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J UA 1 N j i isi w l r
4 < VK
h I
anowzyo DKKFKR
Mr Men Bar the Ha > lk rhtef Tonm U
I BatttBcefe Month and Marked W WM
TJa eabte > 4ly Belonged t Wright Be
e jee he Had Other IIke ItThe la
que et Becrm loejt XTCBlng
William Wright Englishman 25 ear old
6 fet 5 or 0 Inchee tall weight about 125
pounds blue eres buihr flaxen hair Inclined
t curl very laM moustache as light or light
er than his hair no hair on the rest of his fact
mall sham nose thin lips small chin Inclined
to b square small hands and feet Breaks
with a strong English accent Somewhat
effeminate In his manner and voice A par
t b only 10 or 1 oar old Dresses quietly
Bmokes cigarettes
This I 1 accurate a description of the man
Who Is now wanted br the Staten Island police
1 can b obtained
The cheap cotton handkerchief that wae
found crammed so fa down tho throat of the
murdered Carl Emanuel Unttlnger that It
topped the air postages of both the mouth
and nostril was the prooortr of the man
Wb n Wright left his boarding house at 127
East Flttrelghth street on thomornlngof Feb
1 he left behind him one or two handkerchiefs
on which were embroidered the letters W
W These were tbe letters embroidered on
the handkerchief taken from the throat of the
murdered man Mr Gustavo Neu the master
of the house where the murdered man and
Wright lived ears the quality of the handker
chief left br Wright and the handkerchief
c taken from the murdered mans throat Is the
same Be ears also that the lettering Is the
Where Is Wright Where was he on the
Bight of Feb 2 Did he KO to Boston the day
before as ho said he would when he bade his
friend goodbr 1 He said he was going to Bos
ton to go to work In tho diamond cutting busi
ness He bad a placo and intouded to begin
work immediately I ho told the truth then
be Is probably In Boston now and I he la thoro
why has he not made himself known I he
Is In Boston he could not help knowing that
the bodr of bis friend Ituttlncer had been
fount and that this friend had been mur
dered Ills silence Is suspicious
As has been said Wright went away on Feb
L Be bad been In this country less than a
month Became with Ituttlnger They wore
related to each other br marriage As far as
Is known Ruttlnaor was Wrights only friend
I I America Ruttlncor went away from the
boarding house on Feb 2 Letter were r
elved at Mr Neus house for Ituttlnger dur
ing the month of February None of them
was from Wright Is It not strange that
Wright did not write to his friend to tell him
bow he was getting on or to enquire how his
friend was getting alone
Just before noon yesterday a German called I
at Police Headquarters and told Inspector
Byrne that he bad been acquainted with hut
tinge and Wright In Europe He told the In
spector something about the men The In
spector would not tall the mans Dam but
after be bad gone the Inspector called the re
porters together at Headquarters and said
Ituttlnger and his wife atone time lived at
a place called Thaam Voghtlajad Germany I
They rnme there from Italy and Ituttlnger I
In partnership with one Fernbacb a lace
aaiiulacturer at Th um I
IIIUllcturr Frm place they went t Dresden I
Young Wrjghtlwas with them He is I a brother
of tire Buttinger lie seems to hate been I
simply a companion lie hud no business but
was a bicycle rIder cigarette smoker and
gentleman of leisure
Mrs lluttlnger had an Income of 300 or I
400 a rear and her father the elder Mr I
Wright lives or did live at 1enhurnt Bberldon
J Road London I shall keen UI uir Investiga
tion ot the case but It II in the hands of the
Btatnn Island authorities
ttatn r this statement was given out District
f AtUfrnertltzgerald and Chef of Police Jack
son of Blehmond county called on the Inspec
tor and all the belongings of Uattlngfrincmd
lag everything that ho bad left at UrNeug
house were turned over to them ana taken 1 I
OUI 1 lanl Ihe In peotor would Dot say
what IteP had ben taD to dud Wright but
It known tat Je hu at least two meD 10ul
l isiforhitu
1J forhm man who Identified Buttlngers
body talked at length yesterday wlh a SUN reporter
porter about Bultlnger and Wright Rut
I linger he said bad impressed him as being
every Inch a gentleman n born gentleman
ttyer Ien
Wright had not made nuoh a favorable Im I
preMjon ii e trok me i from th first said Mr Neu
ubing a man ot light calibre Ituttlnger
a tbe money and paid all the bills Wright
geemed to consult him about everything
Qlult evertboJ
They were the verr beet of friends all the
