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urbt mv J Ufl Iltbt MI mv I t
gtcmunnrr on BBS jnucoen
fte Isiperor tse CarY for the Bla I
t Lttt Her GoConn Tom Wal
Bestore to Favor Clerman who
p Net Take JUadlr to the rei Bait I
Cabe Trjlwt to Im rove their Lt i
March IThire Is no need to e I
BfiuK Mah
JtiiU on tbe llmnt horo In regard to
tVatieatmtnt 01 of thl Empret Frederick during
Kir ttmlt t Par Th rsntmnt ot the
fltrmanpsopltl Ii 1 great that th newspaper
Gral labjeot for onoe only too faith
artlelM oa th lbleot 011 to lalh
01 t
alcl rtpretwt thl Inflammable condition of
tallr rprlt
tl DUbllo olBiL Bat the nnlvertal entlmnt
t publo have been felt it would
taiKat whtter > mar hl I
kITS beI D user for the pr1 not t bare q
1ntd fbi tltuatlon by inch onUpoken r
Lrtglnitlpa The Clone ate the chief
ffasderof the ladlng newspaper in It vim
lute M1 to forget the position It once alma
onta toward the lady whose cause It now
Mponttt 0 Indiscreetly but whom I meet
lattlr attacked when her husband was dying
la political circle the Ooutui attack upon
ba II chootes to refer t as t loe
fmih Government ire entirely disapproved
It ions Quarten the Colon Gazelles crusade
aftlait Franc Ii I attributed to a desire t
attention from horn ember
draw off public atenlon fm emhll
numDts such A haTe ben caused by the
eotland Iron scandal
Of oun there la great soreness at court
and there In some likelihood of the imperial
math baring to be appeased by the aaorifloe
w Imperial Chancellor The Emperor
blunt Gen von Caprlvl jut as the French
Oowrnintnt blames their Ambassador here M I
Bitbttt for approving of the Empress jonr
icy 1 Caprlvla tenure ot offloo ia to bo ao
ihortllved his successor mar probably be
found la Herr Miguel who baa of lato obtained
the Haltir1 entire confidence and who la erl
dDt marked for a civil and political post of
treat Importance
Anotber favorite at the present moment and
hs most b regarded an a restored favorite Is
Count von Walderseo exohlef of tho ta In
response to a telegraphic invitation from the
Emperor the Count arrived In Berlin on lost
Jaursday and spent th evening at the castle
It I I ski that at the Emperors Instance a
Btrtbern tourltU h club has bean formed
ecctlttlngot those gentlemen only who have
tteommuiled the Kaiser on his journeys to
horny At the meeting of the club on Thurs
day night the Count sat at the Emperors side
ud everybody was In animated spirit the
Emperor especially 1 The olub I to mt at
the castle at stated Intervals
Conan Moor Lawson another American
tinier Who balls from Cincinnati made her
first appearance here In concert at the Hing
ing Academy on Wednesday last She wu
well received by a crowd of American and
English friends but did not achieve the In
stantaneous uecea enjoyed by Mrs Radoiiffo
and William Sanderson similar
Captrton ad Wllam Saderon on elmlar
occasions One ot the prlnclnal reason for
her failure to entirely please the critics must
b put down to the repertoire selected which
comprised all sorts ot composers Klos Bonn
Blue Eye of Spring teemed best adapted
to Gorton Lawsons voice and talent and
Told a storm of applause
Felix Phllllpl who hu a brother In Now
York hat obtained the flrst real dramatic Ino
es of the season by his new play called The
Old Story which was performed fo the flrst
time at 1 Deutsoh Theatre on Thursday
light I is a thoroughly modern play of the
mile formerlly known u the French school
tat successfully imitated by Sndormann and
other German playwright The title explains
the nature of the plot but the incidents do
BOjltck originality
A new European war railroad map has just
bun published by the German general staff
for circulation among army officers of the
highest rank only A friend permitted me to
lock over his copy yesterday There are six
tim l different railroad lines running from east
t west which will enable tie fatherland to
despatch armlet across the French frontier
te fronttr
The Rhine is I bridged over nineteen times to
Militate rapid crossing at all seasons of the
Ttar There are already ten railroad lines for
forwarding troops against Russia and four
mOr an beIng constrnoted with the same ob
JM The Russian kingdom of Poland and the
Government of Vilna are already so encircled
by the German network of railroads that the
Kilters armies oan cross the frontier at tblr
tWD different points while Russia has only live
lice of railroad converging upon the German
frontier and yet we a told that Russia is prepared
pared to throttle Ul
Count Pappenhelma little daughter born a
month ago was christened on Thursday at his
residence In tbe Elelilrasso The mother wa
formerly Ils Wheeler of Philadelphia Count
Gthonvalotr the Russian Ambassador and Mr
Phelps were tbe godfathers and tbe little
Couutsi was named alter themIaullna Wit
ntlmlna There was a grand luncheon after
ward a tb PappenbelnVs
Max Born is giving the finishing stroke t
an etching of Columbus Defer the Council
ot Balamanca proofs ot which are certain to
b much sought after by American collector
A preliminary proof was submitted today to
a select garnetinn of connoisseur at the
Jaoanet Casper Art Gallery on the Bebren
Sirius Columbus is I represented seated in
the richly decorated council chamber The
Council bat ron and the members are in
wo act of retiring apparently for the pur
pose of considering their decision A few are
lagging behind to glance uneasily at the future
discoverer of America whom they rather
tttipect t be not altogether sane Colombo
sits on a oarve l bench his square < muscular
frame draped In a mantle with velvet bell
WNtet I is the picture of a forlorn and dim
Upolnted man His long hair hang dlsbav
Ue about his loUr brow His olar a
Mom endeavoring < to pIerce futurity and his
irons are outstretched it
outtrethed A to seize some dl
tint object which II I eluding his grasp
here I a provoking smile on the
Matures of the fat monk In front An
other preening a Bible to his breast
on on hli face a smile of contemptuous pity
Bmle cOltemptuoU plr
tl elderly monk with a flowing beard I touch
ing his forehead with two fingers as I to em
bl the general estimate of the visionary
Tb flrl are Intensely lifelike and the do
torlotlv power of the artist it shown In a r
arable deirree One of the connoisseur
VNOpI It the private view told me that the
etch InK Impressed him even more than the
original painting of Kloolo linrablno in Flor
lice and Mr 1belps who has seen I baa de
cured 1110 I
e n triumph of art appealing to
wy patriotic American a appelln
Early In January Germany was curiously ro
minded of the fact that just twenty year had
Piloted since the great war with France by the
nnmber of young men eligible for military ser
Tic In the coming spring being ovceelln ly
llal owlnc to tbo crat Ulmlniition In the
Lumber of births In 1 7 I U I uow luurnid
that mol or the mountain illetilctnof Fran
conic win not cmrlbute 1 aiul l recruit In
Abrii In the Uauberaeu illrlcts the nutborl
e re or a deficiency of not less than 800
lela fact which I I speak well for the good
