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jrr WERE SERIOUS nt runroam
eltOe aeIIr lr te Tee SpSt AfcaBrfU
ma0 ef Xoh FntellT Old
Old Story by Tw > Vaknawa Aaierieaa
Anthor Treed at Iee e Mattaee
vw pIn wre abundant in this eltr yester
dar and all were of a ao < rae of purpose
bus providing ft welcome lilt from the low
farcicality The first of
level of prevailing frlealtr Irt
them Ill priority of performance for It had an
afternoon trial at the Lyceum Theatre was
Tbe Old Old Story by Welter 0 Bellow
and Benjamin F loader American Th
mat fault of the work was not that the
0 lat of love dominated by money was
p tor old one > but that It ndd with
the third act while the play went on
rough a fourth When all the lovers In a
drams are coupled satisfactorily and the last
naoedlment 10 their matrimony It I removed It
iTtlme 1 to dismiss the audience In this
iattsnc the climax of Interest was reached
> JJtt tb superfluous detrlmeta and criminal
whel oeet committed suicide and there remained
8Majon whatever for anything eli than a
lolnltutol hands by tbo six other sentimental
lets sires4 mated The right stopping plane
w u senlously and Impressively dramatic
ISO Bert Relay ha been the acceptable
Msiidered suitor of Georgia Cayvsn 1 so
Ifi hsopens at the Lyceum and Nelson
WMaterott had ben with a Ilh re pet I
UN el experience on that stage the
n came of the troubl The clrcum
It of the fiction ba been IUlhuto mal
eCf olhlcton Keloe and Miss Cvan
poignant and there had been cause more
W for keen sympathy for Mr Wheatoroft
snVhln Mr Wheatcroft concluded t BO Into
saotter room to die and the sound of bla
Sidiy t plitol was heard while Hiss Cayvan
Mat plaintively at his door to signify that she
S3d keep her troth the situation was one
ofrsre theatrical value The audience at
M tharcal sight of tbe author and
mlr the utterly Inconsequential ensuing act
MOM the Imorestion that a successful play
fad been witnessed
Olcourse mistaken elongation of The
OM Old Story can be removed The re
I mainder with minor and feasible alterations
I mjild be a drama lit lor regular use at the
Lrcenni b I Is one more attempt to mlnnle
Well trOt speculation with love affair anq
i complications and even with such
lh Ul
nSwsass of the kind as Men and Women
a 11V Henrietta and The Charity Balln
alad for comparison the judgment must b
ld these Inexperienced playwright have
made a praiseworthy achievement The
Sot in lrlwort associate wall street
Jot and domestic motives Is cleverly
Joncelved and carefully worked our The
thsracterlzatlon Is I In some case Indistinct
but Improvement would be easy The comedy
in I plentiful mostly original generally polite
and altogether diverting It Is I evident that
alt and Rooder wrote roles to flt
the Lyceums Principal player not all of
whom repaid the service by doloR their best
aetthg yesterday Btlll the entertainment
wu 90 good us to warrant a serious consider
ation of f The Old Old atory for further and
Bore careful use
The Pillar St Bawlety
linens singular drama The Pillar of Bo
elety had Its first earnest and at all effective
k Ne York performance In English last evening
The previous single representation by grad
nates and pupils of the Academy of Dramatic
Arts had made of tbe work merely a dull and
literal copy of not unusual life with the ordi
nary rules of dramatic method disregarded by
the author to no purpose and the literary
power of the Norwegian composition lost In
the translation Ibsenvwa served much
better by some of the company of Hammer
stains Opera House In Harlem
More ot the original play had been put Into
the English version used and It wa demon
strated ithat although much of the ethical
iiusllty ba proven untransferable to our
stage the fuller attempt at conveyance did
something more like justice to Ibeen
Oldfashioned acting by John B Btudley and
VcHnrl tta Vaders did much to keep the play
away from a modern American manner and
therefor to save i from being commonplace
J the estimation of a audience not In sic
yapathy with Ibsen essay in social dissec
tion and disclosure
Tbls fact was enforced by the presence of
i Robert C Billiard In tbe east That actor Is
never anything but a New Yorker ot the pres
I < st time and e his John Jonnie the chief
I inflsrer horn the selfishness of the Norwegian
S aosst row nothing but a Broadway fellow
Bat Mr Btudley and Miss Vaders being e
nllent exponents of oldschool acting were
able to represent Oonrul Berniek ana xma
lliiel an personages Impressively unlike
f ordinary men and women here and therefore
I Wsitu to be accepted without cavil as Ibsens Nor
This is written in no disdain of Mr Stndley I
u a obsolete actor for his depiction of JSr
vicH resolute overmastering ruthless ambi
tion was both expert and powerful although
It lacked In variety to keep It Irom a faulty
Hiss Vaders gave an emphasis to the out
spoken Lone that constituted her a satisfac
tory participant In tbe dialogues with tirrnick
A third contributor to the able treatment
which Ibsen received in Harlem was J 1 Otto
meter as SMpbuildrr Aunt and t those three
actors wu due thetmoderate measure of Ibsen
> enthrallmsnt which was thrown over the as
atmblags trown a
The letter that Is dramatic ins The Pillar
of Iocet was made the most of so far
a 5 It tel to them to do It and be
sides they were successful to an ap
preciable extent In recommending Ibsen
I u a hold assailant and cruel ex poser of society
I 4 it others than those who can read line
ii 1 with full understanding his own language
i > Love eeC War at theGarden
The young Frenchman Cbarton who wrote
Dealt 1Euneml knew hIs Parisian au
dunces He touched their patriotism and
wth one strong a ct in an otherwise dreary play
k e was able to command a success tbat gave
him at once a standing among promising
1ianrh dramatists
Last night an English version of hi work
wu performed at tbe Garden Theatre under
the titis of Love and War It had been
adapted by C Haddon Chambers and there
ha been an expectation tat tbe original work
would aiD In finish and constructive skill at
the head of this clever Englishman ki
Bathe was unable to impart strength to M
Cbarton1 play and the curtain fell on a
te earn fel
I Illlve that had teen relieved by not more
than three episode possessed of dramaUo
force dramato
The story deals with tbe tender passion
mainly the military element providing the
thief incidents In the plot Two young French
fen In love with a gentle and highbred girl
wlb lente hlhbred 8llJ
US urged by her father n soldier of tbe old
Wlo I Waive their claims until the close of
tbSkfaflCQ4r35lali war then In progress
Vi It I a o reed b them tbat he who shall
stiLl elrOI el the hl br distinction for bravery
801 n the ladys band and thus re
I Solved they start for the front There the evil
one ° > the suitors enraged at the superior
Progress or Llbe other basely stabs t l his rival
rUI f leaves him > t die on tbe battle field at the
termination of a sharp skirmish with the
hJSiin ate that kindly guards melodraman
ff ro delivers this one from death He Is found
a bytb Hermans and with him Is I also
lotion a rllldly witness of the wicked suitors
hOUJO Thee two are In time released and return
to Ind
th eRJeohnd the bad officer triumphant for
tbeldi C I0 uII at heart faithful t bet flro
Mo fro
been led by her earlier promises to
tim ngg0 h herself > to the conspirator In duo
lime J owever there Is an exposure of the
J4ot dot I and the curtain de ceuda upon un ortlio
loiffld a 0 of true lor rewarded and villainy
