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Jf I t 1 T t 1 < i1 I l
1iF < I
I 1
rialanold N J Is I tho most straltlae
town In ibe State A wellknown New Yorker
unit visiting Frederick Bmlllle the engraver
in 1 here the other Sunday nd h11 used lo
having candy after dinner according lathe
fnsiuuu nt one notown hotel Hut the candy
dunN were closed ami the druggist had
liotblng better than cough drops The Now
Yorker tried all the druggists and at Init
eAr that there Wa aBeTenth Day Baptist
Keeping store In i a shed In the town and that
lie faith MtBltted him t sell candy on mir
Bnnrtey There the candy wu bought But
In the course of the search the New Yorker
was derided I have ro randy said one
druggist and I I had I would not laldlole It
The New Yorker protested I dont nnnt to
be good under compulsion said be ° Infant
I dont want to be good at all Well 1 euoys
there s no dangersalcuhe druggist
It Is queer what wonders usage will work
Out at Hedlolae Bat on the Canadian Faclflo
Sallroad the station agent baa charge of an
enormous grizzly bear an animal that all
wellInformed sportsmen regard aa tho most
Ylclone fearleis and daneerous wild animal
on nn Tbe elation sgnt mar appreciate
thIs fact I or he may not rut a all rtonts he
M got the grizzly to take care of and In a
year the only btm It I has done was when It
tore alIUI girls lee most frightfully The
aitont says that arlzzlles are i > uny to handle
I yon bare the right tool by TOIL The thing
7011 want 1s I a boso ball bat When they cot
ictlous you hit em a whack on the skull
with a bat and you can do anything you please
With them
You can buy a few bisons heads In the curo
stores on the plains for from I1SO to 200
Here In New York they can b got tor less and
Will continue to be cheaper as long M any oM
buffalo rob that now exist continue tn resist
the moths This Is because a taxldorml who I
annot make a splendid bIson nead with I
pleee of fur or blot k of wood nnd a pair of
boras Is not considered nn adopt In his pro
lexsion I the head of any rote animal Is
asked for In tha proper quiirlurs the customer
will be told that there aro no such heads as Uu
wants but that I he will wait one cnn bo pro I
cured Ircm some other city 1 hoarder It
the chances aru ten to ono that the flood will
1 carved out of wood catered with the rliiht
fur fitted with horn and delivered The
Imitations of the mouths and nostrils of wild
beasts require skilful work but are masterful
Vi most oases
One of the most expensive books brought out
this year has failed to sell because it had a
dullcolored cover It was very richly Illus
trated and elegantly printed and as a further
effort t < > make uulono the Ida 01 binding It
to leather was adopted That killed It the
booksellers I olfered It to their lady customers
put the ale listened to nothing that was Raid
for It t They brushed It aside with the remark
fOtt not pretty or It will not match any
thing nO the house Vastly inferior books
with I splash ot red ink on the cover or with
p Cold or silver chasing on the binding wore sold
as fast as they oouldle printed
There are honest cigar dealers who admit
that it la now Impossible for them to certify to
the genuineness of all their stock 1 has
lately beiu found out said one ot thorn that
Chinese tobacco raised Iu China IR i shipped
uba where it Is maJo into cigars that are e
orted aid sold fa genuine llavanas miiUo
jrn the Cuban leaf In Cuba there are fto
COJ Chinamen and many of them are In tbe
cigar busIness getting Invoices of Chinese
tobaooo from Hong Konl which Is marketed
toe product ot Cuba Tho ChInese stutt Is
SaD but It sells high when made Into clears
> ended choice Havuua Tim blulncai Is I n
lew one but it is growing and any quantity
f Chines leaf tainted with opium cnn be Jot
Tram Hone Knng by the counterfeiters We
niht M be able to raise In the Southern Btates
ti if tbs Muntry without speaking of Cnnnertl
nt ani Pennsylvania plenty of good American
obaooo for American cigar smokers
The Iron erolorama building at Fiftyfifth i
street and Seventh avenue Is now 1 horse auo
iion place and the horses arc run up and
down on tan bark in the aide street all day
Oown for exhibition to possible purchasers
Yesterday after all theother horses nnd horse
neti had gone awuy ther still remained a
atrlageanii an old man holding the reins
waiting thre A wave ot street bovs surged
round tho corner and surrounded the car
riage The old gentleman was amused by
them and engaged them In conversation
They wr youn rowdies and they rsl1oo
up on the wheel and made very free with
hIm One stole hie whip and another thrashed
the thief and banded the whip back Through
I it all the old man laughed and chuttcd happily
He was Bussell SOB
Who know that almost every publishIng
tonse has a regular arrangement with Bom
r cheap bookseller or secondhand book dealer
for the sli I of hol worn books 1 I Is a Ilct
I And akin to this la tbe further fact that onl of
the great Draw shopping stores never ex
poses what are called bargains Whenever
they bar remnants or broken sets or goods
put of fashion Instead of getting rid of them on
bit roll counters the proprietors send them to
a art Blxth avenue store where they are sold
in that way Thus the Broadway firm Ruards
t sense of dignity
0 W Miller the stage owner of Buffalo
Niagara Falls and Jacksonville II D Inter
minable joker He Theodore H Lee
Joke gave Lel an
annual nasa for the year and then he met his
mated for there was a rate meeting of all the
oassenMr agents In Buffalo the other day and
J ea oat the whole convention out to the
Falls nn the strength of his annual made out
Jot Mr Lee and Family Now It Conner
I ell turn and he has sent to Mr Leo a POSH
a foot long and nine Inches wide reading
PassHr Zee family and friends between 1
t r l ana 6 I u
Som ot the office buildings In this city have
acquired mot unenviable reputations Ono
such building has very small offices and Is oc
cupied chiefly by small lawyers sharks they
muht be called whose business runs as near
to the outside edge of the law a possible
Another Is Infested by promoters of mining
companies frauds moat of them no bad a rep
utation has the building that knowing men
Mt down any scheme whose managers hall
therefrom ampinaero a fraud manAiers hal
