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Mlr MUtrei Tim Tkelr K opp t t Fr
elaaa > TrTe tk la Cetera Isaiweel by
owCfcear Silver Hnrtla New Me z
iflalaBA TVIMeat ratr rl > e
ho JII
BOKC CITy Feb 20A crest deal of snow
BISI OI southern Idaho daring
kit fallen throughout Idlho Iurlnl
fliP out week Insuring a splendid year forth
nticer miners In Boise Hasln It It I from three
per to etaht foet In depth and through the Salmon
country from live to ten feet At some
RlT r eountr lfe
BoInU on the higher mountains thro are
plnt of from ten to fifteen feet on the level
dptl tom of mow Insures abundance
The lIE l quantity Inlure abuDdaue
r three or four months which will
or I water monte wi
watr minor to do well Will
Inble th pIer miner wel Wble
the olMr do not yield as abundantly ii they
VSTS olar In put the annuiil product of gold
5nit from them II yet Quito large and adds
Itch to the prosperity of the State The
inowf ll will also b of some bsneBt to the
onwte mining Interests
QUa leDa mines of the Wood Rlvr dls
considerable The
producing ore
Queen II the mils at Droadford which has
iiki Idle tor a rear now ebons a vein of solid
Iau len over two feet In width In past years
thlt mini WM extensively worked siring em
t > loim mii to from 20 to 800 men but was sup
posed to be worked out when shut Tho find
IDI Otejotli rore body A extensive as any
former worked brings the mine to the front
iui Jn nd gives reason for strong hopes that
the Dla will be extensively worked In the
near mi tel Several small mine la the neigh
borhood Dea a developing splendidly and the
owners are getting out considerable ore for
Ollff shipment a to Omaha and Denver for reduction
Around Ketohum and Ilalley the mines are
yitltUuC handsomely and there will be con
tderable ore ready for shipment as soon as
the roads are payable
Ih Banner mill in llolse county II 1 yielding
largely and tho amount of oro In sight In the
lwe I very larueeufllolent t keep the 20
mill running for years to come The
turnp mi rUDnlol ear
Wolverine mine owned
eut extension of the
by l at > Jtod Small John Kcnnaly and Frank
Simpson has been tapped by a tunnel and a
Urn vein of good silver ore exposed The
Oalvctton west extension of the Grown Point
ud several other prospects In the district are
diriloplng Into valuable mines In fact Ban
ntrlioneof I the best situated and richest of
Its t mineral districts of southern Idaho and
there Is now enough ore exposed In the differ
eront mines to warrant the assertion that a
nt or snventyllve stump mill could b kept
running for years
rODnlol rea
Ins action of the House Committee on Coin
uie la deciding to report against the Silver
Bill Is very much regretted by the people of
this btate as silver mining Is our chief Indus
try upon which the people doi nd more than
uix > a any other for nupport Without the free
and unlimited coinage ot American silver
many rloh tubes will He Idle for years to
coiuv but with It tho Btate will go ahead Im
proving and many new mills would be erected
iiurlog the year gllng employment nt to thou
ronda or miner mmnanlcs artisans and la
borers Thu agrlciiltural tnanulacturlng and
msnr othr Interests uro directly dopend nt
upon our ether mlle which will not only b
frivftnced but new ones will spring Into exist
ence with tbe fro and unlimited coinage of
the white metal Our people are HO doll interested
hltemela poe
terested In the subject taut to obtain suet
leKlsiailon they ate reudy t obliterate party
liues In Idaho neither a Itopubllcan nor
Democrat who Is opposed to silver could be
elected tea State or county office
Northern Idaho will produce more bullion
this year than ever beloro Many of the minis
are employing trom flity to one hundred men
and many more concentrators will bo erected
thJn year
Sil Owyhee county the mines are all looking
well and tho mills will have more work than
they can do a lOW months hence Una hun
dred t one hundred and fifty more stamps
will b erected there this year which will give
great kinds of Impetus business to mining Interests and all
The fact that Idaho has become a State no
that legislation favorable to mining can b
enacted will do more than nil else combined
for our great Industry Many mine will b
sold wit the next few months
DZXTC I Feb 2SThe many snow storms
during the past few weeks have bad a ten
urnl t decrease the output of ore In all
Colorado mining camps Aspen LeadvUle
Aspo LavUe
Ouray and Bllverton have Men especially
affected and snow slides have been more frequent
quent than for years
Lake City is ono execution and more ore Is
being at present shipped than for years past
Iblp Plt
VIP hIdden treasures ofteCarrlzo Mountains
In southern Colorado continue to attract atten
tion 1 Is said that a man named Uyrkk who
eventually lost his life by Indians was inde
fatigable I his ellortH to penetrate the country
Mrrick Insisted that rich placers and lodes
jrtreto b found in the I Carlo or Chuck Luck
Mountain An old man named Hill at
Hrrott sad he had been in these mountuluf
before and that both good placers and
lodt were there He once took some men to a
point on the La Plata Mountains from whence
a good view of the Sierra Coriizos could be ob
tained and pointed out a particular peak
where three streams rise On the middle one
lie Mid were rich lodes and placer Tho men in
laelrexplorations found tbr o stnams just ox
described coming from the peak Gold was
found In all the streams and even in tho gross
roots of the adjacent valley hut the Indians
would permit no attempt at prospecting and
turned the little party back a number times
The Park Kegont at Aspen continues to be
one of that camtis leading outnuel Sixty
five men are kept buhy taking from seven to
rye hundred tons tit r nlgngrado oro per day
The Uttlo Lottie produces seventyfive tons liar
day or 20ounce ore Other Axpcn properties
esjpeeiidly t Adieu mine are all progressing
Private advices fnni La Vila nro that the
mines In tho Spanish Peaks will begin opera
tions as soon as the snow permits getting sup
Plies tn the mlne up
A strike of ore running big In silver and nold
DM leen made Iu thu Lexington nt Iriahn
tBrlniwandthe nro rniiBtiuQOiothe ton Tiae
production 01 the Mineral Chiof mine at
lieoreetown during IVHI was 3JO ton of oro
jalaedattl84747i Ihovaltie of tho output
from Ib Mendotta J 11112
A special was received In Denver this evon
Imr Irom Bo so City Idaho which tells of the
alt that place today ot lb telainar mines
iteiio miiiet aro In tlm woMern part of tile
Hate and are the Kiwatost producer In Idaho
The group of the Uclnmar mines Is ono mile
Ion aDd threeroulh8 f ot I mile wide ttith at
least twenty veins already op nml In a limited
peace rnnnlna from xu 1 m and 70 I to 1K fe <
wide twne I up BoiriO 300 to WJO feet Iu length
f25rPduilnf mil In ore of IHO to lj per ton
In soil aDd sUvr and hipping ore tir the < ar
load blUnR 710 10 < OI Jr too Thu owner
or tOo mines was Cht J JU Jel l mar who 10
rated them Oe
Inld roars ago this price paid was
