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dl jfl1f ttrJt il iT nir f
il Tttti srAffTAnn FLATS Tnit acorcn
I lir Hnno Special Corre ond nt Glvee
Some latereetlHa Faete Abot th II n
vnna Matchnew the K llha > aa Won
the SlxtU daat Noted hy Blaekhnrne
UAVAKA March ITh ninth Kme ol the
Batch b twoon Jude Qolmaro and J n
Blackbnrne Vfhlch was plnjetl yesterday
ended In a detent of the Englishman alter a
I fight ol over sixty moves The tipanlard nKftln
Blayod the Scotch Gambit to which Blaok >
bnrne replied In very Rood style Qalmnyo b
Rood clay finally won
Tho record stands Blaokburne 4 Golmayo
I 8 drawn 9
HAVANA Feb 23 romowliere In tho small
hours ot Sunday mornlnc rain bt can to lal i
and fell continuously until the afternoon The
Cubans hae a wholesome drend ot water and I
when soon outside In tho rain without the pro i
tection ol an umbrella they rom Iud one
I stronely ot acat under similar conditions lu I
the nflornoon the rain consed to fall It had I
lade the ntmcsrhoro dollolously cool and the
streets becan to dry and the people cnmo out
and there were high times araooc them for I
was the lost day ot tho carnlinl season In
It was fortunate for niackburne that ha did
Hot feel nellenouah to play chess tbat alter
noon for by i oclock the noise In that part ot
tbo Prado where the chess club elands was
sufficient to have driven all chess from his
mind lie joined the rrowd and watched the
proceedings ot tbe carnival People In Iro
tesqno attire with musks were drllna about
In opon carriages peltlnR eneh other and the
rowd as the iiassud with paakaes filled
rowl minute panicles or paper anil Hour
PIIor 10lr
wlb Carllee anl
which burst when they dtruclc I anyone and
Mattered their contents over them The flro
of those in ibe carriages was returned by the
crowd ana th former usually BJt tbe worst
crYd I t
ThU afternoon thn sixth irame In th match
ten lllaukburna nnrt Qnluiuyo was cum
nenred at the umiiil hour Thn former opened
Fy plnylnc KtK It S faralllnrly known nslha
Zakertnrt orenlnc and the came nulckly < dl
velopod Into a Uueoti s Unmblt Jtcllnoduhlch
liusunlly the cao with tliU nif nine 0 his
filth turn tbo Glndlnlnr Hayed his J U out
toB4nmoe which Is olton ruloplml by Sla
on Then lollowod SOle Try ciimpretianilve
BOn lolood
I exchaucuB boBlniilnc with two pawns on each
aide then ktilnhts ROil Instly 11U ell blneic
had already castled and two moves Inter whlto
adopted tbe same mocoedlni on tlie kings
tide Tho e clmiiKO 01 ntieenn one whiten
elleUt ndvniitaee lor blacks 1 P wm loft in an
isolated position Lnler however the Cuban
I champion hucurodod lu uniting his ODUe
I pawns but tliln was at the ezpenseof his OBI
wlilch In turn becnmo Isolated
Tho EnKllshman then pioceedod to concen
trate his attack tut the weak lawn hlnas
were tapldly brought Into pin on th queens
wine 1 but alter BtruenllnK for tomo lime to
ni un entrance on thnt hide of tho bonrd
I and flndlna be could make no Impreislon
white pushed forward his Dawn 01 Imrrelalon
I ride In order to try aol fore nn npenlne for
nls took In that gum tor ihc tivtlm which
I hlaakburnu ndoptnd w ere verv similar to those
1 which bl followed In the fourth came trvlue
to force tlirouBb on the auoons side and then
sifter lastculne hie opponent In tbnt quarter
suddenly running over with tbe attack to tbo
I kings side Onl mayo defended In 1 skilful
way nnd his efforts to bilna the anme to a
drawlnc position appeared moro than once
to be likely of realization When an
adjournment wai cnlleil for dlnnor af
i ter whites twentyfourth move Bluck
burn had only very llebily the heat
i of th enme This advantiiRs be man
aned lolnoreaKO n little oon nliertho resump
tion ot play at 8 oVlocI put tbe Spaniard
fouwht sturdily and < well Just before 1
ooloclcwblta after coo lderablo mamvuvrlne
obtained possession of tbe open klmra nle
with his rook unit tbls seumou tn rromloe u
deeldnd adiantace for lemol A this point I
however Honor a ntiez expressed a dealre
I that the itarne should oe adjourned till thn fol
lowlne Iam and black burue fullinir In with tbe I
proposition tie Cuban plaver proceeded to
real 1 his flltylourth move i he position at tbe
adjournment was morn Interesting than at
any other since In tne enme Thu appended
diastam shows tbe altitude at tbls point
Black Golmayo 8 pl ea
I rrq W W
I i A fIW Wf Wg
I rP
f M VN
I j Mi < I
i r r r
i 1 Wf t 1
w2J W W oA n y
i A W I
WMr w < M ww
v V
Wd 0 W 4 I r vi ff
m J wM
WP > 0 7 rm > 7 >
W rt
White Blackburn a plec
h TtiEHDAT Feb 24 Upon play being resumed
f In the fifth came this alternoon Whit Instead
of advanrlne the IK Kt 5 took possession of
I tbn klnes die with his rook a movement
I which was of much moru Importance tuan his
I weakening bis opponents K Kt 1 Vhlto
afterward forced the exchange of tbe romaln
I iig pieces and ultimately succeeded in win
ning blacks Isolated O It 1 and eot a pased
oawn on tbat fllo Immediately afterwaid
Smn rndgned Tie run of moves In tbe
RaDI with notcsby Blookburne follow
v < Fb 23 and 24
lurun COLUAVO acuo Ctu
WMtt ac Willr d
I KtK l pi 4 8S BU S
SB B02 aIf
H KlTKBS 4U xi =
14 ItBS K KJ I 1 1
J a 1B4 Cattlt 4 4 aI 111
pI PB 4 a 4J IItt RK a 1
T I F BxP 48 IP I tl
I 1 ar Kill1 U 1 RScl II I
I I Q x Kl b 411 tb a
ro Kjj a4St
lu v x u r x Q m I 4St
ZVialn 18 BIB 81114 r F
1 I BQa IttDa 47 B z P BK4
dTfKfc3 48 K0 3 8 Iq
1 B It H H
i Pokt9 ORBKJ
13 Bit ai fi R 3 m II h i111L
IH4 mtn ini min ft1 ItBq BItt
I 18 KBgai BB 3 CI 62 PB 4 iiK V
1 17BB RxB ft RK Kt to ItQB2
18 Kt 14 KKnn
18 Kt KIBldlR O 2n 6 aK 4
OKIQ4 Pftilf Ublira Oh I8m
f OTmlal Klmln Adjournil
IIIBII Riyviyn 14 aBoqtll
nKtxCt RzKt M
33 R lxRIt x K I ml blll
24 RQRK1 RQ2 M ICB 811 q
4Rai l KfiQ 1 IIVq ob ItIII
flh 17m mi roK II It
It Rll6b lIlq b mo I
33 KR tq KQ 1
IIbl811 I boU Bl PKOm flf
M 04 P It I A K O 2
83 K KKI3 b XKIB K Ol
S9KQ4 RKiq V > D1IIO >
at H Hf PBM ee k
S3 IQ R 4 R f oq I c 1
1 J 11 hS4m 1IhISm IM KII7 Ktl2
I I SO BK 2 fcil U9PKB Ueelini
< II PB a aX 3b8m Ufa 63m
t 1 tf a 1 By thli roov black silowi blo u P lo txooxe Uo
r6i l lated Inilmllarpnalilona tK K4 followed by Kix
t B are Ih movei which art ofleu adoeud
1 > 1 11 Kl would bav bu better than exchanging
I 11 QnnnL o tf weak movai la 1C RQ aq wa Ih proper Blajr
idle Whit now gain lorn dvaniag
I e t Thl wu black only I move Had he play4 BIt
I 3 b would bav Inet a pawn fur while would bav re
1 plied Kig it foitowtd I oy tt x g KI r
fQ gtOrO I
PI17 Hr black ouiht to bav played bU Q n back
ii Prvntlog dvncof th Q R P
1 tilL Again ntctuary to prevent Ih pponat advaoo
i I
II I Wack llgnibl 1 to do anything but move bit rook
1 about v > nil whil le I gaining tlm bv advancing hi
iiawnion kl l ride wilb Ib Ide of alltmalely fore
Ing a wy through on that wlnr
ill Threatening IIIU 6 whlcb would weaken tb
oppoeing K Kt P
IU Black culd net her via J 111 4 h bteani whll
would retake and Ihen If bt 1 t ilvd H x P wbil
t wonli b v replied with BK e cb with a wintJlog po
lml Thl felpi IB pppoiltl sad thtrtby th
i ame
Wattr role
fr i Th wattr polo player w r buy ytittrday Bfttr
DOOl At Ib WinUatlan 4 C lbt u l l rfcro d
uw an icltlng and wll > lay id gta Till uutwi
I anU wrt as follow
WhlUI FnllVt MtU
Merrrt Centr nuh Nagt
Vtnderroorl Kigbltnd Dtvrcux
ItodlerML d Oleavtr
Q II Caianova Halfback Waring
> Ucff O DiCaaanov I j I Coala I 1 I Uwou Turn
Tb wblli swarnnt thlr opponinta winning b >
4 goali to none FIr Htffert ictred a aud VtUiJtr
KeferW C Johnion Jadg lT A WeKwea C II
Cromwell Ikrt xnp I TlroerO fJ llnghea
Hit New York A U enpirta pit up llielr uioally nnt
g mi ih ilruixt bolng cloe and Inttrnling Tb
Hani wifti
I lieu rnillloiu itdi
CohllngrM Cenlr rus Bundtrorn
Knoblaneh Right 4 Lotiimtr
T Mamt LflnS dicker
