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ro BPtnfo A laaar rxox nouns
PI ftttft Mt r Rom lVa Rr Ttret
s7 at ellI Thea Sh Lost ufIlr
1C th Btreet Wa Taktn U by A flood
> at and Wa Found Tliroach the
Aj101 of s Aeeldental Crocer Boy
Hrt Smith went to work for Ella B 8r
iftmllr Isst Thursday and Lizzie w nt
Irtth blr When her husband died Hr Smith
wtbt to Hv out a Mnrant In Milton a conn
town up In Ulster oonntr She cum to New
TCTk week wro and applied at an Intelligence I
fflM for work Mrs Servos just happened to
rt At I SCTI nt then and Mr Smith was per
jjl willing to euter the Borrows household
IBM oDe condition Lizzie mutt KO with her
bs ilr Eerrosa became curious t know
IDA LluU was A wee little girl who had
ken hldlnf unpercelred behind a hnif open
dooreame out In two inmp turned a pall of
hrouBMH to Mrs Servers s free and sold
brn LIe M l > n > mamma star together
Im EirTOtt did not attempt to park them
d 11 the Till next day both entered their new I
horn Vr Btrtnss lives at 813 Vest 129th I
atrfal Uul I bad Ddly been there two hours
tutor LrLl1 > on ttm of the closest Intl
nsoiwltbITOT member of the fntnllr 8h
mlwlblOI and clever little girl Her
wee I Mil cblr ald Itt Ild Htr
nothtrM wl the Is lust I rents old but Little
liTtrytn I for that nge Her brown hall I
liorf 11 Ilk I bnr8 end she bus a bor8 font
w i for pranks but nevertheless she U a very
004 cH
I Smith took Lizzie on Monday morning
In Hit primary department of Grammar School
C8 In West 129th street nenr Lenox avenu
iti the little rill was placed In the ADO class
H r mother on leaving her handed her some
Ituli in a napkin nnd kissed her and eald
Sow b a good gIrl Lizzie and study had
UJ come rltht home after school
Kritrnlth lad lld In Fnik nvenne near
lilth street two years ago when her husband
vu HTDB and there mot Irenuontly a woman
wb0e DMme ho nlt knew who had a little
diufhter then 6 yean old named Maud
Jlijid and Lizzie used to nay together Now
It thpr as that Maud coisto this same school
and ou Monday morning she saw Lle alt
tlnir II the Int ge Mom Belnc 8 years old she
toolamothoriy tnterost In her old frienil and
it nooMtim alter renuwlng htir aomialntance
1111 noontm II Ilent 10 the loiicheroi the A DO
C Jas st said
dAIIDO will yon save Ltale for me until I
frtnut I 1 nut her to cake leT hme
Vlien1 oclock came Llzzli and ilnud left
the cbOI tocftber Uhiit tlio subject of their
lon the world will know
conversation was worh wi never knoll
but presumably it waq dolls Tor Maud snld H > IO
woiill snow Lizzie a doll the like of which had
Hirer Lcrnnorurrr would be nnd that Is I how
it came that Lizzie ncconipHUlcd her nome I
lluul lite In 1iirk tivemie between lild and
Hllh qtreAlfl Tlinrn the two clrln anAnfc thu
alitrnoon In i > lav l i OB At sniiper time thor
wore no ociuplett with their enmos that neither
fell f Ininzrr and fO the time wore on until the
ilocl struck 9 It wnn Mauds bed time and
ler Piitlier Imagined that Llzzln tml UI IlTcd
lomewhtre In tbe nclnliborhoud so shu asked
Can > ou II nd tour war home alone Llzrle
YtL tnanm implied Lizzie ihe would
barn clen tht < snme answer I she had been
tikrd whither > he oond hind nrr way to the
horh 111
Than ion had better run stralaht home
Llyzle put fn the little cape coat and the
plusb cap with ear laps which she wore and
trudged down the fttulm and out Into the biter
coM night Him turned toward 124th strut
and wilted biarely lorward until she came to
Ibe corner Then Itooeunod to her that she
didnt know her way and nbe stood ftlll Then
she wBlked blindly for nearly a nusror of nn
hour and then she Ktopoed and began to cry
I wax cold the streets were deerted and
Lizzie felt hungry and afraid She hurt hardly I
begun to cry when she Raw a woman ndvanc
Ine toward nor Site wined the tears from her
eyes ran toward the woman and lookluu up
Into her face raid In a quivering olce
Fleaae mom where do I live 1
The woman saw at once what the trouble
WaPoor child nbesald youre lost yourself
have you well come Ill take you roura p
l Llrzle bt polleemen and the Idea of beIng
taken to one terrified her more than her own
AODO she cried dont
la no 1odd wantloffoto
a pJlceman I want to go to my mamma
IMnt yon know her Mhee Mr Smith
Would ion Ilkn to come home with me
over night little girl
Lizzie yielded t this Invitation Lizzies
btiefaotnrllvoin llilh street IwtWMn e
Dna and Third avenues Bt e had bean
itonplag at a grocers to make Hone purCbaaes
and tbe grocery clerk witnessed the occur
rence When they ached the lady house
the lent a servant fur some Ico cream for
whlrh the little Klrl had rlynitled ndesrr
Llzrjecilad a great deal until the Ice cream
cume and then fitter eatlne hem tllr nt It Iam
Itna tlr I Bie
fell Rn and the lady mid her in ted l When
Me awoke It wee uroitd ayllght unit bending
ortrter washer mother Lizzie jumped up
aoj looked at her mother lor a minute an
though the wnsnt sure but what It wn nil a
mtain Ibnn when the renllty qf It broke
n u her HJK rubbed her I > > VH nnd RaId
pd yu gut mme lee Ceam too mamma
When the nnnils of the cock pointed midway
V ewsen 3 rnt 4 on Monday afternoon anti
Ltzze dd O1 t onio himn her mother put on
diliuwl ftii wiiit to the school but found it
floupdi ihi ran hnclj i the liou e nnd asked
Ml I RirvoKifi oldest dauchter to help her llnd
1lzI If I TozthT they remrnrd to the B hoi
and with tilt mnltors bur Went tlirnuuh the
tu litlne but Llzxlo wns nwhcr tn 10 l fund
Thi went to jiol let tnt ion In West 125th street
hut no RliI unftvtr ns Libias dofurlptlon had
been blo gut here Mrs Hmlth wan In
de > palr Tlet rftnnnil hnnio and she nut Iti
mooly fil nco wiiltlnu lor Llxxln to come
The she coni bear It no longer and out Into
the Sheet rite ri ab ii l acaln Ier At the station
hot ib > yi UI > J gltA Ian I no cntslactlon Mr
erto1 + R hrH n lomimnled hir to Poldo
llpiilqimricc nn I 111 a description of the
child A ateri iiln > in was cent out but still
110111 11 I In I At II I oro k at filelit 1 two
cfflivrH em to ilio liniho or a more accurito
dcuript on 0 lie girl At II t oclock reterdav
iHnrLIlc wo P roniim u 10 ace whuthcr there
kftaiiYiie ii i any Inrther clue Lucre was
n i rlcip In itn I > Inni that i fifhi
As mun i < ev ol iinii < > d veterltty morning
Mioiiollih vrlui oiy lr the morn1
PiltHl iii 11 tb I nximhi d fmlinnl l whether
Lit I > ii 1 or heard ini thug or Li zlo
5i tMi I slihi brlulit and l ciinhnif near lh >
Iroiiiralsvi her hand The prIncipal callml
her I in1 t nut then nut canto the try AIl
NilthrnMislirhttn JlnudMhim nod ukd
her nothsr ui ir Llxx wn < tilts say < that
I ho worn naii iir i it curt hewer telllne I her
IhNl t Little hnl stOried fur home ntU 0 lnok
the PJC Inns nmli Jlr hmllli rushed out of
his j Ill A I Icoiniin stood no ir lbs corner
II id Jlr < fiiilih asioii him whether bo hml
fn Mllilriiof II I i I A r0teI S bOy wllh ft I
NjkM hmiinrerliMioiiii < r who was stand
ink rIMe by h aril thin auoMlon
Auyui both h It l r I JUlio girl rid a cape
eMI wo 11 lost
xl MHcklv nn wircil Mrs Smith