2000O00 and the purcnnsers I Include 1 num
bar of ulisli B ople >
IJLUa CIT K b Fob 24 MinIng matters
see beginning 10 < rNmme their normal condl
ton at llnol Altos though there are not so
teeny men at work ynt as there were before
thsgrlpprnstratod 1 onrl > r nIl I the miners In tbe
camp 4 The Moullaln Key Cotupanyliasabout
nfsaed important IniprovenientB fn the mill
ItDIAlbed Altos 5 unl flare Is a proipoct that 111
TleDt of dividends will Iro resumed thin
cmtuer JPI that tupauy The Astec Com
aDlrer having spent thousands of dollar
Hn II f puttl dowl lliart to develop the mini
as larHI a l nil I which will eroscut the
la ihVh lower rolllt han I h wil been reached
1bafllnt at the same time will sate
atoJaelSPia of hoisting the I ore which lies
fnJJth e tunnel let ol of which there Is many
touNDd ton Dwldes Ibis It will drain the
Smn bot tllter wblch la now pumped out
through the shafts The company has spent
mor II AlnklDI hbartR and ijoninjofaintj
bolstll or
lUtyirani I bll than the tunnel vtlll cost
1n4 when It Completed i the company will save
least <
SI lelt Sivenitjr1SP coot IHT ton on e ery ton
tr mined Tbo opacity of the mill la
tboot fur tODR per day Inll when the tunnel
ftCOInrieted th company will have no trouble
hlne tIkig lnl Btt > ouiit of ore out of the mine
t elnrlel the cotun mel of op ratlnrs on
it ra roa1 south from Jomlng Into Jtexleo
Ii talk i2f ruttln HP a IMMm sniellwr at
2i BihaH been Ihed i l Midi a plant would
eIte art aniounts nf ore from thi pouih
ui SSter part eftboTPirltory frol It is dmbt
rlllerbo elber n I ant of that capnclty could bo
ab rt rucllnl there without gutting consider
rI ore from Mesb o Home bllhIrad ole is I
teh ow loreed iat mini but the duty Is too
tS 10 alwowKraile end or xl vxrbear He
lO0tn tad treS 10 be Iwporieil With fAIr lend II
OI11re8 Imeler or too or von lnrc > r enraoity
could bI > rato1 as on ns thn I mllroacl line
nines tVeh el tIn Sierra M dres whore the richest
11110 northr i Mnxico are Mtuatod A
lftrtnJrolfctorl1 Ii 18f Iro I I flatol week
rr Mntlps end will bo gon set oral
HK Ie 1BrlJ Is wall quipped nud Is 1 ao
IPR d by It L Iowoll ono of the hAl I
On mInmn engineers ot this section 1 Is
Ixasoted that l there will bo a larger number of
PeCtor in the mountains In Northern
1e Ubu and Sonora thIs year than ever bo
sdo withstanding the fact that only thIn
ysntlferpui lend ore ran be mined
CookS are DI Ahled hen treatment
Iteodil t I leak O1la continues to Improve
dntlbid The Olllut I fOntHntlyInoiinslnis
Jrrnednplopifiii voi h vhi It is utihit nit
hrioglug to light LodleH addling
I hllo llht ante ore Iodlel or
o adlll
Ibo owntnunt t if 1 oro bodies already lb
11 els
CuTed 1de Much of im ole In tin district In I low
tut a tveryllttlebai < been done In the
mPtlDrtoconcentratot The lessees
rbol Mower Queen mine are successfully
flni three jigs and blpplng concentrate
up mine Waa never unnnauIulVr operated b
lor but the remits now obtained appear to
warrant more extensive operations apljar or
the ore taken out of the Cooks Peak mines
now goes to tho El 1aso smelters hut I a
larger Plant Is nut up at JJpmlng most of the
ore will be treated there as the mine In this
district are only fiom IB to 20 miles from Oem
Ing while the r Is now shipped about 120
miles to Kl 1npo t
A strike of considerable Importance has
been made In the Young America mine In the
Maitdaienas A fourfoot vein of 40 ore has
been uncovered and Is now being worked A
larger vein of oro which runs annut sin per
Ion has also been found there The outlook
for mining In the Mapdalenns this summer Is
better than I has been for three years al
though tho present condition of the Jlrs and
sllv > r market Is far from being satisfactory to
tbe miners southern New Mexico
There Is very little doubt that the Consoli
dated Members Mining Company will allow
the mines at Ueorgetown to remain practically
Idle this summer A few miners sl ract hold
leases and these will probably continue to
work on a small scale The oontnue this
companys mines baa Men as high D 140000
per month In th part two years but the mnn
iigsr appears Inclined to allow the mines to re
ent main rates Idle rather than sell the product at pres
AwuunM Oat reb MU Is not often that
the Eastern Investor In mining property gets
hold of the profitable rlnln 1 wildcat Mcheme
and doestbe honest miner out of hlshardearn
ed money but them Is one such rate on record
In tho courts of Placer county Two or three
years ago the Hov 0 A Ponsio came bore from
the East and bonded he Eclipse mIl from J
D Patterson lie returned to New York or
ganized a company and disposed of a part of
the stock to parsons who hail confidence In
htm Patterson retained an Interest In the
property nnd was mae superintendent lolo
was Vlcu1renldent and drew a salary ot 4uO I
1 month Tho Bev Mr Lowls of Now York
was made Secretary at a salary mid trlends ot
the two preachers received riaoos about the
mine at fete little salaries with nothing to do
Then they began to develop Ihe mine on tick
paying cash Jan nothing but tholr own services
Ilia finest mill In tbe country was built but
not paid for and men were hired to run II The
Eclipse put on mote style and produced loss
bullion than any mine In Leo Htato The unpaid
miners began to grow uneasy ns Poages
promises to pay wouldnt buy provisions
for their famllle and they fIled Hens
upon the mine lInt Poaga was ahead of
them even In thnt and they found that Le had
fled alien on hl > own account In no time
the Ecllpen was plastered all over with lions
and the mine was closed POle and 1 ewls
hired lawyers talked soothingly to the miner
promised to pay arrears of wages on a certain
date and tbi > n skipped Irom Auburn on un
early train with their pockets full ot money
The case Is now In court and has been so
thoroughly complicated by the fifteen lawt era
engaged in I that Judge Catlln doesnt know
what I Is all about Patterson hoped to sao I
the hole In the ground because the parsons I
couldnt carry that away and the lawyers cant
absorb It but the miners wno dug the Kifa do
not hot to get anything < I
Twenty years ago there was a mining camp
called Star City on tho McCloud nnd Pit hirer I
divide In Shasta county but for the past cloven
years Star City has had but one Inhabitant nn
old minor named Utnut who stuck to his claim
when everybody MInut abandoned the camp
The ledge of sliver quartz that attracted the
original locators was rich enough but I con
tained sulphurets that were hard to work In
those days and the miners loft It for easier
dllllnll Stout has worked his claim In sum
mer and fall and labored elsewhere In winter
for wages to get supplies Working In that
way he has driven a tunnel laou feet Into the
mountain and at lost be has struck the ledge
The JloCloud ftoneer says there will be quartz
mills before long In Star City In I old Stout
Will have plenty of company again <
The Kennedy mine Anm lor Is employing
100 men and the mill Is kopt running to Its
full rapacity on paying ore Tbo output or
