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1 R We take Irnm a Wnshlnrtrm daspatob I
I t jirlnt idJntho 3ostisi Journal thlp bitorest
Inriort I
inp rnport
j Tin name of Mr Oiatttui aTKammkr be at dlfter
mn UajiaiBaan maaUoBen hi nonneoUau wttti the ftP
t thai srv5 Dumujure would not u a oaudtdalr tor
j t t b tbefraUAanay Wow It to aald by sam nt the rrtenst
aatbTBevrMlorthaniRionanitat itt QuututtbaAha
1 t M btBwelf a eandldaip tor II 115 JMvoentlc omba I
k tar the fiaeulnoy tpi that ka will make aXBettvc
naaaailiii III aiiftaaTiulm m atnsie II Tl > e auuemenl
il ll tbat MT Otauna na tatd UK trte ae tbathe will pi
1 ton tbtConvaatnnwUb tnahapoatBatttBatteBaBi
j iBBiloa and tbat the tant that he Itree an tb tooth altto
t ef UAtan BBfl HOOK 1t 1 > aaall Bet ttattr him or hk
f ttMadatnmi auknv tm oamm
r Mr CaiooBiiCci condidaoT It be should
r1 cnnasnt to boootne a oandldato lar the
Democratic nomination would received
c I rERixrotluUy by all and with anthuBlaam by
f i many Be is a man at fine intellect and I
W fciffh chnractoT and blfl public BorvloeE4iBve
4 twin notowtrrtUy and bonorable Vhntovor
dlHtlurrttnn he lias ffolued IIBE been the
i xeeult of bin own offortB and not the
I work rf Bcoldimt Be is able iirjnMt and
i laithiul l tn the iCaniititutian Be Is a itt
man to be Presldont and It IB no BTuinnnt
II jiffaisat bhetbat he come rom a Southern
fitate Btonome should be included every
w list at the Damooratic Rtntauntm whose
h talante and fidelity their lavrtrr and popu
I larity Intt mark them me worthy of ta nul
IrajreB and wortlry to ncoiVD the JUhBBt
J Iilace at 1U hand
t The only nerlnuB objection to air CA
i I UBffiEBB the Democratic candidate IB that
f I t be hoB been BO nonsplcnnue umonc the Irae
i i traders that he micnt loll In JNnw Tart
JJtiw JorBoy and Oonnecticut On the othor
i kt band t meratty congorvotlve cant 0 bte
t 1 mid may 0 thought t bnve gained 10
if t 1 I 3 bun the aanfldenee o the preot bustoeae i
t tcrgite to ol the
III f ff 1 thtsTiart 0 country
1 When Woman WM finpramn
t It wae a vnTy intonating essay 0 M
T CAnT STAjriairB that wo D
I the other day a a Boaum ol the Womans
t Isational CotmoU in Wauhlnctnn Thore te
410 doubt at s Bcysthare a I
In tbfi upward BtruRBle at mankind toward
jlvlltmtinn at which whotie known mzMut
itrnM or the absolute BtrprcmacyoT woman
i in the Jamlly and community prpvalMd
3t may t bnwcvnr tbat the ladys Jeomlnr
was Bjtttte nvurthe beode ol her audience
Inrwe obMrrp that although t arrplauae
wa faivuut and jnulontred there was n
l jefremesE exhibited t diacuK the aubjnct
cord 10 those anthnrpolofrlBts who
have studied azioHt caiaSuIbrtne veHtipee at
the matt under whinh descent and
l relationship W recocnbjad through JP
r m only and a woman won Bpveraim
miuUeei oliior alan tine period in
mi c 1 1 the IVP
i lutum ol the fairmnTi race was one o
remarkable duration It hutted apparently
jnanythouBanuR of yearn longer than did
the Tiorrmjioteatan which nucceededJt One
I would expectthot an osnerieuoe oT Bnchtn
mendnuB Jmurtfa o only would Jenvn a
multttude o lojronds and trodlUnnB u
would acoumulote throufrb the laws o
4 heredity aptitudes and disposltianB 1 not
positive toKtinctB ol which deep traces
would be visible long after the Btatn o
L things which bred Ibem bad passed
L way And such i undoubtedly the
c E 0 physical courage wo
man have given tram time 1 tea
anmzlTUT proofB although this
a pT anh partlo
ulur attribute o ht thnnreticalty to liave
4 been extinguished try lorty oentniue o sub
jection to servile conditions We d o
now mlar to the Greek myth at the Amu
xnDfi though we seethut this
aD e can aee 1 thi probably
testifies 1 the prebistaric criatenae o a
race tS leminine warriors such as those
4 who Jorm the absolutely leurlea body
Ctiard or the mg a Dabomer to ou day
i JJatther have we in mind such potent and
lormldahlp women BE JJnocaoB at Egypt o
14 t ttoTTBiimi o Babylon t whose Unoamonte I
buttnry and lefend are > niii jTpii > Biiahty
btendfxl There Js no husk at more authentic
personifications at JBmtoine lartttuae and
J valor 1 it n recorded that x t
L Taratchlng the ana fight l fiauuis when be I
1 ArrnIIaIA with b Corian Bplttthe
i eJoutBHttrlremeK at the Greeks eicuumed
t 3iehold my men are women a thIs
woman i 1t only man o the haughty
i Spartan lie also I w notorious that
k the indlflorencetn pole WUB a example to
t brothers b the greet tinmnTi
ladies ware to their o thai bro and
1 their husbands it J needless t mcall O
finds atypical Illustration aJthetlghHomon
4 pirttraputedto animate the women of the
ipatTinlan oasfe in the tale o IJETDB and
A to which BO
BUto many epigrammatists
devnwd their powers of zalioitoueespreasion
Ihaaj ol will be remambered could se
P dishonor only by recourse t seild
lion TbmanBhJveredJttewa t
loblm and it was AsBlAwho driving the
M4 1 knife deep into ber bosom said with a Ue
Bee dent it hurt tint
M i10 I alan unQuestlonBbly right
J in saying that tbs position o woman W
f materially altered tar the worse after
InriBtlanlty bad acquired ascendancy In
the Boman world ThoiinolorwaTll there was
nmttber In theory nor practise any approach
5 1 a fjQUality o the M One woman
Indeed wee deified hu on U other band
her BUWUTB were branded with impurity and
relegstBd to servitude and misary Tary
dlRerent bad boon the lot ot women i the
JmiwriaJ otty rrom lo UiEtauce the timt > ot
AiimiBTTTR 4u tti lt time of CIR
l The 1ltl imlfHtiifi with Iu pitiless rigiir
iuul jABttiiU nway uud thn lUimun luw
4 > ivern imprugnutud with the Rtoicul
jilillosoplry rnuwid woman tu Buch a pitch Of I
4Ugutty and inaoiajnojanee lIS she bas never
i t lyebytssd Irntead the 3laman
I 1II 1 sI Ik
litrt Tote mnB atodbaBBe oertata iltnui 1
Ttmotlnnninniaerrt to Ibe nliher BiotfttTB i
Duets It IB only in our flay and in T rt8 ol
the United fltatos that woman bas Tad
tinlly rnnoverefl a part ot the rjrivlhscw at
wbloh she wan barntt nnderthe nustBre Jn i
nunnne ottheJatflni Hheology and Its out
growths ot collfaacy and asceticism
WeD Done Iassm5VY
The tomptntlon to InoTnane the fialnrie
aud omnlumontB ot public officials would be
leas rlclnuh IX the burden of tilt Inorease
could Jail wholly mum those wrhoniake t
At a rwnnt rnBxTtlng the Tammany Gen
eral Committee mlnlltul nf thnilafToTHonlan
principle at IruRHty in public expenditure
denounced by TMolution certain items nt in
anram prnpo ed by members of the Legisla
ture and that the warning of thlBhuTtorlc
organization came none too soon IBproved
by an examination ut name ol the bills a1 I
reaLty presented by New york city members
ol the Legislature
On Jan 23 Assemblyman EBKIOAK at the
rtevonteaath dlfltrlotirrtrotluoed a bill raising
tlm pay at police prnniuot doormen BO that it
should eorratnond with that at patrolman I
t n 61200 and BUOOrespeotivuly according I
