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tithe 0 tm W bZ5 un Utlt 1 W Jt Gii uu I
= 7
New He C m Ow 550000 s Ej ej N
No or E ater Had fleside InMde the
DakI Wa He Whose hell for
Che k Kltcr Veil VTue Iteruied Loans
from Hank JBecldee the Wrecked One
Ferdinand Ward will b out of Blng Ring In
a year or BO JamesD Fish Is already out ot
Auburn Pell ot Grovesteon t 1ell IB In 8lng
Sine to keep company with Ward Gen Claas
ten ba bean sentenced to tho penitentiary
Jsmes A Bltmnons has boon oouvlctad of em
bewleraont Ward and roll know cacti other
itoll In Wall trot 1ell ClaaBsen Simmons
nil John H Silver the hero ot the Washington
Rational flank failure weio nil acquaintances
to say the least Bllvor offered hlinet on
Veils bond when Pall wns arrested The Court
objected to tho collateral Silver offered and ho
dU not ijuallfy
Mr Silvers way of getting a hanks money
way from It by honsyfugllnit the 1resl
dInt obtaining astounding loans on the shnb
blest collateral nod rolylng on the negligence
Inattention ef the director might
I ud InlUlnton lreator very
r1eteort well have been Imitated from his Illustrious
The Amorlcan Loan and Trust Company hal
now In Its vaults securities of tie Last and
Welt Alabama road an enterprise partly
projected by Silver and floated by Pell Bom
of the securities figured prominently in the
Iroublea ot the Sixth National the Lenox Hill
and the Equitable banks Silver was an executive
ecutive director In the American Loan
ind Trust Company nnd now owes
the concern 173000 part of the collateral for
which Is bocurlllus of tho Fast and West
Alabam Silvers Indebtodness t > the
Washington National by tho latest discovery
National Bank Examiner Hepburn yester
day was swelled to 78000 the security lor
which consists partly of Iho bonds of tho rail
roads nad corpora Ion with which Tell Clans
ben Simmons and Mlvor have K > AU latuillar
As the bank cnpltul all told la impaired u few
dollars over IHHutlO I will be readily observe j
that Silver Is i expansible for I lit tie over half
Mr Ldward Kelly of the banking house of
Kugena Kelly > v Co In Lxchunco placo was
srnueed yesterday over the xtatoments of
Silvers relatives and Irlenda that they knew
nothing ol his whereabouts Jlr Iftliy says
that bllter darted Into thor > banking house nn
Wednesday with I draft lor JjOUU and wanted I
It cashed It was oue ot those fa
moos drafts for futtiia collection fiom 1 I
Irreponslble parties Blrnllar to those found I
by Hecelver J Edward Simmons when hn look
ctmrgeof the American ioun and Trust Com
punys affairs Mr Simmons It will be
recullodpromptly called on Silver to pay thesa
drafts They amounted to tlHSOi all Silver
took them up with I check obtained through
President Sherman of tlio uxhlngton Hani
Young Mr Kelly relusod peremptorily to cnh
the draft Ills lathers linn had dealings with
Pall and Silver when thoy first started lu lo
get rid of the East and S ott Alabama rcrurl I
tIes Mr Kelly says that IVII and Silver
Hill owe the firm the loans advanced
at the time on these securities In loot tho I
firm thought It advisable to assuma entire
charge o the road In order to get out scot I re
IteMdes the East and West Alabama collateral
taken at the time there was a batch or the
bonds of the lIme and Decatur Poll and Hll
ver aleooffertdon that Interestingoccasion
armful of the aecuritlosof the North Carolina
Construction Oompftny hut these were relused
Young Mr Kelly added that when Silver
learned that his draft for fSOiO would not bo
cashed he begged the firm not to push him on
the other loans and departed
Silvers lawyer says his client will be on hand
t make a statement today Silvers brother
mak lttoment
baa him In tow In New Jersey 1 criminal
proceedings are begun not even Connecticut
would b a safe refuge from a charge brought
by the national banking authorities I is
said that Silver bad a consultation with his
tht 81ver
lawyer yesterday and that President Sherman
was present Silver it is said was anxious to I
obtain funds to take up his loans with the
Washington National nod Mr Sherman was I
equally concerned In bin success Mr Sher
man BubaeQUontly had conference with Lord
Du Lord I
Knerman ba known Sliver since Hllver was
bootblack In Stnnlngton Sherman was then
a teller in the Bank of tha State or Now York
and paBed his summers In Stonlngton Silver
developed shrewdness and started out In a
larger way He drifted to New Yoric and later
on lotmed the acquaintance of Pall and the
otcors Mr Shermans wife is n niece of Mrs
Cornelius Vanderbilt and Mr Vanderhllt subscribed
Cornolu Vanderhlt
scribed for some ot the stock Of the Washing
ton t National when Mr Sherman projected the
It was learned yesterday that Pllver ban ob
tained loans from hal a dozen banks notably
Irom the Hank of the Itcpublln In Fort Sher
man Wall street and Broadway President
John Jay Knox declines t discuss tbe matter
Hilvor secured lucE his loans from thn
banks It Is said by owtlne or eomt oiling a
few shares of the stuck ut the various banks
It lu bald that moat of those shares were
benefit on margin Iron varlnurt brokers on tho
1 Block Lxchanco but eminent peoole In tIii
ttrcotMy that the cortlllcntes would not have
leei turnca tie to Silver uilass tbn brokers
wee to participate In tbo roOts of Bikers
denllniii with the banks
1 Cain ont JpsluJ day that Noil Macdonald
vrlnie Mends In the Now Orleans Decatur and
ChiaponUe oliialiiiid 1 kane trot the American
Loan and Trust Company and Inn WnBhlnglon
National Hank him known Silver Intimately
atlonlllRnk hli kllwn HIr Illmllly
llr Mncdonaldrt l lark Austin Gallncber is
President tun Norton Lifeboat Company at
10 Ilroadvvay 111 whoo stock President thor
Ian advanced lluDUii to Capt Norton Mr
Gallagher thinks that Cant Norton has starved
to death on his way to Lurorn as the boat In
which he embarked is slnknble
The Directors of Ibo Washington Bank mnt
In tho afternoon to discuss measure calcu
lated to t put tho bank In good running order
again While this meriting was going on au
flderly worn in In deep mourning unlored tho
bank and asked for President Sherman She
aid she was a 1 depositor She savagely as
slid Mr Shermans management and
financiers In general Site itemanded to
know Mr bhermanH home nddross and de
parted with It but not hiforn idie bad pro
cl lnifd In volco thai could ho heard above
tnejlngle ol tbn car bolls outside
live If twentyfour I dont get hours I mv money Sherman wont
She wouldnt give hor name and tho 1
rectors and clerks wero lelievod when bhe do
purled Thero 1s no doubt about depositors
101luI their money
ice director came to no decision A propo
fmnn to Increase the capital stock to tlliUt
00 and resume wns 118 Ulld Mr Tllshman
does not favor this proposition and evidently
ft IH I not partial to uny plHii Ilia will open the
banks doors While the directors vvcra eon
ultlng I telegram wan received from Vlee
Iresldent Gen n M Dodge He inl I ho win on
tit way home from Tucomn und favored
the pcbaxe to ieoii n Ihn bank He mlded
that ho Ild not bnllovo lot he bank should
have been closed at nil Jle thought the dell
flency should have Llel made good from the
InsiB Tlie directors roptesentod 30 per cent
ol tho share and they dcldeil to rest the
matter with the other stockholders who are to
assemble and give their vlevvfi