FUlpburem Is one and a halt tons a day and
their talus In tlfJI a ton
The Daisy Hill mine Nevada county has
been Idle for several ear but some Uibuters
recently wont to work on the claim and In
following up a stringer that came In on the
footwall they opened a vII 0 twenrflr Inches
wide containing free coarse gold The find Is
regarded as Important as It Indicates thuG por
tion and direction of the true vein that the
01 iglnal locators of the i hum lost earn 110
Frank Hall mining engineer baa traced and
surveyed an old river channel In Slsklyou a
distance forty miles The channel Is Sot
leet wide and the grael I said M le 100 feet
deep Tbe development of such a channel
Slskiyou will give a great Impetus to drift mining in
It Wat SuKBCBtlona for a Budaeia Com
tame for Women
WABBIHOTON March IAt the final business
session of the Board of tbe National Council
of Women there were present the five general
officers and the representatives of the twelve
associations now fully entered In the Council
lists The Boat considered untlnUhed busi
ness and passed the following resolutions
sattrat tint that the National Council ot Women
of the Called Slat Ma4 a mora to th cUrffymn
of the Jdtthodlit Episcopal Church uklng Inasmuch
Is H3 par culL of the membership of that denomina
tion bee already by formal ballot expressed a deslra
the women be admitted to the leneral Conference
that the etrray shelL I accordance with the will ot the
laity mant the admluloa of women tn that body
Heooud That the Council ask lhat women be placed
on the Sunday SChool Lon Committee and on all
churches for the
committees appointed In the various
revisions of their creeds
TbtrdTbat the Council urge npon lb National K
form Plvoro League th eminent fitness sad conse
quent obligation of placing women on Its Board
Fourth That th National Council of Women shall
present to the proper authorities a formal request that
In all departments of Its servlc the Government
PIT Its employees equal wages for equal work and
that both in engaging and promoting Its tmplorteslt
stijtll consider eOclencr and not nex and thus set a
stsnJara for the country
The Council alro resolved to furnish I block
of stone or marble suitably Inscribed to place
In the monument to bu orectid oer the guava
of Mar the mother of Washington und voted
to commend to nil organized bodies ot women
the objects of the Mary Washington Society
Itnolfcil TDM th central otncer shall appoint a
committee of women whoa duly It shall be tu report
within year suggestions for a business cottume fur
woman which sliall meet the demanis uf health com
fort and good taste
HtiolveA loon tti Council approves the movement
for BreTtntliif the tlauctater f JI the rmpJ
loto of ornamentation and thai I asia uurrlcin
women to Imitate the example ot the 1rli ceis at Wales 1
who hu rorblnden the luo 01 the plumage of curiae
llrde on her toilets
Congratulatory letters were received from
many distinguished people J U Whittier
the venerate pool writes its follows
aui vlal to see the oail for a Council of phil nthropo
women for the purpose of uultlnir Die vaiiojn nucieties
of reiorm and proxresfclnajfraiia confederation whirn
will conserve the highest sood or thu fainttv and tho
viI and which viu 1 OPPOSe nerv form rrI rr l nninuoe
and Injustice II Ic i ut noble Idea I and full 1 or promlies
We need the strenRih which cumek tour unit ut vrm
pathr And iiurposo I neeil not tell thee my deer
fricnil thst f stall watch the iToeeeillnus of tlie Conn
cit with deep Interest aud with earnit prayerc i > for lit
success Tlilnn II truly Jmif 1 tVuiTriKit r
The new President will coon Issue nn uJ
dress and tbe llret annual eonfcrnrce of uSe
Executive Committee will be held In May
EXAUtlO omlltoo wil
Steps will be taken at once for erecting a
building at Ulen Echo suitable for Intermedi
ate meetings of the Council and of tho vat bus
organizations ontorlnt it Triennial meetings
of the Council will always b held to Washington
A Village Burned
VATCBTOWN March Jlermon St Law
rence county u villug of about COO Inhabi
tant rlx miles from DoKalb Junction was
vlsl tod this morning by a terrible conflagration
At about midnight fire was discovered In a
store owned by J I Phelps I spread rapidly
until It had lapped up about twenty buildings
and entailed 0 loss of upward of 75000 Most
of the losers had hub Insurance and some
had none The only apparatus for lighting tno
lames was a band engine but tbo water froze
in the hose and made It useless Among the
buildings < lui < troyed were Jhrlp lintel the
Knox and Tohnen blocks tho Baptist Church
and the Ureat Nnrttivvestein telegronh olllce
Ind Nortmosteln olee
Several families llvltie over the storex lost all
their possessions Ivlul tore and one hole
alto all tbut remains nf tbo bunlnosh portion of
the village I Is estimated that the insurance
will agfrrgate f4noou
J he thermometer marked three de > rres
bolo tin nil day tnt there IB much sulfering
and destitutionTbo lire Is believed tn have
bun of Incendiary origin anil suspicion
centres on one person who bus had many fires
aud whose property was not paying him
A Tornado In a VlVfClnlu County
rKTECSBuna Va March 1A terrific wind
storm which assumed the force and violence
of tornado passed over a largo portion of
Mockllnburg county last evening and was ac
companied by a heavy fall ot hall ot unusual
comlnld fnl hal
Mzn Immense tree were torn up by the
roots and their branches twisted Into all kinds
of shape Orchards In many localities wero
comuletely ruined Barns and outbulMlngn
comlletlJ were down and the timbers carried a
great distance by the wind Dwelling houses
rocked as it they would faiL
P T Bureuaaai Illnesi
BniDOKrouT March 1A rumor was circu I
lated In this city this afternoon that 1 T Bar I
11 iiin had suffered a rolitpio end was In it eiltl I
cal condition Mr Ilalley Ills paitnor said
that Mr Barnum bud trot yet recovered from
the illness which attacked Lint lust fall lie
said however that while bu was not able to
leave tb house hlt was around the house and
expected shortly to take exercise In the open
oJletd trouble seems to be a general break
Ing down of the system owing to old an
Tke Preseat Itnattea Cierir KxpUU 4
Kn dreitt aa < Phd Menalas is that the
Minority r QoUc to lint
New BntTjiiK March tAt the present time
most peculiar political 1 situation obtains In
Connecticut Hitherto it has teen a complica
tion but Imperfectly understood by those un
familiar with the politics of the Nutmeg Stats
They have had a general knowledge of the In
justice that rules but not ot the legal facts
which give power to candidates who were de
feated the polls
Morgan O Bnlkeley who wan In a minority
of the votes out In 1888 was declared Gover
nor by the Legislature He was a candidate
for renomlnatlcn and so objectionable was
his record to his own party he was openly
laughed at when the Convention was held
Samuel E Mertrln was selected t bond the
republican ticket and the Democrats
