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gntrrtalnmcnt tlot are Tt N nil itfed from
One Home to Another With Ccmtlnuoue
Ac pt llonThe New of the Drome
brea cllrcomblnntloullicntro with famil
iar but ellll acceptable program mot this week
tie tlio Grand Opera House the Rlnndflril and
the harlem Columbus The Grand hit an old
tjdtor returned The Still Alarm n pow
erful play but n bad ono In everything iavo
art of the fIre engine and the trained
borws This etstntlally moving episode ellll
carries The Btl Alnrm to popular success
Joseph Arthur who wrote the place bas
lino nloneJ for It In Bin Jeans
JUanwhlle t Harry Lao continues to Im
puonla the alhlotlo hero of the fire
play Annla 1ltley Is I the ColumbuVs star
and hf r rnvlvnl rt TIii DC noons Daugh
ter bn attracted coodlrcd audience To
Bight I B Ililey will change to Knte James
Connor Iloaohs war drnma The Standard
hiwln118 Fakir A farce now te the Broad
e t stage but not imnmlllar In town for I
wsiMfhln Harlem a few weeks nco Thin
rltct It i tho convcntlonM hndcs podge of song
dance and speclnlty with leAs ot plot or con
Bectxl dialogue thnn Is usual In latterday
fine ftnI i > the person who carry tbe burden
ef the Iorlorinnnca nre forth rfiost part clever
antirtftlncrs nncli In his war Mark Sullivan
Is l acnpltiil rnlmli unit an uncommonly droll
coiuilln Mnt Arnolds Dutch dialect li excellent
cellent All Hamilton Is n remarkable copy or
t OooJwIn when Oooilwln Isnt feeling
well nnil Ihorr nre comely and sprightly sou
breitee Is llK7lt > Derlotts Unly Ito 1 France
au1 Lillian Mnrklmm Manager T 1 Hill
uri Lllnn I lorRotiRlly he bowull In publlo
tnitp nn11 I ritil the classics hit the nmim
ser of tin lueseut day Is ubllgotl to eater to the
demands ul the inilillc on noiount of tho ouor
iniptu IUPMHI which now iiortulns to 1
iiietMiinllmii plnbou e rent uny coming so
IllrIollnl II would bo I llunnclalsuloldo fur
ufon to ito otliiMVilo The average nan or
woman h11 t cnougn I iroube In actual lite and
rotei to tio l < nmuteil liv nuoU plats w Jbe
rrolel i imd iund I doiens of others of 1
mi liar lianilrr Thou If I no plot to follrw
a Ilnl i hn u II i dn hit InutfU Therein lies the
Micco larlo tif I wliit iiiK I BUN culls > arloty BLOW
Thnili iel changes bill tie 10 Julius
lii 1 1 iir In IDiiili I 111 i llartcU toulght at tlie I
lliosilwny to t rniillle iiy llernlmidt n tho
II oRI1nY11 111lle I Aniilit mley I at the
ColuiiiiniM nnd t Hold by the linehiy at
011111 nnL
Ja < ulii3 1 main lu Iliibukou
fnmiy HIM hIt pturnrffdherbuJizetof charac
ter n > ne Hi Ininr lnI A < euUs nbpervatlon of
I I iiinleiirH Ivnellled 1 liar iinu them Is no
longer I 00 IIIII Ii t Unit I HB solectloim are too
10ljel lor fjl initlli WIth the assistance of
JIis < llll4 i llttl Ilifiilnrs which with true
1 11 rift she hud printed from Kuallsli
tpA IHT iiiilivnru IK I noweimblodtn interpret
inch Miiuiu IIM into tu Hrelen Monnwullo
riHtniU I rroweil nluliib Joiinr hOI nn
dOiMeily Irliiiin I lioJ its tile rreeuca of the
ll < kettti > ciilalor < tll Iustors lobby attests
IrolsMo1 a n ori of repute generally agree
tbnt it I 1 HTliim ofeuco to pirate copy
rltililad Mr i pmya here Tte punish
ment Is l iiuully unlit and Beie Amateur
noton on HIM nt her band are unaccountably
UK in euetln the lights nf authorship and
for ynrs innimier and wrlghts hare cut
Is e < l Iroiu lIHIOr slooal thefia of their
rrorcttv Ti i > llionklyn aiimteurdrnmatlc so
prorerj clel linvo rci atedly Riicn nffrnce In this
roKiiiCI Hiid nnn1 II Olletto In I going til
DMkraUuo HUH test i ite Iht may establish a
warn nu poniiln Two or three months ago
lliooUin am ul ours iirf fnud Illlcttes Held
lyllu I > lnemy at the Orltoi Ion without the
mthoi ie nilsl n imil In the face of his man
Sens t < ioio > > t Coun > rllor Waite > 51 Hosebault
baa now proccpiliil aculnst tho fifteen iiereoua
wlio eioreiponilbie for and appeared In tbe
pFrforrannce The suit will be vigorously
lrlecUtud and I msy be expensive for tbe
defendants who are charged with procuring a
COpy 01 the piny by franil
The revival of mltiNtrelayby genuine noaroeo
at 111 jRcobesTlicutre this week has mauy
nbptcti calduUled to please the multitude and
a lOW that will disappoint those wbo have
grown to admire modern minstrel entertain
ment The troupe is W 8 Clevelands and It
IB both cumbrous and represeutntlve since Its
numbers fncluiln alt save two 01 the perform
et wbo hate ulop latterttay rennte In real
buck fane irlnntrelKy These exceptions are
FB mica j i Whose tnl fIa upon his wng
Ill Meet Her When tie Sun Ores AOOJ
and Billy nerannils whose cavernous mouth
nnil mllliklUK laugh rnnnot easily bit torgot
lp They are not In Clevelands troupe out
all the others who were with them lu the Cal
Irndsrilata of R deceo or more ago the days
warn tbe Frobmans In their ohrtwd and ex
tirt way gave to colored minstrelsy a Mb
lonAble vogue that I bad never before pos
wnsedall these others are now of Clot
lands forces Tom Molntosh is still a
lald Jclntoh atl gro
tnue comedian alter tbe manner of his race
James A Bland li a good aq end man is ever
en i the llrexcr brother have lout no degree of
the I r earlier popularity Po tar as the special
isle sr > coiiOirn il Ihtsliuwnt Jacobs 1 tobe
c niiieuied The Ringing was tie chief dlap
piilntment The UralDart ballads were ou
niiirlicd by lli harmony and sweetness that
Diern baivlH tcnernliy produce An ucrobatlo
sing and lance > nnd a march were much better
loairihtt 1101 oonioarlntr favorably with the
tr ctnctilurwo n In I his direction of the bigger
mln tiel photvs I Is worth while to tell tbe
truth about the pnllerv audiences at this ntb
ert ice icrehble i theatre They exhibit a
i n found Jlmopm t for the rules of the house
I 1 In looil tle tl atro han any rules for Its
gods Mnt of the gallery spectators are
III 110 lerJ Sloctltor ao
i v IrW1 t boys unit they I are tougher than
nlY1 i Ho neb Mr I Harrison has nklured
I I e lit in 1 i I iiio Their favorite diver
Ion s 0 i nir thn rrihestni occupants with
IItts 11d Ou alnnnllr they vary this pliai
anlry by sib t toting tubacco quids lor pApcr
AIM throiiehoiii the play they aro uncontrol
Inbly Mfilwii i tin n their rol of delight or do
te nlon aciiirding to the nature of the per
to f Dinner Tlier is nn worse gallery in lon
tut iture i will bo n reformation doubtless
A don IP I dose of Tin Clemenceau Case
his ien i rope Mils wrelc One of tbe three
or liar I IOHVD cnii trouper ronfessedly
lot trolol by Wiiilxm A Brady opened at tbe
p pliaon Mnnd y night and gave the first
100 v p rinrinanrp of thin prurient play
I e H iich IIMI a large nnd its approval was
not toni MI t nt hut east side verdict is I
aralpn liiiiriH tlilt time The model In this
MrHlon U I Knur Dell a young actress and A
wit lon Mfhnr William Havrortli Clarence
l i nnorsldn nnd 1X J Mark ant members of the
kill Irl Ilto I eiiind Clemenceau Cane Is
tMMi i ti ore 101 the Auditorium was
cr wiled 1 IIIL tin studio Auditorum Won
Icy nivlt lit I in this eao as In the other
ller iitB I iiiiv hi on I decrease In the attend
sore UICH u l that the town Is sick and
tired of tnl drama which II l tedious
as irill in iiildceiit The halfdraped
I 01 it MbloB is Blanche Curil > se
a fl I ver neiuii whil nseil to bo A
i2Va ° bur I m and has been varlouRly
niibiieil Tio I Vadnr college be utyand
the hiD k iii i wcmau In flif > worlI MIR
IiirIioo huIII nslxinnco of the onmlpreient
Ltckpie nf rtn > Coulter nnd of other ten
LUaUi I r i riil > company IB pit forward
Iy J A I Aiihnr lii hrto unknown nitmug
uanageis Jimipa SI I 11111 etnully denies thnt
lie 1 lfth any lutireKt 11 the venture I Is I
htlesdiitiiotim Mringencyof these bard
