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I I a4a 0M ft THl iUS
fIO w 1111
i AB wpT4M e BM at atl a4 B Enaea > dr IJ
iI I SJO H Mw by al1t 1
PAILT far Heath M 8
I IVD4T FarTear >
r sItags t raralfB Cautrlt dl
THE SUK Ktw Tnfc Ottr
4bIram41 for Tai WHXKIT BDK
I < i mt ftwworrow wvrntoff must be handed in
I I f t aosi Wo oelodk
Deaeeratto Boosomy la SUU and
Democracy to pledted and committed
I by Mraraaaaa the most solemn and binding
to frugality la the publlo expenditure I
awe ooontenanbo any olher policy with
sb violence t Ik record and disaster t Its
I hope The Democratic Btate Convention
1 fcaU Syracuse I 1874 declared under the
i sruJdanoeof SAMOTII JTmmjffor economy
I 1 the publlo expense that lAbor might b
lightly bee It w Mr TttDiM
I Massif wh Mreral years before that
mooraoyi ieOne4 afe theory and usage of the J
Ivary Beafal Md Betataary rvrB BUlerrte
I at B pie i I odBUva W Ivtry raxM
biMatusiIiIauv4 br thffleiairariy
araaai U kla what balaan I l 1 ike 71o71S
We oonrratnlateV said the National
pepotTaviio Convention atClnotamati I 1880
I tfcittnntry upon the honesty and thrift
C tl Democratic Congress which has re
fooed tit pnbUa expendltar 4000X000 a
U pu Gw
year fend upon the promise o such change
i I the administration of the Government M
haQ Insure genuine and luting reform
i I every department O the public n
I The Chicago National Convention ot IBM
4ecjardthab tD oryplee itself
t purify the Administration t restore
eeonomy to revive respect fo the law and
t6 reduce taxation np paraphrased
the warning which Mr Trtwaf sent t the
S o the Treasury nineteen a
Tntr U no rojal real for a Oertrantat lr tnaa
I far aalaarrUaal I C corporation What yon went e
4 cow I e SQ Acwnyaor pmu anA live within
I MM lao I would fir all thi Itnroamala ot
haos aaI Bnaaoltrtnx I would give ch bollt it
J I < I a tk oUL ktraly lu Ur within you I
LlThe Demooratlg party declared the at
jQuU National Convention of 1833 cbel
t engea the mot searching Inquiry concern
I ng Its fidelity and devotion to the pledges
f l which it I Invited the suffrages of the
I ip It has reversed the Improvldentand
I wise policy o the Bepubllcan party
The last Democratic Convention held In
iew York arraigned the Bepubllcan L
I lature for imposing the heaviest State
taxes both In rate and amount since 1875
We pledge the Democracy It eald If In
trusted with the control ot the legislative
branch of the Government to lY the po
I plo lower taxes and economical expend
Despite a these deco there are
sow pending I Albany bills Introduced by
Democrat b if passed will add nearly
00 a year t the burdens of the p
ple ot this city Scarcely a day passes but
some adventurous local Democrat without
the fate o the HepubJJoans In Washington
before his eyes brings forward a new bill to 1
add still fur to the publlo burdens The
coast for lucrative publlo office and the
freed for larger pay at the peoples expense
must b resisted and resisted fly and
aJaMpsJuUy by the Now York Democracy 01
the Mattered fruits of last years victory may soon b
The record of the last Bepubllcan Congress
gress ls before the people and itta along and
1 mfMTtllr story of recklessness and
waste A a o JRepresentatlves over
whelmingly Demoaratio I succeed lt and
poi tin course much wjll depend The Dem
ocrat 0 the 8tt of New York against
great and unfair obstacles and after having
toen defeated In the effort repeatedly have
eownd one branch ot the Leglalature
1t a rasonsbIe hope that at this years
election they may not only retain the Assembly
I sembly but also secure th Senate If the
depo o the people I justified and the
I pledge made to tbe voters a fulfilled
To follow I the footsteps of the Bepub
tlcans and betray the promises made bysuo
t esaive Democratic Btate and National C
I ventlons would b merely to turn back the
ont o affairs into the hands of the old
of Jobbery and extravagance
parry o Jbr ad atTac
The 10DJ and Wild West Shows
The permission granted b the Interior
Department t BtnrrAiiO Bini t engage
1 Sioux Indians for h WUd West Show
fts a great victory lo II I I a
nora conspicuous success eve than
that which be achieved during the recent
Vine Ridge campaign when as Brigadier
General commanding the Nebraska Bute
faroM p be received a written acknowledg
4 ment of h services from Gen UIUM
It h been accomplished moreover direct
y I the face of a deliberate official decision
pst him made by the Interior Depart
ment itself I the last annual report of
Btoretary Noam dated Nov 1 we Und l
chapter headed Wild WestBnows
pools opt he Wid WetBhow
la which their effect upon the red man 1
vividly and anxiously pictured I
P I ukom Into Mraaf anA moit titUlii u
n a4taf > I If toMbt to r uw tao wIldcat aol noil
araf hiss of UdUa wartaro and too ofun ttnpud
I isr is puMci to t lswii yiu Wn Ile
Ma orttiakM Hm l anr form o Sirius 0 r ccIdI
er > ai > f Hy Irl up wi ot hliompWr li
emdltlon oa r lorn bm I aol a food obi 11 Itwoc or
t baIU ot l 41 u lent bJ kin In Ci cpI
tall it our own or otbtr nllf htiatd lint f reich
a I teat 1 4ptoraU and It hu bn cel4 tkal no
M wh IUa o wateaou nall be mad or a
Ir < sat that all 1 ladlaa iasnt tbaU u trt Im
aalT itprBl and Citoll air MUBBU ta I lalur e
lak ladlaa Croa Ih rtrTatt or ihiiwbr rO
tt aom a at Confrtai w t paind or1144101 any
proa or corporattoa 1 Uk e omplormtnt or
I UB4reoBirl air indIan it would be ot nuob 11
000 e the Dtvartmont la nforolni Ibis policy
Commissioner MOROAX In whose charge
too Indians are put more Immediately was
equally vigorous In denouncing their en
gagement for circuses The chapter on the
subject In hU own Wit annual report was
also pointedly hnadod Wild Wont Shows
and Blmllar ExhlblUon3 It called them
very harmful and it thanked Secretary
NOBLE for tile letter of Aug 4 against per
mits It declared that the testimony
of those reservation agents who bal been
furnishing Indians for these purposes Wits
that thu practice Is I a most pernicious one
fraught with dangerous results both to
those who go on the tours and those who
stay at home
TMIr r > r < untatlaiu ot IfiU of MTUO darlar
taowiiif korder lu at It fermtrlr 114 rlrldlr 4
plCo wee t rtflP isurdar as4 robbfrr for
which tbr w aa iU UcUlr applauded I dmcral
blBSJsMatr dacra Thai kaMow atlMaaor
last aad aundr imbued with the 14cr Ibat tb ditd
1 < r r
f bhi K ibI IeII Prtrar la theIr w rs
kilo upeta art p olallr pheilici l ta the whit pio
plwkra thr bar been taifht tarsiard aa tiamplM
Cf dTllUatlon
Tbtlr nrnndlnc II IbM howl w nralirt
U wrt and ibsy pick up most diradlnf rlcta IB
auad ot blat 1 f TM blr laipntd wtk th rtUtlra of
the blll8 II U 10r than Ilktly that IUy corn to
dutmt 1 throuih what thir vaaToldaMy HI bill
and ezpSrhiDoi Thtr frqo Ur rttara borne Not
net IB porte wrSkd morally and phjiUiltr ant la
lathcaMa their laOunc and axampl amoat th
olhirtadiani I thawent piibls Thi popular Inv
tTuln ot th Indian obtaInS frD Wild WM Show