I time They never went out evenings This
the most mysterious affair I have ever heard
of I cant understand why Wright has not
been heard from and I a half Inclined to I
think that be hoe been murdered himself
U her Is a possibility of cour e that be bad
something to do with this murder but no one
who a thing knew him could ever suspect him of such
Mr Neu retold the story of how he had come
tn ideullfr lh body aud he assorted posit holy
that the handkerchief found stuffed down
Wit throat was similar to those that
Wright used himself and to those that Wright
fcadleft behind hIm
I Bnjtlugers body will b taken charge of by
tbe German Consul and burled A cable was I
received yesterday at the Consulate signed F
htitilneor It was dated Stuttgart I
Tbe wrier said be was the murdered mans
brother and requested that the body receive a I
proper burial A guarantee of 100 was In
cluded In tbe despatch to par I the cost of Inter I
ment The Consul would not malt public the
dl patch In detail and he would say nothing
about what tbe funeral arrangements would
be Another dospatcU from Stutt art was re
ceived later lu the day It was a follows
BnnToirT Germany March 14Csrl Kmmannet
Ruttltixer reported found mnrdered In Klcumond
moiety lisle ot New York United liaise ot America
waa is embroidery merchant formerly doini bmlneii
airuneu but afterward In DtJrlrl went in the
United Htatee In January to niurt a branch eiiablliu
meat Knttlncer married a wealthy Knullth lady and
haa two children Ilia wire and family are now 11 aDI
Ea itarltiK with ND kI Wright Hutttnxera aliter Ill
law at Nentone reek IfL Another audreai u
I Ctren aa remnant Sheridan 10a Ixmdon i
The affair Is just O much a mystery as ever
a s lar MS ttio manner of l tlie < Tlmo Is concerned
A deielopuient a Tottenville yesterday morn
log hears on the time of the murder U J
I border a reputable citizen of Totteuvllle re
ported to the authorities yesterday the follow
ing Last Sunday between 1U30
nl the morning and 2 In Ibo afternoon Mr
bnrder was sitting In tbe front room of his
house on the old Amboy road
This rood lend from the main street of Tot
tonvllln to the Amboy farrr nt Bay CliO which
is about a quarter of a mil to thffcoutbot
ElllottH Dock whore the body of Ituttlnger
was Sound Mr Hnjder houR has an old
fasnlonrd Dutch tile roof UII the only roof
of the kind In tills part of the county nod
therefore is regarded curiously counlf who
iUs that WILY
As Mr Gnrder sat at the window he noticed
tWI men eton in front of the house and 1 ok
Btthnr of They Blood there tor sometime
sod Mr invder took rather particular notice of
them He surs that ono was tall l broad
vboulderpd Iur of decidedly military
aspect while ibe other was uiuch shorter
and bad fair hair and an English cast of coun
tlcularly Presentlr the saunered on down
tenanee The difference their nnlgbts was so
IGrud that Mr l4py4er remember hem par
toward Ihe Uln ChIT Ioerry which is I ton min
Ute slow walking from Mr Knyders house
About txtentx minutes afterward Mrs flay
der who cam let the toom called his atten
tion to two ruon who were looking at the tiling
I Mr Bnrder looked up hail caw the rame two
mD Mrs Border earn she is a great admirer
of broadshouldered men and that she noticed
lb tall man closely
He had on a brown overcoat his shoulders
were very broad and his cheat thrown out
He ha be acre dark moustache very
determined masterful faoo The shorter er
who was shorter br beau and shoulders was
fair haired bad a fair moustache und small
liurnsldes although upon this last point aol
Bnrder Is doubtful
lader Mr aud Mrs Knyder noticed the two I
men as they stood looking at the Dutch tiling
After a minute or two they sauntered on go
in it toward Tottenville and away from bay I
Cliff Mr Buyder saw the picture In Tnx bUN
sad read about the murder He recalled those I
men ra rexterdar he told tbo police about
them He looked at the body pl Bedells
inonrue but be was not able to Identify It tie
stud the countenance was something like
4 that of the large man who stopped In
front of his house but that lollel I 1
pot Fie certain of It Tbe Wcilntlon which
Mr hal Hia ft derghn of the two admirers I
ottliulr Dutch rout tallies closely with that of
Ituttcngrr and Wright specially the de orlp
Ion of ittittinger and Mrs borders reasons
for ramemborliig sn well are excellent t > tlll
all hlenlca ona are to b taken with allow
anoo If the 10 people whom the tiny
Do I
oars 1 r Wright and Uuttlnger then
a etb a murder did not tike pMe on Fb