Well ii iHir wnt iuvs In lliintlrfl nil
Flfcnt iluilte 1 tll 1 look her home I know where
nAid that In how Mrs Smith found Lizzie
she 1011 the story t TB Sui reporter
ills TUB IUN
Ihl Mid I I reporer
tInt I I now the nnm of the woman who
ttH CerA I > 11 le nd I didnt take mule of
the 111155 site livid In think the grocere
tiny lrk HI he i tnntr of 12Jtll ttnc and
lsrk Bi ennc but I lrit 11 Ire to 1t I woe H O I
hlllil 11111 1 Unt nonet anything but Im
N happy ihnt Llrale IK Hiifp olythlnl Im I
Tbo cTOr h boy hoe not work on thin cor
tier iYa nail this Prlnclpnl nt tie ncimol refused to
f Te Wand F i nato or nddr < sa And linnlly
rleI I bft 11 Io herself Mild Bs the I repoiter
1 aint I going to tell
nHliln all
dRI4nIlolni tpl you nllln at caua
you dldt t firluc me any candy al
Mr Xrehbler Let tare on VP r irul
11 H F Krehblel delivered hi second 18 l
fIre on Waunera line dramas
I nr drlm at the As
jwnnir liiums of the Jlrtiopolltan Opeia
bl lli > n 1 yraivrday afternoon mid entertained
awllenue with tilt History analysis and
oytilcal Igoineatlon of PnisltA which be
ue crlld ns a cuncntlon of religion and
SS a drama In tie ordinary sense nf the word
bUI ia Bi tnfiiin play lieplnnlnp with the
fSrJiJ10 Ih holy wll ns rntrprtil bydll
I dl
letst nation WagnBrs Inspiration In the
WnUna 01 this play be gave the story of lbs
outb Pnrllli outiared IsIs arlir HP with
ibitf nit the fearless RUgined and ulner heroes
RfD 101011 out Waunr a chief variations
Ibm the old taltt varatoDB
Yry Uit of the music nf Farslfal appeals
A Iti of mu11 rrlfI
toedZllna th ogs very ltis of It II discripti
V I dlcr PtlffJ
and oaf Itl
IlbD tborUlb enjoy Parcifal afDea
I 111r a parson must be familiar althl
b famiar
li story of lb 1100 for the bautr of wi
tht Oral
drums bit does not lie In the action bautr stage
It In what thet action symbolizes
smbolr s
311 Henry HUM Illustrated the lecture with
lit n lisici l pbr 1111 representing thlecur rrl n 1
uteri love faith and hope txllreBel In the
The Ice UoTtiic Down Nnvlitiilur
The HamburgAmerlcan steamship Uulnla
Ia I I TeMrduT from Hamburg passed through
lb fame Immense Held of Ice which crushed
t ol 1 flht steamship IwL lbs field bad
p but thirty miles to the southward
6 anal also passed four lao Icebergs
Tins mnr OAKS rott jirar iroaonr
The drcai Question thul woe KMsi fcy
the JIVomnnt Nntloastl Council
There are both tailors and dressmakers In
this city who are already laboring over the
question that WM raised by the Womans Na
tional Council In Washington last week when
It formally announced Its desire for the Inten
tion of some new kind of business dress for
business women Persons of the mOlt stu
dious mind the most arilstlo taste and tbe
Inraest knowledge have begun to give thought
to the subject and It Is certainly worth their
while to do to The man or woman who gets
up an acceptable and successful design will
surely win fortune I a patent can be secured
for the design
In these times and In this country there Is I a
prodigious army of ° business women or
women who earn their livelihood In com
mercial and Industrial pursuits In clerking
telegraphy typewriting and many trades
The size of this army Is conntanllv enlarging
and Its field of action la steadily extending
Many of Its memberadlsllke the
11 memberldlllke preient con
rentlonal style of feminine dress It is cum
bersome and pretentious it Is inconvenient
for women In many lines of business u Is
l costly Tnere Is no end to Its new fashions
I la not the thing that ought to b worn in
active lire by women of common sfUe and
practical wall
Thus the reformers argue
hut the main iniestlon nt Interest for the
theorizing tailors end dressmakers who have
been stltred to thought by tile Woman Nn
tlonnl Council refeis to the kind of biiinea
costume that would be acceptable to bUR 011
womeu IK neefnarv flint the garb now In
vogue should be changed from baits tr bon
net or cain It be modllted In wars that will be
satisfactory to those concerned Y Theie ate
advocates of a radical change nnd thny main
tain that nothing less thnn that can meet the
demands of the times hu the reporter hiss
not eerlnfned that any of them has yet got
up a fashIon plate Illustrating the character Int
the new business garb and It Is probable tint
even buMneee women would bo apt to JMinh nt
MICU a plate The more conservative
tblnkeiB who hare taken up the subject
maintain that the desired reform can
lie brought about by making certain modifica
cerfln 1011
toM In the existing costume whle retaining
ltd fundamental features They say that some
of the allcle8 of feminine wear should bo din
wonI Rlould
canlnd while others could bo judiciously slm
S lifted The liloouier dress thnt Mrs
looiner one tried to Introduce never mot
with any favor bit I may have contnlnfil 1 sng
cestlnnn that wnnld be Hrrvlceahle to the le
formort of his time The now bndlneRH rai
ment must be pbin rot protU ami the stuff of
which II Is madomuat be choap yet tine and
durable The fact that women era lond of
I right colors unit like to Increase their attrao
ton by Ulaulaylnc them must noor be lost
81rlt of
Ills regietted that the Womans National
Council neglected to appoint n committee on
business costume to which tailors and dress
makers could submit their designs or by which
stiBgestl ns could bn made I a committee
of that kind ponsed of lull power to act In the
premises had > been appointed several iiues
tlnpp o Interest might have been ettted dun
faa the present your In tbe anence of such a
committee It will be Impossible to get tho
Councils omelet endorsement or xnr design
till Its next National Contention Meanwhile
all dress reform ne and students of lemlnlno
oostinne cab profitably continue to ponder the
Questions at issue
The Awful Picture Drawn by Wide 8I TO
is A West Tlrctnl Ciimp
Seen Bohemians who were sent from an
employment agency In Greenwich street to
labor on the railroad near the Pocahontas coal
mines In West Virginia bare written a letter
to a Bohemian newspaper In tbl city that Is
like a chapter Irom the blackest records of
slavery They arrived with immigrants of
several other nationalities nt Elkborn W Va
in the latter part of November under the Im
prescion that tie were to receive 120 a day
and an allowance of 19 a month for board
They signed a paper which was not read to
them but which bound them they olterward
found out to servitude
We were put on train at Norfolk after our
arrival from New York the letter rends
and taken t Pocahontas After leaving the
train we were told that we would have to travel
one day on foot and that we would hae to
leave our trunks bbhibd Instead of travelling
one day we traveled three The cold was
levee And most of QUI shoes gave way so wo
were almost barefooted At Pocahontaa we
1er bRrfoote
were joined ly two voting men who rod on
mules and were heavily armed The agent car
urmld nlnl
I tied 1 pistol In his hand They cimiuilet > l us
at tbo oolnt of their wxnpons to wade through
Icy waler Those who objected were hit on the
bead What happened to us after we reached