eat of things alone advise Inaulrlnir friends
to have no reallncs with the alluring concerns
Another building baa been filled UP with du
bious enterprises whoso muchpromising ad
vertlsementH aro In country papers all Through
the land while limy themselves and their
managers are not quoted in commercial
re 1 uies
Tke PeTite ftenlty hu dppd lei itnilcnti this term
fer set estitertMBf for ilncle course eC licinrri
J thsas llfKtn pabllo schools remained cliusi alt
last rear because Hit lochtn refund to tticb until
tktlf ulartw should be railed
N <
ThereuelMiOfac lfnituiliiiu at Ctrman unlvtril
Use Ml of them ar > from Hunt 2O from Austria 2 r >
I wlM Ill Bulb and iW Aiutrloanr monly from the
I Vatt4 SutM
ulla DnlTtriltr faooltlti win offer t the com itu
I Oat smelled fer Ibtiunmir 710
Sr ulnnr term counx of 10
tares I obMM from y rtyilx of these courses sri
UMlodeal 7 Ui J 1T7 medical a pbUoioylilcaL
Frofa Loch and Mommitv will not rud
Tte overproduclton of ohoari In Qtrmaoy I tAr
t abatlof fitly yiart see there 1 ers but 31 itu
deals 1 STiff IOOOKU Inhabltaiu The number roes
SU4Uy tlU la 1876 I wan 4A7 in 111 luuouo In leMI
tit ratio wu 01 to tOUOOO In ItttH 513 and noir II U
VIA ID 1S71 Shire wtr but 15781 sladtnti In aU Ih
atvtnlttta Mow tbtn arc 30wu
Bti vt D 400 Ml BOO womto studied at the 81 1 nnl
Vtntllu last ytari tM of them were regularly matrlo
ttttd and r preparing Ibtnutlrti blake degrees
liS of them earn from Suula 28 from nwliierland at
ream Oormaay Ufrom IhIrll aDd G from thu Lnlltd
FltlHi 15501 themMptre to diploma la medicine a
rt latboleialdtpArtmeati aDd 67 art trlnj tu fee
csmt tooton of phllowpby uwluerland It about itn
only tountry 01 tbe Coallaent thai hu not taken palm
toi woiataatfarupoulblo from Iu I onlreriltlM
odwttheac ntwfoBOtulon from the ficuUlee the
anmkeret wemo attendtnu bu ba increased Ten
years ago the aaaber was ely Mi ovt yean a 0 117
t Tbe tlataUati I lh aittatiea to Otrnaay Inlayer
of raisIng UttaUrittof Oerman eebool teacher U I Htm
listed ky the Mecklenbnrt < 10 l Oauue Near Ore
b1 1 relates Is an Invalid teaeberof noire 11 line
ttuil tSar for IICO annually for the list nfty years
aid tbenk barily able I walk to lbs aeboolbouM li I
till bLIgsd te aMeafl te all hi isilt as 1 salary bu
MtateesmaOleeaableUmtoiartforbUoldMt I lath
a ll r ro bl II
the vlctalir I BstMW Aarut Volts 1 7 a old I
complettm i trtretxtb year M a teacher for seoa
rear Vie AUMM atptals I its reaiUre to ceotrtbntt
tewatil a ptulon tend for blm Two month ago lbs
ataiitrelated tbt try of teacher woo after sixty
Y ae of etrrlor 1 a as sat Mid for a younitr man sad
was olJ to Work neaiUjr laborer to keep blnuelf
101 earrln
Tjt > VliMOateobtimaaoScltl teal book In Rut
Ia > < OiO contain this paauiei QuullonWbat
du wt ue Hit Curl AMwerDlrtae reference
o 11 rrco
olxdltiM pajrnenl o I military service lore
pirr lint inlferinr perfect and nnlloulel obtdl
101 every TempeSt and the moet cartlal ttovntlun
wltbtui question or txamlRatten of I bt command
iueeUon Uy whoa viampiti are these tcaeblnve iii
Inml 1 rI tie tiample nouns rhrt t w >
MerMiidditJ I at eubltci or the llitnen Km < rni t < l
IId ropetllullr to iho uk ie list l > 0 ii > uinr i
iia to dUll Wi bare a W I < e ff aiUtt I at the
4ptle who level the inwmrtut bore laiUuilf infl
> lM ssal ttordln t she Emperore wiii an < l t1 1
Ml rebel Uke evIldoers and traitor Wt mutt lolleir I
Ikelr euBple and sedan a t sdesst I I
I Is I rather od and I mar b significant as
well that th only two district In which the
Kepuhllcans have this year a contest the Fifth
and Thirteenth eo to make part of the Eighth
Senatorial district now represented In Albany
b Llspepard Stewart the only Iteimbllcan
Senator Irom New York lie or his successor
will bo chosen In November Mr Stewarts
majority two rears ago was 305 and ho was
supported by nil actions of liepubllcnns the
IJfifnfeiriitRhavlnglwo candidates In tbnllHd I
I perhaps I Just ns odd ADd quite A < Ignll
cant that the only two districts In which the
Tnmmitny loader for the year 1891 bus not
been ncrood upon And concerning which
tbnte Is a content the Eighth and Fourtcrnth
are both In the Seventh Htnatorlal dlltrl
represented In Albany by Senator lloeseh
whoso majority two years neo was smaller
wloso t Jrare
than that of any of Tammany colleagues
The change mado In the Jury law by the
legislature of 1887 were expected to wont
quite a revolution in this department and It
WAS claimed by the advocates of the new law
that not only would Jury service bo equalized
but the amount derived from fine become a
sourceofqientrevenue to tho treasury The
iat quarterly report made on March 3 by the
Commissioner of Juror does not however
liar out these drums During the qualtlr
covered It appears tho number of delinquents
fined woin alJMf ll77 and the penalties imposed
amounted to lio4il > This certainly good
showing but the actual collections made con
trast with It unfavorably Although 1077
t IllOnS wore fined but 1 of thorn paid any
penalties and although 100000 appears upon
the books of tbo deparimunt as having been
declHred due the actual sum collected was
but t18Uo
The disastrous declaration is I mado by an
enemy of the Binghamton warrior nnd par
llamontarlan that Jones who rays the freight
was n Republican up to 1872 Ha joined It
appears the Otontey movement that year anti
sent iteleznto to thn Mbnml Itotiubll
won Itnt as n dlloAtB 1lbu11 lollubl
can Convention at Cincinnati which nominated
Mr Oreeley for rrenldent Two years later Mr
Jones rnn for Congress It Is oven said that If
I Jones had not bean nominated for Congress In
1871 he would have returned to the Itetmbll
can party but that Is probably an tmtruo state
ment for there nro no tiles on the General and
turning or returning is not politically speak
ing In his line
The proposition of Alderman Noonnn for an
appropriation of 1520 to buy badco to be
worn b the Hoard of Aldormen so that they
may resemble policemen firemen railroad conductor
ductor and members of the sanitary squad
him been laid over in ordor that un amend
ment may be introduced at tb next meeting
for a uniform with brass buttons to BO 1 with
the badge
John Morrison the district superintendent
of street cleaning who has been removed
was when the labor movement was at Its