9 and the doctors are right 1 their t
opinion for they say positively that the body
eopld noibave been 1 the water more than
four days Four days back from last Wednes
day when thn body wan found would bring
Sunday within the time Tbo doctors ray
the brain of the dead man was not softened as I
It would have been hnd he been dead several
weeks The undertaker lars that Irnra I
cold water had kept the body from deeompis
Ing it would have decomposed rapidly after
being taken out whereas the fat is that the
body has remained almost natural
This brings up the ferry tickets again These
coupons were blue which means that they
were tickets good for one paitage from New
lork to Perth Amboy and not roundtrip or
excursion tickets which are usually bnugbc
br people going dwn that way The tickets
were certainly bought on Feb 2 I may be
that the coupons for passage from Perth Am
boy to Tottenville were the residue of tickets
bought on Feb 2 and that Bnttlnger and an
other man went down there that day and
that they returned to tbo city and then
went down again last Uanday Jut
this does not agree well with the
fact of Itnttlnger1 disappearance from his
boarding place on Feb 1 Another point In
tbe Bnydrr Identification which wa brought
nut later was about the hats of the two men
Mr Hnjder lan thaI both men wore Derby
hat but that the bigger mans Derby was not
so man tail as that of the smaller Englishlooking
No hat was found with Buttlngers body S
t any one recalls the kind ot hall the two men
wore in the bonrdlng house It would be a point
for or auainst the bnrder etorr The police
seem well satlsfed that the key tn the mystery
lien In Ibll profession of William Wright
The murder seems to bavo been committed
In the OBen air seOD8 blly from the fact that
Buttlnger on his overcqat and that there
was no struggle at all It Is Impossible to con
ceive bow a small man could bal overpowered
ered Rutilnger nr bow any onn could have sat
focated blm The more carefully thn manner
of the binding and gagging are looked into
the more the mystery grows The cords were
strong bnt light They did not cut Into the
dead mans wrists at 1 not so much as a
slight circle being In the flesh They were err
mmiv Dot for the purpose of binding a strug
gling man The handkerchief was stuffed in
deliberately mid firmly A though the mur
derer bad plenty of time and wanted tn do his
work well Now here Is another curious cir
cumstance Thorn was not a cent of money In
Bnttlngera pockets wben Ihey found the body
His undercoat was buttoned carefully fits
tie was not dlsarranced The top button of
his overcoat was buttoned Tbe telltale passport
port was left in his Inside breast cant cooker
Yet his pockets must have been searched for
he had no money at nil He Is found dead
carefully strangled carefully hut not tlgbtlr
bound his clothing not dlirrangeQ tlhtT
not a bruise or a mark on his body
On Friday last Sergeant Drnmmond took two
unknown men from tbe docks at Perth Aratmy
over to Tottonvlllo by way of the Bay Cllffe
ferry He otoDvlo so that they might be ob
cened He took them to the Morgue and
showed them the body They positively Identi
fied It O tbe body of the male nf a sallLnc ves
sel which loft Perth Ambo Tuesday They
raid the mate of thin vessel was missing They
were certain that this body of Carl Puttlnger
wan really the body of the mate Sergeant
Drummond is mnking further Inquiries
One Imiuest In tno rRse was begun at 7f
oclock In the hull nf Hook and Ladder Com
pany No I at Tottenville The witnesses ex
amined testified to the facts a they have been
printed In TBF Kujr
Mate Biimucl Morton of the boat Baynevre
who found the body last Wednesday said that
ho hnd been near the spot where be saw the
body several times within ten days of last
severa He had not scan the body before
This would Indicate that the body bad been
thrown In the water somewhere else tuan
where he faw It
BoaTnN March 11A clerk In the Allen Line
Steamship Companys oillco bore says that a
month ago or a little longer a rnnn answering
Ingenirnl the description of Wright anullwl
for permission to uork his way across the
ocean on H cattle steamship
ofn clerk ant him out to Hathnwara cattle
yards at Watertown Inquiries liy a reporter
nt the cattln yurdu failed to discover that I xueb
a sage man had appeared there to apply for a IA
rstat If veHdae wad r oatbs e > f a
rhwMetita Car Bl Him No
Tkcn Ps Wm t Br McCoy Wlttem
uel BUIr u4 a Great Chun B
Come Over Rlaa
Mr hairS Kemtih HTM at l7Cnerlteiet Ii this
