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AJa Keban Perform a a Chalked CUvfra
In What I Termed a PJ Iay Without
WnrdA Dnptl ton of a Novel Pr
lnmentTheProdl IBoB
II lpm l nterIIflmeftt Tte Prle180
iila liehan stood out at Dab Theatre lat
llnllo a BulBO etranger than any in which
k ehIdeer < shown henaK on that Itll I
Vt that of a pantomlmlo clown
Her lice was chalked her hair wai eovred
br Ilkultllht whlto cat and her fair visage
iad poll were turned thereby Into something
iroteiQuely ugly She played Wirrol I In Th >
podigat Son an entertainment successful ot
jitjln far and now duplicated on the Daly
t affair Is A drama without words but not
without iounds for muslo U a large com
poc tout part The pantomime II not radically
dlSirtnt from those formerly common In
True ud at on time made known widely In
rre 0lltr br the Ilavola
Tbetiu consist of the elimination of the
Broad come fun and the xoesilre elabora
tion 01 tbiierlouenois Thus a speechless
tomtdr U I produced The author the story
BpThiProdlcnl Bon U Michael Carr Jr
11 Ti PIll or
and tall york was simple end easy
Htmerelr modernized the Biblical account
et lit predicate who quitted his fathers
utUid riotoUsly until his means of de >
tunchiry wore exhausted and then returned
to 111 tome an abject penitent
In the new version the sinner robs hit father
larei with a wicked girl Is ruined and aban
doned br her and finally after eettloK the lor
1 a nt r his imrpnts nud a faithful avwea > U
besrt eoe < of vigorously for a soldier n
Tut sight of a imutomlme A this theatre no
netter how refilled iilnttod and Interested the
iptctators Of the excellence of the repreln
titian there remained no doubt but It won
tlOa to Ilacu It > justly between success and
pare as real dhrislin
lure music composed by Andre Wormier
icvoBiianlidorcnnlrollfd every motion that
vis made Nlceti nud precision were main
Ulaod lo ble ellects and In little details Long
andreleutle8 relit amlnu must have preceded
mob a complete ami careful list performance
JIM liclmn win remarkably ndept as the
rroiilenl clown Her riitil mobility wn not
iiiffUlent in t tuakoof liornn entirely satisfac
tory Krlintrer but her movements blended
trace and uiiitesiiitery and elm was able to ex
p en niothe AIM emotions recognizably
A bolter aitUt In voleeleM depiction was
Duties leilcioi who had the advaiitaco of i
earllir expei InniM In thnt kind of acting II
eaq the iirodlirnl father Jim Ollbert too
with I Iiit I > liullHl tnilntiiK to qualify her for
to tUsk iutt ttlII visibility to the feelings of
this t tar Int forgiving mother
tIlhur I
tflJney IliirlOit VIIH uomlctl as I middle
aged rallaiit I liHtwoclrlswemprettlly shown I
It Adelaide irlnce iiuJ Isabel J 1111 Wilfred I
lliickland contributed 1 ludicrous negro ser
vitut All these playerS were helped greatly by
WomiKer rouble which was like an Interpre
tion talon of the hlury running aloog with the ac
t Tie score was for a piano nloue most of the
tIme but ibere 15111 i orchestration when
ever it win i OOeJ lihtlil6 combination of
rmoloniln 0 nnd music all Hie Incidents rank
binslWe fogm > thruo iictn wero inaJe clearly coiopxe
Apilaufo was encouragingly frequent but
Botaliundanl enough lo us construed as evi 1
denced an enthusiastic acceptance of The
JroJIzal boa A nuroty of a long con
tinuance uilizht bo in ml o by 1 I condon
iKtlon which would tuke away the tedlousnes
which now endangers its property and would
inn I tKwMblo to devote hal the evening I
4 nonxily or farce hut I la a curious thing as
f I tl r I AIII lliouwtndfl will rush to Bee a imtito
mlmo with mi fpllt si Irk old ooker harlequin
onniumblue ur furniture lliat lias fun with a
uovvu and a pantaloon I IH certain that
ole uf the IMtnra will lonir to
Sttf 1 part ot the refinements and elalj
Rlon displaced iheo elal
I H lard by Ileo oldiushloned
mean of jollity but they must bear it In
a nil that AIr Daly has Imported a play
without words not agrn s piece of foolery
tad will stand or fall Iros nrtlstic nuallilen
If Ihe novelty which be now offers to his public
Bernhardl Plee Tor Charity
Madame Sarah Bernhardt played yesterday
flcrnoon to the most brilliant audience that
hot applauded her in this city She piesentad
be little dram Jean Marie for the benefit
l tbe Ortbopodio Dispensary and Hospital
the played without moneyund without price I
fltbough the admission 8 f5 end each box
brought a good round Bum The mullonce was
of the fashionable set In New work society
The boxes wur occupied by Mr George
Warren and his guests Mrs Derby and Mrs
Terry Alden Mrs Charles Alexander Mrs
Franklin rl De Forrest Mrs William K
8d rll and Mrs J McK Twomby Mrs
CII Ullhim IID Bloane the MItes Sloano nnd Miss
Jfim Marie which is I frequently unod as
the curtain raiser at the Cotuedle Vrangalse Is I
laeniulslte linnk verBe and was written for
Ktinlmidt It is a atiggeslion rather than u
drama Mme llernlmrdt took the pat I
T rime with Rurh power Hint I the difference
Innennci was not thought of It wa dlrene Old
liotiu uniy tOt in a Jrt > nob form
After the play wlikli lastdil but twenty ruin
nt a ureut bakvts of flowers were borne to
tIn actrefH by the usliem men Mr Oscar
BcboiMt 1resfdent of the hospital wa Intro
liicedto Mme liurnliardt by Mrleler Marld
Jlr HclimlJ In 1 brief Tugllsh larJd
seulel a testimonial to Mine Xernbardt It
ttnsacolil medallion In the shape of a star
A txmttiio iiuints it wreath ot laurel and oak
navea wns iwlnedlhe laurel slcnlfyine her
rlNU al > llty the oak bur Illnlylnl the
centra of the slat was a heart surrounded by a
wr nth uf t lotus Above tbe heart was a dove
bciirlig 1 h > roll with the Initials 01 the name
01 the liop ml iipim It The star wo attacbid
t a blue i Ihlion to make It a decoration Mme
lierntiarJt pos a low words In French thank
log the ladles of the iosplla fortbeirkindnesi
t1 hOSI181 klnlnt81
Af ler thIs tea wa serve I In the ballroom
atinchjil 1 to the tbuiitru nnil there wero music
ai U I iiiinulnir Tin tea table were in the gen
oral rharue of Miss jMirnettf who was also Ii ret
In I the uinuntjiiiont ot tho whole affair The
other women were Mr Clinpln llrookln
SL4cKV rclo l ndMr John II Warren
JIe Inlllll Mi SIIiiani 8loane Iiss
3 Wlla1 IloDue Mlel
11011 11 ls WillIam Hotilson Mr
llter tlylar Ms William Catpender Mla
IIImn I Ca Iel Miss Iitit CalJlnd Mciii
litris Mr l Jythe Mi la John Alexnudre
Amnlil those who danced and drank tho toa
wre n d lllh reoher Mr Jews K Oracle Mr
iTnMi lonl Mr Itobert Hone Mis
h1 1 dortai Mr CliarleB H Stebblus
In 1 luarl8 Itb
ii One Hewitt llI4 lolt Mrs Dr Ulrbvlll
001 III V C ltlner Mr Arthur Loan
r Henry Je Ciitcj
Crnd Mr Duncan
Csmer IYUOI 11 Vlulln
and urhII Cllrou r Felon Mario Mr
nIr Aalll
f titnnle lckon J
W J air Mr 1Ic ittuan 111
Valiilerhiit 1r Pt A II I 6lasou
1 DII1 Dudley Flold MrS Duncan
Iiiott Flol
1101 Mr EllIott Mu ivjor I Ilrl U 3r8 lu lut
1101 thRpard Miss Mhrkl irL
V rlbcrcl Gr Tnt JoIrd Mr 3rolghtou
lr lton
YeIIbtirs Georgo Zayna Miss topbi Min
tUll lis l Iiaroue UfInolI aIOlbil
Uarlouo Iterrymen Mrs Au
drib lerrrm8u
r Ie Mr IRuo Isollit itt Luclnl VIiinii
lna boln Irs
Mr Wlml
I Uit Mr John lawruico the Misses
rII Co4t Mrs raul 1 utcr
The Ourobol of the Iambe
There were odd eoing on at the Broadway
Tbeatt yesterday afternoon and had
7eetordlY alcrnool they
be 1a
hladlertaed as the Lambs public eam
wi In other word the Llmbs Club gave
en L entertainment the only participant other
uuiemon being Lillian Russoll who sang
Arcs B ° oth and Annl Gregory who acted lu
