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rArOlUnrll TAKII in Kin tvmr AOAIN
A 7 to 1 flan WINs th Oaealast Bae la
m BIlBUa Rala lormrirt Chol >
florse Then ask elvrteg of Five
A pltnl rain Ilorm driven bra marrow
chilling northeast it ale 1 swept the raOI count
on the hill yesterday but this did not depress
the ardor of the regulars who were there la
force to retrieve their losses of last week
hackers with backbone who stick to favorites
through thick and thin had nothing to com
plain about flv first choice heroes winning In
succession after the opening race
The Hold of seven that ran In the first dash
wore an ordinary lot A 0 II a 7 to 1 shot
got awpy last I In the cluster when Mr 3 B
Carr flashed the flag In place ot Mr Caldwell
Who I fluttering from rheumatism A 0 H
moved through the bunch and taklngtb lead
In the opening furlong held U to the end win
ning by six lengths Groomsman at 8 to 1
beat BlPtonliaJfalength for the place Straight
mutual on the wlnuer paid 11765 the highest
pool dvdnd of th day Then the favoilte
rut In honest work making a clean score to
the nd Glitter If at 0 to I against won theo
coad tao lastly by 1 Ihre lengths irora
CatherineTa lilenmound third Vlrgle tlrxt
t efaolp at 7 to 0 against captured the third race
sully a four 1 lOllbt Fabian at L410 I beat
leg lattj thresQuarters of lenRh or second
Plaee Lemou Blossom at 11 to Ion won the
fourth race by a length and a half I Owen Gol
den at 111 to 1 getting the place by six t length
from Longevity I Itanooeaa son of Jrpquols
from with weight was favorite In the mile
and a furlong rave at tn Don Tbecolt
won In a canter by five length t from Harry Ireland
land ArmleH third Glentlgs aired and game
son Neptusus top selection for the et dash
11 to I against won a goorj race by a length
from Harrlsburg aesond choice at f to 1 shot
over thrU choice finishing third bumnam
THE yinsi BACK
Pnrse fsoo for biatea herstsi ibreeonartsr it a
If Ionovans 01 e A O I B by Bsad OrAvon
5lS SI Iusei
I r ara4 lt h aoOlwan 0 0C 5 tJ i
I 8tvn > nnebrgRipion rx lQG ill Ur t
also I Brneet Ja Matagorda flly Glenfallon and AU Ira aD
Time I 244
Mutual pall 11784 fl f1
FITM MOO selling allowances I flv furlengi
i A Balonefor i bb Glitter 11 o by LengTaw
Olendalta 103M 1 iDogiettl I
T I fcyaiT ebTn atuerln a S loot Decker > t
W C Dalye n g ulenrooand H lift J Lambleyi a
ran lsfs4ant Long Jack 4i4 J and tAUt LflSk also
ra Time I OSU
Hatoals fall To fU fm f
Purse twv far malJeue et all agess selling allow
anoaei Ive urlonga
TO I DowIIe Dr i Tlrgla I by Blag B Tlrge
j VI3oaDS I
P J Wlnnsl irabiai > iiievinii 9
Jersey Manlae ph r faIL a bu J Hsrreti 8
Aintulty 1 coli Frooier simple 1 laII Jerasy ana
ual le U gelding I also van cOIl
TlRj I tfBU
Muloals paid IIM WMU I 11 <
Lurse 200 for bat ho IbPquarir St a ails
T Ityna b 14m15 HIuUOIa 6 5 ieks Clack
brnl all 1 uccicer I
H Oar Jr b1W s UOlaa 4 tilDsgget 3
J Allen brVe Longsvly4 ll Oilon S
McDowell Fauster Jr WillIam Surjt i ana Certes
a Mutaali pall as jo Tim f lu IIOM 1 2
IID > llow > nc ii en mil and a Inrloat
Dokokia btsbi cl c Biueocaa 4 by tDloDr
ptarif iuqr nny t
K fianystaljVa br n Hsrry Irfni 8 igODofnltV 3
J MUt ArmliL 1 W bir t
au raJ TIm 211
Uu uali Bald I4S S3 5su Jl
run asoo idil nz allowancca cyes rnrlonn
i 1IyuVe Sb I fnpiuuua sgqd by ulf n li nannlt
lick 10 iiiokari 1
Jinn A Lvnchaek g Itarriiburv 6 11011 L wl a
L Bra4l < yfb h SkiitoTtr u f ll P JaN S
Harry Kubl Nd sod Tims Htcir Iul lolly silo ra
I ulul pitA J W 415
Eatrlci at GIUba
The prorraom an the bill today ui
VlMt Uclorae 300 btaian
for IJ hontu ailllnri
Mvai futjnniti UoyalUt 115 Urpouuniau Hi Cb
biyjur I Waboo lUi AQpla ft lll ttoiaTllla llttt
Caraccua J till
i coiid KacePnrte 300 tlllnit n Ira fnrlenn Da
foatIJI calbirla > I UI ChI lui Utile
braiifTnli Bulb mil Wane en
Tblr4 Paca Vuria two Mi aid on bait far A
Jorourtnuy IIS linsrantat 114 lUlpanl 110 ta
ayrlan lure Htadranr tfJ
ral I
onrik RsisTirse S4OO lalllnti Cvi rsrlaoia
llKaH 30 frL I UI MeDoIL 114i hrL
U fl y ml IU DIua111 o1 0r U
I rfih urs all haiiditap iy jurleagi
ancAeaj 111 Prau Yorlupatui lid Uhenmud
I AI f1llJaks pJ Climax 111 loalI UIaIOld
thiS llseIuri I IilX nD rorlonA h
flnetnr 10 rizea Ifs UIIII I 111 Cut Tb
01 I lpsiapmoe l IuIt 5lalOibion Iw fs1 JA
5511 fo YrstldsnI ladlP lid all u wj
Iaill444 lad Ih Ibalod IISSL fir tWyssr
110 nehTf mile with SI lou < J U Ilt bolD to be rita oa
51 f tricks Day sloe bOaT
Pcnty of Baring Materlal
cow that the entries are all In for the rich
takes to be run at Monmoutb Park It will b
seen that good field are certain to start The
total Dominations foot up 3876 Of these
MsrcuB Daly the millionaire turfman of lion
tan y ba the largest number 219 J AA
H Sforrls come next with 206 Pierre Lorlllard
contributes hit l O withers hal 181 R a
MoLewe J44 V JJDwyr k Bon W Ulehael
V Bwyer 87 D T Pulslfer Sit Entries for
twoi r0ld at kes reach 1B03 threeyear
old stake 831 all aged event 819 Marcus
Dalys imported Inverness is I In most of the
takl for tbreeyesrolds and Potomac
Bolero and Rey del lies are thickly ajnrlnkled
through anl programme Moumouth Park will
BATtf mal great races
Tconard TV Jerome Sncceor
The directors of the Coney Island Jockey
Club held especial meeting yesterday at which
uljnbl resolutions wee passed in regard to
te death of the late President Leonard W
Jerome and followlngofflcera were elcetedt
President J G H Lawrences I Vics President
Col l Lawrnce Kip Executive Committee
Oeore W PiaboJy Director John M Bow
arBeoretary C Fellowes Assistant Sicre
sari Samuel E Bork
Nw from ike flora VToriel
Visa Woodford wa bred to Balvator at the
JUnoho del Paso stud on Feb 23
Winners at Olouctr
fellows wugcursi March 8Tb races today rssulled as
Tint RaceSeven fBrlongi Frodlgal was Ids Old
Ssoond Darling dr Time 11104a Ulr
Iscoad Race Threeeuarter ef a nil GllJiaway
won Solomon xcend 3rlr Tin IJT
Third Baoa yonr and a half I furlongs Nettle B won
Wanderer ssoond BoBo third Time 1O 01
Fouhh Sac One mile Ccurtlor won Jaekilaff see
end rhllandor third Time I ce WOI lutt
riflh RacaBavan and a belt furlong Bellsarlu
woa Long Island second Bargain third Time lcd
lith Kaeo big I and quarter furlong Refund won
11 Oa second futurity third Tim lelaa40a
Middle State Xeatatta Aeeoclatloa JLnaaal
T annual meeting of the Middle lutes Bogatta 4a
delation wa bald last night at tb Grand Onion UoteL
Ifhlein clubs were represented Tha following dele
gates presented credentials and will represent their
vartoua clubs for lbs ensuing yean
Triton Dr J Vtiuon W A Elmouon a I OlfTord
Union f J Burke 1 A Crlmmln Ft Hicks Baron
0t AJ Buiihmon W T llendrlckson Q 1 Duffyj
AlcJfon C X sills 1 Dolan I D Wilson Manbat
tan A Q O W Carr 8 J Cornell F J Ferlmoyeri
lutltita U IF I Hoey J J Cuban J E Murphy
Oreaeent R a Henry B Bchlrley J Poi J J
OOrady aletrofelltan J X Herat Julius it
lab 1 8 alahonsii Creient Athletlo Club I
lssjbsar F Sroea latt A 0 Dr II 8
Lube libumtra 1 Frlaldblp a C1 cLUlb
liii 1 JoDnco a Fpars Vaisna 11 C 70
Tlghe 0 Bdaaoa A B Frudeni Stat Island AJc5
1 K UntllhotTF W Janien C r liar New York
A OK J Olannlnt O ft lMlln K V hnkkrbock
Cr t Bunks K aJ 1 Oroel uHocht hautlluell I
Val J A Follock J 1 bchelienbirg fa aicF I
Fortmeyor U I follard A I flopper Arthur Mill
i I Hind J Craig J t Ballantine AUI ntaW C
Vouch T Van Baden I A Maetant Beawanbaka
y Adee a Fellon J Banklnt Uauntlsiss L bold
enbnrg M K Uonnell II W tt uatI
Tha resignation of th Itonparell Rowing Cub if the
Harlem and tho Flonoer boat Club of brooklyn wara
received I aud accepted Tb Manhattan h r Club