Mumy Half back M Bturofi
Vilpai I I O llaubol
tf llaikaM I Ooala I I klntner
Th black conquered after a itnbborn Aibt br n tol
lItrTI Walla JadteeU etrmeycr flado
lie f ua Timer J II Aleel Jr
r J
4oha T Brush Telle Beiethtaa Abot the
Cincinnati Matter
Tb Hstlenal Uifni will hold III rtrolar iprlnt
melting tomorrow at tht Fifih Avenue llotl Tb
mett Important builneu to b doa will btlbt adop
tion ot th chidolabut no Important Probably
will be Ibl talk anl conilderatlen ot tilt action ot Ibt
AlatloB ID rathly laying 1 that If w at fcav
url plec of candy w wont play with you National
Learn bar III li likely that Bo official nolle will b
liken of tilt mller by Ih l > agu a a body beyond
iDreiuufiorrow and eyintxttby ir the A i > clallon
I The lohelul Uall I prepred Vtililent Brrn iv
ItlbniiOblgiloieh ytaltrday lIa rfnid tn ill
vnljt even a dliei of It nut IntiinnUd Ibat it had been
ma2t outaalf the Auoclanon wer not In xiiltnor
> ut court Honon will gel Decoration Day and Later
Day and It mere l > any conrtet on thete ilatet tht At
locution ill be to bam for It I In making np th
ciitilult Pretiilnl Brrne baa had Invaluable aiiltiance
from necreiary Obarlet tbbytt
Tbt mainat will probibly all be h r by todav
Jobn T Bro h wa tb e only on who had arrived up lot
Il r g
t laitbour lattnUhr A 0 cpalnnf win nnt it in
rom Cbkaco until ml morning Mr Uruth had along
talk with J I V Kpaininrytiiar lay afternoon and later
hemt rreildent Cbirle II Bvnie Th whnl Cin
cinnati problem a gone over and Mr Bruh fullv
dtraonttrited liow th > attna1 leaffn eonldnt Ine
In that i uy and wbr Al Jonnon and hi Aitoclallou
tranciiiit I o > u d
Johnvnn hat betn doing a rood deal 1 of bluffing
tali > lr Hroh and hi hoe tried tocrtat a v > rong tm
Ion bl making tb public think that Ila nwnt Ib
I Kinionbt flub whin h only JDI In II > for tlock
ont o a total amount of f4niKxi Iliitr wai nil
I ment In Cincinnati lu favor nf Mm and Iot I It runt
and left Irom ib ntwipaptr alld ihrtiublla fnr trtn
thinking of locating a team there 1 knew tht If John
ion wa In alnn I h would pull th rope Ilihtar around
hi neck H hie finally lucceeJel Wrrl trtat ability <
to talfc too muchln doing Jutt wbat wai wanted
Mowabout a depaten from Cincinnati ytittrdav
Ibat Johuon bad re lined MePbt llolliday and
larr Dont yon btllevIt That nory wat inl ont for
purpne the fame ai many other In which Jolmoii
wltb DiiflgurtdMth me They did rrlncloal not break ailcr their contract Thoi mtn with Jobn Itntit
inn although tht effort U bttnir mail in how tbat they i
did Wa had lbit piayirtciut carefully on over
by an uperlenced lawi tr lie laid they were In to I
iltn whtre tbry pltattil I
Havt you Uned Lnttni to manage your ttam r1 I
I have been negotiating ith him 1 wanted Jim
Mulne ani although I t tnad him a good uflr h
tmd lollk t > w toik too will to leave
Wonl our tnragimtnt Lofluibtabad pill for
tbe Uetue to iwallow T
Oil Utt a rood fellow and a Brilclait manager
11 i very popular In Cincinnati
Will tner b an Atnelatltn club In Cincinnati t
Tber I lull ont cbanr In a thouund that thtre
will Bnt put u down In bit letter that the National
r une Iru bav a c bnl In all city and wbat I nor
tbTeam will ba tbe ttrongil evr rtprtientlng Cin
cinnati No I cannot tall yon tb mtu wa are atter
but will Islir
The Indoor Itne Ttnll Record
Th Beventb Reitlment Indoor bat ball champion
iblpu narlngannd and bnt few more samel r
main to be plaod Company K hat a clear recoM of
vIctorlM and hey will I un ioubtdly win tb champion
iblv Th r landing to oru I a followii
ttuiit wt iiiret i > nun rfoniottr < ft
Company F4 0 lum Company B3 1 >
ComtianyA 3 I 7W 1 rompanvO1 s 2V
Company IIJ 3 MOJCompany DO 4 u < u
Bnae Hall Note
Mnonty who pUved third bat for lho ManifUld
ttain cbimploni of llie Trl si ate Legua lOll teainn
and who li now employed at the iventh Htglment I
oot 1rT II
rIII1 r
Armory hat ttfntd to play on tb Troy tam next ata
Frank Kraua lho yonnr Brooklyn catcher II bom
from Key uit II played with tb Havana Red L and
t Lonn
e l
mail a a very food record llaiajib U In rood con
dition and bo bopei to clay wltb om prntcwlon
club durlug in comlug itason
LotnititLv Feb rt At o meeting of th itockholden
or tb Loulivillo Club tonliht tbe cat > lial nock wa In
crtated toSJftwo Th old Hoard ot Director wa re
r rC Ioa30 p odj t
eiected with twn exceiitioni I BOD Brown and John
Botto railred ud llaor II u Tbomn and Oeorx
Bleger wereltcled Paiou wa nrlaoled rTniatnt
Tb Inttrnattonal I Lvajro will mtt at tb Iroquol
i t rt
llotii BuOaln tomorrow Important bulimia will b
trantaewd Hither wark or UnrctiKr will b ad
milt 10 cemplie Ib circuit wlib Hi chance lu
8ltld Nark n411 ta expected Ibat torn com
munication will brcelvd by that tlm from Chair
nan Thnrman a to wbiUer Blnutpoltt bad anj mot
ta elgn Tlm OKourke
Blew March I Billy Naik will ntvar ret a more
rntront oner thn ih on mdt lat I wek bytb
trlumvlra Tha latter wont deny tb romorthat Kaart
ha betn offered a anlary of stoma year if bewtll
afllx blulrninr to athreejt r coatract wltb th
iu brluf le I
Hoton National Le u Club But Blilvba not yt
ccepud tbl otftr although htknow that In addition
lo th fatalary h will uav ba bonorot bolD cat >
laIn of tho nine
WoncKTiii Fb 28A a rriMtlncof entlemen In
tereitd In bavin Worcester renr > entd In tb bu
ball world h rdY at th Bay fetal lloun tonUht II wa
reuorteJ that Jbuii of tb sakUJii necaatary to ttarl th
club wai lubecrlbtd and tbe remaining SMO wai IbiD
eaiy rach Charlc II I Ornlaf I was cboitn to rtpre
enl r be city I r tn mtinic of tb International lan
in Buffalo nai 1oiday Frank J Lonrd of Boeton
wai pntnt and la I looked upon U th manlier of th
protptctlv U orcettr club
CHicaon Feb as A a Craldlni left for New Tork
IbV l Irir dfU
Ihli attrnrnn He eald 10 far ai ht knew no offlclal
action would be takn In Ib Aaaoclatlon rutapua U
cpt ib adoption of a retomtlon that jplaytr under
LKU contract or retervailon wbo jolnail Aaocla I
LIon omb be xpelied forver Tha tact 1 dv lopd
that Ib Leiu actually own MW ot tb Smnoo
tttck ot AlJohnaon a Cincinnati clnb Th formr In
< ludn ba Cblcaco New York and Brooklyn holding
In eiill ot ih allgd effort of Addlnon aod hi Bruin
rbonii partner to turn over their itork to Johneon
ther bav tlven U to tb L un Jobnton I tbenfnr
In th minority A tult tor a rctlver will b bronthl
npon Iba round lhat Johnaon It I manaftnt tbian con
trary to ib jndimentof ih majority
R B Talcott ura tn rfrtnc ta Ib depatcb irat
ont from Ctelnd In which Johnaon ilatat tbat Mr
Talcott tnrnad irrwn blue ana yellow and all tb
color talt rainbow In Ib BL Jam Hotel In tbt
city when lleey had an Interview lait wtkt Joon
on effort to make It appear tht I wa rreatly ail
tated and looked Jazed after tie col tbronch Ulilnir to
m will not no for truth Ferral of yen ntwiparxr
men law u and all that tranplred All Ibat Mid to
him wai tbat th New York Club had put X 1O i Into Ih
Cincinnati Club nd It hewmjlt a b claimed h
did to wltb tnmebodv el 1 monev I lold Mm further
lhat w did not put our money Into th olub for th piir
poa or throwing It away and w prnpowd to take th
matter Into tli uonrte to nnd It tomebody u 1 r < mid
ten In and connacate tbat monr vea u no took had
been Uiutd
Catcher Rolllne returned bom on Paturdav from Key
Weit whir b ha be1I playlnt with tha Cuban Bint
dnrlnc winter Our ttam won Iha cbamplonbin
hand down h > M yttterday Tbtr wr thr
tima tht American I Hem ih Havana Red and th
Cuban Blot all baiilnr frnm Key wt and playlnx
r r a IN 1r1cl Il
for ib local rbamplonhlp thtr The Amtrlcan Bad
wer rompmed of Amtilrana and tha other two team
principally ot Cnbani Tb American Red wre rern
rorcd by flllroy an1 Kennadv and lleatran and Car
