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T i d > J t I
ii I
1 I I
4Jq r1QUr BESSTOH TO cauit r
WAS roa A ruACKrm mm
ant Crewfle I tbe tterlee aid Im All
Parts or eb CUoIo Arrtl
BUI Well In BTmieVTk 1t Votee
a fbr tke Paysimt of the Frcaeh Hvallit
tlom Clklncrtamk m 4 X4m e DUynt
Orer CUII Serrtee J1efflrDert of the
I HawitltM Cable Scheme Tfce HenBte
Agree te > the Coaftrcmce Keport OB tke
i I Copjrrf Bkt BUI Tbe VIPrC Bt Over
ruled ed XmC l Bi > rYTIn < le w Saved
WJIGToNllarh n 1Thn Fiftyfirst Con
i gress tidying I very peacefully The report
let afloat so Industriously a few days ago thai
1 some of the big appropriation bills would fall
for lack ot time In which to consider tbem wee
found to be based on nothing and the tempo
rary scare was over this morning when
I was learned that the appropriation
committees had the business of both Houses
well In hand and could manage 1 th bills
with ease The leaders In he Uenato and
Bouse have not beon averse to tne circulation
V of the rumor that the money bills were In I
danger forthey have used It as lever to force
I I party schemes through I
f Tonight Ib death of the Congress made
famous bJ Speaker Tom Heed is being cele
I brated in brilliant styles The big marble
I building is lighted from basement to dome
and the new bronze lamps on the marble ter
I races and along the broad walks leading to
Pennsylvania avenue outside throw fan
tactlo shadows from tbo swaying trees
ncroes tho snowco erod lawn of tho Capi
tol grounds On the Senate wing the Hag
floats at half mast In mourning
loata It bnl mlt monrliol for
two Senators and on the House wing the Stars
and Btrlpes are blown out straight In the
I Illb wind There Is a third flag on tbe Capi
I tol building now It won placed there n few
wenks ago under a resolution of Senator
Jalel I floats from the centre of tho build
ing and in I never furled Tho o on tbe Senate
I and House wings float when those bodies are
in session
Within the building all Is I light bustle ex
citement and apparent toiifuslon Oroat
crowds are surging In ami out of the galleries
of otb I Houses aud standing three deep In the
corridors waiting to squeeze through the nar
row doors to take the places of Ihobe who can
not stand the crush and the beat even for the
pleasure of seeing statesmen make laws
V There are crowds everywhere in tbe great
rotunda lighted tonight from the floor h
V Ihrbe tonllht 100r to the t
fet of the Ooddess of Liberty on Its summit
In the statuary ball and In all the committee
roms which have been thrown open for their
To tbe average gallery visitor I seems strange
that the members are not working harder than
they are With the big appropriation bills
suspended In midair as it were the visitors
wonder why they see nothing of the fighting
I tat must be In progress over their prepara
ton They do not see the struggle because
I It takes place behind the doors of the Con
ference Committee rooms The work j Is go
ing on In the rooms of the Benate and House
committees on appropriations and In the corridor
commieIl or
ridor outside the doors tbe member of the so
called ioobythe men who Jor weeks end
weeks nave bean laboring to have certain
schemes provided for bJ payments out of the
United States Treasury ar desperately
and almost frantically button holing
V members and bringing every POBSI I
V ble Influence brnal In behalf
of their respective measures The real strain
olhelr ra etran
of Congress always oomee on the last night
and this Congress having been the met liberal
one In DI yean held out hop to all the
old barnacle who feel that oo mercy will be
shown bJ tbe next Congress merI wl
Early In the evening 11e proceedings In both
lioness bename very anil and there was little
entertainment for the thousands of visitors
Tbereportaof conference committees consti
tuted the only real business discussed In the
Intervals of the report a few unimportant
bD the Benate VicePresident Morton was in
the chaIr and gazing at him from the reserved I
galleries were some of the conspicuous society
leaden of Washington who paving no more
Jeaef WbI06on mor
attractive diversion on band in i Lenten
Mason took occasion to look in upon Congress
The mot conspicuous figure among the
Benatora was Mr ingalls who soon after the
evsnlng session began made himself an object
of sympathy bJ clearing out his desk He
o pDt bit am hour at thU I tk examining
plnutely every paper and tearing Into small
bit ana seatteriag upon the floor those
thought to b unworthy of preservation
Senator Pierce also ealledj attention t the
fact that he was a dead statesman by request
fat rlqnet
jug leave t pass del Rttma that he
w nld never have another opportunity Tbe
ether defeated Senators remained In seclusion
although Mr Done Wisconsin was seen
t l shake the had of his successor Mr Via
and welcome him to the sacred preclude of
tbe Senate chamber 0
At 1 oclock the crowds In the galleries bs
tan to thin out and on the announcement by
t bJ
V Bm Alan that it would probably h necessary
to sit all night the tienatora settled themselves
down t make the best of It
J In the mae except at infrequent Intervals
the proceedings were devoid of special Inter
est Hpeaker Iteed was In the chair and
affected by the genial air nt good nature
he was a fair end impartial an any
Bpeaker could bnexpecUd to he l The special
pew In tbn gallery on the Democritlo side
Jew held at the disposal of the Speaker was
occupied by some of his especial frIends in
cluding tile wife of Itepresentatlve Hut and
Miss Sallie Lorlng
t In both the Senate and the House the pres
I sure for admission was so great that the au
thority the presiding officers was secured
for opening up Presidential I and diplomatic
sections which fare always reserved but eel 1
dom oouupleil aways the fact that both
douses lad been In almost continuous
I ous session since yenterday morn
ing there had been no opportunity
for cleaning or ventilating the big building
and the consequence was that the atmosphere
was Intolerable and the disorder ou the floor
in the various rooms and through the corn
don disagreeable In the extreme th corr
As soon as the morning prayer was offered
II the chaplain and the journal of yester
day read by the Secretary In the Sonata
t today the galleries cleared and
tday aalerles weru cleard the
I door were closed for an executive see
lon The doll were reopened at lOX
clock when tbs General Deficiency Appro
priation bill was taken up and all the amend
ments that had beeu agreed to lo Committee
ot the Whole last night were agreed to In bulk
by the Benate except as to four that were re I
ejerved Including the trench spoliation claims
aDd the Pacific llallroad claims
Mr Plumb mep Kin offered an amend
ment appropriating 50000 for the relief of the
ellen of Oklahoma who have been rendered
destitute by the drought of the Jut season
I Mr Plumb desired to have an amendment
offered and agreed to distributing among the
1 I i yarlousdepartmentsof Government anum
bar of Census O filer clerks whose employment
t t Is I about t cease but Mr Edmunds lisp Vt
r objected on the ground that I was a purely
f legislative subject and that It interfered with
I the operation of the civil service rules those
clerks not bating bad to go through the form
t civil lervle examination
f Mr Plumb raid that If anybody supposed
I I tat civil service was run without fear favor
or affection he was entirely mistaken
His information was that I could b
I shown that favoritism of the wont
l kind was practised that a eystem of back
