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r 1 t 1 r3 p THE SUN MONDAY MARCH 2 1891 4 C
Crem the Alltaaee Tamer lent Kea 4y Ter
ItA4vo atlnic the New Planhe In the
I Ali JPIaifbrat Pending Sill Tor
Government Laa ea Laaa
The national officers ot the Farmors Alliance
Inc a endeavoring to check with strong
i hands the efforts ot ardont loaders of r
I tbe order In the West who desire to
begin at one the detailed organization of
a third par I has become the well
defined policy of the national leaders of tho
I farmers movement t postpone alt public pre
parations for a third part tevolt until after
the next national convention of the Alli
ance In December They believe that ample
time will remain for holding a third party
I convention for the creation ot third party
machinery and for making a successful third
i par campaign In 1892 Of course they
Will not remain altogether tdlo dnring the In
tervening nine or ten months Thy propose
t do a great deal toward the development of
public sentiment among Alliance members and
the member of kindred Industrial organiza
i tions They do not believe that a thirdparty
today would receive the
f movement tday woud rollvo necessary
upport from the ran ot the Alliance as a
I whole They Ire confident how over that a
little patience will be rownrdod under the In
I flume ot such episodes ai the Cleveland ant
I ale letter by a spontaneous demand for In
dependent political action which will make the
movement a success
80 the tatoit call for I thirdparty conven
tion I thus discountenanced by the National l
Bout the organ of theJAlllanoe
I Th call for a political conveatten to be hid la Ola
I lanatl May It baa ha4 no lola wbaUvtr from Ih
MaUoaat Turners Alliance and tudutrUt Union I U I
ealltd aaltrompreitatapptaranoM u be Ml br a
I few Individual who a xood their wlidom Th y
are rood brother thorouhtvl aivoUJ to the eauM
bat tee teat and jive the tniln body ot people In the re
1 era ovement more trouble than those who are too
I I slow Many ot tne brethren avorini this meeting b
It that every move In this direction ihoull b
I Ioarad and that I can do no barn
I A few ptrhapa dtilre to 1et l < and would
raihir sue no reform moviment than t H
e > a they oaaaol leadll Tha mitttof will do no ham It
IttrtHIo nart the grse t new party ot the tutor
I I becanae I cannot b a rtpnaentatlre body u ihtro 11
neorf anUatlon t mat I 10 Mo provliloa I mode to
t a rapraaantatlon tom the rural ilUtrlcta sad when
I I the mtttlnc Is I opened I will be found t count of the
I m old crowd who hey all the time bOa eulllDf 1
teat that th y hate dUconraceil thonaanAa from Jolntnc
the move I the reform movement ortr aneoaeda It
I will not shot Its lon agalnat these who favor I Juit
atltlle I will uk them In and Bat Ibm I work on
what they are wininc to do cud ae they wvrK lat
I them develop Into renileil reform advooatat
I But while premature mov moots are thus
discouraged the Idea of independent political
action is I itself carefully fostered pltoa
tracts a this from tie Liberty Banner of
Mogal N M are quotod approvingly by the
j national organ
1 Wbaiaoontruitharela between brUht crof renlra
blh prolln
r Kanaaa aad poor old MUienrll there la onlr ala
tmailnary its between them Th Alliance In Mia
burl la I about aa strong aa la aanaam ceO ret It U trip
pllnr stout and aooomplUhlag vary little while Ken
eaalamorlDiiraadly I ocward In Muaoarl lbs State
axfloere ara trylnrf accompUaU the rerorma demanded
by the Alllanea by clinging 1 the Dameeratle party
In Kaoaaa toe Alilanoa haa oat loose from both lt parY 4
I Rarilet II la wonderful what an Inaianee b011 good the
11 landelide tn I Kanasa t > aa had au around Old
1 ba
11 a aooa 011
I hefty papara and potlllolaua In Kaoaaa ate expenanolni
I I a chance of hrarU Pall that a few monthS ago war
I fllled with oammny Slid abu of the Alliance and Ita
leaden lied about and mterepret eotad the order oat
rateouely now pal the order on his uack and are will
i t at
uur to become its truitsi a4v11n
I Some ot the uttoranoes of the reform press
an tbe newspaporM of the Alliance style them
I eelvoR are positively anarchistic This is the red
prophecy the Ciurt Uauntu < S DI Democrat
Tbajear 18DI wi 001 end with nothing prominent to
be placed upon the pane ot ulalory for alter genera
I lions 1 to read The country U upon the verge ot a great
tiDheaval that will b the greatett yet placed in the
pallet ot hlitory The Iron hael I la I praaalng harder
lall prIIIIrde
npon the common olaaaea and U grinding them 10
I Quit which I r benomln unbearibia I aua Ir the early
I I i spring urcanlied labor will ftrllce for lloertr Title will
I only irrilnte toe minoa or tno e In power t orpreaa
who irlll In tarn begin a feneral plan to force
the laborers t eubmtulou Keform papa are
doing noble work In bringing 1 light too many
daalardly schema by which tua people are being
robbed of all their earning and only a great and con
certed effort upon the Dart of the nppreaiora will lava
to them the great profile that see making ao many mil
linus tar rue law I ruin or the Country A greet itroic
lie U lu store for IHDI and from the preeent obaerva
tinn tka result can hardly be foretold The tight n on
and the farmers are compelled to take a part and
siiiuld I prepare for the tray 11 In line Answer te
> our names at roll call Keep tip your Alliance your
t only organization tar protection and I ready when
called on to demand rour rlglilii Should the Alttaoce
Inlireat fall now so much ie wore for the fnrmen
Their future wood be Mror a for them than bail they
I never aaied lor liberty 1
Rome or the radleal < features of the Ocala
I platform have alreo ly been reduced to pro
I iiusod legislative form and aru pending before
C Congress Government loans on land li a sub
ject to which tbe Alliance giving oousldeta 1
ble attention There are two pending bllK
one Introduced by Senator Btanfonl and the
other by Itopresentathereatberston of Arkan
sas Senator Stanfords bill Is bjtttriy opposed
by the Alliance while that of Mr ieatberston
tRt lallston
la warmly endorsed by the Alliance national
oran Tho principal section of Mr Stanfords
Dill provides tbnt tbe ownerof unlncumberod
agricultural laud may fIt with the bureau an
application for a loan to be secured Ly a
lien on suorr land valued for agricul
tural purposes Such application must
b In the torm prescribed by the chief or the
bureau and must describe tbe land and hints
IU actual cash iBue for agriculture inde
pent of Improvements and also Its assessed
1 value tor taxation purposes for tbe year previ
ous to application the amount for which the
r loan U 1 nought which must not exceed one
half the avipHsed value of the land and the
j Imo for which the loan Is to run not exceed
C log twenty year with such other fates a the
chief of tbe bureau may by regulation prescribe
f No loans shall be maJe upon land of lean
than 1300 In value nor in sums less tban t2W
l The Economist polntn out that neither the
quantity of land nor amount loan IK limited
r which I In direct opposition to the demands
of the Alflanoa Mr Stanfords bill It says
provides for tile valuation of land Inde
pendent of Improvements Phi provision is
ItoiMthor too Vague for discussion If it
means a valuation XclUHive of housoii barns
fences to the valuation for loauine purposes
would bo different from ono based on tbe
value ot the native or uncultivated land A
loan of 6 per cent to the autraga armor
estimated upon the talunot his farm loss tho
buildings would especially in the North and
Went bo exacting Hut a loan of tbe same per
Clint of value baaed on uncultivated land
t would bn of no bi > nallt whatever In fact
tbo general tenor of this bill seems to