1mnmitt play obviously possesses cumulative
itt I > c Interest and though conventional In
Items It Oasis opportunities for skilful and
oaJortunlle akuul <
Powerful treatment They were not generally
There 1vailed of however save In the second act
ere wa i a surplus of lengthy dialogue of
Petltions of explanations dlaoKU feeble
COIied links
mmlt partial salvation ot the piece was tbe
Hilitary than scene land that was less sanguinary
tha had n been looked for since there wa no
ctui I
ss fighting though tbe suggestion of It
HI eplotureHlluo and M rrliit
addjorteolnl or the llrat and third acts antI nn
wouIJon of pictorial effsois 10 the tar oplsrdi
Ibere astly lprou Ibis plRY but even then
would be o surety that Ii I would win
Inllhr fyor from f this public woull
rlnoIrullao war indeed Ions aro
lUrnhed the liowery iage with much stronger
dramatic lat tmbe Ilolwel INa and War Itronlr
v t th e dar and II does In
dOB not com good
acted Fortun5t5y so that wa eanealnod IntellIgently
PbsiEs al lie weaknesses wr not em
mother zd Amy oaelle cast as a devoted
srsnVnn of clap cl lraee son scored In one
01 Th maternal n n actual I eOI Ilrlumpb by I line upreulon
yet Sfl Iarl seemed at frlt unworthy of blr
ed a Jilted lit IUd prominence br her flnisb
gaiae4 for herself the only double
curtain call of the nIght Arthur Dacre was ft 1
manly and unaffected hero and there was an
admirable Impersonator of a rugged a nd
patriotic father and soldier In Jarass Wsllls
WTb rierolrm Jwas acceptably Played by Mrs
W Berlan Qlbbs who was dignified gentle
and graceful under two very trying clronm
atanesaflrst when a to hasty rise of the cur
lAin for an encore found her scrambling on her
hands and leon after a fainting spelL and
second when her lover sat down tnmultouily
on her very best hat
Such la I the title of anothsr original drama
from the pen of Henry Arthur Jane presented
for the first time in this city at Palmers Theatre
last night with Mr E 8 Wlllatd In the charac
ter of Matthew Jiuddoek the wealthy Hheffleld
Iron master
The story unfolded by the action of this
drama has the merit of simplicity and direct
ness Matthew Ruddock of Ruddocks Iron
and Steel Works Sheffield appalled by the
spectre of poverty his father having died In
the workhouse gives himself un mind and
body heart and soul to the accumulation ot
1 natural affection and tenderness are
pressed out of his being and he attempts to
force his daughter Edith Into a marriage with
his nephew John Buddoek who enacts the villains
lains part In the play ItuMocLt will In favor
or his daughter Is I conditioned upon
this marriage but on the eve of
the wedding day lU refuses to
become Johns wife and leaves her fathers
house and takes refuge with the family of her
lover 7ntli Jlatorfii JjurtdarH continues to
prosper but his nephew Intent upon enrich
ing himself at his uncle expense puts Into
circulation rumors of the impending lallure of
tho house
The old Iron master deeming hlmeejf face to
face with beggary loses his reason but Is I res
cued by his daughter and taken to Uavorena
home where in hIs Imaginary poverty he Is
really happier than when In the possession of
hlK millions
hlmllonl scheming nephew follows him
assures him of the falsity ot the rumors and
pictures in glowing terms the vastly Increased
wealth of the old bonne nr Mntthrw lHutilock
At first it seems a < It this shock must end the
old mans life but tbe opportune arrival of the
faithful Kiltlh and the family physician saves
fattlul laluly
him and the play ends happily with the day
set for KdMC marriage loJjaeuren
Although the play ai all ot Mr Jonen dri
matlo work Is vigorously written and often
pointed and witty yet In fact It depends HO
much upon the efforts of a single actor to
carry It forward that It was often mumterit
that the audience were wearying under the
consequent strain put upou Mr VlllsrJ
This impersonation of the purseproud millionaire
lionaire from the moment be enters upon the
scene In his princely London maunlou to his
pathetic avowal that be baa not the wherewithal
withal to buy A doll for one of tbe village children
t dol lle
then will tnke quite as blah rank I anything
trendvl Iull
that Mr Wlllant has done lot It will do so
rather a a vigorous than a pathetic perform
Mr Wlllards best points were undoubtedly
those In which he vents his mlichleouit satire
upon his poor relations who all hoi e fnr an
nuities Equally effective were his artistic
nulto Equaly
rendering of the harsher passages the sudden
transitions from tender recollections of Edith
to his brutal repulse of all attempts at a recon
01 ton finding were permissible with such aral
really great artist one might wish lor a little
greater depth of tenderness a little more of
the minor key in his pathetic passages
Miss Matte Burroughs gave a most satisfactory
factory rendering the character ol Kditli I
wan full of many genuine touches of feeling
and did much to keep the piny from becoming
commonplace at times
commonJJa Gardiner as Prrni Palfrnman also
contributed to the success of the drama by his
htmorous picture of a young man constitu I
tionally opposed to work
lbs villainy of the nephew was at all times
too transparent and Inconsequential to com
mand much attention Wealth brings up con
tlnt reminders of the German drama The
Lost Paradise lately produced In this city
C but ° I lacks entirely the are and pathos of that
fltUDUSwlthMr Wlllards admirable art to
buoy It up the play cannot fall to attract all
the natrons the drama who take pleasure In
refined and Intellectual stage settings ot con
temporary life and manners
Partly Netr
1 Besides the plays altogether ne In the
Broadway theatres last evening several pro
ductions were novel In minor respects
From Hire to Son of which Milton Nobles
Is the author and foremost actor had Its frt
performance in this city at Nlblos but the
strongly melodramatic character of the work
and the good figure of Nobles In it had been
described In THE BUN at the time of a Brook
The shift at Dalys from quickly discarded
pantomime to a formerly successful farce
O A Night Off restored Ada Itehan James
Lewis Mrs Gilbert and other members of the
company to congenial employment
What a denominated a new version of
Only a Farmers Daughter at the Standard
was more remarkable for effective accentua
tion of tbe peculiar features than any added
qualities Blanche Cnrtlese handsome and
clever actress was the Jiuie Mark and Mint
There was something unusual any change
at all at tbe Fourteenth Street where Blue
Jeans bad stayed BO long Myles Arcon
with W J Bosnian sinIng fresh songs a
Mules and Mattle Ferguson piquant and
pretty as ever
Kdwln I Booth acted In Hamlet at the
Broadway There is no other Hamlet than
Booths for American audiences nor Is I there a
successor perceivable
Ths great tragedian Is I not In robust health
apd his Impersonations lack their former full
vigor but tbe marvellous skill ot elocution Is
not impaired and tbe clear conveyance of
Shakespearean meanings Is unapproachable by
heard any other speaker whom the present public ba
hear text has no obocurltles nr uncertainties
as delivered by booth An emphasis or an in
flection afslsted by it facial or gestlculatory
expteasion makes his every reading seem
oulte indisputable
Lawrence Harreti plays the Ghost Hiss Gale
is the Ophelia and generally adequate sup
port 1s rendered by the company
Tie evening at the Casino was rather festive
on account of tbe 160th performance there of