lbll Is Cat they a Ineapakl of tlTniaatlaa and
tbto Imprtuloa work alrtellf act pwtrtally atalaM
has OoT rnmnt la lii bnfl nt ort
Those are the enormous obstacles which
BUFFALO DILL found in his path and the
skill and success with which he surmounted
them are proportionately great First he took
some of his performing braves t Washing
ton t show the refining and ennobling In
fluenoe which European travel had had upon
them Then when tho Sioux troubles broke I
out and threatened t wreck his plans
especially aa It was charged that the com
plaints of Imo of his troupe had aggravat
ed the tribal discontent he found I that
disaster his opportunity and hasten
very ditr hIl opprunity ad butD
log t the scene took care that none of his
recent performers should b conspicuously
hostile t the Government H next step
was t procure recommendations from army
officers showing Secretary NOL the mili
tary wisdom ot allowing some of the young
restless Sioux braves t b taken away
from the reservation under h charge
The Issue was then between BUFFALO
BXL tyid Commissioner UOBOAM and the
former won I
To the crowned heads of Europe and
o r eminent patrons of the Wild West
o this great victory will b very wel I
come And now the best thing for Com I
rnlssloner MOBOAN and the Bev Dr DOB
BHBBTXB to do 1 t accept the first chance
t see the shoy > They will probably enjoy I
the spectacle and b proud o the profes I
sional progress of their wards I
He Pays the Freight
The Bon EDWABD Fmxasv Joirw I e
ryingon his canvass for the Democratic nom
ination for Governor with the picturesque
vigor t b expected o him I and it his afflu
ence of mustachio unequalled we think
save Policeman FBXXOH of the Tender
loin precinct o New orl fall t ap
P t th hen of the people he h
other qualities t fa back upon and need
not dep It I a great vantage some
time for a candidate t b well known and
from the uttermost parts of Jjong Island t
where rolls the Niagara who 1s better known
than Gen Joica I ills motto 1 inscribed
upon all hearts and Bonus and BOB
lpn a her a
never had a prouder one What I a batch
of heraldic animals and devices writ I
Latin 6r old French t the simple majesty of
JONEShe pays the freight And ten I
I a simplicity a bluff directness about
the LieutenantGovernor which t the
Mugwumps may seem foolishness but t
normal persons with a satisfactory Uvsr 1
jrrateful refreshing and comforting like th
cocoa of advertising memory
Gen JOXBB wants to b Governor and h
I glad of It not ashamed of it I and wants
everybody else t want him t h Gov
ernor If he were of the Mugwump or
jlboose breed he would set a h
fend t pulllnir wires for him while h
maintained a appearance of guileless igno
rance of the ways and wiles of politics and
deadened h tympana with cotton lest be
should seem t be too eager t have h
country call him Not 01 the race of smug
and sneaking dandlprats who dying fo
office still cling to the pretence that they
must b sought by it J I Gen Joins B
knows that an office 1 like a woman t b
courted and lot or won man fashion and If
h falls It will not be for want of courage in
proposing No faint heart is he bit a war
rior bold and though the office may elude
him he Is going t have a good deal of ple
u in pursuing it and as be isby no means
selfish he w pot object I the other New
Yorkers come I for their share of the fun
Gen Joins presides with admirable c
age over the deliberations and recrimina
tions of the State Benate and It his valor I
at times more conspicuous than his learning
I the books of parliamentary usage the
Btate Is just a well off The Republican
Senators do not ply fair at the game of
parliament and their continual badgering
1 enough t make oaths drip from the r
of OusmKos Manual
pages OsBos Mau plug
uglles ot Baltimore were not a formidable
t Gen JOKES a are the Republican Sena
tors who eeem t labor under the delusion
that it Is their duty under the Constitution
t preside over themselves Their favorite
amusement I trying t run th Sen
ate chamber The LleutenantGovernor
keeps the animals in as good order
as could b expected although from
the amount of roaring that
rrD tat goes
on at the State Capitol Innocent visitors
would think that the Senate was the wild
est of irrepressible menageries Sparks fly
from the UeutonantGovernors gavel and
from his eyes for every week there Is war
between him and some of the personally
amiable but publicly obstreperous gentlemen
who represent their districts or Mr THOMAS
COLLTEB PLAT the smaller branch of the
Legislature j and dauntlessly does the man
who pays the freight face and outface his
baiters Ha has bad to work harder than
most LieutenantGovernors and it is natu
ral that he should think himself entitled to
some reward Bo be says frankly Im
going to be Governor U I con asks for
support right and left and as befits a can
didate well seen of the farmers puts In his
spring ploughing for thc nomination He
has gone to work In good season it Is bet
ter to be too previous than too subsequent
It Is natural that a candidate so Ingenuous
and of so sanguine temperament as is Gen
JONES should imagine that the field is a little
more thoroughly cleared than It Is Not
even the cheery impetuous charge of Gen
JoNas Is sufficient frighten all competitors
from the lists There are known to bo sev
eral men willing to become the Demooratio
candidate for Governor and plenty more
will turn up before thc dog days This is
not strange but it Is true Gen JONES has
persuaded himself that the Hon BOSWELI <
PJETTIBONE PLOWBB once promised not to be
a candidate against him and Mr POWBB
Is equally confident that ho never made any
such promise Misunderstandings 1th18
sort are not imrequeni it is uimcuit rotS a
candidate not to take literally every com
pllmout that Is paid to him and It Is equally
difficult for him to comprehend that
it is not the duty of every othor candidate
to take himself out of the way Doubtless
Mr FLOWER something civil when Gen
JONES unveiled his ambition Doubtless
Gen JONES unconsciously lot the wish be
father to tho thought It would be conven
ient to have Mr FLOWEK agree not to be a
candidate for Governor this year Therefore
it must be that Mr FLOWKU has BO agreed 1
Such la tho knock kneed logic that even the
wisest candidate may come to ride
But the Democratic any of New York
would have the right to overrule any agree
ment of any politician 11 his candidacy
should eeem essential to Democratic suooess
so thai what Gen JONW imagines that Mr
FLOWED promised him Is of no great conic
IJfd < V t tr
quence If the LteutonantOovernor had
promised not to be a candidate and yet his
party should ask him to be would be
say No Of course be wouldnt A hearty
Yes would be beard from his eaehadowmg
moustaches and he would take the nomina
tion with thank The race which he hopes
to win Is free to all No Democrat e n be
ruled out Some Indeed may feel that it
Will be no use to run against C sturdy but