f I aeratehlni iud underhand work was carried
on whereby persons were picked out fore
V Jtctioo This was done either with or without
permission olth Commlsaloaer for I often
happened that the butler ot a house dispensed
V hospitality as well u the proprietor
Mr Kdmunds remarked that those who did
I ought to be punished
Mr Plumb assented to that but lad that
It snshathlngwss Inevitable ondr the sort of
l autocracy that bad been built upon civil ser
vice reform and which considered itself not
I only beyond the President ot the United States
but beyond the Constitution Itself The e
I tsm was run In a way that would In bis judg
ment break 1 down He did not wish to have
I broken down He did not wish to have a
restoration of the lornirr condition of things
under which clerical offices were scrambled
fur as the prizes of polities
Ihellratof tbe reserved amendments las I to
payment to the racifle railroads wan cm ted
t without a dltlslnn <
The next reserved amendment was that for
the payment ot the French spoliation claims
Mr Beagan Dem Tex1 aped that these
ea IDm Ut
I ttelau wen nallr fr the bud 0 lobby
arent and netter that if f the descendant of
the original claimants
Mr Mutt Itep conn said that a good many
of hem t vote held In Connecticut and that not
bn In twenty of them hal pasted Into the
hands of assignees
MI Rhermun lien Ohio said he had exam
III the iiues Ion when be llratcntno to Con
gress Indl Im hud come to the conclusion that
thero was neither a legal I nor ft motel obllga
ton for them on tie part or the 1 United States
He still entertained that opinion
Mr Evans Hop I N Y made an argijnteu
fAr nf tho justice of Ihe claims and
itavn a brief historical rsvlsw of bow they an
used by tbo United States Government us pan
payment tn Prance In the purchase of the
Louisiana Territory rio rn as he knew the
French spoliation rialtn llitttvt rororiresentd
In the city or New York had coma down byin
nerltaiipa totholr present hniuers They bad
not hen a very marketable commodity and
had remained by necessity In the old deskH
and trunks tvbeio they lied uren found
Finally Mr Uorman Dem Mo having np
prnled to Senators to slopthNdlscusslon and
to nas the bill before It was too Inte I the xoie
was taken and the trench spoliation claims
amendmnnt WAR oreed to iijas 4 nays 14
The last reservol amendment was that
striking out of the Houie bill a paragraph glv
Ina 0 months eUr pity 10 omoers and em
ployees 01 the fcenute end House Corn on the
immml 1 or on IDA MR lon rolls The atneudi
tnent we not agreed to and the paragraph was
relnlneilyeasH nays
Mr raulknrUem W Va moved to add to
the par lrlh the words and the ottlclol reporters
ti WOrl tle olclA
porters of the Senate mill House
Mr Hole Iliep MclAnd I move to add to
that the words Hnator and lloproscntatlvi
In COIIKIOK I the iiuslnusp ol Congress b
to mid continually to the compensation of
oltlrlikis 01 both bodies there Is I no reason why
that nf Senators and Roprrsontatlvea should
not be added to
Bubseaumitly Mr Hole withdrew his amend
ment with tho remark that he had not Intend
ed it Rerloiiflv I ana MrIauUueraamendment
was agreed to i r
Mr aiewart Rep Nevi offered a amend
ment to lelmburso to the States of California
OioBon and Neada raoneysexp nded by thsm
In tin sttpprehslon of the robelllon24S130J
to Calirornla f < 24S2U to Oregon and S40tMO
10 Nevada The ameudment was agreed t
without a division
Mr Caillnla lem XI offered an amend
ment to lit < extra months pay paragraph HO
ax to include employee In the Law Depart
ment nf the Cotigrosslonal Library Agreed to
Mr Frva ml Me offered an amendment
ratifying permits lierstotore granted bu the t i
CommlKslonors or thn District of Columbia for
an extension of buildings beyond the building 1
line but reaulrtnu HUCII permits in future <
have the assent nf all the Commissioners
Mr Chandler lila NI mndo I point of
order against amendment and also on
posed It on Us merits The amendment had
Kpeclal iclerence to Mrs Colos houso on Mae
haoliusetts venue Mu Frye declared tbnt
the oiio ltlon to hnr bay window wa a pnlpo
blH Iniiistlt toward a noor woman on the tart
of a tow J locretl and Mr Chaniller to show
who tan aristocrats were gave the names of
those who bad petitioned the Commissioners
not to grant tie permit After a discussion in
which nail a dozen Senators took part the
Ylco1rtBldetit sustained the point of order
Clintr and Mr irre appe ilod from the decision of the
The vote was taken and the decision of the
Chair wee not sustalnsd yeas 1H nur41
The amendment was then aareud to
Mr Drtnlel Dam Va moved to Insert a
panigmph dlieotlug the Secretary nf the
Trvauiiry to resettle and pay tho claims of
the Status of hew York Pennsylvania Dela
ware Mrulnla and South Carolina and the
city of Baltimore on account of advances
made lo the war of 1812 and appropriating
2500100 for that purpose The motion was
agreid tn yeas 28 nays 22 moton
Mr Purple Dem Ind offered an amend
ment tn pay to Slat u Howe surviving part
ner of W T Pate A Co dlitlllers iaub2 Iar
na 1 C dhtleu 19062 over
paid taxes and appealed to Mr Hale not to
inake apolnt of order Hgalnstlt
Mr Hale agreed not to make it point of order
I Mr Tuiple would not make a speech orlr
proposition wiis accepted by Mr Iurple and
the amendment WAS agreed to Mr Hale re
marking that tbo benato neemed determined to
put on all sortS of claims and that there was
no USD 1 his resisting them The Senate bail
voted five millions beta and three millions
here and two millions in another place and
Its digovtldu would not sun r by taking a few
bagatelles >
Tb bill was then passed and sent book to
the House with Ibo Senate amendments
The conference report on the Diplomatic and
Consular Appropriation bill was presented and
agreed to
On the Pensions Appropriation bill the con
errees reported that no agreement bad been
reached The disagreement was over an amno >
tent adopted by the Senate that the provi
sion limiting fees of pension attorneys to 12 In
eases of Increased pensions should not apply
t existing valid contracts The beuate voted
to insist on the amendment and t ask for a
further conference
The oonlnronce report on the Sundry Civil
Appropriation bill which wits presented Cii
read last night was taken tin soil agreed to
Mr Paddock titan Neb Inquired of Mr Al
ison what had 1 ecomo of an amendment put
In by the Henat lor a labointory building for
the Agricultural 1 Dfiirtinrnt Mr Allison In
formed him thnt that amendment bad been
surrendered by the Senate conferrees at the
urgent request of tbo House conferress Mr
addook expressed his snrnrlhe that Senator
from the great agrloulturnl State of Iowa had
surrendered a amendment so important to
ha agricultural interests of the orant H
xDrrleec the hope that an ex Ir session
would be called to correct the failure
Mr Allison replied that when the Senator
had more exoelenoe In the Senate and In the
course nf legislation he would have learned
something the methods by which bills are
passed and he Mr All woold begratlflea
when that period arrived blratle
The House amendments to the Senate bill
to establish certain ports of delivery in Alaska
Territory reducing amount from 125000 to
1 001 wee concurred in 1250
The coufeience report on the copyright bill
cOPJrlbt bi
was presented explained by Mr Halt and
agreed < o lucre were two points however
ou which no agreement bnd been reached tbe
Sherman amendment allowing the Importa
ton on payment nf tariff duties of foreign
copies ot copyright books and the Ingalls