tuontrlcil tliiim that people can he hired to
niHkii tin Clotnenceau IAie casts Mr 1
Ja 5ilft > 1 I II IIl will go to gront extremities
rMliertlmn I imvrl and Ihero always seems to
IMI Snictlilnj ready for turn to do on one city I
Mace or another J la I tn 11m regretted that the
mm us win rodnco The Clemenceau Case
an generally nlord to nay good wanes
> n gorrioitorof the Twentythird Blrset
Theatre i line 9louiiil tile piopbets by fltaet
011 link to liN elmlii of theatres Nnt long
ago he wa shortening his circuit He has
Pf bought out the other very successful mul
tipe ninnator JncobB In Albany and the
Opera buuite there will huncefoitb be under
1roctor I I i control thus giving him two theatres
In Albany nt one If whir he will procluceva
risty slid burlssriue The newly acquired
hnlso was ono famous as the Land Opera
hattie nnd Wl A uiatiged by Hose M Leland
11110 I thi time of herdeatli Meanwhile Jacobs
is extgnillnu hh buclncsH In otjer directions
TOnight Ihf Lyceums company will per
° 11
iiin iorwos for the fiftieth consecutive time
J lelO will b I Hinutnlr and It will be a stir
iris bat win specially I wi female
auiiiiorg The ruccets of the extremely farcl
Cal entertainment a a theatre wherein the
bt oreilnui triumphs had been with serious
trlomlh lad
K Kt ls I now and strong testimony to the cap
Wlitles 01 Uanlel Frohmans actors
The llltals U to nnd tl way t the French
SIRle t last Connie luvnl whose pen Is not
1lvnl 10S
Sii ij1 10 Pl itutlon has made n version of
ler all brilliant old comedy and It has been
sfuAV1 at the Iarl Oflrou where it will be
idea loward the end of the Year I i
Jraniatlantlo slngerx Iavl bicorn excited
since i1 WB PuMifbef that Henry K Abbey to
tnded to pay In tbe le Ues < kt < brothers who
are coming over here nut
le ovr seson sotnetbing
Ilk sOtj a nlant Of this eo goes the pretty
tIry Jnn do lzkd wili get oa and Ed
wi t20 ani E
110 tie I 1 s I I so Jean 18 a tooor who
111l I Iua lung 6 Abbey will surely
1 IV ii fancy Ir e for him but It wi not Ie l >
lull so utah us the Kuropenn newspapers
nr I ern lou d to bnUen Mi Abbeys Inst
hoIble e P rlmentwlh a tenor was In the
ClItEl tiC TamBgnpwhfise wage wer enor
l I In blt H r 1hl not profit his manager a
p cul aUoo Continental ojitraKoeis declare
that Jean de ItucM must win hIs Amerlea
triumphs on his voice alone and that Ameret he
cannot force at bis age without courting dis
aster Moreover hi Is not th captivating and
tomantlc personality or a Camnnnlnl The
prediction is I made that Mme alba bo comes
over with tho lie IteMkanwill be worth quite an
much tn Manager Abbey although she will not
Ufnw 10 much money from his treasurer
Three Actresses were sharing the cpilp
ot tile II alto yesterday One waa Minnie
Palmer and It was talked that she may not
IIIt Inr
always be with us the Is aid to have begun
to nigh lor another night ot London audience
and ho wants to face thorn in opera or our
untie This would b ponible I It came by
arrangement JOUld release Irom A Mile a
Minute which variety melodrama now em
ploys her en a tettr The other actress was
lira Lcsllo Carter who seems to have bestS of
late n target for malicious shafts In coops
quonco of n shortening of her Ihats find health I
and a bad play have exhausted her in the I
West nnd she will stop on March ID Mrs
Carters success as an actress is I undoubted
bho will piny nn engagement nt the new Fifth
Avenuo next season with I play fay David I
llelnsco a stage genius whoso withdrawal
from collaboration tmrtnershirt Ir JDe I
Mills teems to have set tnngups wagging The I
third I actress was Lydia Thompson about
whom managers have begun to tight Her re
cant engagement In this city has had a sequel
Ir 1 lawKult bill I did not get la trial for
there wan 1 monetary adjustment of the die
puts Miss Thompsons managers agreed that
It would do to continuen week loiinsrin this
oltv than the fortnight originally planned
This oxton lion of time necessitated cancelling
1 week at the Grand Opera House inllnston I
anti qn the promise that he perennial Lydia
would surely play there Inter on the msnsner
contented I to the release Hut lie was nngired
dl haJw Aolued
a week afterward Ao find that John Btetijon
who controls the Boston Globe Tbiatrr had
quietly engaged Iydla for that playhouse I
trlin was sued for an alleged breach of cob
tract nal an hour before the case camVfri
court she paid money enough tQ compensate
lor tho plaintiff Lttln for ton I was Tike old times
I Is tbe custom for people entitled to pastes
In recompense for blllimanl privileges end the
IlhNl IrlYlels
like to got Bratii ror the back tows and they
tire always clad to take them without quo
lion but yesterday ft gaunt Inn strode up to
the Htandiiitls window nnd rnrontlly plckcil
out tho best nti Inlt for The Fakir In the
evening He took the tickets stubs coupon
nnd all sail calmly shoved In n pass fo two
The shouting of Treamlrer White old not
Irlul bluut back nnd so Mr white rushed out
of the office and pursued the man A spirited
dUrusslon which drew n crowd resulted lu I
I transfer ot the man to the roar row
Inrk or IlnnuoBy OB the Kuhject In the
Dramatic Aoen AeraUaa
There Is trouble In the now Dramatic Agents
Ptotoetlvo Asoclatlou Messrs Slmniondl i
Drown refue to enter the association because
they dont wait t affiliate with variety agents
and bells they think they can manage their
business without oiittlde assistance
J J Spies and Col Mllllken were appointed
n committed to visit Slmmonds t Brown neither
of whom had done anything toward joining I
tho association since slunlng the agreement
by which tlio agents decided to supply each
other with llstiof the nctois who were not In
tho habit of palm romml oni for securing
engagements tint to leftiso to do business for
thue nctTU Jh 1 rples said yesterday I
that In his minion Messis Blmmcnd
A Brown wished to use the association
as n menu of blacklisting certain actors
They sent un tlitlr blacklist he paid
almost bIro the Ink on the agreement was
dry and on that list are seersl people t who
have Inuirfably Paid me and Other agents
without iiuestlon flint who say they do not owe
them a penny OR tbo firm nor got thorn en
cngementfi Some say Sim floods Drown en
1lrpmonll UIown
KHgcd them torn miieon with Helen Uatlvray
Jhoy were employed for three weeks reoelviil
three wek cnluiy and then the company
i lo ed The actors offered to pay n percentage
01 the salary they bad received but thin wits
deci l nod by the firm who wanted commission
I aPd ll i I Itlrt season salaries
Col Drown said that he and Mr Bfmmonds
raw no reason for an association an the black
listlnu was all that was necessary and even
that I wan not urgent In their else as they never
did bui > lnes twice with an actor who neglected
to imy when money ass due We alfo refuse
to I rtKouultvailety agentS said the Colonel
ayont e ire dramatic not sidewalk or gutter
110 manng r < of the association say that
thty p mnnnt step without legal advice and
that iilmost tliMoor old Iobl nan been re
tovered sipco the agreement was stalled on
III oerel I I is the Intention of the association to
ule the nctors a llltlu mme leeway abont pay
Ing tin They will shortly advertise the date
mum 1 which the blacklist allertae published
TIH nnmOK if thote who pay In the mean time
will he untteil
arms De PachMBn Concert
A large and critical audience listened two
hour with unabated interest to Mme Mar
cueritc de Iachmanus pianoforte recital yes
terday attoi noon at ChlckerlDg Hal The pro
ctttinme was as follows Doethovens Sonata
op 81 lamlllatly known 8 Lei Adieux
1Absence et le Betour Raffs Prelude and
Fugue op 72 and Rlgaudon Theme and Va
riations by Marguerite do Paobmann Dank