women of the province is I none the less annoy
leg to Ihe military authorities on that account
Homo days ago a 1 woman who professed to Le
nabltt Jo to opou IK r orwa IIIU brought before a
Jeli J oculist Bho had suffored it wu said
novel form ot blindness for a bit
light The oonllst tried several simple and
1laU8 mcthodaol ouie without success and
at lat hit upon the following Ue told the i
patient he would cure her by magnetism or
I he explained his meaning to her by holding
n powerful magnet In front ot tho obstinate
members for fifteen minute ° If your eyelid
can resistthlt he sold you are Incurable
and most remain blind for life
The oculist then directed an assistant to
hold two keys In front of the womans eyes for
th prescribed time and at the same time he
told the patient that she must open her eye
alter fifteen minute bad expired which would
be signalled by the striking of a alarm clock
When the alarm atrnok which It did with the
usual em bal of auoh things a nervous ten
Mtlon teemed to take possession of the woman
from head to foot for she shook Ilk
lrm bed fot Ibok lk a aspen
leaf and finally she opened the left lye cry
Ing u she did so Oh the light the light
Then the right eye opened and the woman
seemed to b betide herself with joy
The Emperor attempt to induce his fath
fnl liege t wear evening dres at the opera
baa failed After hundred of ladles and gen
tlemen bal ben turned back at the doors for
falling to comply with the imperial edict the
dress edict ha been given up In delulr For
foreigner however tbe rule I strictly ob
served atleast in the case of those who patron
II what are known u the foreigners boxes
which is another name for the most expensive
sats In the theatre An English lady say
that her young ion wa not permitted to enter
that part of the house although wearing a full
dress jacket alter the manner of dude all tb
world over Instead of the regulation swallow
tail which alone I recognized by the court
official at proper dress
The German paper have at last found some
thing good to say for America They report
with satisfaction that an Invalid from the
Union Army who left a lag at Bull Run and is I
now residing In a village near ena has received
ceived arrears of pension amounting to 34300
mark They grow eloquent over Uncle Barns
munlfluenoe 1 they call what In most other
countries would b looked upon u only com
mon honesty
There is quite a strong movement among the
Berlin cabmen for an Improvement of their
position and as mar b Imagined tbe agita
tion Is the work of the Socialists The jehus
are signing petitions to b relieved of Sunday
duty and demand the abolition of the system
of floes Although strongly supported by the
Socialist party the movement II scarcely like
ly 1 to succeed a tbe cabmen are under the 1
strictest police control and liable to lose their
licenses I they become obstreperous I
The banking house of Dominions Noppel
carrying on business at Nabolzoll In Baden
baa failed bringing ruin upon almost all theI I
peasant farmers for ten miles round who had
been in the habit of depositing their savings in
this establishment The books have not been
balanced for six years The head of the firm
Burgomaster Constnntln Noppel was a mem
ber of the Reichstag and a Deputy of the Baden
Diet and be hna now resigned all his offices
One hundred and thirty farmers are on the
verge ot bankruptcy and a half million of
marks is missing from the bank I
A scandalous outrage was perpetrated br a
gunner named Stafll of the Fifth Field Artil
lery Regiment during tb man unes last
week at Sprottan He secretly placed a atone
weighing five pounds with tbe blank car
tridge Ia the gun he was to fire upon the
opposing battery The result was that three 1
hone were killed and the bore of the
klO bre te gun was
torn br the ragged clone and wa rendered
useless for further service It was a mlle
that several artillerymen were not killed The I
author ot the outrage will b court mortlalled
They DeBonac the Mcntene of the Pitts
burgh Ktotcrc
BorrALo March 1Abont five hundred Bo >
clallata held a redhot meeting here last night
that lasted until nearly sunrise this morning
The sensational event ot the night was a
speech delivered by It V Ferguson a leader of
tims socialistic party her He said
Fellow citizens you are assembled here tonight
night to protest against a capitalistic outrage
Yon as workingmen have sustained In this
country two parties for tbe purpose of benefit
ing yourselves Instead of that they are both
owned and controlled by the capitalistic power
for the purpose of Keeping you the slave that
all of you lre
He asserted that so long as they remained
hidebound and refused to leave the Demo
cratic and Republican parties outrages like
that at Pittsburgh would be practised on them
Why dont you band together and vote for
yourselves he asked Reviewing the Pitts
burgh riots he said that a rah Institution bad
hired Hungarians to come to this country to
work in foundries The wages were so low
that the man struck Pinkertons ansasslns
were brought to Pittsburgh to shoot them A
riot occurred one man was killed and in a
legal way they nave of murdering men they
have sentenced three of the strikers to b
hungod I
hWaad sneaker referred to the great triumph I
which the worklngmen could rompasti by join
ing the Citizens Alliance lie spoke of the
victories of the Farmers Alliance In the West
beteechlng all t join the Citizens Alliance of
which bo is I th organizer for Erie and Niagara
counties You hadnt ought to have anything
but brtad and water and d n little or tat Ir
> ou do not put a stop to this thing was his
Tb wildest enthusiasm prevailed and the
red lag wa waved Then followed other
Bpoeches after which some resolutions were
drawn up and read They were freely larded
with vituperative phrases and closed thus
And wktrtot Rome forty HuncftriAnt arriud u
rioter I In ple or th finHrtor tuuilni and slur a
oapllallttlo trial war inlanC4 lo virloni terms or
traiifUoamliI while thrnor tnlr numtiir wtniint
tinned la ie hanged on of whom was not prexnt a
the riot I bus wail popolsr Itaderof l inn DOW there
fore we oltlieDi I of Buffalo In mass nettinc astern
bled do h > ret > r
Kuoitf Tint each Motnnoe and action on the part of
1 prou < ld tftat of Penniylvanla U an outrace on
Jbe a violation of vnl principle equity and a
11laci 10 the ITIaloa or > lh nineteenth senior
and we appeal to the norernorof Fennirlvania not 1
dlif rac ni fer earrylnr out this Manure
Jsuflftvd InatIt aaybodr diervea handntItibonld
b the armtd aaaultie who were imported to shoot
down bon1 > worMngmiQ
These resolutions were adopted
The Funeral or Henalor Dnt I
WASHINGTON March 1the funeral services I
over the remains of the late Senator Hearst
will be held on Thursday morning at his late
resident and will be brief and simple The
day of the funeral Is I delayed until Thursday so
as to enable Ibo member of the Senate and
House t attend without Interfering with the
pressing bublness that demand their atten
tion during the few remaining days In which
