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wr II I t lr f o <
1w Adate rret4 with the ed
M > CoaBlalanla Wfco Wilt Knttemvor
M ks OS Chair > r Coaplm
M a ay L All Var S1OO
EJ riid n DOne the Austrian premium
koad mU who hu a banking omc at 88 Wall
rtrtet t was taken to Polio Headquarters a
LrlsoneT on Saturday nlsht He had two com
loD la this eaiiUvltr Edmnml Knrst an
annt ot 62 West Nineteenth ttivet and Jacob
TTIUbOf4lBr11122d street Horner baa had
teveral tussles with the law before but has
era ahead hitherto Hoaod his
ihrar come ont ala hihero ad bl
omtanlODS were taken to the Tombs tester
ir by DeUethee Heidelberg and Jacobs all
hIJ In 10 ball on a chaRe of consplracr
t defraud They gate the ball and will te ex
mined on Tuesday
Insecctor Bfrness description ot the Aus
Dun premium bond business I not compll
B ourr Ue tars that u oi > le all over tho
toantrr bare been defrauded br It The pre
plan boniln bo Mrs are worth f 10 at mot
jkey ware Issued at a time when the Austrian
Government needed cash very much and
idnpted this means ot railing It The bonds
pr no Interest and In order to make them E
fa the btterr feature was adopted Numbers
were attached to each bond and at Intervals
drawlnjMn the lottery The holder
ttero was a drwlDrD
teN bad with the number corresponding to
li wlnUnz number cot a share ot a large
cne rrll0
Un the bonds wore Introduced Into this
eoiatrr Horner went Into dealing In them on a
lane teal He advertlsod the bond la and
Je and offered to aell them tor 1100 a bond
ieordlre to Innwtor Hyrnes lamar estao
hn d a 5er uq or mal banking liouies
thrvuicunnl the country aitl I his irmoBBern r
wnlMit to > 01 1 he hld for IIOOOU Install
ment of tfvfr month lhl tall wai easerlr
JlrbeJ at bt huntrd4 n Icnorant rnrelenen
1 tl the arruun d on tht plan to bar I bond
tier dM not get toe bond outright but
te itlteitu l representing Ir with tne
juriincth4t when the 110 had all been paid
mutter would net the bond ecordlngto the
fniteotor u 1 but twnoiltbM when the payments
JCI niiMOafhinit the tino limit the small
lantes would all ROil refer their customers
to llnrnor for n tiieinent At Homers ofllca
IUDW nrs nroth < T acreoment was given
Item In Icn arid than another certlllcste bu
n they h1 I t < ritt I us whatover they might
ta b4r elturt on the original tlOO and asked
tnt ill orl tifr wro told that there was
locw irlMnlprntiillni that the mau from
wiom tli V hat urmtnally iiurchased had
tal rl and tint tl oreted < > iiUnc velth Uornor
Ifini1 I el > ixvrVnd tare enough when
U I er iUv 1 lo < nt the agreement they would
tl I tLti Mioh was the cage Complaints of
ttl < U 1Alrw I MO numerous at lolice Head
cajrt < thn Inntctor Drrnes ban ondnaT
o el tobreiik ui > tho buanesH if PO lblB Ue
fiOe iloLriomonirreated I there aro others
tcrwton H tfp4k nit
Tritu u A is 1 Imn orit 17 hood utrcet but
hint I axnit three 8rtUtt1I8IO Ur < u < tonoM
It a atezi vet turned over to Horner Ibm
t a lrit4 tet nrre4ti on a cfanrno of uslni the
nall for Inttcir potEO a and 11 once COD
Ctrl I the lower courts but tbi Court of
App > aleC aturr the decision on the ground
tnt t tlicso botnln wen regularly Usoed br a
lirlcn r Ountrc they were legitimate merchan
d In t th a ctuntry A recent attempt to ex
ttadlte hi ti to oci of the Western States on a
tale crowing out of this hu lness failed
Impostor Byrne bas the following cora
vlatnants to appear against the trio on Tuee
dir Follomena Haer and Abraham Pinkie
fii nf 440 fai t FKtTnlntn street who ear
ti I v f5 and r8rost tTlr FredJoban
t a i I frt avenue who sure he has lost t88
Jtr t 1 btfrlce a jI3i Second arenue who aye
ltd lost tKO Mary Uecker AiR Newark
atinneJener City heights 14 and Charles
VUittwci of 430 WhO ThlrtyaUtn street I
lOST nis WITS orsn ms LTVrOv
xgwrg Nag Soot UhieaelfleuryOtker
tee s Rope
Edward Xaf a young mecbanlo In the em
ploy of Sachs Dro 13 Greene street manu
facrnrers of trimmings shot a bul
let l Inftantlr Into his brain yeaterdar afternoon and died
Vaf lived with his wife and two Infant chll
drta on the fourth floor of the tenement house
itl3 West Berenteenth street He waoahard
worker and for the past few weeks bnd em
pl fed much of his evening leisure In working
itoa a patent bY which be hoped to perfect
some of the machinery In use a the ahop
Ills brain was allected by the oT torl
11 brin
a cte
alI yesterday his condition became
to serious that the family was alarmed
he would laugh Btrancelr and sosmoU also
to Ire I T < > saniebCKlr wax iculng to kill him
Early In the afternoon one of the family enii
Erl I
ceste sending lor a doctor and a m Mnser
wu dcrpatcbvd to Dr Haunt In RID tOD
tteet ULI Il increased I Sals tears He talked
a oat hle supposed tormentors and tlnallr
went Into the bedroom by himself and sat
vnon the bed
Outside In the other two little rooms were
bU wife and two ihildren bU leterlnlaw
Cbrittna npanc ana bin father Jacob Na a
lor > 3iin In d Mlk ribbon uctory nt College
int whom young Nat bad telegraphed to
t night hIm YOUs come and spend tiundor
1thblm Katy Xnf suddenlY called to his
ti leJr I ri th to In orn Almost simultaneous
iraiiitoi Lol runs out and the young me
U tali foil over Ur aj upon tire tort
lol itirr n painter commlttoJ suicide
1s mlay Lv hanging himself in his rooms
oier tho Miln > ti knonu as tl o House of
Loots at irol nd Houston btrset 11
KM urn anltorof f the bullulnk he had been
o 1 t rnrnete I stireo arid Iris wife unable to