grade Than line beennn change In the Uni i
ties at dnonnnn and the Pollen Alntrons bill
If passed will materially docream their 111 1
bon The change proposed by Mr Unua
OAK would involve an addition of about
HOOC a year to the altyBtsTtos
On ran 37 Mr BUXMTAK at the Second
dlntrlrt intrtiauwd a bill raising the salary
of the under hnriH rom Uooo to ff7ooo and
Noi the deputy shrrifts ut whom there urn
Twnlve2nrm 3SnotoSCnHO each ay oar and
that of the BberuTs counsel from KMXt to
i 7uflO a total JnnreaBe to be borne by tho
tospayere at 38000 annually
On tan J9 ilr BtrLzKB nf the Fourteenth
district introduced a bill increasing the
salaries ot the attendant ta the Court of
GennrnlSesslans There areorty aUcndan
at this court fifteen whom receive SIJOO
and twnntyflvo SlOOO Though no extra
duties are to be reQuired it it designed tn
raise the thousanddollar man 10 Sl2DO an
extra cost to the city oX 3000 a year These
attendants nerve five diys a week and six
hours a day an the average
On Feb 6 Jdr rSTEH of the Twentieth dis I
trict introduced a bill inareaBtog the
pay of nolle roundsmen Irani CROO to
RKDC naoh of police Bargaante to 12200 In
stead of SSuooand of patrolman iromCDOO
to 1200 1100 to KSOO and rom Sl Mito
tU400 so that werynuamber of the police
larpe in this city below the grade ot Cnp
tutu ahould get S200 additional pay mak
ing n difference to thf city ot 6SO000 ayear
An addition ol more threequarter at
a million daliarsu year in tlie public burdens
with no corresponding Increase of dUties
responsibilities would lie a stnp back
ward and not forward and the Tammany
Boll Qoneral Committee showed a clear ujv
preouitiara nt the situation end at the porllfi
involved the passage of these bilte whoa
it disclaimed responsibility Tar them
let thnreli vary little doubt that JI Jt wore
once started by ton poesoire of one or two
bills the craze for increase would soon ra
toudto other departmente and the liogif
lature would be confronted with an ava
lunchr of demands rom public servants
nil clamorous for additional pay It IE
much easier to stop a movement or this son
at the beginning than after It has gained
headway and thr service which Tammany
Ball has rendered to the people by calling a
halt in these bills involving expenditure
at almost a million ot dollars bar prevented
the addition of probably lour times ae much
The Development of dabs
The new club which same at the richest
nmninNewTart jirnjia c to establish on the
Filth Avenue nnd rlistwth street will be in
neighborhood toward which many of the
clubs of the town will naturally tend
XrobabtythBtime mnotlar distant wbanthe
avenues lacmgthe Central Park on both the
aast und the west will be lined with anrpo
mg club bUIldings OB B peculiarly attractrve
situation such institutions
The number of clubs In New Tort has in
creased so greatly within recent years that
3inw they ore BE many proportionately
to the imputation OB London itself con
rains and they are BtoudUy multiply
ing They also have a tendency to get
near together the same influences
which direct one loading club to a par
ticular neighborhood affecting the rest At
present therelore they line thpPHtb avenue
from the vicinity at Madison square up to
the Control Park one club being within a
stones throw ot another but the building
ot a grand edifice further to the northward
and along tile line of the Turk by the now
club is likely tn aetna example wbloh will be
followed to due time by the older clubs with
which it will compete The situation not
only offarh unequalled advantages because
of Its i outlook on the great pleasure ground
hut olsn because pints ot land sufficient for
great edifices are there obtainable and they
are not easily tumid in eligible neighbor
hood below
When ultimately the Onion Club and the
University flub removn it will be to sites
along tbeTark in all probability Already
the Century Club and the lUicquel Club
have erected notable bouses to Fortytliird
street near the Filth twenue or a mile
below the now club centre but they
have got much nearer to it than they
were belaro The Manhattan Clubs long
tease ot the BTEVTAET house at the
comer of Xblrt3 fourth sweet and the
Filth Avenue and the Knw Tork Clubs In i
vestment in a building on the corner above
will keep those a soaiatianB in their present
attuathm fur years to coma but In the
course of time they also may fIt liamee
overlooking the General 3urk lleantlme
new clubs will be established and many
at them also will have their sites thorn
The growth at these institutions has lit
ourred almost wholly since the civil war
Defare that time the membership at Jot
fork clubs was numbered by hundreds
whore It if now thousands A smelt great
dub now contains about BE many mem bare
as tilt whole lint enrolled Twantyflvc or
thirty yeort ago The aggregate membe
ship of the twnntylive 01 more leading
olubs muat approach twentyfive thousand
and If all the Institutions at the son
which this airy contains be iuuludttd the
total must brthree ui four tunet 1I6 many
Tut fear uti > their inability to obtain suf
ficient support dose lint prevent the older
instltutimife Irma multiplying their ex
IHUisebuiid it duet not dul4OtUflie the estub
lisiiment of new clubs on a scale of great
cost All of them seem to tnrlve Greater
supply H imfc to ornate greater demand
The number candidates lor admission
the old Ii always rout anti yet tim nnw
seem to find nn difficulty in obtaining on
adequate supply nt niemlmrK At eal new
generation comet up the unplicatloiiB for
udruisHlni lliciRiiHn looter tlmu vuiuinclt IK i
rmuudtli VHHim ulsotiikiinp pace with tilt
WVUllj illCIIUHIi ill tilll lIllllllHIl II tilt nlib
Altuntimc wnninii duuuri f U iriim uilniii
sinn tii moue clubs have established clubb
of their own and till number of these BBsn
oiatiouB is likely to inoraaia unr > jf the time
oomiewli fl tbe quality alBBBB and Womrm
J +
It i
IIIIalltu < A1I1IiIW u
TThatdaj es fat rtIl1lRftfIl7 It 2IaY
be nearer t hull than jwopl stpposs
1JreadT the oountry clubs Which I
bays ken ttabllBh IRI eunoaaalully
or TBowrt Taara women lend the
olmrm an the TIfIb11nIr rnflumma of tbeh
pTewoncc audit theywrralfl also oonamt to
elevate the tone nt the and toenhance I
then attractiveness club We would tak on
a beautywbiohJt lack
Cal 8burM1N eses a II
Wtlllmlt notice thetourestenmed con
temporary CaL WnaiiM MOBBIBDF SIn
01CLT oPlilladelphia lass declined to relur
to arbitration a controversy with ibefimste I i
Tax fiocintr at that settlement That Bo I
Dlnty hae offered a Toward of faeo fur a eye
torn of taxation that would raise nr ntn I
Butuolant lorthc support ot the Government I
without putting a fine on oonaolence thrift
orinduHtry the tin cm land values exoeptad
Instead at cnmuiglorwnrd and claiming the i
rnward lor tuntl smaBblng Out iJutnEKXT
