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cr 1Jt tU1 rJw
I 6 J u o vA Y uu ifiTP lm
Win the Anthorlllei stop th Ellutbcth
Meetla and Permit Kueti at GU
I burn and CMnucettor I The MonnKmtkt
M tlnB May b Ran t Tcrani Fark
Rd The As U Mr Wither Blur
CkMK nu MlBdEntrlCB fbr To4ay
Wherever turfmen conprr uated yesterday th
II ole toolo discussed was the Bloomy situation
in New Jersey and the possible prospects ot
I racing there without a cool bill thli rar
E arcravd that the criilc had baD I
I brought abont bY the fatal mistake of attempt
Ine to mix politics Kith the sport of klnu
and there are any number of men who declare
that they knew all the time that the pool bill
I nver had a shoot of a ehanr ond that Oor
Abbett would hare compromised himself and
ffeetudllT killed his budding boom for the
enatorshlp had he listened to the voice of the
I racetrack syrrr
Mr Michael P Dwrer bold assrtlori that I
be would rae at Elizabeth win or lose was
commended b many who laid It would b a
strange state of affair I tho New Jeraeir
Jockey Club could not moo Its limited dates
I In tproper season when the Hud on eountr
rna had rao d unmolested at Gnttenburn for
almost eighty daYs I there are half adoxen
different kIn of law In New Jersey and It is
I Benlr a matter of pull the sooner this fat II I
I made known to the world at lars the better
I problem is the war Mr Owners admirers figure outthe
Mr James E Kellyfof thl Linden Park Blood
Bone Association and partner Luolen 0 Ap
pleby are In favor of closing the sates of their
track and racing their dates elsewhere Mr
Kelly Is largely Interested In Jerome Park and
I Mid yesterday that bo would be glad to bar
tfonmontb or any other association race there
for himself he Is Inclined to the belief that the
people of New Jersey will learn their mistake
if left I to themselves for a rear and that every
thing will be lorcly In 1892 Then is
no gfettlrur away from the fat that
I racing corporation racing men and ton
L of racing hare tnkon to that State many hun
dreds of thousands ot dollars every rear The
racing contingent make Long Branch and
other Nsw Jersey resorts what they are Th
Pennroylvanla and Now Jersey Central Ball
roads will find 1 hugo dellclt In their earn
lags for 1891 What will become of the palatial
steamers that ply between New York ana
Bandy Hook and where are the Jersey Farm
ers with their garden truck oats and bar
t come In f The tradespeople In the hundred
and one villages too are going to feel the
withdrawal of raolne patrouage and so are the
hundreds of laborer vth < wero employed at
Monmouth Park for the i > ft two years Tbe
very towns ot Elizabeth and Linden have been
greatly benefitd by the tracks built In their
tclnltr and the tradesmen of those places
Will say so today I questioned
The Monmouth Perk management have but
I one way out of their dilemma I they close
I the gates of the big track near Long Branch
then many stakes must be run off elsewhere
and the most likely place Is Jerome Park The
provisions of the Ivra Pnol bill makes the situ
ation tantalizing as it provides te there
Ihal be bnt thirty dar racing I at each course
I that could be nllmlnated ugnmouth could
run off its dates at Morris 1ark Efliab
could hold Its meeting at tiravtstiul and
I there would bo nothing to prevent Linden
holding its meeting at Uneepshead liar But
as matters now stand Jerome Park I the only
available spot and the villa Bite Improvement
Company U going to make some money Da
fore a meeting can be hold at Jerome though
extensive repairs will nave to b made The
old grand stand will need strengthening and
i win b entirely Inadequate to tnrt > Qulr
ments of a championday crowd or the turontr
that tarn OUt annually on the Fourth ofJmr
The promises annulr lalnl season of 1891
Were tiLUennlly bright before this aloud ap
peered Entries were unusually liberal and
at no place was better sport expected than at
Monmouth hecretary H O Orck more s re
port of stak entries Rhowa in Increase over
or eJltro
last year btlll Mr withers never gives up un
til the last bridge has been crossed and some
thing may turn up between now and July i
and 1al may b Dung to the breeze at Mon
mouth Park In July and August fOr people
jisnge their minds at times
With the refusal or the Legislature to con
alder a pool mil of any kind and the disciplin
r ing of the bookmakers at Honnjoutn Park
Linden and Elizabeth and the fining ana sen
tencing to a term of Imprisonment the
tassalo County Agricultural Society officials
lusalo Cqnt Arculural
it Is not plain now the people of New Jersey
permit Uutienbnrg and Gloucester toylolat
the law orenly day after day The Hudson
county ring run things with a bleb hand at
ouUenburl and openly defy anybody to In
terfere with them No Grand Jury can be found
r I Hudson county to Indict them and the ra
P is apparent anybody who known any
Ihlrtfr about the Hanson county ring It Is
boldly stated that It f anyiioily cares raa test tbe
strength of the pull of County Clerk Denny
AIoLaughlln and his associates they will find
M5000 in waiting at the Bill which
pays In eloquent terms that the Gut
is ar fixture for all time t come The
f oole
four men who are in on tbe ground floor guar
antee the stockholders ten per cent on their
ante and shovel Into their own pockets
thousands and thousands of dollars annually
The feeling about town Is that the authorities
must take some action in regardlto the tracks
mentioned and that right speedily
I Jtoned Caxsattt says that the first of The
Bards colts are being dropped at Cheater
lards and that they are an unusually fine lot
The mare liapress by Narrl set that
achieved distinction by beating Hiss Wood
ford as a threeyearold has a foal by him
r Is considered a lIne one and if I Inte ta
I the finalities of tire and dam it ought to be a
tlptonper I
Racing men will ba glad to learn that Joh
Kelly Is gradually becoming convalescent ana
5 50071 as the weather becomes at aU decent
be will he found II I his baI haunt Everr
noblemen body misses Mr Kelly Be is I one of natures
POOl Tug Decker who was killed on Satur
day night an account of whore death will be
found In another column was a most promts
faY key and was under contract to rid for
Campbell 4 Walc tt this year Hear East
With J B re when that trainer had Elk wood
and other horses belonging to the young Phil
delDblan Tug was always an broad as he
vfftj Ions and looked like 1 sack al meal when
on horseback but be could ride with any 00
pound boy In America having improved
wonderfully In his horsemanship in tbe
put year or eo He rode very many
Yoa roe vry
creditable races for George Forbes last
season piloting Arab to victory on numerous
occasions In err last time lie was a favorite
with Johnny Campbell who would rather have
I him than any jockey or his weight In the coan
9hls is I the programme for Guttenburc to
dar pronmme Gutenbura
Pint BectPuri f itx furlong Amos 123
TOUIK Poke no iltllo Will IIOi I liootlack 121
Hilda tIn Mngtiock 103s Olronati I lootJaok lorL IU
Second Bact Punt fyo live and a bait turon 10
raptihot 11 > U ppy U ori lO Vmo tMcoa lO I
LHy Hawkins con 10 bln lO Rayai lit 101
I iDaPbJk IOA 1 Boilo 105i I Utlrlll 1011 ratu M
Bpola Mi Simple Uo 41 colt M 111 8
Third Dao Inro KOUi oaees0quIztuthmiiu
Jot Ooarmir Hi rmm r llli Xpionai 1111 Wu
11am Day Jr IQP Pohtmlmn lrhlPlaD I
Konrtb Jran MMi fl y tihlb ci a mile Dtl
lyrUn lUi I civil htrvlo Ito reiKloo lt v nfur
100 llOj UIIMD of Trump lOI Anomaly IOQ Sir Oorge
100rifth Raeuroo HOO ill 0G K half forlonir Item
rum WI Allrmnn 1150 IUAI Gltnmouud lOS < OIU
Mr II 103 Jiriter 1116 I cbolover tOO Btrvla uu
tMldll Hateru to iTu r6ry t a le
Snnt IVO r therln n 10 fJlmio 121 > i Nw
uU Ill nanmaii Itudoli Vuiwarc inn Clurlv
flu Harry 2r lOJi i BlutUrau 1 104 LHU Dick I 83
The Popular IlKhtwelBht Rider Killed by
I From Train
Jumping Fr a Trla
Tag Decker the wellknown Jockey who has
ben one of tho foremost riders of the Guttn
burl track this winter and whoie work In the
saddle last ycnr wa brilliant met with atraslo
death at mldnlcbt on Saturday by being
Instantly killed while alighting from a moving
train on tho branch read of tbe New York
New Haven aud Hartford road at West Chester
atation jiicker was returning from the Outtenburg
trick vfhuro be heLd rid don Oarsman In the
second race und lrjinces Hln the fifth rate I
This mornlnir as Undertaker Levine was