Hint bk ilriinkrn anl hal l left him last
> rAY laku e IHT jouuceat child with her and
IeTliz tire uhOt 1 toy 4 years old with the
fiirh f r V hu rho bad gone Othmer drank
kaidtr nuil b < > iiiun despondent On baturday
its I t be Uecarid twie tn Saloon Keeper
Wocr ifajt ho wn coiri to kill himself He
va4 Larl 1 mutvrice I himself an he atom
bled UI > ttaii to bl rom at U oclock yeiter
llTw ivo hours latr some of the neighbors
ITT I TICI > < een Aim about and surCtlns
tin hl < little son might b hungry went to
Otkmers room Tho door was opened by the
little toy who nut hit fInger warningly to his
His asying vMtiy
11 Ocnt mnto any cole rat I asleep In
tier i anitmu In tire door
utttse iinl rerl r rope uround the knob of a
iuor t twoon two room and had thrown the
lute ever the top of the door and made a
DOOM Then rratllna on 1 chair he had
iUpe1 hie head Into the circle ot rotm and
kick < the chair from under him
A Woman Convict Servian a Lie Sentence
Gets her Liberty
IxDiaXarouB March 22A remarkable
EMtlas after twentrone years of separation
occurred at the womans prison here yesterday
ttwett a mother a life convict and her
dsnghur a resident of 5t Louis In January
10lar A Adnmi was tried on the charge
of poisoning her hnsbucd fcho was sent to
the Tomans prison to serve a life sentence
and her family of children were scattered
Br daughter Emma at the limo her mother
8 convicted was I years old She was
Mortod by a famllr who moved to
UUnourt Emma grew to womanhood
without knowledge of her parents regard
tug both a dead In time the married
end siide ter home In 8t Louis A few days
ffo she returned to this hints to attend the
funeral of a slater In Bartholomew county and
there he learned her mothers fate Without
delay lmma came to thii oily and went direct
1 the womans prison where she ailted to SO
IL jams A woman with sorrow marked
on verr feature and a form Dent with age
a pointed out to her Emms eliding her
motion approached the nriaoner and with
trembling voice asked Are you trl Adamsr
r YJJ replied uke prisoner M but who are
I am Emma yonr little Emma Dont rou
renumber mer
I embr Instant they were clasped In each
ethfraerma rhe foliblng of the two women
deeply affected all who wlln ssed the scene
afele al
ine molherconUnnallr patted tlie r dauKhteron
ltll boudu crying Ob mr lit rar little
jabygiri Alter the meeting the daughter
Mat ocoe ta GOT Hon y and throwing her
e Sell I on OJO knees prayed ae her mothers
r lon To herb joy she learned that mote
ad teen answered aj papers for Mrs Adams
paraon had teen lone pending and the night
I J t Ore Ibo Governor bad decided aol Isaue tbe
O rr for the womand reeae In the after
MJ lrs Adams became a free woman and
lelt Uai evening for Bt uil
Ku Boy aed HerM Killed
PUCTIUID March M Daniel H Llebe 2
years old and Willie 8 Cannon 1 years old
whle driving across the Central Brllroad
tacki at Protrect avenue In Dunellen at 10
f ccck latt night were struck by the fat Hal
° ° f IiorM Itius Ter flyer and killed The
lja I fotlis at lxty miles a hour The
boor Wi Ibltwn l0J eel and was killed Both
mart and < I Ofere tOied liO feet against a
Otwere aD1
iOvtng Wf1 ain TheT WBreln theLnpbOY
1 Ellis hdJV al butcher ot l PlalnCelO
1 kfL
Rw a He > iiB kt4 Paa
C1l Cramps caSe ceUa ant all pain 54 bottle
MaJerB Cutest repairs ctilaa itajs mer
sebaitma vaeee toy Ac llc25e and Mejere Rabbcr
Cement lie Major Leather Cement 19 and 200
Nerys TrIenpheruu sire gloai eflktaee Ian
orlaace and Cowlac wavy busty to the hail Me
1 RroTrvn Bromeltl Treekss n an a nr
oedv for Breachltu and lloanenea
2l0ti s
Lady oa iitn sIwriiee Mr silo U looltaf one after tIre
01 of a few twieioi Dr Campbell Arsenic WtXera
Br malL II 1epot 831 Mk < av N T Iiruffiiti
Shoots In ue world and the deliibi of Boys and Olrl
Suns i soo HEALTH tOOL CU til 3th av ail nIcer
Iflr IubHrnlions
CIlEAPET33Ot riTonc IN Tin
V oHliDTlie ben criii tell fur 01 bok rub
Uo and private Iii rarrel iup < iiel al price toil rival
oropeiillon end for our mammoth catalogue coa
talatnx ScUd free LtoiiAT BKOTHFRS 1 Chain
teri it three door via ot Broadway > ew Tort co
ividrntl < h1d txttrtt
CLAHKFS Hit VIa CK > T on the rapltel stork of
ii le cempeay will be > id 1 at the untre of lIre compD
I ottanjt IL tn Ills cur oa in I tr MUUAi
MAKCII is i Im Th < trxifer toilt wit tie oisol
from the close ef btiitne TtiA1 unlil the mvratnr ot
Tuesday harsh 17 141 i Ur order of Cr4 ut Nan
leers JAKE C HAfcTT Trejiartr
lalldlnf 1ft Stoat ci Hew Ycr Siren lttl tiei
OlTlOtNU NO ceA illvtdeai it twIDtVBV 123
eenti per there be been eared for Fe ruerr 1431 1
payab Sleltait Tranftr tooLs dee on the 3455 Inn
BNSBSBT S CO Tranefer Agents
Glrrttoai nnd < UrtlntjL
NOTICE li ueelr gives n toe sloftbr14rs i t of the
> SrI Vaajou tttr < owcenr > togoraiion er
ganttd and ousting linger the law ot th > state of > > w
Tori that a eaerei mteltai ot lire eecaholatr of ia34
eomnur hu br rUraf the Board ot UUf iore thereof
bea caUed to Ie be d at 73 Broadway la the clljt of
Sew Iorksad Ilateof SewToik oa tael7lhdaye
AprIL ISIS at t oclock m the arMruon at wfcleh
meeting Ii I propoeed 10 submIt to tbe etoekboKere
the proprletr of lacreaalni the capital etoct of the
ramparT flio IOn par value or la other words tote
crsiu the Capital t03C 10 that It Khali arsenal to
AU WJU ia a1 par VS ue and it U ao rrop eed to
Btnllt to the eiockbotjfre all quee lone which mar