frisky charger like the Binghamton gray
but nobody who feels like coming in can be
kept out The more the merrier Great will
be the glory of the LleutenantGovernor If
he can win and ho liable to have a good
deal ot fun even If he loses
We dont know how Joros will come out
but he Is going in In groat shape
The Michigan Rainbow
It Is I the fashion In Mugwump circles to
point to Michigan as an example of the final
triumph of the educational campaign con
ducted by the tariff reformers
In 1B88 In spite of the glowing predictions
of the rainbow chasers Michigan gave a
majority 82918 for HAKBIBON over CLKVE
Lawn But It Is explained that the literature
sent out from the Reform Club had not then
had time to work and the Bon Gnovra
CLKmnAMD had not begun the series ot
epistles to which he has ever since devoted
such momenta as he can spare from bis law
practice The fruit of victory were de
ferred until 1890 when the Reform Clubs
pamphlets and the William street docu
mente carried the State for the Democratic
candidate for Governor by l1m plurality
Such is the Mugwump theory
Quite a different theory held by the more
sensible Democrats in Michigan If we may
believe the statements of the correspondent
Of the NIII Fork Timtt Writing from the
State capital to 111 0110110 100 Mug
wump newspaper that authority remarks
concerning the political situation I
FollUMlath Stat U laantetnl7crl < J ala m
fuss la alia lyrln thor wUl b aa ilMttaa l ta cans
a w ltaor Sc U Sipram ktagh to JaMlea hili W
On of Grand Kaplda asS lbs 1ttl1bll aa aad
Damtcrala art lakorta aratlr for YUtorr Th
no1 laMrntlai wrk hai bp1 a 4005 tyr tk Ptnoerata
t wa daarW thtmthatlaatrall1 aUeUoa whO II win
a Bpbueaai daftat lawlj tamh warn nl a Pma >
rail vUMrr llwa fcapkaiard fniioa and Bpah >
Heaa alI that thnw III majority ta 55 DBM
rawA Republican defeat but not a Democratic
Victorystill less a victory for the tariff
pamphleteers and the personal efforts of the
Stuffed Prophet I This information will sur I
prise JoaaB but It I astonishes nobody that
studies the election figures In an unpreju
diced way
Although the Democratic candidate Mr
WnfAHB was elected as Governor by 11830
plurality over the Republican TUBHBB
WIKANS was more than 15000 short of a ma
jority of the votes cast The Prohibitionist
candidate got 88651 votes The Industrial
candidate got 18193 The Republican vote
of 1888 fell off M181 in 1890 while the Demo
cratic vote of 1888 fell off only ic744
These figures teU the story of haphazard
fusion and Bepubllcan apathy precisely as
Mr GXOBOB Jomtsa truthful correspondent
toll it Michigan was not won for the
Democracy by the tariff reform educational
campaign and it Michigan is I now held for
the Democracy it will be on other Issues
than tbosepromulgated from William street
Bear Wall
hat Vs Have the Other Letter
In a very picturesque Interview with a re
porter of the NW1 York Tribute the gallant
OoL WATTWSO returns to the subject of
his celebrated letter of advice and admoni
tion to the Hon DAVID BBMITKT Hnii
4 That letter remarked Col WATOBsajr
thoughtfully It really looked worse In print
than I thought it would It was written
he continued I after counsel with people in
Now York and Washington The Colonel
Trenton to express his surprise that Governor
Bur > should bave been Irritated or annoyed
by the epistle when published On this
theme the Colonel became so excited that he
It sat up Ip bed and pulled the bed clothes
around him It should be explained that
the reporter had caught the distinguished
Kentuckian the bed which be snatches A
few bonnet repose after bis midnight labors
with brain and pen It was from between
sheets that there came the unexpected dis
closure which now follows i
N TafklwaaaBiaudMkl IHiui link af n a
Mew U chac ItlCt1 win > rtlBBiIhadwrlltBB
a rar tore to Mr OUTBU that vu tar not Im
prtlaaU only IniMad of Mr Ourtiuoi taktnf It u
Mr UiiLdld b npllI4ll1 a spirit or oardtallir and ao
qalMMB I baC epobn ot that Miii partly from
Mntlmant But I ihonld bar ao holtatlon In pnbltib
Inc ItltMr Otarau would peral CI II Ire that
Mr OIJlULUI ak4 air adtleo and OoTraor Hill
The truth of history requires by all means
that Col WATTBBSOU should obtain Mr
CLSVBLAMrys consent to the publication of
this earlier and sharper letter of advice an4
political admonition U it is only onehalf
as rigorous and charaoteristio and Interest
ing as the missive which was lost In the
malls between Louisville and Albany itt la
bound to achieve a tremendous popular suc
cess But Gal WAtTKmaoMB recollection II
that the letter to Mr CLKTBLAMD was tar
more Impertinent than the letter to Gover
nor HILL
Col WATTEBBONS gloomy estimate of the
political future before Governor HILL is per
haps somewhat affected by the personal cir
cumstances that have now become historic
I He will go Into the Senate and be lost I is
the prophecy of the brilliant Kentuckian
I He II nothing but a good crganlcer any
how Of course hes a bright levelheaded
man but hes not so orator or debater
There are plenty of men In the Senate who
will overmatch him MOBOAN QUAY Vooa
lose control of tho machine and that will be
the end of him
And yet almost In the same breath the dis
tinguished journalist and statesman an
nounced from between the bed clothes that
Governor HILL had only received the cele
brated letter and had accepted Ita admoni
tions In a spirit of cordiality and acquies
cence nothing in the world could have
kept HILL down in 1894
Thus it is seen on what apparently Insig
nificant accident the fortunes of statesmen
and the fate ot nations may turn This con
sideration will increase tenfold the publlo
anxiety to know what advice It was that
Cot WAxrBBSoH tendered to Mr GROTKB
Another regimental commander 001
HEXBT DOUGLass Tooth Infantry reaobsd bis
64th blrthdar Ttaterdar and paid the Inevitable
statute penalty of going on the retired list
Tb operation of thIn law loP the current of
promotion fairly active and last rear there
war many retirement for ago among rcl 1
mental eomiDinders and others ot atUl higher
rank This year the proeeaa began promptly
la January when Oon IUsi taj f of Ord
nance and Col H M BLACK TweDt third In
fantry both went oa lb abut New ooms
the turn of Col PouotAta and thIs will be
followed next month by that of BrlgOon
JoiiNOtBBOH and the month after by tbat of
Coin I DODOE Eleventh Infantry and Cot
U 0 Uieaoic Tbinl Artillery Lilac Ju I the
year 001 H B MIZXK 8v ntaanth Infantry I
and OoL OBIBLMS H BMJTH Mlattntb will be I
retired Whim oflUtt at this reek are is < I
ntore4 from the istlys list by the ass law It I
a removal usually of those who were eon
splououi the civil war Col DOUOLAM for
example who was a gradual of West Point In
1863 received the brevet of Major for gallant
services In the battle of MnrfreMboro AcUte
year fly swiftly the tlm draws nearer wha
enD Our regimental commanders wilt be ot
those who e tend the regular army after teats
It will be recollected that after Governor