I favor large holders of wild lands for specula
tion I would benefit the speculator nut
would tail to bring relief to tim struggling
I mortgageridden termer I Is not tIm desire
of the Alliance to advance any measure that
will old the land siiuculator or make his ef
for any more remunerative than at prosent
It In to asHltt tim real fiirmer the tllr a Iroaont
t toil In bin elton to fiavo bis farm from tbo
oberurs hammer to preserve his home for his
wife and children that this demand of tho Al
J lance wan made This proponed bill of Mr
Stanford lal aide track for tho honest Inten
tions of the Alliance and I permitted to be
rome a law In Its present shape will benefit tbe
land speculator at the expenso or the farmer
Mr Featboraton provides his bill that
C tnr citizen ot the United Stale or any person who
bee dec areil lie iiilentlon of becoming a ultleen Mint
owns ant issUes upon soy tract it land containing not
lee than Ian and not more than aia acres of land and
Wile baa at least t one half rl tala l trout of lanI II 1 tu actual
eiiitlyaIunslaII be euiitlud to apply for evil receive
from the Treasury of lbs I frl tutee a luau in
amount not totxoeed one half the immersed value uf
t said traol of laml and the Improvement rlu
Section That ail loans under this art shall be for
I period of not laie I than Ova nor root e than ten years
at the option ef the berrower and shall bear interest at
J It per cant per annum tram the data of the loan
Here Is I I proposition tbat would letieflt l
S the legitimate farmer and uroteut the home
I stead and at the same time eliminate tbe fear
that now obtains of unoverissuoot money It
also eliminates the lend speculator and vir
tually puts nn end to hit business The dif
ference betwonn theSe two his Is no pro
nounced a iu admit of nomlntake The ono
favors Iho speculator the otber the fnrmsr
The Alliance need not hesltato ad to a choke
Tbe Krntoinn > t aUo quotoi precedent in
t favor of Government loans on land but It Is
difficult to sot any comfort lor tho advocated
k ol the system the record quoted In 1837
I the Zconoimtt says reeor Federal surplus to
9 the amount 21101045wasdnt0Dtud among
B I trio respective State It was named monl
nlted States deposit fund and wan loaned on
I call so that the States felt obliged to Invest tlui
money wberii they IOU r reiIzt on It I neces
sary New Vorkunuola was about 4000000
loaned on fitrmi with the following ro iilt ac
cording to tha testimony of tuoUorup rulUr
C Tbe money I anaorliad to be mveittd upon ad
aM Dortia oulm rout real relate by only I enC
il mlaelonera appointed by tie Governor lu eai li county
4 tunuaot to a statute pained by Uu ltgllature Inioa
C aacnrltlai and the manlier of r Inveiimtal of 10
Pt I lid toniC upon real estate a polled < bare not met
4 with the approval of tie financial nillcrre of the Slate
etC for a number of > eara rest > It baa been the policy or
C f the Comptroller to withdraw raid Itmiii truiii the
C County OommUilouertaa fait ae possible and luvet
I 1 the tame blnuolt tn public aecorltlea I The amount
till uautaujloiln the bands of the County CuuimU
alonera and invested upon real estate ln In the oe1
Jountlta of the State le I about Slbntuoa The rate of
interest on such securitIes at prtetnt provided by
M statute I I 1 par cent per iinouui aperleuce him
town tbsP the sell iitvetmnent ii ion I emil 1 estate Ire
not safe while the rate ol Intrrc rrOvMe l fe large
A for a nrat elate aeaurli I et wlien v e hetetu IOICCIeee i
Li la frequentlY tile 10 I U I often llj oil to realize
I tom the r4 of tbe sale the run amount of prln i
shOal dime At tresses there U no aalhi rity lu title btate
fir lavaattng pabllc funds neon real estate eioumy ex
sept U i regard to time Untied Butea deposit I and
The Alan threatensto array Itself against
i u i q the Worlds Fair preject It1 vigorously at
= i Ir ga q x
taeklnc the present managemsnt on the rrouna
er extravagance and big salaries The E coiio
mfj in its last Issue says
na objection to this I entire Worlds nirbntlnaee lies
la the fact that ttioae who ray for It In tbe end cannot
participate In lu benefit or attend lie ethlbitlon II la
the bard werklnt farmer machanlo and Others who
labor in prodnetlon that mnat tlilmataty pay for 1
lb hnd diSplAy all nl bib silence and I obi
end morons In e thoneand ba permitted on account ot
r JI
poverty to eaten en a glance of lie manlflctnoe or
attractionS It will rcniiit In one lone protracted Holt
day ooinni I tbe nation million I of mousy In which
aetlvltr the common people who will root the bill
cannot participate The Alliance should begIn at once
to oppoaa alt eitraraf nc and see te It that the bar
done Imposed br thiaeiblbltlon ara aa llfht M poSsible
Advice From Vartone Countries ta Which
We Are Interested
From Mexico there U news that the Treasury
has already funds tn baud for tho payment of
tho short Interost on tho foreign loan The
Mexican Government has a duo n
or the act of tho Washington Congress by which
the American mission tp Mexico Is I raised to
the Ort rank The Cendans Valley Railroad
his begun business in a successful way and
will b compelled to Increase Its rolling stock
There are favorable roports from the party of
American archaeologists who have been en
gaged in Mexican exploration during
the past hal year Tho explorers In search
ing for Aztec relics bave penetrated un
known regions In the Socora valley and
have recently traversed the eastern slope of
tho mountain near Cosas Grande They
have collected many Interesting botanical
oolecte IntQIstnl
and mineral specimens In Chihuahua and
Ind Ulnotl found abundant ovldenco tbat a
dome population had existed there in prohlB
torlo times Thor are ruins of houses that
were built of adobe brick and of stone Tbe
er buit troops havo killed the bandit chief
Dometrlo Jnunegul at Jalisco and dispersed
his marauding gang
From Hloarngua thor are accounts Qf the
finding of several gold mines on the lulka
Boding That tbe mines were worked ages ago
Is made certain by tho discovery of ancient
natIve tools In them The early Bpanlsh ex
plorers heard of the mines laty could never
reach them The journey to them Is hard
tedious and dangerous and Involves the cross
ing of streams the circling of rapids and the
piercing of Jungles Ono of the miner who
overcame all obstacles and spent years of
danaer Is reported to bave taken out half r a
million dollars worth of gold The now Prod
dent of Nicaragua 1 p highly spoken ot
lloaruull hlll
The donpatchos from Argentina have told of
the evolutionary plot against President Pelle
grini the attempt to assassinate exMinister
Hoca tbe declaration of a state of siege and
the loyalty of the army It has been discov
ered that several military officers were Implicated
cated In the conspiracy her la a bad state
of things In the Argentine llepubllc but the
t rKontne
Government will b able t suppress rebellion
as long as the troops remain faithful to It
hot la I no doubt that President Pellegrini Is I
largely tbe country responsible for the financial wreck ot
Both Houses of the Congress of Venezuela
will b oiiened at Caracas this week There II
an account of tho disappointment of another
party of American working people who wont
to Caracas at the Instigation of a contractor
who declare that the contract mao with
them hits been violated Many warnings have
been given of the danger of Amerlonn me
chanics going to any Boutu American country
before they have a full understanding ot the
conditions of life and labor there There are
sloni that the British Government may yet be
ready to acknowledge that It I has buen In the
wrong In the dispute regarding tho boundary
between Venezuela and Brltlnh Guiana
From Brazil there is news of the adoption of