amendment allowing the Importation of nuws
papers aud magazines being satlslled that uo
copyright hill could become a law with those
to amendments Mr Platt moved that the
ienate recede mom them
Mr Sherman urcued In support of his
amendment and said that without It he
would nit feel at liberty to vote for the bill
it would not give to the publishers of the
United States the absolute monopoly of tbe
production of any book He would give to
hem the privilege ol 1 protective duty that
would secure employment to printers and to
country capital as in the case of other products DJd the
ccntrflfsk Rep N Y asserted that no
foreign author would avail himself of the
Copyright act with tbe Sherman amendment
In I because his book would Ie I pirated some
where else and would be imported Into the
United States As toMr Ingallss amendment
admitting newspapers and periodicals Mr
Jlscook said that under It the werksol Amer
Ican authors could be published abroad In
serial form and could be Imported without
even paying duty That amendment struck
directly at American authors and took from
them th benefits nt their copyright
A division on Mr Plats motion having been I
called flit the onestlou wa < taken first on the
motion to recede from tbe Sherman amend
ment Tbe motion was defeated yeas 28
nays 83 bo the Sherman amendment was In
sisted on The same course was taken with
the Ingalls amendment without division and
a further confereni e was ordered The vote on
be first motion was vot
TuiiMtnn Aldrlob Blair Better Cry Chandler
1uo1n Chldlr
Dewe a Ulxon Dolpb Edmnnd > Evens FarirlL
itry hawley f illieoek Hoar Jones Nrx MeOonnl I
MIn McPherson MorrllU Plait ba rr thou
Hunter Stwart Htockbrldia Warns Iboup
t L Alln I Bile Urry fait C rlll I Caa 1
CookrlL lake i I allots J > sptt l Davis Users lorman
Irar Hal lltnpcon llarrla InialU Jo KM Ark I
Xllcbil Morsanfaioo FavBa tiiirw Hra
I b Ransom Sinderi HUriaaa Vane Yit Wai
Uiall Wllion3i
Senate bill to Incorporate tbe National Con
servatory of Music of America was passed
A resolution Woe reported and agreed to
dlrectibg the committee on Finance to ascer
tain In every practicable way and to report
from time to time the effect of the tarlft Ian
upon the Imports and exports the growth de
velopment and production and prlcl of agri
cultural aQd manufactured nrtHes at homo
and abroad and upon wages domestic and
foreign with authority to sit at such times and
pieces as the committee may deem advisable
Mr Manderson President pro tern IvlHable
pointed a member of the Committee on hubs
to pla e of Mr Ingalls resigned Mr ojlull a
mrmber of the Committee on Agilonltnre In
place of Mr Blair resigned anoVMr MoPber
lon 1 member of Ibo Belect Committee on tbe
Pacific Iboals In place of Mr Hearst deceased
A resolution to pay exhenator McDonald of
Arkansas his pay as Henator from March 4
1WJ7 until he was paid was reported and
agreed to
A similar resolution was reported from the
Committee on Contingent Kxpencsa in the cas
ol exbenatnr Warner Alabama cas
Mr Ingalls hap Kan Called attention to
the two caee and spoke of them as extraordinary
any and unprecedented He understood that
tbe Senators from the reconstructed States hud
not only received pay anterior to the date of
their ejection but anterior lo the readmlulon
of the States There ought to be tome report
in writing In those cases The committee that
reported the resolutions ought to inform the
country why it was that twentyfive or thirty
or forty thousand dollars was Imposed on the
contingent fund of the Senate
Objection was made to the Warner resolu
tion and It was placed on the calendar and a
resolution motion was made to reconildsr the McDonald
The Benate then on motion of Mr Cam
eron Rep Pi went into executive UPS Ion
The doors were opened at 10 minutes to 0 the
benato passed about fifteen lou > e pension1
oVlock Ills and ut t oclock took a recess PaUl B
At tbe tuenlnii ssiMon the confaience re
ports on the Indian and Post Ofllce Appropri
ation bills were resented > and agreed Aporopr
Mr Fryo asked Mr Plumbi what action had
ba tea as to the appropriation to the ta
V i
eln mail service and he w flloe that It i
had been left exaetiy alt had ben agreed ot
In the Banal Mr Fry said that was sllf
a °
The conference report on the Copyright bill
was then presented read unit explained by
Mr Plat lie laid It wan the only agreement
Jfr le
that could be reached and that a failure to
acre toil b rahed < t a defet of
the Mil If the r port WM IrbtP I
would provide that books which i wr on
the free Mm flatter the MeKlnlerJ bill two
cniileel onnlil be Imported free of itutr It left
nut Mr KhoriDuns amendment I left ever
one at liberty lo Import two corlatdl A Jorn
book br paying the dntr on them aw It left
newspapers and niagairi to b lirrported
provided they did not contain copyright mater
ter That A all hat there was theagroe
meat and It took the place of all that thl bate
ate had been quarrelling about
TheionUreuce report on the Copyright bU
was rM to
All the House pension bills that were on ta
dAs calendar were passed with those die
jiossd of before the I eces and those disposed
of after the recess there were In all ICO their
hour nassnge nnt occupying much more than an
In the House Mr Cutchson Iep Mleh sub
mitted the conferoncij report on the bill t In
crease the numbor of the Board of Managers
ot the National Home Disabled Volunteer I
As agreed to the bU provides for eleven mem
bers and names the folqwlng laaddtion to
those already Rhpqlntid Edmund NY Merrill
Alfred L PeafsonT WOT K ftahklttti John 0
Black leans Wv8t > Tnmes < hdrnett JH
JJnrobroUe nndPrftnflirJesesnflBntx
u r
The conference report was agreed to yaa
1 r
vot 124 fai naY1123 tn8pkrcMtUi j the deciding
Mr ButterwortttilliroIj J OWoKwesentea the
conference rep Hrejn be Lgfsla ve bill An
agreement was reached 0 alt question except
cant tho Kennte amendment making Senators
clerk annual employees The report wa I
adopted and a further conference frd I
Mr BpoonerlRep J I 1 called up the Sen
ate bill Increasing to tlOO a montft the pension
of the widow of MajorGen Silas Cay I was
trreed toyeu 101 Bays 82
air t nnston P AaD1 moved noneon
cur in the Senate amendment t the Agricul
tural Appropriation bill The motion was
agreed to and alsonferenoe wan ordered Mr
Cannon Rep I I offered a resolution which
was adopted directing the House conferrees
not to anise to the Senate amendment appro
priating J20000 to enable the Secretary of
Agriculture to collect and publish Information
as to tim belt methods of Irrigating tbo region
between the flTttt degree of longitude and the
extern fnotlillla of the Kocky Mountains
The Senate nmendraeos to the Deficiency
bill wore nnnconcurted In and a conference
wait asked for
Mr Morrow 1p Cal presented disagree
Ine conference report on tlio Pension Appro
ordered priation bil and a briber conforence was
Mr Hilt Rep I submitted the conference
report on the Diplomatic and Consular Appro
priation bill lie said that the only subject
which bad been In dispute was the fcormio
amendment relative to tho Hawaiian cable
The house conferrees wet not Ignorant of the
advantage and Importance of 1 cabin to tho
Hawaiian Islands but they had reduced its cost
nod placed I In the power < it > the Coyornment
to pui chase I when IOIel desired The piopo
11 OD
sitfon as It now stood reduced the cost from
t1000000 to S2250UOn and provided that the
Government of the Hawaiian Islands should
pay onethird as much as our own I further
provided that the United ttates Government
