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17iJ T
a rHEStm MODAZ MARtm 2 1891 I
j I mbe uw
I LMtfon OffiM if TIIB IUK
4X Wilt HIM
AH fn > iBleail 40 bVnldb b adar 1 1 FBiXK
I WI11TK au Bunl Lonaoa W o
B ubirlpttoft by JT urtI l 1
DAILY fr Mentb M SO
I DAILY for tear 0
I SUNDAY Ter Tr > 0
WEEKLY rrVeer I 0
I I Icileg to rorelgn Coaitrlf add d
TUB HUN Nw York City
I The New Minister to China
I Is quite probablo that tho Chinese Gov
ernment boa already learned through Its
I Intelligent roprcsentntlvca at Washington
that the person selected by President HAH
BISON t seccood Minister DBNBY at Pelcln
I a crank and a born and a haltcrazy orator
I given t violent and undiplomatic expres
sions of his personal opinions
Possibly tho astute dignitaries of the Mid
dle Kingdom do not know that tbo lon
BBNBT W BrMin whom they will b asked
I t receive with tho respect due t his official
I station has expressed himself within three
years on the floor of the United States
Senate In tho following language with re
I gard t the policy of absolute exclusion
If Central nn4t th hot thai the Chinaman not
lydn I miilmllate but ought not to uitmtlut
wllh American clvlllrallom that bli pr Mnc In email
aumbere mirrirlcted loomo Infinite number and
thertforovrwnlmtni our dvlMrallon 10 alto b
deiirucute of ItIt Control having In view Il general
welfare having control ol commerce and our rslatlons
wilt fureltu power what Iii Chinaman Is flndi lb
I dot to b tint that Chinaman I detrimental In hit Inrtu
enc lo the cMllratlon ot tlia American people ant that
located Inioma iiarllcnUr Slate b < ledeail sure tospriad
I i and go Into all the other State I aiL Ilia senator Ir I I
I I not In X2tt nnalog tn iiliiCpo rtiMoMM tw rrrlujj
ItniUonalffctfMiltnltjHUJttuifriim ant portion of
l iuinliv flat t may uixfcrlaU l1 < rrtwntlon oIAt
eabralfan o Inmltraltot 41 He minim la I Ml
t Cijntrpl
This pa Mgn will be found In the thngra
loiifil Record Hpt 7 188i on pngo 8375
ot volume IP I pnrt I
Mr ULAins theory here stated with tho
brutal frankness of narrow prejudice Is that
tie duty and power of our Government Is to
I tl at tho subject of thi Chtupso Emperor aa
If ho woio a pestilential disease Ilko tho yel
low fevr or the cholera 0 leprosy and that
he Khniild bo shut out f torn our shores as a
i jiest iintUn1 tin iipfesary police 1001 of
the Federal Oiivornmnnt without reffard to
tho IIII Ill 10111011114 < if liitoinutlonal good
II faith or runty t obligation
I Mr HiAtil bnsm Ills opinion ot the pesti
lential ctmractf of Chinese civilization upon i >
Ma own pmwuinl observations of tho race
On p3ua HM of the Mima volume of the
Jtfivrit ho ixplttlnt his position
I I want tlirntiifli Chinatown In San Freiielico a few
yeaieae > i M ti I Lnotr eliie it tba Chinese situation U I
tit oOH M roiniiAritilvljr llithc but traIn the moment I
paw lhM ceMn < rturliiK Mooil curdling curse rtilna
i I tuwii In a i I rancivan I fella thuuKh there bad ben
planted In tie I ttate uf Auirrican rlvillrettun the hid
of Heath iiulei the ll i plant could ba moled up atid
ettrt avL
1 are thn fcntlnients which Mr
BLAH ot Now Hampshire will carry with
him to China nn a iniialou of the highest
dignity ilnllinvy ami Importance The
rocoul ot his publicly uttered views on the
subject will piuccdo or accompany him
As a pilvnto cltlxen or ns a legislator Mr
BLUM is entitled t think and speak as ho
pleads concerning China ali tho Chinese
I but whnt reception as I diplomatic repro
r sontativti awaits him at tho capital of the
country which ho has Insulted In this whole
I sale way Would our Government receive
the credentials of I foreign Minister who at
homo Imd the entire American
i 1 1111 uorapiruii entr America
1 people to a pestilential license to bo
shunnod and shut out under the powers ot
sanitary police at Any cost
There never was 0 mora extraordinary
cholco of a Minister sent t a nation of ex
treme sensitiveness and acumen and
charged with duties requiring above all
things tact discretion courtesy and per
fect comprehension of the amenities of
diplomatic Intercourse
The Vatican and French Politics
Thero have been of late several Indica
tions of a decided change in tho attitude of
the Catholic Church toward the French re
I public I tho change now foreshadowed
shall actually tko place two things will
doubtless follow Tlio republican regime
r would thenceforth bo regarded as impreg
I nable established i and there would be for
te first time within the ranks of Republicans
cans themselves a noticeable drift toward
Conservative opinions
After tho collapse of Boulanglsm and es
I pecially after tho disclosures which placed
I the representatives of the monarchical prin
ciple in an odious and even a ridiculous light
some of the lay adherents ot the Conserva
tive part and conspicuously M PIOU b
san t feel and to acknowledge that they
bad token tho course But matter
ba ten wrong cours But no mater
bow well grounded may have been their
I Impatience nnddlsgust they would probably
l I 1 havo proved unable to modify tho pro
gramme ot tho Bight had they not sudden
Iy received unexpected assistance from a
J distinguished member of tho French
It Cardinal LAVWEUIE
hierarchy was Cardina LAVGElm
who In a speech which commanded
the widest attention declared that the
time had come for French Catholics
l t abandon the posture of hostility
t t democraticInstitutions The republic
ho aid had como to stay and it was the
duty of all Frenchmen whether actuated by
teal l for their religion or by devotion to their
country t make the beet of the actual polit
ical regime He advised the members of
f the Bight and the great body of Catholic
I constituents behind them to renounce tho
j bopelosa effort to restore the monarchy and
r t concentrate their energies upon a fusion
I with the moderate Republicans of the Centra
f and Left Centre and the
Cntro consequent crea
J tion of a new party which should b at once
conservative and constitutional
I anratve ad cnsttutonal
t This declaration fell like a thunderclap on
1 the more hidebound and uncompromis
f ing leader of the monarchists for they
were perfectly alive t the fact that
without the cordial support of tho
Catholic episcopate and priesthood they
k would b in the position of Generals
without an army They determined t ap
t peal from the Cardinal t tho Pope him
ji self and they persuaded another eminent
fJ I French prelate Mgr FBZPPE t accom
Borne I Is no secret that their mission t
the Vatican was unsuccessful To their dis
may LEO XIII not only ratified but empha
Iced the view of the duty of French Catho
lics against which they had como t pr
teat In vain did they endeavor t
i demonstrate that the republic in the bonds
of its present managers was still a perse
cutor of the Church and had even by the
luppreon of BAKDOUS Thermldor pro
claimed Its approval of the most hideous
atrocities of the Bell of Terror The I
pontiff made them distinctly understand