Mr Hepburns llml I report WAS forwarded
liet J nlcht to Comptroller I acey at Washing
ton Helloes not bollevo them WHS collusion
between President Sherman und Sliver Some
it the I loan ho considers cood and he says
ItHthllvors loan or t7b 1100 In the only citen
sly one The others am distributed among a
number borrowers Mr Lacey In the man
hbo will legln any prosecution that may be
began The United States Grand Jury dots
not meat until Monday
A Court Clerk htrulx from 8tOeOO to
BRISTOL Tenn March 2BDavld I Mor
rlson deputy Clork of the cot County Court
Virginia tins It Is alleged by various eharp
traueanctinns obtained und appropriated to
htbl Ofl U8 from I10OOU to 30000 and > et
the Kttte
lie would take uncalledfor claims In his of
fire raise the amounts by hundred force o
Ier Jroin oillcrrs for the same and fend then
to Ihe Auditor at Itlclimoml a1 ob nln the
tttoulv UP i would a iso love blank paces In
WritIng up Ito proconillngliof the court till
I ih inlii t I with 10 I Ilon I JHocolnlM CIO make out the bills
or enl und draw the moicy
I Morrison hits been In ofllCA about a year
10 1 murrle I I ludy living near WH hlncton and
it 11 hi uppoeod he has hon In that city nearly a
mouth An order for his urrost has boon Usned
OKellyi Vlult to Nebrunku
ITcoI Neb March 50J J OKolly the
irlui envoy loft lor the East tonight The
nalnro 01 his IIK6101 IB al little known II
ivttuii lie CUIIO Ir 1itgcirtuiI with whotit Ito
1lllOflll Ivll
h a Ieen In confors000 sleolined to talk ron
tolnll himself Vllh the Rtallenl that Mr
AUlly would Probably return In ufew days
fisr vibltlDu hla cole uel rtum wlo rojuulu Last i
ONLY A LiTTrr ami Hlml I
And Tfcln Murcli Itin Sicklier Than the
AveiHiie uu Mutter TThut lou Thought
You may think that you havo tho grip but I
nnlsts tours Is an exceptional CUB you had
nothIng but a bad cold At least that Is what I
many of the doctors say and the Diiroauot
I Vital Statistics seems to bear them out In I
I the past two weeks there have been only ten
deaths In New York that are oflklally credited
I totEm grip March Is always a busy month for
Dr iNnulo nntl his clerks In the lluronu of Vital
I StatUtlcs because of the uncertain weather
I may Interest some oT the croakers know I I
I that last weak death rato wa 23 loss than for I i
any corresponding week for live yeais Tho I i
I death rate this week will probably bo 1 little I I
larger For the week endlni March 10 1889
tho numher of deaths was 8GO and for the cor I I
responding week In 1890 it was 783 Tho death
rate this weak promises to bo over UOO Dr
Nagle says that the rate II about normal for I I
this time of the year Ills department hag
records however of only such laS R us turn
large out fatally and the fatality of the grip II not
There Is without doubt a silent return rf
the grip though nothing that compares with
Itaatlaok In January IHOO Epidemics of wih
grip hove usually returned In a very much
rtlrned vrF I
milder form the secnnd year and Dr Cyrus
tdHon thinks that we are now getting the YIS
end of tho grip epidemic In fact wo have had I
mom or lose of it all winter and the iud
I weather that March bronuht with it has om I
phasled It Its symptoms are in ins main
hoe of an aggravated colt Tlio victim maI I lt
tacKoii wiin nuuto innnmmatlon of Inn nasal
passages and throat followed by headaches
fever und pains In the buck and Joint and un
less such I case Is properly cared for It likely
to dovnlop Into pneumonia Pneumonia Is
common at this limo if the year and BO are
cold nnd for that rtson people now say that
bOb diseases are evidences ol the grip
Dr Ldson says that tho grip Is j nn Infectious
dlftonse The health authorities ni Inleatoll l
ulaun are as much In the dark now In ragarii to
the direct cause of Influenza optdnmlis an they
were a year Rlo It has flourished In damp
foggy weather however all several days Ilko
yesterday will do more to utamp out whatever
grIi epidemic thero Is In New York than any
thing else
Dr doan said yesterday that he did not
think that the grip epidemic was general or
serious In New York now although theie woia
n largo number of genuine colds Tho grip
symptom this year havo been observed all
over tbo country Last January It was pre
vailing extensively throughout California and
the West In Fcbruarr made IN appearance
In n mild form In South Carolina and Con
necticut Heontly Chicago has had a very
general attack o It In New York city there
nee bean a few genuine case all winter
Dr Nuglo iald People should bo more
careful of themselves during March than In
any other month because tho bad weather thnt
we get lu this month In I surd to bring slcknest
with I Dont get frightened because you
mo I slight 0ld however and think that
you havo the grip because you probably
Noiiwicn March 25The grip prevails In all
parts of uastnru Connecticut TJiero are not
lois titan ltv cases of It 1 in this city and In
many Instances the malady IB extremely oe
yore on the patients In about every country
town there are Irom fix to fifteen cafes of
grip Often tho pattnnt believes he is amioted
with tho oldfuHhlonod Innuenro and flog
lectH to submit himself to the right tteatmenr
I such Instances the condition of the victim
Boon bocomeK critical There has been one
death from the grip In t Norwich that 01 J
Adam lion who ifle l on Sunday Many of the
grip putliils are those who bad the disease
last winter
CnifAiKi March 28 Because of the grip
which prevails to an alarming extent here tho
death r > tH U I Incriailnc and the undertakers
nnd omit maniifnoturerfl have nil that they
fan ilo The Department of Uealth was noti
fed of HH deaths within the city limltH not
week That Is t nliont 100 more than during any
one week of the grip enidomlo n year ago
This w eks mortality will dlsolos I worse
condition of the piihllc health I the second
half coireson < N with the first half ol the
weeks death roll
LTMA Ohio March 2Thero are several
hundred oisos of la rio PO Ilre A singular
ca e Is that of Mrs Mary Clstmao who was
seized Monday when site took a violent fit of
sneering which has contInued ever since In
spite of all that the doctors can do to stop It
She In very weak and U Is feared that she will
sneeze herself to death
Ill Temperature Alarmingly flIck Again
aud lie In at Time Ilellrlou
TJnfavorable nymptoms arose in the Roy Dr
Howard Crosbys case yesterday and when Dr
Louis Conrad left the house at 730 P M he
Bald that tho patients condition was much
worse and the outlook very grave The pneu
monia which ho and Dr Bosch have been
fighting for the last three days had
manifested unmistakable slgnsol Us presenoo
Dr Crosbys temperature which had been
lowered to about 100 degrees the night before
had risen ngnln to 102V The patient was de
lirious and in n high fever
At 1040 P M Dr Conrad returned to the
house and ton iuinuto4 later Dr llosih fol
low I him Dr Conrad cuiqo out at 1U
oclock and said that Dr Crosby bad slept
nt out nl > hour since His former visit and tor
this reason va > tdlchtly stronger HH pulse I I
WHS good nut his temperature had risen to a
little over 103 degrees
Dr Conr d said that they still had hopes of
Dr Crosbys life and that the next twentyfour
hours would tell whether be was to lIve or dlo
Dr Bosch remained at Dr Crosbys bedside
I fERiT OF nrnitopnoDiA