iris la connect wiLt each tuueate at itoca and the
oUerUacatei merger
5 C
Ua mod the neeeeeary deposit with the Soaking
Department and ta now qaallted under IU charter and
tbe Laws of the State ta receive depoella
le ready to receive depeeita nel abMt 55 dralls
at Hi btbut fer itated period trem tho who pyster
real eetale ae lecnrltr
Farnleiee tnt morumte on real estate to isvset I
II561WI tarnIshed during two
win 10 rc lv oa 4ep > olt Btonay whUk
the owner rieilr to lavet in r lari
gage ted wtll na jalckly as practisabis
provide uuchrtigee ta ha ppevsd bg
aId aeetgllid 48 the deposItor PB tBSI
aeh InveitiiBCBt a Ub nal rate wftaterewl
will Ve allowed
The company wilt extend It boitnee ta l the beet Jew
Tork aal Brooklya mortgage Thee maruate to
will ttaater abaolaty ar hold to secure depoelta re
The lar e capital eC uSe company Ito I a U BUM sea
eeetton with the real estate Intereeta and the entire
abtene of every element of apecalatloa from Us heist
Bee commend It to coniervanve investors
The company will itre lie deposItors the prtersje
IB clepeelac ot Its mortgages
Itepbea r Xaeh Rlehird tatrakam
Gee F Demareet Newell Mania
Orlando B Totter George Ck miaaa
William M Insraham Serene Kelly
JameeD Lynch John T Martin
Kmtl Oelbermaa Aletuder 1 On
Martla Jooet John Jacob Later
John D Bleka Jollaa T Payee
Bealamla a Uleha Han WendM sv
Joke Foreytb William tt Mat
hue n WUllanu Charles B flesdulis
William Traatwln BameelT Freemaai
Chart Matlack Charl Blchardeoa
Preeldint VtceFraeideal
tOCtJT BB10UT Secretary
Assets 30429373 Surplus 7303748
Preferred Shares for Cub er IcstallajiU
6V eainuteed Average Profits 17V
This Union purchases and Improves cen
trally located real estate and divides all
profits among share owners In proportion ta
the amounts Invested It enables small lot
Testers br cooperation to gain the large
profits that capitalists secure by Investing
money shrewdly tn large sums The Company
has combined old wellestablished and sue
cetsfol principles In a manner securing ths
best possible results and yielding larger
profits than can be secured In any other sate
way Its shares afford an accumulating In
vestment for small sums and when tally paid
provide an assured Income Its profit bar
averaged 17 per cent annually for the last
three years It has a surplus ot 80 percent
on Its total liabilities Its methods are plain
simple and readily understood It Is endorsed
by men of experience and standing through
out the United States Investigation solicited
Proposals for 1889564 Stocks ni
Bonds of the City of Sew York
THE COMPTRULLEBof the City of Mew York U kM
allIes until Wadneolay the 3th day of Mann IWI as
2 clock F M when ther win b onbllely opened for
the whole or a part ot anT of the toll ewlnc n ll IM
itocki and bond ot ih city ofhawTotk
1250000 DOCK BONDS
Authorized by Section 143 of the New York City Get
eolldailon Act of IW2 and reeolBtlona of the Comm
elmn at the Slaking Fand
The principal of said bonJl li parable KoTeatbtr l
1WI and the Interest u parable Mint annually oa Ike
Brit day of May and > Timber tn aoh Tear
Known aa ohoolbou bode the principal Mya
be on the fret day of Norrmber id43 with tolerate
payable semi aanuallr oo She nnt day ot May and > e
nboriu e ten year
Tile laid 5101 ulwoed pnreaaat ta the provisions
Fiction mot the New York i ItT CoDeoltdellon Act of
h53 and Clatter Ill of the Laws ef ipm ton the per
chase of new eel 001 itIse for the Common Sedoote of
Ie city or > ew lore and for other porpo is I
therein provided
Attention is echO tn the previsions ef as ass paand
by tIe tactilatur March 14 IMHH atherulna eject
Ion admlnlatratorrnardlatii trutea ud ethers
holdltie lrtt tunIs in invei each fond In tSe stockS er
UnJiottkecitref > w ork
Tbe rror aie ihoaid be eJKIoted In ageeled nveispi
eli breed tttocki and Bond of ibe Corporation of ISO
City of new Tort and cant propoial ebould alto be
enoln td In a lecood envelope a4driad to the Cesap
troUrof therny of tew 1or 4
> or full iDforuaiion lee tliy Record
Tilt wMrEKH cenpmu
CiTY or 5r TesgFsir DiriatMen
Co rnoLL ai Orric March Id IML
orricr or
Notice li I hereby given lIst Sealed oere will be r >
clv l until April i 151 l at 3 o eack f N fey the
ealeto lIre company or any of lu oubiandlaf Mad
for the midst of which lie Hoard ef Tidies if >
comonnr rma lu accordance with the rronetop M
the mortgage SC aid ire loin nf 5564W < ele
onalalf ot the mrplui of oil Income for tbe year ci >
lot on the lit dar of September ISWl Offer maet
be I contained tn sealed enrelepM markedi Offer of
Honda and addremaed as folloust
S Ta Ike Hoard of Tmt 4 > t Tkei Gus <
ii YnoADWAf tpnay FEW
OS > r < i of nnod
Da notice win be riven of the acoeptaa f eie
km Turtle March It tOt
TUKfiSSA KrtT AVrJ Mososy
Seattle Lake Store and Eastern By Ca
lice IN 3531
Guaranteed Principal and MaDsuss by tat
Thee bcale cannot be redeemed Before matinS
TATER BOND yORlALEXeilceleBerhrttT
v V that ibe city of Uaytoa Cclamtrai county aal
of nathlncon will rrelreeeaKd biili up loeth
f M of tIe mt day of May liI i l for feTentMe
Iroueaijd i sisro wtlh of bond of laU cur nyles
Uaytoa Water Uorke I orilt to oe did and lel4
Hi I Im i yule ivenijr years after Shelf large at
tt oc uf iLe Insurer rI < ilil cur 1srlag utereat
att > pit of lIE terent per anom aId havtafaa
lashed thereto semiannual ineteel caepoea pay at I
auaeclty ot 35w Took or at tne oRce el the City f raaay
arer oC saId cloy al Ito ottlva ef IS hoLlers M sai4