renlth Master Workman of District Assembly
120 of Carpet Workers which bad at one time
forty local assemblies and a membership of
4GSB In the higgins strike District Assembly
lily 12G ran afoul of District Assembly 4J und
the trouble culminated In May 1SS7 In its ex
pulsion from the Knights of Labor When the
labor men wont Into politics In 1HSG Morrison
was ono of tho oreunUors nf the Course move
ment but on the holt In 1s7 betwen the
Knight and those opposed to them ho went
with tbelnttor Into iht rrciBres ive Labor party
and was its candidate for President of the
Board of Aldermen receiving in the city 67JB
There ire it appear four odlclals In the
Health Department who biiva served there
twentyfive years each They are Emmons
Clark the Secretary of the Board who receives
an annual salary of Si80 Casper Goldermnn
the Auditing Clerk who receives tlCOO and
Jacob A Wlel nod Louis Krauibaar c erks
who receive 17Uil each They are In tho Un
real of Vital Statistics Hlnoo its establish
ment upon Us Ircsent looting a quarter of a
century ago the Health Department his
greatly Increased its powers and usefulness
It wits lormerly under the control of the Police
Commissioner who coriperutod with what
were known as th Sanitary Commissioners
At the present time the maintenance of the
Hoard of Health costs rather more than tO
a day 392000 this year and the work of the
department is steadily on tbe Increase
The township elections which have taken
place throughout the State have encouraged
to somo extent the drooping spirits of the Re
Enbllcnn district leaders for these elections
have shown Iu many cases distinct Republican
gains Since the prospects of the Grand Old
Party In Nw York began looking up again all
talk of anoppoiltion Republican machine a
been abandoned and even the disinterested
patriots of the Itopabllcan Business Mens As
soclatlrn now profess themselves willing to
take political pot luck
ExMayer William Rufus Grace has been
making a pleasant tour for purposes of recre
lon of hue Southern and southwestern States
and tie latest advices from him wore dated at
Los Angeles In southern California The ex
Mayor In speaking of the municipal situation
says I never belonged to any political organ
ization other than the Democratic party as a
whole That is a fact not generally known
Hu has never belonged to Tammany Hall the
County Democracy or any other political fac
tion In the city He was first nominated to
omce by Irving Hall and was endorsed by
amman I During thin first year of his flr t
term he acted In accord with Tammany and
during the seomd year against It When
nominated for Mayor for the second time In
1834 Mr Grace was the candldatJ of the
County Democracy but he was not then and
tuna never been since a member of that organ
ization The exMayor is In good health and
be declares that In the balmy climate ot south
ern California he has forgotten thoughts of
business and politics In lorjol York I hat he
hits lost track of politics Is quite evident trout
tho fact that he speaks of the likelihood of
Oro or Cleveland carrying New York bate if
Dominated for President the Democrats I
Adam Scnaaff the Brooklyn Assemblyman
who Introduced the new Excise law now pend
ing before the Assembly represents the Sev
enth district of Kings county mado up of th
Sixteenth ward of Wllllamsburgh otherwise
known as Little Germany which haft a
larger foieign population ban any other dis
Diet In this ond of the u rotate He in 45 years ot
age a nittivn of Newlork oily IbIs parents
warn licrninn and besides being In the cigar
business IB Ire PresIdent of the Merchant
nud Mechanics Lite Insurance Company of
There U I no printed book of rules for the
guidance the members Tamrrany Hal
UheymaKo such regulations from time to time
OK uppeiir to bo expedient and conform In this
If curd to tie precedent established by Great
Hrltnln vicli linn written Constitution
Irlnn h1 hSI no writ n Unton
Tho County Democrats on the other hand
liavo a port of Code Napoleon In which all
rules nnd regulations are duly Hot forth KniQ
memiorol the organization there are not as
loony mumbuis an there used to lie in sup
Jo id tu can y a copy with him by day and to
p with It under his pillow at night An In
tollleent perusal nnd understanding of these
rules Involves much time and possibly In the
opinion of some the time thus occupied mIght
by better employed ituletl whliU In I Section
1 of Aitlfln II neolue thnttbn regular meet
Inert of the County Committee of the oiRnnlzn
ton aro to be bum in tim second Tuesday of
encl mmitli Accordingly the primaries for
the election of delegates having taken place on
lob 14 tbe County Committeo should have
met on March 10
Tbe post of Dock Commissioner now held by
James Matthews will become vacant on the
first of May by the expiration of his term
There ale three Commissioners of Docks Mr
Iost who resides In the Seiontb district Mr
Cram won reduce In the Eleventh illatrlrt and
Mr Mnttliflug woo leildoB in tho Twntyllrt
dihtrlot Tlmse are the three Mucuump and
Kepiibllcnn distrIcts of the city and all three
were carried against Mayor Grant at tbe last
municipal eleetlontho Seventh by a majority
of lOJU the 1leventh by malorl
1700 and me Twentyunit ny a majority of
Jauuu Jot ono of them Issltuaterlin the vi
clnlti ot iho docks They are In fact the three
niMHt thoroughly Inland illstrlcta of New York
While they have 11 inoooiiolv uf the orniuls
sinners Iu the Hoard tho e illMrletu which are
alone the rlvor front are wittily unrepresented
J I Is Rentrally untlf rstpoj to bn the Intention
of Mayor Grant to take In view this considera
tion of affairs when be comes to appoint the I
successor of Commissioner Matthews
But three Eastern States will secure addi I I
tion representation in the Electoral College
of 1S92 on the pasts of last years census
These States aro ITnnsylvanln which rains
t < vo do Irs New 101 MOl which gains ono iinu
MiinncliuHttrf which gains ono Nnw iork
ConnvctliMit Delnwiire New IIniup8hlri <
Maine Vermont llhutle IfUnuU and Miirylnnil
ktuiu tlm tamo representation nn they have
hart Nor is I there tn be any Chang In the
States most nearly adjoining the Eastern
btnton Virginia West Miclnla Keutupky
and Ohio The total gain in tuucouDtr will tl
tt2 I votes
Jle current rxpfntOt of hut Aqueduct
