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fjatontAT aioBonsa JUWTJCV SERMO
Women to Ban the Political
He Arena Mid Avoid the WotrumUe
riaxc the Church Ha > Ktaanclpate
Woman I1 ntvorce Mill Denounced
BiLTtJtoM MnrcU 1 Marriage and Dl
vorcew tho subject today of the Lenten
wa Gibbons Tim congrrga
of ClUdIfl Gbbonl COlarla
Mtfflon filled the cathedral Among the auditors
ton jerome J Bonapurte the grandson of the
w Klneot Westphalia whose name was used la
jh course of the sermon to Illustrate the ar
hI the Cardinal
MBiiatM according to the Christian die
Marriage accordlnl tb Cbrletan
nld Cardinal Gibbons has four
ltton el carlnnl Olbbn
ruitoiruleblng characteristics I Is I the mol
tllblnl contracts for our primitive
llrttu were tbo llrst contracting parties the
rjTn of Eden a the scene of the union
len wu < the > Minister and the only
Qod blrofwlt
IritnMSOt i heir espousals It Is I tho most ex
olell contract lora husband can nave
MBwlteanda will but one husband A
bntonsw1ieft0 rITtOOr l9 Pwhlblted by tbe Christian
third J nenMl ° n from sharing In the unlou hence
dllplsaton ld MormonUm are absolutely for
IrlAm the Crietfan law It Is I the most
br Chrlstnn
mid of all fellowships for tbe Elernal
sacred fiimtut > ls lts founder Jesus Christ
rather RnnclGoJ Is i Us reformer and restorer
the 80 the Holy Ghost Is I the divine lire that welds
ud lore
beartln unquenchable
hearts unluenchablo
toffithrr two t <
Cnrg eleated marriage 10 lbs > dignity of
Mrament Tho love of our Saviour for
mttklnd I uermDt Ihouh be the type of mans love for
lknd The love of Christ was pure So
his wie be and
iboald man love for his spouse fro
llkt sit genuine love it should have a spirit of
Mirdenlsl for thero Is no 100 without I
uerlflee Cbrbl came tQ teform society Ho
ace tbe reformation of society depended
I th I fntsrItY of the family and tbo Integ
on I
0 of
family depended on the fidelity
ritofthe loly Idell
rlolt pair He came thorefoie to reform
Hi purled r
foualOCietT < in Its source
forlloclct Irre
Mtrrlage Is I tbe rnout InTlolable
vocable lrlle of contracts thM were over formed
Every vbl human tAI ma be lawfully dis
Er solved but tis Nations may be justified In
abrogating treaties with each other mer
brlllnl brothers
dissolve partnerships
chants may dlnole
eblt will STeotually ma leave the paternal roof and
separate from one another like Jacob and
Iprte aud Lot be
Lean friends like Abraham Lt
Elaulrenl tart company but by the law of
God the bond uniting husband and wife can
Udl olved only by death Our Suylour de
clues that the nuptial bond ia ratified by Ood
Hlmielf and hence no man nor any legislation
framed bi men car validly dissolve the con
tract Here the Cardinal Illustrated the subject by
narrating how Pope Clement VII refused to
sanction the divorce of Henry VIII from Cath
arine of Aragon and bow Plus VII wnen
solicited by napoleon refused to annul the
marriage between the Empeior8 brother
maa Miss Patterson who were married In
Dtltlmore rome by Archbishop Carroll in II3 He
continued Christian wlvex anti mothers
what an Immense debt of gratitude you owe to
trill and Hlft Cburoh for you I emancipation
If yon are no longer the slave of mans pas
sires like the women of Asia but his
10l lke his eiual i 1 you are no longer
a tenant at wilt like the wives or pagan
tDnt and 11 lKe but the mistress of
your household 11 you era no longer con
fronted by usurping rivals like Mohammedan
sail Mormon wives but 1 you are I be nuoon of
the domestic kingdom you are Indebted for this
tl lUon to the Churob and especially to the
Etlon Pontiffs who have vindicated your
BTllln said you wlo tbe queen of the do
roeitio kingdom If you would retain that
empire shun the political arena avoid the
lr poUlla
rostrum If you become embroiled In political
trum 1 boome
agitation tbe queenly aureole that encircles
llon and the reverence
your brow will fade away rtornre
that is paid to you will disappear I you have
the vain ambition wil reigning In public life
your domestic empire will be at an end
M There are more divorces leeally granted In
tbe United btatex than In any other Christian
countrymore perhaps tban in all other
Christian countries combined In the spa of
twenty years accord me to offli lal statistics
Yfar accor ni
from 1867 to 1686 Inclusive fiKOOOO divorces
were granted In the United Htates tbat is to
y twothird of a million persons were legal
ly I separated during that time The number
divorces ba steadily Increased since thaI
time and beyond all proportion to the general
iMnraa population Divorce are granted
DY Iot04
oo the moat flimsy pretexts and throughout
MUDtry divorce courts are established which
it err appropriately called divorce mills
IBer is it not cruel and hearties to compel
hatband and wife to live together who can
not so live in peace and who are entirely
Jva pae
from one another I answer that I
estranged frm
tielawsof Gospel do net oblige such per
Mn to dwell togotnei if there is no hope of a
reconciliation between them They a al
lowed to live apart and to obtain a divorce
lowe and boa But you will Insist is I it
not cruel and unnatural to condemn such
Mrsons toa f to old celibacy alter they
are separated Would it not b better to
permit them to marry again You
speak of mercy to the separated counle
btit Is I DO mercy to be shown to the peace and
food mercr society Is no mercy to b
bon to the Uostiel of Christ which upholds
Oureoclety All laws an made for Ibo com
Ollnlet ar mae
mon good and every law baa Its personal
Inconveniences I you abrogate a law b
cute ol its Incidental annoyance you under
mine nil legislation It is on tbat principle
tbat th al atbeist objects to the observance of
Btmdijr when he would prefer t work and
that the saloon keener objects to the closing of
ale store when he would rather sell
It is I better that one man should suffer
win that bttr whole nation should perish
Better far better nalon few Individual
cues divorced people should be forbidden to
birry than that the foundations of the sacred
I Mlflcs of society should be undermined
TeMpernry OMetre mud Various We > rklac
Committee Chosen
The second meeting for th formation of asocial
social club for musicians and music lover was
bald In tbe email parlor of the Metropolitan
Opera House yesterday afternoon There were
present about fifty gentlemen interested In tb
project and much enthusiasm was shown In
the work ot organization
Mark A Blumenberg was elected President
AmerlcoOorl decretory and Rudolph Aron
son Treasorer to servo until a pcrmtmentor
ganlzallon shall be effected After some little
discussIon three committees were appointed
On l Location ami Club House Lucleu V O
tbsffln iChalrman Edgar B Werner O W
fflgnltr Je > e Williams Hamuel Bunnovsky
Iblllp Horneck and Charles t Lederer on
Organization I Wollersteln Chairman J QI
von iler Herds Alfred Writ O floersbenn
Alexander Lambert Walter DnmroHob and
Anton heidi n Constltullon and Dy Law
John A hamnlni Chairman Water J Hall
t Jerterie J Travis gulgu K Acrnmonte J
u Arrmonto
flttuftern and V do mall on 1ress Matters
t8luJffro Chairman JI Jackson 1 I A
fSYf V I e E Krtllb A > enman and William
MAB < > ber met ting vclll be held on Sunday
march 15 at ihe same place
Meaelei In HI Peters College
laforrastlon was sent to Police Headquarter
ra Jertey City on Haturdny bight that there
Wa I race 01 smallooxln Peters College
w OrsnJ street Tbe luformatlon repoi
e to have come from Dr Craven who had