NoamBMolOsorglabsd refused to meat 1bYn
Oouu who was siting that Btate not long
ago the Boutr Allliuux Farmer danotrnoad
1111 action as the height of njolt1I11obJe dls 1
eonrUiy in return for this lbs aortraer heal I
bB ebeertd up by the following exomiloa
from Elk rails Kantast
JMMfttt l That wa tk Mmhr at Bd Bart
Valla IN r A asS t V ot gaataa ward thl alt ef
artaor MOITIIH nwrllorlow blfbtr coo > mndbl
a a4 worthy Ila admiration and nBUtUn ot Try
tra and loyal clllttn ot th UnlKd Itsiw
9 That w Tlw this u a tarorabla omtn and hop
that It mar mark lbs btctnnlai tt an apooh la our
history whta a ony lIlob d from nnrqalt toll Sr
obtained thronch Iha attarlona obma mthda
adopt d by oar griM sins If thirtytwo JAr QOOLD rt
< UX will tall to nanaU C la the pos NOn th rf
ami lotion dwtlnatlon
M 3 That a eny at thus r clotlon t nttoOoT
traor Homix ot Oaortla with tba compllainta and
wtitmot title ciloc alto CUt a copy ha int to lbs
4Burtean Mwwvwmui and WtOOf Critlt for pnblUa
Uos 3 B rom rraildwt
Bm lOUis Icu
from this It appear that besides Mr GOULD
there are thirtyone others whom Geveraor
NOBTTIBH might hare treated with the same
discourtesy with the approval ot Bed Rock
Union No 583 of RealM Who are they r
One of the latest phenomena worth report
Ing Is toe reformed conception tt tho Hon
JOHM JAMBS IMOALLS which seems to be CrieD
Inc irresistibly over the UuRnrnmp now
its y bar bad a chance to look at him out
la the PhUadflpMa Record falrry lllostrat this
I n mISS hliry lbs ors bill hw that as
Saaator Iioiiu wu the moit pouch liD la dataat
ta tbal dannrou raaaiBr Iltwoald ntlthtr nBpart
lbs Ataic clotnra aor Uair I tb chair to BM
some BBunpalon BpabU B tutor to ruts ta III
taro Whll itnator luatuf nad maay nemis
snout lb Dmoirats > yklkltt rparUiaB Will i
oa tha floor ot tha BDal hanb r ala ptnoaal soS
political oppoatnta war IOmII to a kaowl di bl
laparrlallty and tatairlty la CIII ohalr ot lbs Sanala by
aaaardloc blot a BBaalmon Tat ot hanka Inch Irlb
0i l als tart far fr lhay are ranly 1 duvad
Inatu tuuu ihowadthai a ml1 may be an a a
mill partluB aad at tha aama Urn ittratyjut inS
Impartial la Ih dktoharc ot poUtleal foncUoni
Of course the Kansas stataiman will not be
offended at Col BraainLTs expresilon but
tha parties most to be congratulated are th
anther and the other Mugwumps To be
dellrarad from the rror of an obfuscating
prejudice In regard to one of tb most emi
nently able men la publlo life la worth vastly
more than to have a barmlessiold abuse pip
flow praise Instead of blame
HZfllr4W AXD ma a A it
It Gall rrlantl Amnt t 110I Kaalmemt Grad
unt si W st loit
To usa BDROB orTaaSo Mrs Oar next natlaaal
neampmtnt 01 Cbe Grand ArmV ot the BapnUla which
will U held at Dttrolt ntxt tint tat will be the ant
from whisk Ota Bbtrataa Wj bias aUint shoes hi
oln d th ordr IB nS 119 hIs rtlnmat from lbs
cOos of Olleral of th Army eommacdlDf fins
aad fifsr will t aadly mtMd Ws ahaU BMI a t w
ot na tnt not ofun aot for lane bat wbaTr we
pillar andar tb fold ot tip old liar
we ball mau hot we shall ratal him I
Thtra Will be OB Tacaat chair 1
11S waS tha only on af tbo ntiuni efflcr ot tha
Military Aeadray at WMHrolaVwho Tr ho4 I
tk Uraad Army clot BaptbUopof attndd lu nMUiff I
Did yon know thai I
ThToUntr offlean alw T patronUod it hit tha
rtioUn td off Thy d oi Ilk U lTUloi ot all
rank to on squat raak ot aomradMblp Thjy prtf r
th Sactoty if lbs Army or tba TnnMM lbs Loyal re
itoaBd ethic hlhralatiiartooraUo 111111 wblcn I
clue BrlTat antlrly Xot ao with Dncl Mlly I araaMr
than any other racnlaV 1Irtq cp pobly Grant
aadthlacoiiaaloali MIs inrlyto popular opinion
Ill II not miD for toy me William Tenmh Iharmaa
baa BO rival In ills military annali of all Urn Tt
rut aa h wa h jjnl OB 111I ilapta cheap prlratti
bloua mad blmC oar equal and sac down with us
In all sir national oaactla
Tha war being qvsr be sew BO dlffrone In rank
herein there upon MOW Orttltr than any of tba
aon < ltd npnatt a4 aarpal knlrhu who liner mad
tbtlrmatk aaywbara bat oa lbs pay roll ha waa Just
IaraoibtatMwbatthlruiUoala could nTr
Ink ln I that Ttba pMtot honor U a print siMian
that tha mm who did tb 1IIIUoa allot It orry
bit af It ww Ot prlratM of h army nurafor
UUtnalw feBW Saarmaa tala la tk art of It all
fanoh aa t a world has marvUdallfc Thaloadla
of man In blot abs pa rl and Ih hrartat and bat tba
ianibont II ames 1 Ulrew It radlaaoa round this
BnlTra > atod uOT r d inS wtpjai for thlrtraU
lone honrt alonf a llna of railroad a tkowand mllta
lone tad wblta tbe rain ponrad down In torrtnti atmoit
la tfUwtaUr sod trot aa II fall Cbor thy aloof
tbf fray batrd boy la hiM wsplng all tha day all
In loot I eight Ibroofh wblla sll4r111111 marobad dews
let tha Ma of atmal rail
lack a atlbt wag aster ton bofore II was all aa
atapl aa ABa D mad hlmulf Cbe squat of bl 1
bnthru Tbooch areaur than any kilt Ibat star
hook tb plant wtb bh armlai bu as plain
raadaik kind and gsuthe aa a Hula ablld And 10 wa
lord Bkrn > an pimply and only bttau h lrd 11I1 I
Thla Ie I Iba whola story rairin OIUILU
Death af WIlliam OShe Duke Cs BUB
Leon rah PSLitters from Blarrlla Ml ma tbat
sitcom baa bata cut upon that fathtoaabl Saaan
watering plata lbs wuur resort of many Aaurltaa
and Bultah famlUat br lbs almoat nddtn dtalh of
hs ExatUBtltlmo Stlor Den Onlllwma OBba Dot
d Sanlnoir
Tb Dub a first cousin by Ih way of lbs now coo
plevoot Ct OCbta u1I r for Chars and Oalway
waa for many yaart one ot lbs i atil larorlut
and aoknowld4 Itadtr ot Kclily at BUrrlit
It my Indttd be laid that Blarrlla wa dltoortrtd
by bit father who built a Tllla the when It 1 wa still a
Ofhlac Tlllaia ana wba batera II died saw Blarrlta
the nigh road to prosperity which U baa pint atialntd
Wa American may owaanitblni to tb ICe Ouko
father Da wa th Inllmat fri nd and aonnant bott
Madrid l ot Washington IrTlny and I bar bean loiS
tbat It wa bs who Oral initd to our rrtat
author u a ol > Ice worthy of hi gntu a tht lind i of
lit Albambra at Oranada Tbcs win a lima 11 l nt
lIaC onttba yanl wbia Madrid tclty oppod
that lbs I Me Dubs win engineS la Iba beautiful
Biala 0aatt do Tab danihlar of the
Ooant d MontUo who wa dtittntd fcowrr
Ce be f or a time 11s West fortnnato and steal
nally ptrbap Ih mod nntorlnnata oTrtliro
lady ol Burop HUiUUr Mm dArooa hurtmalnad
ta tbU day tbo moat truilad aid dratd frltad ot tb
amp11I kr suIts
TIIIaI l Dot himself Tnt allr marrltd Into ana St
the noblest Ppanlib fnalllM cloif 17 ad III tb Boor
bona Ha wa B rsale cf lbS Oral else and for
many ytar durla lb nip of QIItD Iablla IL ba
waoaot lbs grand ahaoibarlalni of lbs pal
Harvards President TMlklna Polllle In
the Weal
IVoM fA < Aanid nit Tlitti
Tba toolal stint ot tbt LnltD psainu wa lbe rctp
lion lnd rd fu140 and Mn Kllolalthi UnlTerally
Club last uifht U14 i
You want to know aomtlhlpf about olTlnd Mk
rr Uiler sill III sUed I Well It stopped Ib pfoioi d