bond S a Ike Crt day of January and ibe Sect Lag W
Juyef eaehvear teaoiulnailpi aol le than S100
nor mor ihallfn fcjll IonS and neb ceupoa U
Ce aimed bT the Miror sari Clerk an Jer its teal at the
city and registered by the Lerk The eiiy reervs
the rlihl to reject any and all bUla Lr rtiriher tnfor
tactIle e1rai C I MiMtr I Hi Clerk
2nn < AChEd of rletr c > au Ira or and Ua
VUU terlacda on IK ect It I K li tiiantlnotuoal
folds of vitrn fennyxaDU ole 5pisa4ite a nr
opportaalty for prauue Inrutmtnt a tital veins of 4
edeli enetromuws teal thick Mtni ea adleiiAu
property In enacewful operailoo ror parUealAjr a4 >
baa A > BIB I JB u a5 Sroodwsy BevtetSa
HrTTrRTArSTrXIa cunrmla e Than
day March IB Ii 11s rttldtae 011 brldta pa
rents br the Ray D Cbapplt HIM Mtenl Austin
ta Atonia Battery both ef SUvtrmla
OEnRMANNCAJteiI1 Kerwalk ea
W < laM4ay March IS I at the mUtse of the
brides parcels Mr and r Chul A OiriUl aa
Wtttpon ay by the Rr J Latabarr o ChdUm
Con Henry Osbymariti ot But Sorwalk t Mtia
Mml CarglU et Xonralk
ALIATOa Thursday March II tNt Tlrttala
Saucy af46e years
BtUilvn aid frlad an i sreciftUV tarttol 10
attend the fomnl from Jabs ktlht te r nd r
IDa MUbUthDuk tM eta Iv o Moalayharca
3 last attr M
BATtlfOKG setehatr en tetarday March It
DA KKOEI lelr o It Xal21
Mary B wMevat WtUlasa Burner lath 7lh
vest of bar sea
Btiatlre and tctiad ire InviUd to aKand tbe taacnl
itrvte at Korta Baptl Chareb West Itta at
lw York today at I oclock P I
BrKRYIn Uobokin ea Mareb 1 Ass Brrr
darbur of the Ut Abraham Brry
Tusirsl settle < todayatll eeloca trosa Ui Stray
Tenser Bebekto
BIIXKNOm Much it Marfanl O Slim at4
yrttndt r invited to and 1 funeral tntt hey
tat rtitdeoe IM West aoth tt o Tu i < Uj are
oon Mar a 21 IBOI ci 2 oclock
BOOTHta h i Vino COM M WdBMday
March la laab U L lo tb aced M a
rrl < nd < Ira tavttd M aUnd the fur train her
tat FMMcne 117 II Jaffa it on TaMday artn
Boon at 2 oclock
B BEX NAM la Sew Bam c w FrMay
March 3 Thorns Bnnaaa oa c Bd ar4 set
Martnt Breanaa sad 4 yean
y550j l Erlvat
BBFNA March 30 at h1 reatdrae
Saramtt Hotel Fatrlek 1 Brianan
BKIDJETTH nddenly John H Brldjett cem
rd of rhll Seamy Poet t a A R
The comrade and trienda will meet al poet rm
Undton ball4inr corner US av and STth rt oa
TnwUy I March 1 al 10 A 3 Grand Army i r
BRONNEROn March 90 LaW irosner ageS
67 year nd 2 day
Friendi are Invited 10 attend the finer tot her
Ute residence 21Ci WretSiith t D Monday afternoon
noon March 2 at 3 oclock
PINSaddenly of paenmoala D Friday even
hey March 24 Waller Sanford Chapln too of the
late Abel 1 D Chacln and rrandion ot the ale Chee
ter W ChaDln of Sprlnrfleld Mae
Fcserat lervlcee al tile Church of the Holy Trinity
Million av and ttd t in Tneday BOrninz March
21 at 10 oclock
Interment In Albany
CLAKIiOn Much 18 AiexanOtr Ck In the Ttta
yeer of ttoaie
Funeral Mrvlcee la Clinton Boom Maaaalc Tempi
COtLINHaadJealr ot heart failure on Snnday
March li U9I Jueaph W Cellini blovd kaaaaad
of EUa C Ulna la i th 4Tth year of hhl age
Fnneral lerrlcei from h te residence S3O Mearo
t Brooklyn Tat venln at I Iot
Interment at the conrenHnce of the family o Wed
Gtaday March 25
COOPEBOn Wedneday Manh IS Jame Conrt
last Infant eon of Jamee B aod Helen Car
CK GI BOn March 21 CIr Crerlar it4
71 rear
rrenJa are Invited to attend th funeral from Ii
Ut reiUence 391 7th ar on Tuesday morning
Mach 241 U ae 10 oclock
BEVIINOn March S2 at hla lat residence U
lath Silt yeazot his
teitUthitJameiOevUn t ro l
Funeral tervice will b held at St Pall Chnrch Sih
AT aid Uith it oa Wednesday a 10 JO A M
Friend and retailed are Invited to attend
BONOIIaROn Friday Much 2 athlalat red
deuce o Caroline av Yonkers Bernard Donoha
In tIts nth year ot Ill
Funeral tervlctetab held at the Carl at t Im
nia alaieConcepaon today at 10 oclock red
sic ipectfally invited
Veienuof tire ICoth Sew York Volunteer Infantry
are reqrtuted 1 attend the funeral ot oar late com
A today at 10
ra 0 < Bernard Donohu Company a
ocock A1 Carolla av Tonatn
DONNrItT Solemn mar or rqnim oa Tan
day March 21 analvenary of te death of the I
Rt Rev Arthur J Connelly a church of 8t
Michael at IU A I
The rererend clergy reattvea and Crleadsar rpcv
l IltA O C nnL
n n
DOKB4NCEln freehold 91 Mareh la Khoda
a widow of John Penance
Funeral from her late t residence C Monday March 23
at 3 P M Train leers tool ot Liberty Mew York
at 1113 A x returning eats Freehold at 4JO
FAIUSEI Leocadla ne Lashat blovd wife et
Ullam J rarre
funeral iriii at b Church at the Annunelatlon
BrtvaJwav and I31it CL today at 9 JO A I rrleats
are rttpectruUr Invited
riSCHEK On March 21 Carl T nachet and a
yrlende are Invited to attend b flea from a
Irmee t
CIIrOONOnSanday March 22 Mary relict f
Jame OOloon ot Drumetlft coal SlUo Ireland
In the Tuth year ot her At
rnntral rom her late reildene 228 Park av Ho
boken Y J on TnMday Sarah 24 at e A 11
thence to the Charch ot Oar Lady o Grace
CTJVTJIEU Brootlyn on March la Anna wife
of Otto Canther
HVIIKKEB Loote Haderer beloved holband of
Paillna Oaderer aged ti year and 12 dais
Belatln and triende are pctfally Invited le at
tend the funeral from John Both Sone oadertak
IntettablUhment 3246th av en Tneeday March
24 Ie91 at 1 P X
HAIO1IT Mount Vernon N Y on March 20
Alcott S Ira of Aaron and CarotID lIatakl aged
Funeral from 42 Caion av Motal Vernon today at
nALI On Eatsrlay morntar after a linguine hit
nest Mile So widow 01 Stcrat D Hall ad It