the Constitution that hits lust been formed
iknd of tho election of the chef of the Provis
ional Government Senhor Da Fonseoa a
the first constitutional President of the
republic There is an old dispute between
the Brazilian and French Governments
which has boon under negotiation for
nearly 300 years concerning the bound
ary between French Guiana and BraiL It I
U desirable that this Question should b
settled France claims the territory running
from the ocean bOO miles to the Ulo Branoo I
and I she couldsecura possession of I French
Guiana would b nearly four times its present
IZ8 The region In question consists mostly
of prairie has a Ono climate and Is well titled
for French colonization It would take groat
pressure however to Induce tbe Brazilian re
publlo to surrender this territory whiob be
longed to the country when it was under For
hued and when it was an empire 1 Is reported
ported from Itlo de Janeiro that the labor
strikes there have come to an end
slrkes tre
Snlclde of B Wealthy Convict Who Had I
Eecapeil to Canada
BT Louts March 1 Special despatches
from Montreal on last Thursday gave a sensa
tional account of the suicide of a young man I
who called himself Joseph Edward Lake
The despatches said that Lake had been the
black shop of a prominent 8L Lonla family
and had always led a wild and dissipated life
that be had arrived In Montreal three ear
ago and soon afterward rented handsome
apartments which he occupied with a former
Inmate of a Montreal disreputable house
lie spent money freely his relatives allowing
him an Income of 0 a month One night
while with some boon companions ho com
muted larceny He was arrested convicted
and sent to tbo penitentiary The influence of
his relatives secured his release He returned
to his mistress and last wook ended his life
with a dose of bromide ot potassium in the
house where his mistress had formerly lived
It was learned today that the young man
was Kusuell Brown son or J A Brown a
member or tbe Missouri Htato Democratic
Committee and one of the wealthiest men
In Bt Louts Lountv Ituvsell Drown waste
trio principal lln one of the most horrible trag
sOles In Ithe criminal annals of HI Louis In
December 1882 strangled his grandmother
r Gen Dorrl to death Lion Dorrls bad
amassed an Immense fortune in the slave
trade and had erected one ot the finest man
sions in the country on the western suburbs of
this city
In this renldencn In the latter part of 1882
lived his widow and her two daughters one of
thorn the mother Uussell Brown who bad
been divorced from her husband Ono even
ing young Drown and a boon companion
named McQlenn were taking in the saloons
around town when Brown suggested toMq
Glenn that they go out t his s
and raise a tako
They went out to the mansion where Rus
sell was a welcomE visitor He left McOlenn
outside went and talked few moment to his
mother and then passed on UD stairs whore
SIB grandmother lay sleeping
The supposition has always been that he en
tered tbe old ladys room to steal her jewelry
which tta bad done before und pawned Hue
awoke tried to prevent him and was strangle
to death tr No alarm was given
The family aarm everything to prevent the
acts being made public but It got out and
Brown was arrested allowed to plead guilty to
manslaughter and sent t the penitentiary for
ten years
Three years ago he escaped and want to
Canada where relatives linn since kept him
supplying him liberally with money His
mania for strong drink led him from bad to
worse and ho closed tile career of cnmo and
debauchery with soUdottrcton
A Firth Avenue Dwelling A Ore
The dwelling house at 612 Fifth avenue just
above Fortyeighth street was afire at 180
oclock this morning and alarms
morlnl two alams were
sent out
William T GUI Is I tbe occupant His neigh
bor to the south Is Oen Thomas A Davies
and his neighbor on tbe north Con Dan lint
No Wonder They Think Vm Odd
The Japanese are a curious people The
Japanese carpenter plane toward him In
stead of from him The Japanesethorseman
mounts bin horse If rom the right side The
address ot a Japanese letter Is arranged In
strict accord with the progress horn the gen
eral to tie particular Thus a Jap writing to
a countryman In Kew York would place on the
envelope Unltod 81ates of America New
ork State Now York West Tenh troetl
Ho Ynnk AJapenan always gives I grit
tulty upon his arrival at a hotel or restaurant
uJon upon his doi > arturo In drawing a
cork the Japanese waiter never turns the cork
screw but whirls the bottle
To Keetoek the Picking Baake
Another attempt haa been made to hatch cod
flsh cues on a large scale at the Cold Spring
hatchery About 1000000 eggs were taken t
the Cold Spring hatchery to be batched The at
tempt two years ago to batch codflsh eggs at
the Cold Kprlng hatchery was a failure ela ac
count of the cold weather Tbe hatchery was
an old stone mill that could not b heated and
the eggs froze In the new hatchery building
the requisite temperature I maintained by
artificial l belt and Mr Mather expects to suc I
ceed I ba does waters In Ibis neighborhood
will ba itooked with vast numbers 01 ood year
ling annually
1n anJu J
Pie autpeaJed racing Men are beginning to get
anxia over Iho tardlu a wf the League
Aintttluiruf the taw jereer division of the Lnjue
at American ttheeimru baa noeii called for March a
both The nell will ba I held at the club house ef the Buia
The team which ban teen selected to repreient the
Brooklyn Vloyole Huh In their fool lens for a baud
solo silver cup will conetit of Maun Hawley
KaiUiewa U Kn1kar and Borland i
i r
Over Mte > ITeneee la Knlne asd 140 > Pe
Oer s
pie IlemeleceItetow the Tows the
Water I Mile Aer seleo le In the
Treetoptreare of Crcat Lose of L h
DKHVEB March lA special to the Roeto
Mountain Newt from Yuma ArIzona says that
In that town over 2SO houses are In mla from
the flood and ttOO people are homeless and
not a single bnslnsss house remains standimg
and It Is feared that hundreds of lives have
been lost In the Oils valley
Tho telegraph wires are down In the valley
and a all bridges are gone androads Im
passable no reliable reports can b had from
there The river above the town Is seven
miles wide and below the town in places the
water covers the country In one grand lake
over fifty miles across Tho railroad company 1
will not have tho blockade raised for west I
bound trains for four days and I will bo ten
days or two weeks before they can get East
The town has provisions sufllolent for eight I
more days and the Southern Pacific Hotel Is
feeding a thousand peoplo day Iteports from
Jakuno fifteen miles above here are to tho
effect that the flood drove tbe people Into the
tree tops and many becoming exhausted from
cold and hunger dropped Into the water and
were drowned Iteports from reliable sources
put the loss ot life In the volley anywhere from
80 up to tOo AH along the valley for 200 miles
everything Is In desolation Costly houses and
barns have been washed away like playthings
while stock and fences have been carried down
by the flood leaving the country as bore as a
desert Men who ten years ago wore wealthy
are now homeless and paupers
Eighty miles eouth of here whew BOOO
Ooopah Indians live the country la I ode for
eighty miles square and as there are no hills
for refuge Ids reported that over 100 of them
have been drowned The great valley In Colo
rado Is a sea of water as far as the eye can
rah In every direction The river has fallen
6 ieot 6 Inches In tWrtyslx hours and Is I now
noatlr at a oOitiiJ Jbo weather is thick
and threathens heavy rains The loss in iuma
and the country aound foot up i200u000 of
which the railroad will have t suffer to tho
extent J2BOOOO Old Yuma will never be
Od wi
rebuilt The town will go higher up tbe bills