lied nnpl Sturm and81 Olieau Jtalsby
Hlnailt two Etudes op 25 No 8 and 5 Ma
ouika on 69 No 9 and Andante Bplanato
and Grande 1olqnalse by Chopin Liens
aldesrauscben and Weber Invitation i
In I Vale nrrunged by Tattslg j
Mmo de Pachmann Is a pleasing clnnllt Her
style U exquisite in Its purity her touch clear
elastic delicate and musical her shading
irluiual and her conception arUIto ahalnt
Chopin selections and the Weber1 Invitation
i la I Value ga e the most delight She was en
thusiastically received and gave several en
cores among them a hopln yale which was
tilnyed ImOnl delicious breeze
An unusual demnna was made by the andl
once After tbe concert was ended tbnplanlst
wa forced to give an encore and after thin the
applause became vociferous and violent that
she bad to play a second time
Another unusual feature of the concert was
M de Pnohmann who WR In the parquet
clothe Tbegawpfthe audience wa riveted
upon him His delight at Mme de Pncbmanne
playing nearly burnt him to I Crisp He
bounced be wriggled he squirmed he waved
bin Hrmaftlldly In thl air he wagged his head
from lido to side be clapped his planlstleal
fingers played imaginary pedals upon the
Moor with his feet curved himself over the
hick of bio chair throwing bin head backward
until It nearly touched the floor talked to
ovaiybody near htm jigged the elbow of his
neighbors when Mine de rachmann played
a delicate passage that pleased him and
cried out In utentorlan tones Chnrmsnte
MHiralllquel KxnulHl I Mon Distil
MIiItDII1ROI Mil loll And when be had
exhausted his French voeabujnry he made a >
raid upon the German adi < nfyes strange > to
say he became Imbued with the Idea that his
wife was not appreciated upon which ills face
t scams livid and he scolded In Oermana
language admirably adapted for that pur POM
and said I that everybody was jeMnu of Mme
de rachmann Bo be constituted himself a
olantie and became excessively nmuslng The
audience enjoyed him Immensely and began
to wonder if this wore a concurs or a circus
Cormen Ht fun Mtr > ellteiB Opera
The Metropolitan Opera House Company
gave last evening a very smooth wellrounded
and Interesting performance of Carmen
Mr Walter Dsmrosch held theorcbeitra and
the chorus well to their work and there were
pot any of the annoying slips and blunders
that have charaotsrlzed other performance of
Carm ll tills Beooo
Mme Minnie Hnuk Infused all of her old
time sprlghtllness and audacity Into her porI
Irayalof the saucy liar lue nod Herr Dlppel
sung with a fervor and a coni > clentlou nell
that won for him the heartiest applause
llelehmanns part as the toreador seems ill
putted to bin and in It ho soaroely does him
alf lutUC The other parti were well taken
and the performance was in every respect suo
oalts Ark Actors West Their Pay
The actors ot the Konhe Ark company are
complaining about nonpayment of salaries
They were engaged In the expectation of along
long run at Nlblos Garden and lebfareed I for
four wOllk The play ran only two weeks and
they received but tine weeks alary Tester
day they were to bate not Manager Josh Hart
at Hlmmonds 4 Browns onice but Instead of
seeing him they received word that he was I nf I
The principal membersi of the company are
BlgmunLpelnmer 1WIHardiSewelL 5erner
cluges Miss I Lodiiikl young Ilaohel Booth
Adele Martenettl Oecriie Neville J H llyan
Patrick Murphy and Charles Button
The Thaillie Theatre Chimgei Hmd
The historic old playhouse in Ihe Bowery
the Thalia which bas for a long time been
used for Hebrew performances bas been leased
for a term of years to Theodore Rosenfeld and
will again be devoted to German drama fir
floMOleia le I one of tbi proprletqri of the ue
man LIIpltlanl and It is likely tpat these
mlicet performe will appear at I as Thill
under the new regime
Tragedian Mesa Very III I
KANSAS City Ma March 4A local theatri
cal manager loday received word from
Thomas Keene manncer nt Vlcksburg that
I the tragedian had cancelled All engaaemsnu
for the present season on account ot his sin
due Illoeis
OaOIUtJJ Attt lfnItOlUfEIrH
Tke AM hlthcetre of the Madison llqaiir
ardS k rille with ntaseasslee weds
and Rh > 4r WtIoRItU Dutch Hpas
lab cad KaKlleh reckless Heirem > t 4
Madison Hanare darden is now a garden in
fact as well as In name and In It may now ha
seen bile of the most aotlful displays of
orchids end other flower titer gotten np in
N w York It In I he fifth annual orchid show
of lIe era Blobrecht Wadlpy they Fifth av
enue florins whose Bteenhou are at
New Itochelle Nathan F Barrett the
landscape engineer who undertook Its design
and arrangement bas produced something
novel and artistIc AS well st beautiful and has
introduced a variety of garden effects In do
loit this he has also matte provision for every
requisite for a flower show He ban carefully
guarded against monotony and has studied to
give everywhere pleasing views and an Im
pression of breadth And distance to the whole
Entering Msdlson avenue one passes Into
an open court In which formal clipped em
greens in vases are Ret hero and there and
high formal hedges red cedar run to the
right and left Directly In front is a long
straight avenue which ends tn a mountain
wood icene In an Italian garden at the far end
of the hull The hedges not only letre as a
foreground to the general artlstlo picture but
are ousldercd t a necessary feature of a Dutch
garden which II Within their enclosure to the
right A mass of tall firs pines spruces I
cedars birches and beeches on the right and
another on the kit represent pieces of natural
woodlands and pathways leading through and
around these are not only pleasant rambles
hqt l at every turn tome special feature of the
gay garden In the body ot the ball or distant
view ACIMI It Is presented
The Dutch garden consists of stiff straight
surroundings and formally clipped hedges
and a geometrically nnnnged scrollwork of
box edging with gravel between Hero nnd
titers are beds and borders tilled with tulip
hyacinths daffodil crocuses and Illle ql the
valley the central arrangement resembles n
geometrical Knullnrt flower garden with tbe
dlftvrent beds tiled with various showy flower
Ing plant no glnerarlA nraleii and Iaila
daisies and 1 this ouiur bed with mixed plants
Two largo bedi nre Illlol with standard rose
bitches In full bloom The orchid stands oc
cupy the lour middle bed
IKnond this Is the Spanish garden whoso
design Is I Ibo same as thnt of the Inner court
of the Ponce de leoti Hotel In Unrlda Haft
of It occupies the ground Moor And the other
half Is l on ik lAlieil platform The tedn lire
lilted with mhod plnntn and the banks lined
with green liedgework und Ivy and studded
With orchids Idootn
lIoso lnhlnd this Is the Italian gat den It
ronylotn of n winding pathway running around
and behInd the Spanish garden with n steep
anti rocky imbankiuont on the left as we
asinnd and u thickly wooded elevation on the
rliht A viucclad fence guards tile left or
lower tide of the loadtray I and vases filled
with lurgo plants occur hare and there
Thete Is a turret nt the end ot the Recent
Wherii a bread xtream of water falls Into a
11001 below One gao reftduty picture this gar
den an a road winding around and up the
Hank of a mountain
A noticeable feature of the exhibition Is the
Irlp l number of palms of mature sire These
eOQIIOf I both fin allr fealherfrooded species
and we 14 Ittt III Trinidad and ilorlda nnd
brought here for the decoration of thin cx
hlbltlon t I n some of the cocobnut lentherl
palms tlie green trait can still be seen stall was
giowinit heiorj tho plituts weie Out down
The nrenldt are the main floral feature ot
the exhibition and occupy four lame Rtaees