walking along near tint depot > he saw the body
eta w ldrR1 younB man lying l near the
railroad track da Tbe body a In a pool
ct water It was removed to the Morgue putt
toroqer Drew of Mount Vernon was nstl IA
T4ze body wu r9nl a4 that f j ekr
Who lmIIOnd a t t W e Kprr I race
br mpbll Waloott
rmk okr en u Ompb orl the IQiiO train and
tell I salep ud r iot awake until the train
wps puTl1 out of thO depot It WeattThester
WbeO lie discovered that he was being carrie
past bid station he rushed for the door and
Jumped In landlQu liecker must tiae struck
JUUJLffFU U IlndlQI < iWfP l w w
a bli stone at the Jecler the track aA there
WM a lurto wound on ltis forehead jutt nbo
hi Is eye lie lieu lain ivher he tel I all night
Until discovered jlila morning by Undertaker
lavln Coroner Drew viewed the remains and
empanelled a Jury and adjourned the lnaut
until Tuisday afternoon JJckr was well
known and wu a WWVtJt wa 19
ow MS lnlalua bad DD aJoUJ I
Mns kIIJJtM pier
1 I t
r BOBMM AXD uuuuAom r
W ltl > r el rswstr M I sf > tbev
Bore 0 t Bald TfcU Week
60 thats what they want Is Itr said John
Mackey the superintendent of James D B
Ins big California flinch Del Puo breeding
stud where hundreds of horses of the purest
running and trotting strain r annually
reared as a score or more New Yorkers bid
sharply on 1 highstepping cob with an excess
of kte and hock action at Tattersall one
that the
day last week Maokey was surprised tt
stocky gelding without the vestige of a pedi
gree should command tew one while many
of his richly bred and goodlooking trotting
geldings had anl for much less than that
sum only a few weeks before Any one
of them had mor speed than the cob
and would have pulled his head off
in a rae of ten or twenty miles but the cob
with his bounelntr bold way of coin would
out a much greater dash in Central Park
hitched to a showy ort and wearing a harness
of ionable the latest English pattern and he Is fM
lonablLrd how hungry youd gt driving tha
fellow twenty miles to dinner was Mackys
parting comment coupled with the assertion
that he kniT where there were some of that
kind on the Iope and that he might bring a
car load or two on with the Bench Del l Paso
consignment next year
Mr Mackeys experience gos t show that
thor I a market In New York for all kinds of
horses and that the best will always command
thlblt 11
very high ngures The sale ot the carriage and
iddle horses the property of the Newmarket
Ion Vmpanr af Tattersalls on Friday last I
drew a large and fashionable crowd to tbe
atttrsall building atbeventh avenue and Fit ty
fthlstreit buldlnJ auirnaU were not up to She
f Itr ol
lush standard demanded by Now Yorker save
Ins UwTniiaooes and prices ruled low
Thl week the attraction for New x r1 how
ever will be the combination ell ot trotters
conducted bJ etr O Kellogg t 0 et the
merlcn Institute building I wJjj I begin to
day and continue on Tuesday Wednesday
Tbnradayanqirlday Today ofrerlnas I num
ber fortyone nad consigned by Messrs
tuimson ana ueorge 11 iieea 01 1 011 Apceit
do W Del of Meant WIC l All era
f rich breeding and there will undoubted
be sharp competition for the most qeslrap
lots The first animal on the cata OPI II
Bausbnrr Maid consigned br tz 8tison
This mire II 6 rears old sired Y bJ Qdll Ilmion Ia
bury a son Ntwood and ontui oui xiuu
roo bY Inca Bbl can low a 8 gait and Is
as floe an Individual l anybodys mare In
Mr jUmnons lot there are several bywootsey
the brother of tbrr and out of Wellbred
tl brolltr 11br
mare and there are a few gem by lambou
and Atcasar that will Command the closest at
ientlon when they are show the ting Tber
Is also a handsom gelding capable of beating
220 this year that Is a perfect road
horse as well aa having a world r of
Ped Mr Reed sends a handsome
filly by Harvester Mr Daly Is one of the best
knQWP and most liberal breeders in the East
and there are many good one among the
umber sent down from Mount Klteo There
R i a full aleterto Arrow 918M and a colt out
8f her by Alcazar named Hailstone that on
reeding should D a trotter lure Canton
and Mormon a two hauaaome colts II
hpauwt li19 and both can snow a lot of speed
for tt limited training they hive reeeived
The j > IY stalllun Hexameter bY Heptagon
dam Bweetbrlar bY Pickering can show a mile
lckrn mll
In 280 or thereabout whan In condition and
should fit nIcelY In some breeder farm as the
blood lines are of tbl yen best Several prom
lalne youngsters bY Hexameter will also be
offered A large number of horsemen looked
over the horses yesterday at the Institute
building and todaY prospective purchasers
will nave nn opportunity to Inspect those to b
told during the rest ol the week There are
any number of bargains for the careful bidder
ThM are many trotter In the lot and any
mbt of splendid carnage and business
The regular weekly auction sales conducted
b Y ate eellgman at hi s big stable in Eait
Twentyfourth street on Tuesdays and Fridays
ar now the feature of the street Mr 8llg
man dl DIO QI several hundred bead of
phqlc western hnraes every week and any
body who buys from him once will come anY
as every animal sold Is warranted asrepre
tented A trlH of two days Is Invariably 1en
The old reliable I firm of VanTaasoll i Kearney
In Et Thirteenth street dominate the auc
tion trade In tbclr vicinity and theitbig re
pository is crowded to thejdpora every Tuesday
and Friday Tattersall of New York Limited
ainounc that hereafter they will hold a auc
tion sale of Olel carriages narnessjip at
their bujldfiur 11 ar every Wednesday
< aY Next Wednesday offerln are
eonslgned bJ willknown man and Mania
tog Director Eton would be glad to
receive additional entries at his beadquartere
1139 Broadway a 1 t Itelley of Midway Ity
one of the aWaY experienced breakers of saddle
hOle A arrived at DnrlanoVs Hiding Aca
demy wit a number of Vry highclass saddlers
thoroughly broken Everybody knows < Mr
Bailey andhls word is I bjs rTbJ bond kOWI H
The following are stadr quotations in the
local market Pairs or matched earlap
orse 70 tottMOO good saddlers with the
requisite gaits I87S to 11000 teams of truck
or express horses > COQ to 18001 good drivers
t37 to 73o business horses liOO to ISO each
and strietera 1101 to 160 ea h
ane oiear weainer last week gave a forward
Impetus to the Pring carriage rorwa
wa a little too cold to bring out many buyers
of coring and summer vehicles
Th dealer are all ready for the work ow
e when It does come Van Tel A Kear
ney of 18U and 182 Last Thirteenth street have
bra or four stories of their Immense aT
tory Oiled with I of the latest and newest
tries of snmmerwork Including buckboards
CradstreAt Jps game wagons surrey
wagonettes donkey and pony carts Ken lnl
InY care
tons runabouts and many other kinds of
fancy traps In oak maple and choice natural
woods Their harness department Is complete
With all I the new patterns In russet leather for
light and heavy summer work They a for
carry a largo stock of English and Frenc
harness saddles whips and everything neede
for a complete outfit Their price being ex
tremely moderate purchasers proe be assured
maetlng with satlsfaetlonfn all respects
Flandran ACo 872B76 Droome street con
tinue to do a steady Business and are well
supplied with all the novelties for summer
use Their light vehicles for country driving
and miniature traps for children are as near
Serfeotlon in every point as modern genius can
vls8 Their new uptown house at caJ
ay aid 15rflrst street tormriy Lpwdon
Itet Ldon
tntherford is frequented dally with many
buyers and the stock of carriages is very com
plt The carriages and names are being
old at remarkably low prices and many good
secondband vehicles can be obtained at 1001
Inc bargain
Uh H 1 Babcock Company of 40M19
Brole street haye an excellent aoormnt 161
tblcls of every description and their rooms
will amply repay inspection Drouabal
okaway read Wagons and pony carts will
rc alons cas
reasonabieprjcee be found In all the latest design and at most
William LIT Gray of 20 and 33 Wooster street
has on enortpou stock of spring and summer
carrta both In1 the natural woods and
painted Harness whips caddIes and other
necessaries will re found In abundance and a
prTcesr bujror within the means of 1 daises oi
Edward Oallanans Bon of 57 West Forty
fourth street is I prepared to turnlsb estimate
and designs for building all st > esof vehicles
Ed repairing work Is I of the best class and