our destination is so dreadful that It may seem
IniTiMlblo to yon We are helpless here as we
are watched und guarded like prlsoiios We
dd not get ojr trunks until a month atterwe
got here and our bodies were covered
with vermin The rood Is aiwaya thu
same bitter black coffee add bacon
three times a duy Whether a man
la 111 or not It mckee no different to nnr mas
tarS Ho must go to work and when he is not
aMe to work he t U flogged until he Is iilack and
blue and told thut he lel signed the contract
and Rut abide by it We have receited no
iuoneyand when we auk lor It we ar 4old that I
we owe 111 for railroad faro anti 51 for board
At the stnro we are charged double for what
we get so that ome nf us have debts amount
ing to 185 Our lahor is In vain hard
nw It Is I we are hungry und our nlchts
are sleeple > 1 because of the cold and dirt
Ve at breakfast at live In the morning and co
Immediately to our work which goes far into
the nluht
Two men tried to escape on Jan 18 One
was n Itusdlan Jew and the olhr a 18 Thoy
were caught and brought buck her punish
ment they were compelled to wade In water up
to their walstn and draw large boats after
them After tills their coats were taken
nir nnd tier wore whipped until they
beargd on their knoes for mercy At night
they were chained together so they could
nnt escape When wii asked about our
I trunks all received an unsatisfactory answer
wo refused to work We wore confronted with
I pistol nnd told that we would b shot down
like 1 dogs unless we resumed work
We havo been sold like slaves kl there no
help Oh I we could flee from here nnd save
hell lee
others from n similar fate 1erhaps this letter
may bn published nnd through lr Irene us
mAl yet 10 i > saved Wo RIJI ourselves very
respectfully WIIMAM HorrMANN
Our address Is Elkhorn McDowell county
I INo W Vs1 care of J Bowel PurocUa Camp
Two More rAW Hohool Froftsope to Re
tire with ror Dwight
The retirement of Prof Dwight from the
wardvnhhlp of Ibe Columbia Colloga Law
School has been followed by the resignations
Prof Robert D
of Prof George Chase and Roblrt
Petty all three to tnke effect July 1 Prof
Chaste Ills the chair of criminal law torts and 1
procedure and 1rof Potty that of private law
and municipal law Although Pi of Dwlahts
being made profojsor emeritus shows that be
I bus not brokrn with tho faculty It la under
stood flint his retirement nml tbo resignations
f of the two profession arw dio ta the lutro
I dileiion Into Ibo law school of entirely
I new methods uf Instruction resembling
those of Hur aril Heretofore nt Columbia the
i principle of I iw have boon learned from time
I works of the exponents of the science Blaik
slnn K ent Vi und their application taught
afterward Tbe Harvnril plansponklnit rough
ly I Is to take up ome more or Jams I cele
brated case before the court and learn the
prlnclplei rm this practical application of
them Prof Keener ol Harvard fans already
been placed lu the chair of real entitle and
eiiultyjurlsdrudonan In order to Initlut th I
now < lepartiirt > NOD of the flare professors
I will clvo tie reasons for their retirement I
Mat Must SlHntf Trial Too
William Scott and bis sweetheart Mamie
Ico who were arrested on a charge of rieallnc
1273 from Mrs Clnre of 151 Cherry street were
arraigned at the Kstex Market Police Court
yostordnr William repented his statement
that he had stolen the money without Mamies
knnwImluH lie was a Mruncer lo the house
nod had been taken there by Mamie to attend
a wake Justice Meade seemed to think he
was sncrlllcluii himself to shield the girl 1 He
held the prisoners In 110 rich for the ral
Jury ficotts father who fe I chapla of Pevin
Post affected 148 by O his A sons Ii was disgrace in court and was deeply
Tb low No Isomftr Afloat
The report of the Stag line steamship Btaz
fiom bluelds indicate that the Warren line
freighter Iowa did not remain afloat loni otter
the lank steamship Chester took u T hot crew
Feb ft I ho MinI passed on the next morning
about llfty mlle Irom the spot where the Iowa
was abandoDe a lot of wreckage Including I
the lop of a steamers house and I brown lire
buoy above water Thft wa aou bus Ue last el tM lewa I
TDK fAnr TIrE nKAirni > PLATED D
TUB xmrxTKt
Oao ortke Car Cleaner who Zoped DO
ere the Bnralns of the Car He wa
I Hnoke ud Steam aed Obscured
aed Male Htrnnti In the Teasel
Coroner Levy resumed his Inquiry Into the
recent railroad collision In the Fourth avenue
I tunnel yesterday Mr John D CrImmins Is
laid up with a severe cold and his chair In the
jury box was vacant He sent a note to the
Coroner tslllnc him that he would be out to
day and that he would read the testimony
over and not delay the proceedings i
The fact was established that the fire which
destroyed tho wrecked cars and presumably
hastened the death of some of the victims was
caused by the deadly oar stove Daniel Sweeny
foreman of the car cleanerswho was a passen
ger In I the same car an Mis Bnppel and the only
one to escape alive on thnt fatal morning was
put on the Band to help prove this Sweeny
testified thnt he wan In the second car from
the rear of the shop train The car belonged
to the New Haven road be understood There
was a heater In the north corner of the car
The shook of the collision dazed him and
when he recovered the car was lull of smoke
and steam ana burning coal were scattered
about tie Moor There were coals right under
his feet He groped his aJ to a window
knowing that both ends nf the would
knowlnl th neces
sarily he blocked As he groped through Ibo
smoke and steam hn heard Mrs Huppel call
shouted than the was nowhere In sight so he
Where are you
here under tho ante was the reply As
he could not release her himself he oinwlod
out through n window Intending to return
with assistance Dm the lire prevented I
Then the Coroner called Conductor Wm 1
Drumntoti who brought In the owl train
from New Haven nn tho morning of the ac
cident to prove that the two cars which woro
burned and In which the ear cleaners lost
their lives were a part of his train He testi
lied that hn had conch 99 nnd ttmoker 178 In
hiM train that mornlne and that they bal
linker heaters To the best or his recollection
tie healers had lire In them when he inillid
Into tho Orand Central Btntlon nti45 oclock
on that Friday morning I I
Jades Mnrrldsey who la employed by the
Boston and Albany road to look after their
cams which come to New York over tho Now
Haven system and tn tend time lines lemetn
bored going through these curs on the morn
Incof Fob 211 hl tire In the beater In the
couch 8 pretty low he said and he out a
scuttle of coal on nml then closed tho draughts
The lire In Slip smoker too wo down I ana hn
filled It up The lumps were all put out before
the cars etarted fur the yard
Charles H Phut general manager of the
Grand Central motion testified that ID Ids
opinion the present signal system in use In the
tnnnol could not bo Improved The witness
didnt r > > < all any Instance when the slcuals
bml hen reported nt fault beeaueot rocchnnl
cnlconxtructlonnnd In hits opinion the e was no
