter of the Urn
at which compensation should hDNa should
be left between the T ahDNa the em
ployee An Illadvlstd and noiorunat dif
ferent arose between dIh employees and the
officiate ot the Mew York Central and Hudson River
Railroad Company last spring and summer with Ibe
reault tbat according 1 prn statement of yen honor
able chairman the len John I 11 lit over stan men
who have heretofore looked for sustenance to lbs cor
poration In I question are now In a slat of dependant
I Oa
and penury < ulo now when the relations between lbs I
railroad and its employee are becoming more miDdy
and congenial an amendment lo the Weekly fair
law J is I sprung by a irnsPomibls I eomPII elalm1
to rpr Prll At labor Interest of the 811
which If enacted Into law would increase the ejpense
of bt New York Central Railroad at least SMxduopw
year Who asks for his amendment Ii the law r Do
Kar employee of tb New Yrk Central ask for U by
any authorized committee 1 Io themploreee of any
other railroad In I the slats uk for ttt No Who arc
the parties Interested I In the proposed amendment r
The rumseller the ambler tp proprietor the pool
room All that labor demand Is an honest dava pay
for a fair days work to be paid at the time agreed upon
between employer and employees
The bills introduced include one authorizing
the purchase for the State Library of a large
historical pitcher of earthenware ota capacity
ot about seven and a half gallona The pitcher
is the Property of Horace J Richards of Troy
who wants 3jO for It I was made in England
and want Irst publicly exhibited In 1824 when
Gen Lafayettes reception was held In Troy
sn 181824 I lo ot wblto earthenware with
plotlr s of revolutionary scones and heroes
decorating Its fat sides
Mr Utranahan nut In an Insurance bill pro
viding that it shall not be lawful to Include In
the premium charge any ploy fee survey to
p or compensation other than tbe
premium charges for the Insurance Every
thing elre must he charged separately
tlna Halnyn Labor bill provides that no railroad
road employee who has worked for twenty
four hours shall bQ required to work longer
until he has had at least eight hour t Ten
hours work In twelve consecutive hours Is
made a days work except for those working
on the mileage system and extra hours must
be paid for extra
The Senators welcomed back the missing
Fassett today He got a chance to preside
and signalized Ills occupation of the chair by
reversing a ruling of LleutUov Jones I
was on the passage of tbe Saxton bill prohib
iting 1 the sale of pools except at race traCkS
The LleutenautGorernor bad declared U lost
the other day as threefifths wee not present
a Ihrelflb
when it was voted on Mr Faasett declared It
passed today on the same vote and under the
other same conditions way as Gen Jones bad held the
Uurketts bills for licensing plumbers In
Brooklyn nnd for erecting a museum on the
park lands Richardsons bill permitting the
extraction ot the horns of vicious cattle and
Bnlrors amendment to the Free Worklngmens
Lecture law were also passed
The dulness of the two previous days In the
Senate was relieved by the attempt made by
Mr hoe to amend Stewarts bill to allow the
New York Juvenile Delinquent Asylums man
agers to indenture children In any other State
in the effort to provide homes for those in their
care Mr Ivs wanted to have an amendment
attached to the bill compelling the asylum to
allow clergymen of oil denominations access
to the children In the Institution Be asserted
that Catholic children are deprived of the
services of a minister of their church
by the managers of the Institution A
hot discussion of the freedom of worship
question followed 8otuttos Facsett btewart
and lilnan holding that ito metier should ico
be made rider to the other proposition Sir
Ives and Mr Cantor were surprised at any op
position to what wa < constitutional right
and Senator Fassett finally took a gentle tum
ble and allowed the amendment to take the
form of the constitutional guarantee ot re
ligious liberty It Is In the shape of an amend
ment to the act of Incorporation and the