applied ta and was admitted te membership The
Treasurer S report showed the organuatton 10 be vir
tually free from debt
The election of oBlcers resulted a follows
Fresldsil J I Langhasr Ureicent Alhletlo Club
Vleelreildiut I Julius TJ Wahr tlatropolltan I cfl C i
feoretsrr 11 Fartmeyer U t ala Aiilreasurer
t I Hallanilna Arthur VIO Association Iteiatia
commlti Uarlera AMOclatlonIL A MacUan I
Alalsots n Walt 1anlh1 Iak Aloel
AIInlj I ortL Burtl I I 101 lslIlutel LODe
Island AsoctainnJ Of Hnttn Bswanbaka J 0
tlgbs Varouc Kill Vn nMtn AUOCaltOIli I Li Mio
Atavonat W A Leiitllhon btaten leland J C
The law requiring a majority ot clubs to ram a
I quorum was altered to ten rlube Ilia amendment
offered to ISis law limtllur the distance wberrln Ih
recattae of this association snail not conflict with thoia
5 father saso7latlons I within a radius rfn IOU mile loan
mile caused considerable dIscussIon It being claimed
by some that the Intention was to Interfere whit
FblUdolpbla I After a vet bad been tktn and
th amendment declared lost I under Ih Impression
that U required a twothird vote II was discovered
that It wsa but an amendment to lbs bylaws I which
enly required a majority vote Th point wa then
railed lhifl the iwoililrli vnie shouil apply to the by
laws a1 as his constitution and as a reiult lbs
matter was lal > l over lor action at the nol moll
1lt amonlmenl lbs en > u thai a club coulJ not
withdraw 1 Its delegala should said delegate Is t an olUcor
In tha association without Iho content of said a > iocU
tla was lost by a Tote of le te J The aasoclatlea ad
jeorata e Is nun Uifli fc Moadaj la pr
t 1
Jltnasy flames Jawe 8eleaee ta Beating
Ike New Yorker la Two Bonne
I succession of uppercuts splendidly de
vised and carried out won a mate for Jimmy
Hngen ot Philadelphia last night when he
went against Tommr panfortb of this city In
what was to have been a twentyround clove
contest at the Knickerbocker Garden Hobo
ken Tbe way that those lefthander were
laid ont a tenth part of a second before they
were Handed and the force with which they
were put to work made Hagcn a master 01 Ibo
art of boxing In the minds of the 300 who saw
them Danforlh was laid out Ills part
of the piogramme vaa not admired at all In
comparison to tUe upper cuts
comlAlsfu te Ile Ipne
Hauen and IfIrorlb went jn work to spur
the twenty rounds with th1 Idea that Ibe win
ner should get the bettor part ol a puree of
Aloullwt had trained for the go and both
showed lip in groat form Dllly Teeaefiirmorly
a Iralner for the tlevAns IOlllutl of obtiken
but ostginitllr A iJtiIedIphion wnu Ualcn
halt OIIDII John Irkll and Lou tb helped
econ Smith the Hnrlfm heavyjyelght
ihamplop Jim Small and Tommy Kelly the
bantam champion were behind Panfortb Hod
McMahon held tbe watch for Dtnforth and
Johnny OHrlen did the same for Hagen
Johnny Eckhardt was referee There was not
much betting on the event al the Pblladcl
phlans who came over about fifty strong 1f 111
afternoon made known their belief that Hngcn
would win so strongly that they frightened out
all possible invoRtoK A few bats were made
al efn money In lloboken berore dnrk but
after that even at h ring aldethere was little
BPculaUon of time Danforlh started In to do
some punching Ills purpose failed for t hi
reason that Hsgen was too clever to allow I an
glove fourounce or to other kindto land
on his person tlagen got out of the way extent
rOD lan 10
rent ID the case of a couple of reps ou the
body and Cent back Rome whack on the head
t stunned the New Yorker Danfortn went
back to his corner after the Ort round rather
tired hut he was well handled Hagana seconds
WI w1 bandld lan
oDd did yeoman work and James enjoyed
their norts Jimmy bopped out for the second
round j9rta butterfly and Danfnrtb came
forward like a man who waa mad anew
bhnforth led out iin left and caught Uagen
behind the ear and that was all be did
flag fl went at him will uppercut after n
parent and knocked Thomas down threw
time Ilagena left wa a terror It landed
on HaaopI chin poe mouth aye and
Ibo again until Danforth felt that he was
don Hscens estimate of dlstane was ad
mirable Of1 the leads be mae ony ole
went wrong I wee a remarkable J exhibition
of welltimed punching and panfortb wbo
could not get up after the third knock down
will testify to thai ellect Thd second round
wi tAtr t enect
Itated 1 minute 45 peconds
After the contest Jimmy iarkia and Walter
Halllgan both said they wanted to moot the
winner but no tate wa made
sjcaiU IVIll Pat OB Bute for Bawatemn
Bale lies
Tbs article la yeiterdaya Ion ea the adTlsabtllly of
accommodating patron of bat ball wh tut their
builme down twn bore trait In one day They will
get all tbay bare asked for No more will they be
bla t board erewded elitatad trains aid fat to lbs
role arounda 1 find that thay are too tale to secure a
good usil I a be grand I Hereafter thay will a
what they desire cnmfort It not a lbs elevated
trains surety at the Polo rouDda
laa Ilotrie bad a talk wltb Fresldtnt Day yea
tea boll pulling th acham of lelllni tickets I down
town In operation Haaaf Mitrla thouiht It aID ex
cellent pla and rreairtent lisT Immediately sew the
fore of Metrics argument and concurred In hi opinion
Naaoo benks wIll b RI4 Oa tale I about acb 23
111 bO
at hpaldln and John a Vaya offlea In Maiden lane
Ma > acerM trla will also tall then Thes book will
b good not only for all bamoloiulilp tames pltjed at
lbs Polo iroindi but fer eiblbltlon gauss as well du
tac bit o month of April IIOT price will r ba S3i
Ti a buyer or each book Alf be entitled to mere tlan
ufiuerally beinatlBched to lesion oDkQa lie will
be intltld to aeleel a seat In 5bs gnnd stand and keen
It for the entire season fasldet thIs tickets for ad
mission to each fame will 1 be sold eTerr day on which a
ana le played at two or Ibis plaeae down town
wICh wIlt ha a boca 10 tbous who do not with to bay
aeatnn tickets and do not wltn to wait In Ins oIld
offioa the cntraoca ip the rouad for their turn a the box
offioauproa there Ms 1 an Immense crowd how will a
rider of book be eureoi liii sill was asked of
anoior Untrle
Well thaI la simple bough W will probably
bar each section divided on ny an Iron rslllnr with
an ether In atlendanre a that none but hot who I
present this book will gal Inside Anoh < i war 1 t to
pill a padlock on a seat when the parson leaves all a
cam Thus h can always mrs or II
Wi shall ban the ladle reception rom enlarted
and rvntted asS bays a colored maid In attendance
Ihta will ba a vaat Improvement for tba tadlaa over Il
old around Vary little needs to b don In repairing the
groond They are certainly Dealt In t the country
nundi always wlahcd to be masaysr r the best
rounds and atroniast bus ball team In America and
I laI proud now that am r
AaaerleaB Aeeewlatloai Meat at fTladaaatt
tpciplT March iEIly Ii I her ea bl itS 11P
hog around U 1 In reipene t a telenphle earn
men front Clereland but lbs chief from lbe Foreat
City has not arrived to sraethlm deerce L Illney
the aecreiarrof lait I year Mayer1 LSMu team 11
bare however The advise maid ol tkeAaerlcaa
Aaaoelalton Inclndae Julian B Bars of Jules WtUlam
Sand of ala sad IDa Ooe aohaaela Balpb
Laiarua and the Uon Emi Tompkins of Columbus
There will b no w a r aid Manager Bal to Tm
Inn correspondent The American Association will
elnnl I continua to delta tmslneas on Its own boot Vt a
shaH cask no eoaiUeta The Laane baa made Its sehad
ule and we wilt follow with our at the meatlui which
eommenaee tomorrow There may be ion unavoid
able centtiats but noi many and nnleas the Laatua
ehancea Its schedole thee will be loa of the friction