be has some very One secondhand wagons
itrcmarkably rate
The Itaclne Wagon and Carriage Company of
151 and 1 > 3 Houtn Irlfth aenno Is doing a big
UHlnss > In delivery wagons of all Tclnde
Their < light delivery wagons for country use
are ajtnvrabl style MuUband price Duck
boards buggies waafohVttis prce Duel
aDd surreys tueyalpo keep in large I numbers
th New Vork Wagou Company of 6b5 and
587 Hudson street Is just now making a spe
qlal sale of a number of platform express and
delivery wagons tomnke room for the coming
summer stuck They offer an exceptional
chance low prIce to get fine oter this class at very
The United States Wagon and Carriage Com
pany of Third avenue And Fortyninth street
is doing Bood business In delivery and farm
wagons or all style and at reasonably cheap
price They carry a full stock of furniture
van trueksjdoublr and single expre tur
and barfs Business and delivery wagons
of the best make and at moderate rates will be
found at the Uudon Wagon Company of fill
Hudson street They also have some good
secondband won M ry oheat
Bradley A Co of 14 Murray street are run
nine their factory with f nil band and anti
cipate a brisk and lively spring trade Ant
will and their popular twowheel 1 road wagons
ottered nt extremely reasonable figures walonR
Moore of 67 Warren street nas n larce stock of
pleasure wagons as well a harness whip
saddles and blankets He expects to build a
flue tlxstory structure within a short time I
the Kite of bin present store Ills fadtorr at
1ort Itlchmond I I is turning out an hand
some a line f summer carriage as are to be
Been In tho city Prospective buyers will be
fully rrpald by visiting his wareroom wi
PJa Yourtea Mm tagie amde4
Al t seem a ths aroeklya Obtss Cub os Saturday
rattlp abU Si a Ike itroecwl amattmn is
Ski side tt the MissIle rtOTB4 Iks tub tt tUrtaf
ontMB opp n irta w bis predsousers t ely
in twlv Blthardsoa ven t gama Ho a slssle
gm tnaa U a draw Tb mmbri wsrplac
Ram Ike i following manner i Tioard i A f 7 iou
win trrench pefiaee t Jk Herendtohn Two
Dllbl e btftncijT a II M Barrett Two lolgbta
btnOl 4 DPJ rinlar King1 m Clmttl de
oI1 m V R Lonr tgtnae o flr gibj Her
nanaee Centre < > amblti 7 t our Sicilian liefence
SI Bohert Joan Two Knigbti I Dittneei u A W Hhep
are Two Knlgbte Oefeneek t 10 tatrlet r
car Uambli 11 J 1 Lush Prencb Uefeucti
U r Koit King Bishop Opining 13 R Col well
Ktnri UamblljL II W r ino Hanobtlto ll Bt >
MeMn Pialay Loaner OUy sad ElwtU toertdvli
Tbt next exkUIUei of atxaullaqeoui play wtn tak
UM Is p U a UftakaM wUTVe Ul awe piper
I b
XSBTKX xo ram ic Q
o c Kak Hit BiUii M mt t ltl
Am As ilBi Ttgkt
Tb battle of the athletic oMelets grows hot
0 U Hushes return to the charge and responds
spond A follow t the statement ot A O
I nay aaytbai I am viry sorry tesnth a tt
meat la print aot It 1 Htm In < rt4lbt that II sbenK
manau from the ebUt effletr ef 1 conitlonoui a
lb as th Kw York Athlttle Clob f Is I t I bored
tbat I do M net vole S itatlminl ol lb ntmb nblp
Cf the Sew Terk Altilttlo Clob la nr aniwtr to
Ptuldsnt Mills at ISe Alter HenMnMtlns 1 told him
plainly la cueS thai la I he tvant of Mr Cans balat
alMtad 10 the Cola Board and as FrMUmt o the
Mtropolllan DUtrMt Aneelatloo Mr Can la
alb a eontlaiuey tout H < > Hnd A mpon
t d the plotter thug nuanuir that t l the
avtnl ot Mr Cans Sung oonvinsad that
he Should not oil two potttlens be wool rwifn the D
01 aiilmporta e which tt coon would In teen
the rrxtd ey ot the Mottepolltaa UUtrlcl AMoolatlon
Therefore bee facts are acaian Mr Mil point u u
the MaDblt tlle Club bo 1 tb nplof
te which I I anUtltd 1 may list bar lat rratldtat
Mii mutb aware thai ti majority ot the alavia
members ol the Ontral Board are fflethoUtrs In Ihtlr
mbr dIstrict iUoStsttooi I thrs Ip Ubln II
Mr MIII srgumsnt II boal4 apply 10 r K 8arnl
bo was elected rtItdeit or tile enr llro Ao
811105 end affirwayd YIoeIridsao the Csottal
board and olhernembar of the Central Board who
Olittbot hold prominent easootsliiua official political I their mptetlvt
111 thu Manhattan Athletic Club In It snit
8bll8 Iblt cDI Ila
kotpltabl manner lisa Invited the membm o the
he w Tork Athletic Clib to vlill Ol t Manhatian Athletlo I
Club boos upon the oooattoaol its WSL4 r qtO m tott
fim nut rndar nIght lbs Manhatian AftilaUo Club
r uiad up ol iporumn and the olab will trat nval
orgsnhstlQSs ID C spovtsmanllkC manner j ajl oee
slobs on which the Club Itn Dt mDOr > etTllon with
each rival organltauena rreldnl Mint of the Kew
lor Mhliue utah u I t newts responsible for Mr
Carr election 1 office In the Metropolitan DUtrlcl A
loclatlon Mr Carr wai lo elected by the Inffrag ot
ciailon Ih b belonging t the Metropollian uitlrlclAaao
PretilMt KIlls In his lam attempt t erltldH my
aaetruon that the Maahattan Albetlo Club wanttd a
repreientatlve on the Central Board ID ordir to prO
lit large athletic Inttrtita doe 10 la a manner that
would be creditable 58 I ward politician rather than lo
a vttran member the Mew Tork IMfI Club I
nay stile t that lbs meet deplorable feature of Pntldeni
MllUe answer la the eoarit su0cspuie5 11551 UpOn
Ttntr alSo Halt that the Manhattan Athlttlo
ayitlf 1 Tar al the Amateur Athletic union I eon
far 501515 Al esfltlnta through HI alegate
therefore Prtildint Mlllei tatrnnl aa 10 tb trrt
ponlblllty my views U t llraoly mlileadlng ahd
incorrect T few ion Ainuno thUD nat 00 more
Important ana prmlng business than to lupprttt ant
ololalm lbs nlteraacei et IU marplot and mueblif
messrs who would lelnihly Invite for the last of tome
Sakrt r stab advantage or tl VrD some private
grudge a aegremnt In I the Amateur Athletic Union
I may call attention lath fact that Praaldtni Mills ot
D ellltollon
3be New Tork Athletlo Club is I nol at the prevent
time of writing lbs epokeeman of Ike Manhatian
Athletlo Club aa one would I almost Infr from his
letter I am fret lo admit that Mr Mllli U an able and
astute politician but with ell bf ability and all I hit
sophistry he cannot explain away Iblll Iou in I this
cue lamely that the Mlahalian Athletic Unb had a
candidate In the Held tor the Central Hoard and thai
ndIOI bOa
tbe enemte of the lab8 th Athletic Clab certainly
pot IU ttinds > voted agatnti the siOttel < 1 ot lbs Nao
Scotia Ainleu Oiube eoOIO1 lo the central Board
truldibi bit of the hew Tork Athletla Club may
iueced In 1 eonnnolng the memb rtr hie own organ
liatlon and Ike entmlti or the Manhattan Athletic
Club or which undoubtedly there art many U laoceia
always Invites lealoojy and enVy but Prnldnl Mill
of the MW York AthletIc Club need not mndertake the
froltlM talk 1 trying to convince the member ot the
Manhattan Athletlo UVnb that the vets that were call
against the cluba candidate 1 lbs Central Board were
simply little token ot friendship
rrtldnt MIll states that I threalnei < la my b
Illhed Interview that the Manhattan Athletlo ClUb
Would re lgn Ym lbs Amateur Athlttlo llgo In
answer IC tbla I can stats that 1 never made any inch
statement 1 may tat hewevor tbat In the count ot
aeon venation with treildent Mills a the New York
Athletlo Club Sons lait Friday night I stated that It
the Metropolitan blitrlct Aioclatlon needed from the
Amateur Athletlo Union the latter would toon cpu lo
tiTt I made thIs statement limply becanit I believed
rll la he a fact Irl would however stat further that
T I old not favor any lob otlo5 0 the
part et the Mtropollta Uiatrtcl Aatoolatlon SI I am a
firm m1 the nltlmate I coats ot the Amateur
Athletto Union u al preienl organuail
The qneillon at fain at the pteseUt UIVUIVH I
whether or not the Manhattan Athlatlo Cob haabetn
treated lott aOlb It haa not and 1 teD
with me I Ormly l believe thai the men who out chit
volet agalnit the Manhattan Athletlo Club candidate
for the Central Board are In their own hearts eonielona
that they have made a Serious mlitako I also belIeve
thai these A A u delgatti who are at all fair minded
tba 1 tn ih aol opportunity that ptoeenu itself ot
doing the Manhaiun Athlitlo Olnb julUce
Brrrath ReIiea lrl
f Abaci trephy match was decide 0 Saturday
evenIng at the rinse of lb Beventh Regimens In the
armory Company B broke all pravlooc records sad
WOD bIn mad by the competing companies
Company Company 1 r f IIS 90 n
Dompany I = 3 < n li 04
Company A MO I
Company D SOl
Vcmpsnylt235 I I
company r W
Company 1 It tS m
Company 8 1 I
Company T it SM see
Company a 1 341 2 I