ground for tho belief that the system could lie
turthnr Improved He knew that the engineer
of ibe Albany train had run the Seontr
neoond street home signal two hours after tle
wreck of th hop train and got In time same
bloiK with the Now Haven passenger train Ho
wits at the Mchtyslxth street station when It
happened From the ialan to wit
nesses be teamed that the Heventysecond
street home signal was sot nt danger when the
Albany engineer went by He had beard the
testimony of thai engineer who said that his
fireman I the signal clear but be nud not
seen the fireman
KxMavor Wlckbam the foreman of the jury
asked I the witness belied that tIme signal
system was In perfect working order on tie
moinlnc ni the accident General Manager
Plntt replied that to the best of his knowledge
it wits
Then hnw do you explain the fact that the
Konndd not ring
gonl don i boleve the gong can b rune by a
train running twentyfive miles nn hour Tie
wheels of the cars would travel RO lust that
they would pause the hammer or the gong to
strike five cur six times a second nnd as the
hammer has about four Inches or play It would
be ImpoSllile lor It tn make n Round
helmp how was it that the second train
wblcb ran Ibo signal and ran It much flower
passed the rod light mind didnt hear the
gong 1 dont know sir
Do you conceive It rosslble for a train to
pa sl over without hearing it r
I do
Tt en you dont think its any good
Yes sir for the lI i BeIIIB put there
bat Is that purpose r
TI ns iht an engineer to find a signal when
he Is feeling ton It
WIckhan then wanted t know If too
much want required or thu signal 01 orators
Tao general didnt think there
1ne mapnaor was
Juror Hobwlib wanted to know I the ques
tlcnof chauglnK the signals from the light to
tbo let hand side no that the engineers could
fee the lights for themselves bad ever been
considered The witness said that U wasnt
possible so lit as the main tunnel wee con
corned ami not advisable for the side tunnels
He thought that If some mechanical appliance I
could bu used to clear the tunnel of smoke and i
steam It would be a good thing I
Juror Wlekham iiektd him what he thought
nf the scheme to Hunt the tunnel with electric
lamps Mr Platt declared that he > nod never
Fain an oleettlo light which would penetrate
fug and smoke for any considerable distance
and he remarked that there was no use deny
lag that I was PO thick In the tunnel that ery
itself little could be seen as the jury had Born for
All trains Mr Platt paid are dispatched from
th > Ornd Central Ktalon by the block nY tom
Then you consider It Infallibly 1 Coroner
Levy remarked
f B perluet as it cnn be
Yet two trafiiH got In the same block at two
different times In one day
Yea thoy din
Then how do you explain that
signals Simply that the engineer ran tbe danger
The Inquiry will bo continued at 1 P M tn
day Coroner I ovy ban notified Cbanncny M
Dot ew nnd K Walter Wobli of the New Yoik
Central nnd President Clarke of tbe New Haven
ro d lo attend Ibo Innnlrr
The Hoard of Alderman passed an ordinance
yesterday providing that the Fourth avenue
tunnel shall be lighted by electricity at all
hours of the day and night Failure to obsene
tile provisions of this ordinance will be pun
ishable by n tine of 10 Tim ordinance Is to
go Into effect on May 1
The Assailant of FMlier To4yxu Gt
Six Month In Jail
Peter Riley the glassblower of 90 North
Ninth slreot Wllllamnbugh who was arrested
on Monday night accused of assaulting Father
Yodyz us the pastor of Bt Georges Lithua
nian Roman Catholic Church In North Tenth
street was founiigullty In Justice Qoetllncs
Court yesterday and sent to jail for six
months Ho said he visited tho priests house
with I friend who wanted to sign the tem
perance pledge and that ho WAS assaulted by
tlo priest whom bo then struck In iolfdu
fence Mrs MoHugb who with her husband
nml fnmllf oci apr a lint on the snmo Moor us
UPI 100r II
Father Yodyzsu testified limit Itlley canto
lit her apartments und sumsoil things gen
erally Ho wax uruik anti abusive Father
Yodvrsnn thinks the faction In his church
which Is opposed to him hired Illloy tu assault
him No grounds for bat belief wero PIe
seutod In court
Contesting Her lln bnmd WIlL
Judge Bookstaverof the Couit of Common
Pleas end a jury Is engaged In tne trial of an
action by the widow of Hoary W Lowenstlno
to sot nsldo his will on the round that he was
MilTerlnc from paresis whon I was executed
Lowpiistlno wax me proprietor of a silk rait
factorr In Brooklyn Ik died on April 18 Inwt
loHiinc n will executed Aug 8 lISt ThU
eve 500 to iho widow the testator explain
leg that as lnOK of life insurance lu in her
name and as she lint proed herself not to be
a lo wife he made this small bequest
lhe estate was valued at 16OOOO and the leal
due was to go tqLowenMlnes daughterOlod
Intrust > lrB llowetistlne says i that dma was
a loving wife ilurlnctthtlr etitlie married life
Urn Wolstoln nad Vbwaleb testified that
there were unmistakable symptoms of paresis
In Mr LowenMlue long prior to the execution
of the will lh lo trinl will laut several oeclloo I
Mlsn FrpnckK Concert
lulls Yale cn Franak a German pianist of
note who lisa but iticeutly come to this coun
try gave 1 m successful concert last evenIng at
Steinway Hall Associated wllh Miss Iranck
wuie Jlr Franz Wllczok violinist nud kilts
Charlotte Uulm one of the cojtniltoa Irom the
Metropolitan JOpera House Mr Felix Jnegor
was uucompnnlM Miss Fianck who Is n pupil
of Liszt rendered his Hungarian rhapsody a
number ol shunt selections from Gluefc BoKu
menu a id Cbopln and ippcsrrl with Mr
lanu II Grieg sonata fur piano and violin
au l as Hu inn sang an arTn from Meyerbeers
Prophet and 1ctlons from Itublnsteln
Prolbt Itublnltel
Schumann and Brahms Mr Wjlczek save
the first movement of Mendelssohn concerto
Woipcn Tackle the HtrrelClrunliiE frolilem
The Tndlus Health Protettlte Association of
New York hold a rreetlug yesterday noon nt 1
Viesl hlcbleentb triet whit h VHH iovoted 10
discuoslon or iho streetclennlnu pioblum
The association favors the hand s > stem rather
than the machines The subect was ills
ouaeed by Mrs H oA Ostrora Jlri M W flu
nblll bil 8 Dennis Mrs U Purdoa and
t re U U Trautmana
TromeB JW rrl tAsnln the Rae Truth
Messier MeDonnld Resigns
TBKNTON March 8The opposition to the
bill to legalize bookmaklng on tho race tracks
In this State Is I developing into the greatest
war against any particular bit of legislation
that the State has witnessed Today
tha ba ever lcd pe
titions were presented In both branches of the
Legislature representing 100000 residents of
the State who protest against the passage of
the bia One of the petitions bore the signa
tures of hundreds of persons In ench county of
the State Early In the day a committee of
twentyeight women representing 25000 New
Jersey women walled on Oov Abbott tint
urged him to use his Influence not only
against tb passage of tho race track bills but
also against the proposed legislation to permit
the sale of liquor on Sunday
Among the women ware the wlfo of Gen