that did so much to Injure tha game last year Tb
season will open en April II I thins not on 18
The American Association proposes c live the Mast
em clubs a little bias ball on the 4th of July and we
11 11
will play In I lbs Wast on Decoration Day There are
likely I to be condole In Boston and hblsdelpbla on
Labor Day for the reaaon that that la more of a old
to the Bal than It le In the West
I You are not worried over the stories that A John
son will atop down and out t
Ko I do not balteva them Mr Johnson told Mr
Tender llorst that ba would cut off his rtgbt arm
rather than treat with the League now tie Is suer to
retaliate upon his late partnara and the Association
WII C olo
cave him that chance
There la a whisper to nllht that Cincinnati Is lbs only
elub that nas not contributed to the antl throw down
pool President Louie Kramer did not minus with the
dlrta but they called upon him at his taw office
Three New York Player Not Slaved
Considerable anility 1 felt because President Day
baa not yet succeeded In signing Buckley loa or
Keefe When these men are slmed the team will b
complete There la a creation about all three of Ibes
playarThy are wanted bal they show a disposition
not to sliu What each wants 1 a 104 round salary
Taloott I and his wife have South
Director J ion on
bis return he will probably stop cU and nave a personal
interview with Buckley As retards Hosts I he wants
iD iou i Oa JI and John T Brush will try to sin him If
he cm for hew York but at no auoh ridiculously high
Bture Beets will sign It ha can get the club to com
to hI dairy > SI attempt has been mad I secure his
signature since two weeks axo President Day will r see
him In a fewdava and as Keef has a treat dal of re
spect on terms for Mr Day they will undoubtedly compromise
About Cincinnati
What do you I twill b the outcome of the Cin
cinnati muddle1 was asked President Day yesterday
Isdimcnlt to lay Bali can b down as prstly
mar rltht that the Leatue will have a team there
whether IlIa Johnsons or ome other There la abeo
lately Lout no truth lu the rumor that the Leatua wants it
Base Ball Notes
The llackentsek K J Base Ball Association bays
disbanded owing to their liability to secure suitable
I rounds for practice au4 games
Alfred Benjamin C Ooe Hiss Ball Club have leased
the Mutt Haven Bal Grounds for tha coming season
and will be pleased to hear from all stronir uniformed
teams wishing te secure date Address Edgar Ulhas
naaater IU Uleecker street
ThaJaapsisot Manhattan College have reorganised
for the season Thar have a vary etrnnr learn and
would like to hear from Urstclas teamster Wednesday
and Saturday gauna Addra U J tlayaa Prsldut
= MIr A HaibalUn College
Bo tos March e The Boston League Jb signal
Frank Lake thU morning a Is a ennui catcher
who mad a an reputation last season with ohs John
r Merrill ulna lie 1 laid to be a One thrower and
rood bank stop He was booked for lbs South wIth bbs
Beds bal will now remain In Boston 11
Toms Kniroa or Tin Bat sir Seeing the Item la
n Bun about Ueorge Smith the ball plarer ailIng
tl b reason why he wan not kept as a member or the
ro Idea la that as J M Ward Is I manager and
captain of the team 1 would not do to keep iJoort be
cause be would get all the praise for his wool work as
h did lilt season and J fI Ward would fail like a
rery lick mao I believe every admirer of Oeora
Mnltli wtilair e Kith me It ills was riot so vh lid
nol Mr ann hilt Ward on second and Iolllna In the
fie d snil PIl short t I doubt Mr Byrne wilt lois
a area 101 of I ID runauaon this account lopl you
will I ilctspubli h this I remain i
A > otn Annuls or Oioac fwts
Htutt or the bcolej
Tha ScottishAmerican Alhlatlo Club en organization
which bat imJe Jersey City conspicuous In the Italic
rca held an Interesting stag lass cvonlur The
aliteenfoot ring In Ihs dusTs was put together Every
araliabls Inch or space was occupied by lover ot th
manly art whan Wllllsm Crowlay nctlng as master o
ceremonies announced the beginning of Ike shoe
Eve exhibItIon of thi manly I art was replete with
clever ducks and hard bile The participants were p
Armstrong and D Connors ot his Scottish American
Athletic club W llexnbrurk and A Krt not the Union
Athletic Club James Murphr tVli ralmttio Athieno
Club and Joieph Murphy of ihe Union Alhletlo I Club lr
until end 1 ron of th cnttlihAmerlcsu Alhletlo
Club KoJ Mahoney and Charits Jacksou nr his Ial
ineltn Alhlailo Clul K c llabhlll and 1 Soil I ol UK I
Larlllard Athletic Club A Uillagber end P I uinsurraan
nr i he Fcottlih American Athletic lob T horsy aul
M tidbit of ibe lloboken Athletic Club
I The wIndup which conilned of four rounds bad Cal
llccarlUr and tlllam kenny ai participants
The Montcialr Bicycle Club wilt bold an entertain
meuleutlaroh 17
The road race for the CHIens Bicycle Dubs KM cup
will b held sony Ibis spring
The UruoUrn Bicycle flub will hold their regular
monthly meeting this evening
The annual election ot onlcers of the Rutherford
j I looms Wureimtu will I be i bold Ibis evening at thcli club
OpemlBtr aeu of the Haeejaet asS Teaate
Clubs Toarstaneat
The annual handicap racQuet tournament
ofthe Itacauet nnd Tennis Club of this city
was Inaugurated yesterday bY n game ho I
wean Mr It I < a Montagne and Mr I U Perkins
The formorwac
kip players of the First Clnes lormorwn
allotted a hand R a handicap and Mr Perkins
a hand and an ace the latter hating an see the
adraniece Doth gentlemen era old memberof
the club and play an admirable game Mr Ia
Montague Is a very quId and active lithe grn
tleman serves strong and n times displays
considerable judgment lie wan the winner of
the First Clues Touinamunt In 18SS Mr 111
IerLlns Un bioadshouldered and finely de
veloped itrntlemnn weighing o erJOo pounds
In playing oORIUle He IB surprisingly ncle
sends tho bull swiftly In seuicis U usnnlly u
euro plater bll In rotiirtis alibi Is I quick nt per
eelvlng the plays I or bit otinomnlfl Veujxrdiir
howetur he fell Ilt lu his play considerably
alter two Mtnrn en men showing evidently that
be wns not up to lull playing lorm
Mr rtrklns won the hlIOI of hands and
qulokly pliicud bite aCM to his crqillt by sur
jloo Mr La liontligne loolell a liku number
l Ioe Parkins altorndillng aKltmla In tile tiCconhi
hand slipped upon a rather sissy Imckhnndrd
stroke lulled ace XVIIB the losult of Mr Ta
MontauneA short two hy torxlco and three by
gonerrtl play Jin playing lor several hands
afterward wa sharp the score allh close of
the sixth hand landing 13 to in irs fator of Mr
La MontaKne The lqttprjuilnul to score II two
bands thor after and Mr 1erklns nas lUewlne
imposivl of In one Kncli then toornl two otus
the score slandlugU to IB In favor f Mr Lit
Monlugno A proitr bnokUandotl kilt edit
Mr Ln MonlRiino to the outer court Mr let
klns broimht bin scoie up to la jtnd nt thpno
lltttirofl It stood nt the finish Mr I7a Montague
makingtlidwlunlnitrtieIntlienexthnnil I
In butt cocond gauss Mr La Mnntoene quick
ly assumed a ID but at Ito end of Ibo
third land 1 the markers cal was fixe
all Mr In Montoitne went away again
with a wollplnycd Jle while Mr Perkins
failed to score who light In the court
fald acorC 110
wAs quito bad at liii time Mr La ntalol
next ellort netted him a single and then Mr
1erklns by Dome dniililng play and few errors
of his opponent rolled uu nine aces whlcbgat e
him In tbe the Third and fourth games M r Pcrklna
waa completely outplayed and Mr Lit Mon
tagne won very handily In the two games
there were a couple of InRtance whore a Ques
tion WM raised as to the legality of a played
bal W8111sed the request of Mr Perkins