Congress will be In session On Thursday
nlrels Frida morning the remains will be
taken to the railroad stalon deposited In a
private car attached to a regular train and
started on their war to Ran Francisco where
tbe Interment will take place Mr Hearst and
her son nnd possibly some Intimate friends of
the family will accompany the remains
Many persons rnlleci a the house today to ex
prosH their sympathy wltn the family and IX a
number of teleTurns of condolence were re
cehed Vic1rosldent Morton was among
those who called
arn Mliermcn Left No Will
Application will be made this week in the
Hurroentos Curt b thl > Rev Father Thomas 15
Hherman and 1 T Hliermau for letters of administration
ministration for hi e tato of Gen Sherman
who 8 fur M In known left no will Tbe
Generals estate ii I not largo I IH thought
that bil hook n flew elltlouof which In Boon
to published br Wobotor k c Is the most
valuablelot hlfpoasesslons administrators
of the estate will have the management and
the division of the profits from that Father
Sherman went to Washington Saturday night
to see Secretary Illalne Mr Blame will write
the appendix of this book and tho story of the
last year of lieu Bncrmims life
MeH itis Hboes ao Bromdwny
Raritalni Cuitoro Xade Patent Cork Folia Kaniaroo
j and nrpreofall niii ou cents oa tnt dollar 4tv 1
Trains for llrintwond Leu I island and lb Altltrsl I
Bum eJ A J t ant 1 aalt M f Mr4M
I While the bargain sat h a nooii time to telict taint 1
I laze A t HUuVt UUi It Btw Via T4 < P
ran IMITATION nornscimn cor
There a Han la Salem Oregon That fie
Couldnt rool flat III Correspondence
Indicate a Harvest of Retailer Coin
William Rothschild is a manufacturer of
cotton goods at 46 Howard street Ho ha a
largo establishment and his commercial rat
Ing 1s good For Borne weeks Mr Rothschild
has been annoyed by receiving letters of inquiry
quiry for goods which the letters stated had
been ordered of him but had not been received
br the buyer I almost all of these case Mr
Rothschilds bad never received the order He
was at a loss to explain the complaints
While MrRothschild was receiving these complaints
plaints Inspector Byrnes mal was swelled
with letters from all over tho country especi
ally the Pacific slops asking him to look out
for or making complaints about the firm of
William Rothschild k 00 supposed to b
doing a big business in cotton goods at 834
Broadway On Fob 21 tho Inspector received
thft following letter from Red Bluff Ca
CMtrrif ivlifi Acio rorl
Enclosed find letters recently received
from parties representing themselves as the
firm of William Rothschild C 831 Broad
way N Y whom we have reason to believe
are using fraudulent means to obtain money
At least their manner of doing business and
the flagrant misrepresentations they have
mad seem strongly suspicious
On Jan 10 1 man called upon us claiming
to be travelling in the Interest of the firm of
William Roth hld A Co who heistatod were
agent for a cotton good factory in Maine
with sample of cotton goods which he priced
at such low figure 8 to secure a goodsized
order from each ol us and In each instance
promising to sell to no one else In towu In
due time after the orders bad been forwarded
to New York wo each roceh ed a letter INol
worded exactly alike roceled
One of undersigned telegraphed a
friend In New YOlk Inquiring 8 t tAp re
sponsibility of w II < t Co Ibe answer came
July smallest kind of office not rated by
commercial agencies door looked Two of
the undersigned IfJ i Co and 1 4 c wrote
them 1W It A Co I they would par or the
goods only on receipt them the other IA
Cohu guaranteed payment through the bank
when the goods came to hand
lieforo aoole of these letters had time to
reach New York letter No 2 was mailed tons
The statement therein tht another party bad
telegraphed Ac Is entirely false uo telegram
having been pent by either of us We submit
these facts and leave tbe matter for you to in
vestigate I you consider it a case worthy of
investigation We have lost nothing by these
parties but I seems clear to us that the con
cern Is a swindle and we consider 1 our duty
to acquaint you wltn theee lal for tho sake
of others who may take their bait and get
caught Yours very truly
P BWe lear that the party who called on
us has travelled down tho coast from Fortland
Ore working the same scheme all the way
The enclosed package marked No 1 con
tained three manllold copies of a letter from
Wm Rothschild A Co per 1 0 ono for
each firm The letter WAS InRonlously writ
ten I announced that Uothsoblld k Co were
satisfied of the solidity ot each firm but owing
to the stringency of tbe present money mar
ket had decided to open no now accounts
Tea letters say
Enclosed plase find invoice Tour goods are branded
and packed raY for shipment but mutt now refuse to
hip until yon Mndlr send ue Bnt New ort draft for
the amount ef the dlrIr von desire to remit I we will
snow yon one and one half pr clot extra for anticipa
tion 1 payment Should you refui to Uu this w will
b compelled to reipecttully but poplctrelr deollne to
blp ths roods on any other terms We hop list con
fidence I monetary circle will b reitored thai ena
blmcua to extend you bat line of credit which jour
firm nnaer ordinary circumstances should warrant
With this package was another marked No
2 This package nialued Menticol letters
to the three Bd Bluff firms They announce
that another Red Bluff tradesman has made
a offer for the goods
Vfariutnowln receipt ot a telegram from title
a o
party la your town itatlui that they hail remitted and
InIUIDthcooda Ws are however unwilling lo no
ibis until wa bar from you Oral therefore It you
wish hU tools a > pr terms lu our last letter telegraph
ua at one and ws will hold them for TOO otnervlie we
will dlipofe ot them Tour Immediate attention l Is
Decenary to prucur tbe rood JteeoUaliy I
W RoriuiuiLp ft Co
p a In cue Ton have already remitted before this
letter reaches yon you ned not telegraph
Detective Hrgeants Mulholland and Mo
Cluskey visited the great cotton goods estab
lishment at 831 Broadway and found it to con
sist of one room containing a stove one chair
and a labia Tbo cotton goods llrm itself was
absent when the detectives first called so they
waited They also watched to see I Mr Roths
child cashed any drafts or checks His scheme
of promising to sell to only one man In a place
seems to have worked well In most places but
In lied BlutI it appears that there are but three
drr goods firms and when they compared
notes they found that Rothschild was lying
about the fourth customer
All of Rothschilds letters I were written on
finely gotten up letterheads which said that
hU telepbone number was 18118 and that his
cable address was Wrothco On HaturUay
afternoon the detectives found Rothschild and
arrested him In bin possession was an Inter
esting lot ot letters ana telegrams which fully
justified lite suspicions of the Inspectors hot
Jtluff < orresponuents There was a very brio
letter from Joaeoh JUeynrs of balem Oregon