The teamoMwo match was alao decided es tbe
lain tTnta I competition It I open 1 tami of two
iota from each ot 5hs companle and also the staff
ivn tom biD nrd at WO and 500 yards Com
anyOe team won br two iioinis The acoretot brUT
r leading cempanlel follow
onsrllT a
Three Tanlt TWol
II SO ee
Meyei U I ea
Totals 5 e us
I = r ItC m M
< es far
0 a
= r = M I S g
TotaU M M m
T Brlghtoa Annlver a > rr
Th BrIghton Athletic Club held the anniversary
calibration of the organization on Saturday subS at
the club boot In Brooklyn The card waa azoellant
same llvtly hosing ixblbllloni being liven
Albert Bow of the Tonne Man I Christian Associa
tion and J Walwortb Porter Brighton A 0 gave a
very cltvtr exhibition on the borliantal bar W R
Eton and J Llrlnfitton both of tht Brighton cave a
very spirIted exhibitIon boxing bout They were tot
owtd bv Samuel li 1 Set who rendered his well known
aptclalua and Imitations oonoludlnt with the famous
lln Convention tone I
The Mozart qnarlet rendered taveral fine alctloni
of popular aomi Bddle Sweentr and J MoRrlde ot
the lark Ibelo Clubtheo give aD eOpIODU vigor
01 exhibition of boxing which waa heartily applauded I
the IDa being very lively plD4e
The peer of all the flying ring artlgta Champion Rob
ert BtolUM Y h p aD enjoyable tihlblllon
Champion Jack Skilly National A i and W Stafford
yin5 Oounly Wheelmen Indulged la a boxing ball
Smith and Laud ot the Brighton concluded the pro
all br boxing comit of unniual llvallniea A I
banquet followed I i
Mr Bteawaigi Reception i
When the Salfora Harrier visited Detroit lait fall
they were accompanied by iveral offlclali of h Man
hattaa A C While the latter wire t the city ot the
train Preildtnt Buarnl of the Detroit A 0 made I
special tort to rtndtr thtlr stay pltaaant and appar
ently succeeded for they prononneed themselves
charmed with their reception They alee spot of re i
taliation should Mr Bitarni tvtr slut Ntw York That
gentleman arrived hut last week and after be A A
u meeting on Friday night he In I company with Harry
McMillan and A D ftanwll ealld at the Manhattan
A U boute Going to the hoard room they found f uur
officials Iht club there but who apparently did not
recornlie the visitors
Preientlr Mr hiearni toad himself known noon
which the anbattan A o oftlclali bowed itlrtly I and con
tinued an tntertittng alacnealon After a few minutes
of ibliaortof thing Mr blearniand lbs gentlemen to
roropanylng him led the houit Tht Detroit 1 I not
trongly Imprmed with Manhattan A t hospitality
The Tar e > OB Peek AgaIn
The Titans Boat cal haa arranged another eerti 5 f
Instills for Monday evening March s Th affair will
k the final sabaorlptlon tournament of tht 0
Thoa two diver bantama Charily Sally Down
Town A 0 the champion Middle State amateur and
Con Sullivan of tb Nonpareil A O will lo meet Jerrjr
Barnetl Hanover A C will encounter nrrr Farrell r
City A O Jamea Norton Cllr A C will face Hannr
OBrien Manbattan O the eiamateur champion
Joe lark Bajle A 0 and Kddlt Pierce Konparetl A
U will battle for four round aDDer A A D rule la
the 12 inouud peclal claaa James P Bloc champion
llcbt wefiht of the Varnna Boat flap It radaolni to lit
noundaforbchM atred met John McTleraan of
ib ibiS Towo A Oi
The wlndpp will bs between Mike Leonard Varnna
B C and Billy Vtallh the nnvanqulibtdicrapper of tba
i Nonpareil A 0 The poises will bt tropbli Vajota at
iluo to the wInners with extra oompeoauoa for
training expenit 10 the lours
Water Polo
The Sew Tofk A O water pole playtn wr too
tired to prattt ytterday but the Manhattan swim
lDn were on deck or ratter In lbs water ci usual
That was a good atUnCanoa at tba fame and Ihe
pier which was spirited aroused unlimited enlbuil
aim Tbe tama llnej UD as followi
lltU f IIKanl waiter
n V Clearer Centra Mate
Warlnv rn end Norton
J Cleaver Rlcm end Ooff
Dtvertu Half baok Karri
f I k I Doals j 1 Clark
JIr1w Os Vend lIotwlek JudgU 11
Smith IY C ObAOL TimerU 0 Mush
gash aid e scored oac east
Th Orei t laep
Tie sHied smbtcrltttaB tlaatro tat Otaaaml A
Ml Cub toe flac at the lab bu rtempoai
SUttl BrMklyB oa Saturday evnln It was purely
S clab affair no Invited fuiita being prtaeat Chair
man William T Gilbert B W BUelow and Alixandtr
Btrrlt of tb Home Committee arranied the affair
whIch waa throujrbly cIlIaTed Among the well
known jroutleraeu present wtr Jamee II Jar William
Walton A Adam Ueurii ii Iotoit 1 r MMuniur
w II Partridge Willlaui II Kurd licorgi Urakelrr
Thom A Kildf < Uiorgi E Hyatt 1mUtnt Charles
M Bull and olhera
LooolT Marsh HTb ab bolD McMaansof
Chicago and Brensan tt buffalo wblab wes It bare
erne oHlaei Stabs at wrigbti Conttre pen bira was
brokinwbr tta Sberi Aaerflsr halue totwess IM j
lack rylsee aai S JU M lleOetlll8 was tile I
I J r
fja CABHX BROUGHT TO an zunm
Uwty Blugstiai Boats aS the Aaterta
The sp < ral feature ot the Astoria Atbletlo Clubs box
lug camptatlOBC held in the rurllaa Club Room Lent
lucaS Oily en Saturday night rraa a tour round con
tut with fourounce clovii between the lUpcund
amaUnrehamplont John J Gorman Star A 0 and
Fred scbneerlnt Pattlme A 0 Also a ilmllar contmt
between the two ISApound amateur champtona r Ca
hill ScottUhAmailcan A a and i 3 Van llonten
West Side A a Ko attempts were mad to Interfere
with the conteeta The men fought dtiperattlr
It was Germans flrit apparanc In the nag ilnot hit
rcoovtry from a rathr severs attack Cf pneumonia
Bohnttrint opened up the tin round by landing his
left la tbs former toll Wary sparring Dnlehd the
round Scbnerlnr planted iiveral blow In rapid
Succession lu llormane tale The latter auddiuly
caught Scbnccrlnf roll In the fact It was the turn
leg point or the fltht Sonneerlnt then plungid at I
Ifr Jrr m rw nl
Ourinan who caught him iqnart IB tnt tact again with I
his lilt and Bebncorlnit dropped to the lloor IRe a log
ill was tarried kicking and Squirming to his corner
Before the oioi or the lirit round fcctineerlugii lid
utwaiaimoet I clOSed wnile blood was Bowing from
Uo onllh h rre
Ia r
Uormaai floes and mouth Tbert was come beary bit
ting In the fourth and leSt round both men doing their
beet to poor a knock out norman gar Bchnerlng a
winging blow In the face jnai aa time waa called
Gorman wai declared the lnner
The boot bttwien abill anoVJ 1 Van llouten was
for blood and a knock out from tb atari tabula ob
jicuva point was Van Hontena ttnraaeh lit landed
tbtrt repeatedly Cablil opened Ibe nnl round by gel
Van Ilouten against tnt toott In the middle ot tie
round Van uouten caught Catjlli on the aide ot toe bead
with a heavy twinging blow bringing him to the floor
wiiCawbaek ilewasupin annnani l an lloulen
caught him a second urn a down he went again
The referee lumpid In lbs ring and Van bitten waa
forced to bla corner Cahill dod tho remainder of
the ab to ltndini Van lloulen S etomaoh which be did
with telling effect while Van lloulen landed repeatadly
on Oabtll a faoe and neck The Judges decided on CaM
aa tht winner
In tht lecond trial bout of the KXVponnd claaa D
van star A c forfeited to J Brennan WlUlame
burt A V
lIyC linaU tndtnnlttly postponed
orxa aizx jam DAZE
rMk of deed Hn nr Do Hem Via
Work Over Heavy Roads
Dtcjrtttlthe fact that every trail was heavy from
Saturday storm the hardy follower of the paper
scent turned out In force rterda aDD travelled al
ood still paces ont the regular routes marked out
The regular weekly road run of the Rldgtwood Har
rier was held from the club house on the Glendale road
yesterday morning The trail was the usual Ore mil
triangular route on the surrounding roads The going
waa very havy hut the atbletea completed tba rout In
good tIm oouilderlng everything James U Murphy
woo ths run In with Arthur Arnold lecond and ri4
hitler third Time lUmlnutoi U3Mtcon
Lorirtd with mud and iiiowing plainly I the results of
his aorta franoli u Nanrr dished over the lint at the
run of the PbunlxAtbleilo flub ytettruay morning a
winner by two feet from Matt Rice the popular par
r Vie athlti travelled about live mIlt > which ox
tended from the club house on Elizabeth tueet toward
Bay ludga ana return The run was closely conteited
The Urn I wa JM minute 14t4 iconda
Tbr Was a good attendant e ot number at the run
91 the Ialmetlo Athletic AMoclatlon hid from the club
houif corner of Hamilton avenue and Columbia treat
Brooklyn raittrday mornIng The mm went over a
five mil I rout James If Neil I won flril honor from