near the middle at the hull A table beside the
rockgardec and an Ivyclad bank between
the Spanish and Italian garden Cuttle > as
comprise the bulk ot the orchids and thev are
very mimeioun gay and beautiful Tlio
species known aa U Jrinmr is l the most plenti
I ful but there are also a good malT plants of
t ICCjOSOttIiiutI Jecivasfmui cirrctitaana and
other seasonable sorts Borne cut flowers of the
whiteblot Homed variety of r < uiea VViniiir are
shown by Mr W s Klmball ot Ilochenter and
Mr lucks Arnold ol New Inrk It IR one or
the choicest of all the forms of this winter
blooming ipecies Mr Klmbnll i ux also a very
line form of C Jtiiiliruana which is one of the
choicest In the exhibition All the cattleyai
belong to South America where they are found
as epiphyte growing ou the trunks of trees
Tile ladys slipper orchids or cyprltwdlums
are well represented Although their flowers
are far from being ae gay as those of cnttleyuo
11 Plants nave many warm admlreiK They
Ire easily grown and eRlly flowered and their
blo soms last well upon the planter wbeu out
and unlike ninny orchids which are benull til
hen In bloom buttery Krnuey and homely
when nut In bloom cyiirlpediums are always
well clad with atreeu leaves and Imve
I fresh and thrifty appearance They do
not grow upon the trunks of trees
like eattleyas bnt in the crouud like
any other plant Among the hanclomiit of
those on exhibition are C arum fi Jlaunal
tfamim and t erlilomim maju from the Phil
ippine It Kpirwianum from the Kast Indies I
c Icmntrn from Javn and seteral garden hy
brids for Instance c ntrlanufilitalmini f Jlera
arenlannm and r pofffutn A now hybrid never
before exhibited Is r rtrnltwu r ditcoior III
also another tare hybrid with very dark
Drown glossy flowers This little plant of one
growth is worth 1100 These hybrid oynrlpe
diums even if not very beautiful nrq always
valuable tecausa of their limited number and
gardeners hybridizing and raining them are
very particular about tbelr pedigree tome
year ago a hybrid was lalsed man EnglUh
nursery and its pedigree was lost and It Is
now known as tho orphan lady slipper orchid
und named r orpnanuin It too Is here on ex
hibition In company with In pedigreed role
11011 The genus odontoglonsum Includes some of
the most lovely orchids In cultivation They
are what florists call coolhouse orchids that
Is i being natives of tbn mountains of New
Grenada and other parts of South America
they enjoy a oool temperature moist atmos
phere and partial shade and cannot be suo
ceisfullygrqwn In company with tropical or
eblds Their flowers ore large showy mostly
white or white with brown spots and arranged
on graceful nrchlftg spikes A number of them
are on exhibition and among the hand
somest are 0 rrtwtim and Its varie
ties aria 0 Sanderiamtm U frdim
ohani 0 Lindltutmim and U ttUeopurpurrum
have brown and yellow flowers Afiffmna rrs
l riB and M uoti < ri both nearly related to
the lout germ are shown In very beautiful
condition the first has pale rosecolored flow
er and the other white flower with chocolate
brown markings near the centre Tho very
large Hat plants pots which are laden with
sprays of showy while flowers are arlooune
eriniala and come from Nepnul One form of
it I ecause It has larger flowers than the ordi
nary one has grantliflnra appended to Ito
name another because the yellow atrtln In the
tbroatof the bloom Is I paler than It Is In the
typical plant II called niYfna and Its value Is
greatly enhanced for this slight illffuienoo
JDJatlr of CulQajjiirftacciila with whitish flow
ers In clusters drooping over the sides of the
pot U set UP with the palms nn the top of the
stage because It Isnt very pleasantly scented
V rpannn little gent horn the Pblllpple
and ottlte a rare plant Is studded over with
whitish flower
Deudroblumn aro very variable In their an
poHranoe but moot of thorn have showy blos
som All are native 01 the warmer parts of
Asia and a few come from northern Australia
Among the most conspicuous ones here are JJ
Camwiagranuiti It cchwotorum and JlftM
brfafuni yellow I J > nolillr purnle and whit
Ji Plmlleuanum white with yellow blotch I It
Jamtttaimm white with red throat and D
iraitmodr white and purple
Orange or red flowers are not very common
among orchids but we find I several of them
here The mnmlevalllas nre tbe most striking
They are beautiful iiltie plants from the ravines
of the Andes of Peru and New Granada nt
from 7000 to 1001X1 feet elevation Ada nuritn
Since from the West IndloR Ims racomes of
orange scarlet flowers and tiophronftit proud
flora llttlo gem from the Orange Mountains
of Drazll bad scarlet i flowers
There are some very prettily flowered plans
ol Krnmers butterfly orchid IOncliliuml from
Tilnldad kklnnera rrll from Guatatnalo
the Ivory riirniim and Lows cyrabldlnms
from ml la And the longtailed npgnecnin
from Mudttgascar Ayqrtrnttn Irani and A
pwmitim two little wmteflowerlng beauties
are also exhibited
A nandKome dliplny U made of the moth
orchiilN lIlialafnopiiil on thn Ivy banks In
front of tbe Italian terrace They arc mostly
natives of the Mnlavnn Inland Although
they are among tbo moat beantiiul I and ser
vlosable of all orchids there is a good deal of
uncertainty about their cultivation Some
times they thrive admirably and at other
thniH they defy the I cultivated iktll The
varieties hero represented are Po Kchllleriana
1 Ainaliilii I and Po tstuartlana
Rxblblllon of Ihe Camera Club
The New York Camera Club his bung 160
frames containing about 600 pictures on the
walls of Its rooms at 3U Fifth avenue tn be
viewed by the clubs friends Tbe plotu res alt i
all the work of members of the club The fea
ture of the IISlb lon II heportrait work br
iur L Uruese plies Atari 1 Martin bIts II
I Lounbet antI Mr Jonathan Thorns Ec
sides lb potrllill there are views lnl lower
work by fl Illlani A C racer views lu California
by Vriinkllii I Harper I ew jnVirglnlnbv David
llllam srns In thx t Jlalne ooija by K I
Ivory I Oierplerfeand sJees I bv H W Jlrldg
tiiini Mirf ploliifeii bf Henry llTnylnr and
I 11111 ell by VlP I 1 1 CII std Exitniplis of
the work or I Jell members of f the club I
eshowq The exlihlilon opened lat even
ing and will close on March 21
Bhr Dragged Two IIUIe Chic to a flrtdge
end Threw Them OIT
Btirrxix March 4Tht trial of Sadie Mo
Mullen the Akron murdereR WAR beuun here
today before Judge Lowls In the Supreme
Court Ink lllnder 10f1OI8U9Idanll dressed
with simple taste with her luxuriant brown
hair flowing loosely over her vhnuldert pretty
blueered Sadie walked Into the court room
this Afternoon to be tried for her life She Is a
little creature though almost h woman In
years There le I nothing about her lace
In repose that indicates A murderous spirit
nor yet Insanity She worn a dress
of crushed strawborty shade simply
made with A collar of black lace At her throat
On her head was a round black ribbon
trimmed hat on her feet now shoos of shiny
patent leather Her hair was banged and
frizzed In front And falling In A shower be
hind curled Into little kinks hero And them
Tho Officer who lund her In charge led her di
rectly In front of Judge Iflwl where her law
yer H A Hays and counSel nlOt K I th tar I
rar 01 this ciy anti II L btelunrnf Akron had
seats Olstlct Attorney Juluby repicsonted
tho people II
What Is the plea Asked Judge LewiS I
Only not guilty was nbc reply
Fo it appeared that the special plea of In
sanity was notto be made HiAveor ibis does
nut tnallt the defence proving insanity If
O prevotit
I lie crime for which Sadie MoMullon who Is I
only 17 years of allo Is to be tiled was one of
peculiar end iinriroolied Atroolty On Krday
evening Hnrlll1jrlltOIlOl1 I l Bndie then living lit