I In batterlet nt tha New Wk Slat Lui 1 tli
Havana Hedi by Galilean and Krau and atao Pitcher
Lqhyof the Chlcaioa and Ih Cuban IIIDn by Pitcher
Fltiierala of th Newark Jack Hav who played
m lrl 2
toond bait and mvialf Th ttndane wat good
until wa f nt to far ahead u to driv away alt Inurec
W won even vamtt ont of twva I am viad to f t
hack Yea I am In good condition
The eFoot re Will Do the Racing
BOITOK March IIf I It had not teen for the nw 43
foot elai th yacht rating outlook for Iba coming ia
on would not ba very bright
Th TOfootcr Tltanla and Rttrlna will not b out as
thlr owner lnteu1 going lo Europe ThU will leave
only 1110 Eaemrock cnnmliiloa Th Volnnteer will
net ba on tba waur and 10 thr will be BO racing be
tween Ihe tlrlclaii tloopt Tb icboontr Merlin and
BIB Fox may rac1I out but tho owner ot tb Orayllai
aajri that ih wilt not b raced tbi aeuon Tht Mar
guerite will be raced al wall ai th l non and Uuiok
Tb fI fool clast la practically ded and 1110 aoitoea
It lift alone In all her glory TI jraeht may go up late
tb 46foot clan taking the tlm allowance Mr Sur
geidoei not believe nor dot any other good Indga
that with flroondltln the ooioon can win
Kiit to th 4Ufooter the 10 footer win have th call
for ihrtaion that thlrtlei ro to ho In Ih fight Un
dr fairly ttvcr condition Ih Almlra on lew I wair
II lenith wnl uut la ib windward mark In on of
th race lat > rD oT Jlarhlehad ahead ot boili Sa
lailin l and Shark If Ib Mmlra comI mak Dolt A
performcno aialnn tb keel boata It li certain ibat a
cai > irbulii upto ih limit will tI8 a bard flt for tbe
cutter snfonter
Tli I cenirbnrd boat nd d br tb 4nfoot claaa bai
olblackT I and tlil one new cnlrbn alatlb b
found mong Ih racr wbll I thr wr two nw
onet In tht 4ivf iot clar Ian I tear Mr Burfei hid
Mtnniinn inbulld a 4tfontrr rnlrtbnrd orkael and
h elocted th lattr and even iltn Pain for a racer
telect the Veel with a draught of over Ion fret
Ptelgnen on thl id of tb water agre that th
Drennl 4ii foot k O l bo t wa a radical type of keelboat
t h Ovlp
boat inch tvpelbitlf any on I inirgiitbullillnr a
boat flv > ean ago on 4tfoot water line with eleren
fttl aU Inche draught h would ri vottl tlther wild
In bli Judgment or of uniound mlnJ Tbe 40 foot c ate
lia I wlp < f out thu prejudice agalnt tb dtp rtrannlit
boat and tb pnhifcbai learned from praeilcal tfiti
that frauelit wjtb the power that can be obtained Irom
it mnrihinofliitwbli > l l In wtlltd rfac or
Th flrt genril muting of tb XuiacbuHlt Yacht
Olnb will ba held on Friday vnlng March H al their
wnur quwteri nu Boyliton ilrtet Boiton At tbi
DMtlaf Secretary W I McOlillan will rtcommnd
the adoption of Ib following tmudmnt ta Arllcl ta
cf tb brlan i on mldemtanont
Any member f onnd gulllv ot breiklug tilt ruin and
rif ulatloni of thtclub or of Buy of Ihe Handing com
mliltei of dliobeylug tb Commodor Vic o
dor Rear Commodor or Acting Commodor when
tiling In equadroa or of conduct nnhecomlnga ginll
man mav after a fair trial nefnr Ih Board of Direc
tor of whlcb he hall have at leant eren day notlee
and at whlcb h may be beard In hi own difenc bo
adroonlilieil expelled or debnrrd from any or tb
privilege of Ihe riub for a given nine
Huch acilon ball b autijeci tn appeal tn tb clnb to
rven which the volti of twoUurdi of th mtraber
prritnot a regular or ipeclal meetly ball tI8 nect
ffr leorgA Ooddird owner of the cutter Kal hat
rurchu 4 tb kttl Ilonl Baboon from Can Charle J
Paine th wnerof ib Volunletr
Th norcbola r Vtrht Club will bav It flnt clnb rte
for mi I OB Jan 37 ibaucondnn July II Ih third in
10011 211 and IUOp n race on July W
Ihe d01Ion of tbi Itegatla uomroitlta of Ih Corin
thian V chi rlh wblib wu annouartd In TB UII
lain ear nd by which Ib MlBtrva will be awarded th
Kir for Ib wpetkc fir off Newport lui I AtuiBt
Iu given unvtraltlfacilon to thott who taw the
racttxctptlag Berhap the owner of ibe boat ib
deteiled Ih Uet > uoa
Very LUna llog for Cant Norloas Tacht
A th wteki paa by bop for tb aaftly f Carl
FreucU Norton aud bit little ilaam yacht li pawing
away Nlnnyevn dy sgo ih Bailed from New
LunJtn bound acrou Ih Atlantic sad line tbia B
11 Information ha been received about har EnD
Ih mott tlanrh advocate of tb Norton irittm ar
giving up hop or eelng tbe C Maln I galn Ayacht
maniald venrrlayi U wai a foollih undertaking I to
ailmpi In cron Hi Atlantic In tha winlr l mhJ In to
Hbe would hav no kind of a ibow to
II iv out a heavy gal of whiil It en big a boardfd i
tier U would > roaib Uer to Elect lu ipli ol an her
Tb Trlmout Club Will Mend Six trBuBre
BOITOH March L Ib Trlmount Athletic Club hai
voteit tnend Uly croai rouniry rnnnert to take part
In llie j junior open croet louairy run la > ork IB
lr ip1
Are rroml d at the Blr Joint Deslac
With tb blMMtand but entry llt ot tbe yeir B
ipeclal elai for lbe bantam weltbt bou nnabl lo
irettotb toepoundllmlt l tlieblf boxlni tourntyvhlch
tb Nonpirtll and DownTown Athtellc Clnb ar lo
Iv I loclbt promlie ran iport Th Itlnk i Cler
mont ivtnn nearMirtlt llrooVlyn wlllb lbicen
ot th encounter and Ib flrit bout will occur
PrAaaih null I Include all th eratki cltlnc honti
au promlttd In each cut Tb clanfii are tilled ttiuti
liantam clglit 10Jround ClauJamti KhUln Non
pireil AII l > o inner booitltnAmtrieaii A Gi Jo
eon ueiabH o Ktar A CUamei Scully Imtnlt A Ci
M Jovce Variiua Hal Clubl Jobn hMtinx Htar 4 t1
Tlmmae KanUitll Itlrlti A Ol arne > > llnltv Wah
Itiiton A Hi 1addy Mcfartby r > riiiu A CJ Bailer
Kndie II t UHlani Brnea Williamuureh tiri
Thomat Alcf I < pedJtii ilnnovtr A OI ldnarJ Barm
AMiliamiburnli A AI litr 1balen AIMia A 0 i Ulrlc
Irant Ixjwnlnwn A OI rran Mlnlatla Hint A III
Cliarie 1 1110 Down Town t C J oKeefe Cnninn
A f frank Utipilrlci Down Town A Hi n t roola
Clinton A tit A flleiuel IlrookbnA I < JH ornellut l ul
livan Nonroll A ri HlllUin llnln Union At and
Birny > eOonaJJ Vnonda A 0
Feather welnlit Olaii ll roundOtorj Ittcn
Brlilne A fi Jaraea Illcrlni rnlon A Ui John J
Kthly WeitHile A tit Jolm Mnllli Xaruna Rnaitlnbi
Mike nrnok UitHfleA Hi Jlh 1In rcrrlrii
A UttMlliamOliat I arnnaHonluli tt MtMlckle
nun A IX tmtiMoNaily urlild A CiJ J tiUrien
illlam I UrBh A AI TIIOIIIHI Ijtiinn Alplia ll i Kit
ward inuhlin Wllliamiliur > h A AI William Vutlrr
Villlmibnr A AilainniMiorlwil nnt reil AC l
JUrlln oueechy l iHe A ti Mamiifl Harrlilord lltan
A Oiriorrit Harnett AI Unwn Town A ill Ihotna I
crftl vontaretl X 1 Hubert Ciiniilnuhum ln11
Town A u t Joan Itelllr fllntnn A II Ihoma llley
Down Town A John o na Bn iiyn A IM Mik
Viilroy National A i 1 Ednl I Sweeny Park A ui
Jukn Mofiun Meiropolltan A Ci Jam Ultiilni
Ion A ai MUi iiliitonii HrlOxe A i i Tlininan
Noore Ininn A oi Harry Farrell fltv A fi ilimai
I Wc f i I ra d I d n n J llry u
o hO l 1 m r I lc j
Kelir < Union A CI Janie imlth Iltr A C J
curroll i ilntrm A ct luck orln Brldg A c i
William UnlhannNononreil A Ut Jamba n Mnrpliy
Brlilg A IM Thonia McC nikty Hrlrtgt A l ft
Jamea imU hauls It CI Richard Baieit
Millimilinr7li I A Jamf Bovd Jnlon A 01 John
TrJo 1II1II1rUllh A A i frail Meanliar Apha A
n Jchn loTltrOI Dnn TfI1I A C I atrlclt lIa
Irl A CI ohn lIDUDr rarlr A Cha
nchr Iark A C tllilim II I Innpar1I A l1
C lJthn Ilor IIrlllaa A
C iiTK iTacla Lxlnginn A i I
LUhT weight fiat ISJ roundJohn lUrrlgan Star
A 41 Jnhn Larlaiid itruna Boat Clulu William
Ahearn Star A Ot Jerry t > nl Ivan Cilnon A
JarnetMintnoB Star A C Inhn Carer Titan A C I I
Michael Uran Brlrtg A O i Jobn Kenna illlami
burnh A A Jaine W bbJ llliaroiburKli A At I Jolm
Nolin tr tnII A A t Jamea P Flndlay I nlnn I
A o John Knlttr Alpha A C t Tin Lnnihlln Failn A
tfrm IIt arl n
c John fpenie Lnrlilard A Ct R ullenvner liown I
Town A C ainet Fiuiriratil Hroikivn AC R Her
neain Down Town A < ii Albert A III Hrooklyn A