again nominated Luzen D Morris as
their candidate At the election Mor
ris received 67C69 votes Merwln 63976
while for other candidates 3CGO were cast
This reeul A declared by a Republican re
turning board gave Morris a plurality ot 8080
and a majority of 26 All the other candidates
on the Democratic ticket had larger majori
ties And yet Bulk el ey refuses to recognlto
Morris and Insists on holding over while but
one ot the Democratic candidates Nicholas
Staub the Comptroller la In his office Bulks
Icy In the plenitude ot his Importance did all
he could to prevent even Btaub from taking
The cause ot this anomalous condition ot
things Is mainly In the organic law of the
State The Constitution Connecticut now has
Is practically a colonial one In essence It has
como down from 1662 when Coy VTlnthrop
secured It I from Charles IL ot England 1 was
slightly modified when the Union was formed
uml was amended after bitter struggle Iu 1818
so as to give the pooplo religious liberty but
sine then no Convention to alter it
has convened I really reflects the
will ot an Ensllih King and re
pudiates that modern sovereign the soy
eielgn voter It answered when Con
necticut was an agricultural community but
now that this Is a manufacturing State It does
not answer It did well enough whoa the
shad in our greatest river were all salmon
but now It Is as far removed from the need of
the people as the salmon aro horn the waters I
ot tho Connecticut
Under the provisions of this antique Consti I
tution a clear majority of otos is required to
elect I this is not rocehvd the election is
thrown into the General Arsembly and that
body makes choice of State oiilcais Tile first
provision Is bad enough but the lost I in la
worse In tho selection of membuisof the lower
House no attention IR paid to the popular vote
The town is the basis of representation
borne towns have one representative and
other two but never more than two At the
last election the town ot Union cost 36 votes
I has Iwo votes In the Legislature In Now
Haven 15309 votes were polled and that city
bus but two votes as well In the Court of Ap
peals to which the election of State officers
coes New Haven has no more power bal
Union or than any one of forty or
fifty more towns but little larger There
are 257 members of the lower House and the
population line when applied to them makes
a strange showing According to tbu last cen
sus over onehall tho people of tho Stuto live
in the thirteen largest towns These towns
have twentysix vote In the Legislature while
the remaining towns containing a minority of
the people bnv 2tia members The fact tunt
tho smallerplacoR are usually stroll llopubll
can In their tendencies accounts for the love
that tilt party of Czar need has for this system
It dlBf ranchlspsthe Democrjta and gives to tbe
minority perpetual power binco 18S4 the
Democrats Imvo steadily given their candi
dates for State officers pluralities but In
every Inetanco the Legislature has seated the
Republican nominee The balloting gave the
Democrats a tlctnry the people endorsed their
clam hut under the law defeat has been
thlr portion
This year there was 0 change in the pro
gramme The political cyclone of last Novem
ber was felt in Connecticut I drove the
Kapubllcnn ship out of what wan thought to
be a perpetual barboron to rocks that were not
perferuRI Every Dnmoratlo candidate for
the first time since Wallers I1U1 in 1832
hud 1 majority at the polls and the result won
so returned by a Republican canvassing board
In addition to this the Democrats received a
maJorIty of tbll tbu Senate The lower
house however under the town system was
proof against tho storm and still remained In
pOhseR ion of the liepu Oilcans The situation
wa critical The party that has ruled Con
necticut on the principle of divine right
saw power slipping from It and decid
ed upon most heroic measure Hitherto
It had demanded a strict construction of the
Constitution and had adhered to every technl
nnllty Tbe condition wa reversed and the
Domorat found their claim sustained by tho
document that was once hid In the Charter Oak
In regard to the declaration of the State ofll
clals the following method is by it prescribed
A fair list of the persons and number ot
votes given for each together with the returns
of tho presiding officers shall be by the rnu
vassiui board mode and laid before the Gen
eral Assembly then next 10 le 1 bolden on the
first day of too session thereof and said As
sembly ihall after examination of flue xamn
declare the persons whom they shall llnd to be
legally chosen
legaly Ken ate as the law provides declared the
Democratic candidates chosen The Itopubli
con House however Insisted nn going bohlnd
the returns In order to overthrow tttiu major
itle and whittle them downto plunlltlcK only
TheBrnate refused and the House appointed a
committee which took et part testimony and
reported that none or tlie Democrats oxceoi
lug Stan for Comptroller had a majority
They claimed that both Houses uhotild melt
to elect State ofllcors but thin Senate declined
M go Into joint session For amost six ackn
although it was admitted that Htlub haul 0
majoilty he was Oll out of hlaoftlce When
ho Old lake Iloors lon I wai done In dollance
of Hulk Joys most batter ppoH10D The Ho
pubiiouns did 1 jut as they pleased 111 conduct
lug thn investigation upon which their
amended election ronultsare liunod The Dem
ocrats rouse tn take part In the work The
witnesses examined In the task of going bo
lilud the leiurna were all RepublIcans and as
no boxes wore opened to verify tbe testimony
the results are innoIvininKlnnrjandloB aided
Tho provision of the Constitution which etatoa
hut HID returns shall bn received and the re
cult d dared on the first day of the SC5SiOtl was
Ignored Instead of that and by falling liaiK
upon nn am bictionb secret ballot law passed
by a llepubllcnn Legislature th effort was
to secure a legislative election This in fact
took tlie choice Irom the people and sent It to
packed jury In order to cover tho first
day proviso the House his been taking ro
Cdrtses and by a legltlatlve fiction the first
lav nf the session is still In existence
< Thu Democratic Senate took a decided pool I
tlon at the flrt and has Dtrndlly adhered tot
It porfonnod Its constitutional duty by de
claring the htate olllcers elected and it ra
fusns to go behind tbo returns until thonlll
clals are seiteil When this is done It willing
to join with the Housoln an investigation A
committee ot confntouco was appointed nut
It accomplished nothing The liepubllcnns In
tbe house have made several propositions nil
loue Ilvo
amounting to practically the same thing They
desire the matter taken to the courts as It Is
or that the Supreme Court lie asked tu answer
certain nuntions which would only partially
cover the differences In dispute onl Dmo
rots point to the fact that their candidates
have majorities runulne fiomUO to lKOU nod
pluralities from ilOUO to bTJi aud Insist thut
they shall he seated