Akron enticed Iflln Brown igod 0 antI Nellie
May Connor children of the neighborhood
where lips lived to go with her for n walk
hey I vliiited the villaga Post Ofllco and later
Newtone grocery where Padlo ordered some
goods saying she would call for thorn Then
guided tiy tbe older girl who told
them thc If they did not follow
her they would all bo murdered they went In
the direction of the New York Central flail
road trestle over Murder Creek Miss Me
Mullen dragged the children to the middle of
the trestle nnd after A fearful I struggle threw
both off Into the ihe cieek The trestle was C2
feet high at that point The dead and man
gled body of tho Connors girl wan found
ceveral hours later by William limo Leo
Wells and John Wrnbl Her body was cruelly
bruised and her brains had been dashed out
by striking I on H stone abutment Little Delia
vns found a fewcot away breathing painfully
She mlraoillouMv escaped being killed Site
lingered between Ilia nnd death trw several
weeks and llnullr recovered Alter throwing
tile children from the tiostle Miss MnSIullon
went to n bridge In thin rear of Browns saloon
and jumped Into the creek Simon Brown the
lather ot the girl stun almost succeeded in kill
inn hoard her cries und axed her life
Coroner Miller of TonnwandO conducted the
Ininesr Allot the ulinefses swore that thoy
enw Hadle mart In the direction of the trestle
with the gui The jury rvtirned a verdict
that Nellie Mny nnnorx died from Injuries
received by i elne thrown from tho brldueand
accused the ITyeitrold girl of the crime tilio
was taken to tIe jail In this city and has re
mained there since Him was Indicted hy the
O rand Jury In January for murder Sties tile
Mullen hits ntt admitted nt any time thnt she
killed May t onhoru She simply Suva that she
doei not remember any of the doings of the
night In iiuefOlon
Tha tank If securlug a jury was hccun to
day The attorneys on both sides proceeded
with the utmost cure About Ility trial jurors
wero worD and It Wit pat n oclock when the
twelfth juror was seemed and the court ad
journrd until tomorrow when the that proper
will begin
Chalktey Ieronry a Mpritntor nt FrMrls
llaIlO Trial
CAMDKX March 4At 10 oclock this morn
ing Francis Lingo wn put on trial for the mur
der of Mrs Annie Miller at Meicbantvillo N
J on Sept 25 Mrs Miller was the young wife
of John Miller a farmer who lesldes on the
Hampton road a mile southwest of Merchant
vllle and half h mile from the spot in Ibo
woods where Mrs Millers dead and mutilated
lodr WIlS found About the body were traces
of a struggle1 The head was nearly cut off
from the body Tho glove bad been torn from
her left hand apparently by some ones teeth
Her pocketbook was mlfslnjt Her handker
chief was found a chort distance from her lidy
Her goldheaded umbrella and two packages
she carried were found several feet away fr m
her bUll A piece ot blue laurel was found on
the ground near the body This afterward
proved tn he n part of Lingos shirt Ho ad
mitted to he io
This muider uiisonly about year After this
mnrilr ot Annie Leeoney of Camden county
Annie Ieionov M throat had been cut In a sim
ilar manner Her uncle Chalkier Leconey wa
amtiltieil II the charge of the murder Lingo
worked for Leconw alt A farm band and sus
Plclcn ittucbed to him but no evidence could
bo piuciircd tn wmrant his arreit
Mr Miller left home the moroiiig of the day
she watt munlernd to visit her sister Mist
MarY Collins nt Mnorestown She started on
her return at a l oclock In the Afternoon and
nevr rottiheri home Alive She took a short
cut thriniuh Mlihesons woods and thete met
her death Llnjfl1 able to account for all of
bit time fixceplngfiom noon until 4 oclock
nn the altern on of thc day of the murder He
made A statement as to hlswhereabouts during
thoro fou r hon i s which rrofeoutor Jenkins In
vestigated liuf failed to verify
Justice Cbarles O harrison who tried the
Leconey case presided today Among the
auditors wa Cnalklev Leconey Lingoa
counsel declares that the piece of flannel be
longing to Lingos shirt was torn off the day
before the murder while Lingo wits passing
through tho woods It caught upon a thorn
The lawyer further said that a cut on Lingo a
hand was caused by bill cOin knife slipping
while he was cutting corn and that It was
blood from thin wonnd which stained his oer
alls now In possession of the Prosecutor A
jury wan obtained Ibis forenoon > hi n the
court reconvened In the afternoon John Miller
the bUband of tho dead woman told the story
of the murdei substantially given above The
other testimony touched only Incidentally on
the question of guilt The trial will probably
last several days
Taken Ont or ° The CleMenc n Case at
Nlbloft by M PureeS Injunction
Actor Wilton Lackaye did not kill ltd In the
last act of Tbe Olemencean Case Nlbios
lam evening At 745 oclock a messenger
from the law firm of Hart k Price served him
with an Injunction which bad ben got out
before Judge McAdam earlier In tbe day by
William Fleron on the Allegation that Lackey
was taking the principal part In a i dated ver
sion of FlcronB adaptation of the play
rite piece has been on at Nlblos since Mon
day under tho management of A F 1 Arthur
while M FloionH company has played nt the
PeoploM Mr Lscknyo told the big audience
Iropnt that tho Injunction wonld preient
thorn from playing but they shouted for the
piece to BO on anyway anllefll all an offer to
have their money returned Lackuyos 1111
ddrhlnily had ielt the theatre at Ti oclock
dson Ulxon the tro Vninoy ot tho cast l
took his place and lead the linen fl is was
heartily applauded and repeatedly cnlled before
tim curtain
Manager K O fillmore of Nlblos said Fin
rone Action was a malicious and jealous
trick Hu also said that their version was thnt
of J M Hill and that legal I proceedings would
be taken to Insure Mr Lackayee appearing to
Sir Fieron called at The BUN office later
and call that be had attended Nlhloa on Mon
day and Tuesday nights and followed Mr
LaokuvfiH lines with his own manuscript
They wets Identical I he said Mr Lackey a
old t moon Friday ho added that he didnt
Intend lo learn A new part but that he would
use the old one he Had lebeareed with ms
A Wealthy Lawyers Wise Arrntca for
LOCKFOBT March 4A strange case of klep
tomania was discovered here today A re
fined and gifted lady Mrs Henry M Davis
wife of a prominent and wealthy lawyer was
detected In stealing goods at the dry goods
home of M N llaskoll Mr Davis was ap
prll 0 tilt I > Jetectlr n and acknowieditod that
she bad a morbid desire to titus anylhlntr she
fancied At her home w > ro found some hun
dreds of dollars worth of goods conceulod In
her bedroom Her husband disclaimed any
knowledge of his wiles actions and feela
keenly her disgrace She was arrested and
held 0 1500 ball
It Was Ilk the BnraetorsalBi Days
NEWBUEOH March 4The MoCanll opera
company visited this city a few days ago And
to the astonishment all who beard them
sang the opera of Clover with only a piano
accompaniment The management refuted to
talk about the shortcoming but it has since
been learned that it was due to the actions of
the troupe s musical director New burgh con
viviality proved too much for him At re
hearsal be abused the orchsstraao vigorously
that every musician packed nn his Instrument
and absolutely refused to play under tbe lead
ership of the director A planlM wan hastily
preHed Into service and the troupe mannged
in get through theopnia
llrnnlilin New VnUriMillil MlnHler
The Hey P K Snsh of Akron Ohio hn > nc
reped n rail lo the PHMnrAlo of the Unltersal
let Cliurrbof Our Father Brooklyn and be
will take cbatse ou Slay 1
nrn HOTBKTI wovrn rant ttvcrr tnac