that it was for him t give and not receive
Instruction touching the state of things in I
I m 1 t
Franco and that he would not suffer the
masses of the faithful t burr In Irreconcilable
oncilable conllfct with the civil government
under which they were destined t live
Of course the dissolving process t
the monarchical party now seems certain t
b subjected will encounter In some quar
ters some obstruction and delay Especially
may such recalcitrance b looked tor from I
who do not easily
those Orlcantst politicians o1ly
submit t ecclesiastical dictation and who
support the Comta DK PAWS not because ho
18 the hell of the Comto DE CRAMBonn but
locauso he Is the grandson of Louis
VILLF declared the other day at Ntmes that
not tho Pop himself had any right to i
order a Catholic to become a Republican
Issued such orders
Tho Pop has l8uO no orer
He has merely admonished French Catholics
and plotting
olics to stop Intriguing plottni
against a form of government repeatedly
and definitely sanctioned by a great major
ty of Frenchmen Ho ha at tho same time
pointed out that It I by using tho oppor
tunities and Instruments afforded under I
republican reelme and not by remaining
implacably aloof from them that Catholic
may hope to gain such reasonable conces
sions a freedom t educate their children
t nurse their sick to keep their clergy out
of tho contaminating atmosphere of a bar
rack and t maintain the existing bond between
tween Church and State
The Time to Fraternize
Tho refusal of combatants t lay down
their arms oven aftor tho battle Is over is
always an Interesting thought generally an
innccossary proof of the ardor and enthu
siasm of those who have shared the dangers
ot the conflict
At a meeting of tho New York Democracy
organization hold on Friday evening last
Judge HHXRT MUBBAY one of the delegates
In attendance declared I I have nailed my
colors to the mast and will stick t this ship
while there is a timber afloat These val
ant and courageous words have tho right
ring coming from a Democrat whoso ser
vices In tho past have been notable and
whitte ability to render further services may
be accounted to amount t much They
were uttered In regard to a proposition that
the organization or which he Is a member
should hold primaries this week Judge
MUBRAT was strongly In favor of holding
the primaries
At 0 meeting of the County Democracy
tho parent organization from which In the
sunshine of hope the New York Democracy
has i sprung the lon CHARLES A JACKSON
its Chairman recently declared I Parties
but It there bo other
imy come or go I ther b no
man left I will remain and It need b
will as tho last survivor of the County
Democracy turn down the gas and lock up
the promises
Thoro is no mistaking the fervor Inspiring
these heroic words but how far Is justllled
b jy the situation of affairs 1
At this years election fur the first time In
many years there Is no municipal ticket
to bo voted for Whatever rivalries among
Democrats might at other times exist there
Is no occasion for any this year The suc I
cessors of those in charge ol munlcloal af II
fairs ore not to l elected until 1892 or 1893
Next year a Mayor Register and President
of tho Board ot Aldermen will b chosen In
1B91 a Comptroller District Attorney Sur
rogate SliorlfT and County Clerk
On the other hand State election of much
moro than ordinary importance I t take
place this year A Governor is t b chosen
who will hold office until 1395 and along
with him a full set of State officers
anti both branches of the Legislature
are to 0 elected Lat year the Demo
crats secured the Assembly this year
the chance presents Itself ot securing the
State Senate also That achieved and the
Assembly retained we can look forward
with confidence and composure to a new ap
portionment of the districts the restoration
of the right of home rule t municipalities
and other political reforms t which the
Democratic party In this State U committed
but of which the people have been deprived
on account of a Republican majority In one
or the other branch of the Legislature More
than this the result of tho contest for Gov
ernor in this State will have an Important
fai reaching and probably decisive Influence
upon the Presidential election In the year
Accordingly it would b the part of wis
dom for the Democrats of New York t get
together on State Issues Instead of perpet
uating factional divisions which can have no
place In the approaching contest It must b
evident t ever ono that a Democratic Gov
ernor is not t b elected this year with the
party divided in New York city and only
one or the other branch of it lending to the
partys candidate a vigorous support
It may not b too much t hope there
fore that Judge MURRAY will haul down his
ensign and Chairman JACKSON permit the
gas to b turned off at the motor while the
cause of true Democracy flourishes and the
goose hangs high
Alliance Philosophy Woman Suffrage
I Is ono of tho Interesting curiosities of
Kansas politics that the Farmers Alliance
which 1 supposed to owe s much to the
women for Its control of the Legislature
should have furnished the most resolute
opposition t the bill for female suf
frage through a member of no less politi
cal consequence than the man selected
as Speaker of the lower House By way
of alvlni a clearer exhibition ot this notice
able fact and a fairer show to the Kansas
men now threatened with such an engulf I
ing revolution of the States suffrage we
reproduce some of tho arguments which
Speaker ELDER formulated against the bill
with suoh unreserved boldness
I FSPIIDC bu lon that public aantlmant la I
atalnit tlia pollor of enfranchUInc woroenaa manl
felled by II i nnlfotm defeat ot such kindred meaiure
In fourteen Stataa 1EUTO and elht State la IMH
IV The relation of man ana wire are one and In
teparable1 u lo tb fowl to b derlTed from or atber
evils t ba tattered by law I lrapo 4 and the addition
of woman sOlIng will not butLer their condition but la
frauiht with denier and aril to boll lent and lbs wall
balBf ofaocletr
V Tula prlrllera aonferrad will brla to ererr
primary cancua and election lo our Jury tool Iba
bench and she Leglelature ninbltlona and ditlcn
Uf women only 15 snug In all the Irlcka
Intrltuea and sunnIng oddest to corrupt point
cat campaign only 10 lower Iba moral alaadlm
of tUIr las Inrltei and crtate Jealouilei and scan
das and Jopirdtzu tbilr tiltS moral atandlor burl
women out from ttielr casUal filed era Died by their
Creator to an eilernal place la the order of thlnt that
promUcuoua inlnfllnf with tba nnacrnpnlou around
earneet and eicltiai election linda lo a familiarity
U t bra contempt lor tea fair lex deeply to be de I
VI Tht demand for female 1 eutfrar Is I lariely con I
fined to Ibe anbltlou offlceaeeMnt data poeulo aa I
uniatlabl deilr for Ibo forum and whao oblal04 <
will unfit thla class for 1 lh dutIes dumeitlo life