bD attending tbe patient
Two p llcemen wore sent there and were In
formed that Daniel Donohue the afsintnnt to
g engineer hart measles County Ilivslclitn
Cone e Jlnlclua
DV Ae reached lt college about mldulgbt
tie colele IOUt Ilduhlht
° was unbe
bad to gnfii admission
I 01 Ibe Priest t talb i Hh him out of a
t4diont li WI low and told him what the DO
felal bed Deoi itoldllmt the man bad an
lItsek teM of f n > ttliM Dr C nvert > e returned yes In
trd5y snI pOlished IIW eU by unexamiimtlon
lie tna I Jfjilent flint It was a caso nf measles
kMi5iellil > t however that the iiailent Ie I
fPllsJaled iBiDMarf 5flj 11l room und Rtlnl ills
ont llo
IteCt6 father edrlehi wbo is In Charge 01
h3 ehoue Spud it Ihe liotorA InRtniotlons would
Wore fOliOWd There was inilto 1 Ito sara
blor the character l the dispense bud leu
Blvilpiermlned TliHieulll tee io neces
It wil to 10 nfCU
t City ° for cietiing a the piitlent Is in an Inflated
° rn on the
c0 lOp floor to whIch nobody has ac
Ceitexcept Ibd nurse
Wing lcr Has Visitor
TIre sting Lees laundry Is I at 079 First avenue
inree len slouched Into tho shop yesterday
morning and while ho waited for them 10 an
atone their business two of them r
buailes sprang upon
hbn Ilranl lpn
drawer an b4 him fast wblo the third rifled the
trle he hlod the counter and stole J5 The
ml OUih 10 lied YWIOIfID tbl luhloo
doiePJaUI uow yeller nd fl II I bo all hunky
LC1t I Opeu ilat irHpo yours nell smash
so aO f Jfer Int yell now Chink Dr
tbr tokH oreurat I kick tnd a push they
riinnf SVins Into a corner and then all three
lord01T Olicetnan Smith caught llalpb Utal
ot lalh
54 Tenth avenue aud Fortytevrntb street
I Ot identified him as the man who bad
n 8 the money Tbe a two escaped a
eYorkvle Iolc Court yesterday morning
od In held ID 160 for examination
A 1 em Over the Vision of Mr White
Ihe Battle Creek Heer
NORWICH Conn March 1Two year ago
two Second Adventlit elders Flflrld and
Marsh Came hero front New Hampshire and
to tho staid Congregational folks who dwell
among the stony knolls of Bean Hill north ot
this city talked eloquently about the coming
of thn New Jerusalem and other Second Ad
ventist topics The riders fetched their big
while travelling tent along dwelt with their
young 1111 in one portion of II and at night
In the dimly lighted breezy canvas auditori
um preach the simple religion ot the early
Christians which appealed to the Puritan peo
ple of Bean Hill Their tent In
Dl was an open
flinty pasture belonging to Gnorge McClellan
wbo said tie > Second Adventists might uile
as long ne they pleated for nothing after the
straitlaced Puritans who dwell In the colonial
homes about historic Norwich Town Oren
had refused to give to them the privilege of
preachldg on the Green George McClellan
was a Congregatlonallst at the Green but said
he I believe in fair play and If EldersFltleld
and Marsh can preach a better doctrine than
weve got let em do it I for my part am
ready to hear It
The Second Adventist preacher bad alt
luck a Bean Hill and Norwich Town First
they converted William T Cote to a belief In
their simple creed and be resigned his office
of superintendent of the Sunday school the
Congregational Church Then Mr MoClcllan
became a member of the Adventist Society
together with twentyfive or thirty other
members ot the old Congregational
Cburcb Whereat the Old Town clergymen
and Home of the city minIsters became
alarmed at the work or the elders and
preached sermons against them condemning
them as being false teacher But tbe new
llttln church swiety thrived I soon built u
small unpretentious house In Ueorge McClel
lane pasture Mr McClellan giving the sits for
1 Mr Case exsuperintendent of the Congre
gational Church became Presiding Elder In
the simple tlock In Ibo simple Eder the
sterile pasture and things material I well as
spiritual went well with them
Itlriual Abul a year ago Presiding Elder Cas and
his lon became no enthusiastic over the new
creed that they wont tu Battle Creek Mich a
famous home quarter of Second Adventism
end studied Its doctrines In a college of the
Biclety tbeie with view of becoming preach
era they I there became acquainted with a
wonderful pro het ol the order Mrs Ellen Q
Whlie who goes into trances and thUH gets
spiritual news Irom heaven for the delectation
aud guidance of the Adventlst flock In nil part
of America Tbe elder Mr Case was much
taken with Prophet White at fir1 and bought
11001 her book of prophecies Not long ago
the Cases father ana sou haying completed
their Battle Creek studios returned to
Bean Hill and then Presiding Elder
Case mult have had a falling out with
Head Prophet White for pretty soon be in
formed his flock that be didnt think that she
was much ot a prophetess after all didnt behave
have half of what she prophesied and didnt
want the Bean Hill congregation to b In
fluenced by her visions and soothsaying His
remarks made a big stir In the church
for all the members of It then except Mr John
Durr who agreed with Presiding Elder Case
nliout Ellen Wnttea trance visions believed
ImplicItly that they were of divine origin
Elder Case talked and talked and HO did John
Jjurr but most of the stiffnecked congregation
rebutted ae persistently Finally tbe other
day the onngregatloudeiosed Peldlua hider
Case Irom his office and elected Dr Umlth a
young phylclanof this city to b Presiding
Elder mill Mr Case and his son and John
burr remain ai member of the congregation
and being Influential their talk I propngatlo
discussion that may bring harm to tbe Bend
Adventlst Church
The trouble oxer Head Prophet Ellen White
is about the validity of her heavenly visions
not about her wisdom and value to the
Church Mrs White It l I 1 said gos clear to
heaven in her trances In spirit and gets all
her spiritual information from the Prophet
Elijah Elijah In guardian angel or what
the Bpirituallsts call a controlling spirit and
IpltulUI through tbe Battle Creek
prophet directs much of the business of the
whole American Second Adventlat sect
About the world coming to an end and the
millennium Elijah Is I not ready to express any
opinion us yet Prophet White says The Second
Adventists ret the nresnnt day are not exactly
like the oldtime Mlllerites The dont pro
tbl rlerleo
fees to know wben the end of the world will b
but are ready for It all tbe time and they
al tme
keen Saturday instead of Sunday holy One
especial dogma Inta lrl Whites heavenborn
ethical auguries provides thauall Second Ad
yen Uat must eschew liquor even elder snuff
and tobacco fat and butter Several of the
bean Hill Adventists have t veteran weakness
for elder tobacco and butter
The CaseDurr disaffection baa already produced
duced a schism In the little congregation
duce 1 mol of them continue to worship In
the church in the pasture a aqua ot them
bold meeting every Saturday In the house of
a member Hrs Orer who gave lOut for build
Ing the meeting house
jucnro run or n COU
Aa IaetIgatto t b Mad of 1 JI
Chcireh Trouble
The bald spot In the back ot Organist Thomas
bead than ordinarily
K Davenports was more orinarl
conspicuous yesterday morning and evening 1
because he sat alone in the choir loft of the
Jamaica Presbyterian Church with his back to
the congregation
Instead of occupying their usual stats the
members ot the choir who were present sat
among the congregation On Sunday night of
last week they deserted the choir loft and refused
fused to sing Riving a their reason for so
doing that certain members of tbe church