an ffRlrNlfr 080
But the Seiger Love the Child aa4 Me
confer MeDnnnngh DessaS Thlik the
Law Heognl TraMeln Human Flesh
cD20 Wit BB rUb far ctllM bllwt > > antis
wuJ rtl nr are PSrshs sroesI to ottmsnl
eCu with child net know In whtrubouli No tnNtloni
aiktd Atttmll at4 WallIS up loch
Mrs Nora Murphy 1 Ferry street Itoboken
saw this advertisement a week sgo and It
almost seemed lo her that It was founded for
her personally Silo would very mnoh tike to
got 210 nnd she wanted to dispose of a little
girl between 2 and d years of age To got rid
of the child would stop a domelUo quarrel
Mrs Murphy Is a goodlooking woman of
about 30 Her husband Is longshoreman of
Iii Thoie are six children in the family Five
aro Mr Murphys by bill first wife and the lit
tle one is Mrs Murphys by her first husband
whose name was OLeary Little Maria The
resa or Teislo AS she is called li 2 years and
4 months old and Is Mrs Murphy only child
hue Is a slender pretty little child with bfght
blue eyes long auburn curls and winsome
ways Everybody loves little TIle the
neighbors said but If to Mr Murphy must be
nobody for he does not like Teisle at all
What did Murphy do to you Tell 7 the
neighbors asked tbe bal y
Ticked me here plaintively answered
resale pointing to her lea I and then Illustrat
ing her words with a kick of her tiny foot The
nolahbork say Murpljy has turned Tesils out
of the house a number of times Murphy says
his wife shows too much partiality for Teasle
thnt the other children are neglected or havo to
submit to everything for Teislos sake In
fact Testis very obnoxious to Mr Murphy
end he has refused to have her In illS house
under any circumstances The child has been
living with neighbor for several weeks and a
week ago last Tuesday Mrs G tiger ot SO Mobroe
street Uobtlken took charge of her Her bus
band tharlon Geiger liked the child very
much sod they proposed to take cere of her to
which Mrs Murphy soein ngly agreed Mrs
Oelgers mother Ihes with her soninlaw She
has recently lust rourchlidrcn from diphtheria
In nine days and little Teisle found a warm
welcome and brouuht great Comfort with her
engaging ways and rule Prattling
Mrs Murphy however answered the adver
tisement onerlnff I2SU for a child The follow
ing day alto reeehed n letter ftlanod F H
Wbltnoy rpiuefltlng her to namu A place In
New nik where she would meet tile writer
Slut was to bring the chlln but no one nine WHS
to lCtuiit any her Mr Murphy objected He
paid Whitney wanted hU wile as Well ns the
lifthy The address alcoa by Whitnoy was
somewhere In the Bowery Mrs Murphy did
nut reniombiT vhoifl Mrs Murphy auRwered
tile letter saying she could not goto New York
und asking Whitney to cnuie to lloboken to
p ee her nnu Pestle Whitney answered saying
he could not coma personally but Wnttd send
his Agent Tho agent was to call and ee the
child lieu If hvr nppeHahce was sntllaotory
was tn pny titer tin s2n and bring her away
Lust Mohdny afternoon n Onrkcoiuplex
boyd man callfd nt fl 1Vrrr street and asked
lot Mrs Mnrphv Ha sail his name was
Kuufinnnu and he wits Mr Whitneys agent
Teiulo wiistheii nt Mrs Oi igerV and the man
Deemed to think the would be some difficulty
in getting her away He wits disinclined to
innke himself consilcimns so he asked Mrs
Murphy to net Tessi le tihotocranhed and send
n copy ot the picture to Mr Whitney if Whit
ncv wns pieastd with the pfeture he would
then make further arrangements about get
tlnu Pssesslon of Ihe ildget Kailuiann gave
Sirs Murphy lilly cotta to get tintypes
Miss Mary Ann Murphy the 19yearoliI
daughter of Mr Murphy was deputed to get
Tessie iron Mrs Geiger and take her to the
photographers She fold Mrs Jelger that
Tessle was to be sold away to a man In tile
bowery Mr Geiger was at home aDd hur
ried over lo the City Hall and notified He
corderM Oonougb The llecorder ordered Po
Ilieman Stanton to bring Miss Murphy And
TeHSle heroes him Mrs Jelger accompanied
them to court After heating all etfips of the
cnn lbs Kecorder ordered that Tessle be given
to Mrs GeIger again and told Mr Geiirertn
retain posnesslon ol the chfla as he believed
bli was legally entitled to
lint lire Murphy was not Inclined to let the
prospective 1250 cludu her so easily Hhe
watched her opportunity and When Mrs
Ueiger was away from home walked Into I lie
house and carried off Tesslo to 3 Terry street
again When Mr Geiger beard of this he
wont there with a policeman and frightened I
Mr Murphy Into giving up the child to him
lleoorder McDonough said the Oelgers could
legally keep poseslnnnf Tussle because the
mothers notion In giving t be rhild to them was
equal 10 denrllon Ho said he wajj not aware
that the law now recocnlred trafllo In human
tloti but If any further attempt was made to
buy Tessln ho would have tile law tested
Whitneys aaent was to tall on Mra Murphy
yesterday morning to let her know Mr Whit
psys decision In regard to buying Tessle lint
lie did not call Mrs Murphy hud very llltle to
Hiiy ycHierdnv She declared that she loved
Tessle very much but her husband would not
allow the child In the house Site wanted to
have her baby prooorly tared for She seemed
to ignore the fact that there was every evi
dents Tessle would tie well Iared for bv Mrs
Ueigor wheina If sh sold her she was never
to know anything further afiout Ear She did
not remember the address Whitney or Kauf
man gave
S Kaufmannwho keps n furnishing stet
S7ii Bowery pars a man calling himself F fi
Whitney bus been a customer nt his store for
tao or three months pant About a month ago
Mr Whitney asked permission tn have his let
ters addressed In Mr Knulrnannscareand the
permlBHlon was crnntod Since that time a
nutnher of letters hne been tf dyed there for
Mr Whitney Several came last Week Qpe
day Mr Whitney brought A nutn Into Mr
Kaufmannii store and Introduofd him as bis
ngtnt lie asked that any letters Coming for
him might be delivered tn this ngutit Mr
Kaufmann has seen the agent several times
since and teamed that be collects rents man
ages real estate and attends to many similar
matters for Mr Whitney What the ftaent
name is Mr Kaufmanu dots not know but be
Is sure It ls not Kanfmann His description of
tho agent tallies with that of the man who
called nn Mrs Murphy last Monday
Mr haufmann knows nothing whatever
About Mr Whitney He WOK onlva Casual ens
tomer and never Hpoke of himself or his busi
ness Ue Is said to be a man between 40 and
Co years of age fair spoken of good appear
ance andnroaprroitslooklng
Tcssln Aluriihy la now with Mr Geiger and
there ibn will doubtless stay Mr Oelger will
todsy i ndeavor lo cst the mother formally to
rellnqtilah nosFesslon ot the child to mm and
he will hare the transfer vllnesstd before n
JuslKu of the Peace Tessle termed to bo
uiilto aatlslled yesterday and was very happy
with her Adopted mother Sirs Geiger was
happy and MrsMurphy scented satisuhed
SOT RusselL Wnots m Srttlmt Message en
the Tenement Home Evil
BOSTON March 4Qov nnsnell yesterday
sent to the House of llepresentailvcs a mes
sage on tho sweating system of making
clothing In tenement house Ho lecommeud
ed a full Inquiry Into the inaltor Ihrougb Ihe
propor legislative committee The Governor
says ho doomed the matter of sufficient Im
portance to call for a thorough investigation
and by his direction such inestlgAllon has
been made both In New York and locally by
members of the Massachusetts Stat police
lorco The Governor xubmlts with his message
extended ropoits made by these offloorswhose
psrscinztlJnyegtigittiint nr dstnils4
Chief Wad of tile ittato loiice Who Pfeenti
the reports to the Onveynot says Tbo jp
vestluntloni tnaita iy this deimrtniL fully
corroborate the tostlmonyof other lu their