said in hill newspaper that a tsx on land
values is limit a tax upon thrift and Indue i
try Thonmpon thn finolnty made Jam this
offer Tile society and Col tnnoEBU BhaU i
saab post IliOO wIth three judges to whom
the society engages to demonstrate that a
tax on land values IB not putting a fine upon
conscience thrift and industry 2t the so
ciety succeeds it rakes the pot It ItlaUs
Cot numaiTxenovai his 110O and 1 BO
clatyF VfiOO is to be used to buy copies I
at BERET GIOBOEB ° Frotmttlon and Tree I
Trade as this society and the Jtecoriare
Imlh opposed to the protection superstItIon
fitNOCKiirB spurting blood is not fired i
by this seductive offer Be doeant object as
lie very wnll might to the amusing pTtrpoml
tion that 1f he wins the money shall be de
voted to the encouragement at the thrifty
apostle tlioslngletax Be firmly JieliovaB
that taxes however laid or paid are a bur i
den upon thrift and industry but sass 110
occasion to risk ills money against the per
suasive powers df his challengers to the con
We should have liked to Bee the Colonel
take high moral ground and point out
to the single tax man that betting is
wrong and that making wagers it not a de
anable way of abolishing poverty Irmtnart
of nbuktDll the single tax bettors anti warn
ing them that the first duty at a rut tumor
is to reform himself the Colonel contents
himself with arofuaal l to make a bet which
be is afraid lie might lose Be is allowed
mind you to choose one at the judge the
society will choose another and the two
will select the third Why Is the Colonel
utruld that the persuasive powers of the
single tIC men will overpower this arbi
trator Are not lilt own powers equal to
the omergenoy The theste which the sin
gle tax men support le an economic para
dox and the Colonel ought to rush as joy
ously ae a Bolstom calf to refute it We I
cannot think that lie wants what ii techni
cally known as an airtight cinch when he
bets What IB it that prevents him hum
appearing stripped to the intellectual buff
to the arena of disputation
The only theory that suggests Itself is
tbat the Colonel knows how important It hi
In these dayBlar thexamaining iriandEOf
the Stuffed Prophet to get together The
single tax men arc among tbe most devoted
loUowcTB at the Stuffed raphat They are
for free trade BE the Colonel Is and for
CEETOLAKD as the Colonel is That there
should be any public evidence of disagree
ment between the CBTELAKD men who are
lor iree tradr and the ungle tcz and tire
OLETCLAKD men who are tot tree trade
without the IIIIIII lax douirtleaB BMJIII to
CaL tflNtnarLT a thing tn be avolded So he
prefers to shut up rather than put up
The luflgr and tbe Farmers
General comprehension at the principle
of trusts must be increasing protty last
under the influence of such constant expres
sions of opinion 111 we have received thereon
lately tram sources of greater less author
ity It IB interesting to observe that follow
tofr upon the declaration emanating tram the
Georgia Formers Alliance lu favor at estab
lishing a certain trust to put theprior e of
no less important a staple than cotton there
comes B declaration straight to the contrary
Hudge ItoraB of the KewTork Court
of Common Fleas in regard to the campers
trvoly insignificant product of wire cloth
Five companies agreed to fix the price of
their wire cloth and trouble having arisen
among them sufficient to bring them into
court Hudge l nron had this to say upon
their agreement
rest mice a contract fc rarnmant to naBlte polttrr
ancaonnlawtni toattued principle ta taa Jonaaru
Oanoe a UUt countrx Tna yaopla baTearJplit to tha
mrintneeaaJ eanTanianaai of Uto at a tIfoe sew
mined br tbe relation ot aopprr ami namane and tbe
law terbult maj afraamant or Boaaohdatlac wtmaby
that PTIR Itnawratl liryonfi be aalttaxr BSaanae a
legltimau competition
Thus ludge Itoon condemns with the
authority of the bench the trust Wblob the
Southern tarmer are considering although
such schemes are in full and unrestricted
operation in every State of the Union
to the form of associations to put up
the price of one of the prime neceaaariee of
Ulti human labor
Judge rirron does not condemn the prin
ciple ot mule unions any more than does I
Tm BtTK Jt cannot be that they am repug
nant tu public pulley in this country
The 11010rm Club Jill York city towbiah
Mr lIUTiuHi aadraueil bM antitlWar lease k a
thoroairniT antlltemaerauc omuaauaa It mule i g
tuilan with tue Bepuoltoaat laat NorauMi and tried
to Beat Uie JMmooratu llokai ui New lark Bin The
TWO it we tbat tlto weal ewaiilliajranCbnmbacBnVUr
wat boned out or snr Wbai aaaelMe TelatiaiM aenti a
nan a Mi ULVTKUIII Ban ium otto anon a brpaorltl
Ut =
oai arown at ut M more tban bit IMBUTCTBUC ntanat
uare aan iis4rSIIad4LLseOi LontUmum
Be IB one of them
Then ought to burro delay in the adoption
of the bill that ha been introduced law the
Hint Legislature brtionotor LAIKIIILIK pro
vldlnc that the inmates ol lunatic asylums
with the exception of insane criminal should
have the right to norreenond with people to the
outside world They are nutttlatl to thin right
and there If no resenD why it should be denied
to them It has been granted with ad antaaj
In several other Btataa Ttaora have bam re
cent occurrences that demonstrate the Im
portance and necessitY of the adoption of bee
star linunuxb bill by the LBClaUntre of KBW
We congratulate the people of Cana11a
upon the Tact that the polltioal uproar thai
will und afi soon ae the IdOtinnc are nvajr on
Tuumdsr next It would be ban lortlam to
tolerate for any creator toMtlh of tim the
strain under which they have suflnmd during
the past two mouths They have had and are
yet havujc hot times to the war between the
Tories and the Grits It tin ttsaad meant
amtoaptaore ol Canada could malt lit material
snow than would not be flake loft to any ot
tin prnvtooeK Vrr have often Irnard at our
own jiolttialuDB being on a rampage to a oem
paieu but the moatTBmpafranu ol them could
takr laosuiiB tram their Canadian nontemtio
rarirk Vm have heard nl pintlaying and
vlrapullluc in our eleotlnnb nut the Claus
iliaC method ol doing such thlncfc bat lint
beau ItanJlId l liars Our stump HDaukvn
have it Btime cease used ranoorous lunciiiqie
and aiuiliad haruh eolthaut to saab otter but
then Qpprtt rivals hare outdoaa ta m in I
this TnrT Tudajr the iiliiiiiinilsnnaB it Is
lather arndatK tbattae xutr lltJlOWW
DBBmde Una an sataiec tt Itta Utoa I
ttaktec WholwaQo i tR Itt ort el91fto I
IrtlT M tan lot the Canadians that the I
torm will neat tit race In a Jew days
There TIIB Inn In the J kanamwBotBfnf
J > ami ajiHaUtaa nngomaag Jit OTEI Chair
man of urn JuBlclary Committee mane a
aajauiai tormr at a nertoto jnaoltitloa The
Jlaa DAK A Jam ef 3 > nBMki thousnttBatKr
31 tb etentloman Arum xlft the Bon
Mr 3mtm will make tbe tatam t uirect