U 1 Gallanhir llrookhn A i Ben i orII > Hrook I
len A r J Attkena Nonpareil A r tack Mulvev
Kntnilchlp Itnm Club John Muritan nndue A C Jtiin
Don Vrlendiblp Boat Club Jotepli rumOR city
A W hr tVlrhtciaii I4 > PoundtJak Fatherwnol I
Nnnrirell A C s Jtmee Snlllvin Clinmn I A r Michael 1
WI11 I JmlI Ji p I
ll > i Wllilamiburgh A > i Mlllani tlallaghcr Nonpn
rnl AClohn J McMahn w t side A C1 Jmm
Mulligan Brooklyn A tit I William M I Ifck Jtrijy Cltv
A fiJirubnti Brooklyn AC Jam Untler aruu
Bal Club
rVeldfnt lame II Lavello alatefl tait night that
competitors mnit be on hand at 1131 P M to welzb In
U11 Jirintrt < VD Wn1IlI
Critical Aaaljala of the Method of An
trmllKa Latent Shipment of PniellUU
A < Mctbr mall from Pan Frnncico receltedln New
York renera r conrernliiir Jim IUI1 Billy Mabtr 1 and
AbeUIIlt the lateit eblpraent ot pncliuu from Aua
Iralla critically el It thoe elan up In tuli mxnner
after in tj ban bon what they could do at I he Cali
fornia A C t
HaU ditplay afaluit Aleck Greiolna the amateur
Dldd weight champion ot the com caued Quite a
furor amoog the aporta and th unenlmoiu erdlct
vaathat he almply laid over Fltiilmmon a an expo j I
Dent ot neat and tlTeclkre basIn Grezvaln I looked I
upon a an Kceedlnlyclev fellow with hie handa I
but Hall made tna prorttblal monkey of him The
Anetrallan worke hit armi In a looie eiiey manner anJ
the oti repeated boa he landed with both left and
nub ton tn amateur a head formed it periecl laltno
Ilairtiylent l neryl identical irltli ibat of 1eter
Jackeon and th > re nere any number preeut who
oonldered th new man ae > en a mperlor 10 Per
In ludiinf ill tanc timing his bmwfc I and duckinir
Hall I faultier whll bit footwork Is all that could be
of hi driving power he ar ample evidence In lha
flnl round when he nude irrirealne dltzr on two era
rate occaelone with haiftwcep rlicbihanden on tbe I
point of in chin Inappearania Hall nan little of the
genni puff n it over tt leel tall ban a uraceful dzure I
Jf aMI ac nWi
and botfib good natured featuree Without in rope
ho U a plraaant lnl e ltent yimnir fellow anxloue to
J fk h
make frlende and beariiu I n mirk uf hlf ralunir In
action however lie proee him elt a tnoronir work
man and lho e who wttnnted nli > Callfnrn cl hot are
not turprlted Ibat Fltulmiuone hon d try to avoid a
meeting with tlila daahlng onng countryman
BUly Maber waa pi tied aealnt aallaaher the Crufe
amateur light weight champion Me bar cood reach
and a tall lithe frame and worke rapidly with I
good rttu u Tb time without number he > ent hit
oTJ DrUt
reft hand on Gallagher face went to how that In a
genuln encounter be would be a irreat punlihr and
the clever unerring manner In which he cro t rounter
1 bnrt
ed with bit right and drovn th iam net In on hie I op
ponent rib ianetd th feeling that tbe antipodean
lad wat entitled to rant wlib I tht foremott light I weliilite
of tha country
Ab Will tb pocket HcreuUa went agalnit Fdrtle
flraner the local feather weight and an Inttrratlnr
bout followed Oraney had tb advautag In height and
reach but th Anlrailan proved a little iiemon at olote
onarten and even thougb playing llibt he had tiranejr
contnud aaveral tlrael by lu TeOemence of hi attackt
and bit ahlfty tactic
Taken all In all Ibo trio reav be looktdnpon u th
bttihlpmtnt of fl > tla materiel that hattet arrived
from tbe Land of the Uoldeu Hove Bach of them
bring A good reputation or hontaty and rood behavior I
and th California A 0 bM taken a great Interett In
A etpolt Falter Achltia to Get On Untch
With the Frenchman
Arthur W Gnltlanm Wolllmean who I e now itaggtr
Inc around Ih foiled Elate nndar the title of cham
pion fattr of Detroit le I quietly Hopping at th Van
aerbllt HOUM Wulllmt declare that Succl It 1 In no
Btnit entitled to tb cbamplonblp
Wnlllmeana tall began In th Dim Muieum Detroit
Jan IA and ended thirty day Clam that date It mnit
bo rmtmberd that ha wan turroundtd by olfflcnltle
and fr alt that would hav dlicoorajel a man with a
Iron jer appetite Thtfat woman wa vr betor hi
gaza Th Clreaialan girl at r nutt nearly all the
tlm and chewed gamin the Interim Tbe only con
tolatlon th ft tr derived waID contemplation of th
living ektltton and eren Le wa compelled to oat At
Interval But molt trying ofaI wat tht fleiUUh J conduct
oiLC DDII frto i
duct of certain Detrolttra who road a pi4ctlceof
tandlng front of Ibo unfortunate man and munch
ing ham tandwicb buna and other irmptlnir edlblee
In fplta oc the avgra allon Vnlllniauuntihdlls
ta > tucc fuily
A dapper Hill fellow In full drill roit la button
bole eye elaiiee long illky brown monetaclia a iRa an
air of ennui r admitted tnremoni to a query of a SUN
reporter that he wat tb champion alter uf Iietiolt
and he bad a diploma to prov rlloDII miket tbe point
that 1Ila I a natural faettr In that he met no opiate
or illmuienta and h aitert that 8uctr tllxlr oou
talntd upiatea
Llkeoibtr mnitum Ito Wulllmean haa bit photo
graph o exhibition 1 bo OUt liken iroviou to begin
ning hll lait fait ihow the plunp entlfled count
nine nfa man acennointd to benr anJ Bniwr th
Inner bell Ill flee alier lie bad Hnlhad oltriung
the dinner he ate tblrrr day ago look lIu that of a
manwbobadturvlvaJ a malignant attack of tlieirlp
wan b b g n 10 worry along wlihuut paylnK I a board
bill I be welgntd in pouDti nd a month liter when
b rtiumed rotaurani rbhc wee In the paper
wtltbt nghtlug I claia tipping I tb icalel at VI ponnui
a nDDC
WiilllmVanlaallngnlil II v ha penh French
Grman Fpanlfb and Kngilih nueiitly and can writ
Huilaa I faob burn In Alaace In ISjJk II bi icrvtd
In Ib German army
tllITrrD I lI b lad and If popl would
ltitby would not b trrubltd to much with d >
pepilt wanttd to eonllnu my felt In lietrolt twenty
daytl Itnr ami thu break iircorde bnt Ih medical
fraternity liked me lo deiliL
fill laiimralbelor beginning tb felt cnnilited ot
nine Blue point rbKken xiup llenneirjr brandr trn
dtrloln ateak rein penctiva wine and oCo On re
umlug ihe bitilnete of living hit anI vpleuiean roll
wai 10 alp a lIula bee leu and imuk a cigar lie only
ration tneal a day when In hie normal condition Ill
prime db1ct In coming to ew Vnrlc wattngt on a
match with kneel but that Individual Imi paid no at
tention to tt ulllnieaulweenintf thallinie which will
reniiln open for two weki yet If I fall to get on a
mtih I mall adopt ih > t K ai a prnenlon I I have
railed on Mme Barnhanlt but burr not been bIO
ire her I will try audit what ib can do lor in to
reotbull England
Of th thlrtrtwo < lub which originally entered for
thtCngllih Aoclao Cap IIIre are now only four
Ut In tb competition
At the Rub game th match twtnTorkililr and
Cbhlre countlt wi the mot Important event lait
wek while the Tyke cored one gual and throe
touch down the tlieefemen acMeted two goa
Thr touch ilownibulog equal lo on goau aecorolnir
lo Iliillih llurliy rnlei tliU mott rxelllng matcli line
endtl In adraw llcr are the reuli nr loin other
tnirortant fixture lail weeki Oxford Inlvenlty de
tld Rlchmondi Bradford beat Iliackheatb and drew
wltb Uambrtilje Iulrertlty
Alhletle Ooaalp
One of Itlt larjcot throngi ot tb > ion were promptly
on hand at the HrlUe Atlilolli nub rooiutuii Friday
niglu when the regular weekly reception ulghi wit
hrid at Iha clnb room corntr of vNaihlnirtim mid
Jolinion itreet Brooklvn A very fine programme
had been prepared anil It wa given with map wntcb
kept tb big crowd well pleated
A verr nne programm bai beta arranged hy Chair
man II 111 ilrowiana fnr Ib athletic tntertlunient
whirbtb champion 1rrwpect Harrier will nold at
their club houa oomer of f ew York avenu ana Ful
tnn elrt Brooklyn Mil vulng Tber will be a
number of bout between wellknown amat ur ath