Charlie Jackton Tim 29 minute 38 44 iccon
J t ioTI tiollrDomI
ueorg r Kalier the buttling Cbalrman ot the dame
Committee the National Athletic Club won the club
ran reittrday morning The ttarl wsl made from
Kldgawood Park and about four good mIles I were coy
rot Mill Hay was lecond after a vary Close flnlh
kaiser used lo compete with success for ttte Paittm
Athletic I Club Time 24 minute 12 5h leconds
The member ot tha Monroe and Centurion atblttla
club held their PersIa weekly lnte club coAted from
the headquarter on the 1 caM roat jeiteritar
morning Klgbt mIle was the count but tre trail was
ao heavy that tt was decided lo cm it i down to six l After
WIDlllIoII n
a vsry good run Kdwnrd T Hills Monroe A ti won
with John II Hoberta Monroe A C second and David
Fielding Centurion A < X third Tim 37 minutes
4H a5 seconds
The rropeot Barriers senior and Junior team eros
country champions bad two team ont at Bay
Ulign and the Concord Harrier ran at Aatorla the
Stw Jeretr Allertou and St ileorffa athletIc clubs were
out at Fort Qtorge tbe Meronry Uarrlerit at Jamaica
and lbs Bridge 1 u and Acorn A X team at Bay
Tko Proposed Alliance with in A A U
Flavored by the VTheclmen
sine the National Assembly meeting ot the Leap ol
American Wheelmen held lat month when James B
Dunn was reilccltd Preildent of tbat organization
bloyctllU have ben displaying unusual activity aa to
the movements or the bead of that body In tie way or
Dla iloUoni for officers It was understood that X B
Davol had declined to accept the office of Chairman of
Jbt l Racing Board for another term and aa thin petition
Is ont ot the moil Important I rr tn league It wai
thought that Mr Dunn would Mercian great ducretlon
In his election ot eubitltute for Mr Cat oL but the an
nouncement In THr Key of ye ttr < ay of tie appointment
DJ lt
o tl
maul of 0 8 Randall f to the polilcn while verifying
the rumor which baa been going the round la con
demned the Laitern whselmen
Mr Randall 1 a reildenl I of Chicago while It was the
Impression that In the fact of the Oitncultlei with the
racing men here la ths bait and the arrangement of an
allanct with the ttl A U and It A W all fof which
will nave to ba adjusted by the Mating Board Mr
ponn would biTe given the preference to a mAn In this
locality It 15 I now the hope that Mr Randall will
YiorlII rJoa
stlect lot hit coniltuente JDI the National Board men
whe art thoroughly familiar with the suiting dillIes
ties surrounding the L A W
M hilt no action baa bten taken by the League of
l 1l bM
American Wheelmen on the matter of an alliance with
the Amateur Athlttlo tnion ou account of the absence
ot Prtildtnt Dunn II le the general impreulon among
the wheelmen that the form or alliance I aa proposed by
lIrlT t f g
the A A I U a very fair one and should bt adopted br
lbs leagna This I la rou a up toward an amalgamation
schema as luppoptd but on the contrary li simply a
movement for the adjutmant of auipenilona and other
oimouUlel which may aria btwn the two bodIes
Bn aloj Rig AthletIc Meeting
BoTTito March 2tTb Indoor athletlo game at the
Anenal were the molt tuccmfnl ever held tn Buffalo
There were fully 4COO people In attendance Two rec
ord wire broken The New Jersey A O men carried
off a few of the prise The remIt were at tollowi i
Beventyflveyard Daih Barry E Benson B A 0
lint I 7 W Elmer NJ AC itcondi George A Vogt
LA O third Time 8 Kitcoada
Onemil Safety Bicycle E 0 Bald RW C lint W
O Ottenok BWC second J Kurtz LAO third lime
8 minute lie teconila
FouthundreOaudtortyyarci Ron Xorlcti U P
Dlrnbeger Jr I A c Hrtl Michael Kreutter Q a A
0 econdi O M Congdoa B A C third Time 3833
One half mil Safety Bicycle R W Coon P 0 O
tv DffJI for
Jrtt W Connelly W V R o of Rochester second W
J ruher Both IL i A A third Time 1 mlnut 80 tee
ondPola Vault Henry D Shedd Rochester A A Crit 0
feet 0 inches John Fiiipatrlck B A 0 lecond u fast
u inches W H Maley I A C third
Standing high JumcU F Richter I A 0 lint 4
feel7Ulnohe If N Brnnner II B 0 eecouill fet
7I Ipchen John Plttpatrlck B A 0 third 4 feet UU
One milt lately bicycle E a Bald B W flrjLt C
II OCallahan P U C iiconii W Connolly w B B
a Rochester third Time a minutes T leconds
OT tt mJa
Twohundrid and twenty yard Hurdle ltaoeL B
Barnes J < J A a lInt r 1 Sllney N J A a iso
and U Bent I A C third BIIDf isitconda
l rA J
One tbouaand yard Bun n 8 Let W A B oo Onti
W onlur IIA o 1 X lecond J Mulrer T B 8 U
third Time 2 minute no nccn
Three Stating Broad JnmptO r Richter L A Q
Oral flu feelulnchti John Klupalrtck lB A Oiecond
Buteta Iflrhri I ueorg Kbtrhardl B X C third aa
feet IOU Inchea
Wheelbarrow RaceP T Sllney J JL 0flnti JI
Raicouar N J A C iccond J u Faust I X CL
third Tim 244 seconds
tbre hundred yard lilloEo B Barnl N J A a
flrilt W A heeler a A O itcondi J 0 Mlliom
B A 0 third Time 80 teoondi
JIo r
One half milt V ltgJaU ottr Prntyfonrth B A
01 flrt I O A lllrom itcondt J 0 Ulilir L O lo
third Time 3mlnuti < 0iecand >
Seventy nve yard Hurdle IacT n OMan L A
ft ant P FlUfatrlck Flxty nth R A second T
Mercer Sr t A o third Time is iecondi
Three mile fafety Bicycle I harlei Iog ire I A
c tluull W COlIn lecond O II Callahan third
Time e mlnutei W j5 seconds
1tzbondredyerd ltunY W Jullrr B A 0 first T
P Donnelly II A 0 second James Miiiry T B L 0
third Time I minute girtcnnili
Oneand a but mile ItunT Merest Jr I A 0 ant
A I Small L A < lecondi K Cornell Foentytourtb
K A A third Time tt minutes 64 secoods
The Blxdair Pcdeitriauti
OnOuerrfro and his trainer Happy Jack1 John
Sums Vortmao and several other who had taken
part In the U day goaayon pleait burlesque were
found at the Putnam Home jeiterday afternoon Al
though Qoerrro had dropped ont ot the race on the
third day became aa be now says be believed It would
remit In a flxtle he teemed to be thoroughly potted ae
to the future plan of the withers and had morn 10 ay
than any one eie He sid there n at hardlr any doubt
m the soooj or what remained N after paying
iota minor expeniea would be dtvldfd Mr ordng to
the agreement made with the entries The CO lift
tporo ur lei would be paid over at 8 I M to day
After this matttr It settled moat t8t then who en
tered the match t are going to Boston to engage In I Ihe
> lx day walk IWI II to Begin there 1a April II John
gbeVth winner is l the only one of the walker who
ii tot already In excellent condition no has suuterel
mum with bu feel and was not abl to leave his bd
Princeton MT > rkix ma
fganveir March n The University Gus Club shot
contwt with the Lawrenrevtll club yesterday In
Lswtepeville There ere three men on a tide ii 1 and
IH yards rise thirty blue rook each The score rca
Princilonn I Hay 1 al I J L Wllilame A41 A k
ola l r
Olailoln ao Total 1iX
LawrencevllliJ thompson 13 W Brown lo W
thompson 17 Total 4M
The Castles Did Not Compete
The annual spring athletic rompetllloni ot the Qaello
Society at Wuoililde U I were not decided ytittrday
owing to the lot condition of the ground The com
mittee will meet at Ibo rluti houie In Twenty elghib
street to night and decide upon a future dale for the
Two Young Women Who Wau to See the
Emma and Lena Mlndrnan two prett and
adventurous young women arrived at the
Barge Offlo yesterday on the steamship ran
Their home Is I In Abrhann Prussia where
tholr father Is a rich aroopr Df oomlna tired
or the quiet life at Lome they lot their
arntBconsent to see something tIre world
i or Ibo sake of noollv they came In the steer
PR Jhey went ibm the Darwe Office to Ille
house ol their roimin V llllam tnikpii nt 01
lulu street tirooklni Boili biioiik Knulftli
and they teem to lie quite capable of taking
pare of themselves They will remaIn In Jlrook
yn for to Weeks and l will tbllQ visit NIltfa
ci alIt ansi trill exte d their trIp through hi
It lV 8qytb T r IJpeo to return IIoml
6 Ol1t 1IU1I1111 of 1111
Btrtwtor Abt K israu aid Bur It Mart
Cax BooMjr or Later
Director r X Abtll of tht BrooklyB Club bad JiH re
turned horn yesterday when a Ben reporter found
Daring the pall week ht baa boa la Baltlmon and
Phtladtlphla and ba bad conterencee with the APse
elation people In those elite Hell vary cenndeM that
the League and American ABeoelatlon will come to
gether It not before the toSses pena then later on
It baa got to com far tht good ot all concerned In bait
ball But In bringing II about on side 1 moat not x
lt55t tout evemnlngi 1 both mail make ooncecelon
11 a laid i