and Iraniftr thm Into poUtIelali and dannarou onus
VII Wbn Ibe law of Dar hal 10 chanx ISa
female organizatIon o to make I possIble for them to
slog Sal 1 all tl be quit wllllnr for loch a bin 10
become a law I
VIII 11 I a gray mlitaka aa Injury t bath sizes
and the party to add another l > to our creed
While leaving Speaker ELDER in the
hands of his tomato constituents one can
not but rejoice that although in a great
measure a product of feminine politico ho
etlll cherishes an ideal of woman whom It
would be to adore in the
woul b 1 ever a delight aoro
1r 1 f
traditional way and who would continue
mutual senti
capable ot rousing the lovely
meats that from Indeterminate ages have
preserved the sexes In blissful harmony
The single point to b raised In oltlclsm
of his attitude Is upon his logic Is that
wrong T We entreat tho women of the Sun
flower State to ponder these saying ear
nestly before they determine to press on t
wrench from the farmers the coveted privi
lege of voting
The Direct Tax Dili
The Senate Direct Tax bill which ban been
passed In a slightly amended form by the
House seems t b based upon the theory
that I A and B are subject to a tl and A
pays but I doesnt A Is entitled t have his
money refunded to him Tho act of Aug
6 led imposed A ta for tile purpote of
raising money for tho prowcutlou of the
war The majority of tho States paid Tho
ten States which led paid from
two t fifty per pent The DIrect 11 bill
the entire
to scatter lBM7fl30
proposes lotcr GJ entr
sum ml ed under the act of Aug 5 1861
among titti States and Territories
money Is to b held In trust by the Gov
erlUlS and the Commissioners ot the Dis
trict of Columbia for the benollt of the per
eons who paid the tax Claim must b
filed within six year after the passage of
the bill I ant money escapes the claimants
It Is t go to the State Territory or Die
tilct Probably mot of the claims are In
the hands of speculators
About tho only argument advanced by the
supporters of the bill Is 1 that all tho States
should pay or none Either the States In ar
rears must pay or tho States which paid
must get their money tack It Is an extra
ordinary argument The arguments against
the bill are unanswerable It Is extrava
gant unnecessary unconstitutional I puto
the FederoJ Government Into the position ot
a generous and an eccentric guardian who
pays back the sums he has received for the
maintenance of one ward bell the estate
ot another ward hasnt paid up But the
whole subject was made sufficiently familiar
during the famous filibustering of the Hon
WILLIAM C OAT to the Fiftieth Congress
Mr CLEVELANDS veto of the Direct Tax
bill in 18S9 a one of his few meritorious
performances Unfortunately he had signed
the Oleomargarine bill and the Mexican
Pension bill and talk from him In regard t
unconstitutionally and extravagance was
very cheap
The State of New York drawa 3319830
under the terms of the Direct Tax bill It Is
a big bribe but it dos not prevent the New
York Democrats from calling that bill Just
what i is n swindle and a fraud Probably
the Senate will hasten to accept the unim
House amendments and send the
portant Hous amendment ad and te
bill t to the President who will rejoice t sin
It It gives Indiana a handsome sum
None the leas It Is a bill which should never
have been passed
A Law that Needs Explanation
The State Senate has Just passed a bill In
troduced by Mr AHEAJLV entitled an act for
the better protection of life and limb of
mechanics and laborers In cities having a
of five hundred thousand
population over fve hundr toud
The bill which ot course applies only t New
York and Brooklyn Is in these words
Sacrio I EYr person or corporation eniatedln
theerecttoa o repair ot bulldlni o elevated shun
lute ot any demlpUon o In tha painting ot the earn
or In any undertaking or operation reqalrtoi tha employ
Dent of a told or attaint swung or rap ndd from
an overhead inpport or support in clilse harlot a
population of over On hundred thoneand ihall
attach 1 eTory aucb icalbld 1 owned or case by saId
penon or corporation when tb lama I In l D a
aafaty rID rlalnx at hut thirty four Incbel above the
Boor or main portion of aid icaffold and axtandlnt the
entire length thereof sild ralllic blat properly at
tackS andald t icaffold prrldd with braces u 10
anitatn Il weUhl ot a mana body leaning eialBlt It
Sac 2 Any canon or corporation falling or rat aa
at ibis act shall ba
Inc to comply with Motion ODe Ih lo
deemed ot mladamaanor
dOmd guilty a mdmlor
01 ThIs act ahall tab affet Immdltly
I this measure becomes a law the que
tion Is certain t arise as t whether the
scaffold or staging t b provided with
a safety railing thirtyfour inches high includes
eludes boards suoh as are ordinarily em
ployed by house painters which they
raise and lower at will by means of ropes I
and pulleys from the roof Those board
platforms may come within the letter of the
proposed statute and yet railings would b
of very little use upon tem th painters
do most of their work seated when the
danger of falling Is very slight
Another question suggests itself as t the
moaning ot the phrase elevated structures
of any description Scaffolding o staging
is extensively employed by men at work in
repairing ships In dock Would ships thus
placed b deemed elevated structures
within the intent and spirit of the law
Finally we should like t know why the
operation of the statute is t b confined t
New York and Brooklyn Is not the life of a
mechanic or laborer Just a valuable In Al
bany or Buffalo as it Is here 1
This limitation of the law cannot be
lmitton cnnot b just
1e good If it for Is Ro al for any of our large cities
The Texas Pre
AH an explanation of our hereafter discon
tinuing to print any more records of the
movement of tho Lone Star newspapers toward
ward solid Democracy we reproduce a passage
sage from the leading CLEVELAND organ of
Texas the Dallas News Not a Mugwump
Will presume to controvert what the Aretr
says about their boss and at this Interest
log juncture It says this
Tba Tsp Tin concur with a majority of tha
Taxis paper In laylnir that Mr Ciiviiixi rowd
latementofoppoillion 10 the to eolnata of allrer
will nut aiiile all hop that haa bon entertained of bla
being again elected freildtnt
Tho Temple Times was long ago put upon
THE SUMS Interesting list of genuine Demo
cratic journals of Texas With the Dallas
AViraa assertion that the majority of
Texas newspapers belong there further
accounts of the lists growth would possess
comparatively little Interest
Would recalcitrant the
our recalcitrant contemporary to
E Lake Canoe deem It Improper I we
should again put It down on the right side I
I the antifouling and anticorrosive
lacquer employed on the war veaMli of Japan
la at good as the reports indicate our navy
will b under an obligation to that country far
greater than that which was incurred by her
furnishing us with a model for the Charleston
In her NanlwaKan I Is the latter chip that Is I