made a practice of poking fun at them
While they refused to give the names of the
parsons guilty of the offence the choir a
they sat In Mrs Cases pew Mrs Case Is a
wealthy and liberal member of the chuicb It
is said to b her ambition to have the present
volunteer choir supplanted by a paid quartet
In this she has tbe hearty cooperation of Iu
J Howard Hobbs It baa been tainted that
Mrs Case ban frequently signified her willing
ness to pay halt Ibl expense which the pro
posed change would entail
The paid quartet Is said to InClude Mr
Cases daughters stepchildren Mrs John V
CIOI dluabtrs at hldrn
Fleury and John Davenport Tbe member1
Fllur choir are Sopranos Mis Lora May
Ludlum soloist Miss Jennie Hendrlckson
Miss Fannle Mott Mr Burl MUa Sarah
Stuart Miss Irene Baylls and Miss Anna F
Hutublnson altos Hiss ar Bale Hiss
Irma linyIll and 11 BuntlinE tenon William
liam Barthel Lout BaIL freaerloU C HotTer
and James S buy dam bassos George Uaylts
Cbarles 1 Henderson and Louis Shipley
They nay ibey hae been mad a target for
ridicule by certain member of the church for
some time pust During the singing of an anthem
them thosn persons would put tbelr hands
across their mouths make faces put their
lingers In their ears ami by other act8indicate
their dislike of the singing I
While going through then motions It Is raid
they always managed to do them so 1 not to
Ilwlll attention of anyone else but the
aural ateoton the congregation These
Ibolr wblel flce
actions served to mate the young women In
the choir nervous male on after another they
refused to sing
relu climax was reached on Sunday morning a
week ago when Miss Btunrt was made HO
wfk Ituun mao
nervous that she broke down That night toe
clOir rlfuod < l to sing
lufcterday was Communion Sunday No rf
reuee YehtlTlay 11 Wil mae to the trouble by the Hay
Mr Holihs
It IK saId the elders took charge of the mat
ter last week and icquested the choir to dis
continue tbalr HlnelnKunill the matter oonld
be Inxeutlgated Inllnl will be held in
the church un Tuesday afternoon for that
purpose The sympathy ol tbe majority of the
congregation Is with the volunteer bolr aid
far It Is thought affair will b settled In tbelr I I
87OOO for the Kellly Brne t Tumi
The fund for the benefit of the family of the
late Edward F Ieilly was Increased to more
then I700U by the benefit which was given at
the Star Theatre lest evenIng
Mayor 0 rot was to have presided over the
first part of the programme which consisted
of I eulogies by LleutGov Jones Senator Can I
tor r ud the nOn Thomas C OSulIivan but
was unavoidably absent and Col John A Me
Cauluvtrd n H uhslrnmii
CalllrIH part of f tbeproeramrae wa mad
heCoud lart tbeprolramme mae
up of r songs and lectmtlonn by the Columbia
IOIIM Inl lnurtreulb Street Tlieatin
Win J Duly the Misses June Htunrt and Tilly
Trlivhctt no Moccann 1 George Kawceti
rllchll I Itvtiier Hurry PepnerTboina F
Ivller and It H Joussen
fanny Tom Uataotyne J n JIUJfln
William II Oraii who was down for a recita
tion was unable to spiak tecauRH of b 0 i
chltle wa hii came nn from Philadelphia to make
his anolocv In person
Drop a Ballot In tbe Slot
John F St John who was once Governor ot
Kansas went to Harlem yesterday to talk
prohibition to an audience which assembled In
tbe Harlem Theatre East 125th street
Mr bt John told his hearer that New York
ers spent more money cacti year for liuqor
than In ttuesian Government spent In main
taining a standing army
tlnlo ItandlDI arl
VOM forth Constitutional amendment
hi said Drop a ballot In the slot nod OD the
laid DrP bllo t
your day of moral judgment weight Gods ° indicator will 1 register
He HaMs Mas Wtthent the BpeeUe r r
mlsstam of Bishop LonsjhlUA C1ret
Btetribnl AMOSC Bis People
Father Matthias de M Yodrzuus evidently
consider that the verdict ot the petit jury
which on Friday declared him not guilty of the
assault on Mrs Agnes Czesnewlcz rescinds the
sentence ot suspension pronounced by Bishop
Lougbltn who ordered him not to celebrate
mass until the scandals against him had been
UI celebrated mas three times yesterday In
Bt Georges Lithuanian Boman Catholle
Church In Nor Tenth street Willlameburgb
At the 11 oclock service h said be was an In
nocent man and that George Miller was at the
bottom of a conspiracy to ruin him Miller had
gone to the Bishop with lying stories and bad
persuaded Maggie Ffetkowskl and Aanes
Ceesnewlcs to perjure themselves In order to
blacken his character
Iteterrbg to the question of the church prop I
erty Father Vodyzsn said that although It
was In his name he had no desire to hold It
otherwise than In trust for the congregation
but tbat no threats ot law proceedings should
compel him to give it up Ho was trying to do
the best be could for the people but I was
difficult for him to make any headway with
men like Miller continually vllllfylng him be
hind his back Miller he said bad on one oc
casion asked Maggie Flrtlkowskl to steal the
keys of the church for him
As the congregation filed out of the church
at the clone of the services they were met by
four men distributing circulars Tb circular
were In Lithuanian They recited the history
ot the r Lithuanian Church and called upon the
descendants ot those who bad Buffered and
bled for the cause in Lithuania not to be afraid
to work for the same cause today In con
clusion the circular said
Who II responsible for the trouble In this
church 7 That Is a matter for earnest consid
eration We must work together and see why
fit Georges Cburoh Is only basement high
Why ha the church not been built When wo
are finding that out we may perhaps discover
what has become of tbe money subscribed for
the building When we have discovered that
let ua unite and strive until It Is I devoted to its
rightful purpose Then In the future we can
walk one road in peace and harmony WI
must hasten it we wish to work for the
glory < > blten church Now we havo no priest
If olr
No one to hear our confessions or administer
extreme unction If any of us should die he
would havo to do without spiritual comforting
Father Yodrzsus has been suspended br
Bishop Loughlln You all know fur what rea
sons During the three years be has been with
us be has received all the money donated for
the church Where has he put It t As It Is I not
in the church It must beln his pocket He has
Id none ot the church Indebtedness
The money with which be bought In
the property when the therirf sold it was
raised for that purpose by the congregation
We have therefore a double motive In work
ing to regain possession ot the church We
shall do good for the religion and we shall
teach those who seem not to know us that we
cannot he robbed with impunity We are not
acting Independently We who address you
are but obeying the instructions ol the Bishop
One more we pray you unit with UI and
work for peace and harmony
Father Yodyzsuts friends were in the minor
h L YozuIa haM I lJi RI
a ou II1HU UIOlKulk uciu U w
lay ip the afternoon Every male member of the
church bad been invited to be present I was
tncltly understood that the matter to be dis
cussed should be confined to church affairs
and that the decision of the jury in Justice
Gottlngs court should be taken as ending the
question aa to the guilt or Innocence of the
pastor The meeting was larger than any tbat
has yet been motnl wa eongregat ion since
the church troubles became Public pnnerty
A roundsman with a section of policemen
were present but their services were not re