vocletyB charter can be revoked if the pro
vision is violated
Capt Ed Hawkins the Renator from the
Firm district was nut upon the rack today by
his funloving fellow lie has a bill for the
appoprlaiion of 5060 tor an experimental
agricultural station In Suiroik coupty which is
supponlc1 bY the roportot aspecisi committee
of which Deane and ltiohardson are the other
members The report Is a literary gem ot
which this sentence Is a fair sample
In the trial of sclentlflo experiments to determine lbs
nature of parasites the habIts of Insects the conditions
f fonil lbs antidotes to noxious eleuionte and scents
Ibf poisltilltles of culture she couiiirs lengthen
season and genial ellmale furnish special facilities
After a mischievous analysis of the report
and Into of explanations from Capt Hawkins
VOIP wax i bad on the bill but only eleven
votes for the appropriation were secured
Senator Stewart Introduced a bill prepared
by some of the National Guard officer and
approved by AdjtGen Porter amending the
military code passed last year The most Im
portant provisions arc fbote making the jury
tiuty exemptIon oxplro with the close ol service
In the militia and that which sounds the knell ol
doom of such Institutions as DnnphyB Canteen
at the Stain camp lime commanding oflleer Is
empowered to prohibit and prevent tie sale or
Is of all spIrituous llciuors wines ale or beer
the holding of any huckster or auction sales
and all gambling within the limit of the camp
or within such limits not exceeding one mile
therefrom as he may prescribe He may sum
marily abate as a common nuisance all such
liquor selling auction sales or gambling
WM Mr dlkke Actually t
At the inquiry as to the recent Republican
primary in the Thirteenth Assembly district
which was continued in the Grand Opera
Houio lust night a dozen or more ol the Glbbs
faction including the wicked man hluiulf
gae testimony that the election was conduct
ed fairly Mr Glbbs denied that lie said damn
In tbe pain of victory to which he give vent
when a majority ot U7 for the ticket beaded br
bf man Hamilton was announced
The Inquiry will be continued IDLe syenlng
TWO tfcorooo jrotTHv JUXtGA TED
Spktbarlm the Jamitere PaUiNe
N4 f Atarta Di Z4se 8 aye
The 1800 children who attend Grammar
School 43 at 149th street and Amsterdam
avenue hare been carrying home the news
that there U diphtheria In the janitors family
and their parents are naturally alarmed In con
soquenee The principal In the grammar de
partment William H J Bleberg Janitor
John J Staata occupies a floor on the level
with the cellar In the northwest corner Ho
has been ill for three weeks and his Illness
Is variously reported as pneumonia and
Last week his two children were stricken
with diphtheria and on Saturday the youngest
a girl baby ot SO months died and was hur
riedly burled the same day On Sunday the
surviving child a boy 9 years old was removed
to the Willard Parker Hospital at the loot of
East Sixteenth street and Mrs Blasts went
there to nurse her child Mr Staats was left In
charge ot a hired nurse and the servant
Monday was a holiday In the school and It
was not until Tuesday Principal Bleberg says
that he heard ot the sickness ot the janitors
children He reported the facts to Superin
tendent Jasper who advised a visit to the
Board of Health There Mr Bleberg says Dr
Edsonn assistant Dr DUllngham told him
there was no datigor to the scholars but said
lime Board would have the janitors apartments
ui 1 oclock the school was dismissed the
janitor was removed to the committee room
and his rooms were iumlgated On Wednes
day the school was reopened but at noon
members of the lumlgatmg eorps again ap
peared and the pupils were sent borne The
children raw the dismal black wagon of the
corps and carried home all sorts of stories to
explain why the school was cloned
There Is a good Ural of uneasiness among
the ninny fmilies whose children attend the
school but Mr Bleberg says he baa had the as
surance of the physicians of the Hoard of
Health that there Is no danger The janitors