YUMA A To Mao iYuma I a camp of
distress Out of ISO houses composing the I
town only fifty remain The second high water I
of the lila river on Thursday was more disas I
trous than that of Sunday The can 11 have
been washed out the ranches destroyed and 1
bn out to
the railroads are undor water The loss in
Yuma Is a half million cemeteries are on
hal mUlon
high land and many people are camping In
them It Is reported that a Mexican family
tem roor
elabt miles east r drowned One body
that of a man floated past the town
tat worth haS been received from iurther then
ten won town and It Is feared that hun
dreds of lives have been lost UP the lIla val
ley I is knoW that thousands of cattle
horses and mules are drowned
The merchants have opened their goods on
the streets In order to help the sufferers The
water is still high for two hundred miles
tl blb
east of this point and a all of this must pans
hero many fears that the worst Is yet to come
especially II If there should be any lurther rain
The common loss ha brought all elastic of
citizens together and all hate worked with a
will first in trying to save the town by con
structing a rude levee and which effort proved
futilo In saving us much a possible from the
A boat which hasjust arrived from Mohawk
sixty miles up the title Illver brings reports ot
terrible loss of life all the country bell under
water The greatest sufferers are poor Mexi
cans whose entire possessions have been
swept away and who have no reserves to fall
back upon
There Is yet a vast stretch of territory to be
heard from and every one fears that wbun full
returns are in the toss of life will prove ot ap
paullng magnitude In this city the ruin ba
been most complete the Catholic Church being
the Street only building loft standing on the main
The Fume Sentinrl moved Its office four times
and finally succeeded In getting out on time
today nl The Tunes was less fortunate and its
office and material went down with the wreck
When the water roe BO high a t cut off
further aocess to houses and stores an effort
was made to erect temporary itheltem for the
women and children
Dry goods boxes wero looked npon a in
valuable and their possessors were deemed
exceedingly fortunate as roost of the people
driven so hastily Irom their homes were
obliged to content themselves with mere wind
breaks made of old blankets and carpnta
In the rush of tbe waters the steamer Mojave
was driven high and dry on the bank and a
dozen families have taken refuge In her cabins
The officers of Fort Yuma nave done every
thing in their power to assist the sufterers and
thll U
fortunately there was a good supply of tents
Qn hand and these were at once placed at tbe
Ippoflal of the homeless families and much
uttering thereby prevented
SAN FRANCISCO March ITrains are now
running time between here and Los Adgclen
Tbe Southern California tracts are still In bad
condition and will not be in working order for
another week The road to Yuma is impasan
ble but It is expected roa tracks will be clear
In a taw days te
Dlecueied In All Its Dears by a Hoelety
of Friend i
C The Need of Police Matrons was the sub
ject discussed the other night at a meeting of
the Friends Literary and Library Association
In the schoolroom at Butheriurd place and I
East Sixteenth street Papers were road by
Hrs Josephine Shaw Lowell and Dr Anno 8 I
DanleU in which police stations and visits by
the readers to themwere described
Both argued that police matrons aro very
much needed and tbe Police CommIssioners
were held to blame for not carrying Into effect
the law blch gIves them tho opportunity to
appoint matrons The Commissioners have
refused to appoint the matrons because there
Is no appropriation and because women who
are drunk and disorderly cannot be cored for I
by women such prisoners sometimes requir
log two or three man to lock them up
Dr Daniels declared that these were no
reasons at all There la no one a bad woman
so much fears and respects Dr Daniels said
as she does a good woman For a gentle wo
man she added the woret woman will become
docile Both eesayliits favored w1 bill now
pending In I the Legislature I making compulsory
tan oppuiauueufc ui uuuuu UJUHUUB uj SilO roo
lice tfioDwloo
The debate on the pai ers took a higher flight
than the appamtment of police matrons The
question true diHcuaead whether women who
old the care of police < matron could not bo
kept out of police stations Dr Daniels de
clared that Police Justices are too lenient with
women who un routulurs They aro often par
doned but Dr Daniels said such women should
ssldom If over be discharged A convicted
rounder ought to be sent to a Institution
where she could be kept uwny from the com
munity for the remainder her life The case
of a woman rounder who 01 had given birth to
four children alt of whom aro In prison wan
adduced as an argument against leniency It
was an Irlumont arlUlnt Daniels said which
could bo understood by taxpayers
Another toplo broached was tbat of the
presence of women In any court rom while u
woman was tbe defendant A story was told
by Mrs Russell of I Bhode Island lady whom
tim Judge requested to leave tbo court room
on account of the nature of the txstlmony
The lady refused t leave bacausu she could
stand it to hear what the defuudunc must
listen to Hbo told tbe Judge afterward that
the testimony was not so very bad
te Ob replied tne verr W not given
a v It would have been If you were not tn court
For tbat very reason Ur Russell added the
lady did right to remain
At the close of tbe meeting the women ap
pointed a committee with Mrs Russell Chair
man to call a meeting to organize In this city
a society like the Chicago rrotoctle Ageniy
for Protecting Women and Children The ob
jects of the society will be t secure justice for
women nnd children to secure Ptotociion Tom
crimes against their persons against wrones
pf a financial character such as the withhold
lag of wages exacting of exorbitant interest
vlolatloniof contract and fraudulent advertise
ments enforce exixtlng laws and to provide
for the enactment of better and to extend
moral support to the wronged and helpless
New Helioolbonee la SIorrlanla
The now school building at Eagle tovenua
morning and 163d street will be opened t pupils this
It occupies a site 973 test b 180 feet The
building Is 356 feet long 60 feet deep and
about To feet high and has two wings
There are fortysix class rooms the smallest
ol which is 1 22 feet by iUX There are also twe
assembly rooms 104 feet long and M feet wide
Centennial Anniversary of John Wley
UiimioBE March 1 Tbe 100th anniversary
of th death ot John JVesley was observed
today throughout the lUllltiiorn conference
America tbo liatt I joiinliirly ofKmiUeil cooert > ncu In
The services consisted generally of eulogies
of the character And tbe wor1ot esley
If yon have the money handy alf the coat
I Of foriltnr ou be fared I Flints IM108 West Ilih
I tout laur prIces we too lop fir crtdlt torma Ati
Winter Wanes
The Bracing Effect of
Cold Air is Lost and
Tired Feeling
Prevails To Gain
Health and Strength Take
I AIrl into Nostrils Iii itkkl7
It ALsc1bed lessens the < ilfSd1
I c
I Pt C
I BeatoretTaate and SmeUciijck
I ly Believes Cold in Beau and
I geaaacbe G at Druggists
I MX JI > M W 11
ernt farlW 1 It
mm an ae BKOOME ST
Fall and Winter
rnha Doctora Broaahamo
Eronchame hoe ir < WaSeai
aaaanlettax op Phptoe Y a a e
amalhncee sues 1
4UPaenlti 0eF Od Waponas
oupe a
Top abij
vIavIi nrreye lrI
piHi 1 jt kwFBt srpjiw nresa liSoliettes a
fjcrbv heo Hn00 lhpoa
uaaDmitM flflCIIbflspSe
ancy nneahoar yowlMMlere
Mall Phnetnne VIlIa
11 Carts
Holder Phaetone CII VIa CI >
Victoria Cbrlolo T
UronrtaDia Landaulettee Rockawari viotoriu
boards Mirreva Read Won Vlcll TraTa