An I result of tuts difference between the two
Houses tbe one partially representing the
people and trio other havingno moral right to
speak for tium 1 deadlock bus existed since
Jan 7 For a time the hand of Uulkeley was
not observed but now ho has takon full con
trol Ills enemies In the lower Houve would
Have deserted thulrpAity a the first bad they
known that their obNtlnucy would keep Bulko
Icy In power They were told that decision on
their part would soon lat Merwln They nol
ilml what Ibi lendoiH know all the time that
tho regular candidate bad 110 chance rom tho
first ndliaIng been 11j In HO far thoy het1
tate to KO buck I remnlns to bn seen whether
their pride will bgti > atertbuu tholr diwtnst
tlelr tilt proncnt time the Senate rofnieti to do
biiHliirsHof aiycbaractrr until the ritato olll
cars are seated It Ignorbs I llulkrlers rom
munlcatlons mid nominations Tho Ifouso on
tho inniraiy Is l now prouarlnc In n huh
lieariod sync to go on with ho I work of the
session b on Its own account Such notion would
N matter what may bo the result the Dem
ocrats lmo nothing to to If Dictator finite
oral hold his forces together and romnln
ostensibly in power chaos will come Iu the
affairs of the Slate lie may remain at the
head of n personally conducted Government
1 oersonall
ment but It will be only a an object lesson
to be people > on the evils ot tie present
system livery day of Inaction point more
lteln to the need of a constitutional
Convention The Hartford Courant conserva
tor 01 conservatism says in its horror that
such a demand is revolutionary Thin is a
good sign as that rapor Iu its anxiety to keep
the paonlo from their rlulits IH ulteritii a
atAtiimcnt tlit I it j know to I e utiirm > Tlia
political sky Is brighter in I I fl hut lliut nud
Mniiiu to say Ibo present iloud mnkn I uu
The ponple hays had fotoed on their uttentlon
as never before tbe Injustice ol a law which
outers an olHreboldlna aristocracy and are
beginning to demand for Connecticut what
Connecticut of government hits never bida republican form
Dd It Oe nm4 an fleer Earlier ia r
n Might Rave Been Lest
Fir visited the Eastern District of Brooklyn
daybreak yesterday
Man shortly before dnbral relraJ
morning Before I was subdued nothing but
a heap of smouldering ruins was left to mark
the place where for many years has stood one
of the oldest and most popular dance halls In
Wllllamsbnrch The Onward Pleasure Club
paraded In Brooklyn on Saturday and gave a
rM ton and ball at Qrotzs Union Raengar
bund Hal on Een and Messrolc streets In
the evening t 700 friends The festivities were
kept up until 430 A N on Sunday
An hour later a passer by saw amok Issuing
from an upper window ot the building He
and alarm turned
notified Mr OrotK ond an Ilam was
In The building was ot wood throe stories
high and 78 feet wide by 100 deep Tbe first
floor was occuoled a a bar and refreshment
room the second floor was the dancing hall
and the top floor was divided Into four lodge
rooms and leased to a lodge ot r Foresters 1
band ot the E D Bchuetzeu Corps the lIed
Men and the Swablans
The fire communicated to the adjoining
buildings a tenement and a frame dwelling
house and the frightened tenants fled to the
street in all kinds of undrosn No one was in
jured Union Hal belonged toCatherlne Obltz
of PlalnQold N J The loss with the stock and
furniture Is estimated at 00 A lighted
cigar butt la I supposed to have started tho blaze
The recent Incendiary Ores In the lower
part of Brooklyn have caused something like
a oanlo among tbe occupants ol big flat
houses the fires being confined tn that class of
buildings Tho police Investigation has con
filmed the suspicion that each of the fires on
fatutday night at Hf > Sands trent 1H3 Conoird
street and 120 llrldge street worn the work or
an Incendiary as wlllas the fatal Lire at 129
nnd lilt Bauds ntrcnt on tho eroding Satur
day night and another fire In a Ilrldco street
tenement on Friday night In each Instance
the fire was started among rags and rubbish
saturated with kerosene at the bottom of the
elovator shaft and It was only by good luck In
the prompt discovery of last Saturday nights
lire that los ° of Htw was averted
l rlro Marshal Lowis with tlm assistance ot
finvoral detectives has made 1 most sifting In
vestigation but so far no clue bus been ob
tained to the discovery of the firebug As a
J > precautionary measure all the ownot s of flat
buildings In tbo lower part of the city hiT
boon Instructed to keep tholr front doorslocked
ns well as all approaches to the cellars unit
nlso 01 detain any persons who nro observed
acting In n auspicious manner around thn
premise The police authorities believe that
the firebug will be arrested in this way
Thomas I Chasnen who was arrested on
Saturday night on suspicion is not believed to
have had any hold In starting the lira As Ie 1
was Intoxicated however a the time of his
nrrost CRllt Lason thought It advisable to
hold him pending further Inquiry Ho has
told several contradictory stories about
his recent movements Mrs McUroiror an oc
cupant of tho Sands street house In which one
cUlant Saturday night fires occuricd told the
detectives las nlgnt that she earao acros a
aiternoon man prowling through the house on Saturday
When she risked the man What bo wanted he
told her ho was looking for a Mrs Clarke and
sho replied that ho was doing nothing of the
kind as no person of that namo live In the
bongo and that he had como there for some
other purpose The man Mra McOrogor says
was making hU way to the root when site
stopped 01 and forced him down stairs Mrs
Moijtregor has furnished tho detectives with a
description of this an
A Modern Building for the Otdt Conirre
nation of Methodlut In the City
The Sands Street Memorial Methodist Epis
copal Church In Henry and Clark streets
Brooklyn was dedicated yesterday with Im
presslte services Tho old Sands street church
opposite the Bridge entrance was the first of
the denomination founded on Long Inland and
thus received the title ot the Mother of
Churches After the church bad existed on
tho Sands street rite for more than a century
the property was sold This was about three
years ago and pending tho completion of the
LOW building on Ibo Heights the congregation
held its services in the Brooklyn Institute
Tbe Memorial Church Is one of the most
substantial and attractive In Brooklyn The
style of architecture Is the Italian Itoman
esaue and the two frontages on Henry and
Clark streets are composed of cut atone of
five different varieties Including Passaic
Scotch granite and Ohio freestone The
granite pillars flanking the main entrance are
crowned by carved capitals on which are
sculptured medallion heads of John Wesley
and Bishop f ranois Asbury Thcio Is a square
tower 120 meet hign thut upper part of Which Is
an open belfry with columns ut Lake Superior
red sandstone on tbe Hides
Thit chapel and dim oh proper can be thrown
Into one by opening the ornamental screen
separating them nnd thn combined seating