el Ir lie U a bright intelligent yours men ana te look
at biO today noDody wonid ever drar ih > t he had
been amfleror nooo trm catarrh for neo years Bnt be
waa M win he teen br his own story tit 514 II a re
tortrl II I wee troubled with catarrh I steel aero
Ear I tried all aorta of patent medlclnea sad went
to a physIcian lot bDI the meetS bet neither 4
me any mod lao eo a I found I WH mint my
memory and I would pot a tool or eonethlif Iowa
ana fowl the next noaunt where 1 had put It
Nynrte stopped up ao that I eooldat breathe
through It Mr throat waa soy sad mocni dropped
Into toe back part of It I had bar etnartlnn palm be
tween my eyei and headaehee on the crown of mr
head When Id walk fait Id get palm In 1 my slOt I mt
hail a bad couth which Interfered with my risk I
helubm to
would oon helu night for couple I at heart and I bade I
verypoor appetite finally I went le Ore Merer Wltdmi I
and Blair asS nnder their treatment feel 71 per Mat
b u alf Cent hara any more headache ar pain la
myhead Myaoielifree my couh le I none my main
err haa been reitorel and Pre McCoy Wlldinan and
Blair haredonaino I 10 muoh cood that 1 flartly room
mand tnem to anybody who u aaffarlnf from catarrh II I I
Hoar Great Central Depot
1 STB AT Bear 14th ok NEW TOBK
BHOADWAT ear 16 tk t N T City
In Damullo Sewlnf Macamf CompaBya aolltlaii
Oraetlu AcUtay at Muala
White all etrable dlieaaoa are treated with ingeni
Specialties Catarrh all throat sad chest dlitasta alt
arrrou dUMiei chronic flMaeea 1 r yoa Ufa at a dli
tale wells t nr a symptom blank Address all nail to S
hatt4idat onc boarsSloIl l M Ito4rlt Tie
ST I dally Uaadarawtelt I aaJ3to4P or
Lw Tirk Cutr n mmvt r are > Ma > a > a > r
S the A oyment ipleltdK rapll IraniI aerrlce and
41a nw rate esjnufotaUon for UdlrUuala I aaa faniUlaa f
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no skill or practice to operate Operates by the use of ON HAND only Its
size and weight adapts it to travellers Is an educator for the young The
r I legibility and beauty of its work recommend it t the use of aU 4
I i P
S O w
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to our warr00C of the OBIOINALITT
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geodL A aaMnffcetiirere WE CAN DE
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I opt
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moet sathlautoiy ol all
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FOR BALK In eminent locations between Item
and 12Uth eu nntclaia dwalllnra between KLVM
and CtX iwo also a b rirMn on Cheater Hill Mount Vep
non and lOuxlUd on Leland 01 hew Roohella
F A IILACK 121 Wilt 123th it
FOR BALBOn Booth Itch at Broeklya a 4tr
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nicheS or nnfumlihed Address
rain BAN CARLO Broadway ana lilt it
GBOOKRV want an onerreMc married man
about w who haa had Lbs control of help 1 take
I4 city ooiltlon one with tact and pnah will 1 la ta
imcted In our line sad Sad a permanent place Apply
personally II 8 TAPPAN 84 Union iquafe
HIOII AND UNIOUK trench Boreltleai newit do
den In gilt I and silver beltet exetnalr faaer so e
at wonderful low prices Royal Biarritz stoveS TS < a
pair worth tll AD linen cmbroldired InitIal baa
lerchlera Inc worth Mia Celebrated Laralllere oor
sets ate J A HUES sole Importer we BrOadway sad
13 Wait sotb t Ig
atu Wait 145th 1
HANDSOME ROOMS II beautIfully furnished honie
very rtaaonabla gentlemen reference repaired
1124 West 1 I rQwr
H BTIIERINOTONrnr Park an and 83d 1 well
ra appointed thoroughly homelike inspect and com
INDUSTRiOUS MAN of neat apprnrance about W
I who la quick to take hold will oe Instructed In 1o
buelneu and paid while learning Apply at tbe it ore
corner 4th ar and loth it
J OUM 1 B bMVTH 0 Liberty It
South side TM it bacl 4L Boulevard fan lot
price fO terms 10 suit
loath it n s weiitof 10th av convenient to cable
can full lot price lluM terms aair
prco JOHN r B mviii ea Liberty it
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once to high salary Call or addreia at present em
ployer 1 au EMI Goth it
MILLINER wanted also two good Improvers rrl
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t I hAt r U 3SX Broadway Brooklyn
NDRRE A thoroughly experienced women for ten
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slIces Call or address 311 Wntod it Mra IOBAN
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vr Eden MUM Knlcker orknr CnniervAtorv aid
all wordS the leading moats itorea with Rngllah and tpaaUk