Poor Jonathan
Books containing the best music of the opera
were given away The house was crowded t
the doors and the audience gave Miss Rus
real sell and the other soloists of tbe cut frequent
Souvenir flgkts 5 the e r4cn
The orchid show at the Madison Square
Garden will close on Thursday nlgbr
At the matlntSe and evening concerts on
matne concr
Wednesday roses violets daisies pinks lilacs
ladles and other rare specimens will be given to the
OD Thursday all day and evening orchids
will be presented to the ladies who visit on the
last day of the exhibition
Ameth r Xcvlviai aed the Little VlitTv
Spot Is One More Regenerated
BioifiNaTox Conn March 9Block Island
Is I a queer little world seen miles bug by four
miles wide fifteen miles southeast of tale port
in the stormy waters of the ccean On maps It
looks to be about as round as and no bigger
than a pineapple cheese Its surface Is com 1
posed ot 1 multitude of treeless grovelling
knolls and hollows divided Into miniature
farms with onestory weatherbeaten shin
gled farm houses It has thirty summer hotels
There are 1500 people on the Island and allot
them are Democrats and Ffte Baptists Twice
In every generation everybody there Is lon
varied reconvertd Fifteen years ago every
Block Islander wait converted to tb Baptist
faith and for live years tbero wan a sinner
on the Island
Ju tie pat tel years some of them became
backsliders A new generation Imd cOle on
the stage too who knew not the savtne grace
of a great revival Ho Illoclc Island bad a new
revival this winter with powerful nxbortdis
from tbe mainland The Block Islanders bale
joined tbe Free Baptist Church again Not
long ao Turn HUN Jelled how twenty rugged
islanders teie baptized In the ice cold witters
of a freshwater pond on one of the coldest
days of the winter and a delicate Provi
dence lady who witnessed the ceremony
of Immersion was so overcome by her
pity fearing that the converts would catch
pneumonia that she tried to stop the proceed
Ings The islanders laughed at her fear
Hlncetbnt Incident another company of Block
Island people bare become convened and
are tbe most Important onus In a worldly sense
maths if land among them being exAf sem
blyuinn John U HHelllrld Chief of police
David B hose exSenstor True Dodge e
Benator Frank llltlolleld and the big hotel
owners About twenty converts were 10 be
baptised In the cold waters of an Inland pond
near one of tbe little Baptist churches today
Tde religious faith of the Block Islanders Is
very simple and they are extremely yupersil
tlous Tie believe In a score of elfin tales
besides the romantic story of the Phantom
hblp famous In Whiter poem Though
the Islanders are all Christians If n man Is I
thirsting for n free flght Block Island is Just
the spot for him to visit I
A lions wtifhlar 8 lbs impenilil from a broin
plat lolad trt t wib Major e nniint at lbs fool I
and Ifaitn Kzpotitlon Any brokia article trambt
Ibti will be raoail frse44a
Wlten estarrh ha eilited is I th head end tits eppr
parlor ih threat f ar any lenrtb of lime ana the di
5s CU been lift uncured the catarrh invariably
ouejlmee Newly I Kited down the wlndolp I I end
olole bronchial hOse which i ibis convoy the air
Into th rtlfferent rt or the Ino Iba tubes basoins >
affected rm tile iwllint and the raoeoe antilog from
catarrh and In corn Inetancea beam plainS up is
that the air 1 cannot retinae truly aait should Short
n of breath follow and the patient krlbra with
charmS difficulty
The pain blob aceoniDtnUt this condition li I et a dolt
charaeur tail In the ebni b bin lib brail ton dal
uader lbs ibonldr bal The pain mar com and to
tan a fw lays and Ibis b shunt tur xveral thtre
Tb sooth thai occur In the tint dais of bronchial
catarrn Ii I dry coma al intervaia It han in char
acter and niually most ironbltront In lbs mornIng
U sf11105 or going ii bid at nutil and 1t Mot the
am Mdnc of the discus I illndlor I In the luniL
At Brt lbr may be cothlci brought upt > r ha
couth then hr Ii I a little tomb Itnarlou much
whloh the mla tr at dlffleulty In brln n Dneu
Kunitlm there are tile cC coughIng induced or the
tough inneui to tlolnt a to cam vnmltlnr Later
on the muru iOatrI raUed u lound to contain urnall
Wflbt yellow matter which Indlcat 1 that the
mail tub In the loon at now allct < t With this
than ar oittn troll of blood mild with tho mucus
In acme caw mall tnatmol chsiy substance are
spit up wbleh when preMed btwn the Bnttn mil
a bad odor In othr canes nartlclra of a bard chalky
liatnr aa spit up ma raltlnt or cheesy or chalky
lump Inalcatn fjonb mlcnitf I at work In lbs luuta I
1 weak stomach and a dllt for food which seems
to hat lost lie tail causse th patUnt In think hs has
palnt thnt ba
a dues of the alomaoh iniUad of the Inan in
bronchial catarrk the role often brcnmt wear bulk
ant hoar Thral Ii I a burning pain In Uta throat with
difficulty In swallowing
Thl I a ala which ha bn and II still being
treated sad Blair with ttatttrlnc acc by Dye MiCoy Wlldnan
ICopjrliht lees br Dr J 0 MeCoyl
Mar Grand Central Depeti
SI AT1I AT as r 14lkt t NEW TOBK
BROADWAY oer 14th st N T City
Is I Domitlc Sewing Machut Conpaayt hnlldlatl
Opposite Acadmy el 1U1e
Whir all curable diusses ar irat d with mcena
rIe Catarrh all threat and chast dlMa all
Drrru dlui chrome dliaaa It yon live a a du
a writ ro a armptoai blank A drM all nail te S
kut42d aL Otnc hoursOto II A M J t almaU t1
sr ii dally SundaTtiitall A I sudS to 4 P I t
Goo Fortuno tor the CMigrapk Typewriter
Special paw for isai baa lust bs reiet by th
Amrlen Macbln Company our the ilni of tba fr lb
parity and Oood Lack aallruad from Eourpru to hU
e > on account ur lbs nw camber itt tbre Calltraph
which I > Nw boon to rrr bualuu nan In I tIde buiy
asos The CUlf rapk 3X1 Itoadway 115w YQrk45a
When Baby was tick we gave her Caxtorla
When aba Child she cried for Caatorls
When she became Miu ihe clunf t Caatorls
When she hsd CbUdreo abe fare Uwot Castoria
a I
fPofRc w i
Both the method and results vrhea
Syrup of Figs is taken itispleaMnt
and refreshing to the taste and acta
gentyyetprmptyon the Kidneys I
Liver and Bowels cleanses the syt
tern effectually dispels colds head
aches and fevers and cur habitual
constipation Syrup of Figs i the
only remedy of ita kind ever pro
duced pleasing t the taste ana acceptable
ceptable t the stomach prompt in
ita action and truly beneficial In ita
effects prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances ita
many excellent qualitieacommend it
t all and have made it the moa
popular remedy known
Byrup of Figs is for sale in 50e
and 8 bottles by all leading drug
gists Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pr i
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes t try it Do not accept any
> substitute >
I fsei hike l
tomttMng BAD
BE 4
1 I
BOOTS in > BHi 1
WATKUPHOOF and arutd to prcserr f
leather and seep I bit ADd duranlo
10O Will par tortHe Ooet 10O
10n ofChagtnglnlatnwhu I
C Pt WJ1
i X Glass Tcaacls to nnbjr C
1OO Emerald Opal 100
100 OotCuTG
V r WUlBw I
is js
THAT rovya JADY WILL conmrtns 2
ane e Beoek Ceneleore Her IMlllg
Xnenak te Know IVkat In C > > 4 nr Her
ani Her Malkere Petition In Denlea
Miss Frances M Ryan niece by marriage
and adopted daughter the late William J
Byms whose will gives 1300000 for an operat
ing theatre lo Itoosevelt Hospital Is to have
her own way about her guardianship She
was In court on Monday of last week to resist
the application of her mother Catherine A
Kelly to have Mra Catherine E Byms the