quired John Bnorln ky presided He asked
those present to suggest some mean ot end
ing the quarrel between tho pastor and his
people Be proposed that the work of collect
ing funds be entrusted to aregulaily I appointed
committee and that Father Yodyzsus receive
a salary tor his labors In tnat way the church
donations and not tbe priest would receive Ib8 benefit ot
The proposition was adopted and Vladlus
Wolskl and Antony Yjennowfoz were appointed
such trustees It was agreed that each
member of the congregation male and female
bo assessed 60 cents a month tbe money to be
b Bt8d 6 r As
considered as the salary of the priest
conaldrd ace nearly 70 resident parishioners
Father Yodyzsus would receive at least S10 a
day for his work
It was then proposed and seconded that
Fatbsr Yodyuni be Invited to the meeting and
asked If be would b willing In exchange for
an agreement to retain him In office and pay
Him a salary to make over the church property
lalaf ovr
to a committee of trustee appointed by the
congregation The two trustees visited Father
Yodyzsns They returned In about an hour
and said the priest had refused to confer with
them on tbe plea that they did not stand on
the same level as he did He told them he
lme pleased to confer with a committee
of his eqnalfll they could get some priests to
come and argue the matter with him
After appointing three more of their number
to confer with Wolskl and Yiennowioz and re
port Confer Bishop Longblln the meeting adjourned
jou rued
Bishop Loughlln said last evening that be
had bad no communication with Father
Yodyzsus since his letter ot Fob 21
Cut do C Tires Wltbont Tle and Ct
Gee There With Them
The firemen stationed in the annexed dis
trict were kept busy last week and their ad
ventures taught the citizens of the district
that danger as well as discomfort lurked in the
illkept street which they kav been com
plaining about for fourteen ar or more
On Tuesday moinlng a falso alarm ot fire
from box 009 at Stebblns avenue and Home
street called out the department Engine 6
Is a double company in 166th street west of
Third avenue
The truck managed to get through the mud
In 16Mb street Tbe engine sank to its ash
pan In tbe mixture It took four horses to
drag I out
The company was obliged t go to Prospect
avenue follow that avenue to av
enue to Third avenue and thence back to
166th street a journey of more than two miles
taken because all other routes were Impas
laull Friday morning Mrs OBrien saloon at
1781 street and Jerome avenue was burned
out Over a direct route Engine 6 could have
half hour
reached the scene In hnl an
Thn route It was obliged to take wes down
Third avenuo to 138th street acmes to Mott
avenue to 161st street to Jerome avenue Tbe
house bad been burned to the ground wben
the company reached It
Itetu ruing the company was obliged to cross
Macombs Dam bridge nud travel through
MlcombI brldle
Harlem to tbe Madison avenue bridge to avoid
hills which they could travel down but could
not climb up through the mud The company
clmb 9 hours and U minutes
wer Saturday morning two houses were
laturd mornllE
burned to the around In Vtetraore avenue
near 165th street arounl direct route decemly
paved Engine G could hate reached the
scene In five minutes It reached Lane avenue
to find It Impassable
Engine 45 from West Farms bad tried to get
through the avenue and wa stuck fast In the
mud Engine 60 did not attempt to uo nrthor
Eniino 10
mIld 46 got Into the mud half a block from
her quarters In 177tb street und managed to
cross Third avenue nftsr considerable delay
The company reached hunts Point road in Its
journey to the lire A bucket brigade saved a
building next ttie two destroyed
Masdersoa NOIe for Prlda Fro
Ten or the Hete
WASHINGTON March 1A conference of Re
publican Senator was held tonight at the
Capitol forthe purpose of selecting a President
pro tempom of the Senate In place of Senator
Ingalls who has held that office for some
years but wbo resigned recently In order to
nlr give blt Senate an opportunity to eleot his
successor before the tension closed There
were about lortyope Senators prevent
Messrs Ingalls and Edmunds weie among the
MCslr amool
absentees Senator Sherman presided
Three Senators were nominated for the
office Frve of Maine Hoar of Massachusetts
oDce Manderson of Nebraska Six or seven
ballots wet taken and on Ibo last ballot Sen
ator Maneerson received 21 vote which was a
majority of the votes cast
On motion of Henator Fry the nomination
was made unanimous Tba proceedings were
characterised throughout by the utmost good
eblrlclelbe other business whatever was
transacted by the conference
FurMcee Beaked Because of tke Cob
Airootu March IOn account of the great
scarcity of coke caused by the recent strikes
the fires of the two large hilt furnaces at
Holljdaysburg have been banked and the
employees dloharnd
Highest of all in Leavening PowerLatest U S Govt Report
o1 Baking
LVqAZ Powder
The Ladies Dell hU4
The pltuaat 0 < ct sad the perfect safety with which
liSle met ui tb liquid frets usulivs l syrup of yin
ceder all r roulittone neke It Iheir favorite remedy It
lipliulDflolht eye anil lo the Outs gentle yet effectual
fectual A lit actltis on tbe kldmjre liver sat DiwsIs
totter bois
ulcers sores
rheumatism I and
catarrh cured
by taking
vitalizes invigorates
and enriches
the blood
Has Cured Others
will cure you
Comet Cornell Come ill Eureka Eure 1
ka Ive found fIt Ive found ur What
In I prayS What have yon found I Why
1Li41r what yon and I have been looking for
so lone ItAERATED
I cure 1 our llngerlnc Throat and Luna
complaint No aiore Catarrh nor Colds
and Conghs nor Asthma nor Hay Fever
aor Broaehllle nor Lung Dlteaue nor
Consumption And It cost only onethlrd f
of what any other Oxygen cost Yon doss
woader sow at my giaC excitement Why
AEBATED OXYGEN is she savIor ot o j
both org If that1 olhea the uleker i
we go and call up oar suferlag friend thej
COB tinned In our edt better There aa tineonnted lot or them f t
N Well start rIght or tha What a discovery
For Sale with Free Trial at 19 Beekinaa St New York 0 Herald Build il
ing Boston Has 70 State St Chicago 8 Congress St Portland Me Bold I
by all Druggists
Cal 0 SO aDltlBKnlh d BoardofCoBt
nlssloncr All Anxious for Reciprocity
WASHINGTON March IMr Curtis ot the
State Deportment who has charge of the
LatinAmerican department ot the Chicago
Exposition has just returned from a visit t
the Welt Indies In the Interest ot the show
In his report which was forwarded to thl
Committee on Foreign Exhibits yesterday Mr
Curtis nnnnuuccd the appointment by the
CaptainGeneral of Cuba of f Board of thirty
Commissioners to represent the Island at the
Exposltlonand to secure a collection Illustrat
ing Its resources products and Industries for
exhibition there
This Board he says Includes the most prom
inent enterprising and influential men In the
colony ten of the thirty bearing the rank of I
oloDY bnrn <
Excellentlstlmo Among the others are the
Mayor of Havana the Rector of the University
ana the editors of the principal Cuban news
Chairman the Excellentlislmo Sr Don
Antonio C Tollerla Is a gentleman of groat
wealth and wide experience in cornuuuerolat and
political affairs unit linn a very blah standing
In Btialn as troll us In the colony N
Among the other Commissioners Is I the Mar
nuts Duiiuesne a ernndnon of the nobleman
of the same name and title who served under
Wasbloffton In the war 110 the Revolution and
in whoso honor was named the old fortress