cited In proof of the excellence of this coating
toftteel bottoms It Ming reported that when
ebe was recently docked ale nine months
ferric her plates coated with tle lacquer
showed act a vest IKS of tress or barnacle
tbelr surface being rroooth and unbroken In
cnntraet with this experience of brr prototype
we mar put that of the Charleston on a recent
voyaxe from Tort Townsend to Honolulu
when although an 18knot ship she could
reach only about seven or lees than half ot
what should have been her sea speed for 10N
distances The result was entirely attribute1
to the vast quantity of vegetable and animal
growths which had accumulated upon her Lull
although lean limn four months before she bad
received In III dock a coating of antifouling
paint in which the combination of red lead
and white tlno was expected to prevent these
marina accretions
Tbe experience of the Baltimore on her voy
age to Sweden which was so dliappolntlnclr
slow told the same story In fat the enttlnt
down of calculated spsed from this came U so
enormous that some ot the naval experts ad
vie I a return to the prActice sheathing In
spits of Its drawback of extra weight And the
recent order of Secretary TIUCT which re
quires frequent dockings shows how much
expense must b expected from this cause
aloes There Is also the treatly Increased
consumption ot coal needed to produce ordi
nary speed with vessels whOM hulls are thus
clogged I accordingly I the new substance
proves effective It 1 will save rat sums of
money besides securing more efficiency This
particular contribution to the naval art comes
with special appropriateness from Japan
whose skill In all branches ot lacquering has
been famous the world over for centuries
An able editorial article on Arsenic for
Common Use appeared yesterday In tbe
JvVic York finim I the surviving members of
tbe Ynkutat tribe of Alaskan Indian read the
JNVio 01A Than they will study Mr Ouonor
JONHSS Ideas on tbe subject of arsenical pot
sonluff with genuine and peculiar Interest
In reply to a personal appeal from Mr
WAMAMAXKn Congress baft created the office
rostmasierQeneral with
of Fourth Assistant wlh
a salary of O This appeal was addressed
directly by Mr WAXAMAXKH to Speaker RKED
find It is so personal and even pathetic In Its
character tbat It la worth reproducing
M T fad Ie I that the rnitmaatcr Otneral aid h
three Militant Ioitmaiteritientral ere 10 oerlodd
with work that the questIon of om method of relief
I a maltirof life sad death
Observe here the same quality of Imagina
tive and artistic exaggeration which leads Mr
WAMAUAXCR to say tn the columns of the Philadelphia
adelphia newspapers
The fact Is I w can beat th treient and put IK
malt maklnc and MID and will lell or sake W
rder lo fit any bdtaad a 40pound ulilirsie for 115
TU Blllst will Li abialntf ly pure and fraa from all oal
tla or Siberian hair fri thousand pound of par
Heath American horaa hair will ba mad Into 1001 mat
treslee ro 1lC000 O
No wonder WANAMAXM Is overworked although
though WI are not Inclined t accept literally
his utatemeat that I is a matter of life or
death with him
I there b as many annexatlonlsta In
Canada as Sir JOBS MACDOXALD says there
are tbs outlook for thl UACDOHALB party In 1
years to come cannot b encouraging I all
annxationlsts a traitors u the Tory papers
of Canada declare them t be tbe prospect for
th loyalists must b rather dismal I all
traitors a ready to make war upon her
Majestys Government i Is hardly worth while
for that Government at this time of the day
to begin to prepare for battle There seems to
b lugubrious scat of things in the Canadian
province I the diatribes of Sir JOHN MAC
DOXALD and the Tory organs can be taken I
The war of the Bishops In tbe Evangelical
Association which for a space did fall now
trebly thundering swells the gale All three
of these functionaries ESBEB BOWMAN and
Dunn were in turn deposed last year In dif
ferent parts of the country by combinations ot
their opponents A few weeks ago one of them
appealed to the law to set aside hIs deposition
but unsuccessful Hostilities however
wu HotIU go
on all the same and their present seen Is
Pennsylvania The holding of tbe flttysaoond
annual East Pennsylvania Conference last
Thursday in benzer Church at Allentown
rult in a split Bishop BOWM AX who sup
ports ESE tn the fight against DUBBB could
muster but thirtyfive delegates out of the 12J
and he was prevented from entering the build
Ing Accordingly after a prayer and hymn
with his follower on the sidewalk be departed
for another church and opened a Conference
of his own AI a consequence all the church
of this denomination In Beading were locked
up on Saturday by the controlling party for
tea that the minority would make trouble on
Bandar In round number there are about
2000 churches 1200 ministers and 146000
members of this denomination In tho United
States The war of the Bishops become
therefore a great excitement for a good many
people but there f to be a General Confer
ence next autumn and then peace may return
The Board of Trade of Amesbury Massachusetts
sachusetts asks us by postal card to publish
the following Item
Tinhornof Wcmtirn Anmbuy MaiL Uth
acknowledged carrlMa caatra ot the orld
I gives us pleasure to oblige a Board of
Trad which puts poetry before tbe nroduc
tea of wheeled vehicles
We are not surprised by the news from
Honolulu tbat the new Queens throne Is
already endangered by the revolutionists
The intrigues against her began a soon a the
new of King KAXAKAUAS death was received
and there was some ground for the apprehen
sion that the would not b permitted t take her
place as his successor though he himself had
designated her a the heir apparent Her ad
versaries are the foreigners who do not dsulro
a native dynasty the republicans who seek t
alter tie form of government and tbe members I
of her own household who would like a change
In the succession They have all bean active I
during the past month But the most danger I
ou menace to her power at tbls time appears
In the fact that the Ministers of the late King
hare challenged her authority The deny her
right to remove them they refuse to resign at
her demand they continue to hold office
against her will Of course under the
circumstances It must b bard for Queen
LXUUOKALAM to maintain the Government or
command the allegiance of her subject
There II I undoubtedly danger of a violation of
the oeace In Honolulu
We are glad t observe that Sir BCBSCLI
B HABRIHONS newpnper the Helena Journal
still persist In its virtuous coura with respect
to lottery advertisements I may be that the
terror of the law have something to do with
thl but we prefer to attribute I to a deter
mination on the part of young Mr HARRISON
to lead a better life The conspicuous pIece
formerly occupied by the mantrap announce
ment of lbs Great lust of Louisiana II I now
filled by this advertisement of young Mr HAH