capacity in over 1500 Uhere IR a gallery on
each side and the choir ana organ are back of
the pulpit platform The pews and pulpit are
of carved oak Memoilat tablets which were
formerly tile old church are placed along
the walls and thorn ure several handsome
stained glass memorial windows
Tbo total expenditure for the church and
adjoining tmisonage wasil50IH > all of which
with the exception of SirtOOD had boon riihod
before thin congregation left toe old church
Tho indicatory services yesterday attracted
Mothodluts from all over Jtrooklyn anti dif
lerant parts of Long island and the church
was tilled Thero wore beautiful floral aoeora
tlons After the opening bcrviees In the morn
ing President John J Birmor of tha Board ot
Trustees mnda a financial statement Bishop l
1 1rusl Andrews who was pastor of tho old
bands delivered street the sermon church over twenty yeais ago
dlvorod aiternoon there was a reunion of
former pastors and members presided ovor
by the nHors 11 Adams the Presidium Kldcr ot
the district Tbe addresses were made by the
Rev Llndsny Porker the pastor of k IlUors
Iv Church the Hov Dr AloMnmler McLean
the hey L J it Strtetor and ethers Tnusoi
mon 10 tbo evciinc was delivered liy Bishop
John I1 Hurst and Bishop Andrews conducted
Ibo formiil dedication hurvlces Subscriptions
to pay oil tho remaining debt tn theolmrch
were taken at eah of tho services under the
direction 01 the liar D W Couch and nearly
all of the S tOtKW reaulred was subsoilboil
Tho dedicatory services will bo continued
tonlKht and the following wJ nights and the
preachers will bn respectively the Bov Dr Van
Dyke tho Bov Dr U N Storis the Bov Dr
Lvman Abbott the Bev Dr Alsop monO the
Jev Charles Cuthbert hail
ncrotiT FOR Iou I ran
The General Ttrm Hoc Declared the Power
t Agree to Porthole Expired with the
Right to Tick by Eminent Domain
The water scandal Brooklyn has beD pro
life In surprises over since the litigation to
prevent the purchase of the franchise nnd
stock of the Long Island Supply Company br
the city authorities at the alleged wasteful and
extravagant price ot 1250000 was started a
couple of Aonths ago by Citizen William Zleg
ler The matter has been In the courts In one
shape or another half a donen times
Soon after It bad ben announced In tho clos
ing week In December that Mayor Chapln
Comptroller Jackson and City Auditor Ilutan
had signed a contract for the purchase Mr
Ziegler through William J Gaynor his lawyer
obtained 0 temporary Injunction from Justice
Cullenol tho Supreme Court enjoining them
from completing the purchase On Jan 0
Justice Bartlett Issued an order continuing
the Injunction against the city officials until
tho charges of alleged wastefulness could b
tried ou their merits In his argument before
Justice Bartlett Mr Gaynor contended thnt
there was a constitutional bar agolnstthopur
chase In closing his decision Justice Bart
lett made reference to this point as follows
I entertain grave doubts a to whether the
power on the part ot the city officials to pur
chase under the Annexation aol did n t end
with the termination of the perlfid of two years
during which tbe city might have exercised the
power of eminent domain
After much legal skirmishing Including an
argument on appeal to the Oeneral Term
from Justice Bartletts decision the trIal on
the Issues Involved was set down before Justice
Culleu at the Special Term of the Supreme
Court this morning Justice Cohen had al
ready deckled thnt the trial should be before
the presiding Judas without a Jury
Todays proceedings won looked forward
to with much Interest In vIew of ihe lain that
Mr Gaynor had recently amended his com
plaint nnd had directly acuusod the Mayor
Comptroller and Auditor of ciiiusloii with the
owners of the stock of the water company
The public however will bo disappointed for
the trial will not go on this morning and I
may be Indefinitely postponed The proceud
lags are likely to be very brief Including
merely a pronounolna of judgment in favor of
the plaintiff by Justice Cullon and an appeal
from the same by Corporation Counsel Jenks
on the part of the defendant
This change In the entangled lltleation
rrltos from the decision of the General Term
which was filed in 1ouehkeprle on iatuu day
on the appeal from Justice Bartletts order
continuing the Injunction against the pur
chase by the city authorities The decision
sustains Justtco Bartlett and probably puts an
end to all further litigation a least until the
Court of Anpoal to whlc i the case will be car
ried by the defendants has passed upon the
questions nt UPUC
Thn General Term declares that the city had
no legal power to make tbe purchase of the
property or the Long Island Water Supply
Company andll this opinion is I sustained by
the Court of Appeals the controvoisy on the
subject will of course coma t an end The
decision of the General Term is in harmony
with the views of Jnstlio Bartlett already
quoted Tho act annexing New Lots to Brook
lyn passed In iNSii authorized thu Mayor
Comptroller and Auditor to purchase the Wa
ter Supply CumpanyH property within two
yearn subject to mortung I upon > tho pi opurtr
amounting to SAOOUO I The act also provided
that In aso no agreement was made for the
purchase the city might proceed to nciulrs
tbe property by eminent domain The power
to condemn expired with the two years and
the Court holds that the power to agree upon a
price expired at the same time The limita
tion of the ono carried the limitation ot the
OtherThe gist of the decision filed at Poughkeop
ale wan announced In Brooklyn yesterday but
tho text had not been received by any nf r the
Interested persons Mayor thapln Comp
troller Jackson and City Auditor Ilutan each
refused to discuss the matter und Mr minor
and Mr Xleglcr his client wero equally reti
cent Mr Pcarsall counsel for the water
company said that the decision would post
pone the trial pending the result of tlie appeal
Ion defendants to the Court of Appeals It
U I now Generally believed that tl 11 olosed I
purchase has been llectnally blasted and the
result nf the litigation so tar Is regarded a 1
decisive victory for Mr Ziegler
Gaetnno From Italy Tries to Drop Lt
ter In n Fir Alarm Box
Gaetano an Italian whose surname Is more
than tile police can master lives at 223 Eliza
beth street He has been In New York only a
few months and yesterday be came to the con
clusion that Mr Wanamaknrs postal service Is
whatever is Italian torN G Gaetano wrote a
letter to his friends In Naples yesterday after
noon and at 6 oclock bo wont out to mall it
lie mistook a lira alarm box on the corner of
Houston street anti the Bowery for a letter
box Ho opened it and while he was feeling
around to nee whore letters go there wan a
huzlng sound and a moment later Policeman
Doane arrested him Before the frightened
Italian could dragged to the Mulberry Street
pollen station a patrol wagon iK policemen
two engines and a truck had surrounded him
When Gantano ex plained at the police station