which stood on the present site or the city of
riitnburBb Another Commissioner Is the Marquis de
isalbna a direct descendant of the discover ot
the 1aclflo Ocean and n man of tfient learning
and Influence Another Mr Kafnel 1erez
Santa Maria cerved In the sumo capacity nt
the Centennial Exposition In 1876 and at the
relent Universal Kxnoitlon In Paris and the
Secretary of the Uoatd Mr Adolfo liens
Inner has had similar experience
The Commlselonsis organized by the
pointment of committees to lake chares of tho
several brunches of their work and pure rt
mined to present H display that shall fully Illustrate
lustrate to tbe world the treat resources of the
Pearl of the Antilles
The desire of HIP people of Cuba the re
port says especially the sugar and tobacco
Ispeclaly sUlar
planters and manufacturers to promote their
commercial rotations with the United States
amount to nn anxiety and the several com
mercial organizations nf the Island have re
cently sentto Mar acommlttee of prominent
citizens to Impress upon the Ministry and the
Cortex the absolute necessity of > negotiating a
liberal reciprocity treaty with theUnlted mates
I may also mention a matter of news I learned
at Havana which Is that the commercial or
ganlratlons of the Republic of Ban Domingo
Lave raised a purse to nay the salary and expanses
lav ralRe I
panses of uti envoy to be sent by the Govern
ment to WashliRton for the purpose of negotiating
WbJlon 1lrae OJOIO
tiating a reciprocity treaty with tbe united I
lallna rtlprol
States A similar stunt rrvadas the entire
group of West Indian colonies and will I am
Exposition sure stimulate their representation at the
while In Havana Mr Curtis secured for the i
historical section of the Exposition plaster
Cal of tbe tomd or Columbus and the famous
statue of Columbus In chains
Odd slow the Combination or Politic an
Rearranged Hometlmct
ExOov Fosters appointment a Secretary
ot the Treasury has sot his friends to talking
about the part he played in the National Con
vention of 1688 The choice ot a Presidential
candidate bad finally simmered down to a
contest between Benjamin Harrison and John
The New York delegation met In a secret
caucus and being unable to come to an ami
cable understanding resolved to put the matter
entirely in the bands of the four delegates at
TargeMessrs Jflutt Ulscock Miller and
These gentlemen came together and after a
long discussion In which they failed to como
to an understanding adjourned to meet again
later I It came out that ut tbls first meeting
HarrIson Miller and Depew were stanch supporters of
Platt showed a strong disposition t uoholi
the claim of hhermxn and Hlscock who ap
peared to have no special preference settled
the mutter for the time by resolving to stick to
the candidate favored by PlaIt Tbls made a
tie Foster was In the mean time doing all be
could 10 advance tbe claims of berman He
found i upblll work for be had Stephen 1
Elkins battling against him
Elk Ins was struggling for the nomination of
Blame The moment that all hope for ltlne
was cone tne sole object that Inspired Elkins
was tbe defeat of Bborman Foster was sure
thAI Matt was strongly In favor of bherman
and that no decision against the Senator could
be reiiched by ih dHeuattB at large
Shortly after the first caucus ot the delegates
Iborty aler
at large hlklns and 1lntt ha l a private Inter
view It Is said on the authority ot one nf tbe
gentlemen who wa InJhe thick of all Ibo
flghtlnalaml homing that Elkins promlceJ
Bsonehavlnirlauthorlty that if 1litt would
throw his Inmceme In favor of Harrison be
should ho made Secretary of the Treasury in
case of Harrisons election
When the delegates at large from this State
met agiiin It was agreed thnt New York should
go over to Harrison and Foster Instead of
Platt get Ibo Treasury
An Exodai from Vials or Gentlemttn with
Two or Morn Wives
SALT LIKE March 1A regular exodus of
Mormons from Utah to Mexico Is taking place
and within the next three month a large
number of tbe Saints wU have left
Frank Wall of Sevier with two wive Carl
Olsen of Mayfleld with three wives William
Bench of Mantl with three wives J C Peter
son ofKpiralm two wives Andrew Nelson
01 Chester two wives Christopher and
James Jensen of Jloronl with two each
Henry brown or Mount llea ant with two
CUr William Reynolds of the same place
with two l liuot Hprlog City with two
Abram corda of tbo sumo place with three
Phillip Hunter Fnlrviow with two Nelson
Chrlstlansnn ol Castledale with two aud Jo
seph V Itobercon of tlllmore with two loft
about two weeks ago and others will follow ns
soon as tho semiannual conference is oter
Thin occurs in April
Of there emigrant Hunt married hU second
wife alter flea pioclamatlcn abolishing poly
gamy wits promulgated Ieterpon married his
second wife In lust November The Mormons
have 1 tract of land In chihuahua 1X6 mites
long nnd 15 inllps wide which they are fcottllng
1011 I colony of fin will leave 1rovo in ApriL
All acer the Territory the Saints are prepar
ing to go south lo live their religion The
majority 01 those mentioned are > offenders
against the law who would not submIt the
ruin of government establIshed by the
United States nnl l abandon their plural I wives
The head of the church Is l said tn be encour
aging this emigration and is putting up funds
Inr thane who havn none I IB estltnated that
at leant JCUu families will nl > an < lnu Utnh Ibis
summer and gu to the new land of tianuan
A Boy Accidentally Kills HU Brother
WlLKESBAltRK March 1Jobn Fallen 12
years old accidentally shot and Instantly
killed his 6yearold brother Robert this even
The boys worn changing their clothes In an
upper room where a gun was lying across thn
bed John picked up the gun and pointing it
playfully at bin broth pulled the trigger A
loud repoitfoilowed and the little victim re
ceived the heavy load of shot full in tho face
One eye was torn out and tho top uf the
heal nearly blown off Tbs mother who was
m the kitchen rushed UP ctalrs and found one
of her boys dead tbii other ttnndlng over tics
victim dared with lie smoking weapon In his
hand The lather who IH night watchman at
the county jail Is In 1 Hazleton aud does not
know of the death of his boy
A Flveyearold HhooU Illmsciria Fun
ItiDOEiviT Pa March 3A 1 fiveyearold boy
of William Gardner this morning reached up
to aihelt In a cupboard wberelhls elder brother
bad left a revolver and took i down with the
laughing remark Mamma In doln to shoot
myself He polned the weapon at his beat
and it was discharged Tics boy fell to the
floor shot In the stomach There Is a poial
lllty that he may recover
Iailpoa Necessitates a Quarantine
PuNXBUTiwNtv Fa March IFour person
I of those afflicted with smallpox at Clarion
Junction on the line of tbo Buffalo Rochester
and Pltxburgb Itallroad bin died The In
fected district i under strict quarantine
John Alexander Bhrlver President of the
Ericsson Steamship Company of which hIs
father was the founder died at Baltimore yes
terday after a long illness Mr Bhrlver wa
born In Baltimore Feb 8 1821 and graduated
from Bt Marl College ln1839 After leaving
college he went Into the steamboat business
succeeding his father In IBM Under his
guidance It became one of tbe loading steam
ship lines In the country Tbe use of the propeller
peller which had not long been invented br
Ericsson was first brought Into prominence In
thllne which was called in honor of the in
ventor In 1883 Mr Bhrivar wa appointed by