that in this matter or any ether my actions
have ben controlled by Improper motlvaa I
will DOt baattate to sayto Mm aa Dmioufi
aalatoANtnis lordAiranBthouliaatllad > n
Therenponlhli jilay at BompUmcnt ensued
Jh Omntaneat a5 5 woBlfl BaTte the tnan
Who wmUfl raaka a abarea at tnt klafl aaajaatae that
Than 3 aay ta ana tnttau JOB ar liar I yalttd
Ana juaaae a aawarfl antatana Mt nm
hint aanaatloa Xvarrboar wanted to
talk at nnoe iTinBlb7llrWi nirmij mutual
triond said that Jdr Gray lied avoloaiml
T jnmiwd Ores and dented tbathe iiafl anal
alad Er 3msm had not nlaoad hIm to ponl
Ion where an ajiolocr could expaetad Jrom
We dont know anything about Itr Onrrtt
sell to IQIOlDlr but we are certain ttaatDaJi
JOKBB owes an apology to vTAiasaiScarx
Tho BOA WxiiiiAii EATOK Ontsaaaa has
ban having ona ol his jmriodloal attaoks of
latter writing and JIBE aasmiltnd I contumell
mubTthe Boa JACOB B QAUAMOES and some
other Daw mibirs Itepnhlloan politicians
Borne of the centlemm whom Mr OnnntCT
ha BttaBlaad say he must be insane One
ntaaaantly BBaakB of bun aa a coward a our
ana an u So batter nrnof ot CnAKT
t1JIJ sanity could ben than the tact that
lie ta in a warOnimt And now that be has
bean Bailed a onward a our onaaaaanlr ha
will leal partaetlr nanny litttle eomnlimout
ol this kind aft his breath of his nostrils
Ji II Thursday the ate by auction at the
Tare books and mannaorinta and the works of
Ortmnal art and handiexBtt aollaatad by Hr
IbuxTOK IVK Ouric a long aortaa of yean
will baftto at the Amarlnan An Gaieties In
Twentythird street
The aoUaothui contatof oee book which alone
would eerwe togte dtattnatlontilthe sale and
stereOS to Jt worhtwioe attention It U a
anrarb IIPf II the GusaiIilble era
sn3ibta aa it was oaltad tora rlythe first
book printed with typee somewhere br
ell USD and u5 Tbe only other
copy of this Bible to the Patted States
te to the Iianox Library and anparBntly of
a hiter Oltlan The total number now to ex
Jatenaa to fourteen only and llr lvsEf carry is
celebrated as the moot beautiful ot them ah
It Js to Un original btodmciR aunoat uncut is
of remarkable freshness and even ttdar ft
stands out as a splendid Branbaen ol tnt
atroBhioal skill The value its mere rarity
SiviwthlfiDlbie Jadlaated byths axle to JfirM I
to London ot a much amaUor copy to modern
blndtoclor lBJDO
BasidoB this BUpexUttive treasure to tbe eyes
of bout eoUaetan the library l at Mr JEfo con
tains more than akrran bundred bnokn and I
JoannBcrilits and among the number are
specimen of early nrtotme only wrandary
to the QuricKUEkolUble to valna One nf the
mos t maazkable oi those JB a perfect copy of
the Oaiholiaan of HALBI Jt b the ant lexi I
con slur published and was printed in
3460 by JOB Onrrrmraf as the supposition I
hi A tees valuable eopy to firS estunB
lion of boot coUaoton was sold at London
1n J8tH for 2JX0 Another volume of exoaad
incrarity Jfithe first edition oJtne De amelia
of CIOEBO published to 1461 and the first
obuaicfirarjirtaited The collection also aDD
mine three other first edition of dcxBn and
first editions of many other classic au
than Tc rmy known copy of the
first printed arithmetic anpeus in it
bearing date at Travisn U7B and the
library Ja extraordinarily lob to further
BDaohnaajc of early typoerunhy The works
known ac AmerIcana inClUde the unIQue copy
of u1tm of CoLuImus describing his Brat
TtryaeB which Mr lw vuroliBsad at tha sake
of the library of the bit Hr 3Umow and also
a now of the extremely now Indian lllfale of
3on > TJTTOI The moat noteworthy of the
manuscripts theTambrokp Book of Hours
the moat baautllul and Important manu mJtt
of Encliah exaautitm autaide of ihe Dritish
Tbaae ore only a lew ol the most eonanhnuras
of the tiaaBureE of Hr 2vxEfe Itorury whose
sale at whole will be an event of mat Im
portance for blbliocrapherF and book collec
tor at home and abroad The priou 0 VOi
anise curare have bean steadily tocnosinc an
time ha none on and U 1 thetondenoy ol noant
year Is kept up at the forthcoming auction
the standard will be ruisad iiicher than ever
before Tbe number of individuals and or
llbrarieB eanunUnc 1or their pones lac may
be few but the contact is sun to be eager It
will also be mtaiwSttoc beau It will deter
mine whether the books remain to this country
or co abroad
In addition to his library Mr 3vw will dIP
fom at his lutz and Tory valuable collection
of Crrtontal pomelBina ram jades and crystals
and agrustrarioty of spacimanF of Jopanew
awards and lecturers The whole auction will
be one ol the moot remarkable aver bald in
New lurk and the procaeas of the sales will
amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars
Wr HATCH of Missouri must have been
hichly mitail in theBou e of HaDresentatlves
an Wednesday when he took tip a bill that IB
tavarad br the arm Alliance and talked
wildly and foolish about It as when hr said
that the rVaatern tarmon sooner than yield
ana jot of than demands would give their
Ironies to the flu and their flash to the
aBlaa Why should be indulra to neb rant
The Waatam farmers do aotneed to make any
such tranMndons norrlbU IriBhttuLchastly
UanioraMm Baarilloefc order to gala gny
constitutional object they may desire Ttny
II secure the adoption of any legitimate
measure whatever bTtttI1I tbe majority of
the voters of the nonntry cast their ballots
for it and flier lane other way of aumaa for
that When tbe Aliens has convinced the
jeoptotbat to ojamanus are just and proper
than will ba no need ol flames or aegis or
baldardaah assist securing them
The Bon XUBK B oFaOMi inrKKna of
mimissasa spoiled summer inn for a num
ber of uatrtot the other day by having eu tOken
tram the Daaianay Appropriation bill a nro
vision for tha appointment of a Bpacial con
mtttae momlwrt sisal to hmstlePste thee
rmrdltnreB of the Government In AhMka and
the Tallnwstane Park A little investigation
ad aood dtIRI o11tanlc arab tile trayelsofa
Congress eommittaa the venetian a joy and
a neat rtsailhninlt dr am to tha mamberv
Whlie steadily looktag for new light upon
1bauatanfwayaor1anmY of Ran sas
it is noanraamt to find the following allege
tionBabont bun That he has uovidas that
b hilree Trom all allaotBlian that he it not a
tobacco abawar that be does not lti > or swear
that ha is a man of buiioasf habttt and that
be is not a1iauar thinker Kowtbaa alt
tlons may all be truthful without endUing
iBiurr to any BpacisJ renown for there are I
other Amerioans awl even Eanaans of whom
the same oaa be aald When however wa
com across th allegation whtoh is printed
in the OiHtngD htnlmnl that IEUTT to a good
story teller and his statues art always eric
toal wii must admit that it would be bard
to say whore hu iwrallal can ba found to the
United Hiatus Why vvin thf smiles of lit
OCAUNRCI Jjcran blares am not always one
iualthniuhierhai 0iiMrueiit uf them have