IdonotUllavttbat the AMoclatlon p optibould
git down on their knelt and ask to bI allowed to return
10 the national agreement fold somebody mould step
In and try to best the breach I have no authority to
act In any rapacity for the Ltagnt but 1 did tat rIl oa
myself to liarn the VieWs or the Biltimora and Fhlla
dlpbl people on the alluatlon The reason was that
flirtna Aaiotlatlon 1 Jumped they laid that they op
toed the more and fought it tn tern inaitn for two
° I Oral saw Von der Bent and harsh arriving In
Baltimore at a very Inopportune time which made my
visit laTe a Suspicions look to 11m Tbnrmin had Juet
realgned and although Iknw nothing about u until I
reached IIUlmo yll itiavean Intlmaiion that b
had reelgnedeo thai peace rovld li arranged After a
long ta k with Von tier uont an I Barnl both laid 1 that
they did not desire to flght and would agree to a pears
eeulemeni It one could be arranged I ton him that II
both llJte would give Into certain thing there wonld
probably be no trouble I ille nrit argument was that
the Aiaoclatlon retain CIntlnnitL I answered thai If a
fair and eunltabie eettlement I wee tu me made that
could not be den as Cincinnati wai League territory
and tbat the Aaaaclatlon might Jolt M well place a olio
In hew hock or Brooklrn
I aleo learned from them thai all the Aitoclatloa
clubs had talked over Ih propoaed Jump before the
atlonal Board met and that all bad ilgntd a paper
binding tbametrte to I break loon In ordtr 10 leo tin
cinnatL lIarll said thai be igned lbs paper nndir
Protest and with the provision that It tnt national
Board awarded dlovty and Bteroaner to the Ltagu us
would jump
Then I went to Philadelphia and taw the Wagner
Brother from what they laid I know they want
peace but they feel that if they nlr Into any negotia
tion they mar get the wont hT lu When Von let hunt
wai Informed that the Leant would never give I up
Cincinnati be laid Ih Aaaoalalton would fbI 1 told
blm that bt nor nooodr else could put himself t on
Rcordai not wishing for peace on a fair and square
blO a and that If the Anotlatron pnlitf In bolting
Cincinnati Itwa clearly In the wrong and would not
be supported either or the preif or the pnblia
The nubile and the preit both want a compromise
Peace mar com about In a wtiki lime uotslblr
not until the season U t iomtwea1 advanctd But I loox
to tit II coma very anon the Auoolatlon Is paving big
lalarlea and will play only S5 cent ball The Alhieticee
alary lln Will be about aiuooo about equal lo a League
tint a salary total Tba Baltimore Club e la 1 very nearly
she tame Tin colnmbni dab never made money but
there art aolld men behind 11 U I nol Ilktly that Ibey
will keep on putting op for a loilng Ventura The Louie I
vlllt Glut madt US last leaion and was a champion
hip team this year the tam win bt wiaktr and Ibt
alary Hit larger
Back Enlist May that the New York
Malt Win the Champlonihlp
liiioitir March 22 Cp William Ewing of the
New York Club arrived la this place list night from
Cincinnati III wit and ion accompanied him They
art to remain with Arthur MeKalgh tin Swings
rather until hay Tour reporter celled on the captain
this morning and found blm reading an account of
Lawrence Barretts death tor wbom Buck bad ranch
admiration The great player cam through tram the
Qunn city where for tb pat wnk he baD benint I
ferlng with a severe attack ot ta grippe I
I Was due In New York last week saId Bwtagbnt
wu unable to leave I my home To sight though I will
depart and expect to arrive la Ootbam via FhOadil
this to morrow mornlnv and will go Into practice al
once troTldlng this confounded grip departs
What about Keel and Crane T i
They will come Into the told replied flunk In a con
ndnt manner 1 am In communication with Crane
Lan year bigot C3juu and oota nut feel like twirling
this aeaeon for 12u6o but 13OU additional will Aw hUn
h And Keel T
I wilt not be In the city twenty four boon before he
will bcilenid I exclaimed the captain He 100b
t ecti to tliu being eticel t off but the managtnnl
cant afford to dispense with the grateit pitcher tn the
profeMlon j Keep la not obitmata and will compro
mlie 1 I know whit I am talking I about when UI lay that
Kefi appearance In I the box iwell the receipt from
W Dm
POJ to iouu whenever a iirona teem li I pitted dameS
the New Perks lit will be with ui without tall
iS ho will torlal the cbamploniblpt
Every club claim they will but the New Torki win
then and thIs u the raaon laid hock ipeaklng tn
a lerlona manner h The newspapers lay thai the New
lorii art Ibl trongeel team but JeaJoury will knock
them out There will be no ollqnel In It wt mutt and
will win Quick aa 1 get to Ntw York the team will
aaiembltd and bear Jobn B Day lecture They will
learn that the flrit man Who attmpt to create dlaain
iloa or works for an Individual roord at the lacrlUc
of game will be dealt wltb In luch a manner aa will
cause the victim to poe at a borrlbl I I example bfor
the remainder of tbe team
low 40 you Hand with Olaeioock and Danny
When I meet them I 11Ibb hand and tell them
that we moat win the championship I ban not ipokn
to them for a number ot month but will bury the
Ratchet Thy art great players and must play thIS
coming ieacn ai tbty never played before
What art the financial ptoipecli for next lummerf
Well cried EwIng renctlrelr I jit will be a criti
cal period but I think the League will make more than
enough to pay all expenses And the year blowIng iba
magnitei will be richly rewarded Ike game win bt
brought to tie landard ot IKKJ and tstii The public la I
lick ufthli continual bickering and will tat tie game
to If a obangt ta not made for the better
t l
r I
what la your salary for the Season t
Buck diplomatically II answerii that he was makIng a
salary sticritce iosnswr as to wbsther Kelly would
play 7n Clncipnatl Ewing laughed and said tbtt Kelly
was sick of the town and would Uk to ptsy in one ol
the Eastern oluba
Will BatiMtt do to BrooklTB I
Tht Brooklyn team will bt completed to III makeup
br tomorrow It la I pretty lafe to wager that Baaittt
of the Haw York club Will bt released to Preildtnt
byrne and that he will play second bale Colllnai pott
lion to be changed to the outfield Had Van Hallrin
been sIgned the change would not be made Ward will
cover short and nol second bale aa a great many ad
vipers of PresIdent Byrne wish and leo Smith will be
reieaied to souls ntber club Van Ualtrau would now
be a member of tba Brooklyn team In centre fielder
if Barnle bad not disregarded a tromlit h maaa
when tbe peace rroctedlngiat tht Fifth Avenue Hotel
were In progreei In January xO Hoaidlng told Prtil
dent Byrne thai he could have Van llaitren When the
Association Jumped Its baokir promlieq to keep ihtlr
bands oft any of the Brooklyn playera Barnte waa told
ot the claim that club bad on Van Haltren but although
be promloti not to touch any of the playenof that
learn be itralghtway bustled after that player and got
him This upset all of President Byrnes plane
Bne Dull Notes
Joe Gerhard would b just the one for the RochMter
Club to secure at managtr captain sad atcond bus
DBHTBR March 21Tite flint game of the icaaon was
played al the Broadway Athlllo park this afternoon
between Capi Auiona colts and Dtureri tnergetlo
nine At a mall eitlmate there were over iixw per
one In attendance The game was exciting from the
Clan The scorel Chicago It Denver 15
Manager Power lays that It ht can arrange for Ml
Buffalo team enough gamm he will make a trip from
Philadelphia to notion before the season open lie
ditirea to open In Philadelphia then play a game at
Princeton two In Brooklyn two In New fork which
have already been arranged and two In Boiton If lit
cannot ao thIs be wIll have his player report at Buf
falo and have them get In trim without going on a trip
lliKOrxi liar oh 23 Manager 0 O DuboiS of the
Dartmouth base ball team bta arranged the following
schedule ot gami April 2 with Utiv Havens at New
jarn April u Philadelphia League ai fblladelphlat
April tmvreltv of Ptnniylranla at West Pblladel
bhiat April ii baltImore at Jtaltiooret April 7 Cotuut
biaAliiletioClob at WashIngton April 5 aoL 9 Vol
veralty of Virgittia at Oharloftesoillet April 11 Man
lattan Athlstle Club at 151w Vor1 April 42 sod 2
il5rvar2 at namtndgi AprIl 24 Scorn University a
ltovldeucsl May I Cod 2tJnIverhlty of Vermoue a
anovcr May 18 aid 14 William at wllllamitown
aaa1 May M Title College at Hanover V ITi May