o SR OR TWO QEKTLEMBN can hare neat7urniibed
rom 440 Bait Mttb at
CTORErln a locution where M ood G t
kJcery Bukcry or Dellctttr rn In mulch
cedrdf mn InduBtrlonii ailtlnn part
wonld unrelymeet with iieretvii In this rap
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raturnedi teat hint IJ recommended for nrk 75
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Eaat SIb J
For iae north side 7Rth at between Aroiterdnm tIOth
ar and lluulearli IB O 21 feet wide Mdep aol
rxieniinna herd wont cabinet flDliti auperb fronti
reitrlrteil central nelibborhool superior to any otberi
In iparket Apply on premIses aJ
TO IfT Oflleet studios ineettnr and lodge rOm In
I building IU LIeu lUMh 4 I also ls i rear lofts Cub I
or without power elevator ant iieam beat Apply
wlbul 1rlg
IIORTUNB nll Heit I2lb I t
TFArilEn ciTe piano and vocal i iror timer
L location bib to IBib t UJ ar Address
LOCATION 158 jttsv
TTHBRELLAa Olrle wanted who underitanili the
U tuitnei thoroughly Heady work and good vigiL
Call 441 1 Bihar
W ANTED A man of gooit addreu to travel for a
TV flntclaii matailne nne with aUlllr and nol
afraid tn work must hara unexcepilonable rifer ocei
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a luau of thIs kind can make WJI a week Adiel
WALTKIt IIAItKIS Billion 0 N ew Tork tIll
WANTKDA nanationt m wuo quIrk to learn and
VT willlni to work will b Initrnciea and paid wtille
laarnlnfi Apply at 11 Union squats
W ANTKDnr lone widow poilllon U lionifkeereri 1
Ww U inuilcal U cure ot Mra Hoyla tufcul < < < >
I7AgTbDLight cirrIsCe body mater
TV J UDaLEr 42 111 Sroohlr3 I
WANTRDCarrlate wheelwrliht uied to Jobblnf
VT Vnlen street near Hi 0 Brooklyn
ZITI IKHTnUrTtnt taught thoroughly ISd
quIckly be11 metbofle to or ont of boil
1BOy JEAN PBNUT jldH fcallSilb
infll S 18 WERTBleiantlr furnllliad larte
AU parlor IS llxht ball room private family
parlor Door
QOD 8TrrrwE8T near BroadwaTJUndwiJr
Of furnished parlor and basement floor to lei eJ
eonrentencee other rom
AKtH M 8T 4 l8 WEHTConiforlably fnrnUheil lalg
It front room also hall room In private house
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heated i tents 114 to f 17 ANlTon IiW
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tJO listed anil ilaeorated HirouKliout 7 room I
Dallit low re I Inquire on promliva
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1 f heats Ill Eee Ioulkro
If you diilre to ln one of the f SJO bulldlur lotS 03
the bbl north of Van Coortland lark on Maotia
tan L and Northern traliie call or write al once a the
vrtee cf ttteee maiiUOcent leu will be airanoed ts a
few days Claus 1 JOKtS S Co
IMS Broavtwsy Is tea b no ewa
Took Poison wed Then looped From a
At tin minutes before noon yesterday a
woman was seen at a window on tbe third
floor of the tenement 70 Manhattan avenue
Jersey City Heights The next moment she
throw ill the each and plunged headlong down
Into tbn yard some of the neighbors ran to
her assistance and Carried her into a room on
the lower hooT rhe died soon afterward
Mho was Mrs Pauline house aged 85 Rite
lived with her btiAhund and one child 10 yearn
lyed in the apartments nn the third floor Bbe
has has been Buffering for a long time with
acute Inflammatory rheumatism Dr Nevin
advised that she Im taken to a hospital
Her husband who is poor tried to persuade
her that that would be best but she strenuous
Ir I obiected She did not want to go to the
hospital Yesterday she sent out to IO neigh
boring drug store for rome Paris green which
she swallowed When the poison began to
make Itself lelt she suffered such excruciating
pain that she Jump from the window
At noon yesterday the Church of the Ascen
lion at Filth avenue and Tenth street wash
scene of a very quiet wedding The bride was
Miss Marjorie Howe a daughter of Mr Lind
say Irving Howe and the bridegroom Mr Her
bert A Weeks The Her Charles Cooper of
Philadelphia nfflclaed hues Howe wore a
white satin gown very plainly made Her veil
WAS of rare point Vyr Her younger sister
fdlcs J Howe wa the only mad of honor Mr
Horatio 10we attended the bridegroom as
best 1 The usher weie Messrs T J Oak
Icy itblnelander I Del aDO Wanks a cousin of
tie bridegroom Edward F Weeks a brother
of the bridegroom E M Hollnnd Dr W A
Bsrtlett Knit Joel Trott Allen a eonsln of the
bride There wa no reception after the cere
mony which was witnessed by a few of the in
timate friends of the young couple
The Calirornln Dafar Vote
RirnxMEXTO March 14The ballot for
United States Senator today the fourth taken