could at anr moment take the whole property
on payment 0 the actual coie of construction
There was nn urgent need for a cable between
be United State and the Sandwich Islands
The Hawaiian Islands were mail In territory
but they were one of the key points of the
world They wer to the Padflo Ocean what
Malta was to tho Mediterranean and what
Gibraltar wan to European commerce Lot
entlcmen remember the lesson of Gibraltar
It t once passed Into the hands of Englnnd and
notwithstanding all that Spain could do In a
hundred years sho had not been able to relax
the grasp of those mighty hands t
Mr McCreory < Dept Ky opposed the report
characterizing the Hawaiian cable proposition
as the worst subsidy that bad ever been sug
nested to Congress since he had teen member
of the House I Ibo Government was going
tu embark In the construction of submarine
cableA It should own and control them
The conference report was rejected yeas 86
na1a McCi reary Dam Ky then offered a
resolution Instructing the conferrees on the
part of the House to Insist on their disagree
Agreed ment to to the Hawaiian Island cabin provision
Mr aunon presented the conference report
on the Sundry Civil bill and It was rDr 10
The House then tot a recess until a aw P M
At the evening session the Speaker laid bo
fore the House the Renate joint resolution
amending the act establishing Circuit Courts
of Appeal by providing that such courts shall
bold tnelr tnt session on tne third Tuesday In
June 18S1 Nsaon
M Oaswell Rep WIs offered an amend
ment providing that nothing In the original act
shall l be held or construed ID any way to Im
pair the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court or
any Circuit Court ot the United States in any
qaBo now pending before I In respect to tiny
cause wherein a writ of error or an appeal
shall have been issued from or taken to said
Cotirt before July 1 1SJL
Mr McMlllIn Dam Kan took occasion to
call attention to the fact that nearly every Im
portent measure passed under the present
rules to expedite business had to be
amended by a subsequent joint resolution
This House had openrd in confusion had
continued In confusion and It i looked
as If I would end in confusion There was
but ouo uonomtlan anti that wits hnt tomor
row the country could say The Lord Iheth
aDd the Lord taketh away blessed 1e the
name of the Lord Laughter acd applause
Tbeamendment was ncreed t and the joint
resolution us amended passed
The conference report < n the Post Office Ap
propriation bill was agreed to
Mr Iunstou UeI Ken submitted a disa
greeing report on the Agricultural Appropria
tion bin and the House rescinded Its Instruc
tions to its conferees and sent the bill back for
I free conference
The conference report on the Pension Appro
priation bill was agreed to ro
31r J D Taylor Sep Ohio moved to sus
pend the rules and pass the bill to provide lor
a communion of five persons on the subject of
lie elcobollo llnuor traffic
Mr 60lnola Dew N V demanded second
and Messrs Taylor and Bplnola were appoint
ed 1 8 tellers On the Oist trial the tellers
tra telrR
fled entirely to count the negative and the
vote had to be taken again Hut thin trial
proved but little bier than the other tr1
members passed between the tellers they were
ndleerimlnatlngly announced at voting in the
illlrmaUve or the negative A crowd ot inem
hers surrounded the tellers nut I Indulged In
ocular remarks and turned the House Into
turue 10ussi010
a bedlam The Speaker finally declared the
motion carried by a oie of CO to 4
The onrerre of the Diplomatic Dpropria
ton bill have settled the only point In dispute
by striking out the propsltun r a cable be
twn the United States and HawaiI
Bllle Sieve br the Preildcct
WASHINGTON March 3The President signed
he act for the construction of a new building
for the Mint at Philadelphia today It was the
onehundredth anniversary of the signing by
resident Washington of the act for the establishment
ishment oftbe original Mint In that city At
he request of Iteprestntatlve Dlngbam the
resident gave him the pen used In signing
the bill and it will b placed on exhibition In
be new building
Among the other bills signed by the Presi
dent were
I The Direct Tax bill the act to prevent book
making and pool selling in the District of
Columbia the joint resolution authorizing
VlceOonsulueneral Bcldmbre to accept a
modal conferred upon him by teEm eror of
Japan the act amending the act tor
the relief of volunteers and < regular sol
diets of the lat war approved Marsh
L 188V the act for a bridge across
ted lllver at Alexandria La the act
granting a pension to the widow of
len Wm H Hoffman the act for printing
0000 additional copies of the work known as
the Growth of Industrial Art the act toes
alillib circuit courts 01 appeal and to define
and regulate In certain cities tho jurisdiction
of theconrtaof tho United Htates jurldlclo1
r lard to the trI or reciprocity with the
reoprOIJ ih
Hawaiian tetanus tfie act providing for great
er security of public buildings In IPS District
of Columbia the act providing for safe and
humane transportation of rattle the a < t for
be erection of United Slate prisons and for
he ImprUonmsnt United States prisoners
Ulled tttn
the act amending the Taws in regard to the
immigration of aliens the pct granting pen
dons to Powells Uattallon of Missouri mount
ed volunteers the act for a breakwater In
LrDn Haven Bay the act granting pension
to the widow of Rear Admiral Porter the act
to provide for ocean mall service between the
United States and foreign ports beUID promote
mote commerce the act prt relief of the
owners of tbe brig Xenophoti the act fora
bridge across the eastern branch of the P to
nao lllver at the Bsnnlngs Road In the Dis
trot 01 columbia the act amending the chr
ter of the hook Creek Railway Company of the
District of Columbia the act making KnOeld
pna port of delivery the act granting a
illpatrlck pension to the widow of MajorOen Judt > on
Whirre Ye te F1r6 Wee
A it735 TftUrMiiirlch tlrttt HlllUin Earlebll
uok bop Sliest inniuni 040 21 flit 1 Street Elmoa
Intf ftlUl L 4iaMft tilting
P M 8ua U c nugn > irt Xoil rt ebi > n 4m
M LI 1 Wi15 Wasp rorueBrt ju t 1n R A
1r OI a
I rrji t Wllnt heals BW00 t 1118 plslk
eves ljevI e Mh lvelll lOffc Csaae RIM Illl
I o
It Wins Its Way
tat the eiaieaaee and rlnttkls ef the pieple ky the yr aSset a rar I bad sat rd is aad lwta vest
d It I to I culaatly dtBtHr amnrtlla laai aktdr the af wkleh waa rkiaalliV
S ad rr which 1 did a irtt desist dietaries with
dnattrat its Hell snIt In I iCe Mrafslns a l otr 1
r eat rtiivir the Uatt Want riaaUr my ratkt
and iapnre SteM Biad rltkaad per Ic tie me rflt lln Iult
r I aidi Wky 4MI yon Uy R4J Sanatartllat
hefts ilva nrB the llchlBf aid karatBt t all They advartlM thattali 8anpI
a l brl lt MlBdka 1 fa ld
rktBv la I the tatlifactKa Bttata
al strld
rl ti utlrel ft saasf rasiarkakl avra a vr ottaokavf r tae
by the fratr 4pptle 1 lath I haprtaM it tkN matlm 1 I kvkl a kttt af Ud Iclr MrsparUli
nndcfBiaiartaaBd itarra la Ik kvyaay t BBd while It ll t urrl
utrl IIaan1 1t Bt yt It gnaX IklBk Jfff
spirits aad hi gned appetite l yd ky t5ss
rl tl app ll
ppil I tl tktuaUaal in emplt ly t hive cii Sad
t rMMHy wMkUrdudrBdw I I Iy e a twist ot talalataat 1 t laai keallr M 11
i rnluaa thee that U4 Cartasarlll ataka tin I rota p uaARDn loae 1 ckriniaa
lukMUtfrli4i latnifaacar NwT IUGAtDtp
Hoods S
Id by all dronliu tit six 1 for M rnwrad city S14 by KtlroMMts iii eli tr fa Pn