an uruiuiaj souud It it be nullj true that
3EBrarUnmioi to able to onto stories all otis
1 I bra ataicat slang ha oan saaka a forUm fce
I Jors be tAke ais BBJU to OoMcrass AU aa
Mate te to la tn vitta n Ma
r t L T tJ p
sanL Itor the aajim jrafl miwvtfiBK vt JT
wrtimc JctBamns n > brm hire m utraMmotar
to lake them Down and a rjrretty lri wiit rto
writ them out Heeanircfblr money Jar them
they turn out to be really coofl and nets
What flow the Brorton HmiU mean when
it talk about the strong cwmhrarous hood
ana 1ibnul llftl ol the Hon IIIJUtIlI > MAnn
BOW We have ioarrflthat President WOK In
the habit ot showing a Bold nhnulflnr Ire
onentljr butwe bull no idea that he bad oar
nlTuinu ahotilflors As than I IB no political
canrrwlcn going on the Kucwumps ought to
be 1 ashamed to lain allohaob ualnst blm
ZOmazlt LzLLJvg lQTAJU
Will Maon TMeam Ftufffer ir Ota ibr
gfcpwuut Up the Onanta
Albert X Thiame the Teilem manna enu
merator who tafttlflaH before the Anamblr
Oansus Committee that he omitted to take 400
names in i his district because the OOUBUB tin
nan would not Sire him time anonch to CD
around wee arrested on Wednosday evening
by Depntr Tnltaa1 Kates Ilantlutlll Adler end
Trautflald on a warrant iwtund by Commis
sioner BUlolds The arrest woe made at the
Instance ol llabert 1 Porter ituperlntondeut
ut the OODBUR The abate oaaimtt Thtomn
war making false Tetunit He wan taken tIIo
lore United States Commissioner Shields ViII
terrier moraine Franklin llartlntt counsel
borne Assembly committee appeared for him
Hamas H Wardle SuperIntendent Porters
Ohio nlorU made affidavit that Thlome under
took by lila oath ol ofuce to mulct true and
exact enumeration of all the inhabitants with
in the subdivision BSflicnnd me At the eon
alnsion of his active duties the affidavit says
Thiame also signed the follnwtnc 1 oertlfv
that on the nth dnr nt 1une3 completed the
numeration of the district aMlcnml mo ana
the lelumll haft 11800 dull audtruthtnllrmade
lu aacurdanott with the law and my outli 01 01
Irlip > statute nays thai any enumerator who
shall wlllully and knowingly mote lalrn oar
tlfloateB or ilctltlnuc return nlmll IH > ininlBb
able on oonvlntlnu lIy two years imprison
mnnt or B line nnt osotwcllnc SSonii or bob
OommlHlonor BhieldK flIed Tllionnps hall at
1IHH It wan given and the examination
will proceed next VVBdnenilui morning
5 AtnMtmt To tine or er Mnltor ea
pei Pspoiseezit
DEW LmronK Tab 2C Cloudy skies and a
drizzling rain wen ac unluvoralile omen for
the new gunboat Bmujlnctun yesterday The
Tpwwlcnt under war from or City Jsland at
BUD ccloot sad steamed Steadily ui > the
Bound At lOocloot wlienshe stood between
Klatlncaoak Point and Oak beck the word to
tart woe given by Chief Unciueer JUne to his
aoaliitaiits and the official trial Irewui Par
one hour the Dennlncton niadu a record hunt
imniUadto place her tar ahead of the york
town and the Concord t northeast wind blew
heavily on her prow and tnrnhihnd a splendid
realmanoe She niclatanidlGt1 noundB a Btnam
presents and her tarboard oaclnne niude 15Cd
revolutions per minute while those or uarnon
tallied 140 The ah niwnure mute fire loom
extended to II S inolie with an average nl ys
fDmllll oclock the Hennlnctcm spend was
reckoned br Jllnt Jkil to lit t nt thf rule nl JIi
baum anbour The ofliolatrecord makes Itl7h
At 11 > thr brlok arch In communlcatloc with
the port after bailer tell ID with a crash and
within the best hall hour the steam iiroaRure
droppadthirty points HrJulmnruttorluurD
Inc of tUto concluded to lumtnone till trial
until tomorrow Toe Ikmniuctoc wan run nu
10 JSnw London elctitymvon mUM tram where
she bad started the morcinc anti anchored
lorthenlcht Durlnc th > day tin Hood ciiaki
ol bar varioiiK macuzinefi and ho air oirculut
Inc and Toed hump stood imrtantlr on ox
hatiBttvn test Bet vlbratloo until altar till at
cldaut described above wan hardly noticeable
Xke Xrwmt Anv Kortliai Insult Like
TTrur 4ouUmm Oentlfuneu
Jvm Utr BouUunL AllUmer JOrmtr
T wonlC Ilk tc Mt Oar horUim to cautonw hK
emidaat whet tw itacMMzl tn mst lit lonui dotter
bte meat TiiU tc AUuot end to tiUxgntutlcttl Horn
tar towrurr anra tc gc ate pstiic ntat ti 011
bk JMMBI If Uito IB ant OtrnMomrr to IK m
tnuupcTOit gsa w arc tC lorn tn ass tx
Mr Ooall 9tIIa our Roauluti wptul city at the u >
Ytt llini at A number of r im iULtivr IMOIU WhIle
an Cadizl DOll be wa our emu sat mtnud tn evarr
nun ot rximt sac BaaUdermUoB Oar Oav rnnri >
andnetrkii n IUM tc the ciwr eMTUtic haipttaltiT
ufl calTKtrr of the Itmptrr Hmto of the South and
ofMrvt vntcliotu uantt tomvrr nnttaDaa wee bad
ICTtud ana tsMlTxd Sir Oaala Intt touuiw we may
dUlar with man M iu naion we thanU nluHbtB
teat ennricir Hu tram on attemm tn natlir
tisettisas knnv famr ti 110 tni tltdlr tmtIcl land
wAtsestri th4 conTicttonB wiuiaat betas ffnllty of dk
caartwy to BE TlteC RIMU 1 im Ncrttitu did not
teal I w tneunid liwacnot ohUBatorrnpan blmtnat
Had the mxptUn acrard by tt cto a Atlanta to
UT OoaUL lint Ita bad ni > Tutu to noel iSle tint tD
atr blH onotlrwl importance and ttironirti bl > ofll
eta poatttoti place IbtI braliil of dtoeourtvtiy cpoti UM
rwpi Ie of Owrfia In imeral 1 and of Allan tu par
JLnothm Pew Turk C dill
Pro 1 Ant mitnra ffat
On of the matt important TUrnre at the any tc New
Tort poltttai Coourreatotan Uaaw l t Finwvr A man
of trinr pnunalttT and irruu norcr of character ha
unite out a > am of Jim itsat iMmaaimttr MTiatnanc
Aitancti aupporwr at u > Dirty and a coimnntlaaz b
lIeer IE tic polteMK and docrrlnw lit ban anloyad tire
tuft mascara of lu ojjport Bud nammaffv lit IK now
avrtnc bh Bteond ten in Commit where br has
matte blnutU tettBKa mall of treat taut sound JuAf
man sat gaol ability nil poitnon bar the country
Bnalwulaior IrrMwotivr of hu palitlcal eompiTxtou I
to a tavorabte am and rtltaeb credit upon bimMt and
tumor upon tiM caviliuanay liurmz the r a nt toe
notioxiuiUw New a art l > cmoeraay am toamtuuileaun
ewe tot honator lTane lit Fiow rV cam wan rerr
aniontlT euiig751r Ke atm hear irs name mon
t m Bdraoataur mascot at laT national IK
BffioaBn In wont alt tress of narraw rurtliati pallor
ale UWbIIllf Ills pollute 1 on U Indian question
feafcreaetvedttT haarty udoneni ol Itamoorataand
MepnMtaaa alUn A man at ample maant be l bat
parvd notblnt to Bdranae bk party and 10 alwart
raaoy with baud and heart tn land blnMir to anruimc
tan and hoses It would not be at all enrprMuirto
and Kanrali r Tlowmt itanOarC well w tlwtrantln
tax raal Battaaa contest tn a
JL Terj frufai Itmxitlm
prow Itf nrt I R mtA laastf
waste Oat WalMTHnof tile jMllntUr MurfeJournal
Bad Cot Joaa ot tie If 4 IMIU tanMi < WOE on C
ad nomination If the utter ibouli take anotlnr
aaMMmaoniUcaMp and deoian tar 11I0 form Slit
rumUffi Jtinte nr Xnatl lutnroet
Tlmnanapaauooii Iionian CathollK Tuarr aw 43