Plume Mrs D Dennis and Irs J H Knnwles
of Newark Mrs Dexter Tiffany of Plalnfleld
Mrs J U Qopslll and Mrs Z K Iangbom of
Jersey City Gov Abbott advised them to go
before the House Committee on Itcvlslon of
bo Laws which they did Seas were given to
them In the Assembly chamber mind all the
members the Leslslnture listened ton brief
address by Mrs Knowles Before leaving the
State House they presented the following peti
tion tn thft nnVArnnr
I It is currently reported that measures have
been taken to Introduce thiough the Legisla I
ture certain changes In the existing laws of
the State in reference to the talo of Intoxicat I
ing Manors Also to invade Ibe quiet of the
weekly mast day also to legalize pool eelllng
and gambling We believe the liquor traffic
and gambling ore monstrous evils which de
stroy the morals of the eommunliy and seri
ously menace tbe safety purity und happiness
or our borne
The city charities largely supported by tlm
women ns well as the Stntu asylums itiiil
tontlnrlcs anti nlmshouses arc ulroady over
burdened through the cllocts of the lliiunr
tiallir even nuder the jitflKont limitations ncd
ns we belite Ii to b our province to contoivo
In every possible way limo Interest of goo I
citizenship economy and the I liouic wo tlitio
fore a oommlitee of women retiroscntluc
I 4aOt clmllee have nreudy placed their
sicullurs to a tetltlon I tn the Legislature
against any change lu the laws burnlltg
I with the sense nl wrong and shame Itillluted
upou so many nf our oet bulldog to protect
ticnisulsus against ihcsoevils do mon cntn
estly protest ngaln i flits action by our retire
Bentntlvo In the lBElslatle bjody of our toium
nionvoalh which sunll lend to Increase those
perils which threaten the fouiKJntlns or our
1 civil prosperity und our dtmicMlc poicn nnd
wo beg ol 1 you Oovotuor bolalni ne you do
I tile I nInes or supremo rower In tbo Slate to
xiioany bills wbhh would ten I to curb ro
i suits Knowlnit our past atlon In the Inter
1 est of RooU morals wu ask with iireat conll
donco that you will regurd our eonl
I wivffl sIMers and mothers lopresentluic
no nrgnnlntion polltlenl moraltor rollulous
hut simply t hii otuntibood of tIme State
I Tbo special committee of tho touato nr
polntcd n I > Investigate and report upon the
charge or InelIgibility mado agaInst bonator
I Kayo < or Somerset rendered a malt ilty as well
rii minority report today The minority re
port is I from tho Democratic inemliori ot tha
committee They say the only question In the
cake WItS as to the legal residence of Mr hones
ftOho time nt his cleetlon In 1H77 The evidence
lu the case leil hue committee to believe that
Senator Kvyes was cllulblo at the time of his
election and that the vh IBB I to the contrary
Are unfounded The minority r pot raooni
menUs that the sent of be utor Keys bo de
clared vacant After n almonD debate the ma
jority report Was adopted
Senator McDonald of Hudson county ra
Flgned his tent toilay He is I Congiessmnn
elect and ho thought It advisable to give up
his seat her < > nt thin time
Mate Trensuretelect George n Gray of
Newark wassnorn In nt the barr time Senate
this morning Ibo Honato oRlclnls woe n little
ernhnrrmfed owing In the Int that when Mr
Gray appeared at the Secretarys desk there
wa no lllblo nnd inessengerB lad to 1 coat
attic ylnn through the tituto llnuo to find no
Gov Abbott hits sent the following appoint
ments tu 1 the Senate For Law Judge of
Hunterdnn county Octnvlitu 1 Chain beu lain
for Prosecutor of the Pleas of Htinlerdon
county Ilnrlan OChamberlain for Judge of
tIme Second District Court or Jersey City John
A MoOrnth for lllparinn Commissioner 1 11
lard C Flskof Jcr oy City fur Irooecutor of
the Pleas of Passaic county Wlllinm tour
ley for Ltw Judge of Sussex county Lewis J
Martin The nomlnntlona of the three last
named appointees have already teen con
Iho opposition to the General Tax Dill Is I
gaining momentum hourly I does not stein
to suit anybody The members of the Legis
lature have oboiitn hundred amendment pro
pared and I ononunrter nf them me adopted
Its bvst friends will hardly be able to recognize
the measure Amonif tho persons who spoke
toiiny n iiinst iho bill before the Judiciary
Committee of the House were Allen T Hasetf
President of the Newark Hoard of Tratln John
F Dryien Ireslrtont of the Prudnntlnl In < ur
Roes Company and exJudge Frederick H
Teesp counsel of the Muiunl lipnellt Lie In
surance Company of Nowark They polntod
out more titan a score or cruilltlcs In the bill
I ln I provision are enforced they said the
lire Insurance companies would I e driven out
of the Ktntesuuh companies would not only
have to tiny tax on their surplus but also ou
their tnr The opinion Is gaining ground
that thn bill will not ba pushed for ras n
and that It will bo allowed to die In the hands
of Ibo Judiciary Committee
A Trlmontr Give Two Ilraoltlyn Police
men A Chase In the Court Hoave Corridor
Thomns Coleman and Timothy Sullivan
were nriested on Pro 28 on n charge of as
sRultul Jeremiah Rlordan of 5871ark avenue
Urooklyn In Park row and robbing him or
seventy cents They wore committed to await
the action of the Grand Jury but Itlordnn could
not bo Induced to come over from Urooklyn
to testify and counsel for Coleman nnd Kulll
van moved yesterday In the General Sessions
thnt they bo dIscharged for lack of prosecution
Judge Fitzgerald reserved his decision ro
mainline Colemim and Sullivan They were
to kn I In tho prisoners box
Then thu District Attorney was Informed
thut there woio two Urooklyn policemen In
eouit who would like to take Coleman to
Urooklyn where he vn < wnntd for tilal upon
another charun Colomun was turned over
to thorn In this county men charged with
highway rolitcry are handcuffed to another
piiaoneror to an officer before they are tnlicu
out nf the court room The two Brooklyn
policemen got on either side of Coleman each
holding oue of his arms
As soon ns Colemuo got Into tho corridor he
shook off thin two tiollcpmon and darted to the
lone stairway lending down aDI the Uiambera
I reel entrance lie sprang upon the nandra
and slid clown In schoolboy fashion Moun
whim the IlronClyn policemen were shouting
Catch him and wem trying to rnteh him
themselves When Coleman landed at the foot
of the stilrway he wit nnbued by Deputy
hherlfl Drown who Is stationed tlmro to meet
just such emergencies He handed Coleman
over 10 tie pnntlnir lliooklyn policemen and
thin tint nay hnnileuflcd their prisoner Then
they started across Ibo bridge with blm 7len
They W mt the Maine Legislator t Ad
Jonm on April 1
BAKOOR March 3The present session of
the Maine Legislature will be one of tie long
est on record for In addition to a large mass
of practical business to b transacted a urent
deal of nonsense has been Introduced and
many Idlotlo Ideas Injected Into the proceed
ings so that much valuable time Is wasted In
the lenm discussion of trIvial matters So
absurd has the whole thing become of late that
one vigorous and bronzy news Itr Is I moved
to the followln expres lon of disgust In