rooms he fays are Isolated from the class
rooms Be has received no orders to close the
school and It will be open as usual today
A case of diphtheria was reported on
Wednesday afternoon in Grammar School 8 at
29King street It wa a child about 4 years
old named Miller a grandchild of tbe janitor
The child was sent to the Willard Parker Hoe
pltal and the school has been fumigated Dr
Edson says no danger la to be apprehended
MlsUh Beats Deplore tfco Character ef
Mlstak Aadereom Qa
Henry Anderson colored ot 160 Bleecker
street and known among colored sports aa
de coon wid de pull was convicted yester
day In the General Sessions before Recorder
Smyth of keeping a gambling house at ISO
Bleecker street and was remanded to await
sentence Andersons downfall was due to his
failure to appreciate the pull of Samuel F
Beale a aaffronhned young sport In the em
ploy ot exAlderman Jordan L Molt Beale
deposited most of his weekly salary with An
derson as a permanent investment without
I tell yah da hole business gimmen of do
jury and yo Honan said Beale I dim lose
my wages ourty nigh almost ebry week to
By Anderson In craps and poker Craps
gemmen and yo Honan is a oncertain kind of
a shuffle Some sucker come tn and he say
Look hyab Anderson I m gwine tor shoot
IIS Mr Anderson he say All right shoot
and be damned Oars de way it happen on
Cbrlsmas night So ds sucker he put up tli
and all de niggers put what dey had all around
de table until dat ere 115 was klvvered Den
de sucker chuck de dice and shoot four two
deuces Den he have to shoot fourogIn before
he shoot seven An he done It gemmen for
a tao he done It and he win 30 He didnt
win none ot my money cause I done think
that sucker look mighty smart when ho come
In Bo when the other niggers cover
the 115 I say to another nigger I
done bet yon 13 dat sucker win Bo
I rake In It pen de sucker he say to Mr
Anderson See mere now I shoot for 120 Mr
Anderson say Shoot and be damned Den
de sucker ahoot agln and win de 520 Before
he shoot hoersomever I say I bet 14 dat de
sucker win Pat make Mr Anderson mad
right straight through d e say Get
out ot hire and pe blifed ipo In the
moot and hit me wici a club mnq order me
put Bo I say mek byCh ir Anqersojm Cf I
lose my wages byan I don mind nut I does
mind when you done Impose on me and Ill fix
yon Bo I went out anti I told de polloe ana
dev pulled de house
Recorder Smyth remanded Anderson to
await sentence Be may be sentenced to the
penitentiary for two years and fined 500 He
cot two months once for keeping a gambling
DId To Ever flat Tkem ta tke Cellar
wader m Barroom
If yon know of a cellar under a barroom
dont go near It for you may find snakes
John the Italian employed by H O Bcbmet
zen ot Grand and Orchard streets says he U
not a coward but he draws the line at snakes
Bchmetzer sent him down to clean up the rub
bish in the cellar which has been used to
store empty bottles Coiled up under an un
used heater in a corner was something which
raised Its bead and hissed at John
John struck a desperate blow at the vision
and dropping broom handle fled to the bar
room above His face was white and he was
calling on all the saints
Sohmetzer thought John had gone crazy and
was sure of it when John cried Sna In col
Jar snaka 1 Nothing would induce John to
go down stairs again Abarkeeperwentdown
and found the snake sure enough and dead
Into the bargain Johns blow had crushed its
head It was six feet two Inches long and nine
Inches in circumference Its flat head nearly
as large as a mans bund is covered with white
and brown spots No ono knows how the snake
got there The museum half a block away has
had no snakes for more than a year
SoelaOllt 8awll Draw om Dr Daixw
Over 8000 cloakmakers plodded through the
slush last night to attend a mass meeting In
Cooper Union The object of the meeting It
there was any one particular object was to
protest against the lookout ot the Jewish coat
maker Louis Faerber presided Joseph
Barondesa ran things and a great many
prominent Socialists spoke Luclen BaniaL
the editor of the Workman Advocate roundly
bused the Seventh Regiment and the New