whose letterhead states that ho deals In dry
goods carpets clothing bate caps boots
aboes staple and fancy notions and genes fur
nishing goods on the old a bite corner Ado
loiter enclosed I New York draft for 23176
in full to date on colton order of Feb 4 Ul
and contained a P B which said 1leasn
push our order as we a greatly in need of
cotton good
There was 1 telegram from the Salem tele
graph operator to tot schlt dated Feb 147
laying that Joseph ileyors refused to par
charges on your telegram of this date
There was also a letter from 1 L Lomnx the
snoral passenger and ticket agent of the
Union Faclflo Railway at Omaha on tho regn
lam claim blank ol his omce enclosing oliiCk
jo 17619 fur 395 In payment of olnim
No 1042 This check wag drawn on the
National Shoot and Leather linnk of this city
It had not been cashed The letter was dated
eb 19 and tho checK one day later It was
addreeod to A A Rothschild Co fiJi
JJ i end war
When Rothschild was Iro ted ho gavo the
name of Mil Rothschild and slid h wan 35
years old Thoi be chut up aDd refused to
lay where he lived or what tile occupation
was The arrest was made on Fourteenth
street near lieeoth male ItothscUIKl Is I
about I feet I inches In helKht and heavily
built His eyes an > watery and ho lucks
like n 1 high liver His innst successful raId
was the name be gate hil firm That card he
always played NVhon nlWestern firm made In
quiries concerning his llrmit rating thor were
nearly always fooled br the very high rating of
William Rothschild the real cotton mer
chant of 16 Howard street
Inspector Byrnes nays that this swindling
Jnnel sWIDdln
has been going on for a long time There Is
no estimating Its extent ai many of tho swin
dled men undoubtedly kept still rather than
revel theIr gullibility And this fact undoubt
edly helped the lwlndlor who became so bold
that they tried to dupe every merchant In
some of the smaller towns Jhere was ono let
ter In RotnsohlldB pocket which showed that
there art firms In Baloni Oregon which do
business In u business way I Is from the
Capitol Adventure Company It is dated Feb
U and reads
Your invoice and letter came duly to hand
and we will pay that we bought the goods from
your agent I whoever be was ID good faith
after asking him if he had informed himself a
I blmel
to our ability to par and he said ho had
Now we ore ready to stand by our part of l
the contract and ate willing to tako the goods
and aoulract plr them only utter titer are In our
store and are a tbry were represented to ba
and according to sample You nru entire
strangers to us and wu are as loath to trust
you at you seem to be to trust us We do not
earo a damn fur your standing wo only want
you to act In good our Ih As to your toiler from
another tialom house we would nay that we
have Interviewed every drr goods house In fn
loin and find that you have given them the I
same song and dance or to ute plain Hngllbh
Ilmt you lie trying to run a little gameot bluff hut
we do nut rare for that but only that If you
have the goods and they lire of my value or
up to sample we will pay you for them
Hy E WIUIR Irost
telegram from Cincinnati dated Jan 12
tra el
1891 to A M Rothschild Knlem Ore signed
by ulM Rothschild says Irefer not to ad
vance an zpllnd lu latter written Tills
may give a olu to the other swindler In the
gang Iv Inspector Byrnes has a stack of Utter
and paper found In the office on roadway
The number of Instance In which these men
have succeeded in obtaining draft for large
amount from out ftown merchants during
tbo pnst two years is l startling nalil the ll
npeotur reateruay The detectives found that I
Rothschild lived dllectve8 tho Morton
Souse He was arraigned at the Jefferson
Market Court ytetertlay morning and remand
ed at the Insrevtor request lor further examination I
One ar he Most Pletarennne npr a
New York BntlncM IIM
Jackson B BchnlU died yesterday morning
of diabetes at the age ot 76 rears For more
than forty years he was ono of tbe best known i
business men In this city Until within a few 1
rears when Infirmities ot see and Impaired
health compelled hll retirement he was
most active In all matters of public concern
affecting the city of New York He was A vigor
ous and picturesque personality Be entered
the leather firm established by his father in the
Swamp al a Junior partner and later became
the head of the firm in which he mado
a fortune Tho old place ot business
In Cliff street II I entered under one
of the One arches of the Brooklyn Bridge I
EIRb years ago Mr Bohultz practically with
drew from a personal supervision of his busi
ness devoting himself wholly to public af
fairs and for the past five years he was under
Dr Draper care and not often seen In public
SInce Christmas he bad been confined to his
house 803 East Seventeenth street Btuyvesant
auare Mr Schultz married twice hid sec
ond wife and a son surviving him
Mr Schultz was liberal with his means al
with his advice in affairs of public moment
and was Identified with many movements from
time to time in the course ot the pat forty
roars for the advantage of the citizens of New
York He wai a member of the Committee of
Seventy which was appointed in September
1871 after the Tweed ring exposure and finally
reported a new charter for the city Mr
Schultz was A Commissioner of the United
States at tho Worlds Fair In Vienna a
very lively and aggressive member ot the
Chamber of Commerce and a strong Repub
lican in politic Ue nevertheless was a leader
in the revolt of New York merchants against
the moiety system and some of Its
results In Government suits against New
York importers which disturbed the peace
ot mind of many merchant In the
days of Treasury Agent > B 6 Jayne
Mr Schultz was a man of striking personal ap
pearnnoOc Ho was largo broad hhouldereil ap
strong frame and with a shaggy head of hair
that In his vigorous moods he tossed like the
mane of a lon In argument he was more
than earnest and in manner sometimes ex
plosive In his vehemence The funeral will
take place at 1030 on Thursday morning from
All Souls Church
1 wai In the Pit or the Htokiaveh and May
Dave Caused Heart DIe
James Kellt a policeman attached to the
First precinct Jersey City Is a prisoner in his
own station accused ot having caused the
death of Michael McCarthy in exAssemblyman
James Murphys saloon a few minutes before
2 oclock yesterday morning The saloon is la
Newark avenue and Third street There n
a small party there consisting of McCarthy
Nicholas Kane Martin OHara and John
Retlly John Carroll the bartender was kept
busy serving UD drinks
Policeman Kohl went off duty about mid
night ant stopped Into the saloon on bis war
home He remained there for some time
drinking with the party with all of whom he
was acquainted Kellt and McCarthy who
were Intimate trlonds drew to one side and
engaged in earnest conversation Soon tholr
voices were raised In anger None of the witnesses
nesses know what tbo dispute was about or
what was said but suddenly McCarthy drew
back his right arm and struck Kellt a blow In