BISONH latest enterprise
i a usa KW aim cc i
i Th tale of HTlddlady Winks Is I limply Im
mini nnd In your order early Only a few
i on hand at the
There is nothing In this innocent enterprise
tbat can add gray ball to the Hon BKNJAUIN
HAHHIHONS head or brine a blush of shame to
the cheeks of baby McKer
Brazil hal now adopted the nnw Constitu
tion and elected a President under It Tha
various departments of the Government sIx
in number are established and the Cabinet
that was organized In January continued to
bold ofttce up to the time of our latest advice
from Bio dl Janeiro The articles the Consti
tution wer debated fully and freely In the Con
stituent Assembly many of the amendments
proposed were carried and finally It was
adopted by a largo majority We have not yet
Men t text but WI Infer from those parts ol
I already published tbat I Is I creditable doc
ument at once liberal and conservative and
tbat I elves more right to the provinces than
they have heretofore possessed The appre
hensions entertained by many republican
during the past la that a dictatorship would
b set up have been dissipated
Tb new President of the republic Marshal
DicoDono DE FONSECA bus acted as Provisional
Chief of Stale since the revolution of Novem
ber 1889 He ha shown himself to be a man
of energy firmness intellleonoo and pacific
character desirous of promoting the develop
man toft he resources of Brazil though par
hap too ready to involve the Government la
the construction of great public work that
wonld endanger the countrys finance and
might throw Brazil Into trouble like these
that have bankrupted the Argentine llopublle
Brazil enter upon her constitutional exist
ence udder favorabl annple and we trust
that the hope entertained In her behalf by the
American people will be fully iallzed
There 1s no need of bawalllng the dl ap
pearence of BtAtn of New Hampshire from
he Senate on the around that hi has been the
chief patron and exemplar of eccentricity
there Walt a while till the two Alliance cham
pion from the West Pcrreft of Kansas and
KTLR of South Dakota take their seat In the
Bnit wrath Look out for bllteards when they rise
The AmericanCanadian politician Mr
rruRTua WIUAX I perhaps tbs most energetic
of the campaigners on the Grit side In the
electonl that are now shaking the provinces
In one or liii recent Grit speeches ba arcuc
the questions at ISle without using Inflam
matory language against the Tories lie holds
that the present political struggle In Canada
Ollght to atouso tbe Internal of the American
people and says that a Grit triumph would
take rank as an oientof supreme Importance
In tbe history of tbe American continent by
which remark be means we presume that It
would be the first step toward annexation
The prospects of tbe Grit a now more hope
tnl than they bale beau at any other time
since the opening of the political campaign
The Womans National Council In Wash
ington was addressed by feminine orators wno
are lawyers and physician and preachers
and author and professor and politicians
and business managers and artist and news
paper reporters many of whom are at the
same time the mother of families and house
keepers The delegates who attended I were
From all part of the country Among the
many subjects brought under discussion
during the week In which I beld It I sessions
were politic temperance education charity
womans ork and social reform I was from
many points of view a remarkable Council
worthy of the study of everybody who II I In
terested In modern American history or In the
novelties ot this everchanging world
A Dcaaorrat to Couat On
from tIC Ptttrnurg mtt JjwdL
You can always tell where Hill stands and
will stand and when he votes no one Is ever in
doubt as to bow he Toted and he never wait
until the fight Is I over and the victory won to
let the people know that hi Is a Democrat
He goes to the front early In tbe fight and
stays there until the fight Is over u William
McKinley Jr of Ohio knows to his lasting re
gret Governor Hill Is I neither a coward nor a
hypocrite nor least of nil a political Pharisee
who thanks God that be batter than his party
and tat all political wisdom will die with him
He II i satisfied to bl a good a his party and
be doesnt pretend to b any better
A New Erat IB Sooth CarolIna
rnm tlie Abkvlt MedIum
No plac In South Carolina ba a brighter
prospect than Columbia The city baa alt
completed a aSia of the canal to a syndicate of
Northern capitalist who will pay down tl60
000 In cash and obligate themselves to expend
ft000000 on the enterprise In the course of
three tea A 1250000 factory la to be built by
some Obarlettonlana and Northern men An
electric street and suburban railway la to be
built and operated and a numbr of b
buslneca enterprises are to b act on toot The
population II I steadily Increasing
The Columbians have not bean slow to real
Ire the advantage of a government of the peo
ple They leI that tho men wno sustain the
Tlliman administration come from all the
walks of life Learned lawyers upright bak
er boneat farmers patriotic mechanics
skilled physicians selfsucrlflrlne teacher
and dear women ar upholding the hands of
our able Democratic Governor
The judicious course of the last Legislature
and of Oov Tlliman on the Wesley claim no
doubt has had much to do with the influx of
capital from a distance The avtlon in tbat
matter was notice to all that under the pres
ent administration every man wbo thinks he
has a claim against the State Till 1 have a hear
big I it proves to bt just It will I b paid No
lapse of time and no technicality will stand In
JUIt the way of any creditor whose claim may be
Written by the Stataanma to at Pike Girl
Who Was Vadtr HU Protection
From Ut Chicago tfeux
Not Try long iso Tel Ho printed an tcdlnily la
teieetlni article upon the abJct ot Loilalana cab
room and the old Urn custom of ntlllttnf th octoroon
txaotl aa placii for tee arlitooratlo young men ol
that part o the South There Is I Urine In Philadelphia
I present an old lady who waa the place ot Henry
Clay I She waa tha daughter ot a wealthy louIsIana
plantar her mother belni a beautiful quadroon All
daughter stew np ho developed great personal beauty
and unninally brIght Intellectual quallUea Her father
had her thoroughly educated and when she warn IS
years of age he uuht > a comfortable horn for
benelt and her mother In Kentucky providIng them
with monty adequate to their support In band i
sow atyle In thou time there was but ona future
for an octoroon Irl that wa to become th plac or i
mIstress of some rich whit man She was reared
with thla Inevitable end in I Tlew I w o the eastern
and therefore II was deemed righteous
DurIng oat of hIs political campaigns Henry Clay
caught light ot thIs beautiful octoroon lie ought
hr out end found IbI1 was a girl of culture and
refinement In due Urn be arrangad matter with
th mOlar and the girl became hit placee brilliant