They Cant Inoculate McCoy Hecaue ITe
I In I Violent Fever
Peter McCoy a barber of Port Jervls was
bitten en the Up Ireo wockti ago by n pot
spaniel Ha came to bo treated by Dr Glblor
and brought the head of the dog with him Dr I I
Giblor Inoculated rabbits with virus obtained
I from the head and the rabbits showed signs ut 1 I
tho rabies Ho began to treat McCoy at once
On Saturday ho cave him tho ninth Injection
On Sunday Mccoy went to see the statue of
Liberty When liii < returned ha was taken vio
lently ill He had a high fever and sonic signs
of pnrnlyslB Dr GIMerMopped his treatment
at once and Bunt fur Dr I W Buchanan
They lUl 0 bon treating the putlant together
sin Last night Dr lllbicr Raid ho thought
McCoy was suiTorlnc from typhoid I feviT
The Irnipb treatment cannot I 1 resumed un
til the fever In cured nnd In the mean time the
patient may develop hydrophobia The bite
on the lip Dr ilblrr says Is I a very dangerous
uno The rabbits Inoculated whit the virus
from the dg head will surely die today I
t They wero nearly dead last night I
J > nemit llemrmtirr Trjlnc to Kill Ifemelf
LlrzleHherpard of lV WestTwnntysevonlh
street who wits arrested on Wednesday night
for bolng intoxicated und who lulco I I atempted
to commit suicide In I veIl in the Thirtieth
street police station wits arraigned In JolTer
son Mailet Court yesterday morning She re
mrl rod nothing of what hal occurred at the
statIon Site said sho was not drunk when ar
rested She win hiifTerinK with heart dlneano
and the doctor had given her some morphine
and digitalis to take when Kite went to lied
OvMCome 1 by pain she had taken the medicine
rn her way homo and It had atTeuted hor head
Lizlo was boll for trial In 1110 > I
Adolph and Louisa Dyck whoron March 17
attempted sulclda ut their room 90 Fourth
avenue by cutting their wrists with 1 razor
ware committed for trial In tho JetTorsoa Market
ket Court > oltrdIY
Only Thrrr ihuiUTfi In Two Ifnnclred
The sultol Thomas Smith ugnlnst the city
for 10000 damages because he fell Into a hole
bus been trial buforn Judge
In the nldowalk hl in tral Jldle
Uookataverln the Count of Common Pleas I
ended yesterday In favor of the city Corpora
tin Couniol Clark bus been very successful In
fighting these claims damages Not moro
hlnl rur cent n if thoin StRut I eon allowed
blnco be line been torpormlou Counsel
ISutlirr Kuilv
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tho 750 Ant f 10 sprlne overcoats by the hun
dreds every diY No wonder They are worth
double the price Ifxtovour Interest to pro
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dress your boys well bring thorn lo us Youll
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good and it yiiIu suit A completo basebull
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every boy visiting our store today and Satur
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C Orlll el1l
THE KKW iiAMisinnn roncx BUn
Allan leers to a Hoton Ma for a Char
acter and Get a Very find One He In
side He Innt tVrlaht Just the Ie
Mr Andrews the man who has promised to
clear up th EdgarWrlahtEvansBmlth mys I
tery by proving that the Astor House suicide
Gnorgo N IMgur did not appear at the Morgue
yesterday to identify the body as he said be
would and nothing SOB hoard of him about
town Ho disappeared as mysteriously a ha
Another body was found In the river that an
swers cry well the description of Edgar
Wright Lvans and Smith and the defeated
claimants for tbe Astor House body might con
solo themselves with it after the case is settled
by the Coroner
The body Is that of 1 man about 25 years old
with brown hair and moustache I feot n
Inches tall bluo oyos black cutaway coat and
a waistcoat with seven buttons
A sevenbutton waistcoat Is I part ot the proof
on which District Attorney Fitzgerald expects
I to get the Ator House body right had a
I waistcoat with eon buttons This man wore
n harpeliapcd scarf pin It was taken to the
A now twist was put in the mystery of the
murder of Carl Iluttlnger yesterday by a state
ment mado by Joseph NUBS the young French
man who came to America on the same ship
with Wright and Ituttlngor It has been sup
posed all along that Iluttlngorhad money with
him enough to make 1 an object for 1 man to
murder him
Nuss who was traced by reporters from hereto
to a convent In Pittsburgh said In on Inter
view there that ho met the two men on ship
board They were the only two beside himself
who could sieak German and they became
quite good friends
The first half of tho voyage Wright and nOt
linger were good friends The last half they
were angry with each other for some reason
NUBS didnt know Ho said that both men
were poor as church mice and tried unsuc
cessfully tu borrow money Irotn him Now II
mutineer did not have any monoy why was he
1 be wasnt murdered bow did he come to
have Wrights handkerchief stufTed further
down his throat than he could possibly stuff It
himself and how did he get his hands tied
behind his back In n way he could not tie them
The relatives of Wright and Iluttlnger must
be very hearth BS people lluttinnorH bor
as found two weeks and three days ago to
day ills brother cabled the German Consul
to havo it properly burlo I endue has not been
heard from since Wrights relatives hare
not been heard from at all
Ills body If the Astor house suicide was ho
II is lying n tho Morgue I Is kept there at the
reiiuost of the British Consul who has waited
vainly for BOUIO word from tho relatives
I Jho IRon Iland authorities are not going
to do any more toward solving the mystery tin
til sornu word comes from soma ut tholr rein
I llouHPKTEn N I March 2GThe local po
lice would give up a good I many fees I they
know to 1 certainty that the flnxcnhalred
young Inn who IB under arrest here was the
muchsonghtfor William Wright But they
dont Know nut there Is no way of prying It
until some New Yorker who know Wright
I comes on hero and Identifies the prisoner
I Its description answers that of Wright to
I i the minutest details Chief of 1ollco Wllley
spent four hours In the prisoner cell early
tnls morning listening to his mutterings dur
ing his sleep and when he left the cell he ex
j nn is vrignc last enougn more isnt I
the slightest doubt about I In view of what
he said In his sleep I
Chief Wilier wouldnt toll what made him
think ns he did All be would pay wits that
the prloner had admitted several things to
him which ho was tot nt liberty to divulge I
was enough howevcrto satisfy him that Allan
or Wright told only about onethird of the
truth yesterday oven when ho nettled down
to what he called his true story
The prisoner bad lots of pawn tickets when
arrested the articles pawned being a gold
watch two liverwatches and rnanyartlcles of
clothing The namen on those tickets wale
Jams ThnmHB Jams xlker John Walkor
James A Allen and Kdgnr Russell
Besides the pawn tickets ho had about twenty
keys which were strung ou a chain about his
neck Ho cannot satisfactorily account for
these kovfl or the reason why he carries them
The prisoner so strongly resembles Wright
that the police art euro they have the right
mat They say It would be Impossible to find
under such suspicious circumstances two
men BO strongly alike I
His troubled dreams his Incoherent stories