widow with whom the young lady lives at 1
Filth avenue removed I her guardian on
various unpleasant allegations One of the
allegations was that the widow would profit b
the adopted daughters death without Issue
Miss Fanny Is I the beneficiary of a trust fund of
200000 tinder her adoPtod fathers will with
residue to Mra Byms should the girl die child
Judge Beach decided against the petitioner
yesterday Referring to the legal adoption of
the child by Mr Byms he sass
I All this was for the childs benefit and upon
consent of her mother the present petitioner
Subsequent events demonstrate the childs
position and prospects In life to have been
greatly Improved by it She acquired a home
beneficial to her education and personal well
lielng and tindertbo will of her adopted father
Is the recipient of an ample Income and her
future maintenance and position are assured
Her mother by petition asks this court to
Intenere again and chance her custodian
Tho minor Is I now 1 years old living In the
home where she has resided with her adopted
father for many yearn and with her present
general guardian Jal widow since 1887 She
II at least UP to the standard of ordinary In
telligence She nominated the person ap
pointed and vigorously l uses her ability in re
sistance to the petitioner prayer prot sting
against any change In her sunoundlngs or
cn tody
cltoy mowing papers dUctoee no facts even
tnndlnt to show pirsonal incompetence In or
unwise notion by the general guardian She
may lu ft certain event become entitled to the
fund provided for tbe minor now under the
care of trustees But that contlnsency Is re
ered mote when tbo ago ol be parties is consid
eredIt Is I plainly apparent from the papers submitted
mitted that the change sought by petitioner
would materially altar the childs surround
ing prejudice her social position anti proli
ably he opposed to the wishes of the testator
wero he olive With due consideration for her
well being which In an Important factor on
this proceeding anti the facts disclosed In the
opposing affidavits showing the childs active
desIre und the conformity of her present sur
roundings with what would be the tesators
wish inferred Irom I his action before hIs de
granted cease the prayer of the petitioner cannot be
He Left One Widow In Hartford wad An
other In Bridgeport
BniDOKPorr March 9A curious case which
has just come lo light here Is I that of an
old soldier who for ton years lived an
apparently happy and circumspect life
with two wives neither of whom bad
any knowledge of the other The two
homes of tbe doubly married man were
In Hartford and Bridgeport and had not each
of the widows applied fora pension they would
have remained In ignorance of tho true state
of affairs previous to the husbands death In
1880 The man was Walter Jones an Indus
trious mechanic who worked a number ot
years In an East Bridgeport machine shop Ha
was married here in 1871 and with his wife
and two children lived in a wellfurnlfhed
and comfortable home on East Main street
He was prominent in church affairs and
moved in good society In 1870 be married 1
young lady in Hartford and after living with
her a year at her parents residence there left
nine saId to take a travelling agency for a
Western manufacturing concern He said he
could not take tbe time to return East to his
family more than half a dozen times a year
und It was agreed that Mra Jones and her
daughter should remain at her old home
Jnl88Oword was sent t Mrs Jones Hart
ford 18Swor husband had died In Chicago
and was buried there bbs donuod widows
weeds and devoted her whole time to the edu
cation ot her daughter Nellie now a girl of 17
years Six months auo she read In an old
plor eRr 01 the death In Bridgeport of ono Walter
Jones and the notice mentioned tbe company
and regiment In which he served She wrote
to the Town Clerk > < f this city and obtained a
copy of tbe official record of his death to
which the attending physicians name was
noted and she WI ole to him and procured a
certificate of death All this was done to ob
tain a pension under a new law recently en
acted by Congress
At about tbe same time that these prelimi
naries toward obtaining a pension were being
arranged by the Hartford widow the Bridge
port widow wont to the same physician for a
death certificate dotorwasln a dilemma
Hi > wrote to tbe Hartford widow thai certain
details in obtaining tbe pension mad It Im
perative that she should come to Bridgeport
She did so and with her daughter visited the
Physicians office Then she for the first time
learned of her husbands unfaithfulness Act
Ing upon the advice of the doctor she accom
panied him to the residence of tbe Bridge
port widow Tbe two women held a
long conference and each expressed great
sympathy for the other Each was willing
to glre up all claims for 1 pension
and each Insisted that the other needed It
most The Hnrtlord widow was fal prevailed
vailed upon to go ahead and present her
claims sltboush she was married t the
deceased man a year later than tbe other
The widow In this city has two children a
son of 1 years and a 13yearold girl She has
an Income sufficient to support her comfort
ably and she is I happy iu knowing that her
selfdenial has resulted In bringing some com
fort to Ibo little family I Hartford
Poverty In Braced
The repeated roll among poor civilians and
military of the ranks la Brussels the Little
Paris of the Continent have a cause that lies
far deeper than an unjustelectoral system and
rampant socialism The reasonhhat agitating
Anarchists and Socialists never lack there for
Immense audiences or belligerent followers In
demonstrations it to be found in the
utter wretchedness ol the city masses ThIs
has been apparent to Belgian atlte men for
many years and Home tIme ago a Commission
was appointed to Investigate tbe abuses that
were turning the whole population of tbe
lower quarters Into enemies of tbe municipal
and national Uovi > rnment
The part of the Commission report concern
ing tbe lodgings ot the poor has been published
recently In district of 3310 houses 1103
houses wete coupled by 399H worklngmrne
families Of these UU96 families 240S wets In
tho last stages of suffering All wero sup
ported by the city because the men belonging
to them were unable to find employment Of
the 34091360 llvod In 1 twu rooms each 1723
in one room each 405 In one garret room each
and 4ft In unwalled unpaved boles In the
ground under buildings That these fami
lies were not of the lowist vagabond
class was shown by the fact that
eighty per rent of the lodgings of
the 3008 families worn neat and clean In
nineteen houses there were no sanitary con
enlenies whatever and In 1120 Inhabited by
some fifty persons each almost none The
courts behind all the 1102 houses were on the
average but ten feet siiuare
The rents the Commission said were In In
verted ratio to the decency of the habitation
The rents paint by working people in Brussels
are proportionately half f ns much again as the
rents paid by the welltodo and wealthy
Unntone Great Grandchild In Tkermldor
The morning after the first performance of
Thermltlor In Parts Jobs tilitratle director
of tbe Coaiudlu Frau < ai8o roculved a card
Mile Danton A young woman In black
with a heavy veil entered the roceptloii loom
and asked to hit allowed to take a Rmsll part
In Bardous new play Anything tbut will
brluumeun the italo will di > abs claimed
enucrly but I mu t got Home kind of n part
III the earnestness of her pleading the young