President Arthur United State delegate to
the International Exhibition at Amsterdam
Holland Tbat wa the occasion of his first
trip abroad Since then he has visited Europe
several times Mr Bhrlver leaves a wife and
five children
B 1 Parlln one nt the bent known jeweler
In eastern Connecticut and an Influential citi
zen died nt his home In Norwich Conn on
Friday nIght aged 01 years First be wa In
the bleacher business tben he was one the
California 49ers In whIch State he amassed a
fortune Then be nailed to China and with a
oftigo of tea came to New York her he sold
It B a large profit He was In the jewelry busi
ness for about thirty year At the outbreak
of the rebellion be assisted Gov Buckingham
Connecticuts warGovernor In organizing
and equipping volunteer military companies
His daughter Is the wife ot John F Duysters
a Now York attorney
The Itev James P Ash died suddenly of
heart dloa last week at Emporla Kin aged
f > p veai a He was a native of Madison county
N i and after having been ordained In the
ministry of the Baptist Church served In sue
cession as pastor of that denomination In
van ml New lork His last charge was over
tb arch at McGrawvllle For six year
past be bnd been stationed at Emi > orli as the
liansns State agent of the Baptist Publishing
Company of Philadelphia Ho leaves a wife
and children
William Parker a native of Rhode Island
and one ot the pioneer settlers of Cortland
county N Y died recently at Blodgett Mills
In that county in the 85th year of his ace He
died uton the farm which rar bad redeemed
from the wilderness nearly seventy years ago
He was a successful farmer and an estimable
citizen He was tbe father of thirteen chil
dren nine of whom survive blm lie leave
also thirtyfour grandchildren twentyfive
greatgrandchildren grandchild and one greatgreat
Lucian Wdoornff for forty yeAr In business
as a hardware merchant at Windsor N Y
died a Binghamton on Thursday aged 70
years While a resident ot Windsor he served
for twelve term a Justice ot the lene
rO one term 1 Justice ot Sessions of Brome
county In the old time before tbe formation
of the Republican party he wa a sturdy Abo
litionist and he was always a noted leader In
temperance movements He Is survived by his
wife and two children
Edward L Parnell an opera finger died at
2 clock yesterday morning at his home 262
West 1113d Htreet Ha was born in Ion
don fortynine yean ago and cam
hero ten years ago with the Alice Oat
company He was a pupil of Sims
1 pupi
Iteevcs bar been stage m nagi > r of the Crystal
Palace and bad sung lu London with the
Hooves concert company Ills last engage
ment here wan at the Grand Opera House
He had sung In the choir at St Johns Church
and Bt Marks He leaves a widow
Mr Eveline W Hlbbs who had been for
nearly twenty years a resident of Ocean Grove
died last week at Windsor N J She was 68
years old and had been for many teais Identi
fied with various benevolent movements of the
Methodist Episcopal Church She founded
Kllm Cottage I summer house for aged min
isters In Ocean Grove She was an aunt ot
Mrs Tame A Bradley the wife of the founder
of Asbnry Park
A locally noted little old lady Miss Sallie
Tucker dedat her home In Bomers C nn a
few days ago aged 80 year She was very benevolent
IO ver
nevolent In her bequests she gave 1500 to the
Bomers Congregational Churl 5011 < i t a Btaf
ford church flOU each to a neighbors four
eons and the use ot 120 to old Mrs Danon
Miss Tuckers faithful nurse The rest of her
property goes to nephews and nieces
Dr W O MoFarlane died at 3 East Twenty
seventh sti eat on Saturday afternoon from a
complication of diseases chief among them
being Inflammatory rbeumatlm He was a
graduate of the College of Physicians and
Burgeons a bachelor and a member ot the
New York Athletic Club The Mineral will be
next Wednesday and the Interment at Nowark
John A Greely of Newburyport brother of
Gen A W Greely died in Florida yesterday
morning He left for the Boutb about ten dan
A < o Tbe cause of his death Is unknown
Mr Greely wan widely known contractor and
he built numerous public and private build
ings In New England during the past twenty
William A Kester a son of the late John
Renter proprietor of the Railroad Hotel died
yesterday In Hordentown aged US earl He
left there for California in 1849 tn seek his for
tune He was a unison and he built the first
chimney a Oakland in tbat State
Major John T Hill the President of tbl
Ninth National Bank In New York died at his
residence In Now Btunswick yesterday cf con
sumption at the age of 53 During the war of
the rebellion be was a captain and a major In
the Eleventh Mew Jersey Infantry
Charles K Dusenbury who wa well known
In t New York for many year as the Astor
House hatter died suddenly on Saturday at
his borne 135 Sussex street Jersey City H
was 72 yars old County Physician Converse
decided yesterday that apoplexy wus the cause
of death
Col W W Gates th oldest journalist in
Tennessee died at Jackson yesterday aged
76 tears In 1842 he founded the Wttt Ttntui
see Wtua He is the last of the celebrated
leaders of the Whig party in the South
Daniel B Warner a wellknown East Had
dam Conn business man Is dead aged 84
rears He was a member of the Connecticut
General Assembly in 184818501632 and 1893
He was a Democrat
John T Ladow the father of exSenator
Charles Ladow died at Newport N J on Fri
day aged 81 Hx had been a member of the
Newport Baptist Church for sixty years
Judge Charles H Phelps of the District Court
In Burllnuton Iowa died yssturdav Bead 67
years H was a brother ot Edward J Phelpa
exUnited States Minister to England
Lewis F Blrelt one of the bestknown resi
dents of IougbkiepHle died yesterday Reed
73 For a long time he bad been In the carriage
making business
I < aao Theodore Ciphers a business man of
Boouton N J died suddenly Saturday morn
Ing of heart dlseare He was 60 years old
Deslrnetloa era Liresavlna Station Near
Montank Point
EAST HAMPTON March 1The Ditch Plain
life saving station near Montauk Point was
truck by lightning at a late hour last eight
and set on fire Capt Frank Stratton 1s the
The flames communicated to the old station
and both Oulldinua were entirely destroyed
The lllesavlngorow could nothing to check
the lames unil bad dllllculty In saving their
personal effects
One ot the buildings destroyed was a new
Mruiniro and had been lltica out with all the
modern ImprnveinentH for lifesaving stations
Abe old hulldlns was of small value The loss
to the Government Is suveial thousand dol
lars None ot the crew wits Injured
Jersey Citys Newest Church
The First German Evangelical Church at
Monmoutb and Wayne street Jersey City was
dedicated yesterday Services were held In
the morning conducted by the pastor tbe Key
John Htaebll who was assisted by the Itev Mr
Henry and the Itev Mi Kalorla In the even
lug the Itov Dr Mitchell ol the Scotch Presby
terian Cbutcb and the Itov Dr Van fleet of
the WayimMreei iteformed Church took part
In the exercise The church cost 12000
Fire Chief Con way Take Held
ExFir Commissioner John Conway who
was recently appointed Chief Engineer of the
Jersey City Fire Department to take the place
of Chief Farrier who was killed assumed his
new duties yesterday Commissioner Brown
and Henderson hU former associates In the
Board Acting Chief Denmead and some
prominent politician welcomed him to Polio
Tenrnnatent WeedS Brine a Skyhigh Pig
a r at AnctlonThe Nomination are All
XigktYousg John A Leia of hlo
Basing Under the Nan of Mr Man