1 < 44 rut aiiuiiml I iicur to 1 jux n inoitli This
4 IllUJCK i IHJIIOH if r till I CII Iii rts I OH I
> i1Sii runt Mn loneiy lrnui < nit tuiTion ml I 1
mil xiiiplie v ik I h uo i 1 i ilni I itv 1 i
llnlkhrU bflfirbiR ilfflnh ml In luinillusisn4
Cntun vulley I work wUKli will lnUii iiui
charge sears itrid > of whluU the Cinnii iu lootr hofu
nr I 1 lalUo IttUr aaeaymtta all wtMty
K but dMtrrlBf If as uuw ri ciliated la I the
Royal Mantes tn 1RT4 for twilr yams en rnm
y ulf required I deserted from I M S WMrtr at
Irnock In less nd caine to Waterbury I bar b >
oom C ohln DI the ttiit 4 States and hays my till
paper Uy mother U I new lick II trtand stud I would
lk to see hr before she die bat I am afraid of tt >
tine arrested What protectien will my cItizenshIp
papers afford ne In olnt back t gntowa t 1 C
and la 3 C we answer promptly and gladly that hti
clilrtniblp papers will afford him no tirouetloni that
h commItted a tim ant that ucomlnir naturallMd
In thIs country u > kei abiolnttly no differenCe ntltktr
wlrln net the crime nor sayttug hIm from the pnnUh
best tborlor The only thine hit eltlumklp t P ri
can do is I to give torn bother to the Amttlcao Consul
In Qn mtown and to etui J dt dtntol In gsot
for some waste until the Consul rteornli the fact
that he un 40 nthln1 and then J C will be tak n
away to serve out nil sentence
t 4Trh il the Imprtfilnn Tm Box was a hnttUr
Now no I not knew ii I think ot IL olhr than a Oral clue
newspaper but for answering qnesttoite it eelaIn7 Is
lint wm About on month ao I SItCO If Oora
Tanner i actress was aohteor Corporal Tenser
end to give the rolulolatlol of Corpoa the
FaVtm 11 Thy certaInly wr 10 bID that I re
quilted inch a long time for a replx Punctuality ought
to be the Soul of Journallitle as much as In Cemmer
nil life SeeDy ourDUlo UJVIB t Dance
Jis la I8il
Devil tiarent yon reed In this column again
and again that It Use from lerea to nine week to lit
an answer beret Do you think became we till P
Imlth that he muet wall eIght weeks that oar answer
doeint apply lo yen I Tier only ens of a thou
sand howererot ten thotiand We tell Philip
tint a Roman Catholic can be President I be site votes
enough and then Ooorge asks nn and after Oeorf
Patrick and then a Constant Reader want Ic know
and then anAdmtrer So dont lake on M Darldt youll
yet your answer all In toot time It yon walL We e
forgetting your question t 1 Coca Tanner I not a
daughter of Corporal James Tae so far as we eaa
nicertaln 2 Sneer name Ie I pronounced Satohy the
lint syllable rhyming with pot
What la meant br the expreislon Sterling debug
li almost tn the cold exporting point or is I almost
lo tne KOld tl ItuportiuK point I ID A 1 > P
A In London owes moor t B In Nw Trt I inaft
a bill ot exchange or note OB A It now ala Pew York
wlshei to par D II England he can buy Bl not at such
a price I B will tete and nnd 1 over te U who pre
seats IT Thus A has been paid and Dhai Men paid
although no money crossed ocean Mow I tnitead
of only C desiring t buy that bill or exchange a dOln
people bid for It th prlc may go up 1 huh that I will
be cheaper to ihlp the actual lotdi then roll SeasonS
I oa the other hand the bidden ole little for th hilt
It may be better far I to sent over hi bill get II cashed
In London by A and brine the gotd over at hi own ex
Penn Till is I the simplest term of exchange wha
other element are brought In lb pro natnrally
become more complicated
Which li I correct I ibsl call oa Tuesday r I will
call on eOIcl B 0
The nret lentenee I yon mean simply to foretell what
youre going to do If yon mel to promise or to threat
the second phrase I correct An excellent catch by
which to remember the proper way ot tiling shall and
will li tOts from the Writer
In the flrit purees limply ihttt fontilli
In uui a threat or elie a promise dwells
SAall In the ascend and the third dth threat
Will llmpy thin foretells the future feat
t What books t leading I Soelallita eec I obtain II
English y Y her cn 1 yet a translation of Rousseau
1 N v U
I Too ran get Karl Uarii Capital from Appleloni
Toiitoi bob can be obtained In many formst B 1
Tucker Beiton publishes mot of the Soclillit book
some In translations some In the original Mr Tucker
tranilaled Prondhone What la I Property 2 Eons
leaaa Cenfesiloni can b bought at Scrlbnera or at
almost any bookstore lute other orl ron will vet
through Putname probably boo In for political ail
economical work
I What does ceorl mean t I find the word II BaV >
wets Harold 2 Has a national thanksgiving ever
been proclaimed for any other day than Thursday tDoo
1 It li I the Anglo Saxon original sara the Century
Dictionary for the English churl a ceorl was a
Faxon of the lower class 2 The Continental Congress
ordered Thankinlrlnc days on Wednesday Do I
176 April 22 tns and April 6 IToa sInce then days
of tbankiztvlac bar always been on Thursday
Can yon give a Hit of Government report of ceneral
interest A may be obtained from Congressmen t
No air we canti we dnt believe there are any inch
reports Tue Oorrnmnt report appeal to different
class of persona Sow may appeal to more elsseee
than others but we dont teller therei any report that
I u Intirtitlnc to you I Michigan u to Mr Bpoopea
dyke In Brooklyn or to Uncle Bemn la Savannah or
t Mr Potter I Texas
I there 1 English maculae celled M Jearnal of
Orpiy Lor I vv here can 1 obtain CroCtonl Dialect
or the English Gypsies I HOMSMK
We do not find any inch mulnlor do know
whereCroftone book te pnollshid From the Secretary
of the FolkLore Society OUa Home Upper Tooting
London I W you can obtain all the Information you
desIre Yon my Cod lb hook at the Astor Library
Kindly t expaln the Initial a P Q B L a
These letters r displayed on the alandardi of the
armies of Rome after the expulsion of the klan and the
founding of the Roman republic they itand for Sane
tni Popnlnian Rma meaning the Roman Senate
and people
With one wife living can a maa legally hare two
wires In this state I J Z
Tali ohle ills first wf nay Hare I tlmi after Ove
years absence I b has heard nothing from her be
may assume that ehe lidead I and mil In Then
she my turn Ul and there hl Is with two legal wire
In a perch of stone there are 16X cubic feet A perch
Ie 1514 feet when used ae a measure of lenctti as a