appreciation of the foolishness of Crazy Horse
llalnes and the hostility ot the fanatical Noble
and the demented Harrington of the legisla
tive about dancers In their two to one funny
business we advise the botlle leaves known
0 the Maine Legislature to adjourn April 1
thnt being 1 dlr roost fitting toend the tonget
spell the Simile of assembled foolishness that ever befell
line It Mesa Blnlne and Aleert
BirMiNnnAM AIR March 3Gnu Russell A
Alcer passed through this city pa Saturday en
route to Florida with his family While here
he bad a conference with tome loading Repub
lican politicians Today these politicians
rooeled a circular marked confidential which
urged them 10 OIIOd0 meeting of JlepubUo in
clubs to bo held at Cincinnati in April Tb I
last IIRraruaph 01 the litter seys Aprl HOD
James U Blllnl and Usa lull A Alger
will b oresent at the meeting Those Almr
received the letter are ot the opinion that the
proposed meeting is t boom plain for Prl
eat and Alger for VleePresldent i
Deputy Baperlnlevdent Mnccle Resign
AIOANT Mnrch William H Buggies Dep
uty SUiei Inteiident nf Insurance tendered hi
resignation todni Huiorlitftident Pierce
accepted It and ntuiolnted Jllchnol Shannon of
New York to time pout Mr Shannon has for
the post hum years been chief examiner in the
insurance Department and was Deputy Super
Intsttdeot under Huprlnt nd nt John A 14c
appolntmsnt Call lie waB of Maiwil coda ta fy IMd Jlnnlt uc A lbs
rBI cnArnf anmaB mrL PAlIum
Mr BlelB Bill Cresting A CoiesIon to
Determine the 5ttess of Telegraph Op
craters Employed In Railroad Work
ALBANY March 8The Senate had a very
quiet and brief session this morning Some
unimportant bills weio passed and others
progressed Among the latter was a measure
from Senator Robertson of Westohester
county Ily repenting nubdivision 7 ot coo
lon 691 of the Penal Code I removes the
crohlbltlon against officers or dIr toys nf nny
corporation exchanging Its shares notes or
other oi Idcnocs of debt for the shares notes or
bonds of soother corporation This Is the
clause under which the sonar trust was at
tacked and U tbe main legal obstacle In the
way ol trusts and similar combinations
Senator Bnxtons resolution about the de
termination of contented eectlon cases in the
coutts which was the special order for thin
morning WAS put over until tomorrow on account
count of the absence of Mr Knxton There Is
also another special order on tomorrows cal
endar the dispute over the change In the rules
on which a trial of endurance was made two
weeks ago No ole believes that there will bo I
any funs over It again this session
Among the bills Introduced wns one by Mr
Robertson to enable the New York Colleco of
Physlclnns und Surgeons to unite with Colum I
bia College
The Assembly WOK In a very lazy mood
Clorks Defrro t and Ellis worked very hard to I
cot tbs members to voto and pose bills nnd
Sneaker Sheehan labored with voice und gavel I
In the Same direction The calendar was
IRI dlrootrl IS
Ilnnlly dlseosed nf to thu great rclef of
all contoinod Town neotlnKs that kept
many members away stud i nguited the 1
thought of some who were present
were supposed to be the Itiipaulmonts
to buluens The bills that were dragged
through 1 by persistent calling nr the nb iitens i
Were hardly worth the troubles except the I
Trusteesor Chnpln bill for Improving time tel I I
miirnl facilities of tIm Urooklyn lirlduu j j
On the pecutid mantling order somo rather I
mol lutorostlni bills titneo up b t it many of
them woio laid aslduou account of the nl h spu < e
of their t hpousois Mr lllldiolha uttistitiite
lor tho Studlcr Wi > o bill wont to athlril rond
inc Mr Foley sncceedo I In totting It amend
ed HO hat thn I tuliilniiun I I charge lor ii I ounilay
1 teen 1 I so should be 10 11 load ol 25 Mr Foley II I
Palo inure were mall n > piitai > lu ornmlratloim
I of n social cburncter In his part f tho town to
whom this amcMlment wns pecesnrv If they
Were tn gut any nuv nine under the law Mr
Vobsters bill to allow the Cnminlimlonor of
Publli Works to establish a sytOMiof pee
nge aril to condemn property needed In time
work was also proirieBbeil 111 j arquliars
Airgarden bill was laid aside
The bills Introduced I Included
lit Mr Stoln KHtnbilblnc n Hoard of Tele
graph Commissioners In number to ba
npidnted by the Govornor with tIme consent of
the Sen ale to nxamlnn nnd glue uertllteHtes
to telenraph operators engaged In railroad
work and prohlbltlnc ibm employment 01 op
erators who have no certlllcnteis The Com
mlsonrrs mnst b telcgranh operators und
renders bv sound who have hnd nl least three
mars employment nt rnllrond telegraph work
Their salaries nrn tobotSiHjo n year with 1
Hecietniy at 200 ft marshal nt 1110 and
three clerks whoso aggregate salaries shall
lot exceed 3000 sbal
UHy Mr Southworth Rnlelng the salaries of
Nuw lork detectlyoi otter than detective
Sergeants from I O to tlGOO nt the pleas
ure of the 1olleoCommissioners nnl the Hoard
or Aptortlonmen1 and ranking them loll
Ily Mr Hulllvnn PePnnctlng the Insurance
law of 185tt about rebates and discrimination
By Mr Ward Ircnldlng for the compilation
of statistics as to the payment of money from
the pubic funds to nnv eleemosynary or edu
cational institution not under the sole man
ncomentor the public authorities
Ily Mr German 1rovidlne that hawkers and
poddlors shall be licensed the fees to go to the
Socrotury or State
Desiring to Inform the World onus Do
tag M Farmer Write a Rook
IlTTsnunan March 3All western Pennsyl
vnnla Is laughing over n book Issued by
Francis O Wald for private dltrlbutlon
Wald outdoes Basbklrtseff in recording every
trivial Incident of his life hut he Is very
anxious for the worl 1 to know hall as the
edition cost him 2500 mind he does not soil
time books He lives In Blooming Valley
Crawford county and Is a wealthy farmer
Watds book Is called Francis C Walds Sec
ond Souvenir and It gives the history or him
self his sons their families his various wives
and nil tlielr relnthes and ninny persons not
rotated to him His advent into the world Is
described In verse
At one birth were born Franklin p FrancU C
Aurll tomitr third Uhtien tutrirthret
1 IIOT henru Ii from tnn e on wonie word I rely
That Franklin wai half an dour older man I
Mr Woldn support or the rural press Is to be
commended He says When llrst starting lu
lllo I remember wo began taking our county
papers and what affords me giatlllPiitfon is
that thty have nil bet n pnldforan well its reed
Ito fOtno extent Aciave feature of Wnldo
b ink Is a copy of every epitaph In the ucinetery
of llloomtnu Vallov He always ntteeds time
nut when within roach and iitioloH wltb rBIs
f act ion the remark of a local undertaker R
C Waiil attends nearly as many funerals as 1
doMr Wad makes this record on being In
formed or the birth nr n granddaughter I
toll the parents joculntly that mr nnme Fran
cis la so nearly that or a girls that If time de
sire to name n daughter fur me they havo only
to change aniirto I nnennd If that dont
mlt why they may nurse their patience and