Eelallve and rrlende an tnylted 0 attend the oaeral
ervtce TnMday erasing al 8 oclock stilt rut
dencerhrdaahUr Xr E f Monletla Bodaey
it Brooklyn
Interment private
Greenwich Conn paper piws 1 copy
HAMMONDIa aUCceaeld 9 J March 11 Caro
line liEs widow of Samuel Hammond
Faneral eervlce will te held al the Reformed 011 ell
BldieCeld X J on Tneaday March 24 al 10i30 A
M Train loan from Chamber it ferry via north
ern Ballroad of M JM at 941 X II Bclatlve and
friend are Invited to attend
ID tartuent print
HAZIETONCUi Itlday evening Much 284 irving
Belattrei and frlenda an rwpectmllr Invited attead
the faneral services at bU lat rMldenc e Ears Soth
it on Tueday Mareh 24 al 1 oclock r I
HEANKTIa Brooklyn Mareh 21 WlUlaa Beany
aced a year
funeral fnai 11Io
Friends are invited to attend the
residence of tie parealal I Dsnw at 011 Moaday
alKruoon at 2 oclock
Interment at holy Crete
HIBBAKDIa Bayvort r L ii Marsh JO of
pntiraonl WOlUa Frederick sonet ike late Dr
William and Maria Inoaaard IllbbarO tt Mw York
raaeral earvices at his law raaideao today at S P M
Train leavee Lont lalaad City al 11 A It retumlas
at 4 P 1 M
niTCIICOCaCOa Sataicay March 11 Ida Fedora
wife of J T nilcbcock
Funeral on Tnteday from her lat neldeae asl Wee
Zldat at2PM
inVINOOn Mareh 2Q In Saint Make ptaa Saw
Brighton 8tleo lelaad M Y Eliza wit of Joha
Funeral Mrvtc at lit boss oa Ta March 34
Interment In Moravian Cemetery Few Pomp
roNESfaddertr Friday March JO J lant
Jonas agid 33 year
Faneral on YateS Xarch it ats IIO P M from II
Andrew Chorch corner ISTth IL ant Orb av
Burial at the convenience of the family
NEHIn Waat Oranie If J 01 Friday March 20
Sarah Balaloa Cheiter widow ef teasel Iach
JesSe DI
Faoeral unties at the hose of her dauhtar Mrs
Ilarrlaon WWttlni ham alley road West Orani
today al 375
KEIIT In Brooklyn March It Thomas H Kelly
bored eon of JameS II and the late Elmira M
kellya < ed oran aa411 menus
Frtendt are united to attend the faneral from te
Late realdaae 139 toraia it oa Inaday afternoon
at au oclock
latumwt at Iloly Creaa Cemetery
VTOB Sartrtay Man It IML athtrtet
reMae a Vanderbilt BT Breektya Lug U
lend wit ef David SenT sled III yan
DM rvetlee of teniee will lie sirs hereafter
KIMsiAIaVAt Invent On la tate city is
Mans Ik IBU lite lhei Chariee raUmbalt et
a and ea rear T meathe aa4 IS day
Services Sad Interneat at Portland Me ss Mday
Mareh ZS ML
LAIDkCANBlTJM8EIUlB Breeilyn Manh 11
Aleuta LaldmaaRaaeeU d3yn IImeath
and 20 darn
Friend are Invited te auad tins reneral train her tat I
niideae 88 Seilheth st ca Monday afternoon al
2 aelock
Interment la 1 Attars not Ernrena
Bf eCABKSnddenty on March Jl Jaaie MeCabet I
helenS hub a4 of Catherine XeCab
Feltlve and friends an retpectfolly Tiled to at I
tend the tnneral frm blelal residence Ito kk
ford it Brooklyn KIXI thence 10 St AniSette
ChinS at B A M when a solemn mate of requiem
wilt be offered for the I et his eooL
eeo8JtEJ1o Saturday Saris 21 Patrick No
Funeral oa Monday March S3 al I JO rM from 1011
lit av between Uth and folk eta
BfcOAmRXTTOa Smith 21 Mary MeOarrMt
Faawal eetrleee will e hldal Stephwj MerrtUa Sth
av aad lilt it this MBday mermlaf at 10A
fcOlIBEOn Friday Sink W aSker laSs teat
dance MJ 24 av Jan McOolr widow of James
MeUnlre wed GO yearn
Fnneral service cm Monday Mush ta al 1030 A M
at It Stephens B Co ChartS Relative and rleada
XeKJCNNARnddealy ca Satarday Manh 21
tool ElUatelh boleroS wit at Bath KcCeaaa la
tb Ud year ot Saris
Frltad and relatlree eta requited 0 attend tsaeral I
OQ Taeaday frem her lat raise uuth M ant
Greed Bealerard Theses ta the AaanaetaUea
Church whir a nqnlaaa suaa will lie celebrated
for the rape ol her east InMrmenl la Calvary
BfeKEXNA Cn Friday March SO rail widow
Jamie MeKeaa
Fnneral from All SalaW Choreh HaihM and MaO
sin av tday at oeloek A M
CIRRO ATOn Saturday Manh Salute Leslie
only child of Edward B and Lull lInear aged 1
leer and S meetS
Funeral perrIre at the residence of hr parent lot
Chrl 1 er IL thl evening al 7 eelock
laternii ti at the convenience of the family
XORUINBtATU beloved daoihler et
Jacob and Hearteita Moriearath
Friend are rtioectfully tavlted to attend the raneral
from her late ntdn 119 Cannon et hit mormlnt
at lu tcloek
MtnlHAtBKHS widow of 311
Mnhthaueer id 6t yean
Funeral Tueedar XareM < at I PM from her late
reeldene e1 Clinton IL
MTJNSONOo rrUay Manh 7 Corporal James
Maawn eon If Henry loyal asS Ann Maria Sea
son axed 2t yean ant s month
Frteade aad member of Company G Seventh Bit
mint an reepectfnDy tavlted tn attend 1110 funeral
from bin lat reeldence all Unela it Flaihtnt I >
I Mala it nation tcdar at 1 oetoek Train leaves I
Bait S4th u Sew Tork at 1190 retnrntnr leans
mrRRATOn Saturday Match II Anal KeDy
belated wife ot Patrick Murray
Fnneral from her late reilJenee 032 Id Y1 oa Tues
day March 24 at 1 30 P M harp
Interment In Calvary Cemetery
NVGliNT Jersey Lily on Thursday March 16
Idol Patrick IL Kn eat riorltU aged ea year
Belailvei nd trlendj reipectfnlly invIted lot
lend the funeral from his tat reildene 108 Kear
ney av 1 on Monday March S3 at e SO A M thence
to EL Pairtoke Church cat BramhaU and Ocean
art when a tolemn bitS maa will be ottered
for Ihe Sappy tepees ot his lout
0 OCONNOR I upper KatlandiL Dab41nIreland
en Jan 14 Patrick Conner lat DI r
California paper pleas copy
OBtEGANon rrlday Manh 20 of pneoaionla
Mary r1 wife of Patrick B CTBetan
Funeral from her lat residence 223 Dlvtalon av
Brooklyn today al 2 P M BelatlTee and friends