Mr W T LawBon wa otkod to act us
referee lu the linitl game The scores were
MrMLaMontiiine I haul I I ft > f 0 0 1 0 115
f g f = l
MrUUitrklnsdlidlactiU I 1 J 1 I I o a 113
Arts hy serviceMr L Moalain 0 Mr Ferklus 8
Tim of game 11 minutes
Xr Sits Hontsgna I hand e 1 S S lll
MI1Iolbn4 I lace 1 I 8 0 eIS
Acep by service Mr La Hontagne 8 SIr Perkins 7
Time ot seme o > J minutes
TItIan OillE
sir SI La Montague 1 hand 1 1 1 4 S S15
Mr I U Ierilns I hand I scatU u 1 8 u I SAc
Aeesbyatrvlca Mr L Uontsgne 4 Mr Perkins 0
Time of game II minutes
Mr M ta Montague ii hand01 I I40ZSOI I 115
Acea hy service Mr La Montague S JJr IerLlns 2
Time ot game la mInutes
kla Total aces scored XT L Montages 58 Mr Per
Total aces by service Mr La tlontagtie 21 Mr P
In 23
lletereea Mr W T Lawson In the fourth lame Rob
ert Moor first seornd and third garnet Marker
Kohert Moore Total time ot paylng 45X minutes
The first game In the Second Class Tonrna
roen will be played this afternoon between
Mr A U Tower whoso handicap Is ono nee
and Mr Benjamin Micoll who gets an extra
Un Wednesday afternoon Mr B B De Oar
mendla at scratch und Mr 0 Lawrence Per
kins with three aces were scheduled to play
the second game In the First Class series but
owing to the rather unexpected continuance of
tne championship struggle the game will
probably be postponed until after the contest
next Saturday between Mr E UtMontugue
Jr and Mr J B Tooker
The defeat of Mr U 8 Do Garmendla by
Mr J b Tooker on Haturday last la still the
uppermost topic ot Conversation at the llacquet
and Teunla Club The setback to the cham
pion Is accounted to be one of the greatest
surprises that has ever occurred since the es
tablishment of the club Mr Do Garmendla
bu always been looked noon as being the
strongest and most finished representative at
racquets that the New York Club has over bad
He has held the championship honors of the
club for three oonnecutlv years and In all the
competitions forthe title baa not lost a single
gamp In addition to this distinction he vis
ited Boston last ysar and met the Boston Ath
letic Associations crack player the result be
ing In favor of Mr De Oarmendla who became
the acknowledged champion amateur racquet
plater of America
To retain the New York championship an
other year Mr De Oarmendla did a deal of
hard practice In the courts and after his victo
ries over Mr Dana In the preliminaries and
Mr K La Montssne Jrln the trial the im
pression seemed to be general that the pres
ent champion would retain his title When he
appeared in the court to meet Mr Tooker for
what was expected to be the final struggle
there was hardly a gentleman present who did
not believe that the odds against Mr Tooker
were at least three to one Even the lattera
moat enthusiastic admirers admitted that they
saw no Chance of their favorite winning It
was Mr lookers first effort In a charaplonshln
content and while It was conceded that he had
a splendid method was a terrific server was
accurate in his strokes and bud undoubted
staying powers It was thought that lack ot
xnerienea would operate seriously against
him tvltn when the games last tiaturaar
stood two apiece Mr De Garmendta was ex
pected to come out of the contest victorious
Mr Tookers success however was well mer
ited and It Is claimed that he will he a stronc
bidder against Mr Da Oarmendia for the
American championship thle year I
Mr De Qarmendla has still a chance but It la
thought to be quite a remote one to retain the
championship If MrTooker defeats MrK
La Montague Jr next Saturday the question
Istfettled and Mr Tooker be omes champion
If however Mr La Montague should bo soc
eesiiful the contestants in the finals meet
each other again
Handball Men Out In Force
Patrick Quinn of Carlow Ireland threw good sited
bomb Into the ranks of th Brooklyn Handball Club
reoently 9 am prepared II said he to play any man
In my class and I will Include John Malcolm John
Grady the Spaniard or r Barrett for from SB to SSO a
side If that dont strike borne I will play any man In
America barring ons and I mean Lawlor Courtney
and Delaney particularly for a like amount It they
will give me ten acts a gamA
The usual club day at lb Brooklyn Court was quit
lively Among the special games playid was ore be
tween the veteran George llanley and Thomas P Ly
cam for flu acids lbs latter gave ths veteran aye
aces a gam and beat him Thescorai
Lynam 31 I 21 21M
Unuy m 21 in llut
John Lawlor eichamplon of Ireland was brought
face to face with two strong men In John Mclvoy and
Larry reid and lbs result was a walkover for tius
pair tee score
McEvoyand Cord 31 21 2IB1
Jonn Lawlor 0 lu 1100
Champion Casey and James Dnnne Jr played a
sharp cuftlcst alumnI 3001 Ji F onlmnn > t Dr 1bli Hmllh
trie bU aud little champion coming off triumphant lha
Casey and Punna 19 21 21ei
Malcolm and tmlth 21 111 l 13tl
Among oilier ames played wsrel
II L Fords and J MeKvoy 21 8 21M
r quinn and J 1 Malcolm vu 21 10cu
31 It 2168
tUcMahon 9 VI IBis
MeEvor Ill 21 2ini
T llomiee at 13 1443
J Cola 31 21 zoei
W bloKes B 19 2149
J Iiowd and Tom Usehan 31 18 281
carmoiiy and Cant huia is 21 17541
A Waldron and E Burns e 10 21 15 21 21IOfl
J ConklluandJ Mufoirell2l 21 12 21 17 1UIU1
A number rf stout games were played Dllly Court
ney couth Hrook Iru court on Saturday Tho jirlnclpsl
uues ware as follows
J Grady and J Da C alllllon21 21 21113
Molt itelesanileterColillOiillv IB 1U6O
Ion II 111 and PbIlI0or21 IS 31Mi
William ives IJ I IOo
Jo Wuer and Ixiult Oliell 21 21 I sssi
Jerry 1unn and Karon > on lueen 17 20 ai I d
Joe Leatsr and liso Miller 31 I It Jlv
Iaddy HolmesanUAl IJoyls u VI 1I 31
John Connor and J Pa 1Dl1l1oa21 II 2123
John Connolly and Dennis bea e yt Ui6
fhll oDell and W Leaver VI 17 21M
John Wager aid Jos Leater lu 31 1731
W SmIth and Dan Lawlor 31 18 JICI
leo VS alters nd fcd hell JO 2 I 11100
W Ives and 1lnl Iqwer 21 21 21 21 I 1D1U3
w lirandenburg aol lieU HiiUrli m iw 14 21 bit
The Metropolitan Bowing Club la a Flour
lulling Condition
An adjourned meeting of the Board of Governors
Metropolitan Rowing Club was held at their boat
houses on the Harlem m hunday afternoon a b which
the Treasurer Has Inilructed l > lluliate aU Indvbtoa
neiaon pmenlatlonof bllU Capt Julius D blair was
Instructed tu purchsie a single gig a set of swoop aol
to have Ilieellit oired largo refurnished completely
ol SI
and aico 10 porches I i a new American flag and barg
colors all alvo a tinubie scull gig The loilowtua
honorary memberv who were very active In I the pest
were ai their raiiueet i > laced no the artlva list five of
whom are charter luembim Charlee K Naetlilnz Her
lull BNa l < thlng llturr J 1 Hair Lharlee Malir W f
Mitchell Itlcn rd li Ulesner aiid tl a For Many
more of the old members of the club have also slgnirlcil
heIr Intention or rejoining The 1 two boil houses 111
ia l palnteu and placed in good condition for the romln
MIIIIII 5 eotnII ace appointed cmielilliiK ut
Xrrsrs 1 Julln U ltt T lu iiionsv ami roll
Court 10 rnaV arrangement for Hie ciuue entail l
opening dinner at tolirg Ioint The club la lou I In
better coimuion blat u I lias ian fur tons lime and
will be will repral on the water the coming sea
Ta MsMi > Isteut Moire In the Citkla
Ifntchn Replies cc Was E xpeeie
laekknrae Ld e Yasssa On e
ATAKAHarcb OThe third game of the match
between F n Blackburn and Befior D A 0
Vasqnez was otened yesterday by the English
man and the Mexican selected the Flanchetto
as il of once Shortly after the few opening
moves were made It was found that white had
by far the superior position while black tried