lniic Marcb ITh Armory nearly niltd lilt
venlog to Me 1 Corn I athlete I al their winter
meat ih progrimm conttttrd of wretllng txixlng I
fenclnf and broad wori ci1iieei Iroie Wbtle
Kemp Crelgblon I and u cll2Jin acted u judyta Tu
f r
wluneritn tne Ui al contciti wtrr I iei4itng catcli
ai filch c iiKi tlier MeUut Ituluou u < 4 < lUbi
velglil I I M rtk > l liliildl I lght A W Bhep
parl HIi I liearv welglu I I Tlitrun lt Havla Ml i Boitnf
feather weliht d Iapie lui kI Iliht welitht nil
Bam 4 raldilie llit Iety R Ui heavy weight k
CilJohanicn limn wrntiini and Vniln were ex
tremely goid 01 flular evening ibe iccond night
nt tli meet will Ue held II rente 10 like plar
tber ar trapes liunz < Dial and parallel bar and
The nuinberl of tb liown Town Atblitlo Club hld
blgb carnival at Fylliiiioroi Hll I on batnruav vnlug
llie I m cAilon wa ibe it Im anuiial i ball ir Ib growing
orgininulin The eiiacluu bail room wa croded
rru n1h j I t I ner
rur Ih u IIf II antalr I In lb 4ollII1t IInl
r I I
uu experieuceior inireioni nUinern trip in unicer
til tb evening were Mlciil J llunn President
latrick Harver FlntVke 1retlJent Thom llealey 1
Second Vlre Preldeuti Ieter IJutier treiiurer Jamil
lieagen financial Kecrelirv rdward Broadway for
reipondlng Harreiarr Uward I J McCarihr Becordlng
eertary fcdwrd I vikr herxeant at Arm Janu
II Larelle Caplalai 1 Mlobati ltllkiaw
Hiir Z ft <
Some of the Inda IVho Ar Meikluc Bid
fbp Athlclle Dlatlnctlon
Amonc the caroohlnl sobooli of Brooklyn
thnt rank hlsh are 8t Franciss Colla e on
Baltic stroot St falrlcks Academy on Wll
loucbbr ivenuo and Bt Johns Coltoup Tlia
students ot Bt Johns are a llkelr lot of lads
and their work Is dono In a creditable msnnor
Thoy nrp under tho Instrnotlon ot prltsts
Trhois discipline while severe It ret kindly
and tbo fellows who are fortunnte onouch to
craduntA Ilonl the Institution flnditnemrelves
ocedlDKly well oiiutpped lor lifes battle
Considerable time Is siitit lu study hut tho
Undents find various nrs to Induleo Inthoia
pRtltncttodeiir to a colloslana heait iarr
WeJnosilny nltornoon tbe Literary Society
hold < nn Interesting And Instructive dobnto
JoDonh McSorley oue of tbo best ot tho ds
lintoiri Ho lit also Treasurer ot tbe noclety
rrcslilcnt tdwnrUODonuel l lo an olontient
deliiitiir uncl hili Mdo la iiulte often vIotoiloiH
i1wnnl lllienilno IiunOlos his uboitM well
Ilia icalri8lknt 01 i bu sooty Is J Ljle
Fur sumo > ollrs HI Johns him bnd n baseball
leim Iul fell OIl s tpnin however met with
only arvnlt suortrs < Tuis vonr tbo iirosnocta
oriiHironu aueroirntlon niu eryKO il as iho
crriitti Mirt or ihotrO tonm aie still utidor
KrnUuiUoB Thetenniis now > rnrtlOiulyooni
tileto lames Tlerney will bo pitcher He
pluved In Ibo tame poBltlun last year Itounut
tn Ihnt h n > plnvod on tlio IlrouUlvn Illsb School
t > > nin Tlernoy has been ro fectoil rnptaln
John Connorn nbo will cilcbplnyed llmtbaso
ftiid Oiilclnr lor the rt Iutrlcka Artdpmv
nlto Villlniu Ilurnn lie < Coon nna Joorh
Tdd will pluv their old uosltloi at llret eo
oudimd mini bisps rotiooliTnly Kd Clark
U nziilii hlnlod lur sbnrt Atop Joj McHiirlcy a
iinliKtltiito lust ioiir will play tett IMd I Charles
O onncr outre Held and Paul ONell rlubt
Held OXotl an olil Mayer Tom Faulkner
isnri I > tsub llttite Connors Coon McBorl y
mid Tirnoy constitute the Base Ball Commit
tee Tho nonnnnt which tbe Anelph football
tenm won Int l tall as champions ot the Inter
Hobolantlo AthlMIc Leacue It 1 now belna made
Tho money ivhlob tho AdflphU and oh tech
nics pula into tbo LoaxuHs treasury bas been
turned oer to H I Hantinnn the Adelnhl
mainbor of the 1ennaut Committee btnvons
Hcbool and Columbln Grammar rchool mill
owe their football iltidn Jhe Ailelphl Athleilo
Acaoclnllon iidvnnced the nccoicary money for
tbi purclmB of tho pennitnt
Tbo AdLlDhluyinnnatiC exhibition will take
r > a o In tlio clmncl nf the academy on tbe
ovtiilnirnt Sliiron lit Th1 prevailing color of
tho iymun luiiico < tiimo will bn blue and white
This Is lookrtl upon a i < a nputtllitr moo as the
school colors nio seal btnnn and old Bold
Berkeley MihoolH nrw billldinit will ioon be
romrtlptea Tlie dtudents expect to occupy the
biiflillnc enrlv In Anrll
The utwcollccluto hiillillnpof the Polytech
nic Institute Is ncultinlnis to occupied Prof
Brown has cno room lor bis wrltlne classes
and Ur HuftisSheldonlsathomeln thelabora
toilcs Tbe ba omcnt will be ulln part an a
eymnnalum line room about 70 feet wide
IOU Iet lone nnd 0 foot high well Ilirhied I and
well ventllaled lib ample pace for lockers
anil bath Tbec > m will be fitted tip with
nil tbo modern appliances nnJmichlne It
Is i stlmatod that thu Imtrorements will
rot flouo Ihn cHllery around the room
will he used us a running track To
rrNa the necessary amount for fitting up the
room Ibo AIIIDWI AceoclAllon nlwnvti on tho
lookout for the Interunti or Poly1 baa as
sumed choree of collecting subscriptions
There has been already n very respectable
amount raised Dr David H Cochran Presi
dent of tha Institute taorjliy whnsome time
aco surprised tlio ctudeutsbr a ilsht vigorous
talk acaliist football and even nealnst tha
uynmasliim tteelf hat cbaneed around nd
pleased the ulum ni by tendnrins a very liberal
Ulmrles Q McMnhon eo Is the Chairman of
tho committee All stibscriptlnns can be Kent
to him at 4J and 51 Chambers stieet tbls oity
On the committee are these active alumni
Alfred White 62 Henry E Ide 68 Ernest
Holler 70 John I bliss 75 Henry Banner
now 78 Charles Hurey Genune SO red
erlckO Trtislow a rrederlck B Kellogc
84 Louis J Prneccr SU rank Jenkn Jr
b8 Hcrtcrt llouahloi S7 Alnxamlur Cum
roll til William Cury Saneer CO Kennlo B
Fullerton 7J tred W Oauchv 77 Nathaniel
frothliiBbam 79 Duncan Edwards 81 Dr
W F Dudley PSillerbort M Fiald S5 Junior
K Brown lrI89 anil KobnrtVan IderstlnoOO
The Uym project will be lunhcr boomed
at tbe annual dinner whlth will be belddunne
tho third week In March in Bemsen Hall
Brooklyn A biff limo U I anticipated The
oltlcers of the association are Charles Austin
MoMuhon President tInt VicePrexident
liuticin rd wards Second VleuPieAident 1 J
K Brown Treitaurer L M Praeger Becre
turv Hoi belt Bouchton
Tho February number of tbe Columbia Atics
III l tln > het one published so far Boardlmt
bob ol itemmiscinces by F B Morse U
riadublp and Schweyer an alumnus elves the
O Ii i r lioye come cood nd icoou Traluliic
DwIchfB School deleaatos to the Intor
pchnlistlc Athletic Association are Bturcis
Downnr nnd Ilolds
Preeldoni Burton Harrison ot the 113 A A
ban appointed tbe following committee to pur
chase mcdHls for the sprinc canine L Pelt
Cutter 1 M Capen 0 0 K and J B Bquler
Hnlscy Chalrmnn
Cutter ttohool Intends to enter a tuaofwar
team In the Bprlnir carries Ibo 1 team which
will beallehtwetght one will bo coached hy
Burton Harrison The following candidates
will BO Into active trninlucthl week b Thorn
114 pounds 11 Boiworth 13u pounds H
Btokuw 115 pounds 1 Valentine 115 pounds
and W Bobbins m pounds
The Cutter Athletic Association will hold its
spring times during tbo llnt week in May
Prll and Harrison bave boen appointed a com
niltlee to secure grounds
The bit citnn rush at Cutter has not yet ma
terialized Many exciting preliminary rushes
have takeo place however and 91 has usually
come off victorious Th oommltteo pointed
to complete arrangements inr tbe final rush
consists ot Day CON anil Wardwell
Tbe Cutter frotbalTteam faR recently pho
tocraphed The players in tbe grouo are
Bobbins Kay Polk Harrison BoswiTth Cut
ter Uiecoot urdwell Co lip Brokav and
The editors of rlItr < Fortnlafitlu havo elected
Albert Onodell Milbank 92 cdltorlnchlof
for the soholastlo year of 91 and 92 He will
takocbnrco of the naperla June and will ap