UiUlatlon didnt t I think ChI IlInr letter will blp
CIlIId lniad of Injurlnc him Th peopl In th
Stat of Nuns bar ptrilittd In rolln Ibo Kepubllo
tlckt yr lur ytar In spit nf lb fact that It wa 10
their lattrtit to dtmaud tariff rtforoatlon Aa 10
uoa now wuid show that be ptopUof tilt Eat bare
been rtMlui and studying and tblnklni about lbs
to Jetssf Ikp LIlian asS ittoppsd Prl
Ilia D al > U
rpa rA ParlorS Dutip rises
Th faUowlac totter waa raotivad at tka flue afflo
today i
Mr r o Burr UarVtrt CoiN
Dun SMI Mr Zloty rfoIS l to pay CIII coupon you
ectinforcahicflop Ifio tie ssya h bat Jolntd
iii Ulpru and ha tpptd paying bU dibu
Shall wi rttorn tb coupon I Yours rtry truly
R e luvamcK
Mr Lawrtnt I rrld l of lbs Wit Cldt Vatlonal
Bank af Wichita
Moa CoaiBtlaalorier Btooae ell Go I
rrnt SAC fikttttciftia lines
Wasalwnro Cub T > A ttpon U currt liar that
Prer 4I1t Hairltoa It aqaltni W nil tvod plawi la
RaoraaiaiMlTa Ulniali af MavMhweiu and
MaQaiuaef Karylaad aud that la araar to aa Ibis be
will In lbe Dar tutu Mk for lbs Mlaaallaa of Clot
StrrUa C mralaal an Lyman aid Raottlt
4 4
21tOUIJUI nr xx rracro rcuuar
lk > r ra Matwaa ta > VnId Contr tor
Haa > Track Anew F K
Deputy Collector Burr la charge of the Pub
lic Stores had bis hands full yesterday trying
to iplt a labor problem and Acting Collector
Couoh and Acting Deputy Collector Frank
Bperry tried to halp him but at tha close of
the day It WM decided to await the return ot
Volleetor Erhardt fro hi Southern trip be
fore the question is 1 dflnltly settled About
160 laborers at the Public Store notlfleiT Mr
Barr that they would not work after 4 oclock
In the afternoon They served a tdmtlnr no
tice on him lat on Saturday afternoon but
after a commute et the laborers and Mr Ban
bad conferred all but two of the 160 reported
for duty yesterday These two were sick
Yetterday a inoond commute waited on Mr
Burr and announced their intention te quit at
f oclock la I the afternoon Tbelr hour ninal
r i
lr ar Irma II A Id to i p itHmt oecaslonaUF
tbere II a ruah of uIOljll Ttban the dipu
ty collector In charge ottlis store dlrQts oer
lain alllto work until II oelooL For aeriral
days Mr Burr has been forced to lu Bueh
an order and In dolnll ip he olsim 1I1lor
backed up by the contract signed by tho labor
at with the Collector of the fort This isis
thy are employed work u long I as Jbere
quitamenta ol pqbllf busmM demand
Hlmon ness who Poe a Qovrnmnt esrlsg
tract has been In tb habit of lining up his
lIneup alln thl altrnoenOUtildq use atoro
for the laboren to lrl1oofUb object to this I
ate Bnijnesi and on Batorday and yeiUrday
thy rfud unload any of Hs trucks
th t arrlVM after 4 oelook
I ic any lIpu lean 0100 t Uadsr I heard of
the trouble and fher were aronnd waiting for
porlotip aotlon They have natClaDC of man
who want planes and bre preiant mn eoa
nUl to break their compass with Uw Oojle
lot ny stand ready to f rDlh him t an
ar J Of laborara nungry to work from BIO i
oolMk antI occasionally a little later tor1
a IIjt rtbwu cIrculated yterdsy to the
ulC that the Treasury Deparimnt at wean
IlllI10n Md abrogated llmoD Basss eonrot
itwupremItu 1Itlllr was ieoija aD
ounclna It to ho th opinion of the Treaanrr
DapartL that Mr Hen could not satls
faotorily fulfil lils contract at I1M sent a
package This was apparent it 1 was itd I
yom tD T report af tbe BpeotalTrea nryAgn
mmlasfon It wa ivggeatedTtnat if tl e
trouble and delay continued the Collector
I Dould provid btoiMir with tamporarr means
to overcome the dTmonlUa and a a last I re
son to break the onUlrI With Mr Real and
aavartta for nw bidders
Mr HOSS himself had apmethln to say abot
tb troubl lint night It Uth t iit tlm be
nsa stated his side of the ease I hive been
doing this work he said for ajItlie over a
year and for the last tttmontb Shave ituowit
well enough thnt tb facilities ha i Government
gave me to unload my trucks at tbe Ion
ware DQt adequate I bai iidoplv two door
atwlcii thetrnka ball I be WUO led upto
Last I Thursday When tY the uggestion of the
IJleO IH Agents Commission acting Cefletor
ouo ih gave me a thlnJ door 81notha I
pay d < llyrdthgood BO fat that ttisitrlke I
or the borers at the stores was the result I
rhe average tlulller ofpacksses delivered I
dally baa bICIv1100 9A TburadCy I delivered I
1900 and on 1rtdav 11OQ Saturday tjiq work
wa tnterrQPticl by the refuial of the laborers
19 Work pftr 4 VelaoX al1d > beTwas also
i9 troUbl1l tooay 1he oOCllplalll of tbe
Importer cbargi delays bsyjean inch nd
I have never sale otberwiie put the cuter
have bell no fault of mine T ie today for
instance when tho laborer refused to work
alter 4 oclock 1 had to notify my foremen
that All trucks must be at tbe etoraa not later
than 380 ft IIJow mistake to sayl took the
contraot at too Iowa price I can make money
at UK cents I a package If the stores wore only
put In ibap tolrecelvo the good ni fast 01111
deliver them The loa and expense have com
from having the truck wallnpon the limited
faollltus fur handlfng the goods It
P J7N0 4041X97 DEACOXXB8K3
TaieNaw Tork JPrcakytarr Negative the
OrartaroB or tha Oeaerml ABacmMy
The New York Presbytery spent two hours
and a half yesterday in debating overtures
of the General Assembly regarding Ibo ap
pointment of deaconeiMB and after taking
What seemed for a moment to be deoUh
action in the negative practically left the mat
ter open The committee to whom tbe Ques
tion was referred for a second time reported
that it was in favor of the objects sought by
the overtures but nevertheless was constrained
to negative botb the first because It affirmed
what is I in disputeScriptural authority for the
appointment of deaconesses of their ox
istence tbe Apostolic chnrchand the MO >
ond because toe proposed office and Its duties
were not particularly defined Aftr a long
debate in which several aubRtltutoa and
Amendments were proposed tb II report was
laid on the table by a vote of 38o l 28
Tfl Overtures of the Oeneral Assembly were
then dhbreetl ly voted on and tile first wa ng
livid jy an almost unanimous vote Vr
JB then made a long argument Tot favor 01
anawrlllir tile oond in the
wrlogJhB overture afflrma
tlVl In which ii e jJIadd thi aampl amrm Kant
Churpit ot oat aad az4 of the hater lrott
ant denomination liItop L eI tSmiLb lbs
eyhsse bafliji aa ur Vmlth
I VMB in lien r van Dyke
iso spoke in c halfottbe Institution of ties
oonea but lbs overture was negatived by
a vote of 89 to 21
Then when i matter wa thus entirely dill
posed of tbo iboy Dr famplo reed a rulDt
mont declaring that the Hew yolk Irosb
trirecognfzas tue valublIJII e r Ddrll
to the causo 01 ChilE ny Christian women
and overtures the General Assembly to au
thorize the Church Cessions to select and ap
point godly women to minister In oases Where
their service are needed
This proposition snd another to a similar
ffect were referred toncommlC composedot
Ur BampIeCDr Thompson and Elder Tucker
Th9Bov Jr Burcbard rendered a report In