the first by born to any f them they may
name him Francis There are many tiling in
this world that wo horn for but never Bet nud
It Is a relief In son e cases tn express our
wnns But perhaps I have said on ugh about
this to Imve my wants either expressed or un
An oppendlx tn the book contains an essay
In which Jlr Wald mentions that he has 10
OUO out nt six per cent
Patters of National Bank
MoPnritroN Knn March 3 Today the Sec
ond National Bank or ibis city was forced to
close Its doors It opened nt the usual hour
and remained open until 11 oclock Then tho
doors were closed and the following notice
Temporarily closed Cause Inability to
collect from those who owe us The bank Is
solvent and waiting for the bank examiner to
No statement nf assets and liabilities cnn be
given at present
Etgbt Isehes of Snow In Tlrclnln
PuTERsnuno Vn March 8the first vigor
ous snow storm of time winter set In at mid
night last nleht and continued without Inter
raiFSlon until 9 oclock this ruonlUK The
Know was Irom six to eight inches There
were a number of sleighs on the streets today
Twenty Dos Bitten by a Rabid One
PORTLAND Conn March 8This town Is ngl
tated over a maddog scare Mary Perrlval luau
a shepherd dog which acted strangely on Mon
day and It Is snld tonight hits bitten at len > t
twenty dogs Tlio authorities will Immediate
ly Issue an order to muzzle all dogs In town
The Superior
for all diseases
originating in
impure blood
may always
be relied upon
to give the best
19 I
Cures others will cure you
14 uli
4 it
nFAH MADAM Tis Vaniler lrpiistlons in Ike
perfection nt toilet m tlo s ll n > ml me withon
tall ii morrow two dozen ntinrtml tot IminmUU IIHL
cAttAil llhltMIAKUr
To tiltS IIAIU11LT llllntlAIII AYflt
HicAluzra1c lREAM
he lust slIy br fvlitntiahle women and prnmlntnt u
irossc mi reF tlie world II u < nr nmr known preiar
tin wliosp ttiprU < am mtdi il ti Ity pnvrlfUai u win
lirmerva yuur youth ruiin nil bterulilKi ammO BM
only make hut keen t nif Ttics tmnotb and fair
lMIC ltO IMiRlll
tar sat br alt I Lruitziis t ami fitner flowti Dialtrt
80S Firiti IT New York City
ff Writ for Pamphlet rnntnlnlnc full Hit of R es >
bier 1rrpamlunii nnl ltd e ArlcleA ib cnolotit aed
dilntl tlii tha wuriil
Brooklyn Furniture Co
Closing out 100000 worth
of Upholstered Furniture Par
lor Suits Couches Fancy
Chairs of all kinds Large
Arm Chairs c kc at lower
prices than over
Genuine Wilton Hugs re
duced from 22
Bargains Iii all departments I
this week nt the HI
I TTI1T1T1mcl itlt soIMirs hoNEY
Ii LItiflI i wilt top A eouhl 3i 3
Hip Hipi Hipil Hurrah
Thai is the real l thing VTcT got what we
wanted at l t I Inbalullom oalyi N >
4rneclDB I
And time uflTrrliuc Mlllloim save not kwv
or this boon of nature till now K colt
too only cmcllilrrt of what nay other
Uzycrn com Well spread the II4IBK
Itiuuab of Ibis great dtaeoery Hhomt II
lo mill u5erepe lu their home as4 kjr Ike
wayside lust by Ubmll AEBATX
= OXYGEN which Is ethUB mon Ikaw as
ospkerlc air intensila tbe gtrm of > U
Cslinmud in our Diii be diseases or Throat asd Lusg wither
aud die asd tbe reiptrntory tret from the nose to the two billion air cells iplMI
th Lusgs is cleared of them lor good I
For Sole with Free Trlul at 19 Uceltinati St New York U Herald BuIld
Ing Boston Muss 7O State St Clilciizo UU1 Congress St Portlrtml 51 e Said
by all Drugglats
Th Cigarette ushers Going Into the Plug
Jlnftlfte Too
About a rear neo the lencllnB cigarette man
nfucturerf of the United Stnte including the
firms of Kimball Bros Allen Glitter A Co
Duke Sons t Co and Klnncr Pros among
others conBolldatpd their IntoioMa and formed
acorapnnr under the title of the American
Tobacco Company with n capital rtoolc of over
I 117000000 Thin compnnr controls the manu
i faetureof all the leading brands ol cigarettes
and of f pribably ninetenths of tim entire pro
dnotlouof olRarettos In the countiy The con
solidation was siiccess and the company has
rroRtBied and It Is now broadening flrld
and has extended its operations to the manu
facture of plug tobneco The pine tualnra
covers the greater portion of the tobacco man
nfdcturlnK Industry of the rountrr
A few days ago the American Tobacco Com
tinny purchased the factories and entire
business of the National Tubncco Woiks
ot LonlftYllle Ky The Kntlonal Tobacco
Works Is engaged exclusively tn the
mBntifncturo ot i lug tobacco sad It is
said them Is only one concern In the
United State that uxroods It In the amount of
iNarmm output The cnnltnl stock ol the
comPany vn stntod to bo jHnH Tho
I amount laid for the company wits plated to bo
1 SBOOOtii pail In mono and part In stoct ot
the AmerliHn lobnrcoCoinpnnv
This iuturchasu gave rlKn to rnniorpi icom
hlnntlnnof all the uluiiretta end tIm mniiii
I fnctnn In the United States Into a great
trist under the direction ot the AmuilinuTo
bstoo Conipany It wee saul that neaotlii
t Oils weroln progress for the piirih > eof n
inro plus initorr In it Limla tins llrm ro
I I forced to piobnbly iielnts the LoeKOtt A Blyer
Tolmc Company the lurcest plus tnanufau
I tnrers In the United Htnteti
Irenldent Puke ot lit > Amer cnn Tobacco
Cotmnny yoMerdar denied that tliero was nny
tiuthln time statement tunt his company was
In imy way con < orne 1 lu the formation nt n
tobacco trust He stilt his company thought
the plait liuslnesi onoted n prolltabie nponliiR
saul they WOIB eolnu Into tu 1 Tim Atuuilcan
Tobacco Company lie paid wn not a trust
and If it nCiutrd any tuon nluc mnnufnc
tnrlns It would buy them outright and pay for
thorn But lu > was riot nirarn that his com
pany contemplated doing anything ot the kind
Uh unnunl output ol rlnc tolmceo is l over
om hundred million iounds and this IP din
trihiitvd among over two hnndrrd mnnurc
tnrois lime I two leading factories turn cut
over twenty million pounds n year antI there
nro ten othor concerns that turn nut upward
of two million pounds of plug mmually
Charges cC Conspiracy and Riot In Con
nection with < h oko Htrlke
BMTTDAtr Pa March 8 Officer Chick of
Unlontown arrived here this morning ant nr
re ted District Master Workman Peter Wise
Worthy Foreman John Mcaloy Secretary
Parker John Bohaven and Georco linger nn
a charge of riot conspiracy and assault rind
I battery Warrants are ont forTnhn IX line
National Master Workman Paddy Branni
tan John FIsher Lawrence Kline Butcher
Davis and liroccs Wise McBloy Parker Do
liHven and Eager hnvo given ball befoie Squire
flicker In tho sum of 000 each for a hearing
nt tmiontown on Friday Mnrcti 18 The In
formation was made ny Thomas Louden ono
of the llalney bosses who was recently as
A second warrant was also served nn Master
Workmun Wise lorsuiotvof the peace and 1m
gave fall In time sum of SlOO for a hearing cn
Friday March IS fcuporlntoncent Martin n
the Falrolmuce Furnnce Company I the coot
plnluant and he charges that it ice thruntfiMit
the men who have liee i working since the
strike with the same dose Italneys men 10
calve I The wholesale arrois hn < eeuusol
much excitement lu labor circles Tn Inior
lender are Indignant and sty the proceeding