92 and 23 Amherst College at Amherit May TB and S
Jnlrenlty ot Vermont at Burlington Juna 3 and 4
Williams at Hanovtri Jon 10 and 11 Amhrit at
HI Gmrtont Trap from Jrteo
Pouonmrtia March SLZoe o ay ton Ibt female
pedestrian who left Ban rrancUco Aug 37 I860 to walk
to Hew York by April B on a wager of 3000 le on her
war through the hudson RIver Valley having left
Catlton on tbcIIndion at 8 43 this morning reaching
Hudson at 2 oclock this afternoon Htrt she will re
main all night She will stay al Barry town over Sun
day and will reach this city on Monday She b ao
companled br W J Manhall the manager J U Price
and her pet dog Beauty
Tbe route taken was aa folloirn Over Ibe Central Pa
elIte RaIlroad from Sun rranclico to OgJn the Union
iaoiric to onncll Blufft toe Bock Island to Chicago
the Mlcblgan Central to Buffalo the Central Hudson to
Mew Yore city Tie total number of mile covered UD
10 Thursday was a25i She U now fourteen days ahead
Many tlmei on the prairie and dnrlng the trip thu trio
was obliged to go alinot without fooo for cars and In
a nnmber nt places exorbitant prlcee were cbaged for
bread Much of the tramping was don through blind
Ing diet and stow ana Ibt Helping wu don lnoalh
the helternt lmprorl ed bums of railroad tin with a
fire of the same material Her walking costume corn
elate ot a strong woollen blouse and > klrL a long brown
nutr and a lealieln op Her shoes have square
leee and broad cubs Her Individual expense are
between ltuo and 41 IKO ant the entire exptuieiot
the inC will be about HM
Wills at faitlelon Mile Uarton nidi I am uterlnr
inmowhat from neuralgia palm In the btad and
thought It wise to rtmatn here otr night I am failing
much bttttr now hiring tnloyed a good tltep My
Feet aretn excellent condition and the lama is the case
with the feat of the party All are enjoying good ap
Bicbart K foi will bt tht referee at the fish
now RaIL will Pitch Qnoltn
JOMpb Hall who chailtnetd any man IB the country
to pitch him a game of qnntta dltanct ten yards for
120 a side and who met with a rtiionit from Philip
Casey of Brooklyn In behalf of an unknown cortred
Casey depoitl of 110 at Tux Bun oSlca on Saturday
Hall nbeqneptly had a talk with Casey and Haled
exactly bow he would make a match lie wants te
hub to bt tin yard apart with a line three feet Inildt
of each hub neIther man to slip beyond that line in
delivering his ejoolia The hub to be two and one naif
inches high aid ouolu nol to be over lIve ami one bait
itches In the hole and nol more than eIght and one
half lucbee In olroomfiruca They can weigh at much
as tneyllke flail further ondiuoni that the match
ball take place on Apt U 7
The aatwtr tt flu Cuty wfj Ibat n would be
obliged to eouull Hi maabiTb ihngbt llblgbly
trobaWt that a tnahb weuld DI mi3f Among tut
lamtl raentlintd a Ike inkaewn art kUrarUad ani
Dvran it Brooklyn aai BuH ofclltabtlbpor
A New Mtotak tow FltaalaiiaOBl
The strong man 0 I Plato who pails btriaahoti
Into piece hat excited tb laltrait of Bob rttailm
mona tbe middle weight champion rita was told last
Friday that hccculdnt make a she thai Stall would
not pull apart Tht lanky bw Zealand leemid lo
conUr such a sietmeut a ilur torn bla ability as a
Uackiulth He turned a bit aud then uOred lo bet
that he could turn ont A sloe that Blm could nol
break or that two locomotive could not pnll apart
Blalt beard oftUoBer and on Saturday out up loo
at tht fuua itmitt tmtt with mebvoYaaiam Wfag
anf time niaalmmfui amriT tit tentjb
aSi > rft
Li fsfMF to
Special Sale Dining Room Furniture
A eoxtn1om Table Bolld Oak Aa
9O eo other pattern from li n
I i JI
for this style Sideboard Solid Oak M 4 ft for this style of Lounge Bollfl Osk
1 Antlau UraT6vi Plato Glass re 9 I O rams genuine leathiy rMtft 4
aced from 22 ICO other patterns from 110 om 198 60 other patterns from 8 upward
upwar ohalr In leather X60 upward
Great Bargains In All Departments This
Week at the
559 to 571 Fulton St Brooklyn N Y
11 tc inn rrisroN
I b
They Lead thai Other Conteatamtl I Thai
Bon Individual Tournament
Three week game In Tna Bun Individual chamilen
ihlp lonrnamen have been played and although Thyne
and Killer are tied for Brit honor the Cmnamed
player has ao tar the bell et It ash has played itronger
opponent The tournament Is being well played and
no player has a had that cannot bt overhauled In one
weeks play Kellirs good play to date has put him at
the top notch and It continued may earn him the
championship However It Is till too sari to tven
predict what player may ha among the fit eight
The averages are not am high as they ought to bet but
this U nol to bt wondered at at afttr a game li I won or
bit tht players do not roll accurately and throw away
aa much aa twenty and thirty pius tn tome game
Nick Thyne distances the other ctmptUlon having an
average of 183 In ten garnet
The Knickerbocker tournament came to a clow Sat
urday night bat at iht gamea were evenly divided a
number of tlet remain tol > played off The poorest
nut ozas
rroepoot Bnyter loot ir0e IBTi Kornaorfer 1981
IVoaager US VanteL 189 Total 8si
Pbctnlx Cowperthwalie 173t ritulmmona l87
rear 118 King lea elate ui Total 780
xroiin eon
Phdnlx Oowperthwatte 181 ntKlmmona 1711
Fear IMi King IBJ Glut US Total MS
New YorkYoung 17J Hicks 131 Warden 188
Bwarta loo McClelland 150 Total T7S
Titan am
Xew TerxToang 173 Dlcka U4 Warden 14
Bwarta 149 McClelland 12ft Total 788
Protptct Barter lout Freee 1IH Korndorfr 145
Lodager tiNt Vanttl 165 Total 743
nt Calamity team No a won two games tn the
Trouped Heights tournament of Brooklyn n Saturday
evening The score
lies aura
flpdiway No 1 Jami TboubhoroiL lIlt t Van Ben
nett 2ui hardy lie Dlckerion lab John Thonbbo
ron loA Total 703
occidental No 2Brlll Mil Hartman 107 Welff
14 roller 150 MeyerdloV 124 Total 674
50010 001
Calamity Na BDr Bubong laii rritachl I0i
Dr Van Horn 1M Schwanhanitr 14O Bogtra 111
Total Tia
Npeedaway f0 I Jamei Tboubboron Io2i Tan
Bnnetl I48i Hardy Ito Olokerion 1U John Thoub
boron ill Total B7O
raiae oivm
Calamity No 2Dr Buibong 14Si rrltaohltr U4
pr > an Horn 181 Scbwanhanier 16V Bogera 134
djtat No 2Ilartman 115 Woll iSlu SpitS
1381 Fuller 1581 Myerdick 140 Totah 70
The Bachelor Fbtenix and Few York a tIed for
fit prize whit the Madison and Prospett us On
sven terms for fourthpnns at the close of the Kuick
bocker tournament The record Is a follows I
Club Won Lost ClOt WOn Lost
Bachelor6 2 Friday Afterueoa4 4
Slew 2 Kujlwortb 3 e
s hrotsctlon 1
0 Metropolitan l
FrospsOt 5 8
On Bchnitxin italic alleys st Marks place on Satur
Vntnal B 0firen leoi Willis 148 GarrIson 1B4
Webber lid Hartrelder 1711 Ayer llMj Oaffney 143
potter > in Johnson 170 bonn 173 Total IMS
linger n C liiackburn 1M McKay Ian Montrou
1411 I Gcrlhner 133 Urota 183 Uavldidn 147 Lltbtrt
1411ffUK 178 Speck 123 Douglass 12tx To
tat 1083
aanie TonlgfB
ACTS SILL TOtrurar fiaooxtm
porn Tm Elangie
Plangee va Provident
Proriaenl va Acm
iiu > oTo itrarotmmn iioozvnO
Monarch ye Btlntck
Rtlneck va Eagle
Eagle va Monarch
xooiivw mrorn gnrovnuMnm
Stag va Recreation
Becriallon va Varuna
arouava Hlag
logo nun UMim
Liberty Na 2 vi McOlnty
Mcainlr va Stelnwar No L
Steinway No 1 va Liberty No L
jxxixr CITY iKiTxtra uieVB
Century vs Pin Knights on Century alleys
Independeut va Pleasures on Independent aOiya
Manx HOOIM nmumn
Alpha va Orchard
Mr tlatir ateatnyacbt Bagamor hat gone ernUIng
to the eastward Hew London U bar Bni stopping
In Boilon the yachtamtn are all very angry about the
new law which requlree the owner of yachts of live
tons and over tog llle nir It li laid that Detlgntr
Burgess contemplates a trip lo WashIngton where be
will request the Commlatlontr of Navigation to modify
the rules
An Important milling of the Ntw Bochtlle Yacht
Hub win take place at the II ottl Brnniwlok this even
ing Designers Surges Gardner Vary Smith and
other will read pipers on yacht diilgnlng building
measurement and claMtflcatlon Commodor Leon
Abblt will prtild
Al t regular muting of Iht Jtnty City Taste Club
In tile noeptlon room of the HnAion County Demo
cratic Foolty on Friday evening an amendmtnt to the
constitution was adopted which provide for the
admission membera who ehall bt entitled
to all the privilege of the club at the nominal mm of
110 per year
The Rtvirildo Wheelmen will move Into a aiw club
home on May I
The New York Bicycle Club will bold their annual
melting on April I