ky Q L HOOD Co Apttkctarlea Uwtll Mali ky Q LOOD A CO AMlkeartM Liwsil Hut
100 DOHA One Dollar l 100 Doant One cla
V < r at P t 1
dr 7
1Ws mum
Carrimee lies IIler
130 f 132 rit 18ffia
JU PrIvate Sale
IrllND and atJIta CARS i
ALLTIIIi ttw DECIQIsS In 0A1 AtltO s4Qgfl
IAvvRAG I prouniet srnis T t
peyonfes the display cl ctlldrn tekii e kskiyi
P OOMI leuthitome Io w
Irlpl Biekbnarda torry 1lkarid
cnpy Jonixn Wblheskboeefeere I
sad stzpssIuign
Law and old hand by th 101IIIQUGHAI
sac Cnruta Rotkawar lt 0
Otja I ARiil x > OX
bPOnKD AND noinsyic II
ID IIitiliLEi tvii1re run L
Kll tA
or AtL Kt W
AIIIHuIJ l1 a0 t t
mm S4 a S BBOOXE S J
v Fall and Winter
Carriages V
reC5hMe DeCor afvovBhaBSS
t UdCue I fl etr Wass
idalmjtee Toe FMeetoas
OboeJ iLdleiipliatsa
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o IVI ape eekwys Ell Pw iIa
Vnrtals oekwys Wrr Waose
D I moee
srby PIt tMZOa rte
obi La iBuukbeasdse
rI e TwowkMler
1 MeetOas Villas Ct 7
Nider letorlK Phaetons ikiIdras UMbrlolct reps t
8IU01DBA i Rg
bat s a Hur Stead Wagon huto tu f
Wannatti flag taru viliags luru OMaDoa Stan 1
hop Oin Btanbop Itiaiana Dpot Wagon DoLors
Victoria Pbloa nnoul lpr Top Cabrioleti Canopy
Wadiesday and Tharailay March 4 ana V ism seW
maclDf aach day at II oelcv k at the
American Institute PalMing
AddresS A
107 John it Nw iot0ar V
XrLJ Sate ltaaOabrjCCat w1tieiltmIe4q
ObrI WIU alI
oyrI tiy mbll 218 Alcaxsrce2o34ti
Alcr c2J
1e u 11110D CAI will sill I 5 Cotta as4
rHiicaau ojaary ni aid oy hulnr Brmmoeolon i
and Ants G Mr Fraak n Murk rtrl farL Cat wilt a
all JO ColtS n i llta and Maria by EroaraMuTKnl A <
wood sinsto Woe3Bul Brim t 7efon fdB yT
Mr M W Silnnon Lo Angeles will I Mnd II base
tsres and Pliltoc by btsmbont tAI weety I us a
HUM l Nephew Ie Mr I C 101 tljSfolS
will all a fait tworur old Call by Woodnnt WtiSor
nntotaRranddaorkUrolRUotloaor I Mr llanoook M1
Johnwn Loa Anniw Cal will I all a daofbttrf KnI
wood bled lo Klnt Wilkee a Trl elhe cillfoniljf
owners will concise Celia and FllllM by Aicazar Ill r
ny Simraocoloii Anttolo Ac Thursday < Jiar < air
lea adTrtlMtnnl of very Important ial InraedlalMy r
roilowinir this ens > I I
For oMalOfi a41rHTBR
10 Juhn > t Kw Tofk 1 L
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oruamdltlyt eoBcliuWn A Till ad lhOalleni eels
May SHMK C 3 811 BULDING = rk
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lBell the pnvmy K RUrtlw Or Wtt >
Sultan Hatwood Alcatar Sldnr llajWd B lmowJ It
Aloutar Alyoa Mamhrtna Else Swan o Maal > l F
Lucite Oalddui Happy MdlunRc4wiik aav rBs < t
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Catalog ut rady yK la Address a
10 John it Kw Jiji <
a Dry 000 10 BiiRtM all priecs O
Laundry Pbaa ima pe
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ID Botebr Fzuiitlon Top Snrnys
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until Doubl I and Level SnrkhoaMii
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Light delivery wasons for ooantrynn aiDe a
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Cart In nainral wood and faDer colon ar cur to M
mor popular than ever this esIon Thor ti come
tblnr chipper old lively about this style 01 wTrKihn
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them always hold ibrlr bead up and go about IBIr
hnilnm atirward with a rim l that la I anonlrtlnr
They pot ill Into everythIng shout them 1 mane
torture everything we nirr Iflat < l 001 thlad her
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A ipclal II lot of flea irMoed driving and addta honaa
airo several hitchfd oloO g from Kentucky n7
Canada NiyUent a I
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The Correct Spring Styles
Will b s lainad by
US Na eeau 8t
Ctwsea Brkman and Ann st
We Bid oar fatten sre D4111 1 ranltsr it
Bwatylfor Sprlnj bat wlllb traps sUrswhss
trad opni
Toabow Inm o I 0 advantage we must ft rid it
o > et lb females of Wmir 1 good We bar foa
o ibeeteek act aurkd greatly rtssed pits f
the assy eases vkar rosi I I see ttruatOAa
kaaaaaf laSers f rla We have saad r4seHat e
se1 t sad tD HT Salt the petee at pe bellS
aalf what tbrs vast D llvry cia bI4I 5 r
Urns u th aral will take bat little ipaw is W
Clnv rooms wbn Dot OB aiblbltioa
M a i aa > is wmn unrm w
Thlage eS latercit appesiag Ta sad Oat
or tke Hall ofCoaBr
WASRINQTON March 3 Senator Ingalli
closes his career In the Senate with an official
act which has created much comment among
tbe Usnatnra This morning be displaced
T J Ball who ho been for three
years clerk of the committee on the
District of Columbia and appointed to the post
his son Ilalpb who Is a young law student
here The object of tbe change is to enable
young Ingalls to draw tbo salary of W a day
until December next after Mr Halg who h
en a most noxt clerk to Mr Ingalls ha
done all tbe work of the committee which ex
pires with the Congress commit i e
It has been rnmored her that upon infor
mation cabled by the Chinese Minister thi
Chinese Government bad entered an objection
to Senator Blair a Minister t that country
The Cubes Minister Ie 1 In Peru Mr Vo one
of the attaches of the legation said today
A cablegram was ot course sent but I was
tbe merest announcement that Mr Blair had
been nominated aud that the nomination bad
bepn confirmed I was less than twenty words
In length and probaby not more than ten wor
criticism was given and no word has been re
ceived from the Chinese Government In an
swer to the message
The Democrats ot the House of Representa
tives will probably not present a Written
protest against the adoption of the custo
mary resolution of thanks to the Speaker to
morrow nor will they as a body Introdncii any
resolution on tho subject Major McKinley
will offer the usual formal resolution of thanks
to the Hpeaker for the ability and Impartiality
with which he him nerlormed the duties of the
chair and then unle n the present programme
is changed ono of too leaders on the Demo
cratic aide probably Mr Mills will In
a quiet and dignified way state the
reasons why the Democrats do not feel
warranted In voting for the resolution This
statement will be a recital of porno of the more
arbitrary arts of Mr Heed since ho hoe been
Speaker The resolution will then be adopted
by a Republican vole the Democrats adftet
against I It Is understood that Mr Itogern
nnd some of tbe other Democrat who have
given particular annoyance to Mr Bead during
the tension are disposed to take a more do
< Ided stand against tbu adoption of the taco
lution It is probable however that the ad
vice of Mr Crisp and other more conservative
Democrats will be hooded and the programme
as Lt present arranged carried out
Senator Spooner from th Committee I
Public Buldlngs and Grounds submitted to
tbs Senate today the result of the committees
Investigations of ce tail allegations made by
citizens of hpringfleld Uo concerning the se
lection of a bite for a puolo building In that
city and involving tbe rupervlslng architect of
the Treasury Mr Wmdrim The report says
that the committee after hearing a large
amount of testimony are unanimously of
opinion that there Is nothing whatever in the
testimony which Impeaches In any who the
capacity or integrity of Mr Wiodrlm tle
Bepresentativ Stevenson of Michigan will
give his colleagues on the Blver and Harbor
Committee of the House
Cmmltse an opportunity dur
ing the coming summer f making a personal
examination 01 the necessity of liberal appro
priations for the Improvement of the great
rater route to the Northwest Mr Stephenson
has Invited theee Kepresentatives and others