After Thoughts
Carrie Turner
Tboulhts who
lb Wal
Ile iDgsnoIl Lady Ann 10 Richard III and Kobert
Icerol who mnd an address devoted
M wiDdpaliy to a plea for idealism on the stag
agaInst the current realism Mr Ingersolls
ray humor and florid periods pleased the au
and iloce Which was one that filled the theatre
i no yielded up nearly 3000 to the Lambs
trlsur U extra price ere cbftrBCl1 for
Tho flrst of the dramatic novelties was a
Performance of the battle act of Illcbard
I with N a Goodwin Hcnord
wih No a Wilton
Lacks1 Wltol
Lkrl as Richmond and other male charoc
MIS assumed by Paul Arthur Hugo
bJ lau HUIo Toland
11Inry oodrufft Bur Mcintosh Kobert III
Id Edward Bell Cyril Bcott and Fritz WIN
Uueat TiL audience seemed to expect a
tlety but the actor did their best
Tjl funny only vh actor Ibe couldnt bet ad
iK minor
9 parts were In several
tIa04 ralrly CIUO
l well but awkwardness
sult4 wel RWkwardul6 reo
iOeiubiy lack
reh front Ilck or boiougli
lai don IV1 so the general result Uull
° omDaSinUlicrJlti to a Hcheneotady lock
° aced i VA the palm l day What hiI ItOCI
ffiJW Goodwin
r Uodwln to undertake Mchald so
riousinobod underak Itaha
Heme lmbodfi aye hlmseit cal xpIait It
< lSSfa Impossible that he bad aeemaJThla iii 1
t1hUQ veratlF capable 01 belnastretohed to
racetr Ile altogether sober and earneel 1m
lenoolton wa like Imitation earnet I very bai
Jdlal laQkal ht 01 the many ond
iuoreIt mln
dllDr nt successes in modern lo
8UCCIae plnye demon
lrDted Jo molerl Ilon
M IeirtOlj
Ik1 his Iuabiltt tu ilulItr
lank luabllt 1011
erae Ills manner was botlet
0 Is ranner
° Lotll tblu
° dw
owll but his elUUllon was wi Ae
Ulowo bUrlOiu began tvIIii the it t
On urulue bln lib lelll
01 Tb boiooI Vat haadal
8hoot o1p sen
F lttlm br I c tlda oXIr8tI
tlttCIlhlno Drew uli Burgess and J
C Buokitoncof whom Mr Burgess was very
amusing with a whOm catur of Lady zVatk
There Was an explainer or chorus fn the
person of Augustus Thomas who bad Mriadr
been droll and humorous with some cBareoal
ketches and comment thereon Mr Thomas
could easily win his war aa a monologue en
tertainer The leoond exhibition of burlesque
endeavor was m4 I Joaeph holland A A I
E 10 e J Maurice RfIOI Charll tlI ttf
E Mj Holland John E JXeflerd and Marihal
P Wilder who put eonilderaDl sPirit and
original run Into Bhenandoah Junior la i
which some ol the 1101 ot PJonpon Howard li
war drama we r maltreated Th matlne
had spells of trdiousnei hut its singularity
was a suillclent atonement to most of the ai
Concert of the Fallbarmenle Club
The third concert of the New York Phil
harmonic Club which took place yesterday
evening at Chlckerlng Halt 1 not quite as
Interesting I the previous concerts ol the
season The olub wa assisted by Mr William
wa WIIm
l nieeir who lang Be thoveni Qellebt
komm zu mlr In the first part of the pro
gramme and Meyertlelmundi lob wandl
untor Blumen I and Woods Iteiolutloa le l
the second both of which limes he yielded to
the demand for an encore Mr Rlcgira voice
ring out clearly and richly and there ii but
one fault which he commits that of not pro
flouncing his wordi al distinctly ash might
RI Ioar most common fault among even good
Jihs numbers on lbs pro rammlwl
8 Jodassohne Quartet for pianoforte violin
viola and violoncello op lull ddlct f to Mr I
Alexander Lambert who Played U with Mssre
Arnold K Hommaud and U lemma d Men
delssobna Sooita for pianoforte and violon
cello Ol 43 played by Jr A Lambert and I
Charles Hemmand I and Theodor Qouvra
Serenade for two violins viola violoncello
eontrabasteandnuteop82 Thl last compo
sition which U exceedlnuly delicate and wall
written consists offour movement wil
torah Intermezzo Larghetto and itondo
waft composed and dedicated to t mid New York
Philharmonic Club and it WA played yeiter
day by reueit
The Kaln Ecpoeed Partly Node Forxe
WAeniNUTox March 8Th District police
authorities have falln Inline with several Now
England department In enforcing the regula
tions covering tbo UM of bill board All man
agers of variety ball Here are now required to
submit t the police samples of lithographs
poster Ag u < ed by the visiting troupe Any
objectionable or suggestive features must bl
covered by datelines or otherwise concealed
and any violation ol this rule subject tbe
manager to a heavy tine
Last week the heavy rain washed off the
dAte I line that bad been pasted 01 the
partly uude forms displayed on a female tI
losinG shows bill JII local manager w s
arrested and tried but the court discharged
him on time ground that hi wa 1 not responsible
for the action ol the element
A fled Cue of 0lar Mash
PnoviMNCE March 8 Mare Alletta a
comely young actress In Lothropa dramatio
troupe inplalnad to the polio here that she
Is annoyed by the suvrelllanc of a Private de
tective who ha been following thl company of
late MIl Allett asserts that the detective
Is In the omolor of Harry G Cole who I is In
fatuated with her They wer formerly close
lormr I
friends but some month ago 811ns Allotta ta
fused 10 have anylhlngmore to do with Coyle
tie followed her irom West Virginia to Lowell
Mass and there made I so unpleasant for her
that the police Interfered lie then went to
New York bur his place hu been filled by the
private detective Thl local authorities in
vestigated Boston unmolested the case und Miss Alletia went to
Mr Carter Tour
To THE EDITOR oS TUB Btm Sir I Is I ab
solutely untrue as published In the New York
newspaper that Mrs Leslie Carter closes her
season in Denver Bbs will close In Kansas
City March 14 I month earlier than arranged
and for no other i eason than serious III health
whIch renders hazardous any further exertion
Her Western tour has been thoroughly
Illl stPrn bll tboroulblT suc
cessful Mrx Carter has written assurance of
wrltsn alurnee
her companys heartiest sympathy and sev
eral of its members have rafineagad for her
next season under my management at Miners
Fifth Avenue Theatre maU8lOmnt D lacE
The Gillette Galtey Conpany Stranded
LTNX Mail March SThe Gillette Galley
Company hit I performed at the Lynn Theatre
last night Is Btraded In Lynn loday and tha
members are making every effort to rale
money enough to trot out or town A H Gil
lette the manager owes the company their
bak mlarloa and as soon a8 they arrived In
Jvnn one of the young women entered a com
plaint against him Two attachment were
nuts oath mi Mr Gillette will take the poor debtor
rarliiB Sue to Mce Bcrnhnrdt
BOSTON March 3The sale at auction of tbe
seat for the Bernnnrdt engagement at the
Tremont Theati was opened in time auditorium
ot the theatre this rtbrnlpg with a large at
tendance Bidding for the first choice was
started at t5 and lose rapidly to 3l at which
figure one seat was taken Other seat want
at flU to 12 premium
Spain and Mnroero Through Lantern Slide
Under the title of Rambles In Bpaln and
Morocco n wrlesof lantern elide photographs
will bo exhibited before the Society of Ama
tour Photographer on Saturday evening at
Chickerlng Hall Mr Blchard N Lnwrenc
prePBred all tbe pictures from negative token
rre8red last spring and Dr K C Belles Will
describe the views wi
A Schooner Swings Ilroadelde on the Bow
of a Propeller Ferryboat
The Bergen a new propeller boat of the Ho
boken Ferry Company was making her way
through drift Ice ou her 1010 trip from Ho
boken yesterday morning about COO feet from
the Jersey shore She was going slowly She
was surrounded by river craft The Henry J
Slssou n freight lighter bad just crossed her
bpw when Capt J Beckwltu of the Bergen no