tbe eye tanning a discoloration Kellt was
about to retaliate but the crowd Interfered
Another round of drinks was ordered and
peace seemed to be rertnred Kellt and Mc
Carthy got together again however and the
quarrel was renewed McCarthy made an
other attempt to strike Kellt and the latter
either pushed or struck him Kellt says be
merely pushed him away but some of the wit
nesses are under the impression that he struck
McCarthy In the pit of the stomach McCarthy
sank to the floor Dr Smith was summoned
but before his arrival McCarthy was dtad
ollcouien Quinn and Donovan were called
Into the plnco and arrested Edit Bartender
Cm roll and the throe witnesses Kellt Is
formally accused of manslaughter The wit
nesses wero admitted to boll yesterday morn
inc County Physician Converse made an ex
amination of McCarthys body He found no
mark of violence but ba told a HUN reporter
that A blow In tho pit of the stomach might
affect the system of nerves called the solar
plexus and cause paralysis nf tho heart Dr
Converse will make an autopsy today
leCarihy was vil veers old unmarried and
he lived with his mother At 185 Hay street
He was ot delicate constitution nnd subject to
heart disease The Impression is I that the ex
citement attending the quarrel brought on an
attack of tbe disease Ho had been dancing all
the the saloon evening in Woods Hall before he wont to
Mr lTrrrCa Mll and Benjamin Ltpp
Mbntz Tell their Htorlei
The light which took place on Saturday in a
Bynagoguo In Jersor City has created A bitter
feeling among the members oi the congrega
tion Tho personal friends ot the combatant
have taken sides and there is more trouble in
thn air I is not expected however that there
will be any more personal encounters The
synagogue Is In First near Grove street
The congregation Is composed principally of
Russian Jews They cannot afford yet to pay
salary to a rabbi and Solomon Oluckman has
consented to act In that capacity without
salary until his lock becomes larger land
wealthier In the meantime he supports him
self and his family with the prollts of a pros
porous grocery He was dreplr grieved yes
terday that such a thing should have occurred
I never saw such a disgraceful fight in a
synagogue barroom Sihuabble ho said I was worse than any
Uncle Mayor Oaisell spent yesterday nursing
ing his thumb which he Alleges was chewed
up by Benjamin LlppsoUutr lie say be gave
LlppBobutz no provocation for the assault leant
and his nephews Abraham and Louis had a
right to stand where they did stand in the
synagogue and there would have been no
trouble but for LlppttchuUs quarrelsome dis
Jlppscnutz consider be is the aggrieved
person lie nays be simply asked Abraham
Coesoll to make room for him wh Itcnmo his
turn to offer up prayer for his ancestors and
Abraham Insulted him by tolling him that be
lad no right there
hi iwnsldortd said Mr Itppschtitz that I
had mnre rights than A noncontributor and I
pushed my way In The Cnseolls uncle and
nontioWH juruuedon mo They knocked mo
down and kinked me and I run afraid that I
hn < o received Internal Injurlcp ara l
Mr LIppscbutE bore no outward evidence of
having been serluuly damaged
Mashed AgaInst tin Elevated Pillar
Dr Scbeardot 103d street and Tenth avenue
while driving with his wife through Ninety
sixth street yesterday afternoon lost control
01 his horse which becAme frightened at an
elevated train on Ninth avenue and dashed
the buggy against one of the elevated railroad
pillar lts ticheard was thrown out and
received calp wounds and Dr Hcbeard wo
badly l shaken up
Where Yesterdays fire Were
A M4i00 tine door Mil Eait I77IU street occupied
by William Clark damage looo eat carpenter Ibop
7113 hut Hlth sheet occupied by Cliarlei Wilson cam
aefMmi 1 7SS top floor nr 413 1ait Seventeenth strict
occupied br Peter Holland damage Cli uso first
floor of 1673 Second avmue occupied by usury Belvr
darnaie SJim
r Mtiiii in ntt street John Wclnwarm cigar rae
tory MM < f aiijtu
STATE raisoir
The Guard Sell Hawa File and Revelvars
to Convict Who Can Pay Well for
ThemThe Recent Puasling Enpe
From the POI are Now Explained
BOSTON March LGov Rncsoll ha un
earthed a big scandal in connection with the
management of tho Massachusetts State pris
on which will result in the decapitation of
eight orton guards and a retention ot A greater
number ot prisoners For two months past the
convicts have been cutting their war out of tho
Charlastown bastlle
Stool bars have aoparcntlr offered no obstacle
ale and escapes have been frequent The
Warden has been puzzled br the unwonted
condition of affairs but could not account for
te presence of BO many SAWS files Ac In the
hands ot the convicts
GOT Rustell started a little Informal Investi
gation on his own responsibility and it din
closed the fact that tb prisoners wore fur
nished with the means of escape br the very
guards who were sworn to keep them In con
For A long time past certain of the lad
about eight or ton out of fitly have been mak
ing money out of the convict br selling them
saws files and revolvers
For month this ring ha been fattening at
the expense of prisoner who had the means
to pay for unlawful freedom And the State
authorities have been wondering all the time
whr the convicts were escaping so easily
The number of the dishonest guards Is
small And until recently their operations have
been carried on so quietly that no definite
charge could be made against them One
guard was caught after having made
a shameful bargain with the sitter of
one of the prisoners to whom e
tra privilege were allowed because of tbe
woman consent He was discharged The
other guard seem to bate been tempted br
tho big sums of money offered br the prisoners
I is hard to get at tho exact offenders because
everything wrong has been done through a
third and sometimes A fourth party Tim
mlns secured his saws br giving money to a
convict who knew a convict who oould find the
officer to bring the articles to him
I took two or three days Sometimes it
taken a week to cot them but Timmlns knew
about when he would have the articles and
was careful to do something which would
secure for him a long enough sentence In the
them block so tat ho might have a lace to W
The revolver found in the bands of one of the
prisoners at the time of tho big riot last sum
mer wn brought into the prison by a
oitlcer for ono of the convicts It cost the con
vict 25 and tbe officer mado I profit of About
20 on the deal mae
The revolver was not bought br the man on
whom It was found but happened to be taken
br him In the general distribution which was
made just before the outbreak
Tho prisoners did their work in ths ways
The stronger door to tho block colls Is of
heavy boiler iron and is so located that I the
prisoner gets out of it he is In a corridor to
which Hah t in admitted bv barred windows
Once in the corridor a prisoner oould by
climbing about a dozen feet roach tho barred
windows and attar sawing tbe Iron bars had a
good opportunity lower himself Into the
lBrd This in the way that Timmlns And