are Invited
I > ATENSTIa > T la Bremen Germany on March
Ie Edmund Paveaitdt tormerly et New York la
the Slit year at hit 1St
RKIN8In Oardinet Ma aa Saturday Sarah
It William Pttklna fatier ot Mra Kawtin dial
ter at New York
PrKaUN On Saturday Sank IU at Merldea
Cono Mrs B B Parkin wife at B B Pcrktaa
Notice ot faneral Tueiday
KElIlYTlBBrooklyB March SO Mary M Bellly
wit of Bernard Xallly aged ST year
hued an Invited to attead the funeral from her
late realdcac M Ulcka it oa Monday afternoon aa
2 oclock
Interment al Holy Cna
KODOEKSOa Saturday March 21 at bar tale
realdanc la Brooklyn Anna I Bodxera
Funeral services at et Lake Methodist BnlMopal
Chareh corset Penn and Marcy aye today at 3
SANNIEBUOn Friday Much 20 > ta wife of the
lat Pierre Saanler native of KUkuny
Ftmenl hem her late reildanc 2M Weal eith rt
today all oclock to Co arch of raollet ratnera
aoih CL and ItS av Belativ and friend are re
ipectf ally Invited to attend
lalenneat at Calvary
Martha beloved danchurot B L Bchottlaendec
aid s yean and ledaya
Funeral Service today at 2 P M at her lat reel
dnce see Broadway Brooklyn
Pleat omit flower
8HAYNEOn Sunday morning Much 22 Cbrlata
pIer C Ehayne Jr Percy only ion of Christopher
C and Martaret A Ehayne and 21 year
Funeral at the riddance of bin mnnta 314 Wet Milt
IL OB Wdnday morning March 2A at II oclock
8HJtKMANSuddnJr oa FrUay March o at her
lat reaidenc ISO West e2d IL Carrie Can wile of
Arthur W Sherman and daughter of Dahny Carr
of SL Louie
Funeral from the home today at 10 oclock A M
Interment at New Dan CooS
IS Louia Mo and Bridgeport Coon papers pleat
8TANDI8nIn Jersey City M J ea Bandar
March 22 tail Gum Spencer Standish aged 24
The nlatlv and frieads ct the fanny an tarsus
tallr Invited to attend the funeral aervtoe at uSe
Wait iLS Avenue M K ChoreS Jereey City oa
Tuedy vnlnc at 8 oclock
Interment convenience the family
8TBIOKKWAIDOn Saturday Marsh 21 MOM
MlKrwald aged S4 yew
Fintral eervlce Ibis murnlns N 10 oclock fnta ilia
on reSidence 177 2d av Belallrea and friends
alto member of the Fifteenth street Tamp and
Concretatlon Bnal Stolons in rtctrullr taTtled
Baltimore paper pleat copy
8TJMN HA fOB Friday March to James B
Sirinaham aced as year
BalattTM and friend an reepeetfafly invited to mead
the funeral t day al a p M from his lau natdcne
SM Ocean a1 Oreenvtle Jersey City
MWOKNIa BrMklrn Sank 11 LydlaSwera aged
S3 years 7 month lid 20 dan
Friend an invited to atlend the ftmwal trot 11Io
rieidnos other ion llos Felts u ea Monday
evening at 8 oclock
Interment al Greenwood
TANNEKln Jersey City March II Henry Taaier
aged a yule
Frlende are InvlUd W attend ih i faceted from his
lat naldence 31 Kearney av Jersey City m Men
day afternoon at a oclock
CNDHBIieHTniln Brooklyn Marsh II
Martin Caderllfhier a d 62 year
Friends are Invtttd to alienS the funeral from hla lale
residence 49 Id it oa Monday afternoon Maids 33
iwia eclAol
TAN BBN HENBYIa Marsh 181 eC keart
failure Robert M Tan Da Henry IB the sett year
of liLt u
VAN HOVTBIVSnddMly at JDoaIa M Soa
say Manvnt widow of CaL OtUlam Tan fetus
and mother at Edwin Tan House la the 73d year
ef her ate
Faneral es Wednesday at 3 JO P M from hat lahe
rMtdesc SI CeatreM St Jersey City Belchtav
Intermaat at the convenience of the family
WITBEBUUX Few flares Coat oa Friday
March SO Byron Wltberell fd 5S yn
Filead an invited to attend the funeral from hU
lale neldac 1 uprlaf Sid Farm is Moaday alit
BOOB at oclock
TOUNOOa Muck 22 bIlls P Teanc beloved
wife of JOSePh Total wed 23 yean 7 aioath and S
Frteodi are invited W attend ISo feasted fnaa her
Ute realdec 297 Weal aid sL ea Tueaday afur
BOOB March 34 1891 al 3 INk
I i ioin core Atm GOLD nins
When I wrote three weeks ago about the
superstitious reverence of London financiers
for the gold reserve of the Bank of England I
bad no Idea that we had a corresponding su
perstition hare tn regard to the gold reserve of
the United States Treasury and I do not know
whether to be amused or Indignant at the
conrsetaJc < < nU8twe k by our Treasury officials
In refusing to tarnish gold bars to some foreign
bankers who desired them for shipment to
Europe I bad seen the previous week that a
small premium had been charged for the bars
as compared with coin and I supposed tbe
charge was made to cover the cost ol reQnlng
the metal but when soon after bars were with
held altogether for the reason as officially
declared that the Government desired to ills
Courage gold shipments I was to put It
mildly very much surprised I hare got ac
customed to Interference of Congress and
of State Legislatures In business matters but
that administrative officers whose proper
duty It Is to execute the laws should have the
discretion Intrusted to them of deciding when
and how they shall do It Is I something new to
me In this ease too ths mean they hate
taken to accomplish their ostensible tmrpoie I
areas ridiculously Inadequate as waa lira
Fartingtons broom to the task of sweeping
back the Atlantis Ocean The gold went after
all and It went In a shape much more costly to
the nation than If It had gone In tho ban
which were refused
It U but lust to the Treasury Department to
acknowteJg that thIs effort to check the ex
port of gold feeble as It k 1 has the ap
proval of a considerable number of the busi
ness community Hers as In London hIre
Booms to be a wonderful faith In the efficacy of
tfie thermometer In raising and lowering the