ticed the twomaitcd Buena Vista a fiftyfoot
Echooner bound from Had Bank N J to East
Sixteenth street for a load ot manure heading
on her atiirboai d tack straight for the Screens
stew A strong northeaster was filling th
schooners sail Capt Beckwith law tbe dan
cer but he had no chance to hoer on account
of tho nearness ot other vessel lie blew the
DergeuH wnUtle but the t schooner did not
change her course be says until close on the
Dergeuit bows Then she attempted to gn
about but It wsc too late Her port side wa
brought across the Bergens slim fOr she was
crushed In nmld ipn
wooden railing wo thl only thing pUn
tored on the Jiersou The women on board
shrieked and the men hnnled for life preserv
I prevr
era but tbo embrropanic wa soon quilted
The Buena Vista filled and rolled over on hr
beam end Being light she did not bf
she wai taken In tow by a tugboat Capt
Wilson and Henry Dnncan were the only CPt Jr
eons on the schooner The former wns taken
off by the tugboat D K Nell Duncan jumped
aboaid the ferryboat when the collision ot
cuireil I Ha told Superintendent WooUeyof
the Ferry Company that he was forward and
knew nothing of the matter until the Brgn
5a jilt Cant Wilson was at the wheel nnd I
Mr Woolgoy thinks bl did not notice bow he
toot toward this Bergen t I I
Secretary Hmyik Forced lo Step Dow
Phlllo A Smyth an auctioneer of the Real
Estate Exchange and Its Secretary Wi s the
frt to feel the wrath of the manageie of that
Institution resulting from the refusal of the
auctioneer as a body to pay the lo reset
tees which went into effect on Jan 1 At a
meeting of the managers yesterday Mr Smyth
was asked for the last tme I be would resign
AS Secretary The question bad bun fired
Rt tlm many time of late and he
has always refused Yesterday be gay
the same reply to the manager At > Mmpled
Jln llr
nroiiml their nugust Bourd Ihlmblrl
Theiuupon nine of the ten nro enl toted for I
his removal Mr Smith alone voting for him I
votUK >
self Jlr Hmyih congratulated the manager
on their haste 1 getting rid of him and he let
fly some Interesting and sarcastle comments
I He then retired and J 1 Lesplnaim wa
elected c cretary t in his place Tomorrow Is i
the last day for the auctioneer to obey the
mandate of the mansiiers to all up and pay
tbe Increased fee If they then demur
loort181d les 1 tie tpey
may be either posted suspended or expelled
Poverty Hirlckcn Negro ImuilErmiU
GASNESVIIIC Tex March 3 During the
past ten dayssom 900 negroes paised through
this city in rout to Oklahoma to settle there
Nearly all com from eastern Texas and are
the most distressed and hardlooking net des
titute of money clothing provisions farming
implements and everything necsaarr to pre
vent starvation and Buffering in a pew coon
try A white man from Oklahoma has been
roprcuiiilng to them that thr eouil bonire a
cool I firm nt veiy little cost and has 11 Olr sold
10 nrlrl even otis of tImes migrating negroes
a town lot for II eah Tneie iota were repre
sented tu be in the heart of large towns and lo
I Imaginary lie wrth lion Per negro had a deed to jiom J
= = =
A Inlet Weddlag as the OU Uamtltoa
Manetoa Near IrtUglon
The old Hamilton mansion which occupies a
commanding site on the high bluff between
Dobbs Pert and Irvlngton the
Frt lnlloD was cone yes
terday afternoon ot a wedding which though
quiet was one of tho most beautiful ot thl
seaSon i
Th bride I MIIYatiol LnJ n daughter
of th late Edges Lnngdon greatgrand
daughter ol John Jacob Astor and cousin ot
Mrs William Alter and the bridegroom Mr
Royal Pbilpi Carroll a grandson ot Itoyal
Phelps from bom Inherited a large fortune
Only the telatlves and a very email number
of the friends of the couple were bidden t the
ceremony and most 01 them went unto Irving
ton In the two parlor ear which were attached
to tho llir oclock train
The wide hallway at the old house was
dre led with tall palms on lb branches
which were RArianda oiolnk roses
The marrlage ceremony was performed In
the drawing room the wills of which were
banked with spring flowers 1he mantels
wir covered with ferns In which were net
cluster ol roses
it was ball Fast i oclock when tpe I bride en
fend the drawing crn unattended save by
her stepfather Mr Philip ulAtepled She was
attired In beautiful gown ol whit ratln minis
w liU a full court train of whl II lfln aIe
and point la List point loot veil
was caught up with several diamond orna
ments the most beautliul of which wa a bow
knot ot solitaires a gilt from a sister ot the
Her neck WM encircled with a triple I string
of pearl a present from Mrs Cary Instead
o I bouquet she carried an Ivory covered and
liver bound prater book Thar were no
bridesmaids maids 01 honor or uaherf
The Bridegroom was attended by b seAt
man Mr William Cutting Jr who for In his
cravat a tUNuol pin stiroupdeti with dla
mondi I r fipt lr Nn the bridegroom Tbo
bridegroom In morning dreiti wore In his
cravat a tin Tioreesho dj shape made
nt MfatMnnHu Ann rMhlAa Am HIP fllarpnll ma
adheientnf nl Catholl fnlth i the t n marriage
ceremony wa perform by Arehblsh Cor
rlgnn who was attendei b > tho II Sf 111
flair A wedding btiakfat followed the cere
Among those who witnessed the ceMfnony
and were itt the breaktait were Bishop Potter
the lliv ir Wlllfatn H Benjaminof I Bar
hauasN i hurih Irrlcgton Mr Lloyd jiryce
Mis hlefflln jlls I Lockwood Br4Voc
bury lunp Mr Hamilton CftryMr Charles
Carroll I ala a fW ol tbl Itntuedlat relative
ot the bride
Why Toe un Dudley tVn Taken Buck to
n Eaalleh AsyluM
Yseult Dudley the Insane woman who car
from England several year ago and shot
OBonovan Bona galled for home on the Ma
JUlia Feb 21 She WAS In charge ot an at
tendant A few months ago an English cler
gyman who had been Miss Dudleys guardian
wrote t the British Consul her asking after
her health The Consul wrote to the superin
tendent of the asylum for insane criminal
where Miss Dudley was confined In lIs reply
the superintendent paid that Miss Dudley 8
excellent health and that at Interval she
was perfectly sane He then suggested that
as Miss Dudley wan an Englishwoman and pre
vious to her tip t this country bad ben con
fined tn an English asylum for Insane crimi
nals U would be right and proper for the Kug
fish Government to take charge ot bar The
British Consul thought so to and after aoui
corr poncleneo the matter was arranged
I a decided that she should be sent to the i
Broadmoor Asylum tot lnsan Criminal at
Crowthorne Berkshire in ho south oT Eng
land Dr Nicholson the superintendent of
that Institution wrote to the British Consul
that he was ready to receive her at anytime
The arrangements were com Dieted and bob at
she ailed guarded by nn attendant Hhe was
aane at the time nod was delIghted to return to
her native land Her new home is the asylum
in which she spent a term before She will In
all probability remain theme for life
Far of Them FIe i Each for Dleor
deny Co daet
At 5 oclock last evening the Newark polio
arrested lour New York striking cloak makers
on charges ot disorderly conduct In Morrlz
Zldl tailor ebon 81 Livingstone street Zeld
aid the men urn to the shop and tried to
coax hlst tailor to strike Fallfhg In thin they
began to thriatea and ope of the tailor said
they declared they would kill him
tht deelal fgund a bottlu halt filled with a
0910rllll < lld In the overcoat pocket or one
of tl0 four prhsonets An exrrt Bald the
liquid was a solution 01 nitriC acid amid salt
petra sad if lored on cloth wOld ruin the
material The fining of the pocket In which
the bottle hod been partly emptied In an ef