regard to btioh Church In which be advo
cated the removal of the edifice to another lo
cality and chine ng Its name the removal
tbe pastor and the estrsplsm of the discordant
elements Tbe nv lr uoblnson In opposing
Ihls report spoke of himself pa nothing a
rhetorielin l like Ir D1rohard bo i report wo
refrred blWk tolls originator
Th Sreabytery accented a CllDcollQd mort
gage for SII000 on the aevnth esFyt ran
Church oUsu jhrit at n lreabrter da
sheets presenod to It by Col hphi > whose
father ttlidati e church
Meeting of tba Brlac TraataaB
At a meeting the bridge trustee yester
day President Howells recommendation that
Policemen Clark Foster and Blechol be dis
missed for misconduct wo unanimously ap
proved and William A Boblnson Patrick Foley
and Patrick Bulllvan were appointed In their
Counsel for the trustees reported that the
heirs of hiS let Col W H Paine had a claim for
f 5000 from the bridge for tile use of some of bill
Invention and recommended Ita payment
The matter was referred lo the two comptroll
era and President lowell
Comptroller Inn again brought up the oft
dlscuiued oueitlon of the manner of awarding
bids and dfiapprovod of the custom of giving
contract to othjr than the lowwt bidder
His I motion that all supplies amounting in
value to HMO and upward should ba advor
tlsef for and awardeti to the lowest bidder
withhe woeptlon of oils grease and coal
was auoptid
Iji accorasnce with this I reiolutlon tbo bid of
I jRcobi for clothing for tbo bridge iiollceroon
was accented The contract calls for 2oU Iou
10rt100 blouse and 26 drelll butts anti ii
IItlpo In 489111
The IttSS receipt for February atnonnud
to IMmat anti the expgndllures including
S7MO for the Board or Fxiinrts tTTmol
The total nnmber of passenger on tbe railroad
wa 83118847 and pn the promenade 21210X
Htllwell am No iDjuattloa
Judge Beach In Supreme Court Chamber
yesterday refused to grant nn injunction
against the American Soda Fountain Com
pany restrain It from taking ovr the prop
rtleiof the onmpuloa which It bad already
bought out and bt < restrain them from Bailing
Bllaa if Htllwell on whose application tb5
caao eume up bad nothing to go on when
counsfll for the oompanv demonstrated that
eb propartJ bad already been tauIsri4
Navnl OHeer WIHta aith Helm
Collector Crnardt Is In the South Acting
Collector Couoli received word vasterday of the
death of bU father at Nwburyport and he
will depart tblll mornlo to IIlIepd Ih funeral
Th Sort IJI rJDk III I banal Omeor willis and
be will bo AotlrigCojloctor until Inc return 01
Cal 3rhardt cr air vouch
Tb Moat HUrUInK Tart In Aalroneiaiy
from Ilit tall rranttKo Kiamiatr
riot Cbarlw A Toon till tmlnonl rrlooitoa so
troatntr r < c nly eat I bailing III his l H art of th
falact One of 1111 11114cc l i could not r frala tram
asking blot III IIn ottbIJ4IIr
What lio yon tho must wonderful inS itarHlag
fal of ulranomy I
MTb fot that your irttt Lick MU eM rral
iiuuftooaof Ian a4 ikl vry ea of tkai k
amp IlItDrljcaUJ ant by ansiocy drlat light saC
hail lo bU Blantn Von know lbs Lick ttltopa r
veal Hat to iroall bal wtall reqil lr OiOW of inm
I be rlollol i l to Ilissakad eye
Nat Even Wb n Ha Htanl Oma
OmMlf Oroft Wajtilaato bad kata 5 falktr 11ft
aalUraa waal kara 4tlr tin rafally
ra lWky t
CJelecaue be could not UU a ICe
80llfO TO xoor vr tvaA JIl
If lhay Wat 4swthr eabs sad It
Laska as Ifthp WesllsL
Enrr Dick told the Beoat t oonmlttee at lb
Hotel Mttrepel yesterday that he did not
know the terms on which the DlcX Meyer
Company joined the Sugar Trust He thought
it got between two and a halt and three mlllloa
dollars In trust certlfloaU for its stbck plant
and good will The reOnerr WM bunted la
Bpl mbr 1889 anti hadnt beta rebuilt
When asked bow many trust certificates he
himself owned be refused to answer on the
ground that Itwa a prlvatematUr The mOlt
I definite bit of Information extracted from him
wa that the Pith ft Meyer Company bad con
tinned to draw trust dividend sinCe Us burn
ing of tho refinery
Before Mr Dick had told all he didnt know
00 B Ellis accountant of the Central Trust
Company gave a detailed account of his exam
Ination of the papers et Ihe Sugar Trait on Its
norgjinitatlon He found no record of sU
1100000 of undivided profit hold by the can
stltntnt companies when they wont into the
Th e committee proposed to adjourn Again
without examining Mr Theodore A Have
myr Ellbu Uoot protnied that It WAIl an
outrage to com cat attendance of witnesses
thus to no purpose His protest had no other
treat than to bring up lbS question of the pro
Suction ot the books of the companies which
ones constituted the Trust
Lawyer Harris tbe committees ooanstl de
eared tnt the books of tho Nw York corn
panles must be produced Mr Boot declared
that thli demand was unreasonable and un
warrantable I
Mr Harris aid that the book ware sees
spry for the purpose of lbs committee sad
that the refusal to produce them showed that
the offers of the officers of the Trust and their
counsel to Rive the commute all Information
In their power were mad for effect
Mr Boot retorted that it tb book aneitlon
had come up at the start ft would then and
theft have tIlJL etUad lo far ii his clients
could settle it Thy had nev r offered to ex
poi thr prRat afralrB to the imbUe
senator CoBgeihall said that the eomiianl
were chartered by the law of the Ttate ana
that their affairs wore open to eglslatir In
Mr Boot saId that lb Legislator had no
right to compel a corporation to Jlxpoa Its
mOle401 ping huslneia to rivals lie said no1
would 4fOd his clients right with every
weapon th law put fa his binds
Senator Vddr laid that it tk beok Wire
not produced on Saturday the commute
wonla arraign tfio persons responsible nrt their
ponprodueilon before the bar Of the UanaU
and have them imprisoned tor contempt it l t
ft GrasS Jury ay Look It atotta
la tha Btrea CIcawlBg IbcpsrtaaL
John Morrison the District Superintendent
of Uw Street Cleaning Department who was
suspended about to wilks ago pending tb
Investigation of charge against him was re
moved yesterday by Commisiloner Btatti
Deputy Commissioner Dalton who conducted
the Investigation sent this letter 10 Mr
I respectfully report that in ay Judmtnt c t best IB
tarsal ot lb Mtrlc riijulr his rtmoval from otSq a
I Ihtrefor recommend that be be rtiaov IwonU
slit iintl thai all snob ptptrt In this mlttr aa
bare soy offlcar or ampler of thl dprelllllll with
titorUtg or atlrapllni to extort monty or any ethtr
thin ot valna from any other odetr ar anplor of
the diartmat hi lobmlttta lo liii PltutMUorny
for lIIob solloit u Co him ray tint proper to be takin
provided of aaana that tb alltiauons 11 v ba
worn to by Cbe perIOD maklnf tbtm
Accusation of extorting money from Fore
man Flanagan and adman Everett were
made by these man against Horrlion after be
bad lodged a complaint of neglect of duty
against Flanagan and of overcharging against