his nervous tour and the terror that shows
In his eyes the polo believe have some
deeper cause than 1 simple charge of larceny
and alter all his protestations that he bad
never been In Now York be told Chief Wllley
Ibis morning that he did not want to go there
I dont have to go do I T ho asked I
Ho was told that he would have to go I the
Now York oflloiiUfl came with a requisition
from the Governor When he was told of this
strong roaomblance between himself and
Wright be said
Wrljht very funny shout the description hit I
nm certain that I am not Wright and that I
have never been In New York or nearer toil 1
than Itobtun My lamA i is I Vllllam Allan It
isnt Wright and I didnt kill mutineer Say
by the way Ituttlngernnd vVrlehtcama over
on the same bhlp didnt they he suddenly
astiiinkso Why do yon ask queried the
uII mst wanted to know nothing par
ticular I I came over alone you know
tr The prisoner has been pressed to give the
names of friends who onn clear him from BUN
plcloo After 1 while he gave the name of
1leon Catravors of Jersey City N J and
Thomas Cuhlng of Itostou
The latter I a son of Major J M Cushlng of
the United States Druggist Supply Company
Boston lie has replIed queries and sate
that Allan Is a thief Allan come to him with
a letter of recommendation
Ho Bald that ho was Second Lieutenant In I
tho Keianlynocond H Itblunders and had 1 nix
months leave of almonca He had no monoy I I
and Thomas Curbing lent him f25 and paid a
weeks board In nnauce for him
Minor Cushlng loon Allan about Boston with
him anti Introduced him nt the Dosioula bo
clety where ho refused to resister on tho
Ilest book excusing himself on tha ground
that his hands were cold
At tho armory of the Ancient and Honorable
Artillery Company however he did tdun his
name ant It Is on the books there now an
llllamll U Allan
I lln
Wllum In Holon hi was nt Mntor CuMifngs
plaou of business dally and ho stola a coat und
a pair of hlioen from a clerk In the pliio
Hi > also took bind liens cards of thn firm and
in other lines be used those cards ami wild
I ho was an ngont of Iho house getting trusted
for board on tho strength of oxjoctluu a check
from Major Cu < hlng
Ha did not drink hut smoked freely and car
ried n cane in the style of the Knullth olllcors
That Is the endorsement the prlioner re
ceived from onnof the percons whom hn said
would pgtahllBh his Innocence but while thut
kind of evidence tends to prove tho pildODoie
guilt as a thief It doosni coma any nearer to a
solution of the rUttluger murder mystery
Ills nuclne IN Making Girl Cr
Am 8 Dorr the young girl whoso hair was
cut off by an unknown rascal while she was
watching this Barnum parade sat a home und
cried all yesterday morning bho liven at 318
ruet Thirtyfifth fctrnet and her only visitor
were repii torn and Inquisitive neighbors In
the altornoon she hid her bstr under a big hat
and wont to I halrdreneorH to Imvo it out
snort won had beautiful hair of a glossy dark
brown reaching fully to her waist anti now I
looks like a boys Site Is only IB yearn old
and knows that It will grow again still It
makes hoc cry to think of It The police have
no cluo tu the man who cut It
A Petition lor the 1nrilan of Alubumu
DelniilllilE Treasurer
riMiioHAM Ala March 20 Petitions are
bull clrulnlod In every county In Alabama
asking the Governor to pardon Vincent the
defaulting State l Treasurer now curving a fif
teen years term In the Pratt mines near this
cjtv I
le has Ferved four years and tho letltlon
urgoH hat ho gerconllnemont would be equiv
alent I ton I lent ii is nteno jhl PIOVOIIII nt ho
lunlll I haiiibein county wlicro Mnoni hived
toil nearly mrr < titan lu tbe county has
signed the ioliliuu i >
looMnm > vJur llltv mid sir ruis hue new dietCil
In fun Hiiro al itu U Hint Co Hila ti sail M av I urn
Nn IMute
Like the London k Liverpool Clothing Co for
good clothing at leafon idle prices The Illicit
display In the city of Bents and lvV suits and
oircoat for onilv prni Jlln our hovH
lorconlrinnll n cul All Hi laics nhuros
nnd style ol Imtn u < v > loo ale pi h eo London
Llorpo Clotblns Co M anti b3 UoH > i 1 >
comer Jlc tvrBt4cif
lIe Learned bet the Cleveland Henttment
I AVnatnc and the Hill Doom IVnxtnu
SAVANNAH March 26 Senator Gorman will
carry back from his Southern trip some Inter
esting Information for the Democratic leaders
of the North Ho Is Informing himself on the
situation down here and being a keen ob
server Is getting close to tho trite state 01
affairs Ills own hnad might havo been turned
but It will not be No visitor In tecent years
has boon mar bluhly appreciated ot this re
glon than the successful louder In the fight
against the Force bill Here in Havannah a
public reception was tondered him but he de
clined It Those who arranged for It Intended
to make It the Initial of a series of ovations for
him throughout the South Evidently bo
thought it would not 10
One of the first things Mr Gormm learned
when he reached Georgia where he made his
first stop was that a light between Cleveland
and Hlllls well under way In this Btate During
his stay In Savannah Mr Gorman was mostly
In a Cleveland atmosphere But he saw evi
dences of a strong Hill sentiment The fact
that the HOiKH Georgia Alliance len cannot
bo easily kept Irom going to a third pnrly can
didate Mr Cleveland Is lonommntod I unless
the silver question Is eliminated In the mmm
time alver questun the manager ot tho Demo
cratic canvass of 18H4 Mr Gorman expressed
the opinion that this question will not bo
eliminated by the Flftysocond Congress The
him points worn which were specially impressed upon
Ihat Mr Cleveland ban I large following
among the professional men the cities wltn
the leading papers ot this State about evenly
divided between him and Hill
That the tnruiois are strongly opposed to ro
nomInating tbe cxtruKldout
That It will be throwing victory away to antagonize
tagonize the Farmers Alliance which must be
conclotod JhM totweon Mr Cleveland and the field
Gov Hill und exPocretary Whitney are tho
favorites In hue boulh
That the Hill men are gaining converts by
giving It out that Hill will < IO to the National
Convention with New York solid for him Situ
that the Governor can carry doubtful States
Which tho oxPresident cannot
That Georgia and probably I of the South
ern States n has been their custom will semi
unlnstruated delegations <
That while the South may not demand a Irpo
cnlnngo man It will Insist on having one who
would not eto a Free Silver bill should ouo
BI bi
P8That the Cleveland sentiment Is waning and I
tbe lull boom ID waxing
Mr ChrltenenM Story or Her Adven
ture In President Street
Mrs Amelia Christensen a Danish widow of
317 Carrol street Brooklyn says she was at
tacked by two hlghwaymon Ih that city last
night and robbed of over 1300
Mrs Chrlateusan came from Denmark about
fix months ago and has been boarding with
Mrs Kerech at the Carroll street house She
recently made up hor mind to return to Den
mark and on Wednesday drew tlSOO from
Last night fho put the 1300 and UO more In I I
hor handkerchief and putting the parcel In
the Insldo pockot of her cloak started from her
boarding house for the office of K O Lee a i I
shipping agent A 217 Columbia street about I
a mllo distant I I
She says she kept her hand in her pocket on