fort tQ make WOT with the solution was
burned and tho lower part of the coat also
The prisoner admitted tbat they were New
York strUinc union o oak makers They were
corded on tile police blotter a follows
JaoQb herr l Wlllett Street Herman
GoidatCin Lid Essex treet Leon Frundllcb
Clinton 174 Klvlngton Street street and Lout Bherrer f
Justice Uodrlgo fined them each 120 last
night The floes were pld by friends late In
theevenlnfl lichen Finkelateln whose shop
at HW Cbarlton stieet bad been visited by rev
oral men yesterday morning identlBed one of
tile prisoner as having been at hIs plies Ha
also said time prisoner wero at the riotous
mestlDct of cloak maker who attacked his hop
0 Sunday night
An Unwelcome Admirer Ha Been Keeping
Hie PromIse to Aanoy Her
A short thickset man about 35 years old
with prominent teeth and brown eyes began to
haunt the stage door of the Casino about three
week ago and followed Sylvia Thorn a tall
blonll who play Xra6In In Poor Jona
than to her horn ot 255 West Thirtyninth
street on several occasion
He spnke to her once or twice and wa re
pulsed Mis Thorn knew him under the two
names of t Wood and Bryce and she threatened
she say to complain lo Ibe polio it I lie con
tinued to annoy her
He declared that he would make her regret
her count and within a few d dnr she dlscov
iced thai sODiebodv wa ending I anonymous
letters to her friends attacking her Character
Mn Edgar Smith wlf of tbe casino actor
received some ot these mIl Tl Mrs Titus
Mlf I Thorn1 mother received other and
pr anal who Ivesln brooldynrecehedsome
ton ATI the letter mad Inslnuatlent that
the actress I conducting herself Improperly
In pniat
home ol the letter were In a masculln band
and other were evidently written by woman
The latter trr Igneil K W1 and Mis
Thorn suspected that they were written by an
acren now in Chicago
The Fleodtln Arizona
Tuctox Aria March 8A special to lb
Tucson Citittn from the flooded district
throughout the Territory Indicate that tbe
water ls I rapidly subsIding Tbe ala lllvr at
Floranae the crossing of the Pbcrnlx and
Marlcopa Railway ligs shifted Its course
nearly a mile leaving bridges nigh and dry
18arl bfaI
The management of tile Phcenlx and Marlcopa
and Arizona and New Mexico Railroads say
I will be fully two months before the road
will be In operation Tp5 estimated damage
to b ou beD Pacific In the Territory Is
over telegraphic 1250000 communication Phoenix is still cut off from
Two Hotel Thieve
Bernard Cunningham and Edward Reagan
who were arrested In the Bowery on Monday
barged with stealing jewelry from the room
of John 8 Gorman of Cohoes and R 0 Plait o
Philadelphia guests at the Hotl Normandl
were held at Jefferson Market yesterday
When Marched o Cunningham was found to
have three gold watcbes and a pawn ticket
representing a watrh and sleeve button val l
ued at 6 which bad been toln three
mont a ago tromp the room of p J Mmlck at
IketQn the Murray key Hill otlr lie also had several
Feaaeylvaata and Vatraras Plverce
HiiwiBUBO March SIn the Boul today
a bill was pissed authorizing the Governor to
aD pint a Board of Commissioner to meet
similar Boar from other States with a view
promoting uniformity legislation on the
subject of marriage and divorce probat ot
wills notarial tertlllonlei ant such other sub
ject al tbe Board may deem necessary mid to
ascertain the bt mean to effect a asKlmlla
tlon and nnlformlty In Htute legislation
throughout the United Slates relating to the
ubjeots examined
More Nero the Whites la Koulelaaa
WASHIHOTOK March 81 statement pre
pared at the Canine Bureau shows that the
total population of Louisiana 1118587 I Of
this number 6S471S lire white M2813 colored
via Imilanr 3Ji 1 Chinese nod 39 JapHnoe In
Ihs parish of Orleans tbQni are IUiai white
and ifOfii colored lu ihjrlrtlve partake tbe
number of colored people exceed that of the I
whites lu seine cases In thy Iror rUt n ot IC I
to L V
The Vteiemte Chrlallam Temt > ernce > union
AroumedA Mnltlpllcltr of Civil Suit
and No End of Serving or Fraceeee
OnKKsroRT March SoAll Suffolk county U I
interested In the trial of the suits begun by the
Law and Order League acalnit thellnuor deal
crap thIs and nelnhborlnc towns
Two year ago the town meeting of
Southold township elected to membership In
the Board of llxclse Commltsloners Charles
H Tutblll of Qreinport The WOnteD Chris
tian Temperance Union of Oreecport took an
active part In the canvas Mr Tutblll says
theialoon lea I emits He was elected on a
No License platform and he voted against
the granting of licensee The W C T 1101
Greenport and Southold rondo an no
tlve campaign In tho succeeding fall and
winter propuratory to the town election Dr
one year ago They left their ballots at every
home They employed workers had biff rneit
logs and aroused such Interest that Benja
min T Griffin was elected to the Excise Board
This made a majority of the Board for no
license Theodore I Horton was the only ono
who voted to grant license
Immediately after the election of Mr Griffin
a call was Uiued from Southold asking all
sympathizers with the temperance movement
to meet at Southold to organize A law and
and order league About fifty men responded
and the league was organized D U Burdwcll
the principal of the Qrcenport union school
was elected President A committee oa sub
scription and membership was appointed and
an executive committee elected to which was
referred Questions of policy and government
James Young of Orient was made Chair
man of this committee The other member
ship is kept eeoiet A question ot polity de
cided by the committee was that of acting
against tho liquor dealer ot the town of
Uoutbold The election of a noOloeuse Board
mil the refusal of that Hoard to grant license
jindpot stopped the tale ur liquor it Increased
It Saloons multiplied Those whose owner
had applied for licenses and failed to
goT them continued to sell in defiance
ot the luw isbantlea were act up in Hie
woods where all sorts of Intoxicants dls
pensed Greanport alone kind over a dozen
regular Raloons More drunken men walked
the usually peaceful street than bad ever
been seen bofon1 Men who used wine and
llauor In modamtloii would not go 10 the
aloons to obtain their drinks so they laid In
private supplies Old Oreenportera stay there
is more liquor In Greenport today than ever
befbro In her history
The w O T U was frantlo They forsaw
that If this condition was not remedied the
election would BO against tucin owing to the
ease and openness with which whiskey could
be bought For too citizens of Graenport
were beginning to believe hat license wai the
better plan lime Executive Committee of the
league determined to take Bhaip measures
to maintain their supremacy The Com
mitts oq Kupacrlptlon bad raised a
large eum Mora than t 2000 was In
the treasury James ii Ialrd a New fork
lawyer camn to Ut eenpoi t for the Xeugue and
delivered an address Through Laird the
KxKCiitive Committee employed detectives
Lyman 13 Fltob was the chief of the force nnd
tieoree VIlMers big asslstaut Htch saw ser
vice with thu Government eevoiat years ago
Vllllerss detective experience was confined to
Ilnkorton duty lu the Central strike last
August 0 luoll of IOU was placed in Pitchs
bands to secure evidence
According to Schnyler Hortona Leagner the
men drnnk themselves and took samples of
the liquor They cot evidence in any WAY they
could These two men CAme to Groenport
early In November They worked quietly and
before Christmas had uoted about 400 viola I