that ho thought that the Urn alarm box WHH a
flottii machine for letters ho was discharged
Sir DanironchB Peoitten Concert
Mr Walter Damrosch and the Metropolitan
Opera House Orchestra gave the first ot tho
second series of i ooplos free Sunday concerts
at Cooper Union Hnll yesterday afternoon
The doors were thrown open at IK oclock and
although the conoort did not begin until 2i
oclock the ball was packed to the doors half
an hour before that time It la estimated that
ovnr 4000 persons were pieacnt The enter
tainment opened with Nlcolals overture to the
Merry Wires of Windsor Ilio other fen
lures ot the programme vveio talntSacnss
Adagio and Schorro from Ito second sym
phony a Hungarian rhapsody by Liszt Mo
rartd Ave Yoiuiu MenUelsohn Wedding
March nnd tho pielude 10 Lohanurln The I
concert wo concluded with tile overturn to
William Tell At nest Humlais concert
special features will be Introduced Admis I
sion will bo by ticket only mind tickets may be
scoured from Typographical Union No fi at thin
olllce of the ittitszu itnuy nt the clcurmakora
bendnuarterrt and from the members of the
Working Womens Society
PrndlKC KevUlonVe Oo On In the Same
Old Way on Hnnitny
There were olchtytwo excise arrests yester
day althtigh the dinners are that tone of
such prisoners as were hole will over bo tried
AflthoGrnnd Jury pointed out on Irlday nono
of those was made at the fashionable clubs be
cause the law is construed to allow rales of
liquor at the clubs at nil times At the Union
League Club It was said that If a gentleman
chose to order M bottle ot claret with his lunch
it was served and It wan nuilly true that If
ho wanted anything else at anytime ho could
Rot It It was likewise at the Manhattan Club
and the Union Club A member of the house
Committee of the Bt Kit loins Club sild
It member should order light white for
his lunch or champagne for hU dinner today
ho would get It as usual If during he after
noon he obese to have a cocktail ho would go
to the caLl anti get that too Thorn Is very
little drinking here though on Sunday end It
Is ot course1 conducted In a perfectly quiet
way as It would bo in a members own house
Bald another club number A mnns club
In a sense Is his hou ° o You have no more
right to say that n man shall not drink at his
club than to say that ho shall not drink at
home When a man pays several hundred dol
lars Initiation tee to join n club and a hundred
dollars more or less as his yearly dues ho
ought to have some right We do not think
that this Grand Jury mutter win affect t do
largo clubs any It may perhaps have some
thing to do with the small affalts on some ot
the side streets down town
Justice Talntor at the Tombs Court yester
day held the following saloon keepers In 100
ball each for violating the Sunday law James
logan 210 West street Pierce GrlflUb XI
West tract Carl F Delecker 85 Wnlker
street John C Murphy Dover and Water
streets William Clayborne U 51 Water street
Patrick Grlilln 52 Centre street
Those prisoners were arraigned lath Han
hem Pollen llloi Court and Instlca 1 V ella dis
charged them ail Thomas 0 Abbe 171 Sec
ond avenue James Iu Uallagber 1880 Secona
avenue John Murray lHhil Second avenue
WalKer McOulre 300 W nut Mttth street Martin
J Lnrkn 214i > Amsterdam avenue
In the Yorkvllle Court Blchard Tancermnn
fi02 West ItftyBPPOm street Thomas Looran
R50 Second avenue Peter Bailey U5I Avenue
It and Michael Malone 0 < iO Second nvonuo
were held for trial Thomas Gnlllgnn 827
Third avenue James McGovtn 8511 Third are
nuo and John Mitchell 1121 Second avenue
were ulscbarged
Adolph Kessler of 61 Fnrsyth street and
William Carter of 210 Eldrlduo street wore ar
raigned at the Lssex Market Police Court
Jntlco Meade discharged them for lack of
This One Reem to flare Been Received an
Legal Tender on the flowery
A suit of clothes and an overcoat In one of
the rockets which was a Simpson pawn
ticket for a silver watch were stolen from
William Sweltzers lodgings at 303 Elizabeth
street on Jan 80 The ticket was stopped by
Detective love ot the Mulberry street station
so when James Burke ot 53 Bowery presented
it last Friday he was detained until Foye came
around and collared him
Burke said that Denis Coakley night watch
man of the lodging house In which ho lived
bad sent him with the ticket and 135 to re
deem the watch Coakley when arrested said
that Thomas B Kane a bartender bad given
him the pawn ticket SB security for a nights
lodging Kane paid he had bought the ticket
on Jan 80 for 20 cents rind a drink from Frank
Edwards an excnnvlct When arrested In his
turn Ldwards paid that Daniel Sheridan alias
John Murphy another exconvict had sold It
to him rtbcrldan confessed nt first but sub
Reauentlv declared thnt Edwards had stolen
the overcoat In which the pawn ticket was
found Both were remanded In the Tombs
Police Court ycbtonlny Mierldun Is wanted
by Inspector Byrnes for another offence
The Story Mm France CateurcwHa Told
to the IVIlllamcbarch Police
Mrs Frances Calenrewltz visited the Vernon
avenue police station on Saturday night and
told the Sergeant In charge thnt her husband
had turned her out of his home nt 205 Floyd
street because she was In delicate health and
he did not want the expense ot burying her
Bbn said she bad been ill for nearly two years
Her husband Is a tailor and wanted her to
help him with his work She did all she could
but last Friday sho was compelled to give up
and then ho put her In the street He told her
that he could not afford to pay doctors bills or
funeral expenses and that she must find some
other place In which tn die hhe was wander
Ing about aimlessly when she met a man who
advised her to go to the police
A policeman was sent to the Floyd street
house to tell Mr Calourewltz that bo must care
for his wife The apartments were closed
One of the doors was broken In and the wo
man was put to bed fahe can speak no Eng
lish Her husband was not In when a reporter
called yesterday
Why Should a Police Justice Study Iarr I
Among the policemen of the West Thirty
seventh street squad Is an officer named
Maloney who is a great lawyer Ha has won
fame before the Police Commissioners Yes
terday moinlng he added to his reputation by
informing Justice McMabon In the Jefferson
Market ollce Court of the law and of bis duty
under It lie had two peddloro whom bo had
arrested for having nn license
Yet Honor said Maloney reading from a
slip of paper ha hold Iu his band tbeso are
Piddlors it Is onlawful for plddlcrs to plddlo
without license anywhere in the city of Nev
I York as la I plainly to be found Iu the revised
ordinance ot the said city And
Thank you Mr Officer said the Justice
You art very kind Our ignorance is suf
ficiently enlightened The prisoners are fined
2 each
Committed Suicide While Iniane
SnAMnvna Pa March L Since last Tues
day Charles Weakloy ot this place has been
missing from his home On Friday evening
the searching partial found his body In a ra
I vine mile and a half from his house His
throat was cut from car lo ear About flity