the parcel l until her adventure with the high I
wayman It was at 7 > > oclock aud she was In 1
President Street about midway between Clin
ton and Henry street when two
Ind 10nry men came UD
beiilnd her I
One seized her around the waist by both I
hands with such a firm grip that site was un
able to move and the other Vlt liU hand In
her pocket and grabbing tno heavy parcel of
greenbacks street tim oil In 1 the dlrnotlun of Henry
AH soon an this man bad talon flight his com
laIn I elased his hold ana staitot toward
Clinton street L Mrs I ChrlstonHon says she was
soBtarllnd that she could not raise au alarm
and cult < not oven sum mol sticntcth ot ough
to move from thn spot for peveial minutes
As soon ns she recovered herself nhu re
turned to her hoarding house and later went
to the Butler street police station and nntllled
Cat Leaver bhe cave this description of the
man who took the money
About 20 years old I feet Inches In height
cf stout build small light moobta be and
shabby cothinfr with the general appnarnnco
of a trump Bho could give no description of
the other bldivvnynnn
Cant Jeuvos anti his detectives made care
ful Inquiry on the block In President street
but could not timid anyone who had seon either
nf the hluhwaymen in flight
He said that ho could see no reason to doubt
Mrs Chrtstensens sta omcnt and thaI ho
would spare no efforts to cat > turo the thieves
Mrs Christen ens boardInghouse associates
have full confidence in her story
lloth Side Confident Striker Attack ISo
nerlerM More ItlotH Anticipated
POOTTDIIE PI March 20bo entire coke
region Is In a fever of oicltcraont over the at
tempt of tbo 1rick McClure and a tow other
companies to break tho groat coke strike
Thocompanles have posted the three years
I sliding scale of wages they propose to pay and
are as confident of success as Ibo labor leaders
claim to bo of the defeat
The Frlck Company is tbe largest concern In
the buslnisd owning over twothirds of nil the
ovens and when it makes a move It la watched
with keen Interest The McClure Company Is
only second to the Frick The miners met to
day and after a talk with President lIen de
cided that they would not make a settlement
on any other terms than weigh scales on tip
ples 30 cents per ton for mining nnd eight
hours to constitute a days work
The Mrlka for thoe demands woe declared
on at a mass meeting tit Mount Pleasant this
afternoon Imperative orders were given to
the Sheriffs of Westmoreland and
I Bhorl Fayette
count estonlght to hold themselves In readl
flouts to act at a moments notice as trou
ble cactus imminent lbs oporatord claim that
thirteen works have been Marled todny under
the sliding n ale < they hate offered
The Frlck Companys movements to start at
Lelconring today almost culminated In a
serious riot Homa eeventyflvo or lull of the
ttrlkers armed with clubs and stones maths n
raid on the work and attacked the mOi who
had gone biek to work The mlHslldn Injured
Rome Manager Lynch telegraphed bhorlll
McCormUk for assUtanoe who at once re
sponded and to night the works ore amply
guarded by a strong forcuot deputies
lIly 1iKAhAsr ha March 21LJtt u big mass
meeting hold hero In the Grand Opera house
today and addressed by tho leading labor olll
clalB ho t coke strikers adopted tho following
lie tl i nolreil That we consider thin scale
ns prevented by the operators of the coke
roKlon to sold employees a an Insult not only
to tim mlneip hut to all who cam their bread
by lint sweat of thalr brow
Ami woR Ill tl resitiuI That we consider
the Bcalo as piopouterouH and that our Inton
accept tlon IK such to remain terms hue lor one Year rather than
A head Woumn Neck Produced In Court
MKDIA PI March 2GIn the trial today of
la Caroline Smith for the murder of her
sister Kmrnu Pfltzenmoycr on Deoi I Under
taker Falrlamb of Chester testified lo having
exhumed the body of the glut on hec l 13 by In
struction of counsel for tho defence and hav
ing korit It In hit otllce fOI two months
Dr W W Keen a professor or anatomy at
Jefferson Medical Col lone Philadelphia testi
fied 10 having made a rost mortem examina
tion for the defence on Dec 14 He described
at length the wounds found on the dead girls
neck Eleven days after his examination of
the body be took away tho entire neck which
tin pri dueed on the smut today nnd exhibit
lug Ir to the jury explained tu them the nature
end extent of thn vyoumls
Uu contradicted much of Iho testimony pre
sented bv 1 IbVBlilnuH earlier in Iho trial and
contended that the ivonmlB could have been
nnliInlllcted thus dustalnluu the suicide thu
ury of the defence
The McCnrthiltrn Itrar a Fire Escape at a
Window of bin IlotelCarnot Keeelve
a Decoration from the CEUI Italian In
London and the New Urban Trncedy
Btioo March 2BMr Parnoll unexpectedly
arrived In this town tonight Ho proceeded
to a hotel and ttubseijuently addressed a
crowd of his admirers who had gathered In
front ot tho liullillng In tho course of his re
I marks Mr Purnullsalu that oven I he were de
feated In tho coming election In North fSILO
i I hu would nor abandon the fight but would
I nppo n his enorato i to the bitter end
I An Incident which occurred during the even
bc recalling tboOflhea case causal consider
I I I able amusement among tho people ot the
town A party of MoCnrthyltes obtained pos
Jrr 10R
hos lon of a lire escape and amid a continuous
chorus of cheers and I yulU wheeled their urine
I thiqngh tho principal streets of the ulacn and
nnnllv halted beforo thn hotel at which Mr
Pnrnell was Btoppluir A larco crowd had
collected about tha building to watch the fun
and when the tire ewnnowaselevated to ono of
t tile windows the hotol the elli and vhoor
log wa renewed with liicreascd vigor At
vUI IlcrelMd
wahron pollen Interfered took hue fire
escape down and wheeled It back to the t place
from which it had been taken followed by u
I large crowd who jeered them all the way
A nrmnrknble Htory of III Alleged
tSchenie In 18OO
PARTS March 20ha Marquis dn Vllloneuvo
has sent to the tigarn a report of an Interview
which ho says took place In 1HG between tho
late Prince Napoleon anti Prince lilsmarck
which that paper publishes today In this In
terview it Is assorted Prince lilsmank pro
posed a close alliance oflouslve rind defonMv
between PruBla nnd France which would
make these two powers the dominating influ
ence in Iurono Tho combined powers ac
cording to Prince Bismarcks plnn should pio
ceed against Itussla and drive tbe hlavi back
to the Hteppe fiom which they canto PrusHlu
should absorb the lolA of Germany and
France should make llalglum a artof heroin
litre Then the great alllei should undnrtiiko
to weaken the power 01 Great Britain by de
priving her 0 Iower colonial aud should en
deavor to roduco Italy Spain anti the Kcandl
themselves unvlan countries to the rjle of satellites to
This brilliant proposition the Maniuls do
Vlllenouve says was laid before the Kmunror
Nnpolvou Ill by Prince Napoleon out the Em
reror refused oven to discuss It
He neoelve the llecorntton which the Czar
Conferred ITpon Him
PAThS March 26At the palace of the Klys o
today Baron da Mohrenhelm the Dusslan
Ambassador formally presented ProMdent
Cnrnot with tho Grand Cordon of tbo Order of
St Andrew the imperial decoration which tho
Czar by decree recently conferred upon the