general temperature and If br any devise
the visible stock of gold In the country can be
Increased nr even prevented from diminishing
a feeling of great satisfaction Is produced Two
or three hundred years ago sentlmenttook
on a much more violent shape and It was a
penal offenee In England to export the
coin of the realm to foreign parts We
have got past that stage of Illusion
and I do not suppose that any one
proposes to hang fine or Imprison the bankers
who traitorously look to rob the country of
Its gold although dnring the war Congress
did for a little while ennuI some such penalty
for buying and selling gold In the Gold
Room We only make them ray for It as
much aa we can and instead of furnishing
them with It In the cheapest and most con
venient form we Insist that they shall take
foursovenths tn double eagles twoseveuths
In eagles and oneseventh In half eagles It
Is true that our Mint has expended a great
deal of costly labor In manufacturing these
coins out of just such gold bars as tbe bankers
ask for and that we should save this cost of
manufacture by giving bars In place of coin
but bars are more desirable for oxport than
coIn and therefore with detriment to our
sclve we keep the bars and furnish only coin
Logically and consistently the next step re
quired by this policy discouraging gold ship
ments Is to refuse to supply gold coin as well as
gold bars and to tender only eileen dollars In
paymentof drafts on Treasury when there
Is reason to believe that the gold It I wanted for
export This Is the course frequently pursued
by the Bank of France though that Institution
will kindly supoly even for export gold bars
on receiving a premium for them Tbe reason
is that the bank holds as Its reserve both gold
and silver in equal proportions and Its silver
like that In our Treasury Is In the shape of
coin worth vastly mora as coin than It Is as
bullion An export demand Indicates that gold
can be sold at a premIum and the bank very
properly takes advantage of the fact to make
a croat Our Treasury officials began doing
the same thing week before last but now
they have gone further and refuse even to
sell our gold bars Why not go a little farther
still and refuse to pay out gold coin too No
law express or Implied stands In the way of
It Sliver dollars are a legal I tender for all
debts public and private and both the Interest
and the principal of the public debt are oayabl
in coin which may be silver coin as well as
gold coin at our option If It be as desirable
as many of our citizens think it Is to keep all
tbe gold In the country po able tbe surest way
Is to turn the key upon It and meet all demands
for coin with silver coin exclusively
As I have repeatedly warned my readers
this country under the operation of the law of
July U 1890 is slowly drifting Into the condi
tion of France and moreover will ultimately
unless that law is repealed come down to a
currency of silver It may be that our Treas
ury officials have a dim consciousness of this
fact and desire to hold back gold eo that when
the era of silver supremacy attires the nation
may have a good stock of gold on hand and be
able to sell It at a large profit but I do not
credit them with so much foresight They are
more probably only yielding to a popular prej
udice and Ire half doing what if it la to be
done at all should be done thoroughly
For the present however we are on a gold
basin and we are maintaining gold payments
us if the silver standard were not In sight
This being the ease thore is no more reason
for discouraging the export of gold to creditors
residing abroad than there is for not paying It
to creditors at home We have got to pay gold
in tome form and It is better to do It promptly
and handsomely than to be dilatory and reluc
tant about It Delay in the matter is like hold
Ing back trumps whist When tney are played
out early In the game they are sure to do exe
cution but If they ore kept till tbe end they
mar count for no more than common cards A
witty English writer has observed that hun
dreds of men are wandering in exile and in
poverty about the Continent of Enrop be
cause with five or more trumps In their band
they had not the courage to lead them Let us
not make a similar mistake In regard to gold
At the risk of being tiresome I repeat what
I have often said already that the primary use
of money Is to facilitate exchanges and to
settle balances and that if every man were
capable and upright business could be con
ducted with comparatively little of It Thus
we Fee that while the banks of this city are
obliged to hold from 25 to 30 per cent of their
deposits In money as a reserve those of Lon
don hold only from 10 to 12 per oent with the
result that panics and stringencies are lens
frequent there than they are here The
great thing required Is confidence and
confidence Is maintained only by a prompt
and cheerful fulfilment of obligations
Our merchants and bankers desire to have
good credit abroad but to do so they mast par
their debts according to agreement and
Inasmuch as at present they promise to pa
ID gold it Is very bad polio to make U un
necessarily expensive for them to fulfil their
promises Of course payment In gold colD
compiles with the letter of the contract bat I
all coin Is more or less abraded br wear and
tear and even loses a little In weight br the
rubbing of lbs pieces against one another
during a sea voyage so that the handsomer