point bit own etitff tlm following September
Tbo latest number of the 1artnwMu contains
some In oreflllni ronllnc
Tho athletic element In Wilson and Kellocss
school bas at last nrou ed Itself It ha start
ed I In to hold the flrst of the monthly cymnas
tiu exhibitions Bonrdmm won tho oonioet on
tbo rlnas In nell Dfllnu and on the horizontal
bar Allan Will tiDR wasaecood In ihes events
John U BIker won the dipping aud parnilel
bnr cortoitf with Whlttne second The
ludce wete nor Waters end A M Day
Green the recently elected captain of the
fluliay School bane ball team mar exirlenc
Bomu dlllkully in holding his position
Alt honah a practical playor he Is a new stu
dent nnd doesnt know exnrtly how to handle
tho hoys It U said that bis election wns Ir
rntrular A now election therefore will b held
tbo early part of this week
Red Tape for n rrard AtUUtc A Protest
CiMimirxiE March ITbe Harvard Crlmton
warn tbe faculty against tbe use of too much
red tape In tho government of the college ath
letes it save
Bine Ib prrient tenmr OHM cam lo collei th
whole ton or college lit Harvard Im changed and
It ha ciianiedfnr ih alter i Ktfore IDHTNI the r
iirlcilon iirKiutb t > erhnnal liberty I or a indent amount
f 1i1l ritl
d tu verr litllo If w nominally obliged to attend
rerlittioni but 11111 TM I lie ruff reiurded tbat it
waithe ciinom for auarty of no mall number lo lake
an extendeJ lour darluK th Inter term Athletic
wernotnnd r rontroi Attiletla or anl a Ion inliht
leave Uambrldve at will and nieu who bad very little
ubn tlIin
IDIIpronn mon
IDIIpr r
taudlnzin I ilielr clan mUht repreent th unlvtrrlty
on alhletlo team Tli remit wai Iliac Harvard wai
looked upon a a place whir averrloo government
bad control uuullere irltlcleed harinlr and nnaiir
tlm I overieeri touli Iha maimr In hand and mad an In
vettlrntlon ot tli comet uf Hie outcry llier mail
< ertaln I rerommendatloui tn Hie faculty and a commit
t e wiieappoiiitet I who on Inn 1J I H mad an
haimllVH rapurtif tbe coudniou of tiilllra together
foI H tI I tl1rnl
with muiiy Mige I tnn I uhlcli nu ih wliol liar
jirnvid to be WIIB Tb iport rrl1 i he nierul
new of alliledc bat advlied tin regulation
of rollcKe tnort hy the raoiiitv Mnc Ibeti tri
Ifinilnltle nu tli RegltUtlou i > t Alhllo C > lJOrlt bat
bad full uotrrr overall matter reatlnir to ntliletice
and Athleilo conttit i Tlie ir i ctof rulea uhleh they
prtcnbedare vontalned I In lh tt putllili u forihl
ltJ II
vearwlibune emrpilentli rui fnrl > lildlnif aiollet
nlubor athletlo a orlatlon I In play nr coraprt wltll I
prule liiil I hai been r i > eiil 0 < J I III 10c teireitof
rulei conialni more Ihan Hint Mrtiei the rerulatlnn
am Kr du IU ulaclnjr I ii athletic tnOtnti mr end
more under Hie ere nf ih faculty The Manser now u 1
Ihtllilo l runiinlitee wil overrun Itielf and Inad In em
UfiiH u Ith ti o much red fl > a and rrvnlatluni
In IHHI H i ilia uci tv I bern tn reitrlrt th Illiellei
of Iudent on proOatlou an later made aitendance on
lecture mora cninpnUory and ot > liired men to return
lo eoileu nn the pretirlbed dai Kverytiilnir lenii to
ivitrd the uor illrrcl uturvlilon o tliv undervrail
nit rcttIWol I the but If not carried ion far When
thlnor th college Im I been ndied to the proper
point It will b harmful for th faculty not tn recoc
nlra the fact There I a limit to Ih amount benefl
olal iui > rvl > lon Jui ai Ibie u I a point wbr lutier
vliion Itiitctutry
Hbontlnic Fixture of the Week
Tneidir Acm ODD Club lit bird and bine rocka
atlKter Iarki tiller Bill Club monthly meeting
amlihoot Wednee < 1y atJJI fountain llowtrj tlun Clnb llv bird at Wood
lawn Park I I Manhalian Uun riub lire blrde at
SMVa tltli
Jiat Iimr
Deiter fari L II llam fr Ib Zeltler gallery
aai I iiowfry
Tliurday nbauregan Gun Club Un bird at DIr
Park aUu twomen learn race team boot at lbe Zttt
le r gallrrr USI Buwery
Iriday Jtannill Qua Club IIn bird t Outer
Park I I
HaturlajrJlve bird match YTlMil rL Wallh Bt Dts
url rk
Ound Hliuullng of the Ilarlrm
The Harlem rtn Club utmberibiHire n all good
rlfilenun In plenty of Indoor practice dtirlor the winter
inonlha and their rigular uieetlnai art alwaj wll
atltBled At tin rtirtlar fboolrn raliirday fourttB
men ompeud and put I up > me ni1 core on th iilf
iliiilt ranvt TI icorei un the Harlem imlard vVrlni
tumei on hand n i teet nutance re AI fnilo
llu cb JJI Uldnlilit VJu Dencker U 1 Krtr 7fli
RuHti a III Corirau U llrney Ji Miiur H
4i Bok u W Kej iim 1 Ilr0 JVl unto
TTork Done by the Plnyr the real
Amateur Bowllns L unr
The work done In the matches for tbe recent
lr dtolded obnmpon hlp ot tbe Bayonne Am
tour BowllDB League was only average In
quality Eighteen Ramos In all weie rolled
but In none of them did any of the teams reach
lCOO The Newark Bar Boat Clubs team iur
pa > sed 1500 four times and tha NewJoreer
AthlRtlo Clubs team did so ome Th average
score was Iil8 These Ilgures were exceed
ed by the Newark Bay Bost Clubs team la
every match save Its first by tbt NewJemr
Athletic Clubs team In six names br the Pam
rnpo Athletic Clubs team In three sanies and
by the Bayonne Bowllna Clabs t am only In
Us List same Subjoined Is a summary show
Ine tho blehest lowest and average More
made b each team
nut jnjdMt X IWIL Atenp
Newark Hay B O 181 1308 Jtt i
MwJerieyA O V21 18w MTOH
Iamrapu A 0 14 isos Ieo9
Baioune 11 0 l ort 136J 1B5I
Beventr bowlers took part tn the elgbtten
names TITO dozen of them rolled on the New
Jersey Athletic Clubs team sixteen on the
InmrnDo Athlotlo Clubs team fifteen en the
Newark Bay licit Clubs team and a similar
ntimbpr on tbe Buronne Bowling Clubs tram
Only fifteen players made an average above
160 forty xurpanurd an average of 140 and
flltythreo exceeded an averaiteof U
Klxieenplavorn liowled In every same of their
teams scries Upsides capturing the Cham
plonsblti tha Newark Bar Boat Clubs team
carried oft tho bulk 01 the other honors Two
of ltd nitniberi Mfssrs Osslan J Itamfdsl
nnd William x M oellar won the prlcee for
the two hlchcst nuliv dual averages In any
seven games The figures were lUnudelf
1U2 u7 uaokolar 1U 17 Two other ot Its
member M s rt James Murphy Jr and J
uewey were tho only players to score over
300 pica The formir rolled 207 once and the
fatter 208 onoo Twervtwn of tbe olarera
failed to roll an hlsh a 160 Below is a record
showing tbt Individual work ot the seventy
Thar I an Melting flnlib between tb Itailtn In
the Amatnr Bowling AMoclatlon Lgue Th Pal ma
hara ll2ht l d at prMut but tbould IhtyOron
the nam agalnit the KtvereMe tbit week then th
Jraey oily and Main lalanil Alhienc tiuu learnt ar
likely to come abreaat wlib them A rcord ot how th
team won and loit to date 1 herwltb glTeni
n leu Mon tun
Trnnt olhnmt ctlinu obrMi atrwd
PalmaClnb B
JiuyClty A a S
htten Ilnd AC 4 1 a l
Klliabetli A C 4
OrltanlFU 4 2 I 4
ftlverlidaAG 4 1 1 B
ltw Jtrtr A C u 8
Tha Independent tookatambl In th Jemy City
Amateur Howling League aerlee during tb put w eg
nd tb Volunner ar now dangeroutlr clo upon
tlim for tb pennant A record of bow the team won
ITna toil Wan Lut
Independent 7 s
Volunteer 8
Atalantaa 7 3 a a
Pin Knight t l i s
Paturei 7
Falrmount 0 7
Ctnturjt 4 B u a
Th ittnling of tb ttnb In th Nrtb Shore Ama
teur Bowling Leanne op to data It a follow
Th record of gam won and llolt la Ib Enlcker
tracker touioamtui followii
Clutit iron Lott man wtm int
Paihelnr S 1 frlday Aftern ona s
New lork 6 Prouctlon i
1liirnH 9 1 Metropolitan 0 eJ J
Madlto Kiatlwortb U e
Th landing of tht clob InthtTonag Men1 Ckrle
Uan A ocltlonLetBUfuliow
Cltno Wim CMC
Twentythird Uriel 12 Harm 9
Madlion arenu H luttllut
TorkrUi U
On Friday nlng tb Rill Ton Knll B a ed III and
B O rolladairlof game In th North Shore Ama
teur Bowling League on Hue alley tb Kill winning