with their wives and families to b his guests
wlb falleblo
oo a trio from Cleveland to Duluih by water
points In July Stop will b mae at all Important
Mr Jlilllken of Maine from the Commltt
on Public Building and Grounds today re
ported favorably a bill for the erection
porte I bi rcton of an
extension 10 tne White House In accordance
with plans proposed liy Mr Harrison The
plans contemplate using the present building
as a residence and the erection of an office
wine on the west side the I addition to t t a
counterpart of the original structure and con
nected with It by colonnade and conserva
toriesthe whole structure completed to cost
not more than U5uou
Chairman Merrills colleagues on tbe Invalid
Pnnln Committee of tlellon e cave him a
beautiful and costly sliver table service today
letlrl i < eatittlve Goodnight of Kentucky made
the presentation speech
Senator Harwell got even with his friend
President Harrison today In executive
executve ses
sion In 1 very neat manner The nomination
ot W H Beatty to he I Judge In Idaho
which uos made ficalnt the protest
I of the two Idaio Senators and the len
ator elect ll Dubols cal I up for
action and Mr 1arwell exercising his right
asked that it KO over ont > day This action was
taken and as there will not b another W8
legislation Mr Deafy is effectually hung
up ispeclally ss I his been decided tb hunl
appointment can be lade during the recess
of Congress us there Is I no vacancy
the ottke being a now one What makes the
case worse I that the Senate today confirmed
tbe nomination of Mr Plnkham to be Marshal
In Idah > because Ie hud tbe endorsement of
the Idaho Senators <
The Senate in executive session this morn
ing confirmed these nominations
n I Dilution of vtatlilBtton Contnl Ginral at
Kanatwa J W toys ot Nebraska Coniul at San Sal
> ador U < Cole iilud I Malta Attorney for the PI
dotter trlct of In Columbia loa I C Ide or Varinont Land Coniinl
railmasiera I Mimtana T H CIwU llalnai I teen
iTlvniila UNIII f t K Stclion I heading Nbraika J t Klna
1 it leeds Lnltd Slam Marahal for lbs Eaium
Olitrlot ot fonniylvanla l
The President sent to the Senate today these
If1 I teats I Pelted Kiati Manhal for the BaaUrn
district of FenniytvaBla u harrison Smith Collctor
f Customs at CAp Incat N V Ihnlb
PoitiBaiira T Alden Clvlanil Ohio
Edwin ula Mont Aldrich Cantos Ohio Henry o Myra Mi g
Onr Connecticut Heratilte
MIDDLKTOWX March i Hermit Scranton
Who was burned out of his old house In Cole
brook recently was an odd genius He came
t Connecticut from Philadelphia where It Is
said he had influential friends In the Quaker
City be a draughtsman and artist of
was I draulbtman arist talent
and some renown Suddenly he took a grudge
against tbe world and society dropped me
mountain artist region in bl northwestern offloecamelato Connecticut wild
and dwelt by himself on bis lonely Colebroolc
farm He let his cattle shirt for themselves
and In several Inxtame the State Humane Bo
piety agent Interfered in their behalf and saved
them Iriim starving Scranton kept his big
flock of bens In his own bed chamber
Conic Frederick If Worth IndUtcd
The Grand Jury of the United States Court
In Brooklyn has indicted Frederick H Worth
of 80 New York avenue on a charge of stealing
a registered letter containing 1276 from Sta
tion Fin Atlantic avenue where he was em
plot edaiu registry clerk His mot her Is well
to do
The prisoner Is a member of Dr Merediths
church ID Ilnoklyn In September lat house
admitted of the charge alternating to kill
Reuben Worth with en Iron wrench His de
fence was that while climbing don n a ladder
attached to the inside of a burn he accident
ally dislodged the wrench and it fell on lieu
Ben Worths bead
Lunatic Illegally Detained
Owing to a blunder on the part of Belief
Clerk Joseph Short of the Charities Depart
ment in Brooklyn thirtyfive Insane persons
wet illegally committed to the Flatbush Asy
him between Jan 1 and 10 The affidavits
ofthe physicians oa which the committals
were made were sworn to before Mr Short as
Commissioner of Deeds but between the date
mentioned he did not bold that office bating
tailed qualify at the end of the year It Is
thought that a special act of the legislature
may bo necessary to prevent unpleasant com
The HkBtlns Blub Crate fleshed
JUNoon March 8TIm Mralnc rink craze
wilh Its attendant ctlls l > olnc l rot ivod lu
Maine and tbelcountrr towns aro once more the
scene ol revelry A Watervllle taper demands
that the Board of Aldermen shall revoke the
licence ef the rink la that town in the Interest
ed naac and good order
More Thea SIO m red Mr Notteamt
SalvatfloB Army IIe d naitr >
Th noticeable feature ot the memorial
building demonstration of the Baltatlori
Army In Association Hall last night wa
the audience
Commissioner and lira Balllngton Booth
with many other members the Salvation
Army In uniform were on the platform to be1
sure but had it not been for a red jacket or a
poke bonnet here and there there was notbln
In the audience that suggested the usual Sal
vation Army meeting i
The hall was filled to the galleries and the
majority of those present wore women many
of them handsomely dressed and evidently
very much Interested In Mrs Booth
Outside the door leading to the hall were half
a dozen soldiers In uniform and within
the hall as many young women lu the recu
latlon Salvation Army arras sold War
Ofis and army songs A large fore t
of staff and fled officers In all the glory ot their
bright red uniforms was seated un the plat
form There were also several large drums an
energetic cornet player and a number of tam
Commissioner and Mrs Booth were ther to
talk about the memorial building that the Army
proposed to erect as a national headquarter
Fourteenth street apd beforn they closed
the meeting tloooo In ubscriptlons ranging
from tlwo down to 50 cents bad been added
to the building und
Commissioner Booth with the hid of fre
quent Amens from alt parts of th room
told something nbout the plan for a building
to be erected on the site of thulr
repent barracks In fourteenth street
R early all the other countries where
the Salvation Army was working had ahead
quarters he Said and the time wan at bund
when this oouniry should time one The laud
could be purchased for 120000 under mort
gage and a building would cost only tSOooo
Before Mrs Booth spoke he said that he
wanted the people present to hear of a few
Ihints that the Salvation Army had done lu
the way of saving people who bad been down
In the gutter He called for speaker
A slim young man stepped ou the platform
and said that before he was converted bo
swore chowod tobacco drunk and was an
opium Hand The Army had raved him An
other yotinc man who was well dressed and a
good talker said that be had been an actor
and plated > Mr llarnn of New Joe In
London and his salvation was due to
the Army ttovei at other men and women vied
with each other In telllnc how bad they bad
been before they wie converted but they
seemed to i e very much In earnest now
Mrs Booth told bow stronu was lien Interest
In the proposed building and In several well
told little stories she appealed to the sym
pathy of her audience Cards were circulated
among the audience and the names signed to
many of the subscriptions on them were those
of ladles well known In New York society
As the building fund Increased so did the
enthusiasm of the Salvation Arrnr people
present and when Commissioner Booth an
nounced that the total amount raised at the
meeting was oer flOOOO the band broke loose