Everett The men put their charge In writ
Ins and thr and Morrison were impended
pending the fnveiltgatlon l
Morrison 1 e a Tammany man and lives In
the Seventeenth district Ba wpe mftdo dl
trlct superintendent lIa the brief reign of
Commissioner Loomis through tbe Influence
of exSenator Ilunkltt Ho wa formerly
Master Workman of the Carrot Workers and
got Into a snarl with the Knights of Labor
Aix Hundred Fonada at Mall Matter COB
ted The BacBnyenaaa Narrow Kaeatpe
AiuTKBDAif March 9A Lake Shore bag
gage ear containing 000 pounds of mall lo
through Western pouches and sixty pieces of
baggage was Burned two miles east of here
last night Baggageman McNeil of this place
who wa asleep narrowly escaped cremation
The car was attached to tbe fast St Louie and
Chicago express No 6 The 1mm in loLl Albany
at 10 PM In two sections At 106 the first 10
tionln charge of Conductor Markell and En
gineer Hagerwas topped In response to a tug
QQtbo bell mops Head Trltlnmn Eldonelttlu
In the smoker we alarmed bJ the odor
or burping timber aDd aOID upon the for
ward platform flaw flames bursting CroOl the
roof of the baegose car Stopping the tram
he endeavored to arouse tho baggageman
who was finally rescued not seriously scorch
ed but badly frightened The plo Wall pullud
and the engine pulled Ibo blaring baggage car
Into ibis station at the rate of a rallp a minute
Passengers describe tbe spectacle as tbs
grandest sight they ever witnessed a pillar
ot lire shooting aoroes tho country like a
meteor and reflecting an Illumination for
miles around The necond section wns flogged
and ooupled to the deserted train The baa
gaga car was completely burned out There
were pouches for Syracuse Bneheiter polnt
h i Ohio anti Indiana Chicago and the ol11a
Welt Three pouches for Toledo and In
d uonolU were saved also two or three
npleoasfs 1 hey were sent back toAJbany
Jh mall on the car left enb New York Post
om at 480Sunday afternoon There wore
78 5 pounds of It
Ue Think that V > 4ar the Canatltatlon He
Bemalna dipt Xo
When Company I Twentystcond Rqslment
was disbanded by tbe Governor Capt Leo was
pat on tile supernqrnerary list HU paw baa
since boon dropped from that list nnd accord
ing to the ruling of the authorities bU con
nection with tbo re Imnt Is I entirely severed
Mr Leos counsel served notIce yesterday of
an application to th6upremo Court fora man
damus compel Col Camp of the Twenty
econd to replace Mr Leos name oa the roll
of Iba realment The case will come up for
trial on 1d rub 17
Mr LeO I oouneol will claim that tile law of
188H entabllihlDK the up rnumrary Hit U
uueonttltutlunal This claim is I baaed on a
section of the Constitution wblfih ay No
commissioned oflleer iball ho removed from
moo unless by the tends on the recommen
elation of the Governor stating the ground on
which such laruovalls rBcoinmnddTorby the
derision of a courtmartial pursuant to law
The Ocooral Term of the Uoprem Court
denied an anjillcotlon for n writ of certiorort to
review this Governor action In dltbandlng
fomrany I holding that as the Captain was on
the Huporntimeriiry list he wa still on the
roll Thin deofolon has bon anpealea against
but tho case In th buiirame Court will go to
the root ot tho matter fa tenting tbe constitu
tionality of the supernumerary list
TcneblB Wllcr a I aaan IB PatUnca
In the trial In the Oeneral Beislon of
Nathan Becker charged with anon lu the first
degree In setting tire to his tailor shop at 85
Avenue A Joseph Whir ot the firm of Wiler A
Check tailor of 9 Great Jones street was
enbpcenaad yeaUrday as a witness After ha
had sat In court for several hour be told the
Assistant District Attorney that he was going
back to bi business and did not propose to
eArns Mimln I
Itacorder Smyth called Wiler to the bar and
asked In a tone of bland courtesy
to Did you tell the District Attorney that yon
could not or would not ty her under sub
pana and did pot moan to come again r
to I did renlled Wllir
And rou meant what you saId V
Th n Captain said the Recorder yen
will take this man Into custody and keep Lint
until ho Is I wanted
Bo Wller was taken to a bench In the rear
of the court room and wo kept hero during
racesa eourt until Ilia hour of adjournment
Then JIll IIcenrdor naked him If he thought be
could miik It eon > enlnt to come again to
day adding that II ho thought be could not It
would be uocesnary to send him to Ibo uouno
of M WHir made baal to iay that be
ild make It purely convenient to appear In
court today and Recorder timytb < ucharKad
blm from custody
Th rrcaaat Aafcet
from tin Solos Courier
Tis polls oft have intOBe4
cbs ina IIS4U1I4 iaaa
Tba liajorlaf or wlnur
t jrtga UftiUal Ian
BM rll war Uila0 aev ins olD
It rathtr IMOI to ma
That wiour lIb cntl IJrtuf
Atro felt ckllly kat
tauuAir ZOMH ran anr
Ohs east Pay Maaagr nr The
RI VonpaeyTAs Tte rre
Judge Frtednaa of tbl Superior Court hie
decided against Lillian Bniseli
in the i7tl
brought by her former msnagsr Janie Q
Doff to recover damages Dd for Injunctlo
to restrain her from appearing with any other
manager during her contract with him Atls
time the temeerary InianeHton wa graata < i
January 1889 Miss RusU had already e 11
gagodtoplay with the Casino company lit 1
In 1ewof the largeexpendItureitbitj btM
made Miss Buaehl a1 a bcllfClf si
agreeIng to say tb aa uquiaat4
pgujn ass par sbquIt rg II UIrItc
that 1uTI wee entitleti 10 CD inlunothon
was allowed tl ellio fill I her endmeat at
allOged e bad nra led ip porter for I i
onuaa bsTreqalr i er i to Wa a Ucbu 1 1
ilclan havi UM BUlll br sh a
r wu dangerous ut liar health to appSVt I J
mob a costume Her contract with UulTwi
towrplr in June U80
Tile udge Ne that mi < claim fut dfepd I
counsel bat the lonrao was fneqnTfa iI
untenable I A similar roLipi Ie side upon tha
out 110 that tbl 4lfDdAhn was lus CIfm
breaking Tier contract w Inll ihe plaln1fl 1
cauM lie hlllntlff bad refuted to luUtltnta C u
more heslfhiul costume for lbs tight
Before 4hs prpducUon 01T the opart tk itui
Queen1 Mate j say the Jng tilt S
eonutfJ Jgt aflll
eoninired by the plaintiff with regard to F lJ
anti K AMakJ thatTtwoud ik neqeusa T u 11
br to wear lights Wd she a rsq thu I di
would 10appear Thjihas teen aqinit C
her but at Inc san time sac 0111mb
sit gred to do so ealy oriDIf
summer bat In point of net epla u > lll um
pear In tigflt dnriqg cold wfttber and nim
eUlmed elemotTon hI agreement durtBgnii
weather And no jdnae ha KJJ
adduced that the copjposofen onereoba
with the sasoj 01 tile year or UIJLt lb
fsndautevm claImed apv riglittosuehensu
I canifot find this tuwieiiiu new adUDttd
tie t d nd9UD Ibis respect his any top
11m In S t
e3ge pays she mad no attempt ttoooJo
rom I tit l lenity it any tbr WM rat j
E f lIIowt i boldi that tbeevldine iuifi
5 = 1 u 5 conclusion that her KQUI was la a
great messnr a mr pretence
One of the pletnre In the recent waterolt
exhibition In the Academy of Design wa thai
of a young woman standing ea a rivers brig