woman drew itslde her tell and M YOIIII
bis astonishment suw before him the features
of DAnlou himself To be ur < they were finer
and softer and more mobile than those of tie
original Danton let In every general outline
they followed the form and spirit of ihe I face of
the great tribune of the people Tbe young
woman answered tbe director sexclamatlon of
surprise by explaining that she was Dantons I
greatgiaudchld a fervent admirer of blm I
anti anxious above all things to get nearer the
tImes In which ho lived I I only by appearing
In nn historical play 10 years afterward
M L Claretle granted her request Most per
sons present at the stormy second presenta
tion ol Tbermldor policed tbe slender
graceful young woman wbo silently and earn
estly served tea In the salon of Mm Undo
mardllerillfln but few knew that she wss a llv
Inc relic of the revolutionary days In which the
plot of tbe play was laid
Onrnlnc oral Monteore Tate
The fair In aid of the building fund of the
Congregation Monteflore opened successfully
In the Harlem Opera House last luccealulr
John Fellows made an address
AI Jekneen Ha 8M Oat Ce the Laaga
and Has Thrown Bow tbe Ass latlea I
CLKVELASD March 9Tbe base bal war so I
far as Al Johnson of Cleveland Is I concerned Is
Tonight the deal was completed between
Johnson and J Palmer ONeill whereby the
latter purchased for 130000 all the Interest ot
Johnson In the Cleveland Brotherhood Club
and the Cincinnati Club
Johnson came down from room 942 In the
Weddell House a few minutes after 1 oclock
and said that he bad sold out every Interest In
base ball and was heartily glad of It
a lam sick of the business said he and
tomorrow morning I can wake up without
thinking of a solitary player
The terms ot the deal with Johnson Include
everything over which the latter has control
They embrace the lease of Brotherhood Park
In CJeveland and the lease of the grounds at
Cincinnati which tomorrow morning will fall
into the IO 14 lon of the National League
At a late hour Johnson sent a telegram to
Cincinnati Instructing his representative there
George E Sllney to return to Cleveland at
once because the jig was up
The negotiations have ben In progress all
day and the business has been of the most ex
acting nature
ONeill will probably go from here to Cin
cinnati and at once put the affairs of the club
In thst city In good order
Ioo orer
All the contracts of tbe Cincinnati players
made by Johnson were turned over to the
League and the mon will report t the new
management of tbe Cincinnati Club
I Is expected that the corporation which
Brush organized at Cincinnati some time ago
will take up the club aud push Its business for
the coming season
AR soon as the deal was completed Johnson
at once telegraphed his resignation In the
American Association
All day long the wires have been hot with
messages from the Association camp urging
Johnson to stick
Among other things in the agreement with
Johnson is I a clause whereby he stipulates that
he will not engage In base bal for ten years
When the news of the sale was confirmed In
person by lbs parties to It Jonsona friends
crowded about him In the Veddell House and
congratulated him upon letting out of the
business I
Blvere Over Their Banks aed Doing Mack
NKW ORfKaX8 March 9The Picaiwnos
Plckens ls8 special says We have been
Isolated l since last Saturday when the lat train
passed North
Continued rains since Thursday nlaht have
raised tbe water In Big Black River higher
than ever known and It Is I still rising rapidly
It Is up to the floor ol tbe bridge All the other
bridges in tho county are gone and communi
cation cut off
The llinols Central Railroad track Is lilted
bodily from Its bed and deposited In the ditch
for miles below and above here and the em
bankment swept away Incalculable damage
has been done by the water
A tornado passed over this place last Satur
day morning without doing any damage drop
ping over In Madison county where it caused
aet destruction of life and property Pass
big from there Into Attala county near New
port houses were blown down and four ne
groes killed
NARHVILLF March 9The phenomenal rise
in the river continues and at 1 oclock this
morning tbe gauge read 466 feet a rise since
Friday morning of 256 feet
As viewed from the bridge the river Is a vast
angry torrent spreading out over the low
lands Nearly all tbe lumber yards are over
flowed and in some a considerable loss will
Tie river has brought out a vast amount of
driftwood and it is passing the city In great
quantities During the day it was gaining
slowly and steadily Merchants were busy all
day removing goods from cellars and ware
houses near the wharf to higher ground
It is tlmated that there are between 300
and 60 families In tbe city that have ben
driven from their homes by tbe high waters
At the Police Headquarters many Inquiries
for shelter are being made
The reports from all points on the river
show that it Is I rising everywhere and tbe full
ness of the Ohio and Mississippi will prevent
the Cumberland from running down rapidly
As ft 01 hurivlitA tynlllrt
A Chattanoogaspoclaays The Tennessee
Itlverat this point has reached the danger
line and Is I rising three inches per bour
Experienced river men predict that I will
reach at least fortyfive feet which will wi
flow much of tbe city In lowlying places cut
of several railroads and for a time suspended
vea slRlenred
the operations of several manufactories The
rainfall here for thirtysix hours Is 3 U Inches
At 1 oclock this afternoon the river con
tinue to rise slowly at about I quarter of an
Inch an hour The gauge register 488 feet
As tbe rise is more gradual the people occu
pying houses In the flooded district are being
cared for by the different charitable blnl
tbe city orer
I Is expected tee river will begin to recede
rver roee
soon a reports have been received from up
river are slowly points falling to the effect that the blab waters
AUUTSTA Ga March 9The mills closed
down here today on account of high water
The upper and lower portions of the city are
flooded but there has been no damage to prop
ertyThe river Is thirtyfive feet above low water
and will bealn to fall at midnight The weather
is clear and cold weate
They West the Freight Yard at Thirtieth
Hlrcct eeC Tenth Avenue
While the project of a new park In the Ninth
ward nt the intersection of Hudson and Clark
son streets south of Leroy I hanging flro on
account of mistake In tbe original
a tak orlKlna specifica
tions and the oojoctlons of property holders to
the condemnation proceedings those persons
on the extreme west side of town who believe
that that thickly populated territory should
have Its fair shareif public breathing places
are not Idle They have begun aiiltation for anew
new park to be located on the western half or
the block bounded by Tenth avenue ntid
Twentyninth und Thirtieth streets where
tbe freight yard of the Now York
Central and Hudson RIver Railway Is I
II tu led though most of the cars are
kept standing on the tracks west of Tenth
avenue Since the terminal property of tbe
company Sixtyfirst street has been utilized
the old freight yard Is I In much diminished de
mand The car tracks cross Tenth avenue to
the west unit the company uses the largest
hart of the land lyluu between Thirtieth and
Thiityfourth streets and Tenth avenue and
tbe river In n network ot rails and sidIngs
They reach to the waterline where tbe wharf
are used by the raIlroad company t load and