nlaCntt nbnra Programme
The death of Senator George Hearst on Sat
urday night wns received with the most pro
found regret In financial and racing circle
yesterday and everybody had a kind word to
say for the dead Californian
The most important Question arising out of
his death Is the future ot his racing stable
which Is one of the most extensive now on the
turf and contains the famous Tournament
winner of 189000 In takes and purees during
the season ot 1890 llhono Yosemite
and other wellknown performers When
the Senator first took sick he changed
his nomination for the event to be
decided In 1891 lo George F Hearst A
Co and his death will not disqualify his
horses starting in any ot the races for which
they have been named Still there Is a gen
eral Impression that Tournament and others
that have carried the Hearst green and orange
to victory will pose under the auctioneer
hammer before the opening ot tbo legitimate
racing season The Senators only son Wil
liam B Hearst proprietor of the Son Fran
cisco Examiner is not a racing man
his entire time being devoted to his
newspaper and many have been the
interesting tilt between father and son con
cerning the extravagances of a racing stable
as compared with that ot t e establishment ot
a successful newspaper It Is therefore natu
ral to suppose that William R Hearst will not
race to any extent although there Is no better
Investment than a stable of race horses that
can win THE SUMS representative saw Mr
Hearst In Washington yesterday and asked
him concerning the future of the racing
stable Mr Hearst replied thnt ha had
not given tb matter any consideration
The Hearst stable would command a
large sum ot money at auction and the com
petition for Tournament Yosemite llhono
and other desirable lots would undoubtedly be
brick the general public recognizing Sir
liodreds big son as thn best fouryearold In
the country today He would be a thorn In
many u good horses path this year in thn big
handicaps and It might behoovM the owners ot
other good hordes to get him out of their way
Senator Hearst spent a lot of money for race
horses nnd It Is more than probable that his
heavy winnings last year failed tn square ac
counts His bones were singularly unfortu
nate Gorco a mare he thought more of than
all ibe rest of his stable combined being par
ticularly unlucky His pluck and deter
mination which carried him through
In other enterprises was always a prom
inent characi eristic In his racing ex
periences though and he Invariably said
Better luck next time Paying almost 40000
for King Thomas as a yearling simply be
cause his brothers Ban Fox and King Fox
were good race horses was a bad speculation
to begin with and theie is no knowing bow
much the fouryearold has cost since tor be
was the one backed when his stable compan
ion Tournament won the Great Eastern
Handicap In 1889
The victory of Tremonts daughter Trlngl
in the George Washington Stakes at Gutten
burg on Monday last baa caused many to make
Inquiries concerning the Identity of her owner
Mr Manning Mr Manning Is John Lo
gan Jr ot Ohio son ot the famous General
5an Mr Logan raced some years ago under
the name of the Ohio Muble Shot over being
the bright particular star of the small string
He sold fhotover at the close of the season of
IMS and gave his entire attention to the breed
Ing of trotters suet hackneys at VoungBtimn
founding at the same time tneniicleus of a ken
nel of fox terriers that are now extensively
known Last fall ieowoverthe love for the thor
oughbred returned and Mr Logan bought sev
eral yearlings iome by Tremont and placed
them tn the stable of Johnny Campbella clever
trainerand athoi ouch rae ingman Tringlelshy
Tromont out of Triangle Champagne Charlies
dam and her owner nad a snug fiim on her
when she onatGuttenburg on Monday last
She Is built on the same lines as the Black
Locomotive but is on the small Hide and
looks like a filly that would not stand any great
amount of wear and tear mill a wellknown
trainer at Morris Park where she received her
prei oration for the race says that Trlangl
was the best twoyearold at West Chester The
result of the race for the Ueorge Washington
was so popular that Secretary vYhltehead ex
pects a great race for the Ht Patricks Stakes
to be run nn March 17 when Innovation und
Trlngl will meet at even weighs Teutonic
Is regarded by many trainer at Guttenburc
as the beat colt at the track and Sonnets A
Warn are certainly having their full share of
luck for beginners Doctor Bill their other
twoyearold being returned n winner on
Saturday Their threeyearold colt Eclipse
always a goodlooking colt has finished Into
a rare specimen ot tho thoroughbred His
owners think no game too high for them In the
threeyearold class but unless all signs fall a
mile will be Eclipses limit
The opening ot the office of the Board ot Con
trol at Twentyseeuth street end Madison
avenue and the appointment of W H sos
burgh as clerk coupled with the notification to
jockovs and trainers to apply for license shows
hat the gentlemen running the machinery ot
the new racing organization are In earnest
and want everybody to swing into line In
etanter Many trainers and jockeys were
asked on Saturday and yesterday whether they
bad applied for licenea yet and the answer In
every Instance was that there was no
hurry Still the Impression Is general that
all will come up to the trough and
drink President P J Iiwyer ot tho Brooklyn
Jockey Club who Is on the Board of Control
returned from Florida on Friday tanking
much better for his outing He says be bad a
great time and speaks highly ol the land ot
flowers and palatial hotels His brother
Michael Is I still In Fonda and will scarcely
return until the backbone ot winter la effec
tually broken
The famous mare Imported Clara by Dutch
Bkater and dam ot Cartoon and Iteclare will
be bred by Messrs Klttson of the Erdenbeim
tnd to The Hard thin spring
Tbls is the programme for Gnttenburg to
First kaee Pun tsoo for beaten horiui Airs
elsnineot a mile Mart Mtxon 119 briml lie Ot
Km Australand l lull Rlpton 1U LitHe It cub hi
Ira It
ascend Race Puree P4nn ill and a halt furlongs
GUnmonncJ lint tJefifltin > lo7t Hhntortr pin hcp
en lia Harrr Inland Wl rnwooJ 101 Marie
S T1L IIJO Kullon iii KclilR 07
third Racerune 40J iivtdinthiof mile Glit
ter IL IK > Stands 117 Sloniuicion liSt Owen Guld
en infl Lemon Blonom l3 Iiuqutna ally lUJi
Anomaly hOc Meedroor too trally Carter se Ly
ceum M OolJitep H7
Fourth RaceCurs KWO nreelfhih of a mil Re
mtmtiranoe ivo Catherine H lit Ls Grippe Ill
Klnniock 111 villas > lsII HX Kemple illiy lot
Gold Vaw fllly Pi
Fifth KacKirt 5 100 thratqnarteri of a mile
filter Oro 113 Kovallat 111 Ainnrecio rlllr tout Little
Hen lot Bircarnla luo Paul M faraccui m Kl
frill p2 Annie LH2 ConundrumH4
Stub Iace Inrn 555 for thryearads ira
elfhihe of a nine Utile Fred II2 fcanditone toe
Lllo 109 Craft U01 farollna 18
TennIs lu Florida
Mionoiu Brnivo UOTKL Fl Starch LOn Tuesday
moraine the lawn tennis tournament of th Mairaolla
awn 7nnlt Club wilt be bejiun Here ant 1 U already
tvei every rromlie of being a grand iucccii The
entry lilt It a ant one and include the name of many
wellknown tiortnern players at well ai local enluull
Late Better courts than the ones at Matnolla cannot be
found anywhere tn Mile Mellon of the country and
they an tot utile air cued bf rain Tb prUra which
irs on exhlbltlonjn th currltor uf he Marnolla Hotel
and which attract much attention are very hantlvoro