tions of the Kxoiso law Then the committee
through Mr Young Its Chairman began to
tile complaints against the oflenders In
every casu the action was a clll suit
The adherents of each party have a
reason for this Tho liquor men say
that the Leaguertook this method of stirring
up Greenportcre tn action The town election
comes early lu April Jut Grand Jury 1 does not
sit until May If tho cases were taken before
the UrHnd Jur aud inctlctmentu ked for the
election would tie over befoie action could be
taken and th license men would piobnbly win
It bo the League brought civil suits to re
cover the penalty of tSU l for each violation
This action brought on a crisis and the agi
tation has been exciting ever since Nome of
the Leagues supporters nay that Is not time
real reason for the action or the League but
Fletcher Fordham one of the staunchest
uroblbltloulste on Long Island told THE HUM
correspondent that that was the exact state of
affairs os he understood it fechuyler liorlon
Uoiilon till statement He paid that the
League kept quiet at first because the saloon
men would naturally sell on the sly for
a time utter the refusal to grant licenses One
man did quit the business Mr Horton salt
thnt Jack lack abut up his bar IInd did not
sell liquor althOugh hn did continue to run his
billiard room Mr Yaclc himself admit that
this Is a fooen The second reason Mr Horton
gave why the League did not at once proceed
against the law breakers WAS that the summer
I < a very busy season in Greenport Between
2000 and HUOO boarder come to the village
hotels and neighboring cottages Greenport
Is a summer town It Is nothing wonderful to
look at Jost now but about knee deep in June
its llfferint A good many men ubohnvu
nothing to do In the winter are busier than
beavers the summer These men generally
belong to the League and they naturally
wanted to have a ham In the fight Ho the
Leaguers waited for them
Then oalil Mr Horton delay gnvo the
wmsicey men a fair cuanue to ouer ins law ir
they chose to vitals the law It wa non ot
tbelr business when the people began to pros
ecute them In the courts
The League committee employed Lawyer
Laird to prosecute for tham and the Ovem sears
of the Poor secured tIme oryll of George if
Htackpole The Rev Mr Hlscos the pastor of
the Baptist church thinks It a ebnme that the
League was compelled to prosecute at all
There nru reuulnr officer elected to prosecute
these law breakers and he thinks they should
be compelled to perform their duly If they
are unwilling to do MI let them resign
The first oaso was against Wolt4r Carpenter
a saloon keeper Uutih gue Tbe trial be
gin on Frlditv iiiornlng Jan i and continued
until a45 oclock on baturday morning when
Carpenter was found guilty ou two charges
and lined 1100 and coSts t Blx other cases were
postponed at that time A p Stilly proprietor
of the Greenport House pleaded guilty and
was fined ISO and costs On Jan tl the caso
against John Hell was tried at Orient
Fitch and Yllllfrs the detectives testified
against him and he wo convicted on two
charges and fined tlUlI and costs The case ot
Petfr Uscrlef was called befoie Justice Case
at Bomuold on Jan 21 The prosecution did
not have Its witnesses on band and asked a
continuance which the Justice refused There
upon all the cases were withdrawn
Complaints wore filed against every saloon
keeper In Boutbold township but two One of
them was Jobu lack who quit selling the
other wan Henry Kandmau who want to iiroulc
lyn It the League simply wanted to create
excitement In flew of the coming election it
has succeeded astonishingly Nothing Ills
talked In Ureenport Tne methods of League
warfare hsvo been sbarrtr assailed and as
stoutly defended Their opponents Ray that
the Ienguers subpoena everybody Indiscrimi
nately and promUaaouilr Men Who are busy
are cornnellod to leave their work and go sev
eral miles to the trials For It Is I the League
policy to try the cases of one corner of the
county In the opposite corner 2fle constant
agitation ot tho question ha rendered It al 1
most Impossible to secure jury So Green
port cases are tiled today In reconlo and It i I
week Mattl tuck offenders will answer Orient
Another point ot ebotp controversy Is over
the process serving There are five regular I
constables the county Not ono of them has I
yet served a pacer In an excise ca > e Borne of
the i liquor men say the constables hat reo
fused to act In tho ease The Leaguero deny
this of course But they dC not explhln why
they have employed Ired Booth of Orient as
01t1I of the process server
Booth has bail a hard time of It with his
nundlo of Hitmmonpeh and sabt vnn < Nowa
days a Greentvort eltlreu sees man coming
toward him with paper IU hand he gets out
of the way fearing u subpanu Every one In
town knows BOnths present occupation ami
be is I nearly as lonesome as If he were In a
desert When he does tall In with a crowd ho
Is likely to hear iinrtlpaiant thing
It Is I shut thnt Goorg Webb nearly frightened
Booth to death on niday night by firing a
couple of blank cartridges at him Threat
have been trade to lilT and feather Booth and
yesterday Edward Htnith who U I an ab
stainer was xhlbltlng a swelled hand which
be said was the result of hitting Booths head
Booth ha applied to Justice Terry to have
tome of the men who are annoying him put
under bond to keep the peace
There are a number of 0111 yet to be tried
All of them have been called and adjourned
several times and at taoh adlonrnment the
feeling grow more hitter Mr Bells the
proprietor oft be Mat tltuok House to be tried
toilar John Htovens proprietor of the Kouth
old Hotel was to bay < > been tried this week but
be died on Haturday morning The oaf
against John C letter proprietor of Military
Hall GreeriDOrtwas adjourned became of bla
In John Burn Edward Gina and Her
man tlandman are also to be tried bandman
sills the nrooeodlnc Is an outrage
Theyll get tired ot drinking balloon juice
and coffin varnish after awbilflrhe says and
then theyll bate mine sense
Manuel Claiilio and element McMlllen wore
each rout mud and lluii 110 nnd 1211 < ro i
Epeclvrly A plmsuof he ijuentlon vvlilcli in I
I comlne home 10 some of the agitator with mi
pleasant force is I the increaieof taxntlun which I
the continued trials cause Appeal IH I made I
trom every conviction to the County Court at
Dlvsrhsad This means that If the eonrtetlnn
tick in rhll County Court the enunty will get
the lInes while the township will bar to ray
tbl rot of tho trial
This with the lncr s f ansful by the ness
cIty of raising by illriiot taxation the amount
foim rlyUiived by Hcenieait makIng mo
or the property otvnen hesitate a ou It l 118
nowas If the iliense man would be elected I In
ftYsII I hat may mean n reiuirnto isnik 1 for
it Ii said lImit Commlsiloiiir Tiitnlli would re
tard the election of a license mn as a verdict
In favnr license an Alceo womd rote for It
When he was asked this afternoon what he
would do under sash olroumitanc lie replied
that be did not know
I would think about It5 hadded and
Irrlodo the but thipi
Both sides may derive comfort from that
OEV mrt SATS nraxea irANTKb IT
But seotlll HyyusSyS He Never Bat
H Wanted to be a Chevalier
The refusal of Inspector Byrne to atellt
the medal of be Order of the Crown of Italy
aud the title of Chevalier which King Hum
bert of Italy wished to bestow upon him re
sulted yesterday In this letter which lbs Ital
ian ConsulGeneral 0 P hive sent to Mayor
B lII ll8a DIT4tU I
New Ionl March a lHIIL