ba ur fhIOI raneT Tea
Waconettaa VO Carts Vlllafe < aria taipef
I bop bin Stanhope rhaaionZ begot Oo Doeo
ihatOni flunabouti Ezprsss Top Cabrtol
Victoria ihStoiis al Cabrl CW
Tuesday Wednaeday aad Thanday Kanh p a ail t
1 tel commencing each dl at ii o clot J al
the American Initltnta Building
I av between cud Address and txtb ita > Maw York
PETER 0 KELLOGG a co Aoctloneera
lOTJobnei hew Vork
Mr Wm Colt Ran Maiee Cal wifl silt < hue et
COIL yilllea and Brood Maraa mainly by the ftmrar
Iro tiny Wlto Ul Id and Sable Wnea2il8i 1
Tuesday Mardi 8
Mr L J Koie San Gabriel Cat will eall nine head el
wor raarpld tiy siambonl 311 j and Alcaaarn juu
IrlL aleniln neaaanton OaU wIlt salt JOOoltai loi
Futile one to four yeses old by Sidney SlmBioooma
and Anteen Mr Frank I old Menlo Pat < aLTviil
sell 20 Colts hlllea and Maree by Broa3 I Teitl Not
wood RUSH Woodnut r OilRH bll on HadaMday
MorQn 4
1rhl W Stlmion L Anrelea will peed n roue
Stares and Vittles br htambonl Alcaiar Woelaef uS
tier 22t Nephew AOI Mr 8 C Holly Vallela Oel
wlllaellafaet twoTearold Cot b1 WwnJont C iitij
out of a granddanghtar of Bleotlcnren Mr Hanooe a
Johnson LOS Angeles Cat will tr Bdaaghterf lff
wood bUd t King Wilkes several other California
owner will consign Cells and Pllllei by Alcaiar Me
amy Slmmocolon Antavolo 0 on nranday Hart hi
Tie hon ara new a place or aale t Bee adremee
ment of vary Important sale 1 ImoMdlataiy follewmf
this oaa ror catalotue address lolOD
raTa akBLM > oo A oo
Itt John t Haw Ofol
Immediately I ecaclaalon AT vun of the California ss14
D av between 63d and Mth ass New Tork
COFKIOB 107 I Ions ST Yok
Aba heed ef very t i1y bred PtMliotj Iree
la Cohta Fillies and Itoe4slesoonsigneOby5a
tiBKkT STIlt Fn hl is
ii ml IS Ur Milton Mum a
ft ft TiioifrSdif tlScJ1 N Y
tnclndlni the progeny ot Rleotloneer tiny Wlltea
Sultan Nutwood Aloaiar Bldnay Harold BelmoB
Alcantara Alcyone Mantbrlao KIng Sprague Ooldduk
Lnollle Uolddual Bappy Medium Bed Wilts aorerna
Sprague n W
Catalogue ready y b dM8tkLooo
htlIA u KBLLOOO oo
107 JOhn at HewYorfc
Oar Triple Buekboarda Hal41 Wagons Baanar Bw >
lie Hurrera Ueaeh loa two Wheelers and Peiy
Cal In natural wood and fancy colon va aura 14 be
more popular than ever tale season There Meotaa
thing chipper and lively about this style ol work thai
the Mrnlar lines cannot approach People I orl la i
them alware 1 hold their heidi up and go aboal uelt
bcalneaa far with a vim thai ft balle
nay pat life Into everything abets them We nuna
future evarytbtng we offer aad land behind every
carriage we aell wflb a good wrong InStant
GENTLBMAK having Ipat blaborae wilt lanUee
J balance larf list e aide bar too
boggy One harness cloth and bear robaa English ID
J aad bridle uled only one nontni ooalS47ITS ale
Una dog cart cbeap loWeet fUll1 rm
JUST ARRIVED A Proctor Omaha 20 driving
5 horses reed BrlaL Xanaaa 08 working and driving I
boraaat T P Mltenel Iowa 2 large working koneai
mean A Simon JO Canadian Ohio ao horse large working hocus rater 81
Also 5 extra pair at carriage horse from ISM to It
hands blab a n 1
11 d1t Eaettb 51
Spring Styles in
Gentlemens Hats
Will l be leaned by i > Ar
he Naeeaa St
Between Beekman and AW
Furniture Manufacturers
14 AW N 8 lU WT lI I
Be Bveake of Mr OUdatona ae aeMepaa
OU SpUer
DUBLTW March lMr Pareell went to Navan
today by train aeoompanted bJ Messrs Job a
Redmond Kelly Clancy Harrison Corbet and
Dan Mr Parnell received an ovation at
every station
Iteplyloit t a deputation at Drogheda Mr
Parnsll said he was rejoiced at the proof of
support everywhere accorded hIm This he
said showed his opponents tbat Irinhmen
would not allow them to degrade the pub
lic by permitting them to strike be
low the belt under the pretext of dealing with
Questions ol public moment I the difference
between the two factions was not fought out
upon dignified lines the blame would not fall
upon bis supporters
They would strain every point to atfoord
their opponents a fair bearing but I their op
ponents outraged the sense ot the people by
going outMde the limits of decency the people
would justly resent tbelr conduct
The party bad an enthusiastic reception on
arriving at Navan They drove through the
town receiving ovations everywhere The
houses were decorated with green bomths and
folAO streets were a number of triumphal
arches Mr Farnell addressed an Immense
tnoetlnffln the square
fie said that perhaps some day In tha dis
tant future somebody would arise privllesed
to address thorn not as men ot royal Month
but as men of republican Moath ICbeers1
I was Month which first nave him an oppor
tunlti sixteen years ago to nerve Ireland In
Plblo Ill Olf At what moment during
bat period had bl ever boon unfaithful to th
prlncplM then pledged Crle8 nf MevnrJ
They had won a hundred ekirmiahea to
Kotber and now lie wanted to be allowed to
win the battle with tbem Already they had
put a snaffle In the mouth of the landlords
Ily and by IJ a Parliament In College Green
they would Ot these same mouths with bit and
blrdool Cboerl and latebtor1
Mr ParBI then proceeded to review the
struggle In Parliament and referred to the se
cret system pursued in the House Qf Commons
collenguos to sap and undotmlne the Independence of his
Although they were only thirty against six
hundred his supporters had bad tbe honesty
and counted to beat their opponents They I
had driven the seceders from the committee
room and they would drive them out of Ire
land before lone and out of the House of Com
mons too lOheers
Done D8 supporters bad foiled the weakness
ba foied
treachery and cowardice of the seceders by
resisting English Intimidation Thus they bad
given time to everything solid patriotic and
brave monK their race at home and abroad
to see the truth and to rally to their support
Ho had never feared the result I he had
not a colleague loft in the committee room he
would still have t ome back to the Irish peo
ple to gel their verdict Prolonged cheering
In conclusion h expressed the hope tat his
opponents would take warning of tIat por
tents A popular storm was likely to sweet
theui away Instead of opposing the rally to
his side let them free themsohos Irom the en
tanglements and English party alliances
woven around them by the Grand Cia
Spider tom
The gate of repentance was still open I
they waited too late the gate would bo shut
and they would become marked ou tbe pages
of history as deliberate traitors tu Ireland
Mr Parnell was entertained at a bamiuet in
the t ednesday evening Ho will speak In London next
Her Untiring EObrte to Secure theKeleaee
of her Daughter
LONDON March ITbo ground upon which
the Baroness Roqne mother of Mta Maybriok
seeks to reopen the case of her unfortunate
daughter with a view to her release from im
prisonment are mainly furnished by the alleged
leged mental unsoundness of Justice Stephens
Who tried the case
Though justice Stephens may not be R crazy
as be Is alleged to be his eccentricities for
aome time past certainly justify the suspicion
that his mental balance Is Imperfect and acts
of his ore now recalled which Induce the belief
that his malady is not of recent inception
In addition to this reason for requesting a
rehnarlngof the case the iarouess said to
b in possession of new and important evl
acnce showing ber daughter to be innocent of I
the crime of which the scathing chaiga of
Justice Btephens did much to convict her
Iho Baroness who Is preserving a strict In
cognito while in London is interviewing
prominent persona In her daughters behalf
It is I believed tbat sue is meeting with con
siderable success In her endeavors to enlist
succB enlAt
fcyrapathy and assistance Baroness Roquess
solicitor says that his client gained the sym
pathy of President Harrison wile she was In