IH i a bluff and that they will pu b the strlko
with renewed vigor The District Convention
Is still In cession and will take action on the
The American Loan and Trust Company
There appears to be a hitch in the efforts to
reorganize the American Lean and Trust Com
tinny Kussell Knee for a week has labored
with directors ana stockholders In an effort to
patch up the concern and lattetly has scruti
nized the securities found In the vaults after
the doors were closed The value nf the secu
rities ban been a difficult problem to deter
mine and bus occupied the attention of others
beildan Mr Huge Ho said that n report on
those f eourltleB would be made probably to
day On tha Deal Estate Kxohuntro dity shares
of American Loan and Trust Company stock
were sold at auction at 84
Elected President f lbs TOItt1aaihurh
ttavisg Bank
Gen Jeremiah V Meseroe has been elected
President of the Wllllamsbursh Savings Bank
made vacant by the death of Samuel M
Meeker Ho IP a civil engineer and Is at pres
ent one of the city surveyors of Brooklyn He
wax Colonel ot the Fortyseventh Regiment at
the beginning of the war and wax promoted to
the rank of iirlaadlerGouerat He was born
and brought tin in ttie Knsterti district oi
iiruoklyn nnd his selection was made unani
mous by the Board ot Trustees
flypnotlm His Excuse
Helnrlrh finch a merchant of Vehton Han
over Clermany who nt the Instance of the
Gorman Government wan arrested here on the
arrival of the steamer Werra was placed on
board the steamer Spree yesterday to be taken
buck to Germany Bach Is barged with forc
lag bills of exchange nml drafts for several
thousand marks tie was examined by United
titnes CommlsBlonerLyman and admitted hIs
guilt saying that he could not account for Ills
actions as ha was possessed of sullklent
property and did not need to commit be
crime He thorght he must have acted under
hypnotic Inlluonje
Mr Moires Diamond Rtolen
Mrs Hobo the wife of Jacob Maim abutchsr
doing business In Spring stieet Union Hill
owned until yesterday a pair of diamond ear
rings worth MO mind other jewelry which she
valued at 200 Blue has always been afraid of
burglars nod Insisted on her husband putting
the valuables In his cafe lu the more every
night When Mr Mohn opened the store yes
rerday morning be fund lust a rear window
had been forced open the door ot the safe
pried off and his wiles jewelry stolen togtliur
with 140 In money and a check for J17U Time
police were notified of the burglary
Protecting Atcalnit Tax Bill No 614
Tax Commissioner Coleman has written a
letter to the Axaomhly Committee on Taxation
protesting aailnst the passage of the Tax bill i
No 614 Mr Coleman itenlarcs that tho passage i
of this bill will Injure both the city and State
and recommends that a special legislative
committee lie appointed for the purpose of
thoroughly canvassing the subject ol taxa
tlo i otU real soul personal Mr Coleman
will also protest against the bill providing lor
taxing deposits In savings banks which will
affect depositors mote tnnn the banks
George W Watsos Injured
On his way home from New Utreoh on Mon
day night George W Watson of 45 Hnraboldt
street Wllliamsburgb drove across the tracks
of tbe Brooklyn Bath and West End Railroad
at Tortynlnth street His wncon was struck
by an engine mid be was I brown out H
alighted on his head nnd hn since been In
sensible The train wits stopped and the In
jureu man cored Inr until lbs arrival of anaiu
balance from the Reney hospital He Is utter
lag with concussion of the brain
IIIn lived Mut Hove Htrnrk the Finer
when Kent Pushed Him
County Fhvslclnu Converse made an autopsy
yesterday on the body of Michael McCarthy nf
185 Bay street Jersey City who dledlnrx
Assemblyman Murphys saloon at an surly
I hour on Sunday morning after being enuatcud
In n fracas with Follccmnn James Kllt Mc
Carthy was pushed or knocked down Kohl
Buys that ho meiely puslied him McCarthy
died within n few minute McCarthys slater
and aged mother strenuously objected to an
autopsy and Dr Converse found It necessary
lo Invoke tho aid of the police Police CSIIt
Kelly hind nn interview with Mrs McCarthy
and her daughter and convinced them that
their objections would not be permitted to in
terfeie with the official action of the County J
Physician McCarthys body was removed to
bteorti morgue and the nutopsy made there
JJr Convene hound the heart affected by
fatty degeneration Thn left lung showed
traces of pneumonia There were nn external
marks of faience on the tody but a tare
clot of blood which the Doctor said resulted
Irom extensIve hemorrhage was found at the
base of the brain Thu hemorrhage was causd
by the head totnlnc in violent contact wiih
some Imnl nuhKtanco A fall might have
I mused It The iniury was aggravated by the
I combined Influences of lluuor and excitement
i I Coroner 1nrslow will hold an Inauest tomor
row night
Maine Ice Crop All In and Smaller Thasi
BANGon March 3Time Ice harvest In Maine
Is now practically completed The crop Is con
siderably loss than onehalf ns large as that of
last year when old Ice included there were
about 1000000 tons under cover On the Kn
nebec the new crp amounts to about 800000
tons while there are 85000 tons ot merchant
aide old ice on the river On the Fenobsoot
I tbnre will he about 130000 tons ot the new
crop and there are 4f > 000 tn 50000 tons ot last
years stol on hand J he stock of Ice on tb
const both old anti new Is estimated at 200000
tons and 40000 tons lime been shipped from
mite water during the winter Harvesting on
the Fonobncot has been attended byserlou
difficulties much dirty Ice having bee found
tsimile fnowBtorms hare been numerous no
cessltntliic almost continual scraping at area
Swindled a Council Bloff Bank
COUNCIL BLUFN Iowa March 3The State
Savings Bank of thin city has recently been
taken In by a swindler who called at the bank
on Fob 21 and represented that he bad rented
a house fiom one of the directors showing la
proof of his assertion the key to the house
Me also lund a letterof Introduction from the
First National Bmk of Bangor Me and two
ot tholr ill nits one for 1516 nnd the other lot
tliou He deposited the tillS draft upon
whloh he drew r OO leaving the balance in an
open account The next day be deposited the
tlIOOUrattputtWOof It In a time certificate
and time balance in an open account Dnrint
this day bo unexpectedly had use for he
money rind drew It out The bank has learned
In telegraph that the drafts aie not rood
Tbcso dmfts weie drawn on the Northwest
National Bank of Culcago
Jaws oflSBI
ALBANy March 3The Governor bu sirnd
the following
Chap 44 Chuiflor the nama ol lbs Cult A
Life and Acoldcul Inauranc Aaaocltltoo 10 lbs Vmuea
Ufa Jnauranc AKOclailou
Chap 4 > rrnrldliuT far the ittBiloa et the Hortfc
Twaifih strait main sewer In Brooklyn trcai lu MM
tarinluua to a parmanani pltr line
Chap 45uAuthrliag tli Department of Bosh BS
Haw 4 ark city me set aWs raruln dock owaad br U
city or Ida ncluiin UM ot Ita tIre Dapartoanl

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