complaints of the uncleanly and often filthy
surroundings attending tbe manufacture of
clothing In New York Tenement houses and
the large amount manufactured of ready made
clothing for dealers In Boston alone rails for
leglnlatlve intervention for the protection of
our oltirens from the Infected product ol 15w
York tenement houses
A Big MissisSippi Htenmer Agrean
CINCINNATI March 4The Guiding Star the
monster New Orlennsntenmer hard aground
at tho mouth of Mill Creek The steamer with
400 tone of freight landed on Monday to put
off cotton The river went down so fast It
caught her and ape is bard aground her en
tire length and half keeled over Yesterday
two big steamers u pair of tugs and railroad
locomotives tried to pull her off but only suc
ceeded in snapping her bog chains la two pull
ing out ono of the sternpoxts and tearing ofT ft
lot ot railing Tb boat is In fair way to break
In two and so become u total loss
The uruguay MInlslr Bssiga
MONTKVIDIO March 4The Ministry of
Uruguay bas resigned audi a Cabinet of con
ciliation has been formed The new Cabinet
Hegor Esplnosa Minister of Foreign Affairs
Befior Hamlrer Minister of Finance
Gee Callorda Mjnlter ot War and ad In
bum Minister of Marine
llrlanure Mining Nrrnrllln
WllttflToxlel March 4ExOov Cochran
rays bat helielletes that the mining Stats
i seutirltes have been In the vault of a eilei
posit company lo Philadelphia since 1875 hav
ing hein placed there at his suggestion
No Ammonia
No Alum
No Adulteration
Baking Powder
Sold by
PAR A TILFORt llroAlwAy corner Silt it
i 3 f ijiam
betet147 Uroadway and 1010 6th av
And Alher Highclass Urootrs
Barrys Trieopksroes rooommad4 a sever
Im maidy For all UIHIBU of the hair laO Scalp boo
seeps Chine in Messars Hl > Iii M
Mon kttur at any Dries twsasait 1tSadwsy
CaiighsueBunwss RnnehUl Trecbu Thty
possess nat tttrlt void only la bexea
cptcI jnatirtK
lltibfrn iurd for ever riCTT VBABUby MILLIONSirf
lib ritRriiuT HtccESH n SOOTHE tt CHILO
coup n4Ulhb al rady for UUBRBOU Sell
> y srwtlfU Is vtry tn tl ib worle McaWMU
WOUJDTh bass prtcq pile to old books feWjS
situ priests libraries uttplici LI price that rival e
Iiltulll seal fur osrpasnunJlt mtloIu culitIttg
tries Cepe iPIICIAT 1451TiIEaA iJVMs5ibegs
ilmeiloore wwiof CrosSway iter lena
1 0Th YfllTIflN ritcipahi l < for te f UH
II Tlil hiLbAN luiii wlti Pail U fltsso
s > < the Bm ar Sr rrof uALKT f Al
A LiOMa cu ion AntS itr PbPs Pg
sTart 055 m Dle rsal ibis little bookl Atbeae
IlStAOlI ALsssAtea Car
Ilk ills 0 17 Psassis steiMsaarUM 161
iliac apStsis MT
SasSy beck 1 17 I OCT Iitlni 9 411 I Hill late a II
Arrive WiDNtWAv harsh 4
pa Ttnt < Dtsan fivaroii L
F Hsbsna bseohsmps itayla
iCuUi thoei r licev Nsworiss
ship Cyttinoa DltoUbnrn Ualcultk
Iter lat l t r unvali MI Pint agt
Leetri bet
M Clrruila from Kv York at Mevltla
M RcMiaia train SeW York at Ilintyrf
Ill lltkla from New vats at Ciptahacta
ttecmo ititnsiM
flail rue
Mill OHM YstetRaii
AtHitlA QttKKitown 10noA M > OiiML
Orinoco Mtnnua < liiuf 11 JMrM
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Tri n Jitnilo
Ail ronwrm
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vmtaton Towir rotto Rloa
Kromna nunsin
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Murltl StRttti ntwis
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SltMtl Cloloa t b 34
murk ii t n > > Pb je
Obaatn Rolttrdam yitk si
This hidd March
torqrorosbafta TO n
Tti Qi n London cab M
jltiirnl na Antwerp no t
Ltnn SStitbIiflptOiIFe 3S
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city of nhlestn QoesnitewoPeb M
MkidoRxru i tlulai lUTtna Minn s
Wllili4 i He Tr ftk 31
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Ptrrl OntnttowB Msreh I
Lauueomt iiavr Fib zs
irlnM > Hirumit Marcb
Orlie Liverpool rib 21
DttHtntat irardke
YictoriiiUibraltsr iftb S9
MOCKJONEISOo Mtrb a John Henry second
ion ot Col B I Mock et swansea geith Wslii to
Ilkrtoerlto only dmihur ot the let l J Jonii stab
ot Cranial
ADAMStn Hrldrtport Cenn ea Wtdntiday
March Marlon 0 Adam wlft 0 B Adams
Notice et finerat hereafter
AHERNln Hertford Con March S Timothy F
Attire Kert eani of Company a lint Reflment 0
N o aiedeoyeire
frlende art Invited te attend the foneral from nil
late reildene lsw Park avaoi en Thursday
forenoon at 0 oclock aid from It Joitnhe Cathe
dral M oclock
InlermiDt la St Patrick1 Cemetery
BADClnt OnTneiday March at his late reildenr
Jio Bait loth it lists BaJer la the Stan year ot hits
Funeraltrom Church of OW Lady of Good Connie
ZeitSotHL between Id and IM ava today at IU
Interment In Calvary Cemnerr
BEAN OB Wednesday March a at her late reel
denee 1TOO Broadway Mary Y Bean laths tutu
year if ber eas
BIEHNOn Manh S Martin lists a4 45 years
Frlendi Lie Invltid to attend lbs fnnrl from Sue
late reildence SIC Weit24tht en Thursday mere
IriS at lu oclock
BOWJtOn Innday March t John nolllni Sony
couSin ot WillIam Bowly lleillne and Frank Scums
banker New York city In the fltth year of hli age
Ttatlvs sod friends th faullr ar Intlled to at
tend lbs funeral services at his lets realdtnc Ill
OhMs av Jeriey Oily Friday hatch a at 4 r M
Interment In Mw York Bay Cemetery
BRENNANin Itaw York ilseob 4 Ella Brennan
asd 24 lesT
yrleodiare Invited to attend Uje fsneral trim tot
Mic4onkl it on Friday afternoon at 3 oclock
XoWNOn tneeday Much 8 1881 at lUiao A
hI class VT Brown
4 Funeral Friaar March e at 1 P M sharp from 23a
Plttbiih ar BrooklyB
BROWN Fair Hatea Cess TswdsyMarelt s
Llule OoodenoiKh beloved wife ef Joeepb M
Brown ajtedJS yean
FrisriSlars tallied to attend tht funeral from the
Flrit Cenireiatlonal church at Pair Raves on
Thursday afternoon it 3iSO oclock
UHV2VBAOKUU Monday VarihS Ida iwtte of
Frank B Hrundate c dMyoatA
Frlendi are tattled lo atienfl the funeral from bar late
reeldence 14 Reeerrolr av ou Tbsnday afternoon
at 330 oclock
CTJKRIKHOn Tnddsy March i at Butford
Cnnn Albert lease Carrier son of Albert and
Srallao Carrier ted S months and IS dare
Funeral private
DAT tn Orange N J en Monday Mkroh S Wil
liam Day In the Seth year of Sb aje
Fcneral from his late reildlnes S3 Enex av tday
at 280 r K
Interment rlvit
Philadelphia papeie pleaie copy
DKIXIlfBMUUa archa Maria Ditonbr aCid
M yean
Frlendi are Invited to attend the fnneral from her late
reildeser 105 West IBthit Thursday mornlnuat
DKNNIHONBndIenly en Tuesday March at hie
tat reedence lleddlnt Coon William Dennlioa
Notice of funeral hereafter
FINNlnlirhlirort Coos on Wedneilar March
4 Thomas Vine aged M years
Notice of funeral hereafter
at hli late rcetdenco 4M Ilk av Patrick File
patrlok aged 04 yean
Kollr et fuinersi btreafler
FOXOn Monday Jtareh 5 at his late reeldence 22T
Kilt 47th II Thomas Iftt shineS ounnty Caran
ltiattyes end friends cC the family are Invited to at
tend tb funeral from hie late reetdence today at
I ito f M
Interment at Calvary
OKEOORYIn New Havia es Tuesday tlircb 1
Veils yosnf eel Ion of Fells and Balni Ur gory of 10
rrlndli it
Funeral private
IIAQTOn Vender March 1 Sarah Jane widow ot
John Iigy
Funeral servlieeat tier UU rieldinc II i i S Pait P0th
it this ivinlof at lilt oclock
riilladelphla sipere please copy
HAjLtIn Thomtiillle Oa March 1881 Join II
latlvii aid frlende are Invltid to attend the funeral
Mrrloee at Ibl Ohurcb oltbe Iniarnallon MadUoo
av and sain it on Friday morning as lo oclock
InlerueitatKleipr Uellow Turyliwa H Y
BAKMOUNTllt lIen haven Coon on Widner
day March 4 Merrill Mcrraneon ot A j Ifirmoont
and I month
Friendi sri Invltel to attend the funeral from tin
feildence of liii cereals his Orchard it on Friday
HANBIn Jereey OUy V t ea Monday Match C
tsei Usury a Slot a4 tT years
oUUvss cad Miaasof she fatally alse liuty wtkoa