In vain to avoid the threatening catastrophe
for DUckburne not only maintained the ad
vantage gained In the opening but also ma
terially Increased the same In the middle of the
game When the t > rlie had to be adjourned
Yasniteza position looked honeles
Today play was tesumed Blackburn leer
ing easily after fortyfour moves The score
now stands
Blackburne 31 VaiQUcz drawn a
The cable chess match was resumed yester
day morning when Tschlgorln sent his moves
from Bt Putersbitrc The Russian did not
surprise the local chess player Inasmuch ns
hownn almost compelled tnprocoeii with the
games as ho did Hare are the moOs
Krani aambllCA B x Ku
Two KbUhti I bafHic < m K to 02
Homo of tile local l magnates expcoleil Tscbl
rorln to play I It to 1Il l In the Two Knights
UBUIO Ins end In order to be aIls to double the
rooks on the bishop file Tbls would have
been tin ndvnntDge but on the other hand It
must be taken into consideration that It U I
wrong In principle to confine a piece on n
square which would have been the case Lad
Tsablgorln played 20Jtfl 2 There II 1 not
the slightest doubt about It that the Russian
bus found by analysis that Kil 2 le f best un
der the circumstances
5u55z oAuv
ridionmi mum nCAtoOI arninm
Ifllllt herb IrAlt Hino
IFgd Ke liPGil CxP
2 KtKBS KtQBS 18 KIQXtl QltRlft
4 HIJ Kt4 Hx KIP i7fll KK14
t P3 U 3 BK lSSR3 1 P8
G aititi 8BS ie I q RQ s 5 < KIRBS
7I04 tKRI 20 BD 4 III
S BK Kl 5 VQ3 11 KtQS IrM
o 111 0 KIQq 22 Ktll 95 x KI
1111111 4 BKia 33 KtH PKICIf
ItKIQR PUB3 2 4 KtlB QxK
12 BH a BR i Si B k Kt QI it
13 Kt84 QKI3u itixjl 1
Black lnlil3 pltcia
1ir1 A If
> I m
mlu l
M j j
M jJt WJ i T I i
r 7 I l w
Irr4J q
I r I
A it W Iij A d
P1 r i
P1Wbtls KA m I
Wblia Tioblf orial la placas
no uioun cin ca
mtitr Tscaoer STitmn eacitcests
Whltl Blade 111111 JII I
1 IK4 PK4 14 V QBS 11112
2 K MIIS 3 QKIB3 15 PQ 4 FItS
6 PxP Q KtR 4 18 PQ KtS IlKIS
811 Kt3ot l113 19 BKta pBc
7lxl Vii 30 QBJ QZP
R BK 3 PKR3 r KSeq rBe
KKtRS KT1QB4 2JPzl rx H
10 Py s Taitlee 23 BlP B = KB4
11 HICS MtOS 24 KtK4 Bz Kt
g KIK4 Bqa 25 QKII BIB
iils1LaiKB4 211 3K I ell R 2
Black Tschlforln II pteeca
ff l rI
J II m
A > Ir Wgjffi I W l
wt00 la
White BtelnlOU pieces
3ood Score IB the Bale
The Long Island iportmans Club was well repre
isntd at Dexter Park yaitsrday In lbs regular monthly
club shoot If tha dUagreeable westhsr Is taken late
eonslderatlon It rained during the entire afternoon
but novartbeleaa sportsmen present finished net only
their club scorai but partlilpated In four extra sweep
stakes The targets used ware blue rooks thrown from
two traps at right and left angles IB and 20 yards rise
according the bore of ID gun gun below the elbow
until the target leave I lbs trap M Schottler and
Ranch tied for the club badge ann Ike additional prize
Echotiler winning haIti moth round of she ahooteff
The scores
Kegular club event 20 blue rocks each man FlnegeL
13 Behrengauar 13 Oehrlng Ui t ran It ISiBllber Ill
Scbottier li Kauch lii racr Hi ienulinger Ui
btuetil tl
lu tie first of bbs following swMpstakes events at e
bluo rocks each man Rauch captured nrst money on a
full score yiuegel second on A and Dchottler third on II
In thaeeond avant metes was wlnnerofItrib money
Ksucn are second and at atoi third fb third
weep Bcbrengauer took first aol Frank third prize
yiuegel rtucn and Kohottler being tied for Mcond
money lu th sboot tf Eaueb dropped out on the
seventh and Hohottler vn the ninth I round while Flnoget I
killed straight Ranch waa again Ort man In the
following third event with uchoitler secOnd sail Vlusgel
Canaalaa Crlcketera to Visit the State
The champion erlcket club of Canada be Koaedales
of Toronto Ont have completed arrangement for
their tour East and nave adopted the following
chedulei June 27 Niagara rails June It Cosmo
polltan New York June Wand July Metropolltso
District Cricket League July 2 and S rblladalpblat
July e and T Boston
The club will lear Toronto en the morning of Satur
day June 37 and ipso their match the earn after
nonn at Niagara Falls They wilt spend Sunday I a New
lurk and also the Fourth of July tIe trip lasting Iwo
weeks Although the team bas uot yet been definitely
selected It Is I known that II H Lyon who did the best
work for his side In the International match last I year
will be on of Iha eleven whloh will also Include snub
writ known players as W Ldger J B Bowbanna J
K Martin J II Forester and T Clement Clement and
Martin are tha crack bowlers of lila team and lay
have on many occasions smashed the batting averages
of some ot Torontos leading olayen
TaBsy Cased Hetlr
A matter of tso In the payment of stskss has causal
tbe retlrementot Thomas Creed the Nonpareil AIbisIla
Clubs featherweight sparrar who has developed Into
such a good flgktsr At the rat battle with Msllla at
statan Isisnd Creed receive bit ball eg the torn be ex
pected 10 gel for defeating Barney aulllna u John
White his manager took the other bait Incensed
at thin reed threatened la retire and Join the Brook
Ivn Atblello Club but Kbit blandly told him that If ha
did t would bays him diqoaitflsd for racalyin
moaOJ for Dblln holly gesi 1 acclaimed lb roast
aid l1luter Bay John yar a good OD ye are
WIT didntysr iatiuifsvry time aIItoorJ
answar on iThttsprl and again lbs threat to de
nounce him to Hi AmaUur At hie lie Union If be
changed oiubs laciness Cried 10 much that hi has
JotiiM the Marlon Ailitito Club snd promises tosunr
only In eihlbitluu buuu hereafter
Meveath Kcclmciit Shooter
The annual class match open to members ot Iho Bay
anlb Regiment Rule Club was concluded lila on Batur
lay night on the rifts ranges In the armory over 01
members ISis club competing tiv shots at 300 and
Ova at soo highest possible score 70 Five pI
Th scores of thus whose scores were uu or belter
300 AOO
fame Iu41 Total
A W Trotter si rJl TotalCI
II u Iiuval t 81 t3
JI lord SI 84 IS
R McLean l 84 53
11 H Punu 9S HI 64
A Hteln 13 3J 54
1 DwIght Lf II 113 t
l > A > sblt ft sa ftes
111 Janessn 91 S3 54
U kgtsblims MI S3 es
d lowle SJ HI S3
H W UirntL 81 ifl 11
11 klnck so 113 1 its
L Hants XI Ml 53
l > a Meyer 31 31 03
H ili I
r U cdwell Jl IIU 02
W VLIUIstead 10 U U
J II Clark 2t > ai IIJ
K IJenklns SO Sf eJ
Mevene ao 31 at
JI > root mi ai OJ
1110 Hailer m 3J SI 1
3 f I Done Jr tti U III
1 K rrtMllxer 01 1 U III
II Ihuiupmn 2 4 31 fli
II 1 Hnriuw Jl us lii
A 1 a it 3 II till
T U Ultwall 29 ill xti i
V MIeJeistn is bM IO
Wallsbeak nfat Karileh a the pislB
ee at S4ith Balk Mae
For the pail six year the leading feature In btlllarl
elrelee suicide of the cbsraplenihlD games baa bean the
Brooklyn handicap tenrnarnent Tbece leureamenta
have bees the mean of prodaolag soeas ot ha bell
amaieurs In the couetry Araeng then Orvllle oddle
th sptatenr ehamplen for lbs past four years P55114
I ranch of theiklll fbatcsrrled him satsly threagb the
RscQuet Club tonrnaroentt la I baa eenteita la fermer
years the amstenrswho eesapaut wife aatlelled Is play
iralthl rail Mlllardi ThIs put they all mar am
bliloui and Ib teorasmeit Is at Hcb balk Has lbs
the rail play which In previous eoniest forraed an
Imrorianl feature or the game la I elimlBatef aad spas
table WII9 becomes the roilog factor or Ih play
The biou parlor adjoining naln geom ef Pairs
Brooklyn billiard room was nllad u the doore let
night when Haurlo tidy anneuneed that Ike eaeelng
gsmenf thetourniment would be between marry ma
Penbiek and Hareiel Bkrlleh beib 10 play IfM pelnts
Aaron Voaderstarker on ef Brooklyns vtteran plio
usrdlst was rlcted as rustic
HailenUck bee elIlarrr several prevleele t riia
moots and Is the Lincoln club chamfclon Khrllch le