pTiaBtt and HT7 nnne tn bvrclolsniTV Till 1 Vienu tnt
Terttty eoiuaiiMlllf Roman Oaitiollr and SCLMIPWIIU
inutonu In the twenty boipltat wilt Uielrca i
bsea anUS parole wet traauil ui inru 1
Xelpelc M to bavx an inumationa ezliimtlon in the I
nnuuarot me tor lire aIWTI and metlioo o1 lute
tad Oroai aeeMliai the moat lmproTil mean at
tdwg and olotbtnir aeldlere hlII nc ant Twipular
505155 It will be m UH IrfitaHalae fcitructunrof
Sat tube tlixtlx ot Madison Niiuare larden
Ine lanaUaliclien lu the world te in tin hon Mach
InfarU It ba Hruu emplovee itt inuillui liettu II
ronlainc ltx > quart and tli larxet ALU web of nfp
rvutlar pan K ale ennuili tar sa ouueta rvery diet
tar feajtlur pntatnea boSh Z2 > pountta When om dllI
at on the bill of tare 7 KOtieiu are oael at ono Pot
cooator alour dUll CoaSt and Utt aailiiintt are alwayi
tit the Tenses
llllti Oarman oflteUlK are matter s oampaiiu anuut
npernuoa Ternlr tu Ibo TeneTs at tneir tabor
dteata In tin lunilr dHntet tue local I polio and cIty
omolalaaaT ue n ordered tn droptraBi tuetr oftioul
vaoaoulary the phraeta west aaedtentir moat ra
tpcUallr and moatlnoerelT The oottomarr 1
baM boo boner to repair An witS wbwn all ooou
maca tyam lower teas ba niai amat YnOartot
WlUlani bat au > teal UrapueU
TTiiorfa tkr Mnb
CUIIIta Htota wa rallY UuperllnaBtat lIP open
teat nurtu Ila teat loanuzal me tbroum bk opan
glaaaai all the arable
Ttuu was Bum or tot at a eomplmtant warat It r
Lan lie sated tbnmit tne layg lad
The most intarmilnc nrtlcle in the Puurg I
Jtaaattif far natal Is nipt 1laurkel ecenunt of flea i
C vokK oamp tou lu tUe Indian eauutrv and SOx in i
ttal we pU w liit cenciuilon or Mr ItirkhUln uienjorn I
tK in true tlir uy > ThttMi and cancel cniiu
Tnirir pIIDO fit uualttfi are itfcilDUt arllClee
on prestos e xptormfexpedlllon In the Nearer
cooxitTT aad BUIU their lltuttmtiont tt a CM =
poTash of Mn > T niool tram a aualauire cy lJDClI1e j
IId wile S eses a yanar A
lbs M an aaratltaataBBtkarMf 1 the salary M1 taa
1 Ia isrt a
mIr en tr JIrJUET
sa Ii w 1esfle la
t nt Raves
0 Feb aGFnr weeks poet the
memboreol tho Harvard Athletic Association
have brmn on the anxious neat They bats
hMntrahilmt talthlullr all the time but they
baTlhad 110 assurance that thor would be ul
loweSao dlsnlny thnlrirrowcmi nt the Untt BB
van games nest Ua Jinw all doubts have
beflnTnmovnfl Thn committee on the recula
tlon nl athletic miortK have votpQto iiormlt the
athletes to take part lathe games of the Ititor I
collaolnte Athlntlc ARRnolatlon In Knw TnrL
Thin relaXBd lor thin year the Vow Eualimd
rules BO oulldUJn favor titthi JIA A mid its I
mamlmrBhaveynt uuotlior clianoeto put In a
bid Ion the new mutt Envun Tronuy Tho I
original out > hi DOW the pirpnrty of the Har
vard Athletic Association by virtue of its lone
string nt victories Alraadr Harvard boo her
name InBorllmd upon tile new trophy a the
winner ill thn ilrnt ountiMtt for KB pusHtiwIon
The vacation snaeongsvl < tlie boys a atmnce
to nnol down a IttUo null thr Paoulcy didnt rr
null no vividly the outnum to the mtimorr at
Harvard tnunilor The Jnothull contests
gave nveryhodr Bomntblnc else tutliltik Clout I
troll thon ennui Harvard B rent vlntozy over
1 ale at Hiirlmttlalti ilvonlmily watulied tn
55 > hnwthat iiuauoninnul aahlevcmout would I
ntlRattha ntuuenta half leerIng rnpntttlnn ot
tile wild orclofttlmt Hiinrendnd the Mutt haven I
victory Jiutnothlnc ol the klnti onourrna
ijirly this wlntur tbn memtiniv nl the Atli
latlc AiBoalatliiu nIl tbolrcmuiiuiluni
tine uudorthe watnlitul ere ol liithtoii The
success luflt ynur hail brought nut n inc Haiti of
nntrlw ana at the outxnt ttm candldaiefi tor
Jlott Bnvun honors ouammlmrnu tho > e In any
pmoiidlnc Oar Thoru ware 131 athlelob nu
the lint Thm worlni faithfully too and ltt
Uirnji Bald hu ncMU list a morn willing olnBB
nf uthlutR to trulnlnc In all till time UP to
lest Siulnit lny Him illdut enow tnntlliiT
yard would Im I iiarmttted tu compete in the
llott Hnvnn nmiM >
Jlarvurd Cent loin nmnll nrmy of athletes to
try ouimlUBloiiH with Now iortn atnltitoH at
the JliMtou Athlntlc ABHtialatlon games an
Feb It end thor rntumad laden with tin
I spoils nl victory The want In which they I
oomiwted cannot Iiilrly bi > used u > u basis Inn
roaipariBiin til what the nthistswUI do ottho
llotl ilaveu comes lor tot dhttouvoB omored
were an a rulo althur Ititicor or Bhortor than
those Hpcallled to thn IntoirollacUte contests
Thetiiti the contestants won more or lew
favored with bainllciim Which thor will not
iiave In the lion Haven genies
Jlut there ore conic events to which liar
yard athlntaB cub clvii other man purntfc and
thon IlIIat them for oxample tube the run
nlnc hUn jump to which GJ lArlnc Jr
matte Buch a glorious record He tinlue the
worlds indoor record with jump ot d I Imitiifc
ladies It It arcund that Jhuariuc hue more
than an oven chanaeto hreak the turf record
in the runtilnch ifti jump and It IB 1 oonoeded I
that no other athlete con b him In that
Borne event A il ureun who wears tht >
tibeiry diamond OB wall UK the crimson I
Basil Brandt a cood Hhuw InriniUlnc Rooond or
third plat 1Loo another Inch jumpor i
ie e and Jnarlnc are tileD osp atndto clear the
nurdlac to good shape and EJlrowu and P
Mien are ulno Tiromlaiuc candidates 1 1
Uloati If one attire irttirv to the traHhmen claw
and he in luoked upon an a valuulHt addition
to the team He hold the collage Teaard lor
the runntac broad jump and the amateur
I record for the ruunlnc hoP Btup and jump
He IB expected to make u crimson mark fan
ahead of any other cohere color Green and
J Haiti Jr are also buoued fur that sTout
L P Carr another llanhattan Cmb man IB I
a Croat sprinter and tinlp hutS to nmkp a geniI i
showing In th jnlle run AM White Low I I
ell lluuty and Carr are all l pramlaliic man
J or the bull and imnrtarmlle rune there are
Hpvorul strong candidate among them baltic I
h TJk OnMlii b 1 Jiataheldur T 1 Bteud
White and JL Wr lIt CJLilardeen and
3 it Never Hale are Harvard oruuk walkers I
Hale IK I tint so reliable BE Jloroeun lOT he Jb
opt to break Into arun to a clow linlsh
In the llliivurd daub L C Jloon and 0 K I
BBWB of lam years team will compete again
this year Am tine oilier murmurs who stead
good chance In thnt and tile 220yiinl ivontF
are b I It Crosby H 1 Hale Jr AH Omen I
JLB31I08B tb Jlnthacnlld CiIV ijtieod A
JL Bhoulalcb and T 1 Btead There are Iou
nf new men training for the short distance
oven and nome xre iloveliinlnc grunt speed
X 11 Ptnla of the lootbull eleven if t maklnc
a good record tnlnate ot Btruncth and in stint
iintiucund hunmtor throwlnc W B Khua
aiid E TB Allot are also ansI men al muscle
g Lot esTMrtduy ftu > iBtmiMrB Mont > tt
Lppidiitil Ht Once
Things to the little Chinese mill In the Clap
tom House woroui t flutter yesterday when It