measure ot surface It contain HOW njuare yards 1 as a
measure of contents I contain tOM reel by Ik feet by
1 foot 1 ALLele
L X B Mr Harrison received 233 electoral votesi
Mr Cleveland le
I le Jerttt Ctry The money and ether property I
divided equally among the children
George CeU Tomd better get a book of direction
from some dealer In amateur prlatlug cattle
J conww PaaMoYe mat name Ie I Louis Count o
Mttkei Ont names arHlmnth Charles Ssraerd
J 1 JTbere are on hundred and three Irish mem
ber la the lions ot Common of Great Britain
r taiThe meet recent book ea Bnth America Is
Vlacenf Around and About South Amerlea Apple
J n WL W deal bw any parity ea Hoods
of the Shirt a is
lon Sblrt Dynamo I proaeuoad d
am o
J J JCMr Cbapln sow Mayor of Breeklya wu
Speaker of the Aateiably In 1663 Charles J Patterson
was Speaker In 1862
Anxltiiu Itnt It lime enoavk to pursue the West
Point smiles l when our In nest Point I The book
you peek or however eta b procured of the TAB
Coetraunil Co
r a Under the iawottbls I 8lata nan onmlt
bigamy wbo after Urine with a woman and Introduc
ing her at lute wire leaves I her sod goes through the
marriage ceremony with another woman
J HcC White It a combination of all oolon 1 Ie I
a white light it made np of all the different colored
rarE but If yon were to paint an object all the differ
n bOlore you would not succeed In making I white
J CI l The Chicago Ire iTs In October IR71 the
Roiton nre In Movembtr IHTJi the Hibernian riot July
13 IS7li the Brooklyn Tlieitre frl Do 6 Isle 2 The
mall wagon bat lb right of way over every other conveyance
ZooiltreTho child of foreign pan born in thIs
country li I a native born clllten and If hl ii I brought np
abroad and whet nf age como t thli country to lire
be tirede not II t be utiirelUe but mar rot when
under I lie Mote law I he I qua tIled Iu de so fi
C UKtti Ilh1 rank 10 the Coiled Stale Army
wu that of General of the Army hilt by Grant Star
was and thirWaainut 1 below that cause the rank of
Ueutenantiienerel held by Brett Orant Sherman sod
Sheridan Tb hlghut rtnk SCOIh army at pretest U
rI I
that of MaJorUeueral Cemmaudln4 the Army
J A Gor4nT < Culled SItu hat no training ships
for flttlnr up mrn engine At ABOapolltth United
State Naval Academy men are educated to be eu
ghiteri In the nary Admittance tbtalned from one
unrrefiman applicant mutt be under You San
ebtain information fruu lb 8upertntndint of she
Natal Academy
I 1Th leading I college It Few Kagland and the
Middle States are Ambtnt Bowdeta Brown Unlrer
ally Columbia Cornell Dtrtmeuth Darrard Lafay >
1 lehlgh rrineetnn Unlrerelty of the Ulty of flew
Verk UnIversity of fenDirlranla UnIversity 0 Vr
wont viilUmt an I I ItUlmpoeelol to give any
MTirare for the ronree a poor men who works can et
bl < tuition I fret at 1 or time collages his personal el
peniei he can keep down very low
I LI ir Murder In I the second degree It I lb Inten
tional killing of a pertin without deliberation or pre
medl aileii tnanilaughter la lb Orit degree I the
killing nf a reroo unintentionally I while lbs slayer It
cnmmlltli a mltden ean < T nr while he 11n tb beat
of piitlon and lose a eraol or unusual dangerous
weal Ion Murder Iu the eiund degree pontfbabl br
Inline minent for 110 inaniaoghler In tti Ores degree
Ie puitieliabie ty luiprleouuaent lor twenty yeers
I JI II You it ould eppl lo the llbnran of your
IIrn 01 i tMNi i 4 I e ti niiiir IHn I e eittijrtf J or mnm
IIJ IIM in I i nf i r 55 l iiu fvnlfn
S H lrtil I < y u I tllt eillltfl Up 111 Ii le fN M
h 5 5 1 4 hi t IIHe 01111 i HI 1 ilrt
p al t VI t I su o e gV > liimil nut in t
4 Vu 1 4 C u kt Jews d ic e iiTuli rm Your
filllr Hel 1U > I t s t fill U Illlte It oi COO It
HI 4 45e i lniur liV I kiu i a 11 rlTI rlvn I ol kit t ibe i > blri i >
144Iub IUI tic Afreet
itvauAir Kxm Aim rmn
Several diitrlet eesessblie et bbs Oertrssieat I
Totg hire cloud their pubiS 1 chla la Mm
plaoee 1 they were obliged te < 10 for wait et faidit f
ether plaee they did U been be OoTtnnenl stilts
assumed the poeltln of tehoel Inspectors ad principal
manager sad this wat not t lb liking et the popula
tion where th latter was the ease th aatembllei
voted to turn their public schools lute perish teneet
But ci according to the exlttlng law the pariah schools
BUM hold their sessions la I the ehnrek balldlig lad be
ehtroheecf theee districts ate prepared te Mieatme
date each institution the eeheolt are practically eloeed
TnahNpltalotOdiaaa upehn t was mad recently
cently with Brownleqoardi lymph which may prove
of great tlgnlOcsie I the medical telence Oa a pa
tient suffering from tenrvy the nperlntendl pbyil
clan reielred to try the Injeelloa ef Browat aarda
lymph After one week trial the pailentt condition
had ant hit
hlbpoo The tnjectiens were stopped ad
condition grew wen agaIn Then the medlelne wa
applIed again wlthott lnlmtln and within three
weeks his recovery wa complete The lymph I pro
duced at the laboratory of lbs ph vile Ian who tried II
fromth ergent o domestIc hil
Oa b I the smokeleSs powder factory which the
Government began building II 8t Petersburg In tail I
Jai wu opened After tbtretlglone etremonlea sos
moiSt ea inch occasion the rotohlneryot or the eeab
llihment wee put In motion and work began once
Between noon until I oclock P M eight pood 8X
pounds otemokeleec powder of aa excellent quality
were mannfaeturtd The working capacity of lh fac
tory amount at present t twenty poods a day but IbIs
will be considerabLy Increased when the canes lola
court of creation is I ready tor hue manufacture ef
pyroxrlln on the premises
The Scctely re Sits Protection of Animals ha award
ed a medal to Mr B A Khroeitchoff of Bt Petersburg
tor the considerate a anoe la which be keept the
hottti which have done aarrlee 1 Io blm That gentle
man is t member of the brandy dlilllllng firm ot Keller
A Co lie bu caused a special hospital to be built tor
I 0 r which hay grown old In the eerrtee Of lbs dkv
tllery There are at present three horses these Oae
of them named Scum It twnlytwe yean old and ha
been at work i In the dliUllery boat lat years
The ole Inmate ot the lulllnllon are Malt
chlk twentytil year old and retired for
th last els year and Blank 8y day
90 y ean 011 and kept on charily tor lbs last seven
years Ilie had brown to abnormal properlloniln