br the legislature In joint convention reo
suited Ktiteo 34 De Young 28 Ftlton 13
Blanchard 12Johnston4 Metmore 1 The
Democrats rust their complimentary vote for
WillIam V English
Tlcoroae Work by CItizens Aaalmat the
Beerrrolr Beer Hall Seneaae
I the bill that Has passed the Assembly to
root over the reservoir at Fortysecond street
and Fifth avenue and make on air garden of
It passes the Senate the physicians and prop
erty owner who are opposing this bill will ap
ply to the courts for relief The physicians ob
ject to this air garden scheme on sanitary
grounds and the property owners and resi
dents In tnat part of tbe city say that It is not
needed and would be a public nuisance
Mayor Grant has strongly expressed his dis
approval of the absurd scheme Petitions of
protest will b circulated for signatures on
Monday The bill will not be acted on In the
Senate until the latter part of the week and
br tnat time the petitions will b filled out
with thousands of names and forwarded to
Albany Canvassers will b sent out Monday
with them There will alo be a separate peti
tion for phrslclans to sign and one of the
members of the committee said yesterday that
every physician who bd been approached on
ever Ibll bJot had been beD his disapproval
of the air garden ID addition to thIs some
of the members of the committee will go 1
Albany Ihle week tn 1 h the bill in the Senate
If this bill passes tho Senate said William
M Martin yesterday I will decrease the i
M Marin pert within a radius of ten blocks
from 88 to 60 per cent and the city will gain
nothing The people living in that part of th
ally have no po for a beer garden there I
the city Is anxious to build such a place of
amusement it should select a site better
adapted for It The coot of this proposed gar
den and the expense of maintaining I would
be very heavy There is only ono set of service
vice pipes In this CUT whenever It becomes
necessary to use the water In this reservoir
these DIMS must be used Experts tell I us that
in order to rooof over this reservoir supports
must be bttilt up from the bottom of it or long
Iron girders thrown across from side t side
Tho weight to b supported would be enor
mous and It would be Impossible to construct
A roof of this kind that would not leak in time
The reservoir would become a dlseasebroed
Inc pool and whenever that water was aced
all its nth would b scattered throughout the
city lt The physicians who have examined this
reservoir phalcan8 in this Brynnt lork Is
now a great playground for children and In
the summer time It I filled with them up to 8
or 9 enmme tme the evening An air garden
such 11 IM proposed would make tbe park almost
most useless as a childrens playground
Petitions protesting aealnsttho scheme hve
retlon8 l proSIUDa nr members of the Psi
Upsllnn Ipe Harmony Clubs whose houses
face Bryant Pork and br a lara number of
tbe members of the Union league Club A
cumber of Benators however have insured
the members of he committee that they are
opposed to the bill and Intend to tight 1 when
it cornea up Senator W L Brown says U will
b killed very quickly In the Senate
BnalDcaa Trouble
Nicholas W Morrell and George W Lnbeck
Morel 4 LubeokJ dealers In hay feed and
grain at 251 and 253 East Fiftysecond street
made an assignment yesterday to Henry Gold
The business of Mrs James R Mills dealer
In lumber at the foot of Fifth street Hoboken
I In the hands of the Sheriff and Is advertised
to ha sold on Monday The liabilities are re
ported to be over WOJKX
The Sub b of lbs RlleyOsborn Companys
property In Newark was effected renterdar br
roper J Frank Fort nnd the pall reeelreil
the unctIon of Chancellor McOlll The burer
was Samuel ChaDcelor I In I bolleed be will
be the President of a new company to continue
the manufactuie of fancy brass goods His
original offer was I55000V It was raised a
thousand oter n bId of 0 D Mayo and Mr
Klot SAW him and raised him n thou and
Mr elW uroDpt out and lily e uiueiu look tim
properly at 5700a It consists of a hugo DW
factory In Mulberry street full of fine
machlnerr and la I rogardert aa a good bargain
for the buyer The creditors will get about
175000 which Is nearly full satisfaction for all
ful utllfacton al
demands The failure of the company was < duo
to dipping Into outside manufactures The
regular business a profitable
OKelly and Bedmond are Well Known
Uer ButtS lathe FIrst Visit OConnor
Mel Hurrleon Horaetnlna About Them
The steamship ntruria having on board tho