a young Russiefl sod has eyer played In nytaar a
mint previous to this onN
Thiicor whloii I follows gives aims idea of bw bay
P la84 l
HslUnbeckA 0 2 n 0 0 12 4 IX 22 111 987 1 II
S3J ladi 01 0 2f aBn9Il9ZtUlbl
illS AyeregiI ft mh yusi i ID
fibrilcti i I 71 oi GI II Do 0 11 0 0 1 II
3ii3Ii4l5 u s Ii u 1 i I 11 T I II2
Average S SA llghrnnsl U 9
Ha Arcaen That a New Cork flam Would
e > Better Taaa a Chicago Match
dtorge Blcsaon laid last night la reference te Chant
plen ichsefere announcement telegraphed to Ill
Hex treat Oblesga Ibal be would only play Il leeeen for
be worlds championship In Chicago i that he grtled
tcedIsgly thai bs oeldn1 play lbs OhplOll ha Ibo
rsniua1 Ce WI sqwSloaaen 014 illiaWs
lola r impossIble for ne 10 In my soatitie in Pew
Yolk Fhllofor should rammbor Iba I 65 sos ebal
11111 blip J merely suggest 1111 II wssit ha a 5004
thug ti Juicy bu Of blue mblD Surely be DIetS CCC
that there Il enough at slake la wake It worth while te
coma her rather than net play at alL He wen my
vo stake and taoou of gala money laal Oaeernbor
here Be hs3 a chance of doing lbs tame tblag Mala
bore le store gal wooer te hI won Ia seen jjmetng
hers than there would be were we to pUy I In I ChicagO
Eloeson laugtiod when asked about cant teaaark
that he anggested a match with Behaefer to Mcap a
ebalieng I from Carter S
I 40 001 pnDI C11r or hJ or nybO17 loe
Irons ekaiIsmgii uls l1oa said whan I sees a
215w Vort mtch with 5chaefer Let Carter ubsIjenje
I he alllo When ha luau challenge mlh I will
announce what I will do I cant dDO before
New Yorker Amxleve for Aaether Mettlag
fthe Billiard Star
Champloa Jake chaatera annonac m n et bit
willIngness te solar the bIg I toraaiB t at foirtaair
latk balk line that Maurice Daly suggested U a nxtsre
fer May DH stirred up treat Interest la t this city All
the profaeatonala and tnutenra an telltMal at tae pret
peel that Schaefer ttcliloa Inures another peat
trail for billiard lovtra The wtilliinaat at the ancut
pion and SIOHOD and Daly to pot DP moaay Oct of hair
own peoktta to bring about a tooney rtodtra U prob
abS that the Bmniwlek rompanr will pal liP 10111
puns to Iniur be lacctai of bbs undertaking
tor atg
fcnt f
Satiric Daly has volunutran to take lie manage
meet of the tourney thu relievIng the Company of the
1 th r and worry of looking I after the ditatla Mr A f
Troaiehtr baa always bean liberal In patronlimi bUr
Hard and billiard lorira airrtu the hops that Sue will
r r mD
not b biokward on this occasion In encouraging an
ua iTtaktnv that la certain is banaflt mannfactorr
and room keeper and entertain the a III1 I The laat
tenraar that Mr Daly menaced was bbs nemorabia
Irrlnrilall eililbUloa valeh went on record as the
moat sacceaef both naanclally and artistIcally that
Son r f een held In metropolIs
Carter mad Ives Matched
II was reported bare last olfht that lotea Carter
and Frank ITM had mad a match to play for the am
blem that Carter won In the recent Chlcag tenrnay
with Schaefer and Hleaaon barred Tha match II was
laid had bean Bxedfor the mWdia or April
Bleyollite Play Pool
live rN were played la Ihe continuous handicap
pool tournament of the Brooklyn Bleycl Club on Sal
unlay afternoon lb games raiuludssfellovii 8U1U
wall I e ball beat Brtualey 14 ball by H to CDI i Brown
e balla beat Uawley aoratoh by > 0 Is MI BerUad3
baits beat Jonas lu ball by to to Ill Brown e ball
beat Aakarean acrtch by BO IJ 40 I Borland a bail
beat Aekerion scratch by 60 to 39
The aiaudini of the man te date U II foUown
Xamr Won loll IIIrrat area tan
Matthews7 a SthllweILl 8
Hawiay e I Rogato5 4
SkinnerS I IchoelarI 10
AckarlonC a Jarrte Ig
Bnrlatd e C Jones 1
rullar 1 5 NuLsan3 i
IIUWD 4 5 vaudeeanS
BlrhV7a 0 Cromley1 S
The Riverside Wheelmen are evincing Intereet
In their handicap pool tournament many game being
Played each week On Saturday in games rsnt d as
follows i yiake 8 ball wa beaten II r Br bnbr S
balls by 60 le 43 Banner IUalU beat Jidge 10 baIa by
But4 i Backer a balls beat baggertr 8balla by 110
loan Flub I bails beat Stllger II ballr fSot4l
hobbies a ball best rowers B HIlL by 40 to ta
Weeks H balls beat Banner 10 balla byJM M 411 Don
court scratch beat Harrington M bails by BOt40i
Campbell scratch beat Warner B ball by U to 471
RobiDsoD 8 balls bait Warner 5 bails by 30 ho 4l
Tiak b balls beat lch 3 balls br lID to 48 Isobar
a bllo boa Maco 13 balls by 01tloSO sad Drigge
Coogluten and Huller lort11t4 to IINr Flleh Drug
and Tbs ltobinaos ladizig respecltvaly of the man l as follonl
home Loll Was Moms at ifS
lIarrlDIl 4 I
I lad
Cnllt 8 1 Sllltr I
WarDer I I Soatr 8 I
CampboU2 8 I
Doacoan S 8 Powra1 0
orlltrO 2 Wart I 0
lIel 4 Wt 1 J
Horly1 7 Obrialiant 0
Darbahr 0 2 Miller2 0
nah 1 I Robinson 1 5
Boubla 2 I Mccoy 4 e
Curler at Dinner
About ISO devotees of the rearm game being mem
bers of tha Grand National Curling Club ot America
assembled at M or silos tact night It was the annual
dinner ot tb club and jollity and good fellowship
reigned supreme Thomas Nicholson ot St Andrews
Club occupied the chair and th feast which began
early In the evening wai continued till a late hour
The Oral toast was as usual Tbs President ot the
United states and in respona all joined In elnglag
Hie Star Spangled Banner Next In order came
The Queen of Great Britain and God Save tt >
Queen waa enng with a wilt The Grand National
< urllng Club of America was rospcndod to by ex
President James Stewart of yonkers
Royal Caledonian club ot thaIland Btspeas by
xrresldent John fatlUon
Tks Ooverid Stinks Baspeu by James B Gull
Caledonian Club Nw York
text camatb presentation ef the prizes wen hy th
champion curling rink of America couetstlng of Georg
Frazier and hIs three sons Th presentation apeecb
was made by zPrsldantUaorg Grieve
Our Guest was respond to by Janiss McCready
et Albany
Bong and recltatloaa were Intirlected at Intervals
during the evening and bbs banquet aa a whole wa
555 or th most enjoyable in lbs historY ot the club
Ropratsntatlv curies war present from Albany
Tenters Brooklyn Jersey and Bow York
The Six Day Walk News
Manager Albert was In a very pleasant mood yester
day concerning the coming six days rae as Madison
Square Garden and astured all hie caller that It would
be tbe mail notable event alcoa lbs great contest for
the Aatley belt The entries will clos In a 4y or two
there being somstblng In she neighborhood of ninety
cames now on the lilt The fact that such men aa Al
bert forty Unerrero Hnghoc Hegelman Cartwrtght
ortmac Moore aud tb Englishmen now in their way
ever an la It will aanr a great raced
George Kklnner Ohamplon Albert ssaaagsr waa la
the city yesterday and xprsd a desire to wager
llooo that Shaman would break the recOrd lie ears
Albert la working from Oily to sixty miles dally and Is
In perfect form The great Pan Uerty wb is known
u a man ef wonderful gameneaa baa trained ao long
and hard for thIs race that be too teals confident to da
even better than the famous Albert A number ef men
will undoubtedly bo forced out cf tbe list of entries be
cause they have been a little slow In paying lbs SIUO
nuance lea Manager Albert Insist ea the money be
Inc paid at once
The diamonddecked medal wltb the ten carat stoi
In lbs centra which will be given te Iho man who
neaks tba record wu Disced en exhibition In tbe win
dow of Benjamin n Wise aa UnIon Iquara yesterday
afternoon and attracted a great crieS
National Athletes Dane
Hsndiom ArIes Ball tb home ot Ibe atafore on
Wall abuses scar Broadway Brooklyn never Rocked
better than It did last night when tb second aauul
reception ef the National Athletic Club wa bell there