unload lumber lime bay produce live stock
and machinery Over tbo labyrinth of tracks
side tracks and snitches millions of tons of
freight are carried mllonl Is the con
neotlngllnk between the downtown commerce
and Western produce and one of the busiest
spots la town South of this Is a nothorough
fare territory used by the railroad at Twenty
third street and ahove are acres a lumber
piled for seasoning and < I for future use machine
and boiler shore Iron anti brass foundries
moulders chops and planing mill wedged In
among teeming tenement houses the west
side neighborhood which has furrtlshed sensa >
tional writers with the best theme for descrip
lion I was in this vicinity hat the Uealy
Hpeuce brbueicbo anal caruey niunlera oc
curred An enormous population finds domi I
cile and lodgment here a population less com
iinctly housed perhaps than that of uonie
localities of the fast side I but much less favored
so far ua breathing places are concerned there
being no park nnywheie within reach and the
plets being shut on by the reaal
The proposed new nark would occupy an
oven half of the whole block and be nearly
siiuaru In lorm The property Is I owned by the
railroad company and two reason which are
relied upon to Induce tbecompany not to make
any objections to the condemnation proceed
ings by the city are lust the surrender by the
city some years ego to Ibo same company of
lit Johns 1nrk then one of the best known
and must popular squares in Iowa forafrelgbt
station und second the fact that officials of
the company have long had In contempla
tion tho removal of their west side local pasten
per once from Thirtieth to Fiftyninth street
just as some years ago tbe Hudson hirer
passenger station was moved from the Inter
section of Chambers and Hudson streets to
where now Is I In tbe absence of any objec
tion from the owners of the property to be
condemned proceedings I recommended on a
petition of those residing and owning property
In the lolnltv and by the ownlll of Street
UlenlDJ and Improvement could be speedily
taken by the Corporation Counsel b There
DOW no park on the uest side not even one of
the very mal one between Jackson square
at Thirteenth street and Eighth avenue and
hherman square at Seventysscond street and
> the Boulevard I
Commercial Activity la BrasllNew Pail
roads In Coeta Bias and Venezuela
WXSHIKQTOX March 9The following In
formation has been furnished by the Bureau
of American Republics
The official returns from Brazil Indicate a
great commercial activity in tbe new republic I
During the year 1890 corporations were or
ganized with capital as follows January
I1C11720 February tl01C40000 March U
089000 April 11016000 May 8328000
June 19680000 July 177440000 August
59080000 September 125840003 October
188760000 November 38720000 Decem
ber 19360000 Total 642064720
The Government of the republic Colombia
Intends to Imitate the Argentine Republic by
Importing teachers for the public and normal
schools from the United States Tho Minister
of Education has been authorized to make
On Jan 18th the Brazilian Government au
thorized payment a subildy of 496000 to
encourage navigation upon the Amazon River
during tbe current year There are now sixty
steamers plying on the Amazon River and Its
tributaries and under tie new subsidy the
fleet will be very much enlarged
The Railway Companle Geral of Brazil has
made contracts In the United States for
4000000 worth of rolling stock and other
railway supplies This order embraces
among other things 315 cars and 4 Baldwin
Atlespatch from Montevideo announces that
Russell R Pealer has been appointed the rep
resentative of Uruguay on the InterContinen
tal Railway Commission Mr Pealer Is an
American citizen who baa been engaged in
railway construction in Uruguay and the Ar
gentine Republic for many years Mleusl
Ted In has ben appointed as the third Com
missioner of tbe Argentine Republic to the
InterContinental Hallway Conference at
Jon Thomas 0 Oborne formerly of Chi
cago and for twehe years United States Min
liter to the Argentine Republic received n
concession from the Paraguayan Government
two years ago for the construction of a rail
way from tbe northern provinces of that is
public to the boundary of Bolivia Recent de
spatches Irom Paraguay announce that the
surveys have been completed tbe contracts
1st and tbe work will L be fully under cOltral wa
cue urai 01 next moaio
The new railway between Port Limon the
Atlantic port of Costa Rica and Ban Josd tbe
capital Is now In active operation and a con
cession has been granted lor Its extension to
the shores of Lake Nlcaragun for which ibe
land Is I now being surveyed The total length
of tbe road Is 125 urve fine pier bag been
erected at Port Llmon O feet In length which
is capable ol accommodating the largest ocean
steamers alongside
What Is known as the Barqulslmeto line of
railroad In > eneztielo extending from the city
of that name to La Luc has been formally
opened by the President and is now In opera
lion Barqulslmeto Is the third city of the re
public is the capital of the province of Lara
and has a population of 32100 It lies about
100 miles from the coast In a position which
commands the commercial highways of the In
tenor and vast agricultural plains The new
railway will serve as a powerful stimulant to
agricultural and commercial enterprises as
the products of the Interior coffee hides
sugar rum and other goods bave heretofore
reached market only by means ot can and
pack mules
A Trlsky Colt cad Pang Banner Can Do
It Youre Mainrt
SCBANTON March 9While Erastus Hol
land of Tuokahanna Creak was on his way
home from Stauffers Mills one day last week
he stopped at Darius Myerss place and bought
a ram Holland was driving a skittish colt to
a pung and be tied the rams legs and put him
In the bottom of the pung along with a lot of
things that ho bad bought at the mills On his
way past Owl Swamp a bear waddled out of the
bushes and started to cross the road In front of
him At sight of Ittbecolt snorted and wheeled
completely around In spite of all that Holland
could do The pung was upset Holland landed
on his knees in the snow and the ram and
everything elseIn the pung rolled out fbI
land clung to the lines and alter be bad been
dragged Homn distance be stopped the colt
While he wit getting the rig righted be heard
the ram bleating and looking back he saw the
bear making for the ram The latter wa
struggling bard tout beior tin bear reached
him be bad broken the strings on bis legs suit
lumped to his feet The next thing Holland
knew the ram ran past hint with the bear doe
at his heels The ram legged It along the mad
lor dear life and so did the bear but the ram
was fleeter of foot and he kept several feet
ahead of the bear
By that time the colt had got used to seeing
the black peast and Holland jumped Into the
pung whaled the colt with the lines and sent
it racing alter Ibe ram and hear It was
down grade and st a turn In the road the ram
sprang oer a stone wall and took aoiosxn
field Just then Holland overtook the bear ran
the right runner of the pung against It auti
tumbled it Into a ditch rho bear was turned
end for end nnd when it got up It started on its
back track Holland wheeled the colt quickly
ran the bear down again and knocked It out
of the road once more with the runner
Again the bear was reversed and when it
got up it was unable to move In a straight
counx It whirled rouud and touuJ In the
road and ono more Holland knocked It out