and famous uCla aa the octoroon beauty presum
ably did not find I lard to accede 1 the bargain She
went But with Clay and wa Installed In a borne which
hi proTlded In Philadelphia Our be was wont to
Tlilt her running over evicT week or IWo from Waah
This relationship existed for a number ot n
When away from her Clay wrote dally to hi beautiful
mlilnia and these letter are itlll In exlittnc
After Clays death the young woman wadded with
a repciabla young German and went to California
1 Y The husband dyIng a number of years ao
hi widow returned to Philadelphia where aa now
abIdes a lovely old lady 1 retaining to a marked de
gree her nOl beauty and the charming vlTaclty
of her earlier year Flia love to talk of her Intlrascy
with Clay and her rmlnliru ot the rain ana the
arente of alily years ago are moat Interretlni of her
relation with tha great Wblglaaderib pb proudly
She followed the cuitom of the time her aequlaicenca
thereto was Inevitable I wea her rate and aha den
not regret It
To gentlemen In the acquaintance of the writer thla
remarkable old lady has I rd many of lbs letter writ
ten 10 her by Clay and to one ot them h baa prom
lied 1 If ws are correctly Informed to bequeath these
precIous literary relIcs with permlulon to pnbliah
them dIscreetly edited Tnele Utter number aa wa
understand about 2 and they are ad 10 b marvel
of eplltolary art throwing at Ih name lima a power
ful sIde light open th secret hlitory of contemporary
statesmen and polItIcs
It ba aiemed to ua inoit remirliable that with all lbs
enterprIse of our collector editor and publlebar no
ffort baa hitherto been mad to secure and unfold to
tha world what we are certain would pro a moil
arnutlonal mOt Interfiling and moat valuabl con
tribution to American hlilorlcal literature
XXhnalaie lei Boston Over th > MM Who
Cot Out Col Hke a > rd for Jeruealeaa
mm tilt tenon A
We congratulate the country and the RT Keith
Merrill on his appointmant to the poet ot United State
i Consul at Jrniatm An official wbo reads the AssyrIan
syrIan language with the utrooet aate and regard the
deciphering of hieroglyphics a the merest child1 play
Is I a rare bird In polItic or diplomacy nowadays
From tS6 SWIm Atvrllitr
The appointment o Dr Belah Merrill U ba Ctniul at
Jerusalem laalmply Ideal In Its lt
front tlt tttton JittmUrr
TRiTe could be no mere fit appointment than that of
the Her D Belah Merrill ii Consul at Jaraaaltm
A RepublIcan ffaeer at Our Own Kvart
ppoa 1 QWD
It was wall enough for Senator nitcock to glr a fare
well dinner 1 hit departing colleague Senator Evans
but the fact remain that laid departing eollagu hat
dOD lei during hIs lervlce In the Senate Ii deserve a
oompllmenUry dinner than any other man whom Haw
York am elected to that body
POUt4aess Pay
frm IV flt JMul QI
ritr was appoInted 8crtary ot the Treasury be
cause be went flitting with Ben HairUon In the luinBir
of IDS and did not caleb the bIggest Bin
quite Ho
Did yea gel your UUormal ticket t
No Uy husband saId III I would go without U U
April bed dire up tracking for Lent
0 Sort of a Sealed t sackeloth asS ashes I tktull
nrn KAtmrAtt or CJIU
O WIt Part or the Now Wr54 BUI 1 Its
treat Blwov r r SireS Hes I
To THIS EDITOR or Tint Bux Sin Bul
letin No 1 put forth by the Bureau of the
American Ilopubllca at Washington as a hand
book ot those republic has for Us frontispieCe
rimmed In the
the picture ot a waste of water
distance with a low shore line and entitled
Vullmit Islnrultbe First Land Keen by
There is I something attractive In this torso
decision supported by no further comment
of a question which durlntr oine generations
hat aflordad o e for much dllTurtnfe of opin
ion What wa that Inland on which Colum
bus watching about ID oclock ol the night be
fore the evermemorable Oct 12 14U2 law a
light ilslnK nud falllnir Many people will
cudgel tbolr memories In vain to identify Wit
llriKs Island with this longfloujht shore
They will perhaps think ot tho land which
Coll mhus piously called Han Bahndlr at being
called Cat Island following their Wuhhlnstoa
Irving and their Humboldt Or they may bate
accepted tho conclusion reached by F A do
Varnlinern a iiunrtor of a cnttiry ago that
MnynRUsun was the Island on which Columbia
landed und which in Is known the natIves a
that limo called OuRnahsnL Thou we find
advocates of f tho claims of Bninamt and ain I
of Turks Inland for thin honor
Indeed the Inland that have claimed to be
the landfall of Columbus real by tbelrnumber I
the alvarslty oi view ns lo tbe date of his I
birth which covers in tho controversy I
period of ten or fifteen t years But altar till I U I I
but naturnl tbat 1 croup or chain as extensive
as the Bahamas or Lucayos stretching along
several hundred miles and containing several I
hundred lurtror or smaller members having
somo close resemblances In site aud < renoi nl
appearance should yield more than ono which
corresponds to a certain extent with tbo de
scription In tbe diary or log book ot this Rroat
navigator This Is I tbo more Intelligible slnco
tbe Spaniard depopulated the Inlands In or
der to work the natives In theIr mine clue
where so that oil local tradition of the orlRinnl
landing place died ont Nor did tbo Bpatilard I
Main colonlz them while the Knullth ocou
ptlon did not follow until IO2I
More tban nlnerr years ago however Munon
Iaalted tat Waiting Island which Is I
about fifty miles 1 sTE of Cat Island was
the true Guanabanl or Son Salvador of Col
umbus During halt a century afterward this
new claimant made little headway agnlnat the
belief tat Cat Island was better entitled to I
the honor but in the last thirtyfive year
with the moro precise methods of geographical
inveatlgatton the claim or Waitings island
hits been revived and substantiated a way to
make I irresistible Hrst A 1 Boeder In
stated upon tbls view and Peaohel Daniel
Major Ielermnnn and others have followed
It With the competition practically sifted
down to Cat Samanii and Walllnga the last
nomad baa now almost ucilpsetl the other two
One of the most rout and exhaustive of the
recent origihal Investigations of theaubjectwaa
tbat of Joy Blake while Governor of the Baha
ma a few rear ago UI road several cruise
among the Islands of which ha bad official
charge for the express purpose or studying
this Question With the log book 01 Columbus
to guide him ha followed the explorers course
as nearly as possible A draughtsman
aketohed the outlines of tho various shores
and the Governor wife made watercolor
drawing of the scenery mae studied the
dangerous current against which tbe early
xpforar had also to contend liy a process of
elimination one after another of the islands
was rejected A falling to fully nattay the dis
BeriptlonRhen by Columbus while Watlinea
Island wholly agreed with It It bad the l lake
re ha
in the centre the fertile soil tba rear encir
cling It except at the capacious harbor with