ye mi Honor Mit J nJnl JftycriS Ai tltf V iteM
HoNOBABte SIR It was not without a spa
rowdil astonishment that I was Informed that
Thomas Uvrneii chief Inspeoto or the
Metropolitan Iolice declined the hoporlliQ
llstlnctlon which his Majesty the Icing of
Italy my august sovereign was pleaMd to be
stow on him RIll was verbally reported to this
tuiyal ConiulalaGeneral by your Ilouorrf eo
Tbongh his Majesty Government WM
willing to recoanir thi services renlerd bj >
Mr Byrnes he could not tall tn be Ont lure
that such an honorable distinction was appre
ciated by him and secondly that It wati not
a oMclr e laws and regulations lo allbnot
his oflleiai position Mr Byraea Wit < ubje t
Astor tlil first circumstance the Consulate
General of hi Majesty bad undoubted reasons
for believing that Mr Byrnes was informed of
the Italian Government u benign dUnoslilons
toward him and that the same wet appre
As for the second one I beg to say that
having asked generally the advice In the mat
ter of the Attorney General of the blat of
New York that supreme maglstrato answered
that the provisions considered in the Const
tutlon hide of New York section 1 article
XV 1enal Code section 41 et sea would not
apply to it 1 present or order given by a foreign
Government to a police oflloer under our mu
nicipal government if such piesont or order
was not In any way in thl nature of a brio
but was simply and purely a gift not Intended
In any way to induenc lbs action of uob
officer te
Moreover In order to strengthen the opin
ion that Inspector Byrnes appreciated the dis
tinction conferred on hIm there is the clrtfnm
tnnco that oven before the rfnolal participa
tion ns the npa pers reported be manifest
ed Eli appreciation of the gift aud that I was
advised that the decoration should be sent
through your Honor instead of directly to
him so that ho could receive the tame with
greater solemnity
llinve thought it wan ray official duty to
clear nr the case I remain honorable air
respectfully yours
01 HtVAConsulGeneral for Italy
What disiioslllon the Mayor intd ol the let
ter could not be learned for It was not given I
to the reporters by the Mayor A copy of the
latter was obtained from Mr Blvas offlc in
Ut ate street Mr Itlva was not at hi office
when the reporter 01l1l01
Count G Nasellt the VIceConsuL wait asked
If the refusal of Inspector Byrnes to accept the
distinction offered him had been considered as
a slight
I do not carl to express an opinion re
plied the Count What Mr Hive thinks of It
Is set forth In plain language in his letter to
Mayor Grant
Count Nasal was told that a rumor was
abroad to the effect that many prominent Ital
Inn residents of this oily have expressed con
siderable indignation at the action of Inspec
tor Brrnes and that several of them had wtIt
ten letters to Mr hive plainly stating what
they thought of it
The Italian resident here replied the
Count place too much confidence In this of
fice tn Interfere in any way with its duties
On tho other hand the office is jealous of Its
rights nnd will not permit Itself to be influ
enced In its actions by any personal opinions
here is only one thing left for us to dole
this matter and that Is to send the decoration
back to Italy with letters explaining the cause
ConsulGeneral Hive said last night that he
had never bad a personal Interview with In
spector Byrnes upon the latter a willingness to
accept time decoration of Italy King The ex
pression In his letter that ills Majesty
had undoubted reasons for believing
that Mr byrne wa Informed of the
Italian Cover menta benign disposition
toward him ana that the earn were appre
ciated wa be said Inspired by the inspfc
torn utterances to newspaper reporter He
had understood from these Interviews that In
Spector Byrnes would bo highly gratified to re
ceive the noanr
I am surprised and hurtbe continued
at Inspector Byrnes conduct and would
like to receive from him an explanation I
can say nothing more at present but will If
requested to by either the Mayor or Mr
inspector Byrnes when seen smiled and
aid that he had read ConsulGeneral fives
letter 1 have nothing to say be continued
nnd Jemilre to enter Into no controversy with
the Consul > ou will not find anything In any
Interview with me to jnptlfy his supposition
that I would be highly grateful to receive the
She May Secure a Keprleve tor Her Con
denned Son
GREENBBUBO Pa March 3The mother of
the Nicely boys whose execution Is set for
April 2 came here this morning accompanied
by her husband and by Mrs Harriet Nicely the
wife of Joe Acting upon the advice of their
attorneys they made Information against John
lloacb constable Rufus Shaffer and James
W Ambrose of Llgonler township ana u
Howard Camp formerly a member of the Oil
IdiiBon Detective Agency of Pittsburgh charg
ing them with conspiracy Mrs Nicely alleges
that they agreed togetherto falsely charge and
convict David and Joseph Nicely of homicide
The counsel for the condemned boy Gen A
Coffroth and Judge Hunter believe the tesil
monT in toe case unfnolent to convict rime
move will doubtless be the mean of obtaining
a reprieve for the condemned sons
Bishop WiMlkaM HecoverUg
OODZNslmUftO March 3 Bishop Wadhams ot
the Catholic diocese ot Ogdensborg who has
been seriously III Is Improving and U BOW
thought to be out of danger In addition to
organic trouble of the heart the Bishop bad
pneumonia At one time It seemed that this
combination considering hIs agehe is I 74
would end his life Many of the clergy of the
diocese believe that on hIs recovery Bishop
Wadhama will ask the Pope to appoint a cad
utor to bUtt
mmini IUHKIO till 5sv
fu rIp fl 3 28 1 Suit isu 5 fs i seen tiiss I iU
ames WsssTus PAT
f heck I wiccvlilui i I 431 I Hell Cats 3 u
ArrlvefTcuntv StartS a
81 Hamta Matt lUmtmrr
1 Uti Botnntoa f hltlTt
HI hails bonuildi SKIIIU
ft H SoL lUwtborpe K W Qrleaas
Ki I cfiMUhoaclKe OMl < lt iavumek
Hi II U Whitney Hallflt BMtea
hi I rroiiburf Mllli Maltimor
MBtnMtrrof Burrow f rntc < lln
lurk ZU ntltUtjk uilrarL Bu io Arrts
put LOUH AflfTtW Orr Olesr et >
let lamer mrale tie yinc r cef
aaivn ely
Et Mtliitic from New rori eff yatistt
Kt ufilt iroui hew York ttUrtmtrlitrii
ki XtjMtlt Iron New Vork a tcsntws
crtcoue inimirt
fall Th44i
gags h44 ItllttlftU
rcnntanil Aatwtrp > l miueo A N iso M
hpret llffmtn SIXJA M UiuuM
Mio lliyllan peril II MO AM liUUIVM I
Alp 1IIIII4J >
Algonquin ik lxeit sill > r M
Ktcni City bivtaiMh a O0rfi
Sail Itmtm
Adrlttle Quttaxown IOWA M iop
jrinoct Sirmudi jioor M ew It
Sttsmla Htmboif IJOO
tyrmaim Jamaica
micosise ST1SIit
JILl ISles
Wnrlll 8t Kill yes 3 ut
AlitlU lbr < lt r KiU IT
Swpotl Colon Keb > i
Ttutoilo Ounnitown yes t is
Uavana rtb a
inu rur ay JMrc a
OMtm n tt rdtm y h 91
fvt Htek Hurt a
Xorte rp baten Feb IT
Tbt Qut n Lrato ISk >
Mrnitoa Antwerp ftk al
LtUii outbtuptea yes Cs
151 totimat Mirth 7
ntrot CMrtrn Oniinitevrn Feb si
JinHointn I t eittt lktiit < tttt h A
lUvtuui Ilirl irU i VI
if > tn < n tiarttt
firvu Oannuowu Merck I
Ltiittrnfii Uavrt reD
irlnlJiJ hrriniiU kareb a
Ornci Urtrvvel I frit M
Rxcrriof AT Tint 8T OXOB8X
A iHaing Aeia with 1OO Siesta Wee
nf flooring
The beautiful nw dining room of the Hotel
St George Brooklyn wa thronged with hun
dreds of nretty gIrls In bowltohlnc costumes
and gallant youths last night dAnelng to the
music ot Landers orchestra
It was the annual reception ot the hotel
given by Its proprietor Capt William Turn
bride and the opening ot he new dlnlnfl
room under the recent extension was the
special object of commemoration This room