with the runner He kept doing that until the
bear was pretty well used up and then be
pulled ont his knife stabbed It la the jugular
leln and bled It to death
Holland found his ram In a barnyard about a
mile and a half from where he had killed the
bear and after be had secured him he loaded
the carcass on the pung and drove hocae
New Theatre for WIMUxaburch
The Eastern District of Brooklyn Is to have a
new theatre A E Richards an oldtlm the
atrical manager and lately a partner In the
ownership of the Novelty Theatre In Urines
street Wllliamsburgb Is lo put up and
manage the new place He has concluded the
preliminary arrangements toward purchasing
the property on North Sixth street now occu
pied byJ 3 Dayton A Oo as a livery stable
The ground Is 110x84X feet Tbe amount paid
for the land has not been mad public the
new theatre It Is asserted will cost about
100000 and will be devoted to vaudetille
and comedy
latest Information of Interest Iresa All
A Kansas City despatch says there Is trouble
In Western passenger circles on account of the
action of the Chicago St Paul and Kansas City
in manipulating passenger rates On the one
day limited Chicago ticket the road heretofore
extended the time to five days and by scalping
at local points did a big business The princi
pal points receiving the benefit of the scalped
rates were Des Jlolncs and Marshalltown The
matter came to tbe attention of other roads
and such pressure wa brought to bear that
t hess tickets were withdrawn The same road li
Issuing fiveday limited tickets to Forest
Home ton mile thin side Chicago to which
point there Is no rule to govern the rate and
the old system of scalping Is practised on this
ticket The other rends have discovered the
Plan and threaten to tesnrt to some desperate
methods If the tickets nro not withdrawn
At a meeting of the Board of Directors the
Louisville nail Nashville Railroad yesterday
In this city the oflice of Chalrmnuot the Board
was created and August Belntunt was elected
to the Bosltloii In charge ot the New Iturk
office Milton H Smith the VlcePresldent
was chosen to succeed l > ksteln Norton as
President with an oilico at Louisville
The Now York Central llnllroad on Saturday
look a formal contract of the Herklmer New
port and jolnnd llnllrond Dr W Reward
Webb of 8helbtirnoChlttendencountyVtwas
made President and Frnk U hmlth Treas
urer The road will be changed to standard
gauge and extended to a connection with the
St Lawtence Rhcr
Over 100 workmen were discharged from the
C B ami V shops yesterday at Burlington
Iowa In furtherance of the systems econ < ml
cal policy This makes nearly you men displac
ed by the company In thst city wllblu a week
The Becretnry of tie InterState Commerce
Commission hits tiddrcssed a circular letter to
the passenger departments ot the Western
railroads asking for a complete statement of
all the changes that have taken place In pas
senger rates during the last ten years Mo roa
son Is i given forseeltIng this information What
the passenger officials shrink front is i the
amount ol labor that will be required to com
ply with this rather singular req nest
The Presidency ot the Georgia Central Rail
road system Is just now nveiy uncertain office
lien E P Alexander was reelected by the di
rectors to the Presidency In January There
followed rumor that the pine had been of
fared to Hiiuh human oia of the brothers of
the President of the West Point Terminal
company ana nan been temporarily declined
by him A week later when General Manager
Gnbbett look Mr Intnan on n tour of inspec
tion over the system the rumor that Gen
Alexander WAD to bo displaced was renewed
the earnings of the Central for January show
ed a decrease of IH 1000 below the same month
last year and an Increase In expenses of 27
ooa Mr human agreed to accept the Presidency
on two conditions first that the company
should fund Its debt and Jet him stait even
and second that bis salary should be 20000
The item of salary was agreed to nt once but
the funding ot the debt in still under consid
A Rt Louis despatch say the Rate Committee
of the Southwestern Railway and Steamship
Association held a meeting thete yesterday to
check uonorthbound rates from southwestern
territory A joint conference ot the Southwest
ern Association and Mexican lines was also
bold The Mexican lines represented were
the Mexican International Mexican Central
Mexican National and the Monterey and
Mexican Uulf The conference discussed
rates divisions and the matter of Mexican
business generally effecting the territory of
the Southwestern Ansoolatlon anti will report
tomorrow at the beadquartets of the asso
ciation The Rate Committee adjourned to
enable the members to attend the conference
Camtnennatlon of SUe Appointment from a
Democratic Lawyer
T McCants Stewart the colored lawyer baa
written to Mayor Cbapln of Brooklyn In com
mendation of the appointment of Wiley G
Overton the first negro policeman of that city
He says I feel constrained to write this
letter because so many commendations of your
course relative to the colored policeman have
been spoken to me even by those colored citi
zens who are not ot our party They comment
upon the fact that under Democrats the col
ored vote baa representation In the Depart
ment of City Works in the Tax Office in the
Board of Health in the Registers office Ac
but that there was no representation in
the office of the Republican Sheriff and tnnt
there Is none in the office of the Republican
County Clerk I do not belIeve that any of the
rate varieties In cosmopolitan population
should affiliate with a party for the spoils of
office outns long as human nature remains
a It IK and present conditions lost so lone will
AfroAmericans like other people act with the
party and support the men that give them
their rights and a fair share iu the public ser
vice The colored vote is no longer solid for the
Republican party The debt of gratitude is
paid If leading and Influential Northern
Democrats like yourself cnn convert the South
to believe that Jefferson was tight when he de
clared hat all men are created equal In their
right to life and liberty and that manhood
suffrage Is democratic yon would make it easy
for thousands of AfroAmericans who follow
their convictions to vote with the Democratic
Lease of the Grand Valoa at Harataca
The Grand Union Hotel at Saratoga has been
leased by its owners directly to Mr James G
B Woolworth of this city for a long term of
Mr Woolworth was formerly steward of the
Grand Hotel In this city
Pnnodtman Pang ItoVahon nf the Adams itrnt
elation bu been promoted to a eerireanlcr
Jarate fork a Barclay atroel crockery dealer et IS3
Sixth arena U the foreman of the new Grand lary
The Teachere Committee of the Board of Education
Will recommend the openmrof several eboolfor three
hour a day durlnc th euoinier months
The motion for alimony and counavl fee ID lbs divorce
nit or Charts A brown against Sarah I Brown has
been denied by Janice Cuilea Mr Drown kep a
restaurant In Myrtle avenue and ne lays bla wit
loped with a younr man named Dartow
The enromar reildenc of Scencer Traak Saratoga
Springs was barntd yciterday inornlnt Lou Svsouu
insurance vu 00
Franklin VacVeash ha positively declined tha octet
nation rot Mayor lenderra him on Saturday by the ChI
case Clltivne Committee
The eummer Uwelllnc o R J B Lincoln Preeldent
the Peerneld bummer school was burned at leertlld
Mss > on Sunuay night u was unoccupied ana wa
valued MI fcjil wi
w W Thoropeon th Albany lawyer who forged the