tome parts of his teeth only the rol are left lie
pod the greatest part ot the day lying In his t1
and when the latter mOlt b clined he I helped t get
up with an appllaac mad spatially for Site pnrpoee
When be b pat oa hit lags be Is lid about In the U
for some time two men walking by hit tide totopport
him lie It I 10 on eat floor and chopped bay
eTruManl of 8t Peteribnrg It I Quit detpondent
about the religious state of the BIn people M In
the higher epheret ot Russian toctety the editor
moans there t a constant and ucowttul propaganda
of all eerIe of heresies going 01 from She oldest here
sic 1 down t those which are promulgated b Tolstoi
Among the Intelligent people religion hascessed to be a
subject ot earnest eontlderatloa and among the lower
claseei ef society many mUle can be found uphold
ing fall doctrine and adhering to false beliefs
WhIther we go preach nlldon fateful powers eland
In our way We went t enlightened Bulgaria and be
hold dark and bloody shadow covered that land We
curled religions truth t Abynlala and the ware et
the sea drove our vessels back from lbs African shores
We desired to Spent our religious solicitude on Jets
salem on the very tomb of our Barlonr and tronbi
and contention among oar own foiled our effort
Alail It eeeme that the hand of tb Almighty Himself
Inflict snoh painful wound on the bleeding Rnatlaa
heart The lUnstrUu editor ef eniManlH Prince
Meetchertky wrlteian editorial two coltmns long II
this heartrending strain
II th high locltl circles of t Petersburg they give 1
fantastic name to thelrball and lat lids 1 sustain
afford them aa opportunity to express their view 1 ot
politic movement which they dare not overtly crltl
cite A ball given Feb lii by the leaders of the Nation
allitlcor PnElavonlan party wa denominated la
the Driamland er the Region ot rraaoo Btuulan Sym
The Rnsitaa press feel elated boa byes Im
perial ukaseof Ja 39 Feb I x newiptper reporters
will be allowed to n preient at military mancenvree
sail other Important army exercIses They consider
this ukase at tha hlgnelt recognition of the function of
the press Our American newspaper men may con
ceive a different impression when they learn the cendl
ton of tbs muchlanded ukase of the Czar Here b I a
Iro translation of It
I Inn desiring t b preeenl at aaacinrr and
similar military exercises u rtporun or correspond
eats of coaUmporary pibllcatlon mal have a at
testation from the authorities o the communities to
whleh they belong ai e their Identity platelet birth
Ac i bl testimonial from the tdllors of the publica
tions In whleh their reports are to appear and c per
mitt from the chief General In command ot the afore
said military ur vei Iud upon a careful Inveillga
tloa of the testimonial marked a and b These
papers they must keep on their pirtont and b red to
produce at the Brit demand
M2 Persons having no tueh papers with them r
not allowed to follow the movements of the troop
S The CommanderlnChlef of military exercise at
which repreeeutstlvee ot the Imperial family are tree
eat cannot sens any permit Ie mewipeper men to be
present War wlthcot previously eonialtlng the Minister ot
4 Before the CoanandorlaChlef lessee a permit to
a newspaper repreientatlv 1 b present say Impor
tant military exercise bo nut explain the regulation
to him by which all communications and detpatcbe t
the preu mutt b tuhmltted t rcrlil and correction
before they ere ttnttff
o To revise and correct inch despatch and com
mtmlcstlont aa officer of the army will b appointed
whoie doty I shall be t links ont of the submitted
manuscript at statement of fact that are lot Intend
ed for publication b expressions ot opinion reflecting
unfavorably on the conduct of certain person or of
military dlvltlone and Ic erlllclsmi oa th action of
the exercising parties that do net agree with the view
ot lb Commander CbIuf or CI Bel o Law for the
Onsor of the Pncui
e The revision ot manuscripts lubmltted by inch
reporter will cans no delay In formulating the i me
T roblleations tending reporters to deeorib mili
tary exercises II compliance with the above regnlaUec
ball be allowed t U the telegraph and the military
poet and men of conveyance for tb report ot inch
Hereunto are attached tbe text o the various doeu
menu which the must have their
mllbloh reportere mOt 0 tbe parses
duly attested D signed when they watch lb army
tierclses Every army cffleer I I entitled t challenge
the reporter to poD their paper
Ever tine lbs Crimean a scamp of the populous
thoroughfares or Odeeea have been undermined I
let a law wu framed byth municipal cenncll doo
ms making it obligatory upon every landlord 1 Oil up
the mine which open from bis premise But obedi
ence to that law wa never Insisted upon and be house
owneri Ignortd IU existence Of Isle ttrtral accident
liar occurred where the the
ground on streets and
sidewalks cared In and fell Into the mines The inu
nlclpal council contemplated Ih enforcement ef th
law but the bout owners presented a petition
gelnit this rneuur oa lh pies that the
mlnei a tiled u cellar for th Storage
of goods and I they should b filled np
their propertIes would deteriorate In value Hereupon
the city ceuncll adopted a resolution ohllilig the land
lord to line the mine which open late their teases
with cemented wallsio that the ground above them
should net cave In In can whir this cannot b
don the minx mutt b Oiled ap The landlord who
fall to do One thing or the other will b reipeulM for
all accident the may b caused by his aegllgence sad
hi liable 1 A admlnlitratlr One for dl oblenee
The Board of City Architects moreover draw ap a plea
of 1 the mines In the city marking Shoe whleh sea be
mid aad three which molt be cleied
I secure 0 mUl b p
The Governor of Bkatsrlnoeltv has used I e order
IhataiuMclint number of boats rafts and sImilar
be kept In readiness In all towns and
aparalut II alJ al Ond vitIates
of hie government lying below the water mark la
1874 and IH78 those towns and village r mandated
by the melting snow la the spring and many lire won I
lost Tali winter lb Doral was much heavier than
previously sudden thaw may again bring an Inun
dation The Governor therefore desires his people to
have suet means ef recipe at bad If inch trouble oe