contains nearly 1200 square feet and its cell
big Is I supported by massive Romanesque nil
Uts Th window are of staIned glass de
signed by Tiffany and by night It Is lighted by
more than thirtylive orimmeutnl rleotrla
chandeliers represenming colored chrrian
therauni The floor Is or Tennessee mtrbli
llefresbmintl were served for tile thousand
or mot uueit who attended the reception
uany of urooklyoa society people were repre
sented and betWeen the hours of ten and one
the spacious alnlna hall presented nbiiiliant
and animated ipeutacl with Its hundreds of
graceful ilancers More than 1600 invlta Ion
Wai sent cjut by tins Uutftl
Among those present were Mayor and Mrs
Jhaplnaen Horatio tt I King Ueut Nlobol
p J HN Col nlnodJUddleton Lleuj rjnd
MrS Morton Murat HalstrAd Mr and Mr
atues A Ittduway Mr and Mrs J It
reilln Carl Hcimrk Cot nnd Sirs Vlllott
a Mbpard Bnrroaate and Mr oeorge U
Abbott Mr and Mr W 15 QouTd Miss
fannl fltnw Judge R I Noitrand Opl
wltn Mr and Mrs Samuel J TUdeji limo
iisiea lIaise Mr And Sims 8 V Whim
loiiph r Wtntriniiham Mr and Mrt Vllx
JainpbM time hisses Campbell the Misses
I rail sirs jm4 Slice Low Misshannon the
Key Dr and Mrs T pe WUt Taim gOeD
and airs QJirlstenasn Mrs Wltmerdlnif Fret
Laser and W V Kisshmn
fipewa ewpehOtd Pusesea
Ills oisA PAfl4 amntiavrs
Tgret Crtnpt Cell CclJi ant all pal 25 t ebotlis
CaJcr Ctment riptlrs skies gissi Bttr
eehaiwi VUte toys Ce 16n ait aaa Majere Rabtxr
cimtar lio eittCr drnnliti
Aathor naad Cellar
Xdik Lieu
tsadrC End Cellar for Lsdiee
entsKI PaUl Cttlteo
THE iiVNton in Tnr IIFHT ojir
Rlieiti In ll < e wiiril mutt hi dlllil or Ben ants Girls
DzsJOmiIAiTiL yuou ouul iibav 511 f4 tl
v fMlf111 pains and hMtlB PARKER
onuas roiouuarrmrmia
rallieRs IMALIAM aid me hair growth 1
jrw ilblii1iolte
TFOrtlD Thtbtii inn > > paId for uia tasks ITtllo
iui private llbrtrlM ssmrlId i at piles thin rivet coo
I union SiltS tar or in uiiuiht alto t < u cuui liilu <
IIITI trtt lI 1 1 nil O MlloTMITK eIbawt4rs it
llir aorii wi t liruiUwitr iew YamS civ
1O7H rPITKlK LMipald for > le oretunpi
JO rilt HlMAK luitt Wbyli rail ox fireiOray
us tie fuMCv Ily irt UKLkV fAMajiV
A P LoVo no I on AreS IL raps re
very sac LeulSroAdtaielIuSisbogk iassss
XLIANCOHENo suiday bb I list
br Ike Her lUpbeil leajavln M A and Kev M
an Oolditeln Mill Kitkir Cohta te Mr Louie 1
niatHinACOVRTNBTOn March I at tie
ha rfioreh Sf it Mlohail by the Rev rather Ollleely
Uamisi l A Itemlda 51 sac Pranelsee Oil U le Mary
At Courtney ot Uttte rails N V
55 rranelioa papers pleaie copy
III by tmS Rev RsthMl BeHoHn M JL Mm
Battle Sellnf r lo Ut hue tern
AHEKNIn narltord March 8 Tlnolhy r Abeam
son of John AStern Mid 30 Tiara
Notice Cumuli hereafter
BAIIKYOa Monday March J In Irvrfnitea XJH
Xinlly Ward beiovil wife of Sylveiter Sifts igtt
01 years
The Coastal will take place from bet lab resideuse
lark a Irtlnftoa en Tbunday Mareb 6 al I
eeloek I M
BEACH On Sunday March t at MtrlAen Coin
yummiest child of Uerbirt M Beach of Perkins it
asd 7 month
Peaerat private
CMCENOnMarebS IS9I Brtdf t widow of time
late Michael J Series In l bar 49ih year
Relatlvw and friends are Invited to attend the ro
ascii from bee late residence en East I4etb it on
Wednesday Sarah 4 at aiJOitheoee to Bb Jerome
Church where a mau of reqalm will be offered at
lu snack fir time repoie of her seal
lotermeal In 8t lUymonds
ESTOn Soailay Mareh 1 L T But
fiiaeral services at bit late reildince the Albamhia
today at 3 PM
BIEHMOa March 8 Martin Blehm aged 45 yean
Frltndi ace Invlud to attena tbe ftneral from hli
late reitdence 3U VeitMtb it on Thursday mem
Intermiat at the eeavealenee of the family
BBEWEBIB Uoctanam Coon Monday Much
s Oiman Brewer < ed 78 yean ana 1 1 months
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from bis
late reildinee Uookeaon Coon on Wednesday
efurnooa at 1 oclock
BBOXANIn Meriden Coon at his late residence
on Monday March 3 Carl O M Breman aged 41
irmumdj are Invited to attend the funeral from bis
late residence M Mount riiassnt it on Wednesday
afternOon at 3 oclock
BBOWNln Pair Haven CODIL Taeedsy Mirth t
Llule Goodsnoufb beloved wfCe of Joseph M
Srowu sgediSysari
friends are invited to attend time fonirat freax time
Pint Concreralloaal Church at Pair hayes en
Thursday afternoon at3SO oclock
UBVNDABEOn Monday March Z Ida Bw > fe of
Prink B Brnndaf accd 34Htn
Friends are Invite to Head Ihe funeral trim bat late
residence 14 Reservoir a v on Thursday afurnoon
at 230 oclock
CAMHIDYBuddenly on March 2 Mary K Murray
beloved wife et Prancls P Ouildy In the 00th year
ot tier sue
KsUtlvres and frlendi ot the family are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral frem Oat late residence
XI Downing SL today at e90 A Xi I thence to Su
Josephs Church Sib ar and Washington place
Interment In Calvary Cemetery
COtIINSOn 8 ndey March I Annie B beloved
wife of r If Collins la the toth year of her ace
Jtilatlves and friends are Invited to attend the funeral
from banal residence Ieil Id av today ateiAD
A Ill thence to Bt Lawrences Church Park v
aad Mlh st whet a DMI will te celebrated fer time
repose et M souL
Interment at Calvary Cenflery
llAYOnMoaday Mucba at bis late residence In
Orange K JH 1 William Day In rbe 15k yearet his
Pblladelf caper please eopr
DECKEBLloddialy In Springfield L U Marsh 1
Lucas B Decker la the Htb year ef bis age
Friends are Invited le attend she funeral today at t
oclock from the PreiirterUn Church
BELOXBBEVB Marcb s SiarIa Delombre aged
55 years
Prlends are Invited to attend the funeral rrem ber late
residue IDA Wen Iftkit on thursday mornlnitl
DEII > OVOBEE On Monday March I at Bart
ford Conn Her Pilleueree aged < l yean end
10 months
Prliudi are Invited to attend the funeral frees bis
late reildenee M North st en Wednesday foresee
at t oclock Ml from It Patricks Church st too
Interment at Bile Bill Cemetery
DENUOIM Worcester Uses oa Moaday
Mitch A ef anamla William X Danholm
Fuuersl from the Old South Church Main it Wo
fetter on Thursday morntnv At II oelork
DIUGHOn Peb SS at bis late rtildcnoc 145 West
ind it Nichols Line aged o years
Interment si Pelersburr Vs frlday March 6 Ml I
DOB8EYTIB Uoboken N J ou Monday Starch
v lenjaraln Denett in the 7eth rear of ii age
Itelatlves and friends and member of Columbia
Lodf No en L O o K of Key Jtney and Kew
York Ferry Engineer AisocltUen are reareelt ally
invited te attead time funeral service at his 1st
rnldtBce III Bloounetdst lloboken H J tat
evening at I slock
DVNNtB hew Haven Tueidef March s George P
Dunn ten ef Jen and Mary Dunti anil S years aid
A mouths
Prliflds are Invited le attend lie funeral from tie
lldinct ef hi f arente e Vine st ou Wednesday
arternevn at 5 elock
OIIMOIIKOa March I Uary i Ollmcre aged 41
Itelttlvii and needs are N < jsctfuly InvIted to
attend but funeral from Ler lam j te residence J2J
Weil VHIhit en Wedneidsy March 4 at IUA tl
OBEOORYta Vsw lIars on Tutiitay March S
fells > ungnt son of rifts stud Cnlug Oreeoryof 10
Puolrat private
nAlIIn Thomairllle fla March a John H Hall
Kollte ef funeral htreafter
IIAYEMOnToesdsy March a tsei ef pneumonia
Thomas Francis Hayes In the Slit year of his ate
Belarlvei anti frlendi are Invited lo attead the funeral
from the reilJenr of nil a Her Situ Jaiaei Vlnciut
M hail llllhiLJhnriluy I I inornlnr March 1 at II
InUrnnoiat Calvary Iemeierr
niILlu Hirlforvl Cons Monday Mareb 3 ciha
rise B Hill wIfe of Robin Hilt aged 40 years
PrtrnoU ere lvltd le sitrnd the ontrat frota 71
Main II ea Wednesday morning at II oclock
HOTONOn March t Hannah ilabel llrtn