President of the rench republic as n token
I is Kupiioeed of the conclusion of the ollon
Iu and defensive alliance entered Into le
t UrilbuniU an HiisBla and France as an offset to the
Tho ocnelon waa marked by much display
anti ceremony during which the lu Blan Am
bassador al lao presented OQ behalf of the Czar
military honors to tho CabInet Minltars and
tounuuiber of thn prominent State ofllclala
llariiii de Mohirnlioltn rxprHse d thn Cxnra
sincere fooling of coidliillty for Iho 1resldent
ot tho 1iHHCli ronuhlic ilosldcut Ciirnot In
roily ald that he warmly reciprocated the
pentlmontK ion < e < od to him from the Czar by
the Kuaslun Auibas udor
He Think UnllonN Attuck wnn Instigated
by Boinr Important PerHotiA
CORK March 2CMr Timothy M Healy in
an Interview today salt I
I Tlio moment I am able to travel I shall go
I to HIlo nut take part In the electoral cam
paign now going on In tho northern division of
that county
I I am now convinced Hint Mr Michael
Olirien n lon was liittlgncd to nsanlt mn
by orons i moro Important limn himself Hi >
travelled In company with Mr Parnell only 1
I few ours before the assault wits committed on
i mo and urns also at Sllgo with Alderman Dil
I Ion the Parnellita cnndldatn In the north di
vision J am ouvlncod thin tho desire to dis
able me In order to prevent mu from tnUnc
I JIl I t In the Sllgo election led to tho outrage to
I which I was subjected
Huril Work to Aroune the Italian of
I LONDOX March 211 Tho muchheraldod
mcotlngof Italians at Holboru Hall tonight
to protest auaintt the lynching of their coun
trymen at Now Orleans was tha most Inrcical 1
alTalr ImagInable At 1 oclock llllaon men
amt Iwo old women wen present ba
tIdea about a doon icporieis At 543 the
gathering had swollen to Blxiy persons who
In view ol tho purpnsuof the meeting as X
prissed In guru tuimx In the plaianls sum
nionlni ontrucol I sonic of Italy to the hall
WITO surprisingly nndridloulously muto The
reporters vvure the only poittoim In IM hull
who chaorcd tho fliiesches or voted ou the reso
I lutions l
I The Election KxcKrinent In 110
Suno March 2fi Alderman Valentine H
Dillon Jr of tho Ilotunda ward of Dublin and
I Alderman Bernard Collory of this town were
today olllclnlly nominated by the Parucllltes
and by thin McCnrlbvltes respcctluly to SIC
ccoil the late Mr later MiDonald as retire
scntatlto of North riligo In Purlliiniunt rCre
flue election oxcliomoiit grows hourly and
popular I feel lug Han assumed fiiicli Iropijrt I otis
that inn town nfflqlnl have applied for extra
tirotictlon In tho shape of a ilotiulunrui ot
I cavalry TIt olllclals do not deny that thoy
expect that cniiouB riotIng will occur outmur
itav or on Kuiidny P xt perhaps on both days
I Mi on i rornforccmontu of coiiHtal > uhiry havo
nlKiidy taahed t hoio and hut thur additions
i oiioctud
lrtKldent Cnrnot mid CJjnreii Vlrtnrlu
PAntH March 21 1rcsldcut Carnot has tale
graphed to Jnoen Victoria at Grasse placing
himself and the Trench ofllclals at her service
during lieu Matostis residence at that place
OnAshE March 21LQuten Victoria Is giatl
fled attbue manner In which she van iccidud
hero This morning she broaUinstod with
inure ant Prtuovss liattoiiborcot 10 oVlrck
About noon she visited the lliironeRs HntliH
clilldH uardotiH In n wheel chair and rottumd
to the betel At J oclock tbo Oueen recuo 1
the Mar hloneB of Lo no nnd tlio Duko of
CambrldLo At S oclock tim Queen nccom
pnnlod tirthoPrlncnaiiilPrIiiCHSsoflatnnl > erg
and Ladv Churchill drove toward Bt Vulllor
Alto weutlier was brilliant
Irlnre Ioulu May Enter FrjntT
FAme Match 26The Fionch Cabinet has
coma to the decision thnt Prince Louis
Napoleon the second son of him late Prince
Nanoleon duos not como under the category of
perxoiiaues who am piotoiders to the ihrone
of iranco and that therefore ho does not
come under the law prescribing banishment
from 1 rnnre of all pretcnaera to the thione of
this country
Earl Hupmcirn Troutile With hi Wife
LOMJON March 2C rrlends of Karl Russell
whose wife has brought action against him
for divorce nlhglng cruel treatment have out
uniled In hUbhlng tho scandal by bringing
about a eottlenicnt of the matter out of court
Jly thu terms of settlement the Countess Is to
receive an allowance of 500u a tear and will
nominally live with her husband
Strong ILanffiiuite from Maurice Hasty
DumiN Mrrch 211 Maurice Henly in a
speech In Hllco today said lie would aualn
challenge Mr Parnell to resign The recent
epeKchuB of < Mr Iurnall he mild were mere
ecues and proved him to be a coward and a
sneak lu addition to a libertine und u liar
Xntm olTorelicn Huppenlnu i
Fresh dissensions bavo arisen between the
Pope tutu the llimslan Uvorninent mat tho
ijurstlouof 1 I Ito stilt tie of Polish m JINiops I
iiit ihieliotis anti clergy of Italy an hlrnlnc
and ely iiiUdig i OIMIH toKIn lltiinhoit and
the i I nib r of Diijnil 01 irnyinit Unit thu
hamhir ircUiao auilnl thiironllhcntiin id
the properly of i iidluoiis I orlnifiy the I tverui
I menl i rhn pntltlons tune recuivlui uu imwvUSO
r uwberv bIguauiQt
DOiCOIG srwv Axn 0 lflftTOX
Capt Cnmnbrlln Vnlloemrn Wont Occupy
the DormKnry with the Negro
The boycotting of Wlloy Ovorton the negro
policeman by hits patrolmen of Capt Camp
bells precinct In Ilrooklyn took n now turn on
Wednesday night
The while pnti olcmcn refused to deep in the
same room with Overtoil
i WhenOvcrton was relieved from duty on
that waning nt midnight ho wont to the station
f and went to bed In his cot
It was In tho dormitory whcto the wlille po
I lIcBtncn were and they promptly nroBe1
I drnsiod and sat up lu the general room down
Last night they adoptm UIB pnmn tactics
Capt Campbell It am airs In unable to con
trol his men
Overton said to a BUN repoiler early this
i motnlug that he guossod It wan best for him
i to temaln silent about Iho rouble Ho does
hot drInk and ho is a member of n Methodist
He says he will not contribute to the trouble
by talking He was In full uniform and thn
I white policemen did not recognize him in tho
111 WATTOVVI fill JtAZKtlS
ntr fiU < r MliKdnitluim henna Out n
tVhole Steele llvchnncc Comnitttpe
Walton Cnndlt AVhlttlngham Isnt a tall man
but ho has legs and arms ns thl < k as piano
legs lIlt chest In solid nn n safe door
Vislcrday with Laurent Optionholm ho wan
elected a member ot tho Stock LxchanKo Ho
j thought ho mIght as well havo the Inlliitlon
i overit once ami aflar ro lstenui bis auto
I graph lit riecrotnry Llys ofllro ho jammod his
hat down oor his eats and went down stairs
to face tbe music
Ho IH of the firm of H Duncan Wood t Co
nail Is voll known to a certain contingent in
t t With ettect This contingent grcotod hInt rcu
Bpectfully whon hn first entered Iho Board
1 room I flout they bocarno familiar ami clus
ti < rltig around him naved to maul him
I i Whlttlnglium I brufho I thin stoutfst and big
gee of huh tormentors aside Ilko files
iiuev got holn and with n howling tbroncVif
fifty or more broltors rcnawod their attack
Wlnttlnghnm merely tolled up his hleovin and
pulling his hat turlherdovvn over hilt nays ho
lowered his head ant svvltmlnc his arniB wont
nt thorn like a combination of flail and loco I
motive They scuttcrod before him and ha
d ubhud nud I altered thorn
They did not give up the fight but got moro
help Wlilttlncbnm stood nt bay awaiting hut j