The ton lland Whtilmin will hold a reception on
Saturday evening ntxt
The Brooklyn Bleyclt Club will hold Ihtlr annual
election of cheers on April 14
Th Warontba BIcycle Club ol BlcbOeld Spring wfll
bold Ibelr annual tournament and road race on Aug a
A bicycle tour from Niagara yalta 50 Petrol will t >
managed by I larence hrnltb this summer The tour
will leave tbt Fall on July U
The RBterlalnment Committee of the Brooklyn Bl
eyel Cit are arranging lo bold a Hag enirlalnmnl
rn March iSt tt their club house
The Itnekland County Whelmen will run off tin rare
at their ipring meetlniron May 93 llandiome prlaea
will bt Offered 10 Induce the fait rain to inter
The King County btelinen Intend making their
tenth annual race meet to be held In June the moat
euocuful bicycle tournament evtr held la Brooklyn
Hhootlnc Flxlnrri at the Week
TUfiday Illana Fportimani Club artificial larIat
at Dexter Purk etlr inn Clan galltry Shoot liSt
Wednesda Gisumore 1100 mud Gnu cli i ye blr a
ptietta1 liiaitl oin Olib UwQrlk tie
ft BBO Ooniy
ThurtdayWauregan GUI Club rive btiea at Duter
M rte fe U7 S at UM
NldsyVateh at live > Mrdaktmta vs Birr at Pea
Mr Park t Bufll flead BUe Clnb
Batnrdar Bronx River Gun Olub Mr Mrda at Wart
Farms New York Pistol and Revolver Club gallery
tool at 13 St Mark pier
Odds and Ends orHportt
BiKiHoag March 21Muliloon arrived her thIs
evenlnt in crni > any with Jake Kilraln It U his
pufiioie lo challenge llob Flies muons lo a Uulili
Bght with Antrallan Hail for any amount a sIde from
Piper Ihe Morrlfton
at rj oiTaVuraty rten > Un
aieh rrank oiaii aatmSLmfM fm
Clrr Ex hi bit long by New Tork and
Brooklym Cmpert
Brooklyn ii I now the centre of attraction for players
and admirers of handbalL Unfortunately New York is
now without a court and the result li the oreommoda
tlcat ot the two court In the City ot Churches are taxed
to their utmoSt capacity Champion Caieye court ci
the tail club day of the Brooklyn Handball Club pretil
ed rather an nnninally animated appearance Not thai
the attendance wai greater than on former occalooibot
by reason of the quantity and quality ot the slaying
tltmint promt New York was represented by the
gentlemanly and clever expert Patrick Barren and
the modetl Rorty Newark had the only Dr Philip
Smith always i popular favorite In I Brooklyn Trom
Chicago came n P Crane who U atioclated with a
nnmber ot the leading elllaenl ot that city limply for
the purpose ot playing handball which they counter
one ot the healthlist ot American sportt Mr Crane
plays quite a good game but In his exhibition at tbl
Brooklyn court wa icmewhal handicapped owing te
the difference In the size ot the court in Chicago ant
The visit of the Chicago genlleman may also lead t
one of the moil exalting contests that ha taken place
since the memorable struggle for the worlds sham
pionshlp some three yean ago It U well known that
John Lawlor Ireland e ex champion hai Inn anxious
for some time to arrange a match with a number of
well known playera la this vicinity but nu effort hays
not been very luoceitfnl In Its pretence of the t bl
ago vlillor however ht announced that ht would
play Tpung McUlvn of Chicago the best of eleven
games In Caityt court allowing McOlvin tan ares a
game for tMU a ilde and In the event or his winning
lie promised to give McOlvtn return milch Ohleag
enJer the same condItions
Lawlort proposition U S very fair onV laid Mr
Crane to a Boa reporter and I haunt the HigktM
doubt but thai the match will be mace I would n
wilting to clinch that match right now but as Moolvea
has alwaya been a etrtct amateur I would not car te
lead him Into the proreelonal ranks without a COnMHa
tlou Ill be hpme within a few dais and the Ltvltt
will receive tn aOhwsr one war or tht other
The wind up of the match between Paddy Ifahoi s
Joseph W erfor 510 asIde was all In Mabonl fat
although Wagtr mad a gallant attempt lewiS t
third game which would have decided the match m
favor lie had but two gamea to win and Mahon h
lIve Puflney waa hardly In condition for a alxffavu
struggle and after Ibe third game wee fairly pup
out It was a gYeat question whither the milJjG
man could nol aim be playing it it was necessary ia
to his excellnl eoDdiUon The score wirE
t SSS = Eif J tt i 15 V
MarkerBlmon Hewer
One ot the belt games ybis baa been pky4 Is tbe
court for tome time was the one between John Maleelm
and H quinn ualnit John Lawlor and Larry Yard
It li not often that 10 powerful a quartet are tttn la
the court at one time and the gallery eoniiquentlr
was packed Flaring waa don nnder the nw rules
and every man seemed at bu belt quInn brilliancy
on the Inside Malcolm a steady and reliable work In the
outer court fordo clever exhibition at Ibe ace line
and Lawlori nne recovery and powerful itroktkepi
the Intereet alive from stars to Onln Malcolm and
Quinn won the rubber and a reputation second to re
pair In their dial hut Brooklyn baa tver produced
The scone were
Malcolm and Quinn tl 01 1141
Lawlor and Ford 6 15 2143
Champion Casey npon this eccatlon WM pitted
agaInst Patrick Barrett ot New York and Dr Smith of
NtwarK One notletablt thing when the champion and
Dr Smith art oppontnta la thAt the latteri rather extra
ordinary agility and olivtrntee keep Casey guessing a
little and in ibis tnitancn with p Barrett as a helper
the champion was obliged to let ont an extra link to
win Three close game were played In the last game
the pair Hood Oil to 17 but were unable lo icore Ibe
winning ace The 1oct14
Philip Casey 21 IS 2140
Barrett and Smith IV 21 O8J
In the oonteat between II P Crane of Chicago and
James Dunne Jr the amateur champion the lattel
won very baudlly Tbe icort i
J Dunne Jr 11 Ii it el
HK crane h 21 4II
Among other game playtd were
John Grady and ALWaldroul5 IS 31 e OJ
John Cogglne and Vf Xorgan21 21 VX3 21
Larry forde and J Evani 10 21 31 63
JTBolmtiandJ Gum ll 11 15 49
B Wllllami and D Bbea Jl IS SIW
L Trarlaana Jrl MeMaboa 10 21 1401
Quite a large contingent of Brooklynltr and New
Torkere will neil Philadelphia on April 5 upon the Invi
titian of the Amity Handball Club of that city Among
the party will be Cot Tboinai Mttban John MalcoUu
John Carmody M Borty frof John Cogging p Qulnn
and quite likely Jamtt Dunne Jr
Billy Courtney and hU popular manager were kept
busy in club day In attending to the wants of cue ol
She iirgsst crowds tttat nbc Bomb Brooklyn court bta
Laid for a long time Considerable interest was manl
eetea In the retail of the match between JoieDn It ar
gr one of the courts ablest npriientattvti and P
Mabon When tbe newt was Brit annonncec thai
wager hid been ditrattd dlaappomtmint was deptid
on almost everr face When Wager returned to tie
court he frankly admitted tbat be bad been beaten
fairly but producing tb and handing the amount to
Courtney taldi I leave this money With you a a for
felt to play Paddy Mabon another match under tbl
Vimtcoiidiilontaa iht ont Juit playid forM > a ebbs
There no buncombe about this but buinert all the
lima the sooner Mabon open bit month ibt bttttr
Courtney i apptartd In prttty fair condition fir a
strong erne and to have a good run a > be pat It
attemptsi to beat Peter Connolly and Jnieph Do Can
tllllon ii was a One exhibition of the beauties o
game but the famous expert wag obliged to gucotaS
The coors
Connolly and De CantUllon20 21 tlet
William Courtney 21 20 l eS
Quite a number of lively sues were played doris
the day among the number btlngt
Jot Leaver and a W Leaver 21 2143
Al Doye and OorgeiMlller IT 1411
John Hadum and Phil ODell 31 u 21C
John Wager nd Joseph llllf < 17 21 1830
Paddv Homei aad At Doyle 91 16 5160
Joseph Leaver aud Jamei lllokeyrf IB 21 li65
RIchard Tobln 21 1143
Michael Cooley 18 loBT
Joeeph Leaver and Al Doyle 21 10 21lI
John Connolly Sal Mike Siantin H 21 045
PeUr Connolly and partner Jl 21 Scf
George Miller and > fea li lli
A Ckguoplom Hawojiw Player
Seers March 1LJ S Took r stands today bess
pton of the Boston Athlitlo Aaioclatlen la racket far
the coming year an honor won In his matab
with L K Morgan These men were the only entries Is
thtilournamtuC The rplt was expected after Took
er 5 Rae p ayiua In the Hew York Iiarket and T4CIM
Club and hU vIctorIes nver De Carmandla and La Mo
talus whom he will again moO meet tot ta Amnaeei
The icor al the close stool 1715 ItIt 10W
1812 1417 In favor of Mr Tooker
= S

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