vardH from his body a large clasp knife was
discovered He has suirered from Insane at
tacks and It Is supposed that while In such a
condition be wandered away and killed him
self lie was 75 years old Oil In large niiaii
titles had been found on his farm and he was i
well off
Art Gallery
204 5th Avenue
rnonxsoit 4
oiittrtvTii > IVINTINO
HcruiAnn Rcluni and A W OonoT
firccemr hi
Proc1aiffl4 1 w ScdT
last winters I C
siege Re the Victory
call how try
ing to health
were the frequent changes of the weather What was it that helped you win
the fight with disease warded off pneumonia and possibly consumption Did
you give due credit to SCOTTS EMULSION of pure Norwegian Cod
Liver Oil and Hypophosphites of Lime and Soda Did you proclaim the
victory Have you recommended this wonderful ally of health to your
friends And what will you do this winter Use Scotts Emulsion 4
as a preventive this time It will fortify the system against Coughs Colds
Consumption Scrofula General Debility > and all Anoemic and Wasting
Diseases specially in Children Palatable as Milk
SPECIAL Scotts Emulsion Is nonMcret and Is prescribed bv the Med I CAUTION Scott Emukfcwal s p U mIN4
leal Profession all over the world because toe Ingredients are scientifically I Be sure and fet tnt gesplits rrepaxsd aflly by lasit I wa
combined in such a manner u Is ureatly IncrtMS their remedial value I IfcnulMtuitajt Cfcmlrt l N w Ywk All Dn fitu
4 4
ic A 1 d tt z
One of the Hmidlrln Hnyn tin Purposely
Let the Owl Club Men U cnpe
Capt SIoAvoy nnd five nolle officers mad a
raid on the hayloft ota rickety old stable at 681
Vest Firtrsecund Street late on Saturday
night and Interrupted an interesting dogfight
They made six arrests while about twenty of
the spectators escaped
The stable U only few hundred feet from
the river It Is a tvtostory affair and Is rarely
oocunled No one seems to know who the
owner Is About 11 oclock on Saturday night
men approached the ditik bulldlnu from differ
ent directions and disappeared In the gloom
The police say there worn only 20 while two ot
the prisoners say there were 4X The loft was
lighted by flickering lanterns The contest
nuts Were a male and H female bull dog
Joseph Ounner n butcher ot 242 For
pytb Street held one ot thn does and
one of the men who escaped held the other
Both handled the potft In iiricrwylo end let no
piomptly at the referees word the I dogs flew
at cuoli other the RpectntorH yelled ami shook
with oxulteinniit the rolcee etch the tlgttttlg
brutes with the air of i1 judge and tlio dogs bit
nnd chewed each cither and It would surely
have been ugloiluUHtiiht It there hadnt been
a sudden sound of heavy steps coming up
ttalr Thou tn n motnuni all was confusion
Bomcliody yelled 1ullcel and everybody
scrambled for litiorit
The luillro sav that moot of the men smashed
the double door and the windowsjuntbcd Into
the ard below and osen ed Ench IK > HC < >
uinn Includlni tint Capintt took a prtnoner
and mrehod hint 017 to the elation house It
was n haul job to hull the dogs aiiarl for eab
liau just got a good grip Tlio policemen made
llunuor carry ono of the dogs to the station
house Yesterday tho iirlsoneis were arraigned
In the YoricvllloiallioCou t They nrA Joseph
Itiinuor butcher 242 Fotvyth street James
McCabe cold beater of 3UG First avnnue
Louis Holder lithographer of 12ti Bust Thtid
Htrccf Albert Montague clerk 23fl3 First ats
atm rodoiick Moll Imrl er 523 West Twenty
eIghth Street and Frndorlck lBlhl machinist
648 Wont FiftyIlrst street They were held In
lht each for examination tomorrow morning
Bunner salil tu a reporter In court yesterday
morning There wore nearly forty men In
the loft at the beginning of tho fight ana mn t
of them were members of the Owl Club This
Is n social organization In Capt McAvoys
precinct and Is on good terms with the police
when thn oillcers had entered they allowed
tho Owl Club men to pasS out right by theme
and arrested eight of 111 When we cot to the
station IIOIIBO one or tim policemen whispered
something in the Surgcanta oar and he said to
two nf the men lou can go They were
membeisof the Owl Club too Just before the >
light liciiiin wo wore drlnklcg In a salonn across
the street with the ollloeron the post Ho said 4
we could co aueud and tbat everthlng would
be toll right
JtcCalio corroborated IJunncrs story The 4
pollw say that OfllcorHaag who was on duty
on that post Is a temperance man and never
outers a saloon Besides It was he who
brought the information about the light to the
station houso They deny liunners story
about the Owl Club men
How < 1lra Candee Catchea Mnafcrata
NEW LONDON March 1All the old trappers
and hunters in this roglon knew that Jim 4
Candio of Old Lyme west ot this town was a
great chap to catch muskrats but didnt know f
bow ho did It until a few days ago when a
smart young fellow fathomed Candees art
He sets a trap as the old trappers along tba
Erlo Canal have done for half century He
sinks a halt barrel to the level ot the ground
In the track of water rats near a stream halt
fills It with water and on floating pieces of
boards in tbo tub puts hips of carrot f Musk
rats adore carrots for loud smell Jims bait
hop Into the half bnrrrl float about cant get
out and then have no appetite ion carrots
Than more ruts corns to fee what th row Is
about smell cut tots see the rats and Into the
Iran they go < Thoy stay there too Jim has
caught as many us six or ten rats In a single
night and made a comfortable little fortune
selllui hides
A Pulp Mill Destroyed by Flood I r
YTATEnTOWN March 1The largest pulp mill l
ot the remington Paper Company about two
miles bolow this city was almost totally de
strayed late last night by the high water
causing damages requiring about 20000 to f
repair and killing John Murphy an employee
acoj 03 years Eleven pull grinders the
wheel anti various other machinery were car
tied down the river Whllo the machinery had
been shut down for n few minutes to make V
some icpalr the floor suddenly began to rise V
and the whole bulldinu moved Then with a >
crash a part ot tile bulldin and machinery
fell Into the river and thf root fell down on the
remaining machinery The workmen rushed
for the jour aud nil escaped except Murphy
and Thomas Stevens who wore struck by the
hhattlni and crushed to the floor Ktevensex
tricated bluiself and made a perilous trip over
the broken roof hanging over the water Mur
phy was terribly cru lied and probably died
instantly The accident will not Interfere with I
the coaipnnsa output Irons Its paper mills
A Chance for ICovhM Lymph on An Ox
WJLIIMANTIC March 1A fine ox belonging
to the Wllllmantlc Linen Company is dying of
galloping consumption A few weeks ago It f
wan a magnificent teastlt having been mem 1
tr I of a yoke tit oxen that weighed 3400 A
Then consumption nltnckrd It and C
t I 4 300 pounds of flesh in ton days Stale
itle Commissioner H Ilydu linn condemn
ed it its malady being incurable

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