Irish members of Parliament who are to rep
resent the rarnel auso In thin country and
endeavor to rale money for 1arnoll arrived
too late yesterday 1 allow tie commlttoo of
Irish Nationalists to go down the bat to meet
the envoys The committee were In waiting
fifty or sixty strong all yesterday afternoon
They had chartered tho atoamer John E
Moore and they will go down to Quarantine
this morning The Irish envoys Messrs
OKelly Itodmond OConnor and Harrison
will b taken aboard tho John E Moore and
landed at the Barge Office whence they will go
t the Hoffman House
The delegation represents the old Fenian
element the ClannaGnel the fiery round Ire
land of the present day and the Protestant
Nationalists of the historic days of 1798 Two
of its members Messrs OConnor and Harri I
son pay their first visit to these shores tho I
other two are well known hero The best
known is James J OKelly a restless news
paper man at home in the Soudan or lu the
Spanish Americas as ho is In Dublin London
or New York lie was born in Dublin
in IB5 He went to France In 18C3 and
joined the Foreign Legion with which
he served in Algiers and In Mexico When
Maximilian was defeated at Mien in June
Maimia Wi 18000helly was taken
prisoner but tie eKe
oftpeu1 to Texas and
mode his way to New
York There he went
Into the Krnlun ranks
and returned tn J re
in nd where he was one
J of the Irish llepubllran
49 c Brotherhood until that
< movement was sup
I 5 pressed Then ho went
Cbaik to Franco ana
to toned In 1 tbo Prussian
I 7 Ii war When Paris sur
i7 rendorud he once moro
I 1 found hie way to Now
York and loined the
11 salts Bluff ot lbS Herald In
1878 he wont to describe the CespedOB revolu
tion in Cuba was arrested there and sent to
Spain as a prisoner Gen Daniel 1 b blckles
was our praoDer Madrid and throucu uU
good oilcon OKolly wa released lie went to
Brazil afterward and during his slay thore be
saved the life of the EmoroK8 nt the time if
a coll lon lo the 13117 of Iio Janeiro He
como back to hsttw York with Dom Iedro
and ncoompnnled that mouarch during
his tour ot tbe United States His next
journalistic eHort wise to tell of lttlng S
ourDaltlo elort 118 lel
Hulls Sioux war After thit ho started
to find the Mshdl for the nyndloateof the lon
don JtoUu N6I but did not succeed In 1H7
he was In Ireland and lHe ent at tho birth of
the Home Bole party under IKUHO butt In the
general election of 1880 be was persuaded to
go actively ItO the contest nnd was elected u
member of Parliament for lloscnmmon bent
Ing to everybodys surprise The UConor
Don Ever since Mr OKolly has boon one of
Mr Parnells most active llenlenanis
John OConnor Is sn old Fenian from Cork
He started In life as aeomuioiolal traveller
but of Isis le has deotod 1 his time to
politics He is one of
tbe member of Parlia
ment from Tlppernry
whero he WB elected
first in January ISM
to succeed tbo Inte 1
J Rm7 t He has teen °
prominent its n local I
leader In the south of
Ireland and wan twice
arrested but until the
recent row never hud
any transatlantic repu
tation He considered
himself under personal Se 1
obligationsi to Mr Pnr l
obilIeUol8 headed the I I
blackthorn briicado Q
Clackl1or JC hg nlI ° < x10
fjiat captured the Oi OCIC
UnitM Ireland l office in Dublin lie accom
panied Irllarel during tbo Kilkenny rain
PII8 Mid ha since tesn one of bib most
cealoiti advocates Hn Is a tall strapping war
rior and Is known as Long John among his
HenrrHarrlson I a young Protestant born
in London Ills mother was Irish ana bil
family are landlords near Belfast lie WHS at
school at Oxford two years ago and ha weut
to Ireland with Mr Conrbearo to visit tbe ills
triscid districts In Donegal At Uwerdpre
during some evictions they distributed root to
the i wretched texantri ant uero arrested for
intimidating the landlords hereby When
IDtm P Mnyno resigned bin seat In Perils
pen for Tipperary about nine months ago
Bent put Mr Harrison up to 1111 the va
tncy and us was elected without opposition
B e is only 44 years old and I tx said that held
one of the best football players and amateur
sprinters In I EuKland flu boasts that Ills
greatcrandunoTe as hue lamous United
irishman flenry Joy YlcCracken who was
IDled for treason In 179S
William Ii U IMmond and his brother
John are two of the tlerr anl orators of tho
parliamentary party
pulam Iry
lloth have been here
twice on PAtrlotlo mis
sions Tie first time
they came direct tbe
second while en route
home whla a similar
trip to Australia Tlio
I father of ttime two
Q young men the late