cure He lies slee lucid strict order to ill poll I
agents lo wets the people A soon U tite meteorologi
cal stations predict the coming of a warm ware
The Cemaiander of lb at Petersburg police bu I
sued orders t the polio force to keep close watch
ever the acrlbbleri who writ all sort ef foolish peti
tion to the authorities for illiterate persona Suck
scribblers install themselves iii rUlural lola and
other places of tb kind and Incite the uoiutpleleu and
she Illiterate to petition the aulhorlUee for I possible
aaiI Imionlhl thing to presses anjiutlOabla COD
plilnts and to go Into unneceHery litigations Bealde
the money which ub persons lose I their mUelve give
aa untold amount of unnecessary trouble for the Minor
ities The commander of th plo prepoiee Ie end
this practice ot lbs professional petltloa writers
M Among the saloon keeper of Vilna the superstItious
belief prevail that If a piece of rope whereon a person
be I b ne t himself 1 < put la e barrel of brandy lie e
iu1 4 tHlf 1 of tie lreiidy wi h I iissoscl if r an In
iixiu Kiinl t 1 1 ilti I o II I U lie > rror iherelnre I I i
li I r > irruf 0 e tn1ie br liMnginr liri cutne iu lOn
iiumi < r tuile InLie where tin iiilHurlulte cc
eolAfrr iiiUns l I IT the rope iletiu I cc roD f
I Ilientil nf the jiroilucsie Iblt Ie the latest l ranurd
pu Ilihed In I No re rirnrj I for abltHemltlo purposes
1T ART S r R J 1 G O C DIn B
in the choicest most comprehensive and varied assortments in each and every Department
vc7 cpen
Ladies Cloak and Suit
For the benefit of ladles Interested In
the purchase of Cloaks or SuIt we beg t
make the statement that we hare now In
stock tho largest and best collections from
the leading makers of New iok London
Paris and Berlin that we hare ever been
able t offer In any previous Spring sea
son The prices are eioeedlnglf low for
te exceptionally high class of Roods and
we make no charge for alterations Tbo
assortment consists of
LaIN Walking and Tmrelllng Salts
In a the newest fabrics
Parismade Butts for carriage and home
Londonmade Walking Jackets
Imported and Domestio Wrap
Travelling Garments for all climates
A Immense collection of Novelties In
Cloth Silk and Lace Cape
Imported Macintoshes and Jerseys
Misses Cloaks and Suits
In goods specially selected for their ser
viceable qualities we offer a splendid assort
ment of Bllsse Suits Coats Jackets
Suit Cat Jacket
Reefers and Newmarkets for school and
street wear and choice lines of Novelties In
Imported Suits and Garments in addition
to the productions of our own workrooms
We Invite inspection of our Spring Impor
tations of the only genuine Xavier Jouvln
Gloves Suede and Glace representing the
newest colorings to match the novelties In
Costumes and Millinery and Including many
fancy shades such aa Pare Chardan
Echevln Emerande Murier Perruche e
quellcot Arbouse Cobaes Nickel Granite
Castor Cordoue Foullle and all shades of
mode tan gray and brown
In addition t the above we shell offer the
and Suede the most decided bargains of the
One lot button Suede Gloves narrow
embroidery In all shades of brown and tan
at le pair werel
One lot Bbutton KId Gloves In brown
ton gray wine and green embroidered at
H2c pair were IUS
One lot 8batton genuine French Sue
Mousquetatres In choice Spring shades of
tan brown and gray 9 pair were 189
One lot 7hook Lacing French Suede
Gloves in tan brown block
Glove tn gray brow and blak at
91 pair were IUO
The question of loss Is never ode
when we determine to close out a line of
goods Consequently we have marked down
fine Embroidered Edgings in various pat
terns from 85 cents t 12i cents per
yard The choicest designs will b secured
by a early call
Also 5 pieces Embroidered Tucked and
Hemstitched India Linen DeralFIounclngs
28 Inches wide which cost t import 75o
yard will be closed out at 8 yard
Exclusive Novelties just landed in Black
Mouseelln de IInde Flouncing embroidered
In silk flower and leaf designs with narrow
trimming to match Also new patterns em
broidered with colored cotton yarns from 121
t 1360 per rd
To make a clearance of a lot of patterns of
allsilk Black Lace Flouncing 16 inches wide
we mark them at 210 < yard
Also many new and odd designs rn allsilk
Black Lace Flounclnits 1 to 20 Inch widths
from 37 > iO to 85e yard
Black Obantlllr and Spanish Guipure Laces
are used for Dress Trimmings Underwear and
Millinery purposes Our stork at present b
ing simply enormous we a offering the finest
Black Ohanttlly Laces 4 to 6 inches wide at
25a yard worth SOc
This new and popular Embroidered Trim
ming at SSc to 05c yard in the following
French colors Rose de Nool MMs Azur Coo
patre rene Watteau and Coquelloot
Fin French Millinery Crepes and Crepe Chif
fons In all the latest colorings from 7S t
1125 yard
The new Beaded Net for naillet Crystal
on Black Pink Blue and Irldtsoent Crystal
on black and Gold and Silver on black
Why pay for laundering linen collars when
we are selling six yard of Bilk Cord Neck
lluohlng for 20c 7
Imported Jewlld Buchlngs reduced from
II and 125 per ard 8
Tbe new Chiffon Crepe Rucblngs plain and
embroidered at 58c to 87c yard the lowest
quotations yet mae for these goods
Boys Clothing Dept
JEvery awnaeBt warranted 1 Wed sad ef
the beat make
2 and 8 Piece PANT SUITS
Allwool Twopiece Short Pat Suit HTfaj
1 years at 9808 J worth t
Allwool Long Pant Suit 1 t IS years
80tofllclift at 41785 and 9860 worth
110 an1 I 12
AIlwool Twoplico Kilt Suits 21 t 6
yean at 31S 94759508
6th P Ind 19th Bt
Grand Display of Fine Imported Nov
elties brought out for car Regular
Easter Exhibit
Bonnets Round Hats and Toques
Large and select collection of Bonnets
Bound Bat and Toques embracing the
choicest models from the leading Modistes
of Paris and London
o P Lndon
Also from our ow workrooms a fine
assortment of Ladles Misses and Chit
drens Hat for dress and suit wear In a
variety of choice and exclusive designs
Ladies wit realize the advantage of so
loosing their Kaeter Millinery lists week
Now showing the choicest and most select
assortment ot Ladles Misses and Chit
drens Un trimmed Hats ever exhibited by us
All grades ot Milan Neapolitan Chip and
Split Braids together with an unlimited va
riety of styles and colorings In Fancy Im
ported Braids Impossible to describe em
bracing over 600 different styles and shapes