one or two others Intended to got out
and almost succeeded A great deal was
said about the prevention of the escape of
those men but It was not mentioned that for
about a month the same thing had been
going on
The blook or plaoeHof solitary confine
ment is o particularly hard place to get away
from and the prisoners would not have used
I so much for that purpose wero It not for the
fact that while then confined name of the
odlcors would give them saws to work with
when they wo ITO do 6 If the prisoners
woroiln their cell prlonerl
bu A number ot them frequently would dis
obey the rules for the sake of securing two or
three days solitary Than thoy would try to
ut out and It was more by chance than any
thing else that one or more of them did not
succeed in their attempt
But the disadvantages woro many In the
first place they could not begin their work
bolero midnight as they were almost sure to
bo caught
As they nad no means of telling the time It
often happenod that they began tbolr work
too late and would bo discovered br the
morning watch At times they them
selves have said and they knew tho
time br the arrival of the guard who
discovered thorn they did not begin work
before 4 oclock in tho morning Then of
course they were discovered Others began
too early and then they were sure to be found
out Quite A number were successful In
getting out Into tho corridor and wero dis
covered there
It not to t = common expression for officers
when they arrived moraines to ask Who got
out lost night V After TimmIns was discov
ered a hint was dronped as to who had been
furnishing tbe saws J and then there was A
change In the guard for the block
To show how little discipline therein At the
prison It Is staled on good authority that A
certain oulcer Agreed to deliver 3 worth of
BIIWB to u prisoner last Wednesday The con
vict gave the officer 15 of which he was to
keep 2 for his trouble
The saws cost about fifty cents a dozen
Probably the ofllcor would charge the convict
1 1 a dozen Tho saws were not delivered on
Account of Mr Titus dismissal and hey
probably never will be
How do the convicts let their money 1 is
tho question asked by the prison officials No
attempt has been made to answer it It is a
fat that ther do have IS in no Inconsiderable
sums too
One of the most stringent rules of the prison
Is that not one ot the Inmates shall have ca h
But they do have It and they would be unable
to get 1 unless soma one was dishonest A
prlonerca get all that be has outside the in I
Officers have been known within two or thre
months to go to prisoners homes for thorn 1
thu prisoner cannot get any money from
home they adopt other methods rolllng their
tobacco to ofllcorolllke Titus one method
They also make llttlo articles and guards
dispose of them keeping I liberal commission
for themselves Then iomotlmoa they steal
leather from the shoe ohop And manufacture
shoes which are purchased by some
one of tho men who are supposed to
look out and see that nothing of that nature
goes on In fact there are a hundred wars in
which they can obtain cash and they stop at
nothing to get It To secure assistance they
must have money and they Are bound to do
What they can to secure it
But money Is not the only thing they have In
the prison wblch tho rules say convicts shall
not have They have whiskey and a good deal
of It Tho stuff cornea high but that makes
little llfTeronco it is obtained and drunk in
the colic
They can chew but not smoke yet they do
both Almost anything a prisoner wants that
ho or his friends can pay n big lance for thur
can let It makes little difference what The
presence of the revolver At the time of the riot
and the many saws recently show that
He sets Into a Fight and Htnbl Three I
Hen Before Uo I Arrested
A cutting affray occurred last night in the
hallway of the tenement 110 Front street
Brooklyn Charles Pasquello of 36 Main street
who wields considerable authority in the
Italian colony in that part of tho city and ca
ries a special policeman badge got Into A
dispute with Michael do Mala over the price of
1 saloon At 01 Front street which he bad re
cently purchased from tho latter Jasquclle
accused be Mata of having overreached him 1
In the sao and 1 fight between tbe two
men seemed Imminent whon Frank Btratta
who lived in the house and Charles Polls
joined them and tried to make peace
When the trouble was apparentlr settled
Pasqnelle drew a loaded revolver and was
in the act of aiming It at De Mata when Pol In
seized It and put It In hU own pocket lan
juolle Hum drew 1 knife with 1 long keel
blado from his pocket and furiously Attackud
the threo men flitting Indiscriminately right
and left A policeman arrived when the tight
was in progress nnd alter A severe struggle
disarmed TasauellEi Tbo Italian special
policeman box made efieotlve use of the
knife Btratta It was OUDdbha received A
deep and ugly gash in the Abdomen which
necessitated his removal to the hospital Folia
received six outs on the ride and arms 1011
Do Main A out on the rm 1olla and Da
Mata bf > KBi > d Capt Eason 10 let them eo to
their liomes but thor wore kept for the night
at the Fulton street station nltbt
A drawing Feeling tn Favor of the Inde
pendence or the Colonies
SYDNEY N B Wo March ITho hotels are
filled with delegates tho National Australian
Conference which will be opened horo tomor
row for the purpose ot preparing a general
Constitution for the seven Australian colonies
and much preliminary discussion of the ques
tions involved has been indulged in through
out the dar
The Tasmanian delegates do not favor the
scheme ot federation proposed but tho anxlotr
evinced b the representatives of the other
colonies attests their conviction that tbo plan
abounds with benefits of Importance The
questions exciting tho most earnest discussion
Are those relating to the lines upon which the
federation shall be laid
A number of delegates are favorable to A
Constitution similar to that of tho United
States while many others prefer the Constitu
tion of the Dominion ot Canada a the basis of
the Instrument to be formulated
There is a strong feeling however In favor
of absolute Independence and It la said that
the Adherent to that principle will endeavor
to capture the convention Delegate Dlbbs of
Sydney Is an unyielding protectionist and has
he will do everything In his power t thwart
the scheme of Imperial federation
The greatness of Australia ho contends de
pend wholly upon her abandoning England
and becoming Independent He affirms that
this sentiment Is I growing and IB certain t a
sari Itself within A decade no matter whet no
tlonthe Convention mar take in any other di
Delegate Macrosson of Queensland vigor
ously denounces the acton ot the British Gov
ernment in regard to the landing of Chinese in
Australia and Ie 1 equally outspoken in his con
demnation of tbo general apttlhy of tho home
Government toward Australian colonies He
expresses himself al decidedly in favor of
Australian Independence upon the lines on
whloh the several States of tho American