America and assorts that United Btatas Minis
ter Lincoln bas been Instructed by the Presi
dent t render her all possible assistance
Passports In Alaaceliorralae
BKBLIX March 1Tha action of the Govern
ment in regard to passports in AlsaceLorraine
Is Ill received by some Conservatives a well
as by the Freislnnlge party The Kfichiloie
hopes that tbe passport measure Is due to other
I reasons than the conduct of French Chauvin
ists The hretu Zrituno speculates upon the
probability of war with Frame and after up
braiding Germans for being of tQo patient and
sluggish a temperament and expressing
doubts of the friendship of Italy and England
it hays that Germany having failed to secure
the love of Europe ought to endeavor to ob
taln respect
The Journal l de SI Fferib < rarg hopes that ef
forts will b made on both sides to retnovu the
shadow on the relations between Franca and
HI r Cbarlftn DIe Will Reenter Public LICe
LONDON March ISir Charles DUke having
decided to reenter public life at the point
from which he left It has prepared a mani
festo dealing with the cause of his retirement
which be will issue In a few days I is I assert
ed that Ill document will preeent some start
ling features of the famous CrawfordlJilka
caRe not hitherto made public which will
prove what many person have always main
tained that be Is not so black as he bas been
A Reception to American In Rome
ROUT March IThe great event of tbe sea
son hero was the reception given to American
residents of Home last night by Mr Porter
the United States Minister Invitations had
been sent to all the Americans In Rome In
cluding those who have become allied to Italian
families by marriage Tbe guests 11tlan
relved by the American Minister and Miss
Porter fcoven hundred Americans were present
at the reception
Lady Randolph Churchill Coming to New
LONDOX March ILad Randolph Church
Ill haa clcnlfled ber Intention to visit New York
during tba absence of Lord Randolph Church
ill In Africa Lord Randolph Intends to be gone
eight months und It la likely that Lady lIen
uolpu will spend the greaier part of that time
among her old friends In hew York tme
A Papal Allocution
ROME March IA Papil allocution Is ex
pected to bo made public tomorrow dealing
with the Lavleorla polo in Prance and with
affairs In Brazil It recommends Catholics
atalrs Dral CatbolC8 to
unite and act outside of political parties t
lug solely to obtain a regime of liberty
Note of Foreign Happenings
ter M of MurIel tbe Interior has been appointed Belgian Minis
Sir William GordonGumming will shortly
Wilam Ihott
sail for the United States whero be will mako
a lone visit to his brother who Owl a stock
far In Dakota
The new Portuguese convention wnich Pre
mier llhodes of Cape Colony persuaded 11
Government to propose will give the llrltlsh
Last Africa Company tbe Mashona gold Reid
and a free railway route tn the coast His
doubtful however whether It nlll ba retRied
by Portugal In view of the magnitude ralta
concessions Involved
Politics and the Box Office la Part
Statistics published by the Aiiiitancn Pal
lifltie In Paris recently Illustrate
IQue recnt luetrato the curious
relationship between politics and the box
offices of theatres In the stormy times of
1818 tbe annual receipts from the Paris thea
tro and concert oafs were only 1100000 In
1853 however they
were tJ300000 The Cri
mean war caused n falling off of 120000 but
te Exposition year 1855 raised the receipts to
2800000 In 1857 and 1858 the receipts were
I3MOOOO each but they fall In 1859 the year of I
the Italian campaign almost 100000lower fn
the Exposition far 1867 the theatres took In
4l400OCm In 1888 2060000 In 1869 3040
000 In 1870 with the plebiscite 181 too
tbe declaration ot war in summer but
1600000 was received In 1871 even
this shrank away to 1125000 In 1B72
the clearing of the political atmosphere
was Indicated by tbo rise of receipt to S 1210
ODD anti in IM76 to elMOOOU The FacIle
Th Pala
montnry troubles anti tho elections of lull
broiltlit about u I allnic of SHOOUO but the
Worlds lulrm 1H7H consort MI 1 Hnormous In
oroutto tn IBl JOuoO For the four or dye year
before 1887 Urn receipts wore about 1 5OOOOU <
annually Then the Uoulungor Intrigue sent
them down to 4040000 and Tn 18H8 to 4600
000 The Exposition year 1889 brought the
Ilduras up to dii 400000 followed by another
reaction to 4tUQ000 In 180
gals Parey > Mean About RavIng Been
Taken Into a Cab and Robbed
TJIKNTON March 1Mire Hattte Fnrdy U tall
and slender and about 10 years old
Mr Leonard A Btowell a printer It her
brotherinlaw Miss Ftirdy Is from New
Brunswick and for years has bopp a periodi
cal visitor al Mr Btowells home on Kent
street In this city A few weeks since when
Mr Stowells little daughter Mabrl was taken
ill Hiss Purdy came on to assist Mrs Stowsll
her sister In nursing the child
For two weeks and until the little one died
Miss 1urdy was so attentive to her that she
hardly slept at all She has never been very
strong and this ceaseless service at the bedside
of a dying child with all Its attending anxiety
and supplemented by the shook which
Its death brought naturally told on her health
and shi complained considerably On Monday
last Miss Furdy wont to Mr Btowells office In
Broad street to help him with some light work
She has bean subject to fainting spells and
fearing an attack In the office she decided to
go home early At 6 oclock therefore she I
started out for Kent street Before leaving
the ofllce she informed Mr Btowell that ehe
was feeling better and he felt no apprehension
ou her account
By walking slowly she ought to have arrived
at homo at GU oclock but whim Mr Stowell
reached there at 0 she had not yet appeared
Mr Btowell Instantly recalled that she wa
not well and when another half hour had gone
by fears that she had bean overcome by illness
in the street were entertained and a search
lor her began at a oclock
While the search was still In progress Miss
Fnrdy appealed at the kitchen door tine
glance was sufllcfant to convince Mr Btowell
that she wan very lit He face was pale and
there was a strange look In her errs To Mrs
Blow ells anxious riuary abe rnadd no reply at
all and she might have fallen had not her
sister minnnrtritl her
Hhe was uncouitolonn when she was disrobed
nnd she bas remained partly BO ever since
While lying thus prostrated she has been
They had ma in a cab They struck me
and stole my rings and money
To questions as to who struck her and took
her iewelery and money t > he line been unable
to glvo answers Sometimes she ha moaned
I could see the lights from the cab window
They got my rings but nothing else
When Miss Purdy arrived at home she bad
her giovos on but two gold rings which she
wore were missing and her pooketbook was
empty Just bow much money she might have
had in her possession is not known but Mr
Btowulls family conjectures that the amount
was small In her ravines Miss Purd1 said
They nurt toy bead nut there were no
visible evidences of any sorted assaultA largo
pin fastening her hat bad worked through her
hair and this It Is believed made a pressure
upon be bead and hurt her
Detectives Pllgerand Leahy have been work
lag on tho vase day and night and have about
come to the conclusion that Miss Purdys
statements are caused by delirium
They believe she was make with a nervous
spell In the street but they cannot very well
account for the loss of the rings
Ietectlvex say that friends saw Miss Fnrdy
in Hamilton avenue and In Chestnut avenue
above Kent street at 7 oclock on Monday1
evening anti they believe ehe wandered about
in her Illness not knowing where she was
going I
Jt was learned today Ihnt Miss Pnrdy was
gradually recovering strength She was
partly oom > olou yesterday and Wanted to