from 480 to 475 each
Over 8000 cartons fine Imported Flowers
In latest styles ot Wreaths Fancy Sprays
Montures and Flower Toques also every
style of Flower In the new and natural
Very desirable collection of fancy Im
ported Crowns Plateaux Straw Braids Jet
Goods Ornaments Fins Millinery Laces
and Novelties
On Monday March 16 we shall place on
solo the following
Extraordinary Values
AllWool Cheviot Suitings 38c Yd
50inch Scotch Cheviots 69c Yd
French Plaids 75c Yard
Black Brilliantines 39o Yard
Black Silk Grenadines
from 15c to 2 Yd
Printed India Silks
all new designs
49c Yard
Regular 75c Quality
27inch White Japanese Silk
79c Yard
Formerly sold at 9110
Rich Black Faille Francaise
98c Yard
Real value 9125
Upholstery Department
Our Spring Importations of fine Lace Cur
tains are coming forward every day and we
are already showing one of the bestselected
lines ever offered In any store AU styles
are fully represented Including Irish Point
Renaissance Louis XIV Casabano Mario
Antoinette Brussels Point Egyptian Ac
Special Values for This Week
1800 pairs Nottingham Lace Curtains the
surplus stock of a large Importer purchased
away below manufacturing ooet will be
placed on sole Monday at about onehalf
regular prices ranging from 69c to 498
per pair The assortment comprises various
designs In both ecru and white
Wo cut and make a suite of seven pieces
Slip Covers mateiial Included complete
for 8iS
8000 Bromleys fimvrna Rugs In new designs
and choice colorings at the following low
ISiBB Iuch112 86x73 Inch 898
31x15 inch 159 4x7 ft 1848
9Cx54 Inch 1288 Cz9 ft 1448
80x60 inch 209 VJixlOXft 3268
Mens Furnishing Department
The following lots of Shirts being broken
lots and sizes are offered at little more than
half regular prices to close out As the
quantities are limited an early call will be
necessary to secure them
Lot 1 Laundered Shirts Splr
linen bosom good quality mus
lin open backs All
Lot Unlaundered Shirts open
back and front apleoe nook at
band 8pljr linen bosoms felled
seams good quality muslin
Lots UnlanndoredBntrts broken o
sizes and broken lots in fine eacho
cambric aad muslin open backs each
and open front and back one
piece neck band
U doien Mens Tech Boarfe In light and
medium shades and rich and attractive
flruiM at elSo tub wen Wo
U dozen Mens Jouvln Suede Gloves In
Una and browns slxia CJ to 8 only at Ctfc
pair regular price liW
6th AV6T aM 19th St
Night OowBft Chemise Skirts
Drawer and Corset Coven at
Positive Batcaln Prices Strictly
New Goods
As eiaaUajt > ri ee e tuuiaet COnvOy er
rest tea of yalas5 we reepootnIly
ua iesptt6
Drawer sad Corset Core J IQn
Nigh t OTrn and Skirts
NIghtgown and BklrtA trimmed rtn
with fine embroideries
Mlchtcowiu Chemises Skirts nn
Drawers Corset Covers yJ
This lot comprises a tall line of Undonroir
made of Cambric Lawn India Mnen and Flu
Muslin new In design perfect
tn finish ui
superior quality of materials
Tea Gowns and House Dresses
The most artistic styles will bo found In
our large stock of Tea Gowns and House
Dresses All sizes fit guaranteed
Cballle Tea GOTTOS with combi
nations 573
Skirts with 8eqnes 135 and 9169
Wash Wrappers Hubbnnl nnd
Princess 78c and OSc
Infants Department
Short and Long Cloaks up to 4 yean
Exclusive Styles Low Irlcts
Long Cloak150 108 9250
Short Cloaks In quaint and pretty effects
becoming to all children matte in ClieUota
Twills Freuch Flannel India Silk and
Faille Special lots made of Cashmere
French Flannel and Cheviots at 9100
9108 9208 and 1198 will bo found
well worthy ol attention
Childrens Gingham Dresses at 75c OSo
9128 9180
Infants Complete Outfits 33 pieces 8398
Ladies Merino Underwear
At lOo esohLadies lIne Balbrlagan
Swiss Bibbed Vests low neck all slzra
At25o eachLadles plain Balbrlggaa
Vests high neck long sleeves all sizes
At 860 each Ladles genuine Egyptian
Balbrlggan Swiss Bibbed Vests high neck
sleeves sizes
At 60o eachLadies genuine Swiss
Bibbed Bilk Yeats low neck all color
At 9185 each Ladles genuine Swiss
Bibbed bilk Vests high neck ribbed arms
all colon
Ladies Silk Hosiery
Five Unapproachable Bargain
At el5e pair Ladles Silk Plated Hose
fancy boot patterns t all sizes
At Me pair Ladles best quality Pllk
Plated Hose new soring eolorlnc all sizes
At 75o pair Ladles Fast Black belt
Quality Bilk Plated Hose all sizes
At PSo > pair Ladles Bibbed Silk Mope fait
black boots tops comprising now spring color
Ings all sizes
At apalr Ladles fin cluster nbUi
Bilk Hose colors fast black light cruyn tuoJc
bronze Etryptlan red moroovo primrose
cream and white all sizes
Ladles will study their Interevt bj ak >
lag MI early ezasciesiton or Cite above
bathes tk > aeertaBta ore broken
Housekeeping Linens
Bleached Table Damask
68 Inches wide extra heavy make
O7o yard usual price 85c
Cream Loom Damask
wide width and pure linen
AOo yard usual price ODe
Bleached Double Damask
72 Inches wide handsome patterns
08o yard usual price 411 GO
Closing out an odd lot of Bleached Table
Cloths slightly shop soiled and short length
Bleached and Cream Table Damask IK to i
raids lone at reduced prices
800 dozen K Napkins double damask atllil
dozen worth 178
960 dozen M size Dinner Napkins at tXtt
dozen worth 19
STB Satin Damask Fringed Lunch Bets with
colored borders at the following remarksblr
low prices Including cloth and napkins to
8 yards long UB8 set worth I47
SK yards long 350 set worth 1525
B yards long 1393 set worth 1675
Domestic Wash Fabrics
The largest and most complete assortment
of Domestic Wash Fabrics over shown lo htw
York representing all the latest novelllei and
effects In Cballles Bateens Figured TIuu
Cloth Cotton Pongee Ginghams Cambrics
Lawns Ac which we are offering at the lowiSt
prices ever quoted for like qualities Specimen
780 pieces Figured Cotton Pongte and TIOi
Cloth In great variety of coloring alto m
black grounds with colored figures st 12IO >
per yard
600 places Novelty Ginghams new desIgns
atiane worth aia
SSO Cambrics at
pieces new styles Skirting
WXo yard
Souvenirs for Easier
Easter KorelUes In Glove and Hsndk >
chief Oases Easter Cards with hsndpalnted
designs on French Eld Porcelain and Cellu
loid Easter Booklet and Book Marks
Decorated Candy Boxes aud o large Yb
rtety of Easter Eggs and Chickens
6th Ave and 19th 8t

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