5 llllsm lledmond wits
k for a number of years
i member of Ilirllamout
for the old U ex ford
A borough long before
0 I Pttriiuufl lima They
t ha > e bun active inuui
C bees of tbe Home hub
1 part ever slnoe the
L 5SDSOAt else
famous generai eleo
tionof 1880 aeDera
ton 18 t Fox tIO4 Tb J lUIaeftel of the HM
I Tni ci t
Csrtlivttpc who has heon hero for como time
also halls from the
county lorD in Cork Uneonstown He wit
tlilrtrelebt years alo
Ho camo to America
twelve year nlo stud
led medicine and Bot
tled down In Troy to
practice tVhtlo tore
Pfotco Whie ber
he was well known In 0
Irish National circles
serving two terms a8 gYJ
New York Stale dele
gate of the Irish Na
tional Iifutf Hewnnt t
buck to Ireland flvo
years ago He Is uno
of the most trusted
members of the anti OIL TOO
1arnoll aide ot the present controversy
A Minor Griswold the humorist who Is I
widely known a The Fat Contributor and
tho editor of Texas Siflingi died suddenly yes
tordny morning at Bhebqrcan Falls of apo
rloxy A mouth ago Mr Grlswold left New
York on a lecturing l tour throtish the West and
during his absonce he has regularly continued
his work on Texas Siftingt The announce
ment of his death wits a treat shock to his
friends In this city and to his wife who lives at
213 West 12d street Mr Orlswold ba head
varied career an a journalist and lecturer He
was born In Oneida county Now York and was
educated at Hamilton College Ho began his
newspaper work In Buffalo thirty years ago
and has boon in tbo harness ever slnoo with
the exception of throe yearn spent In Europe
during hint limo he gathered most of the
material for his lecturo entitled Oriawolds
Tour Around time World Most of his journalis
tic work WUH done in Cincinnati vhero he pub
Ilshvd for twelve soars a paper of his own
culled tint Cincinnati bahirdav Awlit Ha hnd
aliendy male I reputation at a humorist when
be turned I in 1SSU trout his trip abroad Texas
fljliiiijn hal boon brought to New York from
Austin Texas where it WOK Marled In itS
and Mr Orlswoltl purcbanod an interest In the
paper and npsumoil editorial roanoBemont
Asoilntcd with him wore Alexander E Sweet
and Col J Armory Knox During the lat fit
teen years 01 Mr Urlswolds life he has been as
well known on the lecture platform as by his
writings His most Bucce sful lecture has been
on Ills tour uroiind the world It was a humor
ous account of hU travels Illustrated with
drawings by Thomas Worth Mr Grlnwoid
was n member of the Harlem Democratic Club
Ho was about 50 years old and leuves a widow
but uu children
The newi won received In this city onTrldsy
nlcht of the death lu Chicago of Capt 1Atrlok
Joseph Hoaly of 02SKaat LlRlitrfourth street
Capt Henly wnn horn InTullymore Kings
county Ireland fortynlno years ago and
came to tub ommiry whllu a boy his father
aettllng itt New York At tb > > outbrnrikof the
civil war Ilcaly enlisted as a private In Com
pany K IMeuKliern ouavet Hixtyulnth lion
moot Hu nerved with thin command until
1HU3 when la was aiipnlulod Captain In tile
KlKbtveiulith New lork lie served through
tie war In this command Iii wts twice pro
moted for Kallitntry tn notion and wan wounded
ed at Fredericksburg and Chnncollorsvllle At
the time of his death he represented James
Ka HnHKb the glass mercliiint In the Went
Ho leaves a widow und a sun 11 yenta OIL
dipt Honly was tno 1resldent of the Irish
brigade Association stud had lorthepastthree
terms filled that ofllco Ho was a member of
the Mansllold lost 0 A It The Irish HrlKsdo
AuKoolatlon will meet nt the Hlxtynlnth lied
meat armory at S this afternoon to act upon
lilt death
William n Macr of the old firm of Josiah
Mac > e Sons and u member of the Produce Kx >
change riled testonlay nt bis home nt High
linda Htatlon Oianun aged 3f Mr MHCV was
prominent in the linseed oil tradn nearly all of
hU business life lie had recently been In the
Adirondack and through the Southern titates
for his health
Corncllna Kip for many rears B leather
broker In this city died on Friday at his home
in Urooklyn at the ego of 72 He belonged to
the family after which KIpsBay wa < named
and wa a cousin of Bishop Kip of California
lie will be entombed tomorrow In the Marble
Cemetery where the Kip family has a vault
Mar Gordon a wellknown young actress
formerly of T H Wlnnetts Shaman OlJrlnn
Csmpany died of huuit dl easo atHt Vincents
Hospital yesterday She was but 17 years old
Tile futisral will take place from her home In
this city ou Tuesday

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