ennelitlnir of rilver fruit bowlS cut Kiai lukitanii
tasks nu < l cigar true Hue nt the fruit howii will
r swarI the winner of Dm cr1 e In th Hinder whll
theeucceeiful pair In doublet will receive HKT flask >
A consolation eric will also be awarded In ih alniflri
Bnirl liar been received from player In Jnrknon
ilis Hanfonl ralntka and SI Auvuetlne nit the
tournament will undoubtedly continue throughout tile
inline wek
II le exuected Itial K U Fears will be present
allhourh II li I not conniderel likely tbat he will ink
art Tomorrow ventnir Iii nlriet will rio and
IiarL drawings for the preliminary rounds will then
lake place
Mr Krllosf Big Combination 8al
Trotter Begins Tomorrow
The dealers In horses In New York are wear
ing very pleasant faces these bright crisp days
for the spring U beginning to make Itself felt
and the indications are that in a few weeks
there will bo business enough for everybody
and something to spare There is I a lively da
rn and for matched pairs of carriage horses
and good drivers will always command tab
prices Good saddlers too are not drugs In
the market by any means and those with all
the gaits bring fancy figures
The great event of this week la the horse
world will be the annual combination eato ot
California trotting stock conducted by Peter
C Kellogg i Co which will be held March 8
4 and 5 at the American Institute building on
Third avenue where most of the horses have
arrived In excellent condition In spite of their
long journey Many horsemen have already
looked them over and much admiration has
been expressed at their growth nail physical
deolopmeut us compared with Eastern raised
colts of like age Their action too causes
much comment leanings seem to have
the power and flowed of matured horses
Since the very sensational performances ot
Bunol inlo Alto Faustina Alfred B and other
California horses on Eastern tracks thi > dis
position to look favorably upon the young
sters shipped from that State to tbo New York
market Is materially Increased Unless sIgns
fall the colts fillies and brood mares by lay
Wllkos will sell exceedingly well and those by
his son liable Wilkes will be likely to bring
good prices Much anxiety Is expressed to see >
the colts and lilies by Alcazar and Htamboul
In the lots of Ij 1 lloe of Los Angeles and
his neighbor M W Rtlmson but these are bate
In arriving Electl nicer blood continues to
excite lively Interest There are no of
ferings by the old horse but his sons
Eros Anteeo Antevolo and Junto are
represented The former has begotten the
fastest trotter In the second generation of the
Electioneer family and is from n dam t hat lisa
produced five trottirs In the 280lint For this
reason since the death of his sire ho Is looked
upon as one of tbe most promising scions ot
the family The few of bin progeny that have
come to New York at former salon have mold
remarkably well There In no doubt that many
tbouMinda of horsemen from all parts of the
country will re poDi when Mr Kellogg call
for a bid on Hindu Wilkes at 10 oclock tomor
tow morning
The regular weekly auction sales of horse
held by Messrs Po Igmaun V Hahn anti an
Jasaueii A iioiirney mary Tuo ° day antS
Friday draw many hundreds of deuiera to
their repositories In East Twentyfourth and
Thirteenth nlreels They otter almost every
variety of horses and dealers cannot go wrong
by patronizing either of these reliable firms
The lolluwlng are sinndnid quotation In
the local musket Pairs of larrlage horses
800 to f lftuu team of truck orcxpressborses
tCOO to sao saddlers with all the gaits 1400 to
1000 each good drivers 250 to tots each
business horses 175 tn 275 each and
streeten 110 tn 170 each
There Is very little change at present In the
condition of the carriage market Trade con
tinues steady with several good sales and
many fair orders and the prospect a lively
spring trade has lost nothing of Its promising
outlook Van Tassel A Kearnevs Immense
carriage repository ut 180 and 132 East Thir
teenth stress Is filled with an enormous and
complete assortment of all the new styles or
spring and summer carriages Thelrsbootlng
wagons KenHingtnnn single and double buck
board surreys with and without tops and In
fact all ot the summer vehicles In oak maple
or painted are the vary bet of their kinds and
come tu all styles and prices French English
and domestic harness saddles whips and
robes are carried in large quantities and at
reasonable prices
Flandruu It Co of 372 to 376 Broome street
have their large rooms filled with tin elounnt
assortment of handsome turnouts for country
and seaside uses Their mirages painted In
the bright colors which will be ihe style In tha
coming season are all that could be desired in
point of brlgbtneiH and neatness of finish The
rag of the coming reason will probably be
shonu In the frequent and lavish useof yellow
A tine house to purchase flrfltcluss material
at vary moderate prices Is Wm U Gray ot
20 and 22 Wooster street Here a very com
plete variety of the new styles and novelties
will be found as well as everything In the line
of barns f > blankets whips and other necos
aarleH for a thorough cutllt
The Piscine Wagon and Carriage Company of
151 mid 153 outh Fifth avenue Isdolng n largA
business in deliver WagOns ot all kinds and
In single double and furniture trucks Their
supply ii I complete In nil particular and the
prices arranged to suit every class of buyers
Prospecthe buyers of light delivery wagon for
country ne will do well to Inspect the stock
ke t by this firm
Bradley A Co ot 14 Warren street have a
supero line of summer carriages In all the
natuial woods end colon Their new climax
buckboards should bo Inspected tob admired
While their carts are unexcelled
Edward Callunana Bon at 07 Went Forty
fourth street IN doing ci good business and is I
making a specialty ol flnn and neat carriage
repairing He has some v > rv good second
hand carriage for sub including u UiewMcr
landau and cabriolet all at extremely moder
ate prices
The United States Wagon and Carriace Corn
pany of Third avenue and lortynlnth street
Is doing a steady business in express and de
livery wagons for both clomestln and export
trade and will make special wagons to order
lo very short tIme
The Hudson Wagon Company of 542 Hudson
street Is a thoroughly lellalile place to pur
chase fine delivery mid express wagon They
also keep a few good socomlhnnd wagons ut
very cheap linens and are willing to make ex
change > of wagons ut nnv time
Tim I R IleraHon Manufacturing Company
of Drooklyn whose iiiurterH are In Orand
street offer splendid barBiitns In canlagds
harness blankets and stable furnishing
Expert with the Revolver
The interest which the membert of the New York
riitol and BiTolir Club lake In n > lnr the mall arm
teerat not tu abet ud tb attendance at Ihe wekly
Indoor rneelln at lbs OeruxnAaierlcan Sheeting
ocistya rang U St harks place It usually lane
Prom wish In week the scores tecoune titjtsr ant the
averse at lbs shuts ciib laurras a saliirda
eveniiig Iresidet ilnry Ochi sad A Stnluc lie 1 cac
hooier ot the BeTentli fteuimrni n ire Urd for nrel
liners wiiii < i7liieli shot on the Znner decimal ring
icrest < 0 fet cltatance lieu men used a II calur
revolver il K Jauuer with his iMraitbr wan > end
man letllnz M H IVaiihrr captured M wlih a 44
c ilbrndV heeLing lit allis a 1 calibre Mr alt
utlni a u calibre PistoL scared S5 out of Hi poielbl tu

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