york Central Railroad Speaking of the seal
den In the tunnel he said
Just think of it fellow workmen the very
next day after this horrible affair bamboozler
Depew made one ot his great afterdinner
speeches at Rochester and crooked the moat
heartless and abominable jokes yon overheard
In your life
This created unbounded laughter Resolu
tions ol sympathy with the entire labor world
were pasted
Shall tke Murderer Administer the Zetate
Christopher St Clam Is now In Sing Sing
serving a life sentence for the murder of his
wife Josephine on Dec S31889 A short time
after her death and while he was In the Tombs
awaiting trial St Clam applied for and re
ceived letters of administration upon her
estate Catherine Griffiths a cousin applied
at the same time and she nowpetltlone Surro
gate Hansom for a revocation of the decree to
t Clair alleging that be Is not a suitable per
eon to have the letters BLClalr never qualified
The personal estate does not exceed 11000
Bid for ravins
Commissioner Gllroy opened bids yesterday
for regulating and paving with granite block
Third avenue and Twentythird street First
avenue from 109th street to 118th street and
Seventysecond street from Third to Fourth
avenue Ther were seventyone bids In alt
No awards will be made until they are tabu
From organization In 1848 to
Jan 11891 ho paid to pol
icy holders 115835390 80
And now holds for their pro
tection 687770744
A total ot 201683008 24
While U ban received from
them only 16435894877
It lias earned for IU policy
holders a gain over premium
payments after paying all
expenses and taxes of 40821149 47
or 3455 per cent
PHILIP 8 MILLER General Agent for
Isv Terk oily end vicinity ao4 Isv Jersey
1 Wall it0 Hew York dty
LITZLY Btvaarxa
The Acorn SpecIal flout Dirt Not Take
Place bnt There Was Illaod Enough
Without TheaThe Men Who Worn
The Acorn Athletic Associations second and
final boxing entertainment of the season was
decided last evening at RobertBono emma Sf
Blum corner of 1ulton and Orange streets
The affair was originally billed for Jan 17
but the guardians ot the pence much to their
regret for they onjoy a good scrap as much aa
the rest ot their fellow citizens wore com
pelled to atop the special boutstho attrac
tions ot the night on Inn to Inadvertence la t
securing a license and the tourney wan lost i
poncd Last night was then allowed the
organization by the A A U the sparrows
gymnasium was secured a flno ring erected
two oron weights arranged and valuable
prizes a diamond pin for Hist and a gold hunt
ing caso watch for second offered Then the
elements got In their fine work and when the
mints clear away it Is very doubtful If the as
notation will quit oven on the affair
The gentlemen who conducted tlio evening
sports ero Itefcrop George A Ilurrelk
pastime A 0 Judges William 11 Roberts
Kings County Wheelmen and Jack Knowiee
brooklyu A cXtTimekeflners Samuel D Bee 1
Acorn A A anti Roburt Htoll New York A C <
Weighers Charles L Nleoll Manhattan AO t
and J 1 J 1 Dixon Jr National A li Master ot
Ceremonies Fred W Burns Varuna Boat
First BoutBotwoen Silks Brock West Side
A U and Jerry Darnell Down Town A U
The men had only Rparred 1 minute and 8 see
ends when tho referee nlopped the round ana
sent the men to liielroornr cautioning them
against auvfuko light The caution bad Irs
effect and during the balance of the bout each
man fought hard Itiiruott cot the verdict
Second Itout Between Louis Uurke Acorn
A A and M Joyce Varuna float Club Joyce
forced the pace and took n commanding lead
In the first round Joyce won amid cheers > t
Final BoutBotween M Joyce Varuna Boat
Club and Jerry Burnett Down Town A O
Joyce wanted to forfeit to Unrnett but vu
compeLled to enter the ring and spar with the
JUown Towner
Bout for Beonnd PrlreBotween Mike Brook
West Bide A C and M Joyce 1hcvnlx A C
Brock was doing the best work when In the
second round Joyce fell against the wall as the
West hider ducked and the Varuna man feu
to the floor stunned 1ntscyDoody and Mike
Leonard Joyces second rushed In and lilted
mm up Upon this the referee gave the Sigh