daegbter et Jebg B and Sine Her tba llcrten aged
SI astbs aid Ii 6as
Irlenili are Invited to attend Ihe funeral from lime
raMiiinr of her p < rent > ISO Wit Kth st OB
Vcdnn at etiernono Uoclttk
UDBIEVUnMrilueKiar Fb A 111 alit ale
railseate 575 Uilonen isv Themes H Usrler
lelissUe Utaw p45 71 yen
BUrinain were taken it Ik Vtacut Perrers 1 a
Church when loltmn blab mats was celebrated
forth tepees ot tile soul and afterward interred 5
the tinmilt plotla alvarr Cmet ry ti
IMANln Weetporl MarchA bury Ann Inman
widow of lsmei Inman aged M TeSts
Kriendi ire Invited tn attend the fnnerat from IK
rrdcnce of Frtatrlck Suite at Oreenifarmi ea
WejnetiUy atternoun at R clock
Interment at lluntlnglon roan
KIMIIOn March I Marl Klmlln aged soyaar
frlindiare Invited 10 stteml the futitrM from tier
late residence m > l th ar en Veds day moralaf
LAMtflCllEtui Brooklyn on Rnndar March I
IUnix Cheney Francis widow ot llytelntht Lt
funeral on VTedntidar March 4 at 0in A M fret
her mitt rrtliteiict 148 Carroll rarki iol mn nut ol
reiunaat at Stephens church Summit it corner
Hide em u at 10 A N Ifilallvri and rrlindi are
Invited in attend
Hartford Conn peru ptenia copy
IA WHOn Xonila March 2 Joteph Q Lace OfM
a a
Vuuram servIces at Dr Lloyd l Church 7tb It wilt
ufdth av Ihli morning atOiMoclock
LOltllln Philadelphia va at his tame rMldlie
4 4Jil snsmu it of piisiimnnla Charlei A Lord
formir y otlsanr Vork aged bSjrtars <
Yuiuirl and luturment private >
IYnnVtn Drldgtport on the d tnit Tboatss
II Irddy aged te year 0 month ladtya 1
Frlsndi are Invited lo attend tie funeral from is
reililence of till inter Mlit llarCsrt lrddy iii t
Pembroke Sired on Vtdneiday March e ttBiSIA
M and tlience tost Marys church whets a hub
meals ul itquitm will be offered at P oclock A M
MoPAKIANDlln Feb 55 afltr thorlIllatas
Will an a McFarlnnJ tl U
funeral tervlree will tats place at bit tile reHdenct
u Hut Sub it on VVeJtiteJir Starch 4 at in A K
HelMIltIIllNlnHartford Mraday Wtrcbf
Peter Mclonghiln aejed U ytart
yrlrinli era Invited to attend th funeral en Vtdae
dar morning at Bt Isters Church at n oclock j
NH3IIOLtson Hunilay March I In flrldgessrt c
Conn Wilbur Edward sin of Julia II and the late f
Stephen M Nichols sued 3fl years and S meatii
yrlendi are Invited to attend the funeral front his
late rtildtuc tvi Main st oa Tburiday aflcrnMa
at 1 oclock
NICsiaitfIn Hartford Sunday Mareb I George
B Mebvls aged M years
Mends see Invited to attests the funeral from his We
riildsnc 44 John it ea Wedotiday tternea
at < miii oclock
OBRIXKOB Sundar March I at Hartferd
Them Joseph eon of Timothy ODrtne ef Vrtal
it aced 1 year and X months
ynneral nrlvat
0OHADYFcn raliervlonef Mr Patrick OGosly 4
iwlll be held at Bt Monicas Church 7Bta st nearA
avThunday at 11 oclock Kelatlves and fraMM
are Invited to attend 77
PAB8ON8On Sunday March I st Ifuttard
Coon John O Parsoni of th firm of Drake A Par
aous aged 70 ytar
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from bis laM
residence 812 kiln st OB Wednesday afternoon
3 to oclock
PIEIOWOn Sunday March 1181 John Plelow
ag d 60 yean 0
RelaUrts and friend are Invited Ii atUnd tbe funeral
from hie Uti resIdents 123 Meierole av Breeklym
a D on Wednesday Maroh tu P M
Istirment In Greenwood Cemetery
IKEIn Bridgeport Tuesday March a Kile K
plkswlf ef Judge Robert a Pike et Mlddlelewa
Friend ar invited to attend the funeral from IH
John et on Thursday afternoon
Interment at Greenwood Cemeury K T
JFlATTOu March 1 at her late residence IT Matt
son av Maria U widow ot Cot Enema K Hart
In the eotb year of her age
rOMEKOYtn Brooklyn Mareb 2 iBei Manatet
Hall Fomeroy widow of George V Pomeroy sgel
0 years
y oneral private
Interment at Walllniferd Conn
Q17INN In Brookbn en March 2 SObers BQtlu
aged 48 yean
FrIends ere invited te attend bbs funeral from hla laM
residence 10 Tallman av on Thursday et S F at
Interment la Calvary Cemetery
BEYNOI > DMOu Monday Marob 1 Anal lq
Funrral from bar Ut resldeace FleaiAitvDl K T
today at J oclock
BIDABOCKOn Sunday evening Mareb I JasMe
II Rldabock
Relatives and friend of tb family an invited be at
tend the funeral eervlc at bis late reddeae 41
West 20th st on Wednesday at 8 P M
Interment private
Kindly omit Bowers
21PXN81fOa Monday March 2 U RlpUskl ci
Funeral from tb rettdsnee ot B Nacelscbmldt Iii
East 78th st today at 10 oclock
Jefferson and Sherman Texas paper pleat copy
BANFORUOn Sunday March I at Bridgeport
Coon Glover San ford agd 28 yean
Ftlrndtara luviud toatrnd tIme funeral from 541
Waililntroa ar on Wednesday sfternoo alXaW
f3CHiriTZUa Ennday Starch 1 Mhtslat rest
dene 80S East I71U st Jackson B EchnlUklnU
76th year of hit age
Funeral servlots at All Souls Church corner 4tk an
amid 50th It on Thnnday March S at lOiM A M
Kindly omit flowers
SIIEPABDIa Bridgeport Ts4ay Martha VeV
lit May daughter of Elmer B and Manic Bktpcra
aged II months s
Prlnds are Invited to attend the funeral from the
residence of her parents 84 Uolley st oaTbunday
afternoon at a30oclock
81IFnWOODOn Sunday March I at Bridge
port Conn Elizabeth U wife of Aaron B Shsr
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from bp
late residence 273 Park avenue on Thursday fete
noon at 3ioclock
Interraeat at tilt O9nvealenc aCUte family
SONDlir13fnn Hundey March I BtrabardBoa
belm beloved husband ot Kaohel Sondbelm II
his 07th year after a lingering Illness
Funeral from his lale reildno 119 Wait 190th st
on Wedntedar morning March atO30 oclock
It Is I rxineited that no flown be tint
8TAN OUI InK ew Uartn on Monday Starch
a Mary Stanford aged 28 years
Friends ire Invited to attend the funeral from time
residence of her father 89 Vernon etc Wdaly
morning at 5mM > oclock and from St Jeka
Church atoclock
BTEEIEBuddtnly In Brooklyn on Monday Marea
2 Ellrabtth Stlden widow of the late Oliver B
steel aired CO years
Funeral services at Her lat resldenc 180 Di Kalbav
en TbunoBv March ft at II oclock A Jo A
Hartford Conn papers please copy
BTINOEBOn Monday Marcb atWestBertfeta
Conn Joseph Stinger aged31 yesrs and 5 meat
Funeral private
IVANT8udden1y In PlatuBild If J em
March lCaroline Budora Eulllvant wtdewet WU
llsm B Bulllvant ot Columbvu Ohio aad dttfbHf
ef the late Jacob Hueitli and Ana tulsa Sntte eT
New York
Puntral at Celnmbas Obi
aWAIVln Hartford Com Tweeds March a Be
Oroivtnor Swan
Kotlce of ftneral hereafter
TAYLOKAt the residence his father tie Rae
A B Trlor of liidrafleld K J WlllUm a O Ty
toe M D
Time funeral will take place from Reformed Chorea
Rldenld Thursday atS P M Train Uvs Vew
York at Chambers st ferry at 1 iIO P M vU Seth >
era Sew Jeray Railroad Friend are lespeoltattf
Invited lo attend t
TIIATClf EBIn Hew Haven ra Monday Mart
3 Ellinr U Thatcher aged 78 yean ant 4 month
Friends are Invited te attend the funeral from hM
Isle rotdonc Chestnut at en Thursday sfle >
noon at ViSO oclock
THUMAHIa Cbeycan Wjo rib IT Precise
Susan deugbter of Ismael U QtoVlu sad wife eg1
Jebn n Theme
WALKrRIn Mew York oo the let InstMIt
WalVer gcd 31 jean
rrltids ere Invited to attend rime fuaeral treat 111
Msedongal pt Os Wednesday f orenoen
interment At Cyjveu IJills I
TTIIHONOa Marcb liSt at kielalerealdisea
231 East twthst Samuel H U Wilson and 4T poaia
Notice of funeral hereafter
WJltHONIn Brooklyn MsrooJ Bbcneur Wit
ion In the bib rear or bll ale
Puniralifrvlcit alibi NoitrandAvtnuiMBCkvek
corner Nceu and tv and Qnlacjr st this evevtnf al
I ecloek
Iilirmeal al Sadie H T
Oar aso Sixth ave corner 234 at Kew York

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