will of Tbomae l > nny was ytiterday aentenced toteS
year Icnprlunment In Slat prtton ille eeDteoce I a
the mlalmvm penalty X
Two of tb pauenier Injured In the Jacaionrlll
Boutlieaeiern wri k on Kunday morning near Havana
bare die L They are Charlea Hulhaney uf etreacer ana
Walter Conover of Manltou
Harry 0Crawford found snlUy of bigamy In the
Ulster Inunty ilonri on raiuriuy waa letirday sin
lenctl I br Judge Ckarwater to Ore years in tlloton
Slate prison at Uai neinura
Tue Mancbeeler Corporation haa decided to advance
the sum nt rKiuooj requIred Uy the Nanrheeier Chip
Canal Company lo comiet the canal which is to eon
tIed Mancheeter with Ib ace
Vivid Srarbrrr Remain Van Warmer and Joaep
Van vnrmr flihermvn at toeymane wr drowned m
the lluofonon Minday nijiht with John hi lists bay
went nut In a email boat and rs capitted Wlline
wae rcud
Edward llaatlnir who leave two tnua and a daugh
ter In hew York city was euBocateu uu htindat utirat
br coal gal In Weile bakery In JJanbur viler he
wai employed u roreman An auUtant Thouiae
Nolan wae round unronecloua but wa reu cltatad
In a dn > fog veitrraay mornlnr tb > hew York
Philadelphia and orfolk steamer New Vork rollnrl
off Lambert a faint nltli lUe binge tawrenr with
lo u tune of coal for > ew London The bart woe
allOt atid Ihe steamer auelatnad lllut damage to her
Tb body of Mn Caroline Rigs was found floating In
s Haven hjucr un Irrr Fnnl macna i loom
Inc due rellreil at her Usual hour un unday evening
but was mliril at abnut h orlock ti > id < inornlnx
Hearnb wae Iniiliuied and an nytter man found her
body Itlabeliered lhaiihe waia Mitlm ut ennnam
bullem and Hi hereeep Walked off the duck at outer
rolnt Ste waiiUycarief aiie
An attempt to burn a ttiree story brick tenement
building In tall HUer wi male teiterUay mirnlnt at
shoOt I oclock Tn LtiIdlnK la occupied ny nearly iJ l
ir one aud u In one or lie most thickly tettled par
tloni or tIe cl y A policeman dicoverl l lie lire and
air a tnpn mutt thr uirli the rear yard but we unable
t match him ll was found that a laCy quaiitllr of
lerniene bad been epllltd around the liners and Hair
Wa I
fly III death of tIle nldor of John llonifr His of
Hoetoii there becomee aallaMa public urqncali of
f IHitxieacn to the ferklna laitltutlon and Itie Stasis
> hui lil Alt liii for the Html HUM to hue Bentolnt
Mtlioal Society and ale i to Hit fhurili Horn for
Orphan and Dtiiliiite fliliitren of Hneton The reeidu
of the eaiate after tedurtinr tlnn for private he
que > t < atnoune In about lhiita the Iniereelof which
under his will Ic to t < r cupendeil In plrnlre and other
outdoor recnatloni tor lue poor children uf Uoetoa
The Partlenn Congas Dletrlet Keanner
tlonment Bill Changed
TMNTOW March 9The Congress District
RoaPDortlonment bill has boon changed radi
cally The eight districts of the State accord
Ing to the amended act will be framed aa fol
lows First district Camden Cumberland
Gloucester and Salem Second district Atlan
tic Cape May Darlington Ocean and Mejrcsn
Third district Middlesex Monmouth and
Somerset Fonrth district Sussex Warren
Ilunderdon Morris and the llepubllcan town j
ships ol Essex Fifth district Bergen Paasaio
and North Hudson Sixth district cltyot New
ark Seventh district Jersey City Harrison
Kearney and tbo Democratic end of Ho token t
Eighth district Union county Clinton the
Democratic townships of Essex and the city i
ot Bayonne The bill has not been introduced
In the Legislature yet and may be revised
lurther As it stands the llrst two districts are
overwhelmingly llepubllcan and the other six
strongly Democratic
The General Tax bill which It COB the State
15000 lo draft and which elicited a cry of op
position from one end of New Jersey to thet i
other will never come before the Legislature
The Judiciary Committee of the House decided
tonight to strangle the measure In Its place
the committee will report a simple substitute
providing for a State Board ot Equalisation
and Revision to which local assessors will hive
to report The State Board will bars power to
alter assessment This Is practically the only
amendment to the existing law but the
passage of the substitute simple as it is can
not be counted on There is a very general
feeling against the creation ot new Stats
Board The machinery of government is Us
New Jersey growing more complex each rosy
It is said ana mainly In the Interest of offleV
° °
b first bill to be railroaded through the
Legislature thin session was put aboard the
Democratic train tonight It was the bill to
create a Public Work Department In Newark
The bill wan made a Democratic caucus mesa
ure last week but was not Introduced until
this evening A half hour after its public ap1 I
pesrance it was read a second time in th
House and then under n suspension of the
rules it got Its third and last reading pass
log by a party vote of 34 to 16 The bill
gives nearly all power now vested in the
Newark Aldermen to a Board of Fire Commis
sioners to be appointed by the Mayor The
Board will have charge of all matters relating
to streets sewers subways water supply
street franchises poleswires Ac The Alder
men will hare to look after the assessment and
collection ol taxes as heretofore but beyond
that unpopular one they will have no Iraror
tent function to perform The Commissioner
chosen to act as President of the Board Is to
receive n salary of 13000 The other four will
get 2500
Oov Abbott sent to the Senate the nomina
tions of Chauncey H Beasley and Patrick H
Gilnonly for Distriot Court Judges the formW
to sit in Trenton and the latter in Elizabeth
A Attractive and Novel TJIaplar Kaulewy
the Retail Grocer Union
The formal opening of the Food and Health i
Exposition under the direction of the Retail
Grocers Union of thin city took place In tha
Lenox Lyceum last night
All of the stands were open and doing bust
ness and there were hundreds of pretty girl
and handsome young men present to enliven
the scene Mr do Free stated to the audlene
that It was the purpose of exhibition to
Impress upon the minds of the New York pub I
lic the fact that pure food and that only wag
neesssry for good health
Dr Cbauncey M Depew who had been ex
pected to take a band In the openingexereisaa
sent word that he was ill Mr O Waldo
Smith made an openlngaddress In Dr Depew i
stead and Mr Henry li Dreyor the President
of the Retail Grocers Union also cook
The food products nf one kind and another
are most attractively displayed and many
kinds of food are served freely visitors and
thy attendants In the costume of the country
from which the particular product come
Thus a wellknown tea company has two
natives of Ceylon serving their beverage and
chocolate was served by Dutch waitresses at
Dutch tables upon the stage
The attendance at the opening last night
was entirely satisfactory to the grocers Special
days are to be designated for the visitors front
Philadelphia Newark Nyack and other oat
lying towns
Jatmee Blewlt to be Heard is His Own De
Judge Beach yesterday banded down a
memorandum in the proceedings by Julia
Blewlt for the appointment of a committee of
her husband James Blewlt the Consolidated
Exchnng > < broker who has been declared a
lunatic It was claimed on Dlewits behalf that
he bad not received notice of the proceedings
The Judge says that the omission of t notice to
thp alleged lunatic was a grave Irregularity
and ho will set aside the proceeding give
Dlewlt a Chance to be heard

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