both gam wltb ib following Kortsi
riar CAM
Kilt ron KnllCutter 157 Parker I4S Tea rert WOi
8chiknb cb 107 Larkln Itu Tola S4
llanu H ttpratt 1071 F Bpratu i4i Sprluer Il7i
T Bprail 13u llnry ita Total 7nT
Kill Ton Knllrnlir 15 Parker ITS Taa rlttlO
Srbalk nbaen I7 Larkln lexi Total ia
Iland W IIP r 103
BpralL SpratU Uptluier Mil
T Bpratt 1 Uenry lb ± Totalo74
Th Knickerbocker tonrniroenl gimri en Saturday
night mad tb Bght or flrit plae more Interfiling
Ih Phonlx Club by iltfeailDg tli Bachelor put
tbrimaonitual rmi lor flrit plact Tbticortai
Bchlrrrdlnand I47i Hmtl ItOi Bynr Uti
Emmon IMi Ailtn IA Totai 7U
i tlSSlffi la IUMI1
Pb < rnUOowp rtbwalt SOSi yiuilmmoaa liSi
Pr IS3 Kln I4 Clnl 177 Total Mtt
Bachelor Kcrdlnand l ui HanieL 17 1 Htyaor laai
Bmmimi leti Allts lai Total 7s4
Tb Or an Athlrtlo CUbba rxgun a club bawllnar
t vrnamnt ortalutbl priua ai folliiw Xetoriold
tludi lit with dl mondi crf Bin eel wlib threelli
mondu illk umbr guldbae4 IBB nd ivtr
melon box tohd on onv lid wlib tb ewblem nf th
elob and a bowling Ken Th prliii ar f or luam and
ndlvldual Liar r bleb about Uly melnberi w 3
come l in tbe prilimluejy game
10 UL > I > taMIB
Boulevard vi Mcniaty
Miiilnty va Ttrrar
Terrac vi linuierard
iBooaMf aitiomi ttaroiiaiiiiui
Firanac Va unv
> aruna i Uiho
Bclio la tarauac
< cn nut tonnn
rrovldent v Uncoln Conncll
Lincoln Uonnrli va Klangt
Klaufe va f rovldtui
JIIIIT cirv mtnvB tun
Ctntnry va Pleaiure al Ltgiurr alley
Independent vi AtalinU at Indtr adiBI ally
Thfi New Tork HchuBtacn Corp
Tb > w York Scbnetien Ror Sbootlpf Commltt
held a mtttlng lait wtk and formulated a programm
or tb coming eaioB which only ned tb ratlOca
tlon of the rorpi al Hi mi monthly n etlBg Tbl
yearn programme of th New > ork bebueut Corp 1
motl literal one nd oBirl verv Inducement loth
member of Ibe old New York aewclalloalo practU
dlllxtntly durlBg tbt inmmtr Tt > n gold medali rill b
awarded to Ib wlsntron the bnllere nrrel and flv
on tlm uulut urgtL Inateador tbe man lane
rmulailou rlne t r l bu been adopud and the iun
inoktng Hi AT UI Itorlon tbtt wnralo lie entltld
to gold mvilnie hbnottng r > n in t ihr rgett and
liractli thnoilng on match day win I fre ot cbirg
Anlnnovattnn hlckh l > rn Intii1ued thl rear Ua
mailial a urarale ring lariet wiih nnirac
uf i rorererylil iliola > try tboottr troring 2
polnti to receive aluablegod kdgaa igu ol
markmanthlp Tbt prlit win txnlilrlbutid a i
I Hi annual fall boot Tb match day bBTb a
nted for Ihtecund Friday of tb month on April IIA
May S Jun 12 July lu Aug 14 nd Sept II Tb
ualchM will b ihdi at tb liiuoa IIUI f a
at less than cost of manufacture
22 large Bevel Plata Glass firstclass in every respect
Deduced from 30
Two Hundred different patterns in Oak Mahogany Walnut
Cherry 16th Century Old English o o from 10 to 500
Bargains in all departments this week at the
559 to 571 Fulton St
Feck Snyders Celebrated
ALSO 1d ptln Broal Came boiwndj
wbeel itwalk tkt reJuiJ from
SAiOto I
Aiptelallotcfnntlralneddrlfinf and J
a MTtral matched teem Irom
Canada Mar u ien it
A Nmber f ao Matches a KM Br
th Brooklyn Handball Club court vretiiUd a gla
appearance on Saturday th uinil club day Nrly
all Ib ttan wer on hand and Trybody n 41 he
ta Bartlcnlarly good play lag oral llwa agrntday
or th BTorlte th only illpups being la Ib oatti of
Jack MeBTOy to lallprophy Shanghai and P
Qolnn th nimbi lad from Car lew and Dr Pull Smith
and John Uslcolm McBTy and Qntnnwr lmot
two to oa farorlte agalnat Larry Ford Ib tout
Oalway man and his faillmproTlng partner Bohert
Maloolm Tb icor
Ford nd Malcolm II 2I5O
MctToy and rendegraet 21 It IB30
Or Smith and Jobn Malcolm tbtn iteppd Into tk
court to baT a try at Patrick QnlBi ant William
Walih Tbcori
Qnlunanl Walih II 21 JIJW
Smith aad Malcolm 31 IT 1854
That Billy Waltb and f Q ot Carlow make a rattling
taam wa ibowa Try eoncTutlTely la addition ta de
feating Ur Smith and Jobn Malcolm tbtr tcord an
other creditable victory OTr Jobn Malcolm and Wil
liam Stoke Tb following cornowi
Tfalih and QnlBB 10 31 3IA3
MalooUn and 8loke 21 S 10 s
Champion Catty wai pitied agalnit WilliamWalib and
Ir Smlib during tbe latter part of tb afuraoon ib
flnlih being br gaallgbv Th eorei
Walih and Smith s a ai33
Fbllcaeey II 21 M t > 3
Jobn WcFToy and Tom Holme defeated f Mahoa
and P J CrlbblB afMr tbr prttly ver game
Th icon i
McEvoy and Holme 31 21 21 113
Mabon and CribDla IS IT jluM
Frank J PenJegrMt and J r McMh a playtd an
iceilenl fame walult Larry TraTIt and Th mi P
l > yntn u former wlanuig by a Ioe ccrtj TB
Pendegriit and McMaboa II 21 3082
Trarla and Lynam IB IB 21 08
Jame Dunne Jr ptartd Henry WUIIam an tiblbt
tlon match ot tbr game In former r trtTtng him
aelf Tery cieierly iron ib rteteal ullaed at th
Bandi ot hie opponent torn day ago Tb cor
JDunneJr 15 21 2157
II William 21 14 S 4O
Among other gamei wire i Clmon Henry a Douglat
trit Teteran waa given a beating by frank rend
grat that b win rmember for a long tlm Jam
Coaklln and W McDonnell defeated Al Madron an I
Kngent Burnt In the mand tblrd game by 21 to l
and 21 to lu Frank Pjodegratt and Harry Travl ieat
J r HcMahon and ueorg Waltera the Unit two game
by 21 to IT and 21 to IS Th third gam wee won br
MeHabou aud Walter by an are ooperTlior o a
Jndftdefeated Jamet nwetnty three tr1gbt gam
Patrick Molloy and G Sherry two player ot Uonobua e
court Clafteuu arenua ai d LiaB itreet Brooklyn ict
tied an old playing dlipul Molloy wlnnlug three
straight game
AT cooatiiiT cnnaT
Tbtr wi plenty ft good b ll playing at Hi South
Brooklyn Court on ginm t Among th tptelei eon
teta was on between fcd Donertr and Jam McCletry
of the Flint Social and Uourl Bowit and John
Powtrs Ib Istttr wer txaua to asunditlll The
Dotmly and MoCleary Jl 31 I1 s
BIet and Powtr 20 SM
Tb ritnlti of Ib othtr game wtrti
Mlk Stanton and Inll Fowtr at If 3151
John notch and partner 20 21 19 94
Jere Dunn and Baron Von Flogen 31 7 49
JOMPB Wgnrnd Jopb DCaoillUol IB si M
Mickey lenuon and Mlk Stanton IB 10
Paddy Holme and Jetn Connor 31 21 u
Jobn Wagr and Pull Powtr si 31 nss
Joe Nearer and William IT IS 1 31 3
Joeph Deiantlllloo 31 3113
Jeba Connor 20 10 34
Jo IeaTer and Torn Ford 31 31 31 ft
Jack MuhUicadl and Al Voyla It i 144
Phil OOll nd Jo Hli 21 31 2I41
Oennl bhay and Jaa Collgtn IS lu is S3
Bubtrt Maddtn and Con McNamara 31 31 42
Jobu Orlicoll and fcd LaTls lit 1037
fttT Cennoily and w Bradjnburg 11 it si < il
hli Obll and Jobn Connolly II 31 Ie 4
ABly OHlan and Jobn normal 31 IB ai ai
Cbaa Watjtn and parintr is 31 l 3
at > ncaaiT miv couT
On of tb mnt jolting gimei tbat bat bttn pay
la N r York for torn tlm took place on Kainrday b I
twan Th Hranlard and V Rooty agalnit P Bam
ana noVhClibooiy Th eenleilVratnepeit orTlii
gamtt Tb t > polrd played m h old form bat wa
tlateuby NewTorkeeriekUam Tflacori
Tb Spaniard aad Rooty IS It 14 I 19 is
Barrit and IHibooly tft 14 It is u u
Jim 7racy waa defeated br D Hyland after a geod
irn be the following core i
Hyland T 11 ISJT
Traoir IS is 11 30
Jack Keelr and Patdr wtt were dtftated by
Tommy rweeney nd Bo frMt attar Ibru clot gamti
Bwny nd yroit lo 1540
Kely and Wiih I s Jj
Fd rarroll and Dob f rott oa a very clever vlrtorv
ever T n my kweuey and Paddy WtUb Tbe Morii
rarrnll and Frml IJ It a 14 ioa
kv ntyw > dVtlib u Ik
Odds d End orn > r <
Th Sylvan Athlellcl will bold their monthly stblella
and variety enlerlalnmenl a their club hot
Waiblngtou avenu near I6ilb Itreet oo Mgu r eien
log MariiUO
Herman Glad Ttie flrit blltl between Jack Oemp
and ueorie La lllancht wai fought in a burn Si
irebmonlon Kb 7 Inro Iheecond battl beiwren
Tb llelroent TnnlCIh a ynnngindpronililngor
ganlrttlnn ol tb anncjed dltirlct held a rreiiiun at
tiielrclnbhoui on rrl4yTciiinz ML Tb eut nf