rose He I IS O A s and all oU soMe are re
epeetnny U tte4 U tMe l the feasnl ea nsn
diy Marcbo at 1 PMfromhUIt reeldenceSSI
4th it Jersey City
HAVMVANln Kew Bevw On n Tseeday
Uircba Hidolpb lleuimen ease so years aa II
FrUnde Ire Invltid M attend the Maeral from hli lit
rtaldenco Aul met en Thiredsy afterneos at f
laurmeat at tbi sosviBUsM siBs rsaoy
nATEHOaTvitdiy Martha 1WI of pneumcqla
Thomas FrantiC hauL In the Slit year ot his ace
Relatlvteanil friend are Invited lo attend the Micfal
from the reillenc of bU Her tire Jemei Vincent i
A7 1 Gait lltthit nnriday morsln March S at II
Intrrment it Calvary Uemeiery
niMn March S atlierlate rnld nce Ill Fast
M UI Rlttibeth wife hf Toieph M Hill
lIlMlTHonTueder March 8 ci l tidal rerV
ilcntt llariford Conn Cborln nillyar afed Itt
yrar I
Sollc ot funeral litreaftcr
HO ITOn Monday March 2 at 845 r U at W
late reildenee 37J Stb sr Brooklyn Cornelia 0
Holt aciit acres
Funeral today at 3 I M
KKIlirln Bridgeporton IUMInnYhl U 34
son ot Mary and the late John Keller rtd > S yean
end 3 mouths
rrendi are Invited lo attend the fnneral trim the
reildenca of his mother IM llouieinnlo ar on FrV
day at u A M and from tt Auiuitluli Church al
031 I oclock >
Kltln Monday mornIng March 5 at her late
rctldrnc Ott eih av Kllraleth wife of Rlcbardl
Moz and daughter of the late Mordlral LewiS of
ftelatlree and friends are Invltrd to attf nd the fna r
lertleee el nraee Church Jamaica U I thiS meta
In Tilii silts foot ot 14thet Feet Hirer at
lUin A M u returning liars Jamaica at I3M P M
Kindly unit llowen
lId vWiM tiopera pUaee copy
K JM P Suddenly March 3 John A K Bp
Funnni itom hi lati reildence 433 West BIdet ec
Fruit t i I M
MT1tIIln tew York on Wedneiday morMaV
kari Hthleute home Emlen T UltlUwMref
the lute lit s and Mary Emten Lhtell of Miei
plus tt5
Philadelphia and Bitltlmorc papers pliaii clpf >
IONOOn TundHj March Walter Lenf WNM
the Sit I > ear of his age
He am en sri frlende are Invited to attend thi tiaeral
from Hit residence of his father 178 Bandl Si <
Brooll toJat aturil
MVBIMIVln t llrldceporl on thi M teat Law
rrncr euc it Cnttierluc gui the late Lawrence Mat
pliy axed It lesri
Frlendi are Intltnt to aitind Die fnneral trim the
reildence ot his niollitr lOt Kaet aeblnitoa av
nn en Frldny forrnnun at esu oclock cad from
Et Uarjrl Church M oclock
NICIIOIHln llarlfnrd tumult March 1 Ootge
B Klclmla aJ M 3 eari
Frlenle pius inrited to attend the funeral Item oil Isle
re < ldrn < e 44 John it on Wednesday afternoon
alJlM oclock
NORnitOn March S of pya > mla at ItO PactS
a v Jerney City aonvirneurL Bottle iou oOSoge
and Rebecca Honle sasS 31 yean
Funeral eervlcee nt Trinity Church Broadway and
Wall at Mew York on Friday Msrcb 0 ISSI at U
KOKTOVIn Brld eport Cons in the Id hut
Auuo horton ayed 40 years
Friends ats Invited to attend the funeral frota ker
Uto reeldehcl 41 Ilallahiit on Friday forenoon
e J oclock and from Ht Marra Church at e oclock
PJEABTOn Tuieday oTtBln Marsh S OeorroU
Peary add Myeata
Funeral etrvleee at his Ute reeldence eoe But 1414
at on Friday mornlnf II oclock
Interment private
PENNOY Hlnatamrcrd Ceaa Wedneeday
March 4 hattIe t beloved wife of Oeorfe B Pea
nojer at ed II yeara y monthe and IS days
Frlende are Invited to attend lbs funeral fr6m hay
late reeldene 63 Garden It on Friday afteralM
at 3 ao oclock
riKEIn Bridgeport Tueiday March 8 BOia li
Pike wile at Judge nobertO Pike ot MldUetows
Frlendi ae Iniited la attend the funeral film IW
John at on Thunlar afternnon iiu t
Interment at Greenwood Cemetery N Y
PlKMNOKROn March I after a llnieHlf
ueie August Pant Plenlncer tiachirof tnuila 1
Burial at AmltjTlIle L I to cay
rOMEROVIn Brooklyn March 2 IMI Marnnt
Hall Pomirov widow ot aeon V Pomeroy aiM 7
Funeral private
Interment al Walllniford Conn
QtINIn Brooklyn on March 3 Robert A Qtlsa
aged 48 years
FrIends are Invited to attend the funeral from his late
reelittnce niTallman aron Thursday at s P M
Interment In Calvary Cemetery
ItCH ULTZlJn Suntay March I at au tall reel
dence act Seat I7tb et jackaon 8 fehulUtathe
7uih year of his eye
Funeral services at All Soul Church corner 4th elk
and aoih at en Thunder March S at 10 Jo A it
KIndly omit flowera 11
HIOANRBntired interest March J6hn SloaM
In the 74lh year nf his ace
COHKrnln siamfont Cairn March 1 Iharlis
II Rcnfleld sued nn years and 7 month
SCOVUIF Vdne d > y March 4 tsai at iCe
Wlndeor Hotel In tile city tonathan Scorllle ageS
Interment at Sallibnry Colin 1 i
fill EPA BOln Bridgeport Tueadar March Kit
lie Hay daughter of Elmer B and kant Sbenarl
ate III month
Frlendi see Invited to attend the fnntral tram tie
reiidence of her parenu 94 Holler it UI Thifids F
afternoon at 23U oclock > IHT
RnERWOODOn Sunday March I at BlUfS
port Conn Elltahcth o wife of Aeron B hr
Frlende ar Invited to attend Sbs tenetai from her
late re Menre 173 Park avenue on Thursday fife
noon at IU80 oclock
Interment It theeinvenlenr of the family
HTKVKNHfinddenly of pneumonia on Tuesday
March a Mr rorllal Pieveiin widow of lUnrK
Kteveneanddauihtcrot the late Enoch Redden et
KWANln Hartford Tnnn on Tueidiy March I
I > r loiTfner Swan aired 73 yen
Frllndi are Invlt I to atlenil the funeral from his lit
reildenoe 24 Vertion et on Tliurejay afiernoos ak
THATC KRIn New Haven on Monday March
3 Kllinr II Thatcher aged 73 year and 4 mouths
Friends are invited to attend tbe funeral from his
lat reMdrnco 381 heitnut et on Thursday aftr
noon 330oclock
TTSONOn Monday March 2 Charlie A Tywa
beloved huiband of Sarah NIxon Tyson and send t
Capt Aliram and June Tyson of Oralntvlll S t
airvd 3M Tern
It Uite > niiil trlfinde St tile famitv are mptitfatly
lin lied to attend the funeral from his late residues
lllcbmcnd av fort Richmond 8 t today at I PM
Incnnent In Found n t metryWeet Kew Irlthtea
AVAGNERIn Muui t Vernon N Y on March S
John Warner aged M year
Helatltei and friends of the family also the members
of Centennial Lodge Vo vol K of HOnrOw
LoOse No 3B A u U W i fonoordl Udts Ma
zoo K and L ot IIi ft rranrlirui 1C D Vereln
Kaiser Helnrlch K V Yereln Wlttwen w Wall
Fnnd D B K Central Verelnc Aliar borraln Me
I Mlt < lie Second Sninsle < and Uesig sad Meets
i rrflu Coucotdlaare rca eclfullr Invited to attest
the luneral on Friday ih nth InteL from St FraS
clie Church 137 west slitit N Y city atlOsilMk
JOHN F and MARIA WAOMBB children
rsmimiit Ixjngi Wo let KHIGHT or Mecos
Rretbrent tea ar Invited to atlil the rsaeral
of our late brother John Wegner en Friday thlSth
Itiat at IU oclock A M from ft Franolle Cbsna
lied at between tIlt and 7lh ave r
WAIKERln New York March 4 James Wee It
belnved eon of Xupbemy and John B Walker
Frlende are Inrited lo attend tbt funeral frm ISO
Cbarllon at on nrlday afternoon at t IcUcav
Interment Is Greenwood cmetry
VAIHIIAt her Ms rteldesce ISO PretMest et
Carroll Park Brooklyn X Y Bleanor welsh
widow of Mleba Walih In the 76ib year f her at
Relative and friend ot the family are reipeetfafly
Intlied tu attend the luneral Itoui the Church f II
Afnee mrntrof Racketaad lloyt ill this move
let at IOS oclock
WIIHUNOn > iarch 3 isni at his hats tMMeaM
334 Slit POSIt it Famuli L U Wilton ued tT rtaM
Notice cf funeral bereaf ter
WIIITriKIlOn Tuexlar March S George I V
Wbltteld In the seth rear of bU at
Relatltii and friend ot the family ar ranted le
attend the funeral services at hli late reildelce Ill
ran ITtli it on Krldar at4iai P M
Interment prlvite at ilreinwnod on ritnrday
Kludly omit Aowera
WllRUKMTKRHuddenly of pneumonia la
Helena Mon March tt 163 Franklin B Worceeter
eon of Edwin D and Mary U Worcnter si this ety
tn the Slit year of hie ire
Notlc of funeral hereafter

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