thing would be to furnish bars It therefore
our Treasury official desire to help maintain
the countrys credit so far from refusing to
supply bars when gold Is I asked for they
should give bars In preference to coin Apart
from the saving In the coat of manufacturing
coin they would benellt American debtors
and deserve much better of the country than
they do br pursuing their present course
Even as an indication of the condition of
business It is I important that the movements
ol gold from one country to another should
be facilitate rather thaa hindered ana that
ther should as quiskly as possible reflect
financial chanuoi I notice that one of the ei
cuses male for the refusal of gold bars ty the
Treasury that I speak of waa that the proposed
shipment of them wu speculative purposes
and not for legitimate remittance This I sup
pose to mean that the shippers were sharp
sighted men and that rather than wait for the
emergency which they naw was coming they
de Irei to b prepared for It In alvacre It Is
jut sit II stmra a this tvhIci how the way
the vinrl it I blotvln tti orflcninx tint t rn
downwl I no III the w nil n uuto it iiuiu
I the desired direction
i Altogether as an American citizen I am
anything but proud of the conduct of mr Oor
ernment In regard to this matter of tarnishing
gold bars for export and I feel 11t borne In upon
me as the Quakers far to utter mr testimony
against It 80 long as we are going to par
told let us do It handsomely and cheerfully
and not harcla about the difference between
the value of bars and that of coin The
amount saved to the nation le I small any war
and the indirect loss br the Injury toour credit
II enormously ont of prorortlon to It
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ou dividend
Total ala T94431 shares
nunao Baraatmuv taauacnaxa
oats 51Qs Low fr
Kilo ate Ut lit tIll
40 American Cot OH S3 54 21 31
IU2 Amer Cot OU pf 4tJ 46 4tJ 46
1315 AmrrCot OIl ctta 7k 24 I3W 24
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1803 COn OaL i Va10Hl II OO 1000 101X1
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nJJUcnitiverill S10 llo Siu
I OKlnniou A PmO 43 43 43
IrOLeadvtrloIi 11 11 11
1 JH fhteulx of Arizona 23 82 0 SO
lcD lIalro TunnelC tt A 11
11100BLUArlLAT4aWI 11II II e534 < 6
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SUJWUeo PacICO ia 1574 111 IU8 118
ieorrlaraelle2d 71 Tl 71 71
OT > 0 Mo Pec C TJ 82S 1 M 554 > 2H
IfcOUO ripe Line 11 73 > J TJJ 71 73
saIl flOCKS
Cm 545 Lev act
folt tntL ftt tit Ino
eollanoTir S3O 33O 51 i soo
tBt sicholesIS 1JO UO 12O
lUTradt > aen < l > II 1111 luo
aiamrneanEx IM 154 ilK IM
61 InoNuuaIIOI J louU 1001 1034
6 roarth 171 171 171 171
10 Fourteenth 51111 ITS 173 173
6O bank of onh America17O 170 170 1TO
EUXDAT March 22
The sum of the Treasury balanced at the
clove of basinets yesterday was tl6S015S88
being a decrease of M151007 as compared
with the figures of the previous Saturday
Balance of deposits In the Treasury to redeem
national bank notes 145774718 a decrease for
the week of 361426
Statistics relating to silver bullion cer
tificates dealt In on tbe Block Exchange are
as follows Stiver bullion on band March 31
S9S1614 ounces a decrease of SJ2736 ounces
for the week certificates outstanding 08JL
The dealings for tbe week were 60X000 ounces
at 8V9 ii closing at 99f cents V ounce
The Weekly bank statement shows
More 14 JKttrtA II Otopfea
Leini1404I335O ieoailZROO Ie 1I108 > o
Depoeltl 414791X800 41OI65OO hoc a48arTa
cirjoitton isrruuo s4 Moo Lc SHSKJ
Lows tender IIIJdQU B4e7R4UO Inc 67MO
Specie TAtfiXTCO 77731100 Inc 78400
Rervall247S300 Siuenusoo Ins IKI200
Steely rQa luxeKi723 iu3a 4us lao mi4 o
Sarplu SA7S7S79 9053TJ3 Dee 1718200
Th eurplue a year ago was 341441 ant twe yean
BUtafm iiMtric nnf ear
sea rtaee I 07 ISeneeu I C UMonta I s 33
Inca waresrats eat
laady lleot e 121 Cov taland 371IIeU I Gat S 27
Arrived Smnav March H
ti La Bretan Collier Uavr
ft TraCe Sesame rtremen
Se Mother llolm Marlbam Oambcrc
V Butte City tell hamburg
F Ljdiaa I Monarch byke London
k De Kayter Brazen Antwerp
fci Seminole Plate JackaovUM
Be A1a LftX Urenada
IS Oratory Johmoa fara
ae lloaoo Cllnkekel Saline
Tnnldad truer Bermnd
f i Leon BoUer Ualneton
11 Kantaj City lisle 1 Savannah
Pi Temauee Robinson Cbarleiton
be Blcbmond Jenny Weit Point Vi
tIC later arrival Me Pint aej j
S La Cawofn from Few Terk at Bane
uiLan raoa roaster pearl
re Kevad hum UnecniMwn for 14cc Tor
So Imbrla from Qaeeaetown Jcr il w tura
ccTtoioc mmeira
fell ToAit
Miuu OMa tutu toe
Semlnel Charleston tHiiP M
Tallahaafiee aavannah laO F X
eU Touen
Falls Eoatbampton SOO P M
Moravta Uaiabura taxi r M
4OCGWI53 evunaira
lJto F
Bnilanl Lnndon Feb 29
i oor 4i Hull Manli a
linrtan Janialra March 14
CailforninOtbralisrMercI 7
Tuiuitala C IIrlaluaolMarcl1 SrI
Canada Liverpool Mareh
Kutala Harre Maroh II
PhllailepMa Laruarr Mareh 11
Aorania Oncenitown March 13
P51 I ffooihimptoa March 19
CIaulaGIC Stirs
tru ria VeraCraa M March 14
CaieOonla Gibraltar Xarea 9
AUra IortLlnion March 14
M nnJltUjrMi
AdlronJeek Klnnton March IS
P CeUnl Hotter Jam March II
Wromirr qurenatuwnMarch 13
city of fan Coloa1Xarb II
a WrJnfdv Jfarra 23
Proofoalllmptoa March la
txandl IImbarXrII 14
Holland LoIIduXr1 10
X > w nunddK ATarcaaX
lIoeru4Anlerll 1KII1I 14
laola llambuf Hare a II
r ftdis NarrASt
Werra SotibnmpinnMarch IS I
Germanic jueensewoKarol 1
bpaaandam Ktt < riam Match 1 4

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