Its narrow entrance and the bluff bard by
Buoh an Independent study together with
the conclusions of the geographer who had
tint themselves seen tt no doubt entitle I
Waitings Island to be definitely considered as
the spot seen when the joyfnl cry of Land t
was raised and Indeed I ba been officially
named Ban Salvador olal
The present Importance of this matter Is in
creased by tbs project ot Cafitelar and other
to make a combined voyage of vessels from
tbe Old World to the New In September and
October 1892 a leading feature of tbe honor
paid to Columbus Naturally there should ba
a common agreement I to the island recog
nized a the San Salvador of tbe great dis
coverer Researches relating to the Place where
Columbus landed will crow In interest and
aw Iters
Importance during the next few wars nt
feature of the coming celebration might well
bo tbat of erecting upon the spot a monument
which In such an outoftheway nlace need
not ba pralantioua and elaborate but should
I I ba Impressive and enduring PINTA I
Jerry In Wllq
Faw of the notables In Washington have at
tracted A much attention or raised a much
curiosity then during the past week al Jerry
Simpson the Kansas statesman who has
SlmPn te Knls Itatma ben
making a visit I of observation t the scan o
his future labors He baa been seen In botb
Houses of Congress and In the departments
and at the Womans National Council and In
the street Everybody has taken look
Ueltret ElerbeJ takn a lok at
the weatherbeaten mariner of Canadian
birth the stormy politician of the Kansas cornfields
fields the Congressman elect of the Farmers
National Alliance Ho carries a smile on his
rugged tae walk as though ho had no fear of
falling and wears a pair of Kansas shoes that
would lead any observer to doubt the stories ot
his socklessnesa When bo appeared In tba
Womans National Council aa a supporter of
that other renowned Kansas elocutionist Mr
Lease his presence was Impressive though he
foiled to suppress the hissing that followed
several passages of bar speech
Mr Simpson I in Washington for the our
posa ot preparing himself for the oratorical
and legislative labor that be Is to undertake
in next Congress He desire to sea how things
are run and to take lessons In Congressional
oratory and to find out bow his agricultural
constituents can be served So far as Is
known be ban not hobnobbed with Senator
Inealls or called upon Senator Plumb
If r WllUrel and the Lamb
To THB EDITOH OP TUB Buy Sir In order
that there may bo no misapprehension on the
part of the public aa to my nonappearance at
the Lambs Club gambol on Tuesday next I
should feel obliged If you will permit me the
use of your journal to state that I wrote to
Mr Paul Arthur on Feb 21 to the effect that
my engagement would not permit ne the
pleasure of accepting the Invitation extended
to me by the Lambs Club through my friends
Mr Wilder and himself and that I have before
me a note from Mr Arthur expressing regret
at the mistake which led to the Insertion ot
my name In the preliminary paragraph and
an assurance that no reference to mo would bo
tundo In today advertisement
Hind bowoer that the mistake ban been
overlooked and us 1 consider the failure of an
actor to appear on any occasion when he liii
authorized the np of hit name an net of the
greatest discourtesy both to the imbllo and to
those ladle and gentlemen with whom bo was
to have been associated I should like the
plnln fact of the case made known as the
many Kindnesses shown me bv tbo people of
New york and my fillow players render It Im
perative that I should not allow them to Ihlik
mesolllmannoredas to tender them au act
or rudeness In return I remain sir yours
SUNDAY March 11891 1
Belle norda Husband
To THB Emirm op TUB HUN fiirt I was
much Interested In an account of Belle Boyd
the rebel spytt escapade at Hooslck Falls aa
reported In Saturdays SUN but said report
was Incorrect In at least one regard Hello
Boyd wa not the wife of Cole Younger and
Jim Starr Belle Starr was bbot by a cowboy
In Indian Territory Rome two years since
Ball Boyd made a tour of Michigan three or
four year alnee accompanied by her husband
Nut High and was lionized to aultoan extent
by the citizen of Detroit but mioceeded In
beating a number ol Michigan publishers out
of printing bill A reference lo your files will
bent me oqt in the statimeut that Belie Boyd
and Bella Bjarr wete two distinct characters
W A Fox Editor llochester Mloh iVa
KoculuiTIcIt MIca Feb U
Blcotry or Had Kum
row Me Baton rraruerlj
Seeing In hie audience at one time a well known alar
gymenof the Baptttt denomination bt left lit pulpit
and pawing Sow the aisle to the pew where the rev
innS gentleman via Maud Invited him to occupy the
pulpit with bltneelf and make the opening prayer The
vliltlng Drtactier declined tiring ai a reason that a
Unltarliu bed occupied tht pulpit the Sunday before
yalber Taylor was not the man lo waile Urn or word
on sh material to haalUy turning about ba atrod
hurriedly back to Iba pulpit and on reaching It saId
LetuiprtyOb lord dellrer us from bIgotry and
bat rurnl Thou kaawaat which la worse I dont
TboM Now Yorker who are always disturbed
by the rattle ot the elevated ear should at
tune their mind to its Round There In now
evidence that is la not Impossible to do so In I
tile P05111 of Valt Whitman that was printed in
Miuniltys t UN he refers in a pleasant way t
thin strain from cheery railroad train Ho It
appears that the strain of tbo train which
polIte grumbler don t ilko hIlly after all bo
cheery to the people who live alone tho lines
nl the elevated railroads There ran ba no
doubt Hint thIs la the way to get the best out of
the rattle
There are humorous stories about the way
In which Inspector Uyrne has suffered during
the past few days on account ot the honor lie
stowed upon him by the King ot Italy and It
is l not snrprHng under the circumstances
thin ho has declined to accept tln bonorlf
once From morning till night at Police
lleruhnartrirs and In the streets and every
wlieio nlnn be lIce ten I calmed ItS Uiotalier1
or im TomuBo ores oiiimomlatote or aa
annie othrr titular dignitary br royal favor
i ha Int > ootor lotS horn these snlutMlons
with commendable humor but It was too
much for him to think ot the prospect ot bear
Inn thm nil his lila long it IK probable how
oor that ho will never get rid of them anyhow
A workman who hid occasion to do some
rcpalri In the basement of a French boarding
hiitiso In 1riuce struct found thnt Ills only
romimnlon In Iho fiont basement was ayeiy
lusty and vigorous little baby He and the
bniiy nitro loft alono thoro fur two hour The
tmlivwas in n bis clmnos bnsket and had n
bottle for Huatonanee end l nrminoment In the
nmiRXil the two hours It tire I of the bottle
ami Ihunn t ydl At that thin mother crime
down and looked at It Ah mon Dleu Whit
fur you cry If I utiti risked and took It up and
p inked It Then she lotmd halt n dnreo bits