onslaught Tnoy attempted to rush over him j
and bo novor even itilvoroil nt tun combined
attack Ho shot out his great arms anti floored
the most outun > some of hIs as < nllaulR i
Kmlllng all tho while ant vigilant in watihlng
nil avenue of atmtk ho was boss of tho
show They gava up the light and shook
Hut wont Oppi > nhelm suiTor for this when
ho chows vip wits Ihn I corn lihuied declaration t
of the defeated Oppcnhclm U n little chap
mud will bo tluovvn around like n feather tins
1 ter for satisfaction MilttlnuhnmlA the MIHC
man to wallop the Ii male of profossonal
huzcrs on the Stock Uxchiiuco
Ill Asuaftsln a Negro Probably Lynched
by This Time
MtDDLESBonouan Ky March Zt Another
terrible tragedy took plnco this morning at
Cumberland Gap Toun a few miles from
bar In which L A Durno the tdouraph
operator at that place was shot and kstantly
kllloj by Tom Uurloy a nomo
lopors are conlllctlni as to what caused
Iluiloy to commit the deed but from what
can bo learned from rollablo sources It Boetns
that Burke and Uurlay full out over somo
trifling matter In n saloon The latter wont
nwnr and procuring a shotgun laid In am
bush for llurke
Tho latter was on his way homo vhon thus
negro discharged thi > contents of bo h barrels
nt him tearing out his eyes cheeks and
tooth Ho died Instantly
Tho munloror then hal hint was captured
1 here this morning and taken hack to the Gnu
i by a circuitous i onto to avoid nieotnis a mob
I which bad gathered ti lynch him J ho excite
ment at ho Scotia of thus murder is inton o am
unless thiOllcors succeed In koonlni Hurley
In hiding until the people cool down thee mur
derers hours nn > numbered
H was ono ol the most coldbloodod art nn
piovoked murders that has over disgraced this
icotion Tim murdered man wan well kn wu
aunt liked here Ho formerly llvod in Louis
ItufrrA messenger linn jtit arrived hire
I with tIm nws that lie officers who were takIng
I Hurley back to the Gnji wore mot by sixty
u in mud men who took Hurley from them and
then went into tho mountains with him Ito
fore hue despatch reecho the pross Ilurley3
boul will In nil probability bo in eternity
ins win SHOOTS nxw
Dr Ioil Tilmpn Out or a Window With a
Bullet Hole Through Ills Fur
CutrAc0 March 2GDr T D Lyon jumped
out of n Focondstory window this nfternoon
t with nbullot hole tbrouch hits ear Tho bulh
I was fired by his wife during n aunrrol arKlng
from th fact that Dr lyon desired to travol
and liuivc Mrs Iyon at homo lloth are youni
i imd wealthy Dr Lyon is hue nun of n rich
niPichnnt at ICIgln Tho wifes father owns a
lar i ranch In South Dakota Mr lyon who
I aaid to bo very jealous was nrrnxied and
bold III I bonds of llOilnl I to iiusvvnr the charuo
of att < < miitin to kill bur husiiaml Tho latter
nppcarod to bo a badly scnrad man
A Girl Hue u Truln Porn Wreck
FArMixniiAM N J March 21An attempt
to wreck the Lakowood express was mide on
I Tuesday night at Hendrlck ous Switch a flat
Etatlun about three miles from here and fho
miles from Lnkovvood by placing railroad tics
j I uueros thou track
I I he obstruction was paooil on a curve attn
was liivlhlhlo until the train was almost uion
It Miss Ann o Wnolley who lives noir tho
I place an i up the track and raited u danger
Tho train constated of throe Pullman and
three oniiniiv curs all well tilled with im Ren
gets MIB Woollny twos llberallv revvnrdod by
the passonunrs and Is now thin horaluu of tbo
little settlement vvheio bho lives
< lu rrelllim Oer the UoiIlls Talr
FpntNonELP III Match W Many members
of the Lrglalaturo ore dlfisntlsllrd over lie
KOVIOM of the Worlds 1alr bill which placas
tho dlep i sit lout of thn JlOJUOOO I whlih It pro
posed lo npptoprlato for tho Hintos exhibit In
the bauds of the Stile Hoard of Agriculture
A riMilutlon was Introduced today depriving
tho Hoard of Its authority on the giouml that
it renrncnts but one Intel ea In tho Btulu that
tit agriculture and idaclng It I in u the hands of
a special commiHsion ol tuttutyllvo mombors
tu bit icleeiod fruru hut loiiiois districts
Thoiowas n Vit thy vvnrfaro liver I its rebel
tiuu which wad rcfcrrvd to a coiunitttco
Two Hurls In One Duy
ATlANTA On March 21tE T Ktanloy who
died recently at MIllodKCvlllo had tho roputa
lion of hiving killed two men In duals on the
saute day The duels tvsrs fought sixty years
ago whon he llvod on tItus line between Geor
gia and Alubaina Ho cot into a controversy
with u man named Ii al ton and was ehullengKif
Accepting the challnuuu he met und killed
llnlton Un thu Himn day Ilaliunu ueouid >
chitlleugo 1 him I Tha no < nd iluol 1 louk I jiluco
a few hours titter lie llrst ono Btauloy vvas
again bULCtShful
Illitrlct InilccM Retire Orncerully
TIIKNTOS March 26Tiue Judges of the City
District Courts who thought of coiiloMIng the
cow law under which they are all to bu re
moved from the bonch on Aplll 1 held a moot
Inn today uud dcuiJod not to try to retain
their places
All the Judges say tli > new law IH unconsll
tutlonai but rather titan cruatii troublo for the
publlo by tutu oulliig ho tln uppT couitB they
will step dotun and out iiulelly mid allow their
succoutors to I usbimio his ermine
Uen JlraffC rerlnu ly III
AsiiEirsCal March 2COcn Edward B
IIrace of Milwaukee Is dangerously Ill bore of
pneumonia Ills Ufa is uiusiuulreul < l of
Tim Gcnoral was the commander ot the
famous Iron DriesJmluilne Ihn vvnr arid has
loon pioiulneii I IIKUIKIn Vil Iconin politics
for many cur He wan hwte Senator In IQiJ
I > naa List ben aC9 ii 4 > uiHuiiYcral Umos i
rzzrit 4 ii ininiiiTit
Turmoil In I the < i > utty Committee nnd
hinge Thnt the InvrHcorM Were
Tampered WlthOiilv DO Minority for
Outlawing All ruction I mill 51 anti fliet lie
Inc New Kemr llcmH IVrsoiml 1uI I tee
Packing Nllsson Hall full the llepiibllcsn
County Commltteo hoard HID Committee on
Contorted Boala report last night Of tho Thlr
toenth district tho committee paid
There are tun faction In Im illitrlct earn cnmprl
Inc a few active IniluMiMl each watctilnc and die
triirtlnir t ito other each M > eUnffti > control the orffant
ration and each clafnlnir la reiirrient the t5et Italy
of ItrpaMlcan In the dltrlct Kach of them U tlnml
imieil by one limn and hid per inaliiucres ie itt greater 5
liiilortMice lo him and hl > heiuhmeu than the mccen
of this Refill llfan tuny I
our conclusion In 1 that the claim af tie conleUnti
CnC le i men1 h nntnlnM alit 1 that nelher delegation 5
millled In a ii > at In thuS inm ty committee and we
recommend thtt the t t ii hie matter tie referred to the
County Comndltee when giermanently ornaiilzed A
This report wii sltned bvJamos A Juan I
cit turd Charles O Cr > nln I nnl 1 rdvvnrd 1 DuboH
Chillies A 1cabody und ShorrnitnKvarts mado ul
n minority report that the evldouco BoemoJ lo
them to favor tie sluln dvlogitlon Tho rut
port concluded by sivlng
ti r cannot report tu tel aside the election becaune we
uelleve It vn u r
Clinton llickiis vvhi lends tho Billing loIn
cation from the Thlit I < eutu move1 I thnt h
minority ropoit bo hub tllutod for the niUjOr
itt rep nt
No matter h W poornsntof Itepudlcans
you think us hu said you nro bound i to I ret
ognbo a fair and honest majority t in an aloe
Tlio machlisisl beoimo woiry of Mr Ilackus
nnd I sot up a sell Thlt nut cit e 1 him nn 1 ho
Celled out