and there was violent applause
The Central Northwestern Pacific slope and
Massachusetts divisions of the Army each tele
graphed f looo toward the oropOMed building
ana not a few of the ladies In the audience sub
scribed 500 apiece The rest ot the sum was
raised in mall subscriptions
The P M > Hopes To Be Str mg Eaench
to D Something ky May Next
Abqnt twrnty > flv of the seventrOv mem
bers of the General Committee of tbe People
Municipal League which was recently resnc
cltated met in the Coleman House last night
prepared to perform great deal weighty
Only three members were In dress suit
Things ran along peacefully save for two argu
ments of a somewhat heated character One
Eiewoutof a disputeas to whetbet Mayor
Grant belonged in the Kineetutb district and
the other arace from a statement from one of
the men in dress suits that he had the worst
district assigned to him at the recent election
The meeting wasnt like a real P U L
meeting because there wnsut a clergyman
Ellas B Brownell was elected temporary
chairman He said that the League had
gathered up the fragments after the feast and
thatlt was now riopared to gather all of 1U
constituents Into the home fold and make
things comlortable for them and lively for
their poliiical enemies
Charles De Kay 1 J Delafleld and William
L Comstock were appointed a committee tn
select permanent oQlcers After an abnence of
a few minutes the nornmitlee reported these
names for otllcerti of the League they were all
IPresldent Wheeler H Peckhara VlcePresl
dents Carl Bchurz Charles S Fairchild Henry
A Oakley anti Dorman 13 Eaton hecretary
John OnAgar and Tieasurer dustav H
Schwab Chairman of the General Committee
George L lImes Executive Committee P H
Felts W B OiHjyky H II Ordway Dr ItjH
Derby Jullen T Davies A J Steers 1 0
Marshall the 11cr Dr It labor Newton J
ltaye J J Chapman hlisritcu E Ihrnlug
Ic Cutting P Knautim It W 0 Wuing and
W I Le Jendro
After some discussion concerning the best
way to proceed for biiildlni up organizations
In the various Assembly dIstricts It was de
cided to appoint U L Delarleld II E Doming
aiul H H Ordway a committee to look alter
Mr Delafleld Is the Chairman of the com
mittee and will boss the job
The size of the general committees of the
genuine political organizations In town seems
to have alarmed the P M L and on motion It I
was resolved to Increase the committee by
adding a lot more names to it Among the
new names ate those of U L Bines and Albert
titlckney I
The League expects to be In a position In
May to make a reofoitable show of holding
primaries in the districts so that tbeymay
meet with some grace and elect a new set of
Ilantlnc for the Maine Keteor
BAITOOB Match Amateur scientist and
half the cranks and curiosity hunter In Maine
are bunting around Penobccot Somerset and
1Jscataouls counties in search of the big
meteor which was seen to fall early one morn
ing last week but as yet nonoof them has
Found the celestial visitor nor even the hole In
ha ground which It Is supposed to buyS made
The meteor Is doiorPied by those who saw it
as appearing about the size of the full moos
fs illumined the entire heavens and Madison
people claim that it landed In that town malt
ing a noise like thunder and shaking bnlldlnat
like an earthquake Others claim that Itstrunk
int Shirley Pfoatanuls county while still
others 01 positive that it dropped In Newport
Penbs ot county
Jlkig lo Xooachcad Lake
BaMOOR March 8The Moosshtad fishing
season has taken an early start this year and
there Is an unprecedented rush of antlers to
the famous lake In quest of the big trout
which swarm there Everybody seem to have
good luck this season and surprising Quanti
ties of trout are brought Into Bsngor every
jay Last we k Mr rVa I Steven of Augusta
caught a speckled laknr which is believed to
be the king flab of all its specie ever captured
atMoo8ebead The fish waS taken sear lter
Island and unsasured Sb inches In lengtb 10
inches frnjn back to bbiy sstd weighed
pounds It required hatf ap hour land hi
afterbewsshooledandltwu anon a ban
some fish that Mr Stevens bad a painting oflt
xoutd by a local artist
Charged With Attptlg te JBrike a Judge
UiaoNTOWN Paw March 8 Dr James M
Abrams of Browasrlll a wealthy citizen was
arrested today charged with an attempt at
corrupt solicitation by a letter to Judge
Nathaniel Ewing dated 1cb 18 In which ho
offered the latter 8110 to revoke another
Judge order
Dr Abrams Is the fat sr of Dr J II
Abrams a dentist Jhe order inaueetion was
nude In December by Judge White aid af
fected the younger Abrams In a suit by which
his wife had caused him to Pa arrested upoa a
harg ci dMsrtloa
Latest Iefhrctstlon of Iatert Pre m eAt
Qnsr tars
The first session of the second annual Con
vention ot Stale Railroad Commissioners and
others Interested In railroad matters was held
yestei day In the rooms of the IntnrBtftt Com
merce Commission JvOTashlngton Judge
Cooler tbeJJbwJtlttnn of the InterState Com
mr Cbmmleslon was elected Chairman of
The Convention and as Chairman of time last
Convention rend his annual address It
WAS on the mImosa problem He said
There ar mischiefs In railroad service that
are outsldo of It but wj distinctly Indicate the
main source of dlflloulty when wo place our
finger upon the power as It exists now to teak
and unmake the rates for Patsener am
freight transportation Ho long as 600 bodies
of flies in the i ountry are at liberty to make
rate sheets at plossure amid to unmake nr out
and rorut them In livery direction at their own
unlimited discretion or want of discretion
with little rests slat on the part nf the law ex
OHpt as It Imposes a few days delay In i
putting changes in force the problem wll
remain to trouble us the mere existence of
the power making losses disorder And eon
fusion constantly imminent The authority
reduce rate when they are found tn be ex
resslve Is but a Might corrai tlve and roaches
the evils only on the putulie si lor and f need
hnrdly remind > ou who understand It so welt
that In this matter of rates the power on the
pitrtof the public authorities to compil the
railroad to do whaUs just to each othor la
respect to observing rates which they have
once midland to adhering to rate sheet
until there Is reasonable ground for changing
them is so very silent that It may really be re
garded as too Insignificant to be spoken of as
possessing substantial vnlue
A Chicago despatch says railroad manager
there are somewhat exercised over a decision
by MM Iowa ronit that It Is not forgery for any
one tosign anothers name to a mileage ticket
tu the case In point a man named Beek ha <
imfthRKod a mileage ticket and while travel
i tag on It the book and overcoat were stolen
The thief sold the book to a scalper who in
turn sold It to a man who presented it for fate
slgnlngthe name of the original holder ot the
book The conductor of the train took up the
liook and < ompelled the passenger to ray far
The decision ol the Court was that the slgnlni
ot a mans name to a railway mileage book ft
another person Is not f forg ry The decision t i
a victory for ticket scalpers and it is believed
that the case will bo appealed In the mean
titno the scalpers contemplate pushing their
advantage and a large numbsrof suitsagalns
lallroads for taking up books under slmlla
circumstance are threatened
It was announced yesterday that Charles B
Wright of Philadelphia bad purchased from
George W Hunt ot Walla Walla a number of
allroads known as the Hunt system which
penetrated the greet wheat fields of eastern