Tbs gathering of the alhleieewa lbs largeatof the
season for a similar event aa nearly 400 persons en
loyal the evenings pleasure Kern banners and na
tional ensign were used In profusion In deeoratlnn the
ballroom and gnat ereditwaa dneA U Maas Bears
tary J I Brown Oaorg Muk II II Bay and J ir
Jaegel the Committee of Arrangements for the Intelli
gence wblcb they displayed In eondtcttng tile details ef
the affair all of wblcn culminated In another success
for this popular Brooklyn orgauliatlnn
aVritciJtnl built AllOll mirl ly to lie jeputatf
of the club and she lotus 10 ais of tha adalr lisle
rations from the Hrnoklyn fttandard Union Brighton
titer Etns P1111115 btuyvessnt Hrlilge fur and
Mnnroo Alhletlo Club and lie Acorn and William
burgh Athletic Association aad lbs champion fro
pact HarrIers ably yspresliltel ttia aiblsho Zratcrolly
I ISle tip Soruna hell lato Jtaenswud and taulilus
Si at Clubs compoesd liii yowing elements dtsfalto
slId lie KIIgu loUflty Wbaelntrn bedford tycihi
hub tirnoklpu itamblari ann tiussna County Whe
men were represented by outcries ot ardent riders of
the silent steed
Ball of the Brooklyn Caledonlsm Club
A quartet 01 a century ago list night a few et the
descendant of Robert Burns fathered In a small room
In the city ef Brooklyn and organized she Broeklyn
Caledonian Club for lbs preservation of Ibe ancient
customs of the clansmen ol the hills and vale of Scot
land Ho successful baa been the organisation sine
then that It elands today one of Ik graalaitof tb
many Scottish club In the country with a brat repre
sentative memberebln among whom are several iioied
alkietss slid honoroif resldsntsof the city Th twenty
fifth annIversary bsuQust and rsceptton was held lait
night ai tiangoruuiid Hall corner of Smith and ticherm
rhorn streets Mrooklyu aud aeveral huuitred Islam
bars with their wives and families and guaits heartily
njoycd lbs evening pleasuraa
Harlem yacbtownerssuffarcanstsntlyatlh handset
petty thlsvea Thle winter the lliUvd nave been work
ing InduslrXusly et Ike ground ot the Harlem S cbl
i lub lout of Ial iOta eireet and pretiv much ever
thing imrianle has been cerrieil away Vcsterday Her
man 1uljer aid euoiner ilub member caught two
TOMthi removing lIe letter of Hie name rrld
from Ilia ficrn of hogan and Lawler s cabin aloop The
buys wuo were arrested are Kdward haitian aud Kd
ward UcCormack Slip wet locked up lu default of
bail for ciamlustlea
The Baal games between the Eccentric and Manhat
tea Club resalted la victories for lbs Utter Tliescorati
rtait 00sf
rentrloJ telnhlnl er 114 Aoter IOn O Alain
hansen I4S Bnchois llu A Stelnheulur 141 To
tal S4A
Manbattaalmltb ITS Rchlronht ISA Hsu IS3
Diifi 1641 BauerluT Total 713
500600 0551
licsntxto3 llelnhtusssr 136 Aoler ITR i O Stain
bansaar ISO Bnohola HJ X btalnheusiar ISO To
1a ianhatun mlth ISO Rchlrmuht 184 Hsis I6t
Dlngsi 125 Bauer 144 Total 717
Mnstsr relied eli peer games In the King County In
dlvldu Tnmsr on Patunlay night and was rouse
q entlr sadly defeated by HuJjarU and Lowery Tha
Mora i
First jrsmeRndyard 113 Ixiwerr ISI Second
game Rudvard ITii towey U4 Third game Ituil
yard ISO Lowirr 101
sicoxn sit
yirsl game Rndysrit lOll Xlnster 15D Second
game Raiirard ill I Muster 134 Third gumsllud
yard ITO Muster lielatio
latio imiis
FIrat game Low rr 3 < Ut Muster IM Racond gam
Lowery ITO Muster uu Third gameLowary 17J
Muster IM
lamea Tonlht
Tel SDK lamviAVit caiKrioniHir toarxitsirv
LePer vs Barklag
harklane vs Aberl
Aoerle vs Keller
Schwackevi Kahtsdorf
Kahuidorf vs Bullwink
Builwlnkl vs Scbwacke
Cobs vs Osceola
ooeeolavs Mescott
MMoette vs Babe
launoioii scatetiKiinirf aseexivn
Metropolitan re Ban Scott
Mans Bond vs Arlington
Arlington va Mstropoiltan
Athletic Goeip
M T yanAdilreu J II Lavelle Tell and Dojers
Constant ReaderAddreu C U Bert 319 But lllth
ttreet New Tort oily
Tb X4a w Jersey Athletic Club will bare a run from
Bevtnty sixth strsst toalght
H WoedsTkrs Is nc athletlo club In the vicinity ot
eccnd strut and first avenue
A ReaderThe handlcapper win put yon en lbs
Changers mark threoquarters of the handicap
A Header Tbe Pastime A O Initiation fee is fS and
ana cuper year No other emb In that vicinity
The Druids of Baltimore and the fnaten leland A i
lorcs laama threaten to withdraw from tho A A U
They claim that lbs boxing clubs which nuw control
the metropolitan association do not know how to lao
die the game ef lacroese
At th meeting of the Staten Island A r nut Fatur
day night a motion will be mad that the club secede
from Ih A A U E W uould will b elected to soc
cael Philip 8ua as secretary
A ecbem for the consolidation of ilva of the largest
tbletle club of utaten Island ha bsen sprung by V Vt
Janseen Tha Idea la to get fourteen acres of ground
with 4uQ feet of water front and put up the Bum club
house vuttldeot New York city
Two thousand seats bays already been sold for the
Manhattan A O games at Madison Bquara imrden next
baturday night Oeo W farr will bo referee ana
among bbs Judges will ba William B Curtis J K Sulli
van H McMillan J Harder The timing will lie don
by C 01 Hughes Wendell Baker and iso A Avery
Open to any 123pound man bar none Is the way
Capt hank 11mg or 5SH B Turn Atbletlo Club of
Middle Village L L wrltea to TUB Hug In regard to tie
ofler which that organization mane A tM trophy Is
She prlie for any one who will make a match to right
3 Walter the club room In Middle VlJIsge en a date
mutually agreeable
The semiannual election of lbs officer of lie Gotham
A O of Yorkvllla wa held on March 4 at theIr rooms
at ia aat kv lynfib sIred Wilt the followln re
pull rreiident Ueorgo B MeMghti VK President
Andy McUwtbr Captain Ernest Adams Treasurer
Willfam J Mnllano Kecordlng Secretary Cdwanl T
Barrett Financial Becretary Sol Appal 8ergeantat
Arms Francis P McMann its Gotham A C Is boom
tug and are looking rot larger rooms aa their pressnl
quarters ace 00 small
Twenty sturdy crofsconntry rnnners of tht Amen
can Athletic Club bad a very Interesting crosscountry
ran list Sunday morning ever the wellknown Uamlok
nell course which covers a dlstane of about soven cod
a half miles over bill ditches swamps and ploughed
neJds and which was hugely enjoyed by the parllcl
Cases is se rum Tie finish et th run fnrnlshd no
uttl oxeltemeni as the tbrae leaden were bunched
llkln SOO yatda of tbeOslih nnd at good rao for fiat
boners was the result thai falling to the junior
obamDlen i T > Bald who was a yard In front of bevoe
and Mamlok who ran dead beau Adea who had
charge ef the slow pack was lbs nail man to finish fat
lew4 by rtnnarty ffelllar and Kelly
The largest run of the aeseon wee held from Busch
man Hotel Vernon avenue Long Island City on Hun
day when th teams of the Star A u and Now Jersey
A U held a Joint crosscountry scamper over the hills
and hollows of the star s championship course Just 3
flttylhre man lined up for tha start and It was S ci
P la when they wore lent on their Journey by Mirter
John X Gray cf the blare The course which led
through Astoria and Woodslda to Mluneld thonoo to
Thompson avenue and borne was very heat y and th
runners presented a sorry aueclacla at the finish Tho
main was vary exciting and close Isrrett Kltzgera4
of th Stars coming In a winner with J j
Regsrs N J A C second M IIynes bur A O third
o B Gardner N J A G fourth J Bnuman bu
Of erg A CL Of tb and the rest closely buncheil
Odd and End of Sport
J R Csrrlgan the old wholesale grocer of West
street baa just been elected Ilenlclent of blue SILt
wood N J Outing Club
SIMMS March 9Miss Zoo Ray ton ths vanity
actreia who Is walking Iron Dan trancUco to New