know where her rings were Hhe said nothing
then about their having been takeu from her
Connecticut Catch drawing Less Every
YearIKlelatlon Desired
ITAIlTyoED March 1The shad fishing indus
try In Connecticut U threatened with destruc
tion If the General Assembly ever gets to
work It will be asked to enact the most strin
gent laws protecting that business The greed
of the fishermen who stretch their traps like
vast marine spiders webs far out into the
Bound from tho mouth of the shad rivers has
caused tho mischief The pound men have
violated the State fishery law furthermore by
using nets whose meshes are so small that
not oven little fish can pass through thant
Thoy have been encouraged In their mlschlov
ous practice by some of the Connecticut Fish
Commissioners who permitted the pound men
to use the nets with little mealies and last
year the alert and fearle President of the
Mate flame and Fish Association A O Collliin
of tills city got after the Commissioners and
thoroughly exposed them He proposes to
tackle the General Assembly next In the Inter
11tof preserving the remnant of the shad
Tbe following table compiled trop the State
Fish Commissionerss reports gives ho annual
catch of shad number of flub taken lu Con
necticut waters for the past ten years and
shows clearly bow nn important industry has
been nearly mined by the greed of the men
that handled the coos ot the golden egg
Isle4tStiiitl IBSS 100809
15302501114 1MO II7MO
18H1 031071 lIo7 DOSJB
Ittrj 11721101 1888 OH4V
IBS tHai 4213
IBS 130015 lieu
Here Is another table compiled from the
same report which shown where the blame
chiefly belongs
I88i ISM ISS7 1688 ISM leSt
Shad caught
pounds moOO 71000 373 41960 27425 11WI
Neie eelnee KSJM 42MU I8WJ JJSUJ leisuu 1732
Totala 19alW 1I7SW 80UI 6SiBO 42ns Si3H
That the number of fish taken In ponds In
1B9U was smaller than beloro wart duo to the
efforts ot President Collins who successfully
proHecuted dye of the largest pond owners on
account ot their illegal work How different
has been the policy pursued In other b tales
and with what satisfactory result a glance at
the shad llbery ot those Smtoj U Bufnalent to
prove While the shad fishing business ot
Connecticut hag decreased at u frightful and
ruinous rute in tiey York Delaware New
Jersey Maryland and Vlruinja it ban either lu
greased fiomjear to year or at least ban not
decreased sufficiently excite alarm Here 1s
a table prepared by Mr Collins ot the uhatl
fishery figures ot all the Ututea noted In the
past decadeIluAim
IluAim Dtltiwart rotomat State of
rtart inter Miter Sitar oem
1H8S I174W5 lla84tH1 1470W 1WJ80D
11188la4940 h74UIT H7MI2 II7UM
IHS7 16BSSM HM3U SJ724U lOde
lHHdlt6liHfr4d icebdl OdJllfl tH460
ipso1073118 eutixi r45e47 4g5
pea 4411931 reuls
These figures are taken from the reports of
the UnIted WtatiB Fish CommissIon Those
for the Hudson and Delaware rivers for lut
year have not an yet beon reported but it is
known that the Delaware catch In 18UO wa
excessively lame In his war in the Legisla
lure against the pound owner Mr Colligs will
Lave tile cooperation of all the old shad fisher
men ot Essex Lime and other Connecticut
lUver towns who have seen their gillnet and
seine fishing Industry swiftly spoiled by tie
greed of the pound monopolists at the mouth
ot the Connecticut lllvcr Their purpose Js to
Induce the Assembly to pass an Ironclad stat
ute forbidding the pound men to use nets with
small meshes or to set them lu an Illegal way
or beyond a certain distance from the shore
Catholic EdItor Convention
Editors of Catholic papers from all part ot
the United States will como to this city In May
to Attend the second annual meeting of the
Catholic Press Association A year ago this
association was formed In Cincinnati by the
representatives of IblrtyaevcnCatbolU papers
Condo PaJlen of the Clivreh rroyrttt of Bt
Louis la the President and James Delanpydi
tbe Uatliolia V > utof Hrooklyn Hecrctarylt ti
expected that Iba dltoiH of aliu Raters will
attend flip seesios One of the ttanlt or 4ha
meeting It I IK said will be the establishment of
a sort of Catholic Associated Press which will
supply news matter and special articles to the
athpllo papers When the editors have trans
acted all their business they will b taken to
the pltcss of interest In and about the city
me WAS HEAncnxn oitcn FOR xrna
Arrratc New Two Month Ial rThe
Diamond Were Mlnaail tram a Trunk
at the MMropotltnn Hotel on Dee M
John Bloman an American DistrIct Tele
graph boy 19 years old emilojid at the sta
tion In Broadway just above Prince street WM
taken to Jefferson Market Police Court yester
day and remanded for examination until to
day on a charge of bleating illnmonds worth
11800 from the Metropolitan Hotel The police
refuse to toll anything aboutthe case
On Dec 21 Inst Mrs H Collins whose hus
band li a travelling art dealer and live at the
Metropolitan called for a mefmenger boy
John Bloman answered the call To an to her
room ho hud to pans through a wide entry
used as a storeroom for port ot Mrs Collins
baggage A trunk wan standing there with the
cover up and It Is I alleged with a lot of dia
mond jewelry exposed to view
After the messenger left the room Mrs Col
lins went to the trunk and missed various arti
cles which woio together worth 1500 Hhe
notified the dork who sent a man to the Dis
trict Telegraph office where he arrived ten
minutes after the boy did
The boy had apparently cone direct to the
ofllce and was found there waiting noaH as
usual II was asked to step Into a private
room where ho was told that he was suspected
ot the theft He denied It and Hxked to be
searched He was thereupon strpi d land
thoroughly examined but no jewelry was
Tlilii having been reported to Mr Collins
she refused to prosecute the boy and nothing
more was done about the matter until Mr
Collins cnmn homo He wanted the lost dia
monds huntofl up and went to Inspector
Byrnes about them It was admitted that ball
boys had been called to the room
and that a chambermaid was In the
room putting things to right when the roes
scucer Bloman wan called that at least four
arsons had had a chance to steal the jewelry
Tile detective however fixed on Bloman and
on Saturday Mulholland went around to the
telegraph station and told the manager he
w Bloman to RO over to the Revere lions
with him Sloman went along as usual sup
posing It was some ordinary business
Latertbe detective cause back to the station
and broucht some keys to the manager
bloman being assistant manager at the time
ami said that Sloman would not be back
hes gonn home The manager telephoned to
Police Headquarter and found that the boy
was under arrest The manager was not al
lowed to so to see the prisoner noreven to
send an open letter to him
Hlonidn lives with his parents at 80 Checver
place Brooklyn He has been a telegraph boy
since June last There has been no other
complaint agalnt him He has made two
journeys to Newport with valuable ptekagua
ono containing jewelry worth much more
than tl50 < > for wealthy people who wanted
special service and a boy to do it who could bo
At the hotel last night It was said that Mrs
Collins ban a very large quantity of valuable
jewelry the most of which she keeps In the
hotel strong box but because she uses differ
ent articles from time to time and keep
changing them about It was for a time after
the fruitless search of Bloman supposed that
the articles had been mislaid Instead of stolen
Bloman boa been suspended by the telegraph
company pending the Investigation
The Thoamaa Concert
There was the usual crowded attendance of
music lovers at the Lenox Lyceum last night
to hear the Thomas concert It was the
eighteenth concert of the series and the last