under thl shadow of a widebranching trai
and calling to the ferryman on th frt
Shore U was termed UnAppel and ittas
set aom of the artists talking about a aej
artist acd his art The artist Is I Aug yraciia
a nandtom vouag Swede is feat ID heigb
and as stalwart as Frederic ltsrniflgtoii
Frontdn bat ben classed with the In rlfo
ilpnlili bnt he resents the nargi BooJhJ
moredly He palate moatlyln water eoloa
andiayi be follow npMhaol bnt ha divined f
eiohoolof his own Francen wa a pupfl
Bouvorot In Iarls and be brines to town a I
vry larg collection of fits nacullar plcton il
which will be put eyiilbtUon IB March
A wife whose husband has a bulging bra
and a homely face used to try fo raak things
pleasant at home by expressing her odmlrt
tlon of his talents and giving him the pit 1l1mt
of Brains lIer delicate fluttery did a
esern to have much Infuse upon his
fern ah she kept Imp I tfme a whole yiar altM
eir marriage Ono time not long ago w ig
cite was In a happy frame or melting mo < ot
JII Itatlve ft at aha expressed her idmiratlu
or his I Cornell countenance ana at last wIts
so far aa l 1I1I1Ut she Would give him IIIlrtll 1
name of Beauty He smiled as she rgeatd 1
pm word With A full conkolousness that shi 4
bad touched 1119 weak point And now what Ii
ever toutQcJ mood of mind or the ylclsijltiidei
of lire that word dispels nil other thought and
the twain are happy
One of a series of Ingenious model with
which frof Eckhoff of Jersey City IllaitntlVl i
his leeturnn for the training of leathers in the
Jersey City high school i a a cubs root extras
tor Thu name iiuggkst a dejlal Imtnimaol
cf some ort TJii tplng JUrK However Is a
erdduatvd rnno Immersed apex down la
graduated jarhalf full of water Aa the con
dUplao water the line on itstld at water
piark Ia slwys Ihu oube root of lbslu on tb
tars aids at wnter mnrv ThIs IngBnlQus coat
trlvnnce IK lisa fioik of George ut of New
York who has thought out msoy such models
The funeral of th Ute Jwliien B Bebuiti
brought toeether a queer jumbling of wiedi
and nolitlral predjlatlon Blehnp Potter and
the Rev Heb rt buyer camd tbre with OoL
Itobert Ingarnoll and Col Jeorg Bflaa who Jl i
a Itnman Catholic Mr Depew wo with tk k
lleimbllean mitjorlty but the HOB Irnlth Uf
found many Jf mocrai In the orowd
The nighthawk eaboisn who was ropndlt
scolded in court lest week for driving aomi
Phllodalphl high roller to the vicious rcaortf
was making it sonil toll of money every yetk
Without doubt Noel of the nhgflt hitwks do
tine who talked Sc a rOcortet of tuz SUN the
other asIC that ho hat been chief
i > i KOI 65y r Ba < aa b M 4a < 4 onci avou
bookke per in a fftinous whol ale house hut
would not glvi tip his cib to gvt bin olI phuua
bock again I go to bed at nbout5 i In tpe onrn
Ing said be ngt UP M noon enil have until
H oclock at pleat to epioy invest Then I rill
out on my cab and go tn work I iaye 11k It
see whatever they jike and chare ihem Thu 5
ever L think tbeyII stand < Ill cQld weathef
when I dont clear 160 In a week
JervU Mclntee the artist who died not bog
ago was the ion of a hotel keener Klnwloj
M Y While a mere boy he began to scrawl
charcoal picture all over itis father out
buildings > t monatrat d with for Ibis be ei <
plahnsd that he was going to be an artUt
Artist replied his father youd bet
ter bo atudyinit your book and doing roar
chore However the boy baa It In hint anJ
fortunately obtained proper tuition As S
painter autumn Impressed him more iht5 t
any other puiue or part ot nature and o
armed ton known as the best Interpreter pj
October and November
There Is i a long stretch of corrugated ices
fencing on tho east side of Madison arenas
above Fortyfifth street It simple curves hart
a curious trick of echoing the clatter of hoofs
ana wagon wheel with the effjct ol psoj
aparrQwa chirping At Eighteenth street and
Fourth avenu there Is another shorter reach
of the damn fVnilng and there again the ecu
Is noticeable In this there Is 1 a hint lor this If
ventor who study how to Imitate outdoor
sounds on the theatrical stage
And Fray be Illlnol IralaUtora to Fra
tec Ike Home by JKceplng lla kfolkitt
rrom fie Btlm JournaL
fipuiNOTiELn March 8An Interesting pIll
lieu bias reachod member of the Illlnolt Uli
ScM Assembly St is signed by sonic of the tail
known of Clitcsiros society ladies an4 IS
protest againat thu bill tendlng mUnl iQ
silflragu to wonton and denouncIng ii gitlS
and porniolopit all attempts to secure leghIl
Iton in lhijt 4irelon wopg the elgpfr ifl
air 0 1 P Oaell wIre or the weitjpofl
ojjqcgauray fs YIiriggs MrLlcrnL
Ilc PloSTor airs Uporge W timid1 iraOcIJI
Isabella A Cait The iolioil
UIHMIU PWW wvl M unit
extraoU are taken from the petition i
Busy In the cares of their bcmes won
have neither time strength nor inclhnatiOfIi
enter the public arena and defend tbemsels
jtgalnat the doings which thor ourneslIt iS
hero to bo pernicious sod 4estruellvcOI tl
true nywsLantLlnflqeoe ci women In tusf
hontss 4ho sencn revolution is rsiIOw
anti nutbojitles cited to prove thaI wui2SU I
frageyoula rHulj lit the degradation ot
sex J55LIJICUOI cmmunleue ilelIes
acelustaziced antI the petition edde
When wprnsn shari with men the butdfft
of labor one govirarnent cominunlaffi who s
stt mpen Ii already eaun We gstc
the questIon of tb property risbts of 4 COO <
psratlvely fw women w one oi little Jmr
lance compared with the raatly greater gas
of women In general to maintenance and pr
taetlon in tbeTioni whiZ Iker pro °
the aDsorbing omoss and Ittuss 01 w0ma
hood and 1iI paramount right of wOf
threaten with entire destruction ui
nilIalth lnnOlna aimea Iad
above in
human law stand thou gyeat caturil lswn di
runi In the universe welch no 5V1
of andthat I U
men can
bate forcoeresta is cii a ifforenci tweca
° rvlsgaso I sxtO WJO
Avro the pn4i hi
biS 700
I are enforced
consider I froIuUon of France do
not overol e these aws but tel crushed
theburdenit atInsofaraa 1rPOlitl051 I
In this country his attempt to do so
Buffered defeat an ie Ive 110 LISt Ii
misfortune can attend I e forming of the lSid
vent of thiscountri a is attsmpt tO Urul
In the in erait of farmer IiI3n
lezjsiatlon than at It ahou d espOUI ib
pernicious dontriuo of politico1 iii I
owouisn We pray therefore that no pattsr what Sf
gumeni Ii coutisms pisy ite urd upQ5
you as legislators for thecowinonwe
win elan sot by that nolan buIwar
rtyitbe outs rmsnberIn that tbeqiJ
power which say toall mon bib
your rather and all ya are brethren bin oiai 111
also th e Vt husband and wife as enS dash < for
orderly bearing and rearing of children 5 oj
n w
and l hasgl l en
the maintenance of society n < uas
b llioir own distinct cc and equallY hono1
In abors and rewards of Illo
TtI conclusion isv ther bAte hilt ui1
1itL OX
epunael wUbmany woman in 1 pariS
tb Slat and fail assured the JSoS
ants the wlba of an oerw aiming wile iy
of the women ot Illinois

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