tli evening wa a prime ibatrual conitdy tutllld
Hough Diamondwuion wai thoroughly Apnrecia ej
by thott pre uv
Arrangement hare beta mad to hold a handicap
etlilard toornameot at Arlington Hall Brooklyn to
opou ible etenlug Ill iniri ami budlrai > nrt
Mtlr fbllllri and llnghn jil rain IJ Alice
i5i nle Mtrrla nd niltli Uli Tlioinburgh Iol
ud Tfitond Itfui Leler Ml Lsne Ui Cofllu tii
Chetiirbrouk lou
Tht Maplwood Fail O ante South Kid Eat sidt
and WnouiWt gun eluu lent Ulenatee lu a tnentlng lii
Stwark nn faturday lu ottcuu map for a iripihooilua
tournautalat arllDclal birda for iboubauiinontblooi
K rx county All wr fatorably dlirvytd BJI tia
deflulle rrngmenti were mad Another mtellng
III be bld en Balurday trtnlng
Ik Wir wai arrtited and lined HI by Jmit Hmron
of lanialllo tor intuiting Llierty Aaiioleon a riw dat
ago lir wu unablt i fr In nne tut wa llaerated
nbUfrlind Oeorg tlinp becoming hit turty Hrlr
ha beta on a proiound iprtt einr bli irrhal lioma
from Atidraila II had Uen drinking with NBPOIH
Tut laltr wanted tn go bom tnd Weir litd In r lr ni
Ulrabyiorit Although Wtlr itrnek > poion ITFAI
time h wai too drunk lo Inliirn him Vapoleon aid
Ibat ill Spliler ttinpied In rob him Tlie itttair took
plat laaaloon kept by Uecrjie Otnn BfiltBdvl tb
rratlo HI llr
Tb Way and Mean Uommllt of Ih Natlnnal
Crou Conuiry Aeneuiloa met at the Arena ytirrdaV
Preildeni B c Ullllimi In iht chtr li wa an
nouucd lhat pew acfcuioti lo llie iMoclallon wr it
Stuyytiani A l nt Kew Vrk Trlmount A C Boiioni
KylTan A U Ilirlirn Bolon A A ana Kw Jnr A
O Alto Ibat Ihe Columbia A O oMfatblngtcm wAtrS
reilgiecl torn lira ago hat wttbilrawn 111 relgnalloV
all of wlitcb go tunow iballli Ht1onaT Croat i oun7
try AMeelaifon le grtrlne Teryrapldiy TwttyiVo
club biT md tnlruaror Id itnlor and lunlor croea
country run 10 b lielil on April M at llorrl Park Tli
aameloinailtte will meet n it NundaT nnon and
mJi arratigeraenti for th open runf tb oaiaiirn
at M orrjt Irk on A trll 4 Fil rirflon Ouelrml i3
L i tb Nw Tnor J rfru
in in comin iournmnt ol in national Crow Coni
U AatMcUOoa at BOW > B wUMUH at Sptuldjng
Mauiy CreeocoBBtrr HU Tester
Over I I TnUI
Many iBtmsttng eroueoantry ran w r held y e
Urdaybylb follo er of paptr cent and tb dayi
sport wa heartily njd by tb many participant
who ar bully ngad ta ittlnc Into form for th
cro cooaBtry Bhamplontblp Tber wu ex r tuck
ratUIritdU > lay d Inanytventae tb meralMr
ot It local tbltlo fratrnliy ihow la tb outcome of
tb eroaacountry race tbt iiaaon
Tbe member of tb Rldgtwood Uarrleri bud their
raguJar weekly road run from tht club bad uaitri
on th Qlendale road Capt Jobn J Oonrdln officiated
ai pacemaVtr and tb boy kept up a good gall over
th whl rout Thconttt wu vry cloir for tb
atblelM bad mlitd tblr mldwtk rnn owing to tb
j1 > llinlXMbtr > nold won with C pt
iSinfci 1i111 Ttr > cl ° aoond and June 8 MOT
pbtll1 TUBt aecondi
th oommand of C pu Bl uard A Brady th
i5til > rlgt Athlete Club HrrUr ran over
m XHf fWf9 court at Bay Hug during th
snprnlng J r Johnaon finally won a vary good run by
w VifrJm imck bo wa UrVui in
ront of Brady
Tlrnj U ailnm 10 teondi
1141 0 th UnJon Atffwlo Club ltd tb
elob at a gonditllt pace over ilx mUe
Hjcurri nd thlr regular weeklv ma
s V malcacourM > rdyatterniien Wtlrlam
wiSu ° ttiK Itb Daniel NO an econd and
Wllilam ueorg third Time 3j minute I4M econdi
rJn1 JrtBlVhTVl cSlblnM run < ih > ionrot and
Ceniurlon Atblelio Olub waa beld over th uiuai elubl
li iJa b vlcny < yprei II II a i A
S JJf b2Tiof ue taniurlon won with Edarl T
S5SSJJ roAc > eeooud and Mailer rt beir anew
> > Hand whll th inmbiei t ft
Amrlc n Allrrton raitlni and CnnrTt
l onnildered a dllghtf ul pt >
Olub In Jereeyrlty im Haturday evening corn ot
repreentatlv allikte held a coniat ovr hill and iiaa
WBmBdB from theooity hed
i o on
thlr Journey Uapt 1 > Koity reached Ih cluo b u >
Brit covering the distance In forly mlnuiei w H r
mon wa clow on bit betla with fc Impliii not IKIU
hreilduof runnerecam In t fr quem Imrrai
for folly thirty minuta rier in rinitn ot tb leader
ilr2i ° wii atched th albltr of the Wan
and Lohllard athletic ciufe tart and Hnlih tbeir rim
Joint croatcounlrr rnu nr a teMei yeiterday aturnoon
whlcb nrourred Irom th conforiabi norniclleof me
Danutleri Yacht tiub on tha Communlpaw iiTrr of
Newlork Buy Th runner wer diMed Intoaiaii
nnd low pack Th latter er > nt way three min
ute before tbe othera Of the fait park Joieph I lanrr
V wa th flrit to arrlvo home Half a member nf Hi
Lonllard AlhUilu Uliib II covrrd th dltanre in
mmoiea following clot I ehlml him cam p Ikrtiii t
III rn Athletic Hub and the Dnt ot ih How paek
Mil time for ihe dlitanc wu 41 mlnuiei and j lecondt
Frank Dolan of h Lorllard Athletic riub win ih i
end man 10 arrive of tb fat pack with bliclubmait
Harry Hreri third Th mcond and third men in U
low Pack wer frank Rlorlanoflh LorllUM Athletic
Club and J liertzof ihe Wayn AlbUtio Club
CbanccB IB ho New York Athletic Club
A number of prnpotd amendment to tb eoncito
tlon ot tb New York A C will IM preientd at the an
nnal meeting on > larch 111 Among them li on provid
ing tliat tbe number of reldtnt member of IkerluH
hall not eicred 2 in and that Ib Board of Dovrrnnri
bill hav nowr forihwlth to clet airrndeni mrm
ber0elrub member ot tbe Cltlzeni Blcyci riub to
a number nut exc dniir H > i
In addition to in fare < olgamndmnithfolloir
Ing ritoluiloni III b oflereu
HAnvtu It uiiilraU lo obtain faclllllei for tin
proper eitabllaliment uf a blcro Ing department for tlii
ciuu auii
irtirrii Hneh raclllll ar oltird bvtbt C HrerV
Bloycla llubof tliUoty wboee m mben ar deilioui
f ulitiaimlng md club and joining thl club Here
of Kvrftt That the Board of Ooiernor b empower
ed to pnrchtif on be talf of thli clnn from tht Ciniei1
Blcyolt Ciub all their n ht title and lnlret In and 0
a I tbelr property and aaittiat IB tttat mxileih trtt
hew lorkcity andlewher Including tb I ae nf
aad prmUea at and fora eum not toiceel
and aiw to aaiiime on Ixhalf f thlicub tb liilillltlei
of laid blcyci club not to tsceel however ILe um of
Another propnatd amtndment provlJe thai In any
open athletic competition In which memberiof tb < >
clubtak > irt noramberot Ibl eluii ihali compel if
nltred from anolber club A violation ft thl reaolrn
mni thai randtr a member llthl lo ia > ien ion or ei
puitlon > t the dlicretlon or ih tluardnf overnx
Tb lait parai rat b i Oeiignvd to ihot off mimtet f
tbe Manhalun A c whn aiiobiniiK to th > ewor <
A C and bowl > gamit tb team ot tbi lattir club
t Blanche IB Being nit Hard
About levinelghtbi of Ihct wboiair tb La Blincbe
Mltcbll flgbt ar of tbt opinion that tht affair wai a
fake pur and lmpl > The naco ciuid enillta mlrll
amoug tboie who were not coniMrd eligihlt to mew
beriblp It It now elaled on good authority thai 1 a
Blauth wai to much nuler the Innuenc of llqu > r
when b entered the ilah boue few bmir blfire me
betilMliatahiity mrellnrot ib lnaril nf Mrrcio l
held to ilicM betber b wa > In a rondilloa l >
enter Hi rlnit Aftrr he Iml ra meii III eirltnl i er l
with a ooupieof hunreitip he wai alioxed lornin
pet There u a neither liitf lug nor hint ihtd cmnga
lo lull III > act alidlclirr and loud rriea of dllarpi
ballon greeted both Miihlere i thev lelt the ring I bet
w not a mmtir prent who belleted Ibai 14
Blanelie t > a knocked o it
Th rnot uiplclou cirrumlinc eennacttd wltb Ir
aOalr waa tin telling Yonnz Mitchell at a hot favor
It at ID lotu Tbir wa notiiliK in warrDI ibei
odd In fart AHInilehialeiirrernrd and wa
really tbe clnb mnit > r < rlmce AI many nf tli 8
rranclico pool room Mnchel a > bitred from il
txokt La Hianchocnirri in fir all the bamt > oon
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