but three to be given by Mr Thomas prior to
his departure for Chicago
Signor Itnlo Camponlnl was one of the solo
ists and It was his last appearance at these
concerts Ha was In splendid form and sang
the aria Bplrlto Gontll from Donizettis
FavorltaMn bin best style and lied to sing
again la response to the hearty encoro it
He also sang Beethovens Adelaide and
after responding to the encore was recalled
several times by the hearty applause of the
audience whleh seemed loth to part with him
Mss Lena Llttlo sung the grand aria Cbs
Fern Seuza Euridlte from Olucks Oreo in
excellent style and received a warm encore
to Which she replied with a beautiful render
log of My Love is Like the lied Bed Dose
Miss Little also sang three very pretty ballads
one In English by hocant and two in German
by Brahms
The other soloist was Hiss Thertse Hellner
pianist who played Griegs Concerto for
piano Op 1C and she was heartily applauded
for her excellent rendering ot the number
The orchestra played with its usual spirit
evenness and general excellence A very
pretty suite of four movement by Harry
howe Shelley was conducted by the composer
and was warmly commended by the audience
The rent of the programme consisted of
Scenes from Homed and Juliet by Berllp
Martha Washington Gavotte by Rudolph
Aronfion and the Strauss waltz Wiener
ibo series will be interrupted during tbe re
mainder ot this month on ing to prior engage
ment of the Lyceum and tbo next Thomas
concert will be on Sunday April B
An AnttBowman Evangelical Church
Afalnet It Factor
PHILADELPHIA March 1A special to the
Ledger from Allentown says Another un
usual episode growing cut of the Evangellcan
Conference troubles was witnessed in this city
The scene was Salem Church tho mother
church ot the denomination In eastern Penn
sylvania Four weeks ago the quarterly con
ference passed a resolution to the effect that
it would not receive or support any minister
sent to It by the conference presided over by
Bishop Bowman
The pastor the Rev W A Leopold was In
actn e sympathy with the Bishop but the ceo
gregattoa wax almost unanimously opposed to
him Both the conferences now iu Besslon
hero Assigned ministers to preach In Halom
Church today but the trustees publicly an I
nounced that only those appointed by the
regular Conference would admlttea to the I
pulpit and the others remained away
Mr Leopold the regular pastorentered
the church and wan escorted to a seat in the
auditorium This ha declined to accept and
was about to enter the pulpit when the true
tees interfered and told him he was not per
mitted there and that he could no longer
preach in the church
Mr Leopold thereupon road a protest and
withdrew A large congregation wan present
In anticipation of scene people assembled In
the church two hours before the opening ser
vices and the trustees were there before 7
Thieve who Pound Time to 8ho r a Mean
Hide in Partisanship
PiTTsnunon Hatch 1The residence of J
F Johnson at 257 Locust street was robbed
last night
A peculiar phase of the affair was the politi
cal proclivities which the burglars saw fit to
exhibit In Mr Johnsons parlor over the
mantel bang pictures of ttecretary Blalne and
xPrxsldent Cleveland
The robbers mutilated the latter picture
while underneath the former on the wall they
wrote He s all rlgit
iBHpector McAlee after hearing the re
p rt ot the burglary remarked
The Republican orator who In the beat of
the campaign hae solar forgotten thermelves
as to a > oolatu nomocracy with norm stealing
are now confronted with the fact that a burg
Inrybas been committed brmen who evidently
belong to the llttpubllcan faith
They Think He Know Too Much About
the Diamond
BliutiKnnaM Ala March 1A mon named
G W Martin alias Tom Long was arrested
today charged with being Implicated In the
Rosenstlbl diamond robbery He offered to
secure the atones for a reward and asserted
that ho bad overheard a plot to rob toe store
Ho was arrested imil lull conflicting stories
Penion Who uw the robber assort that Martin
resembles him All the diamonds bavo been
recovered about MOUU worth
Hlr John Not Very III
OTTAWA Ont March 1Dr Bulllran the
Premiers medical attendant says Sir John
Macdonald Is suffering from nothing more so
Monday none than an oidluary cold He will be out
Latest Information of Intarcat Prose AH
The annual report ot General Manager Bow
ard of the New York and New England Ball
road concerning the local and through traffld
of the road will be read with Interest He
C The New York and New England Railroad
Is BO situated as to show beyond question that
It Is not a road capable of a large local freight
business but must foster that which legiti
mately belongs to It and develop its competi
tive traffic to the utmost No management ot
this road can adopt any impclad yule as to
what class of business It will handle but must
be ready to concede to the wishes of Its patron
all reasonable demands and furthermore it
must keep in accord with Its connecting roads
The New England road owing tothese condi
tions mutt seek to increase its through trail
noes to the utmost The earnings from it local
trafflo Is not a large percentage of the total
freight reenue and It should be stated that
while there has been an Increase In the
through freight in no way has the local trade
been neglected but strenuous efforts have
been mad > to increase the tonnage at local sta
tions by affording to all patrons good facilities
tor the transaction of their business In order
to keep It In proper shape for the transit ot
trains over 260000 ties and 8000 tons of heavy
steel rails have been ordered for use this com
leg year The purchase of 1000 freight cars
as additional equipment to enable tEe road
more expeditIously to Handle Its increasing
business and materially assist the freight de
partment In obtaining trafflo bay proved wise
The New England road needs 10 be further de
veloped and by continuing the same method
Its future success will be assured The source
of revenue susceptible of the greatest develop
ment is Its through traffic and to get the
necessary net revenue the facilities of the road
eboula be increased so that the expenses
which are Incident to the handling of large
minimum amounts of freight may be reduced to the
Levee Contractor Shot
NEW OBLCANB March 1O H Hamilton
Government levee contractor was shot and
Instantly killed by a negro named Frank Bur
gee last night ten miles above this city at
amlltonB levee tamp
IluruesH had a partner who had been sick
and be had guaranteed his board to Mr Ham
lltonwho deducted the amount from Burgtsi
pay Last night Burgess demanded his par In
full He went away and returned armed with a
shot gun and without saving anything
Hamilton shot him In the side killing him in
stantly Burgess escaped
John H Hurt a machinist tried to commit inlolt
last night by Inhaling illuminating cam al hit bone tC
Christopher Street lie was akin to Cl Vlnc DH UM
pital L lit will probably recover
Pollctman John Hint 44 years old who hu testi aS
Itehrd to the Psancey Street nation died ID Bdltvu
hospital pouterdey ot alcoholism King lived i < 4i
Attorney sirset and had < been on lb > police fore 1gb l t
ten yean
Patrlok Oromlty awakened from a nap la a romMM
Up saloon on SMgrdar Dllhl to find Johu cttltiauIf
JS larK l row loint ibroufh ht rooktii Tbiy fount
and Cromlty wa stabbed la the 15 with n clamp tmra
Solllvau wa bed for trial at the Tonlw Gush yttut
The railed States Grand Ijodi of the Jn4 ii4 at
Order Of Brllh Abraham In oonvintloo at H Lyoim
Opera HenCe eteouid l the oBloti ynttrdtyi Ur nd
Nester hraaao rirte D potr Grand Mailer Mu
slant Osnd Secretary hlground fodor Grand T545
uric Adolph UaHuilDitri ornl Tlltr H i 0db

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