to Brock
First Bout Between JP Find I ay Union
A a and John A Kagen Morldoii A10 Find
lay won In a walk the Merlden lad being
punched ell over the ring Ho was covered c
with blood and upon the advice of his seconds
only fought two rounds declining to come up
for the third round
Second Bout Between John Nolan Acorn A
A and T N Rvnn Bridge A a The latter Is
very tall and Solan had hard work to land
The Acorn fightor did better In the next two
rounds and Ittan was ery bloody when time
Was called Nolan received tho judges award
but when It was announced time llrlilce A 0
contingent IminlrlnKiyasked Whatder yet
want Ryan ten do kill Inc t
Final Bout Between J P Findlay Union A
O and John Nolan Acorn A A The two men
are the captains of their respective crosscoun
try teams and aro vary evenly matched as re
garde physical anpoarance Nolan bad a shade
Strds ist ot the llrst round The judges dlsa
green and the referee ordered another round
of two minutes atralnht loads only to count
Upon the completion ot this round the referee
gave the fight to Nolan
Bout for Second Irlo Between J P Find
len Union A C and T N Ryan Bridge A 0
Forfeited to the Onion athlete
The specials did not come oft
Mr Mmthewsoa JBeplle to Arthur Cab of
the Acorn A C
The following communication has been sent to Arthur
Cale the Acorn A C tug ofwar man by C f Hathew
Urtfkvr cute eii Acorn A Mttw AuodtMan
IJtiu Slat For some time past Iliartieenlt rportsd
In the preectbatdmercnces Bed arlast betwssnyuu and
your club on acouuut ot whlcu you might sever roof
counsotiun with It Ott oil or tw000calon also 1 live
seen It hinted that In that case you might Join the
IJeraelay AUtistic Club or that Ibe llerkeley waa at
tempting to eecnre you for Its luxotwar team
1 ban pawed over inch report wIthout riving thorn
attention but In thit morutnies ItO yon are quoted as
natnc the followIng lancuaiai The Berkeley Club
cflered me a poeltlon but I bays got sense enough ta
know that my place would depend entirely upon my
ability to win for tbe club 1 hays a good pualtlou now
and do not believe In tbl > Idea of buylnir atliletei br
orarms tnem pecuniary aavantagee in u map oc
positions aa all lice big club now do
In view ot this statement w think U la I time to call s
bait upon such declarations anil 1 must ask you what
officer or other authority of the Berkeley Atbletlo Club
ver offered yonposition to joiner compete for that
club or attempted to induce you to lento the Acorn
Atbletlo AasooiaUou I now state emphatically to you
that the llerkeley Athletic Club has never offered you e
poltlon of any character or sought to induce yua to
leave the Acorn AthletIc Areoclatlon or to Join the
Berkeley Club nor has any one acting with the slljrht
authority from tbat elundlreot or Indirect bad any
communication with you upon auch subject If any
one pretends lo hay done ao In behalf of the Berkeley
Atbletlo Clnb It has been entirely without the kiiowl
edge Approval or countenance ot that club or any ot
lu utborlid officials and we would be glad to know
who baa assumed to represent the club In approaching
you and to put It In that tale light
Let me elate for your Information and that of any
other to wtjom yon care to show thIs communication
first Tbat the Berkeley Atbletlo Club has not and
never will offer to any athlete any position or pecuniary
advantage for the purpose of Inducing hint to Join that
club nor have they bought or wtll they under any pre
tence or consideration buy any athlet of any ohaf
acier er for any purpose whatever and
Second That It never baa directly or Indirectly at
tempted to Induce any athlete to leave his club ana join
1111 Berkeley with or without consideration and that II
utTer will
TO emphasise oar position I mar sayttbat some time
ago certain athletes one ot them a worlds champion
from a friendly club applied to our Hoard for permit
scan tololu and nepreant the Berkeley Athletic Club
provided that the oub would nte Us influence to gel
them positions and that In lustier to ttie clntiot which
they were thou members ana to our own fixed Ideas ana