Union are enabled to enjoy their freedom
It Is I becoming very evident that the younger
element which knows little It anything about
England In rapidly becoming enthusIastic for
the freedom movement Sir Henry Porko
favors federation on the Canadian plan and is
backed br A largo following
The Conference will bo in session three
Will Set Oere This SIornlngA Pilot Boat
Meet the Checter
The pilot who brought In the steamship Urn
brie yesterday reported that his boat the E E
Barrett put a pilot at noon on Saturday on
the Cheater the oilcarrying steamship which
IB bringing the crow of the Abandoned Warren
line freighter Iowa hither The email boat
that put the pilot on the Chester brought back
word that the Iowas people were aboard
The Chester was then 825 miles from New
Tork As she makes only eight knots an hour
she will probably get In about 4 oclock this
Three Churches Damaaed by Xlhtmln
and Several Barn Destroyed
NEW BEDFORD March 1A destructive win
ter thunder storm accompanied br lightning
visited this city at about 0 oclock last night
In the city proper not much damage was done
but in South Dartmouth Wcutport and Mat
tnpolssett the lightning played havoc destroy
ing no leas than six buildings and causing se
rious injury to two churches In South Dart
mouth the Congregational Church was struck
by a bolt and damaged to the extent of 1300
The house of Joseph Head was struck at about
the same time the bolt setting fire to the
house which with Its contents was complete
ly destroyed the family escaping with what
they had on Loss 1200
At Mlschaum 1olut A born owned by Robert
Watson of Milton was struck br a bolt and
barn and contents destroyed Mr Watson bad
A fine yacht in his barn Loss on barn about
1000 At Horsonock In Westport the barns
ot Capt John lowland and Capt Warren Gil
ford were struck by lightning And In each
hay two hones A cow And all farming imple
ments were destroyed Loss on UowlAnds
barn 5100 on Olffords 1300
At MIschAum Point A man reports that he
saw a vessel In the bar apparently on fire lube
drifted to tbe eastward and dlsappeaied Ue
also saw A fire on the island of Naushon
owned by the Forbes of Boston
In Mattapolasot lightning struck the Congre
gational Church and set the structure on lire
After a bard battle the citizens of the place
succeeded in extinguishing tile tire but not
until After the east side had been entirely
burned And the building damaged to the ex
tent of 1000 The beat from the fire darn
aced the organ badly The house owned by
William Fuunce was burned and contents
destroyed A barn near Pine Island contain
ing hay was also totally destroyed
WKLIFLEET MASH March 1 During a heavy
storm last night the Methodist Church wa
struck br lightning and totally destroyed
Loss 8000 partially insured
Alfred bmlthsd telling was slightly damaged
ny fire and badly damaged by water insured
Other dwellings were slightly damaged A fall
of snow and the absence of wind saved the
MAVDnicn Mass March 2A heavy thunder
storm accompanied by strong wind snow and
hall passed over tiandrich last evening The
house of Jos Ewer 1ostmastor At East Sand
ridi was gtruck by lightning and greatly
damaged Tho occupants escaped injury A
barn ut Bcortou Nook belonging to Isaac
Wing was also struck
IliiitiLANi LIGHT Mass March 1A terrible
thunder storm occurred here last night and
did great Injury to the keepers dwelling at
Highland light The lightning struck the ma
rine signal station destroying tbo Govern
ment telephone box setting the house on lire
Tba blazo was extinguished without serious
ViNEYAitn HAVEN March 1A severe thun
der storm visited Marthas Vineyard last night
A barn owned by Charles Theodore Luce In
the suburbs of the Cottage City was struck
by lightning and burned tu the ground Los
Hometblnc Expected to Happen to the Sena
torial Deadlock
SrntNonELD III March 1The coming
weak Is expected to ba A memorable one In the
Senatorial contest As Congress adjourns on
Wednesday the Illinois delegation of both
parties Are expected hero to participateIn the
BonatorJul fight
Ot Republican Congressmen three or four
Are expected to become possible Senatorial
oatulluatei themselves lu the event of Btreeter
being abandoned by the Republicans and the
Democratic Congressmen will probably exert
n groat inlluonce upon their party lu consider
ing the advisability of Gen Ialmera with
Ullllam M Springer Is I of the opinion that
Palmer Is entitled to the unwnverlnu fealty of
the Democratic loulslatoru Tho Democratic
Mate Convention says be put Gen Palroir
in nomination and no Democratic caucus has
a rlcht to withdraw him
This Is A mutter which rests with Gen
Falnmr himself and ns lonnns he remains A
candidate the Democrats ol tbe theta should
rest Assured thoru Is a hone of success and
sUe him their loyal upi > ort
Tho talk of icu Vnlmors withdrawal
rooms to have originated with the Republican
managers and thn IteiiublKnn press and cer
tainly wo are too loyal to our iirnolides und
our candidates to lie routed by the enemy
Congressman Scott Wlko retains > ery nearly
the same opinion anti snld ho would not be In
favor ol Gen Palmar withdrawal
A Wrecking Hteamcr In Distress
BRACII HAVEN K J March 1The engines
of the wrecking steamer W r Clminnnn of
New York became disabled today while sho
was going along the coast bound east
Her Captain succeeded lit anchoring bar
near Little Egg Harbor Inlet and he with his
crew went Ashore at thut place In thn steam
fire boats They tolegt Aphod to New York lot
help The Steamer was also leaking
At the Chapman Wrecking Companys office
last nizilt It was learned that the siearier was
on bur way buck from Jamaica where she had
been sent to nnslit A vessel In distress lube
called at Norfolk fur toai
A tug was sent to her assistance last nIght
anti she will probably be towed into port to
day a
A lagnlor Scene Away Tf In the Crow
Ilbcitr JLIahttngthn Wori4Meyeru
Mrnory Drunk In Chaaapaanie
A funeral procession wound tip tho spidery
Iron staIrs of the statue ot Liberty yesterday
afternoon as the sinking sun spread a filmy
counterpane of cold upon the bar At the
head ot the procession was Copt Frank
Itlnpohlerof tbo Btaton Island tchuotron Corps
Ho carried under his arm a japnnned canister
which contained the ashes ot Henry Meyer
familiarly called Puck Meyer whoso ante
mortem wish was about to be fulfilled br hli
Mr Meyer died on Fob 19 His body escort
ed by a brass band that played nothing but
cheerful muMo was conveyed to the Fresh
Iond Crematory and incinerated on Fob 21
In pursuance ot his dying request his nshos
except a small part that was given to his eli
ter wore turned over to Moritz Wegerle who
with other member of his corps the Now York
Behuotzen Corps and the Qermanla Benevo
lent Association were instructed to scatter
them to the four winds from the top of Liberty
That is I what took Capt Rlnschlor up the steep
and winding Flairs yesterday Following this
Captain wore Llent George Winter Uapt
Frederick Uncle MorltE Wogerle Frederick
Webber and Christian J3o he Two quart hot