Washington end Oregon south oftheCulum
bin Itiucr The first payment on this transac
tion which Involves f3000000 was made
There has beeua long and covers contest for
these properties first between the Oregon
N vlgatlon Company and the Northern 1a
chic and later between James J
Hill and Mr Wright The lines ran
from Walla Walla Junction on the Northern
Pacific south and southwest to Peodleton and
Centrovllle fiftyfive miles and southeast to
Wails Walla and lllparla on the Snake River
111 miles There are under construction tome <
fortytwo miles of road to other important
points lu the Walla Walla valley Which will be
built by Mr Hunt and turned ovnr to Mr
Wright this year The whole system a part o
which has heen in operation several years is
209 miles long ana It traverses what fs gener
ally conceded to be the most remarkable whnat
V growing fleds which have yet been utilized In
any pan of the world It Is believed that Mr
bright will eventually sell the roads to the
Northern Pacific Company
Th joint executive committee of the Trunk
Line Association considered yesterday the
division ot passenger business The question
was referred a year ago to Commissioner
Fink who did not coma to any decision Yes
terday it was voted to refer the matter to Com
missioner Goddard
W R Clark formerly freight agent forth
Iw York Central at Ypnkers has been trans
tarred to the 81xt > flftb street yards as raid
A wellknown railroad official who Is well
posted in the affali of the Georgia Centra
Railroad and Banking Company said lester
day that It was true that Presidency of that
company hud been offered to Mr Hugh T In
man of Atlanta The sudden death of John H
Hall the President of the Georgia Company
which owns H controlling interest In the
Georgia Railroad and Banking Company he
said would probably delay Mr I n mans con
sideration of the offer for several week
The Georgia Companys railroad is ladtp
the Ulchmond Terminal Company Hugh T
Inman Is a younger brother of President John
H Inman of that company
The InterContinental Railway Commission
ers who ware In Philadelphia as the guests of
A J Cassatt spent vestWay In slhts elng
and left at 410 in the afternoon for Washing
The Commissioners appointed by Judge
Rives of the Count Court of Prince George
Ve to assess the oorapennatlon to be paid bi
thn Postal Telegraph Cable Company to the
Norfolk and Western Railroad Company for
the right of way for erecting its linen along the
tracks of the railroad company went over the
road on sreilal train yesterday Among the
railroad officials who accompanied thv Com
missioners weie D W Fllrkwlrgeneral super
intendent of the raxtern division of the Nor
folk mind Western Railroad It L hubert
superintendent of the Norfolk division Maor
W V Coe chief engineer Cart N M Os
borne general agent of the company at Nor
folk and Major II M Bully superintendent of
the Itlihmond and Petersnure ami Petersburg
and Woldon Ballruad The Commissioners
were also accompanied by counsel for both the
telegraph and railroad companies and also by
J B Also of thn Western Union Telegraph
Company and Joseph W Rates of the Postal
At the meeting of the Western Passenger
Association In Chicago yesterday Chair
man Ilnloy read the communication of
1 I1 Conkiln President of the Northwest
ern Theatrical Managers Association
asking that special rates be mart
for theatrical parties The representative of
the Chicago < Ht Paul and Knnsus Cltv
road strongly advocated toe adoption nf
such rates but objection was made
to the consideration of the subject
on the ground that It had not been
regularly docketed to come before thin meet
ItO Chairman 1lnlay decided that under the
rules the matter could not be considered If
im > member objected and the petition was
accordingly laid on the table
At the meeting the passeogir department
of the Central Trade Association In Chicago
yesterday the proposed nmendment to the
rules empowering the Vicechairman lo re
deem all tickets at full tariff rates found on the
market and to chargn the amount lo the line
issuing such tickets Wits withdrawn
HletpliK Is Cold Room Killed III
NORWICH March 3The Bay Lorenzo Dow
Bentley nho died at Norwich Cone on Sun
day last aged 78 xmrswas kllleil by pneumo
nia that was caused by his Bleeping In damp
cold sheets In H cold room at Warehouse Point
on the Connecticut ItUer whither be wont to
preach early last week Mr Itentley wanaspare
M PVH aiitsta v > crwtiic n J > i ijuiillJ I vtldt tCIOr
and cam of a lonallvcd family There was
hardly a gully thread In his lark hair and
beard and be appeared to bo about 65 years
old He was named niter the famous revival
let Lorenzo low who was burn In an old
brown country house in Monhllle that Is still
Mainline about Ix miles west of this city
Dow lientley somewhit resembled his great
and peculiar namisiikf He was eccentrIc and
one of the best juduei of horellesh In Connec
ticut lie always drove a lint steed and fast
too He had preached for the past thirty years
His fatho Eider Uuvld Mies lluntley who died
in Norwich not long nu > at the age of OS years
was a famous revivalist
A Doctor Kill III Wire and Is Easeced
From a Mob
BIBMIHQBAM Ala March SAt Hone Creak
a mining town twenty miles west of her this
moraine Dr H J Mntbeivs the leading phy
sician of the town shot and killed his wife In
her bedroom and in the preteoce of their five
l > r Mathews occasionally nent on a spree
and at such times WuRvery abusive to his
wife though kind to bar when sober
The frightened children who ware the only
Witnesses of the tragedy ran from the home
screaming > In short tm a mob gathered
and took charge of the murderer He fought
desperately but was overpowered and bound
and dragged to the nearest tree Bolero H rope
Could be tirojured two ollleer arrived and
With the aid of some nf the oldur citizens roe
cued Ur Mathens from the moband succeej
ed in gettlna him to jail
Z < Wrer ejtillwU DIaps > ar Be
MODTIT VJCBHOV March 8Th main topic
dlseossed in this vlllac is the absconding of
Lawyer Stephen J Btlllwcll with a sum of
money estimated to be between tlOOO and
11000 It is said that be got rid of 12000 of
his wifes money Mrs Ktlllwells mother It Is
alleged also lost 20uu In i a similar manner
biiilweii l was at one time a law imrtner of
Jored baudforiwhu was Jresldent of Mount
> antic and u bohool Comtnlsslouor of WBSI
Chester cuiinly
Mr btlllwull married the missing lawyr
wnen sh was IB Tear of age This is now IS
she BM one hlida < > 11J SW She still refns
Sq ay anything regarding Ike d1Iatpoaxa
SI herkusbau
Him Down by a L Botlva oat av Bride
BCBANTOK March 8At noon today three
girls In the employ of f the Bauquert Bilk Mill
while on their way home hai occasion cross
a bridge leading from the yards of tb Scran
ton Steel Company to the Jersey Central track
When half way across the bridge they were
horrified to see an engineapproach at a
rapid rate ol speed 7WJ > of the girls had suf >
flclont presence of mind to rush toward the
end of the bridge which the engine was ap
proaching and which was so near that they
managpd to escap uninjured Katie Wif
Ham beoam < po frlgbtnwlth t phe 0d
toward the fnrtbMt end of tip bridge JHh
had almost reacasd a po of 5aftywGntfiJ
engine struck byr borujaghenfyom the Drjds
She fell twenty feet and when the eriw W Ihe
train reached her bewac insensible After a
time she rcoeered l consciousness audit was
oood bad sustained Intern Injuries bite Ii I
still alhe with a chance of recovery

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