became known that Col lent or Hrbardt either
tbd > or trmorrovr wuuld make rocuisUtane
on the eliclhle lists for tarty or fifty store
keeper or clerk to mzlarm the duties of
turekeenajis Thaae appototmeuts though
are to be lor the month TUoroh only and ore
made necessary by a decision of the Treasury
ZlHjuurtment Just aohBd tn l < aw Tort con
earning tue duty on sugar Tinder the
new tarlC law raw sugar alter April
1 IF put on the Ira list In order to makethe
heiiellt arising from tnt loot unlvorBul
throuchnut th country all sugar refiners
imtionlnc the raw product may by this de
cinlon of the TrmBiiry 1 tetmr imunt withdraw
iron bond to March all yew sugars on hand
and arriving and roliuu ttinm imniBdlutely
thenrntKCtlon of the revenue though tbu
refineries during that month will each Iw I
ttJlllar the RUIIOt811111 of a Government tan
keeper In Borne of the rollnnlee two or three
Btnrekeaperc will he ati hiiud tt > tintf the n I
relntBotrav nucart trout bond atthe rulhierlre
Inthlc way all rulmnrlet to the country will re
ceive eauul advantage The total number of
tontporory stomLeanum tn he appointed at nil I i
ports duriiic ilaroti will not lie lar tram ilHj
Thay am paid by the Important and cut 54 a
duv The Imnorterh tliuratore pay t ibllu
lor tilt urivllect Gmtul tothnm II
jtrxr OK A JirxnL ilLUT
A filtmttlnB nt Slultlmurv Imrolvtac a fnac
oTluniniutkuiuil Cnurten
TAXTr inirc Fill hohumacher A Co
agents T eicii steamship lltiw nut of haul
alone have jirotest with Collector llarlne
ecumm the asHenfiniont of duty on II steel stint
I imprmad from firemen for the Bteumtibiii
V OutDO The abet m tied at thlB port JIIII 7 I
on the North Cmrniui Lloyd steamship Amor
lea It was at IIrtlt outertid at 41 par coot ad I
vaiorom an a munulaature nf metal but ufuir
an oxumlnatliin teem made the duty wan
chuiumd to h 11U coiitbb jiound and amounted
10 sLuc
The AVnuton Iwlnnct to the Manes Company
ut Jsrameu Mime Bullet from Charleston b C C
with a cargo at cotton jar Drnmoti Jfeeauiber
last Utiuna17 her screw shut broke and
she wat towed into KurlolL A dupliuaiti smut
in the romtiaityB Htumt nt Brurunn war cuulud
for and It was forwarded Tie protoxt does nun
olutm thai then IK uuvprovision ol tlie mvuuue
luvt under which to domand the shafts entry
lr e ot duty but asks that under exlHtinc
treaty end international foully the inuBt
fluent Bhnll uhnjcute UB right to intiow the
assessment The importer claims that if u
United htatw vessel ware 10 be placed tn a
parallel situation to b GarmiiE porttnauhinetr
that ahu needed would Lie admitted true 01
unarm nuwiajiK urrr WET
a e twil 1 Hit IHllnwnm ImBinmuUly frfrt lJp
Another ItvaseeiIreeI uuiSrrnot
LrLttttTlwt Ja Feb Grbl disruption in
the Xviincuhcal AHBoclatinu at ouHtern Penn
eylvuuht resulted a clluus ttvtluy by the r
luau 01 tiie antlllowmunltet to allow llmhop
llnwmaijto euterXhauozerOhtirch to preside
over the Conference Jreflidinc llldor Boll
acted in BpokBHiiiuu tlip I uiitiJlowuiuulUb
and Intormnd JIlHliiip Jlnwmun when the lui
ttir prt > Hontnd himnell III till ilnot tutu hn rt >
niMuu to cive him adniumiun lir atiUiurUy of
tue true lees
Jlmliun Jlowmnn thou uniiounaid to the
oiowd in front nl tht > ahuruh tlint as In had
loch unwuntud iron iKirlormlnc thu luuitloue
ul lu 0011 i in an prosldiuc ntlictir of tliih Uoulor
nnoi lie would oruuulzo the luBt t PimiiBylvania
Llintniuuau A motion was ninth tlmt thf
Cioutnmnne DittO In Knimunual Ilvaiicullcal
ChurCh This WHfcd olarod ourriadutid lliulmp
ainvTuun uud IIIB loliDVfHrs ronulr to that
edifice aud uruaulaid thu Couloroucu
eec aUBmi Widow un the Iitwaftac
BptttKonELU 111 FIJI 2G1Ir6 Gen John
A Local hits token b hand in the buuutonul
light henator Crawford hoc raeelved lol
lowing talecrum front hn tram Viaahittclnn
I hutton IMI iluleutad by au atfiunlzed honor
able I opposition than tn he demoralized uud
illxntcauled bi an icnoHe nurrnudiir ol inrin
dub Htuud firmly tmrettKir and cunmmud
thlcnuf1deo nut raepsato1tutulllgsutpeop0
iventhouch you mann lie I tnmpatatllr UUBUC
pcaalul It u lurulUHt maHtirj settee laid all
tiBatre that a minority no nnml vlinuld dlotutr
tn b great maturity ol T tn = nlzed honorable
ruDreueututlvm ol hiQurrS Jrlllcltl
KaiLiiuluc WKbuut The
hoi Ik lrilrtt liltlhf
At Atvlil Hi civ with lit in u mi hunt lit
hymn nntl i lultn u nun unit u Unin once
jir i 10 i t II 0 Iii f iiuin ci IIIK s u I n tui1 lien
twu years tu Ijin hurwli u hurSt mid htuxi
Dda Wilt i
I lair CIAI1I u this wnai yea nail a Oaaft f j
11aalIn1a7VY Wort
I 1 Mtclasifl1p54 wI
j2 1 1 4Lr c
ommtcrJrT Dr ornmc
Res 2ruIiee tieseersieg PItC R
amass 17
Treat AnnunOullt Jraan
rATitB TVib 11111 imTB had another nniiv < n >
nation with JTot lilirpmnnn ol tilt Borbonna
lu which T called 4ilo attention tn the mini
raised on bin fllieomry of bnw tn phntmrratih
polnn The Tornra are tnrmaiioni lie mad
use of tine worn ll1ftdaoll they an nntr
men by jreflpntton In looking at the plate and
not through it me pone tlic culore well la
layllffht or lamplight but honor to mtfeid
than to dIrect artlOclal llctit Tints tin Pta
meteor oovared the bunt 01 u clan plate OG
which he phutoaraphed a npedtruni and held
thdnnolnwarfl the wilt IIldDf apapor lamp
ntiailo In the Hull It throw book on ilium tint
hintS tixit Btioh a brlctitntiw UK only in us
romnnrable tn the ntlnniattc hues to a wellcut
CiolcniKiu diamond Vliuu he huld th Plata
botw11 my ore ondth ILclitl did not see a
trim ol tuilur on It
He Raid his method had nothing in common
with the BDOHlletl ohromollthuffruph unntoc
runliy InvnulniJ by two ITonnhmnn H CtiarlH
< roB nnd M Jitntw Oe Hamon Their roloriuc
BVittnm IB a prInting prooons It they want
ed for liiBtoneu to do a rod Tnlm yellow tur
ban nnd green sash tIter Would have three
dlltnrnnl ulntnn one with the turban done to
a yollnw plcuiunt aD oUter with the roll III a
rail one ami a third with tho pain In croon
Tines would lie mmofWHlvnly fttumrwtl upon a
lihntnimiph but the noloratlon would not be
line tn tam direct and Bole action of light on the
Llpmnnnnthtnkpthat hem be able to
mprndueecompOMltr hues such ni lire found
in tine Human nomiiloxlnn or a landKooPe but
nald hchudpovar tried aud tlion luri > can aaaen
notliluc HntnntlfitR Imwovnr donnatrad more
nt BBtttnctho orient than the subdued nolota
the Inrmtir uf which he line htmL able to catch
und ill 1 luwor mew ear ottoctB mono neat
and period than those he ban obtained BL
Jtnimiunc tutu boon at the BorhnnneDveynara I
He wan throrin to tin wnv nt his dlBcovrtry to
proporlnca lecture ouJSowtouKthourr otllchk
rm rjuiTtutK JIWTTT nnnrAT
Ceespelted to aid In e fmrlm Cow i1
JVlakj Comic Spews GhJ euid ftamh
taa ttr R hll Guest
The HovD Itntroll tinstor nf Weatmtnirmr
Church recently inoi a lone railroad Journey
end at luck would have Jt 1 win the occupant
of a slummIng nur together with the memlmrs