or UudilnKwooil nnd throw thorn Into the baa
let tor thd baby today with That done she
went to IMT liousmiork attaIn upstair Per
bui > s Mime other mothers will draw a moral
Irvin this perhaps not
On t n Thlnt avonuo car yesterday conductor
mailo a itreat dell of trouble by Insisting that
half n dorcn insbenecm should letvo their
teats HO that lie could lilt up a Piece of the
her > raik und net ruiuiirlerof dollar wlilcli
had fallen between tile slats it had beta
hopped hv a iasM > nior Ihero was no us < >
leaving that for the car clertncrV wild he
Asked what atiuli pickings amount to I In n tour
hr aild that the ttal ttas very small Srinm
drivers make It n practice to lift nil tile floor
racks when they get to Harlem and once In H
wnllu they find u nickel or a dime sufficient In
keen them In tobacco It the drlxerof near
neglects tn do this this finding goto the clean
ers In the stables Altogether It win his
opinion no one iimkox a dollar a day out of
these Undines
Heros your lateit tricka box of make
believe matches They look exactly like
matches and the boxes are regular match
boxes but you may so rut oh am and rub cia
anyway and anywhere end they wont light
A bountiful trlik for to sell your friends with
the very latest only five cent n box Thus a
peddler on Fulton street chnntailall day long
yesterday but hr was not quite truthful Ills
boxes ot macbes were not such novoltlei as
tbe new explosive match that ha a daub of
iercuilon powder on the side of the stick and
noes off with a hang when you cie It to roui
friend to light his clear That Is you Cite
him one If yU are a practical joker which
Heaven forbid
Nothing Is more evident than that In five
year hero will not be a paddle wheel or a
elnslo decked boat in the ferry service on the
North River The crush of wagons and tho un
avoidable filth ot West street compel tbo build
lug of twostory ferryboat and the experi
ment with the system of propulsion by screws
on both ends ol a boat make it certain that the
old paddle wheel is under sentence of aban
A Young American Who ForMed a Lucky
Partnership With at Camnlba PotCital
from IRS San rranrtlco Dilly Rrport
A slender young man with a Jewish east ot
countenance stooped up to the Palace Hotel
register and signed himself Samuel Harris
Tahiti Hit Is an American and waa born
and reared In this city though his home is In
the Fermodus Islands in the Boclety group
110 ii only 23 years of age
Harris was educated Tn the grammar aohoole
ot Ban Francisco and on being graduated went
to work at one thing and another without
much success Finally be saved a few hun
dred dollars and went to Tahiti A variety of
misfortunes left him penniless there on one
oooaston hIs boat was capsized and on an
other be was thrown ashore and lost his good
In the surf Trading was flatly a fallur with
him and he told his friend sq This wa
nearly four and a half yean ago Presently be
eunk out of eight and the people who knew
him In Tahiti saw him no more for two year
When they saw him again be was on the high
road to prosperity
When h went away from Tahiti he took
paaaage to the Permodua Islands Most of the
natives there were cannibals at least tbey had
that reputation He settled on the Islands
which are celebrated as tie chief pearl fisher
ies ot the South Bens and made friend with
one of the principal chiefs An American ol
experience such aa that ofer Harris could not
fall to become soon a power In the Islands In
a year after he had gone to live there he has
Induced the bead chief to take him Into part
nership in the pearl fishery profit Then he
began to make his trIps regularly to Otabalta
to dispose of his pearl which be did at prices
that satisfied the chief that he bad a traaaur
for a partner
Life on the savage reefs of the Permodn
alternating with tbe almost aa savage life of
the TabltTan was pleasant enough for a
while but a year ago Harris grew weary of th
existence and sighed for a change The chief
would not consent to his departure however
and Harris ho been for twelve months trying
to Induce the old fellow to let him go But the
chief knew what a good thing was when ba bad
It Harris however determined to pay a visit
to Ban Francisco despite the chief ana at last
excannibal consented to let the partner
ship continue even if Harris should remain
away alx month
In the meantime the chief fame has been
wanlnir and Harris Is known all through the
Huuth Keas aa the Pearl King and most ot the
trader there think lie la the chief of the Isl
ands ac the real chief has the astuteness to
ftay In the background and let Harris conduct
his buBlnesH for him When Harris left the
Island to take ablp for San Francisco be was
attended part of the way by quite an escort ot
Mr Harrla Intends to spend some of his time
bare and tban go East for a while Ha landed
on the island practically penniless ant now
by means of not neelectlni his own business
while looking after tbo chiefs his la 1 worth a
lurga fortune
Nhairk and GaUor la w Fight
rrrmi trie ratafia if raid
A surveying corps at the mouth of the fit
Sebastian lIfter related to a gentleman a few
day ago at TlttiRvltlo and bo to a reporter
yesterday particulars of it moat desperate
encounter between an alllgntor and a shark at
the firi mentioned place The engineers Imd
pitched their tent near the river and jut
above Its mouth and nora eating their din
ner under u small clump f palm
All at once their < attention was attracted to a
violent onmmotlon lu the watornear the shore
At first tbo bodies wore so active und made tit
piay luterinlncled with blood so heavy that
they could not mike out what the two object
worn Finally alter about half an Dour nt
such work the monsters seamed to bo grow
ing weak anti weary It was then discovered lo
be a fliiht to the death hoiwoen a large nlllgi
tor and a manentlnK anark The former
ftpcmeil to be trying to not to shallow water
whlla the ehurk WUH equally as determined
not to CD Thu fight was still colnc nn ii 1
lliouuli growing le u vigorous all the time
when one of tho parties got hIs Winchester and
i hiot them both
Un pulling them ashore the nlllgitnr WAS
found mmiitt a foreleg bit oil us smooth A if l
cutoff with a surgeons knIfe Tboshari Ima
nurneioii ugly unshei nn his body wh oh
would iirobally have killed blm soon Tuo
party akluncil the Allluntor nut saved soma
of the teeth of the shark as mnnentoeH of tbia
singular and sanguinary encounter
Good Policy Even Aftrr UcMlh
dIces tIe rhiivtiifhi i JOe rt
Years ago nn old follow who IH since dead
used to be the Morgue Lenio hIt wiir >
trutnely laltuni Kor fat s lr < unl lisa
known to Koulj ut hH wuik without epenklnit
to any one and lie bad no imllunco with ie I
hona of f iiiiRtanched speech Tueie ihaiuc
tirlstlesi un ucd lor him the nickname of
rtieut Diii
Gee day corpus vrns brought In which n
on could identify A cacrliitlv pirngravli
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