It I ro tilt es owery tunltsaeri lid tug man In the
dUtrlet to keep thodlstrl t lu thn Itepubllenn
laity II It Is i lost you will never gel it back
This excited thus mnehlnlts and they
stamped their feat I ami honied and yolod
Ihomis J Iliih of the Twi nilthird ward
had a ntront olco aunt HO no gut a chance lo
Personal politico has lost to the State a
iimbUcm Senator
lredeiici K House oneofdlbbssonulnooix
yelled out that erhonalp it > lltlis vvas not located
In I the Thlrteoiilh 1 I dust u let but if I t thn whit
buildIntr on tim corner ot Twentythird btreut
mil Bioadwav
This WHS a reference to Mr Plait placa of
nlO In thut set all tho antl1atteiiiou men to
That Is vvhrro the politics Is Incited M r
House went on hut lost U tho I lilted Sin es
Senator nnd that I will I defeat t lie next liojitu till
can catidldatu for Iresldnnt 1 call upon fnmns
A IllRUhard If I I ho tiaras iii tout tn man aud lit
publlcan lo Hopubllcau loHtand up Hera ntid
deny that t three out uf I live I I of thn enuui iii I tit
did at one time vote In favor of the sitting
delegation Choernnnd uhltlol
Mr Blunchiiul Btepixd out of flue knot ot
men In tim front of trio room and said 1 vvit
answer that question now I say that that
statement Is absolutely faUo
This eclte I the luachlnlHts Into another
outburst that shook tbn walls of th > piou
Men heirati popping up nil over tlio room ami
ttei anti tog the attention of tho t I Chairman
Tlie contusion rattled Mr lluuo and ho until
When I ontorod this ball I thought I was
coming to a body of Itopiibllonn 1 will 1 K > >
next to a Democratic convention vvhern ttt I
hunts Ill get fair play Cric of Ml down
and Get out of bore worn heard ii il 1 ttre
was n forward tendency of ties crawl that
I ooemed to Indicate a vl dent hash 1 1 4 > jtct Mr
Hoii e riminimti tV 0 1 Chtirdi bang I d away
with his cuval nnd finally thoro was u lull Mr
Peabodv hteppod out and said
I wish to my that on one oivvlori thrni
momberx of the committee wero lu favor of Ih3
sluing delegallon
This raised another yell which wis nt Its
height when Mr Blanchaid looking pale but
determined Bald
I Wish attain toast that In my presence Ihera
was no Much expression of opinion on the unit
of nny thr e members of the eommltto
Mr Hounn shaking his hand at Mr Flan
eliardi I tall you that at ono lime throo mem
ber did itand for us and you Know it
Nearly every man lu the hall was shnklnK
hIs fist Inthe I air ututti siren in iii g Mr t Chair I
man at the t ton of his iu tugs iho Chalrmm
fired aliatllnguun with Ids iruel
Mr Chnlrmaii cried Jlr lllanchard t
nsk you to have titus ionmltte on Contested
Seats polled In order to settle this iUDsIonof
verncitv between me anti Mr reabodv
Thu roll wits i ailed on Mibstliulnig th mi
nority for tbo mniorlty report nnd it Wits 1 t
by aot of alit to I Then tint Minority rn
port was adopted nnd i Intanly I t nljs i I and his
inachlulsts tot their faced tovvaid the duur nil
filed noisily out
Mr Crouln of lie committee raid In relation
to thn ijuestion of veracity rttod < betivniii Mr
Blanchard and Mr 1cnbody that at an Infor
mal conversation between the commltten
when Mr Ulaneliard was not present thren of
tho committee dhl sav iomethliii In favor ot
FUPiiortlng tie t Blttlnu i delo cation Mr Cionm
ilidnt say who thcsa m < iubeis were but 1ha
crowd cheered Him I Illtill i I
Then Mr lilanchard on behalf of tin mai > r
itt of the commltteo reported In favor of re
ferring the contort I In I t tutu Fifth 1 I dlntilct to t lie t
County Committee A part of the report roads
Tlio ireiifral onnilucl nl Is unitary Iflil on tie llth
day of JaMUarr titi l ai tioun ly ttte leiUmonv w m
unfair lllo < al and nliolly ullhnit rcirard i > irin con
tltndoiiAl iuiromenft < a4 laid ilon ri In tlie County
Cninndtu nnd that ncltlur ilule atiun Is intltedto
enta In tlie cnmnilltre
Messrs Peniody and 1vnrts again prn oned
n mlniirity loport ttoidien It 1 Ireneh I whu
Eild led tue Hlttlui delegation from this district
1 nm informed by n member of the commit
taut that four of I hi emit de Ided punt recnm
mndlnc to Ibis ounimlttea thnt the H trig
delegates In the fifth dsti hut t vver ontltlcd I i ti >
their heats while OHM of the rnembrs wintil
more time to consider the mutter Ivvanl lo
knon why this hnnin was ade
It was decided that nohody nneij explain to
Mr Ireneh lie dnclnrod thin tlio charge main
In the majority ronnn Wuts lute in h Ito itt hututce
of n lowerful i 1odirnl iifllclnl Then tIn m i
jerRy teport u was niflu toil mini tho t 11th illn
trlot deiouutluu followod tim Gibbs moii Into
the cold
The work of reorcanlng those tvo districts
will bo lu the luruutuis of the llzecutlvu Commll
tee Tim Tount Commltteo wan permanently or
canlerl hy hilt ohucblt n of these oflhtire
v Mlllnm i I ISrookflold I I of the Twontv t rt dls
trlet Chilli Mian tieorcn H Jlonnnof tliK Ninth
district and I A fl I Nnson of I lit Twetut tututtil
I VinoClniirmen1 I lllliiiu h I H I I Ihl I nut 5 of thn
I Nineteenth nnd J Thomas Stearns of tin
Twenttfourth ii it t lot hHcretarles Lppon
nrd Mnwart of this Llirlith Troinurer tutu
harlex N Vvhnelock of tim Twentythird Kei
Tho rxeuullvii Cnmmltton will remain tInt
came n last year with thn addition of H W
Hlolmrdsof Klnushrldgo Jacob M Patterson
will bo the Clmlriiiiu
Irruu I Iii NfinilnutlonM
Tnrvitc March LLTlte City Conventions
wero lieM hero tonlclit The Ilopubllcans
renoniliintod Atnood Sklrm for Mayor and
the lino rats pin I I Col 1 Daniel J Ie > htol an
niiuitlly wellknown clilren lu the field against
him The election will occur on April 17
The Wrnllicr
The heivy rnovr Dint Iml I Ijen falllnc In Coloraile
Vjoriilnv nnd Knnvai > tane 1 eMterdiy ttt l contlnti
In tfebratka loua iuit < t rii > rthHeit MtB > i url the fall
on astirltug tint f a fnut on an as rise It in wai fat tint
Ina I the u St ustutiluth l valley Mntoi nuth of llluute In
IheOMoalld Tenn Kre valleji stud all the tait llulf
situ lout Atlantic hlaltt I
Tie storm C ill uiver forela niorlnir rtrf slowly
eattvvird It I kliould reiiti tlie i lout o Allanllo
Mnteitoilar tie < dale iliUtilik Il nirtlieaiit suit lu
err ii r c a force nti tot
In I thu clt t r > rlterdil i the ifiliiit liverut meat cin
per ure n is Ai lownt ii4C liveries hunnJIty i r7jer t h
Cut uinl t shi tIn a troia i nortti ii t lu routhraMr
tnilve utile cii hour u weather rdr < nd toot Ian J us Hi t
stationer leiiiprrilure U Ironulei 1 for lo lay
Ilia I tlitriuoireter at lern4 pliariiacr In Its liii
tntldlutfrocorded tio If pii > er ature yesterday as tutiutvei <
SA M < wl ani p M M 3
n A M rn > tu i I n I vi t ti t >
it A M built u til1 1 I M 4f i
U M u4 WU illdiiliihl < u I
Avenue r
Average on Marctt ti HiX trii1
sutissi ecu a lonycAiT Tin B r H nnitr
For Maine New Ilampildre Vrtnont > tutacliu < ettt
Bliode IilaniS Counectloot and intin AVi lurk ceo
tnittyfdtr vnrmtrtty frlday Htgfil tarjjtte USa
For eulern fennirlvanla and Nev Jeriy IncreaMnt
eo iilliittt and rain by KrIJiy hInt > thtty l wvrraert
wlnill becondni leniheait
her the Inatrlct of Columbia Dtlairare and Mary
land ruin rndar gtght y varrntri rait W tiC
for western reinnylraida rain KilJy no otiino
In Irmperalure tontnoit a liil >
Fur uciicrii tow York rain tiy Sellay nlhti sUgbui
Siinccj siuIei wliitt

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