of a comic Diners company IABI evonlnc see
rreludeto ills sermon lie told lime aaucnca
Von nf the horrors ot his trip
Lortlliaoon said Mrllurroll to htaearoy
on ° PrlondBlilp says that a crowd If not
pompany ThlB was most Jorcltjly brought
burn tn me a short time Blue when 1 was
Juried to make a Journey to Han Pranclsno In
onmptmy wltli a comic opera company Cloeor
auarten cuunutwall belmacm dthan those ot
a Pullman car anti I woe the only nonnrnfe
stimuli thorn At llrst there was a little re
Btratot evident but that Boon wore oB There
wore twelve men and BE many alleged ladles
All night whoa wukeful niauBhonld have bean
ocotipind with Biilenin meditation the air re
sounded with the todolioute soiree ol GlroAn
Glioila fltlll mom ludelltate stozleB told by
both HOICK th rattle of CUBHIH and the pop i
iuc of cotta and trom the Hmoklnrroom was
heard the rattle ol Ivory chips and demands
two or three a tnc Dune might be
Hare nile would Bay woe BfilarloUF oppor
tunity tu diilrvor ahumllv 1 lit so It won a
ilorioUB opportuntty lilT keening quiet To
Ol a homily baton them would be tu cant
IKiurlB before swine Could a mnn > horrible
doom be dOlt d10r these artists than tr be
RUddenly transported to the raldBt of bright
BnlrltbutoetucHuty Holy Holyl Lord God 0IItI
Almlchty ThaW wnuld icol us much nut ol
place In heaven at would the members dl our r
JTuslmory drlnfcluc bear ployinc poknr and I
alnfHnp GlTOllC lull
A Xnul rcUlp Girl Mitkc Onlefci CoIes
Whoa Citiitibil KnnvncB Iron Rails
Jmi thf QraerttrJnunulL
TTlth her foot wedged IOWBOU tbn guard mite
utile fitiort Line yards Mliw iutle Wills a
youuc woman of the Last Lund WOK run down
by a train 01 freight car yesterday attorntion
Bar font was crnund off but by the rarest
presence nf mind she was saved tram death
Mint Will was nut walking with uCiri tttcnd
Wnilc wulUtoc through the network of tracks
to the verde Mien Wille stepped upon one or
thE rails Her toot slipped and to someway
WOK caught liotwnoti the traoL und a guard
nil At the name time bar trlend noticed a
trait altielcht oem buok1tut01llJ1 thom and
onlya Kb on distance oC fleeing the imrwno
inc danger she run to the assistance the
cuntive und toBBthor they used oil their
strength tryincto extricate harloot haUl
woe caught as to avtse On amount or a allcnt
ourvt < lathe tract at thnt jwlnt tilt engineer
did not see the young woman until Jt WIllS too
tajn a lost nffort to save her life the Wills
threw her hoar rrom the track but liar left
loot WBB still held Jirmty and u1lIlh her
agony of mind nit MB the whaels roll overdiar
lee midway tmtwuenthw fcnee and antJeaaiv
sting the momtxir comulntnljr The ohnewbhai
had btItm ant at with the torn could nardly
drawn tram the track sotiffhtly baa it been
wedged in
tiles Wills is i1 years of ace and IF an 1ID
nBiially pretty Ctrl The txrrlbbi strain nf tte
law seconds she wanhald betwaenthe rails and
the physical palL auftend tnrew her into Bach
li condition that ItJslaarsa her death will TB
fwtttar rUerBT Twi XturlMBrB
fran Jot GUlKmntii
Jtnow B eond story about Totter Tanner
which nur never vet bean puuliah One day
lit Palmer want down Into the engine mom ol
hit hotel und to saute war got unto a dlnnuta
wlththu engineer Jit 1almorend cithe mat
tprbyt lltac his Bmnloyttetn 40 iDtheofUai
and am his salary and got out
Now this engineer had been in Mr Palmer
emiilni llftwjn years and knew ever nliw
wire and rope in the big hotel The manaRar
nf the house who hr the way IB now a Mt
louh landlord wall creutly put out when the
fatthtul employee told nim the old man boo
Tired him
rim said the moniuror 3 dont want you
to ca We would be in trouble for month if I a
new man tool your ulace Ill tell you what
YOU do Go and shave oft thnt mighty beard
you wear draw up In your Hunduy clnthes
nnd CD and etrliiethe out man tor TOUT out
JUAn hour latnrlur Palmer was apnmnohed by
a smonttilaima niiatljdreMHdman who cam
iitiuulv toaulmd if needed the iwrtloeH ata
TbiitB just what 1 do WB Tllr PulnierVTe
niT The man Pvc hud hah lieim dlschurtiad
lit had been a lone time lu tile place hut JIB
got lInens Ju your papers art all right YOU
cantry the Vlllrtl
That happened yours ago bn Jim null holds
the tort Mr Jalninrhtu never T lTlltl that
be fired that easer Tim und hind to his
Place the mmtlomuuty Bmontbtated man who
keeps evBrytbtoc auuh norlect riinnlng
Mr Pncautu Twn Flutroro StaLeS
> net Ur late hoes Unttirr
AiraBmroser on thell 1Ir > > ocloct express tar
Hofitou winch had just arrived was sanding
lathe itoormu nt our ot the i > oacli H our of
hi hands resting in the groove wlmre the door
close A sum wmtl or inc BWlnchic of the
our outued the heuvy door ID clone with eor
Bltloraulitoroe oatchinctwi of tine manB hu
gem Tim short edge ol till hour or lIme edge
of the I1lwllIUI unuiutuuicl the uncan alnii at
asBmnntlih IIB wnuld i Burcnons knife Tha
flaHCUHu UUU UllTU UlUiUV TOiC kWAnu wu is > 44m
lirttt joint
Tlie Injured man wa > Martin I rwonian a
Jiewinri liiiqlnett man lie WaS taken nn
tonn uy Himtmun Jiunluii wh WIIhrllQu llUld
10 drive to Rome physician K i off01 ut soon OB
JII IRK I 11111 The lifting nt lITho MnlUimise 3JB
soil llnssell und ilariiu were visited hut all
were out Jinullr tin niiwtoi woe Immti ut
lilt uflm and hn itrouHed Hr eman
Till rirat Weave Tutor ID 2
tmi 1 th Jarnln lair Itff
Mrs Cora Jlaon Joitnr of Bnuston one at
tint niostBUPimtritii real estate mtentfi ir Texas
inns imninnuli herself bv voting at the also
lion held on iiontlny in that city to amandthe
charter clalmluc her Tlctit to vote inc the
tTiiiititl nl Inline K pranert iialdnr Hue h the
tint woman thut even voted In Texas
aaiy InilMiinik JPrtwiptiotHrr a1aeee
fmm tur Jnmll fnr rrOL
lorry filmiwon sets thut Ills nraent elaatioa
pxiianief ware iimt C25U Be says that he due
no Intend that lntJl > on eh while in Watiluuii
loc utiaiiduic to lute public duties ball oust
hIm nvei Ear ion month He neither swears
drinks clieTs nor tuUchnnuC lit < exjmois to
lU1 1I unto buulawcuunt when hist rmezpiraa
Weather ikttn fouvar Mil St ThIS X3s
pram tr Kin 40100k < TiMai
Hi loflrnn JIo fob 21I11 storm wave
du to dual th llisaiHBlnpl valln trom 1 eta I
JA tu 1 nb M end rvaub the Atlantic naSal
ubntit Jol h7 will he I a van seven storm
1tulh alter nubttiuc to the east ol tbe III
vaUuJXWMl o Whit Steal
rrom tw rnUatllflUa flesh
Mon DfILTt Foil 2i white anal weigh I
Inc iilmut IM pnuiulk wu Jlllnd in the lien
flu irut n urhen yimiunlny by Kua Wolla
Tine biiiiual sue aicnninauiiid hi uuatuer ul
UK wt iit > which ViII Jut tiluoi
Vluit u 5ra Mluuw Ik
fnm ill
Iwo euildreo wara niarlut ou the tlnnmlt i
iaily paaeed tlMBi
ijUfUairiiai WIdow aaldau
WltatXanaaiwiBaerr saeIter
lItaatuIlCaD pm ksemer Miii
saIiy i wer sr ds tI1111i1r
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