practice aato amateur principles we promptly and em
phatically declined to entertain the proposition
You ansi your club and all other ebbs may therefor
rest assured that no attempt will ever be made by the
Berkeley Athletic Club tn secure tile athletes of an
other clubs and that if any suggestion to such an en
should In any case be made bv any person purporting
to speak for the club bo would be speaking not only
utterly without authority but directly contrary to Its
policy ana such a suggestion will never meet with the
approval of itS Executive Snare Yours very truly
a r MArnawioa resident Berkeley A 0
Maw loaa Fb 83
Expelled Members of the Metropolitan A
C Charter the Club Name
Son time ago th Metropolitan Athletic Club s >
pelled a number ot lu member Th otuted ems
formed a combine elected themselves member f a
new orgaaUatlon and then applied to the Secretary at
State for a charter for the Metropolitan Athletic Clan
Al the parent organlaatlon bad not gone through this
little formula the request of the dIsaffected athlete
vii granted and at the tail meeting of the original
Metropolitan A C the club was forced locnaugelt
title ThIs was done with great regret for the members
bad worked hard to make the name of the aaeoclatloa
eynonrmene with all that was oomuendable and II Ii I
the impression that the new owner will not keep up
the high standard
la was neceuary to telect an appropriate inbatltut
and after some dtarmilon the euphomoue title ot the
Olympian Athletio Club was choaen iroflllne by e w
Derlenca lb hew oIgauizatIuo wu at once chartered
and the members bop lo make It aa aueeeafful aal
well known ae the old club Jt will continue at 1115 elI
Hand la Grand street
Athlete and Boxer Participate In
Pleasing Programme
A iplrUed nights Spurt WU thoroughly enjoyed by
tbe members ot the Wateriey Atbletlo Club and their
meets at the organisation Club rooms OB dIatom
place Brooklyn last night An excellent programme
was presented and the frequent and hearty applause
with which tics eSorte of the participants were greeted
attested the pleasure which they were affording the
gentlemen present Secretary W E Oddl was a very
efficient master of ceremonies
McUregur and J Armstrong of the Waverley atk
Idle Club bad a very lively glove contest of four round
for point Mao tipped the beam at W pound anti
Armstrong at 17H but HU lighter opponent won
Two colored employee of the organisation Joseph
Hill 1S3 pounds and Benny Hcbolea Ml pound ap
peared for the windup hey were announced to flgbl
lour mends for all they could eat for a week at a
nelghborlug restaurant a most tempting prti At the
Cell of time the alacrity with which they both sprang
to the scratch showed bow salinas they were to wli
th c veted prize All their knowledge ot boxing waa
thrown away and tuey elugred each oilier tor the lull
four rounds The Judges said it was a draw
Title Warn at Losing Committee
At a special meeting of the Board of Director of the i
Northwestern AthletIc flubliell on Wednesday nlthla
committee of four was appointed to visit Outtenburv to
select a suitable piece ot ground open which Is erect a
dub house lIce gentlemen named were Max Zlminer
mann the Treasurer tot the club Peter Uerrlty Preit
dent Jack Tight and Charley Ossler tbe lockey They
rod over to Jersey lo a coach yesterday and after con
siderable bustling they picked oath beautiful place
that will enable the club lu have everything appertain
till to an organIzation of lie kind at a very re eouabl
The four grnttemen were so will pleaseS with their i
success thai they wended their war to llif Iat to pick
the winner iin vnrh lo plnce their money All
four with the eireptlou i > f Mr errlt came away
heavy beets iernu uidnd iiiiiliii I like lhil ovir
and above eipenies and last l iildil he amused himself
by bo lugn IIe other u calLers the club that pat
In an appearance lie wants lo be appointed en a coav
Blitee similar lo this pas every day In the week
Mr Unmermaan will probably be asked to Purchase
she el

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