tlusot champagne protruded from Lieut Win
ers overcoat pnokot dipt Rlnschler had re
coiv4 the jovial beord Tinkers remains from
Mr Wegerle In the Staten Island terry house
whore the Now York members of the party had
waited an hour for Mr Wegorlo before ho
left Brooklyn Mr Wegerle had divided the
ashen Into four equal puns each weighing
nearly a pound and put each part In a little
brown vapor bag When the party got to th
top of the granite pedestal of the bronze girl
they Hopped and Cant Klnschlor opened thf
canister which he took from n satchel and
took out the ashes handing n bag to Lieut
Winter one to Mr Wegerlo another to Cftpt
Flack and keeping ono himself Just before
opening the canister Capt Wlnschlor re
marked Here are the ashes of old Puck Mover He
was a good man I never knew of any wrong
thing that ho ever did
All the rest of Mr Meyers friends bowed In
approval of the sentiment The procession
then moved on with the four bearers of the
ashes In front It was awoarycllinliup into
the windowed tiara of Liberty and all of the
party composed In the main ot heavy men
wore not able to reach the top Oupt t FInck
gave out early and turned over his bag to
Christian Booho There wore five women in
Libertys bead when the procession cot there
Each man with a bag of ashes stood at an open
Window Capt Illnsohlor said
We have come hero to carry out the last
wishes of Jolly Puck tleror
Then the four men threw the ashes out into
the air aarlng in unison as they had boon re
quenten to do br Mr Meyer
Here goes the last of luck Mayor Happy
Folks who happened to be looking uo nt Lib
ertrs crown just then say that the ontcomlna
of the ashes looked llkq cannon puffs from the
ombrazura of a distant fort While the wind
was carrying the ashes down toward tho Staten
Island homo of Mr Meyer his quartet ot >
friends who had boon especially requested to
bo just as jolly as they could bo and to drink
to his memory produced from their pockets
champagne glasses The two bottlo were
opened and everybody In the parly drank
Peace to the ashes of old Puck Moyor Happy
The women looked on In wonder They also
were Invited to drink to the repose oi Mr
Movers ashes but they declined
Mr Meyer was born in Hamburg flftyolx
rears ago and oamo here when 2t > years old
He wan a Union soldier and was Rhot In the
leg The army surgeon told him that the leg
would have to come oil He declared that bo
would rather bo burled with two legs thanllva
with only one The leg wax not cut
off Ho was married twice He kept a
aloon down town for several years
then had one in Btnnloton and finally opened
the Puck Hotel in Fort Richmond happy
lays Was his only toast Ills friends gave
him his nickname because of his resemblance
to the pictures of Puck in the Illustrated paper
of that name i
The San Franelneo Police Keeping Them
From a Pitched Battle
BIN FBAKCISCO March 1A vary large tomes
of police Is massed in Chinatown as It is ex
pected a battle between the factions ot the
highbinders mar take place at any hour
Last night members the Ep Ylng Tong So
ciety posted a challenge to tho Suet Slug Tong
Society and both forces were arrayed for bat
tle when the police learned the meeting and
dispersed them Several who wore arrested
wore coats of mall
Later about midnight Chinese courtesan
was shot by an unknown highbinder who es
caped although ten policemen wore not forty
yard away Ills countrymen knew his iden
tity but they refuse to reveal It Tho trouble
In Chinatown IH duo to raids which the notice
have made on the hlahblnders Rtruneholdu
These criminals intro been prevented from
levying blackmail and tho big societies have
decided to clear out the smaller one Tha
buoy Sing Society numbers 1000 men while
the EP Vine has only 70 yet the latter refuse
to abandon their organization nud show light
Children Nearly HuObcated In a Locked
Mrs James Robinson who lives in a flat at
ISO Lichth street Jersey City had occasion to
go out Saturday night tiho locked hor two chil
dren In n bedroomto Insure their safety The
children fouud some matches and soon con
verted the bed Into a blazing bonfire
Their screams attracted the attention of
some of the neighbors who broke open the
door and rescued the children Both of them
were unconscious when they were rescued
being nearly suffocated with smoke They
were not injured by fire Mrs Robins > fainted
when she returned home and learned what
had happened during her absence She and
the children were soon revived The damage
done by the lira can be repaired for 25
The MIssissippi Near the lUgliivater ICark
BATON ROUGE March 1The Mississippi U
rising rapidly here The gauge now roads SIX
feet This Is only five feet loner than the
highwater mark of 1890 when the blebwater
mark wa raised higher than ever before
The top notch of high water In 1890 was not
reached until April il Great apprehension Is l
felt here and all along the lower MlasieslppL
The Weather
The cold wave covered all the country east et the
Rocky Mountains yesterday although there was a
alight rlie In temperature In the Northweik In Hume
iota where U was coldest tbe mercury reititend 24
below urn at St Vincent In the lake regions and
central valleys It was from e9 to 10 ° above aero j la
northern New York II waa down to 8 ° above and la this
region and the Nw England States It dropped SO to
ace and stood between Id and 10 abore aero tail
night the centra of the cold ware was over tb lower
lakea Tbe lowest temperature wu at Nortbdeld Vs
40 abOve acre and the mereary was falllof steadily la
all tbe middle Atlantic and New England Stale ThIS
promises U be tbe coldest morning or the wlntir to
Ibis city
In this States wilt of Ohio there was a steady rill U
temperature Slurries of mow tll throughout the dar
In the uppir part ot thIs State the lake region the
Dakota and Montana
Ths wind was steady from the northwest on the mid
dle Atlantlo and New England coast with velocities
from SO to 33 miles an hour In iOta city lbs highest
velocity was so lullii highest Government tempera
ture 25 j loweit lj ° i average humidIty W per cent
Today promises to be cold and fair Toiiday warmer
with rain or mow
Tb thermometer at Ferrys pharmacy In Tni Spa
buildingrecorded tbt temperature yeiterday ai follows
1550 IbOl ISlit Ibsi
SAil 4 > sj aanr H aa a
UA M 4t In HI H at ai
OAM 4S lb Ill M SO We
1J11 4 JJ 2OIiMia J0 ° l a e
ATemm 7044
Averafion March I IDOU 3li
IIOVIL ernie roKtciiT ritt 8 r H Noniur
For Main ulr cooler eieept itntlonary tempera
ture In loulbweit portion onlbweitrrly Winds
ion New llampihlre Vermont Uaiiacbiuetta Abed
Island Connecticut and tatttrn Km Iortalr oltetily
uamtr tzcrpt nailonary temperature on JfatiacAuiciu
nail cartallt wind
For eutern rencirlvanla New Jerier Delaware and
Maryland fair warmer northeuterlr winds
For the Dlitrlctnf Columbia and Vlrilula Iccrrulnc
cloaolneii and UcM rain warmer mlrly wlnda
fnt weitirn New York western renniylrantv and
West Virginia fair except light snew oatbtlaatti
warmit till Tnuiltr Ubttuitrii wiadi

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