York on a wager of f liO made by Le California
Athletlo Club arrived hare this afternoon
Willie Day and Jimmy Clarke the latter of the Friend
ship Boat Club will be contestants in a second race or
three Miles for a gold medal at tie Coliseum Rink on
Thursday evening Th dlatanc will bo three miles
AicngisoK March B Tommy nutibard and Ed Jef
fries light weights fought here ills morning Jeffries
won In the third round tllllam Alcock champIon
light waUbt ot EngUnd was behind JoirYles aim lick
Callier the mill wigbtof England was referee
Manager Gordon of the Coliseum Rink Harleni hue
Just completed rrangemcnt for a race between SPat
lace Boss Pied IlalileO and Jack lsrgan lbs oars
monon rowing machluee aol ChucLlyons ant Illllv
Mann on roller skatsa The distance will bo ten mil an
Tba Montank Boat Club of Hrook n recently elected
the following officers President C urller Mce
President John Hose Second SIc lr ldent Alfred
George Third Vic Preeldent Augnit hnoblork lie
cording Secretary J mes F Whrte Correepondlng
aeereury Robert Whleyi Traeurer Harry Darde
Btawsrd John Faggettt Trustees bredcrtclc W At
belt and Fredorlok Cuakenbusch
The progreeeiys eucnra tonroarnent row In prograia
at the Long leland Wheelmen cub house le drawing
te a close The standIng ot the men lass follows
Ifame Wan rtaiti ferceni
It Evans lua ITU iu
r Bogart ue zn < 8
Ualier IHJ 3
f Bogart IM it Xj
Llpmau 101 ud f
Alien Ill j il 34
Topping us MI lin
Taylor Ill utl ju
J llennessy and M ntipatrlck the former of Hew
Bocbell and Ih latter of Larclimont fought chIll
Svsounoa sieves for a purse cf 7ntho gyuinasln
of lbs Crlbb ninbof Now llochell on Thursaar evetiin
last Tb battle during the tint u lasted was a
rattling on both man giving anti taking In tIe most
approved order At lbs end of four rounds however
llaenessy who was In the lead refused to contlnu
erther < Ialn > leg that bo bad been repeatedly fouled oy
Fltipatrlok and did not eipenl a fair decision from lbs
nferee who wa a friend of the latier
The following special cable was received
at lie rHo
oMJM eDIts yitrdayi loil Irltrliard and Jack
Serbs net at the mauling Lift ounce lcday to elect i
retire for theIr battle for fiow u was agreml to
postpone lbs conteit until March li iieorK Mr
who waa referea when Jam Smith and Frank r tHat iii
and the latter anoVfo McAulin fu < ht was azrerd
upon ai referee Pritrhard backer protmieJ to In
crease the stakes from taui to iui i a side but Rurkea
backer refused ltw > mutually airreed that the Hght
shall take piece In private and that oily twenty nicii
on each slee shall be present bquire Ablngluu Ia l back
lug Burke
Cricket Note
The meeting of the Coimnpollun Imb which waste
be held ou Thursday night bus been postponed until
March tl
Last Thursday a pail of thirteen tut dye from the
Philadelphia and one from the jlnaton rlcket tlnb
left on tho steamship Oronka for Herinjila They ex
peat to extend their visit for about ten das
Now that lbs Amateur Liaga Club lisle joined the
Metropolitan League they Intend to strIve rot a iroo 1
plane on the 11L They ars trying hard t < obtain a
private around aud may be succvsiful m procuring one
before the seasuu stai to
K A Smith of the Now Ycrk Hub will flnl It bud In
fill the pico vacated by K J UavMinn uliu woi tel
hard in lbs chic of eecretsry fur niouy Sear but lie
baa already got into the swing aol I will probably lie a
very efficient and euct eisrul secretary
John Duncan lIe newly electfj secretary of tlie
Brooklyn cricket Club is working liar > to make this
Jean orgaul allon a suocee There are st preient
feung nv members and before lie season Is oior It is
expected tnat there will be onubi tillS number
The article In Ih constitution of the Metropolitan
Leorus which save Jtu prutri lonal or iljtrivd piui
shall PartIcipate In a Ie4iru0 ijtuie tlurwue UMU
as umpire wilt Ie rigidly enforceil this rakon it is i
not probabl that any club will tnfrliup the rule isle
daily if aucb should cause a orfsttur of the gain
3 Macgreror tha recently appolutel rhalrnian of
the Cricket Committee of the elilan Island Club will
ahtlvs hart to lava his organliation win tue Leagu
penanl this vest Tba Islanuere will have a stronger
team than last year and si Hi Manhattans will u
weaker If anything tCrre should be a very rIce fight
between the loading clubs for tie msmplvuihlp
Ilia Fort Hamilton Ilub which lonie exi ect 10 flnleb
low in tlie I t liamliiiihlli eerie ms > vuilirla s not a law
before his season is us ill Jidvuniel CM cluti ha ak
nsrgelto IUI r oilloere all cf wlioni hat a lIt inlercs of
the club at heart and they have proiperl ol tncreaa
ins their strength materially Many bowlers will regret
to see the urolbere Noon get toKuthrr at the wickets
they ate sure to trial lal li voc wIth Size aualj sis
Cures All Diseases
II IB ATowKRriii AHiiflnrTiq
It li A Tlfoitouoii BMIUII iMKiriBR
lv Wllt DO AlI WK ClAiM von IT
11551 IT
if Lalttlit St
raiak elfleoi 1561 Broadway cr1 2202 8th ar
Lady In alttnitanca
Fulton St opposite DeKalb Ave
is ciex
Manufactured Solely bp
FreiVk Longer 4 Co
The only perfect protection
against flies and mosquitoes will
last twice as long as any other
screen and costs onehalf foils up
and down like n window shade ami
screens the entire window They
are now used in many of the finest
residences in this country
A fullsize model in Upholstery
Brooklyn Furniture Co
ovpit iiuO i > in > itKsT PATTKRM AT LBSS TIIAS
II 3F111
cis on you THIS cnAMBRK snr SOLID OAR
ejqc von THIS rAnroit SUIT is rnsn on
Brooklyn Furniture Co
559 to 571 Fulton St Brooklyn NY
Anrlniinnn Q lin a Tf rm
Il HII5I IIII Go cent lower
LULUUJIJUU 5JUathsn tiny
other Oral <
claus name
H nfl iiinii PIANOS = nl
311 Fulton SI Ilrooklyn
DBEHTS i On doe will top a couthl
I1Or1fl1flfl Qioot1
Peck Snyders Celebrated
Ste al > i u e rn pairs of full pnllilxl I A
Stairs for 012111 rsilurel from Ilt anl
pairs Itroad uues Illiin IHer wIll erae loox04
wheels steel axles for ttlOO reduced rum I I
191130 NASSAU OT NEW 50KJt
Many Thins to be Dose Before the Old
A A V Board RetIre
The athlatlcofilclal will com together mxl v eel lu
a padded ring la She New York Athletic Chub gimna
sun lie preliminaries and final will come utt all la
one day and tbe scrapping la expected to olpe
any ot tlta nugget festivals sn In this vicinity Tis
dale set for the mill Is March 18 At a oclock In the
afternoon the old Board of Managers ot tIe Amsieir
Alhletlo Union will assemble and after cheniluf
cheerful dIrges the old Board will U laid genllr til
firmly away At S oclock I M the schedule meeting
will bo beld and give dates which are not wanleJ sal
refuse those earnestly dtslred After tlO tt5
Cnat bouts Will be fought and they ° III M
desperate ones The four delegates recently steeled ij by
lbs tauuuiMocUtioiu will get luiu lu au < C
all mr loget two meu to renreienl each
ciat on on tho contra Board After that feat n I si 011
nlislidil the new Board win chooee his omrrr cii
A H MHU wlilihle well known delr Mr 1eore
enl nir inmlllirate the Xoleiice st Hie coIIIC hi
having the gU < llalore of liii ttld Hoard ell downtown
let club lniu at lIe New lurk A O atuovok Ji
firri Iluiit >
Invitation has I been accepted Among the
speeches will be one byudgo Tlgli on 55 lIt I hlifhl
Abut 7illeeliir I omllllltses 1 ilhlUiVelt
luoull I Its tIaiisisul situ 155 Barth I arga
err Tis Art of Stale iireckblisf end lttUY 010a15
of an literislbnc claraIar asul it Is preSIded hot
suer luasoinc tiruuigi this urIne orIatl lIsa A